The Miraculous Power of Placebos

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Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon

This is by an Oxford academic who has spent 10 years researching the healing power of these wonder pills. Even when you KNOW they are placebos they work wonders—and fake operations can be just as effective as real ones.

‘Placebo’  = ‘I will please’ in Latin. A fake pill or sham treatment that often works as effectively as the genuine pill or treatment, even when the patient has been told it IS a placebo. It has been shown that some antidepressants, such as prozac, are no better than placebos. [LD]   

Suppose that you knew your body could produce its own morphine. Would you still take as much aspirin — which can make your stomach bleed — for mild headaches?

If you knew having a support network and being optimistic had the same biological effect on depression as a pill, would you be less likely to try Prozac — which can have side-effects from sexual dysfunction to suicidal tendencies?

What about the fact that placebo knee surgery is as good as the real thing — would you choose the surgeon’s knife before physiotherapy?

Debate rages about whether placebos actually work. Some think they are powerful cures for almost everything, while others say they are useless. Amidst these debates, one thing is certain: most doctors use them.

A 2013 survey showed 97 per cent of doctors have prescribed placebos at least once. Sometimes doctors use sugar pills, salt water injections or low doses of medications that have no pharmacological effect.

These all have a placebo effect and can be effective for treating many common ailments, especially pain.

I learned from personal experience about the power of placebos in a pivotal moment in my 20s — one of those moments that seemed unimportant at the time but, in fact, led to important changes in direction.

I’d developed a severe allergy to a cat while training to compete in a rowing competition in the Nineties.

I was stuck. I could not sleep or train due to a running nose and sneezing, but I couldn’t take the medication I needed because I feared failing a drugs test (I was rowing for Canada).

As a last resort, I accepted my mother’s suggestion to meet her friend, who was a herbal doctor. She told me to drink ginger tea twice a day. I doubted that it would work but sure enough, after a day, I felt a bit better. After three days I stopped sneezing almost completely, I slept well and my nose stopped running. This got my mind racing. Could my allergies have disappeared spontaneously?

Or did ginger tea work because I believed it might — in other words, had it acted as a placebo?

And if it was ‘just’ a placebo, did that matter if it helped? Searching for answers to these questions ignited a fascination that has shaped my life ever since.

As a clinical epidemiologist, I have spent ten years looking at the best quality research into placebo effects and the results have astounded me: reviewing 152 trials involving more than 15,000 patients with a range of illnesses found that, on average, placebos have almost the same effect as ‘real’ treatments.

As a nation we are taking too many pills and research shows this can be deadly. Prescription painkillers kill more people than heroin and cocaine combined in the U.S., overuse of antibiotics is creating dangerous superbugs and 80 per cent of people who take several pills at a time have side-effects ranging from shortness of breath to death.

And beyond the research I’ve lived by my findings: I avoid drugs unless absolutely necessary and have refused knee and back surgery even when doctors strongly recommended it.

I am not suggesting rejecting all medicines; that would clearly go too far and many drugs are effective. But the emerging middle way is the use of evidence-based placebo effects and self-healing techniques. I hope that what I’ve learned will help you experience better health yourself and help others achieve it, too.


Most of us do not need medicine most of the time. Many illnesses — back pain, mild depression, minor injuries — go away without it. Understanding how incredible your body is can help you make better decisions about when you really need to take medicine and when it is better to rely on your body’s healing powers.

Believe that you will get better and that whatever you are prescribed — even if it’s a placebo — will help.

With some things you’ll find that if you expect a positive outcome, you will get one — and it’s all down to harnessing your body’s inner pharmacy.

A number of molecules your body produces can ease pain and improve mood disorders, including brain chemicals such as endorphins, which create the natural high that people report when running or doing yoga.

Endorphin molecules are identical to morphine molecules and from the point of view of the body, their effects are identical.


In general, the more invasive the placebo, the more effective it is: two pills have a greater effect than one, placebo injections are stronger than placebo pills and sham surgery has the biggest effect of all.

But sometimes all that’s required is for a doctor to monitor you closely. Knowing they are being monitored can make patients exercise more, eat healthier, drink less alcohol or simply expect to recover. Studies show that being empathic and giving positive messages can also induce placebo effects without deception. Confirming this, a review of studies found that even patients who are part of a trial but were untreated (for example, they remained on the waiting list for a trial) still improved by 24 per cent.

The main reason doctors hesitate to give placebos is that they believe it requires them to lie to their patients. But recent studies suggest this is not true.

In a trial for people with severe irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), patients were randomised to either be put on a waiting list, or to be given pills they knew were placebos — what is known as open-label placebo.

Doctors told patients the treatment was ‘placebo pills made of an inert substance . . . that have been shown in clinical studies to produce significant improvement in IBS symptoms through mind-body self-healing processes’.

Results showed that the placebo had a similar effect to many ‘real’ medicines used for treating irritable bowel syndrome. It also shows that there is no need for doctors to deceive their patients and there’s a way to prescribe a placebo by keeping the patient informed.

I did a systematic review of five studies with open-label placebos for irritable bowel syndrome, depression, allergic rhinitis, back pain and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) — the effects were found to be positive in all trials.

Open-label placebos are thought to work because they are given together with a positive suggestion — i.e. the doctor tells the patient it will lead to an improvement.

(You can make your own placebos at home)

This positive message from the doctor can activate the reward mechanisms in the patient’s brain and help the body to produce its own pain-killing endorphins.


My colleagues at the University of Oxford recently researched more than 50 surgical trials and found that placebo surgery was as good as genuine surgery in more than half the trials — there were genuine physical improvements.

Placebo surgery works because it activates mechanisms which produce brain chemicals that can relieve pain, such as endorphins and dopamine.

The proof that placebo surgery works shows that invasive and expensive surgery is less necessary than we think. Research moreover shows surgery is rarely better than physiotherapy, exercise and improving diet for these problems.


In the same way positive expectations can lead to positive outcomes, negative expectations can lead to negative outcomes. In one study, doctors told young patients ‘This is going to hurt’ or ‘This might hurt a bit’ before a jab; a third group was distracted. Patients were more likely to cry when the doctor said the needle would hurt, because they expected pain.

You can be your own doctor and give yourself positive messages, even if a doctor doesn’t. For example, tell yourself ‘I will be better within a week or so,’ and ‘This will work for me’. Studies show that reading positive messages can reduce pain.

You can often — but not always — benefit from a treatment but you inevitably also get harms from drugs: placebos are usually safer than ‘real’ treatments.

This means that there are many common ailments (especially mild to moderate pain) for which placebo treatments may be the best and safest option.

Dr Howick is a clinical epidemiologist at the University of Oxford.


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  1. I can attest to the placebo effect. When I was about four or five years old I suffered from nightmares. I was taken to an old Irish country GP, who solemnly gave me what he called “nightmare pills” to take before going to bed. For a couple of weeks I took them and I’ve never suffered from nightmares since. These old country doctors know all the tricks.

    1. Well said, Felix! I too can attest to the placebo effect, but in reverse.
      It’s known as the “nocebo effect”. This is when you are a fed a negative suggestion by a doctor. It always has devastating consequences, which is why many people stay away from doctors.

      I knew a young woman in her twenties who was told she had the spine of an 80-year-old. Her x-rays apparently showed lots of wear and tear. She suffered agonies for years as a result of this diagnosis, and almost became a cripple.

      I’m not lying, but all this woman’s symptoms disappeared in a flash after she visited a spiritual healer who gave her the laying on of hands and told her “There is nothing wrong with you.”

      Her doctor just couldn’t believe it when she told him she no longer needed painkillers and had just been for a 5-mile walk. When she started jogging, he told her jogging was not a good idea for her and that she could be damaging her joints. She ignored him.

      Last year, she ran in the London Marathon.

    2. Felix……I’m just surprised he didn’t offer you a large Jameson and a Capstan full strength…. 😉
      Spoken as a good old Kilkenny boy….

      1. Wiggins…I was only four or five, but you’re right Irish whiskey is the best. John Jameson, untouched by Protestant hands and Bushmills, untouched by Catholic hands.

  2. I once took LSD once but didn’t hallucinate because I thought it was an orange aspirin. (not)
    I once took an orange aspirin and had hallucinations because I thought it was LSD. (not)
    Well, maybe a little bit..
    Yes the mind is indeed a terrible thing!
    (and the subconscious is even worse)

      1. Conservative and Liberal? Hegelian dialectic. Perhaps you view “Liberal” as actual medicine? Both worthless. Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum(b). The good Rev. Dodgson nailed it.

  3. The power of the mind ,and spirit limitless . Experiments on ” consciousness” , have shown how people learning new things across the world ,at the the same time ” got it ” simultaneously ! Placebo the same : Have you ever met someone , worn down by life who says ” I never win “. This being can be infectious on others ; never do ! The power of suggestion…..” Positive thinking ” ,is infectious . I have been down in my life ,and struggling…the power of positive thinking did make circumstances better . Not a material ” pill ” , but a mental ” placebo ” worked . The ” eternal Jew ” ,knows this ” effect , culturaly , theologically, economicly, and politicaly. Take heed. Many want one to think all is rational ,logical , material. The ” placebo effect ” proves otherwise .

  4. “Let it be done to you according to your faith.” Matthew 9:29. And the blind then saw! Mary Baker Eddy, a truly remarkable, wonderful woman, founded a religion in part on her ability and knowledge of healing through faith; I regret that her book “Science and Health” contained, as does the so-called “New Testament”, very, very little on the “how to”!

    I think it impossible to understand “faith” — and by extension the true nature of the “placebo effect” — without having an appreciation and some degree of understanding of Mind: For instance, as in, “I am not my body, I am not my Mind.” As I have referenced before, the clearest, most complete exposition of Mind I have found, replete with exercises and the missing “how to”, is the series of lectures by Yogi Bhajan, entitled “The Mind”.

    My formal academic education and training — Chemistry, then Pharmacology — proceeded in schizophrenic parallel with a much less formal spiritual course of study. Before I earned the Ph.D., I already knew the discipline in which I studied suffered fatal conceptual and philosophical flaws that rendered its mission hopeless for those who suffer, then turn or are directed to therapeutic substances. Pharmacology became, however, an immensely productive source of wealth for profit-motivated CORPses, then evolving to what we now know as BIG PHARMA. I regret to inform that what used to be “placebos with perceptible side effects” (actually the most effective placebo in pill form) — for example, tricyclic anti-depressants — have been largely replaced by neurologically disabling, if not mentally crippling, compounds. Consider the pronounced lack of affect among those you know who get prescribed “selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors” [SSRIs]!

    You do not need a placebo, physical or imaginary, to heal yourself or others.

    1. @ Alan Donelson

      As a young man, I mistakenly spent 10 years as an atheist because no one I asked in the church could explain faith to me in terms I could understand so I assumed religion to be bogus. I got over being an atheist, but still had no decent understanding of faith.

      After I met a fellow that performed faith healings about 15 years ago, I started in depth analysis of the teachings of Jesus and reached some very simple conclusions. Faith is the same as believing, knowing without doubt. Faith is a spiritual power given to all humans by the Father, no one is special. Being a power from the Father, faith is an unlimited power designed to benefit mankind. Being sinless is not a requirement for exercising the power of faith. However, exercising the power of faith properly does lead to an appreciation of love instead of sin, the lack of love.

      As an example of the unlimited power of faith, Jesus said in Matthew 17:20 – “…for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”

      The “how to” is simple as well. The mustard seed of faith is the name of Jesus spoken out loud before the present tense positive verbal command of the desired result. Future tense is not a command. The desired result must be out of love for yourself or your fellowman. In the case of healing your fellowman, the one being healed must do something to demonstrate their faith in the command, like the blind men rinsing the mud from their eyes.

      A perfect solution should be the desired result, so being too specific in the command can tie the Father’s hand. If the command does not produce results, command for answers for the perfect solution and pay attention to thoughts/answers out of the blue. As an example, what appears to be a heart attack could just be a shortage of salt which causes muscle cramps. The heart is a muscle.

      Exercising the power of faith does not give anyone a blank check to not be responsible. Eat when hungry. Drink when thirsty. Rest/sleep when needed. Etc., etc.

      The power of faith through verbal command can be used for protection from the elements, healing yourself or your fellowman, casting out devils, and raising the dead. It works for needs, not wants.

      Hopefully, this provides some things to consider.

      1. How about this, Ungenius

        What is called “matter” is an illusion of physicality; a misapprehension of the mind.

        Christ* knows this, and we aspire to his volitional reality

        e.g.; “he walks on the water and sinks to the bottom without an oxygen tank and stays there indefinitely without drowning

        How? through the power of INTENTION

      2. @ Brownhawk

        Intending to do something does not get anything done. Also, there is always unintended consequences to consider before doing something.

        The pain experienced when an “illusionary” rock, matter, is dropped on your “illusionary” foot, personal matter, maybe an illusion, but it is best to be avoided unless learning is to be ignored as personal responsibility is put aside.

        In your example of water walking, spiritual power supersedes the physical power of gravity which is why Jesus did not sink. When Peter walked on the water toward Jesus, at first he did not sink because his faith/belief/knowingness, spiritual power, superseded the physical power of gravity. When Peter’s faith/belief/knowingness faltered/diminished, he started sinking as gravity filled the spiritual void.

        It could be that we have a failure of communication.

      3. Ungenius

        You’re missing my point, which is that Jesus was impervious to the ways of matter. Ways that inevitably do in man in his mortal state.

        The thing of it is, this world as presently constituted isn’t conducive to attaining certain desired results of intending reality

        e.g.; the guy who drops a tab of LSD then thinks he can fly and proceeds to jump out of an 18th story window will get a rude awakening, and….SPLAT!

        The CONCEPT may be legitimate, but there is a restriction when the cause fails to produce the intended effect.


        These bodies that our TRUE selves are presently inhabiting are prohibitive, and the same exact thing can be applied to this planet.

      4. Thank you, Ungenius. Your post resonates as true for me. Over the long haul, traveling my personal windy, pot-holed path I chose to take, then and now, grateful still for several major intersections I called Crossroads of Life, at each one shifting direction for the betterment of all concerned, I have learned one Teacher’s dictum, “Love is the channel through which Power moves.” The heart, then, not the “brain” or Mind, serves such purpose. As my first ex-wife and I were wont to declare about such teachings so long ago in Berkeley, CA, “It’s simple but it’s not easy!” Especially so when I still struggle to calm and let go of mindy ways, searching dark corridors within for the “heart center”, asking for so little, just a taste of Love’s peace, joy, and lightness. So, many of that Good Book’s admonitions come to my rescue, too — “Ask, and believing, you will receive.” Cheerfully, I continue on down that road which goes on forever [the poignant title of an Allman Bros. greatest hits album], with hope and with great expectations.

  5. Religion is also a placebo – for the mind. If we take the Annunaki story at face value we have an explanation for religion and why we are attracted to it, and what it does for us. For instance, Christianity calms the mind with a story of redemption so that we tolerate the hell we experience on earth. Why do we need a mental placebo and the power of myth to calm our mind? Because reality of our situation is so bad we would all kill ourselves if we knew the truth of our existence.

    What is this terrible truth? That we were all born slaves and are being exploited by extraterrestrials who came here, created us as a hybrid specie cross of homo erectus and Annunaki genes, bred with us (raped our women), built civilizations with our labor, set up the banking and political systems that exploit our productive effort. We tolerate this only because we were taught a myth that pacifies the mind to our true condition.

    Jewish control is not a natural product of evolution, it is a manipulation by Enlil/Yahweh faction of the Annunaki, who created different “breeds” of humans with different characteristics. Jews were “chosen” to rule over us, they were created with extra aggressive genes no different than a Pit Bull vs. a Collie. This Jewish tribe is destroying us but we can’t muster a defense because it is not in our nature to be confrontational like the Jew.

    So with the Annunaki story we have an explanation for Jewish behavior vs. ours, we have also can explain the different races as different batches of genetic tampering by the Annunaki scientist Enki, we can also explain the soul. The Sumerian text actually describes the input of the soul into the body (avatar/meat bag). Now for the horror (play the dark church music). Your soul is artificial and it was placed into your avatar body by these Annunaki manipulators. It never goes to heaven upon death – it gets caught and recycled back into this lower dimensional hell realm.

    You can research this hypothesis by searching for “soul recycling” or “tricked by the light”.

    Thus we also have an explanation why we are a three part being – body, mind, and spirit. We are an artificial Annunaki abomination, a slave specie created in a lab, brought to life by our Annunaki mother who carried the first human baby to full term in utero. They called this first Homo-Annunaki hybrid Adama. That’s what the Sumerian clay cuneiform tablet says, thus we also have the origin of Genesis tale. It is not myth, but our history. They Sumerian text also describes how Enlil (Yahweh template) tried to wipe us out with a flood when we became to plentiful and disrespectful to his temples.

    So let us conclude why we have a placebo for the mind called religion. We are the only specie on this planet of 7.77 million animal species that worships god. Why? Because we were created as a slave species and like any domesticated animal we have to be taken care of by a higher intelligence in order to survive. A domesticated dog is not meant to survive, it needs a master, it needs a higher mind to provide it sustenance. Likewise for us, and thus we were taught to worship our Annunaki creators as gods.

    Once you process all this data you will come to the conclusion that the Annunaki tale is not myth but our history and it makes sense of our world. So if we fast forward to now we can explain why we have a plethora of new age books and what we must do to overcome our predicament – we must trance end the myth, transcend the economic slavery, raise our vibration to overcome the evil done to us by the illegal manipulations of our genome by the space faring Annunaki pirate race.

    1. YJ, what you have been writing in your posts reminds me of futurist Neil Freer’s theory [] of ancient astronauts, who studied the depiction of aliens in all monotheistic and polytheistic religions, as well as folklore [Greek, Celtic, Germanic etc. myths] planetwide. He is certainly knowledgeable, except for one thing that I don’t like – his approval of transhumanism. Zecharia Sitchin became famous by compiling the thoughts and works of others in that field, but it’s not surprising considering the fact that he is a chosenoid. The two things that I find amazing are 1) the complexity and precision of Sumerian cuneiforms, and 2) the use of the same symbol throughout the span of 30 centuries: Sumerians worshipped the Bull of Heaven, Egyptians the Apis Bull, Hindus the cow, Judeo-Christianity a golden calf, while Muslims sacrifice it. The most concise text about this field I know is here:

    2. Top notch post, YJ

      Thanks for complimenting the kind of stuff I’ve been posting for YEARS (:>)

      1. B-Hawk –

        I told you before:

        Everyone has their own truths.

        Theories assumed to be proposed by theoretical entities are 100% hypothetical…

        Even nuke warheads on missiles are closer to being real.. 🙂

      2. Pat

        Riddle me this

        If they’re hypothetical to begin with, how can YOUR ” 100% hypothesis be closer to being real? (:>)

      3. Another hypothetical

        Certain native legend relates that hu-man origin goes back many thousands of years, and stems from a point of man’s descent into the denseness of a material state (the prefix “hu” in human denoting “of matter”)

        The way I interpret the story suggests that a method of in vitro fertilization was used whereby reptilian entities alien to Earth conjoined the eggs of female arboreal primates (“Lucy” to anthropologists) with the sperm of their young males for the purpose of creating a race of slaves. (Darwin’s frame of reference lacked this info)

        This primary act of d-evolution was eventually completed with a process of “beaming” man in his original ethereal state into the resultant physical bodies. What was beamed is what we call the “soul”, which in actuality is man in his true state of spirit, and subsequently trapped in this material one.

    3. Yukon,
      Google “Lloyd Pye. ” Watch some of his videos. One things for sure. We are hybrids. Our bodies are very poorly adapted to planet Earth. Our feet have an arch and we cant even walk properly. We are also the only species that needs clothes to protect us from the elements. The original hominoids were the yeti or Big-foot which still exist. Google “Chinese bigfoot hybrid ” and watch the video footage of a human-bigfoot hybrid. Also google “Zana, bigfoot. ” Read the story of a female yeti captured by a medieval Russian nobleman who had sex with her and gave her children. Amazing stuff.

      1. @ Donaldo Colina

        “Our feet have an arch and we cant even walk properly.”

        Most blacks do not have an arch which, according to your position, makes them the only ones adapted to planet earth. Other races on the planet must be second best or the only ones modified. 🙂

        “We are also the only species that needs clothes to protect us from the elements.”

        It depends on where a person is on the planet. Most of those located close to or on the equator do not require clothes for protection from the elements. As a kid, the most popular magazine for the youth was National Geographic because it sometimes contained pictures of these naked people.

        The “Russian nobleman” must have had a fetish for extremely hairy females meaning that the real story was that he screwed a goat. According to accounts of some US military who served in Afghanistan that I have spoken to, the tradition is still carried on today and they do not even claim it was a yeti.

        Caution: you can find YouTube videos claiming that the earth is flat, but that does not make it true.

      2. Ungenius, neither can all the math and Nobel Prize winning guesses by the top quantum thinkers and their baby A.I. absolutely prove the theory the earth revolves around the sun (aka) Helio.
        To absolutely prove this taken for granted as true (theory) absolutely requires a peek into this universe from outside of this universe.
        Until then, I’m afraid we’re going to have to guess, so I’m guessing Geo.
        Joe and I believe this because the ages and the sages tell us so.

        If I’m wrong maybe someone top notch like Circassian or Lobro or Pat can point me to where it shows Heliocentric to no longer be a theory, rather carved into the ether.
        Without that peek from outside this universe in, it can’t be done, can it?

        Here’s my guess

      3. hp

        Even if those “top-notchers” you mention could prove a “carving into the ether”, what would be the import of this proof?

        Or maybe that is exactly what you’re implying

      4. BH, I think Galileo was bluffing and I think the Big cosmic scientists are still bluffing.
        I also think the Big ones who matter are liars.
        I believe, as per the heavens, they bluff waaaay more than they know. Quantum bluffing, even..

      5. @ HP

        I did not comment on the Heliocentric thing because I could really care less whether it is or is not. As long as the sun appears in the east each day and makes its transit to the west, I’m happy with that regardless of how it actually happens.

        I found looking at some of the planets and their moons through my telescope entertaining for a few nights. The only thing that I actually learned was that the earth is not the only round rock with a moon. Consequently, I haven’t looked through the telescope for decades. Whether those planets revolve around the earth, the sun, or ramble around in an orderly fashion is not a mystery to me because it doesn’t matter to me. Want to buy a pretty decent telescope? 🙂

      6. Ungenius, perhaps I did overextend.. (;>)
        I should have just said – Caution: you can find YouTube videos claiming that the earth revolves around the sun, but that does not make it true.
        (plus I think the video is pretty cool)

      7. hp and ungenius

        Theories abound

        One take of the “flat-earthers” may have something to do with the word “planet” to be seen as “plane-t”, which would bring to mind “plane” suggesting a flat surface. From there you could go on all sorts of wild tangents that to me always seems to get back to the conspiracy against mankind, in keeping with the general idea of the enemy of man, which in turn always seems to get back to the jews, or at any rate some kind of CONNECTION to (((them))).

        My own theory regarding the sun:

        “What we call the ‘sun’ is co-opted star, with ‘stars’ defined as being a-spects of the TRUE center (Source), and residing in their various sectors throughout a vastness of galaxies – the infinite reach of Creation.

        The sun in this planetary system is a superimposed body that cloaks it’s disguise in being a prop called a “biological imprint”* with it’s influence serving as a component used in maintaining a state of physical containment. In an ethereal realm there are no conditions subjecting life in prohibiting states, which is how Beings exist when fashioned with bodies that operate in a restrictive manner…”

        *The term “biological evolution” is a contradiction. For mankind to truly evolve, he must advance beyond the impediment inferred by his existence experienced in bodies subjected to biological processes.

      8. Just to be clear, a theoretical view of a flat earth considers that the “plane” aspect of a planet’s creation reflects the BEGINNING of it’s creative process, whereby it’s finished shape is a spheroid.

        If we were to then consider the theory to be conspiratorial in nature, then it begs the question of HOW this may pertain to keeping Man in his true state of spirituality from being truly free.

        What if this all ties in with our reality having become virtualized, in elaborating on what makes Earth as it is presently constituted a “prison planet”?

        In extending the logic of being conspired against, why WOULDN’T this involve the intentions of those enemies of Man who conspire AGAINST us?

        This isn’t far-fetched at all if we were to extend the areas of conspiracy to include the very structure of the cosmos itself.

  6. A very good choice of article. It’s empirically based and written in an approachable style. The power of human intentionality seems to be under-researched, unless such research is unavailable to us, “commoners”. We have been taught for too long to view ourselves and others as inanimate objects, and in that respect, I think, animals are smarter than us because they have a stronger sense of survival and their bodies, untainted by indoctrination. The danger I see in placebos is the power of [auto-]suggestion which can beat the pain and prevent us from noticing that we are actually exacerbating the illness, or at least leaving the cause unaddressed. We have seen how hasbara has managed to persuade some people to feel unnecessary pain and guilt, and how suggestion is used in the media with success.

    I think that the best way is to get a diagnosis from a medical professional, but also check natural remedies. Here are some links to research into consciousness:


    1. The links were on extended consciousness, and on consciousness studies.

  7. What an oddly serendipitous morning’s reading I’ve had. It began with listening to the four lullabies, and reading the article on placebos. Then an old Darkmoon article on IQ caught my eye, so I read that and the comments.

    “Darkmoon” participated in the discussion of that article, and wrote this comment.

    Interesting comment. It’s my own belief (though I can’t prove this) that IQ can be advanced significantly by studying certain subjects. For example, languages. Or Mathematics. Or music. Every subject you study, I firmly believe, effects changes in a particular area of the brain and develops that area. Thus, if you study languages this will gives a big boost to your linguistic IQ — though it will do nothing for other unrelated areas of your brain. Music even has a therapeutic value and is far better than popping tranquillizers.”

    From there, I stopped in at VT where this article had just been published: It’s a long article, covering a variety of topics, and featuring numerous quotations from people of all faiths. I’ll share a few here.

    “Music should be healing, music should uplift the soul, music should inspire; then there is no better way of getting closer to God, of rising higher towards the spirit, of attaining spiritual perfection, than music, if only it is rightly understood.” – The great Sufi Hazrat Inayat Kahn (1882-1927), author of the book “The Mysticism of Sound and Music” proclaimed by many as the Bible of Music.

    “Music can minister to minds diseased, Pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow, Raze out the written troubles of the brain, And with its sweet oblivious antidote, Cleanse the full bosom of all perilous stuff which weighs upon the heart.” – Shakespeare

    In Dr. William S. Condon’s 1975 article in the Journal of Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia entitled, “The Multiple Response to Sound in Dysfunctional Children” he writes, “Just as our internal rhythms are locked on hold with one another, they are also entrained with the outside world.

    Our physical and mental states change in rhythm with the seasonal swing of the earth and the sun, with tides, with the day-night cycles and perhaps the cosmic rhythms that present-day science has yet to isolate and define. When these rhythms are forced out of phase, disease is likely and dis-ease is inevitable.”

    “Through foolishness they deceived themselves into thinking that there was no right or wrong in music – that it was to be judged good or bad by the pleasure it gave. By their work and their theories they infected the masses with the presumption to think themselves adequate judges . . . As it was, the criterion was not music, but a reputation for promiscuous cleverness and a spirit of law-breaking.” – Plato,

    “Rome fell not because of political or economic ineptitude, not even because of barbarian invasions; Rome collapsed through a leaching away of meaning and a loss of faith. Rome fell because of a barbarization from within.” – Lewis Munford (1895-1990)

    I stopped listening to music in the early 1990s because so much of it was cRAP! It is not difficult to imagine the kind of dis-ease fostered by rap noise – I refuse to dignify it as “music”. When we despair at the depths of degeneracy and depravity to which Western Culture has fallen, it seems less surprising if one considers the ubiquity of cRAP noise.

    If anyone has time today, I highly recommend reading the VT article. My guess is that It will help to pull together more threads than just the ones I was looking at.

    1. I also highly recommend the VT article on music and superconsciousness, having read it this morning and forwarded it to a good friend and colleague who insists upon adhering to the meme of a Trumpocalypse. (I myself voted for NOBODY for POTUS 2016.) My friend loves music — in fact, the only person I know who appreciates as much as I still do The Incredible String Band! Of note (!) in passing, no woman with whom I have lived could stand that band’s playing!

    2. @ Carnaptious

      Based on the writings of Eustace Mullins, Rome and the previous empires fell because the jews showed up. I certainly do not doubt it. If you pile up sugar, you get ants. If you pile up wealth, you get jews.

      1. I think that may come under “barbarization from within”. If I recall correctly, Gibbon attributed Rome’s fall to greed (for wealth), decadence and degeneracy. Where you pile up wealth, and find decadence and degeneracy…

  8. I have known people who must have taken the dreaded ‘Nuke Placebo’….
    …. where they swallow the Media Manufactured pill and forever thereafter…
    ….miraculously….. believe in nuke missiles. 🙂

    1. Pat, add to that an even stronger, educational, pill, as if people who decide about school curricula were perfectly objective and had no political agendas!

    2. Yes, Snez –

      The ‘Education Pill’ keeps the young ones engaged in the Mainstream ‘Fear Porn’ of 16 Nukes in Missile NOSECONES…. MIRVs…. each of the 16 with its own individual navigation and propulsion equipment.. ALL in a 7 ft diameter nosecone..!! 🙂

      No more critical thinking required to get a job. Just obey.

    3. Pat,
      Whats your point? How can “nukes” not exist? But even if they didnt, who cares? Conventional weapons exist and can kill. The fact is, the World of today is not the World of the 20’th century. Technology makes military aggression as during WWII virtually impossible. S300, S400 and even S500 surface to air defense systems easily neutralize airial bombardements such as those suffered by the innocent German civilians in Dresden at the close of the 2nd WW. My assesment is that there will be no WWIII. The U.S. isnt and never was a “Superpower. ” They entered WWII only after the noble Germans were defeated by the hands of internacional Jewry. The Jews boogeyman, the U.S., is simply incapable staging another war against capable opponents such as Lebanon, Irán or Russia.

  9. I have another contribution to this thread, one that I hope will, eventually and ultimately, intertwine with other threads, each and all presenting faithfully the tapestry of the legacy of DARKMOON.ME, no doubt in my mind destined to become one of many treasured relics of the FREE INTERNET ERA.

    I have expressed before the weight I give to the concept, the understanding, of Mind. I have acknowledged my dependence on Mind, implicitly at least. What a Nerd! Egghead! Know-it-all! Some, almost all children at our time, sensed it viscerally. In recent years, on and off, I have grappled with my self, heart and mind.

    This evening, I had an epiphany directly stemming from comments and dialogue on this thread, integrated with a continued dialogue between me and a good friend and professional colleague, one who, but for our mutual love of the music of The Incredible String Band, finds his self, as I do my self, miles apart from each other along almost all dimensions of discourse — economics, philosophy, religion, sociology, you name it! Beyond TISB, we do agree about chemtrails, I have to add.

    My friend, I came to appreciate tonight, tends toward CLOSED MINDEDNESS. In comparison, I experience my self as leaning toward OPEN MINDEDNESS. I describe here the sudden insight as “questions popping to conscious mind”. A series of questions popped to Mind! Assume a homogeneous population of relevant subjects. How do you measure “open mindedness” — or its evil twin, “closed mindedness”? Has anyone developed and/or validated a scale (or scales) to “measure” “open mindedness” (or “closed mindedness”)? Can one estimate “degrees of open mindedness”? Given multiple mental dimensions of thought and belief, can one estimate “degrees of open mindedness” along specific vectors?

    Nothing new under the sun, I know. I dared search the topic “open mindedness”. I can report finding an unexpectedly small return of “hits”. Thus, I take hope that “open mindedness” remains to this day a subject (and object?) offering fertile ground for contemplation, research, and introspection! I hope to engage my friend, a Psychologist, in this kind of investigation! Differences in Mind have a lot to do with OPEN (and CLOSED) MINDEDNESS.

    Comments welcome.

  10. Excellent comments by all. In the New Testament Jesus never said He was healing. He said it was their “faith” that did the healing, an excellent example of the power of suggestion and a prime example of the placebo phenomena. However, no amount of placebo/faith will bring the dead back to the land of the living, unless you’re a native of Madagascar where some will every so often dig up their long dead relatives, re-rap their dearly departed and trip the light fantastic. It is speculated that the black plague is further spread by this enlightened Madagascar ritual of dance of the macabre. One wonders if the black plague can be cured by wishful/faithful use of the placebo effect.

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