The African Tsunami: The Ryckaert Solution

How can the African invasion of Europe be stopped?


“Investing billions in African economies will not help. All those countries are ruled by utterly corrupt elites who will simply steal that money. The African masses will remain poor and they will continue to increase in number exponentially, and thus millions will try to reach Europe. If that tsunami of black refugees is not stopped, then that will be the end of Europe. Europe will become “Africa of the North”, just like the US will become “Mexico of the North”, and that is exactly the genocidal plan our Jewish controlled elite has in store for us.” [Franklin Ryckaert]


BARBARA SPECTRE, in the forefront of the Jewish elite,
plotting White genocide by miscegenation and mongrelization,
in accordance with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan

“The only solution would be to recolonize all African countries and install a beneficent development-oriented dictatorship and forcefully sterilize every African woman after her second child, so that the population remains stable.

Of course that is not going to happen.” [FR]

It’s not going to happen . . . ?
But it’s already happened in California prisons.
These Afro-American women were sterilized to save on welfare costs.

“So the only thing that can be done is to refuse to accept African refugees anymore and let them fend for themselves. That will lead to a famine in Africa in this century in which hundreds of millions will die.” [FR]

‘Hundreds of millions will die . . . ‘

“Then after much suffering and chaos Africa will revert to its former primitive state in which a population of only 300 million Blacks will “live in harmony with nature”, as they always have before the arrival of the white man.” [FR]

before the arrival of the white man.”

. . . and then the first white woman arrives and spoils it all!  🙂

“Etiwh redavni, teg tou fo ruo yrtnuoc!”

 =  “White invader, get out of our country!”
(An easy language to master . . . if you know English)  🙂

“The present ruling elite of Europe has been especially installed by the Jews to implement the genocidal Kalergi plan, so we cannot expect any serious solution from their side. Only a Trump-like electoral victory of nationalist parties could save us, or otherwise a violent revolution in which the traitor class is duly hanged for its crimes.

We are living in “interesting times”, but boy would I wish to live in more boring times!” [FR] 


(Sigh) “Isn’t life boring? . . .
If only I could live in more interesting times!”

43 thoughts to “The African Tsunami: The Ryckaert Solution”

  1. Sorry to be the first commenter on here (but I am an early riser, and survey the “news sites” over morning coffee or tea). Which brings me to cite “fake news”, in its various forms…
    Just this past Sunday, one of my nephews stopped in to visit, having just arrived back in the states, from his German office in Munich. (He has to travel there, frequently, as a director of a multi-national.)
    I inquired about the influx of African refugees, and he acted as if he didn’t know anything about it! He told me Munich was as “crisp and clean and ‘fastidiously German’ as ever”. He’d certainly have no reason to misrepresent that circumstance to me, as we have always been close and communicative, and observant of physical and cultural trends. Is Munich and its environs somehow isolated from the rest of Germany?? (His company maintains a large country estate about 100km outside the city, and he told me that the road trip there revealed no evidence of “invasion”, either.)
    What are we not being told, correctly???!

    1. Your nephew lies to You! One of so many goyim who has accepted/agreed this multicultural wonder. Not surprising businees men are always practiacal until
      you touch their money.

    2. Excellent article, beautifully illustrated. Glad to see LD has managed to master that strange African language! 🙂

    3. Continue to provoke your nephew. Eventually he will break down and have a fit. There are no lack of alternative sites to prove your point that Germany and rest of Europe has been swamped by rapefugees.

    4. Gilby , you seems a decent southern gentleman.but,from your comments , i gather ,that ,you either ,a Jew or Jew Friendly .

  2. I can’t stop crying since reading Mr. Huntly’s post about his nephew returning back to the USA and the sad news about Aryan Teutonic Hyperborean Munich The Nephew conveyed to Uncle Gilbert.

    What is wrong with the Germans in Munich I ask!!!????

    Sounds like the Germans in Munich are insanely Islamophobic, virulently rayciss, hillbilly, redneck, budweiser beer drunks and toothless meth heads, high school drop-out illiterates, trailer park white trash stoopid mookies.

  3. “Europe will become “Africa of the North”, just like the US will become “Mexico of the North”, and that is exactly the genocidal plan our Jewish controlled elite has in store for us.” [Franklin Ryckaert]”

    That is correct, Franklin. I agree.

    Please know…..
    The US has already become “Africa of the West” in many areas.

    I would trade THOSE AREAS… for “Mexico of the North” any time.

    Mexicans are mostly very steadfast Christians. Predominantly Catholics. They are good people…. as Lobro knows. They sure know how to celebrate Christmas..!! 🙂

  4. The Nephew would NEVER lie, Mark. IN FACT, it’s always SERENDIPITIOUS when a Trusted relative returns Home to America from a foreign country a day before or the same day Darkmoon puts-up a Darkmoon feature article about very same foreign country Trusted relative just toured and just returned Home from. So Trusted relative is yet another Trusted All-Knowing expert on the foreign country In-Focus and Center-Stage of the Darkmoon feature article. A Darkmoon feature article about very same foreign country dear Trusted relative just extensively toured and has just a few minutes ago returned Home from foreign country WE are focusing on today and has just walked through the kitchen door of the old farmhouse that’s been in Our family for untold generations and is so dear and warm and cozy and holds so many Sacred Family memories and into the kitchen for some morning freshly brewed hot coffee and a big hearty farmer breakfast eggs ham pancakes toast mo’ pancakes lots of butter lots of maple syrup a glass of wholesome WHITE milk, maybe a waffle or two, ALL juiced-up and ready to report on what Trusted relative saw and heard and learned and gleaned from Oh, How Lucky WE Are! from very same foreign country WE are featuring today and OH, how SERENDIPITOUS it ALL is!!! And as WE ALL know SERENDIPITY IS NEVER MENDACIOUS IN SPIRIT SERENDIPITY IS ALWAYS A HAPPY SUNSHINY ABOVE-BOARD THING LIKE THE SUN IS ABOVE OUR HEADS SUNSHINY BRIGHT HAPPY AND NIGH HIGH IN THE SKY FILLING UP OUR DAYS WITH LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT AND THAT’S WHAT MAKES THE CROPS GROW AND LUHV AND TRUST AND THE LUHV OF OUR RELATIVES MAKES THE WORLD GO AROUND!!!! 🙂

    1. TROJ –

      You put a – SERENDIPITOUS – family member in the White House… as an Official Member of Trumps Administration.

      Like dad… SHE LIED..!!

      She is in charge of the “YUGE” amount of Climate Change issues also..

      Ivanka will change the climate in Oral Orifice.. “BIGGLY”..!! 🙂 🙂

      Ivanka Trump takes official role in White House

      Even though unpaid… she is subject to the same regulations and ethic rules as any other official there.

      1. But Pat, How could I, mere whiddle joew, have put drumpf into the White House? whiddle joew is NOT a joo pharisee, Pat. The joo pharisees put drumpf in the White House, don’t you remember who put drumpf in the White House? Hear that everybody? I’m NOT a pharisee!

        Hear that everybody? I’m NOT a joo pharisee –> or any kind of joo period, 🙂

      2. So did I, Pat. Even though my state voted Clinton.

        He is looking to be a complete disaster, I must now admit that. He is like a fatter and richer Bibi. Did you see what he said about Assad “gassing” his own people again. And how he blamed Barry for not doing something about it back in 2013? Was it 2013, I can’t remember. Either way the last time we were on the cusp of global war.

        At best, it appears he had no clue on what to do and is now in lock step with the Neo Cons in a quest to not rock the boat so he can minimize making a complete ass of himself. He has reached out to hold their hands and guide him through his current job.

        All Hail, the Ivanka who I affectionally call the Trumpenfuror and Dummkopf her stupid husband, leaders of vaginal section of Trump’s inner circle.

        All of a sudden NATO is just alright with Trump as well. Really loved when he went with Ryan and Preibus against the Freedom Caucus over his failed health care bill.

        And what is with the saber rattling over North Korea? I thought this was a man who would not tell you what he might do? He and his administration sure do run the mouth quite a bit. Don’t they?

        Still better than Hillary, I think. I do enjoy his comedic press conferences. So we got something out of it. Unfortunately, Fake News that props up and promotes our Jewish friends is off limits.

        Total disaster.

        But don’t blame us for voting for him. We really had no choice. And for the record, early on he said he wanted to be neutral between Israel and Palestine. He also at that same time said he would honor the Iranian Deal and thought it settled. It was during a debate in Michigan where Rubio and Cruz started shaming him in not licking Israel’s boots and claiming that Iran was the number one sponsor of terror that his position seemed to change.

        Right after that he started talking about how horrible the Iranian Deal was and was pretty silent as regards Israel.

        It’s starting to look to me that the Jews picked Trump to be Commander in Chief to lead us into World War III.

      3. Rich –

        I really don’t blame anyone for voting for Trump…

        The election was the worst “YUGE” form of.. “FAKE NEWS..!!”

        It was rigged “BIGGLY”….

        …”…and everybody knowz it..!! ” 🙂

    2. LOL. LOL. LOL.

      Joe, you really should be the top comedy writer in the world and making a King’s ransom for your work. Of course most of the world is too stupid to understand your humor. So I guess that’s the rub.

      Who would have thunk that “mo pancakes” could be such a knee slapper!

      Seriously, you are the funniest guy on the internet. You’re the Jonathon Swift of our times.

      1. Absolutely! 🙂
        Joe is extremely comical (even when I’m bearing the brunt of his insane ridicule!) 🙂
        Seriously, though, I must rely on news sites or first-hand observations of family and friends, because I let my passport expire about five years ago. I never traveled often out of the USA, anyway (to my regret), so Joe and others are welcome to make fun from their worldly perspective – even from the asylum at Chattahoochee!

      2. You’re a good natured fellow, Gilbert.

        Glad you realize I wasn’t picking on you.

      3. @Pat,
        “It was rigged BIGGLY and everybody knowz it.”
        Well, count me as an idiot as I still don’t know it. Most Jews hate Trump as they want open borders, and all of the Jews in Congress are against him. If the election had been rigged we’d be bowing down to Queen Killary today.

    1. in a generation or two ,Europeans will become mulattoes ,just like your friend FR is , a mulatto Jew.

      you refused the Caucasians white Syrians and Turkish ,because they are Muslims ,you never accepted Turkey into the European Union ,because it’s a Muslim nation ,you Islamophobic bigots.

      you whined like prostitutes on Saturday night live… ..the Muslim bogyman ,under your bed !

      Now,God ,send you these Blacks, Black as the dead of the night ,Africans ,to keep your company .
      quit whining, make these Africans ,happy ,you hear.!

      1. @ the who

        Now,God ,send you these Blacks, Black as the dead of the night ,Africans ,to keep your company . quit whining, make these Africans ,happy ,you hear.!

        This is obviously a Muslim troll who hates this site and is acting as a cheerleader for white genocide.

        Somehow I don’t think Franklin is a “mulatto Jew”. 🙂

    2. Glad you brought Mugabe up. Last I read he was getting massive aid from the UK. Here is a Telegraph clip from 2013….

      “Britain is to set out plans to increase annual aid to Zimbabwe to more than £100 million a year in an attempt to encourage fair elections and government reforms.” Harumph!

      1. Sardonicus
        My Anglo Saxon friend , I am not a troll ,I’m a bona fide individual
        and for sure I don’t hate this site ,otherwise ,you wont find me here .
        My heart knows no hate ,and I’m grateful for God Almighty for this Blessing.
        I don’t hate Jews ,never been, and ,never will. and for that matter ,anybody else ,regardless.
        as my faith goes ,my deep believe in God Almighty is deep ,it’s embedded in my soul and my love and fear of God Almighty ,has no limits ,it’s as vast as the ever expanding universe.

    3. “The only solution would be to recolonize all African countries and install a beneficent development-oriented dictatorship and forcefully sterilize every African woman after her second child, so that the population remains stable.”

      Your solution to migrants crisis is unrealistic as you promptly acknowledge it: ” Of course that is not going to happen.” [FR]. Nevertheless, what you called “beneficent development-oriented dictatorship” might be THE solution to this problem; I would call it “national dictatorship”. This kind of “governance” did take place in North Africa and in the Middle East, and it did benefit the indigenous people but it did not suit the zionized western Democracies.
      Boumediene in Algeria (65-78), Qaddafi in Libya (69-2001), Nacer in Egypt (56-70) and Saddam Hussein (79-2003) in Iraq, all were popular nationalist leaders. They initiated short and long-term programs of development and they sent “swarms” of young people to the West, not to rape blue-eyed blonde European women, but to study at Western Universities and go back to help develop their countries.
      This kind of dictatorship suited the unruly, newly decolonized societies who needed discipline more than anything else. Discipline is a prerequisite for any serious endeavor.
      Unfortunately, European countries interfered with these regimes and disrupted both the political structures and the social tissue.
      The nationalist dictators cited above did persecute few political opponents but they did serve their countries and they were widely popular. Now, few corrupt arrivistes reached to the top, persecuted the masses and sh**over all the structure below.
      As you said, “let them fend for themselves “. There would be famine, unrest and killing but revolution will eventually sweep the dirt…if the Western countries don’t intervene in favor of their pawns.

  5. Oh boy. Such wrangling and antipathy this morning. Well, I’ll join in!
    We seem reduced to arguing over the merits (or demerits) of the various species of non-white invaders observed mooching about in our homelands. You gots yer choices. Black as night Africans (the traditional boogyman, still very popular), Saint Death worshipping machete whackers from the land of manana, screaming Akbars from whatthefuckistans or their much nicer fez-wearing child molester friends who managed to situate themselves across the Bosporus by massacre and rape in the 15th century when they stole Constantinople. How sad.

    All it seems we really need to push these buggers back is a bit of will power and a few brigades of white men armed with Martini-Henry rifles and Maxim guns.

  6. “How can the African invasion of Europe be stopped?”
    stop bombing them
    stop colonializing them
    stop looting them
    stop testing medications on them
    stop robbing them
    stop slaving them
    they will then disappear back into the african horizon
    and live happy ever after

    1. Less than one week after Trump and Tellerson said that the US was no longer interested in unseating Assad, there is a oh so convenient sarin gas attack on Syrian civilians.

      Who benefits from this attack? It certainly isn’t the dead people. It certainly isn’t Assad, Putin, Iran, the Kurds, or Hezbollah all of which would prefer the war to be over and things to return to the peace that existed before the war in Syria was started in 2011. The only ones that benefit from this attack are the ones, jewish controlled CIA, MI6, Mossad, and their stooges Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, that created ISIS, started the war to strangle Russian natural gas to Europe and expand Israel, and they continue to support the war. They benefit only if Trump changes his mind about Assad so that he returns to the jewish control plantation.

      Now the question is, will Trump fall for the bait backed up by faulty intel and the jewish controlled MSM squealing in unison?

      1. Ungenius –

        “The only ones that benefit from this attack are the ones, jewish controlled CIA, MI6, Mossad, and their stooges Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, that created ISIS, started the war to strangle Russian natural gas to Europe….”

        Yes…. It is all about COMMERCE…. as I have pointed out to you right here for years.

        FOLLOW the $$$$$. ‘Pooh-teen’ needs US Dollars…. in a very bad way..!! Paul Craig Roberts finally confessed:

        ‘Pooh-teen’ needs to SELL gas and oil… GLOBALLY…. in exchange for US Dollars..!! He needs the US Dollars in RESERVES to purchase goods and services from other countries which do not need MORE of his gas and oil. Their tanks are full, already…. even overflowing..!! 🙂

  7. When local populations exceeded carrying capacity war used to be the inevitable result until population was brought under control. Primitive populations, due mainly to disease and plague, used to remain stable before the White Man came in to save the lower classes. In hindsight, it would have been much better if the white man had stayed away. As far of quality of life, third world people, maybe we whites too, would probably have been happier today as hunter gatherers without all this technological nonsense driving us crazy. In fact, I’ve read from several sources that the worst thing that befell the world was the advent of agriculture. Life spans actually fell when people turned to agriculture to feed themselves.

  8. Excellent article Franklin. Recolonization should not be abandoned as a solution, however, it must be along different lines and brought in carefully. The Clintons set up a defacto neocolonial outpost in Haiti (routinely ignored by MSM) exploiting the situation after the earthquake. Their model is not a good one, though it does turn profits for the ‘investors’. De Beers, Rio Tinto, and many mining concerns operate regardless which corrupt dictator runs any given country. The place to begin any project of this scope is at home – get rid of the Kalergi machinations first. As a matter of survival for Europe, it may be necessary to explore the thoroughly unpleasant course of encouraging warfare between various problem countries – out of control population must be stopped. Revolutions that install relatively benign dictators would be far more preferable, then sterilization agents introduced into medicine, the food chain, and so forth would bring the population problem down to manageable levels relatively humanely. At the very least a security belt could be placed in the countries of N. Africa. A word about reports from Munich – I’m quite sure the reports of orderly German areas are quite true but I’m equally sure the squalid refugee areas and “no-go areas” for police are equally true. Pristine St. Anton in Austria (where I learned to Ski) looks as beautiful as ever. In NY, there are certain types known as “Limousine Liberals”, formerly the ‘radical chic’. US citizens should demand the same health care and tax benefits as their members of Congress get, and EU citizens the same. That will go a long way to forcing self appointed elites into living under the conditions they mandate for everyone else.

  9. Mr. Ryckaert, you nailed it. A while back I expressed similar sentiments, stating that much of the worlds woes could have been alleviated if two generations back, poor 3rd worlders were rewarded with hefty cash rewards for tubal ligations and vasectomies. I was jumped on by Pat and others here who informed me that every living person could fit into the United States and live on one city lot or some such nonsense. Anyhow, I’m not here to gripe. Thank you.

  10. If the Europeans cannot take back their governments from the jews, they are simply screwed. Taking back their governments from the jews would require revolutions which won’t happen since the Europeans for the most part gave up their guns. It is possible to make the jews uncomfortable enough to stop the migrant flow.

    Fliers should be widely distributed among all existing migrants in Europe that the most money and free, hot, virgin sex is available in all jewish neighborhoods. Include a map on the fliers so that the migrants know where to go for their most desired ultimate goodies. When the jews have had enough of this unwanted attention from their favorites stooges, the problem will vaporize. Fliers are easier than revolutions and a lot less deadly.

    1. Something of that kind already happened in my country. When “refugees” were planned to be settled in the Jewish neighborhood of Amsterdam, the Jews loudly protested that those “refugees” are mostly “anti-Semitic” and demanded they be settled in other neighborhoods, but they emphasized that they are not against accepting refugees as such. So that will not work. There is no alternative to taking back our governments.

      1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        “When “refugees” were planned to be settled in the Jewish neighborhood…”

        We have a failure to communicate condition. Of course migrants won’t be settled in jewish areas since the jews control the government.

        What I am saying is that the migrants in non-jewish areas should be encouraged via fliers to visit jewish areas to acquire money via burglary, etc. and fulfill their sexual desires upon the jews in jewish areas.

  11. Patrice Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah wanted to help their peoples with their human and natural resources through socialism. Don’t you see what happened to African elites/leaders who care for their people? They either get killed or taken down!

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