The Fall Offensive: The US, France and Brazil


¶  “While France and Brazil face real class war, the ‘classless’ US slouches toward nuclear war…. Trump’s unopposed capitalist military offensive will send clouds of nuclear ashes across the world.” — James Petras

¶  “Why bother having nuclear weapons if you are afraid to use them?”  — Donald Trump, December 2015

The fall of 2017 will witness the most brutal assault on working and middle class living standards since the end of World War II.  Three presidents and their congressional allies will ‘revise’ labor legislation, progressive income tax laws and regulations and effectively end the mixed economy in France, the US and Brazil.

Throughout the summer, public opinion has been diverted by US threats to launch new overseas wars, France’s rhetoric about forming a post-Brexit, Berlin-Paris pact, which will remake the European Union, and Brazil’s President Michel Temer’s corruption and crime scandals.

These superficial controversies will be overwhelmed by fundamental class conflicts, which promise to alter the present and future structural relations within Western capitalism.

President Trump’s Fall Offensive:  Profits, Wars and Epidemics

President Trump proposes to enrich capitalists and intensify class inequalities via his radical transformation of the tax system.  Corporate taxes will be cut in half; overseas corporate taxes will be abolished; and wage and salaried workers will pay more for fewer social benefits.

Trump can count on the support of the Republican leadership, business and banking elite and sectors of the Democratic Party in his plans to roll out a massive tax giveaway for the billionaires.

Trump’s cabinet, led by the Goldman Sachs trio and his troika of generals will ensure that the budget will include slashing the funds for education and health in order to increase military spending, expand wars and cut taxes for the rich.

Even more aggressive threats against North Korea, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and China, greater overseas war spending and troop levels in Afghanistan and the overt militarization of policing, immigration control and domestic intelligence will result in drastic cutbacks on federal programs for the poor and working classes.  Declining access to quality health care for workers and deterioration in workplace safety conditions will fuel the opioid addiction epidemic leading to hundreds of thousands more premature worker deaths by overdose, injury and inadequate, incompetent care.

President Emmanuel Macron: The Capitalist Offensive in France

In France, the workers and middle class face the most comprehensive attack on their employment rights and progressive social legislation in modern history.

President Emmanuel Macron has declared his goal of completely transferring socio-economic power from French workers to capital by gutting all pro-labor laws and protections.  Employees will have to negotiate with their bosses, one plant and one office at a time, thereby undermining the collective bargaining power of a united working class.  Employers will be free to hire and fire workers with virtually no restrictions or consequences.  Temporary and short-term ‘garbage’ contracts will proliferate, destroying long-term worker stability.  Macron will eliminate the jobs of over 100,000 public employees while slashing corporate taxes by over $50 billion euros.

In contrast to massive tax cuts for the bourgeoisie, Macron proposes to increase taxes on French pensioners, hitting millions of retirees.  Once in place, Macron’s legislative agenda will concentrate power, profits and wealth of capital while increasing inequalities and class polarization.  Responding to the economic interests of the bankers, Macron promises to lower the deficit to 3% of GDP through massive cuts in health and education.

Under the pretext of ‘reducing unemployment’, Macron will promote part-time and temporary employment for French youth and immigrant workers, stripping all French workers of their hard-fought gains in job security and labor rights.  Macron justifies his assault on labor by dismissing workers as ‘lazy’.

Brazil:  The Great Fire Sale

Michel Temer, Brazil’s ‘unelected’ President plans to privatize 57 public enterprises – the crown jewels of Brazil’s economy.  This will amount to the biggest capitalist asset grab in two centuries! Included in the sell-off are: oil fields, energy transmission lines, highways, airports, as well as Brazil’s mint and lottery.  Electrobas, Latin America’s biggest electricity generator, is up for grabs.  In addition, Temer plans to raise interest rates charged by the state-owned development bank BNDES to increase the private bankers’ share of lending and profits.

This naked grab of profitable state enterprises by private domestic and foreign investors will lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and the lowering of wages, salaries and pension payments.  Temer started to slash state pension liabilities by increasing the age of retirement by several years. Wages and social benefits have been frozen for the foreseeable future. Presidential decrees, which dictate the terms of labor contracts, threaten collective bargaining.

The Capitalist Offensive:  Results and Perspectives

These presidents have declared their intention to launch full-scale ‘class war from above’ – the consequences of which remain to be seen.  The presidents, who rule by fiat, are treading fragile terrain.  Each is facing major political, economic and social challenges.

All three presidents have lost public support since taking power, especially among their lower middle and working class-class voters. Macron’s approval dropped from 65% to 40%; Trump from 49% to 35%; and Temer (who was not elected) barely retains 5% (and falling) public approval.

Brazil:  Facing the Abyss

Despite uncertainties over the regime’s stability and future, foreign investors and the financial press supports Temer.

President Temer’s isolation from Brazil’s voting public has weakened his power in the Congress, and among the domestic banking elite and oil and power corporations.  However, if the trade unions call for widespread militant strikes by manufacturing workers, public employees and the landless rural workers’ movement (MST) is effective and paralyzes the economy, Temer may be forced to resign before his program is implemented.   Meanwhile, President Temer faces numerous judicial investigations for corruption.

Strategically, Temer can count on international support, especially from the US State Department, Treasury, Pentagon and the European Union. The neo-liberal regimes in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia and Mexico have voiced strong support for Temer, especially since they have also received bribes from the same Brazilian corporate oligarchs!

Under Temer, the Brazilian economy has declined by over 5% since he took power in a ‘legislative coup d’état’.  His budget deficit exceeds 9% and unemployment has doubled to over 11%. Despite support from foreign and domestic elite, Temer’s presidency will not survive. Under mass pressure and with looming elections, Brazil’s Congress may decide to allow the courts to prosecute Temer and block his proposed sellout of public assets.

Credit rating agencies are going to downgrade the Brazil’s economy to ‘junk’ status, undercutting new investments.  With new elections on the horizon in 2018, it is clear that Temer will not even run for the presidency and his proposals to privatize Brazil’s major firms may not succeed.

The economic recession has sharply reduced tax revenues and the possibility of receiving any significant boost from privatization is dubious.  Even Temer’s initial regressive measure – the slashing of public pensions- has bogged down in bureaucratic infighting.  However, the opposition to Temer’s capitalist offensive has yet to strike a decisive, organized blow.

The Congressional opposition, led by the center-left Workers Party (PT), is a distinct minority with many of its leaders facing their own corruption trials.  The PT is incapable of blocking, let alone ousting, Temer.  The rightwing opposition in Congress is divided between those who back Temer – based on party patronage – and those who want to replace Temer while pushing for his anti-labor agenda.  The trade unions, led by the CUT, have mounted sporadic protests and made rhetorical gestures, while the MST (the landless rural workers) and associated ecological and homeless movements, which lack militant mass urban support, would be unable to topple Temer.

Ex-President Lula Da Silva has regained some degree of mass voter support but faces corruption charges, which may ban him from political office – unless there is a major mass mobilization. In sum, the rightwing, pro-capitalist offensive in Brazil is comprehensive  — offering public assets and private profits– but weak in institutional support and economic fundamentals. A big-push from the Left could undermine the political base for Temer’s economic team, however, it is not clear which party or leaders would replace him.

France:  Bonaparte in the Palace, Workers on the Streets

When President Emmanuel Macron was elected President of the Fifth Republic, he carried a mass electoral base as well as the support of France’s leading business and banking organizations.  However, in the run-up to the launching of his capitalist offensive the mass base has evaporated.  Voter disapproval is rising rapidly. The militant wing of the trade unions (CGT) prepares to launch general strike. His regressive tax agenda has alienated wide sectors of the petit bourgeois, especially public-sector employees.

Macron’s concentration of executive power (his Bonapartist complex) has turned his allies on the right against him. The outcome of Macron’s offensive is both likely and uncertain.

For one thing Macron enjoys a majority in the French Congress.  The economy is growing and investors are exuberant.  Tax-conscious small business groups are happy.  Labor is divided with the class collaborationist CFDT and FO refusing to join with the trade union opposition.

The European Union is united, up to a point, in its support for Macron.  Equally important, Macron is determined to crush street protests and sporadic, partial strikes with demagogic appeals through the corporate mass media, coercion and outright state repression.

The political party opposition, led by the left socialists and the nationalists, is divided.  The Socialist Party barely exists. Pensioners and students are opposed to Macron, but have not taken to the streets.  Few among the professional class and liberal academia retain any illusions about the ‘new centrist President’ but few are willing to actively confront the ‘the new Bonaparte’.

Macron has fashioned a formidable alliance between the state apparatus and the business ruling class to crush worker opposition. But popular opposition is growing and is furious at his agenda and insults: ‘They (French workers) have had it too good…’ To defeat Macron, they must unite the opposition and build a strategy of prolonged class warfare.

Macron will not give in to transitory strikes. If Macron’s capitalist offensive succeeds, it will have enormous implications for the French working class, especially the rights of workers and salaried employees to organize and struggle.  A victory for Macron will profoundly undermine the structure and membership of popular organizations, now and in the future.  Moreover, a defeat for French workers will reverberate throughout the EU and beyond.  Conversely, a victory for labor could trigger mass struggles across Europe.

The United States

A powerful opposition could confront President Trump’s capitalist offensive, but it will not be led by the highly bureaucratized trade unions representing less than 8% of the private sector labor force.  Trump’s enemies among the Democratic and Republican Party elite have dismissed Trump’s ‘working class’ supporters as ‘white supremacist and neo-Nazis’.  American workers’ concerns have been trivialized and marginalized by the divisive politics of ‘identity’, so blatantly used by both parties.

Trump’s capitalist offensive in favor of a regressive pro-corporate tax cuts and the gutting of social welfare (health, education, housing, environment and worker safety) has failed to provoke sustained, unified social opposition.  In the US, the pro-business elites dominate and dictate the agendas of both the incumbent Trump regime and the ‘elite opposition forces’.

The official ‘anti-Trump opposition’, which terms itself a ‘resistance’, promotes  ‘identity’ interests linked to elite political representation.  It works hard to undermine any possibility of working class unity based on common socio-economic interests by focusing on marginal and divisive issues.

In the midst of mass poverty, declining life expectancy and an epidemic of suicide and drug overdose deaths, the ‘resistance’ forces of the elite opposition concentrate on manufactured foreign (‘Russia-gate’) conspiracies and life style issues (trans-genders in the US Special Forces) to overthrow the Trump regime.  They have no intention to forge any class alliances that might threaten Trump’s regressive capitalist agenda.

The struggle this fall in the US will not be between labor and capital:  It will spotlight the contradiction between what remains of Trump’s business protectionist agenda and the Democrats’ neo-liberal free trade policies.  The capitalist offensive against labor in the USA was already determined by default.  US trade union officials are marginal and inconsequential actors, incapable and unwilling to politicize, educate and mobilize workers.

Trump’s capitalist offensive appeals to investors and boosts the stock market.  The majority of his economic team is tied to Wall Street bankers against so-called economic nationalists.  Trump’s mindless chauvinist rhetoric to the populace is openly dismissed by the plutocrats within his own cabinet, who complain they have been targeted by ‘fascists and anti-Semites’ (meaning Trump’s deplorable and angry voter base).

The United States is the only country in the industrial world launching a massive, sustained capitalist offensive without an anti-capitalist opposition.  The American working class is openly ‘deplored’ by the major elements of the elite opposition and blatantly manipulated by its fake ‘champion’, Trump.

The consequences are pre-determined.  The capitalist offensive cannot lose; both capitalist sides ‘win’.  Under the Businessman-President Trump, multi-national corporations will secure lower taxes and degrade working class living standards and social benefits.  Bi-partisan agreements will ensure that banks are completely deregulated. The elite anti-Trump opposition will ensure that ‘their’ capitalists get favorable neo-liberal trade agreements, guaranteeing their access to cheap immigrant labor and a non-unionized workforce denied workplace safety and environmental regulations.

While France and Brazil face real class war, the ‘classless’ US slouches toward nuclear war.  Macron confronts militant trade unions, Temer faces the fury of broad social alliances, and Donald Trump marches after ‘his Generals’ to nuclear conflagration.  He invades Russian diplomatic properties; points nuclear weapons at Moscow and Beijing; holds massive offensive exercises and stations THAAD missiles on the border of North Korea; and escalates US air and ground force operations in a 16-year losing war in Afghanistan.

Workers in Europe and Latin America choose to fight capitalists in defense of their class interests, while US workers have become passive spectators to the looming possibility of nuclear war, when they are not in a prescription-induced opioid stupor.  Defeating the capitalist offensive in France and Brazil can advance the cause of social justice and ensure concrete benefits for workers and masses of people.

Trump’s unopposed capitalist military offensive will send clouds of nuclear ashes across the world.


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  1. The biggest truth in all of the above is the line, “both capitalist sides ‘win’.” Yes, the Hegelian/Jewish (Marxist) dialectic at work again; or the “old thesis versus antithesis = new thesis” at work again! Or should I just simplify this for you pliebians and say: ” It’s the demonic Jews at work again!” The “masters of the universe” (Chomsky) are our Jewish corporate capitalists-come Communists. Ie. The jews are our master Capitalists and master Communists in one. ALL OF THE ABOVE IS JUST PART OF THE RUN TO TOTAL DECIVILIZATION THAT THE JEWS WANT. No matter whether it is the Obummer or the Trumpster, or either of their Jewish-financed parties, the Jews RULE! Because they are YHWH’s chosen and much adored children they have been assured ultimate victory on this planet. The proof is in the pudding, as most of you scribe in the regressive manner that a good Jewish education has planted in your numb-skull fore-brains. The yin-yang balance is skewed at least 85% in favour of your masters’ evil. Soon it will be 95% and the relatively few resisters will be slaves. Of course the elite Jews will live in their earthly heaven of power and wealth and not give a damn about the sexually driven, filthy humanoids that form the enslaved yahoo masses. There will only be two classes – the jewish elite and the orcs/yahoos. Might as well strip youself naked and cover yourself with mud!

    1. Or, perhaps there is no GOD, or that charlatan known as YHWH, and those all-powerful elitists among us who call themselves “Jews” and those Goyim who act as their henchmen come puppets, are simply better equipped to control the humanoid animal than any other person or group. As I’ve repeatedly said, Jews now RULE the planet and why? Answer = Because over 2 millenia they have proved to be all of: smarter, craftier, more cunning, more attuned to the connivances of the human animal and are a damned lot more intelligent. Taking into account all the applied human brain-power that has been put into action over countless centuries, who could have ever imagined that some 1,000 or so rich and powerful Jews could gain almost total control over mankind? Obviously, they are incredibly gifted; incredibly lucky; or incredibly and lovingly evil.

      1. @ Max Bilney

        “Taking into account all the applied human brain-power that has been put into action over countless centuries, who could have ever imagined that some 1,000 or so rich and powerful Jews could gain almost total control over mankind?”

        The key word there is “almost”; “6” is almost “7” but not quite. Almost may be good enough when the context is hand grenades, but not good enough when the context is spiritual warfare.

        “Obviously, they are incredibly gifted; incredibly lucky; or incredibly and lovingly evil.”

        “(5) And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.
        (6) And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.
        (7) If thou therefore wilt worship me, ALL shall be thine.” (Luke 4:5-7).

        In these verses, Satan is telling Jesus that by way of “devil worship” (i.e., “giving worth to evil”, “*ALL* shall be thine”). But Satan himself is a liar, and not just a “liar” but “the father of it” (John 8:44). Thus Satan promises *All* in return for “worship” but he has only “6” to give, not “7”, so the jews themselves are deceived. They can never have it all. I believe this is the basis of jewish hatred of Russia, for example.

      2. Keep in mind, Max Bilney, Satan is incredibly intelligent also; or so I’m told. Yet, a more deluded and doomed creature could not exist than this one whose filthy fingers are in every depravity and degeneracy know to man. There is no creature other than he to whom so many owe their allegiance and who has so much control over the hearts of men…and there’s only one of him!

      3. Max,
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  2. Last one: The Martian observer rehearsed the words that he would use to explain the lot of the humanoids who lived on the bluish-greenish planet that occupied space between the planet that the humanoids call “Venus the beautiful” and their own planet. …. He said: “Earth is ruled by a tiny group known as the JEW people. They control and own all the units of monetary exchange, all the land and all the water, all the means of communication and all the rules controlling their breeding habits. They believe that their god figure or all- transcending spiritual identity gave them the planet to possess. So they have possessed it! We will have to deal with these rulers as all the rest are kacterinkets, or I could use the humanoids’ word, ‘dummies’!

  3. @ MAX…
    Myth of omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent jewish supremacists. They can’t even successfully invade Lebanon. Their ‘art’ consists of neurotic child-molesting film directors and comedians, wall painters like Markus Yakovlevich Rothkowitz (who changed his name to ‘Rothko’), and who subsequently killed himself. Their ‘intellectuals’ sex-obsessed snake-oil salesmen like Sigmund Freud, or plagiarists like Einstein. They famously hold the world records for the production of pornography. They have been slapped down by Yahweh time and again for their disobedience, avarice, cruelty.
    Their ‘miracle in the desert’ is unsustainably supported by other people’s money.
    They are paper tigers, sick and fat birds on a rotten branch.
    In a word – hubristic. God will judge and there is no Justice without punishment.
    While we Gentiles are not without sins of our own, I would not wish to be an unrepentant pornographer, warmonger, usurer, child molester, etc when Judgement comes.
    They may be on top now, and for a while, but Nemesis comes to mind.
    In fairness it is wrong to condemn all Jews simply for being Jews, as among them there are righteous who are not Zionists – people like Simone Weil for example.

    1. SW,
      Irahell is no more less than an walled East European like Ghetto in the guise of a nation. They build walls from the outside world to continue the practice sucking the blood off the circumcised Penis’ of their baby boys, and later have their way with the boys in the bath houses and pimp underage girls from Eastern Europe. The City in London is another of their Ghettos and the Vatican has been a walled Ghetto for their pleasures since the later half of the 15th Century. There is much more to the Protestant reformation then most most people will ever know. Read Martin Luther’s “Jews and the Lies” and read the seminal studies of Michael Hoffman.

      1. Toejam,
        In the 13th century Moses Maimondes (famed doctor, philosopher, and rabbi) wrote: “No one … should circumcise himself or his son for any reason but pure faith.” But, in the 20th century, the stupid American goyim, far dumber than their ancestors, fell for the lies of the Hebrew medical elite that male genital mutilation has health benefits. As long as the USA is under the demonic Jewish spell of male circumcision, it will be under the demonic spell of the Zionists.

  4. @SW
    You wrote,
    “They can’t even successfully invade Lebanon.”

    So they’re building walls instead .

    Yes sir . They used to march into Lebanon any time they pleased . Now , not only they stopped that , but they built a wall at the Lebanese border, a wall with Sina Desert ,a wall in the West Bank,and a wall with GAZA . 2006 was a horrible year for the arrogent Jew, losing the war with Hizbo Allah . His nose was blooded , bullying stopped , and he became a paper tiger . With thousands of rockets aimed at Israel , there just aren’t enough underground shelters .
    2022 is not far away .

    1. @AL,
      Paper Tiger indeed. In a way I hate to see the jew-puppet USA also becoming one, but in a way it seems fitting. North Korea has exposed the weakness and vulnerability of the USA, and silly Trump and Nikki Haley just step right in it with their bellicose posturing and bluffing.
      Of course these old tigers have some teeth yet, but once they launch the ICBM’s, the USA and Israel will certainly ‘cease to exist’ in their present form.


  5. Life in dystopian cities will be unbearable unless satisfaction can be found in drugs or virtual sex – the Opium being proffered by the Chosenites. Any persons attempting to form a family will have to select one-child for Chosenite Pizzagate fun.

    The EU plebs need get off their ass, leave the cities , rise up and seize the land their governments enriching associate land barons to leave unproductive. It used to be called ‘set-aside’ but that was unacceptable even to the plebs. It has been renamed as eco stewardship or some other such nonsense.

    An article on the subject:
    Communist leaning Scotland is almost all owned by barons.

    Grow your own, educate and care for your children and community. Though in a hi-tech way (not necessarily costly).

    Not sure what the remedy is in the US or Brazil.

    1. Flan, I have tried virtual sex and it did not work on me, because the woman looked like Pamela Anderson and I don’t like fake boobs. i was raised in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, where Archbishop Pell, the Vatican’s third in charge, was running wild, as a lay priest, with little boys. In fact, many of the brothers were touching up little boys as I should know, as hands used to go up my legs as I was singing in the choir. I learnt to give rabbit killers to stray hands. Unlike other corrupted boys, I did not have gender identity issues and courted nuns. I believe I made several pregnant. I now live with my dozen or so “wives” and have over 60 children.

  6. public opinion has been diverted

    for a looong time.

    Which is why everyone must lean on their own analysis, draw own conclusions, win their own freedom.
    Petras is a good thinker but his conclusions diverge from mine regarding Trump.

    I predict that Trump will avoid starting any new wars and if anything will wind down the existing ones if history is worth regressing on.
    He will buy the White CHRISTIAN Russia time to prepare for the Post-Trump Armageddon.

    Which is coming as foretold.

  7. All this leads to ample illumination of two facts.

    (1)The Janus faced duplicity of the malevolent Jew, as all these system’s leadership and administration are either directly or indirectly their creation, all framed within Jew’s Tikkun Olam paradigm. Capitalism and communism are nothing more than two sides of the same shekel.

    (2) Just how stupid the goyim herds are in their inability to comprehend such an obvious simple fact.

    Here’s a good one.

    The caption reads: “Hey Bimbo, look at the funny factories they have here in Europe!” There was a flurry of cartoons on this theme. Nazi propaganda argued that Americans were sending ignorant black soldiers to destroy the cultured lands of Europe (led by Germany). This was a throwback to earlier Nazi propaganda against French colonial troops from Africa who had made up part of the occupation force after World War I..

    Oh come on now, That’s just the evil nadzee racist hate isn’t it.

    Here’s another one.

    The caption reads: “What are you hiding behind, Franklin” – asks South America. “Our wedding rings.” Readers were told a simple message – America uses war to subjugate South America states.

    Really, now who but a racist Nadzee could believe such a thing?

    Considering these cartoons are 75 years in the past, applying them to the current global perspective leads one to the inescapable conclusion – The National Socialist were right! Here’s more

    Finally there is this interesting juxtaposing of images. Scroll through this page of images and compare the American and allied images to those of the National Socialist, especially those of German women. The degeneracy of America and it’z allies is instantly apparent. By the way, the photograph of Irma Grese is a phony, Hollywood hate photo, obvious to anyone who has seen real photos of this much maligned German woman as is typical of the Jew’s vehement hatred for all things truthful, upright, clean and German.

  8. “[Orange Clown] invades Russian diplomatic properties; points nuclear weapons at Moscow and Beijing; holds massive offensive exercises and stations THAAD missiles on the border of North Korea; and escalates US air and ground force operations in a 16-year losing war in Afghanistan.”

    Now that Orange Clown has bent over backwards to demonstrate his gratuitous hostility to Russia, the Russians will undoubtedly be forced to reevaluate everything. It’s one thing to have a NATO military buildup and Aegis Ashore missile launchers in Europe for example – and a sitting U.S. president who’s reasonable and clearly shows his intent to improve relations – but what about the combination of missile launchers in Europe and an openly hostile madman in charge (such as the present situation)? Surely by now the sentient world sees Orange Clown as a dishonest, unpredictable, reckless, generally dangerously unstable madman (who has surrounded himself with equally unreasonable people).

    Even if Orange Clown “himself” doesn’t have any immediate intention to launch a first strike against Russia and/or China, with tensions high, offensive forces deployed and an atmosphere of complete mistrust, Orange Clown has created a situation where the risk of nuclear war by “accident” (or third party subterfuge) is unacceptably high, IMO.

    If a private person in this society was acting the way Orange Clown is acting, it would be seen as case of someone attempting “suicide by cop”. And if that person survived the encounter, society would demand that he be institutionalized somewhere and treated for his mental illness. Yet instead of getting the mental health evaluation and treatment that he needs, Orange Clown gets the nuclear launch codes.

  9. China seems to be waking up:
    In a statement released on Weibo, BTC China said that it would immediately stops accepting new account registrations on BTCChina Exchange. The decision was made after “carefully considering” Chinese regulatory bodies’ Sept. 4 announcement on preventing risks associated with token fundraising.
    China will stop all trading business on September 30th.
    China encouraging citizens to buy gold and silver (video)

    1. Snez –

      China woke up many decades ago…. to world economic stages.

      China has a history of doing this type of political maneuver to gain regulation over something they have none over at present.

      China’s crackdown on ICOs – Initial Coin Offerings – is likely temporary… and eventually China will regulate token sales. Bitcoin will continue to flourish even after China’s new rules.

      It would be interesting to see how many Chinese Pharisee-Jew Bankers’ partners sold their Bitcoin at the top…. and will buy in later..

      Since gold and silver are SO damned valuable as a store of wealth… I wonder why the are ANY sellers at all. They should do as they say for us to do…. and keep theirs… not sell it..!! 🙂

      BTW – the article wrote:
      “SDR Is Bitcoin’s Fiat Cousin” … !! While China is begging for yuan to be used by… and become part of IMF’s SDR basket..!!

      One fact stands above the rest….

      ALL national leaders are LIARS…!! 🙂

      1. Snez –

        “As far as I know, derivatives are not allowed in China.”

        I can help you “know” far much more, then. 🙂

        Beijing launches government bond futures all the time…. like this … similar to a gambling casino… like Wall Street:

        BEIJING, Aug. 28 (Xinhua) — China’s five-year treasury bond futures opened mixed on Monday.

        The contract for settlement in March 2017 has no trading.

        The contract for settlement in December 2017 opened 0.021 percent lower at 97.420 yuan (about 14.8 U.S. dollars). The contract for settlement in TF1803 had no trading at opening.

        The contracts are agreements to buy or sell treasury bonds at a predetermined price and set date.

        They allow investors to bet on and profit from the movements in the value of the bonds.

        The treasury bond futures were launched at the Shanghai-based China Financial Futures Exchange and started trading on Sept. 6, 2013.

        Actually… all stocks and bonds are derivatives. Few think about that.

        The titles to land or a vehicle are derivatives… not the item, itself.

        Titles are bundled and sold at a discount…. I know. It took my lawyers over 6 months to retrieve the original title through the numerous discounted transactions which took place over 20 years on one of my properties.

      2. Snez –

        A bit more help for you….. China wants MORE derivatives. 🙂

        Derivatives market in China:

        Growing China’s Derivatives Markets
        June 5, 2017, Beijing

        Scott O’Malia, Chief Executive, ISDA – Opening Remarks

        Ladies and gentlemen – good morning and welcome.

        It’s a great privilege to have so many distinguished speakers and guests here today. Thank you all for coming. I’d like to extend particular thanks to our keynote speaker – Mr. Li Haichao, deputy director-general, department of futures supervision, at China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) –
        and to our sponsor, Bank of China.**

        The fact that so many prominent and respected market experts have come here today illustrates the growing importance of the derivatives market in China, both domestically and internationally. Certainly, China is a major priority for ISDA and its members. ISDA is committed to ensuring the growth of safe and efficient markets across the globe.

      3. A couple of state companies in Shanghai and Hong Kong which trade with overseas markets have been allowed to use stocks and bonds since recently, and they are controlled by the government. China is not liberal and deregulated like the west. Also, it has been buying gold like mad.
        The contract for settlement in March 2017 has no trading.
        Even Reuters:

    2. Snez –

      Just yesterday…..

      China Gold Fraud

      (reference only)
      September 17, 2017

      The rising price of gold is drawing a frenzied horde of investors and as more and more use the precious metal for investment, the price continues to rise.

      There is one very serious flaw in this process, a flaw that has more to do with human nature than anything else. Once the hedge funds were the darling of those with extra money and they rushed to invest with the same zeal that the goldbugs are now grabbing gold but like the hedge funds, most of which were pure fraud, the gold market also has its flaws, the most serious one of which is the indisputable one that at least fourteen Chinese firms are pouring out an incredible flood of entirely faked coins, both bullion and numismatic.

      Counterfeiting foreign gold or silver coins or bars is not illegal in China and, as usual, the Chinese government has turned a blind eye to illegal acts that enrich their economy. By laser-cutting dies from original pieces, the counterfeiters are able to produce coins that are visually almost perfect but because they are Chinese, the makers are determined to increase their profits by adulterating the contents of the coins.

      The hundreds of examples of fakes, to include American and foreign coins and, most interesting, various gold bars supposedly coming from prestigious Swiss banks, are made of less than pure gold and silver and to offset the lighter color of adulterated gold, the fakes are then plated with 24k gold for the proper rich color.

      It is estimated that there are millions of dollars in fakes now circulating in the United States, the Middle East and gold-hungry India.

      It is also to be noted that the Chinese forgers are now making coins that show honest wear, that are not UNC but only VG+ so that a collector seeing what appears to be a used coin believes that it is genuine.


      Fake Silver Dollars From China

      China is the world’s capital of counterfeiting, with coins, antiquities, fossils, computer software, music CDs, movie DVDs, books, paintings, clothes, sneakers, jewelry, watches, handbags, toys, sporting goods, film, batteries, food, baby formula, pet food, medicine, cars, car parts, trucks, and much else.

      **15 to 20 percent of all goods in China are counterfeit.

      The problem of Chinese counterfeiting has gone on for years and appears to just worsen over time. Fakery in China is official government policy or at least officially tolerated. Whenever major news of Chinese counterfeiting surfaces in the West, the Chinese government takes highly publicized and sometimes dramatic but ultimately superficial steps to try to stop it.

      The true nature of official Chinese attitudes is more likely along the lines of statements from Chinese officials saying that counterfeiting is the cost that foreign companies must pay to be able to do business in China.

      China is a developing country and doesn’t appear to recognize international law regarding intellectual property. To the Chinese, copying is entrepreneurship, with copyrights, trademarks, and patents being foreign concepts and largely ignored. Chinese society as a whole in its energetic drive toward economic prosperity seems to have chosen fakery as a shortcut, ignoring conventions in the rest of the civilized world.

      The counterfeiting of general goods and infringement of intellectual rights (such as software piracy) in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) comprises a significant portion of China’s overall economy.

      The manufacture of counterfeits is primarily centered in the two southern Chinese provinces of Fujian and Guangdong.

      While many of the fake coins made in China are widely advertised in the American print and television media and in coin collector publications, many are also sold on eBay.

      These single-coin auctions are usually listed with a starting price of 5 or 10 cents, and they usually close around those prices when the swindler gets a buyer. These fake coins cost the Chinese about 50 cents to make but the swindlers make most of their profit from the shipping expense they collect from their victims.

      This is a common practice with China-based sellers on eBay. They sell the counterfeit item very cheaply, but then charge as much as $70 or more for shipping. Doing this serves two useful functions.

      First, their Final Value Fee expense is minimal, since eBay bases this fee on the auction’s closing price.

      Secondly, if an item is returned to the seller for some reason, the buyer can only recover that minimal bid amount since shipping and handling is typically nonrefundable.

      It is a violation of United States federal law to sell unmarked replicas. The U.S. Hobby Protection Act, first enacted in 1973 (Public Law 93-167 15 US Code 2101 et seq) requires manufacturers and importers of imitation numismatic items to mark them plainly and permanently with the word, “COPY” in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (16 CFR part 304).

      Big Tree Coin Temple Coin Shop is located in the Fujian (also known as Fukien) province in the southeast portion of the People’s Republic of China.

      1. Pat, I believe that. Chinese government can’t control such big population, and it does sometimes turn a blind eye for the nation’s benefit. It is a very similar situation in India. At least, it is a threat to the international chosenoids who enjoy the protection by the western laws, the very laws they have been destroying.

      2. As I said earlier, the non-governmental control of supply of money in China is 50%, while in the west it is 97%. In India it is also less than in the west; I’m not sure how much. The Rothschilds have their offices in all bigger countries as private financial advisors, but the governments are not obliged to seek their advice. For example, the recent withdrawal and replacement of some paper notes in India for several reasons, including Pakistani dealing of guns in India, was Rothschild advised. As I also said, however crazy people around you are, you still have to do business with them – join the crazy club, for now, which doesn’t mean that yuan won’t break away from the fiat currency system which is based on enormous debts. However, if China increases dealings in bonds and credits, it may create itself a social chaos.
        ‘The recall of the old notes was announced simultaneously with the introduction of a replacement 500-rupee issue and a new 2,000-rupee note. The claimed purposes were to stifle India’s endemic corruption and tax evasion while also removing counterfeit money from the system. The results were utter chaos. People without bank accounts lost their life’s fortune in what is a cash economy, banks were unable to handle the recall, gold and currency dealers had an orgy of profiteering, and there was an extreme shortage of the replacement notes that is not yet alleviated.’
        Few would dispute China’s end goal of having its currency, the yuan, become a genuine world reserve currency. Who wouldn’t want cheap access to world capital markets that reserve currency status brings? Not to mention cheaper transaction costs on international trade… We know roughly 62 percent of “allocated reserves” are held in U.S. dollars, 23 percent in euros, 4 percent in yen, 4 percent in sterling with the Swiss franc, the Aussie and Canadian dollars making up the tiny remaining balance… As with all matters of strategic importance, China is following a well-planned and controlled path in pushing the yuan to the forefront of the currency world.
        …Related factors are that Chinese fiscal practices are much less transparent than those in the West, and that China desires a lower valuation of its currency to promote exports. In the long run, the Chinese are net savers, whereas Americans are net debtors. This factor has also preserved the value of the Japanese Yen, for example, despite massive government debts and “money-printing.”
        Ultimately, the fact that the Yuan is “sounder” due to the relative economic conservatism of the Chinese people, will lead to its international adoption as a reserve currency, as it will be the best among a questionable set of options.
        Of course, the remaining alternative is a return to the gold standard…


    Just to prove that these wars are for Israel and not for oil is the fact that the US of Amerika has not invaded Venezuela (300 Billion bbl · Ranked 1st in the world) and secured the world’s largest oil reserves. Retail gasoline in Caracas is still 5-10 cents a gallon – just imagine the profit margin and the minimal shipping cost since that nation is just a pebble skip across the Gulf pond.

    The beautiful yellow-caked hair in the White House will soon do something real stupid that will end his residency as ZOG Emperor and Mike Pence, the hardcore Neocon extremist, will be installed and get the wars on for Greater Israel.

    1. Yukon –

      You wrote:
      “..US of Amerika has not invaded Venezuela..”

      Correct… US Bankers and oil companies already own Venezuela’s oil companies.

      There are CITGO stations all over USA.

      The RUSE NEWS:

      Venezuela has turned to Russian oil giant Rosneft. In 2016 PDVSA signed onto a loan from Rosneft offering 49.9 percent of its shares in Citgo, a U.S.-based, Venezuelan-owned refining company, as collateral. Thanks to this deal, Rosneft has a lien on all of PDVSA’s Citgo refineries in the US, meaning that if and when Venezuela defaults on the bond, Russia will seize their assets and own a number of refineries on U.S. soil. This is considerable news, as Citgo currently owns roughly 4 percent of refining capacity in the U.S.

  11. ” Trump will” try to bring about all of the above mentioned goodies for his pals – the lethargic- layabout – their feces don’t stink – filthy rich.
    Like they are the only large group of people on planet earth – right.
    I put it to you that these wannabe owners & rulers of – all things great & small – planet earth are the minority.
    Good luck Donny Trump & may the best man win – hey.

    1. Does everyone believe that these few interlopers are IT ?
      There is the global corporate world – & also the banking world – that is more than the few Jewish controlled BUT NOT OWNED banks – that will not easily relinquish all their good & chattels over to Our Good Ol’ Boy Donny Trump & his few lackeys.
      This is a pissing contest & the longest stream will win.

  12. The few Jewish banks that are in debt – to an extent beyond comprehension – they are broke & desperate – they are old & their methodology is obsolete – the fall from riches to rags is swift & everlasting – they had their chance – they had one hell of a long run & what does anyone have to show for it – the global economy lay in ruins – this is their handy work – this is their legacy to the world – they will try to take us all back in time to medieval serfdom.
    Good Luck Sucker !
    They are desperately fighting for their survive & that includes main stream media – since the advent of the alternative -mainstream has lost market share – they are finished.

  13. The purpose of the offensive: global cities with zombies, the UN in total control, and barbarians in suits:

    ‘One way of thinking about the political implications of this strategic transnational space anchored in global cities is in terms of the formation of new claims on that space. The global city particularly has emerged as a site for new claims: by global capital, which uses the global city as an ‘organizational commodity,’ but also by disadvantaged sectors of the urban population, frequently as internationalized a presence in global cities as capital. The ‘de-nationalizing’ of urban space and the formation of new claims by transnational actors, raise the question: Whose city is it?’ – Saskia Sassen, professor of Sociology at University of Chicago, 2005

    ‘It doesn’t stop with UN’s control of the land. The UN wants to control all money, trade, fresh water, food, health care, the environment, the climate, the sea and establish an international army on a global scale. In effect, the UN wants to become the world government to which all other governments must bow down.’ – Ron Ewart, 2017

    ‘Conquered states…. can be held by the conqueror in three different ways. The first is to ruin them, the second for the conqueror to go and reside there in person and the third is to allow them to continue to live under their own laws, subject to a regular tribute, and to create in them a government of the few who will keep the country friendly to the conqueror.’ – Niccolo Machiavelli, “The Prince”

    ‘People talk sometimes of bestial cruelty, but that’s a great injustice and insult to the beasts; a beast can never be so cruel as a man, so artistically cruel.’ – Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky

  14. O-M-G !
    I can’t believe you folks are still jabbering on about this silly political crap. Don’t any of you realize that the Emmy Awards are on tv now ? ? ?

    1. Yes, our silly scribes keep on about this silly political stuff, thus proving they are firmly caught in the Jewish maze! What do they expect to achieve in a ridiculous situation that will just go on and on? The yahoos that are the chronically dumbed down US citizens, cannot understand a word you are saying. Only a new war of independence can now offer the solution. The elite Jews and their Goyim lackeys must be gaoled and put in a negro run prison.

  15. Imagine if Palestinians started leaving en masse, saying nothing, taking little, just unexpectedly moving on, like the way animals sense a coming tsunami or hurricane. What a mind fuck that would be – with North Korea threatening the USA and it’s allies, people would be shitting themselves in Israel.

  16. In order to fully understand Mr. Macron we need to examine his recent past. Mr. Macron worked in the Rothschild bank from 2008-2012, where according to writer Manlio Dinucci “The four years that Macron trained at Rothschild provide him with an entree into the elite of global finance, where big moves such as the demolition of the Libyan State are planned”.

    The calamity inflicted on Libya by Nato after French enabling in 2011 resulted in yet another Rothschild human catastrophe. It was not without rewards, however – the African currency planned by Gaddafi as an alternative to the French imposed Cfa franc on fourteen of its former colonies as well as the US dollar was destroyed. Then, the gold. While NATO blocked a third of the $150,000,000,000 from Monsieur Hollande and his backers, the rest vanished. According to Thierry Meyssan, Prefect Edward Lacroix who had some access died in one day from “a hurricane cancer” while Choukri Ghanem, ex minister for oil, was discovered drowned in Vienna.

    One of the biggest thefts of the new millenium then proceeded under a number of investment bankers and Pierre Moscovici, French Finance Minister and economic advisor to the Elysee Emmanuel Macron, possibly divided up with the US and other participants. See “Macron-Libya: the Rothschild Connection”, by Manlio Dinucci at and “Right Before Our Eyes” by Thierry Meyssan.

    So who indeed do the French people think Mr. Macron is working for now? He never left.

    1. @ John Kirby
      You asked , and my answer according to what I gathered so far ,from various sources .is some kind of prophesy ,interpreted by a Palestinian
      Sheikh ,I can’t recall his name ,his videos are on you tube ,explaining in details ,how and when Israel will disappear ,the videos are in Arabic.
      2022 in numerology is equal 6.
      ^ signifacnt number in theology.
      666 as you know ,the beast number
      Star of David ,the symbol of Israel is 6
      Israel call the war in 1967 on June 6 ,the six days war.
      add all this up and you can tell the significant of the number 6 to Israel’s existence ,victories and eventually it’s demise.
      6 also shows that Israel are the den for merchants of sex .
      if you ask me ,I won’t believe any thing ,until I seen it in my own eyes.
      Besides ,The Israelis proven to have nine lives ,every time ,you think ,they will give up and leave ,they come back stronger than before.
      Prophesies are just prophesies ,I like to read about them.
      But I’m a strong believer in God Almighty ,the Unknowns and the Future Only Known to Our Creator ,Blessed His Name.

    2. John –

      I believe that is a reference to Kissinger’s claiming, in 2012, that Israel will be gone in 10 years.

      Some his guesses have not born much fruit, becaues he lies a lot..!! 🙂

      1. Israel will not be gone by the year 2022. Rather, it will be flying high as the centre of the Supreme Court of Mankind. Some idiot on this site said the big Jewish banks are bankrupt and failing. Oh, c’mon, they own the printers and can print as much as they want. And Israel is booming. Try to buy a mansion there! See if you can afford an apartment in the occupied territories. The Jews are laughing all the way,to their banks! And as John Kaminski said, they are well on their way to destroying the American, Goyim middle class, or bourgoisie. Good Marxists have to destroy the Goyim bourgoisie! JEWS Rule!

      2. Pat,
        Israel won’t be gone but odds are Kissinger will. Why do EVIL men like Soros, McCain, and Kissinger live such long lives?

      3. Folly –

        David Rockefeller lasted to almost a century.

        McCain is not all that old…. and has recent brain cancer problems.

        The rest lasting a long time is likely due to the kosher diet….. which is more healthful than most… except if they drink too much alcohol.

        Alcohol, other than wine sparingly, is a life-shortener… and even causes cancer and many other ‘chronic’ diseases.

  17. Hi Max,
    I agree. It is Money Power that makes Jewish Power so great.

    If you refuse the bow to it you can be destroyed professionally and financially.

  18. Ultimately, unless France gets its borders under control, it matters not what Macron does or attempts to do. As long as France’s leaders are afraid of being called Fascists and Racists by the cultural Marxist Left, the borders will NEVER be under control. Thus, France and all of Western Europe, along with the USA, are doomed. I grew skeptical of Petras the moment he used the word “progressive” in a favorable light. He also failed to mention the impending Muslim takeover of that country. Btw, no mention was made of Marine Le Pen. How come?

  19. ABOUT BRAZIL: THANK YOU FOR TALKING ABOUT THE BRAZILIAN SITUATION! Some 20 years ago, this couldn’t be fathomed even as a nightmare. I wanna clear some points:

    – The worst human to have ever lived after Hitler is Lula – Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s the Brazilian communist Hitler, no doubt. A criminal of inimaginable proportions who commanded the destruction of not only Brazil, but of South America. Venezuela was his and Castros’ doing. (Foro de Sao Paulo). He’s evading jail for over 2 years now with nothing but sheer corrupt power. (And then we say no one is above the law. Yeah, sure.)
    – Lula and Dilma aren’t thieves – they’re f*cking devils incarnate. Some ~92% plus of Brazilians agree that they are the responsible ones for the utter political and moral destruction of Brazil. (Yes, Brazil does have morals. Or we used to have them. Foreigners clearly weren’t ever presented to them, but they did exist.)
    – Temer is the vice president of Dilma Rousseff (obviously a corrupt assh*le such as him had to be the VP of that disgusting murderous guerrilheira). He’s an awful corrupt thief of the worst kind – but its either him or Dilma/Lula/the ones appointed by the Workers Party (ugh… feels like vomiting just to name them). That’s why no one supports Temer but no one also wants him out until 2018 elections. He’s the lesser of all the evils corrupting Brazil currently. On the unpaid polls, with 135 thousand respondents, the candidate Bolsonaro has 56,2% of all intention of votes (meaning he’d win the elections by first vote, according to Brazilian Law, if the elections were this month). Lula has THIRD place, with some 7% of votes.
    -Don’t mistake yourselves to think that what appears on the internetional media about Brazil is what Brazilians are thinking. It’s usually the opposite. The people and especially artists that reach the international media are bought with heavy money from the Rouanet Law (public money in their pockets). They’re paid to talk against Temer (who’s a shithead anyway, really) in an attempt to clean the blood in Lula and Dilma’s hands. They’re the true guilty ones who intentionally fucked us up so badly in name of communism (with globalist money – Soros’ Open Society). Temer’s just their goon gone out of control. There’s no such thing as “a coup d’état” – that’s so silly to say. Nonsensical. He’s in cause we FINALLY managed to stick the fork up the butt of that fucking guerrillera communist Dilma Rousseff, that dumb fuck.

  20. Lula da Silva has less then 10% of popular support. All people in his rallies are paid 10 dollars plus a sandwich. As a Brazilian I’m praying to God for a real coup d’etat by the military and death penalty decree for corruption for Lula da Silva, Rousseff, Temer and all their mobsters.

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