Stalin’s Secret Genocide: The Holodomor Mass Murder

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“The forgotten Holocaust: How Stalin starved millions to death in a grotesque Marxist experiment which many in Russia STILL deny. A new book by Anne Applebaum, ‘Red Famine: Stalin’s War on the Ukraine’, leaves no doubt about Stalin’s responsibility.”  — Daily Mail lead-in.

An article published yesterday in the Occidental Observer will help to reinforce the facts presented in the article below. See Bitter Harvest: A Brilliant Film on the Ukrainian Holodomor, by Bryan Christopher Sawyer. This will be published soon on the Darkmoon site as a companion piece to the article you are about to read. (JSM, Ed.)


It was Stalin who personally signed the official orders to seize all the grain in Ukraine and starve 7-10 million people to death. The actual details of the genocide were left to Stalin’s closest friend and associate, the Jew Lazar Kaganovitch, often erroneously claimed to be Stalin’s brother-in-law. For graphic details of the 1932-1933 mass murder in Ukraine, see the 7-minute video at the end of this article.

One day in the summer of 1933, in a village in Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union, a little boy woke on top of the family stove. He was starving—not just hungry but genuinely starving. ‘Dad, I want to eat! Dad!’ he cried. But the house was cold and from his father there came no answer.

The boy went over to his father, who was apparently still asleep. There was ‘foam under his nose’, he remembered. ‘I touched his head. Cold.’

A little later, a cart arrived laden with bodies ‘lying like sheaves’. Two men came into the house, lifted his father’s body into a sack and threw it onto the cart. Then they were gone.

The boy left home after that. He wandered the empty fields, sleeping in stables, scrabbling for grains, ‘swollen and ragged’. But somehow he survived. Some four million of his fellow Ukrainians were not so lucky.

The famine that struck Ukraine in late 1932 and 1933 was one of the most lethal catastrophes in European history.

In the West, it is nowhere near as well-known as it should be.

In Ukraine itself, however, the Holodmor—literally, ‘hunger extermination’—is often seen as a gigantic, man-made operation to murder millions of people.

And behind it was not just one man—Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union from the mid-Twenties to 1953—but an entire warped ideology which sought to remake a peasant society according to a Utopian Communist blueprint.

Even now, in an age when we are regularly assailed by images of horror and suffering, the details of the Holodmor are heartbreaking. Starving children, mass graves, vigilantes, even cannibalism: the famine saw human nature stripped to the bone.

‘I was so frightened by what had happened that I could not talk for several days,’ recalled one woman who escaped after her emaciated body was mistakenly thrown into a mass grave. ‘I saw dead bodies in my dreams. And I screamed a lot.’

Today, almost unbelievably, there are still those who deny the famine happened. Indeed, in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the architect of the famine, Stalin, is routinely presented not as a monstrous tyrant but as an admirably strong leader who made Russia walk tall in the world.

A few years ago, Mr Putin even told a press conference there was nothing wrong with restoring the statues of a man who claimed millions of lives. Stalin, he claimed, was no different to England’s Parliamentarian leader Oliver Cromwell—a comparison simply grotesque in its inaccuracy.

‘Red Famine’, by Anne Applebaum (pictured), leaves no room for doubt about Stalin’s responsibility for the Holodomor Famine in Ukraine which claimed the lives in 1932-1933 of  “an officially estimated 7 million to 10 million people“.

Thank goodness, then, for the journalist and author Anne Applebaum, whose new book, Red Famine, leaves no room for doubt about Stalin’s responsibility for what happened in Ukraine.

Nor does she spare us the grim details of the fate of millions of innocent men, women and children who had the misfortune to find themselves guinea pigs in his monstrous Marxist experiment.

The roots of the famine lay in the tortured, blood-stained relationship between Russia and Ukraine, a source of international tension and human suffering to this day.

The word Ukraine means ‘borderland’. Once, much of it belonged to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, but then it was conquered by the emerging Russian Empire.

Ever since, Russian nationalists have seen it as an integral part of their Eurasian dominion: even today, Mr Putin’s apologists often call it ‘New Russia’ or ‘Little Russia’.

After the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, Ukraine made a bid for freedom, only to be crushed by the Red Army and turned into a republic of the new Soviet Union. Even so, both Lenin and Stalin regarded Ukraine with intense distrust.

The Ukrainians were too uppity, too different. They insisted on speaking their own language; their peasants were too conservative, holding onto their village traditions; they were insufficiently enthusiastic about the bright new Marxist future their Kremlin masters promised to build.

And then, at the end of the Twenties, came disaster. Determined to consolidate his rule after succeeding Lenin at the top of the Communist system, and increasingly impatient to break peasant resistance and move towards Utopia, Stalin ordered the collectivisation of the entire Soviet countryside.

The word ‘collectivisation’ sounds technical, a little dry, even boring. But the human consequences were profound and dramatic.

The principle was simple. Richer, more successful peasants had to be ‘liquidated’, by starvation, murder or exile. The rest would be herded into vast state-run farms where they would toil ceaselessly for the greater Soviet good, instead of for private profit.

The collectivisation drive had Stalin’s fingerprints all over it. A different Soviet leader might have proceeded more cautiously, and indeed some Bolsheviks thought he was going too far, too fast.

But Stalin argued that collectivisation was simply good Marxism. If they wanted to build socialism on earth, he said, they needed to smash the peasants. How, after all, could they have a truly socialist society if they still allowed people to farm for themselves and make money?

What followed was horrifying. As Stalin’s thugs roamed the fertile Ukrainian countryside, seizing grain that he could sell abroad — which would allow him to buy the industrial machinery he desperately wanted — reports of growing hardship began to trickle back to Moscow.


Why wail over broken eggs
when we are trying to make an omelette?”
— Attributed to Lazar Kaganovitch as well as Stalin

—  §  —

By spring 1932, secret police reports were full of peasants streaming from their homes in search of food, children swollen with hunger, families living on grass and acorns, even bodies lying in the streets of Ukraine’s cities.

Some suggested this must be part of a secret ‘capitalist plan to set the peasant class against the Soviet government’.

But Stalin did nothing. Far from intervening to help the afflicted, he blamed Ukrainian nationalists, told the secret police to search ever more closely for hidden grain supplies, and even ordered blacklists of farms and villages.

In part, this demonstrated his morbid suspicion of Ukraine’s independence aspirations—something he had in common with his Tsarist predecessors and, indeed, today’s Russian leadership. But it also reflected his Marxist mentality, which saw class enemies everywhere and treated ordinary people as pawns in his callous ideological game.

So it was that as 1932 gave way to 1933, with Stalin continuing to order relentless grain requisitioning, hunger became starvation.

Applebaum describes the process in chilling detail. As your body starves, it consumes its stores of glucose. Next it eats fats. In the third stage, some weeks later, it begins to eat its proteins, cannibalising tissues and muscles.

Finally your skin becomes thin, your eyes distended, your belly swollen. Death comes from starvation or from infections such as pneumonia, typhus and diphtheria. Either way, your fate could hardly be more horrible.

As millions began to die, human feeling perished with them. In one of countless dreadful anecdotes, Applebaum describes how a 15-year-old farm girl was begging beside the queue outside a Communist-run bread shop. As each person passed, the girl asked for crumbs. Finally, she asked the shopkeeper, who shouted at her and hit her so she fell to the ground. ‘Get up!’ the shopkeeper said, kicking her. ‘Go home and get to work!’ But she did not move; she was dead.



“The death of one man is a tragedy.
The death of millions is a statistic.”
— Josef Stalin

—  §  —

A few people in the queue started crying. ‘Some are getting too sentimental around here,’ the shopkeeper said threateningly. ‘It is easy to spot enemies of the people.’

In another village, a little boy teased other children with jam and a loaf of bread that his family had managed to obtain. The other children began throwing stones at him; they only stopped when he was dead.

Sometimes families turned on themselves. One man was so enraged by the sound of his children crying for food that he smothered his baby in its cradle and killed two other children by smashing their heads against a wall.

In the province of Vinnytsia, a farmer tried to suffocate his starving children by lighting a fire and blocking the chimney. When they screamed for help, he strangled them with his bare hands.

There were even tales of people reduced to cannibalism. In one village, the police arrested a man who had gone mad after his wife died. A neighbour asked him why he seemed better fed than everyone else. ‘I have eaten my children,’ the man said, ‘and if you talk too much, I will eat you.’

Later, in the camps of Stalin’s gulag, a Polish woman met hundreds of ‘unhappy, barefoot, half-naked Ukrainians’ who had been sentenced for cannibalism.

Their children, they told her, had died of hunger; then, driven mad by grief and starvation, the parents had cooked and eaten them. But afterwards, ‘when they came to understand what had happened, they lost their minds’.

Whether the famine counts as genocide remains a controversial question. Ukrainians often say yes; Russians and their sympathisers say not. In a sense, though, the question is immaterial. What matters is that as a result of Stalin’s policy, millions of lives were extinguished and millions more blighted by appalling suffering.

—  §  —

From a Western perspective, what is truly shameful is that many outside observers refused to accept the truth or tried deliberately to cover it up. On the British Left there were plenty of apologists for Stalin’s barbarism, such as the keen socialists Sidney and Beatrice Webb, who hailed his regime as a ‘new civilisation’.

A brave exception was the Welsh writer Gareth Jones (pictured here), who travelled through Ukraine in March 1933 and returned to break the news of a ‘catastrophic’ famine. (See news report, ‘Honour the reporter who exposed Stalin’s lies‘).

Almost immediately, the New York Times’s man in Moscow, Pulitzer Prize-winning Walter Duranty, published a reply under the headline ‘Russians Hungry But Not Starving’.

There was no famine, Duranty said, dismissing Jones’s report as part of a British government propaganda drive.

A few months later, Duranty, who lived in luxury in a Moscow apartment, went even further. ‘Any report of a famine in Russia,’ he told American readers in August 1933, ‘is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda.’

Since Duranty was better connected than Jones, many people who ought to have known better believed him. As Applebaum writes, as late as 1986, when the great historian Robert Conquest published a groundbreaking book on the famine, entitled Harvest Of Sorrow: Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine, the Left-wing London Review of Books ran a scathing review dismissing it as yet more anti-Communist propaganda.

Even today, shamefully, there are those on the Left who still make excuses for Stalin.

No one who reads Ms Applebaum’s book, which is based on extensive work in Russian and Ukrainian archives, can have any doubt about the hideous death toll in 1932 and 1933, or about the responsibility of Stalin and his Communist allies.

The only place her book can expect a frosty welcome is Moscow, where Mr Putin has accused the West of ‘excessive demonisation of Stalin’, which he sees as a ‘means of attacking Russia’.

Indeed, a poll of 1,600 Russians only three months ago found that fully 38 per cent considered Stalin the greatest Russian of all time, followed by Mr Putin on 34 per cent. That tells its own story.

As for the Ukrainians, they have come to see the Holodmor as the central moment in their modern political and cultural history—a symbol of their suffering at Russian hands, but also a spur to their national self-determination. In that sense, Mr Putin, who fancies himself as Stalin’s heir and still sees Ukraine merely as Little Russia, is surely doomed to fail.

But none of this can make up for the lives lost, the starving children, the grieving parents, the mass graves, the deserted villages.


Painting by Nina Marchenko

‘We cannot lie peacefully in our graves,’ the Ukrainian poet and political dissident Mykola Rudenko once wrote, looking back on the Holodmor many years later. ‘We, the dead, are unable to rest.’

We cannot bring back Stalin’s victims. But in remembering them, perhaps we can help them rest.



RED FAMINE: Stalin’s War On The Ukraine, by Anne Applebaum, was published in September this year. The world’s foremost authority on Stalin, renowned Anglo-American historian Robert Conquest, has helped to reinforce the idea of Stalin as one of history’s most psychopathic mass murderers in three meticulously researched books: The Great Terror (1968), Harvest of Sorrow (1986), and Stalin: Breaker of Nations (1991).   

VIDEO  :  7.25 mins

LD:  There were several man-made famines in Russia and Ukraine, starting in Lenin’s time in the early 1920s and continuing into Stalin’s reign of terror which spanned almost three decades (1924-1953). The grisly details described in the video below pertain to one of these famines, Ukraine’s 1st Holodomor (1921-1922) which served as a template for the 2nd Holodomor of 1932-1933 which reportedly claimed 7-10 million lives. The total number of victims starved to death in Ukraine’s three separate famines has been set at roughly 16.5 million. All these figures have been hotly disputed and the true figures will never be known. (For further details, see video below at 6.55-7.10 mins.) 

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  1. I am deeply saddened to think that there are people so wilfully blind that they refuse to believe these horrific events ever took place or do their best to minimize them.

    See “Ukraine court finds Bolsheviks guilty of Holodomor genocide”.

    How can the mass starvation to death of roughly 16.5 million people in Russia and the Ukraine during the reign of terror unleashed by Lenin in the 1920s and continued by Stalin in the 1930s and 1940s be simply brushed under the carpet?

    Such events will not go away just by denying them or by asserting brazenly, as one Stalin apologist has done on this website, that these mass murders under the Bolsheviks have been fabricated or exaggerated.

    It is a genuine problem for me, a Putin supporter, to learn that Putin is a promoter of the Stalin cult. There is something radically wrong here.
    I regard this as a cynical exercise in realpolitik by Putin. He’s doing this, not because he admires Stalin and his evil deeds, but because it increases his popularity among the Russian masses.

    I have proof of this, but I don’t have time to explain right now.

    1. No one is disputing that Stalin helped to modernize Russia, a backward peasant nation, and drag it kicking and screaming into the 20th century. But the means by which he achieved this “modernization” were grossly immoral and criminal. You don’t starve millions of peasants to death just because you need to confiscate their corn and sell it abroad so as to have money to buy the best factory machinery from the West!

      This is what Stalin did.

      He killed the Russian peasantry in their millions for two reasons: (a) to steal their corn so he could sell it abroad, and (b) because he hated the peasants for resisting “collectivisation” of their farms, i.e. the confiscation of their land by taking it into government ownership.

      “Why wail over broken eggs when we are trying to make an omelette?” — Attributed to Lazar Kaganovitch as well as Stalin.

      Yes, it was Stalin who said that. And Lazar Kaganovitch repeated it when he starved Ukrainian peasants to death in their millions.

      The architect of these mass murders was the supreme leader Stalin,
      the ultimate psychopath, with a heart of stone. He himself admitted he had a heart of stone. “All human feeling died in me at that moment,” Stalin said as a young man, after witnessing the death of his first wife.

  2. The Stalin cult in Russia, still going on for millions of people (including Putin), is one of the strangest phenomena of history. Stalin did successfully industrialize Russia and he did win the war against Nazi Germany, but his ruthlessness cost the lives of tens of millions of people. His achievements are celebrated, but his crimes are denied.

    Stalin became all-powerful by eliminating his rivals (often old comrades). The more power he grabbed, the more paranoid he became and the more people he had murdered, first his political rivals, then his generals, finally members of his own family*). The Russian people at large still has to come to terms with this psychopathic monster. A misplaced patriotism and the enduring effects of state propaganda are the major obstacles to be overcome.

    *) For Stalin’s murder of his own family, see Stalin At Home, Harvard Magazine, July-August 1999.

    Quote :

    “Peasants and political rivals were Joseph Stalin’s best-known victims: he caused the deaths of 20 million in the former Soviet Union and imprisoned, exiled, or relocated another 20 million, by the estimate of historian Roy Medvedev. But the dictator’s carefully guarded private life was just as bloody, reports Bunting Institute Fellow Patricia Blake, who is writing a book about Stalin. “He killed almost every member of his immediate and extended family, leaving only his second wife’s parents, her brother, and his own children.”

    Picture : Stalin revered as “saint” by a deluded Russian.

    1. You must remember Franklin, et al, that Soviet Union development was built in the West and in the US. Read the works of Dr. Anthony Sutton on that development.

    2. @Franklin Ryckaert

      The Stalin cult in Russia, still going on for millions of people (including Putin), is one of the strangest phenomena of history.

      It is really not that complicated, Franklin: if one is dumb enough to assert that 2+2=5 and hold to that assertion with the stubbornness of a donkey, to him 2+2=4 looks like one of the strangest phenomena of mathematics.

      To the poor soul it does not even occur the possibility that 2+2 is not equal to 5.

  3. The descendants and fans of Stalin’s brutal, sadistic policies, Antifa, are threatening to launch a major operation starting on October 31–Halloween–and going to November 5–Remember, remember the fifth of November.

    Halloween would be a prime time for some Mossad-FBI assassins to hide behind costumes and shoot some place up, even one filled with kids, which is pure terror, just like what happened in Las Vegas.

    That’s how Commie thugs operate; they instill unrelenting terror into a place until the society crumbles and winds up with martial law. Commie led martial law.

    1. I’m fairly sure this photo is not photoshopped.


      Twitter is full of similar pics & tweets from Antifa members. Soros funds Antifa, and just donated $18 billion to Open Society. According to many Antifa members, “real” communism (and socialism) haven’t been tried anywhere yet. They plan to try to impose it on the US, starting in about a week. Antifa is getting quite a lot of support from (((mainstream))) media and pundits.

      I’m not a great fan of crony crapitalism, but this article provides a fairly good preview of where US communism will take us when the PC /SJW mob starts targeting dissenters.

  4. The USA has made ALL Russian leaders what they are since 1917. America’s jobless workers also helped.

    The US helped Stalin build his massive military.

    Even Henry Ford had helped to train Russian technicians and engineers in the science of modern mass production. He provided equipment and helped to set up a modern automobile plant in the Soviet Union, right on the Volga River.

    In 1929, Ford US began helping the Russians to build an assembly plant just outside Nizhni Novgorod. As a prelude, Ford Model A cars and trucks had been assembled in a small plant in Moscow. The new plant at Nizhni – which was renamed Gorky in 1932 – opened on New Year’s Day 1931. It struggled from the start and in 1932 produced less than 24,000 Model As against a production target of 140,000. The Ford contract was terminated in 1935, but the Russian-built Ford, known as GAZ, continued in production over the next decade and helped lay the foundation for the development of the Russian auto industry.

    Americans who were looking for work in the mid-1930s, traveled to Russia, having lost their jobs in the Great Depression. American industry contracted. Russia was recruiting skilled technicians, not least to run the giant car factory which was purchased from Henry Ford.

    Despite the fact that Henry Ford had helped to train Russian technicians and engineers in the science of modern mass production, had provided equipment and helped to set up a modern automobile plant in the Soviet Union, the Comintern despised him as an American capitalist.


    Americans in Stalin’s gulags

    From the Great Depression to the Gulags:

    Russia in the late 1930s was not a good place to be. People really did sleep in their outdoor clothes, with a ready-packed suitcase at their bedside, waiting for the NKVD (the secret police) to knock on the door.

    You could be arrested and killed for a joke, for a factual remark about a food shortage, or for failing to denounce other people, including your immediate family. And you could also be arrested and killed for nothing at all, since the NKVD, like other elements of the Soviet economy, had productivity targets to meet.

    Russia is sill a ‘satellite’ of the US… and source for cheap labor for the US companies. The average workers get $300 a month.

    That “giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving the US came from Russia first – during the ‘great depression’… then Mexico. It continues today. Pratt & Whitney set up and partnered with Energomash to make the booster engines sold back to the US. P&W gave Energomash $10 million in 1999 to do so. 🙂

  5. It is told that Stalin sold Russia’s wheat crop leaving the Russian people to starve to death.
    For the Sacred Almighty Buck.
    And they still call him Brother Stalin.

  6. The elephant in this article is WHY?

    Jews don’t do things without a reason . . . can you say money$$$???

    To quote Gilad Atzmon from his book, “The Wandering Who?”:

    “Jacob Schiff (the head of Kuhn, Loeb & Company) is credited with giving twenty million dollars to the Bolshevik revolution. A year after his death [that would be 1921] the Bolsheviks [can you say JEWS?] deposited over six hundred million rubles [I wonder how much that is in today’s USD?!?] in Schiff’s banking firm Kuhn, Loeb. (New York Journal American 1949. February 3.)”

    1. Lots of smart folks here, can anyone calculate the rate of return on (((Jacob Schiff’s))) original “investment” of $20,000,000 USD?

      And in terms of human lives?

      1. I couldn’t find the historical conversion of Russian roubles of that time to modern American dollars, but for Jacob Schiff’s original loan of $20,000,000 in 1917 I found that that is 360,319,800 in modern American dollars. Quite an “investment”.

      2. I bet you 1 ruble that back then in the late 1910s and early 1920s, 1 ruble = 1 USD. Don’t quote me on this!

        So, Schiff’s original “investment” of $20,000,000 USD in 191x was returned by the (((Bolsheviks))) in 1921 with interest at $600,000,000 ruble/USD, or 29,000% net profit!!!

        Not bad . . .

    2. Ah c’mon David, the elephant in the article is the JEW Stalin! Communism is JEWISH!!!

      I haven’t read the article yet, but who wants to bet me (((6,000,000))) shekels that the Daily Mail article doesn’t say (((shit))) about how Stalin was an evil Jew and how communism was financed by the filthy rich Jew banksters, namely Jacob Schiff, the George Soros of his day and front man for the Eternal House of Mayer Amschel Rothschild & Sons?

      The more pertinent question to ask is WHY is the Daily Mail publishing this article now — as I’ve said, I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll also bet you it’s anti-Putin and anti-Russia — and how the heck is this even a real news story?

      Sir Evelyn de Rothschild certainly approves of this news story though — emphasis on “story” — and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.


      Here’s the real news and really important story out of Russia that could start WW3, but you’re never ever hear a peep out of that filthy Jew rag and Jew hag Applebaum: Russia’s Central Bank Made First Step In Creating United Eurasian Currency?

      1. JFC –

        Thanks for the link.

        From the article:
        “Furthermore, the new design look very similar to the banknotes of Kazakhstan.”

        **Kazakhstan’s banking and legal systems were set up by Rudy Giuliani in the 90s and has guided them ever since then.

        The US, NATO and Russia are all big partners in business.

        US firms like Rudy Giuliani’s have Energized the Caspian and CIS for decades. They help Russia and CIS set up banking and stock markets and write their BUSINESS LAW for them.

        Bracewell & Giuliani LLP of Houston, set up offices in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in the 90s. (oops – pulled)

        Law firms energize their Caspian-area business

        Bracewell & Giuliani chose to open its CIS office in Kazakhstan, mainly because projects there in which they had been involved provided “a wonderful base, context, knowledge and contacts” says Vojack.

        “It was natural for us to continue on and practice law in Kazakhstan rather than going to Moscow,” he says.

        As a new lawyer seeking opportunities for Bracewell, Vojack, who speaks conversational Russian, went to Moscow with business expertise gained through negotiating deals for Minneapolis-based Honeywell Corp. from 1979 on. (Honeywell has been in Russia for many decades.)

        Practicing with Bracewell, he found himself in Kazakhstan by July 1994, spearheading a project to create Kazakhstan’s equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission, with a team of Kazakh lawyers and advisers from the United States. Bracewell then entered into a joint venture with Arthur Andersen to create the security laws for the stock exchange and Kazakhstan’s market institutions.

        At the same time, Bracewell banking partner Robert L. Clarke worked with a team to help create Kazakhstan’s banking system and banking regulations.

        Many satellites are launched from Kazakhstan.

      2. Yeah, I agree, Just how is this news ? It definitely happened. It was horrific and we can’t undo the past – in this case events of almost ninety years ago.
        But why even mention Putin?
        Well if you live in a culture manipulated relentlessly by it’s media into insane levels of Russophobia and one whose attitude towards Russia can only be described as completely malevolent, even insane, then I suppose any kind of association between Putin and a previously despotic ruler will do, even if said despot died over sixty years ago.
        Anyway, to bring things bang up to date, hasn’t Ukraine been liberated by the west? How’s that working out for them?

      3. I think that Kazakhstan is only about 45% Russian. Some say it wants to move away from Russia, closer to Turkey, and get rid of the Russian Cyrillic letters ‘Azbuka’. Others say that it wants closer relations with Russia, especially in the military sector.

      4. Pat,

        You know I love and respect you like a Dutch uncle, but you’re really stretching it now. You have consistently claimed that President Putin or ‘PUT-ON’ as you so dismissively call him is a Rothschild puppet and wants and needs more US petrodollars. Is this not your mantra?

        If so, why is Putin creating an Eurasian union and currency then? Arguably, the US petrodollar has, for all intents and purposes, been the dreaded and defacto ‘one-world-currency’ for the past 40-odd years. If things are going as planned for the big Jews, what’s all the anti-Russia and anti-China war rhetoric about these days?

        Moreover, as you’re a smart guy and have been in business before, you should know that more deals and more money can be made in peacetime than in times of war. The economic sanctions against Iran and Russia and China vis-a-vis North Korea are basically declarations of war, are they not? If making money is the real motive and everything is going as planned, what’s all the hubbub really about then?

        I note that the idea for the Eurasian union and currency was first endorsed by Putin in 2010 and it was around this time that all the anti-Putin and anti-Russia rhetoric started. Cohencidence or Cohenspiracy?

        Rothschild’s Euro — years before it even became the unified currency for Europe — received nothing but positive endorsements from their pundits and economists in the MSM. In the decade or so since the Euro has failed to live up to its promise, no kosher pundit will speak ill of it or the EU. What little news coverage of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Eurasian Currency, however, has all been negative. There is now a news black out about it in their MSM.

        In conclusion, I think Putin — ex-KGB & Rothschild agent or not — has seriously left the reservation, as they say.

      5. JFC –

        ‘Put-On’ cannot “start” any currency on his own. You should know that. If there is a currency creation it would be done under the auspices of the BIS. JFK was taken out just for printing a few $Billion US Notes on his own. ‘Put-On’ knows that too.. 🙂

        Yes, I have been in business. Big business….. and for centuries… the biggest business in the world is… the drug business… which is hastened and advanced by wars. You know that also.

        For the (((profiteers)))… wars are WIN-WIN-WIN mucho $$$$$…
        ………. and NO losses.. 🙂

        If the new ‘Put-On’ MONEY has value…. it will be just another item to trade on FOREX… another WIN for the (((profiteers))..!!

      6. First, if nothing more [although I think there is actually more], Russian, Chinese, Syrian and Iranian presidents are behaving in a decent way, unlike their western counterparts who make the entire planet feel desperate.

        Second, if a good part of the US business and industry has already been transferred to China, and the roads and transport system have been bought by foreigners [mainly Chinese], it is ridiculous to expect that the US dollar will keep a dominant position.

        Third, if Russia at present has the most advanced weapons, it is no wonder that Putin is showing self-confidence.

        Fourth, it is obvious that the poles are reversing, and Marxism is moving from the east to the west. In such circumstances, it is more likely that the eastern countries are more patriotic and self-preserving than the western ones, and as such, more capable of outwitting the international banksters.

        For all the above, the culprit is none of the above countries, and no one should blame people from another country. There is only one culprit – we all know who!

      7. ALL of Russia’s advanced weapons are manufactured by US companies which have partnered with Russian NPOs, such as NPO Energomash.

        NPO – Nauchno-proizvodstvennoe Ob’edinenie – R&D (research and development) Company; Scientific Development and Production Center

      8. @JFK Ok, you win!

        But the biggest news is not the crypto-currency (like crypto-Jews?!?) but Russia, China, Venezuela and others doing oil (and other businesses) in every other currency EXCEPT the USD!

        Death to the Yankee dollar!

        Death to the US dollar!

        Death to . . . .

        Also, I don’t love PAT as some beloved uncle or otherwise! He is so full of shit that all he can do is sit around all day and post any and all “shit” on Putin he can find on the world wide web, real or imaginary!

      9. All of Russia’s advanced weapons manufactured by Yankee companies?!?

        I guess when Russian ICBMs like the SS-18 “Satan” lands on his head, he can thank Lockheed Martin!

        What is PAT smoking?

    3. David Chu: The big question that should be asked: Who benefits from all this, turning Christian countries against each other? The answer is simple: The anti-Christs! Not as a singular person, as most have been made to believe, but a group. It has been their ambition from the very outset to conquer Christianity and to cause its extinction ever since it inception (1.John2:22). The anti-Christs and their animosity is the root of the problem and the cause of wars to its present day.

    4. Russian Rubles were, for all practical purposes, absolutely worthless in 1921-1923 – no value at all. In 1923 the Soviets re-denominated the ruble 10,000 fold:

      Schiff loaned the Japanese Empire $200 million in 1904 (equivalent of $33 billion 1916 dollars) to beat the Russians in the Russo-Japanese war.

      So Schiff played a big part in killing the Russian Empire and bootstrapping the Soviet Empire – financially. No amount of rubles would have added up to $20 million in 1921, though. David Chu is quite wrong about that. It was a flat out gift at the time – and essentially not repaid.

      1. BTW, this is not dissimilar to Germany hyper-inflating their currency after WWI to attempt to pay debts with worthless marks. Unlike the Soviets, this wasn’t acceptable from the Germans.

      2. Ok, you are correct.

        But Jews bearing gifts?!? Try again.

        For the Jews to CONTROL/POSSESS Mother Russia after their Bolshevik Revolution, THAT was worth ALL the fake USD invested by Jacob Schiff et al!

      3. Dave –

        “THAT was worth ALL the fake USD invested by Jacob Schiff et al!”

        The USDs were not “fake” in that period, USDs were redeemable in gold and silver.

        I used ‘silver certificates’ – USDs redeemable in silver – every day until 1964.

  7. Should I believe a notorious Russia hater like Jew Applebaum? After all, can anyone believe someone who writes for the group-think establishment rag the “Washington Post?” The Zionist woman is obsessed with overthrowing the ‘evil’ Vlad Putin, even if it takes war.

    Or, should I believe Russia born émigré Dmitry Orlov (“The Five Stages of Collapse”)? On his blog of 5-16-17 (it only costs $1/month to join) he defended Stalin in “Venerating Stalin’s Ghost.” Per Orlov, Stalin’s death toll was not nearly as high as the US history books tell us. (Who, after all, can believe any history books used to indoctrinate public school students?) And Stalin defeated Hitler, who, Orlov claims, was supported by the West (at least initially) in order for the Nazis to defeat the godless communists. Well, that didn’t turn out very well, did it?

    As an outsider who loves to read, I don’t know who is right. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. But, as the Jewish death toll in the German work camps is highly inflated, who is to say if Applebaum is telling the truth about the Ukrainian death toll? I only know that, as an avowed opponent of US global hegemony, I dismiss the “Post” diatribes of Applebaum, as well as her fellow neoconservative Jew columnist Jennifer Rubin.

    1. Yep, when I saw the name of the author and the rag that published it I already knew what direction the article would take. Here’s some background on why the “chosen” will never forgive the Russians: “The incredibly evil Khazarian (AKA Ashkenazi) mafia.”

      It’s a long but informative article (with an unfortunately large number of spelling and grammatical errors the last time I read it). Some of the comments are also quite informative.

    2. Dmitry Olov (along with the Faker) is an ex-Russian, maybe Jewish?

      Both of these “alternative news” bloggers need to be taken with a lot of seasalt. Especially the Faker who got his geopolitical training at the Paul Nimitz School of International Relations or whatever it’s called. That is WHY he will never ever name the Tribe, but will always dance around them by called Jews by every other name under the sun except Jews!

      Collapse will NOT happen in some 5 steps! Nothing in life happens the way article and blog writers title their posts! “10 easy steps to . . .”.

      1. David,
        I’d venture to say that Orlov considers himself to be a Russian, not an “ex-Russian.” He was born in St. Petersburg and moved to the US at age 12. He still spends time in Russia and always compares it favorably to the US. Try was I might I have not been able to find a reference to his religion, if he has one. But, for a fact, both Anne Applebaum and Jennifer Rubin are Zionist Jews who would like nothing better than to see Vlad Putin removed from power by any means necessary.

      2. @Follyofwar, Olov’s writing is very very similar to the Faker.

        On fact, they, along with other kosher ex-Russians, signed some open-letter petition warning the Yankees about WW3 or some shit recently.

    3. “Should I believe a notorious Russia hater like Jew Applebaum? After all, can anyone believe someone who writes for the group-think establishment rag the “Washington Post?” The Zionist woman is obsessed with overthrowing the ‘evil’ Vlad Putin, even if it takes war.”

      Bingo !!! It’s a rotten apple from a poison orchard called Yale.

      “As an outsider who loves to read, I don’t know who is right. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. ”

      For me the Epiphany was understanding the power switch where Stalin edged out Lenin’s choice Trotsky. Stalin after this proceeded to remove slowly members of a very select tribal group away from the levers of power. This had to be done with stealth and human loses along the way as the other side had never shunned from massive blood letting to get their way. LOBRO nicely explains this in one of his comments here,

      The USS Liberty is but a small demonstration of how far they will go. In many ways the USS Liberty incident opened my eyes to the extremes they will go. Since then I have been careful when I hear Yale types start to telling me who the enemy is.

  8. In this article, I see two different spellings of the same word. Should it be “Holodomor”, or ” Holodmor”; and, how should it be pronounced??
    Until today, I have always seen it as “Holodomor”, but know nothing of the etymology or correct pronunciation of the word…
    (In any event, this article is influencing me to consider that, indeed, Ukrainians should NOT be compelled to be annexed to Russia!)

    1. The Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомо́р)[a];[2] derived from морити голодом, “to kill by starvation”)

      Source, Wikipedia : Holodomor.

      In Ukrainian it is written as GOLODOMOR. I don’t know why the ‘G’ is transcribed as ‘H’. In Russian “starvation” is also GOLOD.

      1. Thank you, Franklin. What I was really seeking, I suppose, was if the different spellings had historic or dialectic significance – which, I suppose, could only be explained by a scholar of the language…
        Sorry to have not been clear!

  9. This is the kind of world the jews will have all others live in.
    Holocaust is a misnomer. Holocaust means burnt offering. It’s a term applied to their true god – Moloch – the baby eater. But this is pure intentional genocide. The jewish Bolsheviks are responsible for well over 60 million deaths in Russia. The nazi’s don’t hold a candle to the jewish Bolshviks.

    1. That 60 million death figure in the USSR is thrown around just as glibly, and unthinkingly, as the 6 million Jewish deaths in the ‘holocaust’. The figure you mention is in much dispute. Speaking just of the Holodomor in Ukraine, per declassified Soviet statistics, (which may also be suspect), from 1927-1936 deaths exceeded births there in only one year, 1933, and that by an estimate of 1 million, 379 thousand. And the Soviet famine of 1932-33 was widespread, not limited to Ukraine. I submit it is hard to know where history ends and propaganda begins.

      1. Are you saying that you are more informed than Alexander Solzhenitsyn? It was Solzhenitsyn who wrote about 66 million Russians killed by the (((Bolsheviks))).

        Soviet figures lie.

  10. Amerikan polices pale compared to this History lesson ; which would will not resonate in the u.s.of hay

    Teddy Roosevelt , used the ” sinking of the Maine , to go to war against Cuba ; knowing Spain did not have the resources to protect it Nor to fight the ” U.s. navy in Ocean waters ; He was so busy building a Navy battleships , and convincing McKinley this was a great thing to do . Build up a defensive force : to prepare for a real war
    the Cubans in the meantime , had three different factions within the country ,fighting each other for the meager food amongst them
    a 1954 book about the ” THE ROUGH RIDERS “,explaining how Roosevelt knew by attacking Cuba , while our country was facing a tough economic period , (same has bush ) . He was so determined to fight and prove his manhood ?

  11. Try this:

    Rhodesia is some of the most fertile land in the world and was once known as “the bread basket of Africa.” It’s white farmers supplied all Africa with food, running a positive trade balance with South Africa.

    But then Jews moved into Africa with the Lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo and his “African National Congress”. Soon after, Rhodesia was turned over to Negro despotism and renamed “Zimbabwe.” White farmers in that country were slaughtered like the farm animals they raised and today all Africa starves.

    Those who survive, do so at the whim of the first world countries willing to provide Africa with relief. Even then, critical food supplies are typically not distributed to the starving people, but left to rot on the docks by Negro despots running the country,

    Thus artificial starvation in Africa has been brutally enforced. Even as word gets out, America and the world do nothing to stop the mass murder of white people or provide genuine relief to starving Africans. This unspeakable atrocity remains unknown by humanity at large.

    With Jews, things only change when they worsen.

  12. Great article on one of the most important and demonic series of events of the 20th century. As I once said here on this subject, don’t expect Spielberg to do the movie.There’s only room for the holy (less) than 6 million. Events reach “Holocaust” stature depending on who suffers, right?

    Also, how much money there is in it…

  13. Fake news 100% fake news,
    Where it true MGM would have made a movie about it, and it’s horror would have rivalled the Holocaust, but as we have all been taught, the Holocaust is the worst crime in history by a multiple infinity, so, the promotion of this history, sorry, fake history, is in fact Anti Semitic.

    1. I am now 59 years of age, and I have heard of this Russia/Ukraine Communist atrocity since I can remember. I seriously doubt it is “fake news”. If anything, it may now be used to cast dispersions on Mr.Putin and his ancestors – and Russia’s Bolshevism (which is the primary reason it will not be memorialized by Hollywood). (It was “Schindler’s List” which memorialized “fake news”, for obvious (((reasons))). )

      1. Gilbert,

        Holodomor is certainly genuine. One of the reasons we don’t hear more about it, as you have already pointed out correctly, is that it would deflect attention from the so-called “Jewish Holocaust”. They want us to concentrate on the Jewish Holocaust to the exclusion of all other holocausts. ‘Tis only for Master Jew they want us to weep and wail!

        A second and more important reason they will do their best to sideline or minimize the Holodomor genocide is obvious: it would soon become apparent, if people studied this mass murder in any detail, that Jews were the driving force behind it. The Jew Lazar Kaganovitch, Stalin’s great buddy, was the man put in charge of organizing and carrying out this massive atrocity. It was mostly Stalin’s Jewish thugs who wet around confiscating the peasants’ grain and burning down their straw houses.

        That’s the main reason Steven Spielberg will never immortalize this Jew-generated mass murder. 🙂

      2. BTW, “Holodomor” is pronounced Hollow-der-MORE, with the stress on the last syllable.

      3. @ Lobro

        I wonder what’s happened to Lobro? I miss that guy! Wish he wouldn’t melt away into the shadows every time someone attacked him. What does he want? Being put on a pedestal like Stalin and adored? C’mon honey, show some manliness and enter the ring again! It ain’t time to hang up the boxing gloves. Take it from me, sweetheart, this ain’t hate: it’s more like a love-hate relationship. And that’s the truth!

        Ask Sardonicus, he really LERVS ya! 🙂

        Don’t yer, Sard?

      4. Yep, I’ve always had a soft spot for Lobro. Basically, he’s a gentleman and expects certain rules to be obeyed. A kind of conventional etiquette that he gets from being a Canadian citizen. I know he can’t stand the New Canada but he’s still a product of Canada. Of the Old Canada where honor and decency counted for something.

        I guess my approach to him was too Japanese, because my Japanese influence made me practice a relatively unknown Zen Buddhist technique on him which would allow him to see into his sho (= true nature or essence). I was trying to bring him to kensho, but this was premature and ill-judged. It would only have worked if Lobro had been more orientalized.

        Anyway, I want Lobro to know that my approach to him will be totally different if he decides to return to this site. What he must not do is sulk and sink into resentment just because LD refuses to join him at the shrine of Stalin and Trump. She must be free to choose her own gods and not Lobro’s. We can’t all be expected to worship at the same altars or burn incense to the same gods. 🙂

        1. ADMIN :

          Get rid of madame butterfly and let Lobro back! butterfly is nothing but a trouble-maker. She starts with someone pretending to be friendly and pretending to be interested in important matters like Geo-Politics for example and then soon after her target thinks he [ or she ] has made a friend in madame butterfly, she stabs her “friend” in the back. It’s a recurring M.O with butterfly. She did it to me, pretended to be friendly, pretended she wanted to be friends with me, then she stabbed me in the back. She did the same to Señor Colina, has done the same with quite a few others. That’s all she does, makes “friends” and then stabs them in the back.

          In the meantime, Lobro, who has always shared alot of important information with everyone and doesn’t stab anyone in the back gets hassled and butterfly the back-stabber flutters around scot-free.

          You got rid of Mel who always minded his own business and never hassled anyone and never stabbed anyone in the back and stuck us with a back-stabber. Gee, real smart, real smart move. Like Mel and Lobro, I never back-stabbed anyone either, and I’m greatly moderated, so much so only about one out of 100 of my posts makes the commentary board. butterfly the back stabber doesn’t even get moderated, let alone sent to Spamblinka, a prison, and prisons are where backstabbers belong. I never back-stabbed anyone, I’m in prison ; butterfly back stabs Darkmoon commentators all the time as matter of course, in keeping with her back-stabbing M.O., she flutters around free as can be. Something wrong with this picture.

          Do something about it, ADMIN.

      5. @Madame Butterfly

        You asked for Lobro? I contacted him and asked him to join the conversation, which he politely declined. “I have nothing to say to all those who are prejudiced to comrade Stalin”, he said. “I will send you a picture of me in my room and that should be sufficient. A picture is worth more than a thousand words.”

        Here is the picture :

      6. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        You asked for Lobro? I contacted him and asked him to join the conversation, which he politely declined. “I have nothing to say to all those who are prejudiced to comrade Stalin”, he said. “I will send you a picture of me in my room and that should be sufficient. A picture is worth more than a thousand words.”

        Here is the picture :

        Gosh, how touching! I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw our dear Lobro sitting there in that empty room looking all forlorn, with that giant portrait of Stalin to keep him company on the bare wall! 🙂

        How very strange! Lobro is the spitting image of a retired Georgian builder I know, Vasili Sidamonidze, age 70! 🙂

        Here is Vasili, posing for his portrait at his home in Gori, Georgia! Whew, doesn’t he look just like Lobro in the picture Lobro has just sent us of himself?!? 🙂

        EXPANDED PICTURE OF OUR DEAR LOBRO (or is it ‘Vasili’?)!/image/3462086211.jpg

  14. Some important points: the original name of Joseph Stalin was Iosif Vissarionovich Jughashvili. Jughashvili means a ‘little Jew’. In 1901-2, Stalin was working at a large Rothschild’s plant in Batum, where he was a member the Social Democratic Labour Party. Khrushchev destroyed a lot of Stalin’s documents. Yeltsin gave the Rothschild archives and the Masonic archives to the Rothschilds in the UK and France. What did Khrushchev and Yeltsin wished to hide? Where did the gold that Stalin had piled up disappear after his death? Did Stalin turn against the Marxist Globalists? Was there a connection between the famine in Russia and the Great Depression in the US, as both took place in the 1920’s?

    I personally am not a sympathizer of Stalin, but have also found some harsh criticism of Sandbrook, and his harsh criticism of “anti-Semitism”:
    The rate at which he works means that there are a lot of assumptions, unchecked received wisdoms and so on in this work… this gives his work a “cut and paste” quality. I could list such errors ad nauseum.
    Dominic Sandbrook argues that anti-Semitism is widespread and deep-rooted in England… Hatred of the Jews is as old as the Jewish community in England… English culture since the Victorians has been saturated in casual anti-Semitism… it is a shock to read of the anti-Semitic graffiti on railway carriages during the Second World War – “This is a Jewish war”, “Get rid of the Jews”…

  15. “On November 16, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt ended almost 16 years of American non-recognition of the Soviet Union following a series of negotiations in Washington, D.C. with the Soviet Commissar for Foreign Affairs, Maxim Litvinov.
    “Almost immediately upon taking office, however, President Roosevelt moved to establish formal diplomatic relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. His reasons for doing so were complex, but the decision was based on several primary factors. Roosevelt hoped that recognition of the Soviet Union would serve U.S. strategic interests by limiting Japanese expansionism in Asia, and he believed that full diplomatic recognition would serve American commercial interests in the Soviet Union, a matter of some concern to an Administration grappling with the effects of the Great Depression. Finally, the United States was the only major power that continued to withhold official diplomatic recognition from the Soviet Union.

    President Roosevelt decided to approach the Soviets in October 1933 through two personal intermediaries: (((Henry Morgenthau))) (then head of the Farm Credit Administration and Acting Secretary of the Treasury) and William C. Bullitt (a former diplomat who, as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of State, was informally serving as one of Roosevelt’s chief foreign policy advisers). The two approached Boris Shvirsky, the Soviet Union’s unofficial representative in Washington, with an unsigned letter from Roosevelt to the Soviet Union’s official head of state, Chairman of the Central Executive Committee, Mikhail Kalinin. The letter intimated that the U.S. Government would be willing to negotiate the terms for recognizing the Soviet Union, and requested that Kalinin dispatch an emissary to Washington. In response, Commissar for Foreign Affairs Litvinov journeyed to Washington in November 1933 in order to begin talks.” Source: “
    By the early 30’s the Soviet Union was nearly bankrupt. After “Socialist-Commie and general all around shit head FDR establish formal diplomatic relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. His reasons for doing so were complex…” that gave the green light for “Uncle Joe” to sale on the world markets the grain ripped out the mouths of starving and soon to be dead Ukrainian children.
    What is not mentioned is that many of the Ukrainians had descent from German farmers who had moved to the Ukraine area centuries before. You can bet Hitler and the German government knew what was going on with the “Holodomor” in the Ukraine.

    “…New York Times’s man in Moscow, Pulitzer Prize-winning Walter Duranty, published a reply under the headline ‘Russians Hungry But Not Starving’.
    “There was no famine, (shit head) Duranty said, dismissing Jones’s report as part of a British government propaganda drive.”
    “A few months later, (SH) Duranty, who lived in luxury in a Moscow apartment, went even further. ‘Any report of a famine in Russia,’ he told American readers in August 1933, ‘is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda.’” Well, what was Duranty to report after FDR had rolled out the “red” carpet and green light for Stalin and his (((minions))) access to international grain corporations that were owned and controlled by guess (((who)))?

    1. One wonders of Annie Applebaum is related to the Applebaum that was one of the original Commissars of the commie government formed shortly after the October Revolution in 1917. One never knows.

    2. One thing is for sure. History is always being distorted and manipulated for political purposes. Putin, like most politicians, is a chameleon. His actions in Siria were moral and justified. But he embraces Stalin whom I consider was a stereotypical psychopath responsable directly or indirectly for the deaths of 10’s of millions of Russians. We, as citizens of the World, should never believe the official versions of history our governments tell us. Unfortunately, most people dont have the time or means to thoroughly investigate eventas real or invented. So all is just speculation. The bottom line is that “very many” Ukranians died of famine and we should acknowlede that. The films and photos dont lie. Lets think of them now as we lye comfortable, well-fed and warm in our beds.

    1. Sorry to hear this, Sean. I’ve checked, and your comments are nowhere to be found in our system. Not in spam or anywhere else.

    1. Silent exit. Administración has deleted my last 3 posts. Oh well , theyre my last. Thanks. Same as Max.

      1. Donaldo —

        We reserve the right to delete offensive comments. That’s what monitors are for. The idea that you and Max are entitled to describe the length of your penises on our site or say exactly what you like is a fallacy. Understand this: no comment is deleted without good reason.

      2. Administración,
        Youre a liar. Ive never posted such remarks and you know it. The 3 posts you deleted were about the true intentions of Applebaum. Nothing more. Nothing less. Such remarks by “administration” only destroy your own credibility and confirm what I already know about you.

        1. Donaldo,

          You didn’t make 3 separate posts, you sent in the same post 3 times. I don’t have to explain to you why I deleted your post, but I will will on this occasion. I objected to your juvenile sneering at Anne Applebaum for no other reason than that she happened to be a “Jewess”.

          Editor-in-chief John Scott Montecristo has explained our policy in Comment 1 on today’s thread. I copy and paste it here for your benefit. Please read it carefully:

          Pro-Stalin commenters are welcome to express their opinions here but are requested to refrain from silly ad hominem remarks that bring discredit on them as well as this website. Thus the article mentioned above is sweepingly dismissed as worthless because the author of the book “Red Famine: Stalin’s War on the Ukraine” is Anne Applebaum, who happens to be Jewish.

          So Anne Applebaum has presumably spent her entire life doing meticulous research among the archives, quoting from thousands of documents and books and providing a plethora of detailed footnotes, only to distort all the facts and fabricate all her figures for no other reason than this: she is Jewish, and therefore a proven liar before she even opens her mouth.

          Is the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza to be dismissed as “worthless” because Spinoza was Jewish? Apparently, if this ultra-extreme antisemitic commenter on our site is to be taken seriously. By the same argument, the entire New Testament is to be dismissed as worthless because Jews were engaged in its composition

  16. “Patton felt the U.S. should have sided with Germany to destroy Jewish Bolshevik/Communist USSR.” ~

    This is the standard line that my father believed. A deeper truth which both Patton and the author missed is that the U.S.A. itself had become Trotsky communist beginning no later than the first FDR administration, seeds for which having been sown 20 years earlier with formation of the Federal Reserve and other treasonous acts.

    Although Joseph Stalin was not a ‘good’ guy or ‘our’ guy, in 1934 he began purging Jew leaders and was intent upon moving down the ranks to eliminate most all of them. This became apparent later to Francis Parker Yockey, per his 1952 article “What Is Behind The Hanging Of The Eleven Jews In Prague” and other works.

    Probably the greatest Jewish intelligence operation in history was Barbarossa!

    When Germany attacked Russia, all anti-Jew operations were forced to cease because Stalin then had a war to win! Interestingly, in its first days he was apoplectic and could not govern – he may have been shocked by the ‘betrayal’, having planned on joining Hitler to eliminate Jewish influence throughout the world.

    After WWII Stalin renewed the purges, but was assassinated before he could ship any more Jews to Birobidzhan – and today we must deal with the Jewish dominated, formerly White, ‘west’ that our ‘greatest generation’ left us.

    1. Bob, have you heard of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty of 1939 between Hitler and Stalin? There are only Jewish accounts of it on the web.

    2. @Bob in DC

      There is a theory that Stalin planned to attack western Europe to spread Communism and had amassed a big army at his border for that purpose and that Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa was merely a preventive attack and not a war of conquest to establish a German Reich on Russian soil. I have always been skeptic about this theory, knowing that Stalin wanted to restrict “Communism in one country” and for that reason persecuted Trotsky who wanted to spread Communism all over the world. Also the fact that Stalin was utterly surprised by Hitler’s attack speaks against that theory.

      As for Stalin being “anti-Semitic”, as a Georgian he saw Jews only as one of the many minorities in the Russian Empire and bore no ethnic grudge against them. He himself believed in Communism, so he couldn’t hate them for being Communists. What he hated in (some) Jews in Russia was their internationalism (“rootless cosmopolitanism”) and Zionism. I don’t think he ever saw Jews as an international problem.

      1. Stalin had over 21,000 tanks ready to roll to the English Channels . . . had Hitler delayed for even a few days more before the latter struck first.

    3. Administración Toby,
      I appreciate your reply. That shows strong character. Regarding the Holodomor, facts dont lie. If Ms. Applebaum has quoted all her sources, than how can she be called a liar? May she be given credit for her diligence and writing. However, we are living in times of Russophobia and this book certainly doesnt portray Russia in a positive light even though its not the same Russia of Stalins time. The million dollar question is why now? This book , if sincere to the suffering of the Ukranian people should have been written many years ago. I dont question the facts in the book as long as theyre sourced. I do, however, question the timing. Regarding Jews. Im always suspicious inicially. This is because they have a well-deserved reputation for dishonesy and scheeming. If that makes me an “ultra-extreem anti-Semite……so be it. Ms. Applebaum may be one of those rare Jews with sincere intentions. I simply dont know. I will never know her personally.

      1. Thank you, Donaldo. You show intelligence and right attitude by your comment. Try and understand that I’m a very fair person and I get no pleasure from deleting people’s comments, which I only do on rare occasions when I think it’s necessary. Next time I do this, don’t get angry and threaten to go away. Just try rephrasing the comment. Or post a completely different comment and you will see — next time it will probably be posted! 🙂

  17. Sard, MB, all
    I don’t mind if someone’s political leaning aligns with Judea, though I would never allow myself such a thing … call it a matter of taste.
    So, all of you are free to say whatever you want and enjoy the harvest of your comments when the scores are tallied.
    No matter how often I tell people that if their hypothesis encounters an INTERNAL contradiction, it MUST be addressed in order for the hypothesis to survive into the next round – is it a KO or does it survive the knockdown and rise before the count is over – my harping on it is regularly ignored.

    Is it the Western disease, the fatal softening of mind?
    You can prostrate before any number of Jews, jewesses and discredited shabbo historian sycophants like Appelbaum, Service and Sandbrook – maybe THIS time they got it right AND carried water for Rothschild!
    But at least TRY NOT to jump the shark every time when faced with contrary evidence.
    Or admit that all your arguments, appeals to tearjerking emotions amount to soaps and cartoons, the pasture of Weinsteins and Inglorious Bastards.

    I will go easy on you this time, because I simply lack energy and motivation for a spirited fight, kind of feeling flat lately and disinterested in debating anything with anybody.

    Just look at this and tell me what you see … pleez don’t tell me it is not blindingly obvious (like the Jew’s own census data for 1939 and 1949, which you readily acknowledge to be a fatal wound to Holohoax).
    Will you resort to the standard procedure of hitting the “Ignore” and run pictures of emaciated bodies as incontrovertible proof of 10, 7 and 3 million Ukrainians personally killed by Stalin?

    1. @ Lobro

      Is it the Western disease, the fatal softening of mind?

      I guess you’d know about that better than anyone else, having experienced it at first hand.

      They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. You are a prime example of this. Having admitted originally you had never read a single biography of Stalin, you then proceeded to rubbish the work of writers like Robert Service, Professor of Russian history at Oxford, who has studied the subject for 40 years.

      You crowned yourself an instant authority on Russian history after scouring obscure conspiracy theory sites specializing in disinfo and pro-Stalin propaganda. This included quoting from an article by an illiterate author who provided no sources for his fabricated factoids and could barely spell his own name. You seem to prefer authors who don’t even know how to spell properly than authors (like Robert Service) who have mastered the art of spelling and grammar. Can you explain why you prefer fools to wise men?

      BTW, good try with that fake photograph of you in your room in Georgia, with a huge portrait of Stalin on the wall! I had no idea you were a Georgian builder called Vasili! I thought you were a retired Canadian “academic”….. or is it a janitor? 🙂

      1. Hey Sardonicus! Go easy on Lobro!

        I agree with you that anyone who thinks Stalin is ANYWHERE close to a normal human being, let alone some “hero” needs their heads examined!

        This Darkmoon article should conclusively prove beyond a shadow of doubt that STALIN was the GREATEST MASS MURDERER in human history.

        End of story.

      2. Re Lobro’s mental faculties

        There’s no point attacking a man who needs our understanding and compassion. Lobro’s brain has obviously softened with age.
        I couldn’t help feeling this when I saw him denying that Stalin was a Georgian, a fact that is universally recognized. Even the Georgians without exception acknowledge that Stalin was a Georgian, which is why they erected statues to him in Georgia. But the Canadian janitor Lobro knows better!

        He writes:

        “He [Stalin] was an absolute genius, single handedly responsible for saving his beloved nation (he was an ossetian rather than georgian, a huge difference ideologically…..blah blah blah…..”

        Quoted comment to be found here:
        July 30, 2017 at 4:02 pm

        If you do a cursory check on the internet, you will find that NO ONE but an idiot will deny that Stalin was a GEORGIAN. A more detailed check on Stalin’s genealogy will reveal that he was a Georgian with “POSSIBLY some Ossetian blood” way back in the family tree: “a Georgian with possibly SOME Ossetian ancestry.”

        If I said I was English with POSSIBLY some Japanese blood in my veins (way back in the family tree), I would expect most sensible people to acknowledge that I was English. Especially as i look English, speak English fluently, and all my family for generations have been English. Only a lunatic would turn round and say, “Actually, she isn’t English, she’s Japanese!”

        This is EXACTLY what Lobro does in regard to Stalin! 🙂

        Having read that Stalin, who is universally recognized as Georgian, MAY have had a smidgen of Ossentian blood in his veins, our Canadian super-genius pontificates foolishly: “Stalin was an Ossetian rather than a Georgian, a huge difference ideologically.”

        I’m sorry, anyone who takes this Canadian disinfo agent seriously is to be pitied. I certainly don’t. He lost all credibility long ago as far as I’m concerned — especially when he pronounced Donald Trump the “New Stalin” who was secretly planning to destroy the Jews! 🙂

        Talk about softening of the brain! Idiocy can hardly sink any lower.

      3. @Madame Butterfly (et alii)

        Regarding our good friend Lobro’s sometimes eccentric opinions, I have come to the conclusion that he, though otherwise very intelligent, bases his opinions on a very simple black-and-white scheme in which the Jews play the role of ultimate evil and THEREFORE anyone who is opposed to the Jews or is opposed by the Jews AUTOMATICALLY belongs to the good side and THEREFORE anything bad ascribed to them must be untrue. This pertains to Lobro’s attitude to Hitler, Stalin, Muslims, Putin and Trump. All these persons or groups are hated by the Jews or are opposed to them, THEREFORE they themselves did no wrong. Hitler’s soldiers committed no crimes in Russia, Stalin did not cause the Holodomor in the Ukraine, Muslims never misbehave, Putin is flawless and Trump secretly fights the Jews (that must be so, because he is hated by them). It is almost unbelievable, but this is indeed Lobro’s thought pattern : black (Jews) against white (enemies of the Jews), therefore the enemies of the Jews are flawless, and therefore the Holodomor didn’t happen.. Go figure !

      4. Madame –

        You can always be counted-on to offer an in-depth perspective (and colorful!) to any controversy on this site. While I have no way of knowing either yours or Lobro’s background, I WILL commend your interesting and colorful delivery! (It’s always fun reading your comments!) 😊

      5. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Your astute analysis of Lobro’s mental aberrations cannot be faulted. You are spot-on! Extreme simplicity is the essence of Lobro’s world view. Everything a Jew says has to be lie, even if a Jew says “2 plus 2 equals four”. 🙂

        Stalin killed a few Jews, so Stalin has to be a good guy. Stalin is mistakenly seen as an “anti-Semite” by our well-meaning Lobro because Stalin bumped off a few Jews. So Stalin becomes a great hero at once , a champion of all anti-Semites waging eternal war against Jewry.

        The ignorance and stupidity underlying such views can hardly be equalled.

        On his own admission, Lobro has never read a single biography of Stalin in his life, yet he boasts of the fact. He thinks his ignorance gives him an advantage over those who have read 100 biographies! He bases his entire rosy view of Stalin on a single fraudulent document: Alexandra Kollontai’s bogus and fictitious interview with Stalin in which Kollantai sings the praises of Stalin:

        Lobro has enthused over this discredited document more than once, accepting it as gospel truth, without bothering to ask himself why NONE of of the noble words uttered by Stalin in this fictitious interview are mentioned in “Stalin Wikiquotes” — or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter. They are not even mentioned as “misattributed quotes” for the simple reason that Kollontai’s interview with Stalin is regarded as a SHORT STORY (!!!), a work of fiction.

        Lobro’s gullibility and stupidity are indeed hard to beat. You encountered that gullibility and stupidity for the first time when you were discussing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion with him. Everything you said to him about the Protocols fell on deaf ears.


        Lobro jumps to the false conclusion that Stalin was an admirable antisemite (just like himself) because Stalin carried out a purge in which many Jews were killed or imprisoned. Also, he thinks Stalin was an antisemitic hero for trying to punish his Jewish doctors for allegedly trying to poison him.

        What the chump fails to understand is that Stalin was NOT an anti-Semite!

        Stalin was surrounded by Jews from 1917 onwards and worked quite happily with Jews throughout his reign of terror. He had Jewish mistresses. If he’d hated Jews, why didn’t he kill the greatest Jewish killers of his entourage, Lazar Kaganovitch and Ilya Ehrenberg? Does Lobro ask himself these questions? No, he does not. He ignores them.

        Lobro fails to understand that Stalin got rid of ANYONE, both Jew AND non Jew, who stood in his way. Anyone who was a threat to Stalin, he had them killed off at once or thrown in prison. He was a vicious tyrant who even rounded up innocent family members of the accused and punished them horribly.

        The Jews who perished in these purges were not removed because they were Jews. They were removed because they were threats to Stalin. He would have removed them just as efficiently if they had been non-Jews.

        All this Lobro fails to understand.

        Lobro’s most egregious error, however, is this. He adores Stalin and remains resolutely in denial that most of Stalin’s victims were Christian peasants. And yet Lobro professes to be a Christian himself. To have a soft spot for Jesus Christ. Which makes his Stalin worship even more bizarre! As a Communist, Stalin was an extreme atheist. He hated Christianity. He had thousands of Christian monks and priests tortured to death, both in the Soviet Union and in Franco’s Spain. Yet our professed lover of Jesus Christ, Lobro, worships Stalin, the killer of Christians!

        It doesn’t get any more mindless and stupid than that.

        A softening of Lobros brain? A kink or flaw in his mental apparatus? Who knows? I wouldn’t like to diagnose what is wrong with Lobro’s reasoning faculties. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lobro is suffering from a type of mental derangement associated wth autism or Asperges syndrome. Or maybe his frontal lobes have been severely damaged after years of drug abuse in his earlier years.

        Any Christian who can worship a Christ-hating atheistical bastard like Stalin has to be a bit round the bend.

      7. @Franklin Ryckaert

        Considering that some buttheads, absolutely deprived of sense of humor, like this gloating asshole

        Sardonicus: BTW, good try with that fake photograph of you in your room in Georgia, with a huge portrait of Stalin on the wall! I had no idea you were a Georgian builder called Vasili! I thought you were a retired Canadian “academic”….. or is it a janitor? 🙂

        took at face value the nasty joke you pulled on Lobro, would you like to apologize to him?

      8. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Madame – You can always be counted-on to offer an in-depth perspective (and colorful!) to any controversy on this site

        Thanks, Gilbert! A compliment from you is indeed something to treasure. I’ve enjoyed reading your poems, especially your sincere and touching love poems which I have read several times. Who is the lucky lady? 🙂

        Wife, mistress, or Mystery Woman?

      9. @ Circassian

        I don’t think Sardonicus was “gloating”. He was just carrying on in the jocular vein of Madame Butterfly who was the first one to respond to Franklin Ryckaert’s post. This apparently contained a message from Lobro, telling us all that Lobro wanted to share a picture of himself in his room. The photo showed an elderly man (allegedly Lobro) sitting in a sparsely furnished room with a giant portrait of Stalin on the wall.

        How do we know if Ryckaert was pulling a “nasty joke” on Lobro, as you claim? If Ryckaert was joking, why should he apolgize for a lighthearted joke? As far as I know, jokes are not forbidden on this website.

        If this is a joke, it is YOU who lack a sense of humor by demanding that the joke should be apolgized for. How humorless can you get! You sound positively Stalinesque, if I may say so! You want to send Ryckaert off to the gulags just like your hero Stalin would have done? Tut tut! 🙂

        No, Ryckaert is under no obligation to apologize for his apparent joke. If anything, YOU need to apologize to Sardonicus for describing him as a “gloating asshole”. That really IS “nasty”. Very nasty indeed. And you need to apologize for it.

      10. Thank you, Madame Butterfly! (Your pleasant address is welcome!)
        To answer your question, the poem “Always and Forever” was inspired by the wife from whom I had separated – or, rather, my separation from her. We have been friends since kindergarten, but after giving birth to our first child, she lost interest in romantic inclinations, and suggested I find a mistress (because I was still young and virile). I did. However, it bore on my conscience, and I told her I needed to relocate myself to reside elsewhere – but that I’d NEVER abandon her or our child. I haven’t. The peculiar circumstance seemed to wear upon subsequent ‘girlfriends’, so I have entertained several – though committed to none. Now, I just stay on the farm, and behave myself. 😑

      11. @Circassian

        To people with a sense of humor you don’t have to apologize for a joke.

        Here is a picture to test your sense of humor :
        (the man on the left is your idol Stalin, the other guy is Franco)

      12. @Tomas

        I don’t think

        That’s the problem, Tomas: you don’t think while you should.

        This [Franklin Ryckaert’s post] apparently contained a message from Lobro, telling us all that Lobro wanted to share a picture of himself in his room. The photo showed an elderly man (allegedly Lobro) sitting in a sparsely furnished room with a giant portrait of Stalin on the wall.

        How do we know if Ryckaert was pulling a “nasty joke” on Lobro, as you claim? If Ryckaert was joking, why should he apolgize for a lighthearted joke? As far as I know, jokes are not forbidden on this website.

        Right you are again, Tomas, – jokes are not forbidden on this website. Still, Franklin – if he is a decent person – has to apologize to Lobro because there are too many stupid people on this website, like yourself, who are not sure if he was joking or not.

        Is it clear enough, Tomas?

      13. @ Circassian

        Is it clear enough, Tomas?

        You fail to see the wood for the trees, Circassian. Ryckaert has already made it clear that he has no intention of apologizing to Lobro for his lighthearted joke. Why should he? Who the hell is Lobro that he merits an “apology” for anything? Is he the Emperor of China? I don’t think so!

        Lobro needs taking down a peg or two. He has gotten too big for his boots. He is a pompous prig who gives himself airs of omniscience. He even has the insolence to lecture Admin on their site policies. He demands that their rules should be changed so as to allow white trash like him the freedom of speech to call blacks “baboons” and “nigras”. He has also accused Admin of inventing sock puppets to attack him, without the slightest evidence for his wild defamatory accusations.

        Has Lobro apologized to Admin for these insults? No, he hasn’t! So why the hell should Ryckaert apologize to Lobro for a harmless joke?

      14. @Madame Butterfly

        Having read that Stalin, who is universally recognized as Georgian, MAY have had a smidgen of Ossentian blood in his veins, our Canadian super-genius pontificates foolishly: “Stalin was an Ossetian rather than a Georgian, a huge difference ideologically.”

        I’m sorry, anyone who takes this Canadian disinfo agent seriously is to be pitied. I certainly don’t. He lost all credibility long ago as far as I’m concerned — especially when he pronounced Donald Trump the “New Stalin” who was secretly planning to destroy the Jews! 🙂

        Talk about softening of the brain! Idiocy can hardly sink any lower.

        Madame, you need to apologize to Lobro for these ravings of yours … if only for the fact that Joseph Stalin, indeed, turned out to be Ossetian.

        Would you like to take a look at the scientific proof of it based on Y-chromosome analysis? Just let me know and I would be happy to compile it for you.

        1. Madame Butterfly —

          Who do have your sights on to be the next victim of your back-stabbing? Let’s see you stab uncle in the back, you got the courage to back stab uncle? Or, better yet, back stab Lasha. *grin* Show us how fearless and brave you really are!

      15. @ Circassian

        A “gloating asshole”, moi? Well, I’ve been called worse things.
        I daresay I’ll survive this savage attack! 🙂

      16. @ TROJ

        Back in your shoe box, silly boy! I only have time to talk to the grown-ups right now!

      17. @Sardonicus

        A “gloating asshole”, moi? Well, I’ve been called worse things

        … deservedly, you could have added.

        I daresay I’ll survive this savage attack!

        Savage attack was yours, Sardonicus. You were so thrilled that it did not even occur to you that Franklin was joking, isn’t that true?

        That is a shame which is harder to survive. As an expert on Japanese culture, you should have known the wise Japanese saying: Only a person with multiple faces can afford losing his face.

        Do you have the courage and wisdom to apologize to Lobro for your own good?

      18. It’s a pleasure to cross swords with you, Circassian, because you never fail to make me chuckle. You are always so eager to find someone to pink with your rapier or strangle with your bare hands like a crazy Russian wrestler! … This would be really scary if it weren’t so amusing. 🙂

        OK, so you think I should apologize to Lobro? Well, I’m quite willing to apologize to Lobro if he demands an apology. But that’s the last thing Lobro would ask me to do.

        What I am giving Lobro is “rough love”. For his own good. I bear the man no malice in my heart. Not an iota. Au fond, I am well disposed toward him and consider him an old friend. If anyone attacked him unfairly, I would spring to his defense.

        The truth is, everything I have said to Lobro is true and sincere. It is meant well. Maybe it is badly expressed, tactless, lacking in politeness and finesse. But fine words can be dispensed with when one is trying to be honest.

        Lobro’s problem is this, Circassian: he has chosen to defend the indefensible. Even the finest logician or literary genius cannot do this. He is bound to fail and make a fool of himself. I’m not saying Lobro is a fool, Circassian. He is a highly intelligent man. I’m saying one is bound to give the impression of mindless stupidity when one defends the indefensible.

        That’s all I’ll say for now.

      19. @ Madame Butterfly
        You need to enroll in anger management program as well as an alcoholic addiction therapy.
        you are wasting you beautiful mind on petty quarrels.
        above all ,you need Love ,a true meaningful Love in your life.

      20. Sard

        “…they (jews) were removed because they were threats to Stalin.”

        To be more precise, they were removed because they were threats to the long-term agenda of which Stalin was the “point-man” in the service of.

        Always with an eye on the puppeteers

    2. Coming late to this little dust up, all TJ can say is no matter Lebro’s opinion of Stalin, no one, and that means no one, can top Stalin’s regard for himself. This kind of reminds TJ of the self worship of (((themselves))).

      1. @ Sardanicus
        You seems bored in Osaka ,so you keep on attacking Lobro
        that shows traces of your inner rage at something in your past.
        find inner peace within your soul,forget the past and cleanse your heart.
        be a good monk by showing discipline and restrain and be considerate and show compassion for others.

    3. lobro

      Address Stalin’s COMPLICITY in the spirit of the perspective I’ve been trying to relate to you

  18. History is important, but are any of you concerned about the present?

    Does it concern you, at all, that Jews have accomplished control of the most powerful empire in human history, around which the world’s financial system is designed, and they are using this control to amass stolen wealth in the trillions while they intoxicate the masses with drugs, propaganda, and entertainment, and use the military of this empire to cause instability in all of the countries surrounding their other home base of Israel?

    At some point you have to let history go, and deal with the present. But you will never do that, right. The money and entertainment is too important to you. So you allow American Jews to enslave the productive capacity of the entire world, forever.

    Nobody is even going to be around to write or care about your history, unless you make the specific decision to make history, to be historical. Nobody in their right mind is going to think any which way about some obscure American in the year 2017 who watched movies and negro sportsball. You will amount to a big zero, less even than the victims of these purges in the past.

    1. ” History is important, but are any of you concerned about the present? ”

      ” Nobody is even going to be around to write or care about your history, unless you make the specific decision to make history, to be historical. ”

      Two vitally important statements from DOLF.
      Be brave and discover why the world system is totally corrupt:

      1. We talk to the trees
        But they don’t listen to us
        We talk to the stars
        But they never hear us
        The breeze hasn’t time
        To stop, and hear what we say
        We talk to them all
        In vain

    2. It’s no a case of either/or, either focus on history or the present.

      We need to keep one eye on the real history while keeping the other eye firmly fixed on the present.

      The shit that is hitting the fan now is almost the same shit that (((they))) used in the past. These people are consistent in their Ponzi schemes and methods of warfare, if nothing else.

      1. Tell us about the ‘ REAL ‘ history ? 🙂

        Do you not realize that everything is distorted to accomodate the irrational mindset.

  19. Hey arch – word of the war on whites in south africa will never get out. It’s no more media politically correct to say black government kills whites in south africa than it is to mention that at least some of Harvey we in steins victims were the sexual aggressors, and are now using this litigation to male a lot more dough than they ever would have as movie stars.
    look at the coz deal.
    look at the 32,000,000 bill OReilly Has To pay.
    though remember – 32 is a huge Mason code number. The 32000000 is probably p r fakus.
    Any time Gloria aired shows up the trollops smell money and here they come out of the woodwork.
    Bob – you’re pretty much right about the rise of banks ter bolshevikism in the usa. It started this time with the murder of McKinley
    , and his vp hobart, and the installation of teddy r as prezident.
    It’s about the commie fed bank.
    But if joe stalin killed any Jews he did it for his power struggle, like he did trots sky (bronstein).
    J S. Was a big time 33 jew Mason bankster operative like F.D.R. or I’ll eat my socks.
    Obviously this author is attempting to co-opt the holo modor to smear whatever hope might be left of the Trump Putin alliance for progress against the F d r Joseph S deep state still operating today. They killed Patton.
    Fear of trump like that fuels the fake news hit program.
    Also, it is not a mistake to lineage kagano. All the Ka ga n people in state are descendants of J.S. and the Russian oil boss sister. Well in media and politics. Chuck todd. See the resemblance.
    The current deep state is the long developed apparatus fused in by the jew bosses since teddy r. Us economy is built on it.

    1. Barkingdeer,
      I didn’t connect the two in my earlier comments but I think you nailed it regarding Applebaum. I.E. Putin defends Stalin, therefore if Trump defends Putin he is also defending Stalin, therefore there can be no alliance between our countries. If Trump had been allowed the traditional 100 day honeymoon period that new presidents normally receive, who knows what could have been accomplished between our two countries? The Deep State was after his scalp the minute he was declared the winner over Ziocon war monger Hillary. As one deeply flawed semi-literate individual who may (I stress may) have had good intentions toward Russia, he never had a chance.

  20. (Off Topic) has reported Ingrid Rimland Zundel has passed away. Rest in Peace. My thanks for her courage and especially for certain little known reports of certain “craft” that would stop by for resupply at the Colony Dignidad.

  21. People, let us cool down a bit and try to deal with this “Stalin issue” calmly, rationally, and scientifically.

    I will assume that everyone here understands the meaning of the words “calmly” and “rationally”. But what do I mean when I say “let us deal with the issue scientifically”? By that I do not mean “whatever I say is scientific and the contrary is unscientific”. No, that is not what I mean.

    Strictly speaking epithet “scientific” implies, first and foremost, a statement that can be checked and verified independently by parties other that the party that made the statement. If the assertion cannot be checked in principle, much less verified, then it cannot be said to be scientific. That’s why many assertions in the holy books like the Bible or the Koran, and in religions in general, are unscientific. Please pay attention: I said “unscientific” – I did not say “untrue”. Maybe some of those assertions, or even all of them (which is highly unlikely, though), are true, but we cannot check and verify their validity – that’s what makes them unscientific by the very definition of the term.

    Now, when I say “let us deal with the Stalin’s issue scientifically”, I do not refer to that most important aspect of the term “scientific”, i.e. I am not referring to the “chekhabilty” and verifiability of the assertion. Instead, I am referring to another aspect of being scientific – the spirit of trying to find the truth, as opposed to sticking to the desire (conscious or subconscious) to push some agenda. We all have agendas, and it is not an easy task to look at things, as controversial as “Stalin’s issue”, impartially. But we can try, can’t we?

    There are many things I do not agree with Lobro, in particular his take on Hitler as someone who was unaware of what Stalin was doing with the fifth column in Russia (personified mostly by the Jewish Bolsheviks, but not only), and as of what forces brought Hitler to power and for what ends.

    Lobro, just everyone else, is entitled to have his own opinions on any issue and rely on his own judgments, derived from what he has heard, has read, has seen etc., is he not? But he is interested in finding the truth; at least, that is how I perceive him. So, Lobro is “scientific” in the sense that I have just outlined – he is willing to weigh the evidence at his disposal and, as impartially as he possibly can, draw his own conclusions.

    And that is good enough for me.

    1. The time for ‘dealing'(manipulating) anything, is over.
      It is time to face reality, to be held accountable.

      ” Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.”

  22. A victim of Stalin, Ingrid Rimland Zundel, has passed away.

    Ingrid was born into the historic community of German Mennonites resident in Russia since the time of Catherine the Great. After Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, Stalin began deporting these German-Russians to Siberia. The German Army arrived in time to halt the extrusion and escort Ingrid’s family and thousands like them safely out of the USSR. After the war, many German Mennonite refugees were sent to South America, where Ingrid’s family took up residence under harsh conditions. She eventually left her faith community to pursue a higher education and the career of a writer.

    Ingrid met Ernst in the 1990s. She survived her husband by less than three months.

    She leaves behind an extensive headquarters complex in Tennessee, complete with lodging facilities, a library and archives, the disposition of which is unknown.

    She was her husband’s sole heir, according to his son Pierre.

    1. It’s not at all uncommon for people who love each other deeply to pass away within a month or three of each other. Nursing homes and retirement communities expect the surviving member of a couple in their care will not last long. Some put a watch on the survivor, some start looking for new tenants, some do both. I’m glad that Ernst and Ingrid are now beyond further harm from their enemies. Pierre may not be so lucky. The Zundel’s property may be claimed for “reparations”, and a lengthy probate can easily wipe out a small fortune.

    2. @Pat

      A victim of Stalin, Ingrid Rimland Zundel, has passed away.

      This is Pat-the-Leader at work: he takes someone’s work with the original title “Ingrid Rimland Zundel Has Passed Away”:

      and “leads” it to get “A victim of Stalin, Ingrid Rimland Zundel, has passed away.”

      Creative approach to de-Stalinization process!

      How is a sane person to deal with “leaders” like this? Perhaps, we should look for an answer in the works of Joseph Stalin.

      1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Here ya go….

        Current events….

        Real Russian Influnce in American Politics!.John Podesta Received $35 Million from Russia While Working for Hillary

        The Russian government invested in Joule Energy in 2011, and Podesta was a board member, while he was an advisor to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

        They are ALL hooked together at the TOP..!!! 🙂

  23. “I didn’t connect the two in my earlier comments but I think you nailed it regarding Applebaum. I.E. Putin defends Stalin, therefore if Trump defends Putin he is also defending Stalin, therefore there can be no alliance between our countries”.
    folly – except that the crazy part is – uncle joe stalin is still alive and well inside the beltway nwo deep state, with some of his bloodline descendants at state dept., supreme court and media.
    you can bet that same cabal lives on inside russia too, in control of their military industrial banking complex.
    they will hold stalin sacred and deny his genocide the same way the japs still deny their ww2 circa crimes in china, and even that they were defeated in ww2.
    from what i hear lots of japanese schoolkids don’t even know japan had a war with the usa.
    most likely the jap intel deep state murdered author iris chan (rape of nanking); probably slowly sickened and killed her with microwave weaponry. which is probably what’s in store for the masses in the next big holodomor type wipeout, coming on the nwo agenda 21.
    the question still is – where are putin and trump in all of this?
    i’m not ready to say for total sure on either one of them yet.
    it just may be they are fighting the good fight against the globalists. some of them sure act like it.

  24. Recently, I’ve seen bits and pieces of the quotation below, which comes from a book “The Spirit of Militarism” by Nahum Goldmann. The book was published in 1915, when Goldmann would have been just 20 years old. Goldmann later became President of the World Jewish Congress from 1949 until 1977. Oddly, or maybe not so oddly, the Spirit of Militarism (SoM) is not listed under Goldmann’s published works on Wikipedia. However, another book – “Erez-Israel—Reisebriefe aus Palästina” – by Goldmann was published in 1914. It’s quite possible, then, that he did write SoM, published the following year, a year which goes unmentioned in his Wikipedia biography. That biography gives a very different impression of Goldmann’s character than the one given by this passage. Maybe he mellowed with old age. Maybe he learned to do a better job of dissembling.

    “The historical mission of our world revolution is to rearrange a new culture of humanity to replace the previous social system. This conversion and re-organization of global society requires two essential steps: firstly, the destruction of the old established order, secondly, design and imposition of the new order. The first stage requires elimination of all frontier borders, nationhood and culture, public policy ethical barriers and social definitions, only then can the destroyed old system elements be replaced by the imposed system elements of our new order.

    The first task of our world revolution is Destruction. All social strata and social formations created by traditional society must be annihilated, individual men and women must be uprooted from their ancestral environment, torn out of their native milieus, no tradition of any type shall be permitted to remain as sacrosanct, traditional social norms must only be viewed as a disease to be eradicated, the ruling dictum of the new order is; nothing is good so everything must be criticized and abolished, everything that was, must be gone.

    The forces preserving traditional society are “free market capitalism” in the social economic realm, and “democracy” in the mental political realm. The capitalist free market does not fight against the old economic order, nor does democracy lead a fierce hot battle against the forces of reaction which oppose the new order, therefore our transformative work will be imposed through the unifying principle of the militaristic spirit, the negative task of destroying the old established order will be completely solved and finished only when the human masses are all forcibly collectivized as uniformed soldiers under imposed mass-conformity of new order culturing.

    After destruction of the old order, construction of the new order is a larger and more difficult task. We will have torn out the old limbs from their ancient roots in deep layers, social norms will be lying disorganized and anarchic so they must be blocked against new cultural forms and social catagories naturally re-emerging. The general masses will have been first persuaded to join as equals in the first task of destroying their own traditional society and economic culture, but then the new order must be forcibly established through people again being divided and differentiated only in accordance with the new pyramidal hierarchical system of our imposed global monolithic new world order.

    Capitalism must be condemned as a fundamental misfortune caused by the wealth of capitalist power exploiting the false separation between the high rulers and the oppressed exploited masses. The masses must be induced to repudiate the concept of personal wealth and personal rights, this second task will also be solved only by virtue of the great guiding principle of the subordinating militaristic spirit in which superior ranks impose order on inferiors, which will bring the true aristocratic principle of “might is right” in the new world order: “those who can rule – shall rule”.

    I suppose it’s possible that Goldmann got his hands on a copy of “The Learned Elders…” and was so inspired that he dashed off the “Spirit of Militarism” in his spare time, then set it aside and forgot about it. It’s also possible that he may have come to regret his rashness and apparent ruthlessness later in his life. That is certainly the impression given by his biography. But it’s troubling that SoM doesn’t get a mention, and difficult to believe that someone could make such a radical ideological overhaul in the space of thirty years. The words of the 1915 Goldmann bear little or no resemblance to the Goldmann of 1948 who allegedly “advised Ben-Gurion, in vain, that the declaration of independence be delayed in order to allow more time for reaching a diplomatic entente with the Arabs.”

    The passage above certainly seems to capture the flavor of a couple of revolutions that happened after SoM was written. The Russian and Cambodian revolutions, 1917 and 1975 respectively, do fit the narrative, as does China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-76). One might think that Goldmann would want at least some of the credit for inspiring those events. Or then again, maybe not. It’s hard to keep the sheep calm when the wolves are too obviously slavering to get at them. I can’t help reading and re-reading that second paragraph, it surely does seem familiar to me. It must seem familiar to others, as well, because that’s the part of the longer passage I’ve been seeing recently. And just where did Stalin get his inspiration?

  25. goldman must have been high as a kite when he wrote that.
    what was he smoking?
    nobody in his right mind would seriously think such lunacy.

  26. The BBC ( spit ) is reporting that Putin has just opened Russia’s ” first ” memorial to the victim’s of Uncle Joe.

    1. ‘Put-On’ is buckin’ for another ‘Person Of The Year’ award by Time… as Obama was selected twice…. 2008 and 2012.

      ‘Put-On’ was one of the runners-up to Trump last year.. 🙂

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