To the barricades! — ‘Jews will not replace us!’

To the barricades! — We will at least be less bored.

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“The hostility is beyond anything I have seen.
Things are far worse than in the upheavals of the Sixties.”

Katie, bar the ever-lovin’ door. Compromise seems a forlorn hope in today’s strange version of America. Anger runs too deep. All that is left is to choose sides. We will then see whether the country sinks—continues sinking–into a Soviet future already largely upon us, or we see armed mobs battling in the streets.

Does this sound crazy? I don’t think so. The hostility is beyond anything I have seen in what has become a depressingly long life. In the media, on the web, anger seethes. Countries both civilized and not have plunged into bloodshed over as little. Think of Sunnis and Shias, Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics, Spanish and Basques.

In America, friends talk carefully to each other because they want to remain friends. Armed mobs take to the streets, blocking highways, shouting down speakers, burning cities, looting malls, playing the Knockout Game, organizing huge demonstrations. Things are far worse than in the upheavals of the Sixties. That rebellion, now receding from living memory, had a concrete and attainable goal: preventing young men from being forced to fight in a remote war in which they had no stake. When the draft ended, so did the riots.

Today’s hatreds are not about anything in particular. They are about everything in general, and thus irresolvable. The white insurrectionists seem to be adolescents of thirty-five, gripped by the strange immaturity that so many have noticed, angry at a world that they mistake for their parents. The blacks are furious because they somehow do not succeed in modern society. Their opposition, the Deplorables, feel drowned in everything they detest and fear. No peace is possible except by political coercion or conflict in the streets.

Half the country, led by New York, wants to control, and does control, everything of importance to the other half. Everything is decided remotely: what your children learn in school, what you can’t say to them because they might tell their teachers; who you have to hire, with whom you have to associate, what religious practices are permitted, whether you can have a Christmas tree in the town square or sing carols on the public streets, whether you can defend yourself and your family.

New York versus the Deplorables. The city holds the high cards.

Bitter conflicts force the taking of sides, often with people one does not like. For example, I think Trump is a horse’s ass, dangerous, naive, uninformed, and a thorough-going damned fool. I detest the KKK (which barely exists, but never mind) and disagree with the Alt-Right on many things. Yet when I look at the other side, the armed bands, the censorship, thought control, indoctrination, the re-writing of history, their media arm, the identity politics, the push for control, control, control—I think,“I’ll take Trump—gack–and certainly the Deplorables.” And of course if violence comes, it’s one or the other. You can’t reason with a mob armed with lengths of rebar.

“I think Trump is a horse’s ass,
dangerous, naive, uninformed,
and a thorough-going damned fool.”

There is no principle in any of this. It is visceral. Animalic mobs of ill-bred semiliterates vandalize statues as eagerly as Muslims blowing up Buddhist monuments.

This is war, of low intensity but still war. Culture war at first, but tending toward baseball-bat war.

And the federal government sides with the vandals.

So far the attacks have not been answered, but a lot of the country is thinking, “Bring it on.” Conservatives are not creatures of the herd, and do not wave placards. But they too are armed.

The campaign is highly orchestrated. The professional touch shows. The anger existed before Trump, and will exist after him, but he is being used by those who want to bring the Establishment, the Deep State, back into the White House.

Some time ago a fellow named Shicklgruber, a genius at marketing and cynical as Machiavelli, explained the technique for herding the public: Have a few simple ideas and repeat them over and over and over and over and over and over. Intellectuals, he said,want to make propaganda by offering complex ideas, and changing them frequently. This is because intellectuals become bored with simple ideas and want variety. Wrong, said Schick. Keep it simple and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it.

The public is stupid, he said, few think, their ignorance is profound, even the intelligent are usually ignorant and emotional. They will believe anything if told often enough. It is like training dogs. (He proved extraordinarily successful at marketing, though his reputation was later somewhat tarnished, but that is another story.)

This this was wildly successful in a forgotten time and a remote place called Weimar.

Anyone who has worked in politics or journalism can see how the thing is being done.There was the invention of Russian hacking, Trump’s racism, his hostility to Jews, his admiration for “White Supremacists,” who do not exist, and all the rest. Saturation by the media is of course the backbone–that, and making sure that the public never hears anything contrary. For the same reason, you see the same commercial seven times during the Superbowl,

This is vintage Schicklgruber, and bears out his contempt for the public.

I confess to a certain admiration for a thing well done. When New York gets serious, it works wonders. Control the media, it seems, and you control America.

What New York wants of course is Pence in the White House, a cipher in the pockets of Wall Street, the arms racket, and big corporations. I do not say this in hopes that saying it will have any effect. Writing columns seldom affects anything. Those who know what is going on already know, and the placard-wavers won’t read it.

Will New York impose a virulent political correctness–read “submission”–on the whole country? My guess is that it will. But conceivably not. It badly misread the anger in the country that elected Trump. Perhaps it will again make the same miscalculation.

We will find out when they impeach Trump.

As always, America’s racial catastrophe intrudes. Blacks demand–they always demand–removal of Confederate statues. Most can’t spell “Confederacy,” don’t know the dates of the Civil War, can’t name the three branches of government, have never read a book, but they demand. And demand. And demand. “Whah mah free stuff?”

There is no solution, and nobody believes there is, but race is a battering ram for attacking the Deplorables.

Clearly the people at the top, in the editorial suites in Manhattan, at Goldman Sachs, at Lockheed-Martin, know what they are doing. They want Trump out so they can continue looting. From their point of view,the placard-carriers and ball-bat wielders are merely useful idiots. It is an odd and amusing alliance. The useful idiots, Leftists all, apparently do not know that they are carrying water for the arms industry and international finance.

The country, methinks, approaches a decision point. Aux armes, citoyens! Let the games begin.

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76 thoughts to “To the barricades! — ‘Jews will not replace us!’”

  1. Fred Reed has invented his own code word for Jews.
    It is : “New York”. See for yourself :

    “…Half the country, led by New York, wants to control, and does control, everything of importance to the other half…”

    “…New York versus the Deplorables. The city holds the high cards…”

    “…I confess to a certain admiration for a thing well done. When New York gets serious, it works wonders. Control the media, it seems, and you control America…”

    “…What New York wants of course is Pence in the White House, a cipher in the pockets of Wall Street…”

    “…Will New York impose a virulent political correctness–read “submission”–on the whole country? My guess is that it will…”

    “…Clearly the people at the top, in the editorial suites in Manhattan, at Goldman Sachs, at Lockheed-Martin, know what they are doing…”

    Fred Reed : “…I think,“I’ll take Trump—gack–and certainly the Deplorables…”

    Well Fred, if you want to go full “deplorable”, then start with NAMING THE JEWS and don’t use such code words like “New York”.

      1. Correct : Mr.Reed gave us this problem .His type : ” Conservative” ,and ” Patriots “. Mossbacks . As the International Jews marched under the guise of ” Murica ” they cheered . They loved the wars which sapped our Republic,and depleted the Wests blood . Red,white ,and blue :” Our nation right or wrong “. They fell for the Left / Right divide . Clucked their tongues , rattled ,huffed ,and puffed us into this hell . Of course the ossified brains like Mr. Reed who cannot believe the ” dear Jews ” could be at fault ,as his Sunday school teacher 60 years ago told him how ” God’s Chosen People ” gave us the world ; could be the source of evil . He loved those Hollywood WW2 anti German films. ” New York produced that “. Mr.Reed . You know why ? Adolf Hitler LOVED his nation : Europe ,and the West. He gave his all to save us from the fate that befalls us now . Yes,” to the barricades “. I expect you kind to be at the sidelines just gawking as usual.

    1. Very perceptive of you, Franklin. Yes, it seems “New York” is the new code word for Jews. in principle, there is no difference between Fred Reed’s “New York” and Paul Craig Roberts’ “Washington”.

      We have discussed here before the long list of euphemisms for the word “Jew” and you have mentioned some good ones yourself. There are literally dozens of these euphemisms, beginning with “rootless cosmopolitans”. The most hilarious one ever thought up, in my humble opinion, is Monty Python’s “the Red Sea pedestrians”. 🙂

      That’s priceless.

      1. My own feeling is that it is simply not necessary to keep using the J-word all the time. There is a valid reason for using such coded words or euphemisms. They actually enhance discourse in my opinion and in no way diminish it.

        My reasons for the continued use of such euphemisms or code words:

        (1) The cognoscenti (or clued-up individuals) are left in no doubt who the code word is referring to, nor do most intelligent Jews themselves. We all know who the “rootless cosmopolitans” are, or the “elite media”, or “Washington” or “New York”, or “the pharisees”, or “the globalists”.

        James Petras recently came up with a good one when referring to the elite Jews who control Big Pharma. He referred to them several times as “oligarchs”. I was left in no doubt who he was referring to.

        (2) The coded word has extra impact because it annoys the Jew. He knows he is being referred to but cannot come straight out and complain about “anti-Semitism”. The use of the coded word for Jew, in other words, serves the very valid purpose of preventing the Jew from complaining about “hate speech” being directed at him. How can the Jew complain that you have attacked him with hate speech if you refer to him vaguely as a “globalist” or as a “cultural Marxist” or as an “elitist” or as an “oligarch’? He doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

        (3) A third good reason for using a vague umbrella term like “Washington” or “neoconservative” is that the word “Jew” simply will not do. It’s too narrow and indeed inaccurate. This is because so many non-Jews or shabbos goyim have joined the Jewish camp and are no different ideologically from Jews. Angela Merkel and Tony Blair are Jews in all but name, so is Hillary Clinton and all the Jewified politicians on the payroll of AIPAC.

        Indeed, there are many non-Jews who are now more “Jewish” than the average Jew in the way they think and feel, including 60 million Christian Zionists.

        Technically speaking, you can’t call all these people “Jews”. Because they NOT Jews genetically. So you need an umbrella term that covers JEWS as well as JEWIFIED NON-JEWS. And words like “Washington” and “New York” fit the bill very well because of their elasticity.


        Code words are needed.

      2. Sard –

        I agree that code word(S) are needed to accurately describe the filthy murdering bastards.

        I suggest Pharisee-Jew Bastards..!! Coded enough for me..!! 🙂

        If only a few in a small club (we here) know the actual name of the CULT which IS causing a problem… The Pharisee-Jew Bastards WIN..!!!!!

      3. @Sardonicus

        “…Code words are needed…”

        Perhaps code slogans are also needed :


      4. Nobody should get to excited by this Reed. He is obviously senile ..a watching the parade go by type . I assure everyone he is NOT wise to the Jews . His New York Crowd meant just that . He meant ‘ elite ‘period .

    2. @Franklin,
      Fred Reed is one of my favorite writers. But, seriously, if he substituted New York (the Jew capital of the US) with the word “Jews” he could not get his articles published in places like the Unz Review and others. Fred must self-censor himself if he wants to remain within the Overton Window.

      1. Yes I understand that. The Internet offers us the possibility to tell the plain truth. But if you still want to operate inside the (J)MSM, then indeed code words are necessary. Both approaches are useful.

      2. Yes, FollyOfWar has made an excellent point. If you want to get published on the Unz Review, you cannot afford to use the J-word too blatantly. A code designation like “New York” becomes mandatory. How could it be otherwise, given that the owner-editor of the Unz Review is Jewish?

      3. It’s not just certain words that have to be avoided if the author wishes to see an article get published, entire subject areas are off limits if one wants to stay in the Overton Window. Paul Craig Roberts is frequently criticized for his use of various euphemisms, but recently he seems to be getting less and less concerned with staying inside the lines. PCR’s column today deals with both the increasing levels of hate, and the decreasing value (in some places) of anything resembling truth.

      4. I invite commenters to leave a list of their favorite euphemisms for the word “Jew”. Out of amusement, LD has compiled a long list of Roget’s Thesaurus style synonyms for the word “Jew” and is anxious to add to this list. If you can help by offering your choice of best suggestions, that would be much appreciated.

      5. He didn’t need to make the Jew inspired ” Schikelgruber ” crack . I doubt he is using ” New York ” crowd in the anti Jew context . He is thinking ” elite ” ,” establishment” etc. I no longer grasp at straws with cowardly writers of the ” Right Wing ” like this . Time is to short for games .

      6. I realize use of the word Jew can be problem, some use Zionism instead. At the very least that stops the WHITE WASHING. I for one am sick of being blamed for Jews atrocious behaviour in the last 2000 years simply because they “white wash” their names and now can trim their noses.
        Also code words are very easily created and twisted. Look at how the phrase “Master Race” was invented:
        However, I also believe more people are catching on and so terms like crypto-jew or morano or Khazar(ian) Jew get far more interest and Goolag searches to find out more, than we believe. How else would the triple brackets meme have caught on like wildfire? Now we get the reverse brackets (yeah good one, the cat is already out of the bracket!) In fact I can go on any site and use any euphemism like The Predators That Be or Parasites or Bankers; just add a few brackets and it always spells j.e.w. in the readers mind.

      7. @ Sister Monica

        How about ZioOrcs? — a variation of Oligarchs

        noun: orc; plural noun: orcs

        (in fantasy literature and games) a member of an imaginary race of humanlike creatures, characterized as ugly, warlike, and malevolent.

        But my personal favorite is “Filthy Rats”

  2. To the Barricades: We Will At Least Be Less Bored

    I think Fred Reed reads it right: You won’t be bored in the upcoming years; in fact, there is a good chance that you will be Amused to Death.

    It was good as long as it lasted, was it not? But when you lose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown. So have a good drown, as you go down, Dogs.

  3. The counter-culture riots of the late 1960’s were led mostly by a motley collection of Jews, like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. But at least they had the guts to show their faces.

    If one could unmask the violent psychos behind ‘Antifa’ you’d probably find the same DNA attempting to overthrow the USA and turn it into the USSA, including the murder of tens of millions American who won’t bow down to their sick ideology.

    1. With DM columns regularly appearing at Truthseeker, many DM readers may have seen this already. It’s a column about the discovery of an antifa training manual, detailing their goals and methods. Is the manifesto genuine or a “forgery”? The contents of the antifa manual seem to match up rather well with antifa actions, signs, slogans, etc. So far, I’ve seen nothing that “debunks” it. Here’s the link:

      The author thinks the manual will be the undoing of antifa, but the MSM stands ready to support them, and offers justifications for their actions, i.e. “peace through violence” or “Is it OK to punch a Nazi” (answer: Yes, of course it is). The MSM have given antifa the high ground, so anyone who dissents or resists gets labeled a “Nazi”, a “White Supremacist” or that old favorite, an “antisemite”. Let the games begin, indeed.

  4. “New York” is due a good “Houston”. (Watching the FOX news channel this morning, I see horrific pictures of the flooding in Houston.) The oil refineries are taking a beating. The contrast of importance of infrastructure between the two regions is about to jolt a rude-awakening into the American public. God will not be mocked!

    1. Gil –


      God gave the Pharisee-Jew bastards the means to invent HAARP for them to use for weather control..!!!

      NOW…. refineries destroyed… gas prices will go up.. making Pharisee-Jews – “HIS CHOSEN” – even richer…!!! 🙂

      Then add insurance MONEY.. God luvs ’em..!!! 🙂

      1. ”Pat ‘. Your point is what ? Hitler opposed the Young Plan ! He NO money to work with when assuming power . Germany cut off . Boycotted ,broke ,truncated . Hitler Nationalized Banks ,and printed his own bonds . Unemployment from 40 percent fell to zero . No nation recovered like that ! Except Japan . Jews formally Declared War ! ” Supplys ?” As an weapons expert that period and collector what where they ? Lol ,lol . Nothing. Weimar was Jewish: Not the Reich. How fun. One can be anti Hitler ,and Jew too! Your info has no logic ,sense ,or reality ! John Birch Society False flag confusion discredited long ago. You read Imperium in the 50 s? Lol A loooooong time ago. It was dedicated ” The Hero ” , and that was Adolf Hitler the greatest man in one thousand years. He took them on. Anyone saying other wise needs committing to an asylum. PS. I’m not into American informality or historical senility of the ” Right Wing Patriots ” fighting on the Jews anti Hitler turf to failure . It’s ” Dante Ardenz . PS,you didn’t know International Jewry , Britain and France declared war on Germany ? Oh right that Jew Hitler began it all and the whole Allied effort funded by Rothschild’s to crush Germany was to fight world Zionism ! Lol Saying the Young Plan was a deliberate way to put NSDAP in is really a stretch ! They fought him tooth and nail ! The comment section here is becoming an elderly burger circle at the local McDonalds ! I’m now going to throw out my Hitler ) NS stuff for those anti Zionist Big Three ; FDR , Churchill,and Stalin ! Lol

      2. Dante –

        That was fun.. “BIGGLY”…!!! 🙂 🙂

        “YUGE” guesses… all ’round..!! 🙂 🙂

      3. “The comment section here is becoming an elderly burger circle at the local McDonalds !”
        Did someone just say ‘flounce’? I sincerely hope not! 😉

  5. ‘Leftists all, apparently do not know that they are carrying water for the arms industry and international finance.’
    Well said. Alinsky’s useful idiots. Few that know are too selfish and too greedy.
    How are the UN communists going to fit ‘Jews want replace us!’ in the “white supremacy” frame?

    ‘In a decision issued under its ‘early warning and urgent action’ procedure, the Committee, which monitors implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, stated “there should be no place in the world for racist white supremacist ideas or any similar ideologies that reject the core human rights principles of human dignity and equality.”’

    The anti-Semitism card for another Gotham operation?

  6. The White Identitarians/Nationalists, (I agree with Reed that they are not Supremacists), have every right to be plenty P.O.’d. They were hugely let down by their greedy Boomer parents and foolish WWII-era grandparents (the so-called Greatest Generation, who brought us Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act of 1965). They have inherited a mess of endless imperialist Jewish/neocon wars, an unpayable national debt, and, worst of all, a multicultural nightmare in which THEIR children will be a minority in a country that was 90% white when I was growing up in the ’60’s.

    As for the Draft, I distinctly remember that the massive protests of the college educated young stopped when the military went all-volunteer, even though the Vietnam War was not yet over. Apparently, the protests were more about saving your butt than a principled stand against the war. As long as there is no draft there will never be mass protests against these Neocon wars. Eliminating it was the Master Stroke of the Empire.

  7. Sardonicus –
    Franklin –

    No need to censor the internet.

    You censor yourselves..!! 🙂

    1. Account SUSPENDED….and turned back on.. as a warning..!!

      Canadian Professor Reveals the Danger of Google Censorship

      Peterson says he is worried that we are building an ‘unconscious mind’ into the internet that will automatically censor things before they happen.

      Dr. Jordan Peterson was shut out of his Google accounts but then was restored after his Tweet about it went viral. It is suspected that he was censored because he spoke out against the Canadian law that prohibits the use of biologically accurate gender pronouns to describe transgenders, He also has spoken against the teaching of Marxism in schools. Peterson says he is worried that we are building an ‘unconscious mind’ into the internet that will automatically censor things before they can be written, and will block information about events before they happen. In this area, Google is more powerful than government. [They are both run by people if identical mindsets.]


      1. Pat,
        Maybe gagging Google is taking a page out of the jottings of the court historians who somehow fancy themselves more powerful then God. They can change history.

    2. Yes, self-censorship makes one a perfect slave because slavery starts with the mind. Blocking a person’s ability to look inside him/herself, and by means of media propaganda, education and illogical law making him/her confused, the chosenoids have taken total control of the mass mind, and then robbing people of their property was easy. The conquering Jewry has been developing dark methods for psychological control over centuries in order to corrupt and enslave Goyim. Orthodox Judaists, and the Reformed ones even more, believe that if they corrupt Goyim enough, God will give up on Goyim, which will make it easier for Jews to become the masters. Now, Jewry is working on it from all sides: inside governments, NGOs, the pseudo-legal organisations (they themselves created!), tribally etc. When Goyim discovers it, Jewry shifts the topic of narrative and ascribe their methods to someone else in order to make Goyim kill each other. Here are some examples, although the topic of self-censorship is still poorly addressed, and dominated by Jews, as it has always been one of their main method of control and parasitism.
      [check out how this neo-liberal Marxist, Jew puppet is shushing her own people: ‘That is also what Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel broadcast in her New Year’s message when she warned against the anti-Islamic “Pegida” marches in Germany: she said it was the marchers against Islamic extremism that have “coldness” in their hearts, not the propagators of Islamic extremism.’]

      ‘Miss, never trust a Jew.’ – Nikola Tesla
      Thus, don’t trust Jewish scholars who wish to destroy the bright light of human nature.

      1. Snez –

        “..chosenoids..” is a good one for the list..!!

        This is even better from a ‘backwater hick'(ya know) 🙂

        ‘Miss, never trust a JEW.’ – Nikola Tesla

      2. Pat, a ‘backwater hick’ means a barbarian. That’s how you call a real genius? Jewdification seems to have more profound chosenoid influence than I thought.

      3. Sorry, it’s not even sarcasm. America and Europe are losing the chosenoid position exactly because of voluntarily accepting such a silly mind frame. For example, Palestinians, the “backwater hicks”, as you would probably call them if not something worse, have shown more COURAGE and SELF-RESPECT than the entire western world that has been actively supporting the extermination of their nation. Jews have brought the whole west to its knees, rule it and own it, but not Palestinians.

  8. The Charlottesville event just keeps getting worse. I read yesterday that those tiki lamps and the slogan “blood and soil” were exactly the same as the Soros funded revolution in Ukraine where the protesters/rioters carried tiki lamps and had the refrain “blood and soil.” Sorry, the “blood and soil” comes right out of a “Sixties” political science class… this phrase ins’t something 35 year olds would dream up on their own. Most 35 year olds wouldn’t have a clue what the “blood and soil” movement was or the historical context. (Psst… German youth movements of the turn of the century, also the Zionist beginnings) So that is about as phony baloney as you can get.

    Then in another video I watched someone reported that the Black Lives Matter people and the Unite the Right people got out of buses–the same type of buses parked in a line on a back street. One group was handed KKK T shirts and the other ones handed the Black Lives Matter T shirts. I mean this is getting beyond stupid. Are we going to let a psyop divide our country and start a civil war?

    I think any well educated person who takes this type of charade seriously has to be part of the opposition. But, of course, there is real resistance to the take over of our country by bankers and globalists and racists against white Europeans. I have spent my adult life married to a Jewish man and living in the Jewish community. What I find bone chillingly authentic is the blanket labeling of white Europeans as Nazis. Go down to the coffee shop in some jewish neighborhood and listen to the “alta cocker” (old man in yiddish) use the exact same words down to the syllable–Nazis, Hitler, Nazis, Hitler like a broken record. There is no differentiation of American whites from real Nazis despite the fact American whites have never confiscated Jewish property, never repressed Jewish religion, fought the actual Nazis and died fighting them, and created a country that welcomed millions of jewish refugees. I guess a few people were excluded from country clubs or might have been denied entrance into an elite university at some point. But seriously, no nation on earth has been better for Jewish people. And in fact, Trump is not a racist. It is the left that are the racists; they are racist against whites. So it probably is a jewish take over because who else could dream up these sorts of beyond weird scenarios. Who else would call all white Americans Nazis or call Trump hitler. It’s all too obvious.

    I think Trum, is the only one standing up for the middle ground, which is where we need to go. We have to leave identity politics behind and find the common ground where we can begin restoring the black and white middle class by putting people to work. That is what Trump wants to do and no one wants to let him do it.

    1. @ Kapoore

      “putting people to work” is not necessarily a good thing since the “working class” are slaves to the system through licenses, taxation, usury, mandatory registration and fees for items. I insist all those burdens be removed before any other person is put to work ever again!

      1. New Song –

        Though what you are saying is true enough, I have often wondered what might replace the opportunity cost of money. If not interest, what then? There is no use having much money if you don’t let it work for you. It becomes an idle asset.

  9. It’s time we start talk about the very close relatuonship between the nazi’s and the jewish zionists. Nothing comes out of nothing.

    1. That is false ! There was no closeness ! What do think the Jews declared war against Germany was about ? A game ? It was real . They agitated for war Al during the 1930 s . Found Churchill in Britain to push for war. Finally succeeding September 3, 1939 when the world British Empire ,along with France declared war on Germany over an easily remidied border dispute with Poland . Simultaneously the World Jewish Congress Declared War on the Reich . Judiasm spiritually , esotericly , financially, racially, symbolically, HATED the Third Reich . The Allied leaders where the ONLY ones with a ” close working relationship with Zionists. The Germans even rejected an approach from Itgun to help the Africa Korp on ” General Principles”,against the British. Special Zionist Commandos worked viciously for the Allies. The notion that the Jews supported ” Nazis ” , when they promoted WW2 against them really is not knowledgeable of any real history. Psssst ,I’m a REAL Nazi and my friends
      We should know – ok ? How sad that this fine website is loaded with comments of this sort .

      1. Dante –

        There was “closeness” between Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London and US… and Hitler. They may not have hugged…. but they gave money and supplies.

        You should research the ‘Young Plan of 1928’ by Owen Young, Chairman of GE and State Department member.

        1928: The Young Plan

        According to Hitler’s financial genie, Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, and Nazi industrialist Fritz Thyssen, it was the 1928 Young Plan (the successor to the Dawes Plan), formulated by Morgan agent Owen D. Young, that brought Hitler to power in 1933.

        The Young Plan was assertedly a device to occupy Germany with American capital and pledge German real assets for a gigantic mortgage held in the United States. It is noteworthy that German firms with U.S. affiliations evaded the Plan by the device of temporary foreign ownership. For instance, A.E.G. (German General Electric), affiliated with General Electric in the U.S., was sold to a Franco-Belgian holding company and evaded the conditions of the Young Plan. It should be noted in passing that Owen Young was the major financial backer for Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United European venture when FDR, as a budding Wall Street financier, endeavoured to take advantage of Germany’s 1925 hyperinflation.

        The United European venture was a vehicle to speculate and to profit upon the imposition of the Dawes Plan, and is clear evidence of private financiers (including Franklin D. Roosevelt) using the power of the state to advance their own interests by manipulating foreign policy.

        Schacht’s parallel charge that Owen Young was responsible for the rise of Hitler, while obviously self-serving, is recorded in a U.S. Government Intelligence report relating the interrogation of Dr. Fritz Thyssen in September, 1945:

        The acceptance of the Young Plan and its financial principles increased unemployment more and more, until about one million were unemployed. People were desperate. Hitler said he would do away with unemployment. The government in power at that time was very bad, and the situation of the people was getting worse. That really was the reason of the enormous success Hitler had in the election. When the last election came, he got about 40%.

        Wall Street Paves the Way for Hitler

        The Dawes Plan, adopted in August 1924, fitted perfectly into the plans of the German General Staffs military economists. (Testimony before United States Senate, Committee on Military Affairs, 1946.)

        The post-World War II Kilgore Committee of the United States Senate heard detailed evidence from government officials to the effect that,

        …when the Nazis came to power in 1933, they found that long strides had been made since 1918 in preparing Germany for war from an economic and industrial point of view.


        Sutton documents it:

      2. Dante is 100% correct. There was no alliance or closeness between Jews anywhere and Hitler or his government. That does not mean they did not talk and work together to find solutions to problems. The Zionists and the Germans wanted the same thing – Jews out of Germany, so they came up with a working solution to accomplish this and move some Jews to Palestine. Meanwhile, other Jews around the world were working full time to get a world war started against Germany.

        The bankers in London didn’t pay Hitler. They paid Churchill to attack Hitler. There was a leading Jewish banker in Berlin that loaned “NAZIS” money and David Irving tried to find out why. This was covered up (involving the German President I believe). Irving discusses it in one of his books and a speech he made, but we don’t know why this loan was made because this was covered up by agreement between Churchill and Germany’s pre-war president that left Germany when Hitler came to power.. There was no alliance, friendship or anything along those lines between the German government and organized Jewry. Jewish Bolshevism and the USSR was the stated number one enemy of Germany and Germany was the stated number one enemy of World Jewry. Both parties stated this repeatedly, although after the war Jews made it appear as if they had done nothing and exhibited no hostility towards Germany, doing a disappearing act as if the Germans were the aggressor and the Jews never said anything. The numerous statements against the German gov’t by Jews, the international boycott Jews declared against Germany to strangle the country economically, the assassinations Jews carried out against German gov’t officials and the numerous statements by high ranking diplomats and others (like Lindbergh) around the world demonstrate the Jews hatred towards Germany very clearly. Without the Jews, there would have been no World War. There might have still been a war with Poland and the USSR, but that might have been avoided also.

        Some people get confused regarding pre-war trade and business between Germany and other parties and they use this as evidence there was an alliance of some sort. As one of the biggest and most powerful countries in the world, Germany, like other big countries, did trade with countries around the world. But as a country with few natural resources and the leading producer of high technology in the world, trade was more important to Germany than any other country. In 1945 Germany had more Nobel Prizes than any other country in the world. This was true in 1933 too, when Germany had more Nobel Prizes than Great Britain and the USA combined. The USA didn’t have many before 1945. When you hear talk of Prescott Bush, Henry Ford or anyone else doing business with Germany, they did business with Germany because Germany was the unchallenged scientific and technological leader in the world and they saw an advantage to doing business with Germany, like foreign countries see the advantage of doing business with Silicon Valley today.

      3. Hitler was a jewish agent hired to destroy germany, german aristocracy and the people. Read the book of mr. Hallett, many ‘ nazi’s ‘ were of jewish descent. Read Bronder, bevor Hitler kam. How come they never found anything of Hitler supposedly died and burnt in Berlin. Hitler was just a jewish pawn who worked with the jews. He even let one of the Rothschilds live in germAny during the war. Germany and the real germans were screwed by a jjewish mischlinge Hitler and his jewish companions who presented themselves as aryans but were jews. Poor germany misled.

      4. I would just ask, who benefits by demonizing Hitler? We know the German economy soared after Hitler took power. But, some (((group))) was extremely unhappy about it. We know who benefits when people believe false information. That’s all you have to understand.

        Sure, people like Sutton wrote books about Hitler. Was Sutton a German? So, he had reasons to falsify information so as to profit financially and in prestige by his lies and certainly his lies of ommision.

        A.Sutton, and others, worked with a manuscript which came from an embezzlement-convict J.G.Schoup.This script supposed to have been hand written by a certain ‘Sidney P. Warburg’. The Publishing House had to retract the book: “The Geldbronnen van het NS” soon after, because it was a hoax. But the ‘Hitler-was-financed-by-wallstreet-myth’ keeps coming up

        These socalled scholars and experts write books and simply parrot the ideas of other like thinking “scholars” and authors while the truth is obscured — for fear of the jew.

        Of course, these vilifying allegations are made over and over again in a continuing demonization of Hitler even 72 years after his death, and as long as jews control all the information in the West, these lies will continue, and, and not surprisingly, new lies will be “discovered”, which causes people who should know better, to keep getting taken in.

  10. He’ll be comin’ around the mountain when he comes, he’ll be comin’ around the mountains when he comes . . . Welcome to the club Fred.

    Mr. Reed has a definite way with words, to wit: “The hostility is beyond anything I have seen in what has become a depressingly long life.” Amen bruther, Amen.

    When I weigh this with the previous article “When Robots Rule,” I sincerely hope this becomes the Jew’s reality – may they live forever – on another planet.

    As for the American Negro, I am certain they have been miscast. To that end they deserve their day in the sun. We need hurricanes named after Negros, e.g. Hurricane P. Diddy, Hurricane Hurricane Iced Tea, Hurricane OJ, Hurricane Tupak. Since the effect of the American Negro on the nation is very much like a cultural hurricane to civilization, why not allow them a moment to bask in their glory?

  11. Too much Jewish schooling showing up in our scribes on these pages! You fools with your “New York”, “Khazar Mafia”, “Pharisees”, etc are sad victims of Jewish dialecticism. You have been tricked into trying to be TOO SMART. Your clever little posings regarding definitive skills have no relevance to the average man (or slave) we are trying to get our message out to… Keep it simple, relevant and to the point – the enemy is the Jew! “Jew” is the only relevant word. The man who said “I am the way, the truth and the life” and who said he had come to combat the evil Jews of the 2nd temple, came to teach us to oppose “the progeny of the devil.” We are currently drowning in Jewish satanism, not “New York” satanism! Wise up! Stop trying to be clever!

    1. Come on, Maxey! Every time this old country boy reads these “clever” posters (yourself included) I learn something!


    Did they really say, “Jews will not replace us?”

    …or did they say, “you will note replace us?”
    I don’t hear the word “Jew” anywhere. Antisemitism is practical for whom ?

    Would the silly soccer player marchers really be so stupid and say JEW? How practical.

    Why do the leftist fight white males and not globalist exploiters who killed million of people and come in all skin variations?

    Something is wrong.

  13. The bankers have been too greedy. I guess more people need to be aware of this part of the problem.

  14. I realize the U.S. has been destroying foreign countries for decades…I want it to stop. This is what happens when Congress goes against the will of the people. They’re a bunch of well paid whores.
    And I am tired of these communists and cultural marxists. They have other countries they could seek asylum in if it’s that important to them to destroy their own happiness and wear down their God-given spirits.
    These idiot communists need to stop trying to influence the U.S. to become communist. the U.S. is a constitutional republic. I want the Constitution and the Bill of Rights honored. Fuck communism and fuck Karl Marx.

  15. ADMIN: Please correct the typo in your email address.

    Freddy certainly has a way with words. Now and then one can sense a tiny bit of PC from his word smithy.
    Someday, that is, if there is a someday, and the rubbish dished out by the court historians can be flushed down the loo, will an honest look at the Third Reich and the vision of Hitler be appraised. Not that there haven’t already been attempts.
    Sometimes, no, many times an euphemism can be more descriptive then the original thought deemed to be offensive or bit too blunt.
    For example: Some New (((Yawkers))) want to replace White people and some contend, as history seems to indicate, kill Christians in particular. Now there is nothing offensive with the word Jew in and of itself. Jews call themselves Jews all the time. It’s the context of the use of the word Jew that can be offensive to the Jew and those who worship these (((Christ haters))). Some of these (((haters))), are still very glad that some Pharisee Jews around the year 32-33 had a (((hand))) in this deicide. Even though 95% of the (((gladdens))) are only related to the original (((haters))) in (((their))) fertile imaginations, (((they))) still write and talk about this among (((themselves))) and (((some))) publically.
    (((Mediator))) and (((middle man))) can be descriptive of the Jewish experience in the Western World for the last 2000 plus years. (((Thought Police))), (((miss-educators))) and (((Cultural distorters))) and (((corruptors))) seems to also fit the bill of more accurate descriptions of this human (((parasite))). Of course many others can and do fit these definitions. Was it not (((Sigmund Freud))) the (((founding father))) of psychoanalysis that has made it more easy for the (((parasite))) to better understand the host. After all (((they)) are the world’s (((destroyers))) and (((incinerators))) for (((they))) need a world of (((their))) own. Now TJ doesn’t say that, one (((them))) did.
    And did not many of the great poets of the Western cannon have pithy and euphemistic words and phrases about this (((Alien))) species.
    However, nothing can top the “euphemisms” in the New Testament Gospel of John. Could this be one of reasons the modern spiritual descendants of the Pharisees want to replace, remove, and even kill Christian White people. (((They))) certainly did a bang up job of it in Russia starting about 1918 and seem to be intent in doing the same thing right here in the US of A with (((their))) Black and White mindless shock troops. If TJ may be so bold: May we call this euphemistically the American redux of the Russian (((Bolshevik))) Revolution that Mr. Reed can ride out in safety from his perch in Mexico.

  16. “New York versus the Deplorables. The city holds the high cards.”

    No they don’t hold the high card. The deplorables grow the food that Jew York must have to survive once the jews have finished eating all the gentiles dumb enough to live too close to too many jews.

    “You can’t reason with a mob armed with lengths of rebar.”

    Yes you can if you are smart enough to live where acquiring and using 9mm up to 50 cal. is not difficult. No matter how fast rebar is swung, it is always a lot slower than an incoming round.

    “…tending toward baseball-bat war.”

    Only in non-deplorable States where the public cannot be well armed.

    “…a genius at marketing…”

    Marketing is primarily excessive lying about what is being pushed on the unsuspecting which is why spaced repetition/brainwashing, is used. Good ideas require no marketing since word of mouth by satisfied customers gets the job done.

    “The public is stupid…”

    Because ed-jew-cation/brainwashing works.

    “Control the media, it seems, and you control America.”

    That is the way it used to be and the way the jews would like for it to be again, but it is too late. Trump put the final nail in the jew-media coffin. Only idiots believe the jew-media today and the rating prove that those that do are in a severe minority. The jews have lost control of the narrative.

    It has to dawn on people that this whole us versus them narrative is completely staged to accomplish an agenda not good for people. All it takes is to notice that, despite the saturation marketing/lying of the divide and conquer scenario, most people are still getting along with one another just fine regardless of their skin color, religious preference, blah, blah, blah.

  17. Winston himself, before he became a creature of the Zionist, mentioned in his 1920 article in the Mirror magazine that there were two factions contending for the souls of the common Jew: Communism and Zionism. He said that these two factions of the Jewish elite and the Rabbis had the Jews by the locks on their heads.
    We all know that the NAZIS were extreme anti-communist, in fact, did work with some elements of the Zionist movement. The German government coined a medallion with the Jew Star on one side and the crocked cross on the other to commemorate the relationship. The only flag that was displayed in Berlin, other the Nazi flag, was the Zionist flag seen over the Zionist headquarters. Some wags says that Hitler is the real god father for the founding of the State of Israel. This is a prime example of unintended consequences. Hitlers dislike of some Jews and others was predicated on their Communism and their cultural corruption in general . (Many, Many Jews served in the German Army during WW2 and several Jews were officers and commanding officers at that. And like the American civil war where many Blacks served side by side with the Whites for the South. Much of this German WW2 history and Civil War history has been scrubbed and relegated to the Orwellian memory hole.) The Zionists knew very well about the camps that used Jews and others for labor. The Zionists rational was at war’s end more Jews would more likely move on to Palestine to help pry the British mandate from the Brits and the native Islamic and Christian populations.
    It was mentioned that at one time Jews were excluded from the elite US Universities. That was then. Now Jews make up to 40% of the students in the Ivy League Universities. Many of the Presidents are now also Jewish as well as the financial officers who somehow seem to misplace the student loans of those very special and precious students upon graduation.
    How else are they expected to get ahead, already?

  18. The world system is in a state of collapse.
    It is harvest time.
    The ‘barricades’ will fall, and the truth will be exposed.
    Hold onto your faith, victory is already ours.

    “And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.” Revelation 15:2

    1. Our war is a spiritual war, our weapon is the two edged sword, the written and the spoken Word.
      Under no circumstances will true Believers revert to any form of physical violence.

      ” And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.” Revelation 1:16

  19. Thanks SNEZ,
    Don ‘t you think that the “Esther” (bit, the) Holocaust survivor” a nice touch, “who has her own tragic connection with (Haman) Wagner’s music.” Maybe she was relegated to 5th chair in the viola section of one the Auschwitz orchestras when they played some Wagner that was so tragic and pissed her off. it won’t be long before this play is produced in every amatuer theater group in every podunk town in America. Americans just love their Jewish theater. American gentiles just love to laugh at the Jewish jokes that go right over most of their heads while (((they))) are picking their pockets. “And would a Jewish Israeli conducting Wagner be treachery or triumph?” Neither, It would be a tragedy laced with comedy. Certainly (((they))) can play the notes, but do (((They))) really have a have feel for Teutonic mythology as opposed to (((their))) Pentateuch mythology?
    Personally I prefer Brahms to Wagner and so did Brahms.
    Here’s site on the Nazi/Zionist coin.

    1. Thanks for the link, Toejamicus. That coin appeared on the web only recently.
      Esther may never have been in any camp. My guess is good as yours. How many Jews claim to be survivors and how long they live boggles the mind. I know that a large number got off the trains the moment they were out of Germany because they didn’t want to move to Palestine, as was arranged by the Transfer Agreement. Then, from those countries around Germany, they moved mainly to Switzerland and US. A famous joke, told by many, including Finkelstein’s mother, a Jew who completely denies Holocaust, about their boarding on the trains when Himmler asked them “Are you a Zionist?” and if someone said “Yes”, he would say, “Good. Me too.” Of course, those trains and the whole picture were very different from what we have been shown by Hollywood, and we are unaware how powerful (and dumbing) memories are when created visually. It is true that the German army was killing people, communists and those who showed any resistance. The fact that 90% of European communists were Jews still doesn’t make a large number, and there weren’t 6 million Jews altogether. The Jewish encyclopaedia of that time showed a considerable growth in Jewish population in Europe between 1935 and 1945. As Jews adopted German names, just as English names later in US, it was hard to know who was who. I heard a lot of tragic stories from my friends, acquaintances and family, but very different from what the official “records” and media say. The real mistake, in my opinion, Germans made was their frustration with other Europeans for what Jews were doing to them for a long time.
      Wagner, also a musical theorist, is too complex, serious and technical for most people. I like Wagner almost as much as Vivaldi 🙂 because Wagnerism has preserved ancient pantheistic myths despite exclusiveness of Christian theology. You probably know better than me how much Jews have a feel for the Teutonic mythology; I have noticed that Jews always try to transform indigenous cultures into something more palatable and profitable for them.

  20. “Jews Will Not Replace Us”….. did not work out for Germany and Hitler.

    It did not work out for the US… the Constitution made certain of THAT..!!

    THE proof is the people and leadership in US and Germany today.. who dare NOT mention “JEW” anymore..!!

    The Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London and US replaced the German peoples’ culture and lives with the onslaught from WWI and WWII…. and Hitler and his treasury ministers were complicit. Others had failed over the centuries to bring Germans to their knees. The Pharisee-Jew Bankers had the methods accomplish the task… LOANS..!!

    The US and EU and all countries in the BIS are under total control of the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London and New York and Tel Aviv..!!!


    Building the German Cartels

    Robert R. Kuczynski, Bankers Profits from German Loans
    Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, 1932, p. 127.

    A practical example of international finance operating behind the scenes to build and manipulate politico-economic systems is found in the German cartel system.

    The three largest loans handled by the Wall Street international bankers for German borrowers in the 1920s under the Dawes Plan were for the benefit of three German cartels which a few years later aided Hitler and the Nazis to power.

    American financiers were directly represented on the boards of two of these three German cartels.

    This American assistance to German cartels has been described by James Martin as follows:
    “These loans for reconstruction became a vehicle for arrangements that did more to promote World War II than to establish peace after World War I.

    The three dominant cartels, the amounts borrowed and the Wall Street floating syndicate were as follows:

    1 – German Cartel Syndicate Allgemeine Elektrizitats-Gesellschaft (A.E.G.) (German General Electric)

    National City Co. (Wall Street) – $35,000,000

    2 – Vereinigte Stahlwerke (United Steelworks)

    Dillon, Read & Co. (Wall Street) – $70,225,000

    3 – American I.G. Chemical (I.G. Farben)
    National City Co. (Wall Street) – $30,000,000


    Looking at all the loans issued, it appears that only a handful of New York financial houses handled the German reparations financing.

    Three houses — Dillon, Read Co.; Harris, Forbes & Co.; and National City Company — *issued almost three-quarters of the total face amount of the loans and reaped most of the profits:

    Wall Street Syndicate Manager Participation in German industrial issues in U.S. capital market and – Profits on German

    *Dillon, Read & Co. – $241,325,000 – $2.7 million profit – 29.2%

    *Harris, Forbes & Co. – $186,500,000 – $1.4 million profit – 22.6%

    *National City Co. – $173,000,000 – $5.0 million profit – 20.9%

    Speyer & Co. – $59,500,000 – $0.6 million profit – 7.2%

    Lee, Higginson & Co. – $53,000,000 – ($ profit n.a) – 6.4%

    Guaranty Co. of N.Y. – $41,575,000 – $0.2 million profit – 5.0%

    Kuhn, Loeb & Co. – $37,500,000 – $0.2 million profit – 4.5%

    Equitable Trust Co. – $34,000,000 – $0.3 million profit – 4.1%

    LOANS TOTAL – $826,400,000

    1. We all know who the BOSSES are…. they ARE the ones that we cannot criticize anymore.. or EVEN say their NAMES..!! It is a ‘hate’ crime…!!

      The very, very, very sick joke is on all of us today…!! 🙁 🙁

    2. Pat

      Hitler and his treasury ministers’ complicity needs elaboration

      The pharisee-jew banker’s plan to steer the build-up of Germany, only to tear it down AGAIN per the long-range goal for the world at large had as it’s inherent risk what would become the accompanied build-up of it’s military AS DIRECTED by Hitler and his generals. To ensure victory over THAT meant the sabotaging of German Intel had to leave no stones left unturned*. Otherwise, no army in the world could have stopped them, and history would have taken a much different turn, to say the least

      *and for what it’s worth, I consider my sources for this related info to be impeccable

      1. “The pharisee-jew banker’s plan to steer the build-up of Germany, only to tear it down AGAIN per the long-range goal for the world at large”
        Brownhawk, this pattern repeated recently when Jewish banks in Germany destroyed Greece; the infrastructure of Greece now belongs to German (read: Jewish) banks and associated corporations for exploitation. As it became obvious, the Jewish media started spreading lies about Greeks, featuring them as lazy. The uninformed audience believed such lies because they don’t know the Greek history well.
        “He who knows only his own generation [i.e., one without a knowledge of history] remains forever a child.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero
        So, now Germany is full of “refugees”, i.e. economic migrants, feeding on the slavery of not only Greece, but of 4 more peripheral European countries, called PIGS, and slavery is waiting for those migrants too.

  21. Are all these useful idiots of the jews equally dense when it comes to blaming the big lie on Hitler, or do they understand that most of the public are too stupid and lazy to look at anything but the History Channel? I’ve seen Rivero pull the same thing as a headline on his site, “what really happened”.

    Fred Reed: said Schick. Keep it simple and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. The public is stupid, he said, few think, their ignorance is profound, even the intelligent are usually ignorant and emotional. They will believe anything if told often enough. It is like training dogs.

    Hitler said no such thing other than the fact he was relating the technique authored and used by jews.

    In Mein Kampf, Hitler explains:

    “But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, and their fighting comrades, the Marxists, to impute responsibility for the downfall [of Germany in WWI] precisely to the man who alone had shown a superhuman will and energy in his effort to prevent the catastrophe which he had foreseen and to save the nation from that hour of complete overthrow and shame. (Hitler speaks of Erich Ludendorff was one of Germany’s senior army commanders in World War One. Working with Paul von Hindenburg, he was responsible for destroying Russia’s army on the Eastern Front.)

    By placing responsibility for the loss of the World War on the shoulders of Ludendorff they took away the weapon of moral right from the only adversary dangerous enough to be likely to succeed in bringing the betrayers of the Fatherland to Justice. All this was inspired by the principle — which is quite true in itself — that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper stata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily, and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.

    From time immemorial, however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, that they are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race? And what a race! One of the greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded the Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. He (Schopenhauer) called the Jew “The Great Master of Lies.” Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.”

    1. Thanks Dicarlo for the quote and it’s meaning. If Hitler were to come back from the grave he would say to the world, “what I wrote in my misquoted and misunderstood book fits to a tee, the lies and deceptions about 9/11. Good luck you Americans. We tried to warn you but you did not listen. You are not listening now. My soul is sickened to what has happened and is happening to my German and European people”.

    2. Dicarlo,
      Alas, there are still a lot of imbeciles buying the lies jewish vermin is selling. Many of those are to be found on Darkmoon. You are quite correct calling them the jew’s most useful asset.

      1. 1138 –

        Glad you’re back. 🙂 Nice trip??

        You might have missed that Circassian complemented me last week on explaining Russia’s condition. Go figger… He called me a “nice old man”..!! 🙂

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