The Manchester Terror Attack — ‘Why Do They Hate Us So Much?’

My own immediate reactions to this latest terrorist attack are mixed. The less I say the better. So I invite commentary from our readers. Feel free to express your thoughts and ask the pertinent questions our cowardly media shy away from and refuse to address. This reminds me so much of the fatuous response to 9/11: “Why do they hate us so much?”  That’s a bit like Jack the Ripper asking: “Why am I so unpopular among prostitutes?” 

“Why am I so unpopular among prostitutes?”

One thing I noticed this morning about the BBC coverage of the event was the sanctimonious hypocrisy of the coverage. The exploitation of national sorrow, by whipping up emotion to a fever pitch, was little short of disgusting. This was done by roping in children, whenever possible, to be interviewed.

We were introduced to a classroom of primary school children, for example, all supposedly shattered with grief at the mass murder that had taken place in their midst. Unfortunately, some of the children were smiling when questioned. The object of the classroom scene? I have no idea. I can only guess. Maybe to offer “counseling” to “traumatized” school children by their equally traumatized female teacher.

The frequent mention of “tears” by the BBC reporter fell flat, given that all the people targeted by the camera looked either bored, baffled, or prone to smiling. A pathetic poem was read out to a vast crowd in the square by a national poet. Punctuated with long significant pauses, as if to allow time for the wiping away of countless tears by ten thousand kleenex tissues, the poem was greeted with rapturous applause. Here was a crowd more concerned with its own emoting than with asking the big question — WHY?


These are the capital letter questions that no one in the media has the courage to ask. Even asking them is almost a crime and misconstrued as “showing sympathy for terrorists”.

The elephant in the living room was never once mentioned, as I say, in the media coverage.

All the wrong questions were asked and all the wrong answers were supplied.

We learned that much more must be done “to stop the radicalization of young Muslims.” Bewilderment was expressed that young Muslims who had been born and bred in England’s green and pleasant land and exposed to “British values” — values that are never described but are always presumed to be impeccable — should allow themselves to be “radicalized”.

How regrettable it is that these young Muslims, exposed to the “British values” of media porn, fashionable binge drinking and cocaine snorting, have not taken the hint and turned — like millions of other indigenous young Brits — into a bunch of binge-drinking, model citizen morons.

Sad to think they have somehow managed to resist their indoctrination, these horrible ingrates!

Instead, these misguided wretches have directed their attention to terrorist activities such as reading the Qur’an, attending their local mosques, and being “radicalized” by their evil imams into shunning the noble Western values of drug taking, alcohol consumption and non-stop sexual debauchery.

Yes, the Qur’an has a lot to answer for. Whatever Western values are, the Qur’an preaches the opposite. It teaches young women to dress modestly, for example, instead of flaunting their flesh and looking like whores. No wonder the Qur’an is hated.

Of course the Qur’an should be banned! How else are the values of Sodom and Gomorrah to prevail?

“Radicalization” is the pejorative term for the outrage felt by Muslims at the illegal bombing of their lands by the Anglo-Americans sphere, at the instigation of Israel and international Jewry.

“Radicalization” is the justifiable anger felt by Muslims against THIS WAR CRIMINAL for the illegal bombing of Iraq and the death and displacement of millions of innocent people.

If young Muslims are angry at what the West has done to Libya and Gaddafi, they have every right to be angry.

The elephant in the living room whose name is never mentioned by the nauseating lackeys who run our mass media, and who poison the minds of millions with their never-ending lies and pornographic sleaze, what is the name of this unmentionable elephant in the living room?

I don’t know. I wish I did. I will settle for “Blowback” or “Karma”.

VIDEO : 3 mins 

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

157 thoughts to “The Manchester Terror Attack — ‘Why Do They Hate Us So Much?’”

    1. JACK THE RIPPER according to Henry Macow was Jewish and was related to Winston Churchill .Please note the no. 22 in Jewish gemaria means FAKE


    I believe these attacks are patsies set up by the govt cause they kill peons. a suicide bomber can easily kill the politicians who caused the destruction of their countries. when I see tony blair blown into protoplasm then I will believe the attack is real . these attacks are carried out to usher in a police state and more billions to be stolen and wasted on the war to create terrorism.
    isn’t it great the west who is pissraels servant now has to live like them in a police / military state with the threat of constant attack. isn’t it great that the west is allied with the demonic jews? notice how ISIS on the border of Israel in Syria never attacks Israel not even verbally. ISIS israels private army ONLY attacks israels enemies Hezbollah iran and Syria. the arab nato is just to confront iran. with Syria and iran out of the way which I think they cant do Israel will run wild

    1. These sucidal terrorists may be patsies, but they are patsies set up by the mad mullahs. Just take a look at the bile they spew out to these disaffected young men. There is a crime, sedition, which I think is still on the books. Why are these evil bastards not in jail for sediton?

      HOWEVER, there is no doubt that Moslems in general quite rightly resent the attacks on Israel’s neighbors by western forces. It must be noted that not one of these atrocities has been against Israel, so one must wonder who is behind all this carnage?

      GW Bush and his neocons, plus Blair and others, should be arrested and put on trial for causing unjustified wars. You couldn’t make it up. 19 Saudis supposedly brought down the twin towers, so we invaded IRAQ? ……..IRAQ?

      And Israel, dear Israel, the spoilt child of the western world. If it can’t get exactly what it wants it cries “Anti-semitism” If you steal a country you can expect trouble, but they have the western media so far up there own arses that the Palestinians are portrayed as the bad guys.

      It is tragic tha young girls are blown to pieces. Any terrorist, from either side, forgoes his human rights and his civil rights, and should be shot on sight if caught in the act. But bear in mind that Israel is at the root of Moslem anger. The double standards applied for Israel are breathtaking, and only the western media go along with this nonsense of Israel’s and Jewish victimhood. They go along with it bcause they are bunch of cowardly lions.

      The elephant in the living room is Israel, and we never hear anybody say that.

      1. @John Kirby,
        “The double standards applied for Israel are breathtaking, and only the western media goes along with this nonsense of Israel’s and Jewish victimhood.” Why? Precisely because they are owned by the Jews. Who controls the media controls the narrative.

    2. “I believe these attacks are patsies set up by the govt cause they kill peons. a suicide bomber can easily kill the politicians who caused the destruction of their countries.”

      This is a good point. If you’re going to target civilians, why not at least target, say, the people leaving the BAE Systems factory after a long shift of making bombs (or whatever) that the UK government will use to murder people in far away lands.

      Instead what do they do? They target kids at a concert. By their choice of target, they always seem to damage their cause; giving the Jews and their political puppets an opening to say: “see they really are monsters blah blah blah…”

      And then, to make matters worse, the perpetrators of these acts of “Moslem terrorism” conveniently never seem to leave any kind of claim of responsibility to explain why they did it. What’s the point of carrying out a terrorist attack, especially a suicide attack, and especially against civilians, if you’re going to let your dishonest enemies control the narrative? That would be like robbing a bank, but leaving the money by the door on the way out. It just doesn’t make much sense to me.

      In contrast to contemporary “Moslem terrorism”, I’m reminded of the Puerto Rican Nationalists who attacked the U.S. Congress in 1954. They took the fight right to the source of the problem. Can you imagine if someone did that today? They’d be greeted with applause.

      And remember the infamous “Weather Underground” and their “communiques”? And the “Black Panthers” and the less well known “Symbionese Liberation Army” (SLA)? IIRC they at least published some kind of a manifesto, explaining in detail why they were doing what they were doing, and they also made claims of responsibility after attacking a certain target. Even Ted Kaczynski the so-called “Unabomber” did this, if I recall correctly.

      Right or wrong, these were “real” “terrorists” fighting for what they perceived as a just cause. Can you imagine what a real “Moslem terrorist” manifesto would look like today? “We demand that you stop attacking and murdering us and that you honor your own constitution and the international treaties to which you are a party”; or as a claim of responsibility: “You terrorists destroyed our country and murdered our people. How do you like it when it’s done to you?”

      These kinds of communications may be problematic for the scum holding high political offices, so maybe that’s why it never seems to happen. Funny that.

      1. It’s well known the Mossad would strap the body parts of some hapless Palestinian to a bomb before setting it off in downtown Tel Aviv. Within hours the DNA would identify the ‘bomber’ whose home village would then be scorched and handed over to Jews for settlement. Same scenario here. Some hapless Libyan is the patsy for the cause. You always have to ask “Qui Bono”. Who gains? The usual suspects of course. Israel and the police state.

  2. As far as my 10 year exposure to the Quran goes, there is nothing in it to spread hate. The hate derives from the Sunnah and Hadith written by Biblical Mullahs. (See my comments at the bottom of
    for links).
    it derives from hate imams who do not abide by or read the Quran. It derives from child abuse – putting magical thinking garbage in the heads of children. It mainly derives from the death sentence for apostasy, without which Islam would not exist.

    By the way, this link provided in a previous Darkmoon thread is essential viewing (did so today) about recent discoveries on the authenticity (or not) of Mohd. and the Quran:

    “An Historical Critique of Islam’s Beginnings – Jay Smith

    A 3 year old video but of utmost import.

      1. Anyone who believes in the Hadith as being a valid source of Islam will automatically end up rejecting it. However, the Qur’an in and of itself is the only legitimate source of the religion.

        However, even the Hadith never stated Prophet Muhammad denied being able to read. When Gabriel came to him in the cave and asked him to recite, he said “ma ana iqra” – as in what am I to recite? So he was shocked at the appearance of the Holy Spirit and wanted to know what he would recite. He hadn’t yet been given the full verse or the entire chapter of the Qur’an.

        I don’t understand how the translators claimed he said “I can’t recite”. Rather he stated “What will I recite?”.

  3. EXACTLY!!!! I’ve been trying to tell people this for years.
    How would any of us in the West feel if there was an entity 7,000 miles away which was bombing us, regime-changing our duly elected governments, telling us how backward we are, spreading toxic radio-active poisons across our lands, and in many cases… FORCING us to emigrate to THEIR countries to escape this sadistic barbarism? (We have shit-fits when anyone merely floats a submarine or flies a plane anywhere near our shores.) Would we simply accept with a ho-hum attitude our plight – or would we harbor a seething rage and insatiable thirst for revenge?!
    The jew/zionist/Mossad traitors who planned and executed 9/11 got this whole horrid snowball rolling. It is THEY who we need to relentlessly pound with the brain-dead sheeple who still suck up all of their lies and propaganda.
    As horrible as these “terrorist” acts of retribution are, they are justifiable when all of the recent historical facts are put on the table and understood. It is WE who are the initial terrorists…. WE are the aggressors. And we do all of this at the behest of the hidden, unnamable hands of the satanic children of yahweh.

    1. @ Joe

      Exactly! You have touched on the central issue of this article. The REAL terrorists are now pretending to be VICTIMS of Islamic terrorism.

      The words “retaliation” and “blowback” simply do not exist in the vocabulary of these genocidal thugs who pick on innocent Third World countries to attack and plunder in violation of international law.

      They don’t have the guts to attack Russia or China. So they attack weak and relatively defenseless Middle Eastern countries instead. Like Iraq and Libya.

      What they get in return is “asymmetric warfare”. The other side don’t have standing armies. All they have is individual insurgents or resistance fighters. They are known as “terrorists”.

      The fact that Israel had these identical “terrorists” before it acquired its legitimacy is conveniently brushed under the carpet.

    2. And the Muslims sweeping invading Europe across the ages? Conquering, taking slaves back to their homelands? Was this all justified one way or another? This is a serious question, I have no time to study history for all the little details of who did what to whom first, and I know that there are some learned people here who can answer this for me.

      However, it’s obvious that Washington’s and its helpers’ invasions of a few Muslim countries in the ME are utterly unjustified.

      Yes, some kind of karma for invasion and colonization of much of the known world, including N. and S. America, Africa, Polynesia, Asia, etc. The Muslims are just the ones getting revenge on the world’s behalf though of course they don’t give a hoot about nonMuslims. Karma is funny that way. It’s not always direct.

      1. Wyandotte –

        You wrote:
        “And the Muslims sweeping invading Europe across the ages? Conquering, taking slaves back to their homelands? Was this all justified one way or another?”

        The myth-maker, Mohammed, taught that to them.

        That’s justification enough.

      2. @ wyandotte

        Your questions have been extensively answered many times in the writings of Lasha Darkmoon, and many others. To understand these questions one must be able to go from the particular, to the general, these issues are complex, generalisations, lack infromation and openness, and the willingness to understand wouldn’t help.

        Your premise: “the Muslims sweeping invading Europe across the ages” is false to start with, if you revisit the history of the ages you’re talking about, you would see that the opposite is true.

        Since the occupation of the Iberic peninsula in the 8th century by the Moors (Berbers), and that of the Balkans later by the Ottomans Turks, there was never been an occupation by the Muslims in Europe. What you must be referring to, is the Barbary Coast pirates activity between 16th and the 18th centuries, which was a two way guerrilla at sea, never on land, and never seen as important as you suggest.

        The Europeans had the upper hand anyway, since they occupied many enclaves on that coast, the Algerian pirates couldn’t get a foot hold in Europe, they contented themselves with kidnapping blond and red haired European women.
        There you have it, we are far away from your account of history, about Europe and the Muslim world.

      3. How true. When they were cleaned up from Ex-Eastern Romean Empire in Europe (Bysantium for those unaware), they left it in a state as in the stone age. Hundreds of millions tortured and killed, 20 generations humiliated, devastation, sex sclaves, children soldiers fighting their parents.
        Don’t understand those who ask “Why?”. It’s simple: hatred against whoever; women have no souls (ie your mother and the donkey on the same level) etc
        Not sure which causes which – religion forming the people or people shaping a religion. (Sure actually – the second, as in the case of Christianism)

    3. Except they never target the (((Policy Makers))) or (((Warmongers))) responsible for those bombs falling.

      And that is the giveaway tell all about these “events”.

      So your argument is null and void.


        And there it is! take notice, everybody, that these terrorists who hate your country’s policy of intrusion/conquer/regime change NEVER target the POLICY MAKERS nor the WARMONGERS, they only target innocent civilian women/children resulting in maximum outrage on y’alls parts. (hey i’ll bet y’all’s govt will soon enact your own version of a “patriot act”. any takers?)
        notice also that these same terrorists proclaim a deep hatred of israel in the middle east, yet never actually target israelis, only other muslims. well don’t feel bad english, y’alls not alone – same thing happened here in U.S:: terrorists targeted the iconic “towers of capitalism”, destroying all 7 of the WTC buildings (yes there were 7 total, all destroyed) in a single day. allegedly with 2 airplanes. yet SURPRISE! in a tremendous lucky coincidence the leaseholder of the WTC (had just increased his “terrorist attack” insurance, wow timing is everything!) and his entire family had all decided to take that very day off (the only day until then that they were absent). – hey, terrorism at it’s finest! but y’alls will get used to the added security measures that govt will surely install very soon into your society to keep y’alls women/children safe….from the terrorists.





  5. Whenever the Oded Yinon plan of the Zionists busting up the ME for the benefit of Eretz Israel needs a nudge, someone gets blown up, by who, we don’t really know, but when you know who owns the MSM, then you’ll know who will be blamed.

    So cultivate that hate, let it fester and age like fine wine until the pressure is so intense, the cork–your mind–blows off and you demand that we kill thousands more Muslims.

  6. Isn’t blowback a bitch? The bomber had ethnic ties to Libya. Need I say anymore?

    1. The bomber opposed Gaddafi. He left Libya before NATO “liberated” them and turned the country into a total disaster. Then this “good freedom fighter” bombed a bunch of liberals in England. That is ironic.

  7. When you spend decades dumping shit over the fence into your neighbors yard, you shouldn’t be surprised when they come back and dump some over on your side.

    To use a phrase “what goes around’…..

    That said, it doesn’t help that Judaism is the driving force behind all the world violence and hatred

  8. One of the English/American values once was “presumption of innocence” and now that value along with a bunch of others is routinely disregarded. So… sorry I haven’t paid attention to this as I probably should because I don’t watch mainstream media where all the focus is shamelessly exploiting this event for whatever reason they have, and I’m not sure what that reason is. And also, since I grew up in that other value system where presumption of innocence was the rule, not to convict in print before anything else happens; I’m really not sure how to respond.

    In terms, of the innocence of the victims, there can be no doubt. I remember the first time I became aware of murder as part of my social reality. A beautiful young woman was found in the woods in a stream, naked, with her throat cut, embalmed by the cold water. The shock of this was too much for our small working class town to absorb in private and it became the only topic for months. It turned out the criminal was a resident in this woman’s house, a drifter type that the family had taken in.

    I can’t imagine how terrifying reality must seem to these young English children. With this contamination of their young minds, how are they going to grow up with the courage to face the world, to act freely, to seize the day to fulfill their dreams. Maybe the whole purpose of these media theatrics is to instill horror in young minds from the earliest years onward.

    1. @ Kapoore
      @ Wyandotte

      Ladies, your response is sensitive and well-judged. You are obviously very good people. You rightly feel sorrow at the death and mutilation of innocent English children. None of these children deserved to die.

      But ask yourself: who was responsible for their deaths? Was it the young Libyan who killed them? Of course. Who else?

      By WHY did he do it? Who provoked him into this act of retaliation to the far more heinous crimes committed by the British government in Libya? Surely we have tears to spare for the THOUSANDS of Libyan children killed by the callous British government?

      Thanks to the Brits, Col. Gadaffi, who conferred enormous benefits on his people and even gave them free houses, was cruelly sodomized by having a sharpened stake thrust up his rectum. Let’s shed a few tears for the pain and suffering this man must have suffered, all courtesy of the British government that helped to turn Libya into a parking lot.

      And let’s not forget America’s criminality in starting the Iraq war. How many Iraqi children were killed and horribly maimed by those exemplary “Christians” George W. Bush and Tony Blair? These disgusting war criminals are now walking free, serial killers in all but name. Over a million Iraqis have died as a result of their psychopathy.

      Thousands of Palestinian children are slumped in wheelchairs, and other died long ago, blinded and their brains blown out, thanks to our support for those land grabbers in Palestine who think nothing of torturing and killing the people whose land they have stolen. How so many of these parasites managed to escape Hitler’s alleged gas chambers is a mystery to me, but there they are in Palestine today, killing children with impunity.

      If you have any tears, spare a few for the children of Palestine. Spare a few tears for the children of Iraq. Spare a few tears for the children of Libya.

      Or are you keeping all your precious tears for white children only . . . for children living in the lands of the plunderers?

      1. This is all too common of a comment. Its the Jews. Not the British people. Not white people.

        Lets stop pretending that the Jews are not to blame.

        Its the Jews. Who by the way never get attacked.

      2. Yes, I sympathize with the children of the ME countries. We are the plunderers. According to Christianity, we deserve punishment. But do white children deserve it, also? To me these are big, unanswerable questions. I have faith in the universal order to clean things up, however, even though I’ll never understand the mechanism by which this righteous karma occurs. Tks for replying to my questions, Sardonicus.

        And by the way, the children at that tart’s concert were there only because their parents let them go. The sins of the father, etc., don’t you think?

      3. @ Wyandotte

        Yes, I agree with everything you say. Of course those white children didn’t “deserve” to die. But we talking about “asymmetric warfare”, not terrorism. The Libyan who did that is an asymmetric warrior or resistance fighter who is striking the only blow he can for his country which has come under British attack.

        For every British child that young Libyan killed, the British and American governments are guilty of killing thousands of innocent children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. I shudder to think of the number of innocent children killed every week in American drone attacks.

        The attack on Manchester is simply blowback. Retaliation. Karma. Feel free to pick the word you want.

      4. @ Russian Limbaugh

        This is all too common of a comment. Its the Jews. Not the British people. Not white people.

        Yes, you are right. My apologies if I expressed myself badly.
        The British people, in fact, most Europeans, are not to blame for the crimes of their respective governments. Thus Germans are not to blame for the crimes of Angela Merkel. Nor are the Brits to blame for the crimes of Tony Blair and David Cameron. All these European countries, as you rightly state, are under Jewish control and take their orders directly from Big Jewry. Everyone knows this. It hardly needs to be stated.

  9. Since 9/11 we should always consider the possibility that a “Muslim terrorist attack” was a false flag, instead of asking ourselves the obligatory question “why do they hate us so much?”

    Following article by Kevin Barrett in Veterans Today, May 23, 2017 :

    Manchester false flag : “Man, 22, kills 22, on May 22.”

    collects the facts that might indicate that this was indeed a false flag.

    To sum up :

    1) There was a “terror drill” in the Trafford Centre, the largest shopping mall in Manchester on May 11, 2016. See video :
    (notice how the “terrorist” duly shouts “Allahu Akbar !”).

    2) There was a security stand-down at the theater. People were not patted down at the entrance.

    3) The terrorist was known to the police.

    4) The terrorist duly left his ID on the spot.

    5) The attack was duly claimed by ISIS, found on the Internet by Mossad agent Rita Katz.

    6) There are the usual numerological indicators. The attack happened on May 22, by a 22 years old man, with 22 victims. That is 22-22-22. The number 22 is beloved by the perpetrators of such attacks, as can be seen from following list :

    Lee Rigby – 22-05-2013
    Brussels attack – 22-03-16
    Munich attack – 22-07-16
    London attack- 22-03-17
    Manchester attack- 22-05-17
    Norway attack- 22-07-11

    These are the usual ingredients of a classical false flag.

    And the motive ? From the article in Veterans Today :

    “The upcoming British election, scheduled for Thursday, June 8, pits Establishment front-woman Theresa May against insurgent Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn, a supporter of the 9/11 truth movement, was a close friend of former Environment Minister Michael Meacher, who died mysteriously shortly after agreeing to push for an independent British investigation of 9/11.”

    “The British Establishment (led by the City of London banksters) will stop at nothing to make sure that 9/11 truth supporter Jeremy Corbyn – who is also a threat to expose the elite pedophile network – loses to May. And the obvious way to do that would be to stage a huge false flag to make the sheeple “rally ’round the Union Jack” behind their current leader, Theresa May.”

    Need we say more ?

    1. Catch-22!

      A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules.[1][2] The term was coined by Joseph Heller, who used it in his 1961 novel Catch-22.

      An example would be:

      “How am I supposed to believe this “terrorist attack” [committed by a Muslim] if I’m constantly being lied to by the Jews, especially about the (((6 million))) gassed to death at Auschwitz?

      1. 22 in Je..wish(THEY WISH THEY WERE JEWs BUT ARE NOT) gematria = FAKE
        no one died or injured it was a drill
        just like the other hoaxes with 22 no. stamped on them

      2. @ AL

        Re: “22”

        Thanks for the info. It also makes sense in the popular context or meaning of “catch-22” insofar as we invade countries and then invite their refugees. This is not only a paradox but insanity!

        Furthermore, gematria or numerology is very, very important to the top of the pyramid Jews like the Rothschilds.

        The figure of six million (6,000,000), exactly six million, is always cited as the number of Jews who were gassed in WWII. This was the magical number needed in order to create their private fiefdom called Israel.

        Of course, 6 million Jews were never gassed at Auschwitz or anywhere else; this is purely fictional.

        Real or imagined, it makes no difference, the number 6,000,000 must be cited as part of the spell and incantation or else it doesn’t work in their sick minds.

        From a previous post of mine:

        The key to understanding the Holocaust myth — for it is purely a myth — is in understanding the six million figure.

        The figure of six million (6,000,000) is the number 6, followed or mirrored by 6 zeros. In other words, the figure of 6,000,000 is the numerical equivalent of 2 intertwined equilateral triangles or the Star of David. It is also known to the Jewish elites and inner circle as the Star of Remphan or Moloch, the Satanic God of the Rothschilds!

        The Star of David is a hexagram and a hexagram (6-pointed star) has long been used by Jews in practices of the occult and ceremonial magic. The 6-pointed star for Jews is used both as a talisman and for conjuring spirits and spiritual forces. It’s on their national flag, for Pete’s sake.

        Six million is the magical number, the sin qua non Jewish Voodoo number conjured up from thin air to create IsraHELL. Get it?

    2. “Since 9/11 we should always consider the possibility that a ‘Muslim terrorist attack’ was a false flag, instead of asking ourselves the obligatory question “why do they hate us so much?”

      This is an important point; and it may be a little more nuanced. It may be part “Muslim terrorist attack” and part “false-flag” attack. And what I mean by that is this: Suppose they find a disgruntled Moslem person, say from Libya or some other victim country (or with family there), who’s a little unstable, or perhaps just enraged, and inclined to seek “revenge”, and they “cultivate” him. Apparently something like what they did with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called “underwear bomber”; or perhaps what they did with the Tsarnaev brothers.

      I’m a little more familiar with the underwear bomber affair than I am with the Boston Marathon bombing, so I’ll use that example. Apparently the U.S. government gave a willing Umar a quantity of PETN (a powerful high explosive), and then they got him onto Northwest Airlines Flt. 253 without a passport (and without going through a security checkpoint), but they gave him a faulty detonator. He tried to set the explosive off, but failed, but the attempt was all they needed at the time to accomplish their purpose.

      If they found one person, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who was willing to die to carry out a terror attack, they can probably find others. So maybe they also recruited Salman Abedi.

      It may also be that they tricked Salman Abedi. They may have given him a backpack and a remote control detonator, and told him to find a place near a lot of people and leave the backpack there, then get at least 100 feet away from the area and detonate the bomb. But they may have been watching him, and as soon as he got into a “target rich” area, they detonated the bomb by remote control while he was still carrying it, making it look like a suicide bombing.

      1. Not seeing any blood, or even pictures of hundreds of ambulances carting off victims to hospital, makes me doubt this story.

        Now if it really happened there are multiple story lines that can involve trickery. Government could easily recruit 1st generation British Subjects in order to prove they are loyal to their parent’s new country. It is not hard to imagine someone approaching these kids and telling them they can help out by participating in a drill. “All you have to do is carry this back-pack filled with fake explosives”.

    3. Annnd…

      All the condemnation is reserved for those that don’t want their countries flooded with arabs and africans.

      Legal penalties and jail for those that are ‘insensitive’ to multiculturalism and ‘incite racial hatred’.

      All animosity is reserved not for the bomber but those that see how to solve the problem with one neat trick.

      Diversity = White Genocide.

    4. @ Franklin Ryckaert
      @ AL

      I do not read Veterans Today because they have too much fake stuff, but I did notice the 22 as I indicated in a comment in the previously posted article. Your summary post of past events adds more fuel to the 22 fire. Assuming that AL is correct concerning the meaning of 22 being a jewish symbol for fake, which I certainly do not doubt, this attack was a false flag. If Rita Katz said that ISIS claimed the attack, it for sure is a false flag attack. As a reminder to everyone, just because an attack is a false flag attack does not mean that nobody died, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t, and only time will tell. If lives are lost, it must be remembered that the jews have no value for a goyim life.

      Based on the summary you provided and the plausible motive, it appears to me that VT has credibility on this one.

      Since this is the second “attack” against the UK in the past month or so, it appears that the jews are getting desperate to get the old Christian- Muslim final war going. Since they cannot get a war going with Russia or China, the jews are going for the Plan Z.

  10. @ Franklin Ryckaert

    No, this is not necessarily a false flag attack — though it might be. If it is, it is far too early to say so. Why should the configuration 22-22-22 make it a false flag attack, pray tell? Can’t a Muslim “terrorist” be partial to numerological considerations? Or is there some law that says, “Only false flag planners are obsessed with numerology!”

    The fact that Kevin Barrett jumps to this bizarre conclusion in barely 24 hours, on a fake website such as Veterans Today — 40% of whose articles are obligatory disinfo! — makes me view his latest conspiracy theory with extreme skepticism.

    You are welcome to believe this if it satisfies your appetite for an endless diet of indigestible conspiracy theories, but I will only say this:

    I am reliably informed that there is not a SINGLE terrorist attack that has not been described as a “false flag attack”. This is because the CIA and Mossad have a team of writers working for them in which every single new attack of terrorism is immediately dubbed a “false flag attack”. They do this deliberately to muddy the waters and make most people turn away in disgust when you say: “9/11 was a false flag attack.”

    I am personally sick and tired of the paid hacks who manufacture conspiracy theories in order to discredit 9/11 truth and Holocaust revisionism.

    The more you are disposed to believe that EVERY single terrorist attack that occurs in a “false flag attack”, the more gullible you show yourself and the more satisfaction you give to the paid manufacturers of these theories.


    The day we allow Kevin Barrett, editor of VT, a site specializing in disinformation and weirdo “news stories” featuring UFOs and alien infiltration of the earth, will be a sad day for those who value intellectual rigor and honesty.

    1. Even if you successfully proved that some event was staged or a hoax it doesn’t matter.

      The only thing that matters is that the races must be seperated.

      Whites need to rid themselves of the jews and their control over their societies.

      Self Determination without the toxic influence of cultural marxism.

  11. Let’s start with these questions:
    1) Why doesn’t the Anglo countries like, Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand cry for the 1,000s of children and babies that are killed by their bombs in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Oman, and Libya?
    2) Is the Manchester bomb (note, it was only ONE bomb) reaction, an example of the pure Anglo racist attitude that these countries still have on colored people?
    3) When will the press in the Anglo countries start giving the same respectful coverage when non-white children are butchered and blown to kingdom come as to their own children?
    4) Is this “war” in these countries really about terrorism, or is it about white supremacists thinking they can still treat the rest of the non-white world, as their supermarket territory and they should be able to go around the world treating it as such, and that we the rest of the “human” population are only cockroaches that need to be eradicated?
    5) Why should we in the non-Anglo world give two-sh*ts about these 22 snobby, decadent, selfish brats, who find it more important to go to a concert to listen to stupid songs from a cold-heartless diva who doesn’t give a damn about what is going on in the rest of the world? Do you give a damn Ariana Grande? No you don’t, if you did, why don’t you go and do a concert in downtown Mosul? Lets see how many children will come to listen to you there? Don’t forget Diva Grande, those very same snobbish brats in Manchester live lives that are funded by the people who have lost their arms, legs, and heads in countries like Syria and Iraq, because the Anglo countries wouldn’t have the economy they have, if it wasn’t for all the cheap oil and petroleum goods that are coming into the Anglo countries, all thanks to all those dead people, homeless, and starving people in the Middle East having no way to use these resources because they have NO economy, thanks to Anglo Thuggery and Thieving.
    6) Why is it the media portrays, this Manchester bomber as a son of Libyan parents, inferring he is Libyan too, when in fact, Salman Abedi, IS 100% BRITISH? Why is this considered international terrorism, when it is 100% HOME GROWN? So, here comes the most important question, how many years, centuries, or worse, how many generations must past before a “Libyan” is considered British? What does an immigrant must do, short of disowning his family, and history, and his entire genealogical record, and swear allegiance to the superior white trash racist class of Britain, before he is allowed be treated equal to a mangy dog?

    This action, that is the bombing in Manchester is not about Terrorism, or ISIS. It is about, non-whites being treated like vermin. It is about WHITE ANGLO SAXONS getting pay back for everything they are being doing, and have done in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, for the last 500 years. It is about the rest of the world telling the WHITES, to stop stealing from the non-whites, to stop thinking they are better, when all they really are, are bullies, thugs, racists and scum.


    You think ISIS is the end? Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-NUSRA are all your inventions. This is only the beginning, wait when the rest of the world starts creating their very own terrorist organizations!

    If you want this to end, Anglo countries start treating the rest of the world as equals, meaning, that 22 children in Iraq ARE EQUAL to 22 children in Britain, and deserve the same consideration and media coverage. I direct that last sentence to the few intelligent and caring whites that are, knowing full well the rest of you white trash, are pure racists and thugs and deserve not a bit of sympathy for your 22 dead brats.

    1. There is much in your comment I am forced to agree with, but it doesn’t help your case one little bit to describe the British children killed in the Manchester attack in these inflammatory words:

      Why should we in the non-Anglo world give two-sh*ts about these 22 snobby, decadent, selfish brats?

      By using such needlessly harsh language you simply shoot yourself in the foot.

      I’m sure the grief-stricken parents of those youngsters, blown to bloody bits or put permanently into wheelchairs, wouldn’t like to hear their children described as “snobby, decadent, selfish brats”.

      1. Tell it to the mothers in Iraq, and Syria. I’m sure they would have a very interesting reply for you!
        Once again, more bias from a racist Westerner.
        When I see the children of Mosul, going to a Ariana Grande concert. I will apologize. Until then, I stand by my words.

    2. You are a leftist just like the jews.

      You are an anti white hypocrite.


      You really are fucked up!!! Ordinary white people are sick to the teeth of mass 3rd world immigration, no wonder so many are racist!! If you POC dont like us then why are you coming here? BTW, we’re also sick of Zionist wars!!

      I see you conveniently left Islam out of your criticism, the religion will butchered its way around the globe!!

      1. My, my, my, how ignorant people can be. It is 2017, and the oil flows from, Iraq and Syria, straight to the West. I don’t see any bombed out cities in the USA, Britain, or Australia. But I do see destroyed economies throughout the Middle East.

        What do you think the cost of oil would be in the USA, if they allowed half the economies in the Middle East to prosper? What do you think that beautiful IPAD that you have made out of petroleum from the Middle East would really cost if the countries of the Middle East were allowed to flourish?

        Who over the last 500 years has been destroying the Middle East and Asia? Are you so ignorant that you have not heard of the East India Company, and how literally today’s British wealth is based upon stealing from India. Per example, the Crown Jewels, stolen. I could go on, for volumes on this. When did you ever see India conquer Britain? The reason why Britain and the USA rose to power in the last century, is because, the rest of the world paid for it. Yes, I am not forgetting the World Wars. A fat idiot art thief called Churchill and others who thought it a brilliant idea to go war all because an upper class moron got shot. And don’t blame Hitler, he never would have occurred unless England was to eager to go to war, and destroy Europe.

        Oh well, what’s the point. Its like the white supremacist before, during, and after the US Civil War, none of them could recognize how racist they were. But they were racists, and any Anglo who has the temerity to think that they are doing or have done good in the Middle East are PURE RACISTS.

        Remember: it is not the Master that can say he is or is not racist, but only the slave!
        so it is:

        It is not the Invader who can claim he is doing good, but he who is invaded!

        Once again, history repeats itself:

        The Master and Invader telling the slave and the invaded how good they are and how grateful we slaves and invaded ones should be!

      2. Dorian –

        The opulence of the upper-classes of the ME is a result of their profiting from American and British oil interests. America has more oil, but has already developed the ME fields. If we abandon them, get used to going back to riding camels and residing in tents! 🙂

      3. Dorian –

        I beg to differ. Most here are not ignorant at all.. 🙂

        I am glad to help remove some of yours also.

        China imports MORE OIL than US these days…. mostly from Mideastern Countries. It has been that way for a decade or more…

        Five years ago…

        Dependence on Middle Eastern Oil: Now It’s China’s Problem, Too
        Jul 19, 2012

        As America imports less energy from the region and China imports more, it risks becoming the “new U.S.” in the Middle East.

        This year….

        China Opens Delayed Myanmar Oil Pipeline to Get Mideast Crude Faster
        April 11, 2017

    4. about as many generations as it will take before the majority blacks of south africa recognise
      the “white south africans” as African, I expect……..

      1. Well said sir! And i totally agree with you. Racism is bidirectional. The whole world is suffering from this dreadful scourge. But lets keep things in perspective. The Whites in South Africa, did come with guns and canons, and massacred Africans on a huge scale. The English and Dutch did not treat the Africans kindly. So too the Portuguese, whom once seeing the magnificence of the Mali Empire, a society that had cities that where more organized and healthily managed than anything in Europe, and what did they do? Annihilated the entire Mali empire! Why? Because they were to jealous and too ashamed that the black man, was wiser, cleaner, neater and just plain nicer than a European.

        So yes you can point fingers at the Black Africans. But tell me, oh TEEJAY, what do you think would have happened if instead of muskets and canons, the British came and did honest trade with the African? Instead, stealing most of the gold and diamonds, and sending it back home to build your Manors and grand Victorian buildings? So go ahead and point your finger to what is happening today at the white man in South Africa, but don’t forget EVERY SINGLE property that EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON has had ever own in South Africa, was originally stolen from a black African.

        Yes racism is bad of every color. But is Britain, prepared to pay back everything it stole from the black Africans? If your answer is no, then you have no right to be indignant, since you yourself are living off the booty and spoils of conquest!

        And last but not least oh wise TEEJAY….no African country ever invaded Britain and mistreated you pure white wholesome folk (excuse me, while I choke), ah yes TEEJAY, its hard isn’t it! To see yourselves for what you really are, benefactor of a long line of racists, butchers and murders of black people. Yes it was grandpapa’s and grandmama’s fault, you are innocent! Well keep saying that to yourself, while the Blacks of South Africa starve, and while certain white fat hogs are smoking thick black cigars and counting all those wonderful diamonds and gold ingots looted from those starving South African people, all in the comfort of air-conditioned vaults in the Bank of England!

    5. Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-NUSRA are all your inventions

      we are all JEWISH inventions.

      time to de-invent ourselves, stop inhaling joo-goo and present the common front to the common enemy.

  12. @ Sardonicus

    Stop repeating the BS that this is retaliation to NATO destroying Libya. That is not true. Here…

    “Although the Gulf Arabians, Israeli Zionists, and their Pentagon sponsors are currently railing against the Persians of Iran spreading their “Shia Crescent” throughout the Middle East, back on Planet Earth the jihadist in the Manchester suicide bombing was a Sunni Arab whose family fled Libya when Qaddafi was in charge.

    That means his family was a bunch of Islamist fanatics who couldn’t tolerate the secular nationalist government of the Qaddafi era; the fact that many of them returned to Libya after Qaddafi was toppled, and jihadists had filled in the power vacuum, shows that it was not only this one guy who was an Islamist extremist in the family.

    These are the people we are taking into our borders when we prioritize “refugees” from a country run by a secular strongman. That strongman is using force to keep the Islamists from exploding the country into anarchic jihadism, so those most likely to be fleeing such a country are those very potential jihadists. The Manchester suicide bomber’s family was fleeing Libya under Qaddafi in the ’90s, while future suicide bombers are fleeing Syria under Assad right now, incubating within America’s and Europe’s borders and destined to explode in the not too distant future.

    While in Britain, the family must have been further radicalized by the extremist mosques in the country, most of which are run by the Deobandi movement, whose most infamous followers are the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is similar to the Wahhabi / Salafi extremism promoted by the Saudi government in the Middle East, which has given the world al-Qaeda and ISIS. The Deobandi movement comes from the Sunni branch of Islam in South Asia, where they are a substantial minority of the population (around 20% of Muslims), but exert an outsized influence in the religious schools (where they are about 60%) and religious militant groups (where they are about the only gang in town).”

    1. My goodness, you’re re-framing the argument back 2 decades — even the dogs on the street know that Al Qaeda was created by the (((Western))) intelligence services. ISIS, Al Nusra, Al-Shamalama DING DONG — all are rebrandings of the same Zionist controlled mercenaries. The Sauds are just another Zionist satrapy, setup long ago by the British, a long-time Zionist Occupied Government.

      Tbh, Saudi Arabia is the weak link in the ZOG matrix and I am all for a goy-engineered revolution to cut off the Zionist head of the Kingdom. Then partition it to hell :D. Here is a fact — the Saud’s built toilets over the graves of the Prophet’s ancestors, and poured gasoline on his mother’s grave. The Sauds are fake.

      Irfan Ahmed al-Alawi, the chairman of the Islamic Heritage Foundation, set up to help protect the holy sites, says the case of the grave of Amina bint Wahb, the mother of the Prophet, found in 1998, is typical of what has happened. “It was bulldozed in Abwa and gasoline was poured on it. Even though thousands of petitions throughout the Muslim world were sent, nothing could stop this action.”

      Today there are fewer than 20 structures remaining in Mecca that date back to the time of the Prophet 1,400 years ago. The litany of this lost history includes the house of Khadijah, the wife of the Prophet, demolished to make way for public lavatories; the house of Abu Bakr, the Prophet’s companion, now the site of the local Hilton hotel; the house of Ali-Oraid, the grandson of the Prophet, and the Mosque of abu-Qubais, now the location of the King’s palace in Mecca.

      So get out there and talk to a few dogs, you might learn something. In before the straw-man — I am against mass immigration but I’m also aware that Jews are behind the wars, terrorism and mass immigration.

    2. Tks for this v. interesting info, Russian. Well, I guess we here had better start shaking in our boots. All those poor Syria and Libyan refugees are going to make short work of us.

    3. @Russian Limbaugh

      Hey Moron – if Manchester bomber was Libyan – then he must be African because Libya is not part of the Middle East. Rest of your PhD thesis is as much BS as the earlier biblical claim that EARTH IS FLAT……

      “Three states that were independent and considered enemy states by Israel and many US policy-makers and influential – Iraq, Libya and Syria – have been made into failed states and may be in the process of dismemberment,” says Edward S. Herman, political economy analyst, February 27, 2016.

  13. The question asked in the article is a good one. I’ll never forget my first reaction to 9-11, long before I suspected it was anything but Islamic terror. As I watched in horror at the second plane hitting the Tower, I phoned my mother before heading off to work. I said, “thank God for our support to Israel, for without it this could never happen”. She told me to watch what I say. Not that I needed that advice.

    This other observation may seen a small thing. And it probably is. But according to the garbage feed I get at Yahoo News, Kim Kardashian has stepped in it once again. How useful this bimbo is became apparent to me. She posted a tweet or instagram in which she showed herself and Adrianna enjoying a concert by her husband, Kanye West. She was criticized for promoting herself and her husband and being insensitive to the dead children.

    This serves the purpose of debating the rightness, or wrongness, of her reaction. No room for doubting the story in toto. This gives the dummies a chance to opine. Of course this may be obvious to us, but the trick is to dial in to the false leads that may persuade us to mouth off in one direction or the other.

    Personally I don’t believe much of what is offered to me. Because even if true, it really doesn’t mount to a hill of beans to me. So what, if a bomb was exploded 4,000 miles away from me? This idea that we ought to be outraged over every terror event done in The West is ridiculous. These are mere comic strips designed to make me voluntarily put on the collar that reads “Global Citizen”. As these images, stories, and illusions take up more and more of our attention and brain real estate, we tend to forget about having anything remotely close to a normal life.

    I had a nice experience with a Mexican immigrant at the counter of Burger King last night.

    By the way, while I haven’t seen anyone quite as cynical as me, I have noticed terrorism fatigue on the part of what I consider normal people over at Breitbart. Normal in the sense that they have lots to learn about what is really going on. I have been reading posts where people are starting to say, “ho-hum” another terror event. The entire playbook is starting to lose it’s mystique and power.

    I suppose that means a major event will be coming shortly.

    1. @ Rich

      Personally I don’t believe much of what is offered to me. Because even if true, it really doesn’t mount to a hill of beans to me. So what, if a bomb was exploded 4,000 miles away from me? This idea that we ought to be outraged over every terror event done in The West is ridiculous. These are mere comic strips designed to make me voluntarily put on the collar that reads “Global Citizen”. As these images, stories, and illusions take up more and more of our attention and brain real estate, we tend to forget about having anything remotely close to a normal life.

      I had a nice experience with a Mexican immigrant at the counter of Burger King last night.


      I suppose that means a major event will be coming shortly.

      You need to have the words “FUCKING MORON” tattooed on your forehead. This snotty little comment purporting superior wisdom on your part marks you out as a cynical fool educated beyond your intelligence. The mere fact that you should eat out in a junk food joint like Burger King is enough to identify you as a scruffy, unwashed,
      low-life wanker.

      1. What’s your problem? And why is a personal attack allowed here? Do you have a constructive point of debate to offer? Why are you so trigged by my little comment? And how in the hell is it indicative of me being educated beyond my intelligence?

        Is it a sign of intelligence equally one’s education to get on Twitter or Facebook and be outraged over events that supposedly take place in foreign countries? Maybe the super intelligent put French Flags over their image when an event happens in Paris on Facebook. What shall we do with Arianna? Should we put images of black bunny ears over our avatars? To show support and solidarity with Arianna in our “fight” against the jihadists?

        What a good shot you gave me in shaming me for going to Burger King. You really have put me in my place.

        I suppose I should have laid out my post with more of a paint by numbers approach for you. I guess you are incapable of understanding that when they consistently get you to look over there, you don’t bother to look wherever you, yourself, happen to be.

        Here’s some big news for you, Dr. Parker. No new ground was broken on the day of the supposed terror event to build a new factory in the U.S. that could have employed a few thousand people. I’m much more concerned about that.

    2. Dr Parker

      I think you need to watch your language. The comment you refer to is undoubtedly repugnant and stupid in every conceivable way, but the man who wrote it is nevertheless human and is doing his best to communicate his thoughts to us. I believe he is a Catholic, or so he says, which I personally find a bit strange. This is because most of the Catholics I know have been nice people.

  14. Who put a gun to the head of these enmigrantes? Why are they in England? When you live in another country you should adapt to the culture there. If you dont like it, go home. Qadaffis Libia was a good place. He was a good man. Who knows who was really behind this act of terrorismo. Lieberman was on Fox News today denouncing terrorismo. Convieniente. So fast. The usual culprates.

  15. “…..Think about this more generally. As Muslims have been under foreign occupation for a very long time, they are aware that they have no control over “their” governments. Some of them are aware that Europeans and Americans also have no control over their governments. Just as Muslims in Palestine do not hold Halper responsible for Israel’s murderous policies toward Palestinians, what sense does it make for Muslims to hold hapless Europeans and Americans responsible for the evil policies of the US and European governments?
    If you think about this, you can see why it is suspicious that “Muslim terrorism” commits acts only against innocents, who have no influence over government policy, and not against the responsible government officials.
    If Muslim terrorists are so sophisticated that they can pull off events such as 9/11 and the Nice truck attack, they are sufficiently sophisticated to understand who their real enemies are. They know that the enemy is not Frenchmen enjoying an evening on French streets.
    As I have previously observed, the main neoconservatives are well known from their high positions in the George W. Bush and Obama regimes. Their responsibility for the years of US invasions, bombings, and destruction of millions of Muslim peoples is known. None of the neoconservatives have any protection. Yet there has never been a terrorist attack against any of them.
    Considering that the alleged Muslim terrorists are so inconsiderate of their own lives, they could easily take out former VP Dick Cheney, who has only minimal protection. Consider that there have been no Muslim terror attacks on unprotected US Senators and Representatives and presstitutes who have fervently supported two decades of murderous warfare against Muslims. Consider that the US and Europe are now full of Muslim refugees from Washington’s wars, and terrorist events (which are probably false flag events) are rare…….”

  16. “….In Yemen, Saudi Arabia bombed the homes of numerous families in Jawf, Ma’rib and Saada, slaughtering and injuring scores of men, women and children, and more innocents died from cholera, which is proliferating not because it is an “outbreak” but a deliberate act of bio-warfare against the Yemeni people by the despotic Wahhabi regime……”
    Australia To Forcibly Vaccinate Citizens Via Chemtrails
    Australia have approved the license application from Big Pharma company PaxVax that will allow them to intentionally release a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into Queensland, via chemtrails.
    The Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) says that the vaccine qualifies as a limited and controlled release under section 50A of the Gene Technology Act 2000.

  17. Question. Granted the lives of all children are of value. What is the value of 22 white Brit “brats” who come from 8-9 percent of the world’s population compared to 22 non-white children elsewhere who come from 90 percent of the world’s population? An observation. What separates “man kind”- human beings from the rest of nature is their mind-brain and their hands. Question. Are there millions if not billions of so-called human beings with the psychical attributes of man-kind fall short in some ways in what sets between their ears

    HAC perspective on the real world..

    1. Dude, they were going to an Adrianna Grande concert. I don’t think we lost a cancer cure the other night. If this is even true, we lost a couple of dozen in advanced slut studies. Really valuable.

      Is anyone even considering this to be insurance fraud. Say Adrianna cancels the rest of her world tour, are she and the management companies insured for revenue loss based on ticket sales that may need to be refunded?

    1. @ Kevin Moore

      Yep, not even any smoke which usually accompanies nonmilitary grade explosives.

  18. Attacking children is an infamy. The media reaction as described may well indicate a false flag event. Acquiring materials for a bomb like this one is generally not easy, and security services usually would be able to prevent an attack. The verdict isn’t fully in, but Anthony Torres “Informant Claude Hermant Implicates French State in Charlie Hebdo Attacks” (see: ) along with other evidence gives legitimate indications the French state under the jew Hollande murdered their own people. I don’t need to re hash 9/11 or 7/7, highly credible and extensive evidence may be found on: and elsewhere, including Larry Silverstein’s own very public discussions of dropping buildings with major insurance. That leaves us with the problem – the jew. Given the scope and ‘too big to jail’ environment, whether financial crime or “terrorism” or other, genuine attacks that avoid the guilty are worse than useless, they are much like offering your mother and sisters for jewish animal lust and then ritual sacrifice, followed by body parts for sale. In “The Devil We Know” CIA author Robert Baer describes the white minivan that blew up around seventy IDF Israeli invaders during Jailbird Olmert’s Lebanese invasion. To this day, this story is off limits, whether on the internet or anywhere else. There were no children involved, though the driver, a hero in Lebanon and elsewhere, was rather young. This is the one event the Israelis can’t admit or permit contemplation of. It is what they fear most, and with very good reason. Sooner or later, God willing, they will taste this worldwide on a daily basis.

    1. Clarification – having said “worldwide”, in case you are unfamiliar with stated views in previous comments, it’s along these lines: No attacks on civilians. However, Israeli nationals don’t always wear uniforms. The Israeli snipers who fired on both sides to cause trouble in Kiev were certainly not in uniform. Taken alive is always better for questioning, but not if you let them walk like the six dancing Israelis arrested in New Jersey celebrating the horrific death of over a thousand people on 9/11. They weren’t in uniforms either, and two of them were in civilian dress when they later openly gloated on Israeli public television. The Israeli hit squads sent into Iraq after US and UK suckers opened the door for them probably were not wearing uniforms either as they performed their assigned tasks of murdering hundreds of Iraqi scientists. Then there’s the tennis players who murdered a Palestinian in a Dubai hotel (using Canadian and other passports) , then the play acting “terrorist” allegedly executing a policeman with an assault rifle on the streets of Paris, at point blank range, with no blood or bone matter.. after exiting a car parked on a duct taped stop line placed the day before – a local resident received the response the day before from a policeman “that they were going to film a movie” – the infamous “Charlie Rothchildo” affair. The list goes on and on and on…Somehow, it doesn’t seem very likely that they may be persuaded of the error of their ways by “negotiation” or “discussion” or other wishful thinking.

    2. Further correction and notables: Five Dancing Israelis on 9/11, not six. Other notable worldwides not in uniform: the Israeli “tourist” who started the massive wildfire in Chile, killing several and wiping out the livelihoods of probably hundreds if not thousands, confessed, released after one month in jail. Ari Ben-Menashe, arms dealer, author, and former security assistant to arguably the worst thug in Africa, Robert Mugabe. There are many like him. Kobe Alexander, former CEO of Converse Systems, which pulled out of World Trade Center about two months before 9/11, fugitive from FBI in Botswana, recently cut a deal with US “Justice” department. Ehud Barak, former Israeli PM, said to have masqueraded as a woman while on murder mission in Beirut, Lebanon prior to political career. The financial crooks I won’t even try to list, I’d be here for lifetimes. With thanks to for Indian perspective of Talmudic invasion of India…

  19. 1) It is forbidden for a Muslim to kill himself. Suicide is forbidden.

    4:29. O you who believe! Do not consume each other’s wealth illicitly, but trade by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves, for Allah is Merciful towards you.
    30. Whoever does that, out of hostility and wrongdoing, We will cast him into a Fire. And that would be easy for Allah.

    2) It is forbidden for a Muslim to kill any one unless in defense of oneself or one’s family or during declared warfare against an enemy :

    17:33. And do not kill the soul which Allah has made sacred, except in the course of justice.

    3) Responsibility is individual so, if you have an issue with someone there is no way you make someone else pay for him/her:

    35:18. No burdened soul can carry the burden of another.

    2:286. Allah does not burden any soul beyond its capacity. To its credit is what it earns, and against it is what it commits.

    1. …………..
      4) I am getting sicker and sicker of politics, so I am considering “retiring” from polluting this site with worthless comments.

      1. Sean –

        Stick around.

        Every article stands on its own in search engines. So that means…
        Many reading this are here for the first time and never read YOU before… most will never comment.

        Keep telling us what you know…. so we can grow.

        All good. 🙂

    2. @SEAN
      You are only partly correct. Read my earlier remarks on Muslim Law. For example, for the Hanbalism School, (Hanbali Fiqh), you couldn’t be more wrong. All Kafirs, that is non-Muslims have basically no rights. What you are referring to from the Koran, that is not how Islam works. There are basically four schools of law, and Hanbalism, which the Saudi’s follow, gives no rights to kafirs. You can cheat, steal, kill, rape a kafir and Muslim Hanbali Law will protect the Muslim. Research Sufiism as opposed to Habalism, you will see they are very different. So much so, that Hanbali Muslims see Sufii’s as evil, and must be literally, exterminated. That is why, Islam is different in Saudi Arabia, as compared to in Indonesia. Saudi’s are Habali’s, whereas Indonesians are Sufii’s. Believe you me, I know Saudi’s and Indonesians, and you will always feel with a Saudi you are hated, while with Indonesians, they are by and large very pleasant and welcoming people.
      Don’t use the Koran as your reference. You have to look at the fiqh’s, the legal references. No Islamic nation on Earth, uses the Koran as their legal doctrine. The Habali, Hanfi, Maliki, and Sufii Fiqh’s are what you should be looking at, and there you will see a spectrum of laws ranging from very reasonable laws, most compatible with Western Laws (Sufii), to outright barbaric laws in the Habali Fiqh.
      Islam is not too different from Christianity. When most of Europe was ruled by the Church, laws where just as extreme, thus the arrival of different divisions, like Protestantism and Anglicism, and so on. Islam is the same. For example, if you met a Muslim proselytizer with a Koran in his hand, is one thing, but if he had a book of Hanbali Fiqh in the other hand, you are in deep trouble, especially if you are kafir!

      In short, the Koran is not the problem. Its the legal books of Islam that are a concern.

  20. Jews have western man chasing his tail to the exclusion of dealing with the real problem – Jews. While the west sweats blood over the contrived Muslim invasion, Jews coolly move nuclear weapons into Saudi Arabia. So which is truly more threatening to western culture?

    And for God sake, is it not obvious yet that Sodom and Gomorrah has been maligned the same way Jews malign Germany, Hitler and Jesus? Take a look:

    And Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered every where, before the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt, as thou comest unto Zoar. Then Lot chose him all the plain of Jordan; and Lot journeyed east: and they separated themselves the one from the other. Abram dwelled in the land of Canaan, and Lot dwelled in the cities of the plain, and pitched his tent toward Sodom.

    So Abraham takes his large herds, extorted from Pharaoh, east into the dry, desert regions.

    And he (Pharaoh) entreated Abram well for her sake: and he had sheep, and oxen, and he asses, and menservants, and maidservants, and she asses, and camels. [ . . . ] And Pharaoh commanded his men concerning him: and they sent him away, and his wife, and all that he had. And Abram went up out of Egypt, he, and his wife, and all that he had, and Lot with him, into the south.

    While his nephew Lot takes his cut, “And Lot also, which went with Abram, had flocks, and herds, and tents” and “pitches his tent” close to Sodom’s water well. Herein is found the clearest indication of what the Jew Abraham wanted from the Sodomites – their water. He wanted, ~ ahem, ~ the “Lord God,” wanted Sodom’s water for his large herds.

    Of course, before leaving the chapter, readers must be provided with the moral imperative necessary to justify their genocide: “But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.” The sin of the Sodomites (and Gommorites?) was no different than the “sins” of Iran, Iraq, North Korea or National Socialist Germany i.e. the “sin” of not immediately giving in to the Jew’s onerous demands.

    Sodomites were the “salt of the earth!” Don’t believe it? Take a look at the description of what happens to Lot’s Sodomite wife when she looks back at the utter devastation wrought upon her home by the psychopathic, murderous “lord god,” she returns to the salty remains of her people.

    However, the term “salt of the earth” has likewise been inverted. To ancient Jews, salt was indicative of the lowest form of baseness and commonness. This should be obvious as salt is the most readily available substance in that region. The Dead Sea is so salty nothing can live in it. The Mediterranean coastline is salt water. Salt, salt, salt, it’s everywhere in old Palestine. And what did Jews do when they wanted to destroy an enemy’s land? They salted the earth! Along with poisoning their wells of course!

    When you hear “Sodom and Gomorrah,” don’t think ultimate in evil perversion, instead think oppressed victims of the murderous psychopathic jew and the bloody god in whose image they are created.

    Again, I implore everyone to quit using these hoary, old, Jewish memes. Play the Jew game – Invert! Invert! Invert! Invert everything! Invert their religion, invert their history, invert their culture, invert their words, invert their memes, invert their lies, Invert! Invert! Invert! Invert everything ~ Everything ~ about the Jews. Take the Jew’s twisted inversions of truth and straighten them back into truths.

    Herein lies yet another problem for the goyim, defining our world without using the Jew’s Yiddified terminology. The Jews and their book of the damned have so imbued our cultures with its definitions, we lack better descriptions. We took their words and description to the exclusion of developing our own.

    This is why we naturally fall back on using descriptions like “Of course the Qur’an should be banned! How else are the values of Sodom and Gomorrah to prevail?” Yet, outside the Jew’s (god’s) seething hatred for these people, what do we know of these people and their values? What other term do we have that neatly encompasses ultimate homosexual perversion?

    What do we have in our own cultural background that can compete with this standard Jewish meme that has become the definitive description of perverse evil? Personally, I do not care for the term “cuckservative” as this too is indicative of a standard Jewish meme i.e. another perversion subverting western man.

    Cuckoldry is a favorite Jewish theme that has been included in their TV, movies and porn. I do not care for any terminology that uses sex and its perversions, as these can access the subconscious mind in unexpected and unintended ways.

    Isn’t it time the white man reverts back to his original Jew standard? Isn’t it time to say “we’ve been Jewed!?”

    Subverted = Jewed, e.g. Muslims and Christians have been JEWED!

    Perversion = Jew. “Pedophiles are thoroughly Jewed!”

    Murderous psychopath = Jew. “Those mass murderers acted like Jews.”

    Bad = Jew. “Why this fruit has turned Jewish, it’s rotten to its core.”

    Note that the meaning of the term is dependent upon context? It’z zoooo Chooish!

    I leave it for others to come up with better descriptive phrases and adjectives. In any case, one should work at avoiding the use of standard Jewish terminology injected into Western culture.

    1. “Son of a bitch”. “Mother fucker.” “Holy shit.” The popular cultura in América is controlled by Jews. These profano expresión are Jewish in nature. Bruce Jenner “genital mutilator” and other degenerates are on magazine covers. Who is to blame? The manipulator or the manipulated?

      1. Donaldo speaks the truth. A proud Spaniard! He will be pleased to hear that today a Spaniard, Kilian Jornet, set a record for the fastest ascent of Mount Everest ever made. Without using fixed ropes or supplementary oxygen. He climbed the world’s highest peak in 26 hours. Fantastico! 🙂

  21. First you bemoan ‘British values’ then you point out the actual problem, the source of the filth…”The elephant in the living room whose name is never mentioned by the nauseating lackeys who run our mass media, and who poison the minds of millions with their never-ending lies and pornographic sleaze…”.

    Nonsense your one-sided portrayal of Muslim men in the west, who shun the ‘noble Western values of drug taking, alcohol consumption and non-stop sexual debauchery.”
    Well, let me tell you, a great many of these Muslim youth are just horny dogs who drink, do drugs, steal, watch porn, go to strip clubs, and frequent male and female whores.
    They are adolescent sexually repressed thugs, so insecure in their manhood
    they seek out anyone they can dominate and humiliate.

    Call it the way it is.
    There are thugs, perverts and thieves who hail from both the mid-east and Europe, who I cannot classify as Muslim or Christian. These criminals are not religious in any sense and are in need of an energetic correction.

    Religion is not the issue. These tensions stem from a clash of cultures due to population growth and shift due to both old and new colonial and imperial aggressions. It is due to the world wars which decimated Europe and led to an (apparent) emasculation during which the usual suspects seized control of the media and state policies.

    1. @ S.W.

      Don’t get too big for your boots, S.W.

      LD is not talking about the “horny Muslims” you refer to who have been thoroughly corrupted by the West and adopted the West’s Jewish values.

      You are referring to “Jewified” Muslims. LD is referring to the true Muslims who have resisted the Jew’s sex propaganda and kept their virtue.

      She is referring to the serious, Qur’an-reading Muslims, the types who take their religion seriously and pray at least three times a day … and whose women are veiled and dress modestly. Have you never seen these serious types? These are the Muslims who can be described as “true” Muslims, not the debauched, Westernized PSEUDO-Muslims you mistakenly call Muslims.

      If you intend to continue misrepresenting LD’s totally reasonable viewpoint, which I have no problem in accepting, please let me know and I will skip all your posts in future.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        I agree with you that there is nothing whaever in LD’s crisp and trenchantly written article which could cause offense to any reasonable person. If it was offensive, I doubt if Truthseeker would have republished it.

        I think the problem here is that the article makes heavy use of irony and quite often Americans are irony-deficient. Maybe S.W. is one of these irony-deficient Americans. If not, maybe S.W. is one of these earnest and humorless pedants on whom irony is totally lost.

        I’m not saying that S.W. is “unintelligent”. I would never say that. I’m sure S.W. is highly intelligent. What I am saying is that S.W. is a remarkably humorless and irony-deficient person and this is the reason S.W. has failed to appreciate the article.

        The picture and caption showing Jack the Ripper made me laugh. This shows that LD has a well-developed sense of humor. Did S.W. find that picture and caption funny? I doubt it. Because instead of reacting to the light hearted article in an appropriate light hearted manner, the rather pedantic and ponderous S.W. throws a little hissy fit and completely misses the point Lasha Darkmoon is trying to make.

      2. I agree with you, ma’am. Let’s leave it at that. Obviously those who lack a sense of humor are at a great disadvantage.

      3. @ SARDONICUS,
        I checked this morning, my boots still fit OK.
        I agree there are Godly and good Muslims. I tried to emphasize that the ‘thugs’ were not Muslim at all, but simply thieves and rapists from Muslim countries, who would be quickly jailed if they found themselves once again in one.
        I emphasized that there were forces to blame for the European disaster that had not a thing to do with religion.
        And, to be fair, there are many, many English men and women who are Godly and just and merciful. You just don’t hear about those ones much. Not surprising given who rules the news and entertainment industries.
        How about this – all of us respect borders, women, and other cultures. Perhaps peace might break out.
        And I will ask you this – are the Saudis “true” Muslims? Are they not largely ‘debauched’? Does the Saudi government not work hand-in-hand with Israel?

      4. @ MADAME Butterfly..
        Thank you for the faint praise. I find you not unintelligent as well.
        I will read again the article, maybe I misunderstood.
        But I find it not funny, not funny at all, to be accused of not comprehending humor.
        I like Faulty Towers a great deal.

      5. @ S.W.

        Yes, I agree with everything you say here. It is well put. Your heart is obviously in the right place. I would like to maintain, however, that the tone you adopted toward Lasha Darkmoon in your comment was a bit haughty and hectoring and therefore needlessly offensive.

        Since you are a guest in her house, surely you can behave with better manners? The impression you gave was of an angry schoolmaster ticking off his pupil for getting her homework wrong.

        However, she has not complained. Nor will she ever. Even when I knew her long ago as a 21-year-old student in Florence, she was accustomed to bear with a gentle smile the condescension of her male admirers. It didn’t bother her in the slightest that her boyfriends all gave themselves airs of intellectual superiority.

        Anyway, S.W., go in peace. I have nothing against you.
        Lasha is used to men like you, assuming you are a male—
        that is to say, she is used to chauvinists with a tendency to patronize the female.

      6. @ S.W.

        You sound like a really nice person and so I apologize for my ill-judged comment that you lack a sense of humor. One sentence of yours convinces me that you MUST have a highly developed sense of humor and that is your revelation that you find Fawlty Towers really funny.

        There are few comedy series that give me more delight than Fawlty Towers. I must have watched each episode over 10 times. Maybe more. I am always helpless with laughter.

        Cheers, SW! and take care,


    2. If only it was so simple! But it isn’t. Religion is part of the problem, so is culture, so is politics, so is racism, so is every divisive trait that separates us from each other. Pointing to past world wars is not going to help. You really think an Arab and Jew in Israel give a damn about what happened decades ago, when today, the Arab can’t feed his children, and the Jews don’t care about hungry Palestinian children?

      Our problems today have arisen from yesteryear, and they are sustained because nobody is ready to admit their culpability. Why is that? Remember before you can fix a problem you have to admit you have one. You think all the actors in our world problems are ready to admit their culpability? No, they are not.

      And so, the racist acts, the greed of the West, the hatred of the West, the savagery of those unlike “us” will continue.
      You want peace SW? Start by not being part of the problem…stop using words like, Muslim, Christian, Religion, Europe(an), West(ern) values, and start thinking and talking humans, we, us and them. But see how far that will get you! It will get you in more trouble.

      1. Yassuh! Uncle Remus say dat folks is jes’ like de creatures – dey have dey own ways wif one ‘nother, but don’t allus git along well. Like B’rer Rabbit n’ B’rer Fox – one allus trine git de better ‘o de other…Same ez B’rer Jew ‘n B’rer Goy.

    3. Well, let me tell you, a great many of these Muslim youth are just horny dogs who drink, do drugs, steal, watch porn, go to strip clubs, and frequent male and female whore.

      A great many Muslims are like a great many Christians in that they do not follow their basic religious creeds and tenets. For most, religion is just a front, an excuse to elevate themselves in their own eyes and those of peer groups. If Muslims were really Muslim and Christians were really Christian, then we would not be suffering our present problems. Of course there’s still the 1/100% that are true to their path. And then there are those Jews who follow their unholy book with a vengeance.

      1. I beg to differ, if the Muslims and Christians followed their religious creeds and tenets as the Jews do, the world would be all ashes. The tenets of Islam as stated in the Fiqhs, like the Jewish Talmud and the conflictingly inconsistent Old/New Testaments are all in contra-opposition.

        The fastest way to eradicate all of humanity on this blessed Earth, is for everyone to start following these three religions’ creeds and tenets. If you can’t see that Arch Stanton, you’re not only blind, but a fool; and that is why we already have so much trouble, short-sighted foolishness.

        Religion is not an answer, its a chalice that carries only one thing…poison. That’s why the real spiritual fight, is to fight the evil that makes you drink from that chalice. Look at the chalice, praise it, admire it, even worship it, but NEVER EVER drink from it.

      2. Dorian

        Religion is not an answer, its a chalice that carries only one thing…poison. That’s why the real spiritual fight, is to fight the evil that makes you drink from that chalice. Look at the chalice, praise it, admire it, even worship it, but NEVER EVER drink from it.

        Garbage! Your comment reveals you as a fraud. Lasha Darkmoon is religious and practices meditation every day. Are you saying she has been “poisoned”? If so, what are you doing here, posting on a toxic website?

        Are you saying that anyone who reads the New Testament as a religious execise is being “poisoned”? Yes, that’s what you’re saying.

        Thank you for showing yourself up as an idiot.

    1. I want some people to camp around every cemetery in Manchester and tell us how many funerals they saw .

  22. Anyone who by now cannot see through this, yet another charade, deserves the police state that is about to be rained down upon them. This is just the latest in the long list of false flags(Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Pulse Night club, etc.). As long as you go along with these bullshit stories you are doing nothing more than continuing to enable the global clamp down on us poor dumb NWO chattel…..

    1. “You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.” – George W. Bush

      1. @PAT:
        It appears you are the ignorant one. I will not go into your oil reply for it is so ridiculously flawed it is a waste of time. But this quote you attribute to G.W.B. is not true. George W. Bush was repeating what Senator Robert Strauss said to him! And he mocked him for it.
        Don’t get me wrong, I think GWB is a war criminal and should be hung for war crimes, but all this nonsense that many make about the things he has said, are largely false. I say largely, for there are some that are truly stupid and he did say them.
        Next time PAT when you want to mock anyone, even me, get your facts and story right. Read my comments throughout this page, you will see I do show some knowledge about things, whereas most people here don’t. I include your surmises about oil, but that though deserves to be discussed in another forum, for it is off topic. For that matter so is this GWB quote, but I couldn’t let such sloppy thinking go unanswered.

      2. Dorian –

        I choose to NOT believe you… 🙂 🙂

        You are guessing about the businesses and politics of others…
        Just like the rest of us…!! 🙂

  23. when I’m wrong about something ,i have no problem admitting it.
    I have Jewish friends and distant relatives ,because Jews and Muslims especially Arabs have a long history of inter marriages ,before the establishment of Israel in 1948.
    having said that , i never had problems with The Jews I know ,but one day I tried to buy something from a shop in a Hasidic neighborhood ,i was refused service and was escorted out of their hood by very hostile mob..Why I asked ? what the reasons ? did i do anything wrong?
    the answer was later given by my Jewish friends ,is simple ,you are a subhuman to them ,simply because I’m a Muslim.
    but how did they.identify me as a Muslim , I speak fluent Hebrew ,I am even look Caucasian white.
    How ? i was shocked and emotionally hurt ,I even submitted a complaint to Haifa Police .which normally I keep away and avoid them as far as i can .
    a detective finally gave me the clue that tipped them off that I’m a Muslim.
    in my car’s dashboard .just under the radio , a small tiny portrait of Quranic verse ,The throne.AYET AL KURSI…..this Quranic verse ,known for it’s magical power of protections, giving to me by my Mother .
    at least i was relived to know how and why.
    My point is this ,I’m truly amazed at your high level of civility in your reactions to this barbaric evil criminal mass murder by a deranged evil Muslim ,there are no excuses whatsoever to justify such barbaric evil acts ,My heart’s tears are shed for the innocent lives lost.
    By the way ,i was misinformed about your blog , you have earned my respect.
    God bless you

  24. Sardonicus, I have my doubts about Kevin Barrett too. For sure I think Jim Fetzer, who seems to be close to him, is a professional disinformation guy. I think this because of Fetzer’s stance regarding the Thermite Argument of 9-11. This is an irrefutable argument that the Twin Towers (along with Building 7) were brought down by explosives. We are lucky to have such a strong argument. It is so strong it can penetrate the tremendous propaganda field, while hardly anything can do that. Where does Fetzer stand regarding this amazingly powerful argument that is a godsend? He dismisses it and talks about “suitcase nukes”! Fetzer has a PhD in Philosophy of Science. He knows a strong argument when he sees one. (To see the Thermite Argument go to: The Thermite Argument will be second from the bottom in the list that comes up.)

    1. Quite right Kendra – a tenured professor lost his job and was threatened by goons for courageously presenting his results of scientific testing, not theory. The chemistry evidence is on his side; super thermite. Bollyn has been both threatened and assaulted.

    2. @ Kendra Blewitt

      Sardonicus, I have my doubts about Kevin Barrett too. For sure I think Jim Fetzer, who seems to be close to him, is a professional disinformation guy….

      I agree with you. I refuse to believe, like the gullible conspiracy theorists who throng this website, that every single terrorist act is a FALSE FLAG. I would like to ask these brain-damaged individuals two questions:

      1. Can you name a single terrorist attack that is genuine? I bet you can’t! They’re ALL faked, aren’t they? Like no one has a face. Everyone in the world wears a mask, right?

      2. Are you not aware that intelligence agencies like the CIA and Mossad have teams of writers whose full-time job it is to manufacture new conspiracy theories? — conspiracy theories which you fall for every time?

      And are you not aware that there are vast numbers of people who actually believe THEY DO NOT REALLY EXIST? that we all exist in a SIMULATED REALITY? that ALL HISTORY IS A FICTION? that the entire universe is just a GIANT COMPUTER?

      We have people fabricating conspiracy theories like this every day of the week. Like I say, it’s their job. Their profession. The name of the game is “MINDFUCK”. That’s all they are interested in doing and what they are paid to do: FUCK UP YOUR MINDS!

      Anyone who believes that every single terrorist attack is a fake, planned by some sinister government agency, is a classic victim of mindfuck.

      Two of these mindfuck agents of manufactured disinfo are Kevin Barrett and Jim Stone.

      Jim Stone is even worse than Kevin Barrett. He sees a conspiracy theory under every bed. If Jim isn’t too happy with his Alexa ranking figures, it’s because Alexa is plotting against him to make him look bad. If Alexa was honest, Jim tells us, his Alexa ranking figures would be much higher. A guy just glances at Jim in a restaurant and hey man, what’s going on?!? it’s a government agent who has been tailing Jim for weeks and is moving in for the kill with a poison-tipped umbrella!
      If a pretty waitress even throws Jim a smile, watch out Jim! she’s a honeytrap agent! Planning to lure Jim into her silken net and destroy him!

      Yep, it’s a mad, bad, very sad conspiracy theory world. And the Ultimate Conspiracy Theorist is God. Who is really the Devil in disguise.

      As a matter of principle, I now believe NOTHING Jim Stone says. The guy is a certified nutcase. He is paid to spread disinfo. Everything this guy says seems to come straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

      As for Kevin Barrett, just use your brains. Barrett is a Muslim convert. So it’s to his advantage to pretend that no Muslim is guilty of anything.
      All Muslims are good people who would never commit terrorist acts, right Kevin? They’ve all been “framed” by the government, right Kevin? People who cite Kevin Barrett as an authority on Muslim terrorism seem to be totally unaware that Barrett has an ULTERIOR MOTIVE for his disinformation campaign. As a Muslim, he wants to make all Muslims look good. Ergo: all Muslims involved in terrorist activity have been “framed”.

      The bottom line is — BEWARE OF MINDFUCK!

      1. @ Sardonicus

        You may think that I am brain damaged, but I am not. I look at the evidence and make my determination based on common sense.

        First off, a false flag terrorist attack is a secret government operation designed to get a planned response. Sometimes people die in those attacks and sometimes they don’t.

        The reason that terrorist attacks have become known predominantly as false flags is due to the injection of technology, the internet and smartphones. Most people on site at an attack can make videos and take pictures that are automatically uploaded to the internet for the entire world to see. Millions of people look at what is presented and comment on what they see. Some are better at noticing things than others. Discrepancies from the official story appear which is a sign that someone is lying. Then the question is, who benefits from the lie? Prior to the internet and smartphones, it was much more difficult to detect the discrepancies since the narrative was totally controlled by the controlled media and the government. As an example, it took about 100 years to discover that the Spanish American War was started by a false flag when the explosion hole in the Maine was discovered to be from the inside of the ship, not the outside. Everyone can thank the jewish Hurst media family for that one.

        Did you know that jewish controlled governments have intelligent agencies that have groups that secretly plan terrorist attacks to accomplish their goals of control? In the JewSA, the term covert is used instead of secret. These groups even plan and implement the overthrow of governments. The primary players globally in these sinister deeds are the CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, and Mossad along with some of their stooge intelligence agencies in countries like France, Germany, Pakistan, Qatar, etc. etc. These primary player intelligence agencies are responsible for the vast majority of terrorist attacks. Jewish controlled governments like killing people, sometimes covertly in terrorists attacks and sometimes blatantly in arranged wars which is normally nothing more than a massive terrorist attack.

        There are a few legitimate terrorist attacks, but the vast majority are government engineered false flags. So, when someone looks at a terrorist attack, they are more likely to be correct about it being a false flag than a legitimate terrorist attack.

        I personally do not keep close tabs on European terrorists attacks. Since the false flag of 9/11 in the USA, I can only think of one that might be a legitimate terrorist attack, that being the Ft. Hood lone Muslim attack.

        As for Kevin Barrett and Jim Stone, I read neither since both provide misleading info too often. All by my little lonesome, I noticed the 22 coincidence which made me look at it a lot closer. I doubt that I was the only one to notice since there are millions of people around the world looking at the incident in Manchester with a critical eye.

        If, without questioning, you believe the official story of a jewish controlled government and media controlled by the jews, you are definitely being “MIND FUCKED.” John 8:44, they are liars and murders. It is wise to be suspicious.

      2. Ung –

        You wrote:
        “Everyone can thank the jewish Hurst media family for that one.”

        In an effort to decrease “deception” whenever possible… I assume you may have meant Hearst… not “Hurst.”

        I’ll use a link for validation….. it increases memory efficiency.

        I started using links when the internet came along. Too bad Luke and John had no website.. 🙂

  25. We now know who the bomber is Salman Adidi. Apparently able to gain admission, whilst strapped with explosives and nails, to what was essentially a kiddies concert. Are they saying security didn’t think it strange that a dark skinned guy on his own wearing an overjacket wasn’t suspicious…The victims I saw weren’t victimis of an explosive device..

  26. Mr Dorian’s rants are a good indicator why we, Britain and America, should stay out of these troubled countries.

    I have noticed that the more religious a country is the poorer the common people are. Britain pulled out of Africa 50 years ago and without exception they are all in a worse state now.

    No finacial aid should be sent to these counties. In my experiance most of it is looted by corrupt government officials. If you want to delliver food or money it would be better to drop it from helicopters onto remote villages.

    Mr Dorian should consider what is wrong with African governments, because the greatest cause of poverty is bad government. Nigeria is a good example, It is one the most naturally rich countries on the planet, but the majority of the common people are poor.

    1. Sir, thank you for your thoughts. Just a point, nix the Mister, Dorian is my Christian first name, just plain Dorian is enough, but thank you for the etiquette.
      Yes, I agree with you, we should stay out of other country affairs. But how? When the USA and Britain, and the rest of this insane world, are prepared to do business with dictators and tyrants. I am afraid your suggestion is too simplistic.
      But a good start would be to stop killing innocent humans. Furthermore, when the West does provide aid, it should be done unconditionally, that is, just give the rice, and not rice for trade deals (that’s extortion). In short, focus on stopping the West’s hypocrisy. Oh and how about making it illegal to sell arms! You will never get the Americans or British to agree to that.
      N.B: As for Africa being worst of now than 50 years ago…take a good look at those tyrants and who supports them: Britain, USA, and France.

    1. I don’t think anybody is blaming the Muslim community at large.

      We all have our nut cases.

  27. We mustn’t look at these terrorist incidents in isolation. They have a central, directing “brain” behind them. I would say 95% of terrorist incidents around the world are the handiwork of the CIA using their ISIS or other proxies to do the deed, much as the USSR used its satellite state’s intelligence services to carry out operations it didn’t want attributed to the KGB or GRU.
    It’s no coincidence that in the last week we’ve seen a hospital bombing by CIA/Saudi proxies in Bangkok, 22 injured no fatalities. The Philippines, the CIA/Saudi proxy of ISIS taking over a town in Mindanao, forcing Duterte to cut short his visit to Russia. The situation is still ongoing. A state of emergency has been declared. And this bombing in the UK just before an election. Come on, am I being too cynical? I would suggest Brits direct their anger towards their so-called Intelligence services and their government and be prepared for even more drastic curtailment of your rights and freedoms!

    1. Felix –

      Well said..!!

      And with Brexit…. the draconian rules will be totally their – Rothhschilds’ – choices in UK.

  28. ‘Why Do They Hate Us So Much?’
    we hate you because you lay flowers after the attack
    while we dont have any to lay by the schools where our children died as a result of the bombing campaigns by your air force heroes who yell “right on” after the attack

  29. China will be hated by musselmen too… since they need USD..!!

    China Hitches Yuan to the Dollar, Buying Rare Calm

    Beijing stabilizes its currency amid market turmoil in a year of political transition

    Lingling Wei in Beijing and
    Saumya Vaishampayan in Hong Kong
    May 25, 2017 5:30 a.m. ET

    China’s central bank is effectively anchoring the yuan to the dollar, a policy twist that has helped stabilize the currency in a year of political transition and market jitters about China’s economic management.

    The yuan weakened more than 6% against the dollar in 2016; this year, it is up roughly 1%, and the expectation that the currency will fluctuate—a gauge known as implied volatility—is around its lowest in nearly two years.

    1. Lobro –

      I noticed the ‘crescent moon’ of musselmen in the picture of Goat of Mendes you gave us:


      The Goat of Mendes
      A History of the Baphomet


      Crescent moon in underworld:

      1. Pat,
        i notice crescent moon about 40% of the time at night.
        never think of musselmans when it happens, no nightmares or panic attacks.

      2. Lobro –

        Good for you. You must have fallen asleep… good thing…
        …… before you saw the second one…!! 🙂

        I never saw TWO crescent moons at the same time… the goat either…. like in YOUR pic provided.

        But… in YOUR pic you posted… the goat was pointing to both of them… the two crescent moons. One hand up… One hand down… 🙂

        Crescent moon has musselmen origins… just like the Pharisee-Jew Masonic order of Shriners do…

        The origin of the name Baphomet is a combination of two Greek words baphe and metis meaning “absorption of knowledge.” Other authors claim it is a corruption of
        “Mohamet” (Mohammed). Baphomet has its origins in the “Goat of Mendes.”

        You know Pharisee-Jews made the musselmen religion. Invented mohamet.

    2. I don’t know how the Left does it, but while turning Americans against Islam in foreign Muslim countries, the Left also manages to inculcate among the Leftist grass roots an acceptance, a tolerance, and actually a preference for Islam here in the United States and in other Western countries. The Leftists who insist on massive Muslim immigration into Western countries and if you disagree are labeled “racist”, they also , like the Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians, the Leftists fully support waging illegal wars against Muslim countries. The Leftists had NO problem with Obama and Hillary waging war against Muslim Syria and Muslim Libya, while they demand us Americans support massive Muslim immigration into the USA and demand that us Americans treat the Muslim immigrants with the utmost respect and give them rights and privileges that even us Americans don’t have.

      Many Leftists want the USA and Western countries to turn Islamic while they simultaneously support destroying foreign Muslim countries. I know Islam is a religion of course and not a race, but if you disagree with the Leftists about the Muslim immigration issue, they label you a “Racist” [ the worse thing anyone can be these days, as per the mainstream narrative ]. Of course when they support as they always do ZOG’s illegal wars against Muslim countries, killing many many Muslims and rendering their Muslim countries devastated, they don’t consider that “Racist” [ and they don’t consider that “Anti-Islam” ] and they don’t consider that immoral or unethical. They still see themselves as being the epitome of “open-minded tolerance” .

      I don’t care for the Right either, I am not making a case for the Right. Just wanted to focus on the Left here and their support for illegal wars against Muslim countries while demanding us Americans support massive Muslim immigration into the USA and actually support turning the USA and all the Western countries into Islamic countries. That’s Hillary vision, that Obama’s vision, undending war against Muslim countries AND simultaneously unending Muslim immigration into the USA and all Western countries and turning the United States and the whole West Islamic, and the Leftists ardently support Hillary and Obama.

      I don’t want to see the United States or Europe or any Western country go Islamic. I also don’t want to see Muslim countries destroyed. I don’t have a great love of Islam, but I don’t hate Islam either and the Muslims do NOT deserve what ZOG is doing to the Muslim countries. I don’t love Islam, don’t want to convert to Islam, but there are things about Islam I like and I respect [ it’s true ]. I respect Islam enough NOT to want to see Muslim countries left devastated and in ruins and I do not want to see Uncle Sam go on killing sprees in Muslim countries. It’s a horrible deep Sin what Uncle Sam is doing in Muslim countries, doing to Muslim countries.

  30. @DORIAN…….so glad you agree with me!
    but I do beg to differ regarding some of your “points”
    I wasn’t “pointing fingers” I was merely pointing something out,
    IE, that white people dont have a monopoly on “racism”.
    in south africa the poorest of the multitudes are now even poorer since 1994,
    and black majority rule
    .whiteys fault no doubt
    in zimbabwe mugabe in 1987 fixed the 1987 election that brought him to power by the simple expedient of slaughtering tens of thousands of the opposition voters
    whiteys fault as well DORIAN?as is the starving his own people I expect?

    The arab word for slave is the same word for black as far as I know,
    as in ABD ULLAH slave of al, and they are still busy buying and selling people
    the english were so good at mistreating people because they, like all tyrants of any hue
    practised first on their own people, you are barking up the wrong tree
    the so called elites are the most non racist people on the planet
    they will exploit and kill anyone regardless of race DORIAN
    children down mines, up chimneys slaving away in cotton mills,or dragooned onto navy ships,
    millions of poor white “indentured servants”, by any other label slaves,
    transported to the sugar plantations of the isands, and of less value than the blacks because they tended to die like flies in the heat,
    the whites were the first to be shipped to the sugar plantations of the bahamas
    there were I think 2 and a half million of them,
    and later on their ancestors slow marched into hailstorms of machine gun bullets
    and slaughtered in the millions on a daily basis
    the first legal slave owner in jamestown america,
    a black man,one anthony johnson
    a tobbaco farmer, one of many black slave owners of both black and white slaves.
    then there was transportation of men women and children from england to australia,
    I think they got sick of hanging them for stealing bread and rabbits and other such heinous crimes
    this carried on with white children into the 50’s and 60’s
    tutsi and the hutu,the japanese and the chinese, the filthy bolshevik jews that murdered millions of russians,
    the russians that murdered the ukrainians
    the turks and the massacring of the armenians, whiteys fault as well? DORIAN

    jew owned,
    most of the ships that carried the slaves from africa contained africans that were helpfully sold to them by other africans….are you getting my drift DORIAN?,
    I would suggest that you take some time to study history,
    particularly recent history, before you post such ill informed blather as above

    I have lived in africa
    and found african people to have been amongst the most hospitable,
    welcoming people I have ever met, anywhere, of any hue.
    and Yes! DORIAN, some of my best freinds are BLACK!!!

  31. “In old days, antisemites were those who hated Jews. Now the antisemites are them who are hated by Jews,” Gilad Atzmon

    Rabbi Shneur Cohen of Chabad Manchester city was spotted serving coffee and donuts to cops after the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester arena on May 21, which resulted in the death of 22 people and sending another 59 to hospital. Chabad is Jewish supremacist group with ties to Israel Mossad.

    The attack came ahead of June 8 general election which Jewish lobby fears anti-Israel Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party leader might win.

    US officials claimed within hours of the incident that the perpetrator Salman Abedi, 22, was a suicide bomber belonging to ISIS terrorist group created by the US, Israel and Britain in the first place in order to provide humanitarian excuse to invade and destroy anti-Israel governments in region.

    The UK’s Zionist-controlled mainstream media has already started blaming Muslims without any proof. Considering that Britain is the most heavily surveilled state in the world, one can only ponder.

    Salman like all the false flag Muslim pasties was under observation by the British intelligence agency and London police – but was not considered as threat to the White or Jewish communities.

    As happens in false flags, the security services held a counter-terrorist drill before the incident (watch below).

    British pop singer Steve Brookstein, who became the first Jew to win the X-Factor award in 2005, irked his tribe by tweeting on May 23: Theresa May has a terrible day. Awful press and guess what an explosion in Manchester. Can’t make this S**t up.

    Recently elected Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham just visited the Zionist entity – all expenses paid by Labour Friends of Israel. He believes that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has failed to curb antisemitism in his party. Manchester is home to second largest Jewish community after London.

    Britain is home to Europe’s second largest Muslim community (2.1 million) after France (7-9 million). a great majority of Brit Muslims supports Corbyn.

    American academic and author Kevin Barrett, PhD, also claimed on May 22 that Manchester carnage was a false flag operation by the British and Israeli intelligence agencies.

    1. @ Rehmat

      American academic and author Kevin Barrett, PhD, also claimed on May 22 that Manchester carnage was a false flag operation by the British and Israeli intelligence agencies.

      So what? There is no reason to believe that Kevin Barrett is telling the truth just because he has the initials “PhD” stuck after after his name. As Franklin Ryckaert here will tell you, this is the “Argument from Authority.” This is logically invalid. Barrett’s doctorate in no way guarantees that he is not a disinfo agent working for the same government agencies he claims are behind the attacks.

      I repeat my FOUR arguments for rejecting Barrett’s pathetic conspiracy theory:

      [1] According to these conspiracy theorists (like Jim Stone and Kevin Barrett) almost EVERY single terrorist attack involving Muslims is a “false flag attack”. In other words, Muslims are never guilty of anything, ever. They are always squeaky clean! And the government is ALWAYS to blame.

      Anyone who believes such implausible nonsense lacks common sense and judgement.

      [2] It is the job of the CIA, Mossad and similar intelligence agencies to fabricate conspiracy theories. They do this deliberately to muddy the waters and create contempt for ALL “conspiracy theories”, including 9/11 truth and Holocaust revisionism. These are are the paid and professional disinfo agents who make up these false stories every day of the week to confuse the masses and make it impossible to know what the truth is. As I said in a previous post, their entire raison d’etre can be described in one word: “mindfuck”.

      [3] Kevin Barrett is an editor of Veterans Today, a notorious website where 40% of the articles are disinformation. This we know for sure. So Barrett is working for an untrustworthy website that, when not inventing bogus false flag attacks, is publishing ridiculously far-fetched articles about UFOs from Outer Space and alien infiltration of the earth.

      If you doubt me, check out the articles of Preston James — a favorite of that other fraud Jeff Rense.

      [4] Finally, Kevin Barrett has an ULTERIOR MOTIVE for claiming that all terrorist attacks done by Muslims are “false flag attacks”. This is because Barrett is himself a Muslim. By claiming that Muslims are not responsible for bombing and killing people, but that the Muslims have always been “framed” by a government agency, Barrett is exculpating and exonerating Muslims of all blame — i.e., he is letting all Muslims off the hook.

      I might add that you yourself (Rehmat) are a Muslim, so you too have an ulterior motive for backing Kevin Barrett and letting all Muslims off the hook.

      1. Please note: the above comment is not meant to be Islamophobic in any way. It is written by someone who respects all good Muslims and thinks they should be treated fairly. (I also respect the Qur’an, though not the untrustworthy Hadith).

        I think Muslims (e.g., the Palestinians) have a right to fight for their lands and people and should not be denied the credit for engaging in valid asymmetric warfare. By claiming that Muslims never strike back against their Israeli and Western oppressors, you are in fact guilty of casting doubt on the courage of resistance fighters (like Hamas and Hizbollah) who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their wives and children.

        So you are morally wrong to deny the brave resistance fighter the credit which is his due.

        The Libyan who died in the recent Manchester terror attack can be described as a “resistance fighter”. He gave up his life for his cause. So don’t deny him his honor by claiming he was just a “patsy” and that this was yet another “false flag attack”.

      2. I have already expressed my deepest sympathy for the innocent little British children who were killed in this act of asymmetric warfare. They certainly did not deserve to die. But what is this resistance fighter to do if you have bombed his country to smithereens and killed millions of innocent people, including women and children, in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia?

        Stop bombing and killing Muslims, you imperialist bullies, and they will leave you alone! Get out of their lands! Stop plundering their resources, you vultures in human form!

        If you bomb them and kill them, what do you expect? Western terror breeds Muslim terrorism. Spit at another, and the winds of karma will bring the spit back in your own face.

      3. If Kevin Barrett and myself have EXTERIOR MOTIVE in not believing in the official story of the Manchester bombing story – then by using the same logic I can say, Sardonicus you’re Jewish for defending the Judeo-Christian criminals behind 9/11, 7/7, Sandy Hook School shooting,, etc.

        Well, American Christian academic Dr. James Tracy says that your nephew Noah Pozner died twice – in Newtown and later in Pakistan in 2014 …… Now what exterior motive Tracy has as he is not a convert to ISLAM??

  32. One of the typical characteristics of a false flag Muslim terrorist attack is that the perpetrator appears to have connections with the secret service of the country in which the attack took place.

    It appears that the father of Salman Abedi, the alleged perpetrator of the terrorist attack in Manchester, worked for the British secret service MI6 and was sent two times to Libya on a mission to murder Qadhaffi. So if Salman wanted to take revenge for the destruction of his fatherland, he should have attacked his own father (or MI6).

    A realistic interpretation of his case is that he was either sacrificed as a “patsy”, or didn’t die at all, and the whole thing was a hoax. Anyway, this is one more argument that this terrorist attack was fake.

    For info, see : Voltairenet : Manchester Attack as MI6 Blowback.

    or the same article on Truthseeker.

  33. 1 question: any dead jews?
    any geysers squirting blood?
    is it good for Jews?
    (it all qualifies as the same question)

  34. first off – everybody throw theresa may in the ocean. wait till the tide’s going out.
    her support of brexit notwithstanding.
    there’s no excuse whatsoever for any more of these kinds of bombings and other attacks.
    sweep out any and all immigrants right now. visa, green card, whatever.
    if they’re not citizens throw them all out right now.
    and nobody else an come in.
    make it england again.
    british citizens take back your guns.
    i noticed the reporters on rt had the suspect convicted the day after he was arrested.
    it was him ok, he did it.
    isn’t it always the guy they arrest, right after it happens, who they knew about beforehand?
    no doubt the bombing was real, but it could still have been contrived as a false flag.
    manchurian candidate mind control slaves are a dime a dozen out there now.
    they start working on them while they’re still in the womb.
    they’ll make em out of all of us if there’s any way they can, and they’re working on it.

    1. Throw them out you say, if they are not citizens! Really! So tell me racist, what about all those that are citizens like the Manchester Bomber, he was born and raised in Manchester, he is 100% British! Or does being born in Britain not qualify? Maybe you need to have your parents and grandparents born in Britain? How about all those IRA bombers, they are British through and through (after all Northern Ireland is part of Britain no? Apologizes to those offended by this statement, I do realize IRA are proudly Irish, I’m just writing cynically and allegorically to make a point). They have their lineage going back further than yours Barkingdeer. Or are you American? That being, you are an immigrant!

      Make it England again? Which England? The England that was Celtic during Roman Times, the England that was Danish in the 9th Century, the England that was Norman (you’d be too ignorant to know this, so let me explain, that means French) during the 11th century, or how about Dutch England when William III (aka William of Orange) ruled in the 17th Century, or how about the present House of Windsor (aka House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) starting from Edward VII right up to Elizabeth II….GERMAN!

      So WHO is really the immigrant in Britain? Originally, the Celts where residing in England. Do you know who they are? They are now known as the WELSH! That’s right all those English people in England need to be booted out, and sent packing back home, to Denmark, Holland, France, and Germany.

      Stupidity such as yours BarkingDeer is the reason why we have such terrible problems in the world. Do yourself a favor, and get an education, and stop reading KKK and Fascist literature.

      1. I would like to further my point to @BarkingDeer.

        Do you know how England stopped being Celtic? Immigrants from the Jutes(Danes/Scandinavians)
        Do you know how England stopped being Jutish? Immigrants from Normandy.
        Do you know how England stopped being Norman? Immigrants from Holland.
        Do you know how “England” was created? Immigrants from Germany, specifically, the Angles, a Germanic tribe that settled in Great Britain during the Early Middle Ages, and from their GERMANISH tongue, the name “England” was derived.
        In short, English is not a thing that exists, to be English means to be a compendium of French, Celtic, Danish, Germanic and everything else in between. England and English, would not exist if it were not for immigration!
        So what if Iraqi’s come to England?
        So what if Pakistani’s come to England?
        So what if Indians come to England?
        So what if Jamaicans come to England?
        So what if Poles come to England?
        So what!

        What’s the alternative? No more immigrants, and that you only marry and breed with each other? Do you understand where that eventually leads to?

        So what is wrong if in 500 years from now, England is brown, Muslim and Arabic is the official language? If you have a problem with that, then you are a racist, and don’t deserve any country.

        If you really care about your country, and don’t like the direction it is heading in, then start showing RESPECT TO OTHER COUNTRIES. Then you will just find, that all these people you don’t like will have no reason to come to England in the first place. If you destroy other people’s homes, then you by MORAL OBLIGATION must house and take care of those lives you have destroyed!

      2. @ Dorian

        So what if Iraqi’s [SIC] come to England?
        So what if Pakistani’s [SIC] come to England?
        So what if Indians come to England?
        So what if Jamaicans come to England?
        So what if Poles come to England?

        Can you explain why you use an apostrophe in Iraqi’s and Pakistani’s but not in Indians, Jamaicans and Poles?

        Which do you think is correct English:

        “I like cats and dogs.”


        “I like cat’s and dog’s.”

      3. Despite all Dorian’s intellectual pretensions, I think we are dealing here with a person who has yet to master the basic rules of English grammar. How can we take anything he says seriously when he doesn’t even know where to put his apostrophes?

      4. @Dorian

        Nearly all peoples of the world have been created by multiple immigrations and assimilations. But those were mostly immigrations of closely related peoples, both racially and culturally. Thus in the course of a few centuries a new people with an identity of its own could be formed.

        What we are seeing now all over the white world is mass immigration of totally different peoples, both racially and culturally, and often those immigrating groups are openly hostile to their host nation. Thus Mexicans openly proclaim they will take over the SW of the US by reconquista, while in Europe the Muslims openly declare they will establish a Khalifat in our lands. We would be insane if we allow this to happen.

        For an ethnic group to survive it needs a territory of its own, allowing immigration only of closely kindred groups and even that only in small numbers.

        Mass immigration from the Third World into white countries will lead to the destruction of those countries. Race is the biological part of ethnic identity, it is therefore a legitimate criterion. Racial aliens should not be allowed to immigrate and those already present should be repatriated. Call that “racist” if you want, but this is sound ethnic policy.

        “So what is wrong if in 500 years from now, England is brown, Muslim and Arabic is the official language? If you have a problem with that, then you are a racist, and don’t deserve any country.”

        The typical hypocritical anti-White attitude, all in the name of “anti-racism” of course ! Tell the Arabs that they will have to accept hundreds of millions of Chinese immigrants which will destroy their ethnic identity and that if they refuse it they are “racists” and “don’t deserve any country”.

        “Racism” in the sense of caring for the survival and well being of one’s own race is perfectly normal and therefore moral. In this sense all peoples of the world are “racist”, in fact Whites are the least “racist” people of the world. For their own good they should become more “racist”.

        War crimes committed in non-white countries by the elites of white countries do not justify the racial destruction those white countries, but the punishment of those elites.

  35. jfc — they plan these things well in advance.
    but something was needed to get the seth rich pizza gate dnc murder off the front page.
    hannity is in trouble now for talking about it, supposedly.
    he’ll probably be the next high insider to disappear from fox news.
    but there’s some other reason those guys are going away. something else is going on here.
    and, you had hundreds of kids at this event, and they all have net cameras now.
    so where’s the rest of the footage?

    1. Bark –

      You wrote:
      “…but something was needed to get the seth rich pizza gate dnc murder off the front page.
      hannity is in trouble now for talking about it, supposedly.”

      Kim Dotcom Disappoints: Offers Full Seth Rich Testimony But Only To Special Counsel Mueller

      As promised over the weekend, Kim Dotcom has delivered his official ‘statement’ on the Seth Rich murder. Unfortunately, it’s a bit light on the details and more of a teaser along with a promise to disclose full details of his relationship with Seth Rich to Special Counsel Mueller in return for safe passage to and from the United States.


      FWIW – – –

      “SCRIBBLE CODE” explained.

      (The intended garble by TPTB…. clears up and info repeated)

      “Seth Rich Murder Busted Wide Open by Hacker!”


      Who knows??

      Sean Hannity Tweets Out Ludicrous Seth Rich Conspiracy From Kim Dotcom [Updated]

      Hannity has clearly gone off the rails, and is embarrassing himself on an hourly basis. In the past when this happened, an ‘adult’ would step in and put a stop to it. That adult was usually Bill Shine or Roger Ailes. I don’t think there’s anyone left in the executive suite who can rein Hannity in. Wallace is Shep’s guy, Abernathy is a pencil pusher and Scott is a woman—Hannity has no respect for any of them.

      This is eerily reminiscent of what happened to Glenn Beck near the end of his Fox career. He was off in looney tunes conspiracy land. Roger told him to stop, but he wouldn’t. Advertisers started fleeing, and he was off the network a few months later.

  36. @ Madame sweet pie
    Listen sweet thing ,i am as hot as hell when i hear your name
    i fantasized a million times ,how to please you
    kissing and softly licking your landscape ,the hills and mountains ,high and low
    your oceans ,rivers ,streams and lakes.and discovering your valleys and caves.
    I kept dreaming in delight and joyful tribulation of rebellious journey written and played by a loving mind

    1. “licking your landscape”? One misses Gilbert’s poetry more than ever, “licking your landscape”? LMFAO!!!!

  37. “I Know Who Is Responsible For the Manchester Bombing. US, UK, Israel, The Saudis”

    “Please remember that ISIS began as Al Qaeda in Iraq and Al Nusra started as Al Qaeda in Syria. It has been against US law to give aid to Al Qaeda since 911 but that has not stopped the Democrat and Republican parties from sending weapons and money to Al Qaeda. Israel offers help and even bombs the Syrians to protect Al Qaeda and ISIS.”

  38. pat — security cameras turned off or erased at the time of the murder. that figures.
    shot in the head. no valuables taken. they didn’t even try to make it look like a robbery.
    it’s the pedophile thing man. it’s huge. much bigger than just the dnc hanging around the pizza restaurant.
    you saw the jeffrey dahlmer pedo sculpture in podesta’s house and the pedo art in the restaurant.
    we’ve all seen hillary’s kiru symptoms.
    pedophiles work their way into high positions of authority on purpose, and they protect each other..
    it’s all over the country.
    the russian hack thing is just a smokescreen.
    who’s kim dotcom?
    nobody knows, but his secret testimony to meuller doesn’t wash.
    meuller goes way back in this bs too, he’s nfg either.
    trump will be lucky to make it another six months.
    if they can’t fire him they’ll kill him.
    pence is in on the plot to get rid of him.
    trump needs to arrest abut 1000 child molesters, traitors and spies inside the beltway right now.
    for hope — zionism is the isis of judaism.

    1. Bark –

      “zionism is the isis of judaism.”

      Woaah…!! GREAT LINE..!! I’m gonna use it… 🙂

  39. you’re welcome to it bro. are you gonna quote me?

    think about this too — the sabotage of and decline in nationalist identity in general under the new world order plan for the globalists’ one world bankster super-surveillance military/police dictatorship is gradually confusing western alliances, which will have to go by the wayside as well. everything will be surveilled and then dictated under the increasingly higher g network devices and all transactions covered by fed-coin. the nwo will be governed and enforced by the nwo police, which will have been gradually morphed out of each country’s domestic forces, which is the plotted purpose of all this chaos. without strong nationalism there really are no alliances. just as without racial, religious and ethnic differences, which are largely nationalistic as well, there is no diversity. anonymous leakers from inside the intel network, which serves the globalists primarily, not only attempt to derail trump, but now have a state of disorder in play between the usa and britain… indeed, there is plenty of sentiment now for succession in some states inside the usa.

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