The Saker — ‘The US has lost the war in Syria and is now in bed with terrorists!’


September 28, 2017. Here is the original and full transcript of my recent interview with Sputnik (by email). Due to the decision by the Sputnik editors to remove parts of my replies which I consider to be essential, I have taken the painful decision not to grant any further interviews to Sputnik. — The Saker


“It is hard to talk with people who confuse Austria and Australia”. — Vladimir Putin
(See Putin has openly mocked the United States)

Sputnik: Could you comment on the US recent actions in Deir ez-Zor? What could have been behind the alleged US provocations in the region?

The Saker: The US has lost the war in Syria. The good and the bad terrorists are in full retreat, Assad is firmly in power and nobody believes anymore that he can be removed. The Israelis are in a total panic mode. The Saudis are enraged. And the Russian peace initiative is backed by all the actors who truly matter: the Syrians themselves, of course, but also Iran and Turkey.  Even Hezbollah has declared victory. This is a massive loss of face for the Empire and a humiliation for the USA.

As a result, the Americans are falling back to their plan B – that is, to partition Syria, and keep control of at least some areas in the northeast of the country in order to keep US military forces (illegally) present in Syria, keep control of the oil fields east of the Euphrates river and continue to destabilize and subvert the liberated regions of Syria.

The Americans hope to achieve that by using the Syrian Kurds as their boots on the ground.  The problem with that plan is that with the help of the Russians, the Syrians have freed the city of Deir-ez-Zor and that their forces have now crossed the Euphrates river.  Now it is the American plan B which looks increasingly threatened.  This is why the Americans are engaging in terrorist attacks against Russian military personnel.

Sputnik: What are the US’ major objectives in Syria and what could Russia expect from the US-led coalition in the near future? Did the US State Department really abandon the idea to topple Bashar al Assad?

The Saker: The US-lead coalition is composed of three entities: the US armed forces, the good terrorists and the bad terrorists.  The rest of that ‘coalition’ is entirely theoretical.  This means that all that the Russians can expect from such a ‘coalition’ are more terrorist attacks, more provocations.

The US State Department can abandon the idea to topple Bashar al Assad or not, this will make exactly zero difference on the ground.

Secretary Tillerson has proven himself a weak man, unable to even contain Nikki Haley at the UN, never mind taking any effective actions against the Neocons and their allies in the US deep state.  The latter are now back in total control of the USA.

These people have a single operating mode: war, war and more war.

As for a sudden outbreak of peace, that is their worst nightmare.

The Russians fully understand that and this is why they work with everybody else in the region, even crazy states like Israel or Saudi Arabia.  At least those two are capable of making a deal and sticking to it. In contrast, the USA are what the Russians called “non-agreement capable” (недоговороспособны).

This is why even Putin said that it is “hard to talk with people who confuse Austria and Australia”.

Sputnik: Is it possible that Daesh struck some sort of a deal with the US in order to save the lives of terrorists and preserve their positions in Syria?

The Saker: Of course!  Daesh and all the other terrorist groups are working hand in glove with the United States.  The recent satellite photos published by the Russians prove that: they are all working together and they have been doing this for years.

Sputnik: Is it possible that Washington is considering Daesh and Al-Qaeda’s affiliate al-Nusra Front as an effective bulwark against the Assad regime?

The Saker: Not anymore.  That was their original plan, but now that all the terrorists, good and bad, have been either defeated or have switched sides and are part of the Russian peace plan, the last American hope is for the Kurds.  Of course, the Americans will still be working with Daesh, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS and all of the other labels the various Takfiri groups use, but by now they know that it is over and that they will not topple the Syrian government or even conquer most of Syria.

Sputnik: If there is cooperation between US military personnel and Daesh, was it authorized by Washington or has the Pentagon/CIA taken the liberty to collude with terrorists in order to achieve America’s objectives (oust Assad, split Syria up) using all means possible?

The Saker: I don’t have access to secret US negotiations transcripts, but it is an easy guess to make that the CIA and the Pentagon have been working with Takfiri terrorist groups as far back as the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. This has then continued in Bosnia, Chechnia, Kosovo, and, of course, on 9/11 when Takfiri terrorists have been used as patsies to sit in the planes which were slammed in the Twin Towers before they, along with World Trade Center 7, have been brought down by controlled demolition.

You have to understand a simple but crucial fact: Takfiri terrorists are the foot soldiers of the Empire. They are the creation of the US and the US has always tried to control them, more or less successfully.

Sputnik: Could Moscow continue its cooperation (intelligence sharing and etc.) with Washington on Syria given the US controversial actions in the region? Will the US continue efforts to disrupt the Syrian Arab Army’s advance in Deir ez-Zor, Idlib, northern Syria? And what should Russia do to avoid possible US traps?

The Saker: Moscow should continue to engage in deconfliction efforts with the USA, just because there might be mentally sane US officers in Syria who would want to avoid a potentially very dangerous incident between US and Russian forces.  But the real solution is to begin to demand a full withdrawal of all US forces from Syria as they are they totally illegally.

The Russians should also accept as a fact that the US will continue to break agreements, refuse to abide by the terms of any negotiated deal, and continue to support all the terrorist forces in Syria and the rest of the region.

The United States are simply unable to collaborate in any meaningful way.  All they can do is sabotage any and all peace efforts and subvert the Syrian government.  This is very sad, but this is also a fact of life.

Instead, what the Russians should do is give their fullest support to the Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces on the ground until they finally liberate Syria from all the terrorist forces, including the Americans.  


If you are interested, you can find what Sputnik actually posted here

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  1. “…Instead, what the Russians should do is give their fullest support to the Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces on the ground until they finally liberate Syria from all the terrorist forces, including the Americans…”

    And that is what it is, the Americans belong to the terrorist forces.

    It is a pity however that this article does not mention the actions of the Israeli terrorist force, which are : planning the whole operation in Syria from Tel Aviv, pressuring Washington by Jewish American neo-cons, numerous bombings in Syria by the Israeli air force, offering medical assistance to wounded terrorists, and above all inventing all kinds of false flag “chemical attacks by Bashar al-Assad on his own people”.

    This whole conflict in Syria is an artificial Israeli construct according to the Oded Yinon plan. Now that it has failed Israel is playing the Kurdish card : promoting the establishment of an independent Kurdish state in NE Iraq (and east Syria), which will be an ally of Israel. Israel plans to send 200,000 Jews of Kurdish descent to the new Kurdish state. These Jews will “help” (i.e. control) their Kurdish brethern.
    See Haaretz, Sep 15, 2017 : 200,000 Jews Will Settle Kurdistan.

    Satan never sleeps.

    1. Yes indeed Franklin, we may well ask about the Israeli Terrorist Force, the Israeli manufactured weapons and munitions, the Daesh fighters receiving treatment in Israeli hospitals, the Israeli Air Force attacks against the Syrian State.

      The Saker’s interview with Sputnik is otherwise pretty good, but if you want to know the dirty truth about the Iraqi Kurd leadership, there is an excellent article at By the Grace of Israel; the Barzani Clan and Kurdish “Independence”. The article and many well informed comments note the abandonment by Barzani of also ethnic Kurdish Yazhidis to ISIS, first taking most of their weapons. The Yazhidi women were then taken wholesale and abused and sold like cattle. Then the Barzani annexed their land.

      Barzani got away with the theft of Iraqi oil producing Kirkuk because for the last several years he has been selling oil to who else, Israel, with the support of US oil companies. The Barzani clan’s close relationship with Israel is noted, with a photo of elder Barzani sitting down with Mossad head Meir Amit, as well Mossad officer Lt. Col. Sagi. So the sordid ties go back to 1963.

      Barzani is a commonly recognized Jewish surname among the Kurds, Asenath Barzani was a famous 17th century Jewish scholar. The current Barzani’s term of office expired years ago, so he still rules as an unelected boss only by the whim of Israel and oil companies with their pipeline plans in the region.

      The 200,000 Jews planned to be sent to the Kurdish area would very possibly sooner or later find other Kurds, not only the Yazidis, with a fate much like Palestinians as the newcomers slowly take it all for themselves.

      It’s interesting that the Turkish Kurdish group (PKK) is predominantly Marxist, as are the Syrian branch. So Israel has been planning Turkish destabilization and destruction as well for quite some time, as well as Syrian and Iranian (and Libyan; and Egyptian; and Lebanese, etc. etc.)

    2. F.R.,
      Perhaps Im a simpleton trucker. But I cant comprehend “Jews of Kurdish descent.” Arent the Kurds an Aryan-Indo race? Correct me if Im wrong. Or is it “Kurds of Jewish descent.”
      Very puzzling indeed. It seems that anyone who is willing to “dance with the devil” can be considered a Jew. At least temporarily. Even a “Jew” who stops dancing (Gilad Atzmon ) for example, stops being a Jew and immediately falls into disgrace. In my more than 1 year posting on Darkmoon (and occasionally getting a spanking from administración ) I have repeatedly stated that Judaism is an ideology. Race is not a factor. To equate Judaism with religion also is absurd. If I had wanted, I, as a child, could have “achieved” Israeli citizenship because my grandfather was a Jewish WW II vet with connections. The problem is, I simply hated the old man and his Marxist ideas. While he visited Israel and met old friends, I stayed behind and played baseball as well as practiced gymnastics in the U.S. Im glad I didnt Many a night, sitting in his mansion on the shores of Lake Norman, North Carolina, back in the 80’s hed, after dinner and Scotch, would start informing us about the beauties of Marxism. “All men were created equal ,” hed say. But there is so much income disparity. Just look how the blacks are discriminated against.” Id ask him “how?” All my black friends have gotten scholarships . How are they discriminated against? ” Hed just down another shot of Scotch and say…..youll understand when youre older .

    3. Madame Butterfly,
      I was watching a video of Wang Chung. Just thinking of you. How much I desire you.

  2. Neocons and their allies in the US deep state. The latter are now back in total control of the USA.

    Latter? Maybe former? “Neocons” my ass, why not (((Jews?))) In any case I never knew the Jews went anywhere, as they have been in control of the US more than 100 years and fostered all its wars over that time period.

    Let’s get this straight – there are no “neocons” or “anti-semites”, there are only (((Jews))) and the people that recognize them for what they truly are – bloodsucking parasites sapping the economic, cultural and morale fiber from the country.

    Such euphemisms are Jew inventions that only serve to hide the Jew. Perhaps if the stupid goyim refused to play the wordsmith’s game and began identifying Jews by their proper name, people might begin waking up – Common sing it out and sing it loud!

    Dr. Jew lyrics

    I’m one of those (((Jews))) and I’m proud
    I used to feel alone in a crowd
    But now you look around these days
    And it seems there’s a Jewish CRAZE
    I’m a Jew, he’s a Jew, she’s a Jew and we’re all Jews
    Wouldn’t you like to be Jewish too?
    I’m a Jew, he’s a Jew, she’s a Jew
    If you follow us, you can be a Jewish tool!
    Us Jews are an interesting breed
    An original country is all we need
    Ask any Jew and they’ll say “only America tastes that way”
    Oh, I’m a Jew, he’s a Jew, she’s a Jew and we’re all Jews, wouldn’t you like to be Jewish too?
    I’m a Jew, he’s a Jew, she’s a Jew and we’re all Jews, wouldn’t you like to be Jewish too?

    Come on, be a Jew! Drink to your death, drink deeply, drink Dr. Jew!!!

    There, that wasn’t so difficult – was it

    it is “hard to talk with people who confuse Austria and Australia”.

    It’s impossible to talk to people too stupid to understand who is running their country and how they willingly gave control to these parasites.

    1. There are more jews on this planet than the jews want you to know.
      It could be your so called colleague, moviestar, employer, your ‘ friend’ etc.
      The jews always lie. It could be the one who is always talking about adolf hitler. It could even be Lasha Darkmoon.

    2. ARCH STANTON,your opinion will upset the poor jew victims,the only victims ever,ever,ever,since the Dawn of Time..I still think Mr Adolf Hitler was 100% right about the thieving,global, jew Bankers and other matters.Now please beware of what you think and say…..George Orwell’s 1984 is real…..I agree with your opinion.Have a nice week end.

  3. “The Saker — ‘The US has lost the war in Syria and is now in bed with terrorists!’”

    Nothing could be further from the facts. The US is WINNING on both sides…. manufacturing Russia’s military equipment, and everything else of use there…. and supplying all sides.

    Corporate profits are UP..!! “America Great Again..!! 🙂

    Saker should report ALL of what Sputnik has been writing… and what Russia’s government and manufacturers are actually doing. He has to rely on Sputnik because he does not want to live in Russia anymore. I use Sputnik as well as he does….. here:

    Admission that US CORPORATIONS are using Russia’s CHEAP labor:”producing in Russia because the cost of labor is lower”

    The corporate powers are playing the world for suckers by overstating Russia’s capabilities on one side, while saying they have “challenges” in manufacturing. Can’t be both.

    “….Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney” are having the successes, not the Russians…!! 🙂

    Aerospace R&D Sector ‘Very Strong’ in Russia – Business Association. This says it all – between the lines – about Russia’s PRESENT – – jet, rocket and aerospace manufacturing capabilities…. WEAK to ZERO..!!

    Sebastien Dakin, the Regional Director of Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA), said that there are a lot of very good Russian specialists in aerospace sector, but Russia still faces challenges at the manufacturing level

    Aug 26, 2015

    ZHUKOVSKY (Sputnik), Alexander Mosesov – The demand for Russian specialists by leading western aerospace company research and development (R&D) departments demonstrates the sector’s proficiency, the Regional Director of Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA) told Sputnik on Wednesday.

    “There are very good scientists in Russia. The fact that Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney are doing research and development in Russia shows this is a very strong sector in Russia,” Sebastien Dakin said on the sidelines of MAKS-2015 International Aviation and Space Salon.

    He added that the country still faces challenges at the manufacturing level.

    But Dakin noted that the current Russian economy is creating favorable circumstances for establishing production facilities for avionics equipment in the country.

    “It’s probably a good time to start producing in Russia because the cost of labor is lower at the moment, the ruble is going down and it makes products a bit more competitive,” Sebastien Dakin said.

    The Russian currency lost almost half its value compared to mid-year in December 2014, falling to about 69 rubles against the dollar amid a decrease in global oil prices and continued Western economic sanctions against Moscow. Since then the ruble’s value has seen volatile cycling between 50-70 rubles per dollar.

    On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russian producers would benefit from the ruble’s devaluation as Russia-produced exports show increased profitability.

    MAKS-2015 was inaugurated on Tuesday in the Russian city of Zhukovsky with over 400,000 visitors expected during the course of the six-day event.

    About 760 companies from 35 countries are expected to participate in the air and space show, including Russia’s state technology corporation Rostec and arms exporter Rosoboronexport, as well as…. arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey, Russian Helicopters, and several companies from the space industry.

    1. The REAL purpose of the war is to garner MORE $$$$$.!!

      ALL countries are hooked together at the top. They attend international symposiums and events and set the deals… to benefit Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London and US.

      Congress works the same way.

      The six largest U.S. banks could see net income rise $6.4 billion, or 7 percent, if President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress can push through their proposed corporate tax rate cut.

      1. Good point Pat. Youre such a stickler for the facts. The best on Darkmoon. I always felt that the Russians could have easily won this low-intensity cat-and-mouse conflict in Siria years ago if theyd wanted to. Now we know why they didnt . Its all about the corporate dinero trail amigo.

  4. Frank expressed my exact sentiment about the US involvement in Syria. Eventhough I don’t see everything with him eye to eye, I have to give credit where credit is due.
    The current U.S. bombing campaign being conducted in Syria is entirely illegal. There are only two ways to legally bomb the territory of another country:

    1) an invitation from that country’s government and

    2). a UN Security Council resolution.

    The U.S. has not obtained either of them. Now we are sending in troops/advisors to fight ISIS.

    That is exactly how the U.S. got involved in Vietnam War.

    By the time the United States withdrew from Vietnam in 1973, more than 1.5 million Vietnamese had died, more than 58,000 U.S. troops had been killed, more than 150,000 were wounded, and at least 2,000 were missing in action. A US war on Syria is equally unjust and it’s illegal

    Syria is a sovereign nation, Assad is it’s elected leader. What the US is engaging in is an “Act of War” under any definition and is completely illegal. Russia is complying with the terms of it’s treaty with Syria, which is completely legal under international law.

    The real reason the U.S. is going to war in Syria is to eliminate one of Israel’s bitter enemies. As in the past 12 years, the U.S. was pressured by AIPAC and Israel, to fight on behalf of Israel. As a result, Iraq and Libya are destroyed and in total ruins.

  5. The Saker says that “the US is NOW in bed with Terrorists.” NOW? When were they NOT in bed with them? Just going back to Carter alone, the US has been in bed with terrorists since they supplied Bin Laden’s Afghan jihadists with stinger missiles against the Soviets – who were there at the request of the Kabul government (just like the Russians are in Syria today).

    And, although I like reading the Saker, I hate that he muzzles himself by always using the word neocons without ever calling them what they are – Zionist Jews. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be fired from online magazines, as recently happened to US patriot Philip Giraldi when the American Conservative fired him for using the “J” word.

  6. I will requote what was already block-quoted

    The Saker: The US has lost the war in Syria. The good and the bad terrorists are in full retreat, Assad is firmly in power and nobody believes anymore that he can be removed. The Israelis are in a total panic mode. The Saudis are enraged. And the Russian peace initiative is backed by all the actors who truly matter: the Syrians themselves, of course, but also Iran and Turkey. Even Hezbollah has declared victory. This is a massive loss of face for the Empire and a humiliation for the USA.

    This would not have happened, had Trump not conspired against his own Deep State apparatus, which is fully in cahoots with JEW, if not in fact controlled by him.
    And moreover, in his own meek, sneaky way, i suspect that even Obama was part of that earlier conspiracy and part of the reason Netanyahu hated him so viscerally.
    Both POTUSes could have done a great deal more to bring Assad down, by simply going in before Russians did.

    To interpret events of global importance, all you need to do is ask the essential Talmud question: “Is it good for JEW“.
    If it isn’t, it’s the 100% sure sign of high level, powerful, meaningful resistance, however unannounced, to make it open is worse than holocaust Denial **boo-hoo, flashlight under chin**.

    Much has happened this year that is detrimental to JEW.
    Meaningful rewording of Saker’s quoted line:
    This is a massive loss of face for the JEW Empire and a humiliation for the USA Rothschilds … because it shows they can be beaten and this realization alone is half of victory, just like the Hezbollah cleaning the Jew’s clock in Lebanon … there goes the myth of Shlomo’s invincibility.

    IMO, the Saker is only good for strictly battlefield analysis, broader geopolitics and diplomacy are beyond his bailiwick.
    Take a look in the rear view, so far he has made no accurate calls in 2017, which is the price of focusing on the histrionics for the benefit of masses – masses exist to be misled.

    1. Some good points, Lobro.
      PresidenT oBarnum’s nuke deal with Iran Was a highlight from him.
      And Trumps not only defiance, but public butt kicking You’re Fired! to the CIA was Bigly Badass.
      Pretty sure it was another ‘they said it couldn’t be done’ moment..

    2. “To interpret events of global importance, all you need to do is ask the essential Talmud question: “Is it good for JEW“. If it isn’t, it’s the 100% sure sign of high level, powerful, meaningful resistance…”

      But here’s the thing: almost nothing that the jews do (directly or by proxy) is ULTIMATELY good for the jews, because evil has a way of eventually destroying itself.

      “Much has happened this year that is detrimental to JEW.”

      Indeed it has.

      If it’s your position that Trump will be the downfall of the jews and their agenda, I agree with you 100%; where we differ is in the mechanism.

    3. yes, hp, quite right, i even think that obama had a secret spark of gentile decency in him, weak coward that he was (is).

      @ harold smith
      first, let me commend that excellent post where you establish some clever analogies between physics and spirituality, a link that is sadly ignored by many scientists but not all.

      that idea of a spiritual vertical effort, climbing stairs of gravitational potential as it were would equate with what i see as karma (not that i know much about oriental philosophies either, just my quick takeaway) and karma is like money in the bank, to spend or hoard for later use, thus the “lost $20 at a convenience checkout” – grab $20, you have wasted $20 karmic dollars from the spiritual account, do the right thing and return it, 20 karma-bucks added to the account.

      what is of greater and finer interest is the notion of imaginary number axis in complex analysis as relating to the world of spirit, inaccessible to the Real field, yet vastly enriching the world of provable propositions once incorporated, of course much of today’s physics, e.g., fluid mechanics would practically not exist without it.
      Thanks for that, it bears further thought.

      I also agree with much of how you see jews as essentially spiritually lazy and inert and sold out to the basest temptations at the bottom of that gravitational pit.
      Their bank accounts brimming with cash, spiritual (karmic) accounts empty.

      Now, on the subject of Trump, i will readily accept that he is the Orange Clown but are his antics, so damaging to jew, intentional or hilariously unintentional, suggesting that Jews who selected him made an enormous mistake of judgment, they, who are so careful in their game theoretic analyses and psychological profiling.
      Would they be capable of catastrophic error of this magnitude, given the range of “wonderfully” suitable candidates, all of whom way better than him, e.g., Hillary or even Bernie Sanders – any of the rest.

      Or did he sneak past all the tripwires like an ingenious burglar and made off with crown jewels, just like they condescendingly ignored Stalin and Putin to their everlasting grief, because although both were originally termed harmless, the former a dumb boor and the latter, an insipid clerk, neither of them were considered dull or harmless later on.
      I think that they duly respect Trump now for the damage he is threatening to wreak and are beside themselves on how to remove him without causing an offsetting social upheaval whereby their true devil-face is revealed as the mask drops.

      1. Lobro –

        The “YUGE Pharisee-Jew Bankers put Trump in office and control him to do this:

        The six largest U.S. banks could see net income rise $6.4 billion, or 7 percent, if President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress can push through their proposed corporate tax rate cut.

        TPP and Paris pull(not final)…etc are ALL distractions and pablum to appease his supporters.

        Trump gives Pharisee-Jew Bankers EXACTLY what they need and want for MORE CONTROL…more..$$$$. They “BIGGLY” like their puppet..!! He helps them do their god’s work..!!

        Stop reading his lips… read his actions.. 🙂

        (Stalin cannot Tweet anymore.) 🙂

        Just a few hours ago:
        Trump’s tax cut could hand Wall Street banks a $6.4 billion profit boost

        The six largest US banks — JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley — stand to reap a MASSIVE WINDFALL that would boost net income by 7% if the plan, which cuts the corporate tax rate to 20% from 35%, successfully clears Congress.

      2. @ Lobro

        “what is of greater and finer interest is the notion of imaginary number axis in complex analysis as relating to the world of spirit, inaccessible to the Real field, yet vastly enriching the world of provable propositions once incorporated, of course much of today’s physics, e.g., fluid mechanics would practically not exist without it.”

        That’s VERY WELL PUT Lobro. I thought you would appreciate the reasoning…and perhaps add to it.

        Anyway, there is a little more to my “theory of spirituality” than I mentioned in that post. But being that you mentioned imaginary numbers, I can put it this way. If someone asks the question for example: “Does ‘Satan’ actually exist (impliedly as some kind of a ‘being’)? I would respond: Does the number i = (-1)^0.5 actually exist?

        (And when I consider how some interactions with Satan are described in the Bible, I see what I would call “divine brilliance” at work).

        Anyway, if humans are creatures with a dual nature, that is, spiritual beings in a physical body or something like that, maybe we can think of human behavior as something roughly analogous to the behavior of an ac circuit, for example; in the sense that it may be amenable to analysis (or some kind of understanding) on the “complex plane”. In which case the “real” axis would represent the physiological and instinctive component of human behavior, and the “imaginary” axis would represent spiritually motivated behavior such as love of animals, love of God, etc. – on the positive side of the real axis – and various manifestations of “evil” behavior on the negative side of the axis.

        When I start thinking about this, I’m led to the question of where does the “essence” of a person lie? What is it exactly that makes people “unique” (in terms of behavior)? Is it just a matter of some kind of “brain chemical profile” or something like that?

        But I rule out brain-chemical-related-explanations for several reasons. If that were true, the U.S. “government” in its Satanic zeal to control peoples’ minds, would probably have already developed some kind of “pills” designed to turn “Mister Rogers” into “the Zodiac killer”. I’m sure they’ve tried, and it doesn’t seem to work. Conversely, no one has been able to develop a pill to transform a “Jeffrey Dahmer” into a civilized person, as far as I know.

        Also there’s the empirical case of a “spiritual epiphany” which seems to change a person’s outlook/behavior almost instantaneously, such as what Karla Faye Tucker apparently experienced in prison (and my own experience in becoming a vegetarian for example). These types of empirical examples seem to defy “worldly” explanations.

        So if these phenomena can’t be satisfactorily explained in terms of “brain chemicals”, I resort to a “field” analogy and posit that the “essence” of a person resides in a “spiritual energy field” associated with that person, analogous to the gravitational or electromagnetic field associated with a physical object under consideration for example. And I would further posit that it is this spiritual energy field that interacts with spiritual forces in the spiritual realm. This may be the explanation for otherwise inexplicable phenomena such as animals that seem to be able to sense whether a certain person is friendly or not; or the otherwise inexplicable feeling or revulsion or warmth a person might suddenly get when meeting another person for the first time.

        Going back to the example of the person who just climbed a set of stairs, I can imagine the associated gravitational field as being the “interface” between the particular mass under consideration, and the surroundings; i.e. the balance of mass in the universe.

        A final example related to electrical engineering (with which I’m more familiar) would be an analysis of a high voltage insulator for example. A common problem in electrical engineering is to bring a conductor from a region filled with an insulating material such as transformer oil into a vacuum region where a static high voltage or a pulsed high voltage will drive a cathode to create an electron beam used to make x-rays; or perhaps the beam will exit the vacuum region through a foil “window” into another area and used for some other purpose.

        Nowadays, this type of problem would be analyzed (simulated) using some kind of 2D or 3D Maxwell solver (software), and the sought-after result would be a “picture” showing for example the electric “field” lines (or related equipotential lines) associated with the insulator. And this field representation of the situation – a set of “squiggly lines” unique to the item under analysis – would basically tell the engineer everything he wants to know to ascertain whether the design will be successful, or whether there will likely be a high voltage flash-over across the insulator surface, excessive field emission somewhere, or some other undesirable thing.

        So the engineer would put “faith” in the design based on what the imaginary “squiggly lines” are telling him.

        One final example (at the risk of boring everyone) that comes to my mind is the electromagnetic environment around us. If we could “see” electromagnetic fields we would see ourselves immersed in a virtual sea of “squiggly lines” from the local FM transmitters, TV stations, WiFi, etc., each one associated with electromagnetic “energy” and generally carrying some kind of “information”. And we choose what we’re going to tune into and perhaps be influenced by; “eat at Joe’s diner”, “vote for Bill Jones for township supervisor” or “we really need to drop bombs on Iraq”, etc.

        Perhaps we can image a similar situation of ever-present spiritual forces/fields that seek to influence us, and we have some choice as to what we’re going to tune into and be influenced by, just like Eve had a choice?

        So can we look at people as having their own personal spiritual energy field which makes them unique? And is it the quality and quantity of this field that Jesus was referring to when he alluded to a concept of “rewards in heaven” or something like that?

      3. Lobro –
        In centuries past…. and not that many back… the images seen only by the observer – seer – caused by cataracts, scotomas, macular degeneration, chororetiopathy and muscae volitantes….etc… and just plain old blurred vision, were believed to be spirits and apparitions. 🙂

        Muscae volitantes:

        See a brilliant scotoma… aka apparition:

      4. “humans are creatures with a dual nature”, quite so and animals too.
        i cannot in good conscience accept some fundamental distinction between humans and animals, since there is no evidence for it, biological or behavioral.
        It is as arbitrary as jews claiming to be Chosen, in fact, it is the application of the same hubristic lack of logic.

        Pat, the optic phenomena you mention are not too relevant, imo, like trying to disprove the existence of submarines by tales of waterboarding or something … psychic experiences will necessarily be manifested optically and linking them to visual phenomena does in no way refute them, vague similarity does not establish identity.

      5. “quite so and animals too.
        i cannot in good conscience accept some fundamental distinction between humans and animals, since there is no evidence for it, biological or behavioral.”

        I agree about non-human animals, with some qualification. It seems they exhibit behavior that goes beyond “physiology” and “instinct”, IMO. For example they respond in kind to love and affection. And some of the studies I’ve seen on rats (and I love all animals including rats) are simply fascinating. Partly from personal experience, I believe that humans and animals can “interact” in the spiritual realm as well as the physical, so that implies a dual nature for them also.

        But the Bible makes a distinction between human and non-human animals in that humans are made in the *image* of God (Genesis 1:26). And since God is “spirit” (John 4:24) this implies that humans have some spiritual qualities that animals don’t have.

    4. “…like the Hezbollah cleaning the jew’s clock in Lebanon…there goes the myth of Shlomo’s invincibility.”


      All high praises to the intractable and determined fighters of Hezbollah, most assuredly. But what has happened this year being detrimental to JEW doesn’t take into consideration the higher and lower echelons of “international Jewry”. To the LOWER echelon is the detriment. To the higher MANIPULATING the lower, not much, except for the timeline factor

      That the “JEW Empire” continues apace according to plan is the bad news. The GOOD news is that this higher echelon is running out of time in EFFECTING the plan in terms of it reaching it’s full potential.

  7. This: Tom Watson Statue To Be Removed From Georgia State Capitol

    Then this: Ray Lewis Statue Surrounded By Police And Private Security After Petition To Remove Circulates.

    Statues of stupid, violent, worthless Negro football players, who enriched themselves at the white man’s expense and never did a damned thing for America, are protected by police and private guards, while statues of white statesmen who helped build America are removed as refuse and destroyed.

    If the white man ever awakens and sets things straight, Negros better damned well stay on their knees and pray. Of course that can only happen after the Jews are gone.

    In the meantime, the government’s profligate spending continues on a steep upward spiral, especially in the defense sector. Twenty Trillion in debt and rising as sucm-sucking politicians go right on spending like they have a printing press, when in fact it is the Jews who own the money machine, “loaning” their worthless script to the government at usurious interest rates. Jews are not stealing your money, they are stealing your lives by enslaving you with their debt system. So what’s left to lose when the Donald declares war on another coutnry and begins using all that expensive firepower?

    America is on a rapid road to ruin. How much longer can America possibly have with such trends appearing daily?

    1. “America is on a rapid road to ruin. How much longer can America possibly have with such trends appearing daily?” Excellent question.
      TJ would like take a survey of Darkmoon readers on just how long will it take before the finale curtain closes on the American empire. Many scholars have compared the startling similarities between the fall of the Roman empire that took about 400 years ending in the mid 5 century and the American version of Pax (peace). Can there be any doubt that America and Western Europe is being “sacked” by third world barbarian immigrants, just has Rome was finally sacked by the German barbarians that had been softened up by the immigrants from around empire. TJ is of the opinion that America has only about 40-50 years left if things are left to continue. America started down the road to empire beginning with the Mexican American war of 1848 continuing with the Spanish American war at the turn of the last century with the final touches of the great 100 year war of the 20th century. Just like the Roman citizen, the American citizen live their lives as if things will just continue as they are far into the future and then within a short time every thing falls to pieces. Whereas beginning with the age of the Caesars with the pretense of still living in the old Roman republic the American people are under the pretense of still living in a Republic with the Jew taking the place of the Roman Caesar. When will it all end?
      Remember. as HAC says “the purpose of democracy is to prevent change”.

      1. TJ –

        You wrote:
        “TJ would like take a survey of Darkmoon readers on just how long will it take before the finale curtain closes on the American empire.”

        I’ll go first.

        There have been waaaaay mor “BIGGLY” worse times in America…. it is not mentioned anymore because the folks that suffered through them are dead..!!!

        My mother’s father and his brothers killed numerous criminal men with knives and guns and beat many almost to death defending their property and homes in northeast Arkansas along the Mississippi River. When the sheriff had a problem too tough for him to handle he deputized them on the spot and they put down the problem makers. Some even made it to jail.!! 🙂

        Most folks in that WWI generation had no indoor plumbing until the 50’s and no electricity until the 40’s.
        So, we live in times with amenities they never dreamed possible.

        How long will it take? That is an indeterminate…. because “final curtain” is ambiguous. The aboriginals might claim a “final curtain” of their own definition happened over 300 years ago.

      2. T.J.,
        American empire ended after the U.S. military took Florida from Spain and later the Southwest from México. Since then “Corporate Empire” under the false banner of the U.S. flag has been in full swing using the U.S. military as its muscle to over-throw governments around the World who opposed their theft of each nations resourses.

  8. You can’t control the Jews or Blacks. Much less the Muslims or Mexicans.

    Game over guys, without a single shot being fired. Because you have to go watch the Hollywood movies and sports games, right? By the way, all owned by the Jews, even if whites make up many of the actors and athletes.

    Look in the mirror. White America has failed, it’s a failed construct. But, it was interesting while it lasted, and you can still have a decent life until they bankrupt you when you get sick.

    1. @ Dolph

      You have no idea what I or some of my friends have had to put up and struggle through. Have you ever set your own bone when it was sticking up out of place through your skin – I have. Let’s just say I’m not what you would call a “typical” American, and the realities of growing up in a poor family as my friends did in Thailand give you a unique perspective and unusual insight. CNN is now at a 22 year low. The NFL is tanking – even the US military realizes that unless they put a quick end to the kneeling crap their future recruiting base is gone. We’re trying to avoid civil war and mass slaughter, but, we’ll see…

      As for the Jews, their older generation was a lot tougher – maybe because what they monger is infecting them as well. So when you speak of “White” America, keep in mind there are “relic” populations who’ve been wrecking certain parties for decades – it’s sport compared to the realities of third world life, or fourth world as one of my Afghan friends could tell you. We don’t watch much Hollywood, MSM, TV, or sports except occasional martial arts. We read. We do business. We are not couch sitters, we play takaw, soccer, swim, ride, do yoga stretching and martial arts. Unless your head is square up your gluteous maximus, you can still do business better in the USA and Asia than many over regulated EU countries and most other places.

      Not too long ago I mentioned on this site how I dealt with a local Hispanic with a very foul mouth – didn’t have to raise a finger. My Thai friends put me to shame. You might try to get out more. Maybe spend some quality time with a poor urban or rural Thai family. There are other third world hellholes but I wouldn’t recommend them, especially for new jacks.

      “A quitter never wins, a winner never quits”.

      1. Winston –

        Love your comment! I just learned (from some activist acquaintances) that “Antifa” has issued a statement that civil war would commence on November 1. If there is any truth to that (I don’t really see it happening), we’ll find out about “setting bones” – or BREAKING them. 😁

        1. @ Lasha, Lucy, Mother “SUPERIOR” and/or her whiddle bubulah “uncle” [ uncle, who WE hope moaner gave birth to and brought forth after she renounced her vows and left the convent and said her final good-bye to Catholicism and everything having to do with Catholicism and converted into only gawd knows what the fuck she morphed/converted into, shape-shifting chameleon reptile moaner is ] :

          Are you going to feature my “Obama does NOT have a ‘secret spark of gentile decency’ in him” post or what the fuck is the problem now? Always some kind of problem with my posts. Was it TOO long? TOO short? TOO what? TOO intelligent? TOO ON-Target? TOO Truthful?

          If Pat had written the post it would be up on the commentary board and you all would be lauding your pet RAT to-the-heavens and beyond-the-stars. But I wrote the post, so let’s CENSOR it, shall WE.

          I contradict your knowbro in said post about Obama and that’s a CRIME contradicting your precious pet knowbro and add 10 years to whiddle joew’s Spam prison sentence, right?

          And remember, NEVER FORGET!, I’m a joo TOO, so add another 50 to 75 years to my concentration camp prison sentence for that, lol, u fuckin’ lying scumbags.

      2. TROJ –

        Thanks for the honorable mention. As a friend… I have some clues for you.

        Your jealousy is a form of fear of a loss… it will increase your paranoia and cause even tighter belts on your jacket and more shackles there in Chattahoochee asylum.. 🙂

        If you wrote fewer 4-letter words beginning with ‘f’ and ‘c’… your comments might make it through security more easily.

      3. Sometimes it is better to quit than to continue a losing battle!

        WW2 was lost to the Seed of Satan, but the Great War continues on . . .

        The “prediction” of the late and great General Leon DeGrelle about a savior rising out of the ashes of Communist Russia is coming true, PAT not withstanding!

      4. @GH

        Antifa is planning action across the US on Nov. 4th:
        I don’t vouch for the OGS website. It had the most detailed article, and best links to source material.

        “We (Antifa) will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!”

        Antifa has been more of an annoyance than a revolutionary movement, so far, but the action planned for Nov.4th will be more violent towards persons, and more destructive of property, than previous Antifa outings. Greater violence is specifically part of the plan.

      5. Winston,
        Ive had a pretty rough life too. Lived in Thailand in the late 80’s through late 90’s. The Thai are tough cookies. Once had a broken bottle stabbed at my jugular at which point I body-slammed him knocking him out cold. The next night we were drinking together again and best of friends. Still have a small scar on my chin to this day and he still has a little more respect for Spanairds. Oh well. …this is life.

  9. Umm, @ The Faker:

    The USA has been in been in bed with terrorists since 1948 and earlier! The original Terrorist aka Israel!

    But such facts are superficial to someone who graduated from the Paul Nimitz School of International Relations or wherever it was that you were trained by the Yankees for such “yellow journalism” in the “alternative media”.

    1. Dave –

      You wrote:
      “The USA has been in been in bed with terrorists since 1948 and earlier!”

      That claims is valid….. since the US Officials formed the UN in 1945 in order to form Israel 3 years later.

      The TOP Officials in USA have been “in bed” with Israel… especially US Presidents wanting MORE war:

      The Day Israel Attacked America

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