Terror Comes To London: A Pictorial Factsheet


Based on newspapers reports

Has Islamic terror struck at the heart of Britain
or is this just another false flag attack?


[1] Westminster, 2.30 pm, 22 March, 2017

The scene of the crime: Westminster, the heart of the British parliamentary district, the seat of government. Westminster Palace in the foreground, with the Clock Tower surmounted by Big Ben. The clock is ticking away peacefully. Life goes on as usual in the square below. MPs are gathered inside the parliament building, discussing weighty matters of state, unaware of the terror about to convulse the city within the next ten minutes. Tourists pass to and fro in the streets and file over Westminster Bridge, smiling and taking pictures of the River Thames flowing by. One or two policemen stroll past, enjoying the tranquillity that is about to be shattered.

[2]  WESTMINSTER  BRIDGE, 2.40 — 2.43  

The attack starts on the bridge and consists entirely, at this point, of an automobile mowing down pedestrians in its path, swerving from side to side and mounting the pavement to score a maximum number of hits. The terrorist is driving a 4×4 Hyundai. He knocks one man down a set of concrete steps, leaving him unconscious in a pool of blood. A woman is knocked into a postcard stand. Another victim lies spreadeagled on the sidewalk nearby. One resourceful woman, in order to evade the car rushing at her, leaps athletically over the balustrade of the bridge and ends up in the icy cold waters of the Thames.

For the next three minutes, the bearded  jihadi zigzags crazily across the central bus lane, mounting  the sidewalk to pick off any passing pedestrians he happens to see.

Victim 1 is soon followed by Victims 2 and 3 in quick succession. Further down the bridge, he slams into Victim 4 who is sent spinning across the road into the path of a double decker bus. She ends up beneath the wheels of the huge vehicle and is mangled to bits by its machinery. Victims 5 and 6 are picked off close together, then in rapid succession Victims 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. These include a group of chattering South Korean tourists, a gaggle of French schoolchildren all agog with sightseeing, and three police officers on their way back from a commendation ceremony.


After crossing Westminster Bridge, the homicidal driver claims three more victims near Big Ben and then deliberately rams his vehicle into the wrought-iron railings that protect the House of Parliament. His murderous rampage has by now killed at least four people and wounded a further 40, some of them critically. These are are now on life support in various  London hospitals.

[4]  NEW PALACE YARD (2.43 pm) 

The bearded killer lies dead. After jumping from his car, he had raced into New Palace Yard, armed only with two knives and clearly expecting to be shot down at any moment. He had taken PC Keith Palmer by surprise, plunging a knife into the back of his neck, leaving him fighting for his life.

Hastening into the MP’s entrance to the Parliament building, he was stopped by two plain-clothed officers, both of them heavily armed. Shouts were exchanged, but to no avail. The end had arrived for the suicidal jihadi, the moment he had been expecting all along. He was shot several times and died later. The unarmed police officer he had knifed received urgent medical attention on the spot, in New Palace Yard, but was not to survive his injuries.

[5] British Prime Minister Theresa May addressing the public
outside Downing Street, later on Wednesday evening:

“We will all move forward together, never giving in to terror and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart.”

—  §  —

The events I have narrated above, following news reports from the mainstream media, would seem to rule out the possibility that this latest manifestation of Islamic violence is a “false flag attack. However, this is only my personal opinion. And I could of course be wrong.

As far as I’m concerned, those who wish to see this as a false flag attack are perfectly entitled to do so, but hopefully they will soon come up with some convincing evidence for their theories. Suspicion and idle chatter do not, in my humble opinion, add up to substantive proof.

An Eyewitness Account 

At about 2.45pm yesterday I looked out of my office window at the Palace of Westminster. There had been a bang – sounded like a crash. As we now know, a car had smashed into the side-railings of Parliament’s New Palace Yard and several innocents had been hurt. That I did not see. But the rest I did.

I work in an office under Big Ben. It offers a fine view normally – but yesterday a view of death, a vile vista of a violence we might wish to call medieval but is sadly all too 21st century. Normality can be snuffed out in seconds.

It had been a routine Wednesday: a lively enough prime minister’s questions…. Outside it was a lovely spring day. In the middle of New Palace Yard is a fountain. Its jetting water glittered in the sunlight. Tourists took Big Ben snapshots and posed by the statue of Winston Churchill.

After the bang, at first, came nothing but a few shouts. Then a sound of panicked screams – from pedestrians running, some looking backwards in alarm as they fled west towards the Abbey. A second later I saw him: a thickset man in dark clothes, possibly 40 or 50 years old, with something in his hand. Was it a sawn broom handle? A knife?

From my high vantage point, about 100 yards or so from the yard’s open gates, I saw the following unfold, as though in slow motion.

Two uniformed police in hi-viz jackets challenged the man in black. There was a scuffle. One policeman disengaged himself. The other fell against a crash barrier and went to the ground. The attacker set about him, one arm plunging in and out.

Perhaps two seconds later the attacker loped further into the parliamentary estate, heading towards a cafe used by the public. I could see that other police had summoned help. Two plainclothes men with handguns – I think it was two – approached him. They adopted a shooting stance and I heard shouts. The attacker did not seem to heed those shouts. He kept moving towards them, his gait that of a weary marathon runner. Two. No, three crisp shots. That was all. The attacker fell instantly.

The police reaction had been fast. The men who fired the shots conducted themselves tidily, without melodrama, certainly without any triumph. One policeman was down. Almost at once, medical attention was given, both to the fallen policeman and the attacker. 

The Palace of Westminster has been sealed. Maybe it should have been better sealed beforehand…. Our own safety is but a sigh on the breeze. What matters to history – a history running back to Norman times, is the principle of parliamentary freedom…. We stand solid. We stand proud. And our police and armed forces defend us, even with their own lives, as I saw happen yesterday.

Does this look to you like a false flag attack? Are all these crisis actors? Is the author of this moving account part of the scam? I  must leave that to others to decide. In accordance with my nature, I remain a neutral agnostic and self-confessed ignoramus, prepared to swing either way as the picture becomes clearer.

In perspective, we can perhaps see this latest outbreak of “Islamic terror” as no more than the nervous breakdown of a lone nut. A man who decided to become a copycat killer in the same mould as the Nice jihadist who employed a similar technique: that is to say, using a vehicle in a public place to run down as many pedestrians as possible. Consider, this jihadist didn’t even own a gun. All he had was two knives and a killer car. To make out that this pathetically armed loner had some kind of connection with Isis stretches credulity to its breaking point.

In broader terms, we can be sure that this incident will be milked by the British government for all it’s worth. International Jewry will be bringing out the champagne bottles and celebrating. Here, after all, is another reminder of just how crazy all these Muslims are. Less sympathy therefore for the Palestinians. And Netanyahu will doubtless be snickering up his sleeve, “This is good for Israel.”

Every attack like this plays into the hands of the Islamophobes.

This latest example of “Islamic terror”, you can therefore be certain, will be blown up out of all proportion, giving the British government an added pretext to crack down on free speech and increase its Orwellian surveillance of the public. Muslims will be increasingly targeted. The same virulent hatred and suspicion will be directed at Muslims as was aimed at Jews in Nazi Germany.

Muslims, paradoxically, have become the New Jews.

It is hard to credit, and such comparisons will obviously be resented, but the British media—and the American media, too, don’t forget—run the risk now of becoming the equivalent of Der Stürmer in Nazi Germany. Only this time it’s Muslims, not Jews, who are the objects of opprobrium.

This latest manifestation of “Islamic terror” will also come as a gift to Theresa May’s government in its efforts to deliver Brexit to the British people, without constant interference by meddlers like Tony Blair and his Jewish mentor Lord Mandelson. These unpleasant busybodies remain forefront in the movement to thwart the will of the British people and trample on democracy. It will now be said more shrilly: “See, another Muslim fanatic! Do we really need to let more people like this into our country?” Britannia will become uglier and more insular. And you will hear the pub bore in his cloth cap declaim to his drinking buddies in a louder voice, “No more Muslims! Down with Islam!”

These are the facts. Don’t get angry with me for mentioning the unmentionable. Don’t stone the messenger.


It is now known that the “Muslim terrorist” mentioned above is in fact a native-born Brit of African or West Indian origin (pictured here) called Adrian Elms or Adrian Russell Ajao, age 52, who converted to Islam in prison. From the age of 19, Elms (or Ajao) had been in and out of prison, acquiring for himself a substantial criminal record for malicious damage, violent assaults, possession of offensive weapons, and various public order offenses. He was known as “the vampire” for wearing black and stalking the streets at night. Operating under five aliases, Elms/Ajao finally decided to adopt the name “Khalid Masood” after converting to Islam while in prison. So the plot thickens. I don’t think a single Muslim anywhere in the world would wish to acknowledge this bogus convert to Islam, a criminal psychopath, as a genuine Muslim.

FURTHER UPDATE (March 26, 2017)

We now learn that the entire terror attack from start to finish lasted exactly 82 seconds, far less than the three minutes originally estimated. From the time Masood began his carnage on Westminster Bridge to the time he crashed his car on the railings outside Parliament lasted only 30 seconds. He was dead exactly 52 seconds after that.

149 thoughts to “Terror Comes To London: A Pictorial Factsheet”

  1. Well if this terrorist attack is “good for Brexit” then it cannot be a Jewish false flag because the Jews are the most vehement opponents of Brexit.

    As for this Muslim terrorist being a “lone nut”, the thing is such “lone nuts” are widely admired by Muslims. Here are some disturbing findings :

    CM Poll: 20% of British Muslims sympathize with 7/7 bombers

    NOP Research: 1 in 4 British Muslims say 7/7 bombings were justified

    Channel Four (2006): 31% of younger British Muslims say 7/7 bombings were justified compared to 14% of those over 45.

    People-Press: 31% of Turks support suicide attacks against Westerners in Iraq.

    YNet: One third of Palestinians (32%) supported the slaughter of a Jewish family, including the children.

    Source : Muslim Opinion Polls – The Religion of Peace


    Cherchez le “bon Muslim” !

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Well if this terrorist attack is “good for Brexit” then it cannot be a Jewish false flag because the Jews are the most vehement opponents of Brexit.

      Precisely. You’ve hit the nail on the head. If this is a “false flag attack”, it can’t be a JEWISH false flag attack — since the Jews HATE Brexit.

      The British Brexiters are already milking this recent attack for all it’s worth. Such an act committed by a Muslim loner nut only increases the overall anti-Muslim sentiment in Britain and makes more Brits shout even louder: “No more immigrants! Keep these (Muslim) nutcases out of our country!”

      The Jews are caught in a cleft stick. On the one hand, they know that such “terrorist attacks” by Muslims increases xenophobia and hence strong opposition to further immigration from Muslim countries. They don’t like that because they are all for flooding our Western countries with Third World immigrants.

      On the other hand, they profit hugely from the increased Muslim hatred such acts of isolated terror generate. Which translates into increasing support for Israel and increasing coldness toward the Palestinians — who have the misfortune, after all, of being Muslims.

      As LD says:

      In broader terms, we can be sure that this incident will be milked by the British government for all it’s worth. International Jewry will be bringing out the champagne bottles and celebrating. Here, after all, is another reminder of just how crazy all these Muslims are. Less sympathy therefore for the Palestinians. And Netanyahu will doubtless be snickering up his sleeve, “This is good for Israel.”

      1. Sardonicus says:

        “If this is a ‘false flag attack’, it can’t be a JEWISH false flag attack — since the Jews HATE Brexit.”

        While the media certainly wants us to believe that the incident was carried out by a deranged Mohammedan. The problem is that you can’t place any confidence in the “news” on account of the salient agenda which is being pushed down our collective throats on a regular basis. Beginning with the 1972 Munich Olympics and leading all the way up to the latest line of B.S. that appears to be emanating from the city of London, these incidents are being scripted like some long-running episode of Hawaii Five-O, and the audience is being kept in a virtual trance by team of professional script writers. The underlying theme never changes …. IT”S THOSE CRAZY MOSLEMS. It’s a real-life, nail-biting melodrama. The only difference is that real human beings are being killed on a grand scale …. sort of like World War II all over again, except only this time around the Germans aren’t being portrayed as the bad guys. The script writers have made a concerted effort to ensure that each and every staged provocation adheres to the Zionist perspective on international politics, and every “terrorist attack” is being portrayed in such a way so as to make it play into the hands of a neo-conservative movement that’s been WORKING FOR OVER TWO SCORE YEARS to vilify the Moslems & to make it appear as if the Moslem World is totally deranged & and to push the idea that the Moslems are posing a dire threat to western civilization. “We must take the fight to them by invading them before they invade us.” Ergo, as a direct result of these efforts, a full scale US military invasion of Iraq was actually brought into fruition a good eight (8) years before the 9-11 hoax was perpetrated.


      An important update has been added to the article within the last few minutes which gives an entirely new twist to the article. Please scroll up and read it. It seems the “Muslim terrorist” was not a Muslim at all for most of his adult life. He was a native-born Brit of African or West Indian origin who had converted to Islam only in his fifties. Before that he had spent most of his life in prison.

      No true Muslim (like our friend Mahmoud) would accept this psycho as a genuine Muslim. They would regard him as a bogus convert.

      — Editor JS Montecristo

      1. That is a classical example of the no true Scotsman fallacy :

        No true Scotsman is a kind of informal fallacy in which one attempts to protect a universal generalization from counterexamples by changing the definition in an ad hoc fashion to exclude the counterexample.[1][2] Rather than denying the counterexample or rejecting the original claim, this fallacy modifies the subject of the assertion to exclude the specific case or others like it by rhetoric, without reference to any specific objective rule (“no true Scotsman would do such a thing”; i.e., those who perform that action are not part of our group and thus criticism of that action is not criticism of the group).


        It is a well known fact that Muslims are highly successful in recruiting inmates of prisons for Islam. That is understandable, since Islam condones violent crime, if only it is practised “for the sake of Allah” (Arabic : fi sabilillah).
        We can be sure this man was a true Muslim. Allah will provide him with his well-earned 72 virgins !

      The website you linked to started its article with a truncated verse of the Qur’an; so there is no need to go further as the beginning tells about the ending.
      The verse was truncated so it appears as if it addressed every Muslim while it addressed the Prophet specifically about “the disbelievers and the hypocrites” who were preventing him from “Da’awa” , the spreading of God Word.
      The truncated verse from the website:

      Strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be
      unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is their destination
      Quran 9:73

      The correct wording of the verse* :

      9:73.O Prophet, fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the destination.

      * http://www.islamicstudies.info/quran/saheeh/

      1. @ Sean

        Right, but why should anybody (especially the prophet of a “religion of peace”) fight against unbelievers ? Why not simply leave them alone ?

      2. FRANK,
        “Right, but why should anybody (especially the prophet of a “religion of peace”) fight against unbelievers ? Why not simply leave them alone ?’

        There is a serious misunderstanding of fighting/Jihad in Islam.Muslims fought only those who prevented them from “making Islam known”.

        2:ك190.Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you but do not transgress. Indeed, Allah does not like transgressors.
        Islam was not spread by sword:

      3. @ Sean

        The ” religion of peace” conquered a world empire stretching from Spain to China, all with the sword. Locals were offered three choices :

        1) Convert to Islam.

        2) In case they were “people of the book” (Arabic : ahl al-kitāb) i.e. Jews, Christians or Zoroastrians, they could choose to become second rate citizens (Arabic : dhimmi), paying an extra tax (Arabic : jizyā).

        3) Refuse conversion or dhimmitude and fight the invading “peaceful” Muslims, risking to be killed or enslaved.

        For a complete rebuttal of the claim that Islam is a “misunderstood religion of peace”, see : thereligionofpeace – Islam – myths of Islam – Islam is a religion of peace.

        1. I don’t remember Ryckaert ever being so hard on Islam and Muslims. Maybe some of his Tavistock cohort buddy co-workers were injured in the terrorist attack on Parliament in London, maybe that’s why Tavistock Ryckaert is up-in-arms now, he never had anything to say about Islam and Muslims before, either positive or negative, now he’s obsessed with Islam and Muslims, and everything he has to say about Islam and Muslims is very negative. And I’m wondering why Lasha doesn’t remind Ryckaert to have some Respect for Islam and Muslims. When I say something negative about Islam and Muslims Lasha is real quick to send me to Spamblinka for not having enough Respect for Islam and Muslims. I get lectured to then immediately sent to a concentration camp for “thought criminals”.

    4. I sympathize with them. For decades western countries, led by the US (with Britain and France’s strong support) have been murdering Arabs for Jews and have allowed Jews (Israel) to steal land from Arabs. Unfortunately for the west, there is nothing we can do about it as long as Jews dominate our countries. There needs to be a revolution of sorts where Jews are removed from positions of power. Will that happen or will things continue as they are? I don’t know.

      One thing that seems within reach is to stop allowing immigrants and so called refugees to come to western countries while western countries are murdering these people’s countrymen. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Israel continuously attacking Lebanon, Israel continuously attacking and murdering Palestinians in Gaza. And it’s all done with the open support of the US and Europe acquiescing as the US continuously stands as the lone country blocking UN motions that the rest of the world votes for. These are the reasons westerners are attacked.

  2. “The events I have narrated above, following news reports from the mainstream media, would seem to rule out the possibility that this latest manifestation of Islamic violence is a “false flag attack“. However, this is only my personal opinion. And I could of course be wrong.”

    Very few ever know for sure… until decades later.

    False Flag attack does not mean there are no deaths. That would be a ‘totally staged False Flag’ attack.

    Most False Flag attacks DO result in human casualties.

    The USS Liberty suffered casualties and was a False Flag attempted by Israel to blame Egypt. The False Flag of 911 was similarly blamed on those other than the real perpetrators..

    1. what is the global death toll since the Balfour declaration ?

      & the ‘federal reserve’ ?

      and the ‘Jewish” state for Khazar proselytes ?

      just sayin’

  3. Dear Lasha,
    all these “terrorists attacks” make me very suspicious. A real terrorist is not hitting a target with a car and a knife. He can be a fool or a criminal or a mixture of both but if we are talking about terrorists that want to hit the western world for what the western world has done in the muslim countries then it’s another story.
    If you look back at the most recent “attacks”, Madrid, Paris, Bruxelles, Nice, Berlin etc. only ordinary citizens have been hit, no government building, no politician, no prime minister were involved. Why? If these terrorists are masterminded by organizations with money, training, weapons etc. why are they not hitting the real institutions instead of restaurants, pubs, pizzerias, theaters, airports or people walking down avenues and streets? These are easy targets and they do not need special training or special weapons to do the job.
    I understand that hitting a government building or a high rank politician is more difficult than shooting in a pub but if someone wants to revenge his own family, parents, relatives or friends the targets are in the buildings of the political and military powers and not in a stadio or a theater.
    So false flags are not so far from the truth.
    Gian Franco

    1. @ Gian Franco

      “Dear Lasha, all these “terrorists attacks” make me very suspicious. A real terrorist is not hitting a target with a car and a knife. He can be a fool or a criminal or a mixture of both but if we are talking about terrorists that want to hit the western world for what the western world has done in the muslim countries then it’s another story.”

      I don’t think Lasha would disagree with you. She downplays the idea that this is a *serious* terrorist attack by constantly putting the phrase “terrorist attack” into scare quotes (inverted commas). She also refers to this guy as a “lone nut” and points out that he didn’t even own a gun, so he could hardly be a *serious* “Islamic terrorist” with links to Isis. He was just a Muslim loner having a nervous breakdown.

      This passage in the article makes a lot of sense to me. It puts “Islamic terror” into perspective:

      In perspective, we can perhaps see this latest outbreak of “Islamic terror” as no more than the nervous breakdown of a lone nut. A man who decided to become a copycat killer in the same mould as the Nice jihadist who employed a similar technique: that is to say, using a vehicle in a public place to run down as many pedestrians as possible. Consider, this jihadist didn’t even own a gun. All he had was two knives and a killer car. To make out that this pathetically armed loner had some kind of connection with Isis stretches credulity to its breaking point.

      1. I too agree with Lasha.
        It’s also easy to imagine this man having ‘friends’ whispering and shouting similar things in his ear, as well.

    2. Gian Franco
      You’re right. some Muslims way have low IQ but it is ridiculous to think that they are dumb to this extent: Every time missing the right target/aiming at the wrong object . I have never seen a donkey kicking other than the one who pricked it.

  4. good show Gianfranco, unfortunately, clear thinking is in short supply around here when you speak the magic word: “Muslim”, no one cares to think things through or ask obvious questions.

    first of all (actually, #37 of all, if counting repeats), WAHHABI ARE NOT MUSLIM BUT A JUDAIC CULT JUST LIKE FRANKISTS, MARRANOS AND DONMEH.
    recently, the world Muslim association or council unanimously rejected them as muslims.

    next, has anyone heard of the term Manchurian Candidate? maybe, possibly … yes, the programming of captive POWs for murder-suicide has been known since at least the Korean war, perfected in CIA, MI6 and especially the Mossad labs and black sites, the unmarked prisons all across israel where people disappear to reemerge as either mindless suicide bombers or butchered for body parts at the Abu kabir hospital that specializes in it (look up Yehuda Hiss).
    And israel has at least 10,000 such prisoners and can select the ones most malleable for suicide processing.

    Someone please answer me the following:
    · how many jews outside palestine (an entirely different proposition, quite unique in its end results too) were killed in “Moozlum” suicide bombings?
    · how many suicide bombers worked on the side of true Islamic states like Syria, Malasia, Algeria, Iran and so forth?
    · how is it that every time they struck, it was either against Islamic sites under the rule of governments hostile to Israel (Syria, Libya, Iraq) or some random venue like Boston Marathon or Paris Bataclan and now, the London Bridge, hitting innocent victims regardless of their religious orientation, so long as they weren’t Judaic?

    Go on, answer the above before proceeding to the ever popular “It’s Muslims, they are the killers who hate our freedoms”.
    Otherwise you have no right to judge everything by whether someone has a beard.
    Surely the forum comprises better functioning minds than that.

    1. @Lobro

      “…has anyone heard of the term Manchurian Candidate..?”

      If you are referring to a form of “mind control” to make someone so fanatic as to commit any crime, Muslims already have that. It’s called “Islamic piety” :

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Quoting Lobro “…has anyone heard of the term Manchurian Candidate..?

        RYCKAERT: If you are referring to a form of “mind control” to make someone so fanatic as to commit any crime, Muslims already have that. It’s called “Islamic piety”.

        Franklin has made an exceptionally good point that would not occur to most people: a point which, I confess, had never occurred to me before either: the idea that the devout Muslim doesn’t need someone else to turn him into a “Manchurian candidate.” He is his own self-manufactured Manchurian candidate who has brainwashed himself by long exposure to the Koran and the Islamic world views connected therewith.

        This is not meant as an anti-Muslim statement. An intelligent Muslim will know exactly what I am saying and will not object to it. Because an intelligent person knows that ALL of us who have passionate opinions of any type, passionate ideologies, have been SELF-HYPNOTISED VOLUNTARILY by the influences we have freely chosen.

        A good Christian who has been educated by the Jesuits and reads his Bible daily, soaking up its teachings, is just as “brainwashed” as any Muslim is by reading and brooding on the Koran. He too, in a sense, is a self-made Manchurian candidate.

        Stalin and Hitler, steeped in their respective ideologies, can also be classified as self-made Manchurian candidates.

      2. Madam, it may be referred to as the process of reasonable elimination.
        E.g., how is that in a nation of 60 million, of which maybe 5% are Muslim, and maybe 1 or 2% Arabs, your lone nut with decidedly suicidal tendencies and reluctance to target Jews is INVARIABLY a Muslim Arab. (special question for madam)

        And the police will find jihadist links on his computer, neighbors will say he was polite and kept to himself, you know the tune and the lyrics that go tra-la-la-Allah.
        The Kabbalah tree of life is full of lone nuts, you don’t need to shake it hard before they start landing on you, crunchy and addictive, aren’t they, 99 beer nuts and one jihadist (same as Islamic) lone nut to rule them all.

        I have an even lower iq, so please tell me, no need to address any of the previously raised questions that also form part of the process of reasonable elimination which, as you can see is largely based on chain of increasingly unlikely “coincidences” that everyone prefers to ignore in their rush to take a big dump on Islam, the need is fierce.
        Outside the YINON targets, the European theater is always selected on Barbara Lerner Spectre formula of northern Aryan ballparks: Germany, Sweden, France, England … let’s remain low IQ, you and I, madam butterfly and ignore these questions, ok, I promise not to burden the wrinkle-free brains with such intractable matters.
        Let’s leave it to our Elder Brothers, they are used to it.

      3. Thanks, Lobro. I think I know what you’re saying, though with an IQ like mine it’s not easy to get to grips with the higher thought processes which you men on this site all share, and which makes life so exciting and worthwhile for us ditsy female airheads on this website. 🙂

        One point you made impressed me a lot. It was your observation that all these “Muslim terrorists” had a remarkable knack of picking only on their fellow Muslims and on totally innocent goys, and never, never even by chance, on JEWS!

        Now that IS a strange thing! A very strange thing indeed!

        How come these Muslim “terrorists” all miss out on the REAL enemy? the enemy who has STOLEN THEIR COUNTRY? the enemy who does more than any other Muslim haters anywhere to DEMONIZE them in the West through their Jew-owned media?

        Above all, how strange that ISIS has never attacked Israel or a Jewish synagogue in any Western country!

      4. @Lobro

        I don’t deny the existence of false flag “Muslim” terrorism, concocted be Jews to further their Zionist or NWO agenda, but that doesn’t mean that genuine Muslim terrorism doesn’t exist and that it is not rooted in their violent religion itself (Chechnya, Algeria, Indonesia and Thailand spring to mind). Besides, even if Muslim terrorist organizations such as al-Qa’ida and ISIS are creations by Western intelligence agencies, fact remains that there is no lack of Muslims who join them to commit their atrocious acts and that their acts are approved of by a substantial percentage of the Muslim population (see my comment with the polls above ). Whether this particular act in London is genuine or false flag remains to be seen.

      5. Franklin, the video you linked is about SUFIS.
        1. Sufis are not even considered Muslim by the majority of Muslims,
        2. Sufism is a movement of ecstatic trance and mysticism, never in history accused of any kind of violence.

        so there is your smoking gun proof that Muslims are murderous nuts such as the London Bridge killer.
        looking good, franklin.

        Sister Monica and all.
        If it is true that anyone with strong opinions and deep faith is a Manchurian candidate, maybe you could name a few such lone nuts from monastic orders, who in the past century committed acts of gratuitous public mayhem, how many Jews who as we all know have very strong opinions have done that?
        Oops, apart from 200+ million they killed by intelligent means, using goy-on-goy genocide.

        is there anyone here who sees something funny in 100 heads in a row when a supposedly fair coin is tossed?
        No point flogging a retarded horse.

    2. So what are you saying, Lobro?

      This “lone nut” is a Wahhabi Manchurian candidate, right? And programmed by Mossad to wreak havoc on Western civilization?

      Any proof of that? Or is that just a wild guess? 🙂

      — Madame Butterfly
      (Low IQ lady, so no need to lecture me
      on my intellectual inferiority. Take as given.)


        “…. is just as “brainwashed” as any Muslim is by reading and brooding on the Koran. He too, in a sense, is a self-made Manchurian candidate.”

        Every day (mostly at dawn) I read Some pages of the Qur’an. I have been doing it for decades. I often listen – I like it- to Qur’an recitations. My favorite reciter is the late Egyptian Mohammad Seddik El Menchaoui*.
        So I must make a perfect Wahhabi Manchurian candidate!😁
        For the anecdote, I once wanted to go fishing at a local small water reservoir. So I improvised a fishing rod and went there, You may laugh at me if I told you that I never put the line to water. You know why? I have never had the courage to hook an earthworm.

        Reading or listening to the Qur’an with understanding soften the heart.

        * http://www.assabile.com/mohamed-seddik-el-menchaoui-3/collection/al-mushaf-al-mujawwad-253

      2. @ Sean

        “…I once wanted to go fishing at a local small water reservoir…”

        If that water reservoir is very small, chances are there live no fishes in it at all.

      3. @ Sean

        I want to ask you a question. Is it true that Muslims prefer the name of their holy book to be spelled QUR’AN (or QURAN) and not KORAN? I read somewhere that the spelling “KORAN” is the derogatory Western spelling used by people who don’t like Islam. In other words, a Westerner who respects Islam will always use the spelling QUR’AN, never KORAN. Is there any truth in this?

      4. @Madame Butterfly

        Qur’ān would be the correct rendering of the Arabic spelling, but since languages often adapt foreign names to their own spellings, for a Westerner Koran is also correct.

        In Semitic languages the q is a k-sound made further back in the mouth. The ‘ indicates the glottal stop, which functions as a consonant in Semitic languages. The ā is a long a. Qur’ān literally means “recitation”.

  5. False flag I doubt it.
    But you gotta realize the Islamic religion produces man churn Ian candidates constantly. No need for jokers in that case.
    Religion has always been good for the warmongering business.
    By now we should be past the point where we think war is inevitable and religion is just something that helps us deal with it.
    Us really paranoid conspiracy freaks think It’s all contrived from somewhere. Switzerland, city of london, pentagon, vatican.
    The collusion between the jew west and the Saudi is obvious.
    At a level jew and arab have the same interest.

  6. I caught a little bit of push back yesterday for questioning if everything, (like Sandy Hook, for example), is a false flag. I stand by that, and agree with Lasha’s opinion that this London outrage was not one. The most evil, IMO, are the dual-citizen Jewish supremacist neocons, who have successfully taken over control of the West. In their post-WWII rise, they milked the “fake” 6 million dead Jews Holocaust by the Nazis for all it’s worth, a whopper that we are not even allowed to question. Is that not the ultimate false flag?

    The US government, led around by the nose by the Jewish oligarchs, did the dirty work for the Jews by killing hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of Muslims – and no doubt the vast majority were innocent. The Jewish controlled US created the Muslim migrant crisis, but the godless Euro leaders, with their open borders mandates, willingly gave up their White culture to the mostly military aged male Muslim invaders. Why? Is their latent WWII White guilt the cause? Was their best male stock killed in WWII before they had a chance to reproduce? Are they so far gone with Jewish feminism that it’s all over but the shouting? While in the military in the ’70’s I was stationed in Europe for over a year and found out, to my surprise, that the countries I visited had far superior cultures than the US. It saddens me terribly what has come of them.

  7. let me try one more time to impart a bit of common horse sense into this inchoate bedlam of bouncing islamophobic neurons.

    if jews are the main object of (well deserved) hate by muslims, then when a muslim who decided to end his life in a spectacular fashion of rage and vengeance should by rights be aiming to wreak disaster on prominent jewish targets, the places symbolic of their power, their gatherings and such.
    — so tell me how often did this happen?

    how many terrorist or lone Muslim nut attacks happened anywhere before 1948 (Israel)?
    — surely you can name AT LEAST ONE, islam and Koran did not change one iota since then, so the murderous lone nuts should have by rights been in evidence then, just like today.

    if jews comprise 2% of european population then AT THE VERY LEAST among the hundreds of these victims there should have been maybe a half-dozen jews
    — where are they, why not?

    If it is the religion of Islam that is responsible for these acts of criminal insanity, then the ethnic distribution of attackers should reflect their worldwide numbers, eg, killers from India, Indonesia, phillipines, malasia, Nigeria, Somalia, Bosnia, Pakistan, Iran as well as the arab countries
    — do we see this distribution in compliance with probability distribution if Islam is to blame? Or do we see the huge preponderance of ethnicities within capture+brainwashing reach of Mossad?

    Come on, say something on this subject, don’t keep evading like intellectual cowards, engage the brain gears for a change, vapidly repeating the mantras of severe bias.
    Your reluctance to think honestly only shows me how deep the hooks of the devil’s deceit grabbed onto the roots of your experience.
    These would have been easy and obvious questions 100 years ago.

    1. @Lobro

      Muslims see “the West” and “the Jews” as not separated (and not without reason).
      Muslims have low IQ (average : 85), therefore their choosing of targets is also stupid, decided more by emotion than by reason.
      Muslim terrorism was already practiced by the medieval sect of the Assassins.
      Terrorism is the warfare of the weak, “normal” Islamic warfare is by Jihad. That is the way Islam spread from Spain to the borders of China in a short time. Modern Muslims cannot win a war against the West, therefore they resort to terrorism. Immigration and a higher birthrate is another weapon.
      Finally, are these people also “Sufis” ?

        “Muslims have low IQ (average : 85)”.
        I am a Muslim let’s assume, with 85 IQ. Will I have a higher IQ if I convert to Christianity or Buddhism? What will become of an intelligent Christian or Buddhist who convert to Islam?

      2. @Sean

        The fact that you ask such a question in earnest and not sarcastically in itself is an indication of a low IQ. Here is the thing : IQ is mainly determined by heredity (for human groups that means race) and not by cultural factors, such as religion. Believing in a certain religion does not determine one’s IQ, nor does changing one’s belief change one’s IQ.
        Following are the human groups and their average IQs :

        Highest : East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese) – average IQ 105

        High : Europeans – average IQ 100.

        Mediocre : American Indians, Mestizos, American Blacks (are for 20% mixed with White genes), Arabs, Turks, Iranians, Indians, South East Asians – average IQ 85.

        Low : African (full blood) Negroes – average IQ 70.

        Lower : Australian Aborigines – average IQ 62

        Lowest : Bushmen and Pygmies – average IQ 54.

        By and large Muslims belong to the “mediocre” group.

        For an introduction, watch this video : https://youtu.be/yZ65PSrSgAo

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          Thanks for providing this excellent summary of IQ groups. However, you have omitted to find a place for Jews in this List. I have copied and pasted your comment into my article on World IQ figures which I wrote a few yeas ago, adding a note of my own on Jewish IQ.

          Scroll down to the end of the article here:


          If you have any comments on this, feel free to offer further clarifications here.


      3. @ Lasha Darkmoon

        Thanks for the appreciation.

        Besides the Ashkenazi Jews with their high average IQ, another interesting group is Indian Brahmins, who have an ancient culture of learning and are strictly endogamic, which would tend to breed for intellect, I suppose. There is an interesting article touching this subject on Steve Sailer’s blog, in which the average IQ of North Indian Brahmins is estimated at 115 and that of South Indian Brahmins at 120. If that is true, they would surpass even the Ashkenazis. The article India’s Average IQ in 2100 ?, June 12, 2008, can be found here :


      4. Dear Lasha,

        You wrote this as an update on your 2012 essay on World IQs:

        LD: If the above details are correct, it would not be unreasonable to apply the same tentative logic to China, leading us to speculate that the IQ of the highly bred Chinese scholar classes or mandarinate — the equivalent of India’s brahmins — may be far higher than the average Chinese IQ of 105.

        Yes, I believe you are right. I expressed the same sentiments to my uncle just the other day, when the subject of our ancestors came up, as ancestors sometimes do come up when speaking with family members. One of my great great grandfathers was the first to produce an English-Chinese dictionary. Alas, I am not as accomplished as he was.

        I have been meaning to write an essay about the grueling 3-day long civil service exams, a system of picking the best and the brightest that lasted approximately 2,200 years in Imperial China before the Jews destroyed it and everything that was good.

        China was really a country of meritocracy. Hence, ambitious and smart men could rise from the ranks and become an Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, provided they had the Mandate of Heaven (i.e. the implied and implicit consent of the People). Contrast this to the hereditary (inbred Jewish?) Kings & Queens of England and Europe.

        Some random but pertinent thoughts:

        Even if it is true that Jews have the highest IQ — and this is highly debatable — so what? Why didn’t they produce their own civilization? Why do they call themselves and take pride in the fact that they are the destroyers of civilizations?

        What is often left out of the discussion if not deliberately ignored is that IQ doesn’t mean a thing if it doesn’t produce a civilization.

        This is why the average IQs of the race is the indispensable and determining factor in its ability to create and sustain a civilization. This is also why, despite the Jews’ “Affirmative Action,” Blacks will never be capable of creating an advanced civilization, never mind sustaining it, as attested by Detroit, Baltimore, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans and any other major American city with a large Black population.

        As Jared Taylor likes to say, I’m not a racist, just a race realist. 🙂

        1. @ JFC

          I agree with all you say. I wrote you a much longer response, but unfortunately I lost it. And now I must go to bed because it’s past 2am here.

    2. the attack is real. We can’t doubt about that. But it could be a false flag. Definition false flag: ‘ covert operations that are
      Designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups ( read here: muslims) other than those who actually planned and executed them ( read: mossad). This is possible if there is a connection between the ‘ terrorist’ and secret services, this is something only secret services know, maybe friends or family can deckare about this if they dare,
      The ‘ terrorist’ could also have been run by secret services, did he have a criminal record?, was he pressured to do what he did?, was he on drugs? What did he do the last six months? Who were his contacts?Etc. Questions who need facts before we can be certain that this is a false flag. So journalists, do your work!

    3. Lobro –

      I am always glad to help..!!

      Kalib Ahmedijipoop was seen setting fire to a Brit’s house in Bristol… but the owner’s cell-phone cam was not charged up for a pic..!! 🙂

      This account below was before Thomas Jefferson had to deal with the same rotten bunch of musselmen by sending US Marines to “the shores of Tripoli.”

      Barbary Pirates and English Slaves
      By Ben Johnson 


      The Barbary pirates attacked and plundered not only those countries bordering the Mediterranean but as far north as the English Channel, Ireland, Scotland and Iceland, with the western coast of England almost being raided at will.

      The British were the targets of Jihad in 15th century. Barbary Musselmen Pirates occupied Lundy Island – in UK, near Bristol – in 1609…. in search of White slaves. The musselmen occupied Lundy island in Bristol bay and used it as a staging outpost and base and prison for attacking the English mainland during the 1500s and 1600s.

      For over 300 years, the coastlines of the south west of England were at the mercy of Barbary pirates (corsairs) from the coast of North Africa, based mainly in the ports of Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli.

      Their aim was to capture slaves for the Arab slave markets in North Africa.

      ALL for Mohammed’s sake… and many virgins… 🙂 don’cha know…

    4. Why arent more synogogues or Jewish community centers targeted? In most cases, its about security. Jews are collectively a very paranoid bunch. Gilad Atzmon calls it pre-traumatic stress disorder. Most places (above) where Jews congregate are gated with private security. This naturally decreases the chances for “lone nuts” to strike. I feel repulsed by the actions of organized Jewery (Zionism) and personally dislike most of the racist, self-righteous Jewish nit-wits that Ive met. I have often shared my views and opinions with Muslims from all over the World that Ive encountered in the U.S. To my surprise, I have never spoken with a Muslim who said he hated Jews. On the contrary, Ive been rebuked by quite a few Muslims who pointed out that Jews and Muslims had lived in peace before the advent of Zionism. The fact is, most of these events are false flags perpetrated by our own governments. However, some are perpetrated independently by lone nuts who could care less about the identity of the victims. Another, but important, issue is the publishing and printing of “religious” texts which has very little supervision. Do most people realize that the Scoffield Bible was published by a felon? I have even read “Korans” published in the U.S. with scriptural descrepancies from Korans I read in Asia. If ancient Christians, Muslims and Jews were to read the garbage we regard as religious texts today, they wouldnt even recognize them.

    5. @ Lobro

      We are brainwashed by (((those))) seeking control over humanity to not be able to identify patterns and to overlook the obvious which verifies your points. Mandatory ed-jew-cation strives to put a person’s nose on a tree and keep it there so that the forest cannot be seen.

      Here is another question for your side.

      Why was only one jew killed in 9/11 in the highly jew infested Twin Towers? About 3,000 died and only .03% of them were jewish. Note, not 3% (admitted total percentage in the entire USA), but .03%. The answer: All the others were notified not to show up for work that day. Obviously, the Muslims did it. 🙂

      1. Ung,

        We are brainwashed by (((those))) seeking control over humanity to
        not be able to identify patterns and to overlook the obvious

        this is the root of the metastasis.
        as long as we don’t face up to it, we are like inmates on a jailbreak digging the tunnel deeper into prison instead of outside.

        refusing to identify patterns and overlooking the obvious




  9. These incidence are always followed by calls for community cohesion between the immigrant communities and populace being displaced. Not sure how this cultural marxist ruse has been translated into muslims being treated like jews in nazi germany.

  10. Jewish Israeli teen arrested for phoning in JCC bomb threats

    A 19-year-old dual American Israeli living in Ashkelon has been arrested, suspected of being behind most of a series of bomb and other threats to Jewish communities in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand that date back around six months, The Jerusalem Post has learned.


    Gosh, what timing to announce this in-between the London and Brussels incidents. Why the timing is uncanny!

    BTW, where is the CCTV video of the London incident? The one with the proper time and date stamp? I’m sure Israel had nothing to do with these incidents, just like they had nothing to do with 9/11. Just ask them!

  11. “…Victim 4 who is sent spinning across the road into the path of a double decker bus. She ends up beneath the wheels of the huge vehicle and is mangled to bits by its machinery. ”
    Look at the pic of the woman lying almost under the bus tire toward the end of this article and ask if she was run over by it. No blood, no mess, clothing all intact. What are we to think of this? Could it even be a dummy? Something isn’t right here.

    1. Darrell,

      The answer is: DON’T TRUST VETERANS TODAY!

      By Gordon Duff’s own admission, 40% of the articles on VT are “deliberate disinfo.”

      1. I used to be a regular reader in that website ,but no more ,besides flip flopping in issues ,they come across as lunatics.

      2. I was only referring to the photo of the woman under the bus, who looks like almost nothing happened to her. I usually read articles by Jonas Alexis at VT, and sometimes a few others, but I think this one by Preston James is good and is one I might even expect to see here at Darkmoon:
        Re- the 40% disinfo, I believe Duff said he would be shut down or else killed if he said everything he knows, and he said 40% of his own articles’ contents, not 40% of the articles. If one is able to read between the lines, I think much can be learned from some articles there besides Jonas Alexis’, whose articles I think have ZERO disinfo in them.

  12. I never thought I was Suicidal beofre but now I’m not so sure, maybe I’m Suicidal after all, after all When A Man Is Tired of London He Is Tired Of Life and I’m real *yawn* tired hearing about nothing but London London London. Though I don’t think 🙂 I will do anything dramatic as actually commit Suicide, one just dies of boredom hearing about London London London all the time. Though of course Ryckaert from Tavistock just LERVS London, I guess Ryckaert LERVS LIFE, 😉 .

  13. Very sorry for the loss of life and loved ones. The point that seems to escape the cognition of most “Muslim” terrorists is that Israeli terrorism, as performed by the Stern Gang, with murders, and mass murders like the King David Hotel (See Ivar Benson “Terror Out of Zion”, etc., etc., etc….) always worked in tandem with a POLITICAL component (see 9/11, 7/7 Charlie Hebdo, etc. as more recent examples which also use False Flag narratives). Essentially, the political component is not necessarily media driven alone – it’s how much cash goes to the Congressman’s re-election, the MP’s contractor cousin, and so forth. Murder and Mass Murder by themselves are a demonstration of failed (or non-existent) Strategy. On the religious element, I do hope everyone has read “Which Koran?” edited by Ibn Warraq. The back of the dustjacket description notes that while most Muslims accept uncritically that there is only one true Koran, very, very few Muslims have been taught, told, or bothered to find out that there are actually several Korans in current circulation today (the main discrepancies found in the Textual differences between the Warsh transmission found in Northwest and West Africa and the Iraqi Kufa origin Hafs transmission, available through the widely disseminated Egyptian standard edition of 1924). Then there is the highly revered collection of secondary literature on the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, which discusses missing Koranic verses. Essentially, Warraq challenges that comparison of copies bought in Tehran, Cairo, Casablanca, Tunis, Casablanca, and Istanbul will reveal variant readings that have persisted until the present time. Let us remember that during the first two centuries of the foundation of the Christian faith from Isa, described by the prophet Muhammad as “the most blameless of the prophets” that the belief and doctrine of metampsychosis (Reincarnation) was part of the faith as well, which brings up the political rearrangements men have made such as the Nicean Council decision, the schism between Eastern Orthodox and Western Christianity, not too different from the Shia – Sunni division. The theological differences inside both religions as well as others are dispelled by one universal rule (the “Golden Rule”) which in ALL religions states do nothing hateful to others that you wouldn’t want for yourself.

    1. Buddhism: “Don’t hurt others in ways you yourself would find hurtful” -Udana-Varga 5:18 Zoroastrianism: “That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not good for itself” -Dadistan-i-dinik 94:5 Confucianism: “Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you” -Analects 15:23 Taoism: Regard the gain of your neighbor as your own and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss” Judaism(!): “What is hateful to you, do not unto others”. That is the entire Law, all the rest is commentary” -Talmud, Shabbat 31a Christianity: “All things whatsoever you would have men do to you, do ye even so to them; for this is the Law and the Prophets” -Mathew 7:12 Islam: “No one is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself” -Sunnal Brahmanism: “This is the sum of duty: Do nothing unto others which would cause you pain if done to you” -Mahabharata 5:1517 Having said that, a timely bullet from a policeman or threatened citizen to prevent deliberate evil (murder) is a very good deed.

  14. I’m actually surprised, in the comments that I’ve read, so far on this article and previous ones, that no one is stating the obvious. That is, this is the first ‘terrorist’ attack that has actually targeted politicians, in the UK, instead of the public. It is clear that this man was aiming for Parliament, screwed up and thought, “sod it, I’m going down, better take as many people out as I can to make this worth while”.

    This, as far as I’m concerned, is NOT a false flag attack. What this is, is clearly someone, certainly with a problem with authority, who having converted to Islam, angry at western attacks on Islam, decided to do something about it.
    This man, in my opinion, has done, what many people, who post on truth websites, want to do but don’t really have the balls to do it and in due process, sacrifice their life. He went for the heart of snake, being Parliament and the banker owned politicians. One could say he’s a modern day Guy Fawkes, who like Guy, failed at the last hurdle.

    Far too many people are eager to shout false flag attacks, but although many of us know that ‘radical’ Islam certainly has a heavily involved Jewish element to it, there will be the younger generations, who see this, who are taught by Sharia promoting Imams in the mosques and madrassas, that Jihad is needed to stop the attack on their faith. Let’s be realistic here; there are many no-go areas in Paris, Sweden, Germany and Norway, thanks to the influx of Islamic immigrants, from the middle east, Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey. There are no go areas in London, where there are Sharia patrols.

    The older generations of Muslims, are most certainly a far more peaceful and quieter bunch than the under 45 generations, although born in the west, very much identify with their ancestral lands. You are a fool if you do not believe that many of them are being radicalised by Imams, whom our msm likes to say are promoting hate speech. There are umpteen videos on Youtube along with articles on the web of Muslim organizations that are promoting Sharia Law and the wish for the west to become an Islamic state. Again, this is simply far too big, to have a Jewish involvement to it. From speaking to local Muslims in Leicester, England, to TV interviews in Australia with ‘Islamic state’ activists it is clear that many Muslims are pushing Sharia and the removal of western common law and cultural values. Last I looked, it was Muhammad who wanted Islam on all corners of this earth, not Jews, that is unless, Muhammad was a Jew and part of an incredibly long term plot, that’s only now coming to fruition.

    To say that this man, born in Britain of West Indian origin, doesn’t identify as a Muslim, because he’s only been one for a couple of years, promotes the fact that there’s a gestation period when one transitions between being a Muslim from what they were before. From experience in London, with west Indian origin individuals, born in London who have converted to Islam, there is certainly a much more, aggressive stance and zealot status, as these African origin males, tend to bring in history, the slave trade, White imperialism, ironically seeming to forget everything about the Sub Saharan Slave Trade before, during and after the Trans Atlantic one, up to this day, so I am led to believe. In fact, I tend to compare them to the Black Israelite idiots who preach on streets in the USA. Those twits and the like of Abu Izadeen are very much alike.

    To conclude, I will certainly state that there are Muslims who are peaceful. I have met them. I will also certainly state that there are incredibly violent ones as well, for I’ve met them too. However, what people are forgetting is simply, are you prepared to gamble on and incredibly plausible scenario of either Islamic integration into the west or an Islamic caliphate? Has Erdogan not spoken lately of racist Europeans and for all Turkish in Europe to have five children each? This is not the first time we have heard of ‘womb Jihad’ have we?

    There’s every reason for people to suspect a terrorist false flag, as regardless, this will promote Westminster into taking more ‘essential liberty to gain safety’. Either way, regardless if this man had succeeded in getting to Parliament and doing more damage, the damage has been done – East/West relations continue to plummet; fear against Islam will continue to rise; more Muslims in the west will become radicalised; and Palestinian rights will continue to plummet along with the keeping of their land to the Ashkenazi invaders. The New World Order will keep on moving, as the west devolves into more and more chaos.

    1. I never thought I was Suicidal beofre but now I’m not so sure, maybe I’m Suicidal after all, after all When A Man Is Tired of London He Is Tired Of Life and I’m real *yawn* tired hearing about nothing but London London London. Though I don’t think 🙂 I will do anything dramatic as actually commit Suicide, one just dies of boredom hearing about London London London all the time….. 😉 .

    2. Welcome back, Harb…

      Birthrates of those clinging to Western cultures will never catch up. Their jobs come before family. Texting has overtaken sexing. Virtual dating is the norm.


      “It is clear that this man was aiming for Parliament, screwed up and thought, “sod it, I’m going down, better take as many people out as I can to make this worth while”.

      No, it isn’t so clear, Sir. If the targets were political personalities in the Parliament why should he linger over innocent , anonymous by-passers at the risk of failing his main “mission”? ( I agree with you if he did it while back from the Parliament).
      Why don’t you assume that the man lost control of the vehicle (had it hacked) and ran away when the car stopped? He had a knife? Is there any picture of him holding a knife? Better still, who ever attempted to storm a fortress with a knife?

    The point is that IQ might be about race, not about religion. How didn’t you miss it Mr. Genius?

      1. Franklin Ryckaert
        I just want to tell you this , no matter how highly educated or smart you think you are and how certain individual here in this site keep on praising and noting and thanking you.
        I want you to know this ,bigots and haters are mentally diseased hybrid semi humanoid.
        what ever your IQ score is, deduct 100 points then divided by 2 ,that will be your real IQ score.

  16. From the age of 19, Elms (or Ajao) had been in and out of prison, acquiring for himself a substantial criminal record for malicious damage, violent assaults, possession of offensive weapons, and various public order offenses. He was known as “the vampire” for wearing black and stalking the streets at night. Operating under five aliases, Elms/Ajao finally decided to adopt the name “Khalid Masood” AFTER CONVERTING TO ISLAM while in prison.

    add to shoe bomber and crotch bomber list.
    another proof that islam is inherently violent, yes?

    1. @Lobro

      Or that persons who are inherently violent naturally feel attracted to Islam !
      Hmm, talk about identifying patterns…

      Reading task for Lobro : thereligionofpeace.com – Islam – myths of Islam – Islam is a religion of peace. Enjoy the patterns !

      1. since when is a 1 cm line segment “pattern”, franklin?
        please continue, 1 cm is insufficient for some of us here.
        why not tell us how many people muhammad ali killed after converting? (christian name, cassius clay)
        what about cat stevens, did he become a serial killer or convert to give vent to his psychotic urges?

        here, let me give you a hand for your knitting patterns, see how you fill them in:
        or the perennial favorite (watch the next video too)
        Madeline Albright explains Pax Americana

        stand proud and self-righteous, Franklin, aren’t you lucky not to be Muslim, so carry on.

      2. @Lobro

        My referral to “identifying patterns” was made only half jokingly.

        However comparing American war crimes with Muslim terrorism is comparing apples with oranges. American war crimes were not committed “in the name of Christianity”, Muslim terrorist acts are always committed in the name of Islam, with as their most inspiring example the acts of “prophet” Muhammad himself*).

        Of course I exclude here the cases of obvious false flag terrorism. Terrorist acts by followers of fake Muslim terrorist organizations such as al-Qa’ida or ISIS however do count, because their followers are not aware of the true nature of their organizations and sincerely believe they act in accordance with Islam.

        *) For more information on Muhammad’s character and behavior, see :

        thereligionofpeace.com – Muhammad – Myths of Muhammad.

      3. Franklin, I get so tired and frustrated by laboriously repeating the same facts that nobody, least of all you, reads because you, whether consciously or subconsciously programmed, are on the mission of demonizing the legitimate Islam at all cost.
        Reread the above sentence if necessary to get the notion of what I am saying and what i will state below, a bunch of verifiable facts.

        Your precious site, thereligionofpeace is as Judaic as Wikipedia, another of your frequently linked sources.
        Their most frequent contributors are Daniel Greenfield, Arutz Sheva and gatestone Institute (chaired by John Bolton, financed by Nina Rosenwald, (((billionaire philanthropist))) who also funds daniel Pipes, the motivating ideologue behind Andres Breivik – remember him?).
        Franklin, your goto choice for info about Islam is dregs of talmudic dregs.
        Just so you know.

        (unfortunately limited to just 2 more links on this side of spamblinka)

        These claims I will link to briefly but feel free to look it up on your own, lots of material out there, eg, Iraqi 2002 intel on just who the Wahhabis are, their origin, their founder, the founder of house of Saud, the mutual embedding between ISIS and IDF and so on.
        the basic claims are as follows:
        · Sunnis overwhelmingly reject Wahhabism as part of their religion (links in separate post)

        · founder of wahhabism was a Jew: 2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin! House of Saud is Jewish!?

        · founder of the house of Saud was a Jew and ally with Wahhab (links in separate post)

        · Saudi family was always very friendly with Zionists, even before Israel (links in separate post)

        · ISIS is essentially an Israeli operation: UN Report Reveals How Israel is Coordinating with ISIS Militants Inside Syria

        Therefore, you constant impugning of Islam through thereligionofpeace, wahhabism, salafism and ISIS atrocities is fundamentally based on false premises and constructed (I repeat, I don’t know whether you are aware of it or it is just effect of subliminal imprinting) solely in order to unjustly demonize Islam.

        nb: I will break this up into 3 posts in order to get those links through unmolested

      4. Sunnis overwhelmingly reject Wahhabism as part of their religion

        Are Wahhabis Sunnis? Chechnya Conference and Saudi anger…

        The roots of the Saud family can be traced back all the way back to a Jewish man by the name of Mordakhai bin Ibhrahim bin Moshe, who initially lived in southern Iraq, and who joined a caravan by tricking them and came to the Arabian Peninsula in 851. With time, he was able to eliminate opponents and those who questioned his historical fabrications, create allegiances and alliances, and have many children to spread his name far and wide. (Of course, this is not the official version of their biography, and many historians and journalists in Saudi Arabia have lost their lives when digging too deep and revealing too much of this history. The official family tree of the Saudi Dynasty is now directly connected back to Prophet Muhammad…)

        World’s Largest Islamic Organization Tells ISIS To Get Lost
        A 50-million strong Sunni movement in Indonesia just launched a global anti-extremism campaign.

        Chaim Weizman and Prince Faisal in 1918 … i guess celebrating the success of Bolshevik takeover of Russia.

      5. some more stuff from a previous link (founder of wahhabism was a Jew)

        For example, D. Mustafa Turan wrote, in The Donmeh Jews, that Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was a descendant of a family of Donmeh Jews from Turkey.
        The Donmeh were descendants of followers of the infamous false-messiah of Judaism, Shabbetai Zevi, who shocked the Jewish world in 1666 by converting to Islam.
        Viewing it as a sacred mystery, Zevi’s followers imitated his conversion to Islam, though secretly keeping to their Kabbalistic doctrines.
        In Europe, the Shabbeteans were eventually led a century later by Jacob Frank, claiming to be a reincarnation of Zevi.
        And, according to Rabbi Antelman in To Eliminate the Opiate, to them belonged the Rothschilds who had a hand in the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati.
        The Donmeh community of Turkey were concentrated in the city of Salonika, which became a hotbed of Masonic activity, and from which the Young Turk movement evolved, which aided in the collapse of the Muslim empire of the Ottoman Turks. There is evidence that Ataturk himself, the founder of the modern Turkish state, was of Donmeh origin as well.

        Turan maintains that Abdul Wahhab’s grandfather, Sulayman was actually Shulman, having belonged to the Jewish community of Bursa in Turkey. From there he settled in Damascus, where he feigned Islam, but was apparently expelled for practicing sorcery. He then fled to Egypt and he again faced condemnation, so made his way he to the Hijaz, where he got married and fathered Abdul Wahhab. According to the report, the same is claimed in The Donmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahabis, Rifat Salim Kabar.

        The notion of the Saudi family being of Jewish heritage has been published by Mohammad Sakher, who, it is claimed, was ordered killed by the regime for his revelations. The report relates a similar account, but from different sources. According The Wahabi Movement/The Truth and Roots, by Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim Al-Shammari, for example, ibn Saud is actually descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Mushi, a Jewish merchant from Basra.

        So what is your conclusion now, Franklin – the same? Islam is bad according to Jews, therefore that’s the bottom line (I guess especially the Shia brand, the one that Jews were never able to infiltrate, which is why they are dying to destroy Iran)

        using up my links allotment: Grand Mufti of al-Azhar rejects Wahhabism – ” not part of Sunni Islam”

        or this one: I didn’t know that Istanbul only got its name in 1923, that all through the Ottoman history it was called Constantinople (that, plus the Bolshevik massacres, plus Armenian genocide, all at the same time in addition to the burnt offerings of WW1 was the Rothschilds finest hour)

        Although known to historians and religious experts, the centuries-old political and economic influence of a group known in Turkish as the “Dönmeh” is only beginning to cross the lips of Turks, Arabs, and Israelis who have been reluctant to discuss the presence in Turkey and elsewhere of a sect of Turks descended from a group of Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Spanish Inquisition in the 16th and 17th centuries. [expulsion only transfers the cancer from one spot to another]

        These Jewish refugees from Spain were welcomed to settle in the Ottoman Empire and over the years they converted to a mystical sect of Islam that eventually mixed Jewish Kabbala and Islamic Sufi semi-mystical beliefs into a sect that eventually championed secularism in post-Ottoman Turkey. It is interesting that “Dönmeh” not only refers to the Jewish “untrustworthy converts” to Islam in Turkey but it is also a derogatory Turkish word for a transvestite, or someone who is claiming to be someone they are not.

        The Donmeh sect of Judaism was founded in the 17th century by Rabbi Sabbatai Zevi, a Kabbalist who believed he was the Messiah but was forced to convert to Islam by Sultan Mehmet IV, the Ottoman ruler. Many of the rabbi’s followers, known as Sabbateans, but also “crypto-Jews,” publicly proclaimed their Islamic faith but secretly practiced their hybrid form of Judaism, which was unrecognized by mainstream Jewish rabbinical authorities. Because it was against their beliefs to marry outside their sect, the Dönmeh created a rather secretive sub-societal clan.

        The Dönmeh rise to power in Turkey

        Many Dönmeh, along with traditional Jews, became powerful political and business leaders in Salonica. It was this core group of Dönmeh, which organized the secret Young Turks, also known as the Committee of Union and Progress, the secularists who deposed Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II in the 1908 revolution, proclaimed the post-Ottoman Republic of Turkey after World War I, and who instituted a campaign that stripped Turkey of much of its Islamic identity after the fall of the Ottomans. Abdulhamid II was vilified by the Young Turks as a tyrant, but his only real crime appears to have been to refuse to meet Zionist leader Theodore Herzl during a visit to Constantinople in 1901 and reject Zionist and Dönmeh offers of money in return for the Zionists to be granted control of Jerusalem…..

        Ataturk, who was reportedly himself a Dönmeh, ordered that Turks abandon their own Muslim-Arabic names. The name of the first Christian emperor of Rome, Constantine, was erased from the largest Turkish city, Constantinople. The city became Istanbul, after the Ataturk government in 1923 objected to the traditional name. There have been many questions about Ataturk’s own name, since “Mustapha Kemal Ataturk” was a pseudonym. Some historians have suggested that Ataturk adopted his name because he was a descendant of none other than Rabbi Zevi, the self-proclaimed Messiah of the Dönmeh! Ataturk also abolished Turkey’s use of the Arabic script and forced the country to adopt the western alphabet.

        1. I still haven’t figured out the differences between all the different types of jews, now I’m confronted, like we all are, with having to figure out the differences between all the different types of Muslms, it’s overwhelming. Yeah sure, the average American can figure it all out and get it right, 🙂 .

      6. TROJ,
        it is easy, Mark 5:9
        Jews, cryptos, conversos, Donmeh, marranos, sabbateans, neocons, masons, illuminati, … all exactly the same shit, turds, refuse, excrement, feces … pleases Yhwh’s big nose.

      7. Franklin –
        Lobro –
        TROJ (especially) –

        Don’t forget the Taliban musselmen..!!

        If they fly kites… heads get chopped off..!! 🙂

        Taliban means “students,” and indeed many followers attended conservative Muslim schools in Pakistan as refugees during the 1979-89 Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. One important training ground was Dar-ul Uloom Haqqani in Akora Khattak, one of Pakistan’s largest Muslim campuses.

        It was the academic source of the Taliban gender policies. “It is biologically, religiously and prophetically proven that men are superior to women,” said a spokesman at the seminary, Maulana Adil Siddiqu. Yet Tarzi noted that the Quran (7:189; 16:97; 33:35) mandates religious equality and training for men and women alike.

        As for the Buddha-smashing, Muhammad cleared Arabia of idols when he inaugurated the religion, and pious artists consequently do not depict the human form. But Muslims did not destroy pre-Islamic statuary in lands they conquered soon after Muhammad’s lifetime.

        In January, Omar decreed that anyone who converts from Islam to another religion will be killed, although the Taliban have not said what the penalty could be for the aid workers accused of preaching Christianity. Other Taliban rules follow fundamentalist Islamic or Pashtun traditions that most believers do not see as faith requirements.

        The only allowable music for Muslims is religious song, unaccompanied by instruments. Television, movies and videos are banned. So is kite-flying, seen as a distraction from a life of prayer.

        The Taliban rules are meticulously enforced by religious police patrols from the omnipresent Ministry of Virtue and Vice. The “virtue” squads coordinate Islamic education, while “vice” squads stamp out forbidden evils and enforce the movement’s conception of “pure” Islam.

        The Hindu identity patches were necessary, the Taliban said, so that the religious police would not force them to follow Islamic rules. But so far, the Taliban are not enforcing the order.

        The ministry wields almost unlimited power in the 95 percent of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban. Those who know the country say its grip is only strengthened by tensions with the outside world.

  17. I’m starting to wonder if the modern electronic media, with all these tetra towers and electronic smog isn’t playing a part here somehow in driving some likely hare brain the rest if the way over the edge.
    Isn’t it possible by now that the security state manipulators have developed the right subliminal triggers with which to set some.borderline psychopaths off on these nervous breakdown killing sprees?
    This lunatic had spent time in prison.
    What’s the vaccination schedule like there?
    It’s known that frequencies were used in the Iraq war to psychologically debilitate batallions of sad dam’s conscriptees.
    You gotta figure the Dar pa creeps have been all over this kind of mind control science for decades.
    Good points above though.
    Why wouldn’t the guy hit a synagogue crowd of mazaltavers?
    because no premeditation?


    There are at least five Arabic letters that don’t have a counterpart in the English Alphabet. One of these letters happen to be the first letter in the word Qur’an. In fact neither the letter Q [kju:] nor the letter K [kei] both voiced [k] in Arabic ” ك ” correspond to the sound conveyed by the Arabic letter ق . If you ever heard someone speaking Arabic saying: Al-Quds, Al Qaeda, (King) Qabus, Al Qaradhawi etc. you’d know how “Q”/ق is spelled in Qur’an. The apostrophe is added to denote a glottal stop between the two syllables of the word.
    The hard sound of the letter “K” definitely doesn’t correspond to the Arabic emphatic, soft sound of the letter “ق”. It is worth to note that the spelling “Koran” is much older than “Qur’an”. I personally find nothing derogatory in it.
    I hope I have shed some light 😪 on the word.
    It’s 4.00 am local time. Bye.

  19. Several things have happened before, during and in the aftermath of the attack perpetrated by the briton man who had changed his name to khalid masood (may he rest in peace) right before departing to the land of milk and honey …
    (heck, the say they even got liquor up there, mmm yummi)
    Trump sent a hard line pro-settlements american jew by the name of friedman to the shitty entity as america`s new envoy.
    Great progress
    Trump called for a meeting of 87 nations (its that bad eh) to come to Washington so they can see what they can do about this problema called “Islamic State”
    (oh vey i thought they had already got rid of them about a year ago – that according to war veteran gordon duff)
    They –again- “mistakenly” (boy!) killed 500 civilians in Mosul this time because, ready?
    They too –same as isis- wear rugs on their heads..
    Meanwhile, i read somewhere that death by terrorism is cause number 156th in the western world (ninth in the arab world ) followed by getting hit on your head by a martian turd.
    Children starvation –because somalí warlords wont let the food through-is like number 10
    Where are you allah

    1. @ Palestinian
      Allah Yakhdak ….kidding ; )
      Allah is everywhere ,seeing and hearing ,the omnipresent ,
      I am not a religious person but I know this , Divine Justice will be served ,sooner or later.
      but make no mistake about it ,God will let the wicked do their thing in order to punish them as He Blessed his name will not punish and destroy nations if they were righteous among the nations of the earth.
      read the history of the world ,All empires went from good to bad to ugly barbarians and then were destroyed in no time
      God works in a mysterious ways.
      never lose the faith

  20. Chief Protocola say
    call me whatever you may
    it could be the NSA
    or maybe I’m CIA
    muslim wahabi or jew
    one can name me those too
    flimflam makes up my stew
    cook in a pot of voodoo
    WHAT don’t matter to me
    so long as man cannot see
    that all we want from thee
    is for him to never be free

  21. Lobro
    The depth of your knowledge amaze me ,the vast majority of Arabs and Muslims are ignorant to the facts and therefore to the real truth .
    one of the earlier israeli leaders ,i can’t recall his name,maybe moshe dayan, once said ,he isn’t worried about the Arabs knowing his published intentions ,because simply the Arabs don’t read.
    back to the saudi inc and their soulmates wahabi cult ,what you wrote is 100% right and then some.
    many years I read a detailed books about their dark history in that region and their Hebrew jewish origin and how they divided and conquered the Arab tribes by acts of barbaric terrorism ,what they did a 100 years ago.
    daesh their daughter are doing the same things these days.
    one of the authors of these books seeked refuge in Lebanon back in the 90’s , Lebanese factions sold him out.
    the saudis put him in a helicopter flown to high altitude and then thrown him out to the ground ,just to make example of him..
    My point is that ,the Jews have interfered ,infiltrated and manipulated and coerced Islam as much as they did to Christianity
    their aim is to seed doubts on our beliefs in order to deceive and control .

    1. Christianity and islam are both an invention of the jews. Christianity was invented to brainwash the white goyim in Europe. The islam to brainwash the arab/oriental goyim. There were no televisions/media etc. back then to brainwash the goyim. The deception with the muslims went wrong in the past as the muslims started to really believe this fable/invention/myth. To solve this situation the jews invented a different islam by the secret saudi jews.
      The jews are always playing this game of deceptions, opposition/controlled opposition. It is all a scam the jews rule islam AND christianity. The goyim masses muslims don’t know this but the elite-muslims, the elite-masons do know, ask Erdogan.

  22. @ touchy Arnold, judaism, christianity and islam are ALL silly views invented by jews for power and money! The bible is a jewish cookbook with all recipes for everyman’s taste to brainwash the goyim. It’s the ‘ christians’ who defend the jews, so what does this say about so called ‘ christians’? Freedom of speech doesn’t mean I am offending any person. You are using a fallacy. Btw I am free
    of any ‘ religion’/superstition especially if it comes from the jews, salvation comes not from the jews/’ the children of god’.

    1. @ Mark

      @ touchy Arnold, judaism, christianity and islam are ALL silly views invented by jews for power and money! The bible is a jewish cookbook with all recipes for everyman’s taste to brainwash the goyim. It’s the ‘ christians’ who defend the jews, so what does this say about so called ‘ christians’? Freedom of speech doesn’t mean I am offending any person.

      I agree with Bradley in his general assessment of your intellect. You must be a fool not to realize that the administratrors of this website are all Christians, including Sister Monica who is a former nun and who is allowing you to insult her religion on this website.

      If you think you can insult her religion and call it “free speech” to spit in her face and tell her what shit her religion is, then you really must be an incredibly stupid person.

      In fact, you must be a moron to spit in Sister Monica’s face and say: “This is free speech!” No sir, it is not free speech. It is abuse of free speech. Worse than that, it is bad manners.

      So tell me: do you intend to go on insulting Sister Monica by spitting in her face and mocking her religion? YES or NO?

      1. @ Sister Monica

        So tell me: do you intend to go on insulting Sister Monica by spitting in her face and mocking her religion? YES or NO?

        Yes, Sister Monica. Mark the Skinhead intends to go on mocking your religion and spitting in your face! So what are going to do about it, sister?

      2. Sister Monica,
        3 hoorays for the simple words of wisdom.

        Sard, Madame Butterfly,
        imagine a world of 3.5 billion each of your identical copies, go on, try.
        say, you are attending the great festival in Rio with all its exuberant dancing, floats, noise … and every voice is Sard’s or MB’s, every face, every gesture, dance move, even the choice of costumes, because you all have identical tastes.
        What a lovely world!

        There would only be one jarring note of discord in the entire world:
        the face of Jesus.

        It would look frighteningly different, who is this clown 🙂 spitting in our 7 billion faces?

    1. Lobro,

      We’re not talking about the carnival at Rio where colorful diversity is welcome. False analogy. Because the different individuals who make up the variegated crowd and provide the spectacle are all working in unison to celebrate joie de vivre and say “YES!” to life. They are not all at each others’ throats, trying to tear each others’ eyes out.

      In short, dear Lobro, there is at Rio not only a variegated crowd, there is also crowd control. The crowd must behave. Or else they get the water canon treatment. The police baton. Tear gas.

      Here we have an unruly and insulting poster, Mark the Skinhead, who defines “free speech” as the freedom to spit in your eye and insult your religion. Fine. No problem. As long as he does it on someone else’s website where spitting on Christianity is not a problem.

      The man is a moron if he chooses a PRO-CHRISTIAN website on which to mock Christianity. Surely you can see that?

      Imagine this man, Mark the Skinhead, to be a dinner guest in your house who has chosen to spit on the tablecloth in the presence of all your good friends. See, how they are all appalled at his bad manners! What next, dear Lobro? He jumps up on your dinner table and pisses all over it, splashing your fellow guests with his showers of yellow urine. What do you do, Lobro?

      Do you mutter some kindly nonsense about the Carnival at Rio? 🙂 or do you show your unruly guest the door? 🙂 Do you give him the Big Boot?

      I know what I would do, Lobro.

      There is a time for kisses, and there is time for cudgels. There is a time for hugs, and there is a time for a fist in the face. There is a time for the open door and the welcome guest, and there is a time for the bad-mannered guest to get a kick in the backside.

      1. Sard, our debate right now concerns where the line should be drawn in shifting sands regarding free speech against orderly behavior.
        Now, i don’t have to agree with someone in order to give them access to the sounding board, in fact i often encourage it because it spurs my own thinking, challenges me to come up with a robust answer and it also gives me a chance to expand on the subject.
        Would you prefer to play, say, tennis against a live opponent or bounce it against a wall?

        Mark did not attack anyone personally, simply gave voice to a fragmentary objection to Christianity, an often enough heard one, namely that it encourages appeasement and surrender to Juadist (spellcheck says: Jihadist 😉 tells you something, don’t it) goals.
        Are you saying that no one has a right to consider this line of argument?
        Sard, with all due respect, this smacks of Holocaustinity (i.e., Denial) and i for one do not want absolutely any association or proximity to that foul smelling cadaver.

        I have a ready answer to Mark, namely that Jesus was sent to us expressly in order to warn us about Devil, his plan of deceit and corruption and extinguishing of human spirit and that his primary agent of action was the Jew.
        That the gospels of the New Testament stand in diametric opposition to the Old Testament and that therefore, the term “New Testament” is misleading, just like “anti-semitism” is misleading.
        That Jesus proposed an absolute and eternal solution to the malignancy of the Jew, namely, our awareness, recognition of the truth (John 14:6), the fearless disregard for consequences because the truth renders you invincible.

        This is Christ and Christianity, Sard, not slapping schoolkids for not singing in the unison, I don’t think that Monica ever did that in her sisterhood days.

        Where IMO, the admin should step in and read the riot act is when someone is obnoxiously in our faces, repeating the same toxic verbiage incessantly and we have also had our share of those, haven’t we.

        Kyrie eleison

      2. Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “That Jesus proposed an absolute and eternal solution to the malignancy of the Jew, namely, our awareness, recognition of the truth (John 14:6), the fearless disregard for consequences because the truth renders you invincible.”

        That is one rendition. I have one also.

        For those wishing to do what it has been written that Jesus did…. it is claimed that HE set the example of ACTION after the “awareness and recognition” as described in the same book of John:


        “So He made a WHIP out of cords and DROVE all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle.
        He poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.”

        There it is written that HE showed… when hope and prayer is not enough… take ACTION, even with a WHIP… DRIVE THEM OUT..!!

        One does not have to be a Christian to repeat this message of ACTION, which should be “incessantly” present….. as the “way, truth and light” to the world….. especially the business world, which is controlled by Pharisee-Jew Bankers…. driven, in large part, today…. by PROFITS in oil and drugs. THEIR METHODS right NOW…. their “COURTS”..!!

        That was Ezra Pound’s SIMPLE message against usury. He was critical of Christianity… BUT kept the part of physically WHIPPING the Pharisee-Jew Bankers. AND THAT is a message worthy of repeating…. even “incessantly”…. until it sinks in.

        I don’t believe Pound would be chased away from this site for his many criticisms of Christianity.

      3. well, i do agree with you on all points Pat.
        and i also like to draw distinction between the nature of Jesus and militant Christianity that kept Jews at arm’s length, locking them up for the night and banning them from many state services and usury.
        The way of the whip sounds good.

        the first step to combating the menace is to clearly recognize its methods and not fall into the trap of artificial morality known as political correctness.

    1. @ Mahmoud el-Yousseph

      A sure sign of a real man is admission to being incorrect. You will be completely absolved as soon as you get a red baseball cap and attend a Trump rally. 🙂

  23. One of the more interesting comments so far came from Peter Hitchens who reminds us that the Isis terrorists will claim every atrocity as being of their own handiwork. This is to do genuine religious Muslims a disservice and also helps obscure the degenerate state of contemporary society, where liberal drug laws, together with the breakdown of our culture and community, allows drug fuelled psychopaths to stalk our streets.

  24. What I have noticed about Islam, since I started investigating it, over ten years ago now, is that like the goyim’s cognitive dissonance with the holocaust, Muslims have the same with their religion. Because all of them have grown up to being taught that their prophet was the perfect man (of which he most certainly wasn’t), they believe, therefore, that everything he taught was also perfect. The minute you kill another and/or call for the killing of another/validate another’s death, you lose all moral high ground.

    From what I am also led to believe is that once you convert to Islam, as this man did, you are given an Islamic name. Khalid Masood is his Islamic name. He began living as a Muslim. It is the same, tired old rhetoric that I hear: “this man is not a Muslim…….this man killed innocents and therefore is not a Muslim…..blah….blah…..blah…..” It’s utter pants. What this is, are Muslims, lying through their teeth, in order to put on a front, to fool the western public into thinking that Muslims DO NOT condone the actions of this man. They damn, well do! But, hey, I wonder what you reckon would have happened, had Muslims, all over the UK stated: “we fully support Masood in his attack against the anti Islamic establishment and just wish he had got into Parliament and caused more bloodshed”? Where is the msm, in its anti Islamic stance? Why are they not out secretly recording the hatred taught to young Muslims in faith schools, as they continue the great divide between the Muslim and the kuffar?

    Since my absence, this website is rapidly turning into a very pro Islamic website. I am simply shocked at the fact that there is nothing, whatsoever on the fact that within 50 or so years, the whole of the west will become an Islamic state, simply by procreation of Muslims.

    This is why I left this site. It’s the complete and utter delusion of many of the posters within, embracing a religion that terrorized Europe for centuries. It still continues to terrorize not only Europe, courtesy of the flood of immigrants into it, but ask the Hindus and the Sikhs, the Buddhists, the Yazidis and the Kurds about Islam and Muslims? “Ah but these people persecuting these peoples are not Muslims” is the constant BS that we hear. “They do not follow in the teachings of Muhammad (pbuh)”.
    It’s what we continually hear, the minute there is any negative press about Muslims.

    This is London today. This is Islam in London. This is Islam in Birmingham. This is Islam in Leicester. And as if by magic, a Muslim appears “These people are not Muslims”. Yup, they’re Jews, masquerading as Muslims………I got it. Any Muslim, who isn’t perfect, pristine and the sun isn’t shining out their arse, is a crypto Jew.

    As I said, C O G N I T I V E D I S S O N A N C E. In Islam there isn’t such a thing as a violent Muslim. In Islam all Muslims are perfect, because the true Muslim follows the teaching of Muhammad….blah….blah….blah.

    Wake up for goodness sake.
    Islam is a religion, a political ideology and a culture, all wrapped up into one. It is NOT in the west, to promote peace and love, but is seeking to Islamize every land, that they are in. Once they succeed the west will be nothing but a page in a history book, that is if they actually allow them to be published.

    The very concept of Islam and the role of all Muslims, as ORDERED by their prophet, is the ISLAMIZATION OF ALL LANDS on this globe. Those Muslims who disagree, are lying or are incredibly ignorant about the teachings within Islam.

    People in the west have a choice:

    1. Islamization of their nation
    2. Instant halt of all Muslim immigration and the removal of Muslims, back to their lands. Those born in the west must be restricted to one child per family and should they disagree, then remove them, permanently.

    I will not listen to Muslims who tell me that Islam is a peaceful religion. Reality proves contrary, not just in the west, but in India, Asia, Africa and the middle east – “They’re not Muslims they’re Jews masquerading as Muslims in order to give Islam and Muslims a bad name” – bollox.

    The reality is a simple one. Just as Jews will attack non Jews, for citing passages in the Talmud, as taken out of context, Muslims will do exactly the same with the Koran.
    Here are some facts about Islam that cannot be refuted:

    1. Muhammad was a warlord. He killed and had people killed as he enforced Islam upon people by the sword. Islam, by historical definition IS NOT a religion of peace, that is if you have an Orwellian view on the definition of peace.
    2. Muhammad was the complete opposite of Christ and therefore not the perfect man, as Christ was.
    3. Muhammad told Muslims that the main goal of Islam was to conquer the world. Islam after all means ‘submission’.
    4. Muslims see all non Muslims as lesser beings to themselves – kuffar, just as Jews see all non Jews as lesser to they – goyim. This continue to be taught to Muslims, all over the UK, the west and the world (see above video).

    I’m just sick fed up and tired of seeing people defend Islam, who continually ignore Islamic history and seem to think that Jews are behind ALL the violence that we see within it. Sure, ISIS is most certainly Jewish created, that I won’t deny, but history too? Was Muhammad a Jew in disguise? I’m tired of hearing the same old rhetoric that Muslims doing bad are not Muslims. I’m tired of hearing the same old bullshit that Muhammad did nothing wrong in his life. I’m tired of hearing that Islam is a religion of peace and has no intentions on the subjugation of all world peoples under it. I’m tired of reading posters on here, Muslims and non Muslims alike who ignore what’s happening in the west, as Islam grows, again, completely diverting this reality onto Jewish perfidy, Jewish wars in the middle east and Jewish subversion of Islam.
    It’s BULL, complete and utter pants.
    Anyone who believes that Islam is a peaceful religion should check in to their local hospital and have a full, frontal lobotomy. ‘Good Muslims’, in my opinion are not Muslims. ‘Jihadist’ on the other hand are carbon copies of Muhammad and would have been the backbone of Muhammad’s armed forces in the 7th century.

    Yes I know that Jews are behind the wars in the middle east.
    Yes I know that it’s about removing Israel’s enemies, amongst other reasons.
    Yes I know that Jews control the msm and there is a hell of a lot of propaganda, but they’re incredibly quiet about what’s going on in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Paris, on Islamic immigrants aren’t they? Oops sorry, they’re not Muslims, I got it………sigh
    Yes I know that western involvement (read Jew bought and owned politicians) is 100% wrong, but I don’t vote. I never have voted and therefore the war on terror has absolutely NOTHING to do with me. I have not attacked any Muslim, in the UK or outside it, other than criticizing the BS they promote in Islam being a religion of peace.

    Like I said already and can’t emphasize it any more; people in the west have a choice to either halt all Islamic migration into it and restrict all Muslims born there to one child. If this is not implemented immediately, then guaranteed, by 2070, the west will be under Islamic rule and Sharia.

    To finish, those behind this website (and I know it’s not a nationalist one) needs to get with reality. It needs to ask itself the following questions: Do I or do I not want the Islamization of the west? Do I wish the west to remain a tolerant civilization or not? Do I want there to be a west?

    I want the Muslims out of the west, just as I want the Jews out. Both are a dreadful influence upon it. Let Jews live amongst themselves, where they will eventually destroy themselves and let Muslims live amongst themselves without interference from the west, where they can live peacefully, or not, under the teachings of their religion. But more importantly, let the people of the west live by their cultures and traditions and not under Jewish and/or Muslim control.

    1. Here ya go, Harb –

      Nigel Farage Talks To Ex Muslim Who Says Islam Should Be Eradicated Like a Cancer

      March 24, 2017

      An ex-Muslim tells it like it is about Islam….. He says, “The problem is with Islam.”

      He also says, “It (the Koran) does not say, ‘give them flowers or speak to them.’ It says ‘FIGHT the unbelievers.”

      And when asked the question does Islam need a reformation, he responds with, “NO..!! Islam needs ERADICATION..!!”


      1. Pat,

        “And when asked the question does Islam need a reformation, he responds with, “NO..!! Islam needs ERADICATION..!!””

        Christianity was reformed. It had to be, because it didn’t just go off the rails, it was devolving into a new religion altogether, completely opposite to the message of Christ.
        Islam, on the other hand, CANNOT be reformed. If you move Islam, towards something comparable to Christianity, you are destroying Islam.
        This utter baloney about Islam being a peaceful religion is rubbish. There are Muslims out there who wouldn’t say boo to a mouse, but if Islamic Jihad is called and they do not come to the call, then they are not following Islamic doctrine.

        We have a real problem on this website (and in the west) in that there are many people, who in their hatred of Judaism and it’s war on Islam, are absolving all Islamic criminality, passing it off as infiltration by Judaism. If that is the case then Muhammad was a Jew.

        It’s silly women, who have this romantic notion of Islam. Whether it be Kismet, Arabian Nights, The Wind and the Lion or some other western take on Islam, it’s the same, riding off into the sunset on the back of a horse that drives women crazy, fulfilling the tall, dark and handsome fantasy most western women have, courtesy of indoctrination and I wonder from who?

        I’m getting sick of this pandering to Islam, while Muslims, smash up the west, which is ok, because look what they west is doing to their lands? I’m tired of people telling me that these Muslim immigrants are not Muslims, but then I see videos of faith schools, teaching them to segregate from the non Muslims and look down upon them and of course, I’m then told they aren’t Muslims either. Very interesting, it seems that out of every 1,000 Muslims, only one is a true Muslim the way things are going in denouncing violence and hatred by Muslims on westerners. It therefore seems that either Muslims are lying about reality, aren’t behaving as Muslims should, or have a serious problem with their faith. I’m pushing far towards the former.

      2. Harbinger –

        I agree with you on everything except Darkmoon’s complicity/duplicity. (Darkmoon has always given opportunity for open discussion.) However, instead of terming it a “religion”, always refer to Islam as A POLITICAL MOVEMENT – because that’s what it is.

      3. Gilbert,

        There shouldn’t be any defense of Islam, more so with its drive for the Islamization of non Islamic lands. There is a MASSIVE difference between Zionist owned, western governments and their war on terror policy on Islamic lands compared to the teachings within the Koran, of the global caliphate/ummah and subjugation of all world peoples under Islamic jurisprudence. The only debate on Islam, other than the obvious, which is Jewish attack on their lands and Islamic invasion of the west is how to remove it, peacefully from the west and stop western (Jewish) invasion of Islamic lands without further aggression between the two.
        Islam is a religion in that it has a deity, a set of beliefs, moral codes etc. It just also happens to have culture and politics intertwined.

  25. Bravo, Harbinger I agree 100% with you ! Islam was already problematic (to put it mildly) long before the establishment of Israel and Jewish infiltration of some Muslim organizations. It all goes back to the “prophet” Muhammad himself, who was for all practical purposes an immoral warlord, who increased his power by sheer thuggery. Yet he is considered as a “perfect man” and as a role model for all Muslims.

    “…Why are they not out secretly recording the hatred taught to young Muslims in faith schools, as they continue the great divide between the Muslim and the kuffar..?”

    Such videos already exist. Here is one of them : https://youtu.be/u0YUysixVd0

    1. slow clapping, Harbinger, I agree 20% with you!
      and i know that there was a large bullseye painted on me as you were throwing your darts.
      i always disagreed because i visited a number of muslim countries, lived in a muslim country and never, ever had a slightest conflict with them, without ever dissembling about my religion.
      But i guess that deaf ears have their purpose in the grand design of things.
      First, to Franklin ryckaert: i watched that video of babbling, idiotic hardline islamic broads with considerable disgust, while also recognizing that there are a number of the so-called christian venues where the same kind of vomit can be heard, only swapping the terms, Muslim-for-Christian, eternal hellfire for non-believers, etc.
      However, let me quote the most interesting part, at the very end (3:30)

      It is not befitting for a Muslim to reside in a land of evil, the land of kuffaar, the land of the disbelievers.
      A Muslim should emigrate to a Muslim country.

      A MUSLIM SHOULD EMIGRATE TO A MUSLIM COUNTRY says the muslim woman in the video.
      they agree with you 100%! They hate your country, they are miserable in it, they are dying to get out!
      Well, now let’s put the shoe on the other foot: From Churchill to Blair: How British Leaders Have Destroyed Iraq for Over a Century

      Britain has used its military might and commercial prowess to subjugate Iraq and control its oil resources for over one hundred years.

      Churchill invented Iraq. The end of World War I left Britain and France in command of the Middle East and the allies carved up the region as the defeated Ottoman Empire fell apart. Winston Churchill convened the 1912 Conference in Cairo to determine the boundaries of the British Middle Eastern mandate. After giving Jordan to Prince Abdullah, Churchill, gave Prince Abdullah’s brother Faisal an arbitrary patch of desert that became Iraq.

      Historian Michael R. Burch recalls how the huge zigzag in Jordan’s eastern border with Saudi Arabia has been called “Winston’s Hiccup” or “Churchill’s Sneeze” because Churchill carelessly drew the expansive boundary after a generous lunch.

      How about that, huh? Any disagreements out there or maybe along the lines of:

      we are never to blame for any of the ugly deeds we did, blame our leaders, blame the jew, but any bad shit a Muslim does, instantly lay it at the feet of Mohammad.

      I am right? this is your policy in these debates, trying to make me feel guilty for not joining you in taking a huge dump on Islam.
      let’s go on a bit further.

      Churchill ordered punitive village burning expeditions and air attacks to shock and awe the population. The British air force bombed not only military targets but civilian areas as well. British government policy was to kill and wound women and children so as to intimidate the population into submission.

      Churchill also authorized the use of chemical weapons on innocent Iraqis.

      In 1919 Churchill remarked,

      “I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes… It will cause great inconvenience and spread a lively terror”.

      don’t blame Jesus the Nice Guy, feel free to blame Mohammad, the psychopath jihadist (Copyright protected by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, your Koran translators).

      And a closing quote, by now you got the tune, right? you are musical.

      To Britain’s imperial Prime Ministers, aviation has always promised to be the trump card, the guaranteed way of keeping native peoples and their resources under control. Arthur “Bomber” Harris, who was to lead the aerial bombardment of Germany 20 years after bombing Iraq, boasted that he had taught Iraqis

      “that within 45 minutes a full-sized village can be practically wiped out and a third of its inhabitants killed or wounded”.

      Bravo, Bomber, such a clear vision, just don’t blame Christianity, ok?
      Right, do we blame the Jew for messing the mind of poor Bomber harris and his innocent joy of hundreds of thousands of burnt offerings?

      After all, the Germans are islamofascist 😉

      My view: yes, all these muslims ought to go home.
      All these muslims ought to HAVE a home.
      or do we just wash our hands here – not our problem that our taxes funded the murder and destruction visited upon your nations – just GTFO!

      Jesus would say that, would he, tell me again what a nice, just dude he is.

      When the arsonist tells you, what’s your problem, why don’t you just go home, what is your reaction?

      1. Lobro,

        i always disagreed because i visited a number of muslim countries, lived in a muslim country and never, ever had a slightest conflict with them, without ever dissembling about my religion.

        This is not what I am debating. I am talking about, with video evidence, the clear segregation of Muslims, in the UK and their wish for it to become an Islamic state. I do not want to live in an Islamic state. I do not wish for my non Islamic country to become an Islamic one under Islamic jurisprudence. Are you able to see where I am on this subject?

        The whole promotion of Islam being a ‘religion of peace’ should be viewed as to its true meaning Once the world is Islam there will be peace.

        Your argument with Churchill and Blair are straw man arguments. I agree with you. I am utterly disgusted by their actions and view both as mass, murdering psychopaths, under the employ of Rothshcild, but this has nothing to do with Islamic doctrine in its ultimate mission to make the world Islam.

        You are preaching to the converted Lobro. We agree with one another but also disagree with one another. I will not deny you always back up your views but what I am seeing happening in the UK (and many European cities), as regards with Islam, is intolerance and a drive for further segregation leading to Islamization. Are you truly not seeing what I am? How many videos do I have to put up, with nothing whatsoever to do with Gellar, Spencer, Horowitz or Frontpage to show you that Islamization and the implementation of Sharia in non Islamic lands, IS NOT a Jewish subversion tactic? If you truly believe that then it is clear, beyond all shadow of a doubt, that Muhammad was, like the House of Saud, a crypto Jew and that the globalist takeover plan, by the Jew, is far older than many think.

        I need to make this clear to you. I have no ill feeling towards Muslims. I have always disagreed with wars against Islam. However, I am and always will be 100% against the invasion of any land, by any people who desire to force their way of life upon another, whether it be western to Islam or Islam to the west.

      2. Lobro –

        If someone, anyone, had walked around making wine from water, giving it away, in musselmen country…. there would have been a stoning for sure… and Judas would have been insignificant… Unnecessary for the story….!!

        Graveyards are full of peace.. 🙂

      3. @Lobro

        Where I agree with you :

        Britain and the US (not to mention Israel) have committed horrendous crimes against Muslim nations. I don’t condone them in any way.

        International Jewry is engaged in a smear campaign against Islam in order to mobilize the West against Israel’s enemies in the Middle East.

        Jews have infiltrated Muslim institutions, created fake Muslim terrorist groups and have committed false flag “Muslim” terrorist acts for the same purpose. Where these acts are committed they should be exposed and condemned.

        Where I disagree with you :

        Islam existed long before Israel was created and the nature of its tenets, its practices, its history and above all its founder should be open to criticism. Engaging in such criticism doesn’t necessarily mean that one “works for the Jews” even if they could profit from it. Whatever profit Jews could have from our criticism of Islam will be neutralized by our even more severe criticism of themselves.

        You may have had positive experiences with individual Muslims, that doesn’t make you into an “expert” in Islamic history. I have the impression that you never read a good book about Muhammad or Islamic history, which makes you reject any criticism of them as “Jewish propaganda”.

        Here is a video about the hideous Islamic practice of child marriage and sexual abuse, all condoned in Islam because Muhammad himself practiced it :


      4. Lobro,

        I also forgot to add that there is the question: – Why, all of a sudden, is there this desire, by Muslims, to conquer the west? Why since the Ottoman empire and the control of Spain, by the Moors, they’ve had no plans to?
        And really it’s a rather simple answer. Since the end of WW2, immigration controls, into Europe have become practically non existent, more so, since the 90’s. To add to that, Muslims have been allowed to build their Mosques in Europe and faith schools. They have been allowed segregation from non Muslims. They have been given complete religious freedom in the west. And to top it all off, they now realise that it’s no longer a case of having their foot in the door, but now owning large parts of the west, having taken over not just whole communities but cities also and in the case of London, high authority positions. They now realise that all they have to do is rut like the rabbits (they are) and through procreation will dominate.
        Of course, I also blame the indigenous for not populating; myself being from a family of seven, as my mother before from an even larger one. And yes, feminism plays a large part, courtesy of Jewish manipulation of society with their owning of the sources of education and media.
        However, Islam is growing in the west, because it can and that’s really the only answer there is, as to the boom in population. If, however, Britain behaved like Saudi and restricted Islamic growth and banned the building of mosques (as it does with churches) then we would see a different situation emerge wouldn’t we?

        And yes, I know that Jews are 100% behind all of this but like it or not, the Muslim avalanche is rapidly moving down the hill, to completely engulf western civilization below it and it’s not going to stop when the Jews are found, who triggered it in the first place is it?

      5. Franklin,

        We need to always be very careful on what we put down as truth. The video link to the Hamas, multiple marriage ceremony is highly questionable. This is what one of the commenters wrote, himself a Palestinian:

        I’m an agnostic Palestinian , and this is the sickest lie iv seen on the internet and believe me there’s a lot , those little girls are the sisters/nieces/cousins of the bride or groom not the real bride as the Hamas Muslim community is conservative and the real bride wont be filmed or celebrate with the males , usually they have a separate celebration for the females , Hamas has a law that prohibits anyone (male/female) under the age of 17 from getting married , and the fuck sheikh in the end isn’t Palestinian and is irrelevant to the first video , its sad how blinded people get from the hatred in their hearts

        I am more inclined to believe this Palestinian and see this as nothing but Zionist propaganda against Palestinians.
        More so, on the second part of the video with the Saudi imam speaking on child marriage, he correctly states that marriage is a contract. Muhammad married Aisha at 6 and consummated the marriage when she was nine. The question is – was she on her menstrual cycle? Had she already flowered? If so, then she was ready in many cultures, to procreate and would be looked upon as a woman were it the case. Who is above nature? When nature deems a child is ready to procreate, nature makes it so. Man is NOT above nature. When we realise that in those days, infant mortality was incredibly high and many women died in child birth, then the younger a woman, the more likelihood she was strong enough to survive childbirth. “He who hath not sinned cast the first stone” was what Christ stated and this argument about Muhammad and Aisha is quite pathetic, because back then it was common place to marry children and for them to give birth before they hit their teens. So when Tommy Robinson goes on and on about Muhammad being a paedophile I laugh at the absurdity of it and see it taking away from the real problem of allowing an alien, minority population free reign to grow and eventually dominate the land they are in. It was towards the end of the 13th century that the age of consent in England, was set at 12 years old. This is nearly 600 years after the time of Muhammad. What on earth was it like before? More so, how on earth can Tommy Robinson, condemn this when he advocates for homosexual marriage, with homosexuality being an abomination in most religious beliefs and just blatantly wrong in every way? i would far rather society promoted men marrying six year olds and consummating it when they were nine (if they were of course menstruating) than promoting homosexuality, sodomy and marriage between them.

      6. Franklin,

        It is not with Muhammad’s relations with Aisha that concern me. As I stated, this happened in the 7th century. It was common at that time to take child brides and no wrong was seen in it. If they were menstruating then they were not viewed as children, but young women, ready to start a family with. As I already stated, England passed its first age of Consent of 12 in 1275, under Edward the First. Therefore, there is no doubt, whatsoever marriages of children and sexual relations were happening under that age. There is no attacking anyone in western history for doing that which Muhammad did is there?

        What concerns me about Islam is its intolerance. I deeply disagree with homosexuality, however, I would be a hypocrite to my beliefs on freedom, were I to enforce my way of life upon them. And heaven forbid kill them, as they do in Islamic states. I disagree with adultery, but would never contemplate stoning my wife to death, as they do in Islamic lands. But above all, what I vehemently oppose, within Islam, is religion, politics and culture all wrapped up into one. The freedom to live, how one so chooses IS NOT an option within Islam. It is an intolerant ideology and any tolerant society that allows intolerance within it, will become an intolerant one before long. How any man could follow the teachings of another who states that they must not drink the fermentation of the grape or the grain is completely beyond me. There is nothing more natural than the creation of alcohol. And thankfully, because of it, wounds no longer fester, resulting in amputations. It greatly helps in medicine.

        I do not trust Islam.
        I do not trust Muslims who say they are in the west because they believe in its classic liberal beliefs and the freedom to become what they so choose. You can never, ever be free when you are a slave and all who are Muslim have submitted to the tenets of Islam, which restricts them from many freedoms. Some of the greatest songs and writings have been created after consumption of alcohol and other mind altering drugs. Alcohol and drugs have turned a grey existence for many into a myriad of colours, thoughts and fantastical beliefs. There is no creation in Islam. It is a devolving ideology because it is restricted to the 7th century. It has no place in the west, amongst great minds and free thinkers.

      7. @Lobro

        In a comment above I have already indicated that I know about Jewish infiltration in the Islamic world. Here is it again :

        “Jews have infiltrated Muslim institutions, created fake Muslim terrorist groups and have committed false flag “Muslim” terrorist acts for the same purpose. Where these acts are committed they should be exposed and condemned.”

        But we have to ask ourselves why there are so many Muslims who join such false flag organizations to commit atrocities in the Middle East. You mention the “rootlessness” of Muslim youths in Europe, but youths of other non-European immigrant backgrounds are in the same cultural situation and don’t join terrorist groups. The reason is that violence and Islam have always been related, and that goes back straight to the founder of this problematic religion.

        As for your suggestion that the Qur’an has been “deliberately mistranslated by Jews”, there exist many translations of the Qur’an, by Muslims, by Christians, few by Jews. Arabic is a language that like any language can be learned. Modern Muslims feel embarrassed by certain passages in the Qur’an therefore they pretend that only those who speak Arabic can understand it. Well, if that is the case, 80% of all Muslims can never understand it. The Qur’an contains morally repulsive passages just like the Old Testament. Jews have nothing to do with it.

    2. Yes Franklin,

      However, those Muslims that are portrayed in the video, are not Muslims, for they are not promoting Islam as it should be. They are radical Muslims, not promoting the peace within the Koran and therefore opposing the views of Muhammad and his teachings. They are most certainly Jews, masquerading as Muslims, as all Muslims in this world, who commit violence are. [sarcasm off]

      1. Bradley –

        I agree that Harb’s lies and mistakes should be corrected. Soooo…. just point out his lies, and prove him wrong. Easy solution.

        Everyone has bashed me here at one time or another.

        It’s OK..!!! I still offer my opinion…..
        ……. I got “hard bark” like in “Hombre”…

        Richard Boone… “Mister, you got some hard bark on you..!!” 🙂

      2. Pat,

        Should Bradley decide to point out my wrongs, feel free to answer in my stead. I just find objectionable people like Mr Arnold, not worth the time of day quite frankly. That stated, I really don’t think you’ll need to do much replying to him. Trolls are, after all, incapable of any form of critical thinking and prescience is something that passes them by……..

      3. @ Harbinger

        I distinctly remember you lecturing Admin for the perceived deficiencies of this website. You accused the site of becoming more “pro-Islamic”, without giving the slightest evidence for this. “That why I left the site,” you said.

        Your own words, Harbinger.

        First of all, it’s not true that the site has become “more pro-Islamic”. I’m a regular commenter here and I haven’t noticed that. Added to this is the fact that Franklin Ryckaert is constantly bashing Mohammed and Islam and none of his posts, as far as I’m aware, are being deleted.

        So your accusation that the site is becoming more pro-Islamic is false.

        I think you should apologize to Admin for daring to lecture them on how they should run their website. It’s not your job to do that. You are getting too big for your boots frankly. Like so many frustrated, dysfnctional men with a chip on their shoulders about everything, you appear to suffer from delusions of grandeur.

        @ Sister Monica

        If this insolent pup continues to badmouth your website and refuses to apologize for his rudeness, either block his posts or put him on permanent monitoring until he apologizes.

      4. Madame


        Looks like I’ve hit a nerve.
        How dreadfully sorry I am to have upset your wings, on speaking freely on things you deem should not be spoken. I mean, freedom of speech, who ever thought….Yup, lock us all up for disagreeing….tsk tsk…I’d better off and self flagellate…..Freedom of speech on your terms eh Madame?

      5. I have a long memory. Harbinger is a pussy. He’s been driven away twice from this website by the attacks of other posters who cannot stand his constant quarrelsomeness, and twice he has returned after an absence of several months. And every time he comes back he makes the same mistakes. He picks quarrels with people, objecting to their ideas, nitpicking and finding fault, as he has now done with Lobro, having barely returned.

        Bad vibes, that’s what he brings with him always. He’s a born Rottweiler, growling and snarling and snapping at everyone.

        I thought Englishmen had good manners. Not this one. What a pity. And a misogynist, too!

        Self-control, honey. That’s what you need. Ever hear of kindness, humility, tolerance, politeness? No, I guess not! Those are virtues not generally found in the slums.

      6. Pat, golly! I don’t remember bashing you!
        I do though recall a rear naked choke hold,
        or two.. (;>)

      7. i read all the comments subsequent to mine of the last night as soon as i woke up but i can’t think on empty stomach and so headed out to the nearby highway truck stop for some Thai grub, like good buddhists that they are, they absolutely reject any notion of vegetarianism and everything contains pieces of either chicken, pork or fish.
        And so i end up having fish for breakfast every morning … today, superb green curry with catfish, my favorite.
        And the thought process started as follows: catfish tastes wonderful but entails a laborious process of separating meat from an astronomical number of tiny bones that at best taste like a hairball and at worst like trying to swallow a clutch of baby porcupines.
        And so it is with Harb’s posts.
        Let me preface this by saying that harb is truly one of my favorite posters and i did regret his absence:
        thoughtful, fair, well informed and sticks up for his arguments when he believes he is right but not above modifying when confronted with stronger evidence to the contrary.
        (this is starting to sound like two Harvard jews, eg, Meir Kahane and Alan Dershowitz before public tv debate)
        IMO, Harb made one glaring error, by castigating Lasha and the crew for their choice of subjects and for not being “nationalistic” enough, as if that is some kind of high treachery.
        I won’t even go into that except to say that it doesn’t strike me as something that Harb would say in a normal course of conversation.
        Harb, on a point basis, i can agree, sometimes somewhat reluctantly with everything you say, meaning that if i shift my viewpoint to yours, yes, it makes sense.

        But hear my points of disagreement or rather correction, where i see fit.
        Post WW2, german industrial miracle required a huge input of labor, especially lower skilled and they actively trolled the eastward caveman nations like the Balkans, Poland, Turkey and Kurdistan.
        and guess what, majority were not only muslim but the social dregs of those countries, the otherwise unemployable ones, traditional rustics, hardline faithful at the time when strongly (((secular))) Turkey powerfully discouraged any public display of religious sentiment, thanks to Jew Ataturk, and it wasn’t much different in Bosnia, a province of communist Yugoslavia, ditto for Bulgaria and Albania.
        We are talking about ’50s and ’60s, ie, at least 2 more generations of disenfranchised youth, strangers in a strange land, no place to call home, aimlessly squatting around European cities, fallen between cracks but doing economically well thanks to generous socialist safety nets.
        Need i spell out in detail how it went from there, Harb? i don’t think so, you are a sharp dude and can figure it out. We are taliking about millions of such cases, in Germany, Sweden, denmark, Holland, France, wherever some form of economic tiger miracle took place.

        Franklin and Pat will naturally blame Mohammad, naturally, naturally … irregular bowel movement? Blame Mohammad, reach for some quality wipe manufactured by Rita Katz, Pamela Geller, Norman Podhoretz and the usual anti-islamofascist jew slew.
        i have given up hope that Franklin will ever come to his senses on Islam, tell him, hey franklin, you are quoting directly from talmud on islam and he will say ok, then how about this quote from Yinon Plan.

        What must be understood is the following entanglement between history and present.
        Judaism, Christianity, Islam … each has an ideological progenitor/generator and the current offspring.

        Bad parents produce bad children: Jews.
        Good parent produces mediocre children: Christians.
        Bad parent produces mediocre children: Muslims.

        If you made the above statement, i wouldn’t have much to disagree with because more or less, this is how I see it, notwithstanding that I truly know nothing about the origin of Islam, personal history of Mohammad and even more truly don’t care, and no, you won’t talk me into reading about it, except for little blurbs here and there.
        Heck, I never even read all of the New Testament, only catch fleeting bits because they go with the daily flavor, soup d’ jour.

        But i do like to grasp the whole rather than just the parts or even the sum of the parts.
        And i can tell you that whereas you guys have a frog’s eye view looking up from the swamp, surrounded by lowlifes and pronounce the whole world the same, i prefer the opposite direction, from above, there’s swamp and there’s pasture and forest.
        And i can tell you that just like most of you are not hardline practicing christians, lucky to see inside of a church twice a year, so are most of the muslims living in the muslim dominated lands that I have seen.

        Only the bottom rung neanderthals take it all as a literal word of mono-lingual, regional God … Jews excepted because despite all the affluence and education, they are Satanists and Satan does not believe in veering off the strict plan.

        Muslims as a rule don’t give a shit about takeover of other nations, this is politics of power, pure and simple, ask machiavelli, his book could have been called The Sultan without altering a single word of it.

        Turkish emperors spent most of their time and energy fighting and destroying other Islamic lands, Egypt, mesopotamia, Persia, Libya, Tunisia and so on, quite often using Christian mercenaries to get the job of the slaughter done.
        So this is another stumbling block that the jew’s anti-islamofascist corner enthusiastically blames the prophet for.
        Was Mohammad a warrior? So what, be sure that i couldn’t care less, not my religion and the followers that I know are just fine.
        Bosnia and Herzegovina produce (and quaff) tons of great booze, wine, grappa, brandies of bewildering types, Albania makes one of the world’s premier brandies, i tried it and couldn’t believe it wasn’t the finest cognac (and I know, my father drank himself to early grave riding the $100 a mickey French cognac every night), Turks in big cities drink like it’s going out of fashion, I am sure the same in wonderful damascus – how I long to go there one day.

        You are fine, harb, i forgot to add that you are very fair, the hoods bashed you to within an inch of death or paralysis and yet you are remarkably free of specific hatred, not sure that my mind would have weathered it as well.
        All you have to do is get even better, forget Mohammad, deal with the issue at hand.
        If you are sufficiently roused by the sight of these mongrels polluting your neighborhood to go after them with a pitchfork, then I suggest you nip it in the bud, when your sleazy shabbo politicians grab your taxes to torch yet another peaceful country
        at the behest of Usura

        Remember the ENEMY.

      8. @ Harbinger

        I call this transparent hatred..

        the other day ,good Muslims donated over 100,000 dollars in one hour to the emerging Jewish Muslim Alliance against bigotry.

        keep the good Harby ,maybe more dough will keep coming…..

      9. @Lobro

        “…I truly know nothing about the origin of Islam, personal history of Mohammad and even more truly don’t care, and no, you won’t talk me into reading about it…”

        Then don’t suggest that those who do know something about it only repeat Jewish propaganda or are motivated by prejudice. Debating with an ignoramus is frustrating, but debating with a proud ignoramus is a total waste of time.

      10. thoughtful ignorance is better than mindlessly repeated lies and smears any day.

        besides of all the numerous links and as many questions they raised, you addressed precisely none, i suppose because pamela geller didn’t bother to include them in her talking points, so what’s the problem, are you too lazy or unmotivated to develop your own?

        what you consistently refuse to face is the following enchanted or cursed circle that entraps your position:

        · wahhabi, salafi fueled jihad, ISIS, DAESH, al-Qaeda, crypto forms of perverted islam like Donmeh and sabbateans, all are psychotic brainchild of even more psychotic judaism and its material forms, israel and neocons, i posted numerous links on their origin, never heard a single reply, so i take it that you understand perfectly this false flag background,

        · rootless european youth of muslim parentage join these outfits: wahhabi, salafi fueled jihad, ISIS, DAESH, al-Qaeda and shout Allahu akbar while slicing throats of true muslim children in the middle east – do you care? don’t recall you being too outraged,

        · when the same rootless, brain dead vagrants cause trouble in your neighborhood while also shouting allahu akbar, suddenly you wake up and yell insults aimed at the Islamic religion and its regular adherents, including the greatest, most vulnerable victims themselves, borrowing copiously from the poisoned well of talmudic agents,

        · and in the final reckoning, blame it all on the origin and meaning (as translated from hebrew) of islam and its prophet Mohammad, closing this unhinged circle of profoundly faulty inference.

        And you’ve been doing it for years, proudly stating what an expert on this particular issue you are, the wellspring of factual truth.

        i commended harbinger for ability and willingness to consider my points of argument, which he duly did, for the most part.
        i am not holding my breath expecting the same from you.

        ps: when someone who knows the root information about koran, who can read arabic objects to your statements and libelous claims, you simply go back to the trusted jew sources, wikipedia or spencer.
        when you finally admit your own ignorance, it will be an improvement.

      11. bosnians (in bosnian federation) are about 85% muslim.
        they speak an admixture of slavic and turkish.
        in turkey, turkish is spoken exclusively.
        yet when the mullahs call for prayer 5x a day, the call goes out exclusively in arabic and it is exactly the same at every mosque in the world, nigeria, uighur republic, iran (shia persians), indonesia, trinidad and tobago, toronto-canada and so on.
        ever wonder why?

        because and i’ve told the same thing by different people that you are not a true muslim unless you speak and read arabic, because koran is ONLY in arabic, none of the so-called translations officially sanctioned.
        It is THAT special.
        Does it stop the Ugly Evil Ones from promulgating their version to gullible dupes?
        not on your life, franklin, in fact it affords them an opportunity to twist it into whatever they like.

        would you accept the gospels of Christ from Judas Iscariot?
        well, i know that i would not.
        how about if you didn’t have english fluency, in fact didn’t speak a word and a rabbi offered to translate Usura by ezra pound or Bleistein with cigar by ts eliot, would that be okay with you?

        i even made sure to reread my dostoevsky by non-jew translators because i realized that the first set i read in my youth were by a guy whose name sounded quite suspicious later on when i became jew-wise.

        maybe if you want to stop arguing with me, ask a jew to interpret my posts.

  26. The limp-wristed Jews need Musselmen to do their fighting; they are Brown Beasts, the Jews’ N*ggers of Europe.

    A more detailed explanation from “A New Folkish State”:

    We all know about how the Jewish faith requires its adherents to spread out around the world [Diaspora] and work together, indirectly and directly, to bring about their idea for a “better world.” Islam is another faith which seeks to spread its influence around the world. Outwardly, both Islam and Judaism appear to be in constant conflict with one another, and the lower classes of both faiths quarrel with each other endlessly and often violently.

    The wealthiest and most influential Muslims and Jews know better. Both have a deep down contempt for white, European civilization. The elite of these two toxic faiths have joined forces in an effort to destroy Western civilization.

    Look at what is happening in Europe [and even here in the USA]. Muslims, via lax immigration laws, are invading seemingly every nation there, causing social disorder and crime in these nations. But who are the EU officials responsible for this miss-migration of Muslims into Europe? They aren’t Muslims, I can assure you! They are Jews and those who work for Jewish interests! Why do Jews want their so-called rivals dominating Western civilization? Because if there is another political uprising or movement which aims to deport immigrants or one that is hostile to foreigners, Muslims would be the scapegoat this time around, not the Jews.

    The Jew is smart in this regard because he is, in a sense, protecting his people. This is why the Jewish Defense League [JDL] is behind the establishment of English Defence League-an anti-Muslim group [As if any Jew could rightfully consider himself British!]. Jews will foster “hate” and “discrimination” against Muslims if it means that the public’s rage is deflected to another source.

    The Muslims emigrating into our Western lands and are doing so with the intention of making their faith the world’s dominant religion. They do not fear a white nationalist uprising for the same reason why many of us do think it will happen: the masses are too lazy and stupid to care. Muslims would honestly welcome a white uprising against Islam because it would give them more reason to kill themselves fighting us; and we all know they love fighting and conflict.

    Like the Jew, the Muslim has next to no creative ability. They only know how to destroy and attempt to conquer other nations and peoples [and they suck at it, as the Crusades demonstrate].

    The Arab Muslim and ethnic Jews are both of semitic origin. Check the dictionary on this term and you will learn this. Yet, when the term “anti-Semitic” is only applied when someone slanders” [tells the truth about Jewish practices] the Jews. When we hear anti-Islamic rhetoric, not even the most socially liberal person labels such talk as “anti-Semitic.” But why? To the non-elite, dumb masses, these two toxic faiths must, on the surface, appear vastly different and constantly in conflict with one another. If we labeled anti-Muslim rhetoric [again, which is the truth about their violent, bloody faith] then the public would identify the two “faiths” as two peas in a pod.

    The Muslim is nothing more than the Jew’s most violent weapon against any non-Muslim/Jewish nation from reverting back to nationalism and implementing self-sustaining economies. Both Jews and Muslims have vested interests in seeing the world become more internationalized.

  27. Fundamentalism is a mental disease, not.much doubt about that. See how they fly off the handle when someone simply states he doesn’t believe their particular dogma. It isn’t reasonable. Always with the insults and name calling. you think that gets you points with the almighty?
    It is not an insult to express a disbelief in any religion.
    but the fanatic won’t have it any other way.
    Aren’t we supposed to be asking why and what drove this latest attack, instead of sinking into another stupid dogfight, we who are here to find the answer to why the violence and where is the path to real peace?
    I think lasha ‘ s purpose here was to Seek answers.
    We might expect some see religion itself as the reason for the instability, and want to rescue the world from Abraham and his offspring, none of whom ever really existed.
    Even so, it isn’t any sense of reverence causing the problem.
    Every religion gets its own wing of radicals, who show up to co-op the existing crowd. Like why Bob Dylan went gospel.
    Jesuits, zionists, isis. They all find appeal with the poor deluded fanatic, who is not much different.

  28. Lobro –

    You wrote:
    “Franklin and Pat will naturally blame Mohammad, naturally, naturally … irregular bowel movement?”

    To suggest that Franklin and I are ‘full of shit’ speaks more to your ignorance than cutely slapping us… and so nicely spitting in our faces….. not having ever met me, for sure.

    I thought you were smarter than that.

    You mention what you believe to be writings of Christ’s teachings quite “regularly”, and quote the writings often.

    Since you spend so much time around musselmen….. I would like you to do the same for Mohammed, to show what you THINK musselmen believe. Show me where you believe how he lived the life of earning the honors needed to be held up as the leader of any religious cult.

    Prove to me that you are so much, much…. more – NOT “irregular” – than both, Franklin and I…!! 🙂

    1. The deep-fried housecat Lobro has been consuming at his favorite Thai truck stop has excited his imagination. 🙂

    2. okay pat, not that i meant that you are full of shit but you know the saying about “if the shoe fits …”.

      so nicely spitting in our faces….. not having ever met me, for sure.

      true that, Pat, i never did meet either you or Franklin.
      Unlike you two, who obviously have met Mohammad more than once to speak so authoritatively of him and saturate the discussion of whether the London attack was work of (an ANTI-MUSLIM) jihadi or (equally ANTI-MUSLIM) false flag, so that you can with great assurance state that yes, London attack was specifically due to Mohammad and also the original Koran, the heart of Islam.
      So sorry to voice my skepticism because that amounts to saying that you are full of shit apparently, rather than my original meaning that you pop an anti-islam pill like a bifido bacteria probiotic supplement to ease regularity issues – which is what i meant but who cares what i meant since you know better.

      It all boils down to several things where you and Franklin claim easy supremacy of certain knowledge against my admitted ignorance.
      I didn’t meet Mohammad and you apparently did, so who am i to question your telling the Mohammad story and his firm connection with London car attack.
      Secondly, i never heard of the war cry, “Mohammad Akbar” at the moment the suicide bomb vest detonates, i guess i wasn’t paying attention, because clearly, Mohammad is the culprit.
      Third, when an al-quaeda jihadist, suckled on the philosophy of wahhabism carries out an infernal atrocity, who am I to link it with Mossad, Yinon plan, IDF and so forth, merely on account of multiple links that include photographs, eg, al-Baghdadi, the grand caliph being an identified israeli jew and a Mossad agent, posing with Mccain? The fact is that all this is irrelevant because Pat claims it is Mohammad, Mohammad, Mohammad and only Mohammad.
      When Barkingdeer says (quite sensibly, IMO, but sense is not on top of the priorities here, is it) that this instant devolving of people like yourself and Franklin jumping on the opportunity to derail discussion into offending a billion people who were harmed by a factor of million more than the harm they caused, is unfortunate, who is listening?
      Not you, evidently.
      Addicted to gratuitous insulting … at least when i insult, i try to do it in direct response to an offending and uncalled for statement.

      Finally, this – and I know perfectly that both you and Franklin will ignore this point, true to the form.

      Ok, so an ISIS jihadi pulls some nefarious deed (let’s assume that it is not a REAL FALSE flag attack, only a semi-false one by ISIS).
      You claim that it is a direct result of Koranic mind programming, ie, reading Koran and praying to Allah makes one into a mindless serial killer who doesn’t choose his targets provided jews are safe.

      Question: what about the Iranians and Shia muslims generally?
      They have never done a single thing, they don’t migrate like cattle to Europe, they are model citizens in LA, mostly highly educated, excellent scientists and engineers – and they read the same Koran, pray to the same Allah, all their prayers and suras identical.
      Why is it that Allah didn’t turn them all into killers? EXPLAIN.

      (oops, sorry, just realized that our Elder Brothers and Mccain the hero defender Captain America claim that “Iran is the world’s biggest state sponsor and exporter of terrorism” … i guess you win)

      thanks for support, gilbert, how cute.

      1. OK, Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “Franklin and Pat will naturally blame Mohammad, naturally, naturally … irregular bowel movement?”

        Explain your EXACT meaning here of the need FOR writing…. “irregular bowel movement”…
        …. without waffling so much, this time..!! 🙂

      2. sure pat, should be no problem with your medical training.
        i said this

        Franklin and Pat will naturally blame Mohammad, naturally, naturally … irregular bowel movement? Blame Mohammad, reach for some quality wipe manufactured by Rita Katz,

        “irregular bowel movement” means difficulty passing stool on a timely basis.
        Solution? Blame Mohammad and viola! the ease of movement instantly returns, the natural way.
        you with me so far?
        Okay and the finishing act is provided courtesy of anti-islamic defense league superstars, the same ones who seem to have provided you with fecal material in the first place, Rita katz, Robert spencer, michael ledeen and so on.
        What is so complicated?

        The only thing remaining is to wash hands, i am sorry that it got you so exercised but to me the chain of action paralleled the very unneeded, uninformed, predictable and ill-tempered harangue against islam that i felt compelled to mention it.
        Just think, if something like this, in the league of trump’s locker room talk gets you steamed up, what about the real Muslims out there who are forced day in and day out to put up with ignorant 729 (israel bar code) products that slander their religious beliefs.

        you, as a tough guy, jiu jitsu master and green beret, should be able to take a bit of what you regularly 😉 dish out.

      3. @Lobro

        Those Iranian “model citizens” exactly fled Iran because they disliked its fundamentalist Islamic regime. Small wonder they themselves are not Islamic fanatics. Many of them have reconverted to Zoroastrianism BTW.

      4. Lobro –

        I can handle your insults easily. I like to watch you waffle and squirm, circuitously.

        I also liked what you did here:
        You were filmed….
        …..destroying a musselman after reading ‘The People vs Muhammad’…

        YOU laughed so hard you said, “I almost pissed myself laughing”….!! 🙂


        You bragged you ruined the musselman’s week…!! 🙂

      5. you don’t need to tell me any of this, Franklin, i know the iranian expat community rather well, both the LA oligarchs (major+minor ones) and toronto’s academically oriented ones.
        And i can tell you that for the most part, if push came to shove, they would side with the homeland.
        Quite a few either returned or lead double existence in tehran and toronto (and maybe dubai, the wealthier ones).
        I know that the Sharif U in Tehran is in very high esteem at top scientific establishments in the US, eg, stanford.
        I know that the Iranian christians are quite happy there and are treated exactly the same as the muslims and i even heard (2nd hand) that the persian jews in israel feel swindled because they went from frying pan into the fire and would like to return but apparently it is not easy once you got the Entity citizenship.

        There is no terrorism by iranians inside or outside Iran and never was.
        They support hezbollah, the brother movement but Hezbollah, though labeled terrorist by the perfidious tribe, have never harmed anyone except in legitimate defense of Lebanon and Syria, at the express invitation of the governments and people, like the UK defending the falklands.

        your counter arguments miss the point.
        Imam Khameini is the top cleric and political power, he runs his twitter and facebook accounts, a very nice and modest man, why not direct your questions at him?
        Lots of EU and American leaders are as open, don’t you think? Or maybe not.

      6. @Lobro

        “According to various sources, in 2010, there were an estimated four to five million Iranians living abroad, mostly in North America, Europe, Persian Gulf States, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Australia and the broader Middle East. For the most part, they emigrated after the Iranian Revolution in 1979.”

        Wikipedia, Iranian diaspora.

        So we are justified to ask : “If the Islamic state is so ideal, why did so many people flee from it?” (the same question was asked about Communist countries).

        FYI, all Islamic attempts to create an ideal state are based on the model of Muhammad’s terror regime in Medina, complete with such “divine” practices as chopping off of the hands of thieves, stoning of adulterers and lashing of drinkers of alcohol. How strange there are millions of Muslims who don’t want to live in Muhammad’s “ideal society” ! Must be the Mossad behind this!

      7. pat,
        i thought that as a martial artist you knew that the rules prohibit biting the opponent’s ankle but then, i am not familiar with midget sumo wrestling …

  29. What most commenters here seem to miss, is that Islam forbids adherents from assimilating. Assimilation means submitting to the laws and customs of the country of residence. If, as a Muslim, I can only submit to Allah and the Koran, i will never be part of the society in which I live. If I promote Sharia law, it is a statement rejecting the validity of the country in which I live.

    The issue of good Muslim/bad Muslim is irrelevant, as is the issue of whether Sufism is really Islam. There are many “good” people of many religions that do “bad” things, and many “bad” people who are incapable of doing “good” things. If a Sufi considers himself a Muslim, he is a Muslim. There are Christians who do not consider Mormons to be Christians, does that mean they aren’t?

    The “terrorist” in this case was a known criminal. Clearly, he was demonstrably capable of doing bad things before this incident. But why this, and why now? The only link is Islam. It is not a religion at all. It is a crime syndicate masquerading as a religion.

    1. curmudgeon,
      your post, as much as it expresses genuine dislike of islamist thought, which in my honest opinion, none of us are qualified to judge because by our own admission, it is alien to us, as well as the language of the root document, Koran, is at least well put together, coherent and tries to be fair to the people of islam, which is in itself a near miracle here, fairness not being a prominent quality to those whose brains have been soaked and boiled in the proverbial vat of talmud, islamofascism next to jesus christ, hate one or the other, your choice, jew gets to hate them both, the prerogative of the chosen.

      where i distance from your post is in the following line, which unfort also serves as a bottom line to an otherwise fine comment

      The only link is Islam. It is not a religion at all. It is a crime syndicate masquerading as a religion.

      even the (((scofield koran))) published by Rita Katz FX productions in the langley basement does not contain passages of Koran praising criminal activities, on the contrary, it prescribes punishment for all sorts of them, including wanton murder of civilians.
      that said, it does seem to be a warrior’s religion, regrettably, but it emphasizes honesty and chivalry, in a stark departure from Old Testament.

      Now, this merits proper attention:

      What most commenters here seem to miss, is that Islam forbids adherents from assimilating. Assimilation means submitting to the laws and customs of the country of residence. If, as a Muslim, I can only submit to Allah and the Koran, i will never be part of the society in which I live. If I promote Sharia law, it is a statement rejecting the validity of the country in which I live.

      It is quite true.
      It also seems to miss couple of important points.

      First, and I can attest to this personally, refusal to assimilate does not imply intolerance of different others, on the contrary, Islam has a rich and proud history of life next to Christianity in just about all the lands where it was the dominant creed: Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Syria, Turkey, all of them home to some of the world’s oldest Christian communities, speaking the native language of Jesus, Aramaic and Syriac varieties.
      No amount of Franklin’s endless supply of jew-induced vitriol can gainsay this, namely that
      Muslims, when in power, treated Christians and their places of worship with much greater tolerance and generosity than vice versa.
      tell me, what is so criminal about this and don’t shift to Saudi-taliban Kabbalah, blaming Muslims for Jew’s atrocities as is so popular in this forum.

      Secondly, by honoring his faith and mores, the Muslim refuses to be melted down by Jew in his infernal “Diversity” seduction that has swallowed up so many cultures already.
      Consider THIS, courtesy of Carnaptious’ excellent choice of links.
      Our society applauds this obscenity, never seeing its perdition mirrored in it (I will have more to say on this in that other thread).
      Muslim rejects it outright, sees it for what it is, an abomination and spit in the face of Allah.
      Which side do you support?

      Well, the epigenetically stamped islam haters can return to their overtime shift at the Yad Vashem lampshade factory, on the “Sharia-chopped-arm” souvenir assembly line, hot sellers lately.

      1. Lobro
        well said ,Thank You
        your wisdom is showing ,like a well learned wise elder
        Thank You

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