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  1. “The Prison Reform School with no bars” –

    2:33 All of this discord makes God very sad, and He Looks over the world and weeps, because He wants everyone to be good, and come home, so that He can (metaphorically-speaking) “kill the fatted-calf, and have a celebration, for the return of all His prodigal sons”, just like the father in Luke 15:22-24 does. That is all that He has ever wanted of you.
    2:34 In the parable of the “prodigal son”, the prodigal son who was dead and is alive again (Luke 15:24), represents YOU. The prodigal son who was dead (condemned to death for your crimes), and on returning in humility; disgrace and repentance to his father (God), to serve his father and do his will, has come back alive again (been reprieved), was lost and is found. On being refound, the prodigal son, to his surprise, that he is accepted back, joyfully, by his father, as his child and not his servant, as he expected. He then realizes, that he was very foolish to leave his father, who is much wiser than himself.

    Excerpted from “The Way home or face The Fire” – http://JAHTruth.net/wayad.htm

  2. Spare the rod… spoil the child.

    Give him all he needs… he will be spoiled rotten and ruined.

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