The Big Lie: When Monsters of Delusion Rule the World

This is the era of the Big Lie. The media cannot be trusted, nor can any politician. Sifting truth from lies is a full-time occupation.  

The participants in this debate are all scientific researchers in the pathology of lying. Their comments have been edited slightly in the interests of brevity. Readers can check their full statements by clicking on their names. (LD)

TIFFANY O’CALLAGHAN:  The word of the year, according to Oxford Dictionaries, was “post-truth”.  Not least in the furious debates surrounding the UK Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s election as US president, claims and counter claims of fake news, dodgy experts and media mendacity have been flying around.

For a hardcore of relativist philosophers, that’s all a storm in a teacup – there’s no such thing as objective truth, they maintain — truth that exists outside our minds. Nonsense, harrumphs Peter van Inwagen of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. If a doctor says I have cancer of the gut, he says, “whether that is true depends on what is going on in my gut, and not on what is going on in my doctor’s mind”.

ANIL ANANTHASWAMY: The more you lie, the easier it gets. Our brains are naturally better at telling the truth than lying, but repeated lying can overcome our tendency for veracity, making subsequent lying easier – and possibly undetectable.

Neuroimaging studies have shown that people’s brains show considerably more activity when they are lying than when they are not, particularly in the prefrontal cortex, suggesting that lying requires extra cognitive control and inhibition of truth-telling. Lying also takes measurably longer than telling the truth.

To test whether the brain’s so-called “dominant truth response” can be changed, Bruno Verschuere of Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium, and colleagues studied three groups of students. The students were first asked to provide a written report about their daily activities. Each student was then questioned about these activities, and asked to either lie or tell the truth in their answers. Interspersed with these questions were “filler” questions on a new topic. One group was always asked to tell the truth to the filler questions, a second group had to lie, and a third group was asked to lie or tell the truth in equal measure.

The researchers found that the frequent liars became more adept at lying. The normal difference in reaction times between telling the truth and lying disappeared. In other words, the practiced liar becomes good at it.

“In people who lie a lot in real life, such as pathological liars, this dominant truth response might not be as strong as we theorise,” says Ewout Meijer of Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Crucially, says psychologist Scott Lilienfeld of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, the results raise the intriguing possibility that at least some lie detector measures may be relatively ineffective for practiced liars, including psychopaths. “Lie detector tests are most often used on people suspected of crimes, who have higher rates of psychopathic characteristics – including pathological dishonesty – than other individuals,” he says.

“The finding implies that peppering a lie-detector test with simple questions designed to elicit a truthful response will strengthen the brain’s truth response, making it harder for someone to lie. This will increase the accuracy of such tests,” says Meijer.



JESSICA HAMZELOU:  Little white lies have a tendency to snowball. Now we’ve found out why – the more we lie, the more our brains seem to become desensitised to the act of lying.

It isn’t difficult to think of someone who has ended up in a tangled web of their own lies. “The examples are everywhere you look,” says Tali Sharot at University College London.

Sharot and her colleagues wondered if a person’s brain might get desensitised to lying, in the same way we get used to the horror of a violent image if we see it enough times. Most people feel guilty when they intentionally deceive someone else, but could this feeling ebb away with practice?

To find out, Sharot and her colleagues set up an experiment that encouraged volunteers to lie. In the task, each person was shown jars of pennies, full to varying degrees. While in a brain scanner, each person had to send their estimate to a partner in another room.

Sharot found that scans showed that the first lie was associated with a burst of activity in the amygdalae, areas involved in emotional responses. But this activity lessened as the lies progressed. The effect was so strong that the team could use a person’s amygdala activity while they were lying to predict how big their next lie would be.

“When you lie or cheat for your own benefit, it makes you feel bad,” says Sophie van der Zee at the Free University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. “But when you keep doing it, that feeling goes away, so you’re more likely to do it again.”

IAN JOHNSTONE (science correspondent for the Independent) : Whenever you lie, your brain adjusts to make telling bigger whoppers easier. Telling small lies causes changes in the brain that lead people down a “slippery slope” towards increasingly large acts of dishonesty, according to a new study.

Brain scans showed there was a strong emotional reaction in the minds of people who lied for the first time in a guessing game, but this effect gradually reduced over time as they played.

And, while players initially tended to tell relatively small lies, they gradually became more untrustworthy as they got used to deceiving other players for their own advantage. The researchers said the study, described in a paper in the journal Nature Neuroscience, was a warning to people to stick to the truth because failing to do so could have serious consequences.

One of the researchers, Dr Tali Sharot of University College London, said: “In life, you’ve probably observed small acts of dishonesty grow over time to larger and larger ones. This anecdotally seems to be true.

“Whether it’s evading taxes, infidelity, doping in sports, making up data in science or financial fraud, deceivers often recall how small acts of dishonesty snowballed over time and they suddenly found themselves committing quite large crimes.”

She compared the effect to ‘emotional adaptation’. Under this process, someone who is shocked by a photograph of a mutilated body, for example, gradually becomes less affected by the image when shown it repeatedly.

In the tests, the scientists discovered that at first people were willing to tell small lies, but this gradually escalated over the course of the game.

By monitoring their brain with an MRI scanner, they were able to show that an area of the brain associated with emotion, the amygdala, initially reacted strongly to a lie but this effect decreased over time. Large reductions in this reaction were associated with particularly big lies.

“When we lie for personal gain, our amygdala produces a negative feeling that limits the extent to which we are prepared to lie,” Dr Sharot said. “However, this response fades as we continue to lie, and the more it falls the bigger our lies become.

Explanatory note by LD 

The above picture is obviously a Jewish attempt to portray Hitler as the original advocate of the Big Lie. A cursory reading of Mein Kampf will reveal that Hitler, far from advocating the Big Lie, was telling his readers that the Jews were among the foremost masters of mendacity. In fact, he quotes Schopenhauer as saying that the Jew is “the Great Master of Lies.”

Here are Hitler’s own words on the Big Lie:

“All this was inspired by the principle — which is quite true in itself — that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.

It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.

Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.

From time immemorial, however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, that they are a religious community, where as in reality they are a race? And what a race! One of the greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded the Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. Schopenhauer called the Jew “The Great Master of Lies”. Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.

—  Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 134. ‘On the Big Lie‘.

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  1. Google The Protocols of Zion, there a person can see the blueprint for the Zionist plan for a Zionist NWO and one of the main templates is the lie and the Zionists live by the lie.

    1. Back in the middle age of the 20th century Elie came to campus to regale the sons and daughters of parents who send their progeny to University to get educated. Little did they know. Toejamicus, known by another name at that time, took it upon his own authority to hand out to the entering oh-so-innocent students attending the Weasels lecture on the “truth”, several copies comprising of: The story of the Khazars and map of ancient Khazaria copied from the 1911 Jewish encyclopedia; a Rabbinical ad from the NY times admonishing Jews not to marry non-Jews accompanied by another Rabbinical ad urging white people and non-whites to intermarry. There may have been copies of other pertinent information that I can’t recall.
      I gave out all that I could afford to copy that the students, and others, took with them to hear the legend in his own mind. I didn’t stick around to find out if Elie was ever invited back.

  2. Adolf Hitler was not proposing the big lie; he was explaining how the international press gets away with it.

    1. @ Joe F.

      Adolf Hitler was not proposing the big lie; he was explaining how the international press gets away with it.

      Correct. An explanatory note by Lasha Darkmoon — “Hitler and the Big Lie” — has been added under the Hitler picture. This will help to clarify the issue with an important quote from Mein Kampf.

      1. Hitler was a puppet of the Zionist bankers, read WALLSTREET and THE RISE OF HITLER and HITLERS SECRET BANKERS by Sidney Warburg and go toHENRY MAKOW.COM, the books can be had on WALLSTREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER is by A. Sutton.

      2. Why can’t I reply to patriot ? There is no reply feature on its post . Shills like patriot should not be able to post counter propaganda , advertising time wasting sites like mokows are damaging to fledgling truth seekers , anyone who has travelled the road of truth will find this nutcases lies about war hero Adolf Hitler truly offensive .

        1. You can reply to him just by stating:

          @ Patriot

          quoting what he has said that you wish to comment on and then go ahead and say what you want. This is the way it is done on this website.

      3. Patriot –

        You wrote:
        “WALLSTREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER is by A. Sutton.”

        That is one of the best books ever written..!!

        ALL of his books are GREAT..!!

        They combat fear seated within delusions “BIGGLY”…!! 🙂

      4. @ Patriot
        Makow is an extremely unreliable source e.g. in May this year he touts a book about Martin Bormann being an Illuminati agent and stating that Bormann was still alive in 1980. That is complete and utter nonsense. Bormann died on 2nd May, 1945 in Berlin. What’s more his skeleton was unearthed in 1972 and DNA tests in 1998 confirmed it was indeed Martin Bormann.
        BTW, don’t shop from Bezos the Jew at Amazon. Go to and download books for free.

      5. Pat

        Your comment is dripping with sarcasm. But you won’t get a rise outta me :>)

      6. Pat

        Yeah, I saw that. Funny shit.

        It made me think about a pre-politically correct world when this sort of thing was commonplace, where pols and the press got down and dirty with each other and themselves, and it was all taken in stride because people understood that that sort of thing made for a healthier republic. The days of a “free press”, and such. Now, people are so thin-skinned they bruise if you just BREATHE on ’em. Some anyway, the ones who aren’t completely jaded and are only interested in ratings!
        I feel an H.L. Menken quote comin’ on. Maybe hp can oblige us. :>)

  3. Obvious explanation of the jews’ vaunted IQ scores:

    Neuroimaging studies have shown that people’s brains show considerably more activity when they are lying than when they are not, particularly in the prefrontal cortex, suggesting that lying requires extra cognitive control and inhibition of truth-telling

    But i don’t think the story ends there because despite the IQ accomplishments, all of which are short term scams, the hyperactive avoidance of truth breeds mental problems not picked up in IQ tests, neuroses, imbalances, deficiencies and all that can be seen that after 2000 years of lying, they really have nothing to show for it, zero cultural achievements or examples of depth and originality, only the material perishables.

    rats running full tilt into futility, inside the treadmills constructed of their lies, a grand IQ fail.

    I don’t amygdala figures in the organ trade, rabbis pronounced it non-kosher, not good for jews …

  4. I think the principle of the big lie is that it works on people’s trust of society. Consider the Holocaust. If the Holocaust did not happen, then our Congressmen would have failed us, our Press would have failed us, and our universities would have failed us. If you trust your society that is impossible. It is too much to believe.

    The one place where the Big Lie fails is 9-11. The evidence is so extremely strong regarding thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center that the force of the Big Lie is overwhelmed. A sufficiently clear understanding can penetrate the Big Lie. Such penetration happens in the case of 9-11. And once the Big Lie has been penetrated once, there are widespread implications. The Holocaust, the assassination of Kennedy, and Ritual Murder all take on fresh significance.

    1. Unfortunately people are no longer able to discern truth due to the following deliberate policies:

      1. Dumbing down, especially in science.
      2. Muddying of waters with “experts” countering “experts” in all fields.
      3. Distraction. People are now unwilling and unable to perform their own fact checking.

      Thus the overwhelming response to adverse news is the throwing up of hands into the air, “what can I know?!”

      We have no data on how this affects the population in general but in my circle of hundreds of people, only 1 knows the truth about 911. Some will peddle 911 “conspiracy theory” in similar fashion to rumor for titillation.

      1. @Flan O’Brien.
        You say that after 15 years only one person of the hundreds in your circle knows the truth of 9-11. Granted. But from the fact that the truth of 9-11 hasn’t penetrated, it doesn’t follow that it can’t. It can. There is a reason why it can. The Jewbird owns a magical belief machine. This magical machine can neutralize every type of belief except one type, namely, scientific certainty. 9-11 contains scientific certainty. To see that this is so. Please go to This will open the Bollyn site’s 2013 archive. Second from the bottom of the list is an article namned “The Thermite Argument.” That is the Achilles heel I am talking about.


        Absolutely, there is scientific certainty about 911. However if I may paraphrase one of the Protocols, it states that one objective is to multiply stories and versions so that poor goyim will not know whether he is coming or going. This, combined with dumbing down and distraction means that 911 science will remain a a fine art that only fringe connoisseurs may appreciate.

        The CO2/CAGW scam has lived on for longer but a large majority believe it.

        Again, we have no data on how this affects the population in general, but I do know “highly intelligent” people who can’t be arsed to peruse well presented data on a variety of subjects. After a lifetime of exposure to the above mentioned Protocol, their mind is already fixed in undecideability mode.

    2. WT-7 falling like a harmonica. Now if someone believes that then they have an IQ close to ZERO.


    Not because of its content but because you continue to post under several names. You must use ONE name and stick to it. Every comment you post under another name will be deleted.

    NO SOCK PUPPETS, understand?

  6. Back in the late seventies, when I was in college, I recall our Business Law professor remarking on the Harvard MBA program grading students on how well they could lie. It taught segments on how to maintain deceptions (lie) during labor negotiations. How far that study has evolved in the past few decades is anyone’s guess – but it may be deduced that “the art of lying” has been refined, and acquired some ‘respectability’ in (((certain))) circles.
    No doubt, lying has become more acceptable in human commerce. No surprise these Jews have adopted the benefits, and will fight for their Big Lie.

    1. Anyone who has a guilty secret is a liar. We all have guilty secrets,
      so all of us liars.

      1. Anyone who has a guilty secret is a liar , you are wrong , you are making no sense at all , if I ate three boxes of chocolates bought buy myself intending to give them to a friend , and keeping this information from said friend , does not make me a liar , having a guilty secret does not make you a liar , my friend never new I bought the chocolates .

    2. I wonder what God’s guilty secret is. I think I know what it,
      but I’m not saying.

      1. If perfect means having no secrets , then god has no secrets , I guess that may depend on who the individual or group envisions there god to be .

      2. @ Ger

        I won’t argue with you any more, dear Entity of the Dark Mind Spaces. 🙂

        Your mind exists, I’m afraid, on a lower plane than mine and arguing with you is therefore likely to be tiresome and unproductive. 🙂

        “If perfect means having no secrets, then god has no secrets,”
        you pontificate fatuously. Why, pray tell, should perfection mean “having no secrets”? What’s so evil about secrets, hmm?

        Are you not aware that God has the Greatest Secret of All?
        He has failed to reveal to us whether he exists or not! That is the Ultimate Secret, dear Child of Darkness, is it not?

        And it is God’s most closely guarded secret.

        “I’m not going to tell you if I exist or not,” he tells us with a mysterious smile. How infuriating! God lacks candor. He fails to lay his cards on the table. He hides behind worlds. He skulks within electrons and protons, neutrinos and quarks.


      3. M.B.,
        Maybe “Gods” guilt, not so secret, is allowing Jews to inflict so much pain and suffering apon the human race.

      4. Look around Madame. The Beloved is all around you, the presence permeates everything in this existence and beyond. The Beloved is closer than your jugular, yet farther than one can possibly imagine. The question is, who is enlightened enough to observe the obvious?

      1. You could confess your sins .

        I am still a liar, because I can’t confess my sins to everyone I meet. Confessing my sins to a priest or psychiatrist is possible, but I am deceiving the rest of the world by failing to tell them about the shocking crime I committed long ago in the dead of the night under a haunted moon.

        I am speaking metaphorically of course.

      2. I bet you’ve never told your lover all the shameful things you have done. You have presented your better side to him (or her). By doing so, you are engaging in a type of deception, are you not?
        So that make you a liar.

        You are always lying — because what you are showing people is your mask, not your true face.


  7. As a great man [Del Boy] once said: “A lie is only as good as how much you can earn from it.”

    1. yes wigg, there is a bigger truth hiding inside this.
      What is the sales principle, the marketing, advertising?
      it is based on promoting something of inferior value in exchange for a greater gain, in other words, a scam.
      In other words, a lie.

      America is entirely built on the worship of marketers, sales con men, snake oil brokers – JEWS, liars, they are folk heroes and they have imposed this diseased view on the world, exporting “entertainment”, which is just more kabbalah witchcraft, unreality that calls itself reality, eg, reality tv, the prostration before trash celebrity, the american Dream.
      All lies.
      No wonder that holocaust is the state religion, forced upon the world at the tip of a Tomahawk.

      a talented liar has the world at his feet, nobel prize, fame and riches and power to evacuate his private jet’s septic tank over any patch of the goy world below.

  8. “The commonest error in financial shakedowns, is sticking to the carcass of dead, rotting, and exposed scams” – (with apologies and thanks to) Lord Salisbury

  9. Everyone gets fooled now and again by a good liar, but I’ve encountered many people who simply refuse to see what’s right in front of their eyes.

    There are people out there who seem to need Jew mind-poison as much as the Jews need them. And this makes wonder: Which is actually worse, the pathological liar, or the pathological “believer”?

    “(9) Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
    (10) And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
    (11) And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    (12) That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness”
    2 Thessalonians 2:9-12.

    1. @ Harold
      “Which is actually worse, the pathological liar, or the pathological ‘believer’?”
      This is the most profound quote I ever heard in connection with the sheeple mindset: Bin Laden was killed by U.S. Special Forces; 9/11 was an act of terrorism by Muslims; (and the best pathological belief) Jews wish gentiles no harm, etc.!

      1. Clearly the answer is pathological ‘believer’.
        Without this species of mind the liars would disappear into the firmament.

  10. People are easy to fool. Delusions are accomplished very simply by MSM.

    A delusion is a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.

    One of the biggest delusions today is that ‘Put-On’ dislikes Pharisee-Jews.

    BUT… he met with Kissinger last week.

    Marching orders were given to ‘Put-On’ by CIA’s ‘Bor’…!! 🙂

    ‘Put-On’ posted the picture of his meeting on HIS OWN website:

    “Meeting with Henry Kissinger”

    Vladimir Putin received American political scientist and former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger at the Kremlin.

      1. “People need and want to be fooled.”

        Yes, Harold…. they like foolish “scary-movies” best.!!

        Horror is a “YUGE” seller. Used to sell books even in OT..!! 🙂

    1. People are easy to fool. Delusions are accomplished very simply by MSM.
      A delusion is a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.
      One of the biggest delusions today is that ‘Put-On’ dislikes Pharisee-Jews.
      BUT… he met with Kissinger last week.
      Marching orders were given to ‘Put-On’ by CIA’s ‘Bor’…!! 🙂

      Ever consider that you may be a victim of such a delusion?
      Like me saying
      “BUT … Pat went to washroom every day of the last week, this is where he gets all his ideas!! BIGGLY!!”

      All of the walls, obstacles, potholes and detours that the Yinon Plan, Protocols, Clean Break, PNAC and other such jew conspiracies were forced into, the demolition of the petrodollar that gave Jew his Jewish Century, which
      *** pay attention now ***
      happened after Putin’s rise to the Russian presidency
      count for NOTHING to you, absolute zero, e.g., if (not looking at population figures), each year from 2013-2015, 200,000 Syrians lost lives and 1 million were forced into out of the country and the statistics for 2016 (when Russia stepped in) were 20,000 dead and 100 thousand migrants, i.e., 1/10 of the previous averages – this counts for absolutely nothing with you.
      Does a Syrian life have less value to your geopolitical perception than a photo-op?

      Btw, you may have observed that Kissinger went to Putin.
      Which also means that Putin didn’t go to Kissinger.
      When you need a bank loan, does the bank come to you with paperwork or do you need to go to the bank?
      The standard routine is for a supplicant to travel to who has the whip hand for audition.

      Marching orders were given to ‘Put-On’ by CIA’s ‘Bor’…!!
      You are of course 100% sure because you have the proof.
      Mind sharing that proof with some of us here who don’t have access to the same information … or maybe you got it from A. Sutton because ALL of his books are GREAT..!!

      this is the main problem i see with how a typical American mind operates – extreme simplicity, like an early version of the robo-vac that once pointed, cannot change direction to avoid obstacles but doggedly spins wheels against whatever is in its path, whether (90%) are Jew-lovers and indiscriminately devour whatever trash CNN spews or are (8%, the rest are Jews) anti-jew but also label whoever doesn’t spout anti-jew invective around the clock as a shabbo goy and tool.
      Talk about linear thinking: there is a line with zero as the origin, there are “+” numbers to the right, “-” to the left and that’s it, it explains the totality of the world.
      And I do blame the insidious poison of over 100 years of merciless dumbing down for this effect.

      let me quote something and see whether you understand the meaning

      A delusion is a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.

      sound familiar? 😉

      1. ADMIN : If you intend this to be your last post, no need for you to change your name. If you intend to continue making comments here, however, please choose another more distinctive and original name. Reason: There would be total confusion here if 10 people all chose the name “JOE” or “ANONYMOUS”. We need to distinguish between one “Anonymous” and another, understand? There are far too many posters here calling themselves “Anonymous”.

        Well said !!!!
        From Alexis E. Jones
        “During his long interview with Vladimir Putin, Oliver Stone declared: “You’re credited with doing many fine things in your first term. Privatization was stopped. You built up industries … a real son of Russia – you should be proud. You raised the GDP.” Putin, however, took a slightly different view of things. He basically told Stone that the best way to bring a country back to its economic feet is to bring the oligarch schemes down. He told Stone:

        “I didn’t stop privatization. I just wanted to make it more equitable, more fair. We put an end to some schemes – manipulation schemes – which led to the creation of oligarchs. These schemes that allowed some people to become billionaires in the blink of an eye.”[1]

        Stone proceeded to ask, ”I saw the footage of you with the oligarchs in 2003-2004. It was an interesting meeting. But did you have head-on collisions with Berezovsky and people like that?” Putin:

        “I just told them that they had to be equidistant from the government. That was the fashionable term back then. And I told them that if they acquired their property within the framework of law, then we would not seek to take that property from them.

        “But today laws are changing and they have to conform to the new laws…we’re going to continue with the privatization on a fairer basis and do everything in our power to secure these properties, these titles, but everyone has to understand that everyone has to be equal before the law.”[2]”

      2. Lobro –

        You wrote:
        “sound familiar?”

        Sure it does. It is what Sister Monica wrote about you just a few days ago. You hold onto Trump doing good EVEN with all the ‘superior evidence’ to the contrary.

        While you were constructing your numerous concentric circles around the “YUGE” fact in plain sight…

        …the most obvious and glaring incontrovertible SUPERIOR EVIDENCE pertaining to ‘Put-On’ and his dedication to supporting the fraudulent holocaust IS….
        HE passed a LAW against antisemitism and holocaust denial..!!

        In May 2014, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin signed a law making the denial of the holocaust and all Nazi crimes or portraying Nazis as heroes… a criminal offense.!!

        Bottom line:
        ‘Put-On’ will “BIGGLY” throw people in jail for expressing their opinions..!!

        Sound familiar? 🙂

        BTW – I passed NO laws against holocaust denial… ‘Put-On’ DID..!!

        ‘Put-On’ passed a law against holocaust denial.

        In case you missed it… it IS official…
        ‘Put-On’ passed a law against holocaust denial..!!

      3. Anony –

        You wrote:

        “I didn’t stop privatization. I just wanted to make it more equitable, more fair. We put an end to some schemes – manipulation schemes – which led to the creation of oligarchs. These schemes that allowed some people to become billionaires in the blink of an eye.”

        ‘Put-On’ prefers COMMUNISM…!!

        Either the wealthy provide jobs…. or the State does. When the State does… it is socialism… which is COMMUNISM in slow motion.

        By destroying incentives to become wealthy ‘Put-On’ keeps jobs scarce and wages low.

        ‘Put-On’ has a “YUGE” problem right NOW with low wages in his workforce…. they cannot even heat their homes… Some are living in 50 degrees centigrade below zero.

        Poor people provide NO jobs..!! 🙂

  11. Tony Blair may not be Jewish – but he is no less liar and anti-Arab than the Nobel Prize whiner Elie Wiesel otherwise European organized wouldn’t have hired him to protect Jews from anti-Semite Muslims.

    UK’s former prime minister and Quartet (the US, EU and Russia) envoy for the Middle East since 2002, Tony Blair, has a new job at Europe’s major Zionist lobby group as its new policeman to shield Zionists’ and Israeli crimes.

    One has to give credit to the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR) to select Tony Blair over Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper to fight anti-Semitism by assuming chairmanship of a pan-European body that campaigns for strong laws to fight delegitimization of the Zionist entity.

    The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation is brainchild of Russian millionaire Jew, Moshe Kantor, president of European Jewish Congress and the of World Holocaust Forum. Ex-Spanish prime minister José María Aznar (1996-2004) is also an executive member of the ECTR. In June 2010, José María Aznar penned an Op-Ed at Jewish TIME magazine, entitled, If Israel goes down, we all go down.

    Personally, I think Stephen Harper, a top Muslim hater, would have been a better choice. He has been honored by Israeli president Peres, prime minister Netanyahu and Jewish lobby groups in Israel, the US and Canada more than any other pro-Israel world leaders.

    1. you are right about Stephen Harper, the prime candidate for the history’s biggest Jew-catamite.
      It is a stroke of good luck that canada is so insignificant on the world stage or the damage would have been mind boggling.

    2. Rehmat –


      ‘Put-On’ praised the European Jewish Congress… while he spoke against NATIONALISM:

      —Opening Remarks at Meeting with Members of the Executive Committee of the European Jewish Congress—

      (his own words):

      Vladimir Putin: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

      I am very happy to welcome to Moscow representatives of one of Europe’s most prominent and influential international organizations, the European Jewish Congress.

      In Russia we are well aware of the great contribution that your Congress has made to the development of inter-faith dialogue. You do a lot to preserve the memory of the victims of Nazism by making popular educational programmes.

      Your organization has participant status in the Council of Europe and is part of the Conference of International NGOs sponsored by the Council. This also provides additional opportunities for our interaction.

      At the meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Jewish Congress that just concluded in Moscow, preparations for a pan-European programme of action against extremism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism was discussed.

      We support the initiatives of the European Jewish Congress in this area, and believe that your work is an important complement to all the efforts of international organisations and institutions, aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and tolerance.

      …according to Russian law, Judaism is one of Russia’s traditional denominations.

      Displays of chauvinism, xenophobia and aggressive nationalism now confront virtually all countries, including states with deep historical democratic traditions. Unfortunately there have been isolated incidents of anti-Semitism and extremist groups in Russia. Some marginal political forces are trying to exploit nationalist slogans. We understand perfectly the threat that the propaganda of nationalism and chauvinism represents for our multi-ethnic and multi-confessional society. And therefore the fight against any manifestations of xenophobia and the prevention of conflicts based on ethnicity are particularly important to us.

      Russian law enforcement agencies conduct a thorough investigation of all incidents caused by nationalism and racism.

      In 2006, Russia established an Advisory Council in support of regions with cultural and ethnic autonomy. It includes many of the leaders of our country’s ethnic communities, including those representing Jewish Cultural autonomy region. In addition, there is an interdepartmental commission for cooperation among ethnic minorities public associations.

      Russia has the greatest respect for the work of the Jewish communities to preserve the historical truth of the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes, and of course for the glorious deeds of the soldiers who died freeing Europe from the “brown plague”.

      We know that Holocaust denial is a crime in a number of European countries. At the same time, the Latvian and Estonian authorities have openly condoned the glorification of Nazis and their accomplices. And these facts have gone unnoticed by the European Union countries. In Estonia, after the declaration of independence there, not a single Nazi offender was punished. In Latvia, every year on March 16, with the permission of the authorities, neo-Nazis meet on the anniversary of the creation of the Latvian Legion Waffen SS.

      Certain political forces in Ukraine are trying to whitewash the members of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Rebel Army responsible for the mass extermination of Jews in Ukraine. I think this is totally unacceptable.


      I am glad that you were able to meet in Russia, in Moscow. And please accept once again my most heartfelt welcome.

  12. There is no lie greater than the Yahuda-ite lies. It’s a total fraud by a turkic-mongol people that have or at least tried to destroy every nation and religion they have participated in. As Dr. Ashraf Ezzat states, Egypt knew no Pharaohs or Israelites. Even Schomo Sand states that they were manufactured. The foundations of Judaism or Israel are found in the Brahman and Egyptian lands. Academics are starting to write papers of the Brahman similarities of Abraham and the stories written. These people completely hijacked Egyptian philosophy of Amenemope, Akhenaten and several others. Solomons temple appears to be in Egypt and is Ramses III temple at Medinet Habu . The Jews of Sudan identify that they lived in the southern regions of the Arabian peninsula. As turkic-mongol raiders, they probably were the Hyksos who raided the nations of Sudan and Ethiopia as well as taking control of lower Egypt before being forcefully removed to the Canaanite region. Since then the overthrow of the Babylonian Empire by Cyrus the not so great, (See Megillat Cyrus, Megillat Esther and of all things Megillat Bush – these are crypto-jews), then the attach on Persia as identified by the book of Esther – beating and butchering with extreme prejudice their victims (this is Purim), the attack on Greece (Maccabees), attacks on Rome which got Jerusalem leveled, and later another attempt of mass slaughter of Christians in Alexandria in 415AD when they were expelled and many fled to the Kaganate and Khanate regions.

    The genetic make up of various haplogroups associated with them can be found in and their trek to the kaganate nation of the Khazars is documented at
    As time goes by, the lies get extended.

    An issue that the US has is that it was founded by Deist Masonry (Talmudic and Kabbalah). To shed some light on John Dee see / and Kabbalah . The US was set up by the UK for what was to be Zionism (Nahum Sokolow History of Zionism 1600-1918 2 volumes). Israel is masonic as those that claim to be the chosen may well indeed be chosen but not of God (I AM) as their god Yahweh had a consort named Asherah. Yahweh is the great penis god of the male orgasm and Asherah is a fertility goddess of the Canaanites (William Dever and others – is of archeological record and a fact). This explains much of the genocides of the last 400 years by those that believe in this as we have all been lied to. The genetic make up of various haplogroups associated with them can be found in

    Our current situation can best be summed up by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. I have an copy of the original book in Russian from 1922 and came up with a names, publishers and contacts.
    Names of those who inspired and some who wrote Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:
    Maimonides Majmuni (1135-1204)
    Isaac Bernays (1792-1849
    Moses Hess (1812-1875)
    Adam Szemesz (1808-1864)
    Zachariah Frankel (1801-1875)
    Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677)
    Menasseh Ben Israel (1604-1657)
    Zanimajut Besli (1725-1805)
    Moses Mendelssohn (1728-1786)
    The Haskalah – Jewish Nationalism
    proto-Maskilim: Raphael Levi Hannover • Solomon Dubno • Tobias Cohn • Marcus Elieser Bloch
    Berlin Haskalah: Salomon Jacob Cohen • David Friedländer • Hartwig Wessely • Moses Mendelssohn
    Austria and Galicia: Judah Löb Mieses • Solomon Judah Loeb Rapoport • Joseph Perl • Baruch Jeitteles
    Russia: Avrom Ber Gotlober • Abraham Mapu • Samuel Joseph Fuenn • Isaac Baer Levinsohn

    From the Cyrillic Russian copy 1922

    This explains much of the genocides of the last 400 years by those that believe in this as we have all been lied to.

    As far as the masonic wars are concerned (Jacobin, Bolshevik, WWI, WWII, Young Turk), they were run out of the UK and US.

    The Young Turks were of Jewish subversives that converted to Islam. For an excellent report on this, read . Regarding WWI, a good listen is Benjamin Freedman speech at the Willard Hotel in 1961. The die was most probably set at the Zionist conferences before then. Regarding WWII. The NAZIs were political zionists funded by zionist bankers and industrials including Prescott Bush of the Union Bank Corporation which includes others such as the Harrimans as well as Brown Bros, Harriman. Their associations are extensive. Looking back farther, Samuel P. Bush was on the War Industries Board of WWI run by Bernard Baruch, war profiteer extraordinaire, who also advised the US in WWII and even coined the term “cold war” to profit some more. Bush and Roosevelt are crypto-jews from the time of Solomon Bush and Cornelius Geldersman which became van Rosenvelt, Rosenvelt then Roosevelt. Issac Roosevelt was the President of the Bank of New York set up by the scheming Alexander Hamilton who created the privately owned banks of the Bank of North America and the First Bank of the United States to who he sold nearly 70% of it’s script to foreign banking interests. The entire US has been practically run out of a synagog for almost it’s entire life. Now when you hear the words “under God”, the god they are referring to is Lucifer as can be easily shown by the writings of Albert Pike whose statue is in Washington DC (see US organic act of 1871) who wrote Morals and Dogma (God is Lucifer), and the writings of Manley P. Hall which includes “Initiates of the Flame” where each page includes the swastika and signet (seal) of Solomon. Solomon worshipped Lucifer and in the Talmud and the Book of Solomon in the Kabbalah, gained control of the greatest 72 demons through his ring (where have we seen this before), including Asmodeus, king of the demons. In each of the Masonic buildings is an image of the Black Sun (NAZIs and Jews are synonymous as the symbol eagle over that of the symbol of the Mossad is the same as the NAZI symbol of the Eagle over the encircled swastika (which represents the northern star and the location of the big dipper in each of the four seasons). The Bolshevik revolution was funded and run out of the US by Jacob Schiff and others and made to succeed by the Wilson Administration ( so much for the US and USSR being on opposite sides). There is a great deal of information but a good 12 part movie with English subtitles can be seen starting with part 1 at WWI was design well before the war and this is why the the FBI was created to put down dissent, the Federal Reserve, a privately owned company of a consortium of Zionist banks and selective service. Not known to many is Defense Plan Orange which was developed for US domination over the Pacific to defeat the Japanese (which William Perry “opened up in 1855” with an offer to the Emperor that could not be understood!) that was began in 1897 and lasted through 1945. It called for an asymmetrical war of policy, economics and military might and was followed up with the usual propaganda by the Zionist owned media (AP and Reuters (Israel Beer Josaphat) were and are very strong, Jewish run newspaper organizations). Subversion of Christianity and Islam is a pervasive tactic that has worked very well since their inceptions with Mohammed being poisoned and the faith, like Christianity, being totally Judah-ized. Mason and Fabian H. G. Wells in his 1933 book “The Shape of Things to Come” identifies the creation of the Danzig corridor by the Wilson Administration to be the flashpoint to start WWII.

    As Benjamin Freedman states in his speech at the Willard Hotel that Jews use Kol Nidre, a talmudic prayer absolving them of any promises to goyim (animals), it appears that the concentration camps were put in France and Poland for a reason, that is to protect the Zionist Jews from what the US, UK and USSR did to those inside Germany which is where the real holocaust (burnt offering) took place. The people were softened up by the publishing of 6 million perishing in Russia, Ukraine and Germany since 1900. There are several papers and videos including the original papers they were run in. The fact is found in the publication by the international red cross that 270,000 died in all camps, and there were sports leagues, art shows and plays, music and musical productions that are admitted to by the very people that claimed the holocaust. Population statistics show little reduction of the Jewish population of the war period in older almanacs that can be found around the world in most every language. Since Israel stated that there were a little over one million survivors as of 2000, that would mean that, assuming the average life span of 70, there were 4.5-5 million survivors totally nearly 11 million in the camps. In addition, the Jews in interviews claim that other Jews led them to the showers after undressing in a dressing room, walking down a long pathway to the showers in which there were only 2 or 3 german guards, packed font to back and side to side, several hundred at a time, before being gassed. The problem with this is in every possible mathematical, queueing, production operations, industrial engineering, psychological fear model known to man. It simply didn’t happen, and the US OSS, UK MI6 and USSR Cheka had access to these facilities long before the end of the war. If Germany wanted to kill 6 million, they would have done as the US did after the war and simply starved them all to death in a pen, as Eisenhower did in his death camps throughout France, and the USSR did in death camps and gulags in Poland and throughout the Soviet Union. What did happen to the people in Germany can be seen in the movie Hellstorm and after the war, in the book by James Bacque “Other Losses”. The goal of Judaism, which is of the masoretic text of the Septuagint, Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalah, is to have a world of which they own and run, with 2800 (talmud number) of servants for each Jew as goyim are animals (Ovediah Yosef, The King’s Torah
    Book by Yitzhak Shapira (where incineration of goyim is permitted), and statements of countless others. NAZIs were funded and worked with the other Masonic states, as did the Bolsheviks, Young Turks (also Jewish subversives), the color revolutions… This is not out of their league, as the Excavation of Gezer, vol 2, the High Place, identifies it as just one of many that practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism of new borns and young people with the skeletons of newborns being found in large jars packed with white sand in some places or a mix of sand and soil in others. Purim and Passover are of human sacrifice and also a reason for the expulsion of Jews in 79 countries throughout Europe, Western Asia and North Africa over 100 times and force conversion increases that total.

    1. @James Reinhart

      For the record, I have it on what I consider to be good authority that the Russian publication of the protocols in 1922 can be misleading in some respects

      None of the names you cited inspired or wrote any of the protocols, whose authorship is Annunaki. It would be more accurate to say that they were Annunaki/human hybrids who were inspired by THEM in serving as those among the primary administrators of the protocolan agenda (and of course whose descendants are among us – “they live”)

      According to ancient native lore passed down for many thousands of years, virtually ALL humans share certain genetics in varying degrees with the Annunaki that trace back to the formation of the reptilian brain. These hybrids got the worst of it, but of course are STILL richly deserving of the admonishments of Christ

  13. Adolf Hitler was the anti-Christ.

    Adolf Hitler was proposing the big lie under direction of his master satan. Hitler fits the description of anti-Christ referred to in The Protocols as the king of the counterfeit-Jews.

    Protocol 24 – Qualities of the Ruler

    #6. Only those who are unconditionally capable for firm, even if it be to cruelty, direct rule will receive the reins of rule from our learned elders.

    1. For your edification, New Song

      The Rothschild lineage direct the orchestration of the protocolian agenda through a continuum of generations. Hitler was duped into contributing to it’s advancement, and was NOT a willing partner.

      Neither Hitler NOR Rothschild, for that matter, are the “anti-Christ”, which is not a personage, but a force of pure malevolence – the Demiurge.

      On the hierarchal “chain of command”, at the top is the Demiurge (Darkness), next down are it’s primary agents – the Annunaki. Below that are the “on-planet” administrators – the Annunaki*/ human hybrids. Rothschild (Red Shield) is the head of that snake.

      *note the similarity in the spelling to “ashkenazi”. No mere coincidence.

  14. Pat, i don’t want to pick on you or New Song for that matter, because both are equally mulish and impermeable to facts once you set your beliefs.
    i only do it for the edification of others.
    So now, let’s consider the conclusion you automatically drew from Kissinger going to Moscow to meet Putin.
    Once again, you wrote

    BUT… he met with Kissinger last week.
    Marching orders were given to ‘Put-On’ by CIA’s ‘Bor’…!! 🙂

    let’s look at this a bit more carefully.

    Kissinger may be the single highest ranking Jew in the world today, especially after the death of shimon perez earlier last year, i am convinced that only some completely unkown sanhedrin prince may outrank him, someone so deep in the shadows that we never heard of him.
    He has all the qualities of the proper ruler as per the Protocols, not only intelligent but possessed of evil wisdom, foresight, strategic vision, vast experience and social network, superb diplomatic skills, self-control, lack of vanity or naked avarice – you name it, the only person in the world able to deal with the heavyweights like Lavrov and Putin on equal footing.
    He has practically single handedly maneuvered American foreign policy from JFK’s death, which i am sure he participated in quite intimately, onward to being the almighty behind the curtain whisperer to all the presidents since.

    THE TOP JEW and therefore maybe the world’s most powerful person, if no longer the CEO, then the chairman of the board.

    And, at the age of 94 (Ninety-four, Pat!), he sees fit to twice travel 5 thousand miles, 8 time zones between NY and Moscow to do what, deliver “marching orders” to an obedient slave?!?
    If it makes perfect sense to you, i am sure i am not the only one here who sees it as a complete absurdity.
    Like rehmat said, Steve Harper is the picture perfect shabbo goy, any jew blows a dog whistle and he’ll come running, tonge+tail wagging in happy expectation of a command – and kissinger never paid visit to him once during more than a decade in office in Ottawa, a mere hour’s flight from NYC or Washington.
    How come?
    I’ll tell you how come, because to a true shabbo, a quick phone call or email does the trick, ask Soros and Hillary clinton when she was the State sec – easier than dialing a pizza.

    Kissinger had to risk his ancient life and limb, expose himself to stratospheric high energy particle radiation, all the air bumps, acceleration, deceleration, jet lag – in order to negotiate crucial aspects, the ones that jews certainly would never trust Trump with or even netanyahu, the former completely untrustworthy, the latter a crude imbecile, whose nastiness is his only true jew quality.

    Yeah, Pat, this is what it was, the Prince of sanhedrin had to do this job, like the one in 1492 constantinople who wrote that letter to grand rabbi chemor at the moment of catastrophe that befell the jews in isabella’s spain.

    Hey everybody!
    Chime in, which version makes more sense, mine or Pat’s?
    Just curious, not that either of us will change our minds.

    1. Lobro –

      “Pat, i don’t want to pick on you or New Song for that matter, because both are equally mulish and impermeable to facts once you set your beliefs.”

      As if to claim you are NOT..!!! 🙂 🙂 LOL..!! 🙂 🙂

      BTW – if you did not want to do something… you wouldn’t…

      SO… you WAFFLE again … still…!! 🙂

      NOW… go praise THE Jew-Lovers… Trump and ‘Put-On’ as your heroes.

  15. Has Dark Moon had a chance to watch – Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe’s hidden agenda – Youtube
    Prof. Varoufakis is speaking in interview – on his new book – Adults in the Room.

    The book tells of yet more delusion & the deluded monsters in self-serve mode –

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