The Mainstream Media’s Comeuppance



Yesterday, a garbage-filled, liberal website posted lies, misinformation and libel in a weak, vulgar attempt to slander our incoming President. The progressive cable network, CNN, jumped on board immediately and spent their day on air slandering Donald Trump and others.

Today, President-Elect Donald Trump held his first press conference since winning the Presidency last November 8th. Where was the candidate Donald Trump who had responded rapidly to insults and was more excitable, boisterous and insulting? He was not needed.

Today, the American people saw the wisdom in their decision to make Donald Trump America’s 45th President.

His intelligence, grasp of issues and calm manner deflated the media.

Their tactic has been muckraking, repeatedly throwing lies, half-truths and questions at politicians. Their strategy was that if you repeat something frequently enough, the non-thinking, non-analytic audience would believe the lies and innuendos. Using that tactic and strategy, elite politicians in America’s recent history lost and the elite media won. Politicians would stumble over words, utter things never meant to be said and on occasion, unintentionally speak truth.

But, Donald Trump was the Conductor today.

The media’s ignorance of the United States Constitution and her laws became glaringly clear when they had no questions about what President-elect Trump is doing to distance himself from the magnificent, all-American enterprise that he has built.

The attorney with Morgan, Lewis and Bockius shut them down by citing the original law and its amendment that clearly states that United States Presidents are not required to separate themselves from their businesses and financial holdings as other, elected officials must. She then outlined all of the non-required steps our new President is taking to show Americans that his energy and actions for the next eight years will focus on what is good for the American people and to “Make America Great Again”.

At the event’s conclusion, Mr. Trump said that after eight years, he will review his enterprise and either say, “Good job!” to his surrogates or say “You’re fired!”

The media will eventually learn, or not, that events like today’s and Donald Trump’s tweets are what Americans are using and will continue to use to evaluate the 45th President.

We no longer need the lying mainstream media with its fake news to tell us what to believe. What we hear or read and what it means need no longer be filtered to us through the distorting lens of the mainstream media.  Sooner rather than later, Americans are likely to tell this mendacious media, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

The media came into that press conference with muckraking as their intended goal. Instead, they were given their comeuppance and raked over the coals by our new President.

Good job, Mr President! Happy 2017-2024!

Kathleen M. Dynan

27 thoughts to “The Mainstream Media’s Comeuppance”

  1. The take away here is do not be distracted by a “news” story or commentary here and there, attempting to generalize his motives and plans from a single source of some correlation propounded but unverified.

    Better to judge Trump not on the peripheral but the central: what is he accomplishing. Keep it simple,

  2. I LIKE this article – but what do the dates “2017-3024” mean? Is it simply a typo for 2024, or am I missing something?

    1. You know he has been called the new Hitler by jewish media. Maybe they were more right than they themselves thought and his reich will in fact last a thousand years? LOL

  3. …and the question being asked by the uninformed and unaware, why are they doing this to Trump??

    1. @ Peter

      Me too!

      I happen to catch Trump’s press conference when I sat down to have lunch. Since I watch very little of MSM, I was not aware of what sparked Trump’s confrontation with CNN until I read Yoichi Shimatsu’s explanation in the first part of his PizzaGate9 article at this link titled “A Cloud Over Amazon-WaPo (& Trumped-Up In Moscow) – PizzaGate 9”

    2. good link ung, in sequel to my debate with lorn on another thread, who steadfastly makes blanket accusations against christianity without providing material or documentary evidence (there is nothing preventing him from furnishing at least some of it, let’s look and judge), your link says the following, among others (a closer look at jeff bezos operation)

      Marty Baron, executive editor of the Bezos-owned Washington Post …

      Baron’s worst offense against press freedom was to publish “The List”of state-targeted online news sites during the White House crackdown on Pizzagate coverage.

      Double Standard on Pedophilia

      [how many times must i forcibly point out jew’s attitude to christianity and his neverending fear and hate as the best indicator of its value? Lorn insists that jew is the greatest beneficiary of christianity as an institution, then why all of this? – lobro … all i wish is for some sense to seep through between the cracks]

      Baron was famously quoted in “Spotlight” as saying: “We (investigative journaists) need to focus on the institution, not the individual priests.”
      When the institution in question is the Democratic Party with its wealthy Jewish funders and White House officials rather than Catholic clerics, editor Baron showed zero crusading zeal and, to the contrary, rallied to their defense against allegations from citizen researchers.

      Ultra-religious sentiment cannot be denied as a factor in Baron’s editorial judgment.. His Orthodox Jewish father, Heinz “Howard” Naftali Baron, a Berlin-born Polish Jew, and mother, Rebecca Zimmerman, left Germany in 1936 to immigrate to Israel in an era of Zionist scorn for the Vatican’s cooperation with Nazi-led Germany. Pizzagate, in contrast, was an equal-opportunity scandal, with allegations against Jews as well Christians and Hindus.

      Beside religious affiliation, there also appear to have been factors of political fealty to intelligence agencies. Heinz Baron and his wife immigrated in 1954 to Davis Island in Tampa, which hosted the airstrip for Coastal Patrol Base 13 of the Civil Air Patrol (since renamed the Peter O. Knight Airport). The backwater airfield was also a jumping-off point for gangsters and shills for Meyer Lanksky’s casinos in Havana. Here it should be noted that the Baron family in Ulanow, Poland, were innkeepers and bartenders aka mobsters. Located where he was,
      [again, i always emphasize that castro and the cuban revolution was an autonomous, genuine event that in no way served jew’s interests but assorted yanks here just can’t seem to get it through the head bones – lobro]

      anyway, just for Lasha and DM staff to understand who is the enemy that placed DM on the 200 hit list.

      1. @ Lobro

        Thanks for this brilliant comment, Lobro! Extremely useful. No wonder LD values your expertise so highly.

        @ Pat

        Many thanks, too, to Pat for his link to the Victor Ostrovsky material on sayanim. I’ve copied and pasted that entire document on Evernote for printing out and handing in person to LD for leisure time reading. (She prefers reading things on paper).

        1. Anyone grabbing sister’s pussy today, her Dream of Dreams, was there A Miracle today maybe, or is she still a frustrated unhappy unfulfilled nasty mean twat because she can’t get any dick, nothing.

  4. “If I was literally hiding from some sort of evil empire, but we live in the real world where . . . where . . . Holy Shit! Donald – fucking – Trump will be the most powerful man on the planet next week, Holy Shit! Never mind this “hidden” base is not far or cold enough to protect us from this new Hitler.” – Quote from a 42 year old, white, American male, living (working) in Canada.

    Is it real – or is it Jeworex?
    Kahanist Won’t Defend Montana Jews Against Neo-Nazi March.

    Sam Kestenbaum – January 6, 2017. Forward

    Supporters of the far-right Jewish Defense League, an extremist group angling for a resurgence in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, say they are sympathetic to the white nationalism of the “alt-right” — and have no plans to push back against an anti-Jewish march planned in Whitefish, Montana by a neo-Nazi.

    At a New York event for the late JDL leader Meir Kahane, organizer Jonathan Stern told Haaretz that “alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer was “a white nationalist who stands up for white people and there is nothing wrong with that.”

    Stern also said the group has no plans to support activists there ahead of a planned neo-Nazi march, scheduled for later this month. It is still unclear whether the march will actually materialize.

    In Whitefish, Spencer’s hometown, liberal activists, including Jews, have organized for years against white supremacists — particularly as the “alt-right” has gained momentum. Spencer’s family owns property here and some locals urged Spencer’s mother to sell her property and denounce her son’s brand of white supremacy.

    The “alt-right” and neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer views this as a sinister Jewish plot is organizing an anti-Jewish armed march in Whitefish to coincide with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 16.

    Spencer and the neo-Nazi website cast Spencer and his family as the true victims, the targets of left-wing activists.

    Kahane sympathizer Stern called the activist group in Whitefish “a liberal organization” that was “intimidating” Spencer’s mother. “I think that was very low,” he said.

    Stern said that there was no budget for Kahanist activists in New York to get there and said there have been no attempts to reach out to Jews in Whitefish.

    “So they provoked this guy, and now there is all this response, by white people, and white supremacists, and neo Nazis, and they want to march in the Jewish Community,” Stern said.

    “And so I’m trying to figure out what is going on, because if Jews are being targeted, we need to stand up for them. But if this is a response to a liberal organization, it’s a different story,” Stern said. “They started it, let them deal with the consequences.”


    White people against white leadership? Jews for white people? Apparently, without my knowledge, I have been transported to Superman’s Bizarro World.

    I cannot tell if I’m awake yet, but the news here is definitely not what I used to hear on earth. They have the same political parties though. So far it’s been an interesting trip. This place is way beyond Alice’s looking glass. Still, I’m dreaming of home.

  5. Great title and hopefully a growing process. Unmentioned are the players behind MSM, various parties who create and slant news to suit their whim. Here in NY, many of us have referred to the media for decades with the same description as Hollywood – the jewish media. Is it anti semitic? Given the realities described by one jewish author very blandly as “a world of their own”, it’s merely describing – what is. Of greater concern are the realities of a hostile foreign power both controlling and running the agenda to the detriment of the USA and it’s allies in the civilized world (well, relatively civilized of course) through the Intelligence and Security agencies. Let us not forget the well known publicly stated quote from an American Intelligence career professional describing journalists as ‘available for less than a call girl’. His words, not mine. Today, the President elect and citizens of the USA and the rest of the world are expected to believe without the slightest shreds of proof the crudest fabrications and blatant lies presented by the highest ranking career Intelligence professionals. I use the word professional in the sense of “being Paid to work in Agencies”, certainly not in the sense of any distinction in their current performance, which is directly opposed to the interests of the Nation they have sworn to serve. Then, there will always be 9/11… Intelligence Service is vital, critical to the survival of any nation. When it has sunk to this level, we really must demand better. The press-titutes can then follow their real masters toward rebuilding some credibility, and the nation and the World will be far better served.

  6. @ WINSTON
    Great quote!
    “Intelligence career professional describing journalists as ‘available for less than a call girl’…”
    But understandable given that ‘call girls’ have something actually good to offer, unlike the whores who pretend to be journalists.

  7. To fully comprehend the influencers and determiners of the sensate World, one has to have a point of reference and understanding of the loci of power-who really is running things and controls those that are the vestiges only of power.

    It is called the Deep State, the permanent elite group of finance and their sinew and bone in government and influential NGOs, with the powerful propaganda mechanisms of mass media, academia, arts, and so on. It amounts to the buying and selling of persons, in order to create a new feudalism, an elite with pre-Napoleonic power and command ability. Known as the Landed Gentry, there was only the tiny slice of this top strudel layer
    crust-and then there was “everybody else”.

    This is the prism that allows one to see the different hues and colors of light hiding behind the integral white light. And even those frequencies beyond the visible spectrum, infra-red and ultra-violet, they constitute and immense influence on humankind.

    1. The Deep State, continued>

      The symbiosis and synergy between the Billionaire Jews and the intelligence services of nations is at the breaking point, or inflection point, where new STATE apparatuses are combined and co-ordinated that will make it impossible for individuals (see Lobro’s excellent comment on the powerlessness of one against the Hive) to be able to be individuals ever again.

      What has been breached-in the Alternative Media only-is the degree of collusion in the form of data mining and gathering on citizens by “private” corporations and the intelligence services of the United States, but really of all advanced and industrial countries. What has been revealed? Jew run companies, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, Microsoft (virtual Jew Bill Gates turned by Warren Buffet) are working hand in hand as if one entity or tentacle snakes of a Hydra-like creature.

      Today’s individual, average Joe, John Q. Public is one at least 200 different private and governmental databases. Everything you do, every purchase you make, every phone call, email, THIS COMMENT, is recorded and given shared access for the purpose of weakening you and making the few stronger. You have no privacy left. General David Petraeus gleefully gushed at a public interview that every electronic device will have a chipset that records usage and can transmit via the power line to a prevailing authority. Electronic chips can have deeply embedded code that mines and reports actions-as several Made in China chips have been so discovered, for use in industrial espionage.

      Here is a perfect example:

      The CIA gives Amazon $600 million to built out some internet platform for it. An inflated price with a built in gratuity for some dirty work for The Cause. The CIA is supposed to be a covert organization forbidden to spy domestically on American citizens.

      While these and further ramifications have been exposed here on DM, it is worth repeating that these amoral, contra humanity, usurping of rights always involve Jews or some number or contribution. Just look back behind the walls, curtains, partitions, and facades.

      What can you the individual, or your puny Right Wing, Alt-Right, Libertarian organizations do against this behemoth, this leviathan? The answer is: nothing. You don’t have a chance. Donald Trump is the only realistic hope of a counter force against this steamroller, realistically and empirically speaking. There is no such other animal capable of tackling this Davos, Bilderberg, Tri-Lateral, etc, etc, beast in the ring.

      The Chinese government has decided to go Global, believing it can dominate the fragmented Globalist forces and synergize and co-dominate with the Jews. It’s a big gamble. Only a strong alliance with Russia and Putin can America as an ideal survive, along with some Euro-stragglers that may secede from the Politburo, Central Committee aka European Jewnion.

  8. Trump and Snowden use Twitter…. NOT MSM..!! That’s BIG-TIME “comeuppance”..!!

    “Take that, you dirty MSM..!!” 🙂

    Trump and his Administration will have more eavesdropping tools than the current President.

    The Obama administration just handed even more power to the incoming Trump administration to invade the privacy of American citizens. The recent approval of new procedures for an existing executive order will allow the NSA to share the private data it collects with all 16 agencies of the United States intelligence community. The 23-page outline of the new procedures lifts previous limits placed on the way information was filtered before being disseminated to individual agencies.

    “As he hands the White House to Trump, Obama just unchained NSA from basic limits on passing raw intercepts to others,” NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden tweeted Thursday.

    —-Edward Snowden Verified account ‏@Snowden—
    8:54 AM – 12 Jan 2017
    “As he hands the White House to Trump, Obama just unchained NSA from basic limits on passing raw intercepts to others”

    Gone are the already flimsy privacy protections that required NSA analysts to review data before handing it over to other agencies like the CIA, DEA, DHS, or others.

    Whereas prior restrictions required analysts to shield the identities of innocent parties and other personal data before sharing only the information deemed pertinent, there are now no filters whatsoever.

    Trump’s cadre will say, “It’s OK now….!! All good now…!! Good to go…!! MY ‘sumbitch’ is in there…!! He luvs America.. He can spy on ME anytime he wants to…!!” 🙂 🙂

    Remember…. Obama-Care was designed as an excuse to get more people into the systems…. the insurance and surveillance and tracking systems. They begged to be in there…. and they ARE… Ooooops..!!

    1. Donald J. Trump Verified account
      5:14 AM – 14 Jan 2017



      OANN = One America News Network =

      One America News Network is owned by Herring Networks, Inc. Herring Networks, Inc. is a family owned and operated, independent media company focused on providing high quality national television programming to consumers via its national cable networks. The for-profit company was established in 2004 and has its primary production operations in California and Washington, DC.

  9. Millions are saying and signing “NO” to MSM…!!

    Edward Snowden Verified [email protected]
    9:26 AM – 13 Jan 2017

    “The world’s top human rights groups just delivered over ONE MILLION signatures to Obama. For once, I have no words.”

    On January 13, 2017, the Pardon Snowden campaign delivered more than 1 million signatures to the White House, from people asking President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden. This letter, from the heads of the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch, accompanied the signatures.

    1. They pardoned Jew traitor Johnathan Pollard, so why not Snowden? Of course all Snowden has are signatures, Pollard had Jew financing and power behind his pardon.

      As for social media, it’s hard to believe people cannot see the data mining that goes on with these networks designed to appeal to one’s vanity. When face book first came on the scene, I advised all my clients to stay away from it, and any other similar program. Sadly few listen as peer groups speak far louder than intellect.

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