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  1. The link to this video was sent to me in an email about a week ago by a trusted correspondent. I was in two minds about whether to post it or not. This is because the video could give serious offense to various people who have been diagnosed by their psychiatrists (or psychotherapists) with depression, bi-polar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and similar mental conditions — and then put on antidepressants such as prozac and seroxat which only serve to make their conditions far worse.

    In previous articles on this website, prozac has been outed by a top team of medical researchers as “no better than a placebo” and seroxat (also known as paroxetine or paxil) as a dangerous drug sometimes leading to suicide as well as murder. Withdrawal symptoms, when you try and get off the drug, can be horrendous.


    [1] Antidepressants can cause brain damage and lead to suicide

    [2] Can pills for depression turn you into a killer?

    The video outing psychiatry as a fake discipline, ultimately based on the discredited work of Sigmund Freud and his disciples, will be deleted if it causes unforeseeable problems for this website.

    Remember it was Freud who turned to one of his Jewish friends on board the ship bringing him to America and said jokingly: “If only the Americans knew — we are bringing them the plague!”

    (See The Decline and Fall of the Freudian Empire, by Hans J. Eysenck).


        +Darkmoon I too am grateful; many thanks for the badly needed eyeballs!

        Just got out of jail after another false arrest, AGAIN for, and get this, “resisting arrest”, where they forget to tell me in advance of getting medieval on my rabbiT hole! ;D)

        Another episode that should be of great interest is evidence on the spiritual nature of many instances of psychopathologies: I’m now convinced this epidemic of black supremacist based violence too, is spiritual and triggered by Qabala rituals to “make the black kids angry”.

        Stunning proof from the trenches these voices are from outside the patients:

        T, aka UnoRaza

    1. The only true psychosis is Schizophrenia, where the the patient hears voices and suffers delusions. It is almost certainly a physical/chemical derangemant of the brain.

      I went through a period of extreme stress, brought about mainly by my having to deal with an ultra-left wing (Trotskyist) town council in the grip of “Militant Tendency”, which was a branch of the Labour Party, later kicked out by Neil Kinnock. They subjected us to relentless aggravation and my partner, my younger brother dropped dead, due I am convinced, to the hostility we we were subjected to. It was not subtle. It was in-your-face hatred.

      This was against a background of personal problems, with a girl. It was mainly, but not entirely, my fault. I lost her and deserved to, and have deeply regretted it all my life, even now at the age of 80.

      I was unable to sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours each night, and after about 6 weeks of this I entered a a strange state of exhaustion where my sense of reality was changed. Familiar places seemed different and new to me. One morning I could not start my car because I did know what to do with the key.

      I decided to move away from the town, laying off 148 people, but to take up the PTSD discussion I did not recover for years. In fact I am not sure I ever fully recovered. It certainly affected my confidence, and since then I have never wanted to employ a big labour force. The upset (and cost) of laying off good people only added to the stress.

      In the end I had to resort to a Psychiatrist when I could not function. He told me I was depressed, but I told him it wasn’t depression, it was upset. He agreed and crossed out the word “Depressed” in his notes and wrote “Upset”. I spent about 18 months on Amtryptiline and during that period I could not work. It was like a pharmacological cosh, but it worked.

      Before this episode I would not have believed that I could be reduced to such a state. I am a naturally active and upbeat person, but believe me we are all vulnerable.

      1. @ John Kirby

        There is no substantial evidence that schizophrenia is caused by a chemical imbalance; or physical imbalance of the brain. The treatments for schizophrenia cause imbalances; so, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Unbeknown to you, within town councils, etc. are probably Satanists (same thing, different appearance) spiritually attacking you.

        This occurs more than people realize; and then they incorrectly blame it on themselves or another person who has nothing to do with it. Divide and conquer is their way to success.

  2. Pharisee-Jew Dr Shaler:

    “A diagnosis is a weapon. A tool… Treatment is punishment…”

    I have heard Pharisee-Jew-speak for decades. I know they do it. They couch it in obscure titles to throw off goyim.

    Coming from him, I heard what he said as ‘marching orders’…. rather than an exposure. I heard:

    “Use your diagnosis as a WEAPON. You have the POWER to PUNISH..!!”

    1. You are basically a fool, sir. A senile dodderer, as most of your comments illustrate. The day you make an intelligent or relevant comment will be an occasion for rejoicing.

      1. The fact that the speaker in the video is a Jew whose father alludes to the “Holocaust” — which you happen to disbelieve in — in no way invalidates the argument in the video. Namely, that psychiatry is a bogus discipline invented by Sigmund Fraud.

        I fully expect the less intelligent posters here to go off at a tangent and start babbling on about the Holocaust.

      2. Darlington –

        I always expect daggers like you throw when I expose you..!!

        You have exposed yourself..!! 🙂

      3. No, I was NOT claiming the Holocaust was real. And I don’t wish to discuss the Holocaust when the subject under discussion on this thread happens to be fake psychiatry. Do you understand this? Or is this beyond your comprehension?

      4. Darlington –

        I accept your apology. I wondered why you were calling me names. You never did that before. I am no better than you… or anyone here.

        Keep a smile… I do… 🙂

      5. +Darlington There were plenty of ‘holocausts’, aka burnt offerings, aka ritual murders, in Germany; it’s frustrating to see “activists” continuing the ‘holocaust denial’ GAME. Learn a bit of Hebrew, or at least look up the words you’re using as double-speak is one of their main tools.

        I’m guessing you were aware of this based on your reply and he’s in good company with this shtick that keeps Europeans in line with double talk.


      6. @ TWaine Anderson…

        Holocaust Denier is passé.

        The new and improved virulent strain of “anti-Antisemitism” is Nuclear Holocaust Denier. LOL

        The Jews are gonna make it illegal to question the existence of “nukes” and their “Sampson Option” soon. (i.e. Israel’s threat to nuke us all if we ever stop kissing filthy disgusting Jew butts.)

        BTW, the Japs never believed “atomic bombs” were dropped in 1945. Did you ever hear about the plot and coup to overthrow Emperor Hirohito aka the “Kyūjō incident”?


  3. Psycho-Techno mesmerism, with a dash of pharmacopoeia.
    They’re not called demon$ for no reason.
    Neither are the dopes..

  4. @ Darlington

    You make an interesting point. Pat’s comment illustrates the unfortunate tendency to sneer at anything from a Jew, especially a Holocaust-believing Jew. Precisely the same points made by the Jewish doctor in the video above, all of them valid in my opinion, would have been accepted at once if a non-Jew had made them. But because a Jew makes these points they are suddenly “suspect”. Sad.

    Dr Thomas Szasz, in whose honor the lecture is delivered, is a Jewish academic and expert on psychoanalysis who has gotten himself into deep trouble with the Jews behind psychiatry by outing psychiatry as a fraud.
    So Dr Szasz is in a sense anti-Jewish since he is attacking a Jewish icon, i.e. Sigmund Freud and his misguided camp followers.

    1. Dr Johnson –

      You wrote of my claim:
      “But because a Jew makes these points they are suddenly “suspect”. Sad.”

      Correct. They lie. They are ALWAYS “suspect” with me.

      I want the Pharisee-Jews to be sad..!! 🙂 🙂

      You have expertly delineated THE ANSWER. to the oft repeated question… as to why the countries cannot be shed of those parasites. They are protected by sayanim and other enablers.

    2. DR Johnson

      The general consensus on this website is that the ‘Jews’ are the ‘enemy’.
      It is a typical case of projection, the enemy is ‘out there'( ‘ I Am OK ‘ )

    3. Dr Johnson

      Not so much a sneer as a deep feeling of distrust. And it does not matter if their name is Norman Finkelstein , Gilad Atzmon or Thomas Szasz. You just never trust them. Period. Can they argue to our advantage? Sure. Do they see a future in which our ideals and our people prosper? I am never quite sure. These people have taken up betrayal and made it into an art.
      In these days of Yom Kippur you can see it clearly incorporated into the highest truths of their spirit. Its revolting.


      Are we still so foolish to not know what Holocaust means? Fraking A; GOOGLE IT!

      There absolutely a German “holocaust”, aka ritual murder, that likely included a few Jews to kickoff the far larger “Burn offerings” of German women and children survivors!

      God only knows what they did to their children before they were starved at Rhine Meadows and “19” other REAL death camps.

  5. Dr Thomas Szasz is an enormously gifted scholar who shot to instant fame with his two groundbreaking books, “The Myth of Mental Illness” and “The Manufacture of Madness”. Those titles alone will tell you why Dr Szasz is so hated by the Jewish interests behind psychiatry/psychoanalysis and the pharmaceutical industry which makes billions every year on medication for non-existent mental “diseases”.


    Everyone gets depressed and stressed up at times. Our ancestors had lots of emotional problems too. They managed to put up with all the stresses and strains of life without popping pills. They coped. They prayed, they kept busy, they sought help from friends and relatives and wise men … and time itself was the best healer as their life circumstances changed.

    Disruptive, hyperactive children who can’t pay attention in class don’t need ritalin. They need to stop drinking coca cola and get a good night’s sleep! 🙂

    Depressed people don’t need prozac. They need to find happiness: a secure job, a good girlfriend or wife, and they need to keep their bodies in good shape by eating wisely and getting sufficient exercise. Morale building is what people need, not brain-altering chemicals that dope them up and give them a fake euphoria that soon wears off.

    1. MSG Dr Johnson, msg was responsible for my atrial fibrillation, fifteen years of meds , two ablations later and always getting worse , seven months ago started paleo plus msg free food consumption and today , no atrial fibrillation, the effects of of eating real food are worth making the effort, I hope this information helps someone , my doctors kept it all secret from me , or were too DUMB incompetent or anti cure minded to be of any use . Is this the real Dr Johnson, if it is I’m a huge fan , god bless Russia you Dr johnson.

  6. I’ve read other anti-psychiatry screeds on this site before, and this one is no different. Dr. Shaler paints with far too broad a brush. It is all well and good to mock the doctors who prescribe psychoactive drugs and the often desperate patients who take them, but it is far too simplistic. Just because something doesn’t show up on an x-ray or a blood test does not mean is doesn’t exist. I have been taking psychiatric medication for years and feel that my brain is as sharp as ever – in fact it is much sharper without the terrible constant anxiety I suffered from. I believe I would be dead without them. For example, it is cruel to say that PTSD is only imaginary in the mind of a combat vet. An average of 22 suicides/day of veterans says otherwise. In fact, “mental illness” could, in part, be a sane reaction to living in an insane country like the USA.

    1. @ follyofwar

      You miss the point. No one is saying PTSD is “imaginary”. But it is a disease that exists in the “mind”, not the body. It doesn’t even leave any lesions on the brain. As Dr Shaler points out, if you do an autopsy on a cadaver you can find evidence of cancer or diabetes, but you can’t find any evidence of depression or PTSD or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

      Dr Shaler is not saying that these conditions are “imaginary” in the sense that they are being invented by malingerers. He is saying that they are nor ORGANIC or SOMATIC conditions and so they should not be treated by DRUGS which work purely on the body and dope up the brain, providing artificial euphoria. Prozac has been identified as no better than a PLACEBO! — so of course loads of people are going to feel better after taking it! 🙂

      The downside is that powerful antidepressants like seroxat (or paxil) can actually lead to suicide and sometimes murder (see the links above in Comment 1 by LD) and that coming off them is dreadful, with withdrawal symptoms that actually increase depression.

      I’m not saying you are wrong to take the drugs you are on. If they work for you, fine. I’m thinking of all the people who don’t NEED the drugs and who are put on them in vast numbers unnecessarily so as to inflate the profits of Big Pharma. There are also many people who experience adverse side effects from these drugs and so they shouldn’t be put on them so recklessly. Peanuts may be fine for you, but they are not fine for people with peanut allergies! Such people can DIE from eating a single peanut! 🙂

    2. My father was a heavy machine gun operator in WWII North Africa. The gun needed two to carry it. Two of his carrying buddies were killed. He was blown up on a bridge, spent 1 month in a comma and the rest of his life on 90% disability assessment. At the time, PTSD did not exist as a concept.

      His solution to his situation was to change his lifestyle :self employment, country living.

      FOLLYOFWAR, I am sorry for your situation, but your perceived “post drug improvement” cannot scientifically be attributed to the drug.

      1. Flan,
        Regarding my “situation,” you have no idea what you are talking about. You are like the many psychiatrists who claim that President Trump is mentally ill without ever talking to him.


    I’m sorry, but you are in breach of our site rules. Both the links you have posted (however interesting) are totally OFF-TOPIC. We don’t want these deliberately created distractions.

  8. About 10 years ago, an interesting experiment was conducted secretly, I think by the Oxford University, in which 6 persons holding a PhD in psychiatry, pretending to be schizophrenic, were admitted to various psychiatric clinics. These fake patients were not recognised by their colleagues working at the clinics, but the real patients suffering from schizophrenia almost all noticed that they were sane, saying “You are not crazy!” or “You are fake” or something like that. While I agree that Big Pharma has a big hand in psychiatry, there have always been people whose violent behaviour was considered and proven by their actions to be insane, hysteric and dangerous to others and even to themselves. According to Freud, hysteria is caused by infantile sexuality, and according to Jung, by the process of transformation towards maturity.

    Jung emphasized the importance of balance and harmony. He cautioned that modern humans rely too heavily on science and logic and would benefit from integrating spirituality and appreciation of the unconscious realm. Jungian ideas are not typically included in curriculum of most major universities’ psychology departments [Freud’s degeneracy is, aggressively imposed by powerful Zionists]. Based on his study of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Taoism, and other traditions, Jung believed that this journey of transformation, which he called individuation, is at the mystical heart of all religions. It is a journey to meet the self and at the same time to meet the Divine. Unlike Sigmund Freud, Jung thought spiritual experience was essential to our well-being.

    Freud loved to use cocaine to study and would tell rape victims it was their fault… “the sadomasochism arises from the regression to the anal phase of the infantile sexuality” – S. Freud [“infantile sexuality” is extensively propagated by the Talmud]

    “… In Freud’s case I disagree with his materialism, his credulity (trauma theory), his fanciful assumptions (totem and taboo theory), and his asocial, merely biological point of view (theory of neurosis).” – Jung (1953)

    You may know that Sigmund Freud, the famed founder of psychoanalysis, had a fascination with cocaine and abused it for many years. It is exactly violence, sex and distance from others that he exhibits by his cocaine use.

    Jungian psychology tends to value, and respect, a much wider spectrum of psychological/subjective states and attempts to integrate them into a coherent theoretical, developmental and psycho-spiritual understanding of growth, maturation, integration and wholeness.

    Freud’s most haunting encounter with the drug occurred in 1895 after he and a colleague named Wilhelm Fleiss nearly killed a patient named Emma Eckstein with a botched operation and too much cocaine. But for the remaining days of his life, Freud had far greater difficulty in fully comprehending the dangerous consequences of his substance abuse. He decidedly, and repeatedly, misinterpreted his famous dream of cocaine. Instead, he chose to elaborate a far more flattering and positive analysis that epitomizes an addiction’s power of subterfuge. The man who invented psychoanalysis, a revolutionary pursuit for self-truth, succumbed to the same “big lie” most every practicing addict tells himself every day.

    “Freud’s psychology moves within the narrow confines of nineteenth-century scientific materialism…. Freud’s psychological method… is dangerous and destructive, or at best ineffective, when applied to the natural expressions of life and its needs. A certain rigid one-sidedness in the theory, backed by an often fanatical intolerance… grew into an aesthetic defect, and finally, like every fanaticism, it evoked the suspicion of an inner uncertainty….” – C. G. Jung (1939)

  9. http://www.cell.com/ajhg/pdf/S0002-9297(07)63378-3.pdf
    “Bipolar I Disorder and Schizophrenia: A 440–Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Screen of 64 Candidate Genes among Ashkenazi Jewish Case-Parent Trios”
    Bipolar, schizophrenia, and schizoaffective disorders are common, highly heritable psychiatric disorders, for which familial coaggregation, as well as epidemiological and genetic evidence, suggests overlapping etiologie…

    “Genomewide Linkage Scan for Schizophrenia Susceptibility Loci among Ashkenazi Jewish Families Shows Evidence of Linkage on Chromosome 10q22”

  10. I was on Seroxat for a shorter period in the 90’s. Don’t remember which year. Doesn’t matter since it was a long time ago now and that I’ve been off it for 20 years or so. Gives me the chill now though.

  11. “A diagnosis is a weapon. A tool… Treatment is punishment…”

    Not only is this true of psychiatry, it is true of modern medicine as well. As soon as someone accepts a diagnosis, it becomes their’s through belief, then the punishment begins to reinforce the diagnosis/belief. It is a clever trap.

    No one ever seems to ask how mankind survived without these modern day leeches disguised as helpers.

    1. Ung –

      Yes. They are ALL complicit. People beg them, and pay millions to have the sadistic criminals torture them.

      And… I saw the film much differently than most would have seen it. I have had too much association with the bastards like this haughty doctor/criminal and AMA than to fall for their neatly veiled “exposure.”

      He was actually bragging, as well as giving instructions.

      Few can see it. That’s why the roaches like him remain in control.

      Hardly anyone picks up on the meme. I guess I had too much training from Dilling, Winrod, Emry, Peters, Swift, Comparet and Mullins… etc, to let it silence me on the subject.

  12. The pharmaceutical corporate “personhood” turning illnesses into cold hard cash, as the government allots more budget to the military industry:

    and this “personhood” doesn’t want human researchers any more:

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