The broken mirror in the American mind

By John Kaminski

Dishonest officials fail to explain bizarre fires and chaotic shooting

The broken mirror in the American mind

It’s almost as if our consciences have been deliberately and systematically aborted, or consigned to insignificance by the puppetmasters who insist that everyone should believe their government even when they know it is lying.

This is the new freedom those who are controlled by Jews speak about.

What do you see, my friend, when you behold your own reflection in the splintered shards of shattered glass that once was the mirror of your American dream?

Do you dream at night of directed energy beams like ones that ravaged California wine country and incinerated people in their own beds because their houses were located on land somebody with political clout wanted to steal?

What would it feel like to be incinerated in your own bed? Is your home located in some future government plan that would require it to be demolished? Will they blame the fire on a natural disaster? Except when you look closely at it, it was the most unnatural firestorm on record as it incinerated only houses and cars yet left unburned the very flammable vegetation surrounding these utterly demolished homesteads?

Or perhaps you dream you’re at a concert with people shooting at you from all directions. You see people bleeding. Later you hear there were multiple shooters and also crisis actors. The cops insist there was only one shooter. Many who insist the cops are lying are shortly thereafter found dead in a string of unlikely mishaps. And shortly after that it was discovered the FBI was in place at the crime scene for a week in advance! And then suddenly the cops stop talking about what happened.

If you have a conscience and are attuned to current political events you may have noticed the number of people who are trying to defend our now defunct Constitution first being held illegally in abusive conditions before being given long prison terms for protesting the criminal federal takeover of the American West. The promise Trump made about putting Hillary in jail should first free the Hammond farmers whose land figures in the notorious sale of America’s uranium to Russia.

And by all means, set the Bundys free! This is the ultimate extermination of individuals, sacrificed on the bloody altar of the state.

Here’s a religious family defending Constitutional sanity being illegally jailed for two years on bogus terrorism charges. And they are brought to all their court hearings in chains after being kept in solitary confinement! This is a message to all those who think they can demand their Constitutional rights or those who sound alarms when their own government breaks laws that everyone else must follow.

This is what we see today in the scrambled pieces of the broken mirror in our minds.

The government is showing everyone what it will do to you if you dare to fight for your Constitutional rights, which are still in force despite what some crooked Jewish judge might tell you.

This is both tyranny and treason, and the government endorses it. We must not allow it.

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28 thoughts to “The broken mirror in the American mind”

  1. The time of dissonance will drive many crazy. How about doctors who pass away finding perhaps even cancer cures?

    Left are the grief stricken relatives – how long will they be quiet? How come we don’t hear from them?

  2. The answer to all of this is found in the Protocols of Zion, the Zionist plan for a New World Oder that will make Orwells 1984 seem like paradise.

  3. ‘Hmm, who would want to deliberately destabilize our whole country? And why are our leaders so eager to assist them?’ These are questions that everyone on the planet can ask if s/he has little awareness what freedom is. In order to control human mind, they had to break it first, thus making it incapable of seeing the difference between legitimacy and legality.
    ‘…the ultimate goal of all these machinations is the complete control of all individuals, from cradle to grave, every minute of every day.’ This goal was achieved 20 centuries ago. The controllers have been changing from priests, kings/queens, governments, and now corporations, but the pattern is the same – they are controlling human mind. Sadly, the number of people who sheepishly believe what, however illogical, they have been taught by the church, the government, the media and the school is very high. In their struggle to survive, and provide food and shelter for their family, they don’t even have time to check other sources of information, or think on their own. Some get time when they retire, but then it is too late, as younger generations have already been hijacked. The number of organisations for controlling the population is highest in the US, and most are exempt from taxes, while fleecing the population, e.g. the ADL:
    For me, the article is overall good, except that the power of Jewry, rampant corporations, rotten intelligence agencies and the “legislation” they manipulatively imposed on us could have been emphasised more. Jews always defend or reduce or ignore the role of their tribe,
    and their partners with whom they have inter-marriages, and share all-controlling mega-corporations, the Black Nobility:

    I think that every reasonable person is sick and tired of being controlled by those mega criminals.

  4. This Kaminski article has superbly articulated the insanity of societies in the West.

    It is way past time to realize that the ultimate goal of all these machinations is the complete control of all individuals, from cradle to grave, every minute of every day.
    This is not the future any rational person would desire, yet the kosher puppetmasters have scripted it for at least the small portion of plantation slaves who will be allowed to survive in some form of diminished capacity in order to serve as house slaves for the Jewish elite.

    This is the near future.

    Can it be opposed in the Tribal Lands (the West)? I think not. The momentum of money and minds is overwhelmingly supporting this future.

    Get your genes and your values out of Tribal Lands and watch them burn from afar. Regroup. Fight Tribal influence there.

    1. ‘This is the near future.’ Flan, it has been happening for a long time. The most successful slavery happens when slaves are unaware that they are slaves – with the indoctrination that has broken the mirror in people’s mind, they have managed to cross-breed us like animals, while at the same time, preventing the expression of our natural gender and natural emotions. With deception and secrecy, enslavement is even easier. For example, sanctions are nothing else but a means of control of population’s activities, while corporations are not subject to them:
      November 15, 2017, 5:36 am by Denise Simon

      Some slaves even want more immigrants:

  5. Another great thought provoking essay but I think the jury is still out about directed energy weapons (DEW) being used during the recent California fires. Seems possible but why would they do it to their own tax base?

    If so, that is very disturbing that the Federal Government is openly attacking high end California subdivisions since all those buildings pay annual property tax. That is a significant loss of wealth for the state and huge loss for the insurance companies. But there are a significant number of Jews in California, and Jews stage false flags wherever they are in significant concentrations, I’ve read that there are 35,000 Israelis in California, a believable number since many Jewish controlled corporations like Google and Facebook are there.

    Don’t forget Huffington Post and Breitbart are Zionist operations in Southern California. So did Israelis use DEW aircraft to fry Santa Rosa? Was it a hit – using fires as a false flag? Why, what was the motive? Regardless if true or not, Amerika is so screwed because of the huge Jewish population which dominates. Just a few miles west of the fires is the infamous Bohemian Grove. False flags seems to happen wherever Jews are in high density.

    If you google the question of how many buildings destroyed by the fires you get this answer:
    “The wildfires that ripped through Northern California this month destroyed at least 8,400 homes and buildings, according to state officials. Using satellite imagery and data released by Cal Fire, we’ve mapped over 7,500 damaged and destroyed structures.”

    Speaking of Jewish spy operations, let’s take a look at Henry Makow’s integrity, consider these two hit pieces from his site, the first is about compatriot Jim Stone and the second intentional defamation against Jeff Rense, who used to host Makow. I know I would not have published either since it lessons the impact these two men are having fighting Jewish world order. We don’t need to be fighting amongst ourselves – that is really not just bad taste but bad strategy.

    Should we be concerned with Jeff Rense’s wives or personal life? Not really. Another Jewish anti-Rense site has published his home which I view as a personal threat to his well being: ( There is a very real concerted Jewish effort to topple Jeff Rense and Henry Makow is part of it.

    Perhaps we should learn who Makow really is and whether he is working for Israeli intelligence as a double agent, pretending to be on our side while data collecting for the Jewish state. I don’t trust any Jew claiming to be a Christian, if you are smart enough to overcome Judaism and stop viewing yourself as a Jew then you are also smart enough not to be spellbound by the Christian myth. (with the possible exception of brother Nathanael Knapster) It seems to me that there are to many (former) Jews leading the alternative media.

  6. Mr. Kaminski hit one event that deserves extensive investigation, the fires in Wine Country. Data needs to be gathered and compiled to the fullest extent.

      1. Ken, thank you. The trees and organic matter survived relatively well, though the high melting points of glass, aluminum, and other materials didn’t seem to matter. Good start, the hunt is on.

    1. @Winston,

      Totally agree about the fires, but who can trust the government to conduct a thorough and fair investigation? Same with the now nearly forgotten (so it seems) Las Vegas massacre. I always enjoy reading Kaminski’s latest, but he often doesn’t provides proof of his allegations. One thing that stuck out was this: “Many who insist the cops are lying are shortly thereafter found dead in a string of unlikely mishaps.” Many? I’d never heard of that one? In any case, I think Kaminski should have provided at least a few instances of such mysterious deaths. And how many is many?

      1. Folly of War,

        Agree here as well about the unreliabilty of government, especially when they are culpable…

      2. @Franklin,

        Thanks for the link. That whole Vegas scenario defies explanation. Tucker Carlson (the only political talk show I watch) has been providing updates on this tragedy, although the people who sign his paycheck will only let him go so far. I doubt if they’ll let him mention those 7 dead witnesses from the Truthseeker article.

  7. “[…] Do you dream at night of directed energy beams like ones that ravaged California wine country and incinerated people in their own beds because their houses were located on land somebody with political clout wanted to steal? […]”

    I have nightmares about the Satanic plans of our increasingly desperate, demon-possessed madmen. I believe that they employ lots of depraved “intellectuals” whose “job” it is to sit around all day in “think tanks” and strategize; coming up with plan A, plan B, plan C, etc.

    I believe there is NOTHING that these “people” won’t do to advance their diabolical agenda. For example, I just saw this article: “Homeland Security To Release Chemicals Into The Air To Simulate A Biological Terror Attack”

    Now we know from simple observation and reasoning that our masters don’t actually give a damn about “the people” of the U.S. (or of anywhere else for that matter, except perhaps Israel).

    And we know that if any kind of terrorist attack (with bioweapons or anything else) should happen on U.S. soil, that it would be either a false-flag attack or “blow-back” (i.e. retaliation for some U.S. “government” sponsored atrocity somewhere), thus we know that the U.S. “government” can essentially end the “threat” of terrorism on U.S. soil anytime it wanted to – simply by not directly or indirectly causing it.

    So why would our masters want to “simulate a biological terror attack”?

    Perhaps they’re looking to get some useful empirical data to plan a biological attack against Russia?

  8. When I read such forthright and truthful articles such as this Kaminski article, I remind myself of the importance of standing my ground (not trying to remove myself elsewhere), come what may. Yes, we might have to join the native American Indian in defeat – but we can prepare ourselves, and make it more uneasy for our conquerors. There is ALWAYS SOMETHING to be done to put up a fight! 😎
    Let not a day go by without doing something to frustrate (((their))) design.

      1. Sister regrets entering a convent and taking her vows and becoming a nun, but that regret pales in comparison to the deep regret moaner has because she can’t see her reflection in mirrors. Not being able to see how “truly’ “beautiful” she is, she’s jealous because everyone can see what see looks like except herself, that’s a MAJOR regret of daughter of lilith night Vampire stalking hags since The Fall in The Garden. And what a ¡FALL! it was, we’re still dealing IT.

        On top of everything else, we gotta deal with poor moaner. She can’t see how “truly” “beautiful” she is like WE can SEE her, so she doesn’t have that inspiration to help her get thru this Vale of Tears and still retain at least some gratitude for The Great Gift of Life in this world of sorrow this vale of tears which is a Catholic expression and means life is hard and life is ugly and life is brutal and life is dark when you’re surrounded by daughter of lilith night Vampire stalking hags. ¿Right?, Oh “Catholic” sister skoolastica Darkm00n skool principal! How does that song go again, something like :

        *wink* everybody’s beautiful *wink* …. in their *wink**wink* own way….. under God’s Heaven the world’s going to *wink**wink* find a way , something like that, lol….

  9. How the chosenoids are killing Goyim, and disabling the Goyim army:
    ‘The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing to simulate ‘biological attacks’ on critical infrastructure near the border between Kansas and Oklahoma. The first round of drills will occur on January through February of next year, along with the second round in the summer…’
    ‘Since the beginning of the year, much ink has been spilled about the Army’s increasingly desperate attempts to fill its lofty recruiting quota for fiscal year 2017-2018: That is, 80,000 new soldiers. To hit that number, the Army has repeatedly loosened its recruiting requirements. Last month, the military introduced a new policy that would forgive recruits with a history of marijuana use or certain marijuana related criminal violations… and now, the military is taking those efforts one step further, with USA Today reporting today that the Army has expanded its criteria for granting “waivers” to certain recruits who violate criteria related to mental-health violations like having a history of bipolar disorder, or self-mutilation….’

    1. @Snez,
      For what it’s worth, last night Tucker Carlson had a brief segment about the military allowing people with mental illness like bi-polar to enlist. The Army said they eliminated that proposed policy, no doubt once that outrage was reported on national news. They will do anything to avoid going back to the draft – especially since they would have to draft females too. That is the only thing that will bring out the protesters into the street in droves.

      1. Looks as if the new policy was announced and denounced within the space of 24 – 48 hours. (7,500+ comments!)

        I’m fairly sure that recruiting scandals of all kinds have plagued the services since the days of the Continental Army. At least half of the men and women I served with during the Vietnam Era complained of recruiting promises made but not kept, recruiting standards bent or thrown away, or “Hobson’s Choice” type offers of jail-time or three years in the military.
        The scandals just keep coming.🙂

        With bad memories of protests about the Vietnam War still lingering in their tiny minds, the military brass really don’t want to re-institute the draft, this time including women. Yet it’s hard to see how they will have any other choice if the conflicts now being waged pick up pace, and / or new conflicts begin. Interesting times…

  10. The Jewish Power elites, eg AIPAC, must be blind to not see how they are storing up serious trouble for the very people they claim to represent.

    I am still amazed at the way they have gotten away with their bullying and threats for so long. If any other group, of any other race or religion had even tried to gain and use the power of the Jews in America there would have been riots. The Holocaust has shielded them from a proper response. People are still scared of the “Anti-semitism” smear.

    For what it is worth I think the Holocaust has been greatly exaggerated, started by the USSR to blacken Germany’s name, and picked up by the Jews as a gigantic case of Compensitis and hysteria. None of it stands up to examination.

    1. Well said, John!
      The give away, is the fact that “Holocaust” denial is illegal in so many countries. The very fact that courts in racially degenerate societies in Europe and elsewhere see the need to enforce Judicial Notice in the courts, gives the lie to the entire stinking Jewish “endeavour”! In Asian countries, China included, it’s very easy to teach the Holohoax, because one asks them this question. “Why no holocaust denial laws for the 77 million down to death under Mao, the murders of Stalin, King Leopold of Belgium, 8 to 12 million in the Congo?” Call out the racist and narcissistic nature of Jewry. And the Killer is when they go on about the alleged master racism of the Nazis. What about the Chosen racism of the Jews? Then one can gently lay bare the Jewish Master Plan to murder most of humanity and enslave the rest. It’s all there, Deuteronomy, the Talmud, the Protocols and the PNAC. BTW, The Protocols were authenticated by the US War Department after WW1!

  11. “Do you mind”? She pushed past me with a brusqueness befit a garrulous man.

    “Of course, not, ma’am”, I said to the back of her head, in her wake left immersed in diverse arrays of ambient sound, my voice no doubt reduced to negligible subsonics in the Embarcadero station.

    “What is Mind?” I asked myself as this train of thought, along with BART, smoothly lurched to its start, the Banshee wails of wheels on rails commencing anew, a vibrational feast for ears that hear, close listening to Pink Floyd in the band’s heyday a plus for practitioners of this informal discipline.

    “And, what is ‘minding’?” I also asked. “Is not Mind a mirror in and of Its SELF? How can one break such a mirror, much less shatter It into shards, really?” I wrote the following in my journal during my trip back to Berkeley and beyond.

    Yogi Bhajan stated clearly that we were given a mind, we were not given to the mind. Note to Self: Consider always capitalizing the ‘M’ in mind, thus capitalizing on this very special element of human being. Mind — often misunderstood then ignored, the result of lack of proper education – thus, inexorably, ultimately a Possessor, neither an asset nor even a possession: I, we, have to reclaim our rightful role, never again ceding to Mind that of Soul.

  12. Mainstream Media and Social Media are full of messages that require “double-think” – the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.

    Many readers may recall a few years ago, in the wake of police shootings of black people, there was a call for all police officers to wear body cameras. And now this:
    The take-away would be that body cameras are racist?

    Turns out your breakfast is also racist.

    Teachers don’t need to be literate because that, too, would be racist.

    What to do when no one can be quite sure what the politically correct message is?
    Black man punches white woman – social media confused, but MSM seems fairly sure that “manspreading” was the real crime here.

    And who wins in all of these situations?

    I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive. – Barbara Lerner Spectre

    Yes, Europeans should appreciate that the Tribe just want us to be better human beings, because (Cue scenes of )

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