The Greatest Dangers in the Middle East today are Jared Kushner and Mohamed bin Salman

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The sort of Neo-con and right-wing think tankers, who in 2003 were saying that a war with Iraq would be a doddle, are back in business in Washington, pushing for war with Iran – and are stronger than ever.

President In-Law JARED KUSHNER
and Deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia MOHAMED BIN SALMAN
“The greatest dangers in the Middle East today.”

I was in my room in the Baghdad Hotel on al-Sadoun street last Sunday evening, writing about the chances for stability in Iraq taking hold, when the walls and floor began to shake. They jerked sideways and up and down several times as if my room was the cabin of boat in a rough sea.

My first confused thought was – this being Baghdad – that there must have been some huge bomb explosion, which would explain the rocking motion of everything around me. But almost simultaneously, I realised that I had not heard the sound of an explosion, so a better explanation was that there was an earthquake, though I had never thought of Baghdad as being in an earthquake zone.

The jerking movements of the walls and floor of my room were so spectacular that I wondered if the building was going to collapse. I looked under the desk where I was sitting, but the space was too small for me to crouch in. I got down on my hands and knees and started to crawl towards the bathroom which is meant to be the safest place in the event of a bomb explosion, and I supposed the same must be true of earthquakes.

I had got about half way there when the shaking stopped. The lights were still on which seemed a good sign. I got back on a stool and googled “Baghdad earthquake” on my laptop and read a series of alarmed tweets confirming that was indeed what had just happened.

It was a 7.3 magnitude quake centred 19 miles from Halabja, a small city in Iraqi Kurdistan 150 miles north-east of Baghdad and close to the Iranian border. Nine people had been killed in Iraq, but the catastrophic damage was in Iran where 530 people had died.

In earlier times, an earthquake like this would be taken as an omen: a warning of bad times to come. Shakespeare is full of such grim portents which commonly precede assassinations and defeats in battle. This would be a pity in the case of present day Iraq because, for the first time since Saddam Hussein started his war with Iran in 1980, the prospects look positive.

The central government is stronger than before, defeating Isis in the nine-month long siege of Mosul and ending the move towards secession of Iraqi Kurdistan by peacefully reoccupying Kirkuk and other disputed territories.

Substantial successes these certainly are, but what has really changed the political landscape of Iraq is that there is no longer a community, party or faction fighting the central government with financial and military aid from foreign backers. For once, Iraq has good relations with all the neighbouring states.

The earthquake may not herald more domestically-generated violence in Iraq, but in the real world it is a useful reminder that the country, along with the rest of the Middle East, is vulnerable to unexpected and unpredictable events. Of course, these are always a possibility anywhere, but never more than at present because of the strange character change of two traditionally conservative powers in the region: the US and Saudi Arabia. Previously committed to preserving the political status quo, both have become mercurial and prone to saw off the branch on which they are sitting.

Shortly before the earthquake in Baghdad, I was making the above point about Iraq stabilising to a European diplomat. He said this might be true, but that real danger to peace . . .

“. . . comes from a combination of three people: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Trump’s son-in-law and Middle East envoy Jared Kushner, and Bibi Netanyahu in Israel.”

Jared Kushner and Benjamin Netanyahu,
both working tirelessly on behalf of Israel

So why did Trump make Kushner
his Middle East envoy and Chief Advisor?

Probably, the Saudis and the Americans exaggerate the willingness of Netanyahu and Israel to go to war. Netanyahu has always been strong on bellicose rhetoric, but cautious about real military conflict (except in Gaza, which was more massacre than war).

Israel’s military strength tends to be exaggerated and its army has not won a war outright since 1973. Previous engagements with Hezbollah have gone badly. Israeli generals know that the threat of military action can be more effective than its use in maximising Israeli political influence, but that actually going to war means losing control of the situation. They will know the saying of the 19th century German chief of staff, Helmuth Von Moltke, that “no plan survives contact with the enemy”.

But even if the Israelis do not intend to fight Hezbollah or Iran, this does not mean that they would not like somebody else to do so for them. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told me in an interview earlier this month that his greatest fear was a US-Iranian confrontation fought out in Iraq. This could happen directly or through proxies, but in either case would end the present fragile peace.

On the optimistic side, US policy in Iraq and Syria is largely run by the Pentagon and not the White House, and has not changed much since President Obama’s days. It has been successful in its aim of destroying Isis and the self-declared caliphate.

The wars in Iraq and Syria already have their winners and losers: President Bashar al-Assad stays in power in Damascus, as does a Shia-dominated government in Baghdad. An Iranian-backed substantially Shia axis in four countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon – stretches from the Afghan border to the Mediterranean. This is the outcome of the wars since 2011, which is not going to be reversed except by a US land invasion – as happened in Iraq in 2003.

The great danger in the Middle East today is that Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman and Jared Kushner appear to have a skewed and unrealistic understanding of the world around them. Inspector Clouseau seems to have a greater influence on Saudi policy than Machiavelli, going by the antics surrounding the forced resignation of Saad Hariri as Prime Minister of Lebanon. This sort of thing is not going to frighten the Iranians or Hezbollah.

The signs are that Iran has decided to go a long way to avoid confrontation with the US. In Iraq, it is reported that it will support the re-election of Abadi as prime minister which is also what the US wants. Iran knows that it has come out on the winning side in Iraq and Syria and does not need to flaunt its success. It may also believe that the Crown Prince is using anti-Iranian nationalist rhetoric to secure his own power and does not intend to do much about it.

Nobody has much to gain from another war in the Middle East, but wars are usually started by those who miscalculate their own strengths and interests. Both the US and Saudi Arabia have become “wild cards” in the regional pack. The sort of Neo-con and right-wing think tankers, who in 2003 were saying that a war with Iraq would be a doddle, are back in business in Washington, pushing for war with Iran – and are stronger than ever.

The wars in the Middle East should be ending, but they could just be entering a new phase. Leaders in the US and Saudi Arabia may not want a new war, but they might just blunder into one.


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  1. The article overlooks one major conflict – the current deliberate genocide in Yemen. Then there is “the defeat of ISIS” statement which was skewered nicely by commentators at the source site. If Mr. Cockburn read a little more in Alt. media he would be fully aware of the activities of Israeli ‘Arabists’ like John McCain’s pal Simon Elliot (the late Mr. al-Baghdadi) who led mass murder in Syria, Benjamin Ephraim the murderous Mossad operative caught in Libya, the trouble making of Israel in Kurdish zones – maybe a talk with Yezhidi survivors would be informative and there would be less tendency to call the Kurdish resolution so peaceful; the Iraqis should someday bring Mr. Barzani into a court of law to face justice like Mr. Hussein.

    The fact is the Zionists and their proxies have deliberately committed wholesale mass murder, rape, enslavement, and destroyed the lives and property of whole civilian generations of their neighbors and other Arab countries. The “new phase” should include total International strangulation boycott of Israel until they decide to join the human race.

    1. “The “new phase” should include total International strangulation boycott of Israel until they decide to join the human race.”

      Filed under “Things we’d like to see” but won’t until the swamp is cleared. 🙂

      Patrick Cockburn has a distressing habit of parroting “official” talking points (“defeat of ISIS”). I seem to recall he still thinks Russia “invaded” Crimea.

      1. Let’s see now, Jews were chosen not to join the “human race” when they fled Egypt over two millennia ago. So why would one expect them to join now?

        Why can’t people understand the Jews? There is more than ample evidence throughout their history these cowardly, lying, thieving, two-faced shysters cannot be dealt with in any manner outside elimination.

        Chase the Jew out, (((they)) regroup and return to mete out the most tortuous death imaginable, just ask the Russians. Befriending them merely means receiving a big, broad, hook-nosed smile – along with a knife plunged deep into the back, just ask Hitler.

        Let me put it in simple terms, viz, Jews never have and never will change! It’s in their blood, their DNA, their religion, their culture. Murder and Mayhem are the very fabric of their existence. They don’t care if you talk, they expect you to DIE Mr. Bond!

      2. Israel should derecognized as a Nation – State . As long as the Zionist Entity exists , as a ” light unto the nation’s ” , and center of Middle East conflict ,it’s machinations will be a danger to this planet . Little Jared Kushner of 666 5 th Avenue is the classic Jude Suss of the Trump Administration. A little wimp with delusions of power ,and classic Jew agent ….he is an ultra Orthodox; and devote of the Jews ” Messaiah ,the late ancient ” eternal Jew ” ,Rabbi Sneerson…..beware , Sneerson would utge leaders to ” hasten the return if the Mosisch ” …( Yahweh ) ,and do it through world war !

      3. @Carnaptious

        “Parroting official talking points” (Lies) – that is indeed a distressing habit, which we need to assist him with, here at least. Along with the extent of the boycott ‘we’d like to see’ I can think of some other measures as I’m fairly certain you probably can too. Suffice it to say that any boycott is better than none, and it’s still got a lot of growth potential. Maybe after further assistance on some of the habitually overlooked facts in the official narrative, Mr. Cockburn might turn his writing skills to this end under a headline such as “Boycott – a Growth Industry in the Post Industrial World”. We’ll file that one away for now too.

        The bottom line is the Genocide by mass starvation in Yemen should cease or at least become a quantum more visible here and elsewhere. The Israeli Arabists, at least the ones who got caught, fatally or otherwise, who whip up mass beheading, mass rape, and human trafficking (like in Iraq, Syria, and Libya) should be at least outed ceaselessly to enlighten Mr. Cockburn and others about who really was defeated – so far. Israel revels and gloats over the pain they directly caused even now, but Arabia might ask themselves “Was it worth it to pursue the Jews’ agenda for them?”

        We should also note that the 200,000 Israeli Kurds still remain in Israel, and Israel’s proxy (donkey) the US military still remains in North-east Syria, awaiting a return to Kurdish areas in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

      4. @Arch Stanton – Yep, that’s why there needs to be a purge of dual citizens and Israel Firsters before we can begin to even think about setting things right.

        @Dante Ardenz – Schneerson was a Chabad-Lubavitcher. Snez provided an interesting link to a site with a wealth of info on Chabad and many other things:

        @Winston – I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of those 200,000 Israeli-Kurds…

      5. @ Arch Stanton

        Good comment about Armand Hammer and his abortionist father article at The Occidental Observer. I still suggest “The Genius of the Few” by Christian O’Brien for a more accurate depiction of Yahweh on the flight out of Egypt (You mentioned you were reading about Moses, possibly from one of the sanitized ‘standard histories’). Yahweh or Jehav had a nasty habit of frying his supplicants for nothing more than a bad mood, according to sources. The chapter “The Enigma of Yahweh” examines frequent arbitrary punishment of the good and innocent and points out the incompatibility of this behavior with all other world religions.

        Too bad he missed so many.

    1. Jared is Trump’s ‘secure link’ envoy to the ME personalities. Trusted messenger delivering just the facts ma’am!
      No three star General delivering the message with a pinch of his own opinion, or veiled threat, added.
      No over zealous envoy overreaching trying to be (lol) helpful.
      No CIA/MOSSAD agent disguised as a trusted messenger boy delivering the facts.
      So the message, whether to a Saudi Prince or to Avignor Lieberman, is delivered as it is..

  2. Neither Jared Kushner nor Muhammad Bin Salman are the real “danger” in the Middle East. They are only obedient errand boys of the real dangerous person in the area and that is Netanyahu.
    Netanyahu wants a war against Iran and he uses Kushner and Bin Salman to lay the groundwork for that war and that is a (civil) war in Lebanon in which Hizbollah’s dreaded rockets would be destroyed. If that fails a war against Iran will not happen. Right now the situation in Lebanon is pretty stable and Hizbollah’s position too strong for a civil war in Lebanon to happen. Israel will undoubtedly try to destabilize Lebanon with internal false flag attacks, but I think the Lebanese will not fall for that.
    My guess is that Israel will try but fail to destabilize Lebanon, after which its tricks will be exhausted and its role in the region will be relegated to rather insignificance. Israel will also have to live with Russian and Iranian (!) bases on its doorstep (both in Syria).

    1. P.S. Israel’s trick to create an independent Zionist-friendly Kurdish state in the Middle East also failed.

      In the mean time Trump is growing increasingly impatient with Israel about the lack of progress in the peace process with the Palestinians :

      Trump Administration Is ‘Fed Up’ With Israel’s Refusal to Build Trust With Palestinians

      When it comes to the establishment of a Palestinian state, Trump won’t put up with Netanyahu’s dismissiveness, Israeli diplomatic source says ■ White House denies report as ‘false’
      read more:

    2. ‘They are only obedient errand boys…’ I agree, FR. More than that, they are all obedient errand boys, chosenoids or Shabbos Goyim, to someone up the pyramid that has been built that way through a network of corrupt organisations and corporations controlling them.
      ‘As the United States has over-extended its military realm into the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, Europe, the Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, corruption within so-called “Areas of Responsibility” assigned to regional US military commands has run rampant… When it comes to the US military operating in its overseas locations, the Latin phrase popularized by the Roman poet Juvenal, perhaps wise to the corruption of the Praetorian Guard of his time, comes to mind. “Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” “Who watches the watchmen?”’ [The link that was deleted in my post to the previous article]
      Israel’s job is to cause disruptions and initiate wars in the ME. As you wrote in one of your previous posts, Saudi Prince seems not to care that Israel wants Saudi land too. Israel wants a Jewish Commonwealth, and for that, it allows no cohesion in the ME.
      ‘In July 1937, the commission published its report, which immediately ignited the fury of the native population, who were already aware of the British-Zionist collusion. Palestine, like other Arab countries, was supposedly being primed for independence, under the terms of the British Mandate, as granted by the League of Nations in 1922. Moreover, the Peel Commission was recommending partial independence for Palestine, unlike the full sovereignty granted to the Jewish state… If the British partition proposal of 1937 was bad enough, the UN resolution was a reason for total dismay…’
      I think that you are right, but that there will be a lot of bloodshed.

  3. It is a solid article by Cockburn although it shies away from telling some important truths. For example, this is a very good observation: ‘Netanyahu has always been strong on bellicose rhetoric, but cautious about real military conflict (except in Gaza, which was more massacre than war)… But even if the Israelis do not intend to fight Hezbollah or Iran, this does not mean that they would not like somebody else to do so for them.’ Who wants Sunni and Shia to destroy each other is the same one who has always wanted Germans and Russians to destroy each other, and the same one who wants to control and exploit the American population. When Netanyahu says, ‘We have America”, it is Rothschild talking. Without the Rothschilds and the US military, Israel wouldn’t have lasted so long, particularly considering the fact that the only way the chosenoid cowards have always been able to fight is deception.
    ‘Nobody has much to gain from another war in the Middle East, but wars are usually started by those who miscalculate their own strengths and interests.’ This statement is too kind, considering the sharks that dictate this war-mongering. Those who have artificially created the situation Sunni axis vs Shia axis, an obvious copy of the Cold War, have most to gain, and they haven’t miscalculated their abilities so far, nor the population’s compliance. Reform the banks, and all the unproductive war profiteers will have to do some proper work or disappear from the world stage [more precisely behind the stage].

    1. @ Snez

      ‘Netanyahu has always been strong on bellicose rhetoric, but cautious about real military conflict (except in Gaza, which was more massacre than war)… But even if the Israelis do not intend to fight Hezbollah or Iran, this does not mean that they would not like somebody else to do so for them.’

      Exactly. And the litmus test of whether Trump is a good guy or a bad guy depends on whether Trump decides to get America to fight Hezbollah and Iran on behalf of Israel . . . or whether he refuses to do so.

      If he refuses to take Netanyahu’s bait, that will prove Trump has Amerca’s interests at heart and is not — as Philip Giraldi suggests — “Netanyahu’s puppet”.

      It remains to be seen what he does.

      1. “Whether Trump decides”?

        Sard, it wouldn’t be his decision, and if he refuses Bibi’s bait, it proves nothing.

      2. Somewhat of a rash posting on my part.

        Trump could refuse Bibi’s bait, but that wouldn’t necessarily reflect America’s BEST interests. And besides, no matter what Bibi does, THAT in turn would reflect HIS being baited.

        You see how it all works?

    2. So true SNEZ. Remember the song from the film CABERET ? Little Jew (” Such talent ! ” ) , sang ” money makes the world go around “. The stupid Goyim who worship money in itself ,do not understand what the eternal Jew do about it’s aquisition, and control ….it has no power but it’s application. The Jew pushes the clice ” go work for it ” . They say among themselves , ” Let’s get some “, and ” what do you need.” Rothschild’s own the West. All who resisted went down . Today all they target ,are under seige. They finance the government, Multinationals, politicians ,think tanks , and religions. Many recall there rise over the US ,with the forming of the US Federal Reserve. The date December 8 , 1940 important too . That day Rothchilds puppet ,old drunken fool Winston Churchill , turned over the South African Railroad to his family’s lifelong patrons ,as collateral to keep his ” glorious war” , against The Third Reich going . ( See Churchill War by David Irving : David Irvings Action Report.Com ) , and we all know the rest . What was left of British Sovereignty gone . Post war ,the Jews officialy abandoned their creation.: Communism ,for their original , position . ” Free market Finance Capital .” Globalism under them. All barriors dropped . ” New Labor ” , ” New Democrats ” ,and their silent Neoconservative allies pushed and cheered . ” Decontrol ” , ” Welfare Reform” , ” tax reform “, ” banking reform” was done …but it was about ” reforming Rothschild’s power …and people’s lives. It’s done again ,and again. Never over, until they get it all. Rothschild’s with Israel as ” light among the nation’s “. ” Every knee shall bend “. Next time you hear a ” Conservative ” ,promise you ” great values “, remember your own ,as they see you as a mere pawn . Next time a “Liberal ” promises a new world …ask them for whom ? International Jewry is the answer on both accounts .

  4. Since MBS thinks he can buy anything with money, one has to ask if he told the Shadow President Kushner that he would pay him 50 or 100 billion dollars if he could get his sidekick Trump to ‘Shock and Awe’ Iran?

    Add in the Saudi elites that are being held hostage, and only granted their freedom upon giving MBS 70% of their wealth. Meaning MBS has plenty of money to bribe the easy to bribe American politician.

    1. GB, MBS doesn’t need to bribe anyone; he is very much desired, and invited by the corporate sharks who are obviously promising him personal profit.
      ‘It is believed that one of the issues Jared Kushner, an observant Orthodox Jew, discussed with MBS during marathon all-night “strategy sessions” in Riyadh, was the privatization of the state-owned Saudi Aramco. Trump tweeted that he wanted the Saudis to have the New York Stock Exchange issue the initial public offering (IPO) for Saudi Aramco stock. The company is valued at $100 billion. Suspiciously, Thomas Farley, the NYSE president, was seen in Riyadh at the same time Kushner and Trump Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt, a former lawyer for the Trump Organizations, were in the Saudi capital… During his May 2017 trip to Saudi Arabia, Trump inked a deal that provides for billions of dollars in military hardware to the Saudis. Trump’s tweet of support for MBS’s reign of terror…’

  5. Video: Ending the Zionist system – The Electronic Intifada.
    10.04 minutes into the video Ali Abunimah speaks .. interesting listening.

  6. Brother Nathanael put up a couple of short videos recently that address Israel’s role in creating Mideast mayhem, and Kushner’s role in plotting to break the “Shia Crescent”.

    The Rise Of The Three Israels “contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.” Yes, this video could be offensive to those who prefer hasbara to truth, or those who think any criticism of Israel is “anti-Semitism”. Just click on the red button for Bro. Nathanael at his best. (3.30)

    The Kushner Plan That Plopped “The whole world laughs watching amateur hour play out”. This video is on the same topics as Cockburn’s article: Kushner, MBS, Lebanon, and the malign influence of “crappy little Israel”. (3.59)

    When the media start pushing this narrative, “Saudi crown prince calls Iran’s supreme leader ‘Hitler of Middle East'” it’s a safe bet that regime change or war is not far off. Talking points straight out of Neocon “think tanks” in the District of Criminals: “But we learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East,” the newspaper quoted him (MBS) as saying.” Yes, it’s 1939 again (it’s always 1939 for Neocons), and the Jews will soon be at risk of another Holocaust(TM) – without an immediate expenditure of a whole lot of US blood and treasure. Look at news reports from 2003, and the Neocons were saying the exact same thing with the difference of only one letter: “We don’t want the new Hitler in Iraq to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East”.

    And while the US and NATO are busy making the Middle East safe for Greater Israel, Israeli troops will be doing what they do best: brutalizing unarmed civilians. “How Israel is ‘cleansing’ Palestinians from Greater Jerusalem” or Diversity for thee (goyim) but not for me (Israel).

  7. Appointing his Jewish, Zionist, Son-in-law to be his chief advisor was such a blatantly biased act that you have to wonder if President Trump is really working against Israel.

    I don’t think there will be a war against Iran because it would result in serious damage to Israel. The days of desert tank battles are over. Drones can now drop a bomb in a barrel then return to be reloaded. Technology is cheap and easily available.

    No need now for suicide belts.

    1. Agreed ….but, no Goyum blood is being spilt without infantry war…crossing the Rhein was the hardest battle my dad ever fought, and he was with the shirt lifters…..Black Watch. 😉

    2. @John Kirby,

      You could be on to something there. I thought it wildly implausible that effete Jared Kushner could be the most dangerous American man in the ME – as suggested by Patrick Cockburn. I’d more likely think that Trump’s tough generals, all of whom do not want a war with Iran (per Saker’s article), are laughing at Kushner behind his back. It could be that, for reasons of his own, the President has set his Orthodox Jew SIL up to fail. Far from trusting his judgment, Trump could resent the hell out of him for stealing his beloved princess Ivanka (who could have done a whole lot better), convincing her to convert to his gutter religion, and circumcising their Jewish two sons at a Brit Milah. They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Could this be Trump’s true objective – put Jared in over his head then not listen to a word he has to say? Or am I way, way off?

    3. J.K.,
      “Technology is cheap and easily available. ” Good point. It creates a kind of military stalemate where no “superpower” is guaranteed success against even a “banana republic.”
      Victory or defeat of any nation isnt of relevance to the bankers or arms dealers. They just want to rake in the shekels and maintain a standard of living unimaginable to the common man. I once knew a woman, briefly, in the mountains of North Carolina. Some 15 years ago I suppose. I did odd jobs for her on and off. She once mentioned that her father was an arms dealer. I didnt inquire any further and she didnt tell. One day, one of her neighbors informed me that she was mega-rich and had never worked a day in her life. She was 50-something and quite attractive. One morning, after a night of “indulgence” , I commented to her, “Youre beautiful.” She seemed shocked. “Are you blind?”, she responded. I said, no. “But I recognize beauty when I see it. ” At the end of the day, I went home. The next day, I got a job offer I couldnt refuse. Days later, I was receiving phone calls telling me that the mistress wished to see me. But I didnt answer and moved on. If Id answered, perhaps my life would be different at this point. But my point is that these mega-rich arms-dealer families live in a different Universe than the common man. Theres no disputing this fact.

  8. my 1st post was facetious but nevertheless, truthful.

    goyim have been downbred to retain only the infinitesimally short windows of attention, whereas jews are many moves ahead, war gaming hundreds of scenarios with all the outcomes of probability greater than 1%, running feasibility studies, decision analyses, sensitivity analyses, payoff matrices and so on and so forth.

    i am somewhat dismayed but not surprised to see that most people, especially americans, are quite happy to discuss yesterday’s events in light of what can happen tomorrow – but never day-before-yesterday and day-after-tomorrow, strictly based on whatever shadows are projected on the wall, big-bad-wolf jared about to swallow little-red-riding-hood trump and spit him out at the moloch’s altar in petah tikva.

    however, take it or leave it, just doing my duty … the first mistake is to talk about israel or this or that jew “faction”, as if somehow, just one needs to be worried about and we can call on the others – secular jews, atheist jews, educated jews, naturei karta jews, sephardis, new york urbanites, righteous rabbis, what-have-you-jews, environment-conscious jews, pro-palestine jews (hah! the greatest joke of all), anti-muslim jews, anti-war jews … jokes insulting to our goy intelligence, however tiny and to ask them to
    “come out on our side and join us against psycho-Bibi or Monsanto or banksters, let’s do another #occupymybrain fair weather, peaceful sit-in sticking flowers in the barells of the riot cops’ guns”.

    And the scariest thing is that they invariably will “COMPLY”, yeah right, a hooker asking the pimp to help her count the night’s take because she is too stoned to do it herself.

    with apologies to whoever doesn’t understand my reason for using this format (there is the detailed explanation here) but just as all the righteous efforts converge on the Truth (known as “Jesus” to some but everyone can pick their mental image), so do all the deeds driven by malice, hate and moral perversion converge on the creatures of Torah, the singular entity I call the JEW.

    This JEW is way ahead of us peasants but not necessarily those with proper training in strategic thinking, like Putin and (I say) very possibly, even likely, Trump.
    Everyone dismisses Trump as a clownish, incompetent, ignorant boor, a dumbass and intellectual lightweight.
    Practically no one sees him as a modern day Claudius, the most successful emperor of the Roman history, everyone saw Claudius as … a clownish, incompetent, ignorant boor, a dumbass and intellectual lightweight.
    No one understood that Claudius played a game, presenting himself as a harmless cripple to avoid outright death sentence by insane psychopath Caligula, just as Trump must never, ever reveal his true hand to the lynch mob of the mass media who outwardly drive the actions of the sycophantic US Congress, i.e., media provides outward pretext to which the Congress is equally outwardly pretending to respond, both with the clear understanding that it is the JEW who cracks the whip and drives his slaves into wars, murder, sedition, subversion and treason.

    The Enemy is One, just One, while the hall of the broken mirrors confuses you with multiple images, seemingly unconnected and even at odds with each other.
    I could just as easily refer to ENEMY instead of JEW but it is less direct and has 2 extra letters to type.

    And it is this peculiar American psychological syndrome that causes even those who profess opposition to JEW to eagerly attack Christ, Islam, Hitler, Putin, Xi, Assad, Trump and so forth, to the great satisfaction of guess who, the wolf submerged in a crowd of lambs.

    1. Lobro, I do not mean to argue with you because we have the same enemy. I admire your perseverance and optimism, and hate to disappoint you, but Trump and Putin are not knights in shining armour, our saviours who will solve our problems. They are not addressing the cause of all problems [the banks] at all, and, if you read Rockefeller’s Special Studies Project and Prospect for America, you will see that Trump and Putin [Masons!] are following the script to the letter. By being involved in the creation of ME conflicts on opposite sides, they help depopulate the region, flood Europe and US with diversity to destroy nation states, enrich arms manufacturers [first Trump, then Putin, sold weapons to SA] who are obviously so closely connected that we can’t see who is who, have lucrative shares in unproductive businesses such as military and casinos which are the banksters’ main tools for destruction of humanity, for de-industrialisation and for fostering the globalist institutions, and thus allow their own countries to be turned into mere clogs of the global corporate wheel.

      Jew-surrounded Trump has decreased taxes for largest corporations, but increased them for labourers, thus increasing slave labour, and is now increasing thought control.
      ‘On November 22, hl published his plan to kill digital democracy, letting users access all content without restrictions, limitations, or discrimination… His plan will let ISP giants establish toll roads or premium lanes, charge extra for speed and free and easy access, control content, as well as stifle dissent and independent thought—a dismal prospect… He’ll reverse Title II classification of ISPs, classifying them as common carriers, restricting their actions, an “information service” classification replacing it. A federal court ruled it’s less comprehensive, weakening consumer protections.’

      Putin’s behaviour is generally decent, but he is not nemesis for the globalists if he supports the UN role in world affairs, constantly accuses the US of not abiding by the UN decisions [just listen to his speeches at the UN], never names the globalists, encourages arms production and trade instead of necessary industry in Russia, and has even directly called for the NWO. Russia has wonderful resources, but Putin, like Trump, is more interested in arms, casino and drug business. Tsarist Russia had money, gold and power, and now? It’s a shame that Putin has never publicly mentioned how many Russians were murdered by Jewish Bolsheviks, but has talked about the 6-million holohoax, and banned its denial – no true nationalist would have done that.
      “We will not forget the losses that the Jewish people suffered in fighting Nazism, nor will we ever forget the Holocaust,” Putin said… Peres attended the opening of Moscow’s Jewish Museum of Tolerance, the largest of its kind in Europe. The Russian president said the building represented Russia’s dedication to “eliminating xenophobia and nationalism.”

      1. Hi Snez,
        From Alexander Solzhenitsyn:-

        “You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.”
        It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

        Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and critic of Communist totalitarianism

        A Us military officer, captain Montgomery Schulyer sent two telegrams to Washington in March and June 1919 emphatically states the role of Jews in Bolshevik revolution. The first report said:
        “It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type…”(“Jews and Communism”).
        The second report said of the “384 commissars there were 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians, and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number 264 had come to Russia from the United States since the downfall of the Imperial Government” (“Jews and Communism”).

        I came late to seeing the role of Jews in the 20th century. Solzhenitsyn reckoned that 60 million Russians died at the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks. I have never seen or heard a mention of this in the western media. The History Channel is 24/7 anti-Hitler and never mentions that international Jewry declared economic war on Germany in 1933, 6 years before the outbreak of WW2. Despite that economic blockade Germany prospered under Hitler. It is not surprising that Germany regarded Jews as enemy aliens, much as the Japanese were regarded in America.

        The media never mention that the main reasons for deaths in the camps were diseases such as Typhus, plus starvation, due to the destruction of the German transport system by allied bombing. There were no trainloads of coke delivered to Auschwitz, no fuel to incinerate “4 million” bodies

      2. Thanks, JK. What is also concealed is that French and British nobility and politicians were involved in Jewish takeover of Russia, as well as in taking German territory and giving it to Germany’s neighbours.

      3. @ SNEZ

        According to a US Marine Corps “expert” I know, the Marines were there in 1917 helping the jews takeover Russia as well. I wasn’t surprised to hear that since the USA has been controlled by the jewish bankers since 1789.

      4. Hi Snez,
        I await the day when the western mainstream media run a program called “The Hidden History of the Jews in the 20th Century” where the role of Jews in the atrocities of the Bolshevik coup d”etat known as the Russian Revolution are revealed.

        What we now get are breathtaking double standards, distortion and bias, where Jewish victimhood is kept alive. How many people in the west know that the five men who executed the Tsar and his young family were all Jews? all five of them. I would guess not one in a thousand.

      1. J.K.,
        Two negro commissars? Incredible. Al Sharpton and Oprah Winfrey made it to Russia. Nice. 🙂

    2. “The Enemy is One, just One, while the hall of the broken mirrors confuses you with multiple images, seemingly unconnected and even at odds with each other.”

      Cockburn’s article is titled “The Greatest Dangers in the Middle East today are Jared Kushner and Mohamed bin Salman”, yet who do both Kushner (Chabad-Lubavitcher) and MbS (crypto-jew and longterm covert ally of Israel) really represent? The ever morphing, race, religion, ethnicity, culture,social club, people enemy of gentiles. Cockburn knows that to identify the people whose agenda is supported by Kushner and MbS would expose him to a substantial risk of getting labeled an “anti-Semite”. As noted by Upton Sinclair – “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

      Hence, Cockburn refers to the Pentagon being “successful in its aim of destroying Isis and the self-declared caliphate.” when there is ample evidence – readily available – that the CIA/MI-6/Mossad created ISIS, support ISIS, and use ISIS to further Zionist goals. On several occasions, US forces have helped to evacuate ISIS leaders and fighters from danger in places such as Aleppo, Mosul, Deir-ez-Zor, and Raqqa when those cities were about to be retaken. On other occasions, ISIS fighters turned up in unlikely locations just in time to provide convenient disruptions or distractions: “terrorist” attacks in Europe and the US, ISIS invasions in Afghanistan and the Philippines, attacks in the Sinai on the Russians, and most recently a bombing and machine gun attack on a Sufi mosque. The one nation that is never attacked by ISIS, the one nation that Cockburn almost always manages to avoid mentioning, is Israel. “The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran (ISIS-al-Qaeda) to the bad guys who were backed by Iran,” – Israel’s ex-ambassador to the US Michael Oren

  9. Everyone dismisses Trump as a clownish, incompetent, ignorant boor, a dumbass and intellectual lightweight.

    Hmmm, one can only wonder why this might be the case. Could a million voters be wrong? Just ask that other clown, Hillary.

    Practically no one sees him as a modern day Claudius, the most successful emperor of the Roman history, everyone saw Claudius as … a clownish, incompetent, ignorant boor, a dumbass and intellectual lightweight.

    I await the shining dawn, with foot tapping impatiently for the white man's promised orange Messiah. So far however, the situation only looks worse then ever. This is most likely because Trump is a wealthy, clownish, incompetent, ignorant boor, a dumbass and intellectual lightweight that is nothing more than the Jew's political tool to fool the goyim. In that role, he is most certainly performing his best song and dance number.

    Months before the election, I wrote why Jews were putting Trump in the White House. So far, it appears things are going according to (((their))) plan. Expect mushroom clouds soon.

  10. Two spoiled rotten punks, both raised by rich families, both taught they’re special and will rule over us Gentiles. One comes from an Orthodox Jew family and the other from a Crypto-Jew mob of head choppers. And now they’re in charge of making ME policy.

    What could possible go wrong?

    1. @ Greg Bacon

      “What could possible go wrong?”

      Everything including (((arrogant idiots))) over playing their hand. Murphy’s Law does not just apply to those doing good things.

    2. GB

      To say these two are in charge of making ME policy doesn’t plumb the depths of how things really work.

      Visions while waiting for an apocalypse:

      The prevailing power in Iran will not accept any deals insofar as Israel is concerned. Nothing less than the discontinuance of it’s existence will suffice.

      Whatever the particulars involved, Russia and the U.S. will be steered clear of the major hostilities to come, which will feature an Iranian-led coalition of Arab powers in conflict with Israel. Alliances in this union will not be what they presently seem, and with a false-flag event triggering war, Israel will soon thereafter meet it’s demise.

      This has been the plan all along, as engineered by those jews whose true identity reflects the obfuscatory nature of the protocols – the “esoterics” running both sides of the game board.

      In the aftermath, Russia will restore the “n(j)ew order” as the dominant power in the region, while giving the APPEARANCE of honoring the terms of these “uber-jews”. But with a complacency of hubris fluttering around insolent heads, the cretins will suffer a rude awakening when what they thought was “checkmate” was only “check”.

      Russian dollhouse very deep
      hoarded secrets safe to keep
      till bottom toy is surely reached
      when devil’s hold is duly breached


    Jared Kushner, owner of 666 Fifth Ave NYC, home of Lucent (Lucifer) Technologies and the implantable-trackable micro chip, is the son in law of the current White House Resident, El Trumpo the Magnificient, and bestest friend of Satanyahu the Maleficent. Now I ask, who is the antichrist in this gaggle? Damn, that end times prophecy of given to us by Gawd Almighty is sure hard to figure out who’s who.

    Netanyahu used to sleep in Jared Kushner’s bed, that is how close the antichrist is to the court Jew pretty gay boy, who is married to the daughter of our supreme “Make Amerika Great Again” leader. What a laugh for all those who think Trump gives a rat’s ass about ‘Merica. It’s Israel first all the way and tracking micro phone chips for the rest of you pilgrims!

    Trump who is loyal to Israeli money first, has unleashed hundreds of flying slaughterjewbot drones on women and children who live in the vicinity of Israel. Anyone who lives with a 1,000 miles of Tel Aviv could wake up dead from a Jew owned corporation made Predator Drones firing Hellfire missiles on their mud hut in some unpronounceable Muslim village that ends in ‘bad’. Doesn’t America make you proud? We can kill women and children with impunity and they can’t even tweet a complaint ’cause they’ve been banned by the ADL for hate speech.

    But who cares about the boring details about the latest civilian death toll when it’s Black Friday, the funnest day of the shopping year in which the Goyim herds suffocate each other in cattle guarded rows in front of big box stores to be first in line for the latest iPhone gadget that they can walk down main street completely entranced by these mini computers staring like Zombies into glowing Google Chrome powered mini-screens seeing if anyone texted a ‘like’ on Israeli intelligence Facebook website.

    Over at Lockheed, they aint celebrating ’cause their F-35 cause has all kinds of problems, like it cost butloads of Jewbucks just to get into the air. The most expensive weapon system ever developed in world history can’t supply fresh oxygen to the pilot, so maybe we need more flying robots and less pilots who can’t seem to hack the putrified Jew air coming down the jet’s plumbing pipes. The USAF has now upped the incentives for demoralized pilots to stay in service since so many are fleeing with their souls having seen first hand the butchery and hypocrisy of a Jewish NeoCohen Israeli first ethnic cleansing for Greater Israel policies.

    So I know I’ll be thanking the heavens for being alive this holiday season, how wonderful it is to be alive in a non-war zone on a Jewish infested planet, full of mindless consumer Zombies who love Jesus and Walmart, and send money to Jew loving televangelical loons on the Jewtube. Thank god I am an American and Predator in Chief el Trumpo is keeping us safe from all those who want to end our freedumbs.

    1. completely sans sycophancy…..
      This is the best and most informative thread I have read thus far,
      here on darkmoon.
      I learn so much more here in the comment section that is pure grist to my one man mill.
      in an hour or so,
      than sometimes days spent in other places
      I salute you all,. and thank you all for your postings here
      I for one, appreciate it greatly………
      in the love of Christ.

  12. A piece of SHEEIIIT…..and doing Trump’s dirty work, so Trump can keep his nose clean….a result for the DEVILS.

    1. Don’t forget, Wiggins, Teflon Don is ALWAYS CLEAN. It’s simply impossible for everyone’s favorite innocent-babe-in-the-woods to do anything wrong, EVER.

  13. The same old story – evil Jews everywhere! Here is my simple storybook TRUTH:
    Jesus rode inconspicuously into Jerusalem on his ass, dressed in humble fisherman’s apparel. He told his mates that God had instructed him to “set things right” in the sin capital of the world, Jerusalem.
    A corrupt, evil-beyond-words priesthood ruled the second temple and had turned it into “a den of thieves.”
    This vile priesthood had learnt their evil tricks of the trade during their Babylonian captivity. Hence they were into all kinds of magic and occultism, much of which we would call satanic worship.
    This occultism later surfaced in the form of today’s Babylonian Talmud, which the Jewish site 2000 Years of the Talmud, says is the Jews’ principal law book and general reference.
    Anyway, Jesus called the Jews out for everything evil. He invited the brainwashed multitudes to listen to his better way of ” truth and life.” He wanted the people to wake up to the evil of the Jewish command centre.
    The only trouble is that today the evil priesthood practically rule planet Earth. it controls the media, the politicians, the pornography and, above, all the money. And they run Zionism and all the warring.
    But Jesus predicted all this. He said that towards the end the priesthood would be the Great Whore of Mystery Babylon, described in his “Revelation” to Saint John.
    Jesus said that as this is a spiritual battle, the only force that could undo Mystery Babylon would be TRUE Christians who had heeded his many warnings – and not those heretical idiots we know as Christian Zionists.
    He and God would then intervene and throw the whole of Mystery Babylon into the burning fires of the “bottomless pit.” There goes that Zak fellow!
    Needless to say that in today’s world the Great Whore of Mystery Babylon is running rampant with sheer POWER. Unfortunately very few human beings know this TRUTH. This is the really sad thing about humanity. We did not heed Jesus’ simple warnings!

    1. Max,
      I quite simply dont know how to heed Christs warnings. What can a simple person such as myself do to thwart the evil of Zion? My only outlet is posting on Darkmoon and exchanging ideas with others. Will it have effect? I dont know. I simply live my life. Jews are like anyone else. Some good. Some bad. Some in-between. I tend to focus on the non-Kosher evil that is closest to me. A couple weeks ago, I was in México. My family and I, one evening , were on our way to a restaurante. While passing a piece of our land, we noticed a couple guys with wire-cutters cutting down our fence and trespassing. We confronted them and later 3 of their “amigos” arrived. There were 5 of them against myself and the husband of my daughter. 5 on 2. Words were exchanged, and all 5 of them began punching me. To my credit, I never went down or even “took a knee.” But to the embarassment of my family and myself, I was unable to counter with a single punch. For the last 2 weeks, my mind has been consumed with enacting an evil revenge on these blokes. It will come. Im patient and it will take time. But my point is, evil exists all around us everyday. Dont blame Jews for it. Many gentiles are also bad-actores. Lets face it. We live in a jungle. In Spanish, we say, “La ley de la selva.” For all posters and “administration ,” I love you all.

  14. i think jews want to destroy both christianity (this they have already done, a good sign is the immorality we see in the streets of any city in the west) and islam because destroying them will make it easier to control the masses and do what the protocol says it will: have a thousand slaves for every jew.
    islam they havent beeen able to mess with so they pin christians on muslims by getting them to destroy each other.
    it is true what atheists say: religion sucks, but the “sucking” of it includes the hardheadeadness of people to obey jew induced immorality.
    religion is both a friend -when they infiltrate it- like the protestant church- and an enemy -islam- of the jew.
    Islam is, i think the last obstacle for the jews to take over the world and set up
    i cant wait for shit to hit the fan when “al 3war al dajjal” who turns dust into gold and gold into dust comes so that Jesus can also come and kick his ass.
    but the 3war al dajjal has to come first and rule for 40 years of fornication, sex, earings in the clit and tatoos all over the body before Jesus – the prince of peace- comes and hold us with his loving arms and dry our tears because of what the jews did to us
    i got a large 46 inch tv so i can watch it live and in 3d
    you are invited
    😉 😉 😉

  15. Jared Kushner is in the mossad and a close friend of Netanyahu one of the perpetrators of the WTC attack on 911 and the Zionists who forced the U.S. to destroy the Mideast for Israel along with their puppet Saudi Arabia.

  16. You yanks got enough fire power but no bottle. Jew lackeys the lot of you. Fuck off and pick some cotton, wankers.

    1. How refreshing. A man who speaks his mind. But needs his potty mouth washed out with soap.

      1. Apologies to but only you. There is only one fight and all the other lies are not worth fighting for. Robert Mathews fought this fight and this is the only true way. All other fights are jew run.
        I am Welsh 100% and proud. Our race as Celts is destined for the rubbish bin but there are a few that will fight and die when required.
        Fe Godwn Ni Eto

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    Thank you.

    1. Whoa, has net neutrality censorship already begun? Over the years, I’ve been banned and censored from so many outlets, should of kept track of the number.
      Never thought DM would get all uptight and start blasting away comments.

    2. @ Admin

      Thank you for deleting those trashy comments. The first comment in the series was distinctly offensive. This produced a chain reaction of offensive back-and-forth comments that needed deletion in the interests of keeping order. Please don’t tolerate this catfighting on your site any longer. It is an insult to your regular readers.

      1. @ Jack Harper

        Thank you. The problem arises because we are short-staffed and most of the comments here get published automatically without being read or monitored. In spite of this laissez-faire, non-monitoring policy, we are unfairly accused of “censorship” by readers who simply don’t understand that we cannot publish every single comment we receive.

        We get comments from obvious troublemaking trolls (like Circassian) and from mentally unhinged posters (like TheRealOriginalJoe) who frequently writes sexually perverted posts (featuring horse-on-woman sex) and then complains bitterly about “censorship” when his comments remain unpublished.

        We are trying to keep order here, which we have a right to do. But some of our more headstrong commenters fail to understand that we are in charge here and that we will not allow them to run amok on our website.

  18. Jared Kushner, the son of a criminal and the President’s son in law, is to Trump what the son of an Irgun terrorist, Rahm Emanuel, was to Obama.
    Kushner and Emanuel were the real presidents of the USA. Emanuel still works closely with Kushner and the Jewish representative government of the USA.
    The Jews are running rampant with POWER and they are having such a jolly good time. After all, the planet has long fallen to that great, fun-time man, Mr Satan.
    The other 2 great powers, China and Russia, have long been part of Satan’s kingdom, so do not expect anything different if their forms of capitalism-communism becomes standard satanic fare all over our planet.
    I might yet join them because I really do like fun and the happiness it gives me. I’m already looking at all the wanton sheilas that parade before me and lusting.
    But no, I can’t return to that life. Instead I will offer myself up as a holy martur, just like my ancestor Thomas Bilney did. He said and I’ll repeat it: “In Jesus I trust.”

    1. Several thousand years of history suggest that whenever the tribe becomes powerful they begin to act with astonishing hubris, arrogance, and cruelty. On at least 109 occasions, it has not ended well for them.

  19. I don’t think Israel wants war. The balance of military power has moved against them and they could suffer a serious defeat that could lead to the end of Israel. BUT!!!! the enemies of Israel DO want war. That is Iran and Hezbollah, plus millions of Moslims of other nationalities who would join the cause.

    In just the past 10 years the technology available has become cheap and very clever. You can buy a powerful quadricopter drone for $1000 and use it to drop bombs on your enemy, accurately; no more bottle rockets. Rebel groups such as Hezbollah can take on the Israeli army, and win.

    Israel could not control this new situation, unless it is prepared to use nuclear weapons

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