The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, and Islam

By Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.
The Occidental Observer

A Book Review of
The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam
by Douglas Murray

“Europe is committing suicide…. More than any continent or country in the world today, Europe is now deeply weighed down no with guilt for its past.” — Douglas Murray

I finished reading Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe just 24 hours before a Libyan Muslim detonated an explosive device at the exit of an arena in Manchester, sending arrows of shrapnel into dozens of concert-goers and confirming, in an instant, every one of Murray’s arguments.

Timely, erudite, and needed, The Strange Death of Europe is the story of European cultural and racial ‘assisted suicide,’ with a focus on the effects of ongoing mass immigration from Africa, the Indian sub-continent, and the Middle East. This is a book that, in terms of its central arguments and pool of facts, will say nothing new to those on the Alt Right.

In this movement we live our lives with the burden of truly painful knowledge. We know that our current course will lead only to dispossession and destruction. Everything about the contemporary world suggests that we are a generation born either to witness the end of our great race, or to orchestrate its most stunning and earth-shattering rebirth. This book offers nothing in terms of assisting the latter, but in terms of its contribution to an understanding of the former, its unique strength may be said to lie in the concise, compelling, and clear-headed manner in which it advances the thesis that multiculturalism is a death sentence on Europe. Murray’s book is a forceful refutation of the lie that we are ‘progressing’ to a better European future, taking the theme of impending European death to a mass audience, particularly in Britain where the book climbed to number three in both the Sunday Times and UK Amazon bestseller lists, and sold out in numerous branches of the country’s largest high street book merchant. Despite ubiquitous socio-political conditioning, there is clearly a hunger for dissenting speech.

Murray opens with the stark statement: “Europe is committing suicide,” soon refined into the more nuanced argument that Europe’s political leaders, together with a complicit media, are in the process of taking their populations down the road of ethnic and cultural annihilation. The apparent acquiescence of European populations in this diabolical journey is ascribed by Murray to a number of factors. Europe has lost faith in its beliefs, traditions and legitimacy. It is in the midst of an “existential tiredness.” At the heart of this loss of direction and sense of self is the imposition of a cult of guilt — a cult that has grown weed-like from the fertile soil of Holocaust and slavery narratives advanced by the enemies of our people. Murray remarks that “More than any other continent or culture in the world today, Europe is now deeply weighed down with guilt for its past.”

While such a situation could itself be viewed as a civilizational crisis, Europe’s fate is made doubly precarious because of the simultaneous mass influx of non-Europeans. Under the current socio-political dispensation, Europe has been designated not as the home of the Europeans but as a home for all who wish to claim it. European nations, and those outside the continent that have historically been dominated by Europeans, are unique in being subjected to this form of international land-grab. Murray writes that “we know that we Europeans cannot become whatever we like. We cannot become Indian or Chinese, for instance. And yet we are expected to believe that anyone in the world can move to Europe and become European, …The world is coming into Europe at precisely the moment that Europe has lost sight of what it is.”

The first chapter focusses on demographics and the lies that politicians and ‘think tanks’ have employed to cloak this land-grab from the public. Choosing ten-year periods, Murray demonstrates the rapidity of the non-White influx. Between 2002 and 2012, for example, Whites became a minority in London, and England and Wales became home to an additional three million immigrants. There are now nearly three million households in England where not a single adult speaks English. Between 2001 and 2011 the number of Muslims in England and Wales rose from 1.5 million to 2.7 million — a figure that still doesn’t take into account illegal immigrants or non-responders to the census (of whom Muslims comprise the largest element). Murray writes that Britain is a nation “altered completely,” and adds that “by 2011 Britain had already become a radically different place from the place it had been for centuries.” Political and media reaction to such wholesale population changes was permitted to be expressed “in only one tone of voice” — “solely in the spirit of celebration.” Politicians and journalists lined up to champion every evidence of increasing “diversity.”

A key plank of the platform of such multicultural cheerleaders has been the “pretence that this was nothing new.” Assisted by a host of shadowy academics and unelected advisers, the false narrative was disseminated that Britain, and indeed other European countries, had always been “diverse.” Murray dissects this lie, pointing out that prior to the 1950s, “and certainly for the previous millennium, Britain had retained an extraordinarily static population.” The most significant influxes into the island of Britain in the entirety of the last two thousand years had been those of the Saxons, the Normans, and the Irish — all fellow North-Western Europeans, and close genetic cousins of the native Britons. The static nature of the British population was finally destroyed with a succession of Acts of Parliament that were hurriedly pushed through with no consultation with the British public. The 1948 British Nationality Act and the 1962 Commonwealth Immigrants Act enabled the first significant waves of Africans and Indians to enter Britain under the pretext that they would fill labor shortages.

Between 1948 and 1952 between around 2,000 Blacks entered Britain each year — undesirable, but a figure that tragically seems minute by today’s standards. By 1957 the figure had climbed to 42,000, and the lies began to crumble. Government investigations into this new population revealed that the idea that Blacks were helping fill a labor shortage was grossly ill-founded. In one report, completed in December 1953, civil servants stated that the new population found it difficult to secure employment not because of prejudice among Whites, but because the newcomers had “low output” and their working life was marked by “irresponsibility, quarrelsomeness, and lack of discipline.” Black women were “slow mentally,” and Black men were “more volatile in temperament than white workers … more easily provoked to violence … lacking in stamina,” and generally “not up to the standards required by British employers.”[1] Murray’s treatment of this period of British history is unfortunately weak and lacking in broad historical context. He opines that the passage of these immigration-facilitating Acts of Parliament were part of a succession of blunders and under-estimations in the sphere of immigration legislation, which were later followed up with a series of Race Relations Acts intended to try to repair some of the damage.

Such an argument is weak to say the least. While I agree to some extent with his central thesis that elements of the European population are complicit in this ongoing ‘suicide,’ I simply cannot agree with the premise that our present situation is for the most part the result of miscalculation and political blunder. His treatment of the Race Relations Acts is an excellent example of flawed thinking and poor appreciation of the wider historical context. In 2014 I presented findings uncovered during my own research into the historical context of the Race Relations Acts. Rather than being ‘accidental’ or ad hoc pieces of legislation, these laws were demonstrably part of a long tradition of Jewish attempts to alter the racial make-up of Britain and move towards the outlawing of ‘group libel.’ Indeed, Murray is quite aware that Jewish organizations are an important component of the pro-immigration forces, noting “it genuinely shocks me to discover […] [that] many Jewish groups and Jewish leaders have been taking a conspicuous lead in welcoming refugees.” Murray, of course, is no expert on Jewish history and, as far as I can tell, appears to style himself as the quintessential anti-Islamist philo-Semite — a type that unfortunately remains quite common on the Right. His failure to grapple with this theme leaves a yawning gap in the logical progression of his argument.

Because of the nature of the subject he is discussing, Murray nevertheless finds himself indirectly discussing Jewish influence. For example, he refers to Barbara Roche, “a descendant of East End Jews,” as a chief architect of the multicultural state under Tony Blair. Roche dismissed all her critics as “racists,” “criticised colleagues for being too white,” and “believed that immigration was only ever a good thing.” After ten years of her highly influential immigration reforms, Roche beamed to an interviewer: “I love the diversity of London. I just feel comfortable.” Although Murray cites this quote from Roche, he seems entirely unaware of the research of Kevin MacDonald and others, who have shown that Jews in many White countries have sought to alter their demographic surroundings precisely in order to “feel comfortable.” Another Jew who features prominently in Murray’s account of the death of White Britain is the Jewish academic, novelist, and journalist Will Self. Self may be regarded as the quintessential cultural support act for his political counterparts, telling one television audience that British identity was nothing more than “going overseas and subjugating black and brown people and taking their stuff and the fruits of their labours.” One another occasion, Self told a BBC audience that those who oppose multiculturalism are “usually racists with an antipathy to people, particularly with black and brown skins.” Self isn’t acknowledged as Jewish in Murray’s text, appearing solely as a particularly malicious left-liberal.

Although he fails to make the necessary logical connections, Murray rightly portrays such comments as sounding “the authentic and undisguised voice of revenge.” Indeed, confronted with such a stark realization, Murray appears momentarily to contradict his own ‘suicide’ thesis: “The repercussions of the argument are striking to consider. For if [revenge] is even partially a spur for the recent transformation of our country, then what we are going through is not an accident, or a mere laxness of the borders, but a cool and deliberate act of national sabotage.” Despite flirting with this perfectly defensible, though more controversial, thesis, Murray inexplicably leaves the idea hanging and returns to the suicide narrative for the remainder of his text. There is no further mention of sabotage, or saboteurs like Roche and Self. They disappear into the shadows. This was one of the most frustrating aspects of the book, and one that, despite its merits, it doesn’t ever quite recover from.

Murray’s jarring change of direction is made clear in the title of the third chapter — “The excuses we told ourselves.” The chapter is an extended musing on the apparent justifications for multiculturalism that ‘we’ convinced ourselves with. By ‘we’ Murray refers to the European masses, all of whom have been force-fed lies for decades about multiculturalism, and who are placed on this diet of falsehood as soon as they can verbally communicate. Murray fails to acknowledge that the European peoples never concocted the lies that cloak the multicultural murder project. He fails to attribute this responsibility to the alien saboteurs and treasonous elites that it rightfully rests with. Despite this misattribution, Murray’s treatment of the fallacies of the multicultural narrative is very good. The fallacies are familiar to us all: the argument that Europe is ageing, that immigration is an economic benefit, that immigration makes a society more cultured and interesting, and that globalization makes mass immigration both inevitable and unstoppable.

Murray’s rebuttals to these contentions are piercing and succinct. Using a range of statistics he proves not only that immigrants are a massive drain on national finances, but also that government statisticians have been massaging their figures in order to produce politicized narratives of social ‘progress.’ One instance cited by Murray, in which a government report used the example of a French tech entrepreneur as ‘typical’ of immigrant economic contributions, is breathtaking in its deceitfulness. Cutting his way through endless government propaganda, Murray argues that mass immigration cost the British people around £160 billion between 1995 and 2011. Multiculturalism isn’t just killing us as a people; it is bankrupting us.

The argument that Europe is ageing and needs an influx of younger people is also dealt with thoroughly. Murray points to surveys suggesting that Europeans want to have more children but are finding it difficult due to economic, social and cultural pressures. Murray further argues that multiculturalism itself has a depressing impact on the desire of Europeans to have children because it reduces the sense of security and makes couples less optimistic about the future, even if on a sub-conscious level. Murray criticizes the argument that reduced European birthrates should be so superficially and dangerously ‘solved’ with mass immigration, and suggests that European governments should instead introduce policies that encourage procreation. Breaking down the “ageing continent” argument even further, Murray produces statistics showing that, contrary to propaganda, Europe does not have a labor shortage, but rather has a problem with an ‘over-educated’ youth that looks down on manual labor. According to Murray, the solution to Europe’s alleged ‘age problem,’ rather than importing a new population, is to turn to policies encouraging reproduction and the family, and the re-education of our young away from overly-materialistic life expectations.

Murray also skewers the idea that ‘diversity’ is culturally enriching. He begins by critiquing the very basis of the argument, because it implies that “European societies are slightly boring or staid places.” In reality, Europe has an “already existing proliferation of languages, cultures and cuisines.” The ‘enriching’ argument also rests on the false premise that you can learn about other cultures not by travelling to experience them, but “to encourage the world to come to you.” A further fallacy is the implication that “the value of migrants continues to increase as their numbers increase.” Describing the “embarrassing” but oft-cited example of food, Murray points out:

The amount of enjoyment to be got from Turkish food does not increase year on year the more Turks there are in the country. Every 100,000 extra Somalis, Eritreans or Pakistanis who enter Europe do not magnify the resulting cultural enrichment 100,000 times. It may be that Europe has already learned what it needs to learn from cuisine, and accordingly gained all that it needs to gain, and that in order to continue enjoying Indian food it will not be necessary to keep on importing more Indians into our societies.

Murray also stresses that the ‘diversity’ allegedly brought by multiculturalism is demonstrably false since most immigrants come from only a small number of countries. In the case of Britain, there are relatively few immigrant populations who haven’t originated in Pakistan, India, or Africa. Since most were former colonies, the British had already learned everything they needed to know about these cultures by the late nineteenth century. Their presence in modern Britain for some kind of putative ‘educational’ or enlightening cultural purpose is doubly absurd.

Perhaps Murray’s most forceful argument against the ‘enrichment’ hypothesis is his extended commentary on immigrant crime, scattered throughout the text. Although much of the material will be familiar to readers of The Occidental Observer, Murray’s reflections on Rotherham and similar instances of mass sexual exploitation of European children by immigrant gangs are worth reading. Of particular interest is his exploration of the stunning impact of political correctness in neutering the responses of local police and local government, causing an inertia that enabled the sexual abuse of European girls to continue unchallenged for years.

One of the more interesting chapters of the book is that titled ‘Multiculturalism.’ Here Murray points out that the term ‘multiculturalism’ has resisted firm definition, meaning a number of different things to different people — and in its malleability becoming an extremely useful tool for its agents. For example, great swathes of the public may understand multiculturalism as no more than a kind of mild pluralism, and that it would be the ‘polite’ position not to mind people of a different cultural background living in their country. Thus, even when they say that they do support multiculturalism, this definition is what they have in mind. But, as Murray points out, there is a deeper layer to ‘multiculturalism,’ and this is the definition that traitors and ‘saboteurs’ hold to: that the future of European societies is “to become a great melting pot,” in which White Europeans steadily dissolve into oblivion. While the European masses think they are consenting to the first proposition, they have instead been contributing to the furtherance of the second.

As well as involving subtle manipulation, multiculturalism is also openly aggressive and anti-European. Murray cites the American political philosopher Samuel Huntington as writing: “Multiculturalism is in its essence anti-European civilization. It is basically an anti-Western ideology.” Murray writes that in order to become multicultural, European societies have “had to do themselves down, particularly focussing on their negatives.” Thus, even when states are suicidally open and liberal to the point of encouraging large-scale migration, they are nevertheless “portrayed as countries which are uniquely racist.” European societies prostrate themselves while even the most minor achievements of immigrants are celebrated and their myriad faults ignored. Murray employs the example of the Swedish Minister of Integration, Mona Sahlin, who spoke at a Kurdish mosque in 2004. Sahlin told her audience that many Swedes were jealous of them because “the Kurds have a rich and unifying culture and history, whereas the Swedes only had silly things like the festival of Midsummer’s Night.” More common examples include the alarmingly ubiquitous claim (like that made by Swedish Parliamentary Secretary Lisa Bergh) that the Swedes, British, Germans etc. “have no culture.”

Murray roots this self-denial and self-hatred in “the tyranny of guilt” — the title of the tenth chapter. Beginning with the case of the drowned Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, the author comments at length on Europe’s “unique, abiding and perhaps finally fatal sense of, and obsession with, guilt.” Murray highlights the importance of historical and cultural representations of the 1930s and 1940s in promoting and enforcing a sense of guilt among Europeans, leading ultimately to a contemporary insistence “that Europe had absolutely no choice other than to take in everybody who wanted to come. To not do so was to be a Nazi.” But this particular historical period is merely a root, and many branches of guilt have sprung from it. “Today’s Europeans expect themselves, long before anybody else raises it, to bear specific historical guilt that comprises not only war guilt and Holocaust guilt, but a whole gamut of preceding guilts.” Australian children are taught that their national culture is founded on genocide and theft, a narrative reflected best in the country’s annual “Sorry Day.”

European guilt has been incredibly useful for the enemies of our people. Murray points out that “embedding the idea of original sin in a nation is the best possible way to breed self-doubt”; this has been “helpful to everyone other than those of the guilty nation.” While not all Europeans are susceptible to the guilt narrative, some, notably concentrated on the Left, are particularly prone to it. Murray describes these types as self-loathing masochists, and cites the example of the male Norwegian leftist Karsten Hauken who, after being beaten and sodomized by a Somalian migrant, wrote a public letter expressing his “sense of guilt and responsibility” that his attacker would be deported back to Somalia where he would experience a “dark uncertain future.”

Perversely, it is Europe that faces a dark and uncertain future, as revealed in Murray’s overwhelmingly pessimistic text. In the penultimate chapter Murray offers and explores policy suggestions that might yet see Europe survive (deportations, cultural shifts, and making the shaming of the nation a criminal offense as it is in countries like Turkey). But with candid realism, he locates these proposals within the sphere of wishful thinking.

The book’s final chapter “What Will Be,” is an apocalyptic vision of a future that is all too close to becoming contemporary reality. “By the middle of this century, while China will probably still look like China, India will probably look like India, Russia like Russia, and Eastern Europe like Eastern Europe, Western Europe will at best resemble a large-scale United Nations. … It will not be Europe anymore.” Through rhetorical cultural devices based on guilt and insidious systems of ‘morality,’ our homeland has been convinced that it owes a debt to humanity — a debt that can only be paid through self-denial and self-dispossession.

Although flawed, this book is an important (and apparently popular) warning about the decline of the European peoples. The text is at times hampered with neocon and philo-Semitic tendencies, but these feel labored, disjointed, and strained within the broader narrative. At times one suspects that Murray himself feels torn between these ‘grafted’ inclinations and deeper cultural, and probably racial, affinities with his own people. I am often suspicious and disregarding of those on the Right who flirt with our ideas and yet are among the first to condemn our movement. Murray can probably be placed in that category. Murray is also a homosexual — another demographic that is both undesirable in our movement and overwhelmingly unhelpful to our politics. However, it remains the case that The Strange Death of Europe is a useful text worthy of study and a modest place in your bookcase. Coming from the relative mainstream, it can also be used as a conversation starter, or left in a staff room for the perusal of others. It is probably the only mainstream, ‘respectable’ text in English that discusses the impending catastrophe, and therefore should be discussed and promoted.

The awakening of others must be our priority — the alternative is an endless nightmare.

[1] K. Paul, Whitewashing Britain: Race and Citizenship in the Postwar Era (Cornell University Press, 1997), p.134.

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  1. But no multiculturalism or racial miscegenation for Israel, though that may yet change when Force Majeure takes its course. The sooner, the better. Fine article. If Karsten Hauken feels such guilt and remorse for the Somali who sodomized him, why not go with him as his servant to protect him from a ‘dark’ future? I didn’t know Mona Sahlin was such a useless idiot. Why not move to Kurdistan if she doesn’t like Sweden, then she can get the full treatment, cleaning dishes as wife number four in a mud brick house. How romantic.

    1. She also love to pay tax, she has stated that officially. While at the same time being caught with credit card frauds on several occasions over the years. She has plenty of skeletons in her closet, that is for sure.

      1. Here’s some history about skeletons in the Aryan “closet” that the whole freaking non-White world can’t stand to know about or admit to if they do. This is why the (((Tribe))) and their Christian-Zionist ass kissers are sending their third world shock troops from their shit holes of the world into the “Camp Of the Saints” to destroy that while they are not and which they can never hope to be.

        “Aryan Ancestors On The Silk Road (1999)
        Political correctness has gotten a slap in the face recently from a number of archaeological discoveries in the Orient which indicate that the founders of many Eastern civilizations, which are censored down the memory hole by trendy New Age types who despise anything White and European, were in fact racial Aryans. One famous example is the country of Iran, which takes its name from its original conquerors; until 1978 one of the many formal titles of the Shah was “Lord of the Aryans.”

        It has long been known that around the first century A.D. the northwestern part of China was inhabited by a Caucasian people who spoke a language called by scholars Tocharian. In the early part of this century, French and German archaeologists excavating in the northwest provinces discovered extensive written manuscripts in this language, and when they cracked the code, so to speak, they were astonished at the similarities between this supposedly isolated Oriental tongue and ancient Germanic and Celtic languages.

        Now the PC academic and scientific establishment who want to rewrite history to make it “Afrocentric” and get rid of “dead White European males” have gotten another kick in the pants from the truth. Recent excavations in the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang province have uncovered more than 100 naturally mummified corpses of people who lived there between 4,000 and 2,400 years ago, indicating that the Aryan incursion into Asia was in fact far earlier and far more extensive than anyone previously believed. The bodies were amazingly well preserved by the arid climate, and according to the New York Times “…archaeologists could hardly believe what they saw.”

        The mummies had long noses and skulls, blond or red hair, thin lips, deep set eyes, and other unmistakably Aryan features. Dr. Victor H. Mair of the University of Pennsylvania said, “Because the Tarim Basin Caucasoid corpses are almost certainly representatives of the Indo-European family, and because they date from a time period early enough to have a bearing on the expansion of the Indo-European people from their homeland, it is thought that they will play a crucial role in determining just where that might have been.”

        [N.B.- My own understanding is that the ancient homeland of our people was by the shores of Lake Baikal in what is now Russia, from whence we began our migrations untold millennia ago when we were all one nation known as the Children of the Sun. As to where we came from before we were hanging around the lake—I have my own theory, but that’s another story, which I won’t get into now for a variety of reasons.]

        One such mummy of a teen-aged girl with blond hair and blue eyes, found in a cave, has become quite a tourist attraction in Beijing. She has been nicknamed “The Lady of Tarim” and she is on display to throngs of museum visitors in the Chinese capital. Apparently she was a princess or a priestess of some kind over 3,000 years ago, for she was buried in fine embroidered garments of wool and leather, along with beautiful jewelry, jars and ornaments of gold, silver, jade and onyx. Her remains are in such a remarkable state of preservation that the dead girl looks as if she were just sleeping.

        “Diffusionism can now be taken seriously again,” chortled one historian, Michael Puett of Harvard. Diffusionism is the theory that the ostensibly advanced Middle Eastern and Oriental civilizations of the ancient world all benefited from contact with Aryan migrants, merchants, wandering tribes, etc. and acquired much of their knowledge and attributes from these contacts; this theory can actually explain quite a lot about history, from the Indo-European roots of the Hindustani language to the Quetzalcoatl legend of the Aztecs to the mysterious ruins of Zimbabwe which were so clearly never built by blacks.

        Diffusionism has been replaced over the past twenty years by the new, Politically Correct dogma of “independent invention”, which holds that there was no contact at all between White people and any Asian or pre-Columbian civilization, or if there was it was bad because all White males are “imperialist exploiters”. The PC theory teaches that everything in ancient non-White societies was invented by the indigenes, everything without exception, no ideas or influence from European contact, nothing good or beneficial at all even if there was any White contact, which there wasn’t because White males are not the world-exploring hotshots they are supposed to be, so there! I guess we made up Leif Ericson and Columbus was really a monkoid. Don’t laugh—I have heard both of those idiocies advanced seriously by”Afrocentric historians.”

        (The PC eggheads also claim that Columbus was a Jew. Yeah. Right. Ferdinand and Isabella, who had just finished expelling the Jews from Spain in 1492, then proceeded to hock the queen’s jewels to finance a major nautical expedition by a Jew. What’s wrong with this picture?)

        According to the independent invention theory, the list of things non-Whites have independently invented includes the dozens of Asiatic dialects from Hindu to Punjabi to Uighur, all clearly based on a common Aryan root language—pure coincidence, say the PC profs! The agricultural techniques of the Aztecs and Incas such as crop rotation and terrace farming, so similar to ancient Roman and medieval European practices—bah, say the intellectual gangsters of liberalism, the Indians made it up themselves! The Mayan pyramids and calendar and astronomy, almost duplicates of Greek and Egyptian knowledge (Egyptians who were not in any way, shape or form negroes!)—those are all products of the brilliant Maya civilization alone, according to the official line. The same Mayas’ predelictions for cannibalism and sacrificing young children by drowning them in sacred wells is ignored.

        The blue eyes and broken Welsh language of Missouri’s Mandan Indians; the Celtic-style megaliths and stone round towers of New England; the Viking ruins of L’Anse Aux Meadow in Newfoundland; the runic inscriptions on Connecticut’s Dighton Rock and the Minnesota Kensington stone; Shaka the Zulu’s organization of his impis based on Napoleon’s system which he got from a French hunter and trader who was a Napoleonic veteran; the stone ruins of Zimbabwe so utterly unlike anything ever found anywhere else in black Africa and resembling nothing so much as a Bronze Age Celtic fort; the long Aryan features of the Easter Island statues—nyet, no, nada, nein, no way!

        According to the left-wing academic establishment, nothing was ever learned by non-Whites from contact between Third World cultures and Aryan man.

        How PC academia will explain away those hundred blond-haired, blue-eyed mummies from China I don’t know, but I’m sure it will be good. Looks like us Children of the Sun got around in the old days!”
        Author unknown

  2. It’s no a mere coincidence that the refugee ‘problem’ exploded shortly after some EU nations were making noises about recognizing Palestine and banning Israeli products made in the Occupied West Bank.

    Israel doesn’t want to see its racist, bigoted state of apartheid hate go the way of apartheid South Africa and will use her GOY lackeys, like Germany, France, the USA and England to keep protecting her back while Israel’s minions attack the EU and the USA from the front, but don’t say that, don’t even think that way, unless you’re some anti-Semite, Jew hater or worse, a self-hating Jew, like Gilad Atzmon.

    And now the USA will also get these ‘refugees,’ many from sub-Saharan Africa, not fleeing war and terror, but crappy living conditions and know Uncle Sam will take care of them while our nation’s infrastructure goes to Hell.

  3. There is only one thing to say, Joyce can see racism but doesn’t recognize it. Allow me to explain:

    I could write a lot more, but I’m getting tired of writing about this same monotonous story, I have to vehemently disagree with Joyce where she says:

    Although flawed, this book is an important (and apparently popular) warning about the decline of the European peoples.

    Why decline of the “European peoples”? This smacks of overtones of shear racism, herself! Yeah right, so immigrants come into European and its a decline. Give me a break, the stupid women has no sense of history. Take a look at this sequence of charts:

    The marauding Huns arrive, many settle and end up being the kernel of Hungry:
    Europe 400 AD

    Take look the arrival of the langobardi, they came from Scandinavia (no they are northern italians):
    Europe 500 AD

    Arrival of the Slavs, creators of Solvenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Czechs and Slovaks, the came from deep Russia:
    Europe 600 AD

    Look the arrival of the Avars, and approach Magyars who will make the rest of Hungary, where did they come from? Caucasus to the Afghanistan region:
    Europe 700 AD

    I can go through the ENTIRE 2,000 years and show how stupid her assertion is.

    Joyce has no sense of history at all. Yes some of these tribes were marauders, but so was Alexander the Great! But he is accepted here in Europe and the West as GREAT! But most of these people, like the slavs, goths, visigoths, and many many others, were what you would call today, IMMIGRANTS. Europe did not spurt out of the ground with French, German, Italians, Spanish, and the rest. Europe was created by IMMIGRANTS.

    What I find is STUNNING, is that Joyce can see in Murray the racist and bias thinking, but SHE TOO is guilty of the very same, and can’t see it in herself. Consider her own very words:

    While such a situation could itself be viewed as a civilizational crisis, Europe’s fate is made doubly precarious because of the simultaneous mass influx of non-Europeans. Under the current socio-political dispensation, Europe has been designated not as the home of the Europeans but as a home for all who wish to claim it.

    Since when has there NOT been a mass influx of people to Europe! I can tell you NO IMMIGRANT wishes to claim it, that being Europe. (other than those lunatic ISISs). And how dare she say what immigrants want? Who the hell is she to play overload to determine what those, poor, lesser fortunate immigrants want! To hell with her! MASS IMMIGRATION OF IMMIGRANTS DO NOT WISH TO COME TO EUROPE, THEY ARE FORCED TO GO TO EUROPE FOR THERE IS NO WHERE ELSE TO GO!! Just like when all those other mass migrations in the past 2,000 years, slavs, goths etc they were all forced to come to Europe, because they were being butchered in their homelands!

    All of you who criticize me for my language, calling these people racists, are just all guilty of being afraid of change. Change has been occurring in Europe for 1,000s of years, but now for the last a 100 years, with the arrival of this STUPID concept of countries and borders, you think you now OWN Europe! YOU DON’T.

    Building borders and fences is about separating yourselves from the “other”. And that “other” in time gets to be “the dirty other”, then soon after that, “the no good dirty other”, and so on. That is racism!

    We have many problems on this Earth, but separating everyone into this and that, is only going to make things worse. Are we all human or not? AM I HUMAN TO YOU OR NOT? DO I HAVE THE SAME RIGHT TO LIFE AS YOU? REMEMBER I AM NOT WHITE! So why can’t I live with you perfect, clean, intelligent, superior whites? Or am I too different, cause I don’t eat your food, don’t like your sports, don’t like your religion, don’t like your politics, and even though I can speak and write your tongue, it isn’t my mother’s tongue.

    SO ANSWER ME? DO I BELONG IN YOUR COUNTRY OR NOT? Joyce would say no, just like Murray! Boy, isn’t that getting pathetic, a racist calling a racist a racist! Now I have heard everything. The only Ph.D Joyce has in, is in stupidity!

    1. I am SO (Y()^&^&&*()*()&& ANGRY!


      NOTE THIS:
      Remember what I have said in my earlier posts:
      Arrogance is blinded by its own magnificence
      The Master has no right to say he is not racist, only the slave can determine that

      Well we have a prime example of what is wrong in the West with Joyce. She is so arrogant, and is totally blinded by her own magnificent intellectual capacity, that PhD tells her(the Whitey that has probably never talked to a non-english speaking immigrant) that she knows what an immigrant is and wants!

      And you people don’t understand why you Anglos are so hated! Cause you’re so ******* condescending arrogant selfish racists! That’s why!

      And yes, I know, the japanese, don’t allow immigration. Yes I know, about Saudi Arabia (I’ve been setting you people straight on Saudi Arabia!), yes I know how Afghans (btw that’s my heritage, (father) & slavic(mother)) see non-Afghans, yes I know all that. I know about South Africa, I know, I know, I know, I know. But the only bombs that are raining down from the skies, are 100% UK AND AMERICAN. Ah yes, also the Russian bombs, but they ARE killing real terrorists.

      1. Dorian –

        You wrote:
        “The Master has no right to say he is not racist, only the slave can determine that.”

        You are a victim of EXTREME RACISM. You ARE a RANTING RACIST..!!

        Only jealous Negroes use the WARPED logic that slave have rights which masters do not have..!!

        They also claim ONLY whites can be prejudiced..!!

        WHEW..!! 🙂


      Joyce writes are critique about Murray and his book. All very well and good. She cites, line after line after line of Murray’s work, and nails him as a racist. Fine. But then look at the her very own words as I pointed out above, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, DID SHE, in her INFINITE WISDOM, bothered to give the same justice to immigrants, by asking them what they wanted or where claiming? NO! She took it upon herself to speak on behalf of the immigrants cause she “knew” what they wanted. And that isn’t the Master mentality thinking?

      If you people can’t get that, then you really are blind, and you will never find peace with the rest of the work. I would pity you people, if it weren’t so that I was so angry with the likes of people like Joyce. I have more respect for Murray, and Joyce, you know. At least Murray, you can see, he knows what he is saying and backs it up, but Joyce is 100% phony, and 100% phony people are more dangerous, but they always think they are doing things for a higher good, because they are intellectuals! CRAP!

      1. excuse the poor English in the last paragraph, i was too livid with that pompous female, and my fingers didn’t keep up with my racing brain.

      2. Dorian,
        Some relevant facts for you to consider.

        1. Responsibility is individual. Castigating a whole nation for voting in a certain direction or for having certain ancestors is morally wrong.
        2.Judging people for the way they vote is silly. Politicians never carry out electoral promises. What about those who never vote? Innocent?
        3.In your last posts you appear to renounce nation as a valid entity. Strange because you appear family oriented. Nation is just an extension of family.

      3. 4.Those historical waves you cite mean zero. Any conquering wave will reestablish some sort of order after hundreds of years, but what about the relative progress before and after? In the case of the book we are commenting on, evidence suggest that the current conquering wave is destroying the economics, coherence and progress potential of the host nation. Are we to wait a few hundred years to see what happens?

      4. Dorian –

        Your anger defines your frustration from being simply of another color than those who have labored to build a culture you envy. Racism is a natural effluent of living. People (humans) mostly desire that which is difficult to obtain. Centuries ago, it was more difficult to survive in a colder climate than in a warmer climate. Perhaps the constant struggle made the white man more resourceful than those who originated in tropical climes… For whatever reasons, it is quite obvious the white man has evolved into better circumstances – and the evolution of negro culture has remained more primitive, when left to themselves. Only liars say this isn’t so; and only idiots can maintain that whites are better off integrated. Why should we willfully commit suicide?? Yes, you may be an exception to the norm, but try to come to terms with your frustration. No matter what color you happen to be, there will always be someone else looking to take advantage of you. The circumstance is not confined to color-of-skin.

      5. Dorian,
        so now after having skimmed through Mister Joyce’s article, i find myself mostly in agreement with its tone, although it is too lengthy a treatment of a fairly minor work, if Joyce’s reporting is truthful.

        I simply cannot agree with the premise that our present situation is for the most part the result of miscalculation and political blunder

        seems to be the key point and it is right on the money, we don’t need to belabor it.

        as for your theory of “racism“, i find much to disagree with.
        First, it is a very jewish word, invented by them for the purpose of spreading a disease where previously there was none, just like Freud’s inventions.
        Let me simplify it by way of analogy.
        Suppose you have a daughter of marriageble age and want to advise her on choice of suitors.
        Would you tell her that intelligence, education, creativity, respect for culture are all irrelevant?
        Because this is the impression i get from reading your criticism of Joyce’s criticism of Murray’s criticism of European immigration policies.
        The question of skin is a red herring masking the absence of the listed virtues, simple as that.
        Again, no need to belabor the point, all you need is to spend at most 5 minutes observing the general conduct of these migrants anywhere in Europe.
        Six minutes is too much.

        Now, to something else: the truly evil canard of WHITE GUILT.
        Again, a jew mug leering behind the theatrical curtain.
        Cui bono’ed from all that colonialist depredations?
        Cui? Jewry, that’s cui.
        ONLY him, Der Ewige Jew, who then projected his evil upon the unsuspecting but DUMB GOY, “goyishe kop”, the obedient beast of burden, whereby the age-old roles of feudal master and his tax-collecting enabler were reversed.
        At least the judaic demons were smart enough to grossly enrich themselves through this shameful work early on in their migratory history, what did Europeans get?
        Blame and guilt, that’s what they got.

        Naivety is the true diagnosis of the disease decimating our race, i see it everywhere, all the time as they are consumed by Judaic plague compared to which the previous contagions are a pallid joke.

        On the straw man issue of “racism” i could say more but it is a fairly minor point: our previous invaders brought energy, ingenuity, military technology and blended in well due to these qualities.
        Cross-pollination is good and healthy, provided quality material.
        Cockroaches and butterflies?
        I don’t think so.

      6. now here is one guy, perfectly non-white, who has the requisite ingredients of a fine leader: intelligence, honesty, plain speech and stainless steel balls, Rodrigo The Filipino Duterte dis da guy called obama son of a whore

        These whores, they hear “rape,” like Chelsea. She slammed me. I wasn’t joking, I was being sarcastic. Listen to the speech. I don’t laugh at my own jokes. I will tell her, when your father the POTUS was fucking Lewinsky and the girls in the White House, how did you feel? Did you slam your father? … (As for the crime of rape), it’s a crime actually committed by soldiers, mostly Americans in Okinawa, but we never heard of a Filipino (doing it). I am just warning them that anything they do, I have to answer for it! I take full responsibility for your foolishness! (I speak sarcastically.) You Americans like Chelsea, be careful, because you live in a glass house! I repeat, when President Clinton was fucking Lewinsky, what was your statement or your reaction then?

        Rodrigo, can i buy you a drink?

    3. @ Dorian

      “I have to vehemently disagree with Joyce where she says… (blah blah blah)… Give me a break, the stupid women has no sense of history…. I can go through the ENTIRE 2,000 years and show how stupid her assertion is…. What I find is STUNNING, is that Joyce can see in Murray the racist and bias thinking, but SHE TOO is guilty of the very same, and can’t see it in herself…. The only Ph.D Joyce has in, is in stupidity!”

      I had no idea Andrew Joyce was a female writer. One lives and learns! I was under the impression that “Joyce”, while a female name, was offset by the fact that “Andrew” is a male name.

      I am now thoroughly confused as to correct gender of Andrew Joyce, one of the most outstanding writers on the Occidental Observer. Is he or she male or female or transgender? I guess we’ll never know.

      I’m now beginning to wonder what sex the great novelist James Joyce was. I mean, if “Andrew Joyce” is female, why not “James Joyce”?

      (Confused and baffled)

      1. Sardonicus,
        Of course youre confused. Its in your nature. You dont know the diferencia between a man and “dog excrement”. You need counseling “hermano”.

      2. Donaldo,

        I am charmed by your post and would like to assure you of my benevolence and friendly feelings toward you at all times. Please understand that English is a finely nuanced language and that the term “dog excrement”, though offensive to most people with superficial minds, can sometimes be used as a term of affection or endearment.

        It all depends on the context.

        When we Zen Buddhists, who believe in the sound of one hand clapping, use the phrase “dog excrement” to our friends, it is generally understood to be a compliment.

        Go in peace, amigo, and don’t forget to clear up after you! 🙂

      3. @ Admin

        If Donaldo’s posts are still being monitored, may I suggest that he be allowed to post again freely. Though what he said about this website was reprehensible and deeply regrettable, it was an error of judgement rather than act of malice.

        Let him be forgiven.

      4. @ Admin

        I second that.

        He who knows, forgives.

        To understand all, is to forgive all.

    4. @Dorian

      1) Andrew Joyce is not a woman but a man, as you should have concluded not from his second but from his first name.

      2) Andrew Joyce doesn’t condemn Douglas Murray’s “racism”, but criticizes him for not mentioning the Jews as the main cause of multiculturalism and blaming “suicide” instead.

      3) There have indeed been migrations and invasions in Europe during its history, but mostly of other Europeans, thus causing no racial harm.

      4) Where there were migrations of non-European peoples, they were racially harmful, such as those of the Huns, Avars, Mongols, Moors and Turks.

      5) Modern invasions of Africans and Asians, if they go on at the same pace will mean the end of white Europeans.

      6) No race is morally obliged to accept its own destruction.

      7) Your pathetic accusation of “racism” doesn’t impress me at all. If it is “racist” to try to prevent your own destruction, then being “racist” is the moral thing to do.

      8) Non-white immigrants are not “forced” to come to Europe at all. Their arrival is organized by genocidal Jews and their treasonous lackeys.

      9)“…with the arrival of this STUPID concept of countries and borders, you think you now OWN Europe! YOU DON’T…”

      A borderless world is typically the ideal of the parasytical third worlder who wants to invade the First World. There is such a thing as property rights. A country is the collective property of its people. Foreigners cannot claim it.



      Because you are human that doesn’t mean you have the right to the property of any other human being. I am also human, why do I not have the right to all the money in your wallet ? Or…are you a racist ?

      1. Well, donaldo surely stepped in shit when he met Madame Butterfly. In Noo Yawk “stepped in shit” means he’s one lucky dog alright, he got Lucky! I guess Madame is better at being a bitch than being a mother, The State took Madame’s young daughter from her because she’s a drunken pill-crazed unfit bi-polar schizoid. Maybe the bitch will take better care of her chihuahua perrito donaldo. 🙂 Let us hope so, it would be a sad thing to see donaldo thrown into a cage at the ASPCA because Butterfly got bored with her donaldo, maybe donaldo would get re-adopted, maybe not, maybe they would have to put him down, lol….

      2. dog excrement is many times used as a term of endearment, it’s true.

    5. @ Dorian

      Haven’t you heard of the “Swedish rape epidemic”? Are you aware that most of the rapes and sexual assaults on White women in Europe are carried out by Muslim migrants from North Africa and the Middle East?

      Enough is enough!

      If you want to rape women, go back to Africa and Asia and do it! Don’t do it in our white countries! We were happy before you came here and made our lives a nightmare! We were happy before you and your kind decided to INVADE our lands!

      F**K OFF and leave us in peace!

    6. @Dorian: You are talking about a very dark period in the European history: the Dark Ages. It was thanks to the Catholic Church that Europe did not end up like every third world country. But then it took centuries to build a stable civilization. Again, thanks to the Church.

      The Church nowadays has been so totally degraded that she lost the ability to save the same civilization she once created.

    7. Dorian,
      The “immigrantes” have no place to go? Every inmigrante wants personal gain. Unfortunately, most of them wont asimilate in the host nación. Many will lead lives of crime and stubbornly cling to old tradiciones and beliefs. Inmigración is fine if its measured and regulated but dumping hordes of iliterate, lazy, oportunistic under-achievers into Europe is insanity. Quality immigrantes are ok. But the rapist, drug-dealer and “crapping-in-public-pool types” shouldnt be welcomed. Entiende?

    8. Got to hand it to you DORIAN, you ARE the waffle meister!
      were waffling a recognised sport, you would deffo be up there with the greats.
      “and the winner of this years empty vessel challenge cup competition, is…..”

  4. Who are the lizards who proposed the 1948 British Nationality Act and the 1962 Commonwealth Immigrants Act? Which politicians voted for them?

    No mention of the person who forecast the contents of this book 50 years ago?, Enoch Powell? The highest cultured British politician ever and stout ANTI-racist. Doesn’t this show the author too in the grip of political correctness?

    I am only glad my father is not alive, a gentle pacifist man, forced into the WWII as a teen, who suffered angst as to why he was forced to place upstanding blonde and blue eyed brothers in his cross-hairs. He taught me Churchil was a buffoon and the Hitler could have walked into Britain on the south coast of England early in the war, but refrained from doing so because he hoped for peace with England. His reaction to Acts of parliament was “invaded without firing a shot!”.

    Yes, Britain and the EU are finished, their cultures will be buried. I say this because despite fantasy European resurgence scenarios, the technology of repression in the hands of Tribe manipulated elites are now too strong.

    1. To those who doubt “the technology of repression”, the 1984 year long battle between a million physically strong masculine coal miners and the Thatcher UK government ended with a win for the latter, using the weapons of withdrawal of state benefits (starvation) and road blocks. Today, representatives of masculinity are feminized and weak. The government can now fine-grain “person-block” by knowing thoughts and location of everyone with a phone (aka everyone), also using the weapons of withdrawal of Nanny state, but also easily trumped up arrest and prison (NEW). Yes there will be Balkanisation of Europe but the culture for which Europe has been known is now finished.

    2. Flan O’ Brien,
      Google “The Greatest Story Never Told “…..may your father “descansa en paz .” God Bless.

    3. Flan O ‘ Brien,
      The lizard, serpiente is the “Jew”…..nothing more nothing less. The good news is who cares about their agenda? A n old Russian saying…….take away everything a man has and you empower him…..he has nothing to lose….only something to gain. The rich,however, have everything to lose.


    Let me tell you a story, a true story. I was asked by the brother of a friend of my (white Canadian, and was very nice human being, until cancer took him), to help get a deal on a new car. We went to an auto place, no names, but was on Boundary Road, Vancouver. This brother wanted a two door Suzuki. At least it was heading that way. The salesman found me really tough to deal with, so they invited us to the man himself, he is very well known in Canada, real big shot in the car industry. So there we were, him (the big shot), and me on the other side. It became a side show, the whole car yard was watching, seriously. All the excuses he threw at me, “its already under cost for us”, he said, I replied, “yeah sure sure,” he counters, “I can show you the papers!”, i counter, “which ones? those you show Canada Revenue, or the ones you keep locked up in your safe at home?”, and so it went on. Finally, I got the 4 door full wheel drive suzuki for $16,800, more than $2,000 under the 2 door, and $8,000 under lot price! That’s 33% of the list price of the car! NO JOKE.

    So the point of the story, which is relevant to you Flan, is this, during that tumultuous haggling session, this S.O.B tried this one on me, “Listen Dorian, I can tell you are a very unique and quite special person, you are something, I have never had anyone like you come here and do what you have, your fearless, and very shrewd. You know the score. But you need to know, I am one of the most respected men in this industry all over Canada, I can call the Premier, and he’ll listen to me. I have a reputation, and I have worked hard for it. I know the industry has a bad name, but you really are talking to a straight shooter, when I say we are one of the most upstanding and honest companies in this entire industry, and when I say I can’t go under 17 and 5, I mean it!”…..
    I replied with this…
    “Let’s assume you are the ONLY honest and saintly dealer in all of Vancouver. So what! It only means, that you know how bad the industry is, and because you have such high standing and a reputation, you have done nothing to clean up this lousy industry. Furthermore, how can I see you any different from any other of the car dealership, I could go to Jimmy Patterson, whom I know personally, at his car dealerships, and Patterson, is a billionaire and has the ear of the Prime Minister, but I know he’s a crook! You, or Jimmy, it doesn’t matter who I go to in the industry, you are all the same. And IF THERE IS AN HONEST ONE AMONG YOU, I will never know it, or figure it out. I CAN ONLY TREAT YOU ALL THE SAME BECAUSE AND PAINT YOU ALL WITH THE SAME BRUSH, EVEN IF YOU ARE HONEST, YOU ARE PREPARED TO NOT CLEAN UP YOUR MARKETPLACE BECAUSE YOU KNOW YOU STILL BENEFIT FROM IT BEING RIGGED, THAT MAKES YOU ROTTEN TOO!”

    I got the vehicle for 16,800. I started on 16,000, my friend and his brother thought i was NUTS. I said to them I will close the deal below 17,000. And I did.
    But… (just so you know the full story, and believe it or not, its true)….

    Colin, the brother of my friend, Martin, didn’t wanted the TWO DOOR. And paid $18,000 for the 4door!

    So you see Flan, do you understand. As I have said before civic duty is not the kindergarten, obedience and support are the same thing, if you don’t even support what others are doing, but you are obedient and compliant about the wrongs going on, and still benefit from them, you’re racist too! Like it or not!

    I swear everything I wrote, is true. As incredible as it seems. Colin if you read this by any chance, I hope you are well, but I still think you’re a lunatic, especially since soon afterwards you had what, three or four kids? Still think that 4 door wasn’t right!

    Sheeesh, I don’t know, I really don’t know.

    1. Im getting my doors all mixed up….i got Colin a deal on the 4 door, but he ended up buying the 2 door. Apologizes. I swear its true. Oh, the 2 door was going for 18,000 lot price and the 4 door was going for 24,500 lot price. At the time there was deal on the 2doors. But Colin bought the 2 door. I will never understand it.

      1. We are not interested in your story of typical oriental haggling, but let us take the ownership of your car as an example to practice your own reasoning on :

        “…Are we all human or not? AM I HUMAN TO YOU OR NOT? DO I HAVE THE SAME RIGHT TO LIFE AS YOU? REMEMBER I AM NOT WHITE! So why can’t I live with you perfect, clean, intelligent, superior whites?


        Let’s take a Somalian “refugee” who wants to have a car like you and he claims your car “because he is also human”. Using your reasoning he could say :

        “…Are we all human or not? AM I HUMAN TO YOU OR NOT? DO I HAVE THE SAME RIGHT TO A CAR AS YOU? REMEMBER I AM NOT WHITE! So why can’t I drive in a car like you perfect, clean, intelligent, superior carowners?


    I just realized, Joyce, you’re male! I owe you an apology, for referring to you as a female. Furthermore, to all ladies out there I apologize of the association of calling the supposedly Joyce, the not female, a racist, because it can assume by association that I am demeaning women too. I apologize for that, sincerely, to all you ladies.

    But to Andrew Joyce the man, YOU ARE A RACIST. And stupid as I wrote and proved.

    And please to rest of you vultures (I say that with a smile; darkmoon and all that), no Freudian analysis, it wasn’t a Freudian slip, and I do not have anything against women…at least not much 😉

    It just occurred to me why I thought Joyce a female. Generally, you can tell if a male or female is writing, and Joyce had this very feminine way of writing, and it just always made me think that he was a she! Again, ladies don’t read too much into that! Sheeesh…these politically correct days!

    1. @ Andrew Joyce

      A superb book review. Keep up the good work, Dr Joyce. I adore your brilliant articles.

      1. MB –
        John –

        Those of Dorian’s clan are the subject in this short video:

        Pastor James David Manning on “Black Folk”

        “Black folk don’t understand the world..!!”

        “Black folk don’t know how to run NO NATION..!!”

        “There’s something wrong with the black man’s mind..!!”

        “What’s wrong ‘wich-you’ black woman..??”


        Manning continued:

        “White Rage On The Way: White Folk Ain’t Gonna Take It No Damn Mo”

        “America is GONE… And they(whites) know it..!!”

    2. @Dorian

      “…YOU ARE A RACIST…”

      As I have explained above, if being “racist” means trying to defend the interests of one’s own race, then being “racist” is not only normal but also moral. In this sense all peoples of the world are “racist”, and not in the last place those people who use this accusation to neutralize the defense mechanisms of Whites against mass non-white immigration.

      1. True enough, but there are racists who drop bombs, and then there are racists who drop bombs, ONLY on the non-Anglos, killing largely women and children and just furthering their own economic course at the expense of the rightful owners of the resources of their own countries. While you Anglos, send little Johnny and Sarah, to a Ariana Grande benefit concert for 22 brats.

        There is a big difference Franklyn, a BIG DIFFERENCE. If you people can’t see that, then you are no better than the Germans before the start of WW2.

        Don’t you people remember when YOU BRITISH ask the Germans:
        BRIT: “Did you smell what was coming out of Buchenwald Camp, didn’t that say anything to you, Frau?”
        FRAU:”No…I am a good German Frau, how can I know this horror. How can I smell anything? My windows are always closed, and when I open my windows, I cook strudel, may be I smell something but only when I close the window, and then I think it is just Herr Hauser, doing his weekly butchering of a cow”

        Yeah right! We heard it all before Franklyn, many, many times before. Keep tell yourself that tomorrow, if you’re a Brit, it will help you vote.

      2. Dorian –

        You are spouting rhetoric that you have heard somewhere else, supporting an agenda that you have no clue about.

        I never owned a slave, never bombed anyone or killed anyone. I don’t advocate any of that either.

        You blame a class for the actions of a few, thereby alienating those who might agree with you, were you less acrimonious.

        Stop repeating ADL and SPLC rhetoric.

    3. Dorian –

      Pastor Manning explains why the ‘other-folks’ here had to show you that Andrew was not a woman:

      Yes.!! I am a “YUGE” racist. I enter all the races that I “BIGGLY” believe I can win..!! 🙂

      And I prejudge for the sake of safety. Everyone should..

      I am even prejudiced toward snakes.. 🙂

  7. UNCLE :

    I have NO problem you allow Dorian to opine here all he wants. I’m just wondering why you allow DorIan to opine here but NOT me. I’ve been around a long time, I have always been truthful with Darkmoon, I always left ALOT of FACT-BASED TRUTHFUL INFORMATION, ALWAYS INCLUDED SOLID SOURCE REFERENCES, ALWAYS DEBATED IN A GENTLEMANLY FAIR-MAINDED MANNER. I ALWAYS DEBATED IN GOOD FAITH. I was always fair to everyone, I was always HONEST AND TRUTHFUL. Dorian is allowed to opine all he wants and I’m the one who is BANNED? And having Dorian around is better than, better as in you all learn more from having Dorian around , having Dorian around is better than having me around? Really? How so? Having Dorian around is better than having Mel around? Really? How so?

    1. @ TROJ

      I have NO problem you allow Dorian to opine here all he wants. I’m just wondering why you allow DorIan to opine here but NOT me.

      Give it a rest, Joe. You know damn well I can’t let you “opine all you want”. Be content that a small percentage of your posts are being published every day. The difference between you and Dorian is that DORIAN IS SANE and you, most definitely, are NOT!

      I don’t think Dorian is constantly bombarding us with comments telling us that YOU are the only non-Jew on this site and that everyone else here is a hook-nosed troll located in Tel Aviv — except Lasha and Admin who apparently live on the West coast of Africa on lily pads.

      Nor is Dorian constantly talking about vibrators and “mandingo dildos” being thrust up “yeasty vaginas”. He has yet to send us a comment talking about certain female members of Admin sneaking off to the stables every night to have sex with horses.

      You belong in a padded cell, Joe. In a secure institution. I just can’t imagine you being allowed to walk your pooch down the streets of Boca Raton. 🙂

  8. The review never mentions the role/guilt of the jews for the situation in Europe.
    Ithe writer of the book Murray could he be a jew? Yes or no? Is Murray afraid to mention the jews. ‘ nobody talked for fear of the jews’. It’s like a diagnosis by a doctor who doesn’t mention the cause of the disease.

    1. I don’t know if he is a jew. What I do know however, is that Douglas Murray is a fairly major figurehead in the counter-jihad movement. Which is probably the reason why he never mentions jews. He could be a jew but more likely are a good shabbos goy instead.


    I first came across Darkmoon about 1 year ago. And for that year, I monitored your activities, never posting until just recently, as you are all well aware. Like many other places, usually sci-tech places, I commented and even wrote pieces, with always trying to find some sort of purpose to satisfy a need to correct ignorance and just badness by people. No I’m not trying to engineer peoples views, but I do like to open the door to what is really happening. I will not go into my scientific work, its elaborate and I have published, but I would like to all understand a bit more about the other side of all those things you have been discussing on this website.

    I found here at Darkmoon, many people who are seeking to really understand what all these stories are about Jews, World Government, and everything else that may be construed as fringe knowledge. But I always see many people, for better or worse, mixing facts with shear bias. For example, the story above with Andrew Joyce, many would like or agree with what Joyce is saying about Murray. I dig that. But what YOU ALL missed was the subtle brainwashing that he was doing, by citing extensively to denounce someone, namely Murray, he then introduced his own beliefs, using the fact that he was talking on behalf of the immigrants. This is something that intellectuals do all the time, especially in scientific writing, I know this and always found it reprehensible especially when I used to referee papers.

    So I thought this would be a good place to see if I can inject some REAL facts and some REAL observations. Everything you have read by me, is REAL. Unlike what I have read many many times here at Darkmoon. To the administration team of Darkmoon, please do not think I am denigrating your ability administration of comments or your standards. Personally, I think you are doing a very admirable job, I noted when you edited my comments, and understood those edits. I don’t a prove of it (ha ha), but it is your website, and I respect your judgment.

    That respect that I have for Darkmoon Admin, also applies to the rest of you, who I so lovably refer to as vultures from time to time, and for good reason! But I do know, I give it harshly, and when you give it harshly, you must accept it comes back harshly. Fair is fair, and bravo to you! But, I have noted something though, that my postings in this very short time has changed some of you. I see it the words you write. If you don’t believe me read your comments before and after I arrived. There is more thought, more analysis, more digging into the facts. And I mean facts! Not the nonsense that has largely been loaded at times.

    To all of you, I say sincerely, I bare you no harm. But more importantly I bare you no ill will. You may think, by my calling many of you racist, that I hate you, but I don’t. I don’t hate you at all. All I am trying to do, is for many of you to understand, the suffering that is happening all because many of you people close your eyes to what your governments are doing.

    I don’t hate you. Not even the racists. I do hate racism, but not the racist. I just want you to see the truth, stop falling for stupid stories written by ignorant people, and to question more! Question even my facts! But question, and get to the real truth…and then hold your governments to account!.

    Please remember this when you vote.

  10. I enjoyed this review and would encourage Douglas Murray to read and listen to the following…. he might just get to the heart of matters and sufficiently angry to inspire a new book I’d actually purchase:

    1. Know your true enemy – who is he allying himself with?
    Rabbi says Jews and Muslims are brother against old Europe

    2. Know your true enemy – how has he manipulated and hidden history?
    Dr Peter Hammond discusses how since the Boer War through to today we have decimated our own white nations and populations in service of (((lies)))…. we did not just enable and even participate in the slaughter 100 million white Christians, we decimated our countries, cultures and birth rates. We were more than a third of the world population in 1910, today we’re 8-10% depending on you read. The Boer women slaughtered in the concentration camps were raising families of 12-14 children on average, white Christian Russian families were also large….what would the population of white Christians be today if blood lust had not been wrecked onto just these peoples alone?

    3. Know your true enemy – see in his words the exact opposite is almost always true
    If you cannot articulate the problem, you cannot rectify it. Andrew Carrington Hitchcock does this very succinctly in Jewish Genocide of the White Race Case Closed

  11. @ Dorian- you’re a brown-steaming-mass of stink; why don’t you crawl into a toilet and don’t forget to flush. Whoops, almost forgot, where you come from running water and toilets aren’t the norm; at least cover yourself with some dirt to keep the flies down. PS-don’t come back.

    1. Oooh, what a nasty man!
      And here I was thinking Aryans were really nice people.

    2. Aryan Pride –

      Being a white “racist” of fairly decent pedigree, I certainly don’t mind reasonable appeals like Dorian just wrote. In fact, his presence here DOES cause me to consider more deeply on individuals, rather than blanket condemnations. I can recall many times I have given a negro the benefit of doubt, only to be disappointed. However, I have done likewise with my own kind… All men have a right to their own advocacy – and all men have a responsibility to defend their own. No apologies are necessary. We whites and negroes are different, and we all need to simply accept that fact without rancor. We can do it! 🙂
      Unlike the Occidental Observer (where I first read this Joyce article), Darkmoon graciously allows the voice of all reasonable observations – even profane ones. We are fortunate to have it, and you shouldn’t disallow it, or condemn their permission. Everyone (even Jews!) can voice his opinion, here. 🙂

    3. Aryan Pride,
      Or is it Ashkenazi pride? You Jews always refer to feces in one form or another. Same old story of the Jew mind needing an object to hate. Intelectual light-weight….chiou. …

  12. Let’s face it folks. If Murray’s book had spelled out in no uncertain terms and exactly who is behind the Death of Europe along with America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia (South Africa is already a done deal) and why, his book would have been band on Bozo’s Amazon and would most likely would never have seen the light of day. Bozo has been of late on a book burning rampage having anything to do with the facts concerning WW2 and the Holyhoax and the exposure of the secrets of the sex and death cult they call Judaism. And as mentioned by this correspondent in early comments, Islam is just a chip off the Judaic block. Europeans have much to answer for concerning their history past and present. Still, that is no reason to create the conditions for extinction of the great White race. With only around 9 percent of the world’s population and falling fast, the upcoming passing of the great white race will leave a great silence except for the East Asian classical performers who love the music tradition of the great European master composers, whose music is light years beyond what the White’s replacements could ever create. Granted there have been great Black musicians and composers that live in the west but only after breathing in deep drafts of Aryan culture. It boggles the mind just to think of the instruments of the symphonic orchestra and the grand piano all invented and created from the mind and genius of the White race and the great master composers who wrote the music that realized the tremendous potential of these musical instruments. Like the East Asian, the Jew after drinking at the trough of Aryan culture has produced some the finest performers of Western music most who are most likely, like most Jews, not cognitive the death and sex cult(ure) of the Rabbis and their followers.

  13. Look, despite all this minute examination into the whys and wherefores of how this present situation came about, it still boils down to one simple, inescapable, fact. It’s either the Jews or it’s the white race. If the white race does not eliminate the Jews, then most assuredly the Jews will eliminate the white race and are well on the way to doing so.

    The proof for this fact is overwhelmingly evident in the current cesspool that was once Europe, along with what remains of white western civilization. In fact, this entire article is all about laying it out in plain English: The Jews ARE eliminating us even as this is being written!!!

    If whites do not take aggressive action, extremely aggressive action, soon, Jews will finish their genocidal job. Until the white race comes up with the resolve to take drastic action to eliminate the Jews, not only from their own countries, but from every country on the planet, then there will be no change and whites will not survive.

    Again, Jews have made it Biblically clear – it’s either you or us! One of us will not survive – WE WILL NEVER ALLOW IT. Look what Jews did to Russia, look at what these cowards had their white proxies do to Germany. How much more evidence is required to understand the fate they have in store for what remains of the rapidly dwindling white race? Talking about it will change nothing. Jews are more than happy to lets us sit here and pontificate on these matters as long as they can go on killing us unopposed.

    Terrorist and terrorism are just more bullshit, Jewish lies. It’s (((Jewish))) terrorism and the terrorist’s obsession with decapitation prove its Jewish roots. What is needed is real terror, armies of white Kamikazes willing to sacrifice their life for their race. Jews are a race of cowards, they hide and change their names for fear of discovery. They let other people fight their wars. They hide behind other inferior races. Like their slime-ball, lying, thieving, ancestor Jacob, they send out women and children first to confront the enemy.

    Jews will not prevail in the face of truly dedicated, white resistance. The much ballyhooed “Samson option” is no option for the cowardly Jew, it’s just more blustery Jewish bullshit from an arrogant race with a bad case of the ass. Jews are not willing to sacrifice themselves even for their own kind. Cowards, abject cowards they are.

    One shining feature of the white race has always been its dedication, discipline and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. The white race needs to find that bravery again and use it to face down the Jew once and for all. White men need to meet the Jew on the battlefield in a fight to the death. It’s High noon, at 12:01, one of us will not walk away. Anything less and we will simply keep reading more articles like the above until one day in the near future we will no longer be here to read, or write, anything.

    I do not have the answers of how to accomplish this, it will take a far greater intellect than mine to mount successful opposition to the predatory Jew. However, the white man better come up with some answers and he better damn well do it soon.

    1. Hi Arch
      We need some sort of movement to stand up for the white race. I am not a racist in that I accept and admire decent people from all groups. BUT! white people have been made to feel they shold be ashamed of their race. The truth is that the civilisation we have has been created mainly by the white European race.

      Maybe it will mean separation in situ, as with the Jews; or geographic separation, as with the Japanese.

      I can just imagine the uproar if somebody opened a “Whites Only” organisation. It is OK for blacks, Jews, Moslems, but not for whites. Isn’t that racist?

      1. John –

        “I can just imagine the uproar if somebody opened a “Whites Only” organisation.”

        Freemasons did that already. 🙂 (So did David Duke’s NAAWP for White People)

        Blacks have their Prince Hall Masonry Lodges:

        During the years of Reconstruction and continuing to 1900, Prince Hall Masonry remained a highly prestigious but small fraternity. By the early 20th century the membership rapidly expanded, lessening its exclusivity.

        Although all Masonic Lodges today are – THEORETICALLY – racially integrated, white Grand Lodges in Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and West Virginia still do not recognize Prince Hall Grand Lodge members as legitimate Masons.

        Nonetheless the Prince Hall Masons include tens of thousands of black and some non-black members throughout the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, and Liberia.

    2. (((Ron & Russell Mael))) did put it very blatantly already back in 1974. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us!! (And I ain’t gonna leave). They actually meant the whole planet though. We goys have to learn how to read between the lines.



    1. Looking at Breitbart this morning, I have to remark on those looney celebrities who condemn Trump for his proper withdrawal from the Paris accords. It’s too bad they can’t figure their financial success depends on the prosperity of the people who pay for entertainment. Billionaires like Elon Musk (Tesla) are only rich because of government subsidies of his enterprise, too. Why do people regard these assholes with respect??!

  15. @Dorian
    Your anger against murder by the West of civilians in non-western countries is a moral booster. It certainly affected me.

    Being a scientist you are most likely in the camp of humanism/secular atheism, however, given that thousands of developed persons in cultures throughout the world over thousands of years have perceived and reported the same observation: the universe has moral laws, then scientifically we can take this as a Law. One such law is that responsibility is individual.

    The epithet racist can only be applied to a group if it is ascertained that every member of the group is racist. Therefore scientifically your statements about national racism is wrong. Condemning British people for not voting for Marxists because otherwise it is racist!!! is wrong. People are voting on a range of issues. For example, the potential to earn a living to feed their children.

    Where is your compassion for the fact that in the West the cultural and information sphere has been thoroughly manipulated for 100’s of years and that education has been dumbed down for decades. Most British people are completely unaware about the issues you cite, in fact they believe they are doing GOOD! because that is what is portrayed on television – “humanitarian bombing”.

    You are effectively condemning people for being stupid caused by their environment, which in turn, sorry to say, is also stupid.

      1. PAT :

        How many years did you serve in the U.S. Navy? What year did you join and what year did you retire from the Navy?

      2. TROJ –

        I served 7.5 years. I did not retire from there. I had 5 years of college before I joined.

        I served on two submarines. Here is one out of Guam in 1968:

        Take the tour…

        USS Mariano G. Vallejo (SSBN-658), was a Benjamin Franklin class fleet ballistic missile submarine, was named for Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo (1807–1890), a key proponent of California statehood. The boat’s service extended from 1966 until 1995.

      3. Pat,

        If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you some innocent questions. In other words, I’m not challenging you about nuclear power, though I find it extremely curious that isolated islands like Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico DO NOT USE nuclear power to generate electricity. They use cheap and plentiful oil!

        The idea that “nuclear power” was a cheaper and more reliable power than oil — remember “peak oil”? which has now been proven as another hoax — is ludicrous. Even the father of nuclear energy and the smartest Jew on earth, Albert Einstein, said as much, if somewhat facetiously: “Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water.”

        Creating “nuclear power” (basically steam power) in a small submarine is quiet a different animal or engineering feat than creating enough power to light up a small town or city.

        My questions:

        1. How did you test for radiation leaks on your sub?

        2. Did nuclear submariners get extra pay more than regular submariners due to the extra risk and danger of radiation?

        3. What kind of extra schooling or training did nuclear submariners have to undergo before they could serve?

        4. How and where is Uncle Sam recruiting nuclear technicians and physicists these days?

        5. How do we know that the seafood in the Pacific is radiated and dangerous for consumption if no radiation tests and measurements have been taken?

      4. JFC –

        Thanks for asking.

        “Creating “nuclear power” (basically steam power) in a small submarine is quiet a different animal or engineering feat than creating enough power to light up a small town or city.”

        –[Actually, SOME older commercial pressurized water nuclear reactor plants are almost identical, except for size. The big difference is the large concrete towers on land, which are cooling towers for the secondary(steam) system…. No radiation involved.]

        “My questions:”
        1. How did you test for radiation leaks on your sub?
        A: There was ample lead shielding for attenuation of x-rays and gammas and betas…on the bulkheads of the reactor compartment. There was a water ‘primary’ shield tank around the reactor… and the bulkheads in the reactor compartment were also lined with polyethylene to attenuate neutrons and protons.
        The ELT – Engineering Laboratory Technicians – took air samples every 8 hours in the engineering spaces.
        We all wore film badges 24/7 and additional pocket dosimeters when working in the reactor compartment when shut-down. No problems.

        2. Did nuclear submariners get extra pay more than regular submariners due to the extra risk and danger of radiation?
        A: We got extra pay – Pro-Pay – for ‘proficiency’ and not because of extra hazards. All submariners got Hazardous Duty Pay no matter their duties.

        3. What kind of extra schooling or training did nuclear submariners have to undergo before they could serve?
        A: A lot. Almost two years of of nuclear engineering school in classroom and prototype. Then, another year or more onboard the boat(sub talk) before becoming a sufficiently trained operator/engineer.
        We did it all in the underwater city of 140 men. There was a full machine shop in the Auxiliary Machinery Compartment.

        4. How and where is Uncle Sam recruiting nuclear technicians and physicists these days?
        A: The US Naval Academy is one for officers. ROTC programs help also. Other college grads attend OCS. High grades on special comprehension and math test scores allowed entry into the nuke program when I went in. We all were considered the upper 3% of the navy. Some were absolutely brilliant. I was average.

        5. How do we know that the seafood in the Pacific is radiated and dangerous for consumption if no radiation tests and measurements have been taken?
        A: I don’t know about the testing. It can be skewed to favor anyway they wish. I do know that if there is core leakage from Fukushima into the ocean… it is really bad news. Some precursors and contaminants have thousands of years for half-lives…. Some in the millions of years. Uranium-235 has an estimated half-life of 703.8 million years.

        BTW – There was an additional 250 tons of lead bars loaded into the the submarine along the inside of the keel(bottom)… to make all of that metal sink.. Go figger.. 🙂

      5. Hi Pat,
        Great comments, and many thanks for your service, which was what really won the cold war.

        I studied heavy Electrical Engineering and part of our course was on nuclear power stations. I have read of the incredible reliability of navy PWRs, on subs and carriers. I cannot understand why they want to build these giant 2 GWatt reactors on land when they could use a few smaller Navy reactors. These are small enough to but on a truck or keep on ships or barges offshore. Fukushima please note.

        Also I now read about thorium reactors. We were never taught anything about thorium. It is a breakdown element of uranium, (92 to 90).

        Terrible mistakes have been made in the nuclear industry. The greatest was Fukushima where they built 11 (that is eleven!) reactors in the region at sea level, next to one of the most active geological fault lines in the world. Three reactors reached meltdown and each reactor proabably contained more than 50 TONS of uranium; unbelievable, and I have always admired Japanese engineering. There are hills just inland and they could have built a few hundred feet above sea level, and there were old records of big quakes and tsunamis in the area.

        The US navy should be given a leading role in planning any nuclear installations in future.

  16. Hey Sasha,

    Love the site and most of the commentary being shared here. (I take exception to Trump bashing and think people need to stop being so knee-jerky to every breathe the guy takes. He has got a plan, a great one…The Art Of The Deal in living color).

    OK, back to the comment I wanted to make…..which is off-topic, so please don’t be mad at me….. but as time allows, I go through the older articles you’ve posted and I have to scream from the top of a mountain that your article, “UNDER JEWISH RULE”, is flat-out marvelous and spot-on. Between the persistent and never-ending onslaught of subverted efforts of the Jews and the Muslims, it becomes more-and-more clear to me and others, that these two lunatic and evil cultures ARE half-brothers and sisters…and a true danger to all of us. The insidious and nauseating subversion of Christianity by the Christian ZIonists (TRUE lambs being led to slaughter who are cutting their own throats) and the precepts and cancerous evil and lies put forth by the Bibles infiltrated by the Scofield Reference “Bible”….. why people are NOT clamoring to burying these ideologies is mind-and-soul numbing. Wake up, people, nap time is over….put the blankies down and pick up the weapons of truth and defend The Truth.

    Anyway, I know the article is from 2013, but, like a great song, a great article never loses it tasty flavors of truth.

    1. people need to stop being so knee-jerky to every breathe the guy [TRUMP] takes. He has got a plan, a great one…The Art Of The Deal in living color

      welcome to a tiny club, patriot.
      i also have a great hope + admiration for “the guy” (and he really IS a guy, alpha-guy who doesn’t need a committee to drive the bus, all these jews he surrounds himself with are only for the show (and maybe protection, sort of human jew shield), while they hope to force some control on him or at least keep him under observation – Art of the Deal indeed) and am amazed at his moves, unpredictable, yet he is moving the ball forward for the goy, 2 steps back, 3 steps forward, everybody seems to only focus on the backward ones, except the jew, who sees it but is impotenet to act because Trump is running the reverse kol nidre on the lying species and they are trapped in their own game, bettered by a master.

      an example, Trump risks ire of millions of pro-Israel voters by keeping embassy in Tel Aviv
      and this means not just the 6×2 million jews but greater millions of ziochristians, the ones that wouldn’t survive trotsky treatment – i guess they would call the slaughter by zinoviev, sverdlov, radek and the likes, rapture

      Pastor John Hagee–‘Trump’s promise was of critical importance to millions of Christian Zionists who voted for him. They will be watching closely’
      Times of Israel

      go figure …

    2. or try to imagine anything like the kathy griffin holding up decomposing bloodied head of trump to double-thumbs up from 6×2 million media jews happening anywhere in the world, except under direct jew orders (“Germany Must Perish”).
      This is around-the-clock pulsa di nura witchcraft laying macabre kabbalah curses on trump, calling down yhwh+his favorite demons to pull trump down.
      Kathy Griffin Holding Press Conference with Jew Lawyer to Blame Trump for Her Actions

      So this wacky bitch is holding a press conference with celebrity Jew lawyer Lisa Bloom (the selfsame Jew lawyer who served all the sluts accusing Trump of sexual harassment during the campaign, and recently got Bill O’Reilly crucified before the Sanhedrin – she’s the daughter of supervillain Jew lawyer Gloria Allred, who also helped with the Trump attacking slutfest) to blame – get this – Donald Trump for the fact that she did this photo shoot.

      yes, Fox news is also in for it, along the lines of charles lindbergh/ neville chamberlain/ dan rather, asset stripped of their core anchors, o’reilly, hannity, i would guess tucker carlson next for lewinsky treatment.
      This ain’t kabuki, it is WAR by judea on forever clueless goyim and their would-be defenders, rejected by the same goyim.

      Whoever thinks this is an incredibly convoluted, incredibly choreographed, incredibly pointless (unless you happen to be one of the “me just retarded goy, me no comprende judios, their iq too far above mine” brigade) kabuki, you must be incredibly ignorant of history which clearly shows how they act toward their REAL enemies as opposed to controlled opposition.

      kathy before nose job, hmm, a very judaic looking gargoyle before and after.

      1. yeah well … little, barely noticed details, impossible to guard against in toto tell the tale
        Kathy Griffin Abandons Accountability, Slams Trump & Family For “Personally Ruining [Her] Life”

        Kathy Griffin: “I’m not afraid of Donald Trump.
        He’s a bully. I’ve dealt with older WHITE GUYS trying to keep me down my whole life.”

        now, whose fleshy mouth is blowing the shofar horn named kathy griffin?
        And why would she be unafraid, very unafraid unless guaranteed ironclad protection for her scabby body and career and which is the only power in the world that can provide this guarantee?

        1. And what, I wonder, what does Darkmoon’s Muslim commentators think about Kathy Griffin blaming WHITE MEN, because WHITE MEN gave her NO other choice but to turn Wahabbi Salafist Sunni Assassin Islamic Jihadist because WHITE MEN always tried to keep her down and she had to take a stand and fight back or she would have been exterminated by the rayciss WHITE MEN meanies? So it’s not her fault, really, she pulled that ISIS stunt of hers, right…?

    3. Patriotfirst1776,
      The “Scofield Bible” was written by a convicted felon. If my memoria serves me correctly, he was divorced twice. He forged documentos in the State of Kansas to try to sell properties of his mother-in-law…..of his second wife, and had to flee the State. Later Jewish bankers financed his luxiorious 5 year stay where he wrote, edited, the Scofield bible. Today “Christians” pay total obediencia to this cow dung between two banana leaves. Very sad.

  17. You people do realize this is all going down, right?

    It may not be fun, but the Jews won’t escape unharmed. The mistake you make is to assume that the Jews will prosper forever in the current system, which will continue forever. You must realize the system itself will fail, and then the Jews will go down with it.

    Islamic terrorism is just one of the ways that more death is being introduced into the system. But this is minor for now, this is just the beginning. Just watch in the coming decades, everything will begin to unravel.

    1. Dolph –

      “You must realize the system itself will fail, and then the Jews will go down with it.”

      You MUST realize you are guessing with the rest of us.. 🙂

      I claim… Pharisee-Jews are going nowhere. They are a religious cult composed of many tribes around the world. They morph just like gypsies. That’s why they will remain.

  18. I can explain Europe’s strangeness in four words –
    religion abhors a vacuum.
    Doesn’t take an Archbishop or an Ayatollah to figure this one out, does it?

  19. Ok, we know one doesn’t want to sound “hateful,” so how does one approach this delicate subject called “JEW.” I suggest using the very words used by these loving, generous and compassionate people. Why not invoke the very thoughts espoused by these paragons of virtue called “Jew?”

    Why not use their own words as a guiding light for interacting with them? How can one go wrong using the same words as a race of self-admitted “lights unto the world?” Jews are towering examples of truth and justice who love all Negroes as fellow men. How can one ever be called “hateful” when using the very same words of loving, yet tragic victims who, by their own admission, are incapable of hating?

    Words are always more loving and acceptable when said or written by a Jew, and it’z zooo zimple! Just take a loving, Jewish quote and replace the word “German,” “enemy” etc. with the word “Jew” Let us begin:

    “The Jews are not human beings. From now on, the word ‘Jew’ is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word ‘Jew’ strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one Jew a day, you have wasted that day … If you cannot kill a Jew with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a Jew in the meantime … If you have already killed a Jew, then kill another one – there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of Jew corpses. Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Jews you have killed. Kill the Jews! … – Kill the Jew! Kill!”

    And another classic, rephrased, Jewish thought: “The Jew must be killed. One must kill them … Do you feel sick? Do you feel a nightmare in your breast? … Kill a Jew! If you are a righteous and conscientious man – kill a Jew! … Kill!”

    See, no hatred here just kind, compassionate loving words.

    Here’s more:

    “We will turn our hearts into steel, which we will temper in the fire of suffering and the blood of fighters for freedom. We will make our hearts cruel, hard, and immovable, so that no mercy will enter them, and so that they will not quiver at the sight of a sea of Jewish blood. We will let loose the floodgates of that sea. Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill Jews in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. Let there be floods of the blood of the Jew bourgeois – more blood, as much as possible.”

    Now isn’t this a refreshing change from all that “hateful antisemitism?” But wait! One might want to emphasize their point, so say it again!

    “Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill the Jew in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands; let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Rockwell and Lane, Corrie and the dead at Waco, let there be floods of the blood of the Jew bourgeoisie – more blood! As much as possible!”

    Again, no hatred here, just a thoughtful, compassionate longing for justice.

    See how calmly rational and loving one appears when using the very same words employed by Jews? So take these precious Jewish words to heart. No doubt most normal people will find this revolting. While many may become sick to their stomach when dealing with such psychopathic subject matter, always remember Jewish words and thoughts are sacrosanct, thus one can never go wrong when following the most holy Jew.

    So be creative, twist the Jew’s words like Jews twist your words. Then use these words as the Jews use them – to program others into righteously ridding mankind of the worst pest that ever cursed this planet.

    1. right arch, reversing the identity got art topham into the canadian joint, freedom of speech becomes hate speech.

      what’s good for jew is good only for the jew, where jew treads, no goy is allowed to follow.

      otherwise, if denied unchallenged supremacy, jew screams that he is treated like a second class alien.

  20. i think that this is important, courtesy of AP under the Admission Against Interest™ rubric, worth quoting in full
    ST.PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — The Latest on President Vladimir Putin’s comments Thursday (all times local):

    5:30 p.m.

    The head of the French government’s cyber security agency, which investigated leaks from President Emmanuel Macron’s election campaign, says they found no trace of a notorious Russian hacking group behind the attack.

    In an interview in his office Thursday with The Associated Press, Guillaume Poupard said the Macron campaign hack “was so generic and simple that it could have been practically anyone.”

    He said they found no trace that the Russian hacking group known as APT28, blamed for other attacks including on the U.S. presidential campaign, was responsible.

    Poupard is director general of the government cyber-defense agency known in France by its acronym, ANSSI. Its experts were immediately dispatched when documents stolen from the Macron campaign leaked online on May 5 in the closing hours of the presidential race.

    Poupard says the attack’s simplicity “means that we can imagine that it was a person who did this alone. They could be in any country.”


    4:30 p.m.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has hailed President Donald Trump as a straightforward person with a fresh vision.

    Speaking at Thursday’s meeting with senior editors of the world’s leading news agencies, Putin said Russia had been encouraged by Trump’s campaign statements in which he lamented Russia-U.S. ties being at a historical low and promised to improve them.

    Moscow’s hopes for a rapprochement with the U.S. have been dashed by congressional and FBI investigations into Trump campaign ties with Russia, but Putin emphasized that Moscow still hopes to forge a constructive dialogue with the Trump administration.

    He praised Trump as “a straightforward person, a frank person.” Putin added that while some see Trump’s lack of political experience as a disadvantage, he sees it as beneficial because “he has a fresh set of eyes.”


    3:45 p.m.

    President Vladimir Putin has expressed regret that anti-Russian sentiments in the U.S. have prevented cooperation on fighting terrorism.

    Meeting with international journalists on Thursday, Putin said “there are certain dimensions we can pursue more actively in fighting terror” — but “Russo-phobic hysteria” in the U.S. has made such cooperation all but impossible.

    Asked if he could offer any advice to Trump, Putin said it would be “counterproductive” to give advice to a political counterpart and added that “a person like President Trump doesn’t need any advice, especially if it comes to political issues.”

    He concluded by saying that “my wish is to forge a constructive dialogue underpinned by national interests,” and “I believe it’s possible with the current U.S. president.”


    3 p.m.

    President Vladimir Putin says Moscow will wait until current anti-Russian sentiments in the U.S. abate before trying to forge ties with President Donald Trump.

    Speaking at Thursday’s meeting with senior editors of leading international news agencies, Putin said the current atmosphere “makes it somewhat inconvenient to work with one another or even to talk, but some day this will have to stop.”

    The Kremlin’s aspirations for better ties with Washington have withered amid Congressional and FBI investigations into Trump campaign ties with Russia.

    Putin said the “Russo-phobic hysteria” in the U.S. is aimed “against the current president of the U.S. to prevent him from working normally,” but predicted “this will end, sooner or later.” He added that “we are patient, we know how to wait and we will wait.”


    1:35 p.m.

    President Vladimir Putin says that Russia’s military deployments on a group of Pacific islands also claimed by Japan have been caused by concerns about the U.S. military buildup in the region.

    The four islands, called the Northern Territories in Japan and the southern Kurils in Russia, were seized by the former Soviet Union at the end of the World War II, preventing the two countries from signing a peace treaty.

    Speaking at a meeting with senior editors of international news agencies Thursday, Putin said the U.S. will likely continue to build up its missile shield in the region even if North Korea agrees to curb its nuclear and missile programs.


    1:10 p.m.

    President Vladimir Putin has warned that attempts to contain Russia won’t succeed.

    Without naming any particular country, Putin said that Russia has faced attempts to hurt its legitimate interests.

    Russia’s relations with the West have been at post-Cold War lows over the Ukrainian crisis. The U.S. and the EU have slapped Moscow with sanctions over its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and support for pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine.

    Speaking at a meeting with senior editors of leading international news agencies Thursday, Putin said that economic restrictions against Russia have had “zero effect.”

    He predicted that the current strain in relations will ease, because “it’s counterproductive and harmful.”


    1 p.m.

    President Vladimir Putin says the Russian state has never been involved in hacking.

    Speaking at a meeting with senior editors of leading international news agencies Thursday, Putin said that some individual “patriotic” hackers could mount some attacks amid the current cold spell in Russia’s relations with the West.

    But he categorically insisted that “we don’t engage in that at the state level.”

    Putin also said that “no hackers can influence election campaigns in any country of Europe, Asia or America.”

    U.S. intelligence agencies Jews have accused Russia of hacking into Democratic Party emails, helping President Donald Trump’s election victory.

    Vlad knows 😉

  21. Madame Butterfly,
    bark….bark…..crouching….on all fours….inching foreward the cocker spainard realizes what hes done and its bad….very bad. Ears drooping….head lowered….gazing up imploringing at Madame. Drooling tongue out…starts to lick Madames feet. Jumps upward but is rebuked…whimper….in desperacion lifts right paw for hand shake and acceptance….crouching again….tail (stump) wagging….so to night will cocker spainard be allowed to curl beside his lovely master in the warm bed or forced outside to the cold, hard dog house? … be continued….
    Post note.
    Why did cocker spainard leave the warmth of Madames bed in the middle of the night, sneak into her wardrobe and start chewing on her $5000 Gucci heels? Did the Devil make him do it? Did his overly curious mind and excess energy drive him to this terrible deed? We may never know as these are questions which require answer from brillante filisofical minds. But cocker spainaird is only a dog who loves Madame very much….apologizes ans seeks foregiveness.

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