Trump accuses Obama of tapping his phones, invokes Watergate (includes 10-minute video)

Associated Press — March 5, 2017
(sourced from The Truthseeker)

President Donald Trump is accusing Barack Obama of ordering his telephones tapped during last year’s elections, offering no evidence while invoking politically charged references to Watergate, Nixon and McCarthyism.

An Obama spokesman responded that the assertion against the former president was “simply false.” Trump’s claim also drew bipartisan rebukes from Democrats and Republicans alike.

In a series of morning tweets Saturday, Trump suggested Obama was behind a politically motivated plot to upend his campaign. He compared the alleged events to “Nixon/Watergate” and “McCarthyism!” And he called Obama a “Bad (or sick) guy.”

The Watergate break-in during the Nixon administration led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation and the conviction of several aides. Republican Sen. Joe McCarthy’s reckless and unsupported charges of communist infiltration in federal government during the 1950s gave rise to the term “McCarthyism.”

After Trump’s well-received speech to Congress on Tuesday, the tweets reflected the president’s growing frustration with the swirling allegations about his advisers’ ties to Russia, which are under FBI investigation, and his team’s inability to overcome them. Trump lashed out at his senior team during an Oval Office meeting Friday, according to one White House official.

The White House did not respond to questions about what prompted the president’s accusations that Obama had tapped his phones. Presidents cannot legally order wiretaps against U.S. citizens. Obtaining wiretaps would require officials at the Justice Department to seek permission from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which is shrouded in secrecy.

Trump said Saturday morning he had “just found out” the information, though it was unclear whether he was referring to a briefing, a conversation or a media report. The president has in the past tweeted about unsubstantiated and provocative reports he reads on blogs or conservative websites.

The morning tweets stand out, even for the perpetually piqued Trump, given the gravity of the charge and the strikingly personal attack on the former president. Trump spoke as recently as last month about how much he likes Obama and how much they get along, despite their differences.

In his morning tweets, Trump said the wiretapping occurred in October at Trump Tower, the New York skyscraper where he ran his campaign and transition. He also maintains a residence there.

“How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!” he tweeted, misspelling ‘tap.’

Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis said a “cardinal rule” of the Obama administration was that no White House official ever interfered in Justice Department investigations, which are supposed to be conducted free of political influence.

“As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen,” Lewis said, adding that “any suggestion otherwise is simply false.”

Trump has been trailed for months by questions about his campaign’s ties to Russia. The questions have been compounded by U.S. intelligence agencies’ assessment that Russia interfered with the election to help Trump triumph over Hillary Clinton, along with disclosures about his aides’ contacts with a Russian official.

Those disclosures have already cost retired Gen. Michael Flynn his job as national security adviser and prompted calls from Democrats for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign.

On Thursday, Sessions recused himself from the FBI probe after acknowledging he did not disclose his campaign-season contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the United States when asked during his confirmation proceedings. Sessions, a U.S. senator at the time, was Trump’s earliest Senate supporter.

The Sessions revelations deepened the president’s anger over what he sees as his team’s inability to get ahead of the Russia allegations. In the Oval Office meeting Friday shortly before departing for Florida, he angrily told senior advisers that what had the potential to be a good week following his address to Congress had been overtaken by the Russia controversy, according to a White House official who insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the private meeting.

The president’s allegations may be related to anonymously sourced reports in British media and blogs, and on conservative-leaning U.S. websites, including Breitbart News. Those reports claimed that U.S. officials had obtained a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to review contacts between computers at a Russian bank and Trump’s New York headquarters.

The Associated Press has not confirmed these contacts or the investigation into them. Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon is a former executive chairman of Breitbart News.

Sourced from The Truthseeker

Watch this relevant video on the Orwellian US media as seen through Russian eyes. Full acknowledgements to Felix for sending it in a few minutes ago.

VIDEO : 9.47 mins

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  1. If trump has evidence or there are substantial indications that Obama was involved with criminal facts. Trump should not hesitate. Make a plan and attack/arrest Obama and his willing complices. Jailtime for life when/if they get convicted. No mercy for the jewish globalists/saboteurs.

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      2. “Dude From Hell” only in your fantasies. Having read your comment it is obvious that you are from Brainwashing Central and if even a itty bit of Hell jumped up and bit you on your ass you’d cry like the bitch you are. My hope and prayer for this kali yuga stage of humanity is that worms like you discover REAL HELL…. Karma

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      4. Here is a description by a knowledgeable Jew about the racist Jews domination of Hollywood.

        Who runs Hollywood? C’mon

        “The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies.”

        The same goes for the mainstream media and publishing. Anti-white, racist Jews dominate.

    2. Mark, Isn’t too late for Trump to take an action against the former president, that is assuming he was guilty of breaking the law? To me it is the same if I was driving my car illegally- but never caught-then bought insurance and registered my car, I would then be “legal” and my prior illegality would not be held against me.

      Does the same applied to former president Obomber, if he had broken the law while in office? Inquiring mind wants to know!

      1. I find your question strange and illogical. If Obama has broken the law, there is enough time to prosecute him. As You know/should know the statute of limitations has not passed, to prosecute Obama,
        The same argument is valid for your crime for have driven illegally.

        By the way could you be so kind to inform me about your work you did in the army/airforce? Something isnot right with you and You know it!

    3. Mark, I would be guilty only if I get caught driving without insurance. Not If I drove previously without insurance, but never get caught.

      Regarding your question about my military service, how is that relevant here? You must have a preconceived notion s about Muslims serving the armed forces should not be trusted. That is sad! I don’t know about you, but I still do have a security clearance my DD 214, ” is a document of the United States Department of Defense, issued upon a military service member’s retirement, separation, or discharge from active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States, e.g., U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force or U.S. Coast Guard. Contents.”
      If you are writing a book, please skip that chapter.

    4. any way ,after deep thought and soul searching ,i decided to ditch the trolling manual .it’s simply not worth it to demonize others and use foul language anymore .
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  2. If Obama had Trump’s phones tapped, simply wait for proof in the form of any info-inspired conduct. If it was “election-related”, it already didn’t work in Obama’s candidate’s favor – so why bother?? Much ado about nothing is demeaning Mr. Trump. Anyone who has noted Obama’s deceitful ways already expects his guilt in the matter; and the ones who trust in his integrity are too stupid to matter, anyway.

    1. Well said, Gilbert. Keep on batting! Hope you and Lobro are right about Trump.

      I’ll say this, as one who has been a “Trump neutral” all the time. No matter what the Donald’s faults, the tactics of his enemies are truly despicable. If they get their way, we might as well have Hillary in the White House. That’s who the Deep State wanted: Hillary.

      So what the Deep State need to do now is get Trump out of the White House ASAP and instal some pliant puppet. A Hillary proxy. Someone willing to grovel at the feet of the Jews and go on fighting their wars for them.

      So who is the best Hillary proxy? Any idea?

      1. Trump is NOT that stupid to make-up lies and allegations against Obama, or anyone else in Washington, without proof to back-up his allegations. Making up lies about Obama and anyone else in Washington would only give Trump’s enemies the perfect weapon to destroy Trump, and Trump is just NOT that stupid.

        Whether you like Trump or not, or not sure, he went up against BOTH the Democrats and the Big Shots in the Republican Party and he won the election, so he’s not stupid, whatever else you may think about him, he’s not stupid.

      2. Of course Trump is not stupid – but sometimes saying less is more. He would be better off simply not vocalising his reactions, sometimes. He gives the media too much fodder to chew. I support and like him, but it is getting wearisome having to sort out what really matters from what really doesn’t. He is presenting too broad a target for his opposition! 🙁

      3. @FR

        of course?

        You may be right though, something fishy about him and the guy who sits to Trump’s left on the congressional dais – Paul Ryan

        as always, stay tuned

  3. Thank goodness Mark Levin is defending Trump 😉 Talk about controlling both sides of the debate.

    PS who made Berkeley into an amphitheatre? That place must produce a lot of intelligent actors 😉

  4. “…Republican Sen. Joe McCarthy’s reckless and unsupported charges of communist infiltration in federal government during the 1950s gave rise to the term “McCarthyism…”

    Well, documents released by the government of the former Soviet Union proved that Senator Joe McCarthy was right after all. See : Most-hated senator was right –

    1. Franklin,

      You are right about McCarthy. Please don’t think we agree with every statement made in this Associated Press (mainstream media) article. It carries our usual Disclaimer, i.e., that we are not responsible for the views of every author we publish. (The article is also found on the Truthseeker site)

    2. FR –

      McCarthy was a very strong and determined hero. Cohen sabotaged his efforts.

      He died in Bethesda….. way too early. Bethesda is very dangerous..!! Bethesda took out the CIA’s Bill Casey too… 🙂


      “I’ll never forget the first time the Senator called me to come into his office to take dictation.
      I had heard that he was preparing an answer to letters requesting information,
      and after a few sentences Senator stopped, turned, and asked,
      ‘Larry, am I going too fast?’
      He wasn’t, and I never worried again about taking his dictation.”


      “I think I told you that the Senator was thoughtful, and indeed he was.
      Someone asked me if Senator McCarthy dictated all the letters that went out under his signature;
      I can assure you he did. He answered every letter which came from Wisconsin and many others.
      Every letter that went out under his name, was signed by him personally.
      He even signed every Christmas card he sent.
      This was unusual, for most Senators had a secretary line their signature.”

      1. Quite right. With hindsight we now see the forces aligned against McCarthy were the you know who.

        “Good Night and Good Luck” was another piece of Jewish propaganda courtesy of their usual intelligent actors 😉

      2. Pat wrote “He died in Bethesda….. way too early. Bethesda is very dangerous..!! Bethesda took out the CIA’s Bill Casey too… 🙂”

        And also James Forrestal – 😉

  5. President Delusional never seize to amaze me! He makes unfounded claims every day the Sun rises? President Pumpkin sounds like a 5 year old whiny school girl.

  6. 45 years ago Richard Nixon could have nipped that whole Watergate nonsense in the bud had he simply disavowed the actions perpetrated by the CIA-planted hotel burglars (and unbeknownst to him at the time). Instead, his enemies successfully pulled off the classic gangster m.o. of finding a man’s weakness and exploiting it.

    On the other hand, not only does Trump immediately pronounce this Russian hacking nonsense as being the fake news it is, but he puts the allegation shoe on the other foot with his tweeting that OBAMA engineered something that Nixon never DID! Brilliant move by keeping everything out in the open, the complete opposite of a paranoid Nixon covering it all up

    Watching human foibles is most entertaining – so sayeth the wise houyhnhnhm

  7. That Russian spokeswoman is both super intelligent and beautiful. I love the beauty of the Russian language though I don’t understand a word of it. She’s quite unlike the bimbos paraded around on US TV, esp. FOX news. The US media, as well as the government as a whole, is so vile that I cannot listen without wanting to throw up – that includes President Trump, the ultimate con man. If Trump was serious about rapprochement with Russia he should have had a summit with Putin within his first month. If nothing is accomplished in his first 100 days (the standard honeymoon of a president – although Trump didn’t have one) probably nothing meaningful will be accomplished vis a-vis better relations with Russia. Four more years of lies and saber rattling are in the offing, though I hope Trump is not delusional enough to actually take on Russia militarily. Instead of Trump’s campaign promise to MAGA it will continue its quickening descent down the drain.

    1. Don’t worry, Folly… Neither Putin nor Trump are so stupid as to risk hot conflict. Russia would be annihilated – then who would be the reason for our military spending???? 🙂

      1. @ Gilbert Huntly
        It’s not a matter of “stupidity”, it’s a matter of Satanic evil.

  8. I won’t know what to think about all of this until KNOWbro comes around to explain what’s going on.

  9. You’re a Russian agent…no you’re a Russian agent…you tapped my phone…no you tapped my phone…you’re a pedophile…no you’re a pedophile…you’re a liar…no you’re a liar…
    Accusations and counter accusations, claims and counter claims; the air is heavy with “words”; our deceivers are screaming…SCREAMING meaningless words at each other, to the point of cartoonish absurdity.

    Yet behind all the clouds of distractive, obfuscatory “words”, the only thing of substance that I see happening is the continuation of war preparations.

    1. Yet notice that both sides will accuse the other of all these crimes, but the Jews remain unscathed; Israel is sacrosanct to both and you will find Jews prominent in each camp. Does not compute until you accept it is the age-old Jewish tactic of controlling both sides.

      1. Correct, it’s a fight between, Trump with his zio-jews and Obama, with his globalist-jews.

    2. Harold –

      Trump the buffoon…. ‘Made-for-TV’ prezzy…
      …… has surrounded himself with Pharisee-Jew Idiots. Moe, Larry and Curly… toss in a Shemp every now and then 🙂

      Pharisee-Jews are NOT smart….. but IDIOTS… wrote Jewish Encyclopedia..!!

      “Idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews.”


      Amaurotic Idiocy.

      Mental deficiency, depending upon disease or imperfect development of the nervous system, and dating from birth or from early infancy previous to the evolution of the mental faculties.

      Though the parents of more than 15 per cent of idiotic children have been alcoholics, and alcoholism is rare among Jews, yet idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among Jews than among non-Jews. Thus in Prussia in 1871 there were among Jews 1,826 idiots per 100,000 of population; among Protestants 1,437, and among Catholics 1,346 (“Preussische Statistik,” 1875, xxx. 137). In Silesia there was one idiot among 580 Catholics, one among 408 Protestants, and one among 514 Jews (“Bulletin de la Société d’Anthropologie,” iv.).

      From recent statistics collected by Pilez it is evident that in Vienna the proportion of Jews affected with mental deficiency is very large.


      Flopot –

      They have to control both sides….
      …… to keep from being outsmarted..!! 🙂

      1. Yes; they are the ones you get to front your projects, i.e. the patsies, the fall guys, the dupes.

      2. @ Pat


        As I see it, the main “tactical” advantage Jews have over us humans isn’t so much their “intelligence”, but their boundless depravity. Once you think you’ve seen it all, you’re screwed; for they can always go lower.

        IOW, they can operate in a deep, dark place where most human minds simply cannot go. It took me years of underestimating them to finally understand this concept. Even today, as the prolific results of their inhuman depravity unfold right in front of my eyes, I still sometimes feel myself lapsing back to a more credulous state of mind. And then I have to remind myself…they didn’t just murder Rachel Corrie in cold blood, they also plundered her organs; they didn’t just murder 3000 people at the World Trade Center, they defrauded the insurance co. and tried to profit on put options on airline stocks; etc.

    1. With all this war talk going on, where, oh where is Rex Tillerson? Is he hiding?

  10. President Pumpkin baseless wiretap claim is a clever way to distract the media and the public attention form his Session gate and Russian gate that have already consumed his presidency.

    1. @Mahmoud – If so, I don’t think it’s working. I’ll bet a good chunk of Trump’s more logical, less rabid, supporters think that he’s gone off the deep end on this wiretap claim. The drumbeat is growing that Trump is in dire need of psychiatric examination.

      Trump claims that he is keeping his campaign promises. But he’s already reneged on the most important ones – better relations with Russia and an end to the US created Syrian war. And he’s even more in lockstep with Israel than was Obama. At least a few democrats are not totally owned by AIPAC – some refused to attend Bibi’s speech before Congress when he was running for reelection. But 100% of republicans attended and gave one standing ovation after another. More than they ever gave Obama. The GOP is owned by the Jewish oligarchs lock, stock, and barrel. When will the Trumpbots of the alt-right realize this?

  11. The sessions revelations deepened the president’s anger over what he sees as his team’s inability to get ahead of the Russia allegations. In the Oval Office meeting Friday shortly before departing for Florida, he angrily told senior advisers that what had the potential to be a good week following his address to Congress had been overtaken by the Russia controversy, according to a White House official who insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the private meeting.

    Yet another miniature dog and pony show Jews have designed to distract the stupid goyim from more important matters.

    Is it not interesting how the Jewed Soviet Union was our biggest, bestest buddy during the second fratricidal war? Then amazingly, the morning after Germany’s surrender, “Uncle Joe Stalin” and his Soviet empire miraculously became our baddest, worstest enemy.

    However, that did not stop America from fully supporting them with grain shipments a few years later when their five year plan was once again proved an utter failure. Thus, for a time, the Judaized Soviets were the evil, arch-enemy – but not really.

    Now that the Jewed Soviet Union has hung up their atrocity tools of mass murder, with America giving asylum (and the Presidio) to Gorbachev who presided over the abdication of the increasingly goy communist regime, Russians supposedly became America’s biggest, bestest buddy – but not really.

    Amazingly the Jew media is now implying America’s Russian “friend” is actually the enemy once again. Naturally Trump’s (((alleged relationship))) with them makes him an enemy as well. Just how stupid can the gullible goyim be?

    In the Jew’s Red-drag-queen world, up is down and down is up; red is white and blue and white and blue is red. When, if ever, are the stupid goyim going to rise up and smash the Jew’s warped, inverted, fun-house looking glass and remove their teeth with a swift kick of the hobnailed boot to their lying mouths?

    The Jews made the rules – it’s either them or us. Why keep wasting time believing there can be some sort of reconciliation with a group of racist haters that want us all dead? Why keep diverting our attention to the Jew magician’s slighting hand and start watching what the other kosher hand is doing? No doubt it holds a concealed knife at the white man’s throat.

    1. Arch

      The concealed hand is at MANKIND’S throat!

      (((They))) don’t discriminate

  12. Maybe President Trump should consider waiting until he has the evidence documented in hand before tweeting?
    I’ve no doubt he was tapped.
    But still, he should get his ducks in a row before making accusations.
    Maybe Trump’s ‘secret ally’ Comey can help him now – right. The only person Comey cares about is himself.

    Get it right – no matter how we detest Trump’s opponents Trump represents only a faction of a divided ruling class. He does not serve the Whites, or the poor, or the non-interventionists. He is increasing military-industrial spending, hasn’t drained the swamp, he supports Israel, he has not moved toward friendship and détente with Russia, he has not closed foreign military bases and got us out of Syria and Yemen.
    It seems with Trump, if he survives, we Americans can only look forward to more unnecessary and futile foreign wars.

    1. SW,
      look at you text again: “if he survives” comes at the very end, the charges of military aggression before that.
      don’t you think that “IF HE SURVIVES” should come first, ie, be a priority?
      and if he suddenly, while hobbled in office by many-sided opposition, the global judea with all its resources, money, power trenches, campaign managed and masterminded by satan himself (do not doubt it for 1 sec), para-military unelected organizations, craven, deviant politicians, etc, etc, repeat – if he suddenly decided to come out in the open and sidle up to putin, to declare israel a criminal organization, to withdraw military occupation of dozens of countries – do you really think he would survive?
      just tell me, yes he would survive with excellent odds (must be over 80% – would you undertake some deed if the risk of your violent death were 1-in-5 or greater?) or no, he is rather unlikely to weather such moves.

      if the answer is no, then how to proceed – c’mon, put on your strategy hat.

      mine would be to keep talking shit that confuses the opposition or at least prevents them from acting openly (this is all pattycake compared to what would actually happen if he gave them open season) while making underhanded moves coordinated with my team:
      yes, the leftover goy establishment not gone over to the judaic vassalship (koch bros, murdoch/fox news, mercer, the waltons, etc), putin, khamenei and secretly coordinated moves and countermoves.
      talk war while pursuing inaction on the military side, throw money at the army, especially the grunts and vets and let them enjoy their furloughs in peace.
      attack media frontally, since they are doing the same, make accusations even if unfounded, because anyone in the know who denies them must be aware of possible perjury once the cards are on the table – and you never know what the opposition or wikileaks may know.

      the war is for the people’s hearts and minds and trump is running up the score.
      if you have a winning formula, stick with it, don’t get too greedy because the enemy is very, very smart (devil).

      btw, i give fox news the credit for being an absolutely crucial support platform for trump – the rest of the jew media must be livid.

      1. @Lobro

        Ya, but why would de Jew Fox meedia be helping da Drumpf? Don’t know why I adopted a silly voice for that question but it is staying there 😛

        mine would be to keep talking shit that confuses the opposition or at least prevents them from acting openly

        I hope this is the case — it is a universal tactic attested to in history, literature and myth. So definitely plausible. But if Trump uses a Zionist War as temporary “cover” then it will be just another Zionist War by a another crypto leader, no matter much it is spun.

      2. Flopot –

        I thought YOU understood Trump is pulling off a MONEY GAME – a HEIST – to help the MSM..!!! 🙂

        WHY would Fox help Trump????

        Big-Time PAYBACK..!! Trump said so last week…

        Trump and Murdock are good friends..!! Trump PRAISED FOX at the press conference, instead of being critical. He helped FOX… Big-Time…!! On the – World’s – biggest stage..!!

        Trump has made MILLIONS for all of Murdock’s dozens of news outlets since he has been ‘in the news’ for 2 years..!! 🙂

        Steve Ducey thanked Trump for the praise at his press conference “Ten days ago”…. Where he tore down the other media.

        See and hear Trump and Ducey say he has helped Fox “for years..!!”

        Trump in first 20 seconds:

        “Remember all those ‘call-ins. Right..??”

        Fox & Friends short Interview With President Trump last week:

    2. You see the facts as they are! More goyim
      should see what is present and not what they want to see. Illusions are only beneficial for the usual suspects, the vendors of fables and myths.

  13. S.W. I agree completely. Trump is often rash in the way he goes about things. I think you have to keep in mind though how early it is in the Trump administration. He hasn’t even filled all his cabinet posts yet. This latest tweet thing though doesn’t surprise me. We live in a surveillance state and the former administration was part of that establishment. I wish Trump weren’t so naive in some ways but I think his instincts are excellent. Just keep in mind that before Trump no one ever even had an idea that there was a “swamp” that needed to be drained. If he even accomplishes half of what he says then it’s better than what we would have had under Clinton.

    If this surveillance issue gets before Congress there is always a chance that the NSA could face funding cuts. There is no reason why the U.S. citizen should be subjected to the type of invasion of our privacy that happens with the NSA in the name of the phony war on terror. This is a clear violation of the 4th amendment. Did Obama spy on Trump? He jumped the gun probably but I seriously doubt that he would say that without some evidence.

    1. Kapoore –

      “This is a clear violation of the 4th amendment.”

      The US is operating under Martial Law Proper and a National Emergency, extended every at least 2 years.

      Therefore, the term”unreasonable” is diminished. The judges decide what is “unreasonable” or not.

      The judges even tell Trump what he can do. 🙂

      We, as citizens, have NO standing…

      1. This gives Trump an excuse to purge the Obama appointees. Good riddance as far as I am concerned. This will make it easier to drain the swamp.

        I like you Pat, but I’m not so generous with all the anti-Trump crowd. It’s like a bad divorce. Recently there was another program on the O.J. Simpson trial, which reminded me that during O.J. Simpson freeway chase every individual in the city of Los Angeles was having the same experience at the same time. The same was true of the 2016 election; it was a kind of national experience, but a profoundly divided one.

        The narrative of the pro-Hillary people is that the election is over, but Trump must be gotten rid of since he is a crazy person and a menace. They are ready to compromise on goody two shoe Pence. For Trump people the election is over but Hillary hasn’t yet seen her day in court. People voted for Trump to put Hillary in jail, and in fact put the whole Hillary nest of vipers in jail. The narratives diverge depending on the way you see the wiki-leak John Pedestal e-mails. The pro-Hillary voters think the wikileaks is a Russian violation of a national election, although I have never heard someone say the Pedesta e-mails weren’t really John Podesta’s e-mails. But they don’t see that as the point–it’s the alleged and yet to be proven Russian hacking that is the point. For the Trump people, the e-mails are exactly the point. They reveal that Hillary was at the heart of the take down of Libya, that Hillary was in bed with the Saudi’s in creating ISIS, that a wing of Hillary’s pay for play Clinton Foundation had ties to child trafficking and Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia.

        Any conversation with friend or stranger is like walking on broken glass. It’s not exactly civil war yet, but civil discourse is dead.

      2. Kapoore –

        Please don’t misunderstand me. I am anti-Presidents…. no matter who is in there.

        I have NOT taken sides……. with any candidates.

        I side with the people v politicians. That’s it. 🙂

      3. Pat

        I’m fundamentally anti-president as well. The Iroquois were wise not to set up what would have been the equivalent of an executive branch.

        To give a brief synopsis, the closest they came to a semblance of that was when a tribal council meeting was prompted where one person felt strongly enough about an issue that affected the whole tribe, they would simply voice their concerns which would then be acted upon accordingly or not acted on at all.

      4. B-Hawk –

        Thanks. I saw that. I appreciated reading their methods of organization.

        Presidents are PAID “Bigly” 🙂 to set up and PROTECT monopolies.

        Monopolies cannot occur without government help and protection. The purpose of patents = monopoly. NO competition.

    2. @ KAPOORE and all,
      Yes Trump is better than Hillary, but that’s not saying much. My dog’s better than Hillary.
      I wish Trump well, I see good in the man. I voted for him, would again under the same circumstances.
      At least we are working with the Russians and standing up to Erdogan here… makes far more sense than handing weapons to ISIL and bombing empty desert sands like Obama did.
      but still it would be far better to bow out of that whole mid-east mess completely. We get NOTHING out of it, and even if we did in some neo-colonialist way it would simply be theft and murder masked with a compassionate face. Ask the French and English how well colonialism served them.
      I do hope Trump prevails in the eavesdropping affair. We all know it goes on.

      1. No president should be beyond criticism. However, this president is under a type of criticism that comes from the Frankfurt School…the type of criticism that is designed to destroy. OK this is very strange territory-call it mother knows best territory. What is constructive criticism and what is destructive. Generally, all criticism coming from a mother is destructive, right?? So this Frankfurt School criticism is the nastiest mother criticism you can ever find–unrelenting, manipulative, filled with lies and venom. The nest of vipers.

  14. “Trump Moves to Name Fiona Hill as Top Russia Adviser, Source Says”

    According to the book “Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin”, coauthored by this fine lady: “Today, Vladimir Putin has become the greatest challenge to European security and the global world order in decades.”

    Seriously? Another cartoonishly absurd Russophobe for the Trumpster administration?

    Well with this appointment Trumpster surely deals another serious blow to the deep state…smashing it right in the highly vulnerable fist with his powerful jaw…

      It looks as if Trump has his advisers chosen by a Jew, or a “couple” of Jews (most likely Orthodox😉 ).

  15. A couple of links pertinent to the discussion.

    Trump has the papertrail evidence! Obama, Brennan involved so far. Bugging Trump Campaign

    The Shadow Government Timeline…
    “In summary: the Obama administration sought, and eventually obtained, authorization to eavesdrop on the Trump campaign; continued monitoring the Trump team even when no evidence of wrongdoing was found; then relaxed the NSA rules to allow evidence to be shared widely within the government, virtually ensuring that the information, including the conversations of private citizens, would be leaked to the media.”

  16. It looks very much like Trump may be right. Tucker Carlson interviewed Democratic Rep. Jim Himes, who is on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Himes looks as dirty as can be. He says any intelligence work done on Trump, a private citizen during the election, is not “spying” and he also says as part of the Committee on Intelligence he could not reveal if he was aware Trump was being spied on.

    So it appears that instead of Russia doing spying on Democrats (which there is still no evidence of), the Democrats were spying on Trump. This is one slippery politician.


    CIA ‘Stole’ Russian Malware, Uses It to ‘Misdirect Attribution’ of Cyber Attacks

    “Russian” hacking? It could have just as easily been the CIA

    The CIA’s Remote Devices Branch’s UMBRAGE group collects and maintains a substantial library of attack techniques ‘stolen’ from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

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