The African Invasion Of Europe — When Will it Stop?

Germans cry, ‘Give us Madagascar!’

LD: Some German statisticians are predicting an enormous influx of ten million Africans to Europe in the next few years, others as many as THIRTY millions. Germany is bracing itself for the further arrival of 400,000 Africans in 2017, all of them without exception—as you can see from the picture below—young males.


Uneducated and devoid of useful skills, unruly and hotblooded, all these immigrants will not only put an immense strain on the German economy but be a threat to Germany’s white female population. A young German with a wife and three children sent me an anguished message last week with these ominous words in them:

“We Germans have lost our country! If someone offered to relocate all of us 80 million Germans to Madagascar, we’d jump at the chance! As far as we’re concerned, let the entire population of Africa swarm into Germany—all 1.2 billion of them! They can have Germany, as long as they give us Madagascar! As for Frau Merkel, she can stay behind in Germany and rule the African scum! If they want to gang rape her, they’re welcome!”

Alarming words, but who will listen and pay heed? No one! As the good ship Europa sinks beneath the waves of unstoppable immigrants, these words will whistle in the wind….. [LD]

Germany Expects 400,000 African Migrants in 2017

Sourced from via The Truthseeker

The German government expects at least 400,000 African migrants to try and make the voyage to Europe in 2017, according to Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller.

Minister Müller said he is deeply concerned over the rise in migrants crossing from North Africa to Europe so far this year. In the first three months of 2017, the number of migrants has doubled from this period in 2016. Müller warned: “If we calculate this, 300,000 to 400,000 people could arrive in Italy this year,” Die Welt reports.

Last year a record 180,000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean, and many thousands drowned on the way.  According to Müller, Europe needs to adopt a radically different approach to African migration. Along with Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen, he reaffirmed a joint security agreement with countries in Africa this week.

Defence Minister von der Leyen said: “Without security, there is no development and no development without security and no peace.” Both ministers urged the European Union (EU) to work closer with African nations politically, militarily, and economically.

In January, Müller proposed the bloc should adopt a policy similar to the Marshall Plan which helped rebuild the German economy after the Second World War. He emphasised policies that would cut aid or put sanctions on countries for not taking migrants back, like the proposal backed by German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere,  could increase the number of people making the trip to Europe.

Last year, Müller warned the migrant crisis had barely begun saying he thought there could be a further eight to 10 million people who would try and come to Europe from the Middle East.

One politician who agrees that the migrant crisis is likely only beginning is President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani, In a recent interview, Tajani said he thought there could be as many as 30 MILLION more migrants from Africa coming to Europe in the next several years.

Tajani, like Müller, said he thought the EU should be more active in Africa and said EU member states should invest billions into struggling African economies.

The Geneva-based International Labour Organization (ILO) put out a report earlier this year saying the economies of African nations simply couldn’t keep up with their high birth rates which would inevitably lead to many migrating to Europe to find work.


This week in Refugees: Rape, Murder, Terror 

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32 thoughts to “The African Invasion Of Europe — When Will it Stop?”

  1. Maybe harsh, but why keep Germans voting for Merkel and parties like hers knowing the consequences? Has everybody been brainwashed can’t think?
    If so maybe it must be so if the germans keep on being stupid.

    1. Personally , I would be surprised if the “voting” process in Germany is any more honest than it is in the U.S.
      As for them being brainwashed , of course! That is what Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness are all about; both are weapons used to prevent critical thinking.

      It is hard for Whites to understand the intensity and longevity of Jewish hatred. Jews are capable of hating an enemy for centuries (read the Old Testament for proof) and they are also responsible for inventing the miserable creed of “inherited sin”.

      In other words; what is transpiring in Europe (and most vigorously in Germany right now) is the culmination of their revenge for offenses they have “suffered” as a race at the hands of White people since the time of ancient Rome. Never mind that the present generation of Whites had nothing to do with any of this – this is simply how the Jewish mind works. BTW; AH actually predicted this would happen, saying “if we lose this war, they will pollute our race”.

    2. @ Mark

      In my country the government gives 20.000 flats for housing illegal immigrants.
      These flats are the flats that are taken by the Banks because the Greek owners lost their jobs and so they were unable to pay their loan.
      The illegals also are given 400 euros every month when the pension is only 350 and the salaries 500.
      The opposition,the whole parliament actually agrees to that.

      During the elections the stupid citizens will vote,according to a recent gallop, for the opposition party whose leader is a known German puppet.

      Please read the book below and maybe you understand why people are so stupid as to harm themselves.

      Carlo M. Cipolla ” The basic laws of Human Stupidity”.

      Cipolla was an Italian Historian of Finance.

      1. Ταϋγέτη
        Believe me , I always liked the Greek People .it’s a mind boggling ,when I see ,your government tilt toward Israhell and the Zionists scums ,and ,you as one ,carry that deep seated Islamophobia doctrine ,deep inside your heart.
        you have thrown the Palestinian just cause ,under the bus ,for few shekels ,and brought out and placed the flames of bigotry in the open Islamophobia markets ,didn’t you know. that ,the main traders and brokers , in that hate commodities are latent Zionists ,servants of the devil.

    1. So true about Gaddafi providing a firewall against unchecked African migration to Europe. Just another huge problem that lies squarely on the shoulders of that menace to humanity Hillary Clinton.
      BTW, how can leaders be so stupid as to allow testosterone filled young men without women, regardless of their creed and color, to migrate in the hundreds of thousands and expect them to be chaste choirboys? The profound ignorance of women like Merkel is staggering.

    2. I’ve read some stories quashed by the press that Gaddafi was a decent guy. He had Ukrainian nurses and his son dated a popular model from Europe. When they spoke up in Gaddafi’s defense after the US and France murdered him, the media shut their stories down and the model’s career was ruined. Also noteworthy, Gaddafi made Libya one of the most advanced Arab countries. The US has been trying to kill him for forty years. Reagan murdered his young daughter.

      Model Vanessa Hessler sacked for pro-Gaddafi comments

      1. Gadaffi’s green book:

        A lot of sense within, especially about government. This alone would get him killed.

        “Placing a child in a day nursery is coercive and tyrannical and a violation of the child’s free and natural disposition.”

        The democratic system is a cohesive structure whose foundation stones are firmly laid one above the other, the Basic People’s Conferences, the People’s Conferences, and the People’s Committees, which finally come together when the General People’s Conference convenes. There is absolutely no conception of democratic society other than this

  2. Investing billions in African economies will not help. All those countries are ruled by utterly corrupt elites who will simply steal that money. The African masses will remain poor and they will continue to increase in number exponentially, and thus millions will try to reach Europe. If that tsunami of black refugees is not stopped, then that will be the end of Europe. Europe will become “Africa of the North”, just like the US will become “Mexico of the North”, and that is exactly the genocidal plan our Jewish controlled elite has in store for us.

    The only solution would be to recolonize all African countries and install a beneficent development-oriented dictatorship and forcefully sterilize every African woman after her second child, so that the population remains stable. Of course that is not going to happen. So the only thing that can be done is to refuse to accept African refugees anymore and let them fend for themselves. That will lead to a famine in Africa in this century in which hundreds of millions will die. Then after much suffering and chaos Africa will revert to its former primitive state in which a population of only 300 million Blacks will “live in harmony with nature” as they always have before the arrival of the white man.

    The present ruling elite of Europe has been especially installed by the Jews to implement the genocidal Kalergi plan, so we cannot expect any serious solution from their side. Only a Trump-like electoral victory of nationalist parties could save us, or otherwise a violent revolution in which the traitor class is duly hanged for its crimes.

    We are living in “interesting times”, but boy would I wish to live in more boring times !


      Spot on. If only the West (the white race in particular) would listen, but it seems to be in a stupor and unwilling to recover. The invading forces will be culled when they have served their purpose. We know ‘the chosen’ intend to rule and we cooperate.

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      The present ruling elite of Europe has been especially installed by the Jews to implement the genocidal Kalergi plan, so we cannot expect any serious solution from their side. Only a Trump-like electoral victory of nationalist parties could save us, or otherwise a violent revolution in which the traitor class is duly hanged for its crimes.

      Excellent comment, Franklin! Much ground covered here, no words wasted.

  3. Why, it will never stop until it’s stopped. The good people of Europe must demand their potentially strong armies begin serving European interests. Somehow they (and our fellow brothers and sisters all over the world) must take control once again of their courts, police, and armed forces.
    It’s pitiful to see the ‘leaders’ of Europe beg Erdogan (and pay him lots of protection money as well) to keep the rats out, when European armed forces could do it relatively easily.

    1. “The good people of Europe must demand their potentially strong armies begin serving European interests. ”

      – Perhaps you aren’t aware that fully 40% of the “German” army consists of the sons of Muslim (mostly Turkish) immigrants. It is doubtful that the Germans (the real Germans, of course) can expect their army to rush to their protection. In fact, the opposite might prove to be the case. I would not be surprised if the same were true for other European nations, but in any case it appears that most of the men of Europe have been too feminized to take on the role of warrior.

      1. Don’t forget to mention that the army officers in command are jews, the
        policeofficers are jews, the judges are jews, the politicians are jews etc.
        Only a new party guided by goyim-leaders can change the jew world order.
        The problem is that the white massee/ goyim are still having a good life style
        so the masses will always vote to parties who are guided by the jews. That opportunistic are the masses/goyim. When the standard of living changes drastically there is a chance for a new goyim-party. You can ask yourself is it coincidence that the economy of most european states has improved in these election years 2015 and 2016? I don’t think so.

  4. Ha! The stage is being set for the filming of new Tarzan movies! (No need to travel to Africa to get the nigras – they’re coming to the set for FREE!). (Angela Merkel must be a shareholder in the studio company… 🙂 )

  5. “When will it stop?”

    When force is used by the original inhabitants to stop it. NO SOONER..!!

    This scenario below would help Europe with invaders… but they gave it up already.

    They need to get as serious as Zachary did:

    No charges will be filed against Zachary Peters, the man who shot and killed three teenaged criminals who broke into his home, an Oklahoma prosecutor declared Monday.

    **However, the woman who acted as getaway driver for the home intruders will be charged with first-degree murder.

    Investigators say that the 23-year-old Peters was alone in his house near Broken Arrow in Tulsa on March 27, when he used an AR-15 rifle to shoot Jakob Woodruff, Jacob Redfearn, and Maxwell Cook.

    Jack Thorp, Wagoner County Assistant District Attorney told the Associated Press (AP):”It is the opinion of this office that Zachary Peters acted justifiably … when he used deadly force to defend his home. It was clear he operated completely within the law when he used deadly force.”

    Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6..!!

    1. Africa is not only big, it is immensely rich in natural resources, but if you have a population with an average IQ of only 70 ( that is “retarded” according to white standards, and that means that half the population is even below retarded ! ) and ruling elites that are utterly incompetent and corrupt, then in spite of their potential wealth, Africans will always remain “poor” and expect us to feed them. White man’s burden indeed !

  6. Just wondering if my comment was not allowed by you, or it was “disappeared” by those who control the internet.

    1. @ David Thatcher

      Both your comments ended up in our Spam folder. No idea why. We have no reason to block your comments. I will copy and post your longer comment immediately after this.

      — Sister Monica


        Readers of this site will remember contributions by a Madame Rothschild aka Ellie Katsnelson. For a peace loving people, for “the meek to inherit the earth” we must bear in mind such Rothschild/Katsnelson quotes as: “though Jesus may save the soul, and God, the Great, may move mountains, you should never, ever forget that, in a world peopled by Jews, in matters of self-preservation a gun is a more reliable friend and ally than both Father and Son put together”… and “nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! that you do for us shall ever cause us to feel for you; for, whilst The Universal Creator may have forged the firmament, and added life where no life ever could be added, he is yet to add the chambers of love and gratitude to our brain; and every single Jew, and here I repeat myself, EVERY SINGLE JEW, WITHOUT EXCEPTION! carries within himself such a chamberless brain” and “’God has punished us,´ rather erroneously declared Solzhenitsyn, ´because we Russians had forgotten God.´ Now, this utterance of the great man may sound noble, – it certainly sounds penitential –, but, if I were him, I would have said, ´We are being killed because we are not killing our Jewish killers.’”

        JB Campbell adds his perspective at—oct-2013/category/kill%20the%20killers . His article begins, ” What other choice do we have? It’s either kill the killers or submit to them. If we do that they’ll kill us in very unpleasant ways, as they’ve shown over and over with people who have done us no harm.

        We need to kill all of our oppressors, the ones in government and their bosses above the government. That’s all we have to do now. I don’t know about you, but it will do me a lot of good. We’ve been pushed around by these jerks for the whole of our lives and now they’ve destroyed us.”

        If this site is interested let me know how to send a larger word file…too big for this window.

    2. D.T.,
      Your sentiments are understood but your solution is not practical. How do you kill the “Jews”. Dont fall into the “Jew” trap. Jewishnish, by and large, isnt a religion or ethnicity. Its an identity….a Satanist cult of evil and criminality. The problems we have in the West derive from simply allowing rich and powerful people (mostly Jews) to live and operate outside of the law with impunity. There is simply no enforcement of existing laws nor legislation of new laws to protect Western nations or their citizens.
      Dont kill Jews. Simply prosecute criminals which would automatically imprision tens of thousands of “Jews” very quickly.

  7. Just curious about Lauren Southern. He/she has said that he is biologically a man. I wonder if he/she was telling the truth or joking.

    1. Regarding Lauren Southern, I looked it up after my comment and found out it was a joke to make a point. She’s Canadian and went to some gov’t department saying she identified as a man & they went ahead and changed her sex on her license with no questions asked or proof given. Shows how far we have descended due to PC.

  8. Ain’t contraception and women’s liberation great? Keep up the good work girls.

  9. How can it even be conceivable that Merkel could put up for reelection (she has)? Generations of mind control by “education” and TV has created a population of snowflakes, cut off from the realities of life. Many of them will vote for their disinheritance and destruction!! LOL!!

    The demographics are documented by Black Pigeon (channel below). In one video on Germany he shows that natives in Germany will be in a minority of fighting age men by 2020!!!.

    “Germany Crosses the Demographic RUBICON – 20-35’s a MINORITY by 2020”

    In addition to a century of mind control, today there is ubiquitous surveillance and militaristic police states. There is NO WAY central Europe and generally the WEST can pull this back. With Trump there is hope for the US. but probably he will fail.

    The West is fxcked. Only anti-EU Europe (Czechia, Hungary), Russia, China, Japan and Islamic countries not following Biblical Mullahs will make progress. The US is on hold with Trump.

    1. @Flan,
      Where is the new Hitler when Germany, indeed all of Europe, needs him?

  10. @ THE WHO…

    My dear i am not afraid of Islam,I HATE Islam.

    One thing i know very well is my country’s history and i have read the conditions under which my ancestors lived under the Ottoman occupation for nearly 4 centuries.

    I have written in the past in this blog that when the Ottomans came we were 20.000.000 inhabitants and after the liberation we had remain only 900.000!
    THIS is a holocaust we will never forget.

    As for the Palestinians ,they always support the Turks,especially after the death of Arafat.

    I do not agree with what the Greek government is doing but i cannot do anything about it.

    BUT if the interest of my country lies with the devil i will go with it,on the other hand the Greek people know VERY WELL how to deal with the Jews.

    1. The jews use the muslims as tool to foment hatred and division. The jews don’t care nothing about muslims, useful idiots. Islam was invented by jews as muhamed lived with a jewish woman who taught him. Is it a coincidence that there are always jewish women as counselor?even Mussoloni had a jewish mistress?
      Erdogan is a secret jew who uses islam and the muslims on behalf of the jews.
      The jews in tel aviv watch and give instructions. It’s all a jewish thing. The ones who will suffer are the white ‘ christians’ and the white ‘ muslims’. It’s just a means to get the final jew world order. Don’t expect anything of Putin just a jewish freemason.

  11. @ Ταϋγέτη
    Thank you for your reply .
    at least ,you are straight forward on your emotions , keep on hating Islam and Muslims , that your choice,you made your bed with the devil , enjoy it while you can ,
    I kept wondering for the real reasons,why , so many ,so called ,experts on the staff of extremist right neocons think tanks in the west , have Greek last names.,and these are the ones, who are the most vile ,and the darlings, of the Zionists scums ,
    Thank you again ,for clearing up ,this mental fog .
    BTW ..I don’t hate you . and that is a fact, and I hope you survive the next round ,of WW111 , next door in Syria
    as all indications ,predict , a nuclear one.
    find you a good bunker ,quit hating people ,and learn how to survive ,and coexist ,peacefully ,with others.
    Life is, too short ,to be wasted ,on hatred ,that what, stupid loser people do, .
    I wanted to write, more , but somehow ,someone ,told me ,it’s enough, and it ain’t, the devil…………..

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