Too Mad To Be Bad: Israeli-American Teen Terrorist Likely To Be Acquitted On Grounds Of ‘Diminished Responsibility’

Sourced directly from Haaretz, 29 March

Israeli Cybercrime Police Arrest Israeli-American Teen
for ‘Hundreds’ of Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers Worldwide

Arrest of Jewish teen partly based on FBI information ■ Bitcoin account discovered on computer, leading to suspicions payment involved in some calls ■ Defense attorney: ‘Medical condition may have affected teen’s cognitive functioning.’

Be’er Sheva courthouse, March 23, 2017

Israeli-American suspect is court, accused of plotting hundreds of terrorist attacks against Jewish centers worldwide. Israel is doing everything in its power to make sure this nice Jewish boy gets a fair trial and is duly acquitted on grounds of “diminished responsibility” brought about by his alleged mental problems.

Haaretz, 29 March 2017.  A 19-year-old Jewish resident of Israel with both American and Israeli citizenship is suspected of being behind a host of fake bomb threats directed at Jewish institutions and other targets worldwide.

The cybercrimes unit of the Israel Police made the arrest on Thursday after receiving intelligence from the FBI and other foreign agencies. Police seized computers and other items investigators say helped the suspect evade detection.

The suspect’s father was also arrested, and a judge ordered both of them to remain in custody for eight additional days.

The suspect has lived in Israel many years. The army refused to draft him after finding him unfit for service. The suspect’s motive is unknown, but police accuse him of hundreds of incidents involving threats to institutions around the world, including Israel, over a period of two or three years.

Some five computers were confiscated as well as other equipment, including antennas he used to access other people’s networks and to commit the alleged crimes undetected. This initially threw off the police and it led them to question others whose networks were used. Eventually, the police created a profile of the suspect and the technology to find him. Police say that he attempted to grab the gun of an officer who came to his home to arrest him

The suspect is not cooperating with police and has refused to grant permission to have his computers searched.

Upon searching his computer, a bitcoin account was discovered, and it’s being examined whether the suspect received payment for some of the calls he allegedly made.

He is said to have been home-schooled by his parents and never to have been educated outside the home.

Police are accusing the suspect of extortion through threats and of false reporting spreading panic. The incidents include alleged calls placed to shopping malls, airports and various Jewish institutions. Investigators are also attempting to determine if the suspect received any money in connection with of the threats attributed to him.

The police also detained his father for questioning.

Attorney Galit Bash, who represents the suspect, said that “this is a young man without a criminal record who from a young age suffers from severe medical problems. There is concern that his medical condition affects his cognitive functioning.

“Therefore, we asked the court to order that the young man be referred for a medical examination. The court accepted our claims and instructed the police to examine the young man’s medical condition.”

The suspect was brought before Judge Amit Michles, who said that “I believe there is reasonable suspicion to link the suspect to actions attributed to him. The main thing is that a reasonable suspicion already exists at this stage that convincingly links the suspect to the calls that have been attributed to him, known as ‘swats,’ to different institutions around the world, some of which have led to panic.”

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Thursday the arrest in Israel reflected the government’s determination not to tolerate hate crimes. “The Department of Justice is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Americans, and we will not tolerate the targeting of any community in this country on the basis of their religious beliefs,” Sessions said in a statement. “I commend the FBI and Israeli National Police for their outstanding work on this case.”

JCC [Jewish Community Center] Association of North America president and CEO Doron Krakow also responded to the developments. “On behalf of the JCC Association of North America and JCCs across the continent, we are gratified by the progress in this investigation, and applaud the commitment and leadership of the FBI and other federal agencies, Israeli law enforcement, and local law enforcement across the United States and Canada.

“We are troubled to learn that the individual suspected of making these threats against Jewish Community Centers, which play a central role in the Jewish community, as well as serve as inclusive and welcoming places for all – is reportedly Jewish,” he said.

Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt also responded to the arrest. “While the details of this crime remain unclear, the impact of this individual’s actions is crystal clear: These were acts of anti-Semitism. These threats targeted Jewish institutions, were calculated to sow fear and anxiety, and put the entire Jewish community on high alert.”

Last month, St. Louis native Juan Thompson, a former reporter, was arrested for his role in a number of bomb threats against Jewish centers, allegedly carried out as part of an ongoing attempt to shame his former girlfriend.

The first incident attributed to the Israeli suspect is a bomb threat that a Jewish institution in New Zealand received in 2016. Police in New Zealand identified the IP address as originating from Israel. A similar incident occurred in Australia, and Israel was also identified as the source.

The Israel Police initially struggled to locate the suspect but then received several reports of threats from 16 Jewish centers in nine U.S. states – Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Tennessee, Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and North Carolina. The FBI began investigating. Delta Airlines also received a threat about a bomb on one of its planes, causing it to halt flights to check their aircraft and forcing a plane already in the air to land.

LD: One fact is clear. The Israelis, in spite of spending two years trying to find this Jewish (“alleged”) terrorist in their midst, failed dismally to do so. It took a team of twelve FBI investigators, specially flown in to Israel by President Trump, a mere two weeks to track down this dangerous sicko. It is now being made out that finding the terrorist suspect was a “team effort”.

The FBI handed over the information to the Israel Police after finding that these threats too had originated from Israel. Using innovative technology, the police were able to identify the suspect’s home.

The Rishon Letzion Magistrate’s Court is expected to extend his custody on Thursday.

An audio of one of the calls was obtained by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in which the caller stated:

“It’s a C-4 bomb with a lot of shrapnel, surrounded by a bag (inaudible). In a short time, a large number of Jews are going to be slaughtered. Their heads are going to [sic] blown off from the shrapnel. There’s a lot of shrapnel. There’s going to be a bloodbath that’s going to take place in a short time. I think I told you enough. I must go.”

Reuters contributed to this report.
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LD: Watch the short video below. It is almost certain from this video that the Jewish terrorist is going to get off lightly on the grounds of diminished responsibility, due to his alleged “mental problems”.
Muslim terrorists also, of course, have mental problems. The only difference is that Muslim terrorists seldom get to court. Like the lone nut involved in the London terror attack last week, Khalid Masood, they usually get shot before receiving a fair trial. How convenient! Muslim terrorists, without exception, also have “mental problems”. Suicide bombers can hardly be described as normal, well-balanced individuals.
Double standards apply here, it seems. One law for Jews, another law for the rest of the world.

VIDEO : 2 mins

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  1. His medical diagnosis is at least 96% terminal: he is a JEW.
    it is impossible to be a JEW and not suffer from DIMINISHED RESPONSIBILITY, it’s part of the deal.
    in fact, responsibility and jew are antithetical.

    if you think about all the ways in which jews and people form mutually exclusive subsets, you will find dozens of clear dichotomies.

    i wanted to link to one of the dozens of ridiculous pictures of jews weeping en mass that used to populate the “crying jew” search and guess what … NONE available, part of the Google cleanup … there should be some repository, maybe Cryptome.
    did find this though, not my favorite.

    i guess what happened was that they used to have tons of weeping-jew images thinking that it expresses their “eternal victimization” and will garner some lucrative sympathy but then realized that the world is laughing in disgust and scrubbed them off, The Exodus Of The Crying Jew.

    1. Ive met lots of Jews and can honestly say that not a single one was a normal human being. Like Lobro says, it just goes with the territory . A mixture of genetics, a fine Talmudic upbringing, etc. What should we blessed goy expect from these creatures?

    2. I think these two fine comments, one by Lobro and the other by Donaldo Colina, just about say it all:

      “His medical diagnosis is at least 96% terminal: he is a JEW. it is impossible to be a JEW and not suffer from DIMINISHED RESPONSIBILITY, it’s part of the deal. in fact, responsibility and jew are antithetical.”

      “Ive met lots of Jews and can honestly say that not a single one was a normal human being. Like Lobro says, it just goes with the territory . A mixture of genetics, a fine Talmudic upbringing, etc. What should we blessed goy expect from these creatures?”

  2. Where are the ‘ christians’ to condemn this israeli terrorist? Hard to find as we know it’s the ‘ christians’ who defend the jews! These poor jews always persecuted.

    1. Netanyahu’s Opinion of Christian Zionists : “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” Israeli Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

  3. The whole notion of “mental” disease, ie, one that cannot be diagnosed scientifically, eg, imaging, pathology and so on, is just another Judaic swindle to exert and increase control over the gullible goyim masses.

    i say that unless there is a physiologically ascertainable anomaly, head trauma, developmental disorder, neurological syndrome, all the other conditions are part of human variety and the person should be fully accountable for his actions, rather than letting some jew decide on how the scales of justice tip.

    when researching at haaretz website, i came across a recruiting ad for something called “Hypersensitivity syndrome”, said to affect jews to an inordinate degree and it had a gif of a young jew jerking, twisting, writhing and moaning just like in that video i posted above.
    i guess they were running a study on hypersensitive jews.
    David Frum is a good example.

    what strikes me as a significant correlation is how lack of empathy for others is also manifested in hyper-narcissistic concern for their own buttered asses, because to a jew, nothing matters but he himself or another jew, thus you have bouts of exaggerated national weeping (kvetching), endless bitching, complaining, navel gazing, remonstrating, whining, false victim “memories”, psychotherapy (is there a jew in the entire world without a weekly pass to a therapy session), soul-searching (yeah, jew soul is hard to find, try google, it doesn’t do much else nowadays), endlessly writing about themselves and nothing else, existential angst and anxiety, trembling in fear because they themselves are vandalizing their own spaces when not pathetically shivering inside.

    yad shameless.

    1. Lobro-

      But when a Jew breaks out of that stereotype, he often finds himself defending against accusations of his tribe’s past bad conduct. If born into Jewry, whatever better inclinations he has are already struggling to exist without it being a handicap. I have known Jews who have confided in me their sensitivities to the circumstance of always being pre-judged to be dishonest or conniving – when, actually, they are as sincere and honest as anyone else. All of us like to cite whatever ‘noble’ ancestors we can claim – but get embarrassed and uneasy when any scurrilous kinfolk are exposed in our pedigrees (and we all have them!). The good, decent Jews I have known make me reluctant to voice blanket condemnation. Likewise, for blacks. ALL of us have our foibles. 🙂

      I doubt the young Jew boy has any particular hate agenda. He’s just reacting to behavior expected of him by the rest of the world. Apparently, he’s very cyber-savvy. I believe he was just playing a dangerous game, but I am glad some old white guy, like myself, was not caught at it.

      1. Gilbert is ever the genteel gentleman, always so fair-minded and always so considerate of everyone’s feelings. Gilbert comes from a good home. His parents raised a true Gentleman. I bet Gilbert never played hooky from Sunday School, such a good boy. How precious. 🙂

      2. Maybe he was simply a “self-hating” Jew. Many high end call girls have made a good living servicing Jewish clients, specializing in Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS costumes and other Nazi costuming along with the whips and discipline and punishment.

      3. Reacting to behavior expected of him ? This is the pretense for making dozens of prank terrorist threats all over the world? Time to pour a strong one and contemplate this logic.

  4. It never ceases to disgust me the double standards of Jewry. Some old 90 plus geezer they insist on prosecuting for being a medical orderly in a detention camp for alleged holohoax crimes. Lord Janner a bugger and pedophile is not charged, because of his dementia. Another pedophile at large is Roman Polanski. Now this little 18 year old bastard claims to have a medical problem which made him commit all these terrorist acts. Remember Lenin? “The purpose of terrorism is to terrorise!” Well I’ve got just the cure for his medical condition. Give him 24 strokes of the rottang (cane) a la Singapore style. Imagine if the perpetrator of the terrorism had been Palestinian!

    1. @ Felix

      “Give him 24 strokes of the rottang (cane) a la Singapore style.”

      and, everyday for a month, bacon for breakfast, ham sandwich for lunch, and a pork chop for dinner.

  5. A Jew can empty an M16 magazine into a 13 yr. old Palestinian school girl and the punishment is next to nothing. Did anyone here really believe that there would be any other outcome in this case?

    Trump gets brownie points (with the true believers), the Jew of course gets off the hook, and everything is right in the universe again.

    1. @ Harold Smith

      There’s a long comment of yours in Spam. Do you want it posted? Not sure what to do with it.

      @ Arch Stanton

      Ditto for you. Long comment in Spam. Not sure if you want it posted or not.

        1. I’ll hold on to the comment for the next 24 hours and then delete it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the comment. If you change your mind, let me know. Cheers. (Toby)

      1. Toby is it in reply to Lobro in the other thread “Trump pushed FBI…”? If so then please post it. Thank you.

  6. Now, if this bit of fun and games had been a (gasp) non-Jew he would have been burned at the stake precisely if he were considered off his rocker.

  7. This Jewish student painted Swastikas on her college dorm room door and complained she was the victim of hate crimes.

    I wonder if Jeff Sessions considers that a hate crime too. I consider the Jewish star a symbol of hatred. That should be reported when it’s painted somewhere.

  8. This Jew is going to graduate school for mathematics. The notion that whatever lesion he may or may not have on his brain made him do this is crazy. The guy did it for somewhere between six months and two years, hundred plus times he did it, he was slick enough to not get caught, but all of a sudden he’s mentally incompetent.

    Truth is a fluid thing to The Jews. Language is a mode of communication for us; for them it’s just another tool to defraud.

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