SITREP: Important update on the US attack on Syria


Introductory 5-minute video in Russian (English subtitles)

I have an important update: based on Russian sources, including video footage and the reports of one Russian journalist on the ground, Evgenii Poddubnyi, it has become clear that the US strike was largely symbolic.  Here is the evidence:

— The Russians were given a warning which they, of course, passed on to the Syrians.  The Americans must have assumed that this would happen.
— The Syrian airbase was lightly damaged: a few number of aircraft were damaged or destroyed, but many of these were in repairs and could not fly.  Fuel storage tanks were destroyed.  A number of aircraft bunkers were damage or destroyed.  A few barracks were also destroyed.
— There were 6 or 7 casualties, which is very little.
— Crucially, the runways did not suffer.

Now here is the really intriguing thing: it appears that only 23 out of a total of 59 US cruise missiles hit the base.  The rest are unaccounted for.  This could be due to all sorts of reasons, including Syrian and Russian air defenses or Russian electronic warfare.  I tend to believe that the latter is the cause.  But then, this begs another question: why did the Russians let 23 of the cruise missiles through?  Possibly to appease Trump and not force him to re-strike.  Other possibility, to make sure that the political fallout from this stupid and reckless attack still come back to hurt the United States (had they destroyed all the cruise missiles this would not happen).

As for the Russian political reaction, I find it rather flaccid: Russia has condemned the attack and suspended the Memorandum of Understanding on Prevention of Flight Safety Incidents in the course of operations in Syria signed with the US.

Meh, I am rather unimpressed.

Here is the full Russian MoFA statement:

The United States conducted strikes against Syrian government troops in the early hours of April 7, using chemical weapons attacks in Idlib Province as a pretext.

The US opted for a show of force, for military action against a country fighting international terrorism without taking the trouble to get the facts straight.

It is not the first time that the US chooses an irresponsible approach that aggravates problems the world is facing, and threatens international security. The very presence of military personnel from the US and other countries in Syria without consent from the Syrian government or a UN Security Council mandate is an egregious and obvious violation of international law that cannot be justified. While previous initiatives of this kind were presented as efforts to combat terrorism, now they are clearly an act of aggression against a sovereign Syria. Actions undertaken by the US today inflict further damage to the Russia-US relations.

Russia has expressed on numerous occasions that it was ready to cooperate on resolving the most urgent issues the world is facing today, and that fighting international terrorism was a top priority. However, we will never agree to unsanctioned action against the legitimate Syrian government that has been waging an uncompromising war on international terrorism for a long time.

Seeking to justify military action Washington has totally distorted what had happened in Idlib. The US could not have failed to grasp the fact that the Syrian government troops did not use chemical weapons there. Damascus simply does not have them, as confirmed a number of times by qualified experts. This was the conclusion reached by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Over the recent years this organisation inspected almost all the facilities linked or possibly linked to Syria’s chemical weapons programme. As for Idlib, the terrorists operating there used to produce toxic land mines intended for use in Syria and Iraq. These manufacturing facilities were put out of operation in a military operation carried out by the Syrian air force.

The US pretends that it does not understand obvious things, turning a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons in Iraq, officially confirmed by Baghdad. The US refuses to believe the evidence provided by certified documents confirming the use of chemical weapons by terrorists in Aleppo. In doing so, the US is abetting international terrorism and making it stronger. New WMD attacks can be expected.

There is no doubt that the military action by the US is an attempt to divert attention from the situation in Mosul, where the campaign carried out among others by US-led coalition has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties and an escalating humanitarian disaster.

It is obvious that the cruise missile attack was prepared in advance. Any expert understands that Washington’s decision on air strikes predates the Idlib events, which simply served as a pretext for a show of force.

Russia suspends the Memorandum of Understanding on Prevention of Flight Safety Incidents in the course of operations in Syria signed with the US.

We call on the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the latest developments.

Again, I am very underwhelmed to put it mildly.

I hope that the outrage inside Russia will force Lavrov to cancel his planned meeting with Tillerson.  The usually sleepy Duma seems to be uncharacteristically outraged.

On a personal note, I will be gone all day and most of the week-end I will be attending Church services for the feasts of the Annunciation and the Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem.

You can expect an analysis by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

— The Saker

PS: needless to say, no chemical weapons or chemical weapon storage facilities were damaged: we know that since NOBODY, including the Russian reporters, were even carrying, never mind wearing, any gas masks or, even less so, full chemical protection suits.  This is hardly surprising since, of course, they never existed in the first place.

PPS: just for the record, this attack was a direct and clear violation of:

US national law (Trump never got Congress to authorize this attack)
International law (Trump is now a criminal guilty of the crime of ‘aggression’)
The UN Charter

In other words, Trump is now a war criminal and the USA a rogue state (again).


97 thoughts to “SITREP: Important update on the US attack on Syria”

  1. it has become clear that the US strike was largely symbolic

    of course it is symbolic, just what i’ve been saying.
    now ask yourselves, what do the symbols represent?
    and i answered that too for the most part:
    · propitiating the jew moloch, raging for his chalice of goy blood, it’s been getting unbearable in congress, “14 million jews cry out for blood!”, this should buy Trump time to do some useful work behind this smokescreen that jew cannot violate (Zacharia says: “Trump has finally become a president”, media jews smacking lips in satisfaction)
    · Tillerson in Moscow, free of interference, can get down to business of how to organize against jew, maybe Moscow has some raw data useful to Trump,
    · someone brought up this very useful point, i linked to it, no one reacted: following this strike, which has essentially exposed Trump to charge of a war crime, he can demand full investigation into who killed the 70 people and if Assad is not guilty, then Trump can nail his deep state bullshitters who fed him the false information and charge them with treason – they don’t have the easy way out of NO DAMAGE, NO GUILT,
    · Trump has a chance to go on the attack instead of incessantly defending from manufactured charges
    · Trump in Beijing: Donald Trump Announces ‘Tremendous Progress’ During Meeting with Chinese President.

    Now, will all of you Trump opposition trot out your stale arguments about how “idiot Trump is angling for all out war on China that will spell existential disaster on USA, as directed by the Kahal“?
    Now i fully understand that being Americans, Canadians, Westerners, most of you cannot (can NOT) think more than one tic-tac-toe move ahead, because you were expressly prohibited from even considering such subversive activity from childhood, for a goy to think is antisemitic hate crime, only Jew is allowed to think.
    But i keep telling you, that in order to survive in this snake war, Trump has to dodge, parry, thrust, very rapidly and accurately, just like Vlad was doing in the beginning and has continued to this day.

    Speaking openly and stepping forward into the death pit filled with sharpened, shit-smeared punji sticks is not the way.
    All of you will say crap like this:
    “why doesn’t he order a new 9/11 investigation”,
    “why doesn’t he openly denounce the holocaust lie”,
    “why doesn’t he arrest the congress backstabbers, shabbos and whores”,
    “why doesn’t he shut down the MSM”,
    “why doesn’t he bomb israel”,
    “why doesn’t he clean out CIA, NSA, FBI and arrest all the pedophiles”,
    “why doesn’t he fire all the corrupt generals and stop wasting money on retarded weapons research”.

    all i can say is i seriously doubt that any of you ever bothered to check the manuals on how to get things done in the US government, that his chances of living through the night would be worse than a crack smoker pulling a gun on a SWAT team.

    1. previously, even i entertained hopes that he could organize a core comprised of patriotic, ramrod upright military and intel professionals and start laying some damage on the jew infrastructure that runs this continent like a tight slave ship.
      But i’ve been disabused of this hopeful, naive notion, because there simply aren’t any such individuals – not one, if what that woman (Kathy Griggs?) said is true, that anyone from the colonel up is checked and vetted for predisposition to criminality and perversion and are then ritually initiated by way of anal gang rape into the higher ranks, where all the doors of perdition are open to them, money, drugs, debauchery – betrayal of your people in order to join this unclean and unholy society.
      So basically Trump is very, very alone: bannon, Conway, that’s pretty much the extent of his trusted and trustworthy circle – and Vlad and others out there beyond the borders.

      If you see it that way, then his actions start to make all kinds of sense.
      And if you don’t, feel free to push forward your own theory but please, invest some neurons in it, simple “he is a crypto, Jews are playing some deal too complicated for us goy retards” won’t do, we’ve been hearing lots of that – and enough.
      This is the scientific method, collect all the observed datapoints, cook up a bunch of theories and the ones that fail to account for any of the observations are garbage, because facts are facts, if you can’t work them into the theory, it’s no good.
      And of the surviving ones, pick the simplest, the Occam’s Razor and all that.

      1. @Lobro

        Fascinating argument…people who disagree with you are peddling theories of garbage that represent a lack of thought, observation and reason. Now that’s chutzpah and whiffs of trolling.

        Meanwhile you think a man brought up by Jews, educated with and by Jews, mentored by Jews, grew up with Jews, family is becoming Jewish, supports the Jewish narrative, does business with Jews, parents dedicated buildings to the Talmud (wtf!), parents died in Jewish hospitals, Jewish ancestry in Germany, now bombing countries for Jews, administration packed with Zionists and Jews…takes a breath…you think this man is fighting a lone fight against Jews.

        Excuse me if I am tempted to think that theory is garbage divested of neuronal input. But notice that I decline to reach that conclusion because we’re all second guessing and grasping in the dark atm. Not surprising in a matrix controlled by the Jew World Order. But not you apparently; you know. And you know you know. Lol.

        I think he’s a crypto — apparently reaching such a conclusion is effort free; emotion free; synapse free; axial independent; vacuum produced; and a cloud of nothing to be blown away by the notion that Trump is a secret Super Goy. Lol.

      2. In before the “but the Jewish media and liberal-cultural-marxist wailers are all against Trump”.

        Firstly, this is not true. There are plenty of Jews and Jewish institutions that support Trump. Secondly, and more importantly, you know (although you strangely declined to list this in your overview of Jewish methods, as far as I recall) that the Jews always seek to control both sides of the debate. This is Gilad Atzmon’s key point — the Jews seek and have the power to prevent any one else from questioning Jewish power.

        The protocols highlight the fact that the Jews seek to set up fake oppositions to exhaust and confuse the Goy. Herzl, the supposed founder of Zionism, explicitly wrote that anti-semitism is a friend of the Zionist cause. Thus all that Jewish media wailing and hand-wringing…I never take that seriously. Real enemies of the JWO are either ignored, co-opted or destroyed. Trump was co-opted from the cradle.

      3. Take a look at all the wailing and gnashing of teeth aimed by the Jewish organizations at Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. Yet there is a compelling argument to make that Corbyn is either a shabby-goy or another crypto.

      4. Flopot,
        you seem to enjoy being outraged without bothering to supply anything but a facile counterargument.
        I did not call you a conspiracy theorist, yet you go histrionic over it.

        I have a theory that purports to address EVERY known datum presented to date, one way or another it provides a plausible explanation.

        You have an accusation that you swing like a baseball club: Trump is a crypto, Jews control both sides or shall we say EVERY side, all the angles and that’s all.
        Do you call this a theory?
        Let me then challenge you with the following observations, if your “theory” cannot answer them, feel free to jump the shark and say Jew is just too smart and mysterious for us mere mortal goyim and be done with it, where goy logic fails, Jew’s supernatural capacity sails onward.

        By the way, Jesus was also brought up by Jews, into jew religion, surrounded by them all his life, does that make him some kind of talmudist?

        So here is my list for you, see how you handle it:

        1• he wished america Merry Christmas, no mention of hannukah (was already prez elect, no need to play to the gallery).

        2• he killed Jew’s precious TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) designed to enforce blockade on China and isolate it economically and financially until it crawls back to Jew.

        3• after all the grand talk of moving the embassy to Jerusalem, he reneges on it without any outside pressure.

        4• he “forgot” to mention the word JEW in the holocaust memorial statement.

        5• He alluded to Jew’s patented false flag attacks when hassled by rabbinical journalist at the press conf.

        6• He released some quite telling photographs of the missile hit on Dov zakhaim’s office in Pentagon that destroyed files on the missing $2.3 trillion.

        7• oh yes, it seems that NSA Flynn was on erdogan’s payroll in order to promote israeli natural gas at the expense of iranian stuff – and guess who hates Iran above all and was tirelessly campaigning against it?

        8• after all the hot air against China, the enemy, will proclaim it a currency terrorist state and all, look at his meeting Xi Jiaoping like the best buddies.

        9• Tillerson, for all the empty swagger against Russia, is meeting Putin + Lavrov right now, is it just accidental that the Moscow and Beijing meetings are concurrent and beyond Jew’s long ear (as in Washington, recall Bill Clinton’s warning to Monica Lewinsky)

        10• for all the macho bluster, he forewarns Russians about the incoming tomahawks, knowing PERFECTLY well that they will alert the Syrians, who then SACRIFICE 6 of their personnel to make it look real, 60 percent cruises go off course and fail to do anything, a disused airfield with a few planes in various states of reconditioning hit – any idea why would he do that and his Rus and Syrian partners went along for the charade?

        Not one of the previous 44 presidents had balls to do anything close to what is on that list.
        Yet he is a crypto, no proof necessary, just some left field genealogical mumbo jumbo, like Hitler was a Jew and Putin is a Jew.
        as for growing up with Jews, ever been to New York, Flopot?
        that’s all there is, Jews, Puerto Ricans, blacks and some Italians and Irish but Jews absolutely rule with a rod of iron, and have for over 100 years – WTF, a NY governor was writing about Holocaust in 1905?
        Do tell us how to avoid jews in NY, i certainly would love to know, especially if aspiring to more dough than as a valet or bike courier.

        So, get to work Flopot since you are so eager to propose a better explanation, there are 10 questions there (and my theory deals with every one of them, plus any that you care to throw at me)

      5. here, have a look at TPP and tell me why would a crypto Rothschild agent kill it – in order to somehow promote Jew’s interests.

        i’d like to see some specifics.

        Empowering Corporations to Attack Nations

        Multinational corporations would have been empowered to attack our health, environmental and other laws before corporate tribunals on the mere basis that their expectations were frustrated, and to demand taxpayer compensation for expected future profits.

        More Job Offshoring, More Income Inequality

        The TPP would have incentivized offshoring American jobs to low-wage countries, and would have exacerbated U.S. income inequality.

        Undermining Food Safety

        The TPP would have required us to import meat and poultry that does not meet U.S. safety standards, and would have imposed limits on food labeling.

        Threats to Public Health

        U.S. negotiators pushed the agenda of Big Pharma – expanding firms’ monopoly protections for drugs. The TPP would have restricted access to life-saving medicines for millions in developing nations, while undermining efforts to contain U.S. medicine costs.

        Financial Deregulation: Banksters’ Delight

        The TPP would have undermined the re-regulation of Wall Street. It would have prohibited bans on risky financial products and services and undermined “too big to fail” regulations.

        Son of SOPA: Curtailing Internet Freedom

        Thought SOPA was bad? The TPP would have required internet service providers to “police” user-activity and treat individual violators as large-scale for-profit violators. Plus, the TPP would have stifled innovation.

        Bye Buy American & Jobs

        The TPP would have imposed limits on how our elected officials can use tax dollars – banning Buy American or Buy Local preferences and offshoring our tax dollars to create jobs abroad.

        Turning a Blind Eye to Human Rights Violations

        The TPP would have turned a blind eye to human trafficking, child labor and anti-LGBT abuses by giving human rights offenders like Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei privileged access to the U.S. market.

        How typically antisemitic the above points, huh? Natural for a crypto to quash it, such a threat to the JWO.

      6. @Lobro

        I’m responding to your diatribe against our “facile arguments”; so it is your histrionic text I’m responding to. Don’t try and pull that piece of sophistry on me.

        You defend Trump by telescoping on one issue and then arguing over the pieces of that one issue (see your wall of text on TPP); yet you blithely dismiss ALL of Trump’s Jewish connections by shrugging and suggesting New York…Schumew York. That’s not an argument; that’s call framing.

        So until you can provide a better excuse to explain Trump’s swimming around in a Jewish swamp, I consider the issue moot. We all started to suspect Obama was kosher and a puppet the moment he started selecting banksters for his administration — the same logic must apply to Trump.

      7. 1• he wished america Merry Christmas, no mention of hannukah (was already prez elect, no need to play to the gallery).

        This is a favorite tactic of the Jew. Did you ever listen to Jewish Talk Show hosts. They love to butter up the Evangelicals. In fact, they will even say that Christians, meaning Evangelical Christians, actually support Israel more than Liberal Jews.

        2• he killed Jew’s precious TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) designed to enforce blockade on China and isolate it economically and financially until it crawls back to Jew.

        This is true for the time being. However, President Kushner is busy bringing in the guy who wrote TPP into the White House. I forget his name. Sounds like an Irish name. So they can just rewrite it, Trump can say he came up with something “great” and that is the end of it.

    2. “…following this strike, which has essentially exposed Trump to charge of a war crime, he can demand full investigation into who killed the 70 people and if Assad is not guilty, then Trump can nail his deep state bullshitters who fed him the false information and charge them with treason…”

      Trump could have understood that it was false information, given the fact that Assad would never act against his own interests. A child (and Ron Paul ! ) can understand that.
      At least Trump acted stupidly and rashly, besides he should have asked permission from Congress first. Occam’s Razor says that Trump is not the genius you think he is, but that he is a stupid tool of the clever Jews.

    3. It is also deeply ironic when Darkmooners accuse the “Trump is a crypto” believers as engaging in wild conspiracy theories. Really? Please.

    4. Lobro –

      “i seriously doubt that any of you ever bothered to check the manuals on how to get things done in the US government”

      “any of you” ??
      “any” ??
      “any” ??

      Shirley…. You jest…!! 🙂

      I seriously doubt that you know that nothing gets done without $$$$…. which means it has to be passed by the Appropriations Committee in the US House of Representatives.

      Follow the…

      NO ‘mon’…. NO fun.. 😉

      1. Pat, here’s my gue$$ how.
        I hear it rains money in Afghanistan this time of year..

      2. When Waco happened [ April 1993 ] , and about 80 Americans including about 24 American children were burned alive by Uncle Sam [ Bill & HELLARY and Janet Reno ] I could just imagine the reaction in Washington and everywhere in America by everyone in America if some leader of a Muslim country ordered his Muslim country’s military to destroy an American Air Force base in the United States because the government of the USA burned alive about 80 Americans including about 24 American children who were burned alive by the American government.

      3. @ PAT
        My Friend , I confess that your analytical skills and reasoning are superb , no question about that , I know ,you don’t need or want this compliment ,but i believe in fairness ,and giving the credit ,where credit is due.
        the reasons for this , is that I erred in praising the buffoon , you are right , all national leaders are liars.
        in the Arabian desert ,there are multitudes of different kinds of magical weeds ,only known to the mystical Arabian shamans ,some of which ,will clear the mental fog and take the user in galactic journey beyond the known and the unknown………..from these experiences ,the mystical Sufism was born.
        “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country . . . we’re dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . . it is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.” Edward Bernays – Propaganda, Liveright Publishing Company, New York, 2005, excerpts from pp. 9-19 – .
        “. . . in America, we have achieved the Orwellian prediction – enslaved, the people have been programmed to love their bondage and are left to clutch only mirage-like images of freedom, its fables and fictions. The new slaves are linked together by vast electronic chains of television that imprison not their bodies but their minds. Their desires are programmed, their tastes manipulated, their values set for them. ” Gerry Spence, From Freedom to Slavery.

    5. “Trump has to dodge, parry, thrust, very rapidly…”

      I ain’t buying it. All that dodging and parrying are the lurchings of a panicked old man out of his depth. I think he is somewhat senile, manipulated by his, ahem, “advisors” and is making it up as he goes along. You know as well as I do that the embarrassingly bad, emotional, girly speech he made justifying the strike on the Syrian air base was not anywhere near the caliber of any leader of anything. Blubber blubber the children blubber blubber…

      We are in deep schit, friends. And isn’t it interesting that this is all happening during Eastern season. As I speak, there has been a second strike reported.

      1. Wyandotte –

        I agree.

        His handlers and script writers put him in the public view.

        He is a dunce. A Buffoon…!!

      2. @Pat. Thanks. Also, maybe this is all just to deflect from Obamacare/Trumpocare? I don’t know.

    6. Assad held a multi-party election in 2012, in the middle of a war; hardly the action of a ruthless dictator.

      Why would he use Sarin gas when his army was already winning the war against Isis?

      Why is America attacking the forces of an enemy of Isis?

      Why were all the neocons on CNN so surprised and delighted by the attacks?

      Israel seems to be the main beneficiary of all this ruin around it, What was it? seven countries in 5 years>

    7. Worldwide hostility to the USA is because Jewish Power controls it.

      This hostility has been used by recent US governments as an excuse to increase security measures and intrusions on personal liberty, to such an extent that they are unconstitutional.

      Until the President and, the Congress lose their fear of the the Jewish Lobby and Israel there will be no peace for the Great Republic that in my youth was the last best hope for civilization.

      1. …..and I don’t believe that 36 out of 59 cruise missiles missed their targets. They can usually be depended on to go in thru a window if required, viz The Pentagon.

    8. Another of the endless Jewish lies is how many of Satan’s chosen populate the planet. You mention the commonly understood figure of 14 million. The True number has long been a well guarded secret. Global census records put the figure at 15,748,091 for 1938 and 15,753,638 for 1948. Israel’s Maariv newspaper reported in 2012 one in every 514 people on earth is Jewish, about 0.02% of mankind, or 14,000,000. I expect the true number to be much greater. The world population is more than 3 times what it was in 1948, thus it is reasonable to estimate a current Jewish population approaching 50,000,000 , fifty million. Jewish researcher Edgar Portisch estimates there are one hundred twenty million Jews in the world. –

      1. @David Thatcher

        “…The world population is more than 3 times what it was in 1948, thus it is reasonable to estimate a current Jewish population approaching 50,000,000 , fifty million…”

        That is a wrong kind of reasoning. It assumes that all human populations reproduce equally. In reality it is the poorest, the least educated and most primitive who reproduce most, and the wealthiest, the best educated and most civilized who reproduce the least. There is a reason why Black Africa and lower caste India reproduce the most, while Japan and Europe reproduce the least.

        Now ask yourself : to which kind of group belong the Jews ?

  2. Trump is another ‘Hope and Change’ con artist, an Obama in white-face, picked by the Tribe for his skills as deceiver.
    He was sold to the American ‘marks’ as someone who will stop these endless Wars for Wall Street and Israel, and as many are finding out, that was just a BIG lie. When he picked the CZ fundie and war lover Pence as VP, he was ensuring that even if he expired for some reason, the Zionist goal of protecting Apartheid Israel would stay intact. When he promised to go after Hillary if elected, then did a 180 right after, that should of sent up a big red flag to everyone as to his true character.
    He’ll also protect the Tribe’s banks, and making sure only Jews are appointed to the FED and Treasury crucial positions.

    He’s good friends with another mass-murdering lunatic, Nuttyahoo and will be happy to torch Syria, then on to Iran–the real target–for the Jews.

    There’s only one way for Americans to get back their government and it doesn’t involve writing letters to your MK members or blogs or protesting, it’s a repeat of 1776.

  3. It’s simple if Putin does NOT react or reacts in a small way you must conclude that it is a show between Putin and Trump. I am certain that this so called struggle is a fake struggle between ziojew-west (trump) and ziojew-east (putin), two ashkenazi jews in which Putin is the rebel jew who disrupted the ONE united jew order of the globalistic jew-west (Obama, Clinton etc.).Trump and Putin are both imposters and liar jews. Let them both go living in tel aviv and being openly jews. They love the jews. We need goyim leaders no fake crypto jews. Don’t let Trump fool you with his ‘ blond ‘ hair, there are many many jews who are blond and have blue eyes.

  4. Lobro
    I agree with your point of view , it makes good sense.
    I held a different perspective regarding Mr.Trump positions on foreign policy
    but I always wondered , why most of the usual suspects ,especially the media ,hated him with passion,when everyone ,who have decency and sense of honor ,knows who owns and operate the MSM , which has been the devil’s advocate.
    I always look for deeds ,to evaluate ,cliches,speeches and rhetoric to please the masses , i take it with grain of salt.,having said that……………..I now have faith in Trump ,and wish him success
    and Lobro ,you have been right ,all along , Thank You ,and God Bless You

    1. Thanks.

      Note that I have previously stated in another thread that there is something shambolic or symbolic about those missile attacks. I have explicitly stated that it is plausible that Trump’s team were trying to appease the neocon warmongers with a “false flag” strike. Not that I necessarily believe that is the case but there’s definitely something not quite right about the missile strikes.

      However I felt compelled to answer Lobro’s sarcastic dismissal of other viewpoints.

  5. Symbolic or shambolic?

    Were those people murdered by the missiles, martyrs for the anti-Jewish cause? Who is going to sit down with the families and loved ones to convincingly explain to them that that Trump needed those deaths in order to buy time against the Jewish World Order?

  6. Good job Trump has exposed himself as just another tool for the Jew so early in his presidency. Saves us a lot of confusion.

    It’s every bit like Woodrow “he kept us out of the war” Wilson.

    The way this has unfolded shows how desperate Jews are getting. They clearly are in a hurry to wrap things up.

  7. Saker:

    “— The Russians were given a warning which they, of course, passed on to the Syrians. The Americans must have assumed that this would happen.”

    If the writer’s sources can guess… so can I… 🙂

    The plan was laid out MONTHS ago… and on Monday it was sent to Mr ‘Put-on’ to allow the ‘Buffoon’ to… ‘put-on a show’ for more military spending world-wide..!! Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London demand more debt..!!

    The message was sent through secret communications networks established in Iraq by CIA decades ago. EVERY Joint Chief CHAIRMAN has had the ‘hot-line’ number… for making deals and plans, coordinated with Russia.

    ”…..part of the general’s PLANNED TRIP”

    SEE…. How easy…

    Jared Kushner – Pharisee-Jew – made a secret trip to Iraq with the most senior US Military official….
    …. Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff **CHAIRMAN**. THEY…. arrived in Baghdad on Monday afternoon.

    WASHINGTON –  The Trump administration’s failure to keep senior adviser Jared Kushner’s trip to Iraq secret isn’t standard practice for top U.S. officials visiting warzones. Such trips are usually kept quiet, with the cooperation of journalists, until the officials arrive in order to ensure maximum security.

    A senior administration official told reporters Sunday evening that Kushner — President Donald Trump’s son-in-law — was in Iraq, even though he was still en route. For the military and security professionals managing the mission, the public disclosure of the unannounced trip was a security breach. Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff **CHAIRMAN**, also was on board.

    Kushner meets with agents AND Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to discuss the fight against the Islamic State.

    How cute on the couch:

    Mr. Kushner, a senior adviser to the president, traveled to Iraq along with Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the **CHAIRMAN** of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as part of the general’s – PLANNED TRIP – to discuss the battle against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL.

    1. The “YUGE” reason the ‘Buffoon’ tossed missiles with permission from ‘Mr Put-On’ in Russia IS….
      …to “BIGGLY” INCREASE MILITARY SPENDING…. for US and Russia..!!

      RAYTHEON gets to replace and increase Tomahawks….
      …… at a cool $1 MILLION each..

      RAYTHEON will get MORE contracts with Russia also.. Just like they ALWAYS have:

      **Raytheon Awarded Defense Threat Reduction Agency Contract Potentially Worth $82.1 Million to Provide Mission Support in the Former Soviet Union**

      RESTON, Va., Aug. 8, 2005 /PRNewswire/ — A subsidiary of Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) has been awarded a task order with a potential value of $82.1 million by the – United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) – to provide Mission Support in the former Soviet Union (FSU).

      RAYTHEON wins “BIGGLY”..!!” AGAIN… STILL..!! 😉

  8. “Now here is the really intriguing thing: it appears that only 23 out of a total of 59 US cruise missiles hit the base. The rest are unaccounted for. This could be due to all sorts of reasons, including Syrian and Russian air defenses or Russian electronic warfare. I tend to believe that the latter is the cause. But then, this begs another question: why did the Russians let 23 of the cruise missiles through? Possibly to appease Trump and not force him to re-strike. Other possibility, to make sure that the political fallout from this stupid and reckless attack still come back to hurt the United States (had they destroyed all the cruise missiles this would not happen).”

    All this theorizing about the attack being “merely symbolic” (whatever that exactly means in this context) seems to hinge on the above paragraph. (And btw isn’t it just like Lobro to take one person’s premature and highly speculative opinion and weave it into a preposterous and Chumpster friendly narrative with which to beat everyone over the head who doesn’t share his view of the Chumpster)?

    What’s the basis for the assumption that Russia could’ve stopped all the missiles but decided to “LET” 23 of the missiles strike their targets? How do we know for example that the air defense assets in the area weren’t programmed to ignore U.S. planes and cruise missiles as per the “memorandum on air safety” (or whatever) which Putin subsequently cancelled?

    If Russia and Syria only had 30 minutes notice, was that enough time to prepare to take down a volley of 59 cruise missiles? Maybe some of their Pantsir-S1 air defense systems did respond and did take down many missiles, but were overwhelmed by the unexpected saturation attack thus letting some missiles get through.

    I’m not familiar enough with what hardware was in the area, how it may or may not have been programmed (vis-a-vis the air safety agreement), etc., to even guess at exactly what happened, and I would suggest that neither is “The Saker”.

    “As for the Russian political reaction, I find it rather flaccid: Russia has condemned the attack and suspended the Memorandum of Understanding on Prevention of Flight Safety Incidents in the course of operations in Syria signed with the US.

    Meh, I am rather unimpressed.”

    The Russian government seems to be characterizing the attack not using the deferential phrase “merely symbolic” (will that console the victims’ families?), but as a “demonstration of force”, which implies coercion, IMO; the bully is demonstrating his military prowess and the will to use it, and demanding submission. (And the fact that Chumpster did it while hosting the Chinese president adds a nice psychopathic touch).

    “‘Without bothering to investigate anything, the US went forward with a DEMONSTRATION OF FORCE, a military confrontation with a country that is fighting international terrorism,’ …… ‘Obviously, the cruise missile attack was prepared beforehand. Any expert can tell that the decision to strike was made in Washington before the events in Idlib, which were used as a pretext for a DEMONSTRATION,’ the statement reads.”

    I believe that the Russians feel that they are dealing with an imbecilic, egomaniacal, reckless, child-like, cowardly bully, holding a gun in his hand and demonstrating his power to his victims and prospective victims.

    The Russian reaction is one of total frustration and disgust, IMO.

    1. Both Russian and Syrian military observers were unimpressed with the attack. The Russian reports suggest that the missiles missed their targets; ultimate fate unknown. That implies shambolic more than symbolic.

      So much for the surface reading of the issue. There is no harm in looking for subtext (e.g. the Russian’s colluding with the Trump administration in order to minimise damage) but Lobro is ridiculously waving around a hammer because he thinks everyone else is a nut to crack.

      1. Flo –

        Russia is a welfare state of US. If US economy goes…. Russia is screwed..!!! Need USD..!!

        With the U.S. economy entering dire territory that has even top bankers on edge, the Trump administration’s apparent desire to wage new wars is no surprise.

        Without a new military conflict, the permanent war economy of the United States could risk tanking entirely.

        Whitney Webb is a MintPress contributor who has written for several news organizations in both English and Spanish.
        Her stories have been featured on ZeroHedge, the Anti-Media, 21st Century Wire, and True Activist among others.
        She currently resides in Southern Chile.

      2. @ Flopot

        I have some trouble with the “shambolic” view because not only is it (36 missiles) a serious waste of expensive missiles, but IMO it projects an image of serious U.S. military incompetence. I could be wrong, but I don’t see that as something Trumpster and his handlers would want to do.

        It would help if we could find out what happened to the other 36 missiles. Hopefully some more information on that is forthcoming.

        Anyway, IMO there is no reasonable way to look at this which does not put Chumpster in a seriously bad light, Lobro’s hammer notwithstanding.

      3. @ Flopot

        I’ve nothing against your comments, which are brilliant, but I note as a stickler for correct grammar that there have been complaints made only today (by Harold Smith) about the frequent misuse of apostrophes on this site. You have been guilty of this in your above comment.

        Thus you write: “. . . the Russian’s colluding with the Trump administration.”

        This should be: “The Russians colluding with the Trump administration”

        OR, if a possessive pronoun is involved:

        “The Russians’ colluding with the Trump administration.”

      4. @Harold Smith

        Perhaps the projection of “shambolism” is precisely the whole point of the affair? For example, at, Brandon Smith is convinced that pseudo-nationalists are being purposely put in governments all over the West so that they get the blame for a new global financial crisis. The conspiracy theory is that Trump’s role is to destroy the United States. Wouldn’t be the first time a leader or a movement was created with the hidden purpose of destroying a Christian Empire from within.

  9. -the word in the arab street-
    for those, including the saker, who ask -in regards to ASSAD using sarin gas- “why would this dictator, -whom some people here call “a very, very nice guy” – do something like that, when he is about to win this war/civil war/ genocide?”
    the answer comes from an old doctor i sat with last night …
    i go to his house every once in a while because his syrian wife cooks something called “borghoul” which is a syrian dish they feed me in al mazze prison where i was a guest for 59 days,
    except she makes it really really good 🙂
    i wink and smile at her and she just loves it and the more i wink the more chicken wings, oranges, carrots and cucumbers washed in salt and lemon and Arak (syrian version of vodka) keep coming.
    Doctor Shami, who is blind and worked for the syrian regime for 5 years in Damascus until he fled here to Venezuela, said that people forgets Assad`s psycological state of mind.
    “Remember that a few days ago, the State (people in the Arab street no longer calls it ISIS or IS, but “The State”) bombed the stupid metro in st petersburgh while Putin, all cocky gave a speech in this stupid russian city where he was born”..
    When this happened Putin was giving a speech, grabbing and holding- and pretending he was accomodating- what he wants people to thing is his large dick -just like Italians- while saying something like “we got them really good just like we did in Chechnia and afghanistan” “long live Rusche!” blah blah blah, when his ex kgb maffiosso buffons came in and informed his skinny ass that he had to be taken to a more secure location
    “wwhyy” he stuttered
    Assad, who now only speaks russian because he lives in a russian submarine, has lost his mind so deeply after killing so many people he has reached the depth of no return, doesnt care if he is winning the war, if there is a war, if it ended or begun.
    (AND NO ONE DARES TELL HIM SHIT LIKE “NO, WE CANT DO THAT, WE ALREADY “PRETENDED” THAT WE TURNED THOSE WMD OVER, ITS NOT WORTH IT” BECAUSE he is so paranoid he will kill you right there,) WANTED TO MAKE PUTIN -HIS ALTER EGO- HAPPY WITH A REVENGE ATTACK FOR what happened in st petersburg, not caring – he never did- that children, syrian children were gonna die a horrible death.

    “beatifull little children”
    like mr trump, the best president in the world said.
    an arab guy here in venezuela pulled his beretta out and emptied 5 or 6 magazines on the news of the attack by mr trump (MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU AND PROTECT YOU)
    I saw a recent video of Assad and he looks like he is smoking off of that CRACK pipe.
    put it down, get a gun and do like hitler, “dear leader”
    and that is the word in the arab street
    (i wish that guy who is a grammar nazi would read my comment and see if there are any mistakes, mistakes that i will humbly correct)
    talk to you soon

  10. Lobro is ridiculously waving around a hammer because he thinks everyone else is a nut to crack.

    someone else sees the same thing, like i always say, when you are no longer in tic-tac-toe, what-you-see-is-what-you-get zone, observe jew’s reactions … is this really so complicated to understand?
    Donald Trump’s air strikes on Syria could be ‘set piece’ to ‘kill the narrative he’s in bed with Putin’, suggests analyst

    MSNBC host suggests US PRESIDENT MAY HAVE COLLUDED WITH MOSCOW to plan limited response to chemical weapons claim

    Donald Trump’s air strikes on Syria could be a “set piece” concocted in collusion with Moscow to ‘”kill the narrative he’s in bed with Putin”, MSNBC political analyst Chris Matthews has claimed.

    The Hardball anchor suggested the attacks might have been set up or staged, in the hope of undermining Democratic claims that Russian hacking and espionage swung the 2016 US Presidential election in Mr Trump’s favour.

    and i will go further and say this: Jew caught on immediately as soon as the damage was assessed, 40% of missiles hit some disused airfield landfill and 60% wandered off into the sunset, maybe gift to Iranians.
    Jew knew but had to give it decent period before venturing forth with opinions such as this to win back the lost ground, these claims will become more strident otherwise Trump and Putin get a jump on the action, st Jew on the back foot.

    I don’t care who says what out there, thinking i am in a pissing contest, because i got better things to do with my time – you think whatever you want, history will judge us.
    When i just think of all the inane battles to convince folks that Putin was not a Rothschild agent or for that matter that Hitler was not a Rothschild agent … well, there are still these legions who honestly believe these tales, Anunaki bringing down the twin towers …

    US president may have colluded with Moscow … US president may have colluded with Moscow … waving the hammer, hey don’t blame me or maybe Chris matthews is reading this blog.

    1. So in order to diffuse the rumor that he colluded with the Russians to win the elections, Trump colluded with the Russians to stage a pseudo-attack on Syria by warning them before ? Keep in mind that it is known that he warned the Russians before.

      1. Franklin,

        The way things are going right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up one morning and find Hillary Clinton sitting in the
        White House — with Trump’s head on a platter.

    2. That could just as easily be presented as another example of the Jewish-controlled media keeping the Goy “dazed and confused”. The Protocols refer to this method, I believe. It is not that hard to understand the concept that the Jews have always attacked each other, or at least their puppets, as part of their methodology of controlling the debate. They love attacking each other.

      “Phew” sighed the Goy audience “Trump really is working with Putin to end this Jew World Order we inhabit”.

      Not that there are many people who really think like that anymore. Most are brainf**ked now. Oh for the days afore the holohoax.

    3. Lobro –

      Mr ‘Put-On’ in the Kremlin meets with Bibi nearly a dozen time a year… in Russia and Israel. 🙂

      This is still the same MO of Mr ‘Put-On’ in the Kremlin:

      The aim of Russia and Zionist/Marxist Israel – IS – to prevent peace between the Arab countries and Israel until all the Arab countries are forced to adopt socialism under Russian leadership.

      US ships weapons to Russia through Israel..!!

      1. Feb 2017:

        Russia’s strategic vision for Israel

        On Feb. 11, Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, stated that Iran is considering providing its air space to Russian military jets in order to support Syrian government ground operations.

        (Moscow): Maneuvering between Iran and Israel is NOT an ordeal.

        Political and – MILITARY – contacts between Russia and Israel are on the rise.

        Trying to make sense of what drives Israel’s major foreign policy imperatives and how they are shaped is getting even more important for Moscow.

        Relations with the United States are another point on Russia’s radar screen for Israel.

        The United States is Israel’s strategic partner, and the Barak Obama administration reiterated this status even though the Israeli establishment wasn’t particularly happy with its policy toward the country.

        It feels like there is much uncertainty in Israel over expectations from the Donald Trump administration, but the general notion is that he will be much friendlier to Israel.

    4. I have enjoyed reading this exchange of views between Lobro and Flopot and am pleased that “the pissing context” (to quote Lobro) is being conducted with such politeness and verbal restraint, though the two contestants are obviously frustrated at their inability to agree on the main issue: whether Trump is a good guy (Lobro) or a bad guy (Flopot).

      As a strictly neutral party, I have to say that each contestant is making excellent points. The result is that I myself cannot make up my mind whether to trust Trump (as Lobro would wish) or mistrust him (as Flopot would desire).

      Time will tell, I guess.

      Maybe this is a grey area, not a black and white situation.

      Maybe Trump is not the out-and-out scoundrel as envisaged by Flopot, nor is he the Sir Galahad figure, the knight in shining armor riding to the rescue of America, that Lobro appears to think he is.

      Maybe Trump is just a sincere guy doing his damnedest to survive in a rat-infested pit. He has to watch his back all the time. He has to pretend and dissimulate. Lobro sees him as kind of Machiavellian schemer doing bad things occasionally to throw dust in the eyes of the Jews, but Trump’s heart (Lobro believes) is basically in the right place.

      Maybe this is just a difference of psychology. Lobro needs heroes to look up to and finds them in the most unlikely places! Flopot, on the other hand, needs villains to excoriate and will find them easily enough, because no human being is perfect and Trump obviously has feet of clay.

      My two cents worth.

      1. A lovely intervention, Sardonicus, and exquisitely written. Very shrewd.

        In my defence, the main reason I expect to find villains is because sites like Darkmoon opened my eyes to the villainous conspiracy that is modern history. I don’t think Trump can be divorced from that context, not to my mind at any rate.

        I expect I’ll have to create a set of “tripwires”, “triggers” and “red-lines” — strictly for my own purposes — that, if flipped or tripped, will satisfy me that Trump is another villain. My Putin triggers are in an interesting state: one is satisfyingly unflipped, and will be forever in that state. One gathers dust. And one is perilously close to being tripped.

        In a Jew World Order, you expect the worst and hope for the best. My hope is that Syria, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Turkey (yes, even Donmeh-central) deliver a Stalingrad to the Zionists in Syria.

      2. @ Flopot

        The one thing that will get you and Lobro to drink a toast to each other, and make the rest of us bring out the champagne bottles, is to turn on the news one day and find the towers of Tel Aviv are toppling down.

        I do believe the day will come when the world sees Israel go up in smoke.

        Armageddon approaches. The land where Jesus walked will become an uninhabitable wasteland for centuries.

      3. @Sardonicus

        I agree. Not only do their enemies proliferate but they continue to hollow out their own bases of power: destroying the West and pursuing a nihilistic culture of self-worship that can only end in hubris and self-destruction. On a metaphysical (?) level they have awakened massive forces of truth and morality that will engulf this Heaven on Earth they think they are creating.

    5. Another point: if the strikes were supposed to be symbolic, how do you explain the slavering head-choppers who were prepared and chomping at the bit for the US attack? Why would you inform your mercenary-terrorist outfit to be ready to exploit a symbolic attack? After-all, there would be nothing to exploit.

      It is starting to look like a shambolic attack.

  11. Trump was just given the opportunity to experience his first “thrill” of blood ritual, an easy sacrifice: Syria, an injured offering. The second step would involve a much more important sacrifice, Iran perhaps, before he would dare the ultimate sacrifice.
    My sincere condolences on “making America great again” dead hope.

  12. Trump was just given the opportunity to experience his first “thrill” of blood ritual, an easy sacrifice: Syria, an injured offering. The second step would involve a much more important sacrifice, Iran perhaps, before he would dare the ultimate sacrifice.

  13. Senator Rand Paul has pointed out Mr. President Trump has violated the Constitution with an act of war against a sovereign government that poses utterly no threat to the lives of US citizens. With the ensuing civilian casualties, Mr. Trump is also a War Criminal. There is nothing much I’d rather see than the Clintons, Bush 1 & 2, Obama, and Trump sitting in an open air zoo cage for the rest of their lives while school children throw peanuts at them through the bars. They deserve worse. The United States, like Imperial Britain before, can’t seem to deal with the jewish corruption that is rotting – everything. Russia lost over 60 million lives before finally coming to an uneasy but far better situation by returning to that which is good: Religion, love of Country, and sensible government, with multi racial interests respected but never corruptly pandered to and absolutely under one language and culture. The future belongs to Russia.

  14. As I understand it, Russia’s response to mass-murderer Chumpster’s attack involves, at the least: (1) suspending the air safety agreement with the U.S.; (2) beefing up Syria’s air defense systems; and (3) sending the cruise-missile-equipped frigate “Admiral Grigorovich” to the Syrian port city of Tartus in the eastern Mediterranean.

    I don’t see this as “flaccid”. I see it as sending a clear message to team Chumpster that Russia will not back down.
    Moreover, I think Russia’s patience is wearing thin. I think we’re getting close to the military conflict that the Jews want.

  15. Pharisee-Jew media working for Pharisee-Jew Bankers are praising the Buffoon in DC…

    The media loved Trump’s show of military might.

    The cruise missiles struck, and many in the mainstream media fawned.

    “I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night,” declared Fareed Zakaria on CNN, after the firing of 59 missiles at a Syrian military airfield late Thursday night. (His words sounded familiar, since CNN’s Van Jones made a nearly identical pronouncement after Trump’s first address to Congress.)

    “On Syria attack, Trump’s heart came first,” read a New York Times headline.

    “President Trump has done the right thing and I salute him for it,” wrote the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens — a frequent Trump critic and Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative columnist. He added: “Now destroy the Assad regime for good.”

    Brian Williams, on MSNBC, seemed mesmerized by the images of the strikes provided by the Pentagon. He used the word “beautiful” three times and alluded to a Leonard Cohen lyric — “I am guided by the beauty of our weapons” — without apparent irony.

    1. You’re correct! It was a set-up for show. I spoke with a good friend, just awhile ago, who is an electronic warfare specialist for the U.S.Army, very familiar with the anti-missile systems of America and Russia. He said it was obvious the Russians were ordered to stand down, and let it happen. (He also said he hardly ever bothers to watch “the news”, anymore, because it’s all bullshit for public consumption however they want it spun, anyway.)

      I am tempted to just terminate all Internet service, and not bother myself with this fruitless pursuit, anymore, myself! 🙂

      1. “I am tempted to just terminate all Internet service, and not bother myself with this fruitless pursuit, anymore, myself”

        I suspect this is what many of us will have to do.

      2. @ Gilbert

        It was for “show” alright; it showed the world that the fool we’ve replaced Obama with may be even worse.

        Anyway, it certainly seems plausible to me that the Russian air defense crews may have been ordered to stand down, but not necessarily because of any kind of collusion between Putin and Chumpster.
        Rather, the Russians may have concluded that for a few million dollars worth of damage to the airfield, it’s worth it to let Chumpster prove to the world in a dramatic way that he’s just another lying, warmongering Jew-puppet.

        Also, Chumpster’s attack will give Russia a good reason to start bringing some serious military hardware to Syria.

      3. Thanks for the input, Gil –

        “He said it was obvious the Russians were ordered to stand down, and let it happen.”

        ‘Put-On’ of the Kremlin was ordered to stand down by his handlers…. The same handlers who ordered the ‘Buffoon in DC’ to make the call to his son-in-law and Joint Chief *CHAIRMAN* to coordinate the stage play with ‘Put-On’ of the Kremlin.

        ‘Put-On’ has no weapons to amass anywhere. It is all US equipment and weapons. Some are manufactured by US companies in Russia.

        Nobody ever mentions the “sucking sound” in Russia taking jobs out of USA. 🙂

        The hundreds of US companies work under Russian Law as Joint Stock Companies… JSCs.

        Under the Russian Civil Code, a JSC provides ownership rights with limited liability.

        In Russia, a JSC can be completely or partially owned by the federal government.

        That way, Russia can claim they make the equipment. 🙂

      4. Absolutely disgusting to see the MSM in action. The only thing I would add to your comment, Gilbert, is that “the news” is not only for public consumption, it is for public direction.

        Back in the ’70s shows like 60 Minutes gave that same public the idea that the media were the watchdog. That they were there to draw back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz and expose him for what he is. Turns out they are the Wizard and they work from behind the veil.

        My faith has taught me that holy things are veiled. Christ in the Eucharist is veiled. As God, Jesus was veiled in human flesh. The Chalice is veiled until used for the Sacrifice at Mass. Women veil their heads. Precipios made in Italy made it hard to find the cave where the Savior was born. You get the idea.

        But this is Satan veiled behind the idea of a free and open press. What is veiled in the media is unholy. And It’s not just politics. They have the power to make companies and take out competitors.

        Sorry for getting off on a religious tangent. But it’s true and after all it is Palm Sunday. Maybe we can have a nuclear exchange sometime during Holy Week or on Resurrection Sunday.

  16. The preceding comments present evidence of a classic Jewish modus operandi, i.e. sowing confusion to maintain secrecy. Confusion presents the best camouflage for activities that must be conducted openly, but are to remain hidden.

    While truth lies among the multitude of choices presented to the confused goyim, the question is how can it be singled out among the confusion of lies? No doubt, one of the reasons Jews love war so much is that they can hide much of their nefarious criminal activity behind the “fog of war.”

    The first and most critical point that must be understood and accepted is the immense power Jews exert over world events. There is no question as to the existence of this overwhelming power as it has been demonstrated time and again since Meyer Rothschild first crawled out of the dismal swamps of Europe’s ghettos.

    Once this fact is understood and accepted, the next step to understanding the present state of the world is to crawl into the darkest recesses of the Jewish mind. To accomplish this, one must delve into the most repulsive literary efforts in history, the Jew’s “holy books.” Within these volumes one will discover the truly terrifying essence of the Jewish mind controlling world events.

    Jews are not rational Einsteins planning out each action with careful, coldly-detached precision. While Star Trek’s “Borg” and “Vulcan” are the faces Jews strive to present to the world, their actions exhibit anything thing but cold detachment. Jews are the lowest spiritual form of all humanity; mentally deranged psychopaths reveling in misery, terror, bloodshed and the basest natures of the human condition.

    Therefore, they often plan seemingly senseless actions simply to fulfill their bloody fantasies which invariably have a sexual component attached. This one factor adds greatly to the confusion. The goyim mind views these incomprehensibly murderous, Jewish wet-dreams, like those of child sacrifice and cannibalism, to wonder why or how anyone could possibly commit such criminal acts, for such thoughts lie far beyond even the most “evil” goyim mind.

    In a recent interview with United States Christian Pastor James Wickstrom of Smyrna and Philadelphia Ministries, on Turner Broadcast Radio, New York City Rabbi Abe Finkelstein candidly revealed, We steal 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just in this country (the USA) and we drain their blood and mix it with the passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own and we grind up all the bodies into sausage and hamburger. McDonald’s is one of our favourite outlets and the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch and us Jews … we gotta do what we do. The most important thing is to remember that between you, Pastor Wickstrom and me Rabbi Abe Finkelstein of New York City, is that we both have two Fathers, so that’s why we look at the world two different ways. Our book says we’re going to take over the world, and we’re doing a pretty good job right now. Right now it’s too late, it’s over for you white race. That’s why I’m speaking so honestly here, to bring it out into the open so you can see it for what it is.

    What average, or beyond average, goyim mind can comprehend the sickening depths of a mind gleefully entertaining such thoughts? What goyim mind can grasp the dichotomy inherent in a mind embracing the concept of having “two fathers?” One can certainly appreciate the rebbe’s blunt truthfulness when he says” “it’s over for you white race.” More here.

    What is the Jew’s final answer for hiding their actions among all this contrived confusion? Scapegoat their horrifying atrocities upon the enemy! While Jews have given us their mind, transJudeaized goyim at their very worst are little more than Juden lite.

    What this Vulcan mind-meld has truly accomplished is to make Jewish criminality an acceptable – nay – desirable part of the culture. The drugging of a large portion of the goyim population, along with the distracting addition of porn, further serves to sink the goyim mind to the lowest depths of the Jew’s cesspooling efforts, confusing and diverting attention from their horrific activities.

    It serves no purpose to endlessly speculate and chatter on, chasing these Jewish dog-tales around in a fruitless attempt to fathom their meaning, as by their very nature, these are incomprehensibly confusing to the normal, non-Jewish mind.

    Jews are an alien race with an alien mind the goyim cannot broach, therefore the only answer is to eliminate their mind from the human mix. Barring that, the goyim will continue doggedly chasing Jewish tales around, trying to fathom the true meaning behind the labyrinth of lies and deception.

    Jews continue to slap the goyim’s face and throw down their gauntlet. We avoid picking it up and bashing out their sick, twisted brains to our fatal peril, for only the absence of the Jew will enable truth and light to fully expose their past and present activities.

  17. “just ask yourselve this simple question”
    “why would assad on the verge of winning the war, and gaining support from trump, use chemical weapons knowing it would open the door to new con invasion”
    two things there mr saker
    he didnt “know” this would open the door for neo con invasion because a neo con invasion is not gonna happen because worse things have happened and they havent moved because they have two active fronts open and they also have north korea venezuela and iran to deal with.
    and it isnt the neo cons, -who when in power usually pick the most aggresive option on the table placed there by THE PENTAGON who is the organ that in reality rocks the cradle.
    besides, Russia wont let the “neo cons” take their seaport in tartus and/or their airfield in latakia so forget about an american invasion unless putin makes some kind of deal regarding lifting the sanctions on russia, keeping the airfiled and seport in syria and the u.s. and europe forgetting ukraine.
    “why would assad do this?”
    because the man is sick to his head?
    he has gone crazy after six years of hiding and running from one place to another and now no one dares dissagree with him?
    so he gave the order specially after what happened in Saint Petersburg. yes! He did it to avenge what happened to russians, amazing eh? he gang bangs on his own to sattisfy the russians!
    hitler, who was much more inteligent and much more loved by his people because they were and are of the same race made terrible decisions at the end that cost him the war
    so has Assad

  18. Trump has crossed my red line. He’s “with her” now, and It’s over baby. Unlike some here who make countless excuses for Trump (just like a cuck grasping at straws upon finding his amour is cheating on him) others are awakening from the Trump dream. I had hoped Trump was the real deal, I voted for him in the primary and the general election. I stuck with him as long as I could. I was played, and fell for it, but it’s all over now.
    Strongly recommended is OUR participation in street protests against the criminal aggression against Syria.
    Your children will be proud you did something a bit more concrete than calling the White House or writing a letter, both undoubtedly a waste of time.

    1. S.W.

      Yep. As I have said previously, Trump crossed my redline as well with the Syria attack. His fruit now sucks. Proponents of aggressive war are simply evil.

      The idea that Trump and Putin are colluding for reasons a, b, c, etc. is not rational. Why would the most popular leader in the world, Putin, risk that position by participating in such a folly? Is Putin tired of being the most trusted and admired leader by his fellowmen around the globe? Is Putin tired of being the most popular leader that Russia has ever had? Putin has built a historic legacy for doing the right thing in the eyes of the world. He has no reason to undermine his position by colluding in an international crime.

      For those that think that the jews control everything in the entire world, why hasn’t the mass killing of the goyim down to 400-million been done already? The simple answer is that the jews do not have the control that they are leading everyone to believe that they have. Jews are liars so don’t believe them.

      1. Ung –

        “…why hasn’t the mass killing of the goyim down to 400-million been done already?”

        Because that is a lie started by Ted Turner…. aka… RC Christian:

        Don’t believe Ted Turner. He hangs with Jane Fonda. 🙂

        So who masterminded the Georgia Guidestones specifically?

        Lore points to R. C. Christian. Much debate has been made about who this man was.

        And some people have guessed correctly, yet not correctly.

        The big secret? R.C. Christian was actually TWO men. Robert Carter Cook was the mastermind. Robert Edward “Ted” Turner III was the talking face that Joe Fendley and Wyatt Martin actually interacted with [Van: We have maintained that Ted Turner’s relationship with Wyatt C. Martin suggests his involvement with the Georgia Guidestones, but his role is not clear].

        Fendley and Martin both described Christian as a tall middle aged man with white hair in a three piece suit and tie, and that’s how Ted looked back then (here’s a TT pic circa 1982):

        Anonymous message claims to reveal R.C. Christian identity, Georgia Guidestones doom date:


        Robert Carter Cook looked nothing like that. He was short with dark hair and loved bow ties.

        Ted Turner has been a eugenics supporter for years, it takes little research to find interviews with him pushing the subject. Robert Carter Cook headed eugenics organizations such as Planned Parenthood League, American Eugenics Society, and the Association for Research in Human Heredity, and many other groups too numerous to recall.

        Thomas Paine as you know wrote “The Age Of Reason” and it is this essay referred to by the guidestones’ own “age of reason”.

        Ted Turner knew Robert Carter Cook and worked with him on the guidestone project. I wouldn’t say they were friends but they had a mutual interest. Ted Turner financed the project, but Robert Cook masterminded it.

        Robert Carter Cook also wrote the book “Common Sense Renewed” that serves as a companion piece to the guidestones. If you contrast the writing styles and ideas in R. C. Christian’s “Common Sense Renewed” with Robert Carter Cook’s earlier book “Human Fertility:
        The Modern Dilemma” ( ISBN-13: 978-0837161280 ISBN-10: 0837161282 ) you will have no doubt of this.

        The Freemason connection… Robert Cook and Ted Turner; both of these men are/were Freemasons.

        Ted Turner is of the Order of Malta. I am not sure what order Robert C. Carter was a mason. He is listed as such in the Denslow record:,000_famous_freemasons/Volume_1_A_to_D.htm

      2. @ Pat

        You are possibly correct about the depopulation to the 400-milion global goal, but the goal could be 500-million as found on the net. What’s a 100-million to fiends? The projections of Deagel and Stratfor for the USA is 66-million by 2025 or 2030 (I do not remember which year). I wonder where about 250-million will go? Mostly likely dead assuming that (((their))) plan comes to fruition.

        As for Ted Turner, he is just a low level stooge. I seriously doubt that he came up with the info on the Guidestones. Teddy doesn’t hang with Fonda. They split because Fonda became a Christian so they were no longer compatible if my memory serves me properly.

        Population reduction is not new. The Rothchilds and Weishaupt established it as part of their Illuminati plan for a New World Oder back in 1776. They did not establish a numbered goal. Mostly likely, it was the death and destruction aspect that turned them on, lusts of their father thing.

        Below is a document that was passed around just before Agenda 21 was adopted.

        “September 20, 1991



        a. The time is pressing. The Club of Rome was founded in 1968, Limits to Growth was written in 1971, Global 2000 was written in 1979, but insufficient progress has been made in population reduction.

        b. Given global instabilities, including those in the former Soviet bloc, the need for firm control of world technology, weaponry, and natural resources, is now absolutely mandatory. The immediate reduction of world population, according to the mid-1970’s recommendation of the Draper Fund, must be immediately affected.

        c. The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary., but be sure you use the word ”depopulation” in the search.”

        I put the link in just to make you happy. 🙂

      3. Ung –

        Thanks for making me happy.. 🙂

        You did not read the links I posted.

        The 500 million appeared on the Guidestones in Georgia…. then copied when the internet came along.

        You should have researched it… at least… read the articles first…. which showed it was NOT his idea…. but his MONEY..$$$.

      4. @ Pat

        “Thanks for making me happy.. :

        I used the smily face as sarcasm just as you did. No thanks necessary. I could care less if you are happy.

        “You did not read the links I posted.”

        I never access your links and seldom read your posts. You should not be surprised if you have a working memory.

        “You should have researched it…”

        My time would be better off trying to catch a fart and painting it green than spending time researching one of your posts. There is no point in researching a distraction.

        “…his MONEY..$$$.

        Nope. It wasn’t his money any more so than the money you have is your money. It’s the jewish illusion.

      5. Ung –

        These are YOUR WORDS… not just a smiley face.

        “I put the link in just to make you happy”
        Not sharp there…

        So many write they don’t read my comments… then comment on them…!!!

        You can meet Lobro at the Wafflers’ House… 🙂

  19. @ PAT, who wrote “Russia has only one aircraft carrier in its navy…. and it is a very small one. The flight deck is just a few feet above the water.
    It is a converted cruiser. There are no Russian shipyards large enough to build a REAL carrier..!!”

    Aircraft carriers are all about ‘fighting the last war’. They are just about obsolete now, useless against a modern enemy.
    I direct your attention to the Russian sub fleet, to their electronic countermeasures, etc.
    It’s all about asymmetry now.

    Your carrier is a very nice platform for attacking 3rd world nations, but that’s about it.
    A single nuke would destroy a complete carrier group. Sitting ducks.

    1. Aircraft carriers are the “capital ships” of the 21st century. Like their 20th century counterpart, the battleship, the only advantage carriers present is to the enemy, by providing a target too big to miss. The future of the battleship became clear when Billy Mitchell sunk the “unsinkable,” German pocket battleship “Ostfriesland” in 1925, using obsolete Martin MB2 biplane bombers (Navy NBS-1).

      Like the long forgotten battleships of the early 20th century’s “great white fleet,” modern carriers today are only good for intimidating vastly inferior enemies, preferably those with little or no advanced military technology.

      These would be enemies like Argentina, Guatemala or most of the nations of the Near East, excepting of course Israel, to whom American goyim have provided the latest, most advanced, American military technology.

      I notice that Israel gives not a poofter’s twit for the aircraft carrier. The only ship Israeli Jews want are the latest German U-boats. Could that be a clue as to what the carrier is actually worth? Perhaps another clue is how other, former first-world countries view the carrier in their cost-versus-benefit equations.

      The old, and very expensive technology, of the carrier has made them “expendable assets,” like those obsolete battleships sacrificed by FDR at Pearl Harbor in order to precipitate WWII. Few notice all the American carriers were far away from Hawaii prior to that attack.

      Fewer still will note that no American battleships participated in a true navel battle during the war, they were only used as artillery support to “soften” the targets of the assault waves storming the Pacific islands.

      One only needs review the examples of the battleship’s navel record to understand why. The battleship HMS Hood was sunk by a single shot from the battleship Bismark. In turn the Bismark was sunk not long afterward by a fleet air group consisting of antique, Fairy “Swordfish” biplanes their British crews referred to as “stringbags.” But these ancient and s-l-o-w Fairies were sufficient to put the wind up the Bismark.

      Modern unmanned and expendable weapons technology, like the Russian’s surface-skimming, mach 5 “Sunburn” and “Moskit” missiles have rendered the carrier obsolete in any forthcoming major conflict. All that’s lacking for proof is the first sinking of an American carrier by a group of armed (they are always “armed” aren’t they?) Islamic terrorists that crawled out of their desert hidey-hole to give ‘Merica the black eye needed to suppress yet another one of those danged recalcitrant A-rab cuntries. After that, the Jew.S. gubment will no doubt reassign the carriers as floating sanctuaries to support the migrant invasion of America. As submarine crews are fond of saying, “There are two kinds of ships – submarines and targets.”


      On another note, I went to see a musical today about Amelia Earhart’s transatlantic flight – yes a musical. The story line actually revolved around the meteorologist that gave her needed weather information for her Atlantic “crossing” (the name of the play).

      Ironically, Earhart flew directly into a major mid-Atlantic storm that almost cost her life and the play makes this point abundantly clear. Stupid white meteorologist, but then he killed his own daughter by mis-forecasting the weather (don’t ask). They also mentioned delicious little bits of knish, like the fact she almost ran out of fuel and completely missed France while almost crashing into the Dover cliffs after almost missing Ireland.

      The only character lacking in the play was the Negro rocket surgeon who takes the fumbling white idiots under his brilliant, benevolent and gracious wings to guide them in accomplishing their goals. But I suppose in 1932 there must have been a sever shortage of Negro rocket surgeons with double PhDs.

      The play stopped just short of saying, “it’s truly a wonder the stupid bitch made it across.” However the ending made the point clear that white people sometime succeed, despite their own stupid ineptness.

      The message was no doubt quite clear to all the young girls in the audience, i.e. dysfunctional white people like you might actually succeed – but probably not. As one brilliant individual commented after the play “I like this ending much better!” And why not, after all she survived that trip. Hmmm, inept stupidity maybe the Jews have something there after all.

      When I see this kind of pap being fed to young white people, it’s easy to see why the suicide rate among whites is steadily climbing. After all, what normal white person wants to live the Jew’s violent, negrified world of drugs, porn and cinematic toilet scenes?

      So common Don, drop the bomb and make them Jews glow with delight!

  20. let’s try and parse this one: Putin: ‘95% Of World Terrorist Attacks Are Orchestrated By The CIA’
    the content of that statement is old news, we’ve all known it for years if not decades and moreover, CIA is at some level run by mossad, ie, deep state jews networked with the rest of the jew monolith.
    But that the world’s greatest, most powerful and respected national/nationalist leader would come out in the open like this is worth paying attention to, given that Putin is a very calculated, controlled guy.
    So what’s up.

    Putin claims that the CIA is a rogue element of the deep state, and “AN EXPRESSION OF THE WILL OF WORLD OLIGARCHY and their vision for a New World Order.“

    Resisting gentle attempts by close aides to stop the President “going there,” Putin said that the evidence was everywhere, and that he personally had intimate knowledge of their dealings.

    Suffice it to say, the CIA exists today as part of America – but it is certainly not American.
    “The CIA does not work on behalf of the American people or act in their interests.”

    And an accurate assessment of the western mind’s capacity for basic rationality:

    Putin also said that mankind has been manipulated to become “unconscious” through the use of programming by media and politics, the perfect example being the public’s submissive response to the recent WikiLeaks Vault7 leak.

    Rather than kicking off worldwide protests about the CIA’s overreach and illegal activities, the mainstream media have actively dumbed down the masses and lulled them into a state of compliance.

    again, timing is not random, just in the aftermath on what even MSNBC recognizes was a prearranged and symbolic bomb run on some desert boondocks that everyone is freaking out on.

    Putin is a hairbreadth away from directly identifying jew, how much closer can you get than saying that
    CIA, responsible for 95% of the world’s terrorism is an expression of the will of the World Oligarchy?
    What could be excluded from 95%, certainly not the 9/11 or the London tube or Charlie hebdo (a great opportunity for the world oligarchy, the lords of the manor + loyal servants photo op) or the Bataclan massacre or ISIS and so on and on – let’s not forget the latest pseudo-sarin execution of the 70 innocents.
    Because he added emphatically, for the good measure, CIA IS NOT AMERICAN – clearly not blaming American people for the ills of the world – then who?

    Does anyone see how this may well be part of coordinated strategy to help Trump drain the lethally toxic swamp whose squids are ever reaching out to grab Trump and pull him under?
    Why does Putin seem to carefully outline the difference between CIA-Deep state-Jew oligarch world rulers and the rest (read: Trump), why doesn’t he include Trump in that filthy cabal, instead of playing along with the Mickey Mouse bombing game?

    Like i said, i got more important things to do with my time than grandstand for public applause, it doesn’t buy my lunch, does it.
    If i am wrong, I am wrong but let the lines be crossed unambiguously, let Trump cause some REAL devastation, a violent regime change in Syria, Iran and so forth.
    And of course, my challenge questions will not be tackled because there is no explanation that we’ve seen that holds water.
    Yet those are facts, aren’t they, ignoring them is the sign of that intellectual tapping out that Putin referred to in the second quoted chunk, refusal to be conscious.

    1. why do i harp on the danger of ignoring facts – even a single fact.
      For the simple reason that facts are the indivisible, indestructible elements of the body of truth.
      You can’t choose to ignore one for the sake of facilitating acceptance of the overall theory, no matter how attractive it may appear, to do so is to invite certain disaster, like dog crossing a busy 12-lane highway, dodge one car, the truck gets him.

      after all, what is holocaust™ but a theory that ignores hundreds of facts and because it is self-aware of its catastrophic incongruity with truth, exposing those facts is criminalized now.
      And soon in the States too (The Antisemitism Awareness Act, now before the congress).

      NB: everyone seems to point to Trump’s history of involvement with Jews as “proof” of his judeophilia.
      Well, learn the difference between an indication and proof.
      Never heard of Edgar J. Steele’s, “Anti-Semitism is a disease–you catch it from Jews”?
      so it could be argued just as well if not better, that the lifelong exposure has only made him more antisemitic although being a survivor type, he learned to disguise it – again, Jews seem to sense it en mass.
      Certainly, in my experience, the ones most likely to cut Jew all sorts of slack are the sheltered ones without real life contact with them, like someone who has never seen a cockroach exclaiming, look, what a cute bug.

      1. If Trump really is a “crypto-anti-Semite”, then at least he should have taught his children not to date and marry them. Quod non.

  21. Fuck you Nazi – bitch! This is the response to your Nuremberg trial article. Whoever supported Nazis had to be executed without a fucking trial! It was such a waste to interrogate/put on trial .00001% of those who were guilty.

  22. some news: Syria’s Sharyat air base targeted by US missile strike reported to be back in operation within hours of US attack.

    on the other hand, some not-so-good indicators: Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’

    Trump has long opposed military intervention in Syria – both as a private citizen when he criticised Obama’s intervention in the region, and as President.

    But the Republican firebrand is believed to have made his dramatic U-turn after being convinced by his daughter Ivanka’s impassioned response to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons on Tuesday.

    well, that’s a possibility too, meaning that Trump is just an essentially good natured simpleton, neither smart nor strong and it just goes to yet again prove that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    let’s wait and see for some clarifying developments, as to why most of the tomahawks couldn’t hit a great big airfield after all the jazz about being able to hit within 5 feet of the target … maybe they did hit within 5 feet outside the airfield … ah, fugg1t, gonna take some time off.

    1. Ah Ivanka the “expert” on foreign policy, now elevated to the rank of “advisor” of her father. Of course she only tells her father what her husband, cunning Jew Jared Kushner tells her. Jeff Rense suspects Kushner to be a Mossad agent, who especially married Ivanka to have access to her father, who was already then seen by the Jews as possible presidential material. Jews plan such things in advance.

      1. FR , is right on this point , I hate to concur , but ,he is right.
        {(” Kushner , is believed to be a Mossad agent, who especially married Ivanka to have access to her father, who was already then seen by the Jews as possible presidential material. Jews plan such things in advance:.)}.
        The best exposers of the tribe inner working ,thinking and mudos operandi ,are it’s members
        either by subversion design or rare conscious awakening.

      2. As mentioned in a previous post. “Trump is spineless, not least towards his daughter…. We had intimations of this when during his address to Congress he spewed forth profuse compliments about Ivanka’s involvement in Canada’s anti white male program of business support to women-only.”

        How can any masculine man allow his daughter to swallow the Zionist spew about women’s victim-hood and not disabuse her about womens-only or mens-only activities being right and proper, when in fact they are pure true sexism, by definition. Highly indicative that Trump is a pussy in the face of female manipulation. He is an abetter of rampant feminism.

        Loboro’s theory that the ineffective attack was a ruse will be demonstrated if he actually starts attacking terrorists. So far, we are led to believe by Loboro that the jackals surrounding Trump are forcing him to behave this way. When will he break out?

        I’d rather have a guy like Duterte who goes in guns blazing (literally), even if it only lasts a short period.

        What are Trumps achievements on two of the main planks of Zionist manipulation – foreign affairs and family affairs? Bombing for Israel? Support for rampant sexist feminism?

      3. For the source of Jeff Rense’s suspicion, go to :

        Mami’s Shit : Jeff Rense Radio Show, scroll down to Older Posts : 2017.04.03
        Hour 2 – James Fetzer – The Trump Administration. About Jared Kushner and Ivanka : from 7.00 – 14.00 min. From 12.30 min. Jeff Rense talks about the possibility that Jared Kushner seduced Ivanka with some aphrodisiac in her drink at their first meeting. She fell directly in love with him.

  23. Assad ,a ruthless killer.
    any which way , you look at it ,Putin support of a butcher,a tyrant and traitor ,makes him ,guilty by association.
    Assad is evil , so is Putin .
    I bet my two shekels that both Putin and Assad are crack heads on steroid , these two ,along with the mullahs in Iran and Iraq , and their poodles in Lebanon ,are evil ,drug running ,criminal Mafioso gangs.
    Imagine , that ,BIBI ,is dancing and singing , and shaking his booties , in ecstasy ,reaching the climax of satanic orgy.
    one more , maybe , more moves , and the devil , will reign , ……..


    Don’t know if anyone has seen this video. It is titled “Trump is the Swamp”.

    Published on Inauguration Day.

    Just wait until you see the Jew Parade that is on display. Chump is leading it from behind.

    Must see.

    It lays out the entire FRAUD of the election and how Jew Media was complicit.

    The more I analyze, it is apparent that this “unprecedented” election was just crazy enough to make the present craziness become somehow acceptable, understandable, and that it makes sense.

    Trump always talked about how quickly he could change things. Trade deals, job creation, etc. No one expected that what he really meant was how quickly he could give the Jews a complete reversal of fortune after Obama had successfully kept Bibi and Company at bay. Yes, he kissed his ass, but he never did cross that Red Line, did he?

    He did not cross it Iran or in Syria.

    1. Rich –

      Good video. Thanks.

      The 2016 (S)election was rigged…. “BIGGLY..!!” I never thought anyone would (S)elect a BUFFOON.. controlled by Pharisee-Jew Jew-Bankers and Pharisee-Jew-TV producers..!!

      Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London hand-picked their “YUGE” King of Bankruptcy and deceit.

      People KNOW the NATIONAL (S)elections are rigged…. until THEIR GUY gets in…

      …. Then it was an honest vote-count… 🙂


  26. pretty sure ivanka’s tears
    for pres assad’s non attack
    fake news
    trump knows claims are fake
    assad innocent
    some sort of show had to happen
    to quieten hyenas
    even if temporary
    maybe sultan of turkey
    will shake off delusions

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