The Futile Efforts of Donald Trump


LD: In this article, Israel Shamir advances a startling thesis: the reason the Jews are so anxious to swamp the West with Muslim migrants—the more unruly, extremist, and fanatical these migrants the better—is that they want to use these Muslims as a tool to destroy Christianity with.

They can’t afford to do this themselves; that would make them look too bad and give them an image problem. So instead, employing a more devious and underhand tactic, they plan to egg on these Muslim zealots to do their dirty work for them. The Muslim jihadis, in other words, will one day take on the role of the Jews’ unpaid Christ killers. Or, to use Shamir’s words, their “silent partners”.  

All this stems from a pathological hatred of Christianity that has burned in the Jewish psyche like a small flame for the last 2000 years and shows no signs of abating. Christianity, in short, is the target here; it lies in the Jews’ cross-hairs. This is what this Muslim invasion of the West, courtesy of the Jews, is really all about.

An interesting thesis. I think Shamir could be right. [LD]

President Trump had paid a hefty advance to the Jews. He did (almost) all they wanted for their Jewish state: he promised to move the US embassy to the occupied Jerusalem thus legalising their annexation of the holy city; he condoned their illegal settlements, he gave them starred positions in his administration; he told the Palestinians to drop their case in the ICC or else, he even threatened Iran with war. All that in vain. Jewish organisations and Jewish media attack Trump without slightest hesitation and consideration. His first step in curbing the soft invasion wave had been met with uniform Jewish vehemence.

He was called a new Hitler and accused of hatred of Muslims: what else could cause the President to arrest, even for a few months, the brave new migration wave from seven Middle Eastern states? Today he singles out Muslims, tomorrow he will single out Jews, said Jewish newspapers. Migration is the lifeblood of America, and the Muslim refugees are welcome to bring more diversity to the US.

Massive demonstrations, generously paid for by this notable Jewish philanthropist Mr George Soros, shook the States, while judges promptly banned the banning order. They insisted the orders are anti-Muslim, and therefore they are anti-constitutional. Somehow the constitution, they said, promises full equality of immigrants and does not allow to discriminate between a Muslim and a Christian.

This sounds an unlikely interpretation of the US Constitution. The US, and every other state, normally discriminates, or using a less loaded word, selects its potential citizens. The choice of seven states hasn’t been made by Donald Trump but by his saintly predecessor: President Barack Obama, this great friend of Muslims, made the choice personally some years earlier. So Trump had made a most moderate and modest step in the direction of blocking immigration by picking states already selected by the Democratic President.

One could reasonably claim that people of the seven states have a very good reason to hate America, and the reasons were supplied by previous US Presidents.

Libya, the most prosperous North African state until recently, had been ruined by President Obama: NATO invasion had brought Libya down; instead of stopping migration wave Libya had been turned into a jumping board for the Africans on their way North.

Syria is another Obama’s victim: by his insistence that ‘Assad must go’, by massive transfer of weaponry, money and equipment (remember white Toyota pickups?) to the Islamic extremists, he ruined this country.

Iraq has been ruined by President Bush Jr: he invaded the most advanced Sunni state, broke it to pieces and gave the centre of the country to the Isis.

Somalia has been ruined by President Bush Sr: he invaded this unfortunate country in the early nineties, when the USSR collapse allowed him to do so under the UN flag. Since then Somalia has become the supplier of choice of migrants and refugees for Sweden (there they formed the biggest community in Malmo and elsewhere), the US is also keen on getting them.

Yemen has been destroyed by Obama with Mme Clinton playing an important role: she facilitated delivery of weapons to Saudi Arabia in real time as they bombed Yemenis.

Sudan was bombed by President Clinton; afterwards this country had been dismembered and separate South Sudan had been created. Both halves became dysfunctional.

Iran is the odd one in the Magnificent Seven. It has not been invaded, has not been bombed, just threatened with invasion and bombardment for many years since President Carter. This country has no terrorists, it did not fail, its citizens are not running seeking for asylum. It was placed on the list by President Obama, who planned to bomb it, but never got to do it.

While Bush, Clinton and Obama bombed and invaded these countries, the Democratic humanitarians including their Jewish leaders just applauded and asked for more bombs. But they became appalled when Trump promised: no more regime change, end of “invade the world/invite the world” mode. Wikileaks put it well: bomb the Muslims, and you are fine; ban the Muslims, and you are the enemy.

Apparently, the people who instigated the Middle Eastern wars wanted to create a wave of refugees into Europe and North America in order to bring more colour and diversity to these poor monochrome lands. Welfare state, national cohesion, local labour and traditions will disappear, and these countries will undergo a process of homogenisation. Never again the natives will be able to single out Jews, for there will be no natives, just so many persons from all over the world, celebrating Kumbaya.

The Jews will be able to get and keep their privileged positions in Europe as they do in the US. They won’t be alone: by their success, they will establish a pattern to copycat for whoever wants to succeed in the new world, and masses of imitation-Jews will support the policies of real Jews.

Still, Jewish insistence on the Syrian refugees’ acceptance and on Muslim immigration in general is a strange and baffling phenomenon. Hypocrisy is too mild a word to describe that. We may exclude compassion as a cause for it. There are many thousands of natives of Haifa in Israel who suffer in Syria and dream to come back to their towns and villages, but the state of Israel does not allow these Syrian refugees to return for one crime: they aren’t Jews.

Israel accepts Jews only; and American Jews do not object to it; they do not compare Israeli leaders with Hitler or Trump. Israel had build a wall on its border with Sinai, and this wall stopped the black wave of African migrants. American Jews did not shout “No wall, no ban” in front of Israeli Embassy. Mystery, eh?

Kevin MacDonald wrote a thoughtful piece trying to unravel the mystery, Why Do Jewish Organizations Want Anti-Israel Refugees? and published it on January 17, a few days before Trump’s inauguration and full three weeks before the subject moved to the front burner. KMD correctly predicted that Donald Trump won’t appeal for “national unity” in his Inaugural Address, though this was the guess of mass media. Moreover, KMD correctly predicted that “Trump will announce an immediate pause in “refugee” admissions, currently surging, to be followed by a zero quota for the next fiscal year. There would be hysteria, in which the major Jewish organizations would, almost certainly, join. My (KMD’s) question: why would they do that?”

KMD provides a few possible answers, but none answers his own question. The world is full of troubles, and the US can get as many refugees as they wish from the Ukraine or Brazil, from China and Central Africa, without an anti-Israeli angle.

I’d suggest a simple explanation. Jews want to import Muslims to fight Christ and the Church.

Muslims of the Middle East are not, or weren’t, anti-Christian; they co-existed for millennia with their Christian neighbours. In Palestine, Christians and Muslims lived together and suffered together under the Jewish yoke.

But recently a new wind has blown in the Muslim faith, the wind of a very strong rejection of whatever is not strict Sunni Islam of the ISIS brand. Their first enemy is Shia Islam, but Christians follow Shias as a second-best object of persecution. The much softer Muslim Brotherhood has also hardened towards Christians. In Gaza, Hamas (a branch of MB) delivers friendly speeches, but the Christians are leaving the Strip very fast. MB rule in Cairo was considered anti-Christian by their Copt neighbours. So the new refugees from ISIS-touched lands (six out of Trump’s Seven: Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan) have been possibly infected with anti-Christian tendency.

It is almost a superfluous quality, anyway. The Muslims are being used as silent partners in the Jewish war on the Church. Instead of saying: “We, Jews, do not want to hear church bells, see Christmas scenes and hear Christian blessings”, these modest and retiring people usually refer to Muslims. Muslims do not want to hear church bells and see Christmas trees, they say. We Jews are just more considerate towards our Muslim brethren, so we notice that, while you brutes do not. Muslim sensitivities are already quoted in Germany to exclude pork-based local delicacies and to ban Christmas celebrations. It doesn’t matter that normally Muslims do not object to Christmas celebrations, as we know from our experience in Palestine. The Jews and other enemies of the Church say it all the same.

With the new ISIS-infected Muslims, the war on the Church will proceed even better. For sure, the US judges like the Seattle one will ban Christmas celebrations in a few years’ time citing the same refugees they insist on delivering to America’s shores.

The war on Christ and the Church is the most important element of Judaism. Wherever Jews succeed, the Church suffers, and vice versa. Israel, the Jewish state, has been located at the cradle of Christianity not by whim of Zionists: actually, the leading Zionist Theodore Herzl called for establishing the Jewish state elsewhere, from Uganda (modern Kenya) to Argentina. But the struggle against Christ necessitated their choice of Palestine with its deep Christian roots.

The most popular Jewish early medieval text glorified Judas for his victory over Jesus Christ. Fight against the Church and Christ in-formed Jewish weapons: media and money. The Church was an enemy of moneylenders; interest has been forbidden by the church, but it was used by Jews to accumulate their vast capital to be used against the Church.

As for media, the present concentration of almost all mass media in Jewish hands began in France of 19th century, where Jews formed a conspiracy to own and control media and they used it with great success against the Church during the Third Republic, notably in connection with Dreyfus Affair. (I previously wrote about it in a review).

The Jews usually acted in union with Protestants, as they were also enemies of the Church. Protestants, certainly, believed they were using the Jews for their own benefit, but in the end, separate and mutually hostile Protestant Churches submitted to the single will of Jews. This is why Jewish positions are so strong in the US in the absence of a single national church. Judging by the migration affair, it appears the Jews believe they can make a next step in their fight with Christ: by using the Islamic fanatics as a cover, they plan to push the church underground, out of public space altogether.

Much of the future developments depend on the will of President Trump.

He fights against incredible odds. His idea to use Zionists against prevalent Jewish positions meanwhile does not work. “His” Jews are under attack as traitors to the Jewish cause. “Kushner is bad for Jews”, says Haaretz. Indeed, Jews have more important things to care than the Jewish state, and they are united for diversity, in other words, for more migration from the Middle East.

He should stop bumping the closed door. Forget the embassy move, forget pussyfooting with other Zionist dreams, and first of all, forget attacking Iran. If the Zionists would deliver Trump the wholehearted support of their American brethren, it would make some (not much) sense; but in the existing circumstances, none whatsoever. If Israel is threatened, then, perhaps, Zionists will be able to prevail upon their liberal cousins and convince them to think more of Israel and less of diversity. Perhaps is the key word.

Avoiding wars is another secret of success. The US spends too much money on wars. Keeping out of Ukrainian and Syrian mess is perfectly possible; spending money in America will improve Trump’s popularity and undermine the adversary. The US working class could be his best supporter, for these people are losing in case of wars and of immigration.

Meanwhile Trump is doing fine. He is doing what he promised; he defended Russia while pushed to denounce them; he tries to stop migration. He even tried to remove the weapon of holocaust from Jewish hands by not mentioning Jews while referring to Holocaust. Jews already called him “a holocaust denier”. This is a good sign. Let us hope he will prevail.

Sourced from The Unz Review

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  1. Shamir is absolutely correct on this one. The higher up the hierarchy pyramid, the more accurate the condemnation, simply because this is how jew works, from the top, down.

    the very first stage in the murder of christianity was the vaunted separation of church and state, this insidious amputation having violated the Christ’s warning of not serving two masters.

    Prior to that, the heads of state and monarchs ultimately answered to God, ie, the common morality was incumbent upon them above all other considerations of wealth, influence and power and the society functioned reasonably well within this hierarchical setup, the heads of state were seen as servants, however privileged, of the nation and were directly answerable to God.

    the Tsar of Russia was called The Father and he truly saw himself as the blood and spirit relative of all the people of the land, here in Thailand, the late great king Bhumibol was referred to in the same terms and indeed, he was a modest man who worked tirelessly and selflessly in service of his people, which is why they are so disconsolate today – he was raised and educated by Buddhist monks in the traditional way.

    Well, guess who inserted himself into the vacuum created by this unholy separation that left God as a mouldering figurehead?

    yes indeed, look at the results, the travesty of diversity, infinitely hypocritical and callous liberalism, tawdry identity politics, desecration of creative spirit, the mindless poverty of the western mind, neutered, weak, scared, masochistic yet narcissist at the same time, preening at the mirror of godlessness.

    But the good news is that the process can be reversed, the heat that has always resided in the popular mind can be rekindled – this is exactly what happened in Russia on Putin’s watch, the state and church are matching pace and merging into the old ideal of Christian Russia that frightened the wits out of the rothschilds of old.

    Putin makes no bones about being the warrior of Christ.

    and it is the existential fear that trump has secret designs on applying the same process in America that is powering jew’s nightmare.

    Iran has successfully joined the two functions into one and it is the secret behind their strength.

    time for not Ziochristianity against islam nor zio-islam (in all its current abhorrent forms, wahhabism, muslim brotherhood, etc) against christianity but for Chrislam, of the sort we were seeing in embryonic stages in France with Dieudonne Mbala Mbala and others.

    1. @Lobro

      “…the very first stage in the murder of Christianity was the vaunted separation of church and state, this insidious amputation having violated the Christ’s warning of not serving two masters…”

      With “serving two masters” (Matthew 6:24) Jesus did not mean God or the State, but God or Mammon (= money). Besides, Jesus did not say that we should serve both, but that we can’t serve both.
      Separation of Church and State goes back to the earliest stage of Christianity, nay to Jesus himself :
      “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” Matthew 22:21

      1. FRANKLIN
        “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” Matthew 22:21

        Caesar owns nothing that is not God’s.

    2. frank, i said this:

      Christ’s warning of not serving two masters

      you seem to have taken issue with this and said the following

      With “serving two masters” (Matthew 6:24) Jesus did not mean God or the State, but God or Mammon (= money). Besides, Jesus did not say that we should serve both, but that we can’t serve both.

      I said “NOT” and i knew NOT that “NOT” has more than one meaning since it seems to have confused you, anyone else out there who does NOT understand the meaning of

      Christ’s warning of NOT serving two masters?

      as for “separation” of state and Mammon, ie, 2 different entities, tell me, just who is the State serving today if not Mammon?

      Finally, as to you last point of objection raised

      “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s.” Matthew 22:21

      i always took this to mean the separation of material and spiritual spheres, the temporary and eternal, profane and sacred.

      but we are talking political and social issues subject to Shamir’s article – this is my interpretation at least.

      maybe you could argue that the line, God Save The Queen means “please God, do NOT save the Queen”, NOT that i would necessarily disagree with you.
      a KNOTTY problem we have here.

      1. If you say that Religion and State should not be separated, then if you serve their combination you do serve both and thus “two masters”, which Jesus warned against (but not in the sense of Religion or State, but Religion or Money). The State of course has much to do with Money (collecting taxes, promoting the economy etc.) but is not identical with it.

        Christianity started as an underground heretical Jewish sect with no aspirations to take over the power of the Roman Empire. Even when it became the official religion of the Roman Empire, Church and State remained separate throughout European history (the Papal State in central Italy was a rare exception). Most people in the modern West are thoroughly secularized and a situation where the state and the culture become saturated by Christianity again is not likely to return, let alone by such constructs like “Chrislam”, which you propose.

      2. franklin, i am not interested in arguing these basics with you but there is a whiff-of-wiki in your terms, like
        Christianity started as an underground heretical Jewish sect“.
        suffice it to say that i disagree thoroughly: although many of the followers were judeans, jesus preached the exact opposite to bloodthirsty torah and at every step of his ministry confronted the torah adherents, ie, judaics, quite openly and fearlessly, in fact seeking the conflict rather than avoiding it.

        of course that he could not have spoken of state and christian church convergence, since the christian church did not exist and would not exist for another 3 hundred years.
        there were still centuries of brutal persecution of Christians by JEWS.

        … jewish sect … gimme a break, next we’ll hear about jews persecuted by romans, what a pretty reparation coin with 2,000 years of compound interest!

        Anyway, i stated my erstwhile point (a follow-on to israel shamir’s), whether or not you accept it, i don’t want to detract from it.

    3. Although I usually agree and line up with your positions, L., the meaning of “Chrislam” escapes me. For that matter, any sympathy with Islam as a co-habitant, co-existence people to the West’s Caucasians I find extremely naive and child-like wide-eyed denial and cognitive and memory suppression.

      When I managed all manner of Marine Powerplants and all systems on large sophisticated ocean vessels, it was known that their are two ways to remedy an engineering deficiency: One, do just enough to “keep it running”, it a state less than optimum or even deficient off manufacturer’s specification. Two, fix it. I mean completely, restore to original, virtual new, optimum performance.

      With that in mind, anything I read on her that is put forth as a palliative, solution, or cure is is as solid and practical as dried snot.

      Rather, with only a slight hint of mirth, I propose the following:

      There is a solution. Make me dictator for 5 years, and I will purge the country of traitors, subversives. Many will be executed, more will have their citizenship revoked and sent to Liberia, Africa, with a penalty of death if they attempt to re-enter. All Democrats-office holders, registered members, voters, et al-will be suspended for 30 years from any political activity of any kind. Women voters will need to be qualified and pass tests of rationality, logic, and reason-traits only a minority possess.

      All prisons will be run on a POW/plantation/farm model. Prisons will be self-supporting and growth surpluses of food. 12 hour days will be standard. This life will be spartan and austere. Punishments will be severe. Attempted murders get the death penalty and troublemakers get flogged-in front of everybody.

      The guillotine will be the only instrument of execution, the range of crimes that mandate same will be expanded, e.g., child molesters, 3rd felony conviction, attempted murder.

      All women will be taught that their highest purpose is to birth and nurture children. No woman will be allowed to advance above a low economic position without a husband and 3 children. Especially higher IQ females. Same with males.

      This will produce calm, contentment, safety, prosperity AND perpetuity of the Caucasian Race and its offshoots. Asians and selected Hindus can be regarded as White for purposes of inclusion, with attentive screening.

      This society must-by law-always have a 90% majority of Caucasians.

  2. Muslims as allies of the Jews in their war against Christians ? I doubt it. I think Israel Shamir, as a Jewish convert to Christianity, is projecting too much. Unlike Judaism, Islam has never been “anti-Christian”. In the secondary scripture of Judaism, the Talmud, Jesus is described as burning in excrement in hell and Jews are encouraged to spit on the ground when they hear the name of Jesus or pass a Christian church. The Qur’an has praising words about Christians and in Islam Jesus is considered to be the second greatest prophet after Muhammad. This attitude is reflected in the behavior of Muslims in Europe. One can ascribe all kinds of (mis)behavior to Muslims in Europe, but attacks on Christianity is not one of them. Offending Muhammad cartoons are not met with offending Jesus cartoons, nor are pig heads on thresholds of mosques met with similar attacks on churches. Muslims are not offended by Christian symbols such as crosses or Christmas trees either.

    The promotion of Muslim immigration into Western countries by Jews must not be seen as part of their war against Christianity (they can take care of that themselves by cultural subversion), but as part of their racial war against Europeans. Because Muslims are the nearest non-European people, therefore Jews promote their invasion of Europe. If Christian black Africans would be nearer, they would be promoting them. It is all part of the Jewish White Genocide Project, and the Jews find this more important than the fact that Muslims often have anti-Semitic attitudes. First kill the Whites, then we will take care of the anti-Semitism of the Muslims, seems to be their thought. They hate us more than they love themselves.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Muslims as allies of the Jews in their war against Christians ? I doubt it. I think Israel Shamir, as a Jewish convert to Christianity, is projecting too much. Unlike Judaism, Islam has never been “anti-Christian”. In the secondary scripture of Judaism, the Talmud, Jesus is described as burning in excrement in hell and Jews are encouraged to spit on the ground when they hear the name of Jesus or pass a Christian church. The Qur’an has praising words about Christians and in Islam Jesus is considered to be the second greatest prophet after Muhammad.

      Superficially, this would seem to make sense. You are 100% correct in your viewpoint that the Qur’an, unlike the Talmud, is deeply sympathetic and respectful to Christianity. Thus Mahmoud El-Yousseph, who writes for this site, is a good Muslim who has always expressed reverence for Christ and his holy Mother Mary (Miriam). He gets on with Lasha Darkmoon, a committed Christian, precisely for this reason. So there is no way that such a moderate Muslim as Mahmoud El-Yousseph is going to gang up with the evil Jews and try and destroy Lasha’s religion.

      I am sure if you asked Lobro here, he would tell you that he knows several good Muslims (in Canada as well as Bosnia) who feel a kinship with Christianity and have no wish whatsoever to destroy it. So of course you are right to state that moderate Muslims like this would never dream of forming an alliance with the Jews in a plot to destroy Christianity. Shamir himself has pointed out that Muslims and Christians always got on well together in pre-1948 Palestine.

      So far, so good.

      You are guilty of confusing these moderate Muslims (sympathetic to Christianity) with the fanatical jihadists belonging to extreme Sunni Muslim sects who are being imported into Europe in huge numbers right now with the help of evil Jews like George Soros. These are Muslims only in name, Muslims whom our friend Mahmoud El-Yousseph here would disown and completely turn his back on. As Shamir points out, these fanatical Sunnis even want to kill their fellow Muslims, the Shias, for being too moderate!

      These are the Muslims who will gang up with the Jews to destroy Christianity, a religion they hate. They can tolerate nothing but their own narrow and fanatical creed. The Jews will use these fanatical Muslims as Useful Idiots to act as their proxy armies.

      Shamir’s viewpoint is totally plausible and LD has represented it exceptionally well.

      They [the Jews] can’t afford to do this themselves [destroy Christianity openly]; that would make them look too bad and give them an image problem. So instead, employing a more devious and underhand tactic, they plan to egg on these Muslim zealots to do their dirty work for them.

      Herein lies your mistake. Note the word “zealots” in the passage above. You have conflated moderate Muslims like Mahmoud El-Yousseph with the “zealots”, i.e., with the extremist fanatics who belong to Al Qaeda and Isis. That is a huge error on your part: to lump the moderates and extremists all together. You are blinded by your own Islamophobia into your false belief that ALL Muslims are fanatical extremist loonies.

      Come, don’t tell me you think Mahmoud El-Yousseph here is a secret Isis supporter who should be packed off to Guantanamo Bay for “enhanced interrogation”. 🙂

      “The Muslim jihadis, ” LD notes in her introduction, “will one day take on the role of the Jews’ unpaid Christ killers. Or, to use Shamir’s words, their “silent partners”.

      This is what the Jews want, Franklin: a race war. They want to see White Americans and Europeans wiped out. And they will use fanatical jihadists to do their dirty work for them. Their proxies.

      “Silent partners”, as Shamir said.

      1. Wow Sardonicus ! I am deeply touched by your defense of me. In my last 40 years of writing, only six people reached the rank of defending me so passionately and I should add eloquently too. I am proud to say your were among them, so did Lasha.

        I know Lasha is a big admirer of Israel Shamir and I have read their communication on the Ugly Truth 9 years ago. However, I take issue with Mr. Shamir’s assertations.

        Mr. Shamir will not tell you the difference between Islam and ISIS, but will tell you KKK and Christianity are not the same.

        Mr. Shamir will never tell you that Muslim- American lobbied hard and risked their own lives since the 1980s to help secure the US and other Western hostages and prisoners who were held in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

        Mr. Shamir will not tell Mother Superior Mary is the only woman mentioned by name in the Qur’an.

        Mr. Shamir will not not tell you Mary, may God be pleased with her, has her name mentioned 27 times in the Qur’an

        Mr. Shamir will not tell that the name of Jesus, peace be upon him, is mentioned 33 times in Quran.

        Mr. Shamir might be surprised to know that the name of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is mentioned only 5 times in the Qur’an. That is called respect to Christianity by Islam and Muslims, not what ISIS and her sisters do in the name of Islam. Respect makes friends out of enemies and disrespect turns friends into enemies. My list could go forever. But I think you catch my drift.

        That is how the majority of 1.6 billion Muslims, including 7 million US Muslims, feel about terrorists such as ISIS, who hijacked the name of Islam and helped create a rift between Muslims and Christians.

        ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE ”ISIS” Pure Evil. … Dear editor, I can describe the terror group, ISIS with only two words: Pure evil. … Mahmoud El-Yousseph.
        Writer’s ally is the First Amendment

        Speaking of my fan club that I mentioned above, Pat has mentioned my letter to Dr. Ben Carson during last year’s presidential campaign which was also published in the Columbus Dispatch. I consider the author of this letter to be among the 6 people who I admire the most.
        Writer’s ally is the First Amendment
        In his Sunday letter “GOP candidate has right to free speech,” Michael J. Duffy wrongly attacked Mahmoud El-Yous…

    2. “They (((Jews))) want to use these Muslims as a tool to destroy Christianity.”

      “The promotion of Muslim immigration into Western countries by Jews must not be seen as part of their war against Christianity, but as part of their racial war against Europeans.”

      Could it be Muslims are both a dessert topping and a floor wax?

  3. Trump is a failure and a buffoon to me…. but NOT ALL of his efforts are “futile”…

    Trump’s efforts ARE NOT futile in Israel. He backs them 1000%.

    Complete List of the Trump Campaign’s Promises to Israel

    His efforts ARE NOT futile when it comes to GLOBALISM…

    Trump is a GLOBALIST..!!

    Backing Israel + Increasing DEBT = Globalism..!! 🙂

    He will have to increase debt…. which increases control by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers thru their proxy IMF/Federal Reserve/World Bank/BIS.

    Trump already said that the US will fund the wall initially…. That means more DEBT.

    The proof will be when congress increases the debt ceiling next month….. to sustain plans for the $Trillions needed for infrastructure funding. The plan will create 15 million jobs.

    Trump often touted the need to repair the country’s infrastructure on the campaign trail and has continued to since the election, mentioning it in his inaugural address as he pledged to “build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation.”

    *Trumps efforts ARE futile in keeping companies from moving out of the US:

    Companies move to Mexico despite Trump’s pressure

    INDIANAPOLIS—President Donald Trump boosted the hopes of employees at Rexnord Corp.’s factory here in December when he castigated the company for “viciously firing” workers and planning to move their jobs to Mexico.

    Two months later, Rexnord is still planning to close the industrial-bearings factory, which employs about 350 people, despite Mr. Trump’s shaming and his earlier intervention to stop a nearby Carrier Corp. furnace factory from closing.

    –Rexnord says moving the plant to Mexico is part of a plan to save $30 million annually. Workers say they have been packing up machines while their replacements, visiting from Mexico, learn how to do their jobs.

    “That’s a real kick in the ass to be asked to train your replacement,” said machinist Tim Mathis, who has worked at Rexnord for 12 years. “To train the man that’s going to eat your bread.”

    Milwaukee-based Rexnord is one of many companies plowing ahead with plans to invest in Mexico despite Mr. Trump’s vows to cajole companies into keeping their assembly lines in the U.S.

    Some, including heavy-equipment maker Caterpillar Inc. and steelmaker Nucor Corp., are overseen by officials who belong to a panel advising Mr. Trump on manufacturing policy…. TRUMP KNOWS..!!

    –Executives at Peoria, Ill.-based Caterpillar are moving ahead with a restructuring that includes shifting jobs from a Joliet, Ill., factory to Monterrey, Mexico. “We’re just going to have to wait and see how this plays,” Caterpillar Chief Financial Officer Brad Halverson said in a January interview, referring to potential Trump-era shifts in trade policy.

    A Caterpillar spokeswoman said the company has been reducing its workforce world-wide to stay viable “in the longest downturn in our 92-year history.”

    –Charlotte, N.C.-based Nucor is moving forward with Japan’s JFE Steel to build a new plant in Mexico to make steel for car makers.

    Nucor Chief Executive John Ferriola said those plans could change if new policies penalize U.S. companies that invest in Mexico. “We’re watching the situation in Washington very, very closely,” he told analysts on Jan. 31.

    1. SNEAKY Trump is pushing globalism with bio-metrics…. to be used for cashless transactions down the road.

      Using ‘security’ he is helping Pharisee-Jew Bankers implement a cashless-cardless future..!! 🙂


      Trump’s ushering in a globalist bio-metric system is being rejected by Canada… temporarily.

      Canadian politicians lobbying against Trump’s biometric border screening initiative

      February 2, 2017 – 
      Canada has started an under-the-radar lobbying campaign against the Trump administration’s planned biometric screening initiative for all visitors to the United States upon both entry and exit, according to a report by The Globe and Mail.


      The Bio-Metrics is leading to a cashless society… and is a huge experiment in India… right NOW..!!

      It was decided at the World Economic Forum in Davos that India would skip over issuing debit cards and ATMs… and go right to BIO-METRICS..!!

      January 20, 2017 – 

      The chief executive of India’s leading economic development agency told attendees at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the country could introduce biometric payments within three years, thereby eliminating the need for cash and typical electronic payment methods, including: automated teller machines, along with debit and credit cards.

      Amitabh Kant, National Institution for Transforming India, was quoted in a CNN news affiliate report as saying that such now commonplace e-payment methods may be “totally redundant” by 2020.

      According to Kant, thanks to the wide deployment of Aadhaar,

      in the near future all Indians will simply need to use a biometric identifier such as a thumbprint or eye scan to make routine payments.

      Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chair and Managing Director of the State Bank of India, said in the same report that moving towards a biometric e-payment scheme is something that’s “eminently doable” due to India’s wide adoption of Aadhaar.

      1. Pat

        When grievous chit
        hits whirling fan
        a fleshly chit
        in branded man

        This may be where we’re headed, but it won’t last long. The pharisee banksters may think this can go on indefinitely, but they’re in a race against an inexorable aegis of time that doesn’t lose

        Brace yourselves

  4. Lobro,

    Monarchy, Dieudonné with his full name and Christian renewal of Occident, very inspiring stuff. I consider this an invitation. You Tube Kek Vult Daily is wrong on Trump’s France is not France anymore video, Occident doesn’t need more oily Crusades, one more might actually destroy what is left of us, but a nice Reconquista will do just fine.

    You watched the Gay Pride sketch or what. Truth is funny, make sure to watch the Mahmoud Cancer sketch if you haven’t. Too bad Dieudonné doesn’t speak Shakespeare, the subs translation is good but it’s harder to capture irony and all essences/fuels with English.

    You know that Jews are scared shitless of black people speaking the truth like this poor US Libtard woman, I am sure Jews know the skin colors of the first Pharaohs. I could call them Negros since Manuel Valls, the ultimate Israeli shabbo is calling us Blancos.

    Once, I wrote on this forum that there is no such thing as a Black Celt to Harb. I think I was wrong and I don’t give a flat fuck about race anymore since a recent soccer game in Seine Saint-Denis, put on your bullet proof vest or your T-Shirt of Palestine to visit the Kosovo Catholic Basilica and the Dolphin. I mean, Dieudonné doesn’t have the nose of Louis XIV but he might be the greatest corsair in French history, better than Surcouf, with his dolphin quenelle since he is persona non grata in United Kingdom for public policy or public security reasons, this Mirabeau lawyer is better than Honoré, Colin Powell and Tony Blair, spot on Sanjay, he is like Jacques Vergès during the Klaus Barbie trial.

    It should be a tremendous accomplishment for a French to be png in UK, as Anelka getting expelled for a neo-Nazi Dolphin salute. His Celtic mom should be proud of him even if he called the Queen a w***e, but even Jews don’t sell mugs with King David effigy. African people are smart but I don’t know how they don’t support him globally in UK plantations to perform freely. The Rastas are too stone and Haile Selassie is not the African Gainsbourg Negus Roi des Rois, a decent man but just a pawn of the Crown. Dieudonné should be the Negus, King of Africa, instead of being a candidate in the Democratic election in Camerun where he will likely get shot by an African, the Indomitable Lions won the CAN against the Pharaohs thanks to Vincent Aboubakar, that’s a good omen but still.
    His curriculum speaks for himself, an ex-anti-racist Afro-Celtic non-tolerated in Common Wealth dragged into courts for neo-Nazism, whose name is Godgiven M’Bala M’Bala and who wrote a show named Give Us Back Jesus to avenge Golgotha picnic, non mais allo quoi Nabila, what about Mahmoud, or the Wall, my apologies oh choosen people. He should take Lugan as his minister for the sake of South Africa, how this two people could be labelled racists. It’s like Raspail’s Camp of the Saints that Shamir should read. This book is not about race but civilization, you should read it too Lobro, Shapiro’s translation is excellent and it’s free on the net. I wouldn’t trade Sad Tropics by Claude Lévi Strauss against the whole work of Kevin MacDonald that I never read. “masochistic yet narcissist at the same time”. Add hypocrisy and you have the Big Other religion of Europe and Hitler his prophet.

    As for Putin and the Christian renewal of Russia, like the behavior of Africans and Arabs in White Lands, it’s all about imitating the person above and the people on TV, the White, Arab and Afro gangbangers are acting like ultra-liberal Sarkozy in a Tarantino movie, proving the theory of Gabriel Tarde who is way better than Durkheim’s.
    Christianity is a religion for superman as it is merely impossible to forgive all offences but it should be the Religion of our leaders as explained in Raspail’s Sire, best explanation of the principles of Monarchy and separation of powers ever, that Russia is applying perfectly with the elected Tsar, even some Communist leaders are now Orthodox in Russia. If Trump had balls he would declare himself neo-Calvinist King of North America. Anti-revolutionary Calvinist, that was a fun read, but the Brother of Betsy is the founder of Blackwater.

    Chrislam, ah, this blue dream, there will be no peace in Europe with Muslims if we remain Godless as the history of French Algeria under the Republic is proof of since 1870 and Isaac Crémieux. I’d rather have a religious war than the race war and global Israelo_Palestine conflict we are heading towards, the Blue against the Red, Rochambeau against Cornwallis.

    An explosion at the nuclear plant in Flamanville, multicolored gangbangers rioting against the police and Fillon the Catholic Integrist, lol, who doesn’t want to quit, oulala, bad omen all this.

    That’s 777 real word Franklin, you can count.

    1. Christianity is a religion for superman as it is merely impossible to forgive all offences

      must be a biblical transcription error and superman is retarded.
      not only is it impossible to forgive all offences, no offence should ever be forgiven.
      Not even one because the principle of justice is like say, arithmetic, if there was just one slip, eg, someone proves that “11-3=7.5”, otherwise everything works perfectly, then no, the whole thing collapses into the storm sewer.
      Ditto for justice, truth and other mathematical recreations.

      what the superman may have meant is that the level of punishment can be finely tuned according to how much guilt the guiltee has absorbed and how much pain it has caused him – none? Well, serve him the full dose then.

      otherwise, it’s back to talmud, punish the innocent while the guilty blame the 3-year olds for having seduced them.

  5. “LD: In this article, Israel Shamir advances a startling thesis: the reason the Jews are so anxious to swamp the West with Muslim migrants—the more unruly, extremist, and fanatical these migrants the better—is that they want to use these Muslims as a tool to destroy Christianity with.”

    I believe the wily author intentionally left out the real reasons for massive immigrant movements. He deflected the problems away from Rothschild’s commercial controls.

    Here are only two commercial reasons:

    *1- Get the population increases needed to sustain debt usury systems.
    ‘White men can’t jump’’ 🙂 ….. white women…. without a birth control methods in place. Results = few children.
    And that necessitates:

    *2- Cheap labor imports needed to increase corporate profits… called…

    Social dumping and exploitation are widespread practices in the EU, where foreign workers are exploited as “cheap labour” in order to increase profit margins of companies.

    Every year millions of migrant workers are employed in the construction, the meat industry, the transport sector and many other branches with no social protection, deplorable wages and inhuman living conditions. These workers are the “slaves” of the 21st century. Every year millions of migrant workers are attracted to work abroad, with false promises made by “gang masters”. In reality they end up in a foreign country where they are treated as commodities, where they have to work as much as possible for pocket money.

    Due to their marginalisation in the foreign country and the risk to be sanctioned by their employers these workers have often no recourse to address their plight.

    Social dumping and exploitation are practices which does not happen sporadically, they are deliberately promoted by European and national politicians as a normal free market business model.

    Very often a blind eye is turned to the inhuman treatment of these workers. Often the sending countries are quite happy to get rid of their unemployed workers by sending them abroad. Therefore false self-employment, fraudulent posting, illicit agency work and similar practices have become common in many workplaces.

    1. “Every year millions of migrant workers are attracted to work abroad, with false promises made by “gang masters”. In reality they end up in a foreign country where they are treated as commodities, where they have to work as much as possible for pocket money.”

      Like this?

    2. As far as I know in all (or most) European countries “lower wages for immigrants” is only true if those immigrants work illegally. Legal workers earn the same salary irrespective of origin. Discrimination in this respect is forbidden. A lot of immigrants (especially the young) are unemployed anyway and live on the dole.
      More immigration doesn’t help the rich in anyway. It is part of the White Genocide Project.

      1. FR –

        Bottom Line….

        “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” ~ James Paul Warburg (1896-1969) – February 17, 1950, to the United States Senate.

      2. FR –


        Immigration ALWAYS helps the rich…. in every way, especially with cheap labor…. on the way to world government. 🙂

        From Arch Stanton’s link:

        Israel has as many as 8,500 slaves, according to a new comprehensive study of worldwide slavery. Israel placed 111 out of 162 slave-holding countries in the Global Slavery Index 2013, recently published by the Australian Walk Free Foundation. Mauritania was found to have the most serious slavery problem.

    3. Plants in the U.S. that have dozens of openings may have to scramble to find a new labor pool.

      Immigrants hold 35 percent of the 441,000 animal slaughtering and processing jobs in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Census data don’t specify what share of those immigrants are refugees; the Washington-based Migration Policy Institute estimates it’s about 3 percent. Cargill spokesman Mike Martin says about 12 percent of employees at Fort Morgan hail from East Africa.

      In statements, JBS and Tyson Foods, two heavyweights in the $29.7 billion U.S. processed meat industry, said they are proud of their diverse workforces. Cargill CEO David MacLennan in a Feb. 3 online column called for “smart, inclusive policies on trade and immigration.” Barry Carpenter, CEO of the North American Meat Institute, a trade group, issued a statement on Jan. 27 that said, “As the administration pursues changes to the nation’s refugee policies, we hope it will give careful consideration to the ramifications policy changes like these can have on our businesses and on foreign-born workers.”

  6. nonsense. This is an effort to dismember the entire greco-roman civilization and not some sect or other religion

  7. I think Trump is in way over his head, in every meaningful sense. And it seems I’m not alone in that view:

    The only way that Trump can make America “great [again?]” is to make America “good”; i.e., he will have to lead by good moral example. (That is the “secret” of Putin’s success in Russia).

    Absent that, he’s not going to out-Jew his Jewish handlers, nor is he going to fool Putin. And already many of us who supported him are completely disgusted with what we see so far.

    The Trumpster needs to open up his Bible and read, say, Ephesians 6:11-17, which is the only plan that will work; anything else is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

    “Wise person seeks knowledge of God and Gods ways. Living in harmony with universal laws whether they are physical or metaphysical is wisdom. What you need to understand is humans reap what they sow-THIS IS THE LAW, wisdom is the fear to misapply this knowledge in dealings with other people. Respect of God’s universal laws is the beginning of wisdom. What do you get when you mix Roman Empire with Sodom and Gomorrah? You get USA. Its amazing the camouflage evil can take under the cover of nationalistic, socialistic and other humanistic movements that we had in the 20 century – and they continue to increase in the 21 centuary (sic) all about human philosophy, with scientific rationalism and strictly human values. The day if (sic) separating goat from a sheep is almost here my friend.” (Someone’s excellent post from somewhere on the internet that I saved. Author unknown).

    1. @ Harold Smith

      Re Trump:

      Absent that, he’s not going to out-Jew his Jewish handlers, nor is he going to fool Putin. And already many of us who supported him are completely disgusted with what we see so far.

      I value your comment precisely for this reason: you were once a Trump supporter, as your comment clearly indicates, but an objective overview of Trump’s performance has caused you disillusionment. You are now “completely disgusted.”


    2. @ Harold Smith

      “What you need to understand is humans reap what they sow-THIS IS THE LAW…”

      Just to keep the record straight, reap what you sow is Old Testament law and Paul-testament law, but not what Jesus spoke or taught in the Gospels. Jesus taught that “One soweth, and another reapeth.” -John 4:37, see versus 36-38 for context. Being a past Pharisee, Paul a few old habits that he did not break.

      1. @ Ungenius

        I can’t speak for the author of the post I quoted, but I assume he was referring to Galatians 6:7, which is appropriate, IMO.

        Apparently you’ve misconstrued Jesus’ statements in John 4. I believe he was talking about the “reaping” of souls by his apostles, not the reward of someone who does evil.

      2. @ Harold Smith

        Jesus referred to people reaping what others sowed though out the Gospels. Jesus never said that you reap what you sow which is inconsistent with forgiveness.

      3. Ungenius, the Bible teaches us as whole, not as a set of cherry-picked verses taken out of context. (And in John 4 which you cited, the CONTEXT is harvesting the saved souls of the Samaritans).

        Forgiveness is not a proclamation of impunity. It was to *Christians* that Paul said:
        “(7) Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. (8) Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life” (Galatians 6:7,8).

        As I see it, it’s like a loving parent who has to discipline a child. The parent forgives the misbehavior, but cannot allow the behavior to go on unchallenged. The child “sows” trouble and “reaps” proportionate punishment.

        A lot of Biblical teachings boil down to common sense, IMO. Let’s say someone becomes an alcoholic. And let’s say the drinking gets so bad that that person loses his job, alienates his family, becomes financially destitute, ruins his health and destroys his marriage. That person can still repent, change his ways and be “forgiven”, but he can’t go back in time and undo what he “reaped”.

        “(6)For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.
        (7) If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?
        (8) But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.
        (9) Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?
        (10) For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness.
        (11) Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby” (Hebrews 12:6-11).

        I hope that clears things up a little bit.

      4. @ Harold Smith

        “I hope that clears things up a little bit.”

        It was clear from the start. You believe one way and I believe another way which is in line with the Heavenly Father’s gift of free will.

        I completely understand your viewpoint. I spent most of my life with the identical viewpoint as yours. Well over 10 years ago I adjusted my viewpoint due to an encounter with a messenger that had a brief and simple message, “The answers to all questions are in the Gospels.” After tremendous pondering, I accepted the message and everything changed for the better for me in all aspects, especially spiritually. I occasionally discuss the encounter with the lone witness as they still attempt to grasp the simplicity and importance of the message. Old habits/indoctrinations are hard to put aside.

      5. Ungenius,

        There’s something I forgot to say. I don’t want to get wrapped around the axle in a pointless discussion over it, but because of the present international situation, it seems relevant, so I’ll point it out.

        There is an entity in Biblical prophecy which has come to be known as “Mystery Babylon”. Apparently it is an “end times” evil “empire” which gets destroyed as a direct result of its unique evil (sin).

        This is predicted both in the Old Testament and the New Testament:

        “For thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; The daughter of Babylon is like a threshingfloor, it is time to thresh her: yet a little while, and the time of her *HARVEST* shall come” (Jeremiah 51:33).

        “(5) For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. (6) *REWARD* her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double (Rev 18:5,6).

        Although the words “reap” and “sow” don’t appear explicitly in the text, the prophet Jeremiah uses the word “harvest” and the prophet John uses the word “reward” to describe Mystery Babylon’s comeuppance. Isn’t this an example of reaping what was sown – on a national and/or international level? If not, why not?

      6. @ Harold Smith

        There is nothing wrong about discussing opposing opinions as long as each party in the discussion disagrees honorably. If there were no differences of opinion, learning would cease.

        To your question about reap what you sow concerning the end times, yes, that would either be an axle or posts too long for the rules of this forum so I will be as brief as possible.

        As I have indicated before, the Gospels are my basis. Consequently, there are two basic types of sowing and reaping, physical as in farming and spiritual covering everything else. Spiritual is the most important and it’s always individual, not group or global according to the teachings of Jesus.

        According to Jesus, the primary laws of the Heavenly Father are the First Commandment, love God with all you are (paraphrased), and the Second Commandment, love thy fellowman as thy self (paraphrased), and they are inseparable. Everything a person does or does not do to their fellowman is the same as doing it or not doing it to God. Consequently, the only way to fulfill the First Commandment is to fulfill the Second Commandment. (BTW, the Second Commandment according to Jesus is missing from the original Ten in Exodus and there is an evil reason why.)

        When Person A helps Person B, Person B sows and Person A reaps just as Jesus said. No matter how many times this occurs, it is still the same and it is spiritual because of the two primary Commandments.

        Enter repentance and forgiveness which both interrupts reap what you sow. The thief on the cross next to Jesus is a classic case. Mankind whacked the thief because he was caught, but he went to paradise even though he had no opportunity to change his actions, repent. Consequently, if at the last instant before being harvested by the angels and cast into the fire, a person guilty of all sorts of evil deeds and ill will to his fellowman has the same opportunity as the thief on the cross with Jesus to save himself. Hence, what Jesus said about the first being last and the last being first is correct. Obviously, it would be prudent on the part of all humans to simply follow the first two Commandments before their personal end time occurs since it comes without notice as has been the case since the beginning.

        Your question about a national or international level actually does not apply since reaping and sowing is all an individual matter.

        If you ponder this reply, please keep in mind that I believe that the answer to all questions are in the Gospels as I have stated in a previous comment. I do take Jesus seriously when he said that he was the way, the truth, and the life, and see no logical reason to seek his teachings anywhere else other that where he taught, the Gospels.

  8. Trump promised to move the US embassy to the occupied Jerusalem thus legalizing their annexation of the holy city.

    This is Trump’s gift to the Russians. Without having to move a finger Russians would win the war for Arab minds. US embassy might just as well be relocated to Birobidzhan. It is a theatrical performance without tactical or strategic significance. Just a play on the emotions of stupid jews.

  9. While off topic, I would like to show Darkmoon readers a truly awesome development in the art world.

    The technique known as “digital art” or digital imagery, has been taken to a new level. Here this art form brings home the horrifying aspects of war with detail previously impossible to illustrate. This series of images depict the terrible cost to Britain’s RAF during the night firebombing raids on German cities.

    Imagine what it must have been like to watch the flaming incendiaries dropped from your aircraft as they hit their target, knowing full well the effects these instruments of death would have on the innocent population of civilians.

    Now one can vividly see what it was like to look out through the perspex of a bomber’s cold, dark gun turret to see friends go to a flaming death, friends one had been conversing with just a short while ago; not just one friend, but an entire crew of friends.

    The stress of these mass murdering night raids, combined with the constant terror of a sudden horrifying death, saddled many young airmen with a mental fatigue so severe as to render them unfit for further service. It was a war for which neither friend nor foe ever says, “Thanks Jews!”

    “You can see and hear and smell and feel many things when viewing a computer generated (CG) painting by Polish digital artist Piotr Forkasiewicz. His works, almost voyeuristic in detail and immediacy, grip the viewer with overwhelming feelings—feelings that portend doom, surreality that creeps up the back of your neck, relief that floods like a warm sunset, spirituality that opens your mind to the immensity of experience that was the inheritance of the airmen of Bomber Command in the Second World War.”

    The flat, two-dimensional imagery conveyed by conventional photographs cannot begin to capture precise moments of wartime terror as do these digital images. As war drums begin their steady beat, I think this is an important development for exposing the true horror of war in the same manner as books like Hellstorm do in literary form.

    Here is a startlingly dramatic “CG” image of a real death that could never have been filmed up close until now.

    “So young. Many young airmen, like Canadian Jimmy Rheubottom, lied about their age to become airmen and test their metal in combat. At the time of his death, Rheubottom, the mid-upper gunner, was just 17. He could not have been older than 16 when he enlisted in the RCAF. Here we see cannon fire from the night fighter striking Rheubottom in his turret and raking the starboard side of the Lancaster.”

    One can hardly say “enjoy” when referring to this work.

  10. Hang the DANCING JEWS that DID 911 for GEORGE BUSH on TV or the REBUILDING can NEVER START!

  11. From my understanding:
    Islam is a ‘Dark Ages’ conquering political ideology masquerading as a religion that as it is currently practiced is NOT compatible with modern Human civilization so it either needs to do what it takes to change or it needs to go away…period!

    Any modern belief system only needs to follow two basic rules”
    1) Do not FORCE this belief on others against their will
    2) Do not use this belief to JUSTIFY doing Bad / Evil acts

    Islam fails on both of these so should be globally banned if they can not reform to be compatible with 21st Century Humanity!

    1. @ Scarecrow

      No, sir. Your comment betrays your complete naievte and lack of knowledge. It hardly deserves publication on this serious site. No Muslim or Muslim organization is trying to force you to convert to Islam against your will. No one is saying to you, “You’d better become a Muslim and grow a bushy beard or I’ll chop off your head.”

      That sort of fanatical and extremist Islam does not represent the religion practiced by the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. The Islam you speak off simply does not exist except among the followers of ISIS and Al Qaeda. There is absolutely nothing in the Qur’an that says Islam must be “forced on others against their will.” Nor is there a single commandment in the Qur’an telling you “to justify doing bad/evil acts.”

      You are talking pure nonsense.

      1. Sardonicus, I wouldn’t trade that retort for all the Hindus and Buddhists in Afghanistan and Pakistan!
        Ohh, riiight, there aren’t any.
        Not anymore..

    2. Scarecrow-

      Islam is not so much a ‘religion’ as it is a political movement, true. The synagogue of Satan is smart enough and crafty enough to utilize it to meet its goals. Mr. Trump may not be smart enough to understand how he is playing catalyst to their disruptive design. An any event, though, Judeaism and Islam are enemies of our ‘western’ Christian culture. So is the remnant of Bolshevism in Russia (Putin must always be wary of them!) and Maoism in China. As long as Mr. Trump bolsters Christian America, I will support him! Never be intimidated to betray America for Palestine – or any other country. Your hound is on the right track! 🙂

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        As long as Mr. Trump bolsters Christian America, I will support him! Never be intimidated to betray America for Palestine – or any other country. Your hound is on the right track! 🙂

        He cannot “bolster” Christian America by playing the part of Judas and betraying Palestine. No true Christian could condone that gross act of immorality and blatant disregard of international law. Only the 60 million “Christian” Zionists in America and shameless redneck KKK cunts like you would stand by and see the Palestinians robbed of their land and handed over to the Ashkenazi Jews you seem to love so much!

        You utterly disgust me, you white trash wanker. Where do you hide your conscience, assuming you have one? Up your asshole?

        1. Dr Parker,

          Please watch your language. You’ve been banned once before by Toby. Leave Gilbert alone. He is entitled to his views and is a highly intelligent and respected commenter.

  12. The Federal Judges ruled against Trumps Executive Order and the ban…. about 5 minutes ago.

    Trump is NOT the CEO who can order everyone around and fire them like on TV..!! 🙂

    President ‘Brash’ does not know law. He is in trouble. In over his head..!!

    1. Pat, the federal judge who blocked President Trump’s immigration ban spent more than 30 years in private practice before taking the bench.

      It is ludicrous that President Trump refers to this U.S. District Senior Judge as “so called judge.”

      Judge Robar was appointed to the bench by president George W. Bush in 2004 after recieving unasimous support from the U.S. Senate. This is the second blow to Trump’s Muslim Ban today. Three strikes and Trumps ban is out of the window.

      1. Mahmoud –

        Yeah. He used “so called judge.” He also claimed when reading the EO he issued that “a bad high school student would understand it..!!”

        –Trump’s Message To The Courts: Even ‘A Bad High School Student’ Would Understand The Law In Question–

        He underestimates US ALL… EVEN JUDGES..!! What an arrogant dunce..!! 🙂

    2. “Constitutionality” constructs such power to the Executive branch. The federal court is out-of-bounds.

      1. Gil –

        The majority of judges thought you are wrong there..!!

        They graduated from Harvard U, not from Hayseed U..
        …like we did…!! 🙂

        This shows lack of ability to construct an EO properly
        YOU’RE FIRED..!! 🙂

      2. I fully expect to see at least FOUR of the SCOTUS judges to see it my way. (Are they graduates of Hayseed U. ??). 🙂

      3. Gil –

        You cannot google them..??

        Learned nutin’ at Hayseed…??

        “Fully expect” to be FIRED..!! 🙂

      4. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is notoriously left-leaning, politically, Pat. But you already know that, so I reckon your position is just for the sake of being argumentative… 🙂

    3. Trump is too impulsive, and should stay off Twitter.

      He is a buffoon…!! 🙂

      Donald J. Trump Verified account
      3:35 PM – 9 Feb 2017

      1. @ Pat

        He should stay off Twitter. He is a buffoon…!! 🙂

        I read somewhere that 2-3 other trustees are allowed to do his Twitter messages for him.

        Is this true?

      2. Sard –

        ALL National Leaders ARE LIARS..!! 🙂

        So…. which one, if any, is true…. is unknown…. The problem with liars.

  13. gilbert the farm boy is not very bright !
    good to see trump being trashed by the judges !
    serve him right for getting too big for his boots !

    1. I may be just a ‘farm boy’, but I damn well know how legal construct is being abused for a political agenda. You and the homosexual cocksukker Dr. Parker are too dung-headed to have a clear thought process. I won’t waste words trying to adjust your thinking… 🙂

      1. Sister Monica, It looks like it is time to for The Profanity Threat Level to be elevated from yellow to orange!

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly
        I just want to know what are you ,are you just a farmer , or redneck cowboy ,or just a hilly billy or all the above
        don’t get me wrong ,i don’t mean it in a bad way ,at least you are not a hard core anti Semite like many in here ,even though you flip flop in that regard,but i don’t hold it against you
        you seems somehow sensitive as most poets ,whom they have a tender and kind spots in their hearts

      3. @Gil

        Kudos from one “farm boy” to another!

        The legal construct abused by political agendas goes a long way towards there being the NEED to drain the swamp, and the abusers that insert politics into an arena where they don’t belong are crocodiles who’ve been swimming in it’s murky waters for far too long

        Trump certainly has his work cut out for him, but seeing a president at least TRYING to pull the plug by excoriating the politics is refreshing to say the least.

  14. I wanted to write something on this for the Mahmoud article but alas my servitude to the system did not accommodate. There are many posters here and I am sure many more readers who are genuinely interested in learning and that is my intent for writing this. I, myself have learned a lot by reading from Gilbert, Arch, Lobro, Winston, Gilroy, Kapoore and many others including TROJ. Under that ‘lunacy- cover’ lies a thinking man.
    Troj: there may be something to the flat earth after all and even if there isn’t, there is definitely something suspicious about Antartica. Incidentally, the USGS AE map, the map used by the UN as their emblem can be traced back to Al Biruni. Al Biruni was an extraordinary scholar who mastered many disciplines.

    I want to give some thoughts on the Shari’a since it is often painted in a barbaric manner. As I have said before, the Arabic language has a spiritual underpinning to it and by looking at the roots and its variant forms you get the philosophical cosmology of the subject. The roots of Shari’a are Sha, Ra and ‘A. It means divine law, the way or path. It also means a water source in the desert i.e. it gives life and sustains it. It also means to set sail i.e. it takes you to safety. Also, something you fight with or defend with like a spear or shield. So from this the law is something you can attack with or defend yourself with. It also means a step up, i.e. it elevates you.

    These meanings are embedded in the word, almost hanging on the letters as it were, so it never loses its objectives. The traditional scholars of Islam have said that the Shari’a protects, among other things, 6 integrals: Sovereignty belongs to God however there is no compulsion in religion; the right to life; preservation of the intellect, hence anything that corrupts it is unlawful since the intellect is seen as the primary means to guard the heart – the seat of the soul – the heart/soul can develop to come to know God; the right to property; the preservation of lineage; and the preservation of honour – no one has a right to slander.

    It is the ruler’s responsibility to ensure that diseases are not allowed to seed themselves in the public life that will lead to the moral destruction of the society. Physical punishments usually associated with the Sacred Law are called ‘hadd’ punishments. It is the judge who dispenses justice not the ruler. There is a famous case of the judge Shuraih judging against Ali, the Caliph at the time, in favor of a Jew.

    Hadd punishments are what is seen as barbaric and outdated but it should be noted that ‘hadd’ or hudud (plural) means limits. In Islam it is understood to be the ‘limits’ set by God that should not be transgressed. This is the original meaning. So in the Quran it says that in the law of equality –taking the life of the murderer- there is saving of life. (Quran 2:179) In past societies, including Arabia and even today, often times entire villages or tribes are wiped out because of the action of one or a few. This verse sets the ‘limit’ that should not be transgressed. How often have we seen tyrant governments blame a few people for a crime and subsequently destroy entire countries; we are seeing this every day, or white blood is of higher value than black blood or the rich blood vs the poor…..
    Something else to be borne in mind is the idea of sins that are committed privately versus sins committed openly what is called ‘fahshaa’. The one who drinks secretly or commit indecent acts secretly is not seen as the one who does it openly. Open ‘big’ sins are seen as a potential moral disease and if contained in the private realm is seen as being quarantined. There is a well-known story that comes from the Caliph Umar: one day while he was walking through the city he heard music. He suspected something and he jumped over the fence of the person’s backyard. He found a few, drinking alcohol and singing. The Caliph wanted to bring them to the court for drinking, then the owner said, “Yes I was drinking but you violated three commandments of the Quran: you were spying on me, you entered my home unlawfully from the back and you frightened me.” Umar never brought the case to court.
    Regarding the hadd punishment for fornication, again this is the ‘limit’ and often the penalty is far less unless it gets out of hand. It may be a warning, then communal work, then financial punishment or banishment without ever implementing the hadd/limit. I was taught a case that took place quite early in Islam in North Africa. The judge and scholar Sahnoon banished a woman who was a prostitute to a village of people known for their righteousness. This lady later became an influential sufi teacher.
    As for the Ottomans taking a woman who drinks as a concubine for the sultan I don’t suspect so. At least there is nothing in the Shari’a to sanction this. I have spent time in Egypt, Sudan before the breaking, 5 islands of Indonesia and Malaysia and have found the people extremely hospitable and courteous. The government doesn’t get into every part of your life…that is changing now. I have never been to Pakistan or Iran but I have dealt with Pakistanis a lot and find them more restrictive than others.
    For Pat: Jefferson’s encounter with the Dey of Algeria. It seems that Jefferson acted rightly however I would have to hear the other side and study Maritime law to form a better opinion on the matter.

    1. SEEB
      Thank you SEEB. You are better “equipped” to enlighten some ill-informed-about-Islam-visitors-to-darkmoon. May you please, pop in from time to time to help.

    2. Sean,
      A very reasoned and erudite posting. I never cease to be aghast at the abysmal ignorance of many of the secular, non religious posters to DM of both Islam and Christianity. They seem to believe that Christians comprise Catholics, Protestants and the Eastern Orthodox. However they forget, the Copts, the Maronites and above all the Ethiopian Christians. They were converted to Christianity in the 1st Century and, by the way, are black. The Book of Enoch, thought to be lost was discovered by the Europeans in Ethiopia in the 18th Century.
      Similarly, Islam has many variants, in addition to the main Sunni versus Shia divide. For example, were it not for Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth, the Wahabi sect, founded in the 18th Century would have been unknown and probably withered on the vine. IMO, when one speaks of “Islamic Terrorism” one should call it Wahabi/CIA terrorism. It’s analogous to the Plymouth Brethren, Jim Jones or the Christian Zionists being given vast sums of money to propagate their brand of Christianity.
      In Thailand the early Protestant Missionaries spread the canard that Catholics weren’t really Christians. Hence being a Westerner I’m often asked if I’m Catholic or Christian! I put them right by telling them I’m Buddhist and that Protestantism, on the main, is a Satanic Jewish heresy foisted on the West as a result of the Reformation. Of course there are some Protestants who are fully aware as to the diabolical nature of Judaism. The only “religion” that propagates worship and adoration of themselves as their highest aspiration.

      1. @ Felix

        “I never cease to be aghast at the abysmal ignorance of many of the secular, non religious posters to DM of both Islam and Christianity.”

        You left out another large group to be aghast at which includes Islamics and Christians that are rather clueless about their own professed religion. As an example concerning Christianity, most Christians pay very little attention to the simple, empowering teachings of Jesus in the Gospels preferring to concentrate on the Old Testament, the works of Paul, and pseudo-authored Revelations instead. I am not aghast at these people because I spent more than my fair share of time in that pit. For this reason, when asked if I am a Christian, I respond with no, “I am a follower of the teachings of Jesus,” which normally leads to an opportunity to explain the difference.

        “The only “religion” that propagates worship and adoration of themselves as their highest aspiration.”

        Very well said concerning the jews.

      2. @Ungenius
        You are absolutely correct. But there is a 5th Gospel, the Gospel of St. Thomas that was found in Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1945. It has been fully authenticated and comprises 114 sayings by Jesus. You might like to download the book The Five Gospels translated by Robert W. Funk, Roy W. Hoover and the Jesus Seminar. The sites are or I think you will find it very interesting. It’s an attempt to find the real historical Jesus and above all what he really said, unencumbered by faulty translations or theological bias.

      3. @ Felix

        If my memory serves me properly, I think I read the Gospel of St. Thomas many, many years ago, but I’ll look at it again. Thanks for the reminder and source.

    3. @ SEEB
      with all due respect ……….,(I always get confused by you and Sean .)
      regarding the punishment toward a drunk woman who get caught in public places or in suspicious places drinking and socializing with others.
      I read somewhere that during the Omayyad and Abbasid and the ottomans eras and in between,such women would became the property of the Muslim (state) Ruler such as Haroun Al Rashid who was famous for his 1001 nights,…,if the woman is young and attractive ,she became one of the Sultan’s harem,otherwise she became common concubine for his court.

  15. I don’t see the Trumpster fraudster doing anything to de-escalate the situation at the Russian border. What I do see is headlines like “NATO troops from Germany arrive in Lithuania as Trump pledges support for alliance” and “Senators are pushing a measure that could prevent Trump from lifting Russia sanctions” (i.e., they’re trying to create political cover for Trump as he stabs us all in the back).

    What Trump and his handlers are doing is putting all of humanity at risk. On the bright side however, our prudent Trumpster fraudster is promising to make the European vassal states pay their fair share. (After all it’s not cheap to end the world as we know it).

    Anyway, surely by now the Russians can see that the U.S. election was nothing but a massive “bait and switch” scam. And if I was one of Vladimir Putin’s advisers, I would be telling him that I believe a war with U.S./NATO is now imminent.

    1. Mr. Putin is smart enough to understand the intentional sabotage by Obama of Trump’s administration. I am encouraged by Trump’s and Putin’s seeming mutual respect, and I look for them to disappoint the naysayer banksters and war-mongers by avoiding hot conflict. Evacuating military troops and munitions is easier said than done, and is not a snap-of-the-finger maneuver. Moreover, the psychological aspect of de-programming the ‘war machine’ takes time…

      1. “I am encouraged by Trump’s and Putin’s seeming mutual respect…”

        The operative word there is “seeming”. There was a time when I was encouraged by Trump’s seeming desire to cooperate with rather than antagonize Russia, and to implement a reasonable foreign policy in general. Those days are long gone.

        Of course you’re right that everything takes a little time, but when you start looking objectively at the big picture here, it’s not encouraging at all, IMO. Let’s face it, there’s no movement in the direction of de-escalation at all (as far as I can tell the buildup seems to be getting worse); he’s surrounded himself with people who don’t seem to want peace with Russia; and from his recent statements, he’s now embracing NATO rather than questioning it.

        Frankly I have to conclude that he either had some kind of a demonic spiritual epiphany, or his whole campaign was a fraud. And I am at a loss to understand why so many people can’t see it.

      2. @ Gilbert Huntly

        “Evacuating military troops and munitions is easier said than done, and is not a snap-of-the-finger maneuver.”

        Very true. The US/NATO activity on the border of Russia are military drills/exercises that were planned and implemented by Obomber. Once the exercises are over, then it will be proper to remove the troops and equipment back to where they came from.

        Trump said he was going to rebuild the US military which is suffering from being used and abused for far too long which has taken a significant toll on personnel and equipment. As an example, about half of the Navy’s aircraft are grounded for repairs due to parts shortages. Trump and those on his team know that the abuse must stop for a proper rebuild to occur, so commencing more war is not a solution to the goal.

      3. @ Ungenius

        “Very true. The US/NATO activity on the border of Russia are military drills/exercises that were planned and implemented by Obomber. Once the exercises are over, then it will be proper to remove the troops and equipment back to where they came from.”

        But try to put yourself in Vladimir Putin’s shoes, the leader of the country which happens to be the object of the military intimidation. Is it strictly a matter of taking a reasonable amount of time to accomplish the physical task of removing troops and military hardware? No, it is not. Obviously, Vladimir Putin and the Russian leadership have a duty to assess Trump’s INTENT.

        And in that regard, Putin obviously cannot ignore the unreasonable people that Trump has surrounded himself with; he cannot ignore the absurd rhetoric and threats against Iran; he cannot ignore that Trump has apparently embraced NATO and taken the position that Russia has to give back Crimea, etc. And THIS is the real problem, not the mechanics of physically pulling military assets away from the Russian border.

        If Trump would brazenly betray his own domestic supporters, surely he’d have no problem screwing over Russia, right?

      4. @ Harold Smith

        “If Trump would brazenly betray his own domestic supporters, surely he’d have no problem screwing over Russia, right?”

        By brazenly betraying his own domestic supporters, do you mean when he attempted to close the borders, but was paused by the globalist resistance? Everything he has done so far is in line with sound domestic policy in favor of the American public.

        I must have missed Trump’s statement on demanding Crimea be returned to Ukraine. The last I read on it, Trump refused to say it to the leader of Ukraine when he spoke with him on the phone.

        Unless I missed it, the only thing that Putin has said about Trump is that he is willing to meet with him in Melania’s home country when he wants to meet. Other than that, both Putin and Trump have expressed mutual respect for one another.

        I doubt that Putin is too worried about US/NATO drills especially after NATO discovered that they would only last about one day in a war with Russia.

        Putin is a rational, reasonable national leader. He knows that the US Congress is controlled by Israel/globalists and that Trump has to walk a contorted path when dealing with Russia. Putin has had to do the same thing in the past with his own government.

      5. Ungenius –

        Here’s what you missed. I’ll even provide a link for ya…

        Putin is weak and sucking up to Trump.

        Putin knows US Pharisee-Jew Bankers are his boss..!! 🙂

        Putin to send Edward Snowden to America as ‘gift’ to Donald Trump

        Putin is planning to send whistle-blower Edward Snowden back to America as a ‘gift’ to Donald Trump.

        Before taking office, the President called the former National Security Agency worker a ‘spy’ and a ‘traitor’ that deserves to be executed.

        Russian authorities want to ‘curry favour’ with the Trump administration.

      6. @ Pat:

        “Putin to send Edward Snowden to America as ‘gift’ to Donald Trump
        Putin is planning to send whistle-blower Edward Snowden back to America as a ‘gift’ to Donald Trump.
        Before taking office, the President called the former National Security Agency worker a ‘spy’ and a ‘traitor’ that deserves to be executed.
        Russian authorities want to ‘curry favour’ with the Trump administration.”

        That may be a smart move by Putin and hardly a “gift” to Trump.
        Trump likes to “shoot his mouth off”, i.e., he seems to say an awful lot of mindless things, without any regard to consequences.
        No doubt, many of Trump’s supporters (and former supporters) believe Snowden did the right thing by exposing globalist NSA treachery.
        Sending Snowden back may cause Trump to have to have to take some kind of an unambiguous stand, (implicitly on illegitimate government/globalist abuse of power), which he and his handlers probably don’t want to do.

    Good analysis FRANKLIN.
    As Lorn said, “Christianity’ is already dead by infiltration by the jews/cryptojews in the west”.Suffice to note that some Churches dare give blessing to same-sex marriages. Hopefully Cristian faith is in Christians’ hearts and not necessarily in these churches. I only wish the laity were not so dependent on the Clergy in Christian faith.

    By contrast, In Islam one can be or become a Muslim without any official reference to a cleric or to a mosque, nor any particular external sign or behavior is required: men can remain as they have always appeared and women have only to clothe decently(1). No need for any intermediary or to go to the mosque to invoke God, though the reward for collective prayer with other Muslims in a mosque is 27-fold greater.
    A corrupt Imam can be challenged and confronted with arguments from the Qur’an and from the authenticated Sunna (saying and deeds of the Prophet PBUH) by any member of the laity. Imams and Sheikhs have no religious authority other than their learnedness-learnedness that is open and available to all.

    Let’s now come to the biased opinion of Israel Shamir
    Israel Shamir converted to Christianity but that doesn’t seem to have affected his genes, still and forever Jewish. In this instance, he is still Jew-wise: warning his Christian “brethren” of the fanatic Isis-infected Jihadists while concealing the true purpose of the Jewish-led exodus of unwilling-to-be-involved –in-an artificial-mad conflict-victims: “cheap labor” as PAT mentioned in the first instance. But this in-itself fragile mass of migrants can be further used as a powerful tool of homogenization (read: miscegenation) of the Occidental society.
    Contrary to the allegation of Mr. Shamir, Christianity is not specifically targeted, but both Islam and Christianity are: the purpose of the Jewish Masonic Elite is One World Government with one world religion (yet to be hybridized from Islam and Christianity), one race, one color (if you can still call it a color) and one bastardized culture.
    Thus, it turns out that the alleged multi-ethnicity, promiscuity yet tolerance of different religions and multiculturalism are but a step in the process of mixing genres to get the worst from the best…while the Chosenites watch the misfortune of Humanity from afar. What did I say? Humanity? Then what are the Watchers?

    TPTB chose Europe and Canada as a melting pot. The US, this Giant with feet of clay can wait. I don’t think it is threatened, like Europe with an M (igrant) Bomb. Its Achilles Heels are the Financial and Economic Systems privately owned and controlled. TPTB can get the US to kneel at any moment.

    To come back to the allegations of Mr.Shamir:

    * If the migrants were Isis-infected, why should they flee Isis?
    * If they were so fanatic, Jihadists why should they cowardly desert the battle/Jihad field and rush to where they might be humiliated or in the least rejected?
    * If they were to kill or harm Christians, why didn’t they do it while at home with “on-board” Christians?
    * If they were to declare Jihad on the Christian in Europe and America, why didn’t they rather declare it on the Zionists who stole the Palestinian land, just a stone’s throw away?
    The list goes on………….
    The veil is meant to conceal women’s bodies from men’s eyes. Now, everybody knows men in the West aren’t so keen on spotting a piece of flesh in women’s legs or necks. As I put it under a previous thread, God delegated to His prophet to instruct Muslim women about this minor issue:
    ” 33:59 O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.
    That is to say, in a hostile environment, Muslim women should seek discretion-in this very instance, not looking too different from the other women.

  17. a fun read by khanverse: Anti-Trumpers embrace Soros-ZOG and join War on Trump
    this bright moozlum lands a few direct hits.

    the first paragraph spells it out

    A Global Resistance movement mounts against Pax Judaica, with endless new Jew fault-lines being discovered in every place the sick creatures have visited with chaos and intrigue.
    In America as we rapidly shift into a Competent Alpha Male paradigm, free speech is now the most powerful tool in existence to overthrow the yolk of our ancient oppressor, The Eternal Parasite.
    Every time we get closer to victory, Satan will hurl obstacles in our path. Up next is a unique new band of nuanced morons who have joined a tacit alliance with Soros-ZOG against POTUS Trump.

    Oh, say! can you hear by the dawn’s early light,
    the swampland’s anguished squealing,
    beta males and feminists …

    1. I think I know why Soros is so agitated: With a POTUS like Trump, who needs Soros anyway? Soros is now redundant.

  18. @LD and all of its readers and writers:

    This persona Israel Shamir, championed by academic deformed LD, writes in an article of his very own website:

    (…) I can’t accept the Mossad and/or the Jews as the perpetrators of the 9/11 (….)


    1. Re “SAM HITA”

      This is “Gabreal Jones” who was kicked off our site a couple of years ago for posting off-topic comments about Hitler in Argentina and other such attempts to derail discussion. He now sees to sneak back onto our site under the name “Sam Hita”.

      Gabreal Jones:

      We are already aware of Israel Shamir’s views on 9/11 and the Holocaust. We are also aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding his early life and personal identity. You are telling us nothing we don’t already know. It doesn’t mean we have to agree with him about 9/11 and the Holocaust just because we post his articles on this site occasionally. Many other reputable anti-Zionist sites publish Shamir’s work, including the Unz Review, Counterpoint and The Truthseeker.

      Why don’t you just get back to Dublinmick’s site and concentrate on what you are best at: spouting conspiracy theories about Hitler and generally kicking up a steam about nothing in particular.

      1. BTW, vilifying and defaming the writers we publish is against the rules of this website. So you are in breach of our rules, which is why your comments have been deleted. Check out our ‘Site policies and Guidelines’ document:

        # 10. WRITERS PUBLISHED HERE. Feel free to find fault with the writers we publish and offer constructive criticism of their work, but please refrain from vilifying them with crude, offensive, and defamatory language. Commenters are free to abuse and insult other commenters if they wish, within reason, but for legal reasons they must not apply the same level of invective to the writers we publish. Treat our writers with the same degree of respect you would like for yourself. If you can’t do that, keep silent; or go to some other website where scurrility and scatology are standard practice.

      2. ADMIN: This troll, Gabreal Jones (aka ‘Sam Hita’), has now been banned from our website. Hopefully, this is his last post. We give our reasons for banning him in our subsequent response to this comment.

        Here the exact text of the post which was banned after the

        GabreaL Jones 10 February 2017 at 03:46

        Appreciate your work very much Angirfan to start with. In my gmail traffic with a mailing list of about twice 500 govt. msm and other est. order persona’s I refer quite often link to your site.

        Most probably the following thread is too long it is a post at yesterday about Israel Shamir:


        The comment of LORN – of course it is naive to suppose as he does that jews have conscience – of yesterday 9 febr. in which he writes it would not surprise him that Israel Shamir is/could be a fraud, disappeared. It was a reaction on my post- which also evaporated- linking to the 800 pound gorilla site – dealing with the jewish question:

        The 800 pound gorilla puts a questionmark behind the persona of I.S.

        Readers/writers of/at Darkmoon will all know that ‘persona’ means mask. In theater: mask through which a ‘son’, a sound goes through. It is since then adopted in present Indo-Germanic language as ‘person’ pointing to each and every human mortal physical framework.

        Researching facts/fiction, it is right to question what sounds through, through which persona in whatever media….

        (…) April 26th, 2005

        The man known as Israel Shamir.

        Israel Shamir, the “Israeli-Jewish” enemy of Zionism (and now of Judaism too) has a secret identity which he won’t deny or speak about. He just smears his critics. Here is photographic evidence that Shamir, the darling of White Supremacists, the BNP and other racists is a Swedish bloke called Joram Jermas.

        For twenty years the Jewish Israeli journalist Israel Shamir has been living a double life as a Swede called Jöran Jermas. Official files show Shamir’s own picture and Siberian place and date of birth (11 June 1947) on the Swedish man’s passport. It’s not another of Israel (Adam) Shamir’s many pen names; it’s a completely different identity. None of this appears in the résumée promoted on his website as The Shamir Legend: so where does legend end and mythology begin? (…)

        April 26th 2005. Nineteen years after Chernobyl. Assuming that the Chernobyl event of 1986 actually took place- whether it was an accident or caused by u know who. If it did not take place let the witness come forward, let the sounds and their meaning be heard.

        There is a lot of contropo, controlled opp. I know for quite some time Darkm. is one. This banning of the above comments certainly leaves no doubt. GJ=Sam Hita

        See more at:

        1. @ Gabreal Jones
          (aka ‘Sam Hita’)

          There is a lot of contropo, controlled opp. I know for quite some time Darkm. is one. This banning of the above comments certainly leaves no doubt. GJ=Sam Hita

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          (2) You have consistently used our website to post OFF-TOPIC comments on subjects dear to your own heart — such as the “Hitler in Argentina” conspiracy theory. This is not allowed. If you want to discuss these off-topic subjects, do so on your own website.

          (3) You are in clear breach of our rule that posters must use ONE name and stick to it. We cannot and will not allow commenters to use sock puppets. Since your name is apparently “Gabreal Jones”, we cannot let you post under the alternative name of “Sam Hita”.

          (4) No website would be willing to publish, in the interests of “free speech”, the posts of a rude, insolent and abusive psychopath. This is what you are. We are not going to let you come here and vomit all over us whenever you feel like it! If you can’t understand that, then you need your brains tested.

          (5) Finally, we have received several email complaints about you. “Stop posting the comments of this psycho!” we have been told several times by our best and most trusted posters. If we continue to post your off-topic ravings, we lose good posters. Understand?

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  19. An improved version of defining “national socialism” moving forward for one’s approval and would-be edification:

    As the kali yuga disappears into the haunted mists of time, it calls upon those moving FROM it to be entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining an international society of fellowship conducted in a spirit of peaceful cooperation in harmony with the natural world supporting it.

    This will reflect settings where all national entities are properly representing their respective cultural expressions and freely engaged in making contributions of goodwill to themselves and to the greater good of mankind as a whole.

  20. As usual… walking backwards… FUTILE..!!

    Evidently, Trump does not know that Taiwan is owned by the US. 🙂

    Trump changes tack, backs ‘one China’ policy in call with Xi

    U.S. President Donald Trump changed tack and agreed to honor the “one China” policy during a phone call with China’s leader Xi Jinping, a major diplomatic boost for Beijing which brooks no criticism of its claim to self-ruled Taiwan.

    Trump angered Beijing in December by talking to the president of Taiwan and saying the United States did not have to stick to the policy, under which Washington acknowledges the Chinese position that there is only one China and Taiwan is part of it.

  21. @ Lasha

    “All this stems from a pathological hatred of Christianity that has burned in the Jewish psyche like a small flame for the last 2000 years and shows no signs of abating. Christianity, in short, is the target here; it lies in the Jews’ cross-hairs. This is what this Muslim invasion of the West, courtesy of the Jews, is really all about.

    An interesting thesis. I think Shamir could be right.”

    You know you are correct!

    Destruction of the “Christian Church” and the teachings of Jesus has always been and is their primary goal. Their actions throughout history proves it from killing the 2-year old and under males in 2 AD by Herod, to corrupting the Roman Church in 950 AD, to attempted elimination of the Eastern Church with the Ottomans in the 15th century and again with the USSR in the 20th century, to getting Christians to help eliminate themselves with Freemasonry and Judeo-Christianity, to the Protocols saying so, to coutless Rabbi’s saying so, etc. etc. Regardless of the jewish controlled activities at work, the primary reason is elimination of Christianity. Once Christians have been eliminated, EVERYONE ELSE will be slated for complete destruction to accomplish reduced world population to 400-million jewish slaves.

    Fortunately, the jews will never reach their goal. Defeating the Heavenly Father, Jesus, and the Comforter is an impossibility.

  22. @ Sam Hita
    aka the duck on the jungle ,quit your charade ,your shadow knows you well
    go play somewhere else and quit screaming .
    collect your thoughts before you open your mouth.
    take a deep breath and relax.

  23. “The Futile Efforts of Donald Trump”

    I’m not sure his efforts have been futile. Give him time. He seems to be doing what he said he would do, which is something previous presidents did not do.

    The swamp he said he would drain is the public sector (and its hangers-on), which has become too big, too powerful and too arrogant.

    I think he should just close whole departments. Is it really necessary to have federal education or health departments when the cities and states are capable of running their own affairs, and are closer to the problems, and the remedies.

    People in the Washington DC area should start looking for new, non-government jobs.

    If he can reduce the size and power of government he would be able to lower taxes.

    Maybe then he could tackle Wall St.

    1. I have Just read that Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-Law seems to be acting as an unofficial Secretary of State and is handling calls from foreign leaders. That is bad news. Mr Kushner is a Zionist Jew, and even if he is an honorable man he will be accused of, if not guilty of, taking a pro-Israel line. This is a very bad omen.

      The USA has borne Israel as a 70 year burden, financially, and more seriously, morally. It cannot afford to keep antagonizing the rest of the world.

      Mr Trump should keep Mr Kushner as far away from Presidential power as possible.

      1. Mr Trump should close the Federal Reserve Bank and instruct the Treasury to issue debt-free currency, as mandated in The Constitution. At present the National Debt is about $20 trillion and the interest is approaching half a trillion dollars a years. This is a colossal scam, probably the greatest financial scam in the history of the world, and should be ended ASAP. If things remain the same the debt can never be paid off. It will just keep growing.

        A word of warning, both Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated when they tried to issue US Treasury “Greenbacks”.

      2. John –

        “….debt-free currency, as mandated in The Constitution.”

        The constitution does not “mandate” debt-free currency”…

        Article I, Section 10:

        “[No State shall] make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;“

        But that is a restriction on the individual States of what they can make legal tender, and not a requirement that they make gold and silver coin legal tender.

        In the same section is the restriction which prohibits the States from coining money, so the only money that can be coined by government is by Congress, and includes….

        more than just gold and silver.

        BTW – The US WAS “mandated” by treaty of Paris to make ALL payments of debts to the Crown in SILVER…!!

        The supposed loser(sic) of the war, British, SET THE TERMS of the treaty…
        …. so it was written into US Constitution per Hamilton..!! 🙂

    2. Hello…. John…

      Trumpstein keeps walking his claims back… 🙂

      Donald J. Trump Verified account
      5:18 AM – 11 Feb 2017

      “I am reading that the great border WALL will cost more than the government originally thought..”

  24. Hi Pat,
    Interesting Times. Will we ever be able to escape Jewish Power? It is beyond our reach and operates at a level few people have access to. To just write this is a criminal offense in many countries.

    The web is our last hope, otherwise our grandchildren will be the new surfs. It really is that bad and we owe it to them to speak out.

  25. Trump having a “Putin crush…!!” 🙂

    Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” in reacting to reports about President Donald Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn’s phone conversations with a Russian ambassador, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) said, “We need to have an independent investigation on it” because what he said was Trump having a “Putin crush.”

  26. “By brazenly betraying his own domestic supporters, do you mean when he attempted to close the borders, but was paused by the globalist resistance?

    No, I don’t. Did you not happen to notice that Obama brought us right to the brink of nuclear war with Russia? Did you not happen to notice that, during his campaign, Trump presented himself as an alternative to war with Russia? Did you not happen to notice that Trump presented himself as wanting to have good relations with Russia?

    The “Aegis ashore” missile system that Obama put in Romania (and the other one scheduled for deployment in Poland) is like a loaded gun pointed at all of our heads. I want the Aegis ashore missile system removed from Romania before I give a damn about “immigration”.

    You see, unlike “illegal immigrants”, Russia can destroy us by pushing buttons. Russia can destroy us by accident. Russia can destroy us if a third party spoofs an attack. All of which are much more likely in the atmosphere of confrontation and mistrust which the “Globalists” have created and which Trump apparently seeks to maintain.

    If your hero the Trumpster fraudster actually intended to oppose the “Globalists” he would act immediately to restore good relations with Russia, which he obviously isn’t doing; in fact he seems to be telegraphing that he intends the opposite.

    “Everything he has done so far is in line with sound domestic policy in favor of the American public.”

    Everything he has done so far is minor, is only for show, and will ultimately mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if he does not undo some of the serious geopolitical damage that the “Globalists” have done, e.g., taking us back to the most dangerous days of the cold war.

    “I must have missed Trump’s statement on demanding Crimea be returned to Ukraine. The last I read on it, Trump refused to say it to the leader of Ukraine when he spoke with him on the phone.”

    Did you happen to miss the statements made by Trump’s ambassador to the UN? In her very first speech (to the security council), she said:

    “The United States continues to condemn and call for an immediate end to the Russian occupation of Crimea, “Crimea is a part of Ukraine. Our Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control over the peninsula to Ukraine.”

    Did Trump fire her for that? No. Then her statement reflect’s Trump’s position. Period. The end.

    Being that it’s a generally accepted fact that Russia will never give up Crimea, that Trump (through his ambassador) is making an issue out of it, can only mean one thing: president Trump is backing away from the position of candidate Trump.

    But she’s not the only one. Did you happen to also miss the statements made by James Mattis, Trump’s secretary of Defense? During his confirmation hearing, he said: “[Putin] wants to be our enemy. He needs us as his enemy” and that “[there are] an increasing number of areas where we are going to have to confront Russia”, etc. Seriously? This idiot’s statements went way over the top. There’s simply no other way to describe it. Putin didn’t didn’t put missiles in Cuba; rather, the U.S. put them in Romania. Putin didn’t fund and arm terrorists in Syria, the U.S. did. Putin didn’t overthrow the government of Ukraine, the U.S. did.

    If you can’t by now see what’s going here, it’s because you simply don’t want to see it.

    “Unless I missed it, the only thing that Putin has said about Trump is that he is willing to meet with him in Melania’s home country when he wants to meet. Other than that, both Putin and Trump have expressed mutual respect for one another.”

    See above.

    “I doubt that Putin is too worried about US/NATO drills”

    Me too. It’s the big picture here – that you apparently refuse to see – that’s the problem.

    “especially after NATO discovered that they would only last about one day in a war with Russia.”

    LOL! You actually “think” that such a confrontation would not go nuclear at some point? The Jews will lose their “empire” without trying to trash everything? If so you really don’t understand the enemy.

    “Putin is a rational, reasonable national leader.”

    Indeed. That’s why he will someday have to strike first, if Trump continues on the same basic path as his predecessors.

    “He knows that the US Congress is controlled by Israel/globalists and that Trump has to walk a contorted path when dealing with Russia.”

    Or so you keep telling yourself. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING standing between Trump and better relations with Russia except Trump himself. The people of the U.S. don’t want confrontation with Russia. If Congress somehow gets in the way, Trump can appeal to the people; the people that elected him, but Trump won’t, because he too is corrupt.

    The fact is that Trump could defeat the “Globalists” by launching a real investigation into 9/11. Or he could even neuter them by merely threatening to do so. But Trump is corrupt, that’s why he’ll do neither. Accept it.

  27. This week Trump has a chance to meet with his two favorite criminals:

    2-Sheldon Adelson

    Netanyahu is close to being charged in two cases.

    If charges are brought, political upheaval in Israel would be likely, with pressure on Netanyahu, 67, to step down after 11 years in office, spread over four terms.

    The first case — referred to by police as Case 1,000 — involves Netanyahu and family members receiving gifts on a regular basis from two businessmen. Israeli media have reported that the gifts include cigars and champagne.

    The second involves a deal Netanyahu allegedly discussed with the owner of one of Israel’s largest newspapers, Yedioth Ahronoth, for better coverage in return for curbs on competition from a free paper owned by U.S. casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.

    Adelson is a supporter of Trump and the prime minister… and his newspaper is staunchly pro-Netanyahu.

  28. It seems to me that many of the people making comments here have absolutely no sense whatsoever of the danger posed by the Aegis ashore missile system that Obama installed in Romania (and another of which is also scheduled to be deployed in Poland).

    Last June, at a meeting with foreign journalists at the conclusion of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin made it quite clear that in his view, the world is apparently headed for a nuclear war, because of what the U.S. government is doing.

    If Russia was installing the same kind of missile systems in Mexico, Cuba and Canada, for example, the U.S. government would claim – and justifiably so – that Russia is setting the stage for a “nuclear first strike”, and it would go to war to stop it. (After all, why would they allow it now if they wouldn’t allow it back in 1962?)

    Why should we think that Russia will not use force to protect itself when the shoe is on the other foot? I predict that Putin is not going to allow the Trumpster fraudster (or anyone else) to deploy the upgraded SM-3 block IIA missiles (or whatever) into that system. If war doesn’t happen by way of some other pretext by the time Raytheon delivers the new missiles, this will probably be the last straw, IMO.

    De-fanging the re-emergent Christian Russia is the sine qua non of “Globalist” (i.e. Jewish) world rule, and they didn’t invest all the time and money and political capital into their “missile defense” project to have somebody come along, e.g., Trump, and put a stop to their plans by conducting a reasonable foreign policy.

    I believe (and I hope, wrongly) that Trump’s presidency is merely a “limited hangout” fraud, where the object is to distract the masses by having the puppet ruler do some minor BS to create the appearance of, e.g., fighting the “globalists”, while maintaining the steady anti-American, anti-humanity foreign policy of his predecessors.

    1. One thing I notice about the media’s take on The Crimea is that they never mention that America supported/financed a coup d’etat which led to elected President Yanukavitch fleeing to Russia. US deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was recorded discussing the (forthcoming) coup with US Ambassador Jeffrey Pyatt, mentioning Arseny Yatsenuk. A month later Yatsenuk was the new Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Poroshenko was President and the governor of the Don province was Kolomosky.

      Nuland, Pyatt, Yatsenuk, Poroshenko and Kolomosky are all Jews.

      In The Ukraine Jews are 1 in 500 of the population.

      How do they get away with it? ….The mainstream media lie by omission.

      1. John –

        “In The Ukraine Jews are 1 in 500 of the population.
        “How do they get away with it? ….The mainstream media lie by omission.”

        The figure 1 in 500 is 0.2%

        The number of Pharisee-Jew BILLIONAIRES in Ukraine is likely100%.

        The number of media owned Globally by Pharisee-Jews approaches 100%.

        There is the answer. Too easy… 🙂

      2. Hi Pat,
        The odds of three Ukrainian Jews simultaneously getting the top positions are 1 in 500 cubed, or 1 in 125 million. I am sure the Ukranians have worked that out.

        I think they hate Russia because of the great famine forced on them by the Bolsheviks, The Holodomor.

        I knew Ukranians in post WW2 England who had fought with Germany against Russia, so great was their hatred of the Bolsheviks. I think that hatred is still there.

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