The Migrant Invasion of Europe: Get Ready for Riots and the Abolition of the White Race


“Lasha Darkmoon explains why Angela Merkel has probably wrought greater damage to Germany and Europe as a whole than Hitler.” (Rixon Stewart, Truthseeker)

The material presented below, based on previous articles published in The Occidental Observer, will serve as a short introduction to an electrifying video which forms the centerpiece of this article. I am told the 19-minute video could be removed from YouTube any day soon. This is because of constant complaints about it from the Usual Suspects, particularly about the shockingly damning quote by Jewish activist Barbara Spectre which forms the climax of the video.   


§  “There will be riots in Germany soon… I always thought Merkel was a great leader… [but] what she’s done in Germany is insane, insane…”  — Donald Trump in video below, 13.35 ff.

§  “Merkel is at the risk of an imminent mental breakdown and now represents a danger to Germany.” — Hans-Joachim Maaz, top German psychiatrist and best-selling author

Consumed with Holocaust guilt and possessed by the demons of pathological altruism, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has handed over her country to the endless hordes of the Third World. “Let them come . . . we can look after them all,” she murmurs serenely, echoing the words of the altruists all over Europe bearing placards that scream: “REFUGEES WELCOME!

Merkel is an interesting case history: the guilt-ridden, traumatized leader of a deeply traumatized nation. Her way of handling the migrant crisis in Germany is not so much a stupendous example of pathological altruism at work as a symbolic act of self-flagellation on behalf of the German people, all of them engaged in varying degrees of self-flagellation over the Holocaust.

“The culture of the Holocaust is destroying Germany, ” Brenton Sanderson notes in a thought-provoking 3-part article in the Occidental Observer. “Endlessly reinforced over decades by the intellectual and media elite, the notion that Germans and their descendants are responsible for “the single most evil event in human history” has had such a demoralizing effect that millions fully support Angela Merkel’s current attempt to destroy the ethnic basis of their nation.”

To understand  these words is to grasp the root cause of Germany’s suicidal approach to the migrant crisis. Letting Germany be destroyed, the entire ethnic basis of the nation expunged, can be seen for what it is: a collective act of atonement for the Holocaust.

I wrote this last year in an article — the situation, if anything, is even worse now:

Germany has accepted roughly 1.5 million “refugees” last year, far more than any other country in Europe, with a predicted  4 million new asylum seekers pouring into Europe in 2016, and 10 million more on the way. Many of these will end up in Germany. At this rate, it is widely predicted, there will soon not be a single white face left in Germany—or indeed anywhere else in Europe. In 50 years time, Europe will not only be multicultural, much to the delight of Jewish activist Barbara Spectre, it will also be multicolored.

Last year a Muslim political activist warned the Germans: “We will marry your daughters and conquer you with births!”

“What’s wrong with that?” you might ask if you’ve been infected by the virus of pathological altruism. Well, to start with, most well-balanced Europeans don’t want to see their homelands invaded by unlimited numbers of foreigners from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They maintain, quite rightly, “We’re full upwe’re  stuffed to capacity!

If Europe can be likened to the Titanic sinking beneath the waves, the last thing we can afford is to have more people piling on to the lifeboats.

 —  §  —

Here is a Muslim on a YouTube video. Listen to his rant. You’ll be hearing more talk like this soon. He’s not going to kill us quickly and violently with bombs and box cutters, he’s going to kill us slowly and non-violently with birth rates!

“I am telling you honestly, Islam will come to Germany, whether you like it or not. Your daughter will wear a headscarf (hijab). Your son will wear a beard. Okay. And your daughter will marry a bearded man.

We are reproducing faster and faster. You Germans are not getting any children. In the best case, you get two children. We make seven to eight children. Okay, mate? And then we take four wives each, we have 22 children!  Maybe you Germans have one child and a dog, huh? And that’s it!

Listen, mate. This is not our fault, it’s your fault. You exploited our countries, colonized our countries.

And so Allah (blessed be his name), Almighty God will make it so that we will conquer you. Not with war, here in Germany, but with birth rates, first and foremost!  Secondly, we will marry your daughters! And your daughter will wear a Muslim headscarf!

That’s how it is, mate! Now you can get really mad! I can already see the hate in your eyes!”

If you have time, check out this 4-minute video of a young African bragging about how he and other Black immigrants are going to conquer Europe and impregnate every beautiful White woman they can. “We are taking Europe from the Europeans and they are too stupid to fight back,” he gloats. (0.30). “They are going to pay us to conquer them and take their land.” (1.20). He adds with a smile, “What I look forward to most is the destruction of European womanhood.” (1.30).

Talking of the “destruction of European womanhood,” take a quick look at this 1-minute video clip. This will give you an insight into the unimaginable depravities to which German women are now being exposed after the invasion of the migrant body snatchers. Here is a migrant boasting in broken German about the gang rape of a young girl on a bunk bed, a virgin, seven of them jumping her at once. English subtitles:

“Adim switched off the light and f****d her. (0.14) … She cried after that, she couldn’t go any longer. (0.45) … And we, like pigs we spit on her. Sperm and dirt all over her. We really got milked. (0.47) … DUDE, it was a virgin! And we DESTROYED her with seven guys, dude. (0.57).

In the 19-minute video featured below I was astonished to see a young Muslim migrant in Germany point to his genital region and say: “I have a big problem down here. My balls are very big. The doctor says, make sex with anyone, make anything!” (17.05). A quick check on the internet will tell you that scrotal elephantiasis, also known as scrotal lymphedema , is a real problem for many people. It consists of a  massive enlargement of the scrotum due to thickening of tissue and accumulation of fluid. Here is a picture of a man with an enlarged 132-pound scrotum.

OK, this is obviously an affliction you wouldn’t want to inflict on your deadliest enemy, but here is a Muslim migrant in Germany who has evidently been told by his witch doctor that the only way to find relief for his condition is to go out and have sex with as many German women as possible — if necessary by raping them. “Make sex with anyone, make anything!” he is instructed.

Truly, the mind boggles: mass rape as a cure for scrotal elephantiasis!

And so it seems we’re  all on board now for a new Europe in which the inhabitants of Africa (population 1.2 billion) will be given every opportunity to relocate to Europe and interbreed with the White women they encounter there, mass-producing in the process a long assembly line of babies that are neither black nor white but some intermediate shade of color. Add to this multicultural brew the seething masses of Asia (4.4 billion) and the pullulating Muslim populations of the world  (1.6 billion), and then wave placards saying “Refugees Welcome!” and “Welcome Lovely Humans!”—and what do you have?

Answer: Hell on earth.

I don’t think Orwell foresaw this multicultural superstate. This is something new. All we can be sure of is that this Eurostan—the new European superstate now in the making—will be a multicultural dystopia rife with race wars, gang rapes, cheap foreign labor, widespread unemployment for the dispossessed White minority, bullying bosses, cowed workers, overflowing prisons, fatcat lawyers, psychotic politicians, police state surveillance, fabricated news items, false flag attacks, demoralized families, dysfunctional children, schools for morons, mass suicides, manufactured diseases, promoted perversions, drug addiction, gambling, prostitution, pornography, serial killers on the rampage, and nonstop mindless entertainment for the zombified masses.

It will be a dog-eat-dog world of unimaginable cruelty. A nightmare horrorshow that neither Dante nor Hieronymus Bosch ever anticipated in their wildest dreams. If you’re White and dispossessed in this New Dystopia, you’re a dead man walking. Get ready for the Abolition of the White race.

If you haven’t seen this video below, you should. It is incomparably the best video on the migrant crisis you are ever likely to see. If you’ve seen it already, watch it again and send it to all your friends on Facebook and elsewhere.

VIDEO : 19:32 mins

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    1. Partly suicide (by the naive), but mostly GENOCIDE (by the kosher usual suspects).

    2. Arrogant ruling elites now shell-shocked by the common people. WHOO-HOO !!!!!

      More to come. Watch this space.

  1. The only criticism I have with this article is the unnecessary detail Darkmoon gives about “scrotal enlargement”. It seems to me that Lasha is incapable of withholding bizarre sexual details that it might be better to conceal from the general public. Frankly, I’d rather not know about people who have testicles weighing 132 pounds. It is pretty disgusting.

    1. How about 99 lb testicles, is that ok?

      as an outraged male not afflicted with cerebral lymphedema, I vote to infect ALL OF THEM with scrotal elephantiasis.
      that way they can’t chase you down the street.

      maybe if they use them as pogo sticks …

    2. @ Outraged Female

      Frankly, I’d rather not know about people who have testicles weighing 132 pounds. It is pretty disgusting.

      ‘Disgusting’ is an understatement. I was myself overcome by extreme disgust — I almost vomited — in having these distasteful medical details about massive testicles brought to my attention. Thrust upon me without my consent. I’m seriously thinking of suing the Darkmoon site for mind pollution.

    3. OF –

      FYI – – –

      G. Gordon Liddy bragged numerous times on his radio show that he had to have “testicle reduction surgery” in his teens or early 20s because his balls bulged in front in his pants and was embarrassing… and hurt when he walked.

      He is the same smart guy who held his open hand over a lighter until his flesh burned black..!! That takes BALLS..!! 🙂 🙂

    4. zaky,
      don’t be disgusted, not nice and also racist/supremacist, which is unheard of for a secular jew, but jew nevertheless, secula seculorum.

      only trump and his white neonazi cohorts can be racist and supremacist, white heritage, white privilege, you don’t qualify, you are just a jew, meek, humble, decent and deceitful.

      medical details about massive testicles

      maybe they are medicine balls and he doesn’t want to pay customs duty, probably filled with some energizing powder that high society jews snort at their pedo-parties.

      let’s be rational, zaky, i am sure there is a rational explanation


      Frankly, I’d rather not know about people who have testicles weighing 132 pounds. It is pretty disgusting.

      make up your mind: is it pretty OR disgusting?

    5. @ Lobro

      make up your mind: is it pretty OR disgusting?

      Why can’t it be both? I once knew a girl who was described as “disgustingly pretty.”

    6. ma’am:
      how can you compare your friend with 132 pound balls? even if she is black.
      i will report you to authorities.

      ok, maybe they weigh the same …

    7. Lasha only gets real crazy about scrotal enlargement and BIG zibbis on Children of The SUN High Holy Days when she’s worshipping The Golden Priapus of Horus , so I guess today is a High Holy day in the ancient Egyptian City of The Dead, a little bit south of Luxor, 🙂 . On NON High Holy days, Lasha’s actually quite modest and if you say anything sexual in nature Lasha blushes. I was sent to Spamblinka once for saying “dildo”. Lasha was absolutely appalled. I guess I used the word “dildo” on a NON High Holy day, 😉 .

    8. Well…you didn’t have to click the link to observe it now did you? You were informed….warned what the image was about. For those who did not want to see the image simply continue reading.

    9. well said, sapere,
      i neither watched the video nor the balls because my imagination is complete enough to see the picture in my mind’s eye, even more than strictly necessary.
      i just read lasha’s article and that was good enough for me.

      but i guess she needed to add some graphics for reinforcement of her message, some people need it, some don’t and those in the latter category have no need to ogle the images – caveat tur.

  2. Yes, excellent article DM, with thanks to the communist/jewish Kastner, Merkel, who deliberately has masterminded this to fulfill the Kalergi-plan in which there will be one mongrelized race in Europe with exception of the jews who keep inter-marrying with jews.Let me guess the descent of the doctor which gave this marvellous advice to these muslims, could be a jewish doctor I would not be surprised. It’s a shame that he doesn’t give that advice to take relief with jewish women! That would be a nice mongrellization, jews and muslims, a new race.

    What about white women? I really think they don’t care if their mate is a white man or a muslim. Women in general are more practical than men. If a white man is not present or not suitable they go along with a muslim especially with all these jewish propaganda. This development is already voluntary taking place in the country in which I live where muslims are given preference when applying for a job instead of white men. White men are/will be unemployed and muslim men get the jobs. And as the white women are practical inclined they will court/court a nice a muslim man with a job. The losers will be the white men and the few “principled “white women.

    Maybe there will be riots in the future but they will be masterminded by the useful suspect in which the outcome serves the jewish status quo.

    We live in interesting times with uninvited strangers who will enrich our society. Hurray!

    1. This development is already voluntary taking place in the country in which I live where muslims are given preference when applying for a job instead of white men. White men are/will be unemployed and muslim men get the jobs. And as the white women are practical inclined they will court/court a nice a muslim man with a job. The losers will be the white men and the few “principled “white women.

      This is precisely what Jews did with the American Negro. They took white tax dollars and the requirement for meritorious job qualification and gave them to the Negro in the form of welfare entitlements and color-based job preferences. To top it off, they accompanied these economic efforts with a massive media programming campaign that turned white into black and black into white.

      The other day I was commiserating with one of the over-twenty white males I know that owns no vehicle and cannot drive. He was relating how he goes out and mows lawns every day while the Negroes in his complex sit in their apartment drinking MD 20/20 and smoking weed. He could not comprehend how anyone could sit idly in the house, doing nothing day after day.

      I pointed out how this is due to a fundamental genetic difference between the white man and the Negro. Like other young white males I know, he soon began lamenting the dearth of eligible white women available to white men.

      I asked him what kind of vehicles he sees Negroes driving. He looked at me quizzically before answering, “Oh yeah, the gangsta cars.”

      “Of course, with the expensive wheels. Do you notice how many Negroes drive new cars, especially SUVS?” He nodded in agreement.

      I continued, “When I was a lad, if one saw a junker, clunking its smoking way down the street, one could be almost certain it belonged to a Negro. Today one can be equally sure that junker will belong to a white man. What happened? Jews stole the white man’s inheritance and birthright and gave them to the Negro in the form of welfare, job preferences and other entitlements specifically aimed at the minority class.”

      I then pointed out how women, primarily concerned with reproduction, are quite pragmatic in their choice of a mate. For this reason they naturally look for the mate with the best ability to support both them and their offspring and thanks to Jewish programming efforts, color is now at best a secondary consideration in a woman’s reproductive choice for a mate.

      So I asked the young man, “Do you think a white woman might view you as a viable option? Their choice is between a virile, young buck, Negro like those typically portrayed in the media, with a good paying, government job, a home and a nice new SUV, or a 30 year old white male who sleeps on the living room floor of his brother’s rented apartment and not only owns no car, but cannot even drive and furthermore, mows lawns for a living. Given the choice of this stacked deck, what do you think your chances are of finding any female mate?”

      I could see the light come on in his eyes.

      I concluded the conversation saying, “In the past Negroes had to sit on the back of the bus. Today, thanks to Jews, the white man is not even allowed on the bus.”

      (I hope this fulfills Dr. Parker’s request for a topical comment)

  3. It’s midnight. A hound howls in the distance as a cold wind journeys across the moors to make its way through a long forgotten graveyard. Light from a Darkmoon casts dim shadows that play across an open grave. Slowly, the casket lid stirs, causing dust to weep through widened cracks in dry, ancient wood. Rusty hinges creak, groaning their protest to a slowly opening coffin lid concealing a tragic figure of political consequences.

    Dead bones crack and dusty bits of uniform return to the grave as the corpse of a dead rebel rises slowly from the casket. Yellowed, sightless eyes shrunken into bottomless sockets stare blankly from above a sardonic grin, stretched tightly across a brown skull covered with mold; its ghastly visage makes the stomach churn.

    Rotting flesh crumbles from an empty sleeve as a boney finger of white stretches forth, pointing towards eternity. The mouth opens, fauna from the grave creeps forth accompanied by a hollow laugh from a ghostly past that echoes across the moors . . . It’s time once again for Arch Stanton’s – Theater ~ Of ~ The ~ Absurd. Tonight’s episode is brought to you by the makers of RJF soap, the soap that makes a body Talmedically pure.

    Welcome fellow goyim. Tonight we travel back through the gray mists of time to enjoy yet more terrifyingly anti-semitic, black, SS humor as we present another episode from The Kremasign Theater’s ongoing saga of Nhadzee atrocities.

    And now, from the hit album: “Don’t bash that Jew’s brains out, hand me the Zyklon B,” Harry Heydrich – Demonic Dealer of Death!


    Kookenwald Death Camp: He walks again by night with his faithful seeing-eye Schnauzer, Blindie, dogging Jews at every turn (ruff, ruff). Out of the fog, into the oven’s smoke – relentlessly, ruthlessly, (I know Ruth was in the Bible, but I can’t remember where) for his evening meeting with the incredibly unbelievable.

    At the corner of Himmelstraße and Arbeit Macht Frei he turns right. At Arbeit Macht Frei and Himmelstraße he turns left and walks into a gray cement building (Ow!) He steps inside to climb the thirteen steps to his office of fear and terror. Walking in, he’s ready for horror! He’s ready for torture! He’s ready for blood! He’s Harry Heydrich – Demonic Dealer of Death!


    According to the clavicle clock on the wall, it was late afternoon at the death camp when I flipped on the human finger switch that put a more literal angle on the Judens’ infamous, light-fingered nature. I had just finished my usual day piling corpses 800 meters into the sky before turning them into canned meat for the troops. The sign over the camp’s entrance tallied the score, “Over Six Million Served.”

    Sitting down at a desk made of human bones, I put my hob-nailed jackboots up on the shrunken head that served as a footstool and lit a rauche to help compose my thoughts. Reflecting on the utter absurdity of giving prisoners haircuts and identifying tattoos only to march them off to the gas chambers a few moments later, I reasoned the SS could save time, not to mention quite a few Reichmarks, by eliminating the lengthy process. There might even be an Iron Cross in it for me.

    Flicking ashes into a pelvic bone ashtray, I threw a thoughtful glance at the name on the office door: hcirdyeH .H with the abbreviated SS title of evil beneath: D.D.D., when suddenly a shapely shadow fell across the frosted glass – then a knock.

    Knock, knock.

    “Who’s there?”


    “Icannazi who?”

    “I cannazi any gaz chambers.”

    It was our private joke.

    “Yeah, come in.”

    The door opened and there she stood, deep green hair, flaming red eyes and a pair of gams any Jew would die for. Ilsa Greif, known as “The Witch of Kookenwald,” was a vision of Aryan loveliness that could climb on my broomstick any day.

    In her usual manner, Ilsa’s delicate, blanched fingers ran tantalizingly up and down the riding crop highlighting her low cut, leather ensemble before whipping it hard upon a sensuous curve of her shapely, black riding breeches. “Zo! How many Jews have we eliminated today Harry?”

    “I don’t know, I lost count after six million.”

    “No matter. I just came over to ask if you had any new tattoos today, they’re running short over at the lampshade factory.”

    Pulling out a portfolio made from human skin, I shoved it across the desk toward the leather encased, porn queen from hell. “Sure Mädchen, just got these today, right before we sent the last batch over to the brain bashing machine.”

    Picking up the nifty, but nasty notebook of Nhadzee atrocities, she riffled through the sheaves of carefully flattened tattoos.

    “Careful with them, you know how scarce those tats are; remember tattoos are against Talmudic law.”

    A gasp of delight escaped her blood-red lips, “Harry, these are zimply wonderful and zo tasteful! You know Harry, Jews have forever claimed they were a light unto the world and now our German surgeons have made their dream come true!”

    I felt the time was right to make my move. “Sweetheart, why don’t we go over to the balcony shooting gallery and line up our sights on a few Juden over a beer?”

    I could swear her fiery eyes flashed momentarily, underscoring her reply, “Oh Harry I’d love to, but . . .”

    “But what? Its after five and we’re both off the clock, as well as the charts.”

    She batted an evil eyelash before leveling her steady gaze on the picture of Der Führer prominently displayed on my desk. “Harry, you know there is nothing I’d like more than to go Juden shooting with you, but I already promised I’d meet Doktor Mangeling over at the macabre medical facility to help him put schwerwasser on top of the buckets of Jewish flesh.


    “Yes, you know, heavy water – to keep them from jumping around zo much.”

    “Sure babe. I’ve heard it all before, maybe some other time.”

    This wasn’t the first time I had lost a score to the rakishly handsome doctor of death noted for legendary scalpel skills of the type myths were made from. Rumor had it Mangeling could slice open a bra strap before his unwitting victim could even think of protesting.

    “I’ve got to go Harry, Doktor Mangeling is waiting over at the licentious lab and I’m already late.”
    “Ok babe, be carful the oven door doesn’t hit you in the ass.”

    “You know Harry, that’s what I like best about you – your sense of humor.”

    “Yeah sweetheart, I know. Like I said, I’ve heard it all before.”


    Tune in again next week when the makers of RJF soap bring you another episode of “Nhadzee Atrocities” hot from Kremasign Theatre’s ovens.

    1. @ Arch Stanton

      I feel sorry for you. You seem to be incapable of posting an on-topic comment. All you keep doing is copying and pasting interminable off-topic material from your own site.

      This is not the way to behave. Trolls behave like this, attempting to deflect attention from the published article by creating distractions in exactly the same way as you are doing.

      You sad little exhibitionist, I wish you would stop doing this and behave like the other responsible posters on this site. You are abusing the hospitality of our hosts. If you really must draw attention to your own work, why can’t you do so at the end of the thread as you have been advised?

      1. Dr Parker,

        Arch’s comments are usually of high quality. You are unnecessarily harsh to him and need to exercise a bit more tolerance. I’m sure the comment he has posted above has some indirect relevance to the article.

      2. MB –

        “…indirect relevance to the article.”

        Of course… The “migrant Invasion of Europe” is being compared to the NAZI invasion of Europe.

        London’s Pharisee-Jew bankers financed both…!! 🙂

      3. Don’t feel sorry for me, I’m already dead. Save your sorrow for the white race that is fast disappearing.

        As for being “off topic,” this small vignette highlights a number of the hallowedhoax atrocity myths that have led directly to the destruction of Germany. I felt transforming them into a bit of humor an appropriate counterpoint to the extremely grim developments seen in that country.

        This was not “cut and pasted” from my own website which, if you actually read it, has nothing to do with this subject.

        This is an original work created specifically for this topic. So sorry you failed to appreciate my attempt at turning the tables on hallowedhoax fables.

        By the way, for all the youngsters out there, this is a spoof on Proctor and Bergman’s comedy album.

      4. Jewish Nazi-porn accounts for the white guilt instilled by Jewish programming. These are the very real Jewish sex fantasies that I mock in my Theater of the Absurd.

        Such tripe underpins the foundation of the problem. This is the reason why the majority of Germans stand silently by as Merkel and company reduce their once clean, productive country to a filthy, third world hell hole.

        Not too many years ago I had German neighbor who, as an infant, suffered through the allied bombing raids. His mother immigrated to America as a war bride. Because of his mother’s influence, this man was the most obsequious Jewish supporter I have ever met in my life. In keeping with ancillary Jewish programming, he was completely enamored with the “oppressed” American Indian to whom he felt equally apologetic. As a show of solidarity with the tragic Jewish “victims”, he would fly an Israeli flag off the stern of his boat.

        However, he is not alone in supporting the Jews’ anti-white, hate agenda. When I was a youth of twelve, we had a German neighbor who had also survived the war and come to America as a war bride to an American solider. For some reason, and no telling where I might get such ideas, I thought it would be humorous to paint a large, orange Hakenkreuz on a blue cloth with the comment “Nazi go Home!” beneath, and tack it to her to her front door.

        Naturally she was incensed and hurt beyond words. Many years later, long after she had forgiven me, I learned that just before the end of the war, she had been living in a Berlin suburb. She told me that she and her young friends (she was sixteen at the time) had made a suicide pact for the moment the Soviet “liberators” marched into their neighborhood.

        She also related how they survived by eating the rats that were overrunning the bombed out ruins in which they lived. Although the Jewish communist were a mere twelve miles away at the time, they never arrived to carry out their horrible atrocities on the innocent German people.

        I have never forgotten that, while I did not act out of hatred for my neighbor, it was in fact a reflection of the Jewish hatred, played out endlessly in their media, that inspired those actions. I have lived with that thoughtless act my entire life. The memory pains me endlessly, how could I have been so callous towards my racial kin? I owe my ongoing pain to the Jews terrible, intense hatred for the German people.

        If western civilization is to survive, the Hallowedhoax myth must be exposed and continuously ridiculed for the lie it presented to all humanity. How can anyone ever forgive or forget the Jew’s terrible crimes against mankind?

    2. “The Holocaust is the Holy Grail of white guilt.”
      The Jews BRAG about and SELF DOCUMENT THEIR “holocausting” others and then “PLACE A YOKE” on Gentiles for SUPPOSEDLY doing the exact same thing to them.
      Everything they claim the nazis did is an EXACT COPY of their own self-recorded history..
      Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”

      Numbers c.5 v.2-4
      Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
      Exodus c.32 v.27
      Numbers c.11 v.1-2
      Numbers c.16 all
      Numbers c.21 v.5-6
      Numbers v.26 v.10
      KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
      Numbers v25 v.4-8
      Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
      SEXUALLY ENSLAVE any females “who have not KNOWN a man”
      a very brief selection, many more in THEIR book.
      Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
      Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
      Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
      Numbers c.31 all Midianites
      Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
      Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
      Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
      Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
      Numbers c.21 v.25
      Numbers c.32 v.39
      Numbers c.33 v.53
      (just to name a FEW)
      Numbers c.33 v.31-34
      Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
      Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
      Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
      Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
      Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
      Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
      Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
      TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
      YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
      And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword . . . (Joshua 6:21)
      For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH”

      By the way —-
      Book of Numbers Chap 31 —- Human sacrifice of 32 WOMEN
      [40] And the persons were sixteen thousand; of which the LORD’s tribute was thirty and two persons.
      [41] And Moses gave the tribute, which was the LORD’s heave offering, unto Eleazar the priest, as the LORD commanded Moses.
      ” the LORD’s tribute was thirty and two persons.”
      “the tribute, which was the LORD’s heave offering”
      a “heave offering” was the dismembered quarter of the sacrifice HEAVED into the air.

  4. This organized genocide of Europeans by means of an invasion of hordes of aggressive Muslims and primitive Africans is facilitated by naive and degenerated Europeans themselves, corrupt politicians and the kosher usual suspects, who are the real cause behind it all. To illustrate this, I have selected some pictures from the link REFUGEES WELCOME (in blue) in the article :

    1) Virtue signaling women :

    2) Women suffering from misguided maternal instincts :


    3) A European degenerate (homosexual) :

    4) A European “Trojan Horse” politician of Pakistani descent, Sadiq Khan, Muslim mayor of Londonistan (formally known as “London”) :×735.jpg

    5) The kosher usual suspects masquerading as ordinary Europeans :


    The only European politician who is stemming the deluge (at least for his own country) is Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban. We are in urgent need of such politicians for all European countries.

  5. Not enough Hungarian cowboys in the rest of Europe! It’s what happens when an entire people are willingly disarmed. No quiet snipers around doing the necessary work… (It’s a TARGET-RICH environment! 🙂 )

    1. Gilbert is being “rude and crude” and that makes Mahmoud sad and makes Mahmoud cry.

  6. The “culture of the holocaust” plagues not only Germany, but the entire western world. And it’s all based on lies. That is why the discussion of this topic is so all-important. This “shield” which international jewry uses to guilt, usure and destroy us must be broken into 6 million pieces. Once it is, the lying demons will be laid bare for all the world to see. Then we can pogrom them off the planet… maybe to Jewpiter.

    1. Or to Jewranus. Although I think you are right. Jewpiter is a gas planet after all. So that must be their ultimate destination.

  7. @Outraged Female

    Surely you jest. Why be afraid of the truth? Your request for censorship sounds similar to those know-nothing leftist snowflakes who caused a riot at Berkeley recently and prevented mild right-of-center comedian Milo from even speaking. Tucker Carlson had a story on last night about the students at “elite” Middlebury College (tuition – $47,828) who shouted down Charles Murray (“The Bell Curve”) and prevented him from speaking because he published a book years ago showing that blacks, in general, have somewhat lower IQ’s than whites. Censorship leads inevitably to violence. The solution, if you are offended to LD’s description of enlarged testicles, is to not read it. Many of us would rather know the whole disgusting truth.

  8. Our host LD’s picture of Ma Merkel wearing a hijab is spot on. If any true history is written 50 or 100 years from now, Merkel will go down as the destroyer of White Europe. Even those who have been indoctrinated to believe that Hitler was the personification of evil must concede that Europe came back quickly after WWII. It didn’t take long for Germany to again become the dominant economic power. Unless things are turned around quickly, the white race of Europe will not survive the onslaught of third world invasion. French writer Jean Raspail, in his 1973 novel “The Camp of the Saints,” prophesized this coming dystopia.

    One wonders if Ma Merkel would have acted differently if she had had children of her own. Since she has none, she looks upon, as extended family, all the rough swarthy third world young hoodlums she has welcomed with open arms. I think Black Pigeon Speaks is right, in his YouTube video, that “Women Destroy Nations.” (Note: I don’t know how to provide quick links, but such videos are easy to locate).

  9. “Abolition of the white race”

    Good luck with that one! If you look at the situation objectively it is the WHITE political elite who is fomenting this unrest and creating the crisis. Don’t think for a moment they intend to self destruct.

    This is about divide and conquer.

  10. Listen,i think there are many things we can do.

    The Muslims are cowards they behave like that because they know that they have the support of our governments and they think us women weak,and our civilised men effeminate.

    I know that from my own experience
    .Once an illegal immigrant tried to attack me(in the middle of the day outside a church) aiming for my bag,i became so angry that i acted like a maniac and hit him in the head so hard with my bag that he fell on his knees.
    I usually carry books in my bag and so it was heavy.
    In my car i have a big screwdriver,and if i will be attacked i will aim his genitals.
    I will castrate the bastard.

    During the Ottoman occupation of my country(1453-1821) in order not to mix with them(Muslims Turks) we lived almost all of us in the mountains,but if a girl was raped by a Muslim,the father or the brother killed the girl or if it was late and the child was born,the child and the girl were killed.

    If there was a very beautiful girl usually was kidnapped by the Turks and after a few incidents like that the family deformed the beautiful girl and so she was safe.

    You see we have an experience with the bastards and now that we have a lot of them here they will not have a future.
    Either they go or they will find themselves buried in a ditch.

    We have decided not to have a second Muslim occupation.

    1. @ Tayr’eth

      It is sad to hear that the victims of rapes were punished instead of the criminals during the Ottoman occupation.

      A tip for your screwdriver: Do not aim your screwdriver at an attacker’s genitals. An attacker’s genitals are best served with a knee. It would be better to castrate the attacker after you have removed your screwdriver from his gut the fourth time.

      Obviously, you live where guns are not allowed or I would suggest that you carry a feather weight, hammerless, 5-shot .38 caliber revolver. That is what my wife packs since it fits easily in her purse or her pocket.

      1. @UNGENIUS

        I would like to have a gun but i do not worry for not having one.
        When the time comes(it will come sooner or later)i will manage to find one.

        The guns are prohibited here but only in the island of Krete the population have guns as it is the custom.
        In the rest of the country the men do something else,they ask for permission to have guns for hunting.
        So quite a number are armed.

        During the Ottoman occupation of course the rapist was chased and killed either by the father or the brother or other males of the family.

      2. @ Pat
        “Even slingshots are deadly using marbles or ball bearings.”.

        True. Or, maybe that should read “can be deadly”. Off-the-shelf wrist rockets can deliver 2 foot pounds of energy with a .25 cal (1/4”, 6mm) steel ball, 5.5 fpe with .357 cal (3/8”, 9mm), 10 fpe with .50 cal (1/2”, 12.7mm), and 11 fpe with .625 cal (5/8”, 16mm) steel balls, which is formidable enough to make them illegal in many states and countries. But, they’re just toys compared to what this guy makes –

      3. Roman legions employed all sorts of foreign mercenaries as auxiliary troops, eg, thracian (today bulgaria) horse and feared missile troops, cretan archers (sagitarii) and spanish (balearic islands) slingers.
        They trained from the earliest age and these slingers used just a simple sling with lead pellets or stones chosen for uniformity of size, shape and weight.
        the best ones needed just half a revolution to let go and hit with great accuracy, could put a massive dent in a steel helmet.
        bows were useless in rain or when otherwise wet because they were strung with gut and sinew which lost elasticity when soggy.

        i will get one of those slingshots in rebar’s link though and start practicing.

        my brother goes hunting with bow and arrow around where he lives in north ontario and regularly bags game for the family and neighbors.
        says the best is at night.

        also … i’ve seen masai guys walk in lion lands with just a wooden club, apparently they use it to devastating effect and predators give them wide berth.
        i bought one in ngorongoro crater off a tribal dude (had fancy sunglasses though and wads of foreign money for instant change), don’t know what happened to it …

      4. Xenophon describes how a group of Rhodian hoplites were persuaded to become temporary slingers in order to ward off pursuing Persian bowmen. Apparently Rhodians were taught how to use a sling from childhood. Anyway, the slingers kept the bowmen at bay, their sling-shots having further reach than the Persian bow but being just as accurate.

        Lobro’s comment on only needing half a revolution is excellent to see — I had just read criticism of “Hollywood slingers” who crazily spin their slings as if that adds anything to the shot. I might have the terminology all wrong (sling, sling shot, the leather pouch) but I am interested in the military history of the period.

      5. flopot,
        the whirling thongs loaded with shot were known to make a rhythmic thumping noise that would alert the target and cause them to duck for cover, so the good ones had a quick release like a top grade nfl quarterback.
        i guess it’s all in the compound whiplash motion of the shoulder, elbow and most importantly, the wrist.

      6. Lobro –

        “i guess it’s all in the compound whiplash motion of the shoulder, elbow and most importantly, the wrist.”

        As a former martial arts and fight instructor, and still an advisor to my former students….
        …..I can help your guessing. 🙂

        *MOST IMPORTANT is the motion and power from the HIPS.

        As in EVERY martial art…. especially boxing, wrestling and judo.. the hips are the MOST important. Some call the power from hips the ‘center of chi.’

        None work as well from sitting or prone.

      7. Pat, I agree and as an ex-boxer will say it starts with legs as much more important in power development than arms, not too well known.
        Imagine how a compressed coil moves as it twists and springs upwards, all the joints and muscles connected and transferring power in a chained sequence, that torque is what kills, if delivered on the button.
        Still, it is “la ultima coda”, the wrist, that ensures accuracy, just as in soccer, the magicians like pele and messi do it with an almost invisible flick of the foot.
        i have known boxers whose ko record rests solely on that unseen punch that lands perfectly unexpected, right time, right place, without concussive power, eg, thomas Hearns or mate parlov (unfortunately converted too late too pros, was an olympian gold medalist, then pursued Phd in economics), like a horsewhip.
        i think cassius clay’s phantom punch that leveled liston was of that type, however much people bitch about it.

      8. Lobro –

        Exactly my point. “When the LEGS GO… the career is GONE..!!”

        “i have known boxers whose ko record rests solely on that unseen punch that lands perfectly unexpected, right time, right place, without concussive power,”

        Sure. I have seen it hundreds of times….. but… in the case of boxers…
        ….NOT while lying on their backs..!! 🙂

        They were standing… using the unseen power of the hips. I trained many to do so.

        BTW – George Dillman showed that a pressure point, once hit, will stay energized for 20 minutes… If a second or third pressure point is hit within that time… a knockout will occur many times. Then that ONE PUNCH would be hailed as the 10″ punch that was incorrectly given credit for the knockout.

        “Punch in combination” is a rule the square circle…. 🙂
        You know that one.

        What you may not know…. it keeps pressure points energized for knockouts. Even 20 minutes later.

        I attended his seminars in Tampa:

        Dillman – Tuite, Ryukyu-Kempo, Karate, Pressure Points, Kyusho-Jitsu, Small-Circle Jujitsu, Grappling, Knock out techniques and more.

    2. Tay’ –

      You go, girl!! 🙂
      While it saddens me to hear of the extremity of resolve effecting your people’s daughters so harshly, I am encouraged by their determination! It would cause ME to fill-in some ditches, too. (Screwdrivers can be more devastating than little .38s, and don’t leave a ballistic signature, either.) (When you stick it in, give it a twist!)

    3. @ Ταϋγέτη
      your drivel has no meaning you are confused little woman .hate is eating your soul poor you.
      Greeks are like everyone else in this planet there are the good the bad and the ugly
      certainly there are many bad Muslims but collectively they are not known to be cowards.
      how come they ruled over your country for 400 years and some if they were cowards.
      stop drinking the extreme right’s kool-aid because hate begets hate and in the end nobody

      1. @the seer

        During the four centuries we had 100 rebellions which were drowned in blood.
        When Konstantinople fell the population of the Empire was 20.000.000 and when the last rebellion took place on 1821 only 900.000 had remained.

        Do you think that barbarism is bravery?
        I have a book ,the title is “The black bible”,by the Patriarchate of Konstantinople, in which you can find the names of villages and the names of the inhabitants who met the… ” Bravery of the Muslims”.

        I do not know if there are good Muslims,but i can assure you that the ones that flood into Europe through our islands are killers,rapists and drug dealers.

        I will give you a book to read and come back and tell me about the bravery of the Muslims.

        The book is:
        by George Horton.

        George Horton was General Consul of the USA in the Middle East and describes the Holocaust of 3 million Greeks and 1.5 million Armenians and i do not know how many more Assyrians.

        These are your brave Muslims.

        Little woman?
        Read a bit of history and you will find how many Turks our great gran mothers have send them to find their 70 virgins.

  11. Anger is an energy. I see the migrants can call upon fury and violence; well, there’s a flip side to that coin. If I ever see such a mob approaching me or my loved ones: I’ll punch the nearest cultural marxist in the face, and then charge into the fray.

    1. spartacus
      you are a demonic parasite ,you been exterminated long time ago but you don’t know it
      look in the mirror ugly creature

      1. @ The Seer

        How many names have you been posting under?

        The Observer … The Who … The Seer … Sunshine …

        You all sound alike. Sick. Pathologically sick.

        How many times do you need to be told that we don’t mind Muslims in small quantities, provided they obey the laws of our lands and behave like civilized human beings.

  12. Did you see that Jewish politician who lives in Germany (just statin’ it the way they see it) gleefully pointing out the low birth rate of Germans? He labels all Germans as “Nazis” thus invoking the fictional holocaust-bringers that only exist in Hollywood myth-making. I have seen part of that clip before but not this fuller version. I have also read apologists for that man who insist he was only talking about “extremists” in Germany. He is not. He is clearly referring to the German nation. Time for this madness to end — the German people need to snap out of their multi-generational Stockholm Syndrome. They need to realize that the West, especially the US, is run by and for the Jews and that subservience to the US will destroy their nationstate and culture.

  13. HELLARY said during the campaign that “Angela Merkel is THE GREATEST LEADER IN THE WORLD TODAY”, yet another MAJOR REASON, there were so many MAJOR REASONS NOT to vote for HELLARY. I didn’t vote for Hellary so tell us, Pat, why EXACTLY did you vote for HELLARY, Pat? Gee, I wonder who you voted for, Mahmoud, 😉 .

      1. Correct, Sis – – Not registered, either.

        If Hillary were POTUS… I would have thousands of pages to post. I have goods on Clintons since 1976…
        Files galore… WHEW..!! 🙂

        Several personal friends were in Clinton Chronicles… The initial narrator was very close to our family. “Justice Jim” Johnson of Arkansas Supreme Court. He hated Clintons and their drugs.

        Nora Waye had a health food store. Really good person.


    It is not widely known, but Merkl is a Jew. So, it isn’t a Communist-German traitor helping to destroy Germany — it is a closet Jewess doing what Jews do, betray whatever country they are allowed to breathe in!!!

  15. I’m taking a survey around the Noosphere, how many Darkmooners think Merkel is Hitler’s daughter? And of those who do NOT think Merkel is Hitler’s daughter, then how do you explain her striking physical resemblance to Hitler? Draw a Hitler moustache on her, and she really looks like Hitler, :).


    He said, “People will beg for troops in their streets..”

    Europeans thought he meant in America.

    All of Europe better wise up and hose down their streets.

    Show the world the answers.

    1. Yeah, he knew alright. People will beg for heavily armed, “dumb, stupid animals” to patrol their streets? Only goyim could be this blind-stupid.

      “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”- Henry Kissinger

      Why is it the gullible goyim refuse to acknowledge the telling words of the Jews? The quotes are legion, yet people refuse to even look at them, let alone acknowledge their clear intent.

      We are in the final phase of the life cycle of the Jewish parasite where the goyim walk zombie-like, doing the bidding of their parasites that will ultimately culminate with the death of the host.

      Now that I think about it, that’s what all those Jew Zombie movies are about. Jewed legions of walking dead golem with no other purpose than to carry out their destructive programming. Unthinking social justice warrior zombies relentlessly attacking the last few awakened white people who have no hope of survival in the zombie world they inhabit. Boy Howdy! A Jewish wet-nightmare it’z!

      1. Before Zombies the Jews popularized Vampires, literally blood suckers, but the goyim, as usual, were too stupid to know that the Jews, in their typical demented way, were both warning and mocking us.

  17. It looks bad now but it’s a necessary process to break the mindset that’s been ingrained in us from birth and to reshape our thinking into the future. Similar to how soldiers learn that you need to be broken before you can be rebuilt this is the case across the West. It’s an excruciatingly painful and cruel joke to awaken to the lies around you only to see the unstoppable tragedy that has yet to come and having to face punishment watching it happen. All you can do is prepare and try to warn as many as possible.

    It looks insurmountable now, and the future looks even more bleak, but a soldier also knows it takes calm nerves in the face of uncertainty and a steely eyed focus. The best thing you can do is continue agitating. The sooner conflict breaks out the better. As someone once said: “Those who refuse to fight will die, but drag them into the conflict nonetheless and make them choose for themselves.” The bigger concern is the traitors within and their Jewish allies who seek to use the West to crush the Middle East to pave way for Greater Israel. Sound familiar? Israel being the global leader of the world after the West is destroyed? It’s not by accident, it’s planned, socially engineered to fulfill biblical garbage. Once we’re free from their yoke and those who sided with them the rest is more straightforward.

    Sooner or later it wont matter. Barbarism will be the name of the game in the end. If they think this is Germany vs X or Sweden vs X they are wrong. The minute one country erupts there will be mercenaries all across European lands that will not only assist, but do the dirty deeds necessary until they are all removed from Europe (at that point good or bad non-European immigrant wont matter). It’s a sad tragedy that NEVER had to happen. Those who stand against us today will regret it tomorrow. It appears they’ve forgotten our history just as much as we have. Bad news is, we’re starting to remember it and so too will they.

  18. HEY GERMANS!!!!….did you not get the memo yet?! The so-called Holocaust is a fraud. It was dreamed up by the Soviets and the Jews for reference in advancement of Jewish goals. Stop this absurd self guilt!!! Jews and others were put in camps because they presented security risks to a country(Germany), which had war declared on them for no particularly good reason, even after Hitler presented at least a dozen peace proposals, versus none from the other side. When one group(world Jewry), declares war on another(on peaceful Germany in March 1933), Germany has the right to deal with it as it sees fit.

  19. Thank you Lasha for the timely, well supported, and rational look at the depraved danger that Civilization faces from the pursuit of an irrational, corrupt, and self destructive ‘policy’ from creatures like Angela Merkel. The sad fact is, Muslim refugees fleeing disaster in their own countries can’t seem to reach the elementary realization that by acting like insane animals they are neither Islamic or Holy, and despite their numbers will be either humanely deported or exterminated, there is no in between – though they could have tried to mix in, assimilate, build economic and political power like any other interest group, and repay the zionists for the decades and decades of murder, wholesale theft of land (even body parts – organ trafficking is big business in occupied Palestine) and the continuing zionist destabilization and conquest of THEIR lands along with THEIR Water, Oil, Gas, and the utterly cruel treatment of THEIR mothers and children. For a look at Islam’s real face in contemporary times see Rory Stewart’s “The Places In Between”. Mr. Stewart walked (Yes, Walked) alone, for the most part, from Herat to Kabul in January 2002 after the fall of the Taliban through 9 feet of snow, roadless icy passages, skirting minefields, occasionally dangerous locals, meeting Tajiks, Pashtuns, Hazaras and was given shelter from sub zero cold and food at almost every place he wandered into unannounced. Most had an intense desire to know more about the outside world with it’s modern marvels and who this crazy Scotsman was. This hospitality, sometimes with so very little to share from the people of one of the poorest countries in the world, devastated by 25 years of uninterrupted war. So let us not forget that part of the jews agenda is to brand ALL Muslims as vicious inhuman animals to provide proxy cannon fodder for wars of murder and theft they have no wish to fight themselves. One can only hope the fathers and mothers of the creatures piling into Europe and Canada tell their sons to make them proud – not by rape and theft but by beating the jew at the game he started.

  20. god has no religion.
    every religion has committed massive atrocities in the past. now you got this.
    islam is just another man-made psy-op for political purposes, like all the rest of them.
    the formula works well for people below a certain level of intelligence, which is kept retarded on purpose by poverty and continuous brainwashing.
    meanwhile chaos grows and the planet continues its collapse as a viable biosphere.
    the muslims have every intention of taking over germany and the rest of white europe, the same way they took over about 50 other countries. and they will do it too unless the white europeans snap out and revolt against their handlers.
    merkel is just another tool being used by the globalists, who intend to control the entire planet under a super surveillance state bankster dictatorship.
    yes she’s hitler’s bloodline. of course she is. wake the hell up everybody. you think she got elected out of nowhere? look at her. who do you see? now she’s going crazy too, just like uncle adolf, right?
    the authentic german people have always been on the jews’ hit list and they and their double agent stooges have been exterminating them in contrived wars and ripping them off for reparations in between for decades.
    they’re brainwashed into the holohoax guilt trip, i guess, from the first grade and anybody who says otherwise goes to jail. german schoolteachers, all schoolteachers, stop repeating the big lies. all the big lies.
    mccain, clinton, obama and all those fdr/stalin deep state neocons created isis to destabilize north africa so that the migrant invasion would be accelerated. how much more obvious can it be?
    now they’re really getting worried about the donald. they didn’t think somebody like him could get past them.
    the jews as usual are manipulating the whole thing. there is no border designated for israel. they want the whole area. get all the jews out of media and out of political power.
    if the police won’t save you – you have to save yourselves. because, make no mistake about it, these people mean your demise.
    form up your militias and get your own people into power. in the meantime clean out all the no-go zones. walk in and when they attack you use max force.
    close your borders to everybody. identify and sweep all migrants out of your white countries. take them back and dump them on their own beaches. tell them if they come back next time you’re killing them.
    guard your coastal waters with gunboats. nobody passes. as soon as people get the word they won’t be allowed to pass they’ll stop coming.

  21. In my opinion, the article the link below will take you to is IMPERATIVE for every member of Idiot Culture residing in Sewer Nation to read. Although it was foisted upon Idiot Culture using the very same Jew “tricks” used to enslave us with the FED RES treachery, that pales in light of this evil! Notice the author, read it top to bottom and make certain you send it to like-minded souls. There’s absolutely NO excuse for the synagogue in using their Judas Class to set this in place, NONE!

    “It is our duty to force all mankind to accept the seven Noahide laws, and if not ~ they will be killed.” ~ Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg

    1. Wow….I have read about this before. It would appear the (((deceivers))) pulled the wool over ‘Poppy’ Bush’s eyes. But hey! All those Chinese guillotines are going to come in very useful when dispensing with the goyum…

    2. Paschn –

      Before Bush….

      I have come to the conclusion that Pharisee-Jews were given dominion over the land in America , most recently by ‘Red Ronnie’ Reagan and then…. by ‘Read My Lips’ Bush. 🙂

      This was evidenced by Reagan declaring the Torah needs to be applied in the United States.

      In the United States, 1983 was designated as the national Year of the Bible by President Ronald Reagan by Proclamation 5018, made on February 3, 1983 at the annual National Prayer Breakfast.

      President Reagan was authorized and requested to so designate 1983 by Public Law 97-280 (Senate Joint Resolution 165 – 96 Stat. 1211) passed by Congress and approved on October 4, 1982.

      The law recited that the Bible “has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation and people” and that, quoting President Jackson, the Bible is “the rock on which our Republic rests”. It also acknowledged a “national need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.”

      “Can we resolve to reach, learn and try to heed the greatest message ever written, God’s Word, and the Holy Bible?” Reagan asked.

      “Inside its pages lie all the answers to all the problems that man has ever known.”

      —Torah: In its most specific meaning, it consists of the first five books of the Tanakh written in Biblical Hebrew.

      It was evidenced again, for ALL civilizations, by Bush:
      The Chabad-Lubavitch movement has been the most politically active in Noahide matters, believing that there is spiritual value for non-Jews in simply acknowledging the seven laws. In 1991 they had a reference to these laws enshrined in a congressional proclamation: Presidential Proclamation 5956, then-President George H. W. Bush, recalling Joint House Resolution 173, and recalling that the ethical and moral principles of all civilizations come in part from the Seven Noahide Laws, proclaimed March 26, 1991 as “Education Day, U.S.A.” Subsequently, Public Law 102-14, formally designated the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s birthday as “Education Day, U.S.A.”, with Congress recalling that “without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos”, and that “society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society”.

      Noahidism is a Biblical-Talmudic and monotheistic ideology based on the Seven Laws of Noah, and on their traditional interpretations within Judaism.

      According to Jewish law, non-Jews are not obligated to convert to Judaism, but they are required to observe the Seven Laws of Noah to be assured of a place in the World to Come (Olam Haba), the final reward of the righteous.

      The penalty for violating any of these Noahide Laws is subject to interpretation in the Talmud.

      Renounce all idols.
      Worship the only true God.
      Commit no murder.
      Be not defiled by incest.
      Do not steal.
      Be just.
      Eat no flesh with blood in it.

      Those who subscribe to the observance of such laws and their supporting organizations are referred to as Bene Noach, Children of Noah, Noahides…. or Noahites.


      I connected these dots:

      Relevancy came later, as it was entered into the 1994 Crime Bil. Death penalty for destruction of religious property.

      US FEDERAL LAW is on the books NOW..!!!

      (a) Whoever, in any of the circumstances referred to in
      subsection (b) of this section –
      (1) intentionally defaces, damages, or destroys any religious
      real property, because of the religious character of that
      property, or attempts to do so; or
      (2) intentionally obstructs, by force or threat of force, any
      person in the enjoyment of that person’s free exercise of
      religious beliefs, or attempts to do so;
      shall be punished as provided in subsection (d).
      (b) The circumstances referred to in subsection (a) are that the
      offense is in or affects interstate or foreign commerce.
      (c) Whoever intentionally defaces, damages, or destroys any
      religious real property because of the race, color, or ethnic
      characteristics of any individual associated with that religious
      property, or attempts to do so, shall be punished as provided in
      subsection (d).
      (d) The punishment for a violation of subsection (a) of this
      section shall be –
      (1) if death results from acts committed in violation of this
      section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to
      kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit
      aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, a fine in
      accordance with this title and imprisonment for any term of years
      or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death;
      (2) if bodily injury results to any person, including any
      public safety officer performing duties as a direct or proximate
      result of conduct prohibited by this section, and the violation
      is by means of fire or an explosive, a fine under this title or
      imprisonment for not more that 40 years, or both;
      (3) if bodily injury to any person, including any public safety
      officer performing duties as a direct or proximate result of
      conduct prohibited by this section, results from the acts
      committed in violation of this section or if such acts include
      the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon,
      explosives, or fire, a fine in accordance with this title and
      imprisonment for not more than 20 years, or both; and
      (4) in any other case, a fine in accordance with this title and
      imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.
      (e) No prosecution of any offense described in this section shall
      be undertaken by the United States except upon the certification in
      writing of the Attorney General or his designee that in his
      judgment a prosecution by the United States is in the public
      interest and necessary to secure substantial justice.
      (f) As used in this section, the term “religious real property”
      means any church, synagogue, mosque, religious cemetery, or other
      religious real property, including fixtures or religious objects
      contained within a place of religious worship.
      (g) No person shall be prosecuted, tried, or punished for any
      noncapital offense under this section unless the indictment is
      found or the information is instituted not later than 7 years after
      the date on which the offense was committed.
      (Added Pub. L. 100-346, Sec. 1, June 24, 1988, 102 Stat. 644;
      amended Pub. L. 103-322, title VI, Sec. 60006(d), title XXXII, Sec.
      320103(d), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 1971, 2110; Pub. L. 104-155,
      Sec. 3, July 3, 1996, 110 Stat. 1392; Pub. L. 104-294, title VI,
      Secs. 601(c)(3), 605(r), Oct. 11, 1996, 110 Stat. 3499, 3511; Pub.
      L. 107-273, div. B, title IV, Sec. 4002(c)(1), (e)(4), Nov. 2,
      2002, 116 Stat. 1808, 1810.)
      2002 – Subsec. (d). Pub. L. 107-273, Sec. 4002(c)(1), repealed
      amendment by Pub. L. 107-273, Sec. 605(r). See 1996 Amendment note
      Subsec. (e). Pub. L. 107-273, Sec. 4002(e)(4), made technical
      correction to directory language of Pub. L. 104-294, Sec.
      601(c)(3). See 1996 Amendment note below.
      1996 – Subsec. (a). Pub. L. 104-155, Sec. 3(1), substituted
      “subsection (d)” for “subsection (c) of this section” in concluding
      Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 104-155, Sec. 3(3), added subsec. (b) and
      struck out former subsec. (b) which read as follows: “The
      circumstances referred to in subsection (a) are that –
      “(1) in committing the offense, the defendant travels in
      interstate or foreign commerce, or uses a facility or
      instrumentality of interstate or foreign commerce in interstate
      or foreign commerce; and
      “(2) in the case of an offense under subsection (a)(1), the
      loss resulting from the defacement, damage, or destruction is
      more than $10,000

      1. Please excuse the length of the comment. I shortened it somewhat.

        I wanted to validate Paschn’s concern and the evolution of the LAWS which Congressman Dannemeyer expressed concern about in 1992 in the link provided by Paschn.

        Kudos to Paschn.

        Bill Dannemeyer
        U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992

        Then the Crime Bill came in 1994 and passed in 1996 due to OKC Murrah Fed Bld bombing.

        The evolution continues…!!!

        If an arm is grabbed at synagogue that is kidnapping… or if threatened to grab it…. or attempted to grab it….

        ….. death penalty applies now.

  22. There are short violent clips inserted into this video that are nothing to do with the Muslim and African influx into Europe. What’s going on with uncontrolled immigration into Europe is bad enough without trying to inflame and fool people with false information. I resent it! I thought the Darkmoon site was better than that.

    1. @Mike

      You are right to remind people to be wise to manipulative incitement. However, mass immigration is clearly a Jewish-trap — it is fuelled by Jewish wars in Muslim countries; Jewish bankster money; and the efforts of endless shabbos-goy traitors. The trap is seemingly impossible to avoid: if we do nothing, we are finished; if we do something then we can easily be goaded into fighting more Zionist wars in Muslim countries, or condemned as “fascists” by the Zionist MSM at home.

      That is why you have to spring the trap and hope that it explodes in the face of our Jewish masters. You certainly cannot lie back and let mass immigration sweep away your culture. So you back those against mass immigration and hope the discourse eventually swings around to those paying and baying for the wars. I think people are smart enough to see the truth, in the end.

    2. @ Mike

      There are short violent clips inserted into this video that are nothing to do with the Muslim and African influx into Europe. What’s going on with uncontrolled immigration into Europe is bad enough without trying to inflame and fool people with false information. I resent it! I thought the Darkmoon site was better than that.

      Garbage! I think you must either be a Jew or a Muslim (or one of their supporters) to try and sneer at this excellent video by coming out with unsupported statements like this. I challenge you to provide evidence that the video is “trying to inflame and fool people with false information.”

      As for the so-called “short violent clips inserted into this video that are nothing to do with the Muslim and African influx into Europe” of which you speak, I challenge you to GIVE A LIST of these alleged irrelevant clips that you say “have nothing to do with Muslim and African immigrants.”

      The entire video, from beginning to end, shows nothing but dark skinned immigrants behaving badly — of either African or Middle Eastern origin.

      I resent your attempt to question the integrity of the Darkmoon site by suggesting that this video is a fake. It is NOT a fake. It presents a completely true and honest picture of the migrant crisis in Europe.

      1. @ Sardonicus

        People who make stupid statements like this guy “Mike”, without giving the slightest evidence to back their statements, are beneath contempt. They are either morons or trolls.

      2. Mike’s not a moron. He doesn’t sound like one. He sounds more like a Jewish infiltrator trying to sow his tares and plant his subtle mind poisons.

      3. I just wanted to add that the “migrant crisis” is an unfortunate term. This falsely suggests that what is happening all over Europe, with the never-ending influx of Third World invaders, is an *unlucky* accident like an earthquake or volcano. In other words, too bad it’s happening. No one to blame, except the immigrants.

        This is an entirely false view.

        The migrant crisis is obviously happening because the US and Nato are deliberately CREATING REFUGEES by bombing their countries. But this would not explain the huge influx of migrants from Africa. Which is NOT being bombed. Or from Pakistan, Bangla Desh and Iran which are also NOT being bombed. The reason we are having this huge influx of immigrants from non-bombed countries also is that the “crisis” is being deliberately PLANNED AND ORGANIZED by the deep state and by men like George Soros.

        Migrants are being systematically egged on to migrate by Twitter on cell phones.

        There are organized smugglers who are receiving huge sums of money ($10,000 plus) to smuggle these Africans and Pakis into our European countries. So where do these poverty-stricken Third Worlders get $10,000 from? Ever thought of that? They are being handed the money by the Soros Foundation. The money is then being handed on to the smugglers. And who is organizing the smugglers?

        Soros and his lot!

        The entire migrant crisis has been created by Jews like Soros and Rothschild. Need proof? Check out the famous Barbara Spectre video in which she confesses that the Jews are to blame for the whole darn thing. “We Jews shall be resented!” the lady whines.

        Too damn right!

      4. Mike is not totally wrong. The title of the article is neutral: “The Migrant Invasion of Europe…” while the title of the video “The Muslim invasion of Europe” singles the Muslims, even when people therein say they were from Ghana, Gambia… (There might be some secret code to identify Muslims without watching them performing Islamic rituals 😕). In addition, some of the compiled clips seem to have been fast-forwarded to look more dramatic.
        However, the video has the merit to show how this phenomenon was not – strictly speaking – an invasion. One should look for another term to name this phenomenon:
        An “invasion” of Europe from Africa and the Middle East would start from the outskirts of Southern Europe and, like a cancer, ( I know many of you like the analogy) it would spread throughout the continent as the fringe countries get bit by bit “saturated”.
        But the video rather showed a particular destination of a particular class of age. These migrants seem to have been:
        1) “sifted”. Trump said: “ they’re men, mostly men, physically young strong men. They look like primetime soldiers.” In fact, most of them might be army deserters IMAO.
        2) Thoroughly guided: the video showed it at 2.20, they were literally funneled in a seemingly assault course, through several countries, to get to Germany. Unless the five or so country-obstacle were either willing complicit or forced to root the migrants, Germany would have been safer than any of them, since farther.
        Therefore, even if Europe was affected as a whole, it is clear Germany was particularly targeted.
        If you put things into their historical context, you’d see the culprit stark naked.

    1. I still think the REAL reason Hillary destroyed the government of Libya is because the Libyan government was holding back all the Muslims in Africa wanting to go to Europe. Gaddafi was actually protecting Europe from the hordes of Muslims. What Hillary did in Libya was an act of War against Libya AND ALSO an act of War against Europe.

      1. @ TROJ

        Excellent comment! Short, polite, on-topic, and beautifully stated. You wouldn’t be in Spamblinka if all your comments were like this.

  23. A job well done by Lasha telling it like it is.

    I do disagree that this migrant situation will result in the elimination of the white race in Europe. At some point, the people will rise up against the invaders and the politicians that permitted it. The jews think that Pike’s plan can be initiated with this move to pit the Christians and Muslins against one another that will lead to WWIII. Most likely, what will happen is just the elimination of migrants from Europe. Once the people rise up, the gravy train for the free loading migrants will disappear. No free food and free money will result in an exodus.

    Hopefully, the political resistance to the migrant invasion in the USA and Hungary will soon come to fruition in France and Belgium.

    The Germans are already buying guns on the black market so the politicians in Germany had better get their act together soon. I haven’t read anything about black market guns in other countries, but I am sure that it is probably going on. Maybe on of the unintended consequences of the jewish arranged migrant invasion will be armed Europeans again.

    It just dawned on me that the jews have not only disarmed the people of Europe, they have promoted sports like soccer that do not have any lethal implements like we have in the USA. Baseball is the “national pastime” with little leagues for youngsters everywhere, so weighted aluminum baseball bats can be purchased everywhere. Lots of people have baseball bats conveniently located close to the front and back door of their homes.

    1. Hi Ungenius,
      “At some point, the people will rise up against the invaders and the politicians that permitted it.”

      I think it is already happening, and the coming elections in Holland, France and Germany will make it clear.

    2. Ungenius –

      It might encourage you to know that many “more affluent” Americans have stockpiled and stored rifles and munitions to be distributed among the willing-and-able, when and if it becomes necessary. It was contemplated decades ago, and the responsibility has been solemnly perpetuated. (But you might already know that…)
      .223 & 7.62×39 is most prevelant. Also 7.62×51 (.308)

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly

        No, I did not know that, but it is a good idea. Thanks for the info.

        Since I’m not affluent, could I get a 7.62×51 early? 🙂 I’d prefer the AR10 type.

      2. Ungenius –

        I’d be glad to accommodate you, but I have no way of knowing your whereabouts or identity. Moreover, in my opinion, what matters most is familiarity and convenience in firearms and ammo. We have a term we use called “butterknife brigades” – meaning those who use whatever they have to acquire whatever they think they need, e.g., using a sling-shot to acquire an AR-10. Guerilla warfare is about all we’ll ever face, here, in America, so such contemplations are realistic. If $$ is more limited, I’d be happy with any Kalishnikov rifle, such as an SKS or an AK-47 (Norinco, Yugoslavian, or the genuine Russian article). Those rifles are durable and reliable in the extreme, and ammo is abundant and available (7.62×39).
        The amount of ammo you can realistically carry is a pertinent consideration, too. If your skills are great, a .22 is preferable, because there will likely be no supply convoys coming to resupply your stash. In that instance, a Ruger 10-22 is as good as can be had. Excellent piece! No matter what you’re shooting, MAKE EACH SHOT COUNT, and never assault a superior force, if getting killed scares you.

      3. @ Gilbert Huntly

        Thanks for the offer, but I am already well equipped for guerrilla warfare. The AR-10 is one of those want things instead of a need thing. Hopefully, I will not ever need to use what I have, but you never know.

        Fear is not one of my characteristics and every shot always counts. I am way past wasting ammo for noise effect.

        Rather than pickup more firepower, I’d rather share some Glen Levit with you as we exchange farm, war, and conspiracy stories along with religious perspectives. I might have to bring a couple of bottles for lengthy discussions. 🙂

  24. Incidentally, the Official UK opposition leader (Jeremy “I have distant Jewish ancestry” Corbyn) revealed himself to be a crypto when, right after the Brexit vote, he voiced his support for mass immigration. Chutzpah! So he can waffle on about the saving the NHS and the Palestinians, but we now know where his real loyalties lie. He is a cultural marxist leader. I don’t know how many times he has gone to a holocaust board and apologised; and I think his deputy went to Israel to praise the European colony of Jewish supremacists.

    If the Brits were wise they would vote UKIP — that party wants to create a People’s Bank, and to nationalize key services.

  25. Hi Lasha,
    very interesting article but nothing new. As an italian citizen I perfectly know what it’s going on with these migrants. They’re a plague. They are bringing all bad things with them and it seems our authorities are paralyzed in front of this problem. So the only possibilities are the new reactions and decisions that will arise from next elections in Holland (March), France (April) and Germany (September). Italy will be voting only in spring 2018.
    If anti-migrants and anti-euro fail, then we are all dead. There won’t be any further opportunity for change.
    Let’s wait and see.
    Gian Franco from Italy

    1. @ Gian Franco

      Nice to hear from you again, Gian. Hope you and your family are keeping well.

      Yes, things must be pretty bad for you guys in Italy since Italy is one of the first countries the immigrants from North Africa head for in their boats across the Mediterranean. But I get the feeling that things are far worse in Greece, because they get the immigrants from both sides: from Africa as well as the from the Middle East via Turkey. That Greek woman in the video with her cracked voice (almost weeping) gave me the creeps.

      Yes, coming elections in Holland, France, Germany and Italy are awaited with keen expectation by us all. But I don’t think you need to be too pessimistic. This is because of Brexit. The Brits offered the rest of Europe a wake-up call! If the Brits can do it, showing their contempt for the EU and refusing to accept an unlimited number of fake refugees, Italy can do it too. And so can the rest of Europe.

      Nil desperandum, Gian! 🙂

      1. For those of you who are not aware, Gian Franco is a distinguished translator from English, French and German into Italian.

      2. Thanks a lot Lasha for your words. I know that things in Greece are worse than in Italy, I know that because I have contacts there due to business reasons. Local newspapers and TV do not talk about Greece anymore because 90% of italian media are embedded and their duty is to brainwash people pushing them far from the problem of the migrants. And also you have not to forget the influence of the Vatican who goes endless on repeating that we must open our hearts and our houses to our “brothers” from Africa and Middle East and that a good christian should listen to the voice and to the needs of the more desperate. Please note that in Vatican area or in their properties there is no migrant hosted.
        Now the truth is that 85/90% of migrants are males, aged from 18 to 35. They are in good physical conditions, they do not suffer hunger. Many of them come with deseases that had desappeared long time ago (tubercolosis, scabies and meningitis). When they arrive police forces cannot take their fingerprints because it offends their rights, so police has to rely on informations given by this people which nobody can control because countries of origin would not cooperate.
        After a first period in a center for migrants they are secretely carried with buses through the country and left them in several small or middle-sized towns where they will occupy empty buildings and later the “luckiest” will start to work for “black money” in the agriculture (10 US-dollars for 10 working hours).
        Others will enter the circuit of drug selling, others will enter houses in the night robbing, torturing and raping. In Italy there are now many places that have become a hell. Many cities after 9 o’clock in the evening are no man’s land. Sometimes also day life is a nightmare especially for women and children living in suburb areas. We watch almost every evening in the TV cases of people that shot down thieves in the night who were robbing in their own houses. One of these shooters was accused of “excess of self-defense” because it was realized that the thief was unarmed or he was perhaps wearing a small knife. So the italian law says that the defense must be proportional to the offense. That’s really crazy!!! You imagine??? You see a thief in your bedroom and you ask him if he has a knife or a gun, you ask him what are his intentions because you have then to explain that your defense must not exceed his offense!!!!!!!
        It’s very democratic! Don’t you think??
        One of the shooters that shot down a thief coming from Moldova now has been convicted by the court to pay 325.000 Euros to the thief’s family.
        Two weeks ago two gipsies were in a supermarket and they robbed some goods. They were catched by some employees of the center and locked up in a room waiting for the police. You know what happened later? The employees were accused of “illegal confinement”.
        Newspapers journalists and TV speaker cannot use the name “gipsy” or “clandestine” anymore. A new law says these words have been replaced by “roms or sintis or nomads” and by “non european people”. Believe me, there are moments where I would like to fly away to countries like Iceland or New Zealand but I was born here and I love my country so I give my contribution to change the situation.
        Thanks to everyone for the attention paid to my outburst.
        Gian Franco

      3. Thank you Mr. Spotti for the revealing view of Italy and the treachery and corruption of the Italian government. One of my Grandfathers emigrated from Italy. He was an Engineer with the rank of Captain in the Italian Army and fought against the Turks in what is now Libya or thereabouts in North Africa. His first assignment when reaching Africa was the burial of a large number of dead Italian soldiers. They died from Cholera. When he went to have his Cholera shot, he took the hint and paid “for a real one”, as they were giving shots of distilled water to all who didn’t pay. When he returned to his village in snowy, mountainous, winter in Italy the Army before honorably discharging him said: “Captain, your boots are Army issue”, and he had to walk home barefoot. Then he went to America, but returned for a few years after retirement. The kind of corruption you describe can only be addressed with very serious measures if there is no forthcoming sensible change. Pick your targets well in advance, study them, work out timing, logistics, contingency measures, whether the targets are simple economic ones or … something else. Then you can blame the deeds on immigrants and no one need be prosecuted.

    2. Gian –

      Good reading you – –

      “Let’s wait and see.”

      That’s all the unarmed populace can do.

      The Italians already did the “wait”…. and can plainly “see”… and are helpless unarmed people.

      1. It is a damn shame the Italians are disarmed, because the Italian firm of Pietro Beretta has been making great guns for over SIX CENTURIES – much longer than Winchester, Colt, or even Mauser or FN. I carry my little ‘pocket pistola’ Beretta whenever I am suited, or in my blue jeans. It is very reliable and accurate. My father always carried one, too.

  26. just a few links (few meaning “less than 4”, 4 being the lower bound for spamblinka time0
    Eliot Engel refuses to shake Donald Trump’s hand (just look at him)

    The New York Democratic representative, Eliot Engel, has refused to shake the hand of President Trump just before his address to Congress.

    Eliot Engel is well known by our readers: he is the chief spokesperson for those on the Left seeking to expand Israel’s borders. He played a key role in the opposition against Iran and the wars against Libya and Syria.

    this alone should convince you that Trump is just fine.

    Next, could it be that trump was keeping his powder dry during Jew-dem howl-ins? giving them rope to hang themselves, while the secret ally james comey collects evidence …
    Trey Gowdy (R-SC) After FBI Director Comey Briefing: “Be Very Very Careful” Relying On NYT and Washington Post For Leaked News

    Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) appeared on Fox’s First 100 Days Thursday evening after a closed door briefing earlier in the day by FBI director James Comey concerning the agency’s investigation into claims of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

    The interview begins with host Martha MacCallum mentioning that Congressman Adam Schiff (((D-CA))), who attended the same meeting, was “rattled” over the lack of information Comey gave concerning Russian involvement in the election.

    Gowdy, on the other hand, seemed shocked at Schiff’s apparent lack of enlightenment:

    Jim Comey did more today to update us than I have ever had done in the 6 years I have been there, and for Adam to treat it that way – that dismissively, clearly he and I were in two separate rooms this morning.

    I have never heard a Federal law enforcement agent give, with that degree of particularity and detail, an update on an inquiry. As you may recall, I was a federal prosecutor for 6 years, so I have talked to lots of FBI agents. He went so far beyond what any other administration official has ever done, whether it’s Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, or his predecessor Robert Muller – they never gave us this level of detail and specificity. He bent over backwards.

    y’all undoubtedly know that Schiff family is closely bred to the Rothschilds, so sorry to hear he is rattled, a rattled rat, well have a glass of Mouton de Anus Rothschild’s private stock to calm down.
    Make sure to hit the embedded video interview – i have a hunch that this is just the first scoop and that Trump and his allies will open fire now that they see the whites of the enemy’s eyes.

    and before i run out of allotted links, this bit: Congress Urged To Investigate Obama’s Silent Coup Against Trump
    good timeline of the american bolshevik march revolution unfolding.

    oh yeah, and “Now That Trump’s in Office, Colin Kaepernick Says He Will Stand Again for National Anthem” 😎

    1. Brilliant comment, Lobro! Had to read it several times to get the full import. Checked out your links too. BTW, you wasted one of your three links. Link 1 doesn’t work!

    2. Lobro –
      “Now That Trump’s in Office, Colin Kaepernick Says He Will Stand Again for National Anthem”

      Colin Kap- – – – HAD TO say that. He is a ‘free agent’ this year. No one would want to take him if he had held to his kneeling during anthems.

      Again… follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$..!! 🙂

  27. A disarmed European population is impotent to resist and stop what the borg federation intends. Millions protested against the 2003 Iraq war in the UK and it still went ahead. Also consider that the so-called nationalist awakening eg Front National and suport for Wilders in Nederlands and AfD in Germany, are controlled opposition. I can’t say for sure, but LePen and Wilders are way too pro Israel for my taste. On the other hand, the establishment hates them (or is faking hate).

    I remain yours,

    1. Glad you’re posting here, Taras. I learn more from a short comment like yours than from ten articles in the mainstream media. Full marks to this website for building up such a savvy commentariat and for allowing “subversive” thinkers complete freedom of speech.

      1. So is your reply irony or sincere? i guess the former. If admin doesnt want me to post then they can simply ban me. How many paragraphs do I have write to please you if you are being critical? Anyway if you were chastising me, you did it civilly, thank you.

  28. That Muslim hoodlum in the YouTube video referenced by LD was actually spouting truth. “Listen, mate. This is not our fault, it’s your fault.” Indeed, Merkel could not have destroyed Germany if not for all the catastrophic US instigated Middle East aggressions starting with GHWB’s initial Gulf War. The final nails in the coffin were pounded in by Obama & Hillary, who both secretly hate the “racist” white race, with Hillary’s specialty being hatred of white males. Then, the coup-de-gras was delivered when war-crazed Hillary talked a reluctant Obama into destroying Libya and eliminating Khadafy, who had warned that, without him, the flood gates from Africa would open and become a deluge overrunning Europe. Clueless Merkel has turned out to be the main “useful idiot” of an even larger anti-white conspiracy. If the German people were not so brainwashed by decades of holocaust propaganda, you’d think they’d reject the US and turn to Russia for help.

  29. There’s little doubt in my mind that the (((globalists))) have the dirt on Merkel since her time as a GDR Communist Party apparatchik. She simply HAS to know the catastrophic impact of her policies. No other explanation makes sense.

    1. All Western politicians who are busily fulfilling the destructive agenda of the Jew World Order are either bribed and/or blackmailed or are simply cynical opportunists. Many have been “groomed” from the days they were students. On elite universities promising students are selected and then carefully prepared for their future tasks. Entrapment in homosexuality or pedophilia is used as blackmail material. The promise of wealth, prestige and power serves as further motivation. Being a member of the elite simply means being criminal.

      1. Indeed. They seem to “keep it in the family” and these families are invariably connected. A lot of the top Western “actors” are spooks; and scions of the rich.

      2. FR –

        “Many have been “groomed” from the days they were students. On elite universities promising students are selected and then carefully prepared for their future tasks. Entrapment in homosexuality or pedophilia is used as blackmail material.”

        Correct. Bill Clinton is a perfect example.

        Billy’s second stepfather was a queer hairdresser in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Jeff Dwire, who ran cocaine and heroin out of his shop on Ouachita Ave, (next to my old pool hall hangout) which is where the Clinton boys discovered the white stuff they sniff. Dwire was an ex-con and liability to Billy’s career. He conveniently died in 1974 during Billy’s run for Attorney General. He was 51.

        Dwire, who had three daughters from a previous marriage, met Kelley when she patronized the beauty salon he owned. They married on 3 January 1969 in Hope, Arkansas; the ceremony was performed by the Rev. John Miles, and Bill Clinton served as the best man. He also played and sang at the reception and earlier watched the Chicago Democratic convention on television with Dwire. Family and friends of the bride discouraged the union because Dwire was an ex-convict, having served nine months in prison in 1962 for stock fraud.

        Dwire and the Clinton Family
        Hillary Clinton, then Hillary Rodham, described Dwire as a “supportive ally” in her attempts to forge a relationship with Bill Clinton’s mother while Rodham was dating the future president. He also counseled Clinton concerning the draft, decisions involving which would become a major issue in his presidential campaign.

        Since Dwire and his new wife, Billy’s MOM, married later in life, the prospects of having children together were not favorable. At that time, Clarice Minner, their young babysitter and housekeeper, became pregnant with her second child.(father unknown????) On October 12, 1969, with Virginia Dwire at her side as the anesthesiologist, she gave birth to a little girl. She named her daughter “Jeffrey” Lynn Smith as a sign of adoration to the couple.

        Clarice, the black housekeeper, disappeared without a trace:
        The Clinton family’s housekeeper at the time Clarice Minner Hay, who was expecting a child, had so much admiration for the family that she named her daughter after Jeff. Her child subsequently became Jeffery Lynn Smith. Jeffery went missing three weeks before Christmas in 1985 while walking home from school in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She was 15 years old.

        Clinton was recruited by CIA’s Cord Meyer when at Oxford.

        His roommate, Frank Aller, KNEW TOO MUCH:

        Even though Aller was “Most Likely to Succeed”… he killed himself.

        Published: November 22, 1992

        It was obvious in 1969 that Bill Clinton would someday run for President. It was just as clear that his roommate at Oxford, Frank Aller, would become a big-time journalist, another Edward R. Murrow.

        The two Rhodes scholars were good-looking, gifted, well liked — close friends who had everything in common, particularly a hatred of the Vietnam War. After Aller decided to resist the draft, Clinton called him “one of the bravest, best men I know,” in his now famous letter to an R.O.T.C. director in Arkansas explaining why he had given up his own thoughts of resistance to safeguard his “political viability.”

        Bill Clinton will become the next President of the United States on Jan. 20. Frank Aller committed suicide in 1971 — in despair, his friends say, over a decision that had ruined his life.

        WHAT BILL CLINTON DID during the Vietnam War has turned out to be the most controversial issue of his political career, and the actions he has the most difficulty explaining. But his experiences then were also among the most formative of his entire life. Clinton describes the bond he forged with Aller more than 20 years ago by saying slowly, “It is just almost impossible to recreate the personal agony we felt then.” Edwards puts it this way: “At the end of the day, this was our first real struggle over right and wrong.”

      3. Pat –

        What about Clinton’s mentoring by Carol Quigly?? Eustace Mullins told me that Quigly took Billy because of the Rockefeller connection. What part did Winthrope Rockefeller play in young Bill’s life, if it wasn’t about the extraordinary opportunities afforded him? (Georgetown was NOT a school habituated from Arkansas, in those days…)

      4. Being jewish/cryptojewish IS all that counts to become nominated
        or ‘ groomed’! Nothing else matters.

  30. People in general are missing the point. The root of the enslavement of the people, and that includes the enslavement of the affluent working class as well, is their court system. Rules, by means of false-legislation, are created out of thin-air like counterfeit-money to support the “elite”. Trump is being blocked by the courts and false-legislature for elitists.

    Laws are an extremely powerful tool and should never be in the hands of any one person.

    Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the “I AM” your God which I COMMAND you.

    1. I disagree. The problem in the courts is that the judjges are jewish who are partial
      when you have a jewish adversary/ counterpart. Also the problem is tbat jewish judges don’t follow the law when the application of the law is not in the interest of the jews/ jewish status quo.
      So we should get rid of jewish judges who interpretate the law in a talmudic way.
      To get rid of jewish judges is more important than to get rid of the jewish media! It’s not for nothing that the jews are in the judiciary. They want to make the Decisions!

      1. Mark –

        Correct. Judges at all levels control the ground forces of police within their venue and purview.

        They decide what happens in the courts.

        The judiciary actually have more control than the executives.

        Federal judges order Marshals.

        Local judges order sheriffs.

        Even Trump was stopped by judges. 🙂

  31. I am reminded so well of Christ’s words from Luke 21:23

    “But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, AND WRATH UPON THIS PEOPLE.

    Beyond that if a perfect storm isn’t brewing. Many things are now dovetailing into each other with Peak Oil surely being the one crisis that is going to surpass everything next to God’s judgment that is. Crunch time is arriving and for a world needing to find 4 Saudi Arabia’s worth of oil to keep the worlds economy flat as it is well that isn’t happening nor will it. Wow what one will read here

    1. Jerry –

      The idea of “Peak Oil” is a fear tactic. There were not possibly enough dead dinosaurs to create the ‘fossil fuel’ amounting to what has already been pumped. Oil is an abiotic resource, regenerated by the collision of Earth’s mantle rotating around the molten core mass. It is a re-created commodity, proven so by many ‘dry’ wells which have refilled with crude over the past few decades – especially in Oklahoma and Texas. IMO, we are more likely to suffer from a shortage of clean water.

      1. Yes I’ve heard this before but look if something isn’t right about the world of oil and energy and the economy. Even if abiotic is true none of the wells are refilling fast to enough to drive an economy. The majors wouldn’t be fracking and trying to cook the oil out of the ground as in the Alberta oil sands which is a dead duck by the way. Nothing though and nothing for me drives home the seriousness of this now than hearing from a bank. For a bank to declare we have a problem seals it for me. I have been reading and studying peak oil since 1998 and nothing ever came from the establishment. Now it has!
        Good reading….

      2. @ Jerry

        Jerry says: Nothing though and nothing for me drives home the seriousness of this now than hearing from a bank.

        Surely you jest Jerry.

        Citing Rothschild’s favorite drug-money laundering HSBC bank will win you no friends nor credibility here.

        HSBC pays record $1.9bn fine to settle US money-laundering accusations

        The HSBC building in Hong Kong (HSBC stands for Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation) where it got started as the bank for Rothschild and Sassoon’s opium is 100% MASONIC, as is the HSBC logo.

        Question: How many triangles do you see in the HSBC logo?

        I see 6 triangles, which means I see 3 Stars of David. The Star of David is created by merging 2 large triangles. As a result of this merger, 6 small triangles are created, which also represent the Star of David. In other words, the 6 triangles of the HSBC logo represent the Star of David!

        For those who want to learn more about this, see We call him Mao, but the Jews call him Moshe

      3. Jerry, I do not dispute the probability of oil being consumed faster than it occurs; but, I know the frantic fear of depletion is largely a fabrication for supply-and-demand marketing. Almost everything in this world is motivated by $$money$$. Energy commodities give it motion – and besides electricity, oil is Number One.

      4. @ Gilbert Huntly

        You are correct about “peak oil” and the source of oil not being a “fossil fuel.” About 20 years ago, due to the efforts of a scientist by the name of Gold, they proved that if you drill deep enough anywhere, you find oil. The deeper the hole, the sweeter the crude.

        Currently, the world is awash in oil. Bunches of oil tankers are acting as floating storage since there is no where to off load their oil. The USA’s primary oil storage facility in Cushing, OK is close to maxed out and has been that way for quite awhile. The only country with enough storage capacity to take is large amounts of oil is China because they can build storage facilities really quick, lots of manpower. Additionally, more new oil sources are discovered each year than demand can keep up with for the foreseeable future.

        From 2008 through 2014, the gasoline consumption for the USA dropped an average of 10% a year, about a 70% decline. If it were not for jewish speculators and government taxes, oil would almost be as cheap as dirt. Thank you jews and thank you governments.

        When there is a financial collapse, it will be due to the past 25 year efforts of the Chinese to undermine the jewish banking fraud. A financial collapse will not be because of the lack of oil although it might be one of the bogus reasons that the jews claim as the cause.

      5. Ung –

        The Oklahoma storage is above ground and has ONLY 50 million barrels there.

        SALT DOMES on the Gulf Coast have 700 Million barrels…!!

        They are guarded by US Military..!! Keep Mexicans out.. 🙂

        “Something important, and valuable, has been quietly hidden along America’s Gulf Coast.

        Across four secure sites in unassuming locations lies nearly 700 million barrels of oil – buried underground. A total of 60 subterranean caverns, carved into rock salt beneath the surface, constitute the United States’ massive “Strategic Petroleum Reserve” (SPR).”

      6. @ Pat

        Yep, even more proof that there is a glut of oil.

        The SPR is not all in the salt domes. I know a fellow that has oil wells, some of which are part of the SPR per edict of the federal government. When whomever orders releases of oil from the SPR to keep the supply and demand myth alive, he gets to start pumping his wells that are part of the SPR. I doubt that the oil in the salt domes is ever touched.

      7. I first became aware of the fake “Peak Oil” scam about 3 years ago. The person who has done extensive research on this is F. William Engdahl. He’s written a book about it, but here is a short little essay that will explain it for those interested, but not interested enough to read an entire book on the subject: Confessions of an “ex” Peak Oil Believer

        There is plenty of oil in America, but the Jews make you buy it from the Saudis because it props up a strategically important Zionist puppet state in the middle east — nothing more and nothing less. Similarly, Americans are perfectly capable of making great cars — that is, and speaking of alien invasions, until they turned Detroit into Detroitistan — but the Jews deliberately sabotaged your auto manufacturing and imported cheaper cars from Japan because it props up a strategically important Zionist puppet state in the far east.

        The entry for United States Forces Japan at Wikipedia states the number of American military personnel at 50,000 in 2013, but as the filthy skypes prepare for WW3 with Russia and China and North Korea, lol, I suspect the number of American troops in Japan will be closer to 60,000 at present. Banzai! or should I say Mazel Tov!?

  32. I spend the golden years of my life in Germany. Germany was more welcoming to refugees from the Middle East and Africa than any other EU nations, especially when they were dying in hundreds in the Mediterranean see. What the ungrateful Muslim political active sited in this article is sickening to me. That is not how you show gratitude to a country who open her hands and heart to you. I say another beautiful story about another Syrian refugee whom the German people hold as a hero. Here is his story.

    1. Mass migration is a weapon and the migrants are pawns — just as the rest of us are mostly fodder. And we all know what happens to pawns…

      So unless the migrants have a sudden mass awakening that they are being used by the JWO to destroy Europe, then they’re going be in the middle of another fake-oh, manipulated war. Just like the rest of us suckers.

  33. For the sake of the accuracy, I am posting the link below that refutes the New Year mass rape in Cologne, Germany. This may sound like an old news to Darkmoon’ readers. However, following any false and fabricated story, the damage is already done, because no one care to print a retraction and or a correction, and if they do, it would be buried in the backpages. I guess fake news is not limited to Trump and Company! German police said on Tuesday they believed the allegations were “completely baseless”. One of the purported victims of the alleged attack was not in Frankfurt at the time of the purported crime.

    1. You want more proof? Check out these articles below. You are in total denial, like an ostrich with his head buried in the sand, trying to pretend that Muslim migrants have NEVER preyed on European women sexually since the mass invasion of Europe that began two years ago! That’s all they’ve been doing.

      You mentioned Cologne — have you read all these articles about sex attacks in Cologne against German women?

      Stop trying to mislead people on this site with your pathetic lies!

    2. So the Independence UK is under Jewish control but not the Daily Mail UK? What make you think you reference is more reliable? Was the story about the Syrian refugee story I posted and who the German people consider a hero is a lie? Sadly, you are a once channel minded, Bradley!

    3. @ Mahmoud

      All telling lies, are they?

      What a coward you must be, sir, not to be able to face the simple truth!

      I am surprised that this website should even publish your articles — since it has already published dozens of articles giving details of Muslim migrants involved in horrendous sex crimes committed all over Europe.

      Not just in Germany but in Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland. All lies, are they? Have you ever heard of the Pakistanis sex gangs who groomed children for underage sex in Rotherham, England? The are now behind bars!

      More lies, are they?

    4. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

      Was the story about the Syrian refugee story I posted and who the German people consider a hero is a lie?

      I am not denying this story could be true. It probably IS true! But tell me, how does ONE Syrian refugee who behaves like a hero make ALL Muslim refugees heroes? 🙂

      Does ONE Muslim saint make it impossible for a thousand other Muslims to be sinners? 🙂

      Can you answer that?

  34. The term “Pathological altruism” fits Germany. We have been force-fed the Holocaust for 70 years. There are many points that raise doubts about the gas chambers but I think one very simple fact is worth considering. Why use toxic, irritant long-lasting cyanide gas (Zyklon)? when a badly ventilated paraffin stove will produce enough carbon monoxide to kill thousands It still happens, by accident,

    We have been taken for a ride, and historians have failed us because they are too frightened of the Jewish Lobby to make intelligent enquiries. They know it would cost them their careers.

    So now we live in a world where it is taboo to oppose mass immigration by millions of foreign young men from a different culture. It is not immigration, it is an invasion and we have every right to resist it and to vote against the smug elites who have allowed and even encouraged it.

    1. @ BRADLEY ARNOLD, you are full of it. I trust Darkmoon as a reliable source of information, I may share information here to the contrary. That is a part of a healthy debate. I never claimed that Muslim migrants living in the EU are Angels. However, most of your info comes from questionable sites and antiMuslims website known to spew venous anti Muslim propaganda. Any one who commits heinous crimes in America, EU or any other place on earth, Muslim or non Muslim should be brought to justice and pay the price. I would never defend criminal. I am just tired of bigots like frequently bashing Muslims here.

      1. ME-Y –

        “I am just tired of bigots like frequently bashing Muslims here.”

        Bottom line…

        As long as you don’t stop your criminal brothers… You will just have to take it. Your brothers are destroying your reputation. You help by supporting them.

        Grin and bear it…. or make the criminals stop….

        Your choice… 🙂

      2. Pat, your logic is no different than the one of former US President George W. Bush, who famously used the phrase after 9/11 at the launch of his War on Islam campaign, better known as, “War on Terror” in the form “Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. 16 years later no one could find the weapons of mass destruction. It was an illegal and unjust war that was based on lies. So is blaming all the ill and moral decay in the West on Muslims. It is much easier to blame others than taking responsibility for our shortcoming.

      3. ME-Y –

        “It is much easier to blame others than taking responsibility for our shortcoming.”

        Thanks for agreeing with what I was telling YOU..!!!

        You need to take responsibility for your brothers… as their ‘keeper’ in the faith, since you love them so much, and care about their backsliding into sin.

        It is easier for YOU to blame the messengers here, like ME, who are NOT criminals… than to speak up against the musselmen criminals you protect. You aid criminals.

        I like YOUR message. NOW… YOU… go apply it..

        Stop sounding like Arafat… 🙂

  35. Back to oil the real danger confronting us. Got to check out this essay found here:
    concerning the manipulation of the gold and oil markets leading up the collapse of the USSR.
    Very interesting stuff and the many links provides a wealth of info. This one paragraph though speaks volumes:
    “What we are looking at are “the powers that be” backed by British and American (and Israeli) military might, pushing for control of the world’s oil supply to the detriment of the people who already have legal title to it. It is raw, naked power…ruthlessly projected. The United Nations Security Council has just approved the plan, which means that this whole farce is now turning out to be little more than ‘legalized’ stealing. Public opinion be damned.”

    This piece to from 2001 on Saddam Hussien and his manipulation of the oil market is frightening to say the least. He had balls to go up against the States but paid for it terribly so.


    Gold and Oil and all the political blackmail going on reminds me so very well the words from James 4
    What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you? You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.
    You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God?

  36. this article is classic case of fear porn mitigated by a sex maniac
    read this quotes and purify yourself from the complexity of deranged sexual fantasies and quit blaming Muslims for your shortcoming.

    “We were taught under the old ethic that man’s business on this earth was to look out for himself. That was the ethic of the jungle; the ethic of the wild beast. Take care of yourself, no matter what may become of your fellow man. Thousands of years ago the question was asked; ”Am I my brother’s keeper?” That question has never yet been answered in a way that is satisfactory to civilized society.
    Yes, I am my brother’s keeper. I am under a moral obligation to him that is inspired, not by any maudlin sentimentality but by the higher duty I owe myself. What would you think me if I were capable of seating myself at a table and gorging myself with food and saw about me the children of my fellow beings starving to death”: Eugene V. Debs: 1908 speech.

    “[I]n such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the job of thinking people, not to be on the side of the executioners.” Albert Camus:
    … the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy. Alex Carey:

    “No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.” : Edmund Burke


    1. “The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy

      Lol. Carey can blow that one out his chimney. I raise you one…

      “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.” 1928, Edward Bernays, nephew of the Freud-Fraud and propagandist to the globalists.

      So you see even “modern democracy” was already a tool of manipulation. There is no conflict, only deadly theatre.

      1. Flopot –

        Modern democracies hold SECRET BALLOT ELECTIONS… Too bad.

        It is all a scam..!! 🙂

    2. @ Bradley Arnold

      listen you piece of shit , why don’t you go and fuck yourself
      you miserable racist pig

    3. @ Sunshine

      Charmed, I’m sure!

      So it’s “racist” to protest at the mass rape of white European women by Muslim “refugees” from the Third World, is it?

      You want us to roll out the red carpet for your rapists?

      To hug and kiss the invaders of our European homelands and say “Welcome!” 🙂

    4. It is claimed by social scientists that a major shortcoming of whites are their generosity towards others. There is evidence to support that. White countries do not have to take millions of uneducated people into their countries that are a big drag on their performance and are destroying the European races. I for one do not blame Muslims for what is going on. They don’t have power in western countries and they are just taking advantage of stupid policies by the EU. This disaster is the responsibility largely of Jews. Cultural Marxism and multiculturalism are both Jewish led efforts. With their huge presence in the media and publishing, these racists are destroying the European peoples.

      Let me quote former Vice President Biden: “Jewish heritage has shaped who we are – all of us – as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years. And that’s a fact,” and “Think – behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those [social-political] changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good,”

      VP Biden is exactly right, except the part “it is all to the good”. It’s good for them, while whites are being wiped out in a slow genocide. The [Jewish] mainstream media ignored these statements, preferring not to put a spotlight on Jewish power.

      What is happening is a result of the Jews victory in WW II.

      1. “Let me quote former Vice President Biden: “Jewish heritage has shaped who we are – all of us – as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years. And that’s a fact,” and “Think – behind of all that, I bet you 85 percent of those [social-political] changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media, are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, the influence is immense”

        That just about sums it up. Great quote; chilling but insightful.

        Reminds me of the field of Sociology, an entire discipline invented to come up with ways to manipulate us,i.e. “shaping who we are” and “social and political changes”. Marx is heralded as one of the founders of Sociology (great selling point 😉 ), and here’s another founding father…

        “Man becomes “his own God” as he makes the world a heaven. This is just a ruse to re-engineer him according to elite specifications. Comte is known as the “father of sociology” – an indication that the social sciences are really devoted to discovering the means to create a totalitarian society. “

        Btw I think Biden is being coy: the JWO really swung into action once Cromwell re-introduced the banksters and usury into England.

      2. the JWO really swung into action once Cromwell re-introduced the banksters and usury into England.

        absolutely true, flopot.

        hardly one in ten thousand understand that whatever merits or demerits of catholic church as such, it was for centuries the main bulwark against the plague rats swimming in on a tide – and the monarchs allied with rome, like edward I, isabella and ferdinand, all knew that.
        which is why since 33 AD, jew fought tooth and nail against christ, against christianity and against catholic alliance in particular.
        cromwell’s conquest blew a catastrophic breach in the dam.

      1. You may be correct. Instead, in the first paragraph of the link I gave, click on the ‘world conquerors.’ Chapter 15, The Betrayal of America, is to the point.

  37. White genocide in Europe? Would take at least 2 hundred years. By then the lovely Barbara Spectre will be taking a permanent dirt nap in the cold hard ground of a Jewish cemetery somewhere in New Jersey. Ill drink to her health.

  38. The ruling, politically correct elites have betrayed the British people. As long ago as 1948 they were encouraging Jamaicans to come to Britain. There were objections from white european Brits even in the 1950s, but they were dismissed as racist fascists.

    In my personal experience most of the early immigrants were great people, and my best friend at college was black; but individuals are not the same as millions, and what we are now facing is millions, mainly from Africa and the Arabic countries.

    Look at the streams of people on the way into Europe. Most of them are young men, most of them from cultures completely different to, or even hostile to our way of life.

    There is also the taboo subject, race. It is best to be blunt and say that most white Brits want to have white grandchildren. It is natural, it is not borne of some evil hatred of people of different colour, it is a natural affinity for ones own race. We should be free to say this, but to our ruling elite that is about the worst thing we can say.

    And while we are onto taboo subjects let us consider the Jews. Since WW2 we have been subjected to a relentless campaign telling us how the Jews were victimised and sent to death camps where they were gassed and turned into lampshades and soap. All a pack of lies, but this gave the Jews a get-out-of-jail card that they have ruthlessly exploited for 70 years.

    I never thought I would live long enough to see a revolt against these we-know-best arrogant elites. I am happy, very happy, to have seen it happen. I wish the younger generations good luck, and advise them never to let it happen again. Trust the people.

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