The lack of sunspots could bring an end to Israel


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“This [sunspot activity] has the potential to erase Israel from the map regardless of one-state two-state Palestinian or not. I am planning to be around to see how this plays out. There ain’t nothing stopping this from coming.” — Gilroy Kelly

“LD, Israel is not doomed. Franklyn, the Palestinians do not need to accept a “rump” state. Both or you need to do some serious fact-checking. As is, both of you come across on this issue as sophomoric, or less.”— Gilroy Kelly

Someone (or two) needs to get their fact-checking in order.

First there is this:

“In ten years time, there will be no more Israel.”
— Henry Kissinger, October 2012”

And then there is this:

“The New York Post had quoted Kissinger as saying “In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

Those were apparently Kissinger’s exact words.”

It is funny how this non-quote is still alive. The quote is NOT FROM Henry Kissinger, it is from one of Kissinger’s aids who was talking to a gossip columnist (at the New York Post). The gossip columnist said it was told to her (by the aid) that Kissinger said it. From there, it has morphed into Kissinger quoted as saying it. Kissinger himself denies ever saying it. And yet, there it is … as if it is a direct quote from Kissinger himself.

And it was NON-QUOTED in September 2012, not October! No need to give Israel hope for an extra month they are not entitled to.

There are some rumblings suggesting Kissinger said it but it is taken out of context. What Kissinger meant was without financial and political aid, in 10 years there will be no more Israel. Either way, Kissinger denies ever saying it.


Alexander Maestrovoy writes: “Henry Kissinger’s recent statement, that in 10 years Israel will cease to exist, borders on senile. Although one of his staff members denied it, Cindy Adams from New York Post [see above] insisted: “Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.’” [Ed.]

—  §  —



And then there is this beauty:

“Sixteen US intelligence agencies … have issued an 82-page analysis entitled “Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East.””

I am going to call bovine excrement on that. (1) There is no way on this planet you are ever going to get any 3 US intel agencies to agree on anything, let alone all 16 of them! (2) At the time this report supposedly happened (also, Sept 2012 – see Kissinger above) several of those intel agencies were headed up by Zionist Jews, many with dual citizenship. There is no way on this planet any of them would allow anything disparaging about Israel to be reported. (3) As is reveled in the link LD provided:

“Gordon Duff, Editor of Veterans Today, states that he has contacted sources in the intelligence agencies that supposedly wrote the report. These sources categorically deny its existence. Common sense supports Duff: What intelligence agency personnel could get away with telling this much truth in an official document?! So what we may have here is a two-part psy-op, designed as a fund-raiser for Israel, that backfired.”

—  §  —

Now, about this:

LD: “The ultimate solution to the Jewish problem will come when the Jews get too big for their boots and Israel is finally destroyed by a hailstorm of nuclear weapons, leaving the entire country a smoldering heap of radioactive ashes.”

I disagree. Never I have I been more optimistic about a Palestinian state than I am now. Unfortunately, the Palestinians are not going to be happy about their new statehood. Abbas is already rebuffing the idea. I started to write in detail about this after reading the recent thread with that ‘thing’ created out of cobbled together multiple Franklyn posts, but thought the better of it. On this issue, Franklyn is so far out of touch with reality I felt ripped off for having spent the time to just read it.

I was interested to see how LD was going to counter-balance the Franklyn mess. Disappointingly, LD did not. LD just piled on. Both Franklyn and LD cobbled together yesterday’s musing about Israel and Palestine and one-state and two-state and used them to opine as if any of it has any relevance today. It does not. BOTH FAILED TO CONSIDER THE PRIMARY CURRENT FORCES DRIVING THE CREATION OF A NEW PALESTINIAN STATE … AND NONE OF IT IS ANTI-ISRAEL. Abbas is already objecting to what is being considered for the new Palestinian state. (How come neither Franklyn or LD shared that with us?) But it may not be Abba’s decision to make. (Or that? What’s going on there?)

—  §  —

LD: “So what would be the ideal solution to this intractable problem? It would be a One State solution in which Jews and Arabs have equal rights.”

Lots of Jews and lots of Palestinians agree with you. That may be “ideal” but it is not going to happen. Publicly, Netanyahu demands the Palestinians “recognize Israel’s right to exist!” The Palestinians did that, in writing, with the Oslo Accords. Privately, before the Palestinian leadership, Netanyahu demands they recognize Israel’s right to exist EXCLUSIVELY as a Jewish state. The Palestinians cannot do that, never will. To do so would legitimize the torture, rape, murder, and ethnic cleansing the Zionists perpetrated upon the Palestinians – the Nakba. It also leaves the 1.2 million Palestinians living in Israel as citizen out in the cold. Former Sec’y of State John Kerry (a.k.a. Hamburger Face) said Israel can either be a democracy (everyone is equal, everyone votes, as LD suggests would be ideal), or Israel can be a Jewish state (read: a politically-correct reference to the Apartheid state Israel currently is). Israel cannot be both. Either way, it presumes Israel as a single-state solution. There is another way.

Over the last several months, anytime a non-Jew (mostly Bedouins) from the Negev region in Israel went to a govt office for business (permits, licenses, etc) and had to provide their govt ID showing they are an Israeli citizen, their ID is confiscated. Instead, they are issued a residency card for a visitor. (Talk about a flagrant human rights violation!) These people are being told recognizing them (the non-Jews) as citizens of Israel was a mistake that is now being corrected. Instantly, these people cannot vote, have no representation in government, cannot hold public office, cannot get a passport, lost their freedom of movement within Israel, cannot go to Jerusalem without prior authorization … they are made a stateless people. This immediately caught my attention as it obviously supports the possibility of a Palestinian state.

—  §  —

Finally, there is this:

Data is valid for September 23, 2017

Sunspot count: 12 ∆ -10

This has the potential to erase Israel from the map regardless of one-state two-state Palestinian or not. I am planning to be around to see how this plays out. There ain’t nothing stopping this from coming.

As important as the topic of a one-state/two-state solution is, and I believe it vitally important for the 2-million Palestinians imprisoned in the Gaza, they are on the verge of becoming the largest humanitarian crisis ever on this planet’, both Franklyn and LD need to do some research to become current on this issue. LD, Israel is not doomed (by the Palestinian issue). Franklyn, the Palestinians do not need to accept a “rump” state. And both or you need to do some serious fact-checking. As is, both of you come across on this issue as sophomoric, or less.


“This has the potential to erase Israel from the map regardless of one-state two-state Palestinian or not…. There ain’t nothing stopping this from coming.”  — Gilroy Kelly

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  1. @ Gilroy Kelly

    Re. Kissinger’s statement “In 10 years time, there will be no more Israel”, you write:

    There are some rumblings suggesting Kissinger said it but it is taken out of context. What Kissinger meant was without financial and political aid, in 10 years there will be no more Israel. Either way, Kissinger denies ever saying it.

    You have suggested in your article, in tones of haughty condescension, that Lasha Darkmoon and Franklyn Ryckaert need to do some more “fact checking”. Compared to you, it would seem, they are mere “sophomores, or less”.

    You couldn’t resist that “or less”, could you?

    Right. So we have your measure now. A patronizing Mr Know All who, from your high perch as a “commenter” on this site, presumes to lecture distinguished writers like Dr Lasha Darkmoon and Franklyn Ryckaert and denounce them as “SOPHOMORES, OR LESS”.

    Such intemperate language, sir, ill becomes you. Sneers at your intellectual equals, if not your superiors, are never attractive. Especially as you have failed, in my opinion, to do any serious research yourself. You stated above that Henry Kissinger had denied making the statement. (“Kissinger denies ever saying it”). That is false, as you know. Kissinger has remained silent on the issue, neither denying nor affirming it. So it is YOU who needs to check your facts!

    A Kissinger staff member or “aide” — not “aid” as you incorrectly spell the word, not once but twice! — is reported to have denied that Kissinger ever said this. But where is the report? Can you produce it? How do we know any such “report” exists? And if so, how can we know if the report is AUTHENTIC if Kissinger has never denied making the controversial statement?

    You are therefore wrong, 100 per cent wrong, to assert that Kissinger denied making this statement; he has made no such denial. I challenge you to produce the relevant quote.

    I think you would do well to stick to sunspot activity and other such kooky conspiracy theories for the destruction of Israel. Your prediction that Israel could be destroyed by sunspot activity in the near future is probably just up your street. You mentioned 23 September 2017 as the day when Israel could be wiped out:

    Data is valid for September 23, 2017

    Sunspot count: 12 ∆ -10

    This has the potential to erase Israel from the map regardless of one-state two-state Palestinian or not. I am planning to be around to see how this plays out. There ain’t nothing stopping this from coming.

    Well, today is September 24 , sir — and Israel is still with us! It hasn’t been been destroyed by sunspot activity! — Not yet, anyway.

    1. You also spell the word “revealed” wrong in your above denunciation of Dr Darkmoon and Franklyn Ryckaert. (“As is reveled [sic] in the link LD provided.”) If I mention this minor point, it is not to split hairs or put you down. It is simply to tell you that you have no right to tell Lasha and Franklin to check their facts if you can’t even be bothered to check your own spelling.

      1. @ Grammar Fiend

        I think you are being a bit harsh to suggest that Gilroy has spelled the word “revealed” wrongly — “reveled” (sic). I’m sure that’s only a typo, GF, not a spelling mistake! 🙂

        However, I think you have a point about Gilroy’s patronizing tone. He clearly has a very high opinion of himself. That he positively oozes with condescension is an undeniable character fault. But hey, cut him some slack. None of us are perfect!

        Let’s leave Gilroy’s spelling mistakes to one side and concentrate on the issues. Much of what Gilroy says makes sense and is valid. He is definitely well-informed. It’s therefore all the more a pity that he couldn’t lay off the ad hominems and use politeness and wit to make his points.

        At one point in his article, Gilroy invokes Gordon Duff as an authority. He offers this block quote:

        “Gordon Duff, Editor of Veterans Today, states that he has contacted sources in the intelligence agencies that supposedly wrote the report. These sources categorically deny its existence. Common sense supports Duff: What intelligence agency personnel could get away with telling this much truth in an official document?! So what we may have here is a two-part psy-op, designed as a fund-raiser for Israel, that backfired.”

        Gilroy seems to be unaware that Gordon Duff is unreliable as an authority on anything. If Duff says something is so, it’s likely to be false. Veterans Today is the last place to go if you are looking for the truth. At least 40% of the articles, on Duff’s own admission, are disinfo. Complete garbage.

        So Gilroy is shooting himself in the foot by citing Gordon Duff as an authority.

      2. @ Grammar Fiend

        Very nice to see you again, you are a most positive influence.

        My apologies for the error in my comment below – I intended to write “By engineering yet more trouble in North America and Europe they MAY (may) find themselves…”

        It’s a visual phenomenon I suspect, that occurs periodically when changing lines…the mind fills in what isn’t there at the end of a sentence and line when proof reading, or something like that.

      3. @ Winston

        Thanks for the kind words. I was only dropping in briefly to make a quick point, not to stay. Your comment struck me as exceptionally well written and packed with useful information.

      4. @ Sardonicus

        This is the second time i caught you badmouthing VT and Mr.Duff.
        VT is a Journal for the Clandestine Community an elite Community within the larger Global intelligence communities.
        deceit and deception are an essential elements in the communities of spooks.
        stick to your world …..Mr.Sardonicus and quit badmouthing the good people of VT

    2. Grammar Fiend –

      Whether he’s right, or wrong, it would have also been appropriate for him to supply an explanation to the damn sunspot graph/picture. (How does that illustration furnish “evidence”???)

      1. Gilroy was not responsible for the pictures, only for the text of the article. He mentioned sunspot activity in his comment, so we supplied one of the pictures illustrating sunspot activity when we consulted Google images, inserting the phrase “sunspot activity” in the google search box. (Sr.M)

    3. So that’s what all the Sept. 23rd nonsense was about? I caught some YouTube headlines that mentioned that date but never clicked on them, thinking, rightly, that anyone who predicts that ANY DATE is the doomsday date cannot be of sound mind.

      Also, I had a chuckle when Gilroy said that: “There is no way on this planet you are ever going to get any 3 US intel agencies to agree on anything, let alone all 16 of them.” Well, that’s not what Hillary the Witch continues to believe – at least publicly. Per Hillary, it’s those damn Russians hacking the computers for Trump that cost her the election. It must be so, as ALL 16 of our Big Brother agencies say it is, even though only two or three, all under Obama’s control, even gave it a look.

      1. @Folly + Article Observation

        There is one thing 17 major and all minor US Intelligence agencies agree upon – the need for certain back engineered recovered technologies to be kept secret. Enough said. The NSA by the way was using computers with an amount of Gigabytes equal to what high end PC’s use today at the time of the Apollo 13 trouble; the requirements for secrecy left NASA scientists to try to figure things out with their sliderules, which fortunately, they did. So “normal” secrets are important as well.

        I’m not in the business of predictions. My experience has taught me that an attempted detached outlook of an observer is more accurate and productive – for me. I do totally agree with Dr. Darkmoon’s assessment, however, for a good number of reasons.

        First, many countries have fallen to far less than Nuclear Weapon attack. We needn’t go into modern day examples, they are well known for the most part, but suffice it to say Israel’s military performance of late doesn’t seem very outstanding. By engineering yet more trouble in North America and Europe they find themselves in a situation when the response to an emergency might be something like “good luck”.

        Disease as a weapon is never discussed – but trust me, it exists. Look at all the unusual deaths of microbiologists in the USA and UK, speaking of secrets…

        A calculated conventional explosion on a suitable Mediterranean landmass resulting in millions of tons of rock, soil, and debris collapsing all at once into the sea could result in a tsunami that properly designed, with a bit of luck, could wipe out much of coastal Occupied Palestine. Nature periodically does this (and more!) all on her own.

        So there are many possibilities. The radioactive skeletons found in Mohenjo Daro (“City of the Dead”) in Pakistan as well as all the remaining archeological evidence including written supplications suggest a deliberate catastrophic event of some kind. This everyone pretty much agrees on. No, not a Hiroshima type weapon – the radiation would be dispersed by now. But something like Chernoble or Fukushima can last a very long time indeed. Maybe someone lost an engine or something… Dimona is such a promising target, but an accident would work just as well. Currently over 200 Israeli scientists are demanding compensation for their survivors (many are unlikely to benefit in person) due to radioactive exposure.

        The bottom line is the track record of the Jews (and everyone else). When evil reaches a critical mass, there is an inevitable reaction sooner or later; a miscalculation in the export of terrorism, starting a war with grand expectations, even a simpler matter such as one theft too many, these are things the Zionists think they may do with impunity as frequently as they wish, wherever and whenever they wish. The counterpart of evil reaching a critical mass is Human outrage reaching a critical mass. We’ve seen this not only in Europe for centuries when self confessed ritual murderers (and other killers) are torn apart by angry mobs when it looks like corrupt officials are going to let ’em walk, but all over the world. Don’t forget Mother Nature as well.

        So, take your pick. Israel is doomed. Nothing lasts forever.

      1. Actually, Winston, the USA is doomed. Writer James Howard Kunstler calls it “The Long Emergency,” an excellent book. But when the US goes down, so will Israel, as the Jewish Supremacist state cannot exist without its protector.

  2. Planet Earth is hell already, but in a state of pending-pardon thanks to Christ Jesus’ love for others. But, that pending state of pardon is one day to reach its end and be a Furnace.

    The Sun is necessary for life on Planet Earth and at the same time might also be its doom.

    GOD clearly said that it is He Who is ultimately in control of life and death. Deut. 32:39.

    The Way Home

    The Way Home

    1. @ New Song

      “Planet Earth is hell already…”

      So when Jesus said that God so loved the world, you think he should have said for God so loved hell?

      “…one day to reach its end and be a Furnace.”

      Since Jesus did not say that, did a real jew or a fake jew say that?

  3. Methinks Gilroy is dishin’ out his own brand of bovine excrement

    I’ll stand by my inside info come hell or high water….or BOTH

  4. “This [sunspot activity] has the potential to erase Israel from the map regardless of one-state two-state Palestinian or not. I am planning to be around to see how this plays out. There ain’t nothing stopping this from coming.” — Gilroy Kelly

    HA-HA-HA…!!!! Good one..!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    If Israel were hit with sunspots of that magnitude… All of Europe and Africa and Mideast and much of Russia and China would be gone also..!!

    Sunspots are not ‘aimed’ at just one country, or even one PLANET..!! 🙂

    1. Pat, it is not the sunspots themselves … it is the LACK of sunspots. See my post below. I will looking to see if you reply with smiley faces.

      1. Gilroy –

        The same dramatic outcome applies….

        Israel would NOT be the only place affected.,!! 🙂

        Here’s a couple more smileys fer ya.. 🙂 🙂

  5. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the Sun (Surya Narayan), but were afraid to ask.

    Shrila Prabhupada: Time is compared here to a big wheel which has 360 joints, six rims in the shape of seasons, and numberless leaves in the shape of moments. It rotates on the eternal existence, Brahman. (Purport to SB 3.21.18)

    1. All life is circular, and proceeds in phases. Fruits bud, then ripen – then burst and rot, as do all things living. Children and other creatures do likewise. It is not inconceivable that our sun might do the same, at some point in time. The Grand Architect created all things to cycle in phases. “How” it is done is for Him, alone, to know…

      1. G.H.,
        We are all eternal consciousness. There has never been a time when “we” were not alive. I remember sitting in a cave (In the early 90’s) along the Thai-Laotion border. Deep into the night and deep into “Taoist-watching-the-breath” meditation, I forgot who or even what I was. At times I could project outwords and actually see “myself” sitting in meditación below. God is consciousness and has no beginning or end. We are part of this “force” and it is part of us. The Universo is infinite with countless bilions of planets and lifeforms existing in billions of (energy pulses) dimensions. Unfortunately, one evil entity has infected humanity and we dont seem capable of ridding ourselves of “it”…..the Jew. Wish I had a solution.

      1. GILROY,

        ….. and, and the Sun Spots are going to destroy Israel and the jews but spare the areas of Israel where the Palestinians live? The Sun Spots are going to destroy the Jews and not impact on the Palestinians at all? The Sun Spots know who is a joo and who is not a joo, :). Helios are a ¡HOOT!

        It’s like those Palestinian advocates who want to see Israel nuked. Like the Palestinians living in Israel-Palestine won’t be impacted if Israel were to get nuked. The jews will feel the effects of getting nuked, the Palestinians won’t feel the effects of getting nuked. Nukes, too, like Sun Spots, know who is a joo and who is not a joo, lol .

  6. As an Arab and a Muslim ,I wish no harm to the Jewish People ,Israelis or Israel.
    the thought of destruction to any nation is frightening.
    the devil in the UN ,threatened to totally destroy north Korea.
    and his ratings went up.that is so sad for the world and humanity.
    cheering up a psycho pathetic mentally deranged pos ,is a crime against humanity
    and putting that dotard in charge of the most powerful nation in the planet is a crime against God Almighty.

    1. If it is OK for the president to murder millions of North Koreans in a preemptive strike, presumably using nuclear bombs, then why does President Trump calls Islam a violent religion? Inquiring mind wants to know!

      President Trump should heed Dennis Rodman’s advice who visited North Korea many times and who got along very well with Kim Jong Un. The former American basketball player claimed that ongoing tension could ease if President Trump just meet Kim Jong Un in person.

      After all, why does President Trump single out North Korea for its nuclear program but turns a blind eyes on Israel nuclear arsenals?

      Everyone knows that Israel has developed an illegal secret nuclear weapons program that has produced hundreds of nuclear warheads, refused to sign the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty, and hasn’t allowed UN nuclear inspectors to inspect its nuclear program. Not only that, the U.S rewards Israel for it non-compliance with $10 million/day, which is illegal under US law to aid any nation that will not sign nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

      Lets not forget, last year Israel threatened the destruction of Europe if it does not stop the movement to boycott, divestment and sanction against Israel.

      President Trump who is surrounded by warmongering generals have dodged the draft 5 times is now suddenly eager to send U.S. service men and women into harm’s way and he is ready, willing and able to wipe off North Korea from the face of the earth. Having said that, I was once on a military duty with the USAF for 3 weeks in South Korea and I have a feeling Trump is bluffing. He knows that the 28,000 troops stationed south of the DMZ would be all wiped out and or taken as prisoners of war. Japan, Taiwan, and Guam will also be hit. That would be the beginning of World War III.

      1. “…If it is OK for the president to murder millions of North Koreans in a preemptive strike, presumably using nuclear bombs, then why does President Trump calls Islam a violent religion..?”

        Islam is a violent religion, that is true irrespective of the violence of any American president. The one does not cancel the other. It has to be seen if Trumps words are just that : mere words.

  7. Gil,

    As Admin commented, I did not put that graphic up there. I posted my reply in the LD’s thread about Israel being doomed. I have no idea how it ended up here. But I am glad the graphic is there. The sunspot count is on the left. You can see the sun’s 11-year solar cycle. The peeks, solar maximums, show a decline in maximum solar activity from cycle to cycle. The valleys, solar minimums, show a lowering of solar activity and a widening of the trough from cycle to cycle. The sun’s activity is slowing down.

    Sunspots are a conflict between the sun’s magnetic flux field on the surface and the magnetic flux field internal. That there are two magnetic fields for the sun was only realized a couple years ago when a British professor with 3 advanced degrees in left-hemisphere disciplines, Valentina Zharkova, attempted to model the sun using the novel idea of two separate magnetic fields instead of one big field. She hit it with 97% accuracy. Up until then, no one has been able to model the sun’s activity.

    When an area of both magnetic fields come together and are the same (+ and + … – and -) the larger field inside the sun pushed the lesser field on the surface away, creating a coronal mass ejection (CME), or sunspot. The radiation from a CME eventually reached the Earth, warming it and the bottom of the atmosphere. That is where you live, at the bottom of the atmosphere. Me too.

    The average is 150 sunspots per day. During a solar maximum the sun pushes upward of 250 sunspots. Anything below 50 sunspots and that day has a net loss of heat from the Earth. If the sun sustains less than 50 sunspots per day over a long enough period of time, the ice will come. The last time this happened was about 400 years ago, known as the Maunder Minimum. It started in the mid-1600’s and lasted until the second decade of the 1700’s. During the Maunder Minimum, if you were in London and wanted to get from one side of the Thames to the other side, you just walked across it. The entire 304 miles (or is it 306 miles) of the Thames river was frozen.

    The sun is well into the process of entering into a state of hibernation, no sunspots for a prolonged period of time, maybe decades. It started in Feb 2016. Retired NASA rocket scientist (literally), John Casey, has been studying sunspot counts for years. He thinks the coming ice age is going to be deep. He bases his theory on the history of sunspots. He said by looking at the history you can predict the future sunspot count with amazing accuracy. He is predicting no less than 30-years of hibernation.

    During the sun’s hibernation, most crops will not grow. Whatever is grown to feed to cows also will not grow. Electricity generated by hydroelectric sources will go away as the hydro part turns to ice. There will be a greater demand for fossil fuels. Fresh water may become an issue as normal rain is seriously reduced. Israel does not have the means or the space to grow the food it needs. Israel depends on exterior sources for fossil fuels. Israel always needs more fresh water. With a massive global food shortage and increased demand for fossil fuels, do you really see anyone coming to Israel’s aid? (or is it aide?) Now prolong Israel’s plight during an ice age for decades or even centuries. Israel may cease to exist.

    Casey predicts the bottom is here in 2023 or 2025. Zharkova’s model puts it closer to 2030. Either way, it is going to come on fast as it will not be a simple reduction in sunspot count, it will be a total turning off of sunspots. Cooling happens very fast. Rewarming the Earth is going to be very long and slow. As Casey put it, try to remember how warm it was in 2015. The Earth will not be that warm again for 400 years.

    Admin: ‘Sunspots Could Destroy Israel’ is not an appropriate title. Better would be ‘The Lack of Sunspots Could Bring an End to Israel’.

    1. Point taken, Gilroy. The old title has been deleted and the new title you prefer has been adopted.

      You write: “I posted my reply in the LD’s thread about Israel being doomed. I have no idea how it ended up here.”

      Well, it is generally understood that we sometimes turn well-written and pertinent comments into feature articles. We have been doing this for years. Thus the Franklin Ryckaert article, “Israel is here to stay”, is based on 4-5 separate (but related) comments written by Franklin. We have explained our policy on Comment Articles here:

      ITEM #2 :

    2. @Gilroy Kelly

      Even if your scenario is correct, it is not clear why only (or especially) Israel would be affected. To aver that only Israel will be affected (and not the whole world) is a strange form of special pleading. Anyway, the Palestinians would be equally affected, since they live in or near Israel. So no comfort for them.

      As for Israel’s future lack of energy, recently huge amounts of gas have been found in the sea before Israel’s coast. You don’t need that much space to grow your own food. Salt water can be desalinated.
      See : Scientific American, July 29, 2016 : Israel Proves the Desalination Era Is Here.

      Sorry, but I’m afraid Israel (and much of the rest of the world) still would survive.

      1. For the gas field off Israel’s coast, see :

        Excerpt :

        “According to some commentators, the gas find has the potential to change Israel’s foreign relations with neighboring countries Turkey, and Egypt.[5] Together with the nearby Tamar gas field, the Leviathan field is seen as an opportunity for Israel to become a major energy player in the Middle East.[6] As of 2017, even by conservative estimates, Leviathan holds enough gas to meet Israel’s domestic needs for 40 years.”

      2. What a great target, Franklin. For starters anyway. Undersea Gas fields. The coal mines in Pennsylvania are still burning in some areas.

      3. FR –

        I have mentioned that gas field numerous times…

        ‘Put-On’ wants to be partners with Israel for it. 🙂

        Russia wants share in Israeli gas

        ‘Put-On’ – wants to take part in the development of the Leviathan gas reservoir.

        This was not the first time that Russia has tried to strengthen its foothold in the Middle East through control of gas reservoirs. In February 2013, Gazprom, the Russian state-controlled (50.1%, with 49.9% owned by private and other investors) national gas company, signed a memorandum of understanding to buy gas produced from the Tamar reservoir through a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility. Gazprom agreed to buy three million tons of LNG a year, amounting to 4.1 BCM. The project was never implemented, among other things because the Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Resources never approved the export project.

        Russia did not give up, however. Gazprom negotiated for several months to buy up to 30% of the Leviathan reservoir. The initiative to recruit a strategic partner in the rights to the reservoir originated in the realization by the current partners that they lacked the financial capability, know-how, and connections needed to realize the huge reservoir’s potential as soon as possible.

        According to reports, other companies that expressed interest in a partnership in Leviathan included South Korean company Kogas, Chinese company CNOOC, and Australian company Woodside. Gazprom has apparently submitted the highest bid.


        Winston –

        ‘Put-On’ the, so called, great feared warrior… would kick asses… if that ‘honey-hole’ of gas HE WANTS were tampered with..!! 🙂

      4. @ Pat

        Just a thought. If you get a spare moment, suggestions of more suitable other possible targets are always welcome. Kipling wrote about American vulnerabilities (and published it) back in the day (right up to 1930 the Brits still had re-invasion plans on file – just in case).

      5. Winston –

        Thanks for the suggestions. I ran down many of those roads in past years. I had fun doing it.

        I have come to realize that many times our imaginations are greater than the abilities of those we fight.

        Also…. the controllers have a vice-grip squeeze on the globe already. Very big wars are not necessary today to keep people running scared. Just threaten their healthcare benefits and they will do what is needed to keep them.

    3. Gilroy –

      Thank you for the explanation! I realize that anyone relaying thoughts cannot fully footnote explanations, but yours is now more understandable. Thank you.
      Being close to the land, I am very cognizant of seasons and trends. According to, the Earth’s weather is recently in 50year cycles, or thereabouts. I remember my grandfather saying that back around 1915 or so, one could drive a team of horses pulling a wagon ACROSS the James River, here, in Virginia, to cut ice.
      In my lifetime, I have not experienced that cold, here; and, in fact, the winters have become noticeably milder, recently. If those sunspots recur as you predict, it won’t be only Israhell/Palestine who will suffer!


    What do sunspots have to do with Israel? Nothing. Here is the latest sunspot chart links:

    link to daily sunspots:

    link to longer sunspot charts:

    link to daily sun photos: (click on sun pics to enlarge)

    If there is a problem with sunspots or the lack of them, it is because we are going into a solar minimal cycle and that the current cycle 24 is coming to an end. What this means is cold. That means global warming is dead. What that leads to is skepticism about what the Jewish media says about “your children will not know snow”. It’s snowing like crazy in California right now.

    The end of Israel will come when the Evangelical force behind Israel dies. There is no greater evil on this planet than the alignment of Bible literalists with the Jews. All the mayhem on the planet is caused by the Jews/Zionists/CIA/MOSSAD/MI5/ banking families who get away with murder because of the widespread political support for the Zionist state.

    Israel floats on the hopes of destruction found in the Bible text. That book is the cause of the destruction and hell on earth because people believe it. Evangelists have thrown all their support behind Israel to prove the Bible true, they want Armageddon so Jesus returns.

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      “Israel floats on the hopes of destruction found in the Bible text. That book is the cause of the destruction and hell on earth because people believe it. Evangelists have thrown all their support behind Israel to prove the Bible true, they want Armageddon so Jesus returns.”

      I agree. Only jews believe that they can force God’s hand with lies. Evangelicals are jews without the worldly perks that think they are following the teachings of Jesus.

    2. The end of Israel will come when the “masters of the universe” dictate, or this is their plan at any rate.

      And even with their dictat succeeding, it will prove to be short-lived, to end perhaps after solar flares, or a reasonable facsimile totally screw up all the electromagnetics on the planet and render this whole shithouse of a financial system utterly useless.

  9. Pilots will verify the “tilting” of Earth’s axis, which is evident the closer one flies toward the Arctic circle. In fact, when flying into airports in the northern United States, markers have varied two degrees during the past decade.
    This is an explanation for the polar icecap melting – It tilts its edge closer toward the sun during its revolution. (NOTHING can be done about it with Al Gore’s “carbon taxes”! haha)
    The “tilting” is said to be caused by proximity of asteroid traffic, disturbing the magnetic field.

    1. Last I looked, the FAA has been physically realigning directional runway numbers as far south as Oregon to address this magnetic pole-shift, these would be the “markers” referred to by Mr. Huntly. No doubt runway numbers in the Southern hemisphere are undergoing the same alterations.

  10. In 10 years there will be no more Israel.

    This statement should have Occam’s razor applied to it. It’s the “forest for the tree,” when one examines the larger picture. Therefore, the first question on this statement should be as follows: Why would Kissinger make such a statement, as it makes no sense for him to use language like this. Cui Bono, who benefits from such a statement, to what end would such a statement made?

    Jews are master wordsmiths. Unlike stupid, brain-dead, goyim politicians like McCain, Jews choose their words with great care, constructing carefully worded statements to achieve specific ends. To what end would such a statement serve the Jew’s agenda? Note Kissinger is a true insider, chosen by the Rothschild power structure to represent their wishes. This was the same case with the master of economic gibberish, Alan Greenspan, an expert at talking endlessly, while saying nothing of any real substance.

    Jews use words as deadly weapons and are therefore very specific in the manner in which they target their victims with verbal assaults. Why would Kissinger make the Rothschild’s chosen state a target for extinction? (Note how the interviewer wears a Yarmulke while “Lord” Rothschild does not. This obvious visual contrast indicates the darkest of all lords rises above primitive Judaic religious beliefs)

    Jews like Kissinger are chosen for their careful adherence to, and advancement of, the Jew’s global agenda. By contrast, his comment about military men being “dumb stupid animals” makes perfect sense. This is the arrogant Jew simply expressing his Jew-centric views of the “useful idiot” goyim supporting their psychopathic insanity.

    Anyone doubting Kissinger would make this statement about military men, need only to observe how Jew’s portray white men in their media to find perfect alignment with Kissinger’s view on the matter. Jews are an insane race of arrogant psychopaths who frequently make statements exhibiting this racial trait. Take for example these genocidal quotes”

    “Abolish the White Race – By Any Means Necessary” “The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the White race.”

    “Treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity.”

    “We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”

    “The goal of abolishing the White race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed White supremacists.” – Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Professor.

    Speaking during an interview which was published in Jerusalem Friday, Professor Martin Van Creveld said Israel had the capability of hitting most European capitals with nuclear weapons. “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force.”

    By this one can see Kissinger’s statement about military men stands in perfect alignment with their views about the hated white race in general. Contrasting Kissinger’s alleged statement about Israel with the overall tone of other statements made by Jews, reveals no alignment with overall Jewish sentiment. However, another question arises, to wit: what might be the reason for crediting this statement to Kissinger in the first place?

    Jewish words to ponder:

    The enemy resembles us. Therefore, he needs to be approached not as an assembly of ‘targets’ to be destroyed one by one; but as a living, intelligent entity capable of acting and reacting. – Martin Van Creveld

    Apply this statement to the fractured white culture and its decayed social structure, does this make any sense? Now apply the statement to Jews, is it not a perfect fit? In these words, one finds the Jew describing a critical fact about Jews by inaccurately projecting them unto their hated enemy.

    1. Arch

      Consider that it is this very arrogance that doesn’t give a shit about what could be perceived as Kissinger spilling the beans. That it is all incidental and of no consequence what this bagboy for the higher echelon jews has to say.

      They don’t need to be THAT careful

      1. The point is why would any Jew desire or portend the demise of the Jew’s preeminent, university of higher criminality? After all look at the power and effort devoted to establishing that “shitty little country.”

      2. Arch

        MY point, for which I’ve been laboring on these these threads for months now, is that there are “layers” of jewry at work here. Jews on lower echelons are like worker ants doin their little jew jobs with no idea of what’s being planned by the overseeing jews with the master plan

        You could say Kissinger is a go-between whose only allegiance is to this higher echelon callin the shots

        Conventional logic need not apply when it comes to the deception of the protocols

  11. Yes, Kissinger has wasted all the dumb Goyims’ time on this website by his crafty use of an Hegelian dialectic; and that’s only if he made the statement. Kissinger is simply being an “Oh, you hypocrite”, and is playing the patient 2 steps back, 1 step forward game. He is a RedShield Jew through and through and he knows Israel will soon build the Third Temple and that Jerusalem will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind. The Jews are eaxactly on track, despite many commentators here being caught up in the miniature of corrupt American politics and the Jewish dialectic. Why waste time on the sunspot crap, which is about as intelligent as David Icke’s proposal that the all-controlling lizards live on the dark side of the moon? C’mon all you pseudo-intellectuals, what is your solution to Henry Ford’s “Jewish Question” which he MIGHT have written in the Dearborn chronicles? Nuke Israel? Nuke New York? Or demand equal opportunity in the Fed? Obviously none of you are intelligent enough to escape your Jewish straitjackets to understand a word I am talking about. It is the Jewish Money Power that makes Jews all-powerful!

    1. Yes, that’s the quintissential dialectic at work, Arch! The act of Jews “inaccurately projecting” facts or half-truths into the clapped out domain of their “hated enemy”, the beastly, brutalised, yahoo Goyim. Mr Kissinger, the famous American statesman, has sucked all you beasties in! The Jews are always one step ahead of all you innocent yahoos! You all read their media releases like lemmings.

      1. Don’t forget the many crypto-jews posing as ‘ christians’ a jewish invention as islam a jewish invention. As long as the goyim don’t want to admit they have been brainwashed by the jewish myths nothing will change. The goyim like to talk about the jewish question but never take smart action. When they get ‘organised’ they are bait for the jews who organised Charlottesville with the many jews in the so called ‘ alt-right’. Stupid goyim. Even Lasha doesn’t organise anything. How come?

    2. Max

      Not all are in your “strait” jackets. (or you could call em “Dardanelles”, or “Bosporus” jackets) (:>)

      And as far as Kissinger is concerned, he isn’t crafty enough to think in terms of the Hegelian dialectic. He is simply a fatalist insider reporting on what the REAL crafty ones are up to. Those who are foolin’ even YOU, oh eminently wise one! (:>)

      Don’t be surprised if the seat of the “Supreme Court of mankind” is actually planned for Baghdad – the new “Babylonia-on the Tigris”

  12. Fuck sun spots, fuck the pope and the IRA and fuck the Jews. See you all in hell, I’ll be waiting with my hammer. Fe Godwn Ni Eto.

  13. A fine example of the use of the Jews’ political correctness has just left the mouth of a leading Australiam imam: He said: “Women only have 25% of men’s brainpower.” He justified his statement by adding: “We are allowed a diversity of opinion in our multicultural Australia.” His record shows that any abuse of his women folk in burkas is construed as a denial of religious freedom and is racism. My only area of agreement is that the many bimbos I attract have the brains of 7 year olds and only want the obvious as well as the cheap trinketry I offer them.

    1. (OFF-TOPIC)

      Yes, dear Max, we get the message! Like so many other men on this infuriating commentariat, you project the image of a hardened misogynist with a soft spot for female beauty but with a parallel contempt for female brain power. At best, most women are seen by men like you as pretty little airheads — fit for nothing but the pleasures of the bedchamber, provided they are young and suitably voluptuous. All this troglodyte sexism is reminiscent of Nietzsche’s fine words in Thus Spake Zarathustra:

      Two things true man desireth: danger and play. Therefore desireth he woman as the most dangerous of playthings.

      Man shall be trained for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior: all else is folly.

      Thou goest to women? Remember thy whip!

      Fine words! My only sad comment is: Where are all these great “warriors”? Most of the men I meet in daily life are not exactly paragons of manhood or superior intelligence. Their conversation is often stilted. Their overweight physiques seldom achieve perfection. Their garlicky and beer-laden breaths all too often lack the ideal fragrance. Such are the limitations of reality!

      Believe me, dear Max, for every pathetic woman you see around you,
      I see just as many pathetic men. Good men, like good women, are as rare as pearls.

      1. Touché Lasha. Whilst men were created to be superior to women, both physically and mentally, and yes, spiritually too, like mostly everyone else they fall short of perfection.

        Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven IS perfect.

      2. I disagree with Nietzsche. Why would a man bring a whip to a woman, knowing she’s simply going to take it away and use it on him?
        Ohhhh, am I missing something? (lol)

      3. I agree wiith Newsong below! She correctly says ” men were created (by God) to be superior to women” in the most general sense. I can’t help it if I have a healthy sexual appetite; and with the huge numbers of Miley Cyrus , immoral, sexually orientated, nude nuts around these days, I have many dalliances. But the business world I live in is generated by man power, with a few token female heads of departments. Most of these women are very easy to chamberise. That is because feminism got it all wrong when the likes of the prostitute Jew, Betty Friedan and the crazy, sex-charged, former groupie Ms Greer started her rubbish abour Marxism coming willy nilly in a feminist society. The famous Clara Zetkin hated these careerist, hypocritical, sluttish, power orientated women, as does Camille Paglia. I love Nesta Webster, Clara, Camille, etc, and you too LD. I would respect your type and have just married a highly capable, intelligent woman – beautiful too – of the non man hating- type. Of course lots of men are arseholes, like lots of women! My only weakness is I travel alone a lot and the women line up in the bars. Even on a recent visit to Iran a woman in a burka flashed her long leg at me and when I saw the red nail polish I knew I had an exotic belly dancer underneath the burka. I spent 2 days in heaven. I have discovered that underneath those burkas the pretty young women are often decked out in sexy Western fashion clothes and full make up.

    2. @ New Song
      God Created Adam First then from Adam’s ribs Created Eve to be his companion,friend ,lover and wife and to enable the human race to continue through their off springs.
      having said that ,they complement and complete each other.
      brain power has nothing to do with gender
      there has been great female leaders through out history in all fields
      Spiritually, Rābiʿa al-ʿAdawiyya al-Qaysiyya (Arabic: رابعة العدوية القيسية‎‎) (714/717/718 — 801 CE) was a Muslim saint and Sufi mystic. She is known in some parts of the world as Hazrat Bibi Rabia Basri, or simply Rabia Basri.
      She is one of my heroes ,her teachings and poetry shaped my outlook to life and the spiritual world ,and the depth of everlasting inner peace and Love of our Creator.God Almighty.

  14. I claim to be no “expert” on sunspots, but there is a school of thought that says that during sunspot minimals, gamma rays reaching earth increases that cause the oceans to heat up more than normal resulting in more intense hurricanes and typhoons. I guess it depends on how someone views things. I really could careless about it since there is nothing I can do about it. Life goes on one day at a time so I intend to live each day as best as I can.

    It appears to me that no one knows what causes weather on this planet. Obviously the sun is the major player and, as much as they would like for us to believe, they really do not have a clue what is going on in and around the sun. As Pat likes to say, they are guessing which is why everything they say is a theory, not a fact. Magnetic fluctuations have effects, but no one knows exactly what the whole effect is involving the sun and other sun orbiting bodies. Some say that volcanoes respond to magnetic effects that cause cooling when they erupt by putting tremendous amounts of material into the atmosphere. I am sure that gravity, supposedly responding to magnetic field fluctuations, has an effect on the weather. Unfortunately, we do not even know what gravity is, just that it is when mass is present, sounds Godly in that respect.

    The latest fear mongering is that the weather is being engineered by militaries. No need to “duck and cover,” just be fearful and obedient to the “ultimate power” of governments. I jokingly tell people that you will be able to tell when weather is engineered because you will see hail stones the size of school buses falling out of the sky. Governments have a strong tendency to screw up whatever it touches.

    As for Israel, it will exist until the jews overplay their hand enough to cause their supporting countries to say, who cares? Parasites cannot exist without a host. Israel already has a jewish population problem. More jews are leaving than are showing up. Even some jews do not like the jewish government in Israel.

    1. “…Unfortunately, we do not even know what gravity is, just that it is when mass is present,..”

      Gravity is simply the attraction between masses. If I throw a stone up in the air, then the stone will attract the earth and the earth will attract the stone. Since the earth has more mass than the stone, the stone will be attracted to the earth, i.e. “fall down”.

      1. I don’t think I can accept your premise. The only real proof would be if the experiment used Jews and a rope, only then might one say this with any certainty.

      2. FR –

        “Simply,” you say..!!

        Have some Roche, then:

        Within the Roche limit the mass’s own gravity can no longer withstand the tidal forces, and the smaller body “simply” DISINTEGRATES.!!

        We really do not know exactly what will happen when two large heavenly bodies come close… BECAUSE we cannot determine the DENSITIES of the planets/satellites…. since we cannot weigh them to determine their mass based on their composition, which is also unknown….
        ….just like the fake MOON ROCKS at NASA. 🙂


        If they want to destroy a small planet…. just “simply” use nukes, instead….. if they can get there. And they cannot do either. 🙂

      3. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        What you describe is the law of gravity as we know it on this planet, not gravity. Gravity appears to be a form of energy, but the theories just keep flowing. As an example, at close to absolute zero temperature, the law of gravity, as we assume it to be, appears questionable.

        Personally, I do not care what gravity actually is. I’m willing to accept the law of gravity since I do not plan on taking any trips to other planets or spaces in between. Consequently, I do not climb vertical cliffs for fun and am quite careful when on a slanted roof.

  15. Observe the ” merry go round “, the vicious circle.

    Coming soon, “The New Jerusalem”, book your seats and observe the unfolding drama as the curse is removed.

    The lack of faith will bring an end to ‘ Israel ‘, ushering in the real Israel.

  16. Regarding the alleged Kissenger comment, it could become true in the same sense that Sweden and France for example, no longer exist, subsumed and replaced by the European Union. The latest French president twerp said as much in a recent speech.

    If Israel (and all nations) were subsumed and absorbed by a Global Government, then the statement would be true.

    About the destruction of Israel, I have fairly carefully read the last two articles, but did not find reference to Hezbollah’s 150 to 200 thousand guided missiles. 300 or so launched simultaneously to hit Israel’s two nuclear installations would render that land uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. The only trouble for Palestinians would be finding a home in the Middle East. No one there seems to welcome their brothers.

    1. “…If Israel (and all nations) were subsumed and absorbed by a Global Government, then the statement would be true…”

      That Global Government will be formed by Jews (and their shabbos goys) and Israel will not be “absorbed” by it but will be its center. Israel’s Supreme Court, built by the Rothschilds and full of masonic symbols, is supposed to be court that will “judge the nations”.

      1. Franklin Ryckaert, you are talking about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. If you believe that such a plan is feasible, then you know very little about the human mind and psychology. Those lunatics may create a lot of unnecessary chaos and destruction, though.

      2. In a legal sense Israel would be absorbed. Agreed, the controllers and their location would remain the same.

      3. @Snez
        I described their plan, which is real. Whether it will succeed is another question.

      4. SNEZ

        If you believe that such a plan is feasible, then you know very little about the human mind and psychology.

        “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

        1. CAGW
        2. 911 Official story
        3. Kennedy assasination official story
        4. Hitler gassed 6 million Jews
        5. Overpopulation doomsday.
        6.Children and family are an expensive and bothersome burden.
        7.257 types of gender.

        Global Government is good for you, through Agenda21, is an easy touchdown.

      5. Flan O’Brian, of the 6 things you’ve listed, I used to believe only number 4, and now, not even that. Quite a few people never believed any of those things, and more and more people disbelieve them, and distrust their governments, media and education. In 2005, when the US army was given a questionnaire [of course, Bush knew it] to fill out, to the questions if they would join the UN army, if they would shoot at their own citizens and similar globalist cues, the answers were negative without hesitation. What were they expecting? I know only one person who thinks that a global government would be good for people, and he is an indoctrinated mason!

      6. Hope you are right SNEZ. The clincher for me is the blind belief in CAGW. If that lie can have massive support, so can Global Government (GG) being good for you. All Trump needs to do to achieve this is set off a minor nuke exchange in Asia. Korea/Japan or India/Pakistan, for example. People will be clamoring for the GG’s to save them from the engineered horror and they will deliver nuke disarmament at the expense of creating GG.

  17. what kind of sunspots, bright ones or the dark ones?
    one would think that the effects would not be identical.

    6 million jews including kissinger want to know.
    also caroline glick needs to choose the right facial cream for those reptilian scales while basking on the mudflats by the rivers of babylon.

    1. LOL!!
      Great response from your Minor Deputy to CG’s spokesperson! (Israel Doomed – near the end of comments) The discussion is almost always livelier, and usually more amusing, when you’re in it.

  18. Lobro, here is something for you. I hope you won’t get too upset because it’s sickening.
    AfD deputy chair Beatrix von Storch tells ‘The Jerusalem Report’ that Israel could be a role model for Germany.
    Keeping in mind that Israel’s foundation is rooted in solid ideology ‒ Zionism ‒ a comparison can be made. Von Storch takes note of that in the context of Germany’s relation with its Muslim community.
    “Israel could be a role model for Germany,” she says. “Israel is a democracy that has a free and pluralistic society. Israel also makes efforts to preserve its unique culture and traditions. The same should be possible for Germany and any other nation.”

    1. thanks, snez, looks like the deutsche mohel cuts a swath a bit too wide on day 8, testicles scraped off along with foreskin, aftskin, Theodore Kaufman’s prophecy come true.

      And it will make the future conchita’s sex change easier, so everyone is happy, except antisemites, between “far right” philosemites and “far left” antifa, where do we call home?

      Help, sweet caroline!

  19. Israel is scared of AfD activity more than sunspot activity. 🙂

    Jews around world concerned by far-right breakthrough in German election

    BRUSSELS/BERLIN (Reuters) – Jewish groups in Europe and the United States expressed alarm on Sunday at the far-right Alternative for Germany’s success in Germany’s parliamentary election and urged other parties not to form an alliance with the AfD.

    Early projections gave the AfD 13.5 percent of the vote, allowing it to enter the Bundestag for the first time, as Germany’s third-biggest party.

    The far-right has not been represented in parliament since the 1950s, a reflection of Germany’s efforts to distance itself from the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust.

    1. I like AfD..!! 🙂

      In May 2016, the AfD adopted a policy platform based upon opposition to Islam. It calls for the ban of Islamic symbols including burkhas, minarets and the call to prayer, using the slogan “Islam is not a part of Germany”.

      AfD approved a platform which urges Germany to close its borders to asylum applicants and end sanctions on Russia. (I like Russia cheap labor)

      AfD wants to leave the EU if Berlin fails to retrieve national sovereignty from Brussels.

      They also want to amend the country’s constitution to allow people born to non-German parents to have their German citizenship revoked if they commit serious crimes.

  20. Forget about lack of sunspots!

    How about lack of honesty, justice, equality, humanity, etc., etc., etc.? THAT will be the end of that criminal TERRORIST state known as Israel which IS NOT REAL!

    2020 is also 6 years from 2014 when their last orgy of genocide against the Palestinians occurred. And 12 years from that other one in 2008 . . .

  21. The sun and sunspots are the main source of HEAT and radiation in the Thermosphere…. and beyond. The temperature there reaches over 3600 Degrees Fahrenheit.

    That high temperature would have totally melted the space vehicles on the way to the moon…. even before leaving the upper atmospheres..!! 🙂

    That high temperature would have melted the FAKE Hubble also..!! 🙂


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