The Trial of Jez Turner: A Jewish Witch Hunt


Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
from an article in The Occidental Observer,
with additional notes and comments by LD.

(A recent speech given by Jez Turner at the London Forum follows in a 27-minute video) 

JEZ TURNER, British patriot and founder of the London Forum

. . . is to go on trial for “incitement to racial hatred” against Jews, despite having been given a clean bill of health several times by Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). How is it possible that a man who has committed no crimes, according to Britain’s top lawyers, should be hauled before a court for his non-existent crimes? Read on to find out.    

On July 4th 2015 Jez Turner, along with fellow patriots, staged a static protest in Whitehall, opposite Downing Street, in protest at the development of the Shomrim (see picture above), a Jewish ‘defense’ group that possessed all the trappings of an illegal religious police force. During the protest, it has been alleged that Turner gave a speech in which he stated that:

“all politicians are nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune, and the ruling regimes in the West for the last one hundred years have danced to the same tune.”

Turner is also reported as having stated that Jews played an influential role in the French Revolution and both World Wars, before concluding that England was a content and successful nation during the period of the expulsion (1290–1656), and adding that we should “free England from Jewish control.”

Although the initial report to the police was made by the more senior Jewish organization, the Community Security Trust (CST), Gideon Falter, head of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, was the most vocal and ardent pursuer of the case.

The police, in accordance with established process for ‘hate crimes,’ passed footage of the speech to the Crown Prosecution Service’s counterterrorism division. It was here that Falter began to encounter difficulties, and why a further Jewish campaign to hinder free speech in Britain has acquired momentum in the last twelve months. While Leon Brittan’s inclusion of an ‘incitement to racial hatred’ clause in the 1986 Public Order Act was an important hit on free speech, it was not all-encompassing, and it did not come close to making ‘anti-Semitism’ illegal.

LD: Leon Brittan, a descendant of Lithuanian Jews, was a British politician whose original name was Leon Brittanisky. He died in 2015, having worked indefatigably right to the end of his life to promote Jewish interests over the interests of his family’s adopted country.

The Crown Prosecution Service’s policy guidelines on cases involving ‘incitement’ under the 1986 Act clearly state that the language employed by a defendant must have been “threatening, abusive or insulting. These words are given their normal meaning but the courts have ruled that behavior can be annoying, rude or even offensive without necessarily being insulting.”

Moreover, further comment from the CPS has made it clear that the language employed by the defendant must have been “grossly abusive or insulting” or moved beyond reasonable “criticism” of a group, for a prosecution to be valid, since “it is essential in a free, democratic and tolerant society that people are able robustly to exchange views, even when these may cause offence.” At some point in the aftermath of Falter’s report to the authorities, the CPS made the decision that Jez Turner hadn’t said anything illegal and ceased legal action against him.

Five months after the speech, Gideon Falter approached the Chief Crown Prosecutor for London with a view to discovering the charging decision in the case. He was informed by the CPS that Turner was entitled to free speech and hadn’t broken any laws.

Falter then attempted to request a Victim’s Right to Review, a request that was declined on the basis that Turner hadn’t mentioned Falter and therefore Falter couldn’t claim victim status.

Falter then used his influence to obtain meetings with both the Chief Executive of the CPS and the Director of Public Prosecutions, both of whom informed Falter that Turner simply hadn’t broken the law. At that point Falter, who has previously boasted of “holding the government’s feet to the fire,” issued legal proceedings against the CPS in his effort to make ‘anti-Semitism’ illegal, with or without legislation.

It is with all of this in mind that we need to reconsider some other recent developments, because other pawns have been put in place just prior to the latest twist in the Turner case — the ‘test case’ for the criminalization of criticism of Jewish influence in Britain. These pawns have consisted of two major propaganda drives, both of which have been largely led or orchestrated by Falter. The first drive has been a constant media droning about a putative, but somehow mysteriously invisible, “rise in anti-Semitism” in Britain.

Falter has been the chief author of this myth, writing in January 2015 of “Britain’s tsunami of anti-Semitism.” Falter’s ‘tsunami’ apparently consisted of a polling result in which 25% of British respondents replied positively to the statement: “Jews chase money more than other British people.”

Falter, who evidences almost psychopathic levels of paranoia, claimed that even though this much-feared anti-Semitism was ‘invisible,’ “the Jewish population must be protected by the state. … British people must remind their Jewish countrymen that they stand with us. Anti-Semitism in Britain is not a Jewish problem, it’s a British problem.” In a masterfully Jewish false syllogism, Falter added that: “Jews are the litmus test of freedom – our fate is the fate of society.”

GIDEON FALTER, head of Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA),
a group accused of being pro-Israel lobbyists fronting as a “charity“.

“. . . evidences almost psychopathic levels of paranoia.”

It is an unfortunate fact that the media and government have indulged the wanton paranoia of this individual and the group of fanatics that he leads.

Falter has not only been given meetings with those at the highest levels of government and law enforcement, but has even been allowed to put forward proposals that Jews be allowed to ‘educate’ police and prosecution lawyers on who, and for what comments, they should charge. We may consider it a paradox indeed, for an allegedly poor, downtrodden, and persecuted group to “hold the feet of the government to the fire.”

It was on the back of this ‘fake news’ of a rise in anti-Semitism that Falter produced another masterstroke in pushing the British government to adopt a ludicrously vague ‘official definition’ of anti-Semitism:

“Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

The significance of the adoption of this nonsensical statement had less to do with the definition itself, than it had to its part in the larger effort to criminalize criticism of Jews. Falter has complained that “our criminal justice system is failing badly,” by which he means that the criminal justice system is not fully serving Jewish interests.

With the media-invented frenzy about the ‘rise’ in anti-Semitism, and the introduction of a new definition of anti-Semitism, all that was needed for a final assault on the deficiencies of the 1986 Public Order Act was a test case in which a defendant had previously escaped prosecution under it.

Jez Turner was just such a defendant, and he has been selected by Jewish activists as the fulcrum on which the fate of free speech in Britain will turn. Just days ago, in an unprecedented eventuality, the Campaign Against Antisemitism’s legal team forced Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service to reconsider its decision not to prosecute. Falter gloated immediately that “their surrender was unequivocal.”

‘Their surrender is unequivocal.”

The question remains for all freedom-loving Britons and for all men of the West where this warning sounds: Will you surrender? One person who won’t is Jez Turner himself. I met Jez in person a little over a year ago in Stockport, England, and found him to be an intelligent and affable gentleman. He is not given to extremes, and is often considered in his choice of words and actions. We discussed history and politics over fish and chips, and literature during one (very windy) walk along the coast.

A very talented speaker and organizer, Jez has given a lot to the cause in England, and has done so during periods where others have taken a back seat. In particular, his London Forum has been the lifeblood of the movement in Britain during the last several years. All of this, of course, makes him a valuable ‘scalp’ to our opponents, and the ideal target upon which to base the broader assault on free speech.

Despite the fact that a courtroom beckons, Jez remains in good spirits. In my last correspondence with him he had this to say — clearly anticipating a courtroom battle over the extent of Jewish influence in Britain. I can think of no better way to finish: Our job is to get the truth out there in whatever way possible and a court room is a good a place as any.”

[LD]  Andrew Joyce observes in a footnote: “The Campaign Against Antisemitism is likely to be funded by George Soros. Tony Greenstein, an anti-Zionist Jew, is attempting to get the CAA de-registered as a charity.”

Donors’ names are concealed and there is no attempt at transparency.

Jez Turner, founder of the Nationalist organization known as the London Forum, was educated at a prestigious English public school called Giggleswick. He then graduated from the University of Essex and the London School of Economics. The London Forum has attracted a gallery of stellar speakers who have all in some way offended the Establishment and acquired a certain notoriety: David Irving, Kevin MacDonald, Mark Weber, Jared Taylor, Alexandr Dugin, Alain de Benoist, and Lady Michele Renouf. The word “anti-Semitism” has often been bandied around irresponsibly in connection with these enormously gifted and well-respected political dissidents.   

If the Jewish witch hunt against Jez Turner should succeed, it would be a major miscarriage of justice.

Bear in mind that the Crown Prosecution Service has already told Gideon Falter—not once, but several times—that Jez Turner has committed no crime. If Jez is now found “guilty” on some trumped-up charge, the Crown Prosecution Service will not only lose all credibility but the world will see for itself that Jez was right all along when he allegedly said: “All politicians are nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune.” [LD]

VIDEO : 27 mins

54 thoughts to “The Trial of Jez Turner: A Jewish Witch Hunt”

  1. Thank you Dr. Joyce and Dr. LD for exposing the strident attempts of Mr. Falter to silence informed opinion perhaps because of his possibly inborn limitations, but certainly less developed faculties and antiquated tribal mentality which can’t handle perfectly legal dissenting views. Not all of us grow up to be Astro physicists I suppose, but the jewish community is taking longer than most to mature intellectually.

    On another note, my sincere condolences to Mrs. Ernst Zundel. Mr. Zundel was a great man, who will be remembered. Whether you agreed with him or not, he had the indisputable courage of his convictions and was persecuted relentlessly for the moral stand he took.

    In any country, the jew poses as the champion of free speech, advocating perversion and sickness of every kind, but can’t handle honest intellectual discussion on issues they don’t want to face, substituting brutality and persecution for debate and dialogue.

    1. The Jewish community seems also to take longer than most in maturing emotionally. The Holocaust story-tellers won’t debate the revisionists and only throw invectives and insults as a response to perfectly sound questions. Their constant whining and preposterous story telling could very well be their Achilles’ Heel.

    2. Received report Mr. Zundel is doing fine, certainly hope so. Zion international continues to wither and isolate itself, however, insisting that ALL criticism of their positions and dissent is anti semitic.

    3. Winston,
      Unfortunately, there are too few Jez Turners or Ernst Zundels in the World. Over the past 100 years, the Jews, through their control of mass media, entertainment and sports have socially engineered what should be intelligent people into total morons and imbéciles who eagerly gulp-up all the información thats fed to them. Nothing will change until people start to suffer from hunger and disease due to Jewish opresión. So far, that threshold hasnt been crossed. As long as the masses are able to numb the pain of exorbant taxes and diminishing freedom through the consumption of alcohol, drugs and all-you-can-eat buffets, nothing will change. Jew will be safe to continue his mischief.

  2. If resisting Jewish Power is anti-Semitic you can call me an anti-Semite.

    No other group wields such power, particularly in the USA, and that power is used to further the interests of Israel, to the detriment of the USA and UK. We are fighting wars and ruining countries on behalf of Israel.

    There WILL be a reckoning, when the people see through the lies and propanda we have been fed.

  3. ‘incitement’ under the 1986 Act clearly states that the language employed by a defendant must have been “threatening, abusive or insulting. These words are given their normal meaning but the courts have ruled that behavior can be annoying, rude or even offensive without necessarily being insulting.”

    One can be sued in England for being rude or insulting?
    Obviously I’ve missed many opportunities over the decades to get back at those who’ve verbally insulted me by using the courts of law, but then again, I’m sane, not British and not a ‘Chosen One.’

    1. UK College Of Policing’s Hate Crime Operational Guidance:

      For recording purposes, the perception of the victim, or any other person …. is the defining factor in determining whether an incident is a hate incident, or in recognising the hostility element of a hate crime. The victim does not have to justify or provide evidence of their belief, and police officers or staff should not directly challenge this perception. Evidence of the hostility is not required for an incident or crime to be recorded as a hate crime or hate incident.

      Success at subjugating Bulldog Breed English means the methods will succeed globally. UK: (Tribe) Cattle Control Experiment.

      1. Flan,
        With all due respects my friend, but you are living in a giant Looney Bin. You’re one of the sanest posters on the board, along with Wiggins, John Kirby and a few others from the UK. My question is, how do you guys retain your sanity? What’s your secret?

      2. Hi Felix,

        That’s tough to answer without sounding crass. But here goes:

        1. Absolute knowledge that the ineffable Creator engineered physical and spiritual laws into the cosmos.
        => Takeaway – relax somewhat, the laws will fix it.

        2. Avoidance of exposure to The Experiment. Though born in a (now) Western Looney Bin I have not lived there for several decades. Utter thanks be to God, I now reside in an Earthly paradise (really) that has had hardly any exposure to The Experiment but still, one must not live in a city, own a TV, watch Hollywood or own a dumbing down phone, ludicrously called “smart phone”.


        Anyone who is sane MUST takes steps at achieve at least point 2.

      3. Thanks Flan,
        Guess I won’t be going West for awhile. I haven’t lived in Europe since 1961. Last visit was to Portugal in 2007. My sister’s English boyfriend told me I wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the UK without being arrested. I took that as a compliment!

      4. Flan –

        You wrote:
        “…I now reside in an Earthly paradise..”

        So do I. And I did not even have to relocate..!! 🙂

        Close to 99% of my friends and relatives shun me because of my outward and open display of rejecting the principles of Pharisee-Jews whenever and wherever possible for decades. I am free of them who shun me. Some come back in 20 or 30 years and tell me I was right… and now join me.

        Everyone commenting here is using ‘JEW-TOOLS’ – RAND Internet and associated devices – to do so…!! When anyone buys wares… they pay Pharisee-Jew Taxes..!! 🙂

      5. Hi Felix,
        Nice of you to say so. In fact the problem is much worse in Germany.

        Like most people I grew up believing that the Jews were innocent victims of antisemitism. It wasn’t until about 1990 that I began to read the facts, that Jews had looted and dominated Weimar Germany in the 1920s. It is no wonder the Germans hated them. The great killers in the camps were typhus, dysentery, TB, hunger and cold, mainly the result of allied bombing. I realized that the holocaust was a means of extortion, giving Jews carte blanche to dominate and intimidate the western world, with Israel as the main beneficiary; with the smear of antisemitism used like a club to beat down any comment on Jewish Power.

        We were brainwashed. Now we have to get out the truth about the role of Jews in the disasters of the 20th century, and the ongoing disasters in the near east.

        We must resist Jewish Power.

      6. May I quote Franklin Reckaert:-

        “In the US if you run for Congress soon you will be visited by a group of Jews. They will ask your opinion about several things, among others Israel. You will have to give them a “position paper” with all the answers. If they accept it, they will support you financially and you will get a positive image in the media. If not, they will support your opponent and you will get a negative image in the media. Thus only “friends of Israel” make it into Congress. But that is not all. You will have to accept several Jews into your staff also. They will keep an eye on you. Thus every member of Congress is a puppet of the Jews. Therefore you get scenes like this on You Tube, Netanyahu gets 29 standing ovations in Congress”.

        That’s what I mean by Jewish Power, and it is made worse by the present media witch hunt against President Trump for wanting friendship with Russia, which of course is a long term bogeyman for the Jewish Lobby.

        Monica Lewisnsky

      7. @ John Kirby

        In addition to the destruction of the 20th century, you might want to read “New History of the Jews” by Eustace Mullins – 1968. It is free online. Mullins, a historical researcher, explains how the jews destroyed, in order, the Egyptian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Persian Empire, the Greek Empire, and the Roman Empire. Jewish control of the Roman Empire is why Emperor Constantine left Rome and went to Constantinople to set up the Byzantine Empire which manifested over his restriction on jewish circumcision of their slaves. Experienced destroyers indeed. The jews always use the same technique. Along with a host of other things, Mullins refers to the Law of Moses as barbaric and explains how the jewish God of Jehovah is really a different name for Baal. BTW, Mullins was a well informed Christian.

      8. Hi John,
        I was woken to the (((threat))) back in 1970, when I was in South Africa. A colleague gave me a copy of “The New Unhappy Lords”, by A. K. Chesterton to read. He was a nephew of G. K. Chesterton and explained in great detail the aim of the Jewish moneylords. Divide the world into 2 camps, capitalist and communist. Which would make it easier to achieve one world Jewish government. Which was why after the engineered collapse of the USSR, I thought the NWOists had won. However, like most would-be world conquering idiots, they failed to take the rise of nationalism into account. Hence their caterwauling and screeching at the rise of Putin and China and their feverish attempts to foment war. Don’t believe this nonsense that (((they))) control the PBOC, the People’s Bank of China, the Chinese Central Bank. ALL CHINESE BANKS ARE STATE OWNED and any assertion to the contrary is just that, an empty, vapid assertion without a shred of evidence. Also the PBOC is the largest central bank in the world in terms of assets.
        Even the Bundesbank of Germany is publicly owned. However all of them are members of the BIS in Basel, Switzerland and they are no doubt subject to influence by the other Central Banks who are BIS members.

  4. People, it’s time to RAM this “anti-Semitic” canard once and for all . . . by being PRO-SEMITIC!

    Wear a t-shirt, make a sign, start a wild fire via social media!

    Can you imagine just how “annoying” it would be if someone or a bunch of people showed at these rallies wearing t-shirts and carrying signs saying that s/he is pro-Semitic!?!

    1. Which leads to JB Campbell’s question, which is to be put to Gideon Falter: “Are you a Semite?”

  5. SHOMRIM is a volunteer neighborhood watch organisation –
    SHOMRIM – is REGISTERED as a charity.
    Question – does this give them TAX FREE STATUS ?
    Question – where does their money come from ?

    According to article – 26. 12 2016 – In the past 2 years SHOMRIM has faced rising antisemitism & anti minority feeling in general.
    Question – is a genuine concern from the public – as to the validity & necessity & motives – of SHOMRIM in the community being construed as antisemitism ?
    Question – Is everyone certain that the Charitable organisation SHOMRIM does not exact undue & self interested power & therefore benefits from & in the community that it purports to serve.

  6. A gang decide to shake down an area –
    They send in their goons to commit criminal acts to frighten the community –
    Then it fronts as THE COURAGEOUS COMMUNITY MINDED HERO willing to save the community from the criminal element.
    The oldest trick in the book.

  7. “An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews…”
    — Joseph Sobran

      1. “The only way antisemitism will end is when all the Jews are put in ovens.” will this result in wry bread? could be a winner. New deli item – Holocaust on wry with tears.

  8. This court case, if it ever goes to trial, would be a fine opportunity to define a Semite. Semite is a racial term, not a religious one; following Judaism does not make Semites.

    Palestinians are mostly Semites as are the majority of the British people (True Israel).

    The website I promote ( includes The Truth and a factual Lawful Defence against all the criminals: fraudulent bankster-gangsters who are really working for Satan.

    1. @Old Old Song

      “…Semite is a racial term, not a religious one…”

      No “Semite” is a linguistic term. Every speaker of a Semitic language is a Semite, regardless racial or religious background.

      “…Palestinians are mostly Semites as are the majority of the British people (True Israel)…”

      That is the ridiculous “Christian Identity” idea. And don’t you see any racial difference between Palestinians and British people ?

      1. @ FR

        You say “Semite” is solely linguistic? Not. You are a victim of the deception as below.

        “’Anti-Semitic’ is a phrase which means ‘against Semites’ but has come to be used solely as meaning ‘anti-Jewish’. The irony inherent in this ill-used phrase is that the Semitic Arabs are actually amongst the greatest victims in the crime and fraud known as Zionism, in which [Ashkenazi counterfeit-Jews], who are racially non-Semitic, in the first half of the Twentieth Century, fostered and executed a plan (as prophesied by God through Ezekiel 11:15) to create an officially recognised Jewish homeland in Palestine. The result of which was the mass displacement and persecution of the indigenous Arab citizens. This is without doubt ‘anti-semitism’ at its worst. As the British; American and other Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples are also descended from Shem/Sem, they are also Semitic peoples. Therefore anyone who is anti-British or anti-American is anti-Semitic, in the true definition of the term. But, of course, as explained in the Protocols, it is the [Ashkenazi-counterfeit Jews] who publish the dictionaries and so they define the words according to their plan.”

        Of course there is a difference between Palestinians and British Israelites. Nevertheless, both are Semites because both are descendents of Abraham; Palestinians from Ishmael; and British Israelites from Jacob. Historical fact. Try learning, instead of being so rude.

      2. @Old Song

        One should make a distinction between scientific and popular use of terms. In science a “Semite” is a speaker of a Semitic language, irrespective or race or religion.

        The term “anti-Semite”, though scientifically incorrect, denotes someone who is hostile to Jews. Thus an Arab, who is hostile to Jews, can be an “anti-Semite”.

        Ashkenazi Jews are genetically for about 50% of Middle Eastern origin and for about 50% of European (mostly Italian) origin. One has to think of Jewish traders in Italy who married local women and thusly formed a Jewish community.

        Germanic and Celtic peoples are of Indo-European origin, though of course mixed with the local Cro-Magnon, Alpine and Mediterranean populations of Europe.

        There are no descendants of Sem, because Sem never existed. Sorry, mythological persons leave no genes.

      3. FR –

        Yep..!! Sho-Nuff…

        Shem – Sem – Shemites – Semites – Shemitic – Semitic references are all part of the Noah mythology.

        They knew not what they were using as labels..

        Oden’s Day(Wed) and Thor’s Day(Thu) live on today..

        Check your calendar… 🙂

  9. “Jez was right all along when he allegedly said: “All politicians are nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune.”

    Correct, no doubt.

    That is another reason I claim, “ALL National Leaders ARE Liars..!!”

  10. The World Vanquished
    Vatican Britain Germany Russia America
    all hidden colonies of the chosen people
    all puppets of the negative force-universal mind
    the inter dimensional imposter god controlling
    his imposter parasitic spawn puppets !

    1. JS –

      I agree.

      I like your site. The music is great.!!

      “Every moment is made great by the Light of Love.”

      “There comes a time in our lives when we begin to question set forms, and values of religious beliefs; trying to find reasons for their observance, which is based upon understanding, and inner need, rather than mere outward routine.”

  11. ’ “(The Jewish population must be protected by the state. … British people must remind their Jewish countrymen that they stand with us. Anti-Semitism in Britain is not a Jewish problem, it’s a British problem.” In a masterfully Jewish false syllogism (good LD), Falter added that: “Jews are the litmus test of freedom – our fate is the fate of society.”
    What is one to make of this statement from faltering Falter?
    Lets try to parse this recital of self serving rhetoric from this royal prince of Judah.
    If “the Jewish population is protected by the state”, who then, prey tell, protects the “State” or more to the point, the non-Jews from the depredations of the Jews? If the non-Jew People of Britain were to stand by their Jewish Countryman (an oxymoron) will the Jewish people stand by their non-Jewish British Countryman? Will the “Jewish problem” just magically disappear? Notice how his royal highness makes the distinction between the British people and the “Jewish population”. He does obliquely admit, even though it’s a “British problem” according to his highness, that the Brits and Jews live in the same country. How distasteful that must be to “A People that Shall Dwell Alone”.
    And lastly “Jews are the litmus test of freedom – our fate is the fate of society.” Ah yes. Out of many examples, 1. The Russian people (non-Jews) experienced a certain fate in 1917 when the Jews were able exercise their litmus test of “freedom”. And 2, as of late the non-Jewish people’s fate in the near Middle East has been on the receiving end of Jewish “freedom” backed up by the their American and British sock puppets.
    Just two prime examples of what Jewish fate means to the fate of the non-Jew. You see Darkmooners, there is really only two classes of people on this planet, the Jew and the non-Jew, which are you?

  12. Pat

    We are immortal spirits of light

    prodigal souls

    having a transitory human experience

    aspects of the Beloved Source of Light

    the Beloved True God

    the Loving Creator of All

    we are trapped on Prison Planet Terra

    within the darkness of

    the negative force-universal mind

    the angry imposter liar murderer

    YHWH-jehovah god of the old testament

    Our role is to escape this mind-body prison

    controlled by the bloodthirsty butcher

    who is envious of we children of God

    This negative world of the Demiurge

    can be researched in Gnostic writings

    discovered in Nag Hammadi Egypt


    Nag Hammadi Library

    and books

    The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels

    The Gnostic Religion by Hans Jonas

    Gnosticism Stephan A Hollier

    view videos

    1. JS

      And to think, at the heart of the demiurge envy is the misapprehended notion of it having been abandoned by Creator; an inexplicable response* upon becoming conscious of one’s being, given that abandonment by that which is responsible for our singular existence is IMPOSSIBLE.

      *the ‘plug’ to love was pulled

      1. Brownhawk
        You are very perceptive
        Remember everything in creation is governed by the Positive Power Beloved God of Love
        we prodigal souls will return to our true home … the demiurge will not !
        When time-space is dissolved for another creation this energy will no doubt have a renewed role
        all best

    2. JS –


      I’m not able to BELIEVE – guess – that all you wrote is factual.

      It does not explain aerobic and anaerobic mechanisms and life-forms.

      It does not explain the many life-forms growing without light here on this planet. Some at the bottom of the Marianas Trench and in 1000 degree Fahrenheit water.

      Good answers always bring MORE good questions.

      Thanks, again…

      1. Pat
        To exist, every life form has consciousness, of a greater or lesser degree
        where there is consciousness there is a spark of spirit (called the soul)
        spirit-light-soul animates the over 14 million life forms
        having been captured in the negative force mind-bodyshell … the karma-reincarnation system
        through multiple incarnations we are kept on the prison planet by deception
        it is only in the human body-shell that we have the consciousness to escape the matrix
        we are subject to negative influences which attract karma so we have to stay in the illusion by
        greed attachment anger immorality etc
        over multiple incarnations we positive prodigal souls increase our consciousness through
        the negative force puppets who have chosen the service to self left hand path
        provide the catalyst for us to escape back to the everlasting realm
        while they will continue to reincarnate into an increasingly negative world … called the Kali Yuga
        Thus goes the dreadful few.
        All best

  13. in the past 100 years and so ,people suffered at your bloody wicked hands ,you cunning ,manipulating hyenas ,you beastly creatures ,you even refused to apologizes for the The Balfour Declaration after a century ,you brought misery and destruction wherever you went.
    so now ,you whine like whores and complain ,because the Jews own ,use and abuse you .so what
    it’s pay back , bitches ,let the Jews use and abuse you from here to eternity ..more power to the Jews.
    God works in a mysterious ways.

  14. I know many good Jews. It is the Zionist/neocons that frighten me. Somebody said that if it were not for a few dozen neocons the 2003 invasion of Iraq would never have happened.

    Now those same people seem to have decided that war with Russia and Iran should be the next step. Isn’t it possible to hold a Nuremburg-type trial and hang these people?.

    I suppose I could be jailed for saying that, but I bet most Americans, Brits, Germans, French etc would agree with me.

    The Jewish Lobby harms the Jews.

  15. “Jews are the litmus test of freedom – our fate is the fate of society.” What he is really trying to say is that “The criminalisation of any and all criticism of Jews = Jewish freedom”‘

  16. Can anyone explain to me why Jewish creatures hate Whites so much? I’m a little dumbfounded considering that the Holocaust was more than likely faked. I heard news from another man that it had to do with the Romans destroying their temple in 70AD. Or is it being expelled from so many European countries that have caused hate toward us? I would love any thorough explanation on why they hate Whites so.

    1. Sol Invictus

      Expand the mind … consider …

      Short answer
      “the dreadful few descend from Cain !”
      who was banished-circumcised by Adam-Eve

      Long answer
      this prison planet is controlled by minions-dupes-spawn
      of the inter dimensional Negative Force-Universal mind

      the left behind royal hybrids of the Annunaki “gods”
      denizens of planet Nibiru who invaded Terra- Earth 500,000 years ago

      they created the Adam-Eve body shells to trap we prodigal Souls
      thus they live off our entrapped soul energy

      Planet Terra is their “animal farm” – they think they own us!
      Nibiru on an elliptical orbit returns every 3,600 years
      they are culling their “overpopulated” farm from 7 Billion to 500 million

      whereas we soul children of Beloved God, the Positive Power
      the “Service to Others” STO Positive Souls

      will have to show these “Service to Self” STS negative souls
      the left behinds + their “chosen people” dupes the error of their ways!

      read + Eustice Mullins “New History of the Jews” Free PDF Download
      research Gnosticism articles internet books videos

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