St. Valentine’s Vendetta: My 10 Year Battle With Canada’s Jewish Lobby


“But the fight for our planet, physical and spiritual, a fight of cosmic proportions,
is not a vague matter of the future; it has already started. The forces of Evil have begun
their decisive offensive. You can feel their pressure, yet your screens and publications
are full of prescribed smiles and raised glasses. What is the joy about?”
~Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, A World Split Apart, Commencement Address
Delivered at Harvard University, June 8, 1978.
“Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen
Nobody knows my sorrow.”
~ Traditional Negro Spiritual
“Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”
~ Psalm 23 vs 5

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24 thoughts to “St. Valentine’s Vendetta: My 10 Year Battle With Canada’s Jewish Lobby”

  1. For countries like Canada, that don’t have constitutionally protected free speech like the US, if spreading the truth about “forbidden subjects” is the intention, then publishing on the Internet via an American host and under a pseudonym is indicated.

    In the mean time, an action group should be formed to lobby for the abolition of so-called “hate speech laws” as being contrary to the very essence of Western civilization. In Canada this was successful with regard to Sec.13 (1). It should also be successful with Sec.319 (2). The crown of such lobbying should be the adoption of constitutionally protected free speech similar to the American First Amendment.

    Ironically, the help of a Muslim Lobby could be used pressing for laws against “Islamophobia”. The Jews cannot have it both ways : criticism of Jews is forbidden, but criticism of Muslims is encouraged. This contradiction should be exploited.

  2. Thank you Franklyn , I had no idea until now that Canada has no constitutionally protected free speech like the USA
    I assumed that Canada is USA 2.00,,
    GOD Bless the USA
    do these Muslims and others who are packing and feeling to Canada know that ? !

  3. Thank you Mr. Topham for your courageous struggle against the tyranny of the zionist mafia. Franklin’s point is well taken, that some of us deem themselves “a little more equal” than others and are above criticism invites examination, and in my view, the most savage ridicule. Looking forward…

  4. Mr. Topham and Mr. Zundel are both heroes in this fight for the truth. Canadians should be proud of them.

  5. Arthur is definitely a hero..!!

    This banishment of his site is PROOF – ACTION – which speaks much MORE to the ultimate goals of the Pharisee-Jews than ANY words ever could.

    Their goal is NOT DESTRUCTION of the world population… but CONTROL of the world population.

    If total destruction were the goal… no sites would be banished. More sites and chaos would be welcomed.

    No nukes either.

    Thanks to Arthur for forcing their hands. Their fruits are now showing.

    Arthur – – Please comment here often. 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, though I supported Arthur, i by no means feel that it was a wasted donation and effort because it exposes the JEW for what he is in each and every country he infested – enemy of the people.
      Canada has a surprising number of high quality dissidents, yes, Zundel, Topham, Monica Schaeffer, prof Denis Rancourt, Ian MacDonald, John Keegstra and others … and the greatly missed Douglas Christie, the greatest legal defender of this basic human right – the right of speech.

      Here’s freedom to him who would speak,
      Here’s freedom to him who would write;
      For there’s none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
      Save him whom the truth would indict!
      ROBERT BURNS (1759–96)

      1. LOBRO ,the Irony in your comment is one sentence, ((enemy of the people)),as soon as I read it .I instantly visualized Trump calling the media ,the enemy of the people, could it be a code he meant the usual suspects who own the media ?

    2. Hi Pat.

      Thanks for the offer but after tomorrow (March 13th, 2017) I will, in all likelihood, not be able to publish my comments on any website where the general public will be able to see them. This may not happen but it’s what Crown is asking for in their sentencing.

      1. @Arthur
        Hi Arthur I hope you will still be publishing. Been watching your videos on the web, very good 🙂
        Could you please update us on the outcome of Arthur’s case. Cheers

  6. the entire (((JEWISH))) narrative is HATE SPEECH !!!

    without HATE SPEECH there would be no ((((JEWISH))) narrative – {{{AGENDA}}}

    over 400 million murdered in the last century for filthy lucre…how (((JEWISH))) !!!

  7. Mr. Topham is silenced and yet fellow Canadian Henry Makow goes on his merry way. Thank you Arthur Topham.

  8. Here’s one last cheer for Arthur and a parting shot for the prick at B’nai Brith Canada who filed the initial complaint against him…

    All I have to say to Harry Abrams is this: You can kiss my ass! I dare you to come after me. I dare you to make a complaint against me because I am going to republish Mr. Topham’s offending article on my website.

    Here is the link: Israel Must Perish!

    Mr. Topham’s “book” — I use ironic quotation marks because it wasn’t really his book or his words — was a satire on Germany Must Perish! written by the crazy racist Jew Theodore Kaufman who advocated for the genocide through sterilization of all Germans and the territorial dismemberment of Germany. Now, that’s real hatred and real racism, and real crazy, too!

    Mr. Topham merely substituted “Germany” with “Israel” and “Nazis” with “Jews”. He only switched a few key words to lampoon Kaufman’s insane hatred of Germans — nothing more and nothing less. It was a satire and spoof and you know it, Mr. Abrams, but you still filed a bogus complaint against Mr. Topham, you filthy lying jew bastard!

  9. The following is NOT meant to be derogatory or demeaning in any manner.

    You cannot fight the Jews without (the Canadian Jewish lobby and all their Shabbot goyim) without cleaning your own house within first.

    If I am fighting the Jews, I certainly would not be married to one. It seems to me, a bit hypocritical on Arthur Topham’s part.

    And as the Bible says, “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

    1. What kind of ridiculous remark is this Chu? My wife and I met and fell in love back in 1978. When we did neither of us knew about any “Zionist Jew” conspiracies or agendas. My wife had been born into a Jewish family. That was the extent of it. If she’d had a choice she would have been born into a Lakota Sioux family. Her parents weren’t “Orthodox” in any sense of the word and her father, a professional artist, secular atheist and former Art Director for the Detroit School Board, and her mother, also an artist, raised their children to be Americans and free thinkers without any “Jew” influences whatsoever.

      Since I first met Shasta back then her whole being was centred on spirituality, in particular native american spirituality. Her forte is and always has been, the possessing of spiritual qualities that developed into a life long vocation of practising medicine specifically Native American. She studied under a number of Native spiritual leaders here in Canada and was eventually given a medicine pipe by one of them and is a recognized Pipe Carrier (if you know anything about Native American spiritual practises). She has never displayed a political bone in her body. I married her because she was to me an angelic being without any specific “racial” attributes especially those displayed by the status quo Zionist Jew.

      My own life was different obviously and as my researching shifted more and more eventually the Zionst/Jewish/Israeli factor became more and more blatant and indisputable. It was a learning experience for both of us but in particular for Shasta as she had grown up in the suburbs of Detroit and been subjected like we all were to the propaganda about Hitler and the evil Nazis and so on. And like so many young, impressionable people she’d read much of the horror stories about the “holocaust” etc. and had nightmares about Adolf Hitler coming in to her room at night and trying to kill her.

      So when I took on the task of exposing the “Jewish Question” it was quite a learning experience for her and at first a very tough row to hoe but she never lost faith in me and what I was doing and after some years of listening and observing and thinking about everything she finally realized, like so many of us, that all the bs she’d heard about Hitler and the NS party was pure propaganda and now she knows like so many of us know what the truth is. She still maintains her own spiritual identity though and doesn’t hop on my bandwagon but has stood behind me through thick and thin over these past 10 years of ongoing litigation even though it’s been extremely stressful for her.

      I never think of being married to a “Jew” Chu. Shasta is a unique and loving individual soul/spirit and my companion throughout my life. It was because of people like yourself that I’ve done my absolute best to try and find a peaceful solution to this perennial problem because I see the day coming when idiots like you will want to come and kill my wife because you see her not as a human being but simple a “Jew” and therefor only worthy of killing.

      As for quoting the Bible to back up your twisted mind that’s another story for another time.

    2. @ David Chu

      The following is NOT meant to be derogatory or demeaning in any manner…. If I am fighting the Jews, I certainly would not be married to one. It seems to me, a bit hypocritical on Arthur Topham’s part.

      I regret to say that your comment is more than “derogatory and demeaning”. It is downright disgusting! Offensive in the extreme.

      It IS demeaning, but only to yourself.

      Arthur’s wife is a Native American Indian, I believe. If she is also partly Jewish, so what? She could be a female equivalent of Gilad Atzmon — or totally indifferent to politics and ignorant of what is going on.

      In any case, Arthur’s wife has been behind Arthur 100 per cent in all his struggles. Any pecuniary losses Arthur has sustained as a result of his various court cases have impacted on his entire family. That would include his loyal and long-suffering wife.

      That you should seek to disparage Arthur and his wife by your insulting comment reflects sadly on your own character.

      Shame on you!

      1. @ Arthur Topham

        Just to let you know that my own comment to David Chu was written BEFORE I had read your comment above. I had been under the impression that your wife WAS a Native American Indian with a bit of Jewish blood in her also. I had no idea she was totally Jewish. The fact that she is fully Jewish, as far as I’m concerned, makes no difference to me. I’ve met several Jewish people, especially artistic types with an interest in Yoga and other spiritual practices, who are totally opposed to Zionism and Judaism. I’ve even met one or two Jews who have converted to Christianity and they are 100% sincere and devout Christians.

  10. The idea that ALL Jews are genetically evil and psychologically tainted in some way is absurd.

    I think no Jew would object to the statement “SOME Jews are evil”. But they would be entitled to voice strong objections to the statement “MOST Jews are evil”.

    Mind you, the statement “Most Jews are good guys” is pretty hard to accept. So I guess this makes me an anti-Semite.

    I’ll say this, I have met a few nice Jews from time to time. The thing about Jews is this: if you genuinely like them and win their trust, they will do anything for you. They are totally loyal to themselves and their trusted non-Jewish friends.

  11. Good News! No Jail Time for Arthur!

    A B.C. man convicted of an anti-semitic hate crime has been kicked off the internet, but Arthur Topham won’t serve any jail time.

    Following a trial in Quesnel in 2015, a jury convicted Topham of one count of communicating online statements that wilfully promoted hatred against Jewish people.

    He could have faced up to two years in jail.

    But at his sentencing Monday, B.C. Supreme Court Judge Bruce Butler rejected the Crown’s request for four months of house arrest for what Crown lawyer Jennifer Johnston called “an indirect call for violence against Jewish people.”

    Instead, Butler sentenced Topham to a six-month conditional sentence with a ban on posting publicly online and a curfew.


  12. Orwell, in his “1984,” was trying to warn we of the future about something more sinister than a coming general tyranny. His warning was very specific for those paying attention.

    That warning is the fact that the chief enemy of the state and Party, that is “Big Brother,” in “1984” is the Inner-Party defector Emmanuel Goldstein.

    Orwell brazenly slid his warning under and past the noses of the “Big Brother” publishing houses. He also succeeded, even to this day, in having his warning being assigned for reading to millions of students each year–Brilliant!

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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