The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: ‘The Man of the Future will be a Mongrel’

By Beau Albrecht

Sourced from The Occidental Observer

An important 6-minute video has been added to the original article,
together with a pertinent endnote by Lasha Darkmoon on Count Kalergi. 


This article describes a mixed-race political figure, basically a professional activist, who projected a benevolent exterior, yet brought destruction in his wake.  Count Richard Nikolaus Eijiro von Coudenhove-Kalergi is today an obscure political figure, though in his time he was kind of a minor celebrity, and began the concept leading to the European Union.

His father descended from Byzantine nobility, and also with ancestry from lineages all over Europe.  This citizen of the world was a diplomat and married a Japanese woman whose parents were quite displeased, throwing her out of the family.  Richard was born in 1894, the second of seven children.  In his infancy, they moved from Tokyo to a small town near the present-day Czech-German border.

When Richard was twenty years old, his father died, leaving him wealth of which the vast majority can only dream and freeing him to pursue his hobby full-time.  Much like Karl Marx, Richard wrote a lot but never had a real job in his life.  The major difference was that he was a scion of landed gentry, while Marx was basically a bum plotting worldwide revolution while swilling beer at London pubs.

Implementing meddlesome aspirations is all about having connections

Richard’s cause was globalism.  In 1923, he founded the International Pan-European Union, which he would head until his death.   Its flag was oddly similar to the Japanese imperial flag. This was the outfit that first got the ball rolling, beginning the ideological impetus eventually leading to the leviathan of the European Union.

His inherited wealth and privileged status allowed him to associate with many world leaders, enjoying access unknown to their own common citizens.  He even tried to hit up Mussolini for support, but Il Duce didn’t buy it.  Richard also associated with ultra-wealthy, anti-nationalist bankers who took quite an interest, such as Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild and Max Warburg.  The latter donated heavily to his early efforts and served as a liaison to Wall Street whiz kid Bernard Baruch.

On a side note, this must run in the family.  Max was the brother of Paul M. Warburg, considered the father of the Federal Reserve.  Paul’s son was James Warbug, who was FDR’s financial adviser, a Council on Foreign Relations member, and a proponent of the Morgenthau Plan.  He even had the supreme audacity to tell the Senate:

We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.

Richard had some interesting ideas for how the world should work, such as making English the global official language.  Further, he wanted to collapse all the world’s countries into just five:   the USSR, East Asia dominated by Japan and China, the British Empire, the United States of Europe (including the rest of Africa), and the Pan-American Union (all of North and South America, basically NAFTA on steroids).  At least it’s two more superstates than in Orwell’s 1984, though it’s not clear why he didn’t go full monte like John Lennon imagining no nations.

This great patriot of Europe had some even more interesting aspirations.  From his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism) came the concept now commonly called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.  There’s a good bit of snobby babble about nobility; just what you’d expect from an elitist like this.  The book is full of revealing quotes, but I’ll keep it brief, providing my translation:

Destroying diversity in the name of diversity

Der Mensch der fernen Zukunft wird Mischling sein. Die heutigen Rassen und Kasten werden der zunehmen-den Überwindung von Raum, Zeit und Vorurteil zum Opfer fallen. Die eurasisch-negroide Zukunftsrasse, äußerlich der altägyptischen ähnlich, wird die Vielfalt der Völker durch eine Vielfalt der Persönlichkeiten ersetzen.

The man of the far future will be mixed race. Today’s races and castes will fall victim to the increasing overcoming of space, time, and prejudice.  The Eurasian-Negroid future race, outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

After that, so the argument goes, races won’t exist but their spirit will live on, and everybody will be really, really diverse, which is a good thing because, as we all know, diversity is our greatest strength.  As for the world’s rich cultural tapestry, it would be reduced to least common denominator items, such as television, hamburgers, and shopping.

Destroying distinct cultures and genetic uniqueness, and replacing them with atomized, deracinated individuals — for some odd reason, that sounds rather like the agenda today’s social engineers have in mind.  Back in 1925, before the influence of Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, and Trofim Lysenko had gotten very far with spreading the “race is only a social construct” meme, that was a pretty bold proposal.

In fact, Richard might have been tarred and feathered back then if his wealth, connections, and celebrity status didn’t make him untouchable.  That may have gone over with high society airheads, but it didn’t fly with real people.  Today, of course, only the very brave dare to speak against any of these ideas in public.

He went further yet to describe how wonderful the future would be after the multicultural pressure cooker turned everyone into monocultural mush.  Still, Richard was dead wrong about this being inevitable.  Countries that want to protect themselves from mass migration are quite able to do so. For just one example, China is still Chinese after thousands of years, and Israel is determined to remain a Jewish state.

Richard’s fevered dream is possible only if a country opens its borders to everyone, oblivious of how they’ll fit in (or not) with the native population, and with even less concern for the will of the people already living there — in other words, exactly the situation throughout the West.  Finally, if a pan-gaeic melting pot is supposedly inevitable and good, why is there so much propaganda trying to make people believe this?  Why rush it?  Now that’s an evocative question.

Finally, he was wrong about the ancient Egyptians.  They were not a mishmash but a distinct people, part of the Semitic family of nations, thus related to the Arabians, Babylonians, Israelites, Phoenicians, and so forth.  It’s a minor quibble, but distorting history to suit an agenda is rather disingenuous.

It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to see that this man without racial identity wanted to soothe his feelings of rootlessness by trying to remake the world in his image.  And in thinking about who should be in charge of the Brave New World Order, he naturally chose another group that did not identify with the peoples and cultures of Europe.

You Know Who

Der Kampf zwischen Kapitalismus und Kommunismus um das Erbe des besiegten Blutadels ist ein Bruderkrieg des siegreichen Hirnadels, ein Kampf zwischen individualistischem und sozialistischem, egoistischem und altruistischem, heidnischem und christlichem Geist. Der Generalstab beider Parteien rekrutiert sich aus der geistigen Führerrasse Europas: dem Judentum.

The struggle between capitalism and Communism about the inheritance of the defeated hereditary nobility is a brother’s war of the victorious intellectual nobility, a struggle between individualistic and socialistic, egoistic and altruistic, heathenry and Christian spirit.  The general staff of both parties recruits itself from the spiritual leader-race of Europe:  Jews.

Today, one must be careful about talking that way in German-speaking countries!  Basically, Richard said that capitalism versus Communism was a Jewish family quarrel.  (If so, it’s been quite a proxy war for the rest of us!)  In any event, describing capitalism versus Communism as a good cop/bad cop strategy might be taking it too far, but there were (and are) some pretty prominent figures on both sides.  As you may have guessed, he wasn’t too unhappy that the “spiritual leader-race of Europe” was manning the general staff.

Richard dishes out yet more lavish praise, including describing the murderous Leon Trotsky as the pinnacle of modern politics (!!).  Then it gets more interesting yet:

Nicht: das Judentum ist der neue Adel; sondern: das Judentum ist der Schoß, aus dem ein neuer, geistiger Adel Europas hervorgeht; der Kern, um den sich ein neuer, geistiger Adel gruppiert. Eine geistig-urbane Herrenrasse ist in Bildung: Idealisten, geistvoll und feinnervig, gerecht und überzeugungstreu, tapfer wie der Feudaladel in seinen besten Tagen, die Tod und Verfolgung, Haß und Verachtung freudig auf sich nehmen, um die Menschheit sittlicher, geistiger, glücklicher zu machen.

It’s not that Jews are the new nobility; rather, Jews are the womb from which emerges a new, spiritual nobility of Europe; the kernel from which a new spiritual nobility gathers.  A spiritual-urban master race is being educated:  idealistic, spirited, and sensitive; brave as the feudal nobility in their best days; joyfully taking death and persecution, hate and contempt in order to make humanity more ethical, spiritual, and happy.

That’s quite heart-warming.  But there’s more:

Als Volk erlebt das Judentum den ewigen Kampf der Quantität gegen die Qualität, minderwertiger Gruppen gegen höherrvertige Individuen, minderwertiger Majoritäten gegen höherwertige Minoritäten.

As a people, Jews experience the eternal struggle of quantity against quality; inferior groups against superior individuals; inferior majorities against superior minorities.

How’s that for laying it on thick?  As a non-Jewish Eurasian, he includes himself in the “inferior” category. In any case, this particular hobbyhorse of Richard’s might explain why the Eurocrat regime turned out the way it did.

What was he thinking?

What are we to make of that, along with the document’s frequent Führerrasse and Herrenrasse blather, as well as the rhetoric about wiping out distinct nations? This means that Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, like Hitler, believed in a master race which, although labeled a “spiritual master race,” must be considered to be something more than that given the ethnic reality of Judaism. Actually, Hitler did have some pointed words about the Pan-European movement.  For example, his little-known Zweites Buch has a scorching criticism of the pacifism and warm, fuzzy internationalism, in which the former German chancellor calls Richard the “bastard of all the world.”

Like his father, this rootless cosmopolitan had a complicated thought process about the Jewish community:  first disliking them, then coming to embrace them.  In Richard’s case, two Jewish wives (the first and third) apparently made the difference.

It’s not about all Jews

Lest there be misunderstanding, most in the Jewish community don’t have the inclination or the power to promote this destruction.  The organized Jewish community and individual wealthy and powerful Jews have played a significant role in opposing European nationalism and in promoting displacement-level immigration into Western countries, but the common people among them are not at fault.  Some Jews, in fact, are horrified by the madness.  Much better relations between our respective communities would be very desirable.  Restoring good will can’t be just a one way street, though.  Handling these problems within their community would be an ideal solution, if that could come about.

Ultimately, this isn’t really about Jews versus non-Jewish people of European descent, but rather unaccountable globalist elites versus the public.  Those to blame (be they of any background) are would-be social engineers scheming to impose their will on the public, corrupt politicians selling out their countries, and overreaching plutocrats.  Those types would be well-advised that their hubris does not win hearts and minds.

In summary

A nation’s first duty is to protect its citizens.  If you’ve noticed all the riots and chaos, and wonder why the EU doesn’t stop the flow of “refugees” and immigrants incompatible with their native populations — and send the ones already there back to where they came from — it’s because the Eurocrats have other priorities.  The dysfunctional system is working as designed.  The politicians don’t serve the people, but rather their ultra-wealthy globalist cronies.  This is exactly what Richard, the grandfather of all this, wanted.  If Hell exists, he’s smirking about it even while enduring the tortures of the damned.

In 1950, for his efforts which eventually led to today’s Eurocrat regime, Richard himself was the first recipient of the Charlemagne Prize, sometimes called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize.  He shares this dubious distinction with Bill Clinton in 2000, and Angela Merkel (bless her heart) in 2008.  It’s a strange world where there’s a medal for treachery.

Beau Albrecht blogs at Return of Kings.

LD : Though the European Union and its multicultural agenda of mass immigration, leading eventually to White genocide through the mongrelization of the European people, is clearly founded on the pioneering work of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, there has been a concerted effort to blank out the name of Coudenhove-Kalergi from the history books and pretend he never existed. This is why not one person in a hundred, if not one in a thousand, has ever heard of this Austro-Japanese count.

This was forcibly borne in on me a few days ago when I was browsing through the latest political bestsellers in Waterstones bookstore. I happened to pick up Tim Shipman’s All Out War: The Full Story of Brexit (662 pages).

Here surely, I told myself, there ought to be several pages, if not an entire chapter, discussing Coudenhove-Kalergi’s controversial ideas on the European superstate without borders, together with the impact of mass immigration on the indigenous people of Europe. After all, this is what Brexit was all about: the democratic decision of the British people to say ‘No’ to never-ending swarms of immigrants. So I turned excitedly to the voluminous 26-page index, expecting to find numerous entries under the names ‘Coudenhove-Kalergi’ and ‘Kalergi Plan’. Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find a single reference to Coudenhove-Kalergi in this 662-page book.

My own 2-part article on Count Kalergi can be read here. [LD]

VIDEO : 5.46 mins

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  1. It would be most interesting to more fully explore Coudenhove’s association (friendship to use his word) with Baron Louis de Rothschild, who according to Coudenhove-Kalergi’s 1924 autobiography provided introduction to Max Warburg (and greatly enhanced finance) and later introduced Bernard Baruch after approving of his miscegenation ideals (though Italian colonial connections are briefly mentioned for public consumption, the reality of the new “race” was not ever seriously intended for Africa or Asia – the slave workers of today’s contemporary crypto Rothschild dominion). One wonders if there was more to it, much, much more perhaps, noting as well his masonic membership – which rings alarms in that his name was withheld from the membership list of famous masons published in the US in 1957-1960. Kalergi joined the Vienna Lodge “Humanitas” in 1921 and left in 1926 for the stated reason of avoiding well deserved scrutiny and rational criticism of his Pan-Europa concept as having a masonic origin (plot is the word I think he feared). Dr. LD’s observation of his absence in contemporary histories underscores this – a common method of Rothschild anonymous wire pulling, erase and rewrite the ‘history’ to suit the agenda and conceal the guilty origins.

    1. Paul Warburg mentioned at the beginning of the article, who dictated the outlines of what was to be called the Federal Reserve System, (all for the raping of the American nation) to select NY bankers on JP Morgan’s Jekyll Island, was the first chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and upon America entering the war “over there”, resigned, and became President Woodrow (Peck’s bad boy) Wilson’s chief bond salesman for financing the war thereby starting the great national debt via the private Federal Reserve System that Paul his-self designed.
      Meanwhile, Paul’s blood brother Max Warburg, who stayed home in Frankfort, was the Kaiser’s finance director and I believe, head of German intelligence during the Jew caused White blood letting. Felix and Paul Warburg married the Solomon Loeb and Jacob Schiff daughters. (Al the Gore’s daughter married a Schiff.) Jacob, head honcho of Kuhn Loeb,& Co. as you all well know, financed the Chosenites Russian Bolshevik revolution.
      There is any doubt that Coudenhove Kookamunga comes from the same parallel universe
      that has bedeviled mankind for 5000 years.

  2. This is another racist example of trying to whitewash “White race guilt”. The so-called “mix race” has not much to do with one’s political or religious actions – or even person’s IQ. All most all Western butchers, such as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. Ariel Sharon, Winston Churchill, etc. were bona fide 100% White.

    As far Rothschild funding is concerned, many of its poodle are ruling Western countries such British prime minister Theresa May and French president Emmanuel Macron.

    On Sunday, two liars and Muslim haters, French president Emmanuel Macon and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Paris to mourn the 75th anniversary of the ethnic-cleansing of French Jews.

    According to the Holocaust Industry, on July 14, 1942, French police rounded up 13,152 French Jews who were later sent to death camps in Poland and other German occupied territories.

    Speaking near the former site of the Velodrome d’Hiver, the indoor cycle track from which the Jews were allegedly deported in 1942, Macron said: “It is indeed France that organized. Not a single German took part.”

    It seems Macon agrees with Netanyahu’s Holocaust story that it were Palestinians who committed Holocaust.

    In response, Netanyahu praised Macron as Friend of Israel, and said: “Your struggle against Islamic terrorism is also our struggle. The zealots of militant Islam seek to destroy you and seek to destroy us as well.”

    In 2012, former French president Francois Hollande, a non-practicing Jew, had accused Netanyahu being obsessed with Iran and Muslims.

    In April 2017, Macron’s opponent Marine Le Pen rejected the Velodrome d’Hiver round-up, saying French people played no part in the ethnic cleansing of the country’s Jewish communities. Marine is no Jew-hater. She has a Jewish bed-mate and she expelled her father and founder of her Front National (FN) party over denying the Six Million Died hoax.

    1. Rehmat,
      Some of what you say makes sense. But most of it is bullshit. Stalin was born in Georgia, Southern Russia. He wasnt “white”. Look at his features. General Eisenhower was a Jew . Not “white”. Ariel Sharon is Ashkenazi. Not white. Noone, also, has ever accused Palestinian of commiting Holocost. The true “caucasians” are Iranians. ” Aryans. Where are you from Rehmat? Friend of Gilad? Dont think so. If you want to post, do your homework. Im a caballero. I dont hide in the shadows . Im in the open. Come on. Debate me. Any time. Any where. 224 478 7992 U.S.

      1. @ Donaldo Colina – I’m quite familiar with Zionist propaganda creeps hiding behind “Whiteness” to defend the Zionist entity.

        If Stalin was not White – the Georgia must be part of India, right?

        Eisenhower was Jewish but not White – that means Sweden is not in Europe but in the Middle East, right?

        Israeli-born Gilad hates F****ng Zionist Jews and Israel – so even though his both parents were from Germany – he is not White because Germany is in Africa, right?

        So tell the reading when a shit like you was born!

  3. For the answer to this policy of race mixing read the PROTOCOLS OF ZION.

    Zionists will be the destruction of America and Europe and our only hope for Christians is Russia.

    1. Which history book you have been reading PATRIOT?

      Russia may have Orthodox Christian majority but it has been controlled by Jews since 1917 bolshevik revolution. But to say that in public is HATE CRIME.

      On September 14, 2016, the Zionist-controlled York University in Toronto, Canada fired Nikolaos Balaskas, a long-time laboratory technologist in its science faculty for blaming Jewish Bolsheviks for murdering 7-10 million Russian Christians.

      On Aug. 28, 2016 Balaskas shared a photo on his Facebook account that stated: “Jewish Bolshevik mass murderer Genrikh Yagoda was responsible for between 7 and 10 million deaths. The fact that you’ve never heard of him is exactly why the Jews should not have total control of the media.”

      Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda, born Yenokh Gershevich Iyeguda was a Soviet-Russian secret police official who served as director of the Soviet genocidal police NKVD, under Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, from 1934 to 1936.

      1. The Bolsheviks ie Zionists killed an estimated 60 million Russians between 1917 and 1953 as per Alexander Solzhenitzyn and were put in power by the Zionist bankers in the U.S. ie see WALLSTEET and THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION by Anthony Sutton.

        Putin is a Christian and was baptized in the Russian orthodox church and has rebuilt many churches that were destroyed by lenin and stalin . Russia has a large Christian population that is now free to worship Jesus Christ.

      2. @ PATRIOT – Frankly, I don’t care if Putin was Baptized or Circumcised but there is no denying to the fact that he, like Trump, is surrounded by Jew oligarchs. Putin is very popular within Russian Jewish communities – while some Russian think Putin is Crypto-Jew like John Kerry.

        In April 2015, Rabbi Aleksandr Boroda, president of Russian Federation of Jewish communities, told 1400 Jewish delegates attending an annual religious conference that if Putin is ever removed from power, Russian Jews will be facing serious danger.

      3. Rehmat,
        I will not insult you. I said your post was bullshit….not your person. Calling someone a “shit” is a Jew thing. Lets just assume “Rehmat” had a bad moment. Evidently being a gentleman is not in your DNA……where ever your from. But thats your problem.
        Back to the subject. “Race” is a sociale construct. Pure race doesnt exist. The ancient Arayans settled in Northern India. Very few people on Earth can claim “pure race.” One phenomenon I have observed in my 50 years is that many people are sexually attracted to people of other races. My ancestores were Spanish. I have fair skin but am I white? Spain was occupied by the Moors (Middle-Eastern ) for centuries. Manners aside, I suppose we have something in common “Rehmat.” The Conquistadores explored and settled the Americas centuries before the French and English. The Spanaird loved native-American women for their beauty. There was a lot of intermarriage. My wife is Tolteca from México. She is very beautiful. Let the politicians with simple minds use race to support their (Zionist ) agendas. The real World is more complex…..and…..interesting. Wouldnt you agree “Rehmat?”

  4. Some remarks :

    1# The first part of Coudenhove-Kalergi’s name is often pronounced wrongly. “Coudenhove” is often pronounced by English speakers as if it was written as “Coodenhoove”. The name is however Flemish (=Dutch) and should be pronounced as if it was written as “Cow-den-ho-vuh”. It means “cold court”.

    2# I think three facts contributed to the creation of this ideal destructive Shabbos Goy :

    1) He was himself of mixed race and subconsciously must have hated full blooded Europeans.

    2) He was of rich noble descent, the son of a truly cosmopolitan diplomat :

    Coudenhove-Kalergi was the second son of Heinrich Coudenhove-Kalergi (1859–1906), an Austro-Hungarian count and diplomat of mixed European origin, and Mitsuko Aoyama (1874–1941). His father, who spoke sixteen languages and embraced travel as the only means of prolonging life, yet died in his forties, had prematurely abandoned a career in the Austrian diplomatic service that took him to Athens, Constantinople, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo, to devote himself to study and writing.

    Wikipedia, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi.

    With such a cosmopolitan and noble background one cannot expect much respect either for national identities, or for the fate of the common man.

    3) He was an admirer of Jews. How fatal that is can be seen from the case of Donald Trump. And even more so than Trump, he had marital relations with Jews. Two of his three wives were Jewish. Here is a picture of his with his first wife, the Viennese Jewish actress Ida Roland :

    3# In Austria a square has been named after this great lover of Europe :

    Perhaps, in his imagination, as a fulfillment of his “practical idealism” he would have pictured that square full of people of “the Eurasian-Negroid future race, outwardly similar to the ancient Egyptians” ?

    Unfortunately his dream is threatening to come true !

    1. It cannot be ignored that a whitening of the darker ethnos is going on. It is an improvement, on the whole. What hurts is the observation from a “white” perspective – and it seems best just to grin & bear it, excluding oneself and one’s family from the mix, if possible. A ‘race war’ can only leave too much damage to clean up, although sometimes it seems inevitable.

    2. Franklin – Excellent observations, particularly his well established admiration for jews, though I would qualify this point. Coudenhove didn’t seem to mix very much with lesser mortals, jews or otherwise, and the enormous wealth he inherited and his intellectually gifted father’s attempt at giving him the very best in educational opportunities seems to have reinforced this aspect where he naturally must have gravitated to more exclusive circles, like Rothschild. The biological fact of his mixed race origin you mentioned and the subconscious (or perhaps conscious) hatred for full blooded White Europeans must have driven him deeper into wealthy jewish circles, who despite their immense wealth, privilege, and titles are undoubtedly the most well known haters of White European civilization, though they patronize the arts, sports events, medical research, “education” and so on to gain name and societal immunity from their other far less humanitarian activities in many if not all instances.

      His Japanese mother rejected him for his unusual first marriage, but was reconciled after he achieved fame for the Pan European publication. It is noteworthy that his father, while rigidly enforcing Church attendance, would scandalously walk out on Good Friday when the call was made to “let us also pray for the faithless jews”. Note the Liturgy doesn’t say “All jews who are all faithless” but intends prayer for those who reject Christ so that they may benefit from the experience of discovery. Talk about intellectual bigotry, narrow mindedness, and “holier than thou…”

      Again, the Rothschild, Warburg, Baruch and no doubt others connections demands further exploration. While of partial Japanese descent, Coudenhove didn’t seem to really want to “get Japan to be more racially mixed” and the connections with French and Italian African Colonies with Europe wasn’t to achieve a more racially diverse Africa. His vision for paneuropa, pan North and South America, and pan Asia where Japanese and Chinese elites would own and control everything didn’t embrace racial intermixing. This was reserved exclusively for Europe. The agenda was the foundation for Bilderberg, the real benefits going to the elites (which meant wealthy jews or wealthy Chinese or Japanese in his playbook) while all the rest were destined to serve and die serving. How more Rothschildian can you get?

    3. Regarding Count Coudenhove-Kalergi family, probably like all such seeming oddities that a White person of wealth should embrace the Jews as the hyperetnocentric and supremacist nature of Jewry is so apparent up close that the surely inevitable reaction of a non-Jew must be inevitably and logically to recoil and become more acutely and protectively aware of one’s own race entity. There is evidence that the Kalergis were Jews and it comes from a JTA article repeated here but from the 1930’s about a Jewish Baron Aguilar orignally of Spain but then resident in Vienna but ended in England where he died in 1759 but his assets were believed to be great and his Jewish family relations including the Kalergis were listed as eligible heirs for the estate. So Kalergi was not irrationally pro-Jewish supremacy; he had a Jewish identity. The JTA page is here: In discussion of the family claiments there is this mention of kalergi:
      “Dr. Joseph Feuer, who was in the chair, stated that there are also members of the family in America, especially in New York and Chicago. There are members of the family even in Australia, he said, and the claimants include several famous people, notably Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder and head of the Pan-European movement”… Also, believe it or not, there is also good evidence that Donald trump’s beloved father was a Jew
      and his mother may well have been as well. It is odd that it is Never mentioned in the media. His first wife Ivana I assume was a Jew by ethnicity as only Jews were allowed to emigrate from the USSR in 1973 and then only in limited numbers -300 in 1973. Describing Ivanka as converting to Judaism merely means coverting from secular; probably ditto for Matilde Krim. the evidence for Tump’s Dad is also something from a newsmedia
      which indicates trump Sr regular donator to Jewish/Israeli causes and donated land for a J-community center with a photo from the groundbreaking event to build the Beach Haven center with Fred trump present. Once again there is no reason for anyone to donate to jewish community centers and other Jew interest things unless one is a Jew. They do not donate to White peoples’ community centers and it is only not passing strange for Fred if he was also possessed of a Jewish identity. _ I originally saw the groundbreaking event photo with blurb on Renegade Broadcasting or Tribune but the breakingisraelnews zine has more info as well.

    1. @ Gilbert – Thanks but I read Putin’s alliance with Zionist Jews since he was a KGB officials. Even though I consider him as BUTCHER of Chechen people, he seems to be working mainly for the interests of Russian people, for which I respect him.

      Putin’s long-time Jew-oligarch associates and his best friends include Yuri Kovalchuck, reportedly Putin’s personal banker, Vladimir Yakunin, head of Russian Railways, billionaires Boris Rotenberg and his older brother Arkady, Vladislav Yuryevich Surkov, former Russian deputy prime minister, Sergey Yurievich Glazyev, Putin’s aide and author of 40 books, Leonid Eduardovich Slutskii, member of the State Duma of Russia, Professor Andrey A. Klishas (Moscow University), Ukraine-born Valentina Ivanovna Matviyenko, the highest-ranking female politician in Russia, and former governor of Saint Petersburg and the current Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitryi Olegovich Rogozin, former Russian ambassador at NATO and Yelena Mizulina, a member of the Communist Party…..

      1. Yes, Rehmat… Communism is alive and well and is known by many other names today. Some common ones are ‘Smart Growth’ – ‘Sustainable Development’ – ‘Green Initiatives’ – ‘UN Agenda-21’.

        Drugs pushed by the Communists – the CHOSEN – ‘Put-On’ – head of Russian Intelligence – and his buddies are a part of it… are killing America and the West…. just like what was done in other cultures. Notably, CHINA….

        Below is an expose of long-term Russian and Chinese intelligence operations aimed at achieving the demoralization and ultimate control of the West through drugs.

        After the Communist Chinese, having deployed narcotics against their own people prior to seizing power in 1949, had extended their drug operations internationally, the Soviets embarked in earnest, on Khrushchev’s orders, upon their own drugs offensive – reinforcing a revolutionary campaign to demoralise the West by degrading society’s morals and institutions, a strategy elaborated by the founder of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci. Dr Joseph D. Douglass, the world’s leading expert on the political use of narcotics, explains how a Czech defector, the late General Jan Sejna, alerted the West to this diabolical offensive – and how corrupt and irresolute Western officials and banks have chosen to ignore the ugly reality, for reasons of expediency and ‘political correctness’.

        Sending US troops to Vietnam was part of the plan to get them hooked and used as mules. Some were recruited to stay and help send drugs to America. Still do. OLLIE NORTH, the criminal drug runner, would be proud of them..!!



  5. Who is Beau Albrecht, the author, here..?

    He tells us:

    “My father was a high-ranking student radical poobah and still thinks Castro was the bees’ knees. Although I’m technically a red diaper baby, I’ve rejected all that baloney. I write off-the-wall fiction, and Righteous Seduction concerns next-generation game. My blog concerns “deplorable” politics, game, and my writing projects.”

    At his blog, it is my view Beau should have posted the complete list. The inclusion of 1-14 would give us a better glimpse of man in the future in Russia… since Russia has become the most important country in the world… and its people are so amazing…. and care about Christians and the environment and fellow men… more than any other country in all of history. The world is begging to know: 🙂

  6. No matter from what “parallel universe” Coudenhove Kookamunga comes from, it takes to a hybrid mongrel and God’s chosen (((mongrels))) (to know one) to create a world (universe?) of their very own where they can smell one another and be at peace. Thanks Japanese Grandparents for out kicking out Kookamunga’s mother. Your gain is Europe’s loss.

  7. Since Coudenhove-Kalergi was born with too much money and not having to do anything productive, he is a classic example of the old saying, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”

    If I understand Mr. Albrecht properly, he seems to suggest that the jews are a race when comparing them to the Chinese. Jews are a cult, nothing more. There are white jews, brown jews, and black jews.

  8. I don’t have racist views, in that if a person is decent, law-abiding, polite and not trying to impose some sort of racial or religious superiority on the rest of us (Viz the Zionists) I do not care what colour or race they are.

  9. All the leading boneheaded world “leaders” get the coveted Clovenhoove-Kalergi award. Clovenhoove wants the world to be just like he was: a mongrel dog.

  10. Everyone asks… “How do the CHOSEN do it..?? How do the CHOSEN get in those positions.??”

    NO conspiracy at all. CHOSEN Communist brag about how they do it as much as Trump brags about his phony skills.

    The idle Count Richard Nikolaus Eijiro von Coudenhove-Kalergi fell victim to the very open plan of Russia’s CHOSEN Communists. He was perfect…. Idle and already scarred mentally and feeling inferior.

    The CHOSEN always brag and tell how they accomplish their goals. They train thousands of groups around the world.

    The Communist Manual of Instructions on Psychopolitical Warfare, the text of which survives in the public domain in part because it was used in underground schools such as the Eugene Debs Labor School at 113 E. Wells Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the 1930s and subsequently, contains explicit statements concerning the intended use of drugs against targeted populations for revolutionary purposes.

    In an address to American students attending the Lenin University prior to 1936, Lavrentii Beria, one of the most evil men ever to have lived, urged the students of ‘PSYCHOPOLITICS’, which Beria called ‘a division of geopolitics’, to study special revolutionary techniques designed ‘to produce MAXIMUM CHAOS in the culture of the enemy….

    The families of these persons (‘from the top strata of society’, the Manual explained) are often deranged from IDLENESS… and this fact must be played upon.

    The normal health and wildness of a rich man’s son must be twisted and perverted and… turned into criminality or insanity. **This brings at once someone in “mental healing” into CONFIDENTIAL CONTACT with the family….

    **By this means there could be placed at the side of EVERY rich or influential man a ‘psychopolitical operator’.


    **Idle hands of the Russian and American oligarchs are the CHOSEN Communists workshops..!! They claim it.. Even wrote how to expand it globally.. NO CONSPIRACY needed..!!

    1. Pat: “The Communist Manual of Instructions on Psychopolitical Warfare, the text of which survives in the public domain in part because it was used in underground schools such as the Eugene Debs Labor School at 113 E. Wells Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the 1930s and subsequently, contains explicit statements concerning the intended use of drugs against targeted populations for revolutionary purposes.”

      That playbook was developed and executed in China in the 19th Century with their Opium Wars!

      A simpler explanation for Count Kalergi’s lifelong sexual perversion and attraction to the filthy rats: He was educed at the age of 14 by his governess — a Jewess, of course.

      Can’t remember who wrote it and can’t bother to dig it up now, but this is as old as the story of Esther or Delilah

      1. He was ‘screwed’..!! 🙂

        Then the CHOSEN Russo-Chino COMMUNIST brain-launderers got aholt of im..!!

        They are still here… on the internet..

  11. communism was the methodology by which the jewish state would lead the world into the next paradigm.
    well, maybe.
    more likely it was the super-contol state they intended to subject everyone else to, using the same type of ruthless tactics they used on the white russians, while they controlled the world from switzerland (isis), city of london, pentagon, vatican, brussels, etc…
    they are doing the right thing in israel, as far as keeping tight control of their borders and maintaining their national and ethnic identity, which could be a good example for anybody else smart enough to see it.
    of course it’s all wrong though because they’re stealing the place from the arabs.
    if a few of them had gone to palestine with their hats in their hands, carrying pictures of ghandi now, and asked politely for a little room for themselves, in case there actually were any real hebrews among them, with the intention of making the palestinians glad they did, then that would have been a genuine leadership example.
    but the world isn’t going anywhere like this.
    so now the big bolsheviki swindle is being shoved into the sunlight by the alternative media, which the zionists will never be able to censor enough to keep the sheepule asleep.
    at some point they will all be forced to wise up and it’s going to be baaaaaaaaaaaaaad for the immigrants, and their quislings.
    my arab neighbors (non-muslim) say we will be at war inside the usa in five years.
    so the globalists became more forceful in europe with arrest and prison for holocaust questioners and now they want felony charges for bds activists in the usa.
    however, the only thing that’s been saving them in america is the fact that most of the population is still brain- dead about their fascist laws in europe and their history of aggression and their real plans for the usa.
    passing anti-bds laws in the usa will only wise americans up more about it all.
    now we have the term ‘deep state’..
    uh, who’s that?
    well, trump is seen leaving camp david. he smiles and waves. now he’s got his orders.
    and the american public are never allowed to hear what goes on inside camp david.
    let me spell it out for you – the no-good jews are the deep state, and their schmucko minions.
    as marco polo put it “the moderate muslim holds you down while the radical muslim cuts your heard off”.
    and now we know – the supporters of israel tell you dirty jokes and feed you garbage television while the ashkenazi globalists pilfer your accounts and wreck the west.
    the jews are going down now, or things are changing.
    but if they are going they’re not going peacefully.
    they’re sabotaging europe and america with the kalergi balkanization and miscegenation tactic, and it’s been working.
    now it remains to be seen if the rest of europe will follow the lead of countries like austria and hungary, adopting the jews own national preservation tactics, securing their borders and deporting illegals.
    i read on rense that rioters burned 1000 cars in paris in one session.
    clearly it’s time for drastic measures.
    every nation that has acquired these no-go zones should put together a national guard force, regular swat thugs or blackwater mercenaries, whatever, and enforce martial law within these no-go zones, while they’re going about the task of rounding up all undocumented immigrants and deporting them.
    do it now, and the rules of engagement need to be clear.
    anybody running from the authorities or throwing heavy objects, setting fires or using gang intimidation tactics will be shot on the spot.
    any buildings bearing detroit muslim signs saying “we’re going to kill you all and there’s nothing you can do about it” will be confiscated and their owners/occupants deported.
    anybody who is deported will be physically branded so that he can be identified if he reenters, in which case he will be shot.
    meanwhile, as many regular troops and naval personnel as it takes to secure border traffic have to be deployed, with orders to brand and turn back any illegals at the borders.
    those who don’t want to cooperate will be shot.
    because a violent takeover is happening. and they intend, like the detroit sign said, to kill us all, and take our land.
    it’s a gradual process but it is happening just the same.
    now, if the authorities will not step up it falls to the common citizen to organize the forces necessary to save his homeland.
    that would be you.

    1. Bark –

      Good comment… mainly…

      You wrote:
      “my arab neighbors (non-muslim) say we will be at war inside the usa in five years.”

      They missed their chances in the 60s and 70s…. when there were ways to sneak around better. Too many cameras and phones these days. We used to have to run to find a pay phone and “drop a dime” on ’em. (Calls cost a dime back then. No 911 crap.)

      Mobs only tore up their own homes..!!! Idiots..!!

      There were hundreds of car bombings in US in the 70s. Dozens by Irish mobsters.

      BTW –
      I wonder which one of your neighbors will step up first and take a shot…??.. so you can lay his (or her) ass out.!! 🙂

      1. Bark –

        I meant I ‘mainly agree’… forgot a word…. changes whole tone..

        … sorry bout dat.. ..🙂

  12. The dirty filthy jew Sarkozy became president of France in 2007, his “democratic” election was prepared for months in the Jewish media. His political opponent with the highest probability was wrongly accused in the Jewish media of money laundering, afterwards these accusations were all lies.
    The mossad fueled racial riots in all major French cities, thousands of cars went up in flames. Mossad agents handed out money and mobile phones to young frustrated Muslims for the brutal riots.
    Sarko the Jew spoke hard language in the media and he would put order on business …
    The Jew became president:

    That same piece of shit triggered also the attack on Libya from witch the mass immigration to Europe goes on day by day.

    “Whatever of social importance is done today, whether in politics, finance, manufacture, agriculture, charity, education, or other fields, must be done with the help of propaganda.”
    ― Edward L. Bernays, (jew)

  13. Herman van rompuy received the kalergi award in 2014, this Belgian “top” politician once replaced the keys of the Belgian parliament so that the parliamentarians could not vote the next day …


    Nigel Farage makes his acquaintance with this “top” politician:

  14. pat
    i doubt my neighbors were bragging about the coming war.
    i think it was more of an inside warning.
    and i’m really becoming convinced the big trauma is on the way
    still it’s hard to say who will do what when TS finally does HTF..
    but for the useful most pat the enemy is plain enough.
    you were right above. they make no secret of what they intend.
    whatever happens – we’ll deal with it.
    they do seriously underestimate the wrath here.
    if things really come unglued the heartlanders might go all the way too. they should.
    cut funding to isreal. if they want to talk about anything they can first give us rachael corrie’s killer on a spit. put reverse affirmative action quotas on the number of juden allowed in government period. instead of it being 90 or 95% like it is now – make it less than 10.
    set some kind of standards on media. revoke a lot of fake news media licenses.
    a lot of people need to be charged with treason here.
    clean out all the israeli stooges in government, that’s most of em. get rid of the dual citizenship travesty. otherwise it will all go to hell again.
    kill the fed bank.
    clean up the whole sick pedophile circus too. stop the sexualization of children on tv.
    secure the borders for good. throw out all the illegals.
    smash all these punko gangsters to smithereens.
    if we have to turn their strongholds into mosul rubble then so be it.

    1. Bark –

      US is still full of Irish mobsters and ‘good ole boyz’ in every creek bed, swamp and hill who can dish it out.

      This was JUST in Cleveland:

      Daniel John Patrick “Danny” Greene (November 14, 1933 – October 6, 1977) was an Irish American mobster and associate of Cleveland mobster John Nardi during the gang war for the city’s criminal operations during the 1970s. Competing gangsters set off more than 35 bombs, most attached to cars in murder attempts, many successful. Greene had gained power first in a local chapter of the International Longshoremen’s Association, where he was elected president in the early 1960s. Greene pushed into Cleveland rackets and began competing with the Italian-American Mafia for control of the city. He set up his own group called the Celtic Club, complete with enforcers.

      That stuff happened all the time in Arkansas thru the 40s, 50s and 60s…. until 1965.

      It will not need to come to all that.

      They have other, less obvious, means.

      Please know… the banksters want us here managing their properties for them… caring for it for them…. we call it ownership of the land.

      Deed owners are JUST renting land here. Kelo v City of New London proved that.

      Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005) was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States involving the use of eminent domain to transfer land from one private owner – TO ANOTHER PRIVATE OWNER – to further economic development. In a 5–4 decision, the Court held that the general benefits a community enjoyed from economic growth qualified private redevelopment plans as a permissible “public use” under the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

      Scary stories and ‘mushroom clouds’ are more fun, though… 🙂

    2. @ Barking Deer

      “they do seriously underestimate the wrath here.”

      That is the truth that (((they))) will probably learn the hard way.

    3. WTF… are Israel getting funding anyway? This is just more of their piss taking – call it chutzpah if you will – I wondered why, when offered Madagascar as a homeland, their negotiators flatly refused the offer and insisted on Palestine instead. I could see their point of being able to cause more mischief in the Middle East, but it turned out there was much more……

      1. The official report of the British Crown Agents for the
        Colonies, prepared for the Government of Palestine, entitled
        “ Production of Minerals from the Waters of the Dead Sea ” (page
        2) states that the Dead Sea contains forty-two billion metric tons
        of Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Bromide, Magnesium Chloride,
        Calcium and Sodium Chloride, “and also a supply of potash which
        may be considered inexhaustible”, of a total value of five trillion
        dollars ($5,000,000,000,000) at today’s prices, — an amount of
        wealth so fabulous that it defies comprehension. This natural
        resource which rightfully belonged to the Arabs is now being
        wrongfully exploited by the descendants of the rapacious Khazars
        through the operation of Palestine Potash, Ltd., a corporate
        “front” for the secret Zionist “high command.”

        The Zionist insistance on Palestine, in light of this revelation,
        becomes clear. Possessing this fabulous wealth the Jewish State
        of Israel can become the greatest financial power in the world;
        — the most important international force on the face of the globe.
        With this wealth the descendants of the Khazar conquerers intend
        to reestablish in Palestine their former eastern Europe Khazar
        Jewish Kingdom. Behind the pleas to Jewry for contributions
        for rescuing the persecuted and oppressed Jews of the world and
        their establishment in Israel, is the plan to secure the wealth of
        the Dead Sea for the ultimate domination of the world.

      2. Wig –

        Fewer organs available in Madagascar….

        The Damascus university medical doctor heading Medical Forensics department Dr. Hussein Nofal estimates that at least 18,000 Syrians have had organs removed during the war thus far.,000-organs-from-dead-syrians-since-the-beginning-of-the-war

        Also…. I read that report of ‘Israel – Jewel Box of The World’ in Message to Israel newsletter in the 60s, about the vast wealth of Dead Sea. It is the holding tank for everything washed away into the Jordan River. It dead-ends there..

        They have known for a long time.

  15. Interesting…but the history is overwhelming. How does one person’s idea come to dominate an entire civilization when the idea is so anti…whatever. I think if Europe hadn’t colonized then the immigration problem wouldn’t be what it is today. American immigration came from Jacob Javitz’s 1965 Immigration Bill, and it was no doubt designed to help the Jews who didn’t want to be a minority alone but to have other minorities to make up a majority of minorities–or at least that is what I surmise. Jacob Javitz came from an era of jewish American history that was entirely about “what is good for the Jews.” So we have to assume the 1965 bill was good for the Jews first and what was good for the U.S didn’t enter his mind.

    In any case, the white race has fallen on hard times. A recent article in the New York Times was critical of white woman being racist because they don’t step off the sidewalk to allow a Black man to pass. As a white woman walking down the street the last thing on my mind is the protocol of stepping off the sidewalk for this or that race. I step off the sidewalk to allow handicapped people or elderly people of any race to pass–because they have a harder time with stability and maneuvering. I suppose I would step off the sidewalk also for a woman of any race or creed with young children and a baby carriage. In other words, there is a non-racial polite way of co-existing on a sidewalk. This guy might be one of those enraged at white women because they didn’t vote for Hillary in sufficient numbers.

    I’ve also notice that young white women are now being targeted as the “ones that no one wants to date.” That pretty much kills me. The millennials are the most poisoned generation of children. The women tend to be fat–and that also crosses racial lines—because aluminum in the vaccines promotes lipid production. We white women are so accustomed to being put down by our society and men no longer stand up for us. I guess we deserve it because it’s been a long time coming. And it probably is part of some Jewish agenda because Jews have a history of leaving when things get uncomfortable but the natives have to stick it out and recover. In other words, sovereignty of any country doesn’t really matter, it’s an illusion, and it’s always bad for the Jews. And it’s so easy to attack the women as the weakest point.

  16. So… other thoughts on the American immigration debacle come to mind. In the early 80s when my children were entering grade school the border was wide open–probably like Europe’s border today. L.A. turned majority hispanic nearly overnight. The schools had to have free breakfast for the immigrant kids because they were starving, and there was a problem because the parents would hover over their kids free breakfast eating too—because they were starving. What kind of a sick country sends its starving citizenry over the border for a free breakfast?

    When the Cold War ended everyone on the U.S. side of the war that needed to get out of any country that had done us favors was moved into Southern California. 600,000 Iranians came within a 48 hour period after the Shah of Iran fell. Some were Jewish but many were Shia or Bahai. Anyway, at one point it was possible to cruise the lights from China Town to Sunset. At one point we had a viable infrastructure, but no more. It’s true that considering the sudden influx of so many completely diverse people there aren’t more problems.

    The brunt of the problem was borne of course by the Black community who had to live with people who ate their pets, and spread third world diseases in the schools. The rich just got gardeners and nannies. It’s a complete lie on the part of the media that the ruling elite are for Blacks. Immigration hurts Blacks. I even heard that the Democratic Party was getting tired of Blacks and let all the Latinos in to replace the Black voters. Like so much else why things happen is often obfuscated behind layers of phony reasons. It doesn’t help to have criminals running the government–that is the Clinton crime syndicate. A lot is coming out now because the “bull in the china closet” took over the presidency. Maybe one day we’ll really understand what happened to many places but in particular California.

    1. (Sigh). You are one of the best posters on this site. I’d love to date you. The fascinating discussions we could have would go on all night … leaving me exhausted and enraptured … hungry for the things that cannot be mentioned on a respectable family site like this…

    2. Kapoore –

      You asked:
      “What kind of a sick country sends its starving citizenry over the border for a free breakfast?”

      The kind that Commie ‘Red Ronnie’ Reagan invited and PAID them to do so.

      Then that same Commie… gave millions of them – AMNESTY – for breaking the law.

      Blame Reagan as California Governor and US President for many of the immigration woes of today.

      Reagan did much to destroy this country…. while smiling like a movie star…. and lying…. dis-remembering on the stand.

      He helped enable the set up by Bush of the major portion of Heroin Highway from the Golden Triangle in SE Asia and China… and he allowed the criminal Ollie North to run drugs and guns through Nicaragua, Cuba and Homestead AFB.

      He should have been imprisoned for life.

    3. “The brunt of the problem was borne of course by the Black community…”.
      KAPOORE, You are mistaken in this.
      Economic suffering, dislocation, and general misery due to the influx was borne by the US citizen working class and poor, regardless of race.
      Such as along the Gulf coast, shrimpers such as my uncle who lost his trade to Vietnamese who worked for a pittance and ignored harvesting laws and regulations, or my friends who used to work in housing construction, framing and sheetrock, who were literally forced out of the trades due to competition by illegal Mexican workers, or people such as myself who saw the public schools turn into welfare centers, our neighborhoods occupied by Mexican and Salvadoran gangs, and whose property values subsequently plummeted. Etc.
      You are parroting the SJW nonsense. Whites do not all have the wherewithal to hire “gardeners and nannies”.
      Not by any means.

      1. SW –

        Right on. Few ever heard of that Gulf War.. Gulf of Mexico. 🙂

        I lived in Houston when the Vietnamese shrimpers were GIVEN brand new fast fishing and shrimping boats, by the government, which put locals out of business in the area around Clearlake-Nassau-Kemah. I ate quite a few times at Jimmy Walkers, Waites Wharf and Two Sisters restaurants. I imagine they changed names by now.,_Texas

        The good old boys used 30-06 rifles and shotguns and dynamite to run some off. Boats burned. Some whites killed. There was a local fishermen’s war there. Lots of arrests and convictions. Big fights for years. Morris Dees of SPLC got involved.

        A Liberal report:

        KKK And Vietnamese Fishermen

        In the early 1980s, an unusual legal argument, combining civil rights, antitrust, and contract laws, persuaded a federal court in Texas to disband a private army of white supremacists and safeguard a vulnerable community of Vietnamese refugees.

        Between 1979 and 1981, several Vietnamese-owned shrimp boats were burned in the Galveston Bay area – fires that arson investigators later determined had been intentionally set. There were also reports of snipers firing shots across the bows of Vietnamese boats. On the night of August 3, 1979, in the town of Seadrift, several Vietnamese boats were burned and a vacant Vietnamese house was firebombed, and a fistfight between white and Vietnamese fishermen ended with the fatal shooting of a white crabber. Two Vietnamese were tried for murder and acquitted on the grounds of self-defense.

  17. pat
    if you don’t use the death penalty, a lot, you can never get past the gangster thing.
    but if you do get really serious with violent criminals then gradually society reforms.
    you have to get guardsmen on the sidewalks in all these big murder cities.
    chicago is btw not the worst per-capita. it’s actually about 20th, after pittsburg. new orleans is number one.
    yes i know all about how the real estate market works. REAL is a form of REGAL, as in EL CAMINO REAL (kings highway), which means the queen and the pope actually own it all.
    it’s no good for them without the servant class.
    yet in fairness i have to say that anybody in america can become wealthy – if he tries hard enough.
    eminent domain is it?
    you probable heard about the guy with the chicken recipe?
    some fast food wheels wanted to buy his recipe. but he told them they could use it as long as he got a piece of every piece of chicken. they called him colonel sanders.
    so if some corporation wants to put its pipeline across the several states – why can’t all the farmers just rent them the land and have a piece of the profits as part of the deal, rather than them having to sell their land to the fatcats for dictated prices?
    i guess we know why…
    how bad is los angeles now?

  18. Thanks for the comments. S.W. is right. The brunt of immigration was borne by the working poor and middle class, both Black and White. In Los Angeles, I think, the flood of immigration gave rise to racial tension that expressed itself in the O.J. Simpson trial. I remember neighbors being in grief over the loss of “our valley,”etc. while glued to the tube watching the trial. I am not a native Los Angeleno so by the time I arrived on the scene the public schools were gone for most white people. Gang warfare was rampant. We had to leave West L.A. because the bloods and the crips were fighting gun battles in our neighborhood–that was a Black versus Spanish war (I think anyway, not sure if I got the gang names right) The Valley people tried for years to separate from L.A. in order to save the schools.
    Now I live in a posh suburban city with a good school district; this is where we landed fleeing gang warfare. Those who stay in the Los Angeles area keep moving farther and farther north toward Santa Barbara.

    Thanks, Pat, for the insight about Ronald Reagan’s role in the destruction of California. I never liked Reagan that much either for a lot of reasons–such as signing the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act that gave all the power to Big Pharma by exempting them from lawsuits. And, of course, Reagan brought the neocons into power, didn’t he???

    L.A. will never be what it was before the flood of immigrants. At one time it was an affordable and livable city. Now it is unaffordable with gridlock everywhere. Of course, we are ruled by the Democratic Party that can’t stop raising taxes, and has an utter loathing for white people as well as families in general. In a beautiful little public park where my granddaughter plays the city allows an encampment of homeless Mexicans to live in squalor. I can’t imagine an encampment of whites or a family living in squalor. This is what they call sanctuary.

    it’s amazing how most Californians accept the situation. At least no one seems to know how to change it. It’s a political problem that requires a political solution but the state is literally locked into a one party system that it’s hard to imagine replacing. We are a good example of doomed. If anyone wonders what the Democratic Party Platform is: look at California.

    1. Kapoore –

      You asked me:
      “And, of course, Reagan brought the neocons into power, didn’t he???”

      Yes, he did elevate them. One of the notables was Caspar Weinberger:
      Caspar Willard “Cap” Weinberger (August 18, 1917 – March 28, 2006) was an American politician and businessman. As a prominent Republican, he served in a variety of state and federal positions for three decades, including Chairman of the California Republican Party, 1962–68. Most notably he was Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1987.

      Bush had to pardon his criminal butt..!!

      ‘Red Ronnie’ was a Democrat who turned Republican…. and so it is the case with the Buffoon in DC right now.

      The clownish puppet in the oval office just hired the biggest mouthpiece for Goldman Sachs, Lerhman and Wall Street, to be his Communications Boss.


      First at Harvard… on to Goldman, then at Lehman and… after a two-year stint at Lehman Brothers, Scaramucci created SkyBridge Capital – global investment firm.

      With these two hooked in series – like Mutt-n-Jeff and their get rich quick schemes – its going to be an even BIGGER stage show..!! We might as well laugh at the puppet show to benefit Israel…’cause we cain’t change nuttin’…!! 🙂

  19. I like that attitude–laugh at it. But I can’t laugh…I’m all gloom and doom. Anyway, I know that a lot of people have given up hope because Trump is surrounded by Jewish interests and advisers… I don’t want to argue because there is no point but I think that Trump is going to expose a lot of the corruption from the Clinton camp. He revealed the geoengineering, chemtrail mess as real. Maybe at some point they will stop spraying us with aerosolized aluminum. And bye bye to the global warming hoax. Illegal immigration is down. ISIS is being defeated and Assad is still in power. So… it may be small in comparison to what might happen….it would be good to have a viable health care plan, true. That might not happen. Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of some of those worthless agencies like the Department of Commerce that keep us trillions of dollars in debt… oh well.

    I have some hope but no humor.

  20. Those satan-worshippers attempt to confuse and redirect by mixing truth with their lying.

    There is something worse than mixing races (there are four: white, brown, yellow, black). It is mixing of cultures. Regardless of one’s race, mixing cultures is far more detrimental than the other way around because it strikes at the root of freedom to live unencumbered.

    Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the “I AM” your God which I COMMAND you.

  21. who’s behind the immigration debacle that’s ruining the western nations?
    the usual suspects.
    the zionist jews want every other race and ethnicity miscegenated, while they will keep their bloodlines pure, that is unless they want to breed-in with whatever aristocracies may be found. and they do.
    the rothschild david rockefeller (rip-sob) globalist bankster cartel plots their post nationalist global unter munchkin society of fed-coin super surveillance slaves, who will not EVEN be allowed their own thoughts.
    every major establishment religion has a hand in whatever strategies might further lobotomize their sheep herd and make it ever bigger. they’ve stood right in the way of every enlightenment breakthrough that’s come along down through the centuries.
    all kinds of elitist abc state agencies already consider themselves your masters anyway. and most local cops are stupid enough to buy into it as long as they get more immunity; they don’t protest when some scientist or inventor or writer or filmmaker gets knocked of, innocent bystanders included. and nobody knows much details on exactly how big or what might be the ndaa ‘procedures’ for getting rid of whomever are deemed undesirable.
    of course any and all corporate predators will jam in on whatever profitable disaster capitalist angle can be instigated along with it. all forms of state-run violence contracts have always been lucrative. overpopulation is always good for labor exploitation purposes and the debt market.
    the globalists keep the real leaders weeded out of the political system. that’s not real hard to do when you can bump off anybody you want. plus the jews run their cultivation program for up and coming candidates, who will swear loyalty to yisrael. soon it will be a felony to bds.
    unless somebody does something the usa will go the way of white europe, the gangster migrants flood in by the millions and soon block off their no-go zones. while they’re promising to kill everybody else in the name of their made-up god they’ll move into whatever civic positions, from where they can promote their own interests and repress yours. the violence will get worse and gradually cities and states will become balkanized into warring factions…

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