The Putin Deception

This anti-Putin article was originally published on the Henry Makow site and comes to us via the Truthseeker. Henry Makow himself admits in his brief introduction that the article by Andy Sloan is “farfetched”.  He goes on to caution: “Nevertheless, Putin’s bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully.” The article is prefaced by our usual disclaimer : “The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone associated with this website.”  [LD]

HENRY MAKOW: As it becomes increasingly clear the West is controlled by Cabalist Satanists, our hopes increasingly rest on Russia’s Putin who, in contrast, seems like the paragon of sanity and goodness. He thwarted the Zionist takeover of Syria and destroyed the barbaric Zionist proxy, ISIS.  However, Andy Sloan points to evidence that this is all a deception and that Russia (and China) plan to attack and conquer the West. I think this scenario is farfetched. Why socially engineer us if they plan to exterminate? Nevertheless Putin’s bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully.

Didn’t Aristotle say somewhere that an enlightened man can entertain contradictory ideas and reserve judgment until he has conclusive evidence?

“When lies have been accepted for some time, the truth always astounds with an air of novelty.” — St. Clement of Alexandria.

Andy Sloan is a management consultant and traditional Catholic from England. He believes ‘all history is theology.’


by Andy Sloan

The perception that Vladimir Putin is a good/Christian man is common in the West, even so for the majority of truthers. His periodic moral overtures and seeming Christian convictions give consolation in lament of the almost universal moral decay of our leaders; the deep contrast serving to magnify his esteem.

However, as we will demonstrate this rosy perception of Putin is a deception which closes the gate of understanding for most to the reality that Russia is in fact still communist and as most prominently revealed by defector Anatoliy Golitsyn (but also other defectors, notably Col. Stanislav Lunev, Sergei Tretyakov, Jan Sejna and Victor Suvarov) is in the final phase of a multi-generational deception strategy, in ultimate objective of military conquest of the West.

We must remove Putin’s mask and ironically, we can employ the wisdom of Sacred Scripture in aid of easily proving that Putin is, in fact, the very contrary to a Christian and indeed a first-grade antichrist . . . 

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155 thoughts on “The Putin Deception

  1. Putin is definitely working with the Jews. I’m getting to the point where I realize I can actually enjoy my life if I stop giving a !#$!.
    Unless more of humanity wakes up these assholes are going to keep raping all life and destroying the planet.
    I mean it’s not that I can actually stop caring about the situation, but I must stop worrying unendingly about what to do and understand that I don’t have to explode my head every day…it’s not like I’m a Zionist or a freemason or a satanist…then I might have to punish myself. 😜
    I am 100% convinced Putin is a bad guy. He just looks cool in his sunglasses.

    1. “…Putin is definitely working with the Jews…”

      Few people understand the genius of Putin. Putin’s strategy is to make as many friends as possible and as few enemies as possible. Thus he “works with” Jews, Muslims, Christians, atheists, communists and capitalists and he seeks good relations with all countries of the East, the West and the South.

      In the mean time he works for what is good for Russia and a stable peaceful world. Thus while he helped to save Syria from destruction (an Israeli objective), he still has good relations with Israel. Thus while he defeated the Jewish oligarchs in Russia, he still has good relations with the Russian Jewish community.

      Instead of a “opposing” strategy, Putin has an “inclusive” strategy. Once you understand that, Putin appears less “evil” than you think.

      1. FR –

        You should speak only for yourself. NOT for me, or others. 🙂

        You wrote:
        “Once you understand that, Putin appears less “evil” than you think.”

        Since you have no clue as to exactly what anyone other than yourself “thinks”… certainly NOT I (Pat)… you should have written:
        “Once I (Franklin) understand that, Putin appears less “evil” than I (Franklin) think.” 🙂

    2. Yeah, it’s been going on a long time and a lot of very intelligent people are completely bamboozeled by it. Going to be a long time if ever we find a way out of this zio maze.

    3. S.S.,
      I hardly view Putin as a very moral man. Isnt he legally seperated from his wife of many years by having an extra-marital affair with a woman half his age? Someone refresh my memory. His actions in Siria were not for moral reasons. Perhaps he wanted to protect Europes dependence on Russian natural gas exports. At the end of the day, its all about the shekels. All politicians are beholden to the big-boy financial interests. Im sure Pat would agree. All politicians are liars.

  2. This article proves nothing about Putin’s so-called “deception”.

    1) “…Putin signs law banning evangelism outside of churches…”

    And well he should ! After the fall of the Soviet Union Russia was flooded by all kinds of Protestant sects (mainly from America) to prey on the unsuspecting Russian public. Russians need not to be converted to Christianity. They are already Christian – of the Orthodox kind, and throughout the communist period they kept their faith. For Russians faith and nationality are united. To introduce all kinds of different sects into the population only will destroy national unity, which is necessary for a strong Russia.
    Besides, the CIA has a habit of creating pseudo-Protestant sects to achieve political aims in the Third World. It has done that in Central and South America. I think Putin knows that too.

    2) “…Putin restores the cult of Felix Dzerzhinsky…”

    This may be only a symbolic act for political reasons. Perhaps to assuage the more radical elements in the secret police. Look at his actions. Has Putin restored the reign of terror of the first years of the Russian Revolution ?

    3) To attach far reaching conclusions to the fact that Putin and his colleagues don’t know exactly how to behave during Church rituals is ridiculous. These men grew up in a wholly atheistic environment without any Church attendance. Of course they make some mistakes.

    4) The opinion of Mr. Garry Kasparov and his “Human Rights Foundation”, is suspect. Kasparov is a Jew and I suspect him of working for a return to the “good old days” of the Yeltsin era when Jewish oligarchs could loot 60% of the wealth of Russia. His call for “more democracy” in Russia only serves that purpose. Fortunately this little Jew has few followers in Russia (though he is of course heavily promoted by the usual suspects in the US).

    5) The author describes the practice of infiltration of the Orthodox Church by KGB agents during the Communist Era and then suggests that Putin does the same without any shred of evidence.

    6) In spite of his stilted quoting of Scripture, the author of this article offers little evidence for his thesis of a “Putin Deception”.

    1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Well said, Franklin. This is a cogent and well-argued comment and I don’t think any of us here are seriously worried about Putin being a bad guy. For the time being, we remain firmly in the pro-Putin camp. As an academic exercise, however, it is useful to weigh up the pros and cons of Putin and consider the arguments of the opposition to Putin.

    2. @Franklin,
      Very insightful comment.
      I thought that the writer, Andy Sloan (whom I’d never heard of), was whacked when he said that “all history is theology.” Describing himself as a “traditional Catholic,” Sloan goes on to quote with praise Jew Garry Kasparov (born Garik Kimovich Weinstein), head of a Western backed NGO, who hates Putin with a passion. Kasparov works to see Vlad overthrown, and the return of the vulture capitalists.

      If I recall correctly, he praised the violent overthrow of the legal Ukrainian government. He’s likely a friend of the vile Jewish neoconservative witch Victoria Nuland, who did Obama/Kerry’s dirty work in Kiev. In his defense, Kasparov perhaps went a little crazy when, as the world chess champion, he was defeated by the computer, Deep Blue. Bobby Fischer would have cleaned his clock when he was in his prime.

      1. “All history is theology”

        This viewpoint in and of itself diminishes the author’s understanding of how things work in this world.

        Manipulation of a theological nature is merely a component of all history being a CONSPIRACY propagated by disturbed control freaks conspiring against the vast majority of those who simply want to live and let live.

        At the outset of a tenure which wouldn’t have been POSSIBLE without approval from the (((controlling forces))), Putin was their man for the job of furthering the agenda insofar as Russia is concerned. This is moving along according to plan, (although behind schedule, IMO) which isn’t to say he (Putin) is fully on board with it, but that he sees the handwriting on the wall in classic Russian fatalistic style.

        Yet this fatalism isn’t to be characterized as having a COMPLETE resignation to the twisted goal of the cabalists using Russia for it’s nefarious ends, whose agenda I’m certain Putin is well aware of in knowing it as a piece to eventually remove from the board.

        The end-game is for Russia to be the overseer of the European/Middle Eastern sector of the U.N. sponsored Agenda-21, the overriding plan in a nutshell. This calls for a preservation of present-day Russia which is in the best interests of both Putin and the cabal “steering committee”.

        But another feature of Russian “fatalism” is more a form of say,”calculated resignation that can be seen as being in a position of biding time best symbolized by the eventual failure of both Napoleon and Hitler in fulfilling their respective intentions for conquering Russia.

        As I’ve stated, when the dust settles Russia will prove to have endured the storm on the verge of sweeping over the planet, and in so doing lead the way in a transformed world, per Cayce’s astute vision

      2. @Brownhawk

        This calls for a preservation of present-day Russia which is in the best interests of both Putin and the cabal “steering committee”.


        But another feature of Russian “fatalism” is more a form of say, ”calculated resignation” that can be seen as being in a position of biding time best symbolized by the eventual failure of both Napoleon and Hitler in fulfilling their respective intentions for conquering Russia.


        As I’ve stated, when the dust settles Russia will prove to have endured the storm on the verge of sweeping over the planet, and in so doing lead the way in a transformed world


      3. To clear up any potential confusion, I don’t see Russia receiving a direct attack in any upcoming conflicts in the general area of concern. The parallel I drew is in emphasizing a perseverance in remaining intact until the time is right to “pick up the pieces”, as it were.

        This of course wouldn’t preclude the need to keep any “brush fires” on the borders of the motherland from erupting into a full blown conflagration of war

      4. @Brownhawk

        I don’t see Russia receiving a direct attack in any upcoming conflicts in the general area of concern. The parallel I drew is in emphasizing a perseverance in remaining intact until the time is right to “pick up the pieces”, as it were.

        Attacking Russia from outside is meaningless for the simple reason that Russia is already an occupied country. The frontier of the fight is not outside Russia, it is inside Russia – it is between Putin and the occupational government aka “Russian elites” installed by the occupier.

        But the real problem is not even there. The real problem is that the people of Russia is not ready yet to back up Putin 100% in the case if goes against the “elites”. Putin cannot afford to risk losing everything “until the time is right”.

        If fact we would like America, i.e. the occupier, to attack us openly – rather than via the “Russian elites” – so that even the blind ones would see who the real enemy is.

        This of course wouldn’t preclude the need to keep any “brush fires” on the borders of the motherland from erupting into a full blown conflagration of war

        I repeat: we are not afraid of “any “brush fires” on the borders of the motherland” – we are afraid of the internal enemy ONLY, and that is only because we are not sure if people will back up Putin 100% if he decides to attack headlong the fifth column, i.e. the occupational government.

    3. Fine summation Felix. I still think President Putin’s address to the Duma, February 4, 2013 speaks for the World:

      “In Russia live Russians. Any minority from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Shari ya law, then we should advise them to go to those places where that is the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special priviledges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell “discrimination.” We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland, and France, if we are to survive as a nation.

      The Russian customs are not compatible with the lack of culture or primitive ways of most minorities. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians.” – President Vladimir Putin, addressing the Duma February 4, 2013

      1. Mr. Putin knows of what he speaks regarding primitive ways – for more on the cultural enrichment of Germany, do see

        For another recent episode (of many) in the cultural enrichment of the USA, do see

        A timely quote regarding Garik Weinstein from Bobby Fischer:

        ” My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. They’re not just persecuting me. This is not my struggle, I’m not doing this for myself…This is life and death for the world. These God-damn Jews have to be stopped. they’re a menace to the whole world”. – Bobby Fischer

    4. I am very familer with Henry Makkow. He is still very much a Jew . A typical con-man who gives you a little quality ,and alot of junk. He covers the Jews with the fading term ,”Illumanti “,and claims the Jews are simply “victims”, of this amorphus organisation. “The devil made me do it”. Well, that “devil”, is the Jew exclusive diety called “Yahweh “,and the “Illumanati “is The Eternal Jew ,or International Jew. Makow ,the forever jew, is into the Holocaust mythos,and puylls the total NONSENSE that Hitler,who was DECLARED WAR UPON by Rothschilds ,for purging Private Jewish Finance from a BOYCOTTED by the Jews German economy ,was ‘with them”. He even claims Hitler,the son of the humblest of country folk ,was himself a long lost Rothschild offspring ,or British Agent ! By heavens the world British Empire DECLARED WAR ,along with the World Jewish Congress on the Reich September 3, 1939 without being attacked or threatened, all over a border dispute with Polaand that HITLER WANTED BRITISH ASSISTANCE WITH ! Makkow is but one step from Jew protector ,Alex Jones. Its called “False Flag”,and “gatekeeping”. These types,who mostly appeal to old foggys ,who still buy into old Masonic /Jew Birch Society /Hollywood Jew versions of events, are fading with time,and a new consciouness. Confusion,and pandering the goal. Makkows obsession with Putin. is the same modus operendi he puts out against anyone dead,or alive ,the Jews hate. This bounces the reader back into the Jewish Matrix. No escape ,everyones a con (Jewish Projection) ,and the ALL POWERFUL JEWS RULE IT ALL ,SO FORGET IT GOYIM . Name me ONE Poweful world leader International Judiasm hates more ? He has restored the Russian Orthodox Church to Russia ( Jews hate that branch of Christianity ),and has set up state run banks. Rothschilds debt was cleared from Russias books in the mid 2000’s. He has openly opposed a “unipolar world ” (Jewish goal ) , and “Globalism”. He has taken the media, and oil consortium off of the Jews. Does he have pet Jews? Yes. Does he use Holocaust rhetoric ? Yes. Putin is wise,and moves slowly. He has survived this long because of this. The more powerful he is,and strong a nationalist Russia is,the weaker are the Jews….Their media assult on him proves this. Without THAT man, the Jews NWO ,would be fully in control of Syria,and on their way to Iran .

  3. The article is incoherent, unsupported by any reasonable evidence and even contradictory in its frivolous attempt to indoctrinate the reader with Judeo-Christianity. I can’t see that it is really about Putin.
    What I find most encouraging in Russia is that it has the highest percentage of people in the world who describe themselves as spiritual but not adherents to any religion [25%]. As for “mistakes” in Orthodox Christian rituals, in every religion, adherents become so consumed with trivial but expensive technicalities of liturgical practices that very little time and space are left for any spiritual experience. Also, I don’t see Communism/Marxism and Christianity as mutually exclusive – both are off-springs of the Judaic thought copied from the later era of the Sumerian empire, although all Judaists obviously wish to delete Christianity, Islam and every other religion from the world.
    Putin looks deceptive to me, but to some extent reined in by the Duma. It is obvious that Putin has connections with the Chabad mafia,
    but whether he is being diplomatic in dealing with their enormous power supported by the Rothschilds and the west, or he is their puppet, I am not sure. Ordinary Russians are very cautious with the Cahabadniks, and see them as terrorists:
    ‘So, where are all your praised terrorists?’

  4. Makow is a marketer of holocaust, a mom+pop family-run business, claims an untold bunch of close kin choked in gas chambers, the deader, the better and more lucrative.
    We shall never forget that holobiz income is tax exempt, haven’t they suffered enough already, inhaling zyklon, ingesting fecal diamonds that they need to pay tax now?
    Render unto Khazar what is Caesar’s.

    Makow is a top notch disinfo broadcaster, good enough to have snared a whole bunch of well-meaning dissenters into his deceitful wiles, because for at least half the time he recharges his credibility with perfectly legitimate articles that are of little original impact since they rehash what is generally known.
    And then he slips in something like this to deflect the trusting goyim into the groove previously laid out by his hunchback brothers … aspens are turning together because they are connected at the roots, you know.
    (Yes, we know, thanks Scooter Libby and Judith Miller for reminding us)
    Individual jews may seem to be kicking individually but they are in fact collective mitochondria propelling the reeking beast towards Bethlehem to be born.
    No point discussing anything with them, like pleading with vipers not to devour baby birds.

    The fact that makow attacks Putin redounds to Putin’s credit.

    1. @ Lobro

      Makow is a top notch disinfo broadcaster, good enough to have snared a whole bunch of well-meaning dissenters into his deceitful wiles….. The fact that Makow attacks Putin redounds to Putin’s credit.

      You’re not thinking straight. Makow is not the author of the article.
      It is therefore wrong to say “Makow attacks Putin.” He does no such thing. The author of the article is Andy Sloan.

      Maybe you missed Makow’s disclaimer in which he actually states that Andy Sloan’s scenario is “farfetched” and that “our hopes increasingly rest on Russia’s Putin who … seems like a paragon of sanity and goodness.”

      HENRY MAKOW: As it becomes increasingly clear the West is controlled by Cabalist Satanists, our hopes increasingly rest on Russia’s Putin who, in contrast, seems like the paragon of sanity and goodness. He thwarted the Zionist takeover of Syria and destroyed the barbaric Zionist proxy, ISIS. However, Andy Sloan points to evidence that this is all a deception and that Russia (and China) plan to attack and conquer the West. I think this scenario is farfetched. Why socially engineer us if they plan to exterminate? Nevertheless Putin’s bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully.

      If you’re going to blame Makow for publishing Andy Sloan’s article with a full disclaimer, why not go the whole hog and blame the Darkmoon site for republishing the same article?

      At least get your facts right. Makow did not write the article. In fact,
      he has words of praise for Putin. So you are not entitled to say:
      “Makow attacks Putin.” That is patently false.

      1. Ok Sard, so maybe I went overboard with criticism of Makow.
        And maybe not as much as you claim.
        Because his disclaimer ends with this bottom line

        Nevertheless Putin’s bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully.

        After everything he achieved for Russia, for Christianity, for European heritage, for emancipation of Syria from the JEW menace, for encouraging resistance to the EU version of Yinon-Koudenhove, for paving the way to Trump phenomenon … I know that you and 95% of the forum disapprove of the last bit but by way of example, consider the social upheavals in America where suddenly the term Fake News has entered the regular lexicon, just like Lügenpresse … look who is crying about it, who shares the raw hate of Trump with so many of the posters here and who most certainly detests Putin with equal intensity.

        There is a Spanish saying (paraphrasing because my español has gotten quite rusty): “Beneath the red cape lies the sword”.
        Recuerdo para siempre.

        So when a holocaust cultist like Makow intones weightily that “Nevertheless Putin’s bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully”, I smell a rat, not a tasty barbecue in a friendly neighbors backyard.

        Besides, he merely says that Sloan’s criticism of Putin is “farfetched”.
        The next time some crazed poster assaults Lasha as a Mossad Lilith vampire, will you spring to her defense saying that the depiction of Lasha is “farfetched”? Although her bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully?
        Ever heard of backhanded compliment?
        Pardon my sensitivity.

        I will never trust someone who claims his 4 grandparents and whatever number of kin were gassed by Nazis.
        I will never trust the New York Times and their ilk.
        Even when on the face of it, what they are saying seems quite reasonable, I will suspect a sword under the reassuring looking cape.

        Makow’s bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully.

        Of course, everyone is free to follow their nose.

      2. @ Lobro

        So when a holocaust cultist like Makow intones weightily that “Nevertheless Putin’s bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully”, I smell a rat, not a tasty barbecue in a friendly neighbors backyard.

        Yes, you are absolutely right to smell a rat. And I agree with the rest of your well-argued comment in every particular. Sincere apologies if the way I phrased my critique of your earlier comment sounded a bit “hostile”. Not meant like that buddy, believe me! Make allowances for my slipshod prose and the fact that I hardly slept last night — up until 5 am.

        BTW, you were silent for several days. Is that because you were busy traveling?… and are you now securely settled into your new surroundings? I’d be interested to know what you use for keeping in touch. Is it a laptop, tablet, or smart phone? … I myself use a PC with an old-fashioned battery-controlled mouse. I’m a bit like Lasha in that respect, a pretty hopeless Luddite. 🙂

      3. “I will never trust someone who claims his 4 grandparents and whatever number of kin were gassed by Nazis.”

        That’s a one sentence dissertation, innit!
        (or should be)

      4. Sard, Homer, Bjørn – thanks, all.
        Admin – there was no need to kill Joe’s comment, it wasn’t all that offensive, at least to me.
        He didn’t use obscenities and that’s good enough for me, so what if he called me a crackpot, since i don’t really know what it means, i can’t even deny that i am a crackpot.

        sard, i was on a road these days, an aerial one, logging numerous time zones, in fact 1.5 times around the globe, always heading west – that’s what, 36 time zones?
        But now that i am back in s/e asia, i feel right at home in the land of smiles and it takes more than being called a crackpot to disturb the equilibrium.
        Met buddy felix yesterday, will head out along the coast with him today for a sumptious seafood dinner, beers, punctuated by hearty seig heil’s – as good as it gets.

        i got all 3 curses, a laptop, tablet and a phone and i hate them all equally, you will almost never catch me lugging any of them around – in fact, i probably wouldn’t even own a phone after the previous one was stolen in pnomh Penh but for the fact that my son was upgrading to a new one and tossed me the old one.
        Who knows whether i would bother with anything at all if not for darkmoon – blame lasha, the Luddite for my electronic burden 🙂

        Bjørn, i am glad you picked out the same issues with makow, so i am not hallucinating, it seems.
        That said, i cannot even tell for sure whether he is consciously lying or truly believes in some of the outrageous nonsense that he drags along in a vestigial fashion, gift of having been born into the tribe.
        The latter condition is actually more dangerous to us, even as it partially exonerates him on account of credulity rather than malice because the true believers are more convincing as vectors of fallacy.

        Either way, handle with care, a turd in a punch bowl is a turd in a punch bowl, whether deposited intentionally or in error, there are those not wishing to proceed and those reluctant to waste what may otherwise be a good drink.

      5. Errata
        I did not whizz 1.5x around but due to a brain malfunction mixed up “going ACROSS” with “going AROUND”, i.e., 180deg and 360deg, so divide my Sinbad the Sailor story by 2.

      6. Makow can be discredited for his falling for the lie of holocaust, but not with ALL of his understanding.

        I chalk it up to his emotions getting the better of his intellect, stemming from his grandparents probably dying from disease in the camps. This causes him to be blind to a bigger picture.

      7. Another thing about Makow is a problem many people have when it comes to understanding the ramifications when a nation’s Intelligence services are completely compromised as was the case with Germany during the war. The seemingly preposterous and amateur mistakes made by the German High Command only reinforce faulty conclusions when there are preconceived notions to begin with.

        The failure of German arms in so many arenas had to have been exceedingly exasperating for der fuhrer, and it will always remain one of history’s greatest mysteries as to why he inexplicably never suspected the traitor Bormann


        Sardonicus, you are either a purposefully deceitful and a cunning employee of an alphabet agency, or more likely as gleaned from your comments, a pathetic, needy, unintelligent man whose only use on this site is as an example of the above.

      9. @ Karen Toffan

        November 15, 2017 at 9:32 pm

        Sardonicus, you are either a purposefully deceitful and a cunning employee of an alphabet agency, or more likely as gleaned from your comments, a pathetic, needy, unintelligent man whose only use on this site is as an example of the above.


        It was I who sent the administrators of this website all the details I have managed to collect about you on the internet. After the veiled threats you issued to Lasha Darkmoon on this website about a month ago — “Lasha, you’re next! … etc etc…” — which I thought sounded very much like a DEATH THREAT, I no longer feel this website is under obligation to protect your private details any longer.

        Once a poster has crossed all red lines like you, spitting out abuse with every post and issuing threats of violence, I think Admin would be fully justified in publishing your full email address on this site as well as your personal home address (if they have it) and the address of your medical employers in Saskatchewan.

        I fully agree with Dr Tobias Lang, Deputy Editor of this website, that a mentally unstable person like you should not be allowed anywhere near the general public in a hospital setting. You are unfit for employment in a hospital.

    2. Lobro
      I agree most wholeheartedly.
      I have been following his sight for a while, well aware that he is a jew, and also well aware that you should never trust them. Ever.
      He is clever. Many of his articles are rather good, but he sneaks in drops of deception here and there. They’re most easy to spot when he starts on something around WW2.
      But I check in on him regularly for other issues. He is not to bad when he challenges todays situation between the sexes.
      The fact that counts here is not so much him trying to distance himself from this article. The important thing is: He took it in.

  5. Because of the alleged Putin’s interference in the last US “election”, more PC censorship of the Internet is coming [from the corporations, of course!]
    The Internet Crackdown Begins: U.S. Senator Al Franken Wants Google, Facebook And Twitter To Censor Political Speech
    Are the days of the free and open Internet numbered? The Internet is certainly used for all sorts of horrible things, but it has also allowed ordinary people to communicate on a mass scale that would have been unimaginable decades ago. In the old days, if you wanted to reach large audiences of people with your information you always had to go through corporate gatekeepers. So precisely what would constitute “propaganda”, “misinformation” or “hate speech”? Any effort to institute some sort of “truth police” would take us significantly down the road to totalitarianism, but apparently that is what Franken wants… Of course the elite are scared of the free exchange of ideas, because that gives the people way too much control over their own destiny. Prior to the Internet age, they were always in control of the flow of information in our society, but now things have changed dramatically…

    1. And on the subject of censorship, more on Soros, this time in an article from PCR.

      “This month, an organization calling itself the European Values Think-Tank, based in the Czech Republic and funded by the US embassy and foundations associated with billionaire George Soros, published just such a list, including the names of 2,300 RT guests, grouped into US and UK politicians, journalists, academics and celebrities. These individuals are, according to the think tank, ‘useful idiots’ for a ‘hostile foreign power.’”

      I am not being facetious when I tell you “don’t expect to live much longer.” We are ruled by mindless, insane, psychopaths who believe that the US is invulnerable. These dumbshits are likely to get us all blown off the face of the earth.

      NB: “Elites” may feel invulnerable because they and their families have “tickets” to DUMBs built at great expense to taxpayers.

      I’m hoping Pat is right that “nooks” can’t be put on missiles or miniaturized, and that WW3 won’t happen because “they are all hooked together at the top.” Nonetheless, I’m a little concerned that WW1 and WW2 both happened when they were “all hooked together at the top”, at least financially. PCR and I may be gone before anything happens, but for you young sprouts out there… Lead lined underwear would make excellent stocking stuffers, and would help with that fashionable pants-around-the-knees look.

      1. Carn –

        You wrote:
        “Nonetheless, I’m a little concerned that WW1 and WW2 both happened when they were “all hooked together at the top”, at least financially.”

        You are “concerned” due to a false assumption.

        Both WWI and WWII were started and completed before the total implementation of the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944-45. The USD was not the major reserve currency then. The powers were NOT “all hooked together, at least financially” at that time….. as they are today as members of the Bank for International Settlements – BIS.

        They did NOT beg for USD as they do today… as ‘Put-On’ does right NOW. ‘Put-On’ claimed that in a speech during a business roundtable session ”Russia – USA” at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Russia, June 2, 2017.

        There is no need to be “concerned” there at all…. AND… No need to fear “nookies” either. 🙂

      2. @ picky, captious, nagging, cantankerous and fault-finding Carnaptious

        This is not about Soros, Irascible. Do you have an opinion about deceptive Putin, shrewish Grumpy?

      3. Rothschilds, and their international banker friends and lackeys, controlled the money, and therefore governments, long before Bretton Woods. “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper Rothschild

      4. @Carnaptious

        Nary a thought in my head, Circassian, the wind blows freely through it.

        Seems then you have every reason to shut up and wait till some worthy thoughts coalesce in your head on the subject at hand.

    2. @Snez,
      Jewish Senator Al Franken, a long-time comedy writer and not-so-funny comic, who became famous on SNL, is now in favor of censorship. That’s quite ironic, being as how comedians, whose stock and trade is to poke fun or offend, wouldn’t last long without the First Amendment. Actually, Franken is much funnier as a Senator than he ever was as a comedian. He should change the name of one of his books to “Al Franken is a Big, Fat Idiot.”

      1. Al franken has for the longest time been thought of as the mythical GOOD JEW.

        Lots of people, here included, belong to that cargo cult, looking upward and expecting blessings and goodies parachuted down on them by the mighty good jews, “a great majority who shouldn’t shoulder the blame of a few bad apples”.

        So what do they think now of al franken, is he a very rare exception of a good jew turned bad once the opportunity to stick it to the goy, big time, arrived?
        Yeah right, and hold up that Scofield bible up in front protectively, it stops bullets or your money back.
        (“You/your” just a literary device, by no means do i mean you, Folly, you spotted the hyena well enough – and doggone it, people like me)

        here are Jews selling Al Franken for president memes.
        Observe the quaternion of paired opposites that i referred to in an earlier post, namely that both the Jews and their LEGITIMATE opponents in the field exhibit

        Lying. But,
        • JEW talks humanitarian talk, does inhuman atrocities on a global scale, whereas his
        • OPPONENT (Putin, Trump) talks friendship with jews and threatens war on JEW’s targets (to shield himself from JMSM), while doing the exact opposite, neutralizing hostilities, canceling wars.

        This is something that the generationally dumbed-down western goyim must exert herculean effort to overcome and grasp – witness the flak i took here over the years – but slowly, slowly, it seems to be penetrating, insha’allah, even though majority of the “alt” goyim are only too happy to take up the pitchfork on behalf of JEW, attack every enemy of JEW, while professing some mythical antisemitism.

        It is like sending urbanites out in the countryside to grow their own food, they are absolutely clueless about agriculture, the seasons, the life of plants – similarly, these self-declared “truthseekers” don’t have a working, logically compelling concept of truth, how to test and verify it, all they know is hearing verbal input, the sound bites of the “humanities”, political correctness and the cultural marxism and respond to it – just as JEW taught them (read the Protocols, it is all there).

        The broadly based love and trust of Al Franken’s sweet-talking likes, coupled with distrust and contempt for Putin and Trump is just one manifestation – JEW’s tikkun olam (“repairing the world”, right, translates to “brain surgery” in Hebrew), the great hope in the final submission of the world to judean darkness.

      2. it is a curious development, whereby on rereading many of my posts, in order to indicate the truth i must resort to numerous instances of quotes.

        This is result of JEW’s perversion and subversion of goy language (in this case, English), the disease of doublespeak, which is JEW’s natural, forked tongue linguistic environment, of which only one half (the wrong one) is visible to goy.

        The Pimp and his Whore, previously a chaste and trustworthy virgin.

  6. Thanks for posting this article Lasha, it’s an excellent stimulus for discussing half-baked facts emanating from the cold war era when the USSR still existed.
    First of all, the defectors cited all crossed to the West during the Soviet era. I’m very leery of defectors. Obviously there is the element of having to “sing for their supper”, saying only what they want their new masters to hear.
    Regarding the statue of Dzerzhinsky. So what. Yes he was an evil bastard but he was part of Russian history, he was a highly professional intelligence officer and he suffered years of imprisonment under the Tsars. He wore short sleeved jackets to reveal his manacle marks. Yes, an evil murdering bastard, but worthy of respect. But where is the outrage from Henry Makow about the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. Dishonest Abe was a murderous megalomaniac, responsible for the Northern War of Aggression against the CSA. If they can remove statues of Robert E. Lee, why not those the genocidal Lincoln? How many innocent men, women and children were done to death by that monster? Take Winston Churchill, one of the architects of WW2, responsible for the bombing of civilians in Europe and more than anyone else responsible for the horrific famine in Bengal in 1943. Read “Churchill’s Secret War”, by Madhusree Mukerjee. Let’s demolish his statues and monuments! He’s right up there with Dzerzhinsky! As is FDR!
    Regarding the banning of evangelicals, they are a gross and malignant, Jewish perversion of Christianity. Jesus told his followers to go into the closet to pray, not to gather as an hysterical rabble, writhe on the floor and babble gibberish. They are an heretical cult leading people astray and I’m surprised a “Catholic” such as Mr Sloan should find anything objectionable to their suppression.
    Mr Sloan ignores the evil Jewish conspiracy to murder the mass of humanity, first proclaimed in Deuteronomy, then the Protocols of Zion and lastly The Project for the New America Century. The PNAC “foretold” 9/11 and expounds the doctrine of preventing the rise of any Eurasian capable of challenging JUSA’s world hegemony. A sure recipe for terrible war.
    This article is a transparently crude and clumsy concoction brewed in a disinformation kettle of an Intelligence service hoping to cause mischief.

      1. Felix,
        Good comment especially the part about Churchill.
        the rise of any Eurasian State capable of challenging JUSA’s world hegemony.

        JUSA’s world hegemony is over, the best proof being the Brexit.
        I mean it was the English who wrote the geostrategic theories of the Heartland with MacKinder in 1904 you know “Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland; who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island; who rules the World-Island commands the world.” A theory completed by Spykman’s great game for Asia in 1943 about the Rimland.
        So while we are wondering if Putin is a Zionist tool, whatever that means, USA’s hegemony keeps on declining, military and financially, as Eurasian COOPERATION continues apace, isolating NATO’s countries from the rest of the World.
        Maybe there is still hope for the Western European’s countries of the Rimland to be part of this project by abandonning NATO’s sinking ship. Or we could blow off the whole thing and start a new game of Monopoly/Risk.

      2. Phil,
        Thank you for your kind words and excellent links. Yes, there are so many Anglo-Saxons posting on the sites of the Alt Media impugning Putin’s motives. However in my opinion it’s all sour grapes and a pathetic attempt to assuage their bitterness at the decline of their countries and the “baboonification” of their youth. Look at UK, every day I read in the press of horrific acid attacks on people. At least in the US you only get shot by the police and government agencies.

      3. impugning Putin’s motives.
        Impugning, thanks, a new word to my collection. When I look at the news about Putin I think about Spykman’s great game, of which the Pnac is just the project for Middle East, and everything makes sense. I mean reconciling India and Pakistan with the IPI seems and Herculean task, like opening up Iran despite the diabolization. I have hard word for England but my country is pathetic, myself included with my useless MBA degree in English, but at least the British elites are anticipating the trend, as usual with their accurate sense of business, by getting out of the EU neo comintern vassalization. Maybe the Queen being accused of tax evasion has something to do with it, poor old soul 🙂

        Acid attacks on people.
        I never heard about that but it’s not surprising, the same thing is happening here with more and more violent crimes, Clockwork Orange France is a best selling book. I read that about England today.
        Don’t thank me for this excellent link about baboonification, the bell curve what you gonna do?

      4. @Phil

        I have hard word for England but my country is pathetic, myself included with my useless MBA degree in English, but at least the British elites are anticipating the trend, as usual with their accurate sense of business, by getting out of the EU neo comintern vassalization.

        Phil, one cannot anticipate the future, and one cannot anticipate the trend. However one can create the future, and one can create the trend. That’s what the “British elites” are good at.

        Clairvoyance is a myth, Phil. Let me prove it to you in your native French:


      5. Circassian,

        No but you can wait and be on the winning side at the last moment like a good old boutiquier and make a feast on the dying corpse of the loosing side, because nobody knows the future. Except me with my Busine$$$ degree, 66 comments and Putin is a devilish antechrist 🙂 no he is just a random guy who loves to kill white baby tigers with his kgb lubavitch bud buddies.

    1. Felix

      Some more stimulus for discussion. First, Lincoln. Lincoln’s oft stated goal was to keep the Union together. There is serious evidence that the Rothschild group, through their well known agent August Belmont in NY and Judah P. Benjamin in the South (later vice president under Jefferson Davis, with his ugly face printed on CSA currency ) having efforts to form a central bank blocked since Andrew Jackson seized and exploited the issue of slavery/states rights to divide and conquer.

      Here’s some quotes, first from Lincoln:

      “The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the Bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe…corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money powers of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the predjudices of the peopl until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a few, and the Republic is destroyed.” – Abraham Lincoln

      When Lincoln issued “Greenbacks” (paper currency) the London times responded:

      “If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.” -The London Times responding to Lincoln’s Greenback notes

      Let’s note the Russian monarchy wasn’t at all worried in this respect and their timely warning to France and Britain to stay out of it probably saved the Union. King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) of Siam famously offered Lincoln some trained war elephants to help in the struggle, so he wasn’t too concerned by the currency expedient either. The Rothschild monarchy, however…

      A further quote from Lincoln before his assassination by Judah P. Benjamin, who escaped to Rothschild London with a good deal of the gold of the Confederacy:

      “You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot further the Brotherhood of Man by encouraging class hatred. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man’s initiative. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”

      1. Folly

        That’s an excellent question. The answer is he did, but as you are probably aware four other people were hanged for participating in the conspiracy, including a woman, Mary Surratt (July 7,1865). Her boarding house is now a museum and though statues of CSA historical figures are being removed left and right, her place remains unmolested and I expect it to be a Rothschild Shrine sometime in the future the way things are going.

        Judah P. Benjamin, aka “the Jewish Confederate” was the youngest son of a Sephardic Jewish family born in St. Croix, formerly the Dutch West Indies. He practiced law in Louisiana, then became a state senator, and became in the CSA first Attorney General, then Secretary of War, and finally Secretary of State (Vice president was Alexander Stephens, not Benjamin as I noted above). As Secretary of State he ran the Confederate Secret Service.

        His record was not good. He had no experience in military matters, and not unlike the self appointed experts packing Washington today was unable to secure sufficient weapons or supplies for the Army of the South. As a schemer, however, he shifted the blame for early setbacks by colluding with Davis in hiding the inability to secure weapons. Davis grew very fond of him, and the former Sec. of State took the fall for military reversals with Benjamin appointed as the new Sec. of State. He became extremely unpopular (though generally not too widely known) in some circles in the South, and the State of Virginia never forgave him.

        Benjamin was involved in many schemes to gain secession, including drawing both Britain and France to the Confederacy’s side, which nearly succeeded, undercover efforts to undermine Lincoln politically, raids from English Canada, Counterfeiting, an attempt to burn NYC, and later almost certain direct involvement in the assassination. The trail is faint but tangible despite Benjamin burning all his papers before fleeing. John H. Surratt was known to have received money from Benjamin while working as a courier, but he fled to Canada and then to Europe to escape trial. His mother was convicted and hanged as noted above.

        Benjamin played Davis right to the end. When fleeing from Richmond to Danville, VA, Benjamin stayed at the home of a banker. After further flight, he suggested to Davis they should separate (with Benjamin taking control of the CSA gold) and that he would go to the Bahamas to “send instructions to foreign agents” and would join him later in Texas to continue the fight. After parting company with Davis, when asked by Confederate Post Master John Reagan as they said good bye where he was going, Benjamin replied “To the farthest place away from the United States, even if it takes me to the middle of China.” He managed to get to London and died in Paris later on.

      2. Folly,

        There is more compelling evidence of Judah P. Benjamin’s involvement brought forth by historian and author John C. Fazio in his 2015 book “Decapitating the Union; Jefferson Davis, Judah P. Benjamin and the Plot to Assassinate Lincoln”. John Fazio is widely acknowledged to be an expert on the subject. The evidence presented is based on recent discoveries as well, including a plot to blow up the White House detailed in the confession of George Azerodt, who made the confession before the 1865 trial. The document has only come to light in 1977, over a hundred years since the assassination. This is now gaining wide favor among contemporary Historians, Scholars, Researchers and Writers.

        The plot to blow up the White House was foiled by the capture of explosives expert Thomas F. Harney on April 10th who was on his way to bomb the White House. It was then plan “B” was put into effect.

        It is interesting to note that President Lincoln was offered loans to finance the War by who else, the Rothschilds. Lincoln declined the offer because of high interest rates, and found other means. British bankers, it should be remembered opposed Lincoln’s protectionist policies, along the lines of “British Free Trade (sound familiar?) Industrial monopoly, and slavery” were integral components, to use their phrase “traveled together”. Lincoln’s policies after the Civil War would have destroyed the Rothschilds’ commodity speculations. Lincoln favored a mild Reconstruction Policy toward the South after the War to promote the resumption of agriculture production. The Rothschilds were betting the opposite way – high prices caused by a tough Reconstruction Policy.

      3. Folly,

        Almost forgot – in the George Atzerodt confession besides confirming John Wilkes Booth had advance knowledge of the plan to blow up the White House and strengthening the case against Dr. Samuel Mudd, Mary Surratt, and especially the case for Confederate planning to assassinate the President there is an interesting additional statement: “Booth said if he did not get him quick the New York crowd would.” In the notes made on the confession at the time: Booth knew the New York party apparently by a sign. He saw Booth give some kind of sign to two parties on the Avenue who he said were from New York (home of August P. Belmont, Rothschild agent). Atzerodt’s statement was given to Baltimore Provost Marshall James McPhail while Atzerodt was imprisoned at the Washington Arsenal awaiting trial for his role in the assassination. The statement never was introduced at the trial and only became known in 1977.

      4. Winston,

        Thanks so much for taking the time to provide such a learned response. I’m always open to new info. I guess we’re getting pretty far off topic so my answer is short. I’ve become a severe critic of Lincoln, believing that all those people, estimated at 750,000 or more, didn’t have to die. My favorite books on the subject are Thomas DiLorenzo’s “The Real Lincoln” and “Lincoln Unmasked.” Perhaps Lincoln was opposed to the Rothschild bankers during the war, but they won after all.

      5. Folly,

        A pleasure. The crux of the matter is when do we change the name “sympathizer” to “spy”. We have seen Booth was aware of three independent plans to kill Lincoln, including secret identification hand signs. Murder is a hanging offense, so those involved usually like to keep it quiet – if they can. This implies there was knowledge and direction from the top. Booth as a popular actor, travelled frequently. However, there is one still unexplained trip he took to Montreal in October 1864 for ten days. Montreal was at the time the Northern hub of Judah P. Benjamins spying network, and Booth stayed at St. Lawrence Hall, a known rendezvous for Confederate agents and in fact, met with several.

        Benjamin was the only high ranking Confederate official never to return to the United States. During his flight with Davis from Richmond he was constantly saying things like ‘we mustn’t give up’, ‘other causes in worse shape than ours have triumphed in the end’ and so on. Then look at his statement once he parted company with Davis. He was almost apprehended several times, Union forces were looking for him and others. He pretended to be a French merchant, then later when a boat he was on which was headed for England was boarded, he pretended to be the ship’s cook. The Union officer in charge of the boarding party remarked that “it was the only time in his life he ever saw a Jew doing manual labor.”

      6. A final thought; did you ever see Paul Scofield in “A Man for All Seasons”? Some bright playwright should do a play “Judah P. Benjamin; A Jew for All Treasons”

        Now, back to Mr. Putin

      7. Winston,
        My apologies for taking so long to reply. I was aware of all the points you raised. Just a minor correction, it was King Mongkut, Rama IV, who offered the war elephants to the US.
        I hope you won’t be offended, but I think Lincoln’s war was illegal. In fact to paraphrase a French politician who was talking about Germany in the 80’s. “I like America so much, I want two of them.”! The north had no right to block secession by the South. And looking at it from the benefit of hindsight, wouldn’t you agree the PEOPLE as opposed to the governments of North America would have been freer, more prosperous, and happier? The Federal government, is a Frankenstein’s monster, a Jewish Golem, oppressing the American people, impoverishing them, at the behest of the (((banking cartel))) and together with Israel is the greatest threat to peace. Don’t believe me, take a look at shadowstats! There you will see the real figures for unemployment, inflation etc.
        However it’s not only the US I’d like to see broken up, China comprising 5 races, Han, Manchu, Mongol, Uighur and Tibetan. Even among the Han there are at least 22 separate languages. Which is why I’m amused when talking to many westerners, who tell me Chinese is the most widely spoken first language in the world.
        I always ask them, Which Chinese? Hakka, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkein, Hunanese, Shanghainese and so on. India, UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy and Canada are other candidates for dissolution. Small is beautiful! That’s actually the title of book by E. F. Schumacher, but as far as countries and Empires go, the bigger the more oppressive.
        BTW, I notice you are an omnivorous reader. You might like to check out the following sites. Use longfiles to download and ignore all the pop ups Type in Author or book, after the page shows, tap Non Russian to download.
        Lastly, I know you love a mystery. Check out Yonaguni off Okinawa. The underwater monument was only discovered in 1987.

  7. Some have ALREADY turned this comment section into bashing Makow, rather than remaining on the topic of ‘Put-On’ the deceptive oligarch. 🙂

    “HENRY MAKOW: As it becomes increasingly clear the West is controlled by Cabalist Satanists, our hopes increasingly rest on Russia’s Putin who, in contrast, seems like the paragon of sanity and goodness.”

    “…seems like the paragon of sanity and goodness.”


    Ted Bundy “seemed” SO GOOD in order to get the girls to relax and praise him… before he raped them and cut off their heads. What it “seemed” he was, did not give any clues as to what he really would DO.

    The same applies to ‘Put-On’ the ‘paper Bear’…. who is not part of the Russian Government, but the Dictatorial Head of State. An oligarch.

    ‘Put-On’ PUSHES…. The HOLOCAUST..!!

    This ONE issue is enough for me to make the claim that ‘Put-On’ is a phony wealthy oligarch.

    Makow pushes the HOLOCAUST.. and so does ‘Put-On’… and the difference IS…. ‘Put-On’ writes the ORDERS enforcing the lies in Russia… and Makow writes NO orders to anyone, anywhere.

    1. Pat,
      How can you compare Bundy to Putin? Bundy chose to represent himself in court but was later sentenced to death. The presiding judge remarked that he , Bundy, would have been an excellent attorney if hed followed a different path. As Pat says, “All politicians are liars. ” But may I add, all attorneys also. Also, Bundy cut off heads. Putin destroyed the head-choppers in Siria. I dont understand the logic of your post, Pat. Lets share a few shots of Tequila and sleep on it, amigo.

      1. Mr.Putin is he the master of the art of deception ?

        I quote these words ,I found in some websites when searching for deception in my world.
        . to sum up the current affairs of this insane world
        “” be careful what you choose to believe. There is a thin line between reality and illusion, and every great trick has a flaw. The magician’s task is to minimize, disguise, or justify the flaw. Be assured that every time a mind-reader puts on a blindfold, it is so the mentalist can see and the audience can’t determine where he is looking. The very tool that is supposed to prevent trickery enables it.””
        Facts are no longer a factor,as technology developed , many websites publish information based on lies ,half truth and disinformation ,these websites are largely fronts for psycho ops employed by non states actors.
        The views expressed in this article is inconsequential .
        Putin have demonstrated an honorable, sane ,intelligent conduct on the world stage.
        on the other hand ,The west’s great power choose dishonest,insane ,fear and war monger stupid mad dog ,dump fuck and racist pig.

      2. I saw that….. ‘The Prophet’ would make a great addition to the ‘Admin’ of ‘Put-On’…. butt… not for the ‘Admin’ of “war monger stupid mad dog ,dump fuck and racist pig”…Trump. NO WAY..!!

        “ careful what you choose to believe. There is a thin line between reality and illusion, and every great trick has a flaw.”

        Amen.. 🙂

      3. The Prophet, Trump cannot be racist because he is surrounded by Jews in his family and administration, and Putin has not demonstrated honourable conduct because he is thieving his own people:
        Last week, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta published findings that estimate Putin’s family and friends — and not state company executives or politicians — are worth almost $24 billion. Members of Putin’s inner circle were implicated in a $2 billion money-laundering scheme after the 2016 large-scale document leak known as the Panama Papers. Putin’s own private wealth has previously been estimated to be as high as $200 billion.

      4. @Snez

        In 2016, the Russian budget deficit reaches to $21Bln. It was expected to rise to the amount of $21.7 billion in the year. 2016 budget’s revenues estimated to be 13.7 trillion rubles(200 billion US dollars) or 17.5% of GDP, while spending is planned to be 16 trillion rubles(roughly 233 billion dollars)[1] or 20.5% of GDP. Budget deficit thus is 2.35 trillion rubles(33 billion dollars) or 3% of GDP.[2]

        Source : Wikipedia, Federal Budget of Russia.

        “…Putin’s own private wealth has previously been estimated to be as high as $200 billion…”

        Estimated by whom ? His enemies ? And how could he acquire such astronomic wealth without it being noticed and without causing a huge national protest ?

      5. FR, if the [Russian] Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta and the Moscow Times are all against him, then he has some serious enemies. I believe that he was involved in the Panama Papers, together with the then New Zealand PM [a Jew]. There are 11.5 million documents in NZ revealing the scandal, and implicating a few more high-level politicians around the world. The NZ PM resigned, but Putin, although also caught, didn’t. BTW, unless you know, the Panama Papers reveal a money laundering scheme for drugs imported from Latin America.

      6. FR –

        You wrote:
        “And how could he [ ‘Put-On’ ] acquire such astronomic wealth without it being noticed and without causing a huge national protest ?”

        Easy answer…. by using bribes, bullets and poison… He is, after all, THE Dictator in Russia.

        “According to local media reports and aspiring businessmen, in today’s Russia, every single signature of approval by an administrative official carries a price tag.”

        There are numerous protests frequently which are NOT reported… or reporters will die…

      7. Pat, any protest in Russia would have been reported by the Jewmedia in a self-serving way. Most protests are instigated by the chosenoids, e.g. Soros’ Pussycats. If Russians get organised, and start protesting against the Chabadniks, that will be even a better inspiration for the world than the recent protests in Poland. If coordinated worldwide protests against the Genghis Khan [Rothschild] family start one day soon… 🙂

      8. There is one good thing Putin has done, though. 🙂 He has several times publicly advised Americans not to give up their guns if they don’t wish to experience the same as Russia in 1917. Why he said this I don’t know, but the advice is good, considering this push:
        The new push for gun control from the left comes courtesy of ABC News which recently published a piece promoting the use of an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) that many believe is nothing more than a thinly veiled confiscation plan that would allow a judge to “issue an ex parte order” for the direct confiscation of an American citizens firearms. Unbelievably, the order can actually be issued without the firearm owner even being present, which would in turn end with police at the citizens door demanding he hand over his weapons or face violence from the state… This is, and has always been, the modus operandi of the power elite.
        [video:] Bloomberg Secret Gun Confiscation Plan Exposed

  8. Seems the crux of the article is that Putin doesn’t support the Zio-Christian fifth column in Russia. More a sign of sanity than complicity

  9. He might “change his stripes” – but he is, still, a tiger! (Putin’s Communist breeding and background make him a prime candidate for Sloan’s suspicion…)

    1. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is on the list of Ur-Masons, or maybe it’s his alter, Simon Elliot, AKA Elliot Shimon.

      …the Neo-aristocratic Masonry, talks about the united pact for globalisation: “To make people accept such idiotic and unpopular reforms you must frighten them like you would with children”, says he.

      Yes, some of us had noticed.

    2. Wiggins,
      Indeed there are some interesting names, but there doesn’t appear to be any proof. I could publish a book on masonry and include every name under the Sun. About 2 years ago Makow cited a book by some ex-British intelligence officer that Martin Bormann was still alive in South America. However he died in 1945 and his body was only found in 1972. It was positively identified through DNA as Bormann’s in 1998. So I would take with a very large pinch of salt anything published on Makow’s website, as I’ve noticed he’s published other books with “Jurassic Park” data. I know he has the disclaimer that it sounds far fetched but the point of disinfo is to sow doubts. As Ungenius says, judge Putin by his actions. Perhaps the most important action of all the countries under attack by the (((NWO))) is the banning of GMOs. Which both Russia and China have done. Thailand is also under attack for not allowing patents on living organisms i.e. “stealing from God”, hence rendering themselves liable to attack by Jewish organisms and their proxies! There is no underhand libel or scurrilous slander they will not use to enslave us.

  10. Putin is a true statesman and in fact is the only true statesman in the world at the present time and is the savior of Syria and for that alone has done the world a great service in blunting the illegal wars of regime change which were forced upon the Mideast by Israel and the U.S. and Britain.

  11. This article is right up Pat’s alley. Try not to sound TOO HELLary Clinton Foundation-ish this time, Pat, or you just might betray yourself and everyone will SEE clearly you’re really an agent of The Cabal’s ((( Deep State ))). HELLary’s personal sectretary? Bill’s personal secretary? CIA man? Navy Intelligence? NSA? FBI? Which one is it, Pat, come on you can tell us, we’ll still LERV you. Well, I’m sure dark black side of the m00n “goddess” Mother Lasha with The New World Order Big Brother [ in this case, Big Sister ] ALL-SEEING One Eye of Ellie Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Dollar Bill will still LERV you no matter what. ¿Right? Lasha, Oh! ALL SEEING one!

      1. I would suggest several brackets around his name as code for “seriously unhinged” :


  12. ‘Put-On’ and Hillary… partners in Uranium deals.. will be outed yet..!! 🙂

    Jeff Sessions Considers Special Counsel to Investigate Possible Clinton-Russia Ties

    Democrats say newly disclosed interactions involving Trump campaign foreign-policy advisers raise questions about attorney general’s previous testimony

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to face a fresh round of lawmaker questions on TODAY… about the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russian officials, as well as about instructions he gave senior federal prosecutors to examine whether a fresh investigation should be opened into Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump’s defeated opponent in the 2016 presidential election.

    Mr. Sessions is scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee at 10 a.m. for an oversight hearing of the Justice Department, which Mr. Sessions heads….

  13. Off topic.
    BBC News ( spit ) , running story of now Western powers escorted hundreds of fully armed IS fighter’s out of Raqqa, even to the extent of dropping flares in the Desert to light their way, and allowing a number of ” foreign ” fighters to break of from the convoy, and cross into Turkey.
    Hypocrisy of the highest level considering the hue and cry the ” coalition ” put up when the Hezbollah allowed a number ( few ) lightly armed IS move across Syria, before routing them.

  14. (ADMIN: Comment found in spam and approved for publication)

    First of all, you should be wary of Henry Makow who pushes the Frankfurt school of the Jewish conspiracy, and like David Icke, whitewashes the rest of Judaism. What or who is the real problem with the world? Education? Banking? Wall Street? Secretive cults? Feminism? Totalitarianism? State secrecy? Or is the real problem Jews and their philosophy of exploitation of the Goy? Who or where are all the problems originating? Jews! Of all the problems listed who is behind these problems? Jews.

    What does Makow say? “As it becomes increasingly clear the West is controlled by Cabalist Satanists”.

    Judaism is the problem, not the Frankfurters, not Germanic death cults, not Hitler, not National Socialism, not to much freedom, not women, not the offshore banks, not finance, not government, not the entertainment media AND NOT THE CABAL OF SATANISTS! If there was a devil (called Satan) then his followers would be Jews. Makow is a Judas Goat leading you away from the truth. The Torah Jews are the devil.

    Another reason you should not trust Makow is that he hates women, and his misogyny is deep seated Jewish hatred for women that goes all the way back to Abraham. I can’t even read his stuff ’cause his hatred oozes through all of his material, so note of caution about following his lead. Hate is not something you should follow, so whenever someone is leading you with hate it is the wrong path.

    Isn’t banking necessary for a modern functioning capitalist society? Yes. So why has it failed? Jews. Look at every problem we have, who is the monkey wrench in the machine? Jews. Are women the problem like Makow hammers our consciousness? No! Women and men are not the problem, Jews are the problem. Jews are not part of the natural world, they have a philosophy totally opposed to beauty, women, and natural law.

    Who tears women down to their level? Who exploits women as sex objects? Who pushed women into the work force as a way to control and exploit? Jews. Although Makow points much of this out he fails to connect the end dot – the source of all evil on this planet are the Jews and their books. It isn’t just one secret sect, it is all of them, meaning anyone who follows the Torah, or the philosophy set forth, is the problem. So is it some Hollywood Jews exploiting women or is all Torah following Jews? What does the Old Testament say about women?

    The soulution to all of our problems is the prohibition of Judaism and the removal of their books, something Jewish born Henry Makow will dare not say. Furthermore he pushes the literacy of the New Testament text, claiming that Christianity is an authentic religion, in the article Jesus Christ is quoted:

    Matthew 28:18-19

    “All power is given to me in heaven and on earth. Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

    What real meaning of this quote if Jesus didn’t exist? Wasn’t Jesus a fictional sun god character created by the Roman State and the template for Jesus the Jew turn coat Josephus? (see Joseph Atwill’s book Caesar’s Messiah). If god was real then does the all powerful god need you to push his text, or does the state need you to push the text? Does god issue commands? Who is really issuing commands? The state and the priest who are using religious text to establish political authority.

    If you ever want to escape Judaism you must come to realize at a soul level that God never issued commandments. This is the great ruse of the Rabbi, claiming that God gave Moses some holy stones with instructions punishable by hell or state. The theist establishes state authority with God and controls us with laws and it all started with the story of some early Hebrew climbing up some rocks in Judea.

    It seems to escape Makow that Christianity is a state religion. All I need to do is quote Romans 13 as proof. If Makow was truly a spiritual leader of our times he would know that “god” the creator doesn’t issue commands or write books. He would also intuit that Christianity is a derivative cult of Judaism, which we know to be the source of all our problems. Want proof? Jesus affirmed the Torah.

    So be aware of this game of Jewish writers who condemn Jews but support the New Testament are working you over, Christianity is Hebrewism with a new face, just a respin of the same bad old Torah memes. And don’t ever forget that without the Old Testament there is no New Testament. The N.T. can not stand alone because it needs the logic of the O.T., why would you need salvation if God wasn’t judging?

    Secondly, regardless of Putin’s flaws, Putin crushed ISIS in Syria. Putin opposed the US-Israel proxy army that was sent in, funded, supplied, and commanded by the CIA-Mossad. He did it. No other person did it. Putin destroyed ISIS, not the United States which secretly helps ISIS every step of the way. There are those in the alt media who want to tear Putin down, one is Christopher Jon Bjerknes who claims Putin has a “reign of terror”:

    The Jew Jerk: Christopher Jon Bjerknes (

    “Going along with claims that Putin is waging a war of terror on the world is going against all the facts that we know. It is obviously Putin stepping in to stop the ISIS terrorists. We know who is arming and funding ISIS and we know who is behind ISIS. Israel is ISIS and Israel controls the United States whore vassal nation.”

    Thirdly the media hates him which means he opposes their agenda. Putin stopped Greater Israel in it’s tracks. Let me say that again, Putin sent in Russian forces into Syria and totally ended the 4,000 year old Rabbinic dream of a state from the Nile to the Euphrates. Jews must hate Putin with the ultimate vengeance. Most Jews are genetically coded to support the tribe and thus Makow, a Jew, like Bjerknes, sews doubts in your mind about Putin’s authenticity.

    According to the article by Andy Sloan (@ Point 1. “Putin signs law banning evangelism outside of churches”. I think that was a wise move since every Evangelical is also a Zionists. So what Putin really did was ban religious Israeli support being slipped in under the rug in the name of Christ. Evangelicals are not followers of Christ, they are Old Testament Jew lovers, they are the apostate church named in their own prophecy.

    So would you allow Judeo-Christian-Zionist churches into your nation? There are 42,000 Christian denominations in Hebrewified Amerika, Putin banned the pro-Zionist ones. He banned the subversive pro-Israel churches, good for him! If we ever want to see freedom again we might want to ban subversive religions in this country.

    1. Yukon Jack, regarding the text in your reference,
      hundreds of physicists have failed to take Einstein down because the tribe has been firmly keeping him in his lofty post. The evidence of his plagiarism is overwhelming. If you compare Jew Einstein with Jew Moses, the latter is far more successful, and in its article, the ‘Person of the Century’, the Time Magazine even called him the Moses of the modern time. Harold Aspden is only one example of physicists who have been harassed and marginalised by the tribe because of offering strong evidence against Einstein’s unreferenced work. If you don’t believe anyone else, check what Tesla wrote about it. The ignorant chosenoids chose a wrong theory to plagiarise!

      My apologies to everyone for writing off topic.

  15. [Russian jokes]
    1) A class in a primary school.
    The teacher is shaming the boy at the board: Vova, you are not prepared again! I will call your parents!
    Vova: One day I will become very powerful and influential and you will feel sorry for speaking to me like this!
    Teacher: Yeah yeah whatever, just go take your seat, Putin.

    2) Under Capitalism, man exploits man; under Communism, it’s vice versa.

    3) Alcoholism is a necessary intermediate state in transition from Socialism to Communism.

  16. “putin is the savior of syria”
    i think NOT!
    you dont save a country by COMPLETELY DESTROYING IT, turning its people into unwelcomed refugees, its women into OVERSEAS prostitutes and maids and its land into an ice rink that glows at night..
    the analogy here is that Russia saved Syria from Israel when its actually the opposite
    Russia saved Israel from syria
    (if, big if, syria was a real threat to israel, which never was because, guess what, they had for more than fifty years a non agression secret agreement, all while the regime waved the palestinian flag for show while imprisoning real palestinian resistance)
    the comment should read instead
    question: how can people like Putin and Trump at the same time?

    ADMIN: Good try, Avatar. But we have certain red lines which no one is allowed to cross. Your pathetic argument that we are under obligation to publish EVERY crazy opinion in order to avoid being “boring” has no merit whatever.

    What’s to stop someone sending us comments singing the praises of pedophilia, cannibalism, and serial killing? 🙂

    We already have a loony who sends us comments involving bestial sex between women and horses (TheReal0riginalJ0e) and then complains of “censorship” when we refuse to publish his perverted sexual fantasies.

  17. Pre-conceived notions almost ALWAYS prevail in arguments defending one’s original stance, regardless of how well the argument is presented. While many of you consign “sainthood” status to Putin, you seem to forget he was born, bred, and groomed by COMMUNISTS (and should remember this article’s reference to Golitsyn, who wrote “New Lies for Old”). What you see isn’t what you get when you consider Putin these days (same with Trump, and just about EVERYTHING we’re shown of international politics). There are many good arguments – pro and con – from which much can be discerned; but ALWAYS remember the NATURE OF THE BEAST. Wolves in sheep’s clothing abound! 😣

  18. If Putin is a Communist, then why exactly did he interfere with Jew Communist ZOG’s plan to turn Syria into a ZOG COMMUNIST country? One would think Putin, if he is a Communist, would either have helped Jew ZOG Israel/Washington take over Syria for Communist ZOG or would just NOT have intervened in Syria and let JEW COMMUNIST ZOG win in Syria and takeover Syria and turn Syria into a Communist country run by JEW Communists. But Putin intervened in Syria and threw a wrench into the plans of Israel’s/Washington’s Communists to takeover Syria.

    Zionism, by the way, is another word for JEW COMMUNISM. The ULTIMATE goal of JEW ZIONISTS is to impose a JEW COMMUNIST government/culture/worldview on everyone, and that’s what
    ((( they))) wanted to do to Syria, but Putin intervened. Funny a Communist would interfere with and throw a wrench into the plans of his fellow Communists.

    Considering Israel ZOG/Washington ZOG is inspired by JEW COMMUNISM, and using the premise that Putin is a Communist ; Considering Communist Putin intefered with the Communist’s goal to take over Syria, then it really needs to be explained why exactly Communist Putin would interfere with and throw a wrench into the plans of his fellow Communists. The explanation has to be an intelligent explanation and actually make sense, not BS off the top of your head you make up at the spur of the moment and think sounds “good” but is really nonsense designed to make yourself sound like you “really” “know” what you’re talking about.

    If Putin is a Communist, then why exactly do ALL THE COMMUNISTS in the United States HATE HIS GUTS and want to see Putin DEAD and want to destroy the whole country of Russia, because Putin is a fellow Communist? I don’t think so, I really don’t.

    ALSO : And very important : Just because one likes Putin, as I do, does not mean ones sees Putin as being an “Avatar” or “Savior” or “God”. That’s a strawman argument set-up by ANTI-PUTINites.

    After setting-up ((( their))) strawman set-up, ((( they))) then can come around and laugh to scorn and disdain anyone who thinks a mere mortal man could be an “Avatar”, a “Savior”, a “God”. And of course something is wrong with anyone who likes Putin because ALL Putin supporters without EXCEPTION are so stupid they think Putin is an ‘Avatar-Savior-God’, how retarded and brain dead, what sheep they are to think any mere mortal man is a “GOD”.

    ((( They ))) had the same strawman set-up during the presidential campaign year, “Trump supporters see Trump as an “Avatar, a “Savior”, a “God”, see how retarded and brain dead and what stupid sheep Trump supporters are to think Trump is a “GOD” . TOTAL bullshit.

    NO Trump supporter ever said Trump is an “Avatar”, a “Savior”, a “God” ; NO Putin supporter ever said Putin is an “Avatar”, a “Savior”, a “God”.

    1. ADMIN —

      My post about “Putin” and “straw man set-ups” is NO good for Darkmoon because? Because it’s TOO TRUTHFUL? And just as “bad”, I ask some Logical questions, and Logic based questions are Verboten?

      Logic and Truth are “issues” with ADMIN? Logic and Truth get you Administrators “nervous”?

      (ADMIN: Your comment has already been posted. See above.)


    This site is a diversion set up by one or another intel agencies. I’ve known it for years which is why I post here. It’s fun playing with spooks.

    ADMIN: To Karen Toffan

    Is Kevin MacDonald aware of the malignant mischief you get up to on other websites?

    You have been attacking this site for several years now and showering vile abuse on Lasha Darkmoon like a demented stalker. I think you must be mentally deranged to behave in this way. If your employers at Healthworks General Hospital in Regina, Saskatchewan, knew about your incendiary comments on extremist neo-Nazi websites like Incogman, you would be sacked at once. In my opinion, you are a danger to the public. If I were a patient of yours at that Canadian hospital where you work, you would be the last person I would trust to come near me with those acupuncture needles of yours.

    I seriously think someone should get in touch with your medial director, Dr Cynthia N. Gokavi, at the Gokavi Acupuncture & Pain Clinic in Saskatoon. You are totally unfit for employment at such a highly respected Canadian hospital.

    Tobias Lang, M.A. PhD.
    Darkmoon Site Administrator

  20. Why is okay at Darkmoon to question the existence of Nukes, and to delve into whether Nukes exist or not, but it’s NOT okay at Darkmoon to question the Heliocentric theory and delve into whether the Heliocentricism is scientifically true or not?

    1. Good question, Joe.

      If it’s okay to discuss the existence of nukes on this site, and whether they exist or not, why isn’t it okay to discuss the heliocentric theory and ask if it is scientifically true or not?

      If it’s okay to discuss hook-nosed Jews on this site and ask if only some Jews are evil, or all Jews, why isn’t it possible to discuss flat-nosed Eskimos on his site and ask if some Eskimos stink of fish oil, or all Eskimos? 🙂

      What is it about this disgusting site that allows you to talk about Jewish porn but refuses to let you talk about Chinese porcelain? 🙂

      It’s sooooo unfair!

    2. TROJ –

      Because… NO US sanctions and/or UN mandates have been pushed due to whether or not the sun is the center of the solar system.

      And…. NUKE FEAR PORN makes headlines..$$$..!! 🙂

  21. “However, Andy Sloan points to evidence that this is all a deception and that Russia (and China) plan to attack and conquer the West.”

    Just think of the potential consequences. What…what if they go so far as to force the U.S. to live by its own constitution? What if they force the U.S. to start honoring treaties like the UN Charter? No more NATO? No more CIA coups and color revolutions? No more senseless drone murders? We’ll be forced to live under the tyranny of “the rule of law”? It’s just too horrible to contemplate…

  22. in this Universal Age of Lie, it behooves one to instead of paying all attention to the talk, to look at who does the talking.
    From Honest Dealer Makow‘s article, where he caveats us that “Nevertheless, Putin’s bona fides need to be scrutinized carefully”:

    Mr. GARRY KASPAROV, Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and former world chess champion.

    “David Satter blends masterful journalism and rigorous scholarship in a disturbingly illuminating book on the origins, nature and future of the Putin autocracy. Required reading for all those who refuse to indulge in wishful thinking about a rogue state claiming to be a respectable superpower”

    my, my, aren’t we in the genius territory, a gated community inaccessible to the goyim, chaired by jew kasparov, listing Elie Wiesel among the luminaries.

    Human Rights Foundation is guided and endorsed by an International Council that includes former political prisoners Vladimir Bukovsky, Mutabar Tadjibaeva, Jacqueline Moudeina, Abdel Nasser Ould Ethmane, Park Sang Hak, Palden Gyatso, Elie Wiesel, and Harry Wu, as well as former Estonian prime minister Mart Laar, former president of Venezuela Ramón José Velásquez, and political commentator Álvaro Vargas Llosa.[2] Jurist and law professor Kenneth Anderson is also on HRF’s International Council. Anderson was a founding director of the Human Rights Watch Arms Division and later
    general counsel to the Open Society Institute/SOROS Foundations.
    HRF’s International Council was chaired by Václav Havel until his passing in December 2011. The Council is currently chaired by chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov.[4]

    According to the New York Times, HRF “has helped smuggle activists out of repressive countries, provided many with broader exposure and connected others with prominent financiers and technologists”

    Here wiki’s bit on evil Russia, totally in sync with the Sloan-Makow article

    In February 2012, three members of Pussy Riot performed a “Punk Prayer” in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow in protest of the Russian Orthodox Church, which openly endorsed Putin as he campaigned for presidential reelection.[64]

    As a result, in March 2012, the three women – Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina, and Yekaterina Samutsevich – were arrested and charged with the crime of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.”[65] On August 17, 2012, they were found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison.[66]

    On August 16, 2012, HRF published a legal report concluding that “Russia failed to establish that its interference with [Pussy Riot’s] freedom of expression – the arrest, confinement, criminal trial, conviction and two-year prison sentence – was prescribed by law, pursued a legitimate aim, and was necessary to achieve that aim.” The report concluded: “Russia has violated the European standard of freedom of expression that it is required to comply with under the European Convention on Human Rights.”[67] On August 17, 2012, HRF’s chairman Garry Kasparov was arrested by police outside the courthouse in Moscow where the trial against three members of Pussy Riot was taking place

    Yes, the bona fides are being rapidly established, of that can be no more doubt.

    Putin, Trump – BAD. Oppressors of humanity.
    Kasparov, Wiesel, Soros, Pussy Riot – GOOD. Heroic defenders of human rights.

    All you need to know.

    1. Also keep in mind that according to the august body of the HRF “…Russia has violated the European standard of freedom of expression…” by punishing the members of the Pussy Riot. Their obscene, provocative and disrespectful disturbance of a church service deserves the protection of the law and not the right of church goers to have a peaceful service. That is “western values” for you, of course championed by the usual suspects.

  23. Ok, given that Lasha has shamed me and dared me to publicise this, I am going ahead and doing it.
    It concerns an exhange of emails that i started, she responded and I sent in a clarification.
    Anyway, here it goes.
    The trigger was this post, Circassian to Carnaptious, who has since not posted once.

    ————————–first email (Lobro to Lasha; subject line: “Circassian)

    > On Wed, Nov 15, 2017 at 11:54 PM, Lobro wrote:
    > Lasha,
    > When will it be clear that his sole purpose is to torpedo the site by driving away all the good posters?
    > He pretends to be Russian for the sole purpose of painting Russians as rude, west-hating cavemen, ensuring that whatever budding respect and understanding of Putin and Russia may be emergent gets nipped in the bud.
    > And he does excellent work.
    > Here he is just punching clock, attacking Carnaptious in his full ad-hominem mode.
    > Check out this chain of posts.
    > Carnaptious is an elderly man, in his 70’s I think, unfailingly polite and friendly to Russia (and willing to give Trump the benefit of doubt, an anathema to Judeans like Circassian).
    > And yet, no one seems to be aware of the great damage Circassian causes in poisoning and stymieing the conversation, everyone connected to the site falling over themselves to praise him as “brilliant” and “highly intelligent”.
    > He and I have declared an arm-length relationship whereby we will not be in any contact and since he has so far stuck to the deal, I am obliged to do likewise, Pat seems to generally like him – and well he should, given his sympathies in the matter, so that now you have a tag-team of Pat, unwitting of the damage caused and Circassian, slimily toxic whose Mossad contract calls on his devastation of Darkmoon.
    > Brilliant indeed.
    > Just my 2 cents, feel free to discard.

    ————————–second (Lasha’s reply to Lobro; subject line: “Re: Circassian”)

    On 11/16/2017 10:25 AM, Darkmoon wrote:
    > Thanks for alerting me to a situation of which I was totally unaware. I seldom have time to read the comments. Most of them I skip, including Circassian’s. In any case, I thought you were aware that I have no say on what gets published in the Comments section. Toby and Sister Monica have complete control and autonomy and would resent any interference from me.
    > May I suggest that you attack Circassian head-on and forget your “pledge” to keep him at arm’s length.

    As far as I’m concerned, your pact of silence with him is worthless and lacks validity, since YOU WERE ONLY TOO READY TO ATTACK HIM BEHIND HIS BACK in several posts after you thought he had left the site for good. Then he suddenly returned and you repented your fall from grace and offered belated apologies. IF YOU ARE HONEST, you will admit that you broke your promise to leave Circassian alone.

    So what I say to you is this: attack him again, but this time do it openly. The last thing I want is for the gentle Carnaptious to be driven from the site by this obvious troublemaker Circassian.
    > I would like to publish your above email to me as a comment on the website. That would be a warning to Circassian to watch his step. It would certainly set the cat among the pigeons. But somehow I doubt that you would be willing to give me your permission to publish your email…? (Sigh)
    > Anyway, think about it. It would be very effective weapon and kill several birds with one stone.

    ————————–final (#3)
    On 11/16/2017 10:27 AM, Lobro wrote:

    Whoa! This sure makes me out as a cowardly backstabber, doesn’t it – I see my reflection in your opinion and it doesn’t cover me in glory.

    you were only too ready to attack him behind his back in several posts after you thought he had left the site for good. Then he suddenly returned and you repented your fall from grace and offered belated apologies. If you are honest, you will admit that you broke your promise to leave Circassian alone.

    Lasha, please pay attention to the whole story.
    I was attacked by another poster whose style seemed identical to Circassian’s and I openly said so, thinking that it was in fact, Circassian.
    Even Pat acknowledged the remarkable similarity.
    A short time later (hmm), Circassian shows up under his real handle and I was forced to admit (though still not 100% certain) that the two posters were different writers.
    At that point I issued my apology, since I don’t break my word on a deal unless the other party does it first.

    Sorry, but this is what it is.
    Please go back to that timeline and review it.

    1. @LD

      As far as I’m concerned, your pact of silence with him is worthless and lacks validity, since YOU WERE ONLY TOO READY TO ATTACK HIM BEHIND HIS BACK

      Lasha is supremely right: It does not make sense for indecent person to keep his word. Not to mention, I would prefer to be attacked head-on rather than behind my back.

      Lasha reminds me of this sylphlike black panther who plays with butterflies and throws her pet jackal at the mercy of Sher-Khan just to entertain herself:

      1. Circassian,

        Let sleeping dogs lie. A misunderstanding has occurred and Lobro has explained it all very well. Please stop attacking our best posters all the time. Concentrate on the issues. Remember you are on probation here. We may have to pull the plug on you if you continue to cause outrage.

      2. @Admin

        Concentrate on the issues. Remember you are on probation here.

        Pardon the misunderstanding. I thought that Sher-Khan was given the green light by the mistress to drive the backstabbing bastard to depression and suicide. So you want to keep him, ah? Please clarify.

        BTW, lack of dignity, lack of honesty, lack of decency, and lack of justice are the most and foremost problems humankind is facing today. As far as I am concerned, YOU are on probation here – not ME. Remember that.

      3. @Circassian

        “…As far as I am concerned, YOU are on probation here – not ME. Remember that…”

        Tell me, what is the Russian (or Circassian) translation of CHUTZPAH ?

    2. @ Lobro


      Ok, given that Lasha has shamed me and dared me to publicise this, I am going ahead and doing it.

      Lasha didn’t “shame” you. You shamed yourself and you are now making out you are the victim. How did you shame yourself? I will tell you. It doesn’t matter to me if you refuse to accept my words. Others will accept them, because I have truth and logic on my side, while you have only duplicity and dishonor.

      This email response to you from Lasha Darkmoon explains how you shamed yourself by breaking your pledge not to attack Circassian. The indisputable fact remains that even AFTER you had apologized to Circassian for attacking him falsely several weeks ago, you attacked him AGAIN in a sneaky little private email to Lasha Darkmoon only two days ago.

      Here is LD’s response to you when she received your recent BACK-STABBING EMAIL in her inbox:

      Thanks for alerting me to a situation of which I was totally unaware. […] May I suggest that you attack Circassian head-on and forget your “pledge” to keep him at arm’s length. As far as I’m concerned, your pact of silence with him is worthless and lacks validity, since YOU WERE ONLY TOO READY TO ATTACK HIM BEHIND HIS BACK in several posts after you thought he had left the site for good. Then he suddenly returned and you repented your fall from grace and offered belated apologies. If you are honest, you will admit that you broke your promise to leave Circassian alone. So what I say to you is this: attack him again, but this time do it openly.

      Doesn’t it occur to you, Lobro, that your private email to Lasha attacking Circassian behind his back and urging his removal from the site was a BACK-STABBING OPERATION?

      This was done behind Circassian’s back, no? It was done only one day ago, right? This happened after you had apologized to Circassian for attacking him and promising him you wouldn’t do it again! Yet here you were quetching and complaining about Circassian in a poison pen email that you expected would remain private and confidential and never be published.

      You had no option but to publish the email yourself when Lasha asked your permission if she could publish it so as to get it all out in the open. She obviously wondered, as I wonder, how a man can pretend to be observing his “pledge” not to attack Circassian in the Comment section of the website, but has no moral qualms about firing off a sneaky backstabbing email to Lasha complaining about Circassian and telling her to get rid of him because he was ruining the site.

      As far as I can see, Lobro, you covered yourself in shame by sending LD that slimy poison pen email. Lasha didn’t shame you. YOU SHAMED YOURSELF!

      LOBRO: “Whoa! This sure makes me out as a cowardly backstabber, doesn’t it – I see my reflection in your opinion and it doesn’t cover me in glory.”

      Playing the victim won’t help you, Lobro. Lasha didn’t make you out to be a “cowardly backstabber”. So don’t try to shift the blame on her! You turned yourself into a “cowardly backstabber” by the mere act of sending her a toxic email stabbing Circassian in the back.

      You covered yourself in dishonor, Lobro. You are the architect of your own shame. People who send poison pen emails to others are not to be respected.

      Here is your feeble attempt to explain why you attacked Circassian behind his back after promising not to do so:

      LOBRO: “Lasha, please pay attention to the whole story. I was attacked by another poster whose style seemed identical to Circassian’s and I openly said so, thinking that it was in fact, Circassian. Even Pat acknowledged the remarkable similarity.”

      You are patently dishonest, Lobro, because you omit to mention one crucially important fact. After your very first comment attacking this poster (let’s call him “X”), you were told by Admin Toby that you were WRONG to identify this poster as “Circassian”. Toby told you in no uncertain terms that the poster you were attacking as Circassian had a totally different email address and IP number and “didn’t even sound like Circassian”.

      I can remember that very well. I have a good memory. I distinctly remember Toby telling you: “This is not Circassian. Completely different email address and IP number. He doesn’t even sound like Circassian.”

      Why couldn’t you accept that? You were explicitly told by Admin that you were attacking Circassian UNFAIRLY — because the person you were attacking was NOT Circassian. There’s no justification for your disgraceful behavior, Lobro.

      Conclusion: your sneaky little email to Lasha, attacking Circassian behind his back only a couple of days ago, is proof positive that you are exactly what you claim you are NOT: a cowardly back-stabber.

      Will you apologize to Circassian for stabbing him in the back yet again in breach of your promise not to do so? I doubt it. However, I would like to give you one little tip. Please STOP sending Lasha Darkmoon sneaky little poison pen emails attacking commenters on this website behind their backs! By doing so, you are making Lasha an unwilling partner in your poisonous tittle-tattle.

      1. sure Grammar Fiend, i will take your advice.
        So here it goes:


        Because either your command of english or logic is deficient and i do suspect that you are a Logic Fiend as well, I will try to explain:
        the said agreement does not stop either Circassian or myself from whatever PRIVATE comments we wish to make about one another.
        My comment to Lasha was PRIVATE, however, she did accuse me of already having broken the agreement personally and shamed me into publishing that comment, which I did, even though I knew beforehand the present outcomes – but since she intimated that i am a coward for not attacking Circassian openly, I responded as I did and am now reaping the benefits.

        As for the previous “breaking” of the agreement, I perceived that some other ONE-TIME poster, whose name i forget, in attacking me directly used a set of expressions and tone of language identical to Circassian, so that I thought that it was Circassian who broke the agreement, not I, and responded in kind.
        To this day, I don’t know for sure but accept that it was a case of mistaken identity and therefore issued an apology.

        And that’s that.

        So now, in the spirit of openness, let me say the following, Grammar Fiend:


        The least you could do is commend the proper punctuation in the above line.

        You have caused me grief before in preceding a torrent of abusive posts aimed at me because I am and always was a staunch defender of Donald Trump and the history will prove me 100% right but a SLIMY CUNT like you will never find a decency in your dessicated, malodorous soul to admit it.

        And to make the leprotic taint of your character even more obvious, in not a single word did you refer to the issue that started all of this, namely Circassian’s typically wicked, sadistic and COWARDLY attack on a wholly civilized, GENTILE man, carnaptious, who instead of responding in rage, quietly withdrew from the scene – read these posts, you venomous CUNT:


        Nary a thought in my head, Circassian, the wind blows freely through it.

        Seems then you have every reason to shut up and wait till some worthy thoughts coalesce in your head on the subject at hand.

        Perfectly OK with you, is it Grammar Fiend, so long as your Mossad K*KE buddy makes it all in a day’s work of destroying the site, right?
        So now I don’t have to write privately to Lasha, telling her what a SLEAZE DRIPPER GRAMMAR FIEND IS, enjoy the fruit of OPEN discourse.

        Hope this post stays stuck in your long memory at the last countdown.

      2. @ Lobro

        GRAMMAR FIEND, YOU ARE A CUNT […] a SLIMY CUNT like you will never find a decency in your dessicated, malodorous soul to admit it […] read these posts, you venomous CUNT. […] Perfectly OK with you, is it Grammar Fiend, so long as your Mossad K*KE buddy makes it all in a day’s work of destroying the site, right?

        Whatever dignity you had, Sir Lobro, you lost with the above comment. Your rage signals your total defeat. Your relationship with Lasha Darkmoon, for a start, lies in ruins. It was you who attempted to shame her, not she you, as you falsely claimed in your first comment. I doubt if she will ever forgive you for dragging her into your squalid quarrels when all she probably wanted was to be left alone.

        You will get no lowlife gutter language out from me, Sir Lobro. I leave the bloodfroth and spittle to you, you incorrigible troublemaker — you who have caused the Administrators of this site more grief in the last six months than ten Circassians put together.

        A few points for you to consider:

        1. Lasha did not give you permission to publish her PRIVATE email. She asked you for your permission to publish YOUR private email to her. You could have given your permission or refused it. You published your entire exchange, both emails, simply to shame her and drag her against her will into your vulgar quarrels on this site, exposing her to needless hassle and humiliation. She didn’t ask for this, did she? You thrust this upon her by your constant interference in the way this website is run.

        2. When you wrote Lasha that poison pen email about Circassian, you were most definitely STABBING HIM IN THE BACK. You were making mischief for him. You were maligning him. You were doing this in secret, in a sneaky and slimy underhand way that you hoped you could get away with. That’s precisely what makes you so mad angry: that your dirty little backstairs plotting against Circassian was brought out into the light of day, revealing you as the cowardly backstabber you are. It would have been so convenient for you, wouldn’t it, if your devious scheming and backbiting of Circassian had remained undetected. Unfortunately for you, it didn’t.

        We all know now what your unsolicited emails to Lasha Darkmoon probably consist of when you pester her with your petty concerns which I’m sure she could do without….. slagging off other posters on this site and recommending their removal. Meddler, plotter, backbiter, complainer, whiner, whinger, double-dealing knifer of anyone who dares to cross you or express a different opinion. That’s YOU in a nutshell, Sir Lobro. Man of dishonor, man without dignity, man indecent, disgusting and stewed in malignant deneneracy.

        3. I see your fate clearly, Sir Lobro You will soon be booted off this website for your presumptuous meddling with the internal workings of the site, offering Admin to rewrite their rules and regulations to suit you, or for firing off unsolicited poison pen letters to Lasha Darkmoon telling her to get rid of Poster X or Poster Y or Poster Z. Always interfering, always pestering people, always sticking your nose into other people’s business — you, the ultimate pest and busybody.

        And if they decide to let you stay on here and keep lecturing them on how to run their website, you bumptious little manikin, it will give you no satisfaction! Because they’re not going to let you rule the roost here or get too big for your boots. Ultimately, you will have to admit defeat and go skulking off to that other obscure backwater of a website where your comments will doubtless be greeted by cries of rapture from other dysfunctional creeps like yourself ….. the honorable members of the Mutual Masturbation Society! 🙂

        4. Oh yes, and while I’m still outing you as the fraud you are, Sir Lobro, may I ask if you have any evidence that I’m a “kike”? Did I ever confess to being a Jew? I don’t think I did. So here is another example of your below-the-belt ad hominem scurrility, a sure confession of defeat on your part, if ever there was one.

        You see, you accuse me of being a Jew and you do so in the full knowledge that you have no proof of that. Proof not needed, right? Similarly, you attack Circassian without any proof that the man you are attacking IS actually Circassian, and you go on attacking him even though Admin tells you that you’ve got the wrong man! No proof needed again, right? Paranoid suspicion is enough, it seems.

        Admirable? I don’t think so!

        Finally, you attacked me for being “part of Admin”, if I remember correctly. That was another false accusation. I have nothing to do with Admin, you confused and disagreeable little man. You are obviously too stupid to understand that if Admin wanted to get rid of you, they could just pull the plug on you and block you right away. No need whatever to attack you through ME, is there?

        Another mistake you made was to blame Admin for inventing a whole bunch of sockpuppets to humiliate and harass you. Why would they do that, can you explain? Wouldn’t it be easier just to block you and kick you off the website for your constant interference and confrontational attitude with them? And who exactly are you blaming for being the mastermind behind all these sockpuppets of your imagination? Lasha Darkmoon perhaps? who doesn’t even have time to read the comments and hardly ever writes a comment here herself? Or is Toby the evil schemer out to “get” you? Or is it Sister Monica? Or the ever-silent Monty? All plotting and planning your destruction, are they? 🙂

        Your paranoid self-importance is truly stunning.

        Do you intend to apologize to Admin for accusing them of the monstrous charge of inventing sockpuppets to attack you with? No, of course not! If you’d had any decency, it seems to me, you would have done that long ago.

        Okay, I’ll leave you to it, you sad little loser, destined to spend the rest of your life spitting in other people’s faces and pestering busy writers like Lasha Darkmoon with unsolicited poison pen emails you should be thoroughly ashamed of!!!

        No need to respond to this, Sir Lobro. I am 100% right and you know it.

      3. @FIEND, how appropriate, only one letter more than the accurate description of your genus and obviously above board as per the site policy.

        as offended as you may be, it is purely intentional, please help yourself to whatever offense match whatever shoe that fits.
        Even TROJ would fail to find words that do justice to the contempt I feel for you, given that as the developments reveal, whereas,
        • I went to bat for gentle Carnaptious (Lasha’s own words as per email exchange), evilly attacked by ANOTHER FIEND (let’s be fair, you don’t get credit for that one, FIEND though you have shown yourself to be with respect to your conduct toward me in the last 6 months), a man who may well be at the doorstep to Eternity – it shows that God does work in mysterious ways, although I did not even suspect this at the time, whereas,
        • you, FIEND, went to bat for the OTHER FIEND, just doing his sworn duty to goad the innocents with all the considerable sadism at his talented disposal.

        Walk proud, FIEND, you earned it.

        Now, to the true reason for this post.

        @DARKMOON (Lasha? Toby? Sister Monica? Montecristo?)

        I have just one question, quite simple, requiring an even simpler answer (two or three letter answer is greatly preferred to the longer ones).
        In the spirit of OPENNESS, no more UNSOLICITED emails,

        tell me whether the above post by GRAMMAR FIEND reflects your views in this matter, because judging by the tone of the said post, with all the excoriation and demands, it appears that he DOES speak on the Darkmoon’s behalf, that he claims to be the authentic voice of the site.
        Is this true?

        Just a simple YES or NO will suffice so that I can govern myself accordingly.
        Thank you.

      4. @ Lobro

        @DARKMOON (Lasha? Toby? Sister Monica? Montecristo?)

        I have just one question, quite simple […..] tell me whether the above post by GRAMMAR FIEND reflects your views in this matter, because judging by the tone of the said post, with all the excoriation and demands, it appears that he DOES speak on the Darkmoon’s behalf, that he claims to be the authentic voice of the site. Is this true? Just a simple YES or NO will suffice.

        Listen to me carefully, you wretched attention-seeking man, the very way your question is phrased is unlikely to please Admin. Your entire tone reeks of insolence. It is accusatory and confrontational. You appear now to be picking a quarrel with Admin.

        Well, I advise Admin to ignore your impudent question for the simple reason that I can speak for myself and I am the only one who knows whether I am speaking on behalf of Admin and representing Admin’s viewpoint.

        Here is my answer:

        I speak here in my own right as a private individual. I have nothing to do with Admin. I have never met any of the people who work for this site. I don’t have a clue what they look like. I am a relatively new poster who came to the site much later than Lobro or Sardonicus or Pat did. So how can I possibly “reflect” the views of the site or be “the authentic voice of the site”?

        Even for you, Lobro, to ask this inappropriate question indicates how mentally unhinged you must be.

        If you remember correctly, Admin actually offered you the option of entering into private email correspondence with me and two other posters on this site you had antagonized by your giddy antics: Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly. I think you had accused all three of us of “demonic possession” for disagreeing with you. Instead of accepting Admin’s offer, you chickened out of entering into personal email contact with us. That was your loss. Because you would then have known, if you had accepted Admin’s offer, that I spoke for myself as a private individual in exactly the same way as Sardonicus and Madame Butterfly spoke for themselves as private individuals. I am a private individual here, Lobro, just as YOU are a private individual here and I have my own idiosyncratic viewpoints just like you do. I cannot possibly be “the authentic voice of the site” any more than YOU can be the “authentic voice of the site” — whatever that’s supposed to mean.

        @ Admin

        May I suggest that you give serious consideration to deleting all these off-topic posts. Lobro has a knack of generating off-topic posts, it seems, and going out of his way to create constant disruptions and bad feelings. I intend to withdraw from this site now and trouble it no longer, leaving Lobro behind to enjoy his cheap victory over this “phlegm-ball” known as Grammar Fiend. As for Circassian, I suggest that you remove him from this site if he continues to create problems. In my honest opinion, Circassian’s behavior has been deplorable, but not even one-tenth as deplorable as Lobro’s appalling behavior over the last few months..

        @ LD

        Lasha, don’t let this Canadian troublemaker Lobro bully you any more or stalk you with his pesky unsolicited emails. Cut him off at the knees. Block his emails. Don’t let this internet pest poison your mind with his evil tittle-tattle about other posters on the site. For your own sake, have nothing more to do with this man who has let you down badly and ended up by stabbing you in the back.

        Good luck in your future work, Lasha. Long may your site last! Henceforth I shall become a silent reader.

        Best wishes,

        Grammar Fiend

      5. couple of quick points:
        there was a Grammar Fiend who joined the site a number of years ago, about the same time as Toby and this one stuck to his knitting, sounded like quite a nice chap, almost like Carnaptious type.
        Moreover, if my memory serves, he was introduced as some kind of friend to the DM family.
        If that’s not you, then my apology to THEREALORIGINALGRAMMARFIEND.
        And none to you.
        Who gave you permission to bloviate on DM’s behalf, saying I betrayed Lasha and so forth, forever pushing feud with third parties – although I never called you a jew – look it up and tell me where did I do that – which makes you either a liar or incompetent to even do basic grammar checking, because a 6th grader could have easily ascertained what I meant by

        Perfectly OK with you, is it Grammar Fiend,

        pay attention here before you fail English 101 again

        so long as YOUR Mossad K*KE buddy

        did you get that or need a repaet?

        makes it all in a day’s work of destroying the site, right?

        While not a Jew (I guess), you are no better, according to all evidence.
        Because you fiercely defend a lizard like Circassian.
        Because you try to sow discord between myself and DM crew, including Lasha,
        WHO gave you the right to argue their case, are they such retards that they are unable to do it for themselves?

        STFU and be Silent whether Reader or not or learn the basics of common decency that your busy parents neglected.
        And every word i said to you stands etched in stone until you provide evidence of yet unrevealed qualities, including ability to grammatically parse simple sentences.

        As for myself, i have on numerous occasions offered my absence to the admin, given the number of distractors and enemies (yes, YOU) who clog up the site’s plumbing with their persistent ad-hominem, goading me into a like, lowlife response, the only kind you understand.
        Because last of all, do i want to hurt this site which i watched grow into a mighty engine of goy enlightenment to the everpresent JEW threat.
        And unfortunately, the equally everpresent threat of professional saboteurs like Circassian and their idiot accomplices (yes, YOU), parasitic barnacles on the good ship Darkmoon.

        BTW: that’s what my email to Lasha was all about and yes, it was not agreed that I post the entire exchange but I was really, really, really curious how others (yes, YOU) might interpret the following line she wrote

        you were only too ready to attack him behind his back in several posts after you thought he had left the site for good. Then he suddenly returned and you repented your fall from grace and offered belated apologies. If you are honest, you will admit that you broke your promise to leave Circassian alone.

        I thought that maybe I am imagining things contained in that passage, that i am needlessly paranoid.
        Until both you and Circassian confirmed what i saw, in fact you confirmed it many times over – if it hadn’t been for that quoted line, i would have happily sent in just the first email but I did need the expert opinion of a Grammar Fiend who surely would never misinterpret it.

        Thanks, for once all three of us are in agreement – good enough for me if we never agree on a single thing in our lifetimes – which would also be reassuring.
        As you can see, you and your likes are the reason for its inclusion – I forecast all of this happening.
        And I was right.
        Just like I am right about Trump – you see, I have as much talent for being on the right side as you do for being on a wrong side 😉
        Insha’allah, we both keep our places.

      6. Lobro,

        What can I say….? Hard to find words. Except to say this: the subtext is often of greater significance than the text, and in this case these off-topic posts are of far greater visceral importance than the actual political discussions going on in the foreground. Anyway, you have my 100% support on this, for what it’s worth. Your sincerity is palpable. I’m not sure you are right about Trump, but I feel you are 100% right about all the rest.

        If not, you are certainly on the right track. What we need now is a period of calm and reflection to recoup our forces.

        Let me assure you now, from my own knowledge of the background situation, that Grammar Fiend in no way represents the Administrators of this website or is some kind of chum of theirs, as I think you mistakenly suppose. There you have allowed your “paranoia” 🙂 to run away with you. GF speaks for himself alone and is, yes, I hate to say it, “demonically possessed”.

        Once we accept the existence of these dark forces, this is the only conclusion we can draw. I myself have often experienced the smell of burning rubber in the background and I think both you and Lasha have too. Not for nothing are you called Lobro van Helsing, Vampire Slayer! 🙂

        I’m afraid that no one here (except you perhaps) has an inkling of what I am talking about, but I want to say this to you as the best friend you never had (!) that you have won this victory and that Lasha will not let you down if only you can trust her. She has never betrayed you and she never will.

        Hold fast to that conviction and don’t make the truly gigantic mistake of thinking that Grammar Fiend is in some contorted way the secret emissary of Admin. He is not. He is simply the emissary of the devil.

      7. Sardonicus, that might be your best comment ever.
        Lobro, pretty sure I too remember Mr. French, the family friend..
        (nuff said)

      8. Sard –

        I believe Gram F is a nun with a ruler, fearful, beastly, ugly… looking to bring blood to the knuckles of those with imaginations and thinking outside of the box. )Poe and Orwell would have been her enemies.)

        Then.. ya caint write anythin’ AT AWLL..!! Go figger… 🙂

      9. Pat: “That 17 is way LOW.!!! And, “his life”… Yes, never a woman…”

        Fess up, Pat. You’ll feel much better afterwards.

        How many innocent men, women, and children did you really kill with your “nukes” during the worst of Nam? I mean, how many nuclear missiles from your submarine did you fire off during the 1968 Tet Offensive? Or, for that matter, how many did you fire off during your entire “tour” in Vietnam?

        I’m going guess your answer to these questions is Zero! Nada! Not a single god damned one, right? 🙂

        I guess that nuke bluff was called and the Fake Nukers were found wanting in Vietnam. Ditto for all the bullshit wars that were created — as opposed to prevented — since Jewish nukes and their “thermonuclear mushroom clouds” were supposedly invented in 1945. There’s a mother loving nuke sucker born every minute; ain’t that the truth.

        But more seriously, and further to my last post regarding the YUEGLY important
        “Kyūjō incident”, I now recall reading an anecdote a few years ago at Rerevisionist’s No Nukes–Big Lies website that there were Japanese fighting for North Vietnam who reassured them that “atomic bombs” were fake and hence never dropped on Japan. Sorry, it’s too time consuming to look for that anecdote; his site looks too bewildering and chaotic, like a nuke had exploded, ironically and funnily enough.

        However, I did and was able to quickly and easily corroborate that there were indeed Japanese soldiers who remained in Southeast Asia after WW2 and probably played a role in advising the Viet Cong, if not actually fighting themselves in the jungles of Vietnam. The most infamous and notable would be Colonel Tsuji Masanobu:

        Japanese soldiers with the Viet Minh

        This subject began to fascinate me when I read that the Japanese genius and war criminal Colonel Tsuji Masanobu spent his last years in Vietnam, helping defeat the Americans. Finally someone did serious research into the subject: As a French scholar, using French archives, Christopher Goscha concentrated on the years 1945-1950, and there is of course no proof that any of the individuals he mentions were still serving with the North Vietnamese or Viet Cong during the “American War.” What follows is condensed, with Prof. Goscha’s permission, from his article “Belated Asian Allies,” which appeared in A Companion to the Vietnam War, edited by Young & Buzzanco and published by Blackwell in 2002.

        Belated Asian Allies

        Goscha estimates that perhaps 5,000 Japanese stayed behind in Vietnam in the fall of 1945. (The translator renders their status as “deserters,” but I don’t think that’s honest. How can you desert from an army that has surrendered?) Famously able to subordinate the means to the end, the Communists naturally put them to use in their war against the French. As Goscha points out, the Viet Minh had very little experience in warfare or government, as opposed to guerilla resistance of the sort they had used against the occupying Japanese. They would have been glad of the expertise available in the left-behind Japanese population, both military and civilian.

        Vietnam was divided at the 16th parallel by the victorious Allies, with the Chinese occupying the north and the British occupying the south. The Chinese gave the Viet Minh considerable freedom of action, while the British brought in French troops to relieve them of the burden of occupation; the French of course moved quickly to put down any independence movement.

        The first Japanese aid came in the form of arms: in the north, Vo Nguyen Giap equipped his troops with French weapons that the Japanese had issued to its puppet Indochinese Guard. Japanese weapons made their way into the black market soon after the surrender. It wasn’t long before Japanese soldiers and officers also became available: there was no immediate way home for these men, even if they wanted to go.

        They hadn’t been defeated in the field; they couldn’t understand why the Emperor had ended the war; they had nothing to greet them at home but shame and desolation. [my emphasis]

        Many had Vietnamese wives or girlfriends. When the war ended, they thought of themselves in the tradition of the ronin or leaderless samurai warriors. Like the ronin, they simply gravitated toward whatever employer was willing to hire them. — [Continue reading at Source: War Bird Forum]

      10. @ Sardonicus

        GF speaks for himself alone and is, yes, I hate to say it, “demonically possessed”. […..] Hold fast to that conviction and don’t make the truly gigantic mistake of thinking that Grammar Fiend is in some contorted way the secret emissary of Admin. He is not. He is simply the emissary of the devil.

        I regret ever coming on to this hateful site and I’m amazed that Lobro should be so far gone in paranoia as to believe that I was in some way in league with the administrators of this website. How anyone could have arrived at such a bizarre conclusion beats me, given that my respect for the site administrators has now plummeted to rockbottom level.

        This is clearly a site run from the brothels of Tel Aviv. The chief Whore I will not name but her hateful name begins with an ‘L’.
        G-d curse her to all eternity and may she boil in cauldrons of excrement forever.

        What an insult to find myself dismissed, defamed and vilified as “demonically possessed”. To me that is the ultimate insult. Sardonicus, whom I formerly looked up to as a wise oriental sage, has now shown himself to be nothing more than SCUM!

        ADMIN: This offensive comment has not been deleted but “Grammar Friend” is no longer welcome to post here. This will be his last comment.

      11. Sard, I have now read your exceptional comment – more than once – because it demands it.

        Some things are difficult to verbalize and you touched upon them, if we recognize that not all the reality is tangibly material – in fact perhaps the greater reality is non-material, then we must also accept that the language, by merit of having been primarily developed to aid in war and commerce, is ill-suited for this greater, all-encompassing reality.

        And yes, i do see myself as some van helsing character, however poorly i may stand in comparison to the real thing – the point being that the investigation of this quality called evil, as badly defined as it is well understood on a visceral, universal basis, is what i have devoted the major chunk of my time in these last 15 or so years of my life.

        Because the effects of evil mind and its designs on the world of men, are much more obvious and easy to comprehend than the subtle-to-non-existent interventions of the good force, given that in order to provide us with freedom of choice, this force must stay at arms length removed from everyday existence – whereas evil has no such restrictions placed upon it, considering that its servants have given up all the freedom of choice, their very souls in fact, in service of the evil entity and everything they do is finely directed toward this precisely defined goal – the subjugation of humanity, the eradication of freedom in the final mockery of God.
        Thus, the search for God without having first learned about the reality of evil is a pointless exercise, an exercise in futility, the path to light must pass through the valley of the shadow – right?

        This will help explain the seemingly incomprehensible actions of certain forces right here in this forum, which is a kind of proof-of-pudding that Lasha has assembled something considered an existential threat by this dark entity.
        Much of the turmoil, anger, frustration, and strife that periodically arise here and will likely arise again, because these forces will not go quietly into the bad night, is due to this entity, however non-material its manifestation is, its power over the human mind is immense.

        To ignore it is granting it half the victory it seeks.

        Anyway, a load of my gratitude is due you, Sard.

      12. my, my, how quickly the fangs are bared when the sheepskin clothing is pulled back a bit, one minute posturing as champion of Lasha, the next, denouncing her as whore, isn’t that revealing of what this tag-team charade was all about, forever creating discord, schism, rifts and warmongering behind different smoke-screens and stalking horses.

        Talking about demons and wicked, twisted spirits … but they are good at what they do, very skilled, resourceful and focused.
        Yes, Homer, there was once a true Grammar Fiend, a wholly inoffensive and decent fellow, friend of the family and it looks as if this current one invaded his identity.
        The bit about his “good memory” and then a verbatim quote of uncle Toby’s comment twigged me onto his game.
        How was he able to produce it, given that the oldest article available for on-site search is sometime in October? Prior to that, they are arrayed alphabetically, going back almost a decade.
        Either he has root privileges to Darkmoon WordPress databases and some Boolean search engine or professional resources on disposal, web crawlers, etc., … or maintains his own tabs on certain posters, if not the entire site – a labor-intensive task.

        Yes, that Protocol 8, requoted by Carnaptious, should be part of everyone’s required reading, because the methodology of this team exhibits it to a high degree.
        While we are still in disbelief over activities of Jews globally, they are busily at work right here under our noses, doing what Jews do and have done since the time immemorial.

        These teams will at times get into snarling but fake arguments with one another in order to create an impression of independence and throw off the posse in pursuit.

      13. Glad to see you back in harness, good warrior Lobro, fighting fit and with Viking axe whirling! Your comments are second to none. Today many a head has fallen into the blood-soaked basket!

        Please don’t abandon this site again. You are too damn sensitive. Heck, you have chainmail enough to protect you from the pygmy blows of your enemies. The Tel Aviv Troll factory seems to have migrated to the Darkmoon site. Our team of amateur Luddites are doing their best to hold the fort, but their hearts are in the right places.

        I’ve never met the team, except the Mistress of Vision long ago … and the less I say about those heady days in Florence, the better … those days when I was young and fell madly in love to my own cost. So much could be said alas … but silence after tears of unrequited love and years of anguish … is my only option.

      14. @Sardonicus

        You have wronged Grammar Fiend and you know it. I am asking you again: will you apologize to Grammar Fiend?

    3. The best way to “attack” Circassian is to simply keep the dialogue going and ignore his rudeness or suspecting him of being a mossad troll. The best thing we can do on these threads is to be thought-provoking and express ourselves accordingly. Carnaptious is a big boy. He can handle any Circassian bully tactics.

      If, for example, some readers think Circassian is playin Ol’ Brownhawk when seeing the great grades he gave me in replying to an earlier post, THINK AGAIN. Or when he accused me of being, in effect, one of Pat’s lapdogs, THINK AGAIN. I am nobody’s synchophant. But unlike Circassian, I VALUE the perspectives of others, whereas he comes across as an arrogant know-it-all, which only hurts his cause no matter who or what he really is.

      See below for another “attack”

      1. B-Hawk –

        Circ is ALWAYS guessing wrong about commenters. He has no clue. He just wants division here.

        You have disagreed with me a lot over the years. But, unlike the Mossad’s Circ in Haifa… you do not curse at me. That’s the “YUGE” difference. AND… he can’t stand that.

        Thanks.!! Keep it up.!! He hates it, so… I like it.!! 🙂

      2. @ Pat

        Anyone who disagrees with you is in danger of losing his life.
        So I have been told. And I believe it. You are an assassin who has already claimed 17 lives.

      3. Pat

        As I recall, the worst thing I said about you was that you were pedantic, a notion of which I was quickly disabused once I realized I spoke before thinking. But even still, a second definition of “pedant” is: One who parades learning. So maybe referring to you that way ain’t so bad, speaking as one who considers learning to be the “mother’s milk” of existence (:>)

      4. If Pat’s real history were known, the commenters on this site would be amazed. The dangers represented by this retired assassin have been vastly underestimated.

        Pat was personally involved, according to my informants, in the Mỹ Lai Massacre in South Vietnam on March 16, 1968 when up to 500 unarmed Vietnamese were put to death. It is estimated that Pat was himself responsible for the murder of at least 15.8% of the total, a staggering achievement for a man who was in his early twenties at the time.

        The assassin in the 1971 thriller “The Day of the Jackal” by Frederick Forsyth was based on Pat. His legendary exploits made him a fortune of roughly $17 million ($1 million per assassination). However, he is now worth much than that because he invested most of his criminal earnings in bitcoin, bringing his total holdings to an estimated $1 billion. He is rumored to be a close friend of George Soros.

        This man is now posing as a humble poster on the Darkmoon site. Of course this is mere camouflage. Don’t trust him. He is highly dangerous and possesses several suitcase nukes in his penthouse apartment in Manhattan.

      5. Dimitri Khalezov just e-mailed me. He says he’s giving Pat some NUKE Christmas tree ornaments for soon to be Noel coming soon, the tree ornaments look just like the nukes ((( they))) used to bring down The Twin Towers in NYC on September 11, 2001. My friend Dimitri, he got a Russkie Christmas street ornament factory making some 9/11-in-NYC-Nuke Christmas tree ornaments especially made for Pat! Safe for kids, NO uranium or any other NUCLEAR stuff in the ornaments, so you don’t have to worry about NUKING yourself when you put up your NUKE tannebaum ornaments, Pat, 🙂 .

      6. FW –

        Outed me.!!

        Damn.!! I hate when that happens.!!

        BUTT… the day was “BIGGLY” saved by TROJ… with….

        …his buddy’s NO NUKE NUKES for my pagan X-mas tree ornaments….
        ….and hopefully, a neutron-free wreath for the door.. 🙂

      7. FW –

        Just to let you know… I’m not mad at’cha for outing me.. Here is an insider’s tip for ya’…

        Cryptocurrency, Ripple, has entered into a partnership with credit card giant American Express to….
        ….process international payments using Ripple’s real-time payments network.

        YOU snooze, YOU lose.. “Let ‘er RIPPLE.!!!” 🙂

  24. Well said, Lobro! It took courage to say all that. Gosh, how I admire you! You have my full 100% support for publishing these emails and Admin has my full 200% support for letting them be published without any attempt at censorship.

    It’s high time Circassian realized we are on to him and his malignant activities. If he has succeeded in driving Carnaptious away from this site,

    Lobro, pay no attention to Lasha’s apparent doubts about your integrity.
    I happen to know she has a very soft spot for you. You are one of the few people she would rely on in an emergency. She told me that. You have no better friend.

    1. Sard thanks.
      I’ve been alerted by a mutually friendly party that you have recently submitted another comment supportive of my position.
      Because I am stuck here with my iPhone with microscopic screen, wo glasses, I cannot search for it.
      However, I am told that it is AMAZING

      Can’t wait to see it, in the meantime, yet another heartfelt THANKS 🙏

  25. She told me that. You have no better friend.

    I can well believe that. Lasha’s loyalty to Lobro cannot be doubted. Lasha is a dark horse, believe me, and works in mysterious ways. I’ve had personal experience of that. Her advice to me in an email stopped me committing suicide. I am eternally grateful to her for that.

  26. First, let me say Thank You to Lobro, Lasha, and Sardonicus for your very kind thoughts and words. I was somewhat taken aback to find myself the subject / object of private correspondence that has now appeared on a thread about Putin. However, it was on topics to which I have given some thought over the last couple of days. When I reached my twenties, I realized that, for me, “honesty is the best policy”. While that policy has cost me friends, promotions, jobs, and money, I’ve never regretted following it as closely as I am able to do. So here goes.

    I will turn 61 in a few months. In 2016, while on a camping vacation, I was about to go out kayaking on a small lake, and stopped to have one last cigarette before the paddling would make it impossible. As I was about to finish that ciggie, I felt a tickle in my throat. I hacked up what I thought was phlegm, and spat it out on the ground. The carmine color of that expectoration gave me pause, so I coughed again and got the same result. There is a scientific word for this kind of thing, haemoptysis, and it’s not a good sign. A two and a half hour trip to the nearest hospital, and several hours of testing later, I was informed that I had three “life threatening conditions”: lung cancer, COPD, and two aneurysms already at the point that required surgery. Enough on that subject. It is what it is. I relate it here to make it clear that I have health issues severe enough to make me adjust my lifestyle in significant ways when necessary.

    One of my sisters, now deceased, worked as a receptionist in one of the early “radiation therapy” centers set up to cure cancer with a substance that causes cancer. She often talked to the patients in the waiting room, and after a couple of years working there she noted that people who had trouble letting go of things, people who let the news, their personal or professional relationships, or the long waiting times, etc., “eat away at them” tended not to survive. She also noted that even people who were positive about getting better (a big factor in achieving remission and recovery), didn’t do well if they let things “eat away at them”. I won’t dwell on this, either, except to note that I did, indeed, fall into that category of people who were sure they would get better, but had an unfortunate habit of letting fairly trivial matters get to me.

    Circassian’s ad nomen / ad hominem comments directed at me are a distraction and annoyance that I don’t need. In the past, I would have enjoyed the “rush” of trading insults and barbs with Circassian, but the childish nature of Circassian’s comments, and the sly insults he works into his comments, contribute nothing to the topic at hand, and my replies would be similarly fruitless. Occasionally, Circassian makes comments that address the topic and contribute to the discussion, but more often Circassian’s comments work to create the kind of atmosphere discussed – at tiresome length – here.

    In a strange example of synchronicity, Jim Stone, the subject of another article here at DM today, published the full 35 page PotLEoZ document yesterday. I spent some time yesterday and this morning reading it, again. This passage from Protocol 8 stood out.

    … We must search out in the very finest shades of expression and the knotty points of the lexicon of law justification for those cases where we shall have to pronounce judgments that might appear abnormally audacious and unjust … These persons [Jewish agents] will have consonance of all the secrets of the social structure, they will know all the languages that can be made up by political alphabets and words; they will be made acquainted with the whole underside of human nature, with all its sensitive chords on which they will have to play. These chords are the cast of mind of the GOYIM, their tendencies, short-comings, vices and qualities, the particularities of classes and conditions.

    There are other relevant passages, too many to list or quote, about keeping the goyim distracted, divided, discredited, etc.

    I’ve already spent far more time than I wanted to on Circassian. My time here on earth is likely to be quite limited, and spending even one more moment of it dealing with someone who is, in all likelihood, an agent of the enemy is not something I want to do. My plan was to entirely ignore Circassian, but after reading the exchange between Lobro and Lasha it’s clear I’m not the only one who considers him / her / it a troublemaker. What to do about that is, of course, up to Darkmoon’s owner(s) and administrators.

    I didn’t comment on the article about Putin because I really don’t know much about him. I read some articles that demonize him, and others that portray him as a savior or superman. I don’t give much credit to either viewpoint. I was getting some material together to comment and reply on more recently published articles when the Lobro-Lasha exchange was posted. Sorry if this response contained “too much information”, but recent news (won’t go there) means future absences are likely.

    Thanks again to all who expressed kind thoughts and words about my brief absence.

    1. @Carnaptious

      I am not sure you understand why I have lashed out at you. I do not like people who blame others for the problems created by them.

      I do not like backstabbers, I do not like liars, I do not like perverts. I do not like insincere people. I cannot tolerate indecency. I am very sensitive to illogical conclusions.

      There are very few people on this site who are decent human beings.

      1. There are very few people on this site who are decent human beings.

        So what are you doing here? Trying to “reform” us by telling us how hateful we all are? 🙂

      2. Madame Butterfly, you are not hateful – you are sick. It is not your fault that your are sick – you just are. Sick people can be cured, and you can be cured. Your sickness is of spiritual nature. Your spirit is sick, not your body.

        All you need to do is to listen to your conscience. You have conscience, don’t you? Everyone has conscience, even the vilest person has it. You just have to sit down and listen to it silently.

        Even Sardonicus has conscience, even Franklin has it, even Pat has it, even Lobro has it. You too have it. All you need to do is to listen to your conscience.

        It will guide you, it will tell you what to do and how to do it. That’s all. It is very simple.

        Listen to it, madame, listen to it.

    2. Carnaptious,

      You are an absolute treasure and you are welcome to say whatever you wish on this site. Your comments are among the most interesting and informative I’ve ever read. Second to none! 🙂

      1. Totally agree, I am humbled by Carnaptious’s latest post.

        He and Circassian are mutual antitheses, he is an essential Anti-Circassian, whose overflowing Judaic venom drips out of his hollow fangs with every word he utters.
        Circassian and his kind are the factories of anti-semitism, they fertilize it with every breath they draw.
        They are what they are because they can’t help it, the blueprint of their creation allows no leeway into decency, freedom of choice is not for those who mortgaged the totality of their souls to the Unclean.

        Long may you run, Carnaptious here and hereafter, I am no longer bitter for having been shamed into making the above private disclosure public, now I am proud that I did and in future, I will spare you the aggravation of having to either respond to attacks of these phlegm-balls or withdraw, because i will do it on your behalf.
        With pleasure 😉

  27. People, I am trying to help you to become decent human beings. But you are not listening, damn it!

    I can cure you, but you have to listen. Do you hear me? You have to listen and hear me. Do you copy me?

    1. Circassian

      Putin and co. will all fall in line accordingly until the protocolian agenda is finalized.* I’ll assume that you understand that Stalin, Putin, and ALL Russian national leaders that came after the bolshevik scum, Lenin, have been under the thumb of the controllers in the “west”.

      Like I’ve indicated, those especially scummy (egregious) jews who were removed from the stage after having served their purpose as useful idiots would have brought the whole Russian house down had they not been tossed in history’s overflowing dust bin.

      *In my view, the success of this will mark the END of their precious “new order”, not the beginning, contrary to most views. Perhaps Putin understands this, but regardless, after that, an emerging Russia will have at it’s head elements of the Russian orthodoxy. Call it a theocracy of TRUE Divine sanction, and not under the control of the lower case “gods”.

      How’s that fer clairvoyance? (:>)

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