The Glory That Was Greece And The Grandeur That Was Rome: Two Short Videos Celebrating Europe’s Great Heritage

These two videos (total length 6 minutes) celebrate the great achievements of the European people, now under threat with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan for White Genocide. 
UPDATE. A correspondent has just sent me this document, a declaration called “A Europe we can believe in“, signed by English philosopher Roger Scruton and nine other eminent Europeans. Feel free to read it and sign it.

Video 1  :  1.22 mins
(To Helen : A poem by Edgar Allen Poe)

Video 2 :  4.50 mins
(Europe’s Great Heritage. French with English subtitles.)

25 thoughts to “The Glory That Was Greece And The Grandeur That Was Rome: Two Short Videos Celebrating Europe’s Great Heritage”

  1. This is a brief interlude or rest pause. A controversial article by Lasha Darkmoon on the “Trump enigma” will be published tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you have any poems of your own which you would like to share with us, feel free to post them here. Reflections on the great achievements of European civilization, now in its death throes, will also be welcome.

  2. Dear God . . . that brought tears to my eyes . . . especially the second video in French.

    1. Indeed, that is one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen on this subject. We need such motivation to fight for our existence. l’Europe is not hordes of African or Muslim “refugees”, l’Europe is Européens.

    2. Yes a very moving video especially with the tribute to Dominique Venner who took his own life at Notre Dame Cathedral in 2013, although he wasn’t Catholic, but some kind of Mishima European Samourai or Old Roman. His book The Century of 1914, utopias, wars and revolutions is a masterpiece. He left a letter explaining his gesture.

      Je suis sain de corps et d’esprit, et suis comblé d’amour par ma femme et mes enfants. J’aime la vie et n’attend rien au-delà, sinon la perpétuation de ma race et de mon esprit. Pourtant, au soir de cette vie, devant des périls immenses pour ma patrie française et européenne, je me sens le devoir d’agir tant que j’en ai encore la force. Je crois nécessaire de me sacrifier pour rompre la léthargie qui nous accable. J’offre ce qui me reste de vie dans une intention de protestation et de fondation. Je choisis un lieu hautement symbolique, la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris que je respecte et admire, elle qui fut édifiée par le génie de mes aïeux sur des lieux de cultes plus anciens, rappelant nos origines immémoriales.
      Alors que tant d’hommes se font les esclaves de leur vie, mon geste incarne une éthique de la volonté. Je me donne la mort afin de réveiller les consciences assoupies. Je m’insurge contre la fatalité. Je m’insurge contre les poisons de l’âme et contre les désirs individuels envahissants qui détruisent nos ancrages identitaires et notamment la famille, socle intime de notre civilisation multimillénaire. Alors que je défends l’identité de tous les peuples chez eux, je m’insurge aussi contre le crime visant au remplacement de nos populations.
      Le discours dominant ne pouvant sortir de ses ambiguïtés toxiques, il appartient aux Européens d’en tirer les conséquences. À défaut de posséder une religion identitaire à laquelle nous amarrer, nous avons en partage depuis Homère une mémoire propre, dépôt de toutes les valeurs sur lesquelles refonder notre future renaissance en rupture avec la métaphysique de l’illimité, source néfaste de toutes les dérives modernes.
      Je demande pardon par avance à tous ceux que ma mort fera souffrir, et d’abord à ma femme, à mes enfants et petits-enfants, ainsi qu’à mes amis et fidèles. Mais, une fois estompé le choc de la douleur, je ne doute pas que les uns et les autres comprendront le sens de mon geste et transcenderont leur peine en fierté. Je souhaite que ceux-là se concertent pour durer. Ils trouveront dans mes écrits récents la préfiguration et l’explication de mon geste.

  3. All that we have lost which is so precious . . . will it ever come back?

    Here is the great poet Lord Byron, bringing back cultural memories of classical Greece, deeply embedded in the genes of all the European people:

    The isles of Greece! the isles of Greece!
    Where burning Sappho loved and sung,
    Where grew the arts of war and peace,
    Where Delos rose, and Phoebus sprung!
    Eternal summer gilds them yet,
    But all, except their sun, is set.

    1. I am not a big fan but the lyrics are good, thanks for sharing Pat.
      Do you actually like that song?

  4. “When you control the goyim’s money supply you can destroy its civilization.” — Evelyn deRothschild

    Exhibit “A”:
    Chris Ofili’s controversial, dung-decorated [Black] Virgin Mary painting sold for $4.6 million

    Exhibit “B”:
    An Ugly African Woman Has Somehow Managed To Win Miss Helsinki [2017]

    Chris Ofili, for those not up to speed with the Jewish art market, is a Black man, and so it is perfectly OK for him to defile and defame all Christians.

    But imagine if he had created a portrait of the current Miss Helsinki out of elephant dung? I can hear the Jews crying RACISM or SEXISM already.

    Of course, that’s a rhetorical question and would never happen because Chris a smart negro and knows his Jewish Masters wouldn’t pay for that kind of (((shit!)))

    1. JFC,

      Exhibit A is not an ugly African woman but she shouldn’t be so high in the hierarchy of Miss Finland. She reminds me of this very nice French stripper i met once in Paris Pink Paradise.

      As to exhibit B this representation of the Virgin Mary is outrageous with the dungs, like Kapoor’s Queen Vagina in front of Versailles Castle at 0.25 in the video, the dirty corner.
      But there is nothing wrong with a Black Madonna, Black Madonnas which were destroyed after the French Revolution and by protestant daechian iconoclasts who didn’t like the Marian cult of French people, especially the one in Puy en Velay home of the famous pilgrimage where Louis XIII asked Holy Mary for a son, you know Regnum Galliae, Regnum Mariae, with her protector Michael archangel. I mean, even the Brits have a Saint Michael mount, we should put a giant dung in front of it so that they remember it.

      Now i Wonder on this 14th of October, one day after the hundreth anniversary of the appearance of our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Fatima, what is the Third Secret that the Vatican is hiding from us. LOL.

      1. I found your Mount back English people.

        Perkin Warbeck occupied the mount in 1497. Sir Humphrey Arundell, Governor of St Michael’s Mount, led the rebellion of 1549. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, it was given to Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury, by whose son it was sold to Sir Francis Bassett. During the Civil War, Sir Arthur Bassett, brother of Sir Francis, held the mount against the Parliament until July 1646.

        Pfff it was sold. We should build a new one in US Galveston, TX, and call it Windswept House.
        Sorry for trolling, have a nice week end.

      3. Exhibit A is not an ugly African woman but she shouldn’t be so high in the hierarchy of Miss Finland. She reminds me of this very nice French stripper i met once in Paris Pink Paradise.

        LOL. The Paris Pink Paradise strip club is not immune to political correctness.

        Did you really pay money to see a black-as-coal African woman strip? With or without night vision googles?


  5. Woe to you, Pharisees, hypocrites!
    Bosnians’ very term for a hypocrite is Pharisee (Farizey) and they, in their childish ignorance don’t even know that a Pharisee is a Jew or even more profoundly, that there are no Jews who are not Pharisees, i.e., hypocrites.

    Why did Jesus say, Woe to you, covering the entire cluster, no exceptions?
    Because he understood full well that in order to be a Pharisee, one must pledge fidelity to Devil and to no other master, to hand over one’s immortal soul, a pawned item that can scarcely be recovered (few honorable exceptions aside), thus woe to them, for they have already been judged.
    Ditto for the Masons, the pathetic sub-jews.

    And what works for Jesus, works for me, I have come to the same conclusion on my own and only recently realized that the truth about the Jew’s essentially non-human (once the soul is hocked, the humanity is gone) nature has been staring me in the face in the New Testament, courtesy of Jesus’s divine sight.

    All other definitions of “Jew” miss the elusive mark, like chasing droplets of mercury with a fork.

    1. Lobro,

      Jews are humans. Do you know Jesus parable of the mote and the beam? Of course you do. 🙂

  6. “Economy of verse” they say,
    To fit between the lines…
    (It doesn’t have to metre,
    And it doesn’t have to rhyme!)

    A bit of space to write it;
    Correct Politik to heed;
    Spend less time to recite it,
    And it fits the modern creed!

    What happened to the epics –
    The poets’ lovely lore
    As penned on parchment pages
    In more graceful days of yore?

    There is no time to read it!
    So we stunt the poets’ seed;
    And all the verse is short and terse
    To fit the modern need! 😣

      1. Oui, Phil. Something I penned a long time ago when I was disgruntled about mediocrities being selected as “poet laureates” (kind of like the negress being selected to take the prize in a Scandinavian beauty pageant!).

      2. Gilbert,
        The negress? god i hate this term, it’s really offensive but that’s the point of this election. Here is a fable for you.

        The Alms Bag by La Fontaine.

        One day mighty Jupiter said “Let all living things come
        before me to compare themselves, one with the other.
        Let no one be afraid to speak honestly even if they find
        fault. I shall ensure that no harm comes of it. Come
        Monkey, you are the one that should begin. Let all the
        others compare themselves to your beauty. Tell me, are
        you satisfied with yourelf?”

        “Me?” He said. “Why Not! Is my body not as good as
        any of the others? And as for my face, there’s nothing
        to reproach myself for on that score. But as for my
        brother the bear, I have to say that I find his features
        rather coarse. And no artist would ever pick him as a
        subject for a painting”

        Everyone expected the bear to reply angrily, but he
        didn’t. Instead he praised his own physique quite loudly.
        Then he went on to speak of the Elephant. He pointed out
        that Elephant could use a longer tail and smaller ears.
        In short he declared that the Elephant was quite
        misshapen and ugly.

        The Elephant (wise beast that he was) did not retaliate.
        Instead, he opined as to how Madame Whale was really too
        fat. Madame Ant then said that she found the Mite a bit
        too small. It made her feel that she was a giant.

        At this point Jupiter, hearing all these criticisms,
        angrily told them to stop. This didn’t scare the other
        animals who were still self-satisfied. And among the
        most self satisfied were the humans because that is how
        we are: fierce animals when it comes to criticizing others,
        and meek when it comes to speaking of our own faults. We
        forgive ourselves everything, and forgive others nothing.

        The Creator made us like alms bags all in the same way:
        Those born long ago and those born today. Our own faults
        are buried in the rear pouch. The front pouch is reserved
        for the faults of others.

        Well it’s better in French.
        You wouldn’t dare to call Father Uchendu a Negro.

      3. Good fable, Phil. Thank you…but I will suggest to you the term “negress” is milder than “ugly African woman” used in the same context by JFC (with whom I most often find myself in AGREEMENT). Consider me to be intentionally abrasive to “Social Justice Warriors” – because they are mostly OFFENSIVE to (my) common sense. It is a terrible disservice to both player and spectator to skew the contest on behalf of “social justice”. (It becomes a contest lauded only by libtards and retards.)

  7. Sorry , folks, but I was really angry when I wrote this . Hence this disclaimer


    she said I love you, it’s too late , said I
    And definitely the procession of love had passed you by
    you are the one who neglected and humiliated me yesterday
    And today I shall let humiliation kill you
    So turn around ,as you are, crushed , full of regrets
    And take your love with you,
    Chew on air, and tuck your toungue
    May the Creator never bring you nor love back
    Never , nor may He grant you comfort or peace
    Countless times yesterday
    you made me see stars in mid day
    And drove me insane
    Out of your detestible tempers and disrespect
    This day , I pronounce your love dead and burried
    Like a fly burrried in the dumpster of Time

  8. This quote from a video of Skip Baker at offers a little background re. caucasian, Christian white European history…a perspective not presented in the Jew controlled history books. Interesting background perspective re. the beautiful video re. the white European races. “The Jews are actually the Caananites who were known as Edomites, across the river and up in the mountains of Mt. Seir. They didn’t become “Israelites” until 125 bc. when the last real king of Judah and high priest defeated them in Edomia. Incredibly, unlike David, in 1,000 bc. , he told them, ‘Be circumcised or die.’ So all those Jews decided to join the Israelite religion in 125 b.c. They wrote NONE of the Bible. There was NO SUCH THING AS A JEWISH PROPHET, EVER! Daniel was not a Jew. Jeremiah was not a Jew. Esther was not a Jew. All of these people were [genuine] Israelites, and we Israelites were captured by the Assyrians in 745 bc. and taken into captivity, and escaped there and went up into the Caucasus Mountains through the pass of Israel [also known as the Daryal Pass] and came out on the other side known as Caucasians. We went into the wilderness of Europe and founded many nations for our Father Abraham.”

  9. Arch Stanton, in the previous article, stated the prime issue for the Western world today:

    One must march lock step with the Social Justice Warrior’s Marxist ideology or face their hateful wrath.
    Is it even possible to bring them back from their intensive Jew programming? If so how might this be accomplished?

    MAX BILNEY gave a list of actions to take, but without a solution on how to implement them. Creating enclaves of ‘natural law’ abiding people will just make easy targets.

    About the programming, I believe it is impossible to change for 99%. It is as hard-wired as anything programmed from an early age.

    Perhaps the Tribe have made a strategic mistake trying to eradicate Anglo-Saxon culture through mass immigration of Muslims. Examine any Muslim nation and you will see natural order in place to a great extent. Each family has a leader (there can only be one, by definition) and society is family oriented. Pride in nation naturally follows.

    Cultural Marxism requires destruction of the male-female bond, destruction of family and nation. In Muslim nations I believe this is not possible without massive and immediate unrest. Therefore in their passion to eradicate Anglo-Saxon culture the Tribe will have guaranteed natural order in formerly Anglo-Saxon countries. Will technological progress halt or slow down? Maybe not – look at the example of Iran.

    Obviously Social Justice Warriors (aka Marxists) and Muslims are incompatible, but this does not have to mean violent conflict. SJW will disappear in one generation.

  10. Europe with it’s old fashioned ways of conquer – occupy – enslave & steal the natural resources of the nation.
    It’s opulent – self serving – aristocracy & royalties – lazy – lethargic – half witted – inbred children of the gods.
    The European Union.
    May they get what they richly deserve for bringing upon us all – World War One & World War Two & all the oppression – death & destruction they have inflicted in between.

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