The Case Against Donald Trump: ‘Do Not Be Fooled!’

LD:  Harold Smith appears to have been a Trump supporter to start with, like so many others who couldn’t bear the idea of Hillary Clinton in the White House. Being a realist, however, Harold has weighed up the situation by examining the facts on the ground and has arrived at a disquieting conclusion. Trump is a fraudster, he believes, a corrupt politician who is most unlikely to “make America great again”. In fact, if the Iran situation is allowed to escalate, leading to an all-out war with Russia, the world could be heading for catastrophe — and Trump would be to blame for doing nothing to stop it.


in dialogue with Ungenius

HAROLD SMITH:  I don’t see the Trumpster fraudster doing anything to de-escalate the situation at the Russian border. What I do see is headlines like “NATO troops from Germany arrive in Lithuania as Trump pledges support for alliance.” And “Senators are pushing a measure that could prevent Trump from lifting Russia sanctions.”

In other words, the Senate are trying to create political cover for Trump as he stabs us all in the back.

What Trump and his handlers are doing is putting all of humanity at risk. On the bright side, however, our prudent Trumpster fraudster is promising to make the European vassal states pay their fair share for defense. After all, defending the world from destruction doesn’t come cheaply.

Anyway, surely by now the Russians can see that the US election was nothing but a massive “bait and switch” scam. And if I was one of Vladimir Putin’s advisers, I would be telling him that I believe a war with the United States and NATO is now imminent and inevitable.

There was a time when I was encouraged by Trump’s seeming desire to cooperate with rather than antagonize Russia, and to implement a reasonable foreign policy in general.

Those days are long gone.

Of course, it’s true that everything takes a little time, but when you start looking objectively at the big picture here, it’s not encouraging at all.

Let’s face it, there’s no movement in the direction of de-escalation. Not in the slightest. As far as I can tell, the buildup seems to be getting worse. Trump has surrounded himself with people who don’t seem to want peace with Russia. There are a lot of warmongers round him. From his recent statements, it seems he is now embracing NATO rather than questioning its usefulness, which he had been doing only a couple of months ago.

This is a man who keeps changing his mind.

Frankly, I have to conclude that he has either had some kind of demonic spiritual epiphany, or his whole campaign was a fraud. And I am at a loss to understand why so many people can’t see it.

UNGENIUS:  The US/NATO activity on the borders of Russia are military drills/exercises that were planned and implemented by Obama. Once those exercises are over, then it will be proper to remove the troops and equipment back to where they came from.

HAROLD SMITH: That may be so. But try to put yourself in Vladimir Putin’s shoes, the leader of the country which happens to be the object of this military intimidation. Is it strictly a matter of taking a reasonable amount of time to accomplish the physical task of removing troops and military hardware? No, it is not. Obviously, Vladimir Putin and the Russian leadership have a duty to assess Trump’s intent.

Why are those troops there in the first place?

And in that regard, Putin obviously cannot ignore the unreasonable and potentially dangerous people Trump has surrounded himself with. He cannot ignore the absurd rhetoric and threats against Iran. He cannot ignore that Trump has apparently embraced NATO and taken the position that Russia has to give back Crimea.  And this is the real problem, not the mechanics of physically pulling military assets away from the Russian border.

If Trump would brazenly betray his own domestic supporters, surely he’d have no problem screwing over Russia, right?

UNGENIUS: By brazenly betraying his own domestic supporters, do you mean when he attempted to close the borders, but was paused by the globalist resistance?

HAROLD SMITH: No, I don’t. Did you not happen to notice that Obama brought us right to the brink of nuclear war with Russia? Did you not happen to notice that, during his campaign, Trump presented himself as an alternative to war with Russia? Did you not happen to notice that Trump presented himself as wanting to have good relations with Russia?

The “Aegis ashore” missile system that Obama put in Romania (and the other one scheduled for deployment in Poland) is like a loaded gun pointed at all of our heads. I want the Aegis ashore missile system removed from Romania before I give a damn about “immigration”.

You see, unlike “illegal immigrants”, Russia can destroy us just by pushing a few buttons. Russia can destroy us by accident. Russia can destroy us if a third party spoofs an attack. All these things are much more likely in the atmosphere of confrontation and mistrust which the “Globalists” have created and which Trump apparently seeks to maintain.

If your hero the Trumpster fraudster actually intended to oppose the “Globalists”, he would act immediately to restore good relations with Russia. He is obviously not doing this. On the contrary, he seems to be telegraphing his intent to go in the opposite direction.

UNGENIUS: Everything Trump has done so far is in line with sound domestic policy in favor of the American public.

HAROLD SMITH: Everything Trump has done so far is pretty minor. It’s superficial; only for show. All he has done so far will ultimately mean absolutely nothing if he does not undo some of the serious geopolitical damage that the “Globalists” have done. These reckless warmongers have taken us back to the most dangerous days of the cold war.

UNGENIUS: I must have missed Trump’s statement on demanding Crimea be returned to Ukraine. The last I read on it, Trump refused to say it to the leader of Ukraine when he spoke with him on the phone.

HAROLD SMITH: Did you happen to miss the statements made by Trump’s ambassador to the UN? In her very first speech to the security council, she said:

“The United States continues to condemn and call for an immediate end to the Russian occupation of Crimea. Crimea is a part of Ukraine. Our Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control over the peninsula to Ukraine.”

Did Trump fire her for that?

No, he didn’t. Her statement therefore reflects Trump’s position. Period.

Being that it’s a generally accepted fact that Russia will never give up Crimea, and that Trump (through his ambassador) is making an issue out of it, can only mean one thing: President Trump is backing away from the position of candidate Trump. He has abandoned his original position. He has done a treacherous U-turn.

But his female ambassador is not the only one to give us cause for concern.

Did you happen to take notice of the statements made by James Mattis, Trump’s Secretary of Defense? During his confirmation hearing, he said:

“He [Putin] wants to be our enemy. He needs us as his enemy.” He also said: “There are an increasing number of areas where we are going to have to confront Russia”.

Seriously? This idiot’s statements went way over the top. There’s simply no other way to describe it.

Putin didn’t didn’t put missiles in Cuba; rather, the US put them in Romania. Putin didn’t fund and arm terrorists in Syria, the US did. Putin didn’t overthrow the government of Ukraine, the US did.

If you can’t by now see what’s going here, it’s because you simply don’t want to see it.

UNGENIUS:  Unless I missed it, the only thing that Putin has said about Trump is that he is willing to meet with him in Melania’s home country [Rumania] when Putin wants to meet. Other than that, both Putin and Trump have expressed mutual respect for one another.

HAROLD SMITH: I can only repeat what I have said above. This puts an entirely  different complexion on matters.

UNGENIUS: I doubt that Putin is too worried about US/NATO drills…

HARDOLD SMITH: I doubt that too. Remember it’s the big picture here that matters – the picture you apparently refuse to see. That’s the problem!

UNGENIUS:  Especially after NATO discovered that they would only last about one day in a war with Russia.

HAROLD SMITH:  LOL! You actually think that such a confrontation would not go nuclear at some point? The Jews will lose their “empire” without trying to trash everything? If so you really don’t understand the enemy.

UNGENIUS:  Putin is a rational, reasonable national leader.

HAROLD SMITH:  Indeed. That’s why he will someday have to strike first, if Trump continues on the same basic path as his predecessors.

UNGENIUS:  Putin knows that the US Congress is controlled by Israel and the globalists and that Trump has to walk a contorted path when dealing with Russia. Putin has had to do the same thing in the past with his own government.

HAROLD SMITH:  Or so you keep telling yourself. There is absolutely nothing standing between Trump and better relations with Russia except Trump himself. The people of the US don’t want a confrontation with Russia. If Congress somehow gets in the way, Trump can appeal to the people: the people who elected him. But Trump won’t, because he too is corrupt.

The fact is that Trump could defeat the “Globalists” by launching a real investigation into 9/11. Or he could even neuter them by merely threatening to do so.

But Trump is corrupt. That’s why he’ll do neither. Accept it.

VIDEO : 6 mins

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  1. As long as Trump has ‘defense analysts’ like Gen. Jack Keane beating the war drums against Iran on MSM, his administration will continue to be perceived as anti-Putin and pro-war. My confidence is in Mr. Putin’s good sense to know it is theatrical salesmanship for the military/industrial establishment which both presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy warned against so long ago. (I believe a lot of important American politicos understand that, too.)
    I am now re-considering the integrity of some of the advisors with whom Trump has surrounded himself, but I have confidence in both he and Mr. Putin to see through the bullshit. What else can be done??? Certainly, whatever transpires will be carefully considered and discussed by these two leaders before war is waged.

    1. Just to set the record straight. We have already published many pro-Trump articles (and videos) and we just can’t go on doing that, given that doubts about Trump have begun to surface. Disillusionment with Trump has begun to set in and grow, based on Trump’s own behaviour and the bad behaviour of many of the Zionists and patent warmongers who surround him. So we need to rectify the balance and allow the Trump critics to have their say. After all, they could be right.

    2. i think you are seeing the truth in this murky environment, Gil, lots of smoke and mirrors abound, much infighting and backstabbing going on.
      The intel agencies, especially the dominant faction inside CIA is trying hard to get rid of Flynn, just rejected his deputy’s security clearance on the grounds that the sensitive information will go straight to Putin.
      That is a good signpost for what is going on, imo.

      I watch for secondary and tertiary signs because they are less likely to have been doctored for public consumption.
      therefore, the useful ones come from places outside the States, like Kremlin, Damascus, tehran and bejing.
      the fact that they are keeping quiet indicates to me that they understand Trump’s battles against the zio agents inside his own fold and are cutting him maximal slack.
      Iran tossed couple of short range defensive missiles only to pacify their home audience.
      of course if hot hostilities break out, which could be a rogue action by pentagon, all bets are off, it has happened so many times already, eg, gulf of tonkin, pearl harbor, not to mention 9/11, trump might find it impossible to hang onto peaceful ways.

      our best bet would be if he really did organize a secret cabal with Putin, Xi and khamenei because they are more trustworthy and reasonable than the jew rattlesnakes back home.

      1. @ Lobro

        On the other hand, foreign governments may be keeping quiet because they’re just as baffled by Trump’s bizarre behavior as we are.

        And I could be wrong, but I think Trump is personally way too shallow to formulate and carry out the kind of subtle and clever anti-Zionist strategy you seem to imply. But for the sake of argument let’s say he is capable of it and so inclined. Then why does he need to tip-toe carefully around the Jews when he has the 9/11 weapon in his back pocket? He doesn’t even necessarily have to use it but just brandish it. This is what I can’t understand.

      2. Harold,
        i hope you realize this is a real war, not merely a war of words. It is serious stuff.
        if you ever watch arena scraps between fighting pros, a modern day gladiatorial combat, or a fencing duel (I think Russians are the perennial champs there), do you notice that most of the moves are feints and dodges?
        the reason is that in these battles, the outcome is decided on mistakes of the loser rather than supremacy of the winner.

        rather than prejudging Trump on his words whose primary aim is to confuse the attacking enemy (satisfying public curiosity, while important is a secondary consideration to survival), i always gauge the moves of the opponent, which is to say JUDEA.
        Make no mistake, Judea is in full combat mode, night and day, around the globe, all the forces are out.
        Israel is the hedge in case they lose, which is why they are maintaining a neutrality or even a slightly sympathetic stance, despite not getting their embassy move.

        i mean, consider that Obama is now part of war on Trump (#TrumpEffect: Barack Obama organizing Communist Opposition Movement to Trump Presidency).

        when in the entire history has anything happened that even approaches this obscenity?
        the outgoing-gone president fully at war with the incoming president within a month of the replacement.
        It absolutely boggles the mind (if and when there is a mind, not addressing you Harold but American public in general who are completely unaware of this momentous event of practically biblical proportions – but American public IS mindless, yet another proof).
        The Russians are watching, Iranians and Chinese are watching and while momentarily baffled, they do indeed realize that this is fight to the finish – JUDEA declares War On Trump!
        and afterwards, if the forces of YHWH win and Trump is eliminated, back to War On Russia, War On Iran, War On China.

        this is my best reading and the only one that makes sense in full, every other else contains some inherent contradiction and absurdity.

      3. more on the subject from moon of alabama: Organized Campaigns Hit At Trump’s Foreign Policy Plans
        a sample quote:

        National Security Advisor Flynn phoned up the Russian ambassador in Washington. He did not promise to immediately lift the sanctions but indirectly asked him to refrain from any harsh response

        In the end the Russian government refrained from any in kind reaction to the Obama sanctions.

        This was blow to the promoters of hostilities with Russia. It did not stop their meddling. The effort moved towards kicking Flynn out of his new position as NSC. A concerted media campaign was launched to insinuate an early Flynn failure and to press for his dismissal.

        Bradd Jaffy @BraddJaffy
        Within the last 30 mins — NYT, WashPost, WSJ and Politico each dropped pieces that have to be alarming for your future if you’re Mike Flynn
        5:51 PM – 12 Feb 2017

        Keep in mind that some 95% of the U.S. media was hostile to Trump during the election campaign. They all peddled the nonsense of “Russian hacks” when an insider leaked emails from the Democratic National Council. They are all willing to support any move that might hinder the Trump administration.

        Thus this morning news was filled with these headlines:

        NYT – Turmoil at the National Security Council, From the Top Down
        WaPo – As Flynn falls under growing pressure over Russia contacts, Trump remains silent
        WSJ – Mike Flynn’s Position as National Security Adviser Grows Tenuous in White House
        Politico – Trump reviews top White House staff after tumultuous start

        All these stories are based on “inside views” from multiple “former and current officials”. All are build around the baseless allegations against Flynn of somehow colluding with the Russian government. All are likely more wishful thinking than fact.
        … [more]
        Indeed a second well coordinated assault on an announced Trump policy, a change of course in Syria, is already in the making. This one aims at further maligning the Syrian government in an effort to make it impossible to argue for cooperation in the fight against the Islamic State.

        · A few days ago Amnesty International published an unfounded report about alleged executions in Syrian prisons.
        · Today Human Rights Watch claims that the Syrian government systematically used Chlorine in the fight over Aleppo. The sources are solely opposition supporters.
        · Based on similar vague “facts” the Atlantic Council, a NATO lobby with financial ties to Gulf governments, launches a huge propaganda report (large pdf) about the “war crime” of liberating Aleppo from Jihadis.

        and mind you, MoA is a leftist-socialist site, by no means friendly to trump.

        Now as to your remark about 9/11, it is indeed a big item but to reach for it now would be incredibly risky proposition.
        there are still potential players of major impact sitting on the sidelines, like the bush family, rumsfeld and cheney with their roots dug into the borg (CIA, State, nat Guard and alphabet agencies) all of whom were heavily involved if not in central, then supportive 9/11 roles.
        Can trump afford to incite them into full fledged alliance with Judea at this precarious moment?
        he would be instantly accused of following FSB orders from Kremlin and if he loses the turf war, then forget about ever hearing about 9/11 again except in context of seditious agitprop and prosecution of 911 truth movement, even worse than holocaust.
        This is something that should be played later when he feels the firm ground under his feet.

  2. I’m not “fooled” by Trump.

    Trump is fooling around and playing too much golf early on. He cannot even write a good Executive Order.

    GW Bush had given his tax plan to congress in his first week. Trump has not done so. BUT he HAS… played a lot of golf…!! 🙂

    Here is a supporter of Trump for ya, who sees him wasting time… not focusing on REAL issues:

    Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts contends, “Trump wins by staying focused on the real issues.

    How does Donald Trump win against the evil trying to stop his Administration?

    The U.S. economy needs a variety of things, including turning the federal budget around. . . . .
    The reality is the federal budget has a negative return to taxpayers. It’s got to be turned positive. . . .
    That comes down to tax reform, infrastructure and it comes down to Obama Care. . . .
    Trump is the Titanic Turner, and he needs to stick to the big issues. . . .
    He has to make sure the shriek-o- meter does not destroy his top lieutenants and put space between him and them. Otherwise, the pigs are going to step in and run things.”

    In closing, Fitts says, “What’s killing this economy is corruption and lawlessness. That’s what’s killing the economy. We need to deal with these problems.”

  3. Excellent editing and presentation.

    I’m wondering, has anyone heard anything more about Russia offering Snowden to Trump as a “gift”?

    That the idea surfaced at all leads me to think that the Russians may be starting to wonder about Trump’s honesty and integrity, and even his mental stability.

    In other words, if Trump is forced to deal unambiguously with the Snowden issue, maybe it will shed light some light on the question: Are we dealing with Trump the populist/nationalist/anti-globalist; are we dealing with Trump the lying, scheming, globalist wolf in sheep’s clothing; or are we dealing with Trump the petty, unprincipled narcissist, who’s in way over his head, who doesn’t really know what he stands for, who’s being pulled in ten different directions and possibly heading for some kind of “nervous breakdown”?

    1. Your confusion, Harold Smith, results from the conflagration of rhetoric with reality. Where is the verification or confidence interval that this is real, or even considered? Just because of newz reporting? Have you ever heard of “fake news”, a neologism of agitprop and propaganda aka lying? Does the name Pravda and Izvestia mean something to you?

      What was that song? “You gotta look before you leap?” (To conclusions)

      1. @ Poupon Marx

        Your confusion, Harold Smith, results from the conflagration of rhetoric with reality.

        Conflation, not “conflagration”. 🙂

      2. Your confusion, Pouper, apparently results from your inability to understand that the world we live in very often runs on “perception” of reality, rather than “reality” per se.
        For example, if you approach a cop with a realistic-looking toy gun in your hand, and you say, “I hate cops”, he will probably shoot you dead, even though the gun, and therefore the threat, was actually not “real”.
        Do you see how “rhetoric” can work against you? Do you see how it wasn’t the “reality” of the situation that got you killed, but merely the way it was perceived? Or is it all just over your head?

  4. I am unable to understand what Trump tries to accomplish with his belligerent rhetoric against Iran. If he seriously wants to force a war against Iran to please his Zionist masters, he should keep in mind that such a war would be devastating for his beloved Israel. Not only has Iran the power to hit Israel with long range rockets, Hizbollah, its ally in Southern Lebanon, has enough rockets to destroy it :

    “…Major General (res.) Yitzhak Gershon, who served as the head of the IDF’s Home Front Command during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, told Israel’s Army Radio, that the 2006 war featured up to 160 rockets per day fired at Israel’s north. But given Hezbollah’s military buildup, “we need to expect up to 1,200 rockets in a day – it will be a completely different scenario from anything we’ve known.”

    “We will need mental fortitude more than physical protection,” Gershon added.

    Hezbollah has an arsenal of more than 130,000 rockets, more than all non-U.S. NATO countries combined, Vanderbilt professor Willy Stern wrote in a recent analysis in The Weekly Standard. This number includes long-range rockets and M-600 ballistic missiles, a single one of which could “wipe out a good chunk of Times Square and maim and kill people four football fields away from the point of impact,” Stern wrote.

    Hezbollah also has approximately 100,000 short-range rockets trained on schools, homes, and hospitals in northern Israel that would unleash chaos and potentially kill hundreds of Israeli civilians…”

    So does Trump really try to “help” Israel with a devastating war or is his rhetoric in reality part of a Trumpian “art of the deal” to gain some more favorable concessions from Iran ?

    1. Trump’s saber-rattling against Iran stems back to the onset of the Iraq war when the “shrub” (Bush Jr.) pronounced his famous “state of eternal war” speech when referring to the new “axis of evil” (Syria, Iran, and N.Korea).

      The Trumpian rhetoric is similar to Reagan’s, when shortly after his defeat of Carter in 1980 the embassy hostages were released. Fast forward to 2016-7 and the current bluster is over the Iranian nuclear deal, and “deal” is the key word for Trump. HIS intent is to extend the “art of the deal” to nations all over the World after securing the borders and regrouping in terms of strengthening the military. This of course is contingent upon him having HIS druthers, and to what extent any president has THAT is always the question.

    2. modern day so-called “Jews” cannot be ‘Israel’…

      Israel is a people who have never been “Jews”…

      No one on Earth HAS to be a “JEW”.

      to call the synagogue of Satan cult compound in Palestine “Israel” is tantamount to
      Blasphemy….See John 8:44.

      Gog & Magog “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism could return to Birobidjan…
      and right soon.

      see matthew 13:39-43

      bye bye “JEWISH” state !

    3. @ Franklin

      One idea that comes to mind (my mind at least) is that “Trump” wants to gin up some fresh hostility with Iran so as to crate a pretext to upgrade the Aegis ashore missile systems in Europe.

      After all, if “Trump” is “cooperating with Russia (sic)”, and in a sense on the same team as Iran (fighting ISIS) then it’ll be hard to explain why the SM-3 missiles need to be upgraded, especially since the Russians understand that the upgraded missiles will pose a threat to their nuclear deterrent.

      IIRC the original pretext for the systems was to defend against the alleged Iranian missile “threat”. And the latest hostility seems to be cued on missiles and missile tests; so “Trump” may be planting the idea and building on it, to create the appearance of a threat in the minds of people who need to be fooled.

      But who knows. With madmen running things, it’s hard to predict what’s going on in their evil “minds”.

      1. The “Iranian threat” as an excuse to station missiles in Poland (and not in nearby NATO ally Turkey) that Bush used was already ridiculous in the first place. To repeat that lame excuse and at the same time trying to improve relations with Russia makes no sense at all.

        I’m tired of trying to discover some mysterious “master plan” in Trump’s antics. This man is a narcissist who is bluffing for the sake of bluffing.

    1. If they both are ‘puppet presidents’, Pat, they are puppets for the same puppet masters who manipulate world currencies. Harshly speaking, war might be the necessary strategy to avoid a capital crisis from the current momentum being accelerated by treasury bond sell-offs. Those puppets will have to play along (‘war’ along?) to stabilize the prices. It is an expected reaction by those who bear pressure on political stability – unfortunately, for the rest of us. The possible (and threatened alternative) is an economic ‘crash’ which can bring nightmare consequences worldwide – comparable to what is happening in Venezuela. It will take steady hands to avert it, and whomever the leaders are who are seen as the captains will take-the-blame. (The more things change, the more they stay the same…)

      1. Gil –

        “the leaders are who are seen as the captains will take-the-blame.”

        Yep. They are mere dartboards.
        They are targets for distraction away from Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London…… who finance what is going on globally,

  5. Excellent article, Harold! And written with superb clarity and fact-filled precision. No waffling here, that’s for sure! And a hard-hitting video, too, to act as the perfect clincher.

    1. I’m so glad this website has decided to avoid falling into the trap of sucking up to the White Nationalists among us by dishing up a diet of non-stop Trump idolatry.

      These starry-eyed wishful thinkers need to get a life and stop kidding themselves that the wily Trump is playing an elaborate poker game or chess game of some kind with the Jews … and one day, lo and behold, he’s going to pull the rug away from under their feet and the whole Jewish house of cards is going to come crashing down on their heads!

      I’ve never heard such self-deluding rubbish in my life.

      So what’s he going to do — stab his own Jewish grandchildren in the back?

  6. It’s amazing to me how much stock the commenters put in mere talk and rhetoric. Since when did politicians say exactly what their true thoughts are? How many of you have had to negotiate a serious deal? Do you think that it would be a good idea to just be “completely transparent”, and “open”? In this world?

    Recently Trump established, by all accounts, a solid, personal relationship with Japan’s PM, Abe. Then he will establish the same with Putin. Both countries have issues with China. When he meets the Chinese President, he will be at an advantage.

    Readers need to take stock of what Trump is up against. Do I have to enumerate them for you? Real and surrogate Jewish One World, Globalist, anti-American nation-state control of all media, academia, the vast majority of NGOs (including those set up by conservative capitalists), the European Union, many offices in various governments, large swaths of the US Senate and House of Reprehensibles, Wall Street, many banks, the great power of International Jewish Financiers, and many more institutions.

    What great powers of prescience you have Mr. Harold Smith, where, by mere and discreet opening moves, numbering in the single digits, you can describe and predict whole strategic endeavors and tell us that the President is “failing”.

    Let’s look at a chess analogy. Can you tell the strength-much less the outcome-of the game by the opening moves? What about a sacrificial loss of a piece to gain strategic advantage? Do you really think that Trump built a business that is spread across 34 countries, privately held, because he is incompetent and bungling? Get real.

    It has been widely said that Americans have a historical memory that is very short, about 2 weeks. Mr. Harold Smith (credentials, analysis, detail?) seems to forget the many crises that Trump navigated in his professional career, and came out smelling like a rose.

    Let me ask you a simple question. In a football, when the quarterback hands off the ball to a halfback and he runs to the right side of the field, do you necessarily think that he is committed and will commit himself to that path. If you do, and you are a linebacker or defensive back, you are a sucker, the ball carrier will fake you out, you will be grabbing air, and the ball carrier will be heading for the goal line.

    I find this article to be shallow, and pre-mature in its judgement, and over reaching based on inadequate inductive instances and observations. Good military commanders on the ground achieve success not by giving away their intended ground game, but by stealth and deception.

    >> “Sun Tzu’s conviction that victory and defeat are fundamentally psychological states. He sees war, therefore, not so much as a matter of destroying the enemy materially and physically (although that may play a role), but of unsettling the enemy psychologically; his goal is to force the enemy’s leadership and society from a condition of harmony, in which they can resist effectively, toward one of chaos (luan), which is tantamount to defeat.”

    Trump has confused a lot of people, but they cannot answer whether this is intentional and deliberate, and whether his basis is a psy-op.

    1. Military history anyone? One lump or two?

      “From a distance, an English farmer could see that sometime overnight a column of Sherman tanks had parked on his field. One of his bulls also noticed the American tanks and was eyeing one of them warily. Suddenly, the bull lunged. The farmer braced himself for the sight of one of his prized bovines cracking its skull against armor plating.
      The bull struck the tank at top speed, and with a lazy hiss of air, the Sherman deflated into a pile of olive-drab rubber sheeting. The bull and the farmer had stumbled onto one of the most elaborate deceptions in the history of warfare: the creation of a phantom army to divert attention from the real Allied army poised to invade France in the spring of 1944.”

    2. @ Poupon

      I bet if you go outside, find the nearest cop and wave a realistic looking toy gun at him, he’ll shoot you.

      And then we’d have the “strange” situation that the gun wasn’t “real” but you’re really dead. How do you explain that?

      1. @ Pouper,

        You’re supposed to be looking at your monitor, not your mirror, as you type your infantile Jew drivel.

    3. @ Poupon

      “Good military commanders on the ground achieve success not by giving away their intended ground game, but by stealth and deception.”

      Did you actually bother to read the material that you’re commenting on?

      When there are thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at you which can be launched at the push of a button, and when the person with his finger on the button is trying to figure out your INTENT, maybe “stealth and deception” isn’t the best strategy. Do you follow?

      1. No Harold, that is a logical fallacy. MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, is what keeps the fingers off the Nuclear Button. First strike is the last strike, in this arena, the last for the World.

        You seem to ejaculate opinions without much depth of consideration, or background information. You obviously are not an engineer or one who has a STEM background.

        “You gotta look before you leap”.

      2. @ Pouper

        I’m sorry Junior, but the hapless groping of your shallow, carnal “mind” reflects poorly on you, not on me.
        I think you need to get out of your Mother’s basement a little more often; maybe then you’d realize that we actually don’t live in Mister Rogers’ neighborhood. There really are some bad people out there.
        For example, murder-suicide is an unfortunate fact of life that happens every day.
        If the Jews can’t have the world then perhaps as far as they’re concerned nobody else can either. Read you Bible; particularly Matthew 8:32. Evil is as evil does. Accept it.

    4. Maybe you can find the courage to venture YOUR OWN opinion someday, instead of losing yourself in groupthink and the Tragedy of The Commons and the Appeal To Authority, to bolster your flabby opinion?

  7. Alot of Muslims in the United States are packing their bags and moving to Canada, which is Very Good for us Americans and is also Very Good for “Our” Canuckistan “truth lovers, truth seekers, truth tellers”, “Our” Canadian “friends” like Boor, Henry Makow, Northerntruthseeker, LERV moozlums so much, they can have all the Muslims in the United States and Heck they can have all the mohammedans in Somalia and in the world for all I give a shit about “Our” Canadian “truth lovers”. They can have all the Jihad they want in Canada, fuck ’em. As long as us Americans don’t have to deal with Jihad, thank you, TROJ. YES, I’m a Trump Supporter, eat shit and go fuck yourselves. Am I being deplorable enough to prove to you all I’m a “deplorable”. I hope so, I really do, 🙂

  8. “…Being a realist, however, Harold has weighed up the situation by examining the facts on the ground and has arrived at a disquieting conclusion. Trump is a fraudster, he believes, a corrupt politician who is most unlikely to “make America great again”. In fact, if the Iran situation is allowed to escalate, leading to an all-out war with Russia, the world could be heading for catastrophe — and Trump would be to blame for doing nothing to stop it.”

    This phrasing, the cliched and meaningless expression, “facts on the ground”, the broad brush and hackneyed “make American great again”, and the extrapolation that the author actually KNOWS the what the rhetoric is intended for-when a multiplicity of intents and purposes are possible-is below the usual standard of Darkmoon. In fact, as an avid reader of Lascha Darkmoon, I have difficult time believing she authored this pedestrian grey anti-matter.

    I find it loosey goosey fast and shoosey. NOT a monument or edifice to critical thinking.

    1. In fact, as an avid reader of Lascha Darkmoon, I have difficult time believing she authored this pedestrian grey anti-matter.


      You really should learn to spell Lasha’s name correctly before you lash out at her! 🙂

      I guess one has to make allowances for you if you don’t know the difference between “conflation” and “conflagration”. (See Grammar Fiend’s post above).

      1. Lasha should get rid of Sister Monica as the moderator, and hire Harold Smith to be the moderator of Darkmoon. Uncle made a better moderator than does Sister Moaner. Sure, Uncle was very Censorious, but not as much as Sister is a Censorious tyrant. Sister Censors anywhere from 99.99% to 100% of my comments, Uncle Harold just censored anywhere from 90% to 95% of comments. I guess Uncle Harold is the open-minded Liberty Lover in THE FAMILY, 😉 .

      2. Really, Sister M., are you serious? And are you using the pseudonym of Grammar Fiend and other such artifices to bash me when the tide turns from the regulars? These vituperative commenters-never seen before-suddenly appear as pilers-on, never to be seen again. And that disgraceful Madame Butterfly invective, gutter filth see leveled at me? Just an autonomous individual, eh? All very convenient. It is not my perception alone, by the way, of this and uneven, inexplicable favoritism and lack of one standard. In other words, there is one standard for me, and none for the others?

        Equating a grammatical oversight (I do not proof read my comments) is petty, picayune, and I would think beneath your dignity, totally detouring around the content and detail of my comment.

        1. Sorry if I hurt your feelings, Poupon, but I was only quoting Grammar Fiend’s comment. I can’t start censoring his comments because he’s been here far longer than I have. And I do think he performs a useful function in correcting people’s bad English.

          Would you like me to delete his comments in future if they criticize your poor English? If so, no problem. Just say the word.

    2. Poupon,

      As I believe I’ve stated once or twice on these pages, I hope I’m wrong (in my assessment of the situation).
      And you’re welcome to show that I am. The thing is, it’ll take more than your child-like contrariness, screaming and hand-waving to do that. In other words, you’ll have to propound some kind of compelling counter-argument.
      In the meantime you have a right to your “opinion”, but you have no right to be taken seriously, and you’re not.

      1. Your are talking to the mirror, Harold, plainly for all to see. You are pouting and that is unseemly.

      2. Aw c’mon Pouper, you’re just sour grapes because nobody seems to be taking you and your child-like contrariness seriously.

  9. A very well written and argued article by Harold.

    I share Harold’s’s views about the role of Hezbollah in any future war with Israel. I remember during the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon, when one million Israeli spend 33 days in bomb shelters, while One million Lebanese were turned into refugee and were forced to flee their homes or face death. And to Israel surprise and disappointment, the rest of Lebanon[Christians, Druse, and Muslims] open their homes and hearts to the displaced villagers.

    Meanwhile Arabs and Muslims from Morrocco to Malaysia felt for the first time a moment of pride for the first time in 60 years over Hezbollah victory over Israel. For those who have doubt, here is what Israel officials have to say:

    Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said I made a mistake and I’ll take the responsibility. Israel’s foreign minister state,”no country in the world can take Hezbollah. Ravit Ben-Simon, a 25 years old Israeli woman of Kiryat Shimona put it simply,”Israel lost big-time.”

    To put it simply, Israel may have a leash around Trump’s neck, but she is not ready to get humiliated again for the sake of a gamble with Iran.

    1. Hezbollah did a stalwart job in defeating the Israelis in 2006. Surprised we dont hear that there were gas chambers in Lebanon. Probably keeping that one as an arse in the hole. LOL

  10. Hey.. Poup –

    You are wrong. This is a very good and well written article.

    Hell… All you write is rhetoric….and PERSONAL complaints..!!

    No rhetoric here…. Trump’s actual EOs…

    ……………..which change little to nothing..!! 🙂


    “We do not need new laws,” Trump said January 25, soon after signing two executive orders related to immigration, indicating he’ll test the existing framework.

    Since taking the inaugural oath, Trump has signed 12 executive orders.

    1: Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal
    Hours after taking the oath of office, Trump issued an executive order aimed at rolling back Obamacare. The directive called on the secretary of health and human services, in addition to other agencies, to interpret regulations as loosely as possible to minimize the financial burden on individuals, insurers, health care providers and others.

    The order’s language is somewhat vague, and considering that Obamacare was passed through Congress, this presidential action can’t change the law.

    2: Expediting Environmental Reviews and Approvals for High-Profile Infrastructure Projects

    Trump merely directed those in charge of evaluating the environmental impact of infrastructure projects to return their assessments in a timelier manner.

    3: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements
    Trump instructed the Department of Homeland Security to commence immediate construction of a 1,900-mile long wall along the southern border with Mexico, using existing federal funds to get it started. The directive also signaled beefing up the border with an additional 5,000 border protection officers.

    4: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States
    This executive order aims to tackle the issue of undocumented immigrants through deportation and tripling resources for enforcement with 10,000 additional immigration officers. It also targets so-called “sanctuary cities” — municipalities, states and other entities which can refuse to turn over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities through a variety of shielding policies — by withholding funding.

    5: Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States
    This executive order prevents refugees from entering the country for 120 days and immigrants from seven Muslim-majority nations out for three months.

    6: The order imposes a lifetime ban on administration officials lobbying for foreign governments, and a five-year ban for other lobbying.

    7: Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs
    According to the order, when a new regulation is disseminated, at least two existing regulations should be identified for removal “and that the cost of planned regulations be prudently managed and controlled through a budgeting process.”

    8: Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System
    This executive order was widely portrayed as Trump’s rollback of the Dodd-Frank Act, the Wall Street reform law enacted in 2010 in response to the financial crisis. It lays out what will be used to review existing laws and regulations.

    9: Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety
    Trump outlines a commitment to reducing the US crime rate by tackling illegal immigration, drug trafficking and violent crime. It directs Attorney General Jeff Sessions to establish a task force that will collaborate with law enforcement nationwide and design new strategies to reduce crime.

    10: Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking
    Trump also signed an order targeting transnational drug cartels and called for agencies to increase intelligence sharing and submit a report on progress within four months.

    11: Preventing Violence Against Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Enforcement Officers
    A further order on crime directed the Justice Department to use existing federal law to pursue individuals who carry out crimes against law enforcement officers.

    12: Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Justice
    This order designates who will serve as acting attorney general — and in which order — in the event that the current attorney general dies, resigns or is unable to perform his normal functions and duties.

    1. Pat>> At least you put some thought and effort in your retort, uniquely as compared to the rather lazy and indolent other replies. And I may start liking you again, but that is always subject to change.

      Reading the above, I feel you have failed to make your case. You provided a list of Executive Orders, but did not tie them in syllogistically with a theme. Eos are not laws, you know.

      I read you comments with interest, as I find some gems in the larger percentage of coal and intermingled soil. You are honest and earnest, and that counts for a lot.

      I’ve come to realize that a partial loaf is better than no loaf. Loafing on a public forum is not appreciable, however. We both have our idiosyncrasies.

    1. But Pat, Trump has only been in office less than a month. Opening moves in a chess game, Pat. Remember?

  11. Sister M.>>> I don’t want ANYBODY’S comments deleted unless they are totally and utterly irrelevant. The “ignoramus” single comment of GF shows childishness, low brow, anti-intellectual, and churlish behavior. This was a free standing comment, no doubt springing from the weak character of GF perceiving the ease of such an imbecilic expectoration because of negative opinion coming my way.

    And this brings up a larger issue. DM is not served well by hostility to dissenting opinion or “regulars” taking a defensive “musketeers” posture when one of them is criticized objectively and even severely. This site needs to maintain intellectual honesty and exposure to critical thinking, evidence and NEW thoughts. “Show me the money” is a mirror image of “Show me the evidence”, once an assertion is made, OR admit the degree of speculation is just that, absent of the concrete.

    Being butt hurt, whining, and pouting are the markers of weak though.

    1. Poupon Marx –

      Please do not be discouraged by the mundane complaints against your comments. I, for one, enjoy reading your thought-provoking comments – even when I do not agree. 🙂
      While waiting around here for a parts delivery (I am re-fitting a turbo intake on an F450 Ford diesel truck this morning), I like checking-in here to read what y’all are confabulating about, because it’s wholesomely and edifyingly entertaining!! 🙂
      (I’m just a dumb old farm boy who doesn’t punch a time clock for anybody.)

  12. Harold, pay attention. Stop looking at the squirrels outside through the window.

    February 13, 2017 at 5:15 pm
    Your confusion, Pouper, apparently results from your inability to understand that the world we live in very often runs on “perception” of reality, rather than “reality” per se.
    For example, if you approach a cop with a realistic-looking toy gun in your hand, and you say, “I hate cops”, he will probably shoot you dead, even though the gun, and therefore the threat, was actually not “real”.
    Do you see how “rhetoric” can work against you? Do you see how it wasn’t the “reality” of the situation that got you killed, but merely the way it was perceived? Or is it all just over your head?

    If you read AND comprehended what I wrote, you would KNOW that this is EXACTLY what I wrote previously. Harold, don’t be like Hubert Humbug Humphrey, and allow your brain clutch to slip.

    “He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to talk nonsense”. -John McCarthy

    1. @ Poupon

      You said: “Your confusion, Harold Smith, results from the conflagration of rhetoric with reality….”

      I said: “Your confusion, Pouper, apparently results from your inability to understand that the world we live in very often runs on “perception” of reality, rather than “reality” per se.”

      First, your statement is grammatically incorrect and therefore meaningless; second, to the extent your statement is “meaningful”, it is not correct, since I’m not the one who’s confused, you are; lastly, “perception of reality” and “rhetoric” are not the same thing,

      Maybe you can find a helpful adult in your neighborhood who can read what I wrote and explain it to you in simple, child-like terms, commensurate with your profoundly limited faculties.

    February 13, 2017 at 6:43 pm
    Aw c’mon Pouper, you’re just sour grapes because nobody seems to be taking you and your child-like contrariness seriously.

    Harold, such comments as the above reveal much about you and have no relevance toward me. I am proud to be the one to provide “contrariness”, where the school of fish, the collectivized, the herd animals such as you take refuge in the smelly armpits of the careless of thought, logic and analysis. Aw, c’mon, indeed. I can, and have many times stood alone against odds and conditions far more adverse than low voltage, low octane of your yammerings. If I believe I am correct, it simply doesn’t matter what people like you, a gossamer film soap bubble think of me or my thoughts.

    You’re running on less than the number of cylinders and your tires are near flat. Time for you to head to the garage for repair and restorative salve on that hurt butt.

  14. I agree with UNGENIUS and I think HAROLD SMITH is ridiculous. Trump has surrounded himself with some people whose thoughts are not in line with his own, but that does not mean he changed his mind about anything. It merely reflects the fact that Trump is the only politician in the US and only person with any stature in the US to openly state he wanted good relations with Russia and basically came across as someone who believed Vladimir Putin is a decent man, while virtually the entire western media is calling for actions that will lead to war with Russia. I am astounded at the fact that the “liberal democracy” Germany has sent German troops to Lithuania while the so called “far right”, derided as “NAZIS” in Germany, calls for good relations with Putin and Russia.

    The fact Trump has people that continue to attack Russia reflects the fact that no one else besides Trump came out in defense of Putin. Trump was the only person in the country to call for so many of the things he called for, so if he was the only one, how do you expect him to hire people that back his views if there aren’t any? That is a serious question. They will alter their opinions to conform with his over time, or they will probably be gone within a year or two. In the meantime, I wonder if having some “anti-Putin” statements coming from the Trump administration (but not Trump who continues to defend Putin) will placate the Judenpresse as it continues its drive toward a possible war with Russia. If anything, Trump deserves great credit for continuing to stand his ground while the world (mostly made up of liberals that claim they are the righteous ones) push for war with Russia or say nothing while the politicians they back push for war. If Trump continues to hold his ground he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in four years. He has repeatedly shown he has a hard head and won’t back down even in the face of opposition from everyone in the country with any power (except for the tens of millions of Americans that have no public voice and little political power).

    We could see a revolution in this country and we may be witnessing a non-violent one taking place right now. But if the Democrats or Republican enemies of Trump successfully impeach Trump, it might not be a peaceful revolution for long. Currently leftists and other “non-violent” activists continue to physically attack and beat people in the streets who are Trump supporters, while the Judenpresse continues to defend these actions or says nothing about them. That may change in the future and if the “far right” gives a a few leftists a beating they won’t recover from, the physical attacks on these average Americans that support Trump will soon stop.

    Here is Trump in an interview defending Putin again, this time in an interview with O’Reilly of Fox News eight days ago. The idiot O’Reilly called Putin a “killer”. Previously, during the election, Trump asked the media rep if he had any proof of this. This time, Trump responded by accusing the US of having killers that run the country. This supports the other amazing statement he made during the campaign that the US government and the Bush Administration “lied” when it said Iraq had WMD and they lied to get the US into the war. This one one of the bravest and truthful statements any American politician has ever made.

    For all the fair weather friends and others ready to throw Trump under the bus, could you tell me who you would replace Trump with that is pro Putin / Russia? I don’t know of any other politician in the US that defends Putin. This may not be the case, but some Trump critics that claim they were Trump friends may actually be working for the opposition and may have never been Trump friends at all.

    1. I think this article showing Chancellor Merkel smiling with a 6’5″ transvestite supporter (a member of the Green Party that will help choose the next German President) shows how sick the west is today. The US is no better and in fact, the US more than any other country has led the way towards this sickness. A short film clip from the hit movie “He’s Back” is shown at the bottom of the article. Adolf Hitler is the star and he reappears before the the stunned, modern German audience. Most of these people’s parents and/or grandparents fully supported Hitler, believed him to be a decent man and the saviour of their country and possibly Europe. Today, indoctrinated with self hatred, they all know better, or think they do.

      Then Hitler finally speaks and they all take his words in, with one saying “he’s right”. I would say Trump is in a similar situation. He had no support from any influential people in his rise to power and still has no support from the establishment and now we see signs of an alternative power rising in the US, known as the “Alt-Right”. Only when the rotten establishment that currently runs the west is replaced or weakened and forced to change (like when Mitt Romney or others that insulted Trump during the campaign then came to Trump Tower to ask for a job in the new administration) will the sickness that besets the west be dealt with.

    2. @ Peter

      “Trump has surrounded himself with some people whose thoughts are not in line with his own, but that does not mean he changed his mind about anything. ”

      First, you’re understating it, and second, I’ve worked for “government” and private industry, and I can tell you from many years of real world experience: that’s simply not how it works.
      If anything, the “boss” surrounds himself with “yes men”, not with people who would openly and embarrassingly disagree with him on fundamentally important issues.

      In his speech of 04/28/2016, Trump said:

      “We desire to live peacefully and in friendship with Russia and China. We have serious differences with these two nations, and must regard them with open eyes, but we are not bound to be adversaries. We should seek common ground based on shared interests.”

      Contrast this with what James Mattis said at his confirmation hearing for example:

      “He [Putin] wants to be our enemy. He needs us as his enemy.” He also said: “There are an increasing number of areas where we are going to have to confront Russia.”

      I hate to be the bearer of bad new, but Mattis’ statements go way beyond “not in line with Trump”; they’re diametrically opposed. Likewise with those of his other appointees.

      Trump also said:

      “However, unlike other candidates for the presidency, war and aggression will not be my first instinct. You cannot have a foreign policy without diplomacy. A superpower understands that caution and restraint are really truly signs of strength.”

      Trumpster has some bizarre ideas about “diplomacy, caution and restraint”. Like massing troops, tanks and other heavy weapons at the Russian border that we would never allow anywhere near our borders. And deploying a missile system on Russia’s border whose only practical purpose is to facilitate a first strike.

      If anyone’s being “ridiculous” here it’s you.

      1. “If anything, the “boss” surrounds himself with “yes men”, not with people who would openly and embarrassingly disagree with him on fundamentally important issues.” Absolutely. Now can you name anyone other than Trump who who has spoken out in defense of Putin and Russia?

        Blaming Trump for the troops Obama ordered on the Russian border and the missile defense system that was deployed under Bush / Obama is also ridiculous. Trump has no reason to be defending Putin in his statements when it only earns him criticism and hatred. If he didn’t like Putin or Russia he would attack them in his statements. He’s been in power a few weeks and your blaming him for the missile defense system built under Obama and Bush. Amazing.

      2. @ Peter

        “Blaming Trump for the troops Obama ordered on the Russian border and the missile defense system that was deployed under Bush / Obama is also ridiculous.”

        Please point out where I’ve “blamed” Trump for what Obama did? I didn’t; rather, I pointed out that Trump has a duty to fix the damage.

        “Trump has no reason to be defending Putin in his statements when it only earns him criticism and hatred. ”

        Well sure he does if it’s part of the calculated propaganda effort. He apparently thinks he can fool people; he thinks he can baffle everyone with bullshit. He’ll defend Putin with his right hand while he screws him over (and us) with his left hand.

        “If he didn’t like Putin or Russia he would attack them in his statements.”

        Not necessarily. (See above).

        “He’s been in power a few weeks and your blaming him for the missile defense system built under Obama and Bush. Amazing.”

        Once again, I’m not “blaming” him for what his predecessors did. I’m merely pointing out: (1) That Trump has a moral and legal duty (and an election mandate) to change the course of U.S. foreign policy, especially as it regards the situation with Russia; (2) And if he doesn’t change course we will at some point have a war with Russia, most likely a nuclear war; and (3) From what’s happened so far, it looks like he has no intention of changing course; (4) Therefore, he’s a liar and a fraud and looks like he will destroy the U.S. for his Jewish masters. Nothing but simple observation and reasoning. That’s all. No big deal at all.

    3. @ Peter

      “Here is Trump in an interview defending Putin again, this time in an interview with O’Reilly of Fox News eight days ago. The idiot O’Reilly called Putin a ‘killer’.”

      Trump didn’t actually defend Putin; he didn’t say Putin wasn’t a killer.
      If anything, all he did was to impliedly put the U.S. and Russia on the same moral plane, which is of course ridiculous. If Putin’s a killer, the U.S. is a mass-murdering butcher.

      “This supports the other amazing statement he made during the campaign that the US government and the Bush Administration “lied” when it said Iraq had WMD and they lied to get the US into the war. This one one of the bravest and truthful statements any American politician has ever made.”

      Nonsense. There’s no political risk in saying that Bush lied about Iraq’s non-existent “weapons of mass destruction”. That’s been a generally accepted fact for a long time.

      1. “put the U.S. and Russia on the same moral plane, which is of course ridiculous.” If it’s ridiculous, then that is because Russia is one a much higher moral plane than the US, which has murdered far more people over the last 17 years than any other country, launching wars all over the world. If the US had a few atomic bombs dropped on LA and New York, the body count probably still wouldn’t add up to what mass murdering Americans did to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Pakistan and Serbia over the last twenty years. What has Russia done? Helped kill American backed terrorists in Syria and defended it’s own interests at home.

        “Nonsense. There’s no political risk in saying that Bush lied about Iraq’s non-existent “weapons of mass destruction”. That’s been a generally accepted fact for a long time.” No other presidential candidate said it an I’m not aware of an any other politician who said it since the invasion and after Trump made his statement, the reaction was shock by the audience in the debate. It only earned Trump more hatred. Not even Obama claimed Bush lied. What you claim is easy or “accepted fact for a long time” has been “accepted” by very few people. I have never seen anyone in the mainstream media say Bush lied and that is because the media and political establishment solidly backed the invasion.

        Yes, Trump did defend Putin. As I said, previously he asked the journalist if he had any proof of his accusation against Putin. This time he took a different tack.

      2. @ Peter

        I’m suppose I’m not going to waste much more time arguing absurdities with you, but I’ll say one more thing.

        Trump throws a steaming pile of BS at the wall and you believe you found a few nuggets that stick; well good for you but guess what, it really doesn’t matter whether or not Trump “defended” Putin on a talk show or whatever.

        What matters is not disingenuous rhetoric, but whether or not he’s going to actually change the direction of U.S. foreign policy. And I say it looks like he isn’t gong to. That’s all. No big deal. He either changes course or we have a nuclear war. It’s so simple and straightforward that even a child like “Poupon Marx” should be able to understand it.

    4. I do not want to stop criticism of Trump that I think is warranted. On Israel / Palestine I think he should be criticized. I do not think this criticism regarding Russia is valid though, when there are so many instances of Trump defending Putin.

  15. @ Harold Smith

    I am a Trump supporter and voted for him, but I enjoyed reading your article. Unlike the other Trump supporters who throng this site, I have no wish to bully you into silence by the use of vicious hominem attacks.

    To criticize Trump on the Darkmoon site, it seems, requires great courage. So well done, Harold Smith, for having the guts to speak out and voice your doubts and misgivings.

    How are we arrive at the truth if Trump Worship is compulsory on this site?

    1. @ Madame Butterfly

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Yes, the childishness of some of the people commenting here is beyond disappointing.

      My basic position stems in part from my sincerely held belief that the U.S. government would NEVER EVER tolerate a buildup of potentially hostile military forces in Canada, Mexico and Cuba, for example, the way Russia has so far tolerated such a buildup near its borders.

      And this is especially true with regard to the “Aegis ashore” missile systems. If the shoe were on the other foot, the U.S. government would issue an ultimatum demanding the removal of the missile system and would subsequently go to war if it was not removed.

      In light of this, I believe that Russia would already have the moral and legal justification to use force against the threat posed by this missile system, even before the upgraded SM-3 missiles are installed, as the system can presently also be used to launch nuclear tipped Tomahawk cruise missiles. (If my critics here would dispute any of this, then I would have to call them liars, because that’s what they would be).

      This is the situation that Trump inherited, and I think he has not only a legal and moral duty, but also a mandate from the people who elected him, to act immediately to de-escalate the situation with Russia.
      As far as I can see, instead of a showing of good faith, i.e., sending any kind of signal that he intends to pull back/change course, he surrounds himself with people whose words and actions suggest just the opposite.

      I ask, how else should a reasonable person interpret this bizarre situation?

      As I see it, the bottom line is this: Vladimir Putin has already clearly implied that we’re heading for a nuclear war if the U.S. doesn’t change course, and it doesn’t look like “Trump” will be doing anything of the kind. Therefore, simple syllogistic reasoning says “Trump” will be taking us to nuclear war.

  16. Objectively, I believe-as I have written here-that Harold Smith’s submission is sparsely supported, makes general and generic statements with little concrete support. Mrs. Ritche, my 9th grade Engrish teacher warned me of generalizations without support specifics. Trite phrases, Newspeak explains nothing. Where Mr. Harold Smith draws his conclusions from is a mystery, but it seems that he puts near absolute faith in media reports and what the President says in a time compressed venue and format.

    It is a breezy and somewhat breathless ramble that is quite hole-y writ. Mr. Harold Smith does not like challenges to his assertions. He doesn’t answer them, providing a strong impression that he cannot give greater detail. I might as well seek verification and affirmation from a Gypsy fortune teller.

    On a technical, semantic, logical level, critiqued for form and substance, referring to his article as anything other than lacking in the elementals of good expository prose is a charitable offering, cruelty indeed masked as kindness.

    See my comments else where for details. I welcome rebuttals and edification on the merits and content.

    I await immoderate, extreme moderation, that is my fault, even though I have used 3 different computers and several different servers, and even tried a different, new account.
    There IS an anomaly in the colon of your software, just beyond the sigmoid Froid scope. Push it in a bit farther…….

    1. Oh shut up you fucking bore! It seems every second post is yours. You are posting more than Lobro, more than Pat, more than Sardonicus, more than Harold Smith, more than Peter! You are posting more than anyone else on this site and yet you have the nerve to complain that you’re not being treated fairly by Admin!

      I wouldn’t mind the overwhelming multitude of your posts if you actually sad something on-topic, informative, factual, and interesting. Small hope of that!

      @ Admin

      I urge you strongly to ration Poupon Marx to THREE posts a day maximum. Don’t ban him. I’m not asking that. But ration him strictly. If you don’t get him to shut the fuck up, you won’t have any posters left soon.

      1. “Voice from the gutter”. That’s you Madame Butterfly, with the confessed venereal disease, drug and alcohol problems. Poor thing. Please move to the back of the bus. Why do I feel the need to take a shower after reading your slobber?

      2. @ Madame Butterfly

        I feel your pain. 🙂

        @ Poupon Marx

        Please listen to the lady and cease to bore us with your idle chatter. Three posts a day is more than you need to make a fool of yourself. 🙂

        @ Admin

        Do something to put this mad dog on a leash.

      3. @ Poupon,

        Why don’t you run along now and get back to your Talmudic studies, or painting swastikas on your front door, or defrauding your insurance company, or whatever it is you do when you’re not online making an ass out of yourself.

    2. And I believe that the only way you could actually hope to offend me, Chump, would be if I had your approval.

      1. @HAROLD SMITH, this one of the best comeback I ever heard! You hit him right between the eyes.

  17. This comment section is here to comment on the article…. which is critical of Trump.

    Trump wanted the job, even paid $$Millions to get it.

    He ALSO bought the criticism which comes with it…. the deal.

    New book title = “The PART of The DEAL…!!” 🙂

    Trump was too quick to divert the criticism of Putin.

    Putin has killed politicians and journalists for many years. He deserves criticism more than Trump does.

    Both are liars.

    1. @ Pat

      What do you mean by the statement “Trump was too quick to divert the criticism of Putin”?

      1. Harold –

        His response should have been:

        Who did he kill??

        That would have put the burden on BIll O’Loudmouth..!!! 🙂

        But, in school-yard fashion… he just said, “We do it also.”

        He is a ‘TV-Made’ buffoon. Shared the guilt in PC fashion…. for ratings.

      2. @ Pat

        I agree he should’ve asked the idiot to support the accusation.

        I’ve heard other people saying things like that about Putin, but I’ve never seen anybody provide any evidence to back up the claim.

      3. i disagree 180 degrees.
        in this type of situations, the worst defense is defense, of the sort you propose: “Who did Putin kill”, like asking who did Hitler kill (and Hitler is Putin’s daddy and Trump’s granddaddy, right?).

        You open yourself to an attack from which there is no defense on TV: “he killed journalist navalny”, “he killed journalist blavatsky”, “he killed journalist nowitzky”, how do you respond and you never even heard of any of those names, don’t have facts in hand, “he deported brave journalist and dyke hero of LGBT, Masha gessen”, “he killed berezovsky”, “he killed the polonium guy”, “he killed tens of thousands of jews”, “he is worse than Hitler”.

        No, Trump said the only right thing, ie, went on attack, forced o’reilly on back foot, try to say that the US never killed anybody.
        It is that instant TV impact that counts, the subsequent errata are on back pages and never read by anyone.

        so guys, time for reality check, trump is fighting a domestic enemy that no one dared even look in the eye for over 100 years.
        ask the enemy if this is not true.

      4. He knows what he read/heard in the lying Judenpresse and that is good enough for him. Neither he, nor anyone else witnessed anything, nor is there any proof to back up the claim (just words and accusations), but just like the lies about Iraq’s WMD, Saddam, Assad and Gaddafi, people believe what the media tells them. Notice, it’s always the Arabs getting accused, attacked and murdered, while the Jews that own much of the media are a “Light to the Nations”, or so they keep telling the world as they rob the Palestinians blind.

      5. Here is Trump being interviewed, and asking grand inquisitor George Stephanopolous what proof is there that President Putin killed journalists. Stephanopolous’ response is to say Putin has been accused of it and it’s obvious, that is good enough for him. When Trump says Americans have been doing a lot of killing, citing Iraq, the pig Stephanopolous ignores what Trump has just said a moment earlier and keeps repeating “who did we kill”. I’d like to see a bomb dropped from a jet on his family and I would ask him “who did he kill” when he accused someone.

        Donald Trump: No proof that Vladimir Putin killed reporters

        Trump took enormous heat for saying this, just as with many other things he said and no one else said this, just Trump. The others were all accusing Putin of this, that or the other thing. He deserves enormous credit. If he doesn’t have support on the things where he deserves support, his job will be very difficult and he could bend to the warmongers. Fortunately, he does have big support and I think he will gain more.

        When the US gets blasted by a foreign country (a few cities targeted by nuclear bombs?) for the first time in over 100 years (Hawaii was not a state in 1941), then we’ll see if the bigmouths are still eager for war.

      6. @ Lobro

        so guys, time for reality check, trump is fighting a domestic enemy that no one dared even look in the eye for over 100 years. ask the enemy if this is not true.

        Yes, that is undeniably true. Which is why the “domestic enemy” — roughly 2% of the population plus their brainwashed shabbos goyim cohorts — are screaming at Trump.

        But what if this is all “kabuki”? You only have to see the video at the end of this article: that nothing Trump says can be taken seriously, since he contradicts himself at every turn. For example, Hillary and Bill are the greatest villains in history … and Trump is going to have Hillary investigated for her emails scandal and throw her in jail … and a few weeks later, “Hillary and Bill are the nicest people I’ve ever met!”

        One can be forgiven for doubting the word of this two-faced president who contradicts himself at every step and appears to be backtracking on all his promises — except his promise to back Israel to the hilt.

        OK, Soros is gunning for Trump. So what does that make it? JEWS Vs Trump? Not so. Because why otherwise would Adelson by backing Trump? And why are the most powerful people in the Trump administration all devout Zionists and Jew lovers?

        Significantly, the biggest Jew lover behind Trump is Steve Bannon and he appears to belong to a powerful cabal (of Jews and shabbos goyim) who are actually boasting that Trump is a mere tool or puppet who takes orders from them!

        Consider this quote from the most recent article on the Iran situation publish on this site earlier today:

        Many consider chief strategist Steve Bannon the brains behind Trump. In the quotes below, he essentially calls Trump a tool and prophesies that there will be a war with China in the next 5-10 years: “Trump is a blunt instrument for us . . . I don’t know whether he really gets it or not.” – Bannon to Vanity Fair.

        How do you get your mind round that undisputed quote in a national magazine?

        Here is a guy who is actually saying:

        TRUMP HAS NO REAL POWER! HIS IS OUR ‘TOOL’ or PUPPET. WE ARE CONTROLLING HIM — “I don’t know whether he really gets it or not.”

        So you are quite happy to support a puppet of Jewry, are you?

        Of course, you can wiggle out of this by positing that both Bannon and Trump are playing an elaborate “game” and that Bannon was throwing Trump a wink when he said, “Trump is our tool — I don’t know whether he really gets it or not.”

      7. I have no objection to people backing Trump to the bitter end, despite all the growing evidence that Trump is working for the Jews and not against them. I just feel saddened and amazed that mounting evidence [of Trump’s duplicity] can so easily be swept away and ignored because it gets in the way of a theory in which wishful thinking plays a predominant part.

      8. Sard,
        nothing trump says should be taken seriously.
        but everything he does should be taken seriously.
        see the difference?
        do you remember how loud you hollered about moving the american embassy to Jerusalem?
        why are you not including that in your complaining about how two-faced he is?

        i did say that if he orders attack on iran, all bets are off and my theory collapses, i will fall on my pen, which is supposedly mightier than sword and shut up.

        but understand that in judenrat, it is rothschild and only rothschild that calls the shots, if any jew has a direct line to satan it is rothschild.
        and soros is rothschild’s messenger.
        they are pushing for the word ending scenario, Armageddon and all, they are the kabbalists who created israel specifically for that purpose and they want action now.
        with hillary, who is batshit crazy, it would be happening now.

        now i don’t discount the possibility that some jews may have got cold feet, their lives are too comfortable and they don’t want to risk losing everything on a single throw of dice.
        adelson, Icahn and other billionaires could be of that opinion.
        in summary, i don’t know everything that is going on, it is an incredibly dangerous moment, especially now that gen flynn is out, a big win for rothschild, but i do know that i prefer trump to hillary’s diabolical boss.
        all of you are free to choose otherwise.

      9. Lobro,

        I hate having to cross swords with you on this matter, since we are mostly in agreement on all important issues, but rest assured that I regard you as a kind of personal mentor and potential friend. I’m sure if we ever met over a glass of wine we would get on very well together. Your comments are among the best on this site, in my humble opinion, incomparably the shrewdest in the psychological sense of knowing the secret workings of the Enemy’s psyche.

        My only regret is that you, who should be the leader of the pack here, is not posting enough nowadays. Some days you remain silent or send in only 2-3 short posts, doubtless discouraged by the enormous amount of crap that gets published on this forum — my own rubbish included.

        OK, so what I’m saying is this: if I cross swords with you again in the future, don’t take it personally. I know for a fact that Lasha holds you in high honor and trusts you completely. If you ever left this site, she would be devastated. That I know for a fact.

      10. sard, thanks for the words of encouragement.
        having said that, the reason i am not posting much is because like everyone else, i am groping in the dark for signposts and doing my best to understand their message.
        when i don’t say much, it is because i don’t have much to say.

        right now, i am feeling somewhat dejected about trump’s apparent weakness and cowardice in not having stood up for flynn, his staunchest ally in the administration, the man who made it his mission to overhaul the diseased deep state of 3-letter agencies.
        And lost. They won, they iced him good, on the flimsiest, most inane of pretexts.
        Now trump is surrounded by hyenas, they are circling him, Mattis, bannon, pompeo, PENCE (he is to Trump what LBJ was to JFK) and he seems immobilized.
        he should run to russian embassy and ask for asylum.

        he cannot start nor stop any wars with Iran, it is now out of his hands, mad dog can create any pretext whenever he wants.

        This is what it has come down to: it sure looks like the momentum is solidly favoring the occult demons of the underworld who are pushing the messianic door open with all their might.

        so all of you who complained about Trump will now get no-trump scenario.
        tell me which is worse.

        And i will remain Lasha’s friend even as the ICBM’s start arcing back and forth, she’s got no worries on that score, not that it’ll be worth much.

        It’s just that there is not that much to say, sard.

        Or maybe that my thinking has swung in a totally new direction, even as the bus gathers speed rolling down the cliffside.
        Whatever the case, i can’t sit still, not in my nature.

      11. Lobro –

        “Now trump is surrounded by hyenas, they are circling him, Mattis, bannon, pompeo, PENCE (he is to Trump what LBJ was to JFK) and he seems immobilized.”

        Great comment…. great admission… FINALLY..!!

        You reinforce what I have written all along…!!!

        Trump is a Pharisee-Jew puppet and….
        …….. a ‘made for TV’ buffoon..!!

        Trump chose those hyenas… and placed them all around himself…. on orders from Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London.

        No more bankruptcies for him if he didn’t obey.. 🙂

    2. “I have no objection to people backing Trump to the bitter end,” LOL. He’s been president three or four weeks.

      “I just feel saddened and amazed that mounting evidence [of Trump’s duplicity] can so easily be swept away and ignored ”

      Actually, the complaint against Trump is that he’s doing what he said he would.

      As Washington Freaks Out, Trump Supporters Rejoice That He’s Doing What He Said He Would

      “President Trump’s supporters are not surprised that he’s following through with the pledges he made on the campaign trail. In fact, they’re rejoicing.”

  18. Sarconicus, you have been a follower all your life, haven’t you? Drawn to the mob, the collective instinctively and involuntary. Run with pack, eh son? Just can’t help yourself or resist that congenital capitulation. That’s why you an in therapy as an inpatient, isn’t it?

    What a mutt!

    1. @ Poupon Marx

      Please restrict yourself in future to a maximum of 3 comments a day. And let your comments be short, on-topic and polite. If you don’t like this arrangement, you are free to go elsewhere.

      You have been banned here before — from many other websites, too, we’ve been told — and you have given us nothing but ceaseless trouble since your arrival. You have caused disruptions and distractions and complaints without end about our unfair monitoring. And it seems you like insulting our oldest and best posters, Pat and Sardonicus among them, with the vilest and most wounding insults.

      If you continue to misbehave, we will have no alternative but to ban you. It’s only because Sister Monica has pleaded with us not to ban you that we have decided to give you another chance.

      1. @ Toby
        Just remembering Poupon’s last storm off into the arms of the commenter ‘ariadnatheo’, reported in the comments in January;

        On her blog he declared his immaturity and she lovingly reciprocated;
        “I am finished with the kinder spiel on Not worth it. Nepotistic and sheltered adult children spoil it.”
        ariadna replied;
        “It gives me real JOY to hear from you. I was hoping you’d find a way to get in touch with me because I did not know how to reach you and under no circumstances was going to post one more comment on LD.”
        Could his actions on DM be part of a cooperative venture driven by revenge?
        Sister M forgave them both but the shit still flies, maybe it is time for Poup’s to Poupon himself and not everyone else. When he cleans up his act let him back.

        Btw did you get this link I sent? Scrap it if you see fit Toby

        cheers – Jim S

      2. ADMIN TOBY>> As before, your apparent personal animus towards me distorts your characterization and recitation of the FACTS.

        First, I have NOT been insulting to Pat. I have in fact complimented him on the quality of his posting, jocularly suggesting I may start liking him again, and telling me he an earnest commentator. You accusation is completely, 180 degrees wrong.

        Second, Sardonicus acts like a robot each time a mysterious one time poster, or Madame Butterfly inveighs against me. This Madame Butterfly has exhibited explicitly signs of mental instability or even illness and ADMITTED to emotion and mental problems.

        Third, why should MY posts be “short and to the point”, etc. You are applying a unique standard to me alone, based on what seems personal and subjective pressure. For a heavy weight website, one standard, the standard of quality should apply, not some immature babbling and squabbling over minor issues

        You are supposed to be a moderator, Toby, not some low level clerk that responds to whining from a “regular”. You should recuse yourself from this position, as you show little interest and appreciation for the MISSION of DM, to be site where the rough and tumble of intellectual thought and IDEAS are aired out. That process can be messy at times, non-linear, and irregular.

        “You have given us nothing but trouble” is a weak, groundless and pejorative comment that you cannot support by the thinnest thread of objective evidence. Note I said OBJECTIVE. These are careless, off-the-cuff remarks.

        My being banned from several sites? I have said HERE times before because I noted and inveighed against Jewish abuse of power, sociopathy, and league with Satan. Get your facts straight, Toby. You should consider resigning from Moderation here, as you have historically demonstrated you do not take an interest beyond doing the bidding of some Imporables here who whine about me, UNIQUELY, while the very same things are done by others.

        In summation, DM was explicitly referenced as “Poorly Moderated” for observable reasons. These include bias and favoritism of some over others based on nothing objective but subjective criteria. Is this a family site? Is nepotism the operating principle? How about the concept of monopoly, where insiders get special treatment, like crony capitalism? Is that YOUR concept of a World Class Forum, a provincial, erratically run, CHAT ROOM?

        I don’t know your background, but I will tell you I worked for a living in a very challenging-both mentally and physically-environment for over 30 years, and have endured more adversity than a person like you could imagine.

        This is twice you have attempted to defame me with the trumped up accusation that my being banned from other websites is the result of personal misbehavior, while I have told you the real reason. Twice in error, could be called carelessness and laziness, a third time would be a lie. I post here for the exposition of what I feel are evil, destructive, erroneous phenomena.

        Do me one courtesy, Toby? Why are my postings too frequent and too long, when others are more frequent and as long or longer? Huh? You know this to be true, or maybe you don’t because you don’t seem to pay attention to what is going on in DM, waking up only when a whining, personal entreaty from child-like “regulars” wakes you up.

        1. @ Poupon Marx

          ADMIN TOBY>> As before, your apparent personal animus towards me distorts your characterization and recitation of the FACTS.

          First, I have NOT been insulting to Pat. I have in fact complimented him on the quality of his posting, jocularly suggesting I may start liking him again, and telling me he an earnest commentator. You accusation is completely, 180 degrees wrong.

          I haven’t had time to read your entire comment but I’ll respond right now only to the above:

          (1) You are suffering from paranoia if you think I save singled you out for persecution. Why should I have taken a special dislike to you? Envy of your enormous talents? jealousy of your towering genius as witnessed by your brilliant off-topic comments? Give me a break! If that were the case, you self-important little pipsqueak, I’d just ban you right away. I wouldn’t even bother to talk to you.

          (2) In regard to Pat, you lie. It was Pat who got you banned from this site initially after you attacked him viciously by referring to his medical condition in disgustingly personal terms. He ASKED for you to be banned, you lying sonofabitch! Which is why we banned you. And now you’re back, causing more trouble.

          I’ve no time to bandy word with you. Take it or leave it. Three posts a day maximum, each post to be short, polite, and ON-TOPIC. Do you understand what “on-topic” means? No more long posts giving multiple YouTube links of weird sounds made by locomotives and automobile engines! That’s not why we’re here: to be distracted by off-topic garbage like this.

  19. @ Harold Smith

    Your position on Trump is so convincing that I now realize that I should have been supporting Killery all along because she is proven to be an effective foreign affairs negotiator for peace with impeccable integrity since she always speaks the truth. I feel so much better now that I have gotten over Trump. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    On a serious note, at least Trump plays golf with people that matter. Did you hear that the Japanese retirement fund, world’s largest, will be investing in rebuilding US infrastructure?

    I wonder if Putin and Zi play golf? If they do, hopefully the two guys holding the nuclear footballs for each side on the course won’t be distracted by being caddies.

    Trudeau was not smart enough to play golf with Trump, so now Trump has a place to send all the deported illegals, violent criminals and all. When ICE rents all the buses for shipping illegals to Canada, Soros won’t be able to rent any buses to transport hired protesters. It’s a twofer.

    Net-in-yahoo was not smart enough to play golf with Trump, so now the embassy is not going to move and Trump doesn’t think more settlements is a good idea.

    Maybe it would be better to concentrate on who Trump plays golf with instead.

    @ Lobro
    @ Poupon Marx
    @ Phil

    Very decent perspectives on the Trump situation.

    1. Ungenius,

      Thanks for bringing the contradiction to Harold who made really good points about foreign policy in an appropriate manner. I’ll stop trusting, or being slightly optimistic about Trump when the Russian papers will start bad mouthing him, until then, I will consider there is a fight inside US deep state and White Housed Trump is trying to regain control of USA after the military coup in 2001 and financial coup in 2008. I mean he still receive disguised death threat in European and US medias, not to mention his wife being called an escort in UK rags.

      Last round of golf was with Japanese president Abe. Too bad it wasn’t a foursome with Putin and Xi Jinping.
      But they played with Big Easy Ernie Els the South African champ, i consider this as a good sign of Trump being Saint Michael.

      Saint Michael Archangel,
      defend us in battle,
      be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil;
      may God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
      and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
      by the power of God, cast into hell
      Satan and all the evil spirits
      who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

    2. @ Ungenious

      “Your position on Trump is so convincing that I now realize that I should have been supporting Killery all along because she is proven to be an effective foreign affairs negotiator for peace with impeccable integrity since she always speaks the truth.”

      That’s called a “false dichotomy”. We all had the moral choice to not vote for anybody, right? In retrospect, I should’ve stayed home and you should have too.

      Not only did I vote for Trump, I talked other people into voting for Trump. I went on the offensive for Trump all over the internet, explaining why we should give him a chance.

      We voted for Trump in good faith for good reasons. I can’t blame myself for his dishonesty. He’ll have to answer for that someday. The only thing I can do now is what I’m doing: urging people to withdraw their moral support for a person who is not what he presented himself to be and is in a position where he can do a lot of damage.

      1. Harold –

        No need for Political Correctness here.

        “…dishonesty.” = LIAR

        Someone has rightly claimed:
        ALL National Leaders ARE liars..!!

        Trump, the TV buffoon proved it..!! 🙂

  20. yes, it’s not in-like-flynn, it is out-like-flynn, a crisis situation sure to please trump haters.
    i anticipate that besides the pussy-hatted libtards openly celebrating, hillary and obama in a hug-a-thon with soros, there will be utterly imbecilic claims by the diehard trump haters on the right how it is all “kabuki”.
    making sense is so yesterday …

    this is the problem with all these ***** who endlessly pull out ouija-sourced information off some secret agent’s deathbed confession how Putin is a certified rabbi, Hitler was a teenage male prostitute and trump is of the same provenance, that they are totally incapable of putting together a passable imitation of a comprehensive theory that covers all the angles.

    yet to me, it is as clear as can be, given paucity of solid information on what is inside Trump’s head, that the entire Judea is his sworn, mortal enemy and that his powers to act in foreign policy are severely curtailed, he must calculate his shots very carefully, not only prioritize but also consider the feasibility and likelihood of success, because failures are penalized most brutally.
    clearly, the flynn escapade, having met the russian ambassador prior to inauguration was a deadly mistake, although i would never have thought so.
    most likely flynn sought to reassure russians in the wake of expulsion of 35 diplomats that trump would make everything aright – as if that in itself is criminal.
    Well, yes, to judea this is high crime and treason, so off with flynn’s head, let’s resume assault on fort trump.

    1. Lobro,
      Or maybe Trump haters are just cold realists. Maybe he is the perfect windscreen savior of Democracy to antagonize Iran, choosen by the great electors after all, with Eurasia as the main objective, while pleasing the American rightist libcunts using the moronic leftist libtards striking against him. The average Joe likes Trump’s anti-migrants policy while it is just a way to antagonize Iran about the nuclear deal and all the other countries on the list that are now being ostracized after they were bombed.

      But what could you expect with USA?
      Oil is life

      That’s a squared angle. It’s all in da game, the Chessboard Heartland UK game.

      1. Phil –

        “Oil is life”

        It would be more accurate to claim “Usury is life” when looking at the chart you provided.

        Oil is already under control.

        US Military marches for London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers to set up stock markets and banks:

        Countries attacked by bombing, sabotage, or attempted government overthrow since World War Two

        Iran (none)

        USA (many)

        China 1945-46, Syria 1949, Korea 1950-53, China 1950-53, Iran 1953, Guatemala 1954, Tibet 1955-70s, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959, Democratic Republic of the Congo 1960-65, Iraq 1960-63, Dominican Republic 1961, Vietnam 1961-73, Brazil 1964, Belgian Congo 1964, Guatemala 1964, Laos 1964-73, Dominican Republic 1965-66, Peru 1965, Greece 1967, Guatemala 1967-69, Cambodia 1969-70, Chile 1970-73, Argentina 1976, Turkey 1980, Poland 1980-81, El Salvador 1981-92, Nicaragua 1981-1990, Cambodia 1980-95, Angola 1980, Lebanon 1982-84, Grenada 1983-84, Philippines 1986, Libya 1986, Iran 1987-88, Libya 1989, Panama 1989-90, Iraq 1991, Kuwait 1991, Somalia 1992-94, Iraq 1992-1996, Bosnia 1995, Iran 1998, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan 1998, Yugoslavia Serbia 1999, Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2002-2003, Somalia 2006-2007, Iran 2005-present, Libya 2011.

    2. @Lobro

      […] yet to me, it is as clear as can be, given paucity of solid information on what is inside Trump’s head, that the entire Judea is his sworn, mortal enemy and that his powers to act in foreign policy are severely curtailed, he must calculate his shots very carefully, not only prioritize but also consider the feasibility and likelihood of success, because failures are penalized most brutally […]

      Before debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, I’d merely like to know the answer to one simple, obvious question: Why does Trump refuse to use the weapon with which he could apparently smash the Judaic deep state: an investigation into 9/11?

      They have no defense against that weapon, especially if he were to frame it as “we’re going to investigate 9/11 to silence the ‘conspiracy theorists’ once and for all”, or something like that.

      Some of my first serious doubts about Trump were the result of his consideration of Rudy Giuliani, an apparent 9/11 insider, for the position of secretary of state. As soon as I saw this I realized that there would be no investigation into 9/11. I don’t see how Trump supporters can simply ignore this; especially in light of everything else.

    3. Pat,
      Oil is already under control.
      That’s a bald statement. It would be the case if the geopolitical power of the Gulf States and Israel were consolidated. You don’t mean the Canadian black sands and the shale oil. Or maybe you think there is an unlimited fossil resource base.

      You are right but usury needs a physical support which has been oil since 1971 after colonial expansion and gold. The last US wars smells like oil as the axis energy finance is the basis of our industrial civilization with military spending to control it. A debt based system is in bulimic need for growth, thus energy. But the opposite is true as well and our energy system is doping itself with debt as the shale oil is the most classic example ever.

      “The peaking of world oil production presents the US and the world with an enormous challenge. Aggressive action must be taken to avoid unprecedented economic, social and political costs.” As Amso declared on his website.
      Jeremy Legget explained it well.

      In business school and MBA worldwide you learn this:

      That’s wrong and the limited resources are not taken into accounts.

      Resources+Work(men1 and machines200)=production.
      That’s right. With the capital above the equal supposed to finance necessary investment. That was the secret of Hjalmar Schacht, real banking he said and the reason why the Third Reich was destroyed and diabolized.

      But hey, we can go back to Ezra Pound Cantos.

      “This war was not a caprice of Mussolini and certainly not Hitler. This war is just an additional chapter of the long and sanguinary tragedy that began with the foundation of the Bank of England in the distant days of 1694 with the famous statement of interest in Paterson’s prospectus which states in part: “the bank hath benefit of the interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing.” Hope the translation is OK.

      Hey that’s ok with me, just cut the peer in half, debt and oil, or, oil and debt are life but WWi was mostly about oil. Oil is a wall we are heading toward at full speed in our hummers and the financial debt sytem is a precipice in front of it. Which came first? the Chicken or the Egg. Who cares?

      Have a nice afternoon Pat.

      1. Thanks, Phil –

        If “bald” = pithy. I like bald.

        “..chicken or egg..”

        I boil the egg and bake the chicken..

        It does not matter which one I eat first. 🙂

  21. The most significant comment from this thread:

    …time for reality check, trump is fighting a domestic enemy that no one dared even look in the eye for over 100 years.

    I do admit that recent talking head blather has been worrying, for example the US ambassador to the UN, but it is only blather.

    1. The Secretary of the Treasury serves as the U.S. Governor to the IMF
      The Treasury Department leads the U.S. Government’s engagement in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF is an organization of 188 member countries that works to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.

      The Secretary of the Treasury serves as the U.S. Governor to the IMF, and the U.S. Executive Director of the IMF is one of 24 directors who exercise voting rights over the strategic direction of the institution.

      The U.S. is the largest shareholder in the Fund. Meg Lundsager is currently the U.S. Executive Director.

  22. The “Saker” has finally come to realize, with regard to the Trump presidency: “It’s over folks”.

    However I would take issue with his implied position that Trump’s presidency started out on the right foot, but Trump lost the battle to the neocons and has now become “castrated”. I believe Trump was either a calculated fraud right from the beginning, or so unprincipled, morally incompetent and generally clueless, that he had no chance to accomplish anything good, right from the beginning.

  23. Admin Toby>> Once again you distort, misrepresent, and make up accusations, dishonestly.

    You deliberately mix the PAST with the PRESENT, implying that the present is the past. Also, you do not seem to comprehend the language well, or you grasp at straws to make accusations which are baseless.

    To wit: you accuse me of abusing Pat, in the present tense. I reply that the opposite is true, in the present. In point of fact, I complemented him. Rather than honestly admitting your mistake, you revert to the transparent lie that I had done so in the PAST. And then, I’m a “lying son of a bitch”. You have done trotted out this mixing of the past and present before.

    You are dredging up my past postings, specifically YouTube sites of engines. That you would once AGAIN by implication equate this with the present is a very transparent MISREPRESENTATION by you. You are saying the A is B. You should feel shame at such low level mischaracterization.

    The FACTS are, Toby, that other posters commit the very same “sins” and “unacceptable behavior” as you accuse me of doing. Posts that are “too long”? MANY commentators post frequently longer posted than me. This is an undeniable truth. “Off topic”? I deny this. I rather think many of my comments are tangentially related. Once again, I am NOT UNIQUE in this regard. These are self-evident, prima facie truths Toby. To deny them would be a sign of mental pathology on your part.

    So, YES, Toby, you are singling me out. You know you are. Your accusations are inaccurate, and you’ve contradicted yourself this time and in the past, to hide your personal and subjective hatred, pressed on by some commentators here, the usual one.

    To be site of the first rank, Toby and other ADMINS, you must maintain one standard, a high one, for ALL posters here, not a two tiered one of Favored and Fawned. That is what all other sites do, they don’t care for the personal and subjective. They are interested in QUALITY.

    As for the quality of my comments, across cyberspace, I have referred to my overwhelming up votes on Discus here, previously. This is an OBJECTIVE measure by readers on sites accessed by millions.

    Your provincialism and insularity are not optimum for what DM should aspire. The criticism of ” Poorly moderated” is referencing you and your erratic behavior.

    1. @ Poupon Marx

      OK, that’s the last long, off-topic rant you will make on this site. I accept none of your twaddle.

      This trashy verbiage will make your first of three posts today, though it is far long as well as well as off-topic. True, others make long posts too (sometimes off-topic) but unlike you they don’t make a habit of it and they are not persistent troublemakers who have been banned.

      In future, any posts you make in excess of THREEE posts a day will be deleted unread. You have not been “singled out” for this. A previous poster known as Tyron Parsons was allowed only ONE post a day, so we are treating you far better. Tyron Parsons was just like you: a ranting pest who didn’t know the difference between on-topic and off-topic.

      1. Yeah sure, Uncle, you were a real Trump supporter from the start, but now you’re disappointed in Trump oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…. how fuckin’ fake and phony, Mr. Smith. Go fuck yourself Mr. Harold Smith, you fuckin’ lying piece of festering snake shit. Or, go fuck your hydra-head , Uncle, your nephew hydra-head Pat.

        We know Uncle is back! That’s cause the bullshit is thick!

        1. It’s not the only thing you can do now, Uncle. You can now also announce your Retirement, withdraw now from Darkmoon, now shut the fuck up and get lost.

          1. This is the sort of thing we have to put up with all the time. Loonies crawling out from under every rock. You should see them all lined up in Spamblinka. If we didn’t release them from Spam from time to time, letting them have their say, they’d still go on frothing and foaming in the darkness 24/7. Sick underworld, Spamblinka … you have to feel sorry for these creepy-crawlies.

      2. Toby –

        TROJ is the voice of the “DEEP STATE” …..
        ……from ‘CMI’… Chattahoochee Mental Institution… 🙂

  24. Former British Intelligence Officer says former President Obama is a killer. She said that during his presidency, on Tuesday mornings he would sign off on what was called the CIA Kill List. Thousands of people around the world were targeted by drones and this list included civilians attending wedding parties and similar events. Amazing, huh. What do you think the American media would say if Putin did this?

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