Trump: Dancing with Wolves on the Titanic



Robert Fisk put it best: “Trump Is About To Really Mess Up In The Middle East”. Following his fantastically stupid decision to attack the Syrian military with cruise missiles, Trump or, should I say, the people who make decisions for him, probably realized that it was “game over” for any US policy in the Middle-East so they did the only thing that they could do: they ran towards those few who were actually happy with this aggression against Syria: the Saudis and the Israelis. Needless to say, with these two “allies,” what currently passes for some type of “US foreign policy” in the Middle-East will only go from bad to worse.

There are many ways in which Saudi Arabia and Israel are truly unique: they are both prime sponsors of terrorism, they are both nations deeply steeped in ideologies which can only be described as uncivilized (Wahabism and Jewish supremacism) and they both are armed to the teeth. But they also have one other thing in common: in spite, or maybe because of, their immense military budgets, these two nations are also militarily very weak. Oh sure, they have lots of fancy military hardware and they like to throw their weight around and beat up some defenseless “enemy”, but once you set aside all the propaganda you realize that the Saudis can’t even deal with the Houtis in Yemen while the Israelis got comprehensively defeated by 2nd rank Hezbollah forces in 2006 (the top of the line Hezbollah forces were concentrated along the Litani river and never saw direct combat): the entire Golani Brigade could not even take Bint Jbeil under control even though that small town was only 1.5 miles away from the Israeli border.

This is also the reason why the Saudis and the Israelis try to limit themselves to airstrikes: because on the ground they simply suck. Here again the similarity is striking: the Saudis have become “experts” at terrorizing defenseless Shia (in the KSA or in Bahrain) while the Israelis are the experts on how to terrorize Palestinian civilians.

—  §  —

With Trump now officially joining this ugly alliance, the US will contribute the military “expertise” of a country which can’t even take Mosul, mostly because its forces are hiding, literally, behind the backs of Kurdish and Arab Iraqis. To think that these three want to take on Hezbollah, Iran and Russia would be almost comical if it wasn’t for the kind of appalling bloodshed that this will produce.

Alas, just look at what the Saudis are doing to Yemen, what the Israelis did to Gaza or Lebanon or what the US did to Iraq and you will immediately get a sense of what the formation of this nefarious alliance will mean for the people of Syria and the rest of the region. The record shows that a military does not need to be skilled at real warfare to be skilled at murdering people: even though the US occupation of Iraq was, in military terms, a total disaster, it did result in almost one and a half million dead people.

What is also clear is who the main target of this evil alliance will be: Iran, the only real democracy in the Middle-East. The pretext? Why – weapons of mass destruction, of course: the (non-existing) chemical weapons of the Syrians and the (non-existing) nuclear weapons of the Iranians.

In Trump’s own words: “No civilized nation can tolerate the massacre of innocents with chemical weapons” and “The United States is firmly committed to keeping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and halting their support of terrorists and militias that are causing so much suffering and chaos throughout the Middle East”.

Nothing new here.

As for how this evil alliance will fight when it does not have any boots worth putting on the ground? Here, again, the solution as simple as it is old: to use the ISIS/al-Qaeda takfiri crazies as cannon fodder for the US, Israel and the KSA. This is just a re-heated version of the “brilliant” Brzezinski plan on how to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Back to the future indeed. And should the “good terrorists” win, by some kind of miracle, in Syria, then turn them loose against against Hezbollah in Lebanon and against the Shias in Iraq and Iran. Who knows, with some (a lot) of luck, the Empire might even be able to re-kindle the “Caucasus Emirate” somewhere on the southern borders of Russia, right?


For one thing, the locals are not impressed. Here is what the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, had to say about this: “The Israelis are betting on Isis and all this takfiri project in the region… but in any case they know, the Israelis, the Americans, and all those who use the takfiris, that this is a project without any future. I tell you, and I also reassure everyone through this interview: This project has no future.”

He is right, of course. And the newly re-elected President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, openly says that the Americans are clueless: “The problem is that the Americans do not know our region and those who advise US officials are misleading them.”

It is pretty clear who these ‘advisors’ are: the Saudis and the Israelis. Their intentions are also clear: to get the Americans to do their dirty work for them while remaining as far back as possible. You could say that the Saudis and Israelis are trying to get the Americans to do for them what the Americans are trying to get the Kurds to do for them in Iraq: be their cannon fodder. The big difference is that the Kurds at least clearly understand what is going on whereas the Americans are, indeed, clueless.

Many fully understand what is happening. A good example of this acute awareness is what b had to say on Moon of Alabama after reading the transcript of the press briefing of Secretary of Defense Mattis, General Dunford and Special Envoy McGurk on the Campaign to Defeat ISIS:

My first thought after reading its was: “These people live in a different world. They have no idea how the real word works on the ground. What real people think, say, and are likely to do.” There was no strategic thought visible. Presented were only some misguided tactical ideas.

A senior British reporter, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, the President of Iran and a US blogger all seem to agree on one thing: there is no real US “policy” at work here, what we are seeing is a dangerous exercise in pretend-strategy which cannot result in anything but chaos and defeat.

So why is the Trump administration plowing ahead with this nonsense?

The reasons are most likely a combination of internal US politics and a case of “if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail”. The anti-Trump color revolution cum coup d’état which the Neocons and the US deep state started even before Trump actually got into the White House has never stopped and all the signs are that the anti-Trump forces will only rest once Trump is impeached and, possibly, removed from office.

In response to this onslaught, all that Trump initially could come up with was to sacrifice his closest allies and friends (Flynn, Bannon) in the vain hope that this would appease the Neocons. Then he began to mindlessly endorse their “policies”. Predictably this has not worked either. Then Trump even tried floating the idea of having Joe Lieberman for FBI director before getting ‘cold feet’ and changing his position yet again. And all the while while Trump is desperately trying to appease them, the Neocons are doubling-down, doubling-down again and then doubling-down some more. It is pretty clear by now that Trump does not have what it takes in terms of allies or even personal courage to tackle the swamp he promised to drain.

As a result what we are seeing now looks like a repeat of the last couple of years of the Obama administration: a total lack of vision or even a general policy, chaos in the Executive Branch and a foreign policy characterized by a multiple personality disorder which see the Pentagon, Foggy Bottom, the CIA and the White House all pursuing completely different policies in pursuit of completely different goals. In turn, each of these actors engages in what (they think) they do best: the Pentagon bombs, the State Department pretends to negotiate, the CIA engages in more or less covert operation in support of more or less “good terrorists” while the White House focuses its efforts on trying to make the President look good or, at least, in control of something.

Truth be told, Trump has nothing at all to show so far.

Russia: according to rumors spread by the US, former corporate executive Rex Tillerson was supposed to go to Moscow to deliver some kind of ultimatum. Thank God that did not happen. Instead Tillerson spent several hours talking to Lavrov and then a couple more talking to Putin. More recently, Lavrov was received by Tillerson in the US and, following that meeting, he also met with Trump. Following all these meetings no tangible results were announced. What does that mean? Does that mean that nothing was achieved?

Not at all, what was achieved is that the Russians clearly conveyed to the Americans two basic thing: first, that there were not impressed by their sabre-rattling and, second, that as long as the US was acting as a brain-dead elephant in a porcelain store there was no point for the Russians to work with the US.

To his credit, Trump apparently backed down and even tried to make a few conciliatory statements. Needless to say, the US Ziomedia crucified him for being “too friendly” with The Enemy. The outcome now is, of course, better than war with Russia, but neither is it some major breakthrough as Trump had promised (and, I believe, sincerely hoped for) during his campaign.

DPRK/PRC: what had to happen did, of course happen: all the sabre-rattling with three aircraft carriers strike groups ended up being a gigantic flop as neither the North Koreans nor the Chinese were very impressed. If anything, this big display of Cold War era hardware was correctly interpreted not as a sign of strength, but a sign of weakness. Trump wasted a lot of money and a lot of time, but he has absolutely nothing to show for it. The DPRK tested yet another intermediate range missile yesterday. Successfully, they say.

The Ukraine: apparently Trump simply does not care about the Ukraine and, frankly, I can’t blame him. Right now the situation there is so bad that no outside power can meaningfully influence the events there any more. I would argue that in this case, considering the objective circumstances, Trump did the right thing when he essentially “passed the baby” to Merkel and the EU: let them try to sort out this bloody mess as it is primarily their problem. Karma, you know.

So, all in all, Trump has nothing to show in the foreign policy realm.

He made a lot of loud statements, followed by many threats, but at the end of the day somebody apparently told him “we can’t do that, Mr President” (and thank God for that anonymous hero!). Once this reality began to sink in all which was left is to create an illusion of foreign policy, a make-believe reality in which the US is still a superpower which can determine the outcome of any conflict.

Considering that the AngloZionist Empire is, first and foremost, what Chris Hedges calls an “Empire of Illusions” it only makes sense for its President to focus on creating spectacles and photo opportunities. Alas, the White House is so clueless that it manages to commit major blunders even when trying to ingratiate itself with a close ally. We saw that during the recent Trump trip to Saudi Arabia when both Melania and Ivanka Trump refused to cover their heads while in Riyadh but did so when they visited the Pope in the Vatican. As the French say, this was “worse than a crime, it was a blunder” which speaks a million words about the contempt in which the American elites hold the Muslim world.

There is another sign that the US is really scraping the bottom of the barrel: Rex Tillerson has now declared that “NATO should formally join the anti-Daesh coalition”. In military terms, NATO is worse than useless for the US: the Americans are much better off fighting by themselves than involving a large number of “pretend armies” who could barely protect themselves in a real battlefield. Oh sure, you can probably scrape a halfway decent battalion here, maybe even a regiment there, but all in all NATO forces are useless, especially for ground operations. They, just like the Saudis and Israelis, prefer to strike from the air, preferably protected by USAF AWACs, and never to get involved in the kind of ugly infantry fighting which is taking place in Syria. For all their very real faults and problems, at least the Americans do have a number of truly combat capable units, such as the Marines and some Army units, which are experienced and capable of giving the Takfiris a run for their money. But the Europeans? Forget it!

It is really pathetic to observe the desperate efforts of the Trump Administration to create some kind of halfway credible anti-Daesh coalition while strenuously avoiding to look at the simple fact that the only parties which can field a large number of combat capable units to fight Daesh are the Iranians, Hezbollah and, potentially, the Russians. This is why Iranian President Rouhani recently declared that

“Who fought against the terrorists? It was Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Russia. But who funded the terrorists? Those who fund terrorists cannot claim they are fighting against them” and “Who can say regional stability can be restored without Iran? Who can say the region will experience total stability without Iran?”

In truth, even the Turks and the Kurds don’t really have what it would take to defeat Daesh in Syria. But the worst mistake of the US generals is that they are still pretending as if a large and experienced infantry force like Daesh/ISIS/al-Qaeda/etc could be defeated without a major ground offensive. That won’t happen.

So Trump can dance with the Wahabis and stand in prayer at the wailing wall, but all his efforts to determine the outcome of the war in Syria are bound to fail: far from being a superpower, the US has basically become irrelevant, especially in the Middle East. This is why Russia, Iran and Turkey are now attempting to create a trilateral “US free” framework to try to change the conditions on the ground. The very best the US are still capable of is to sabotage those efforts and needlessly prolong the carnage in Syria and Iraq. That is both pathetic and deeply immoral.

—  §  —

When I saw Trump dancing with his Saudi pals I immediately thought of the movies “Dances with Wolves” and “Titanic”. Empires often end in violence and chaos, but Trump has apparently decided to add a good measure of ridicule to the mix. The tragedy is that neither the United States nor the rest of the planet can afford that kind of ridicule right now, especially not the kind of ridicule which can very rapidly escalate in an orgy of violence.

With the European politicians paralyzed in a state subservient stupor to the Rothschild gang, Latin America ravaged by (mostly US-instigated) crises and the rest of the planet trying to stay clear from the stumbling ex-superpower, the burden to try to contain this slow-motion train wreck falls upon Russia and China.

As for Trump, he made a short speech before NATO leaders today. He spoke about the “threats from Russia and on NATO’s eastern and southern borders”.


Sourced from the Unz Review

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    1. Thank you. The day Lobro and Felix, my spiritual brothers and fellow travellers on the Path, tell you I am a fake, that will be the time to conclude I am a fake. If you can trust them, then trust me; for they are my kindred spirits.

  3. Okay, so after months of campaign lies, and then more lies, and then lies on top of lies, and all the dramatic accusations and all the Orange Clown’s posturing, we’re basically right back to where we were at the end of Jew-puppet Obama’s term: The Jew agenda is still hopeless, and the Jews’ choices are the same as they were: (1) give up on the plan to rule the world and de-escalate; (2) continue to escalate the global military buildup and the violence until the conflict becomes a nuclear WW3; (3) try to do a global murder-suicide (i.e. nuclear first strike); or (4) stay in a blood-soaked holding pattern while getting rid of Trump – basically for failing to deliver the impossible – then expect the next puppet to deliver the impossible, and on and on ad nauseum, until the corrupt “West” just “bleeds out” or something like that.

  4. Excellent article by The Saker. I agree with him that Trump, on the campaign trail, did sincerely want better relations with Russia. But his poor choice of cabinet picks (many of whom, like Nikki Haley, were political enemies) demonstrated that he was overmatched from the start. I continue to believe that VP Pence (who got Flynn fired) has been working to undermine him from the start. The corporate press will never give up until Trump is hounded from office. Will he authorize a suicidal attack on Iran to attempt to shut up his critics and show how tough he is? Trump is already a tragic figure.

    1. @ Folly

      “I agree with him that Trump, on the campaign trail, did sincerely want better relations with Russia.”

      Where did “The Saker” say this?

      1. Thanks, somehow I missed that. Maybe because I just can’t accept that he still clings to the idea.

  5. Saker has his GOOD guesses. I have mine.

    From what I have seen in all the Presidential campaigns and claims since WWII and their results… the whole program with set-up STALLED court battles and Russian spy DISTRACTIONS were scripted from the beginning.

    Here is circumstantial evidence of HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED…. SHIFTING BLAME… to UNELECTED players…. in just one HOT-BUTTON area – REFUGEES:

    US State Department Quietly Opens the Floodgates for Incoming Refugees


    President Trump’s executive order to limit refugees entering the US is – STALLED – in the courts while….

    the US State Department, acting entirely on its own, quietly lifted restrictions on the number of refugees allowed into the US. It makes no difference what the voters want – or don’t want.

    Despite repeated efforts by President Trump to curtail refugee resettlements, the State Department this week quietly lifted the department’s restriction on the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States.

    The result could be a near doubling of refugees entering the country, from about 830 people a week in the first three weeks of this month to well over 1,500 people per week by next month, according to refugee advocates. Tens of thousands of refugees are waiting to come to the United States.

    The State Department’s decision was conveyed in an email on Thursday to the private agencies in countries around the world that help refugees manage the nearly two-year application process needed to enter the United States.

    In her email, Jennifer L. Smith, a department official, wrote that the refugee groups could begin bringing people to the United States “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.”

    Although it came the same day as an appeals court ruling that rejected government efforts to limit travel to the United States from six predominantly Muslim nations, the move by the State Department had nothing to do with the court ruling.

    The department’s quotas on refugee resettlement were largely the result of budget constraints imposed by Congress in a temporary spending measure passed last fall. But when Congress passed a spending bill this month that funded the government for the rest of the fiscal year, the law did not include any restrictions on refugee admissions.

    A State Department spokeswoman, speaking on the condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to discuss the issue publicly, said the department had consulted the Department of Justice about its refugee quotas and had decided to adjust them.

    1. Refugee advocates were “BIGGLY” delighted by the State Department’s decision.

      “This is long overdue, but we’re very happy,” said Mark Hetfield, president and chief executive of HIAS, an immigrant aid society.

      But many of the advocates said they were worried that any reprieve would be temporary.

      “The president’s proposed budget cuts for 2018 would mean we would have a much smaller program next year no matter what happens with his executive orders,” said Erol Kekic, executive director of the immigration and refugee program at Church World Service.

      Perhaps even more worrisome, refugee advocates said they had seen a slowdown in security screenings by the Department of Homeland Security, whose checks are required for refugees to enter the United States.

      Still, even Republicans in Congress have said that few of Mr. Trump’s proposed budget cuts to foreign aid and the State Department’s budget would be adopted into law.

      In a visit this week to Syrian refugee camps in Turkey –
      Nikki R. Haley, the United Nations ambassador, all but urged Congress to reverse Mr. Trump’s proposed cuts in aid to refugees. (the GAME is playing out)

      “It’s starting the conversation,” Ms. Haley said of Mr. Trump’s proposed budget, according to The Associated Press. “It doesn’t mean that’s where it will end up. He’s going to have that conversation with Congress on where we should fall on this.”

      1. That’s the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society – HIAS.

        They are the biggest lobbying group for mass importation of third world “refugees.”

        It’s in the AP stylebook that when you use a acronym the first time in an article, you give the full name of the organization, unless it is a universally recognized organization (i.e. “NATO”). But in the case of HIAS, they must skip that rule, due to the fact that if the goyim knew that the leading organization pushing for mass Islamic immigration into America under the guise of a “refugee program” was Jewish, it could lead to anti-Semitism.

        In fact, when you go to the HIAS webpage, you don’t get told that the first word of that acronym is “Hebrew.”

        If you want to know that this is a Jewish organization, you have to navigate to the “About” section, and then to the “Mission and Values” tab.

        And then, you will finally learn that they are guided by Jewish values and history.

        But you can’t just put that on blast everywhere, or all of these racist bigots who think somehow it is bad to bring tens of thousands of Somalians, Eritreans, Pakistanis, Afghanis, etc. into America to live on welfare would turn their irrational hatred toward the Jews.

        That’s why the New York Times can’t follow AP stylebook rules when dealing with HIAS.

    2. “refugees”? 99% are economic migrants but intend no economic activity in the host country. See Blackpigeon on youtube “Why Japan Refuses Immigration and Multiculturalism”, that is unless those horrible people at Google have de-indexed it. If I recall correctly in a recent year Japan had 30-40 thousand applications to enter the country. They let in about 30.

      Who are the traitors in the US State Department?

      About email:
      Anyone reading on Darkmoon of the evil caused by global corporations such as Google and Amazon and yet still patronize said evil may be having difficulty finding an alternative. May I encourage readers to use free private email providers such as and

      1. Flan –


        Yes.. REFUGEES…!! Their words.. 🙂

        These are NOT “economic migrants” at all in Syria…

        You missed this…. which is what was referenced:
        “In a visit this week to SYRIAN – REFUGEE – camps in Turkey – Nikki R. Haley, the United Nations ambassador, all but URGED Congress to REVERSE Mr. Trump’s proposed CUTS in aid to REFUGEES.”

        “…aid to REFUGEES.”
        “…aid to REFUGEES.”

      2. Flan O’Brien: “See Blackpigeon on youtube “Why Japan Refuses Immigration and Multiculturalism”, that is unless those horrible people at Google have de-indexed it.”

        Japan is 100% ZOG. The Jews need it to counter-balance China and Russia; its sole purpose for the past 200 years. This is why they want Japan homogeneous, relatively speaking. But Jews being Jews, they still push their Kalergi Plan psychologically if not literally in the land of the rising sun: Japan’s half-black Miss Universe says discrimination gives her ‘extra motivation’

        I found a reference to immigration.
        “Japan not on Illuminati Jewish hit list-Japan accepted just 28 refugees in 2016 — one more than the previous year.”

        Your comment made sense regarding Japanese abandonment of relationships and family. There are numerous “Why Have Young People In Japan Stopped Having Sex?” and “Single-Person Households on the Rise in Japan” type articles.

        How does having a homogeneous Japan counter-balance China and Russia compared to having a multi-culti-marxist state (any EU country)?

      4. @Flan O’Brien

        I don’t think Japan is homogeneous because the Jews “allow” it to be so. The Japanese are among the most ethnocentric peoples of the world. They see themselves as one big family and don’t accept foreigners. The Jews simply cannot induce them to commit racial suicide, though they definitely try (see the case of the mixed-race “Miss Japan”).

        I’m beginning to suspect that the strange reluctance of the Japanese to procreate anymore is due to poisoning (in food or medicines), by no other than our kosher friends. That they are capable of such a crime is proved by the Fukushima “disaster” which was in reality a Mossad operation*. There is literally no people on earth that is safe from the destructive Chosenites.

        *For info on Fukushima, see : Fukushima as fabricated terror – The Truthseeker.

      5. @ Flan O’Brien

        How does having a homogeneous Japan counter-balance China and Russia compared to having a multi-culti-marxist state (any EU country)?

        You have asked an excellent question which really requires an extended answer that would be too much off topic on this thread, I’m afraid.

        Briefly then:

        Historically Japan was nothing more than Jewish cannon fodder against China and Russia.

        Jews financed Japan’s modernization and rise to power and its wars against both China and Russia. See the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 War and First Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95. I have written essays about these wars on my website but can’t provide a link because my site is still down.

        Moreover, over the past 2 years, I have also made the controversial claim at Darkmoon that the Jap Emperor was/is a crypto Jew. Emperor Hirohito, not Hitler, was the real controlled opposition and real Jew! — sorry to debunk your hero Henry Makow.

        But getting on point to your question:

        The main purpose of multi-culturalism is to destroy a people’s racial solidarity and pride which the Jews fear will lead to real opposition against them; like it did with Hitler’s national socialism in the 1930s. This is an argument that is often cited by “White Nationalists” and is true for the most part. I say, for the most part it’s true.

        Jews can still subvert and take over a racially homogeneous country with deadly drugs; like they did with opium in China which was and still is a racially homogeneous country. Jews are doing this, for your information, with their legalized opium (i.e. prescription drugs) in the West. Multi-culturalism in Europe is the coup de grâce — the English word “deathblow” is more appropriate though.

        In short, the Jews need Japan to be racially homogenized and, more importantly, filially obedient to their God Emperor — ever wonder why the Jap Emperor was never dethroned after he signed an unconditional surrender to end WWII? — in case the Jews need it to start another war against their enemy of the day.

        @ Franklin Ryckaert

        Radiation from Fukushima, if it is real and not fake like “nukes,” would have spread all across the Pacific and all around the world by now, as Jeff Rense claims and has be claiming for the past 6 years!

        I’m a regular listener to his radio show and about 3 years ago, I stopped going to Japanese restaurants and eating sushi and sashmi for about 1 year until I discovered Rerevisionist’s site and got wise to fake nukes.

        My mother, who only has a formal grade 2 education in Hong Kong — she was a refugee during WWII — laughed at my silly conspiracy theories when I tried to warn her about not eating the “radiated” seafood from the Pacific.

        By the way, the Japanese and Chinese prefer to mix and marry with Whites — I know this from first-hand and personal experience. Believe it or not, Whites are automatically seen as “high-class” or “1st-world” in China. Women in general prefer to marry “up” not “down”; but the damn Jews prefer us — Whites and Asians — to race mix with low-IQ Blacks!

        An aside and pertinent afterthought:

        Jap porn is the only porn that I know of that features and glorifies gang rape. Can you imagine a black African as part of that Jap rape gang? Can you imagine a brown or black soldier in the Japanese Imperial Army or Navy? I can’t. This is why, despite the Jews’ best efforts to promote miscegenation with Blacks in Japan, they know keeping Japan racially homogeneous is the best way to have it ready as a war machine and cannon fodder against their enemies.

    3. Jews pushing for mass Islamic immigration into America and Europe

      Who Is Pushing for Mass Refugee Migration? “Jewish Organizations of All Kinds”
      Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer explains “Jewish organizations of all kinds” are the pushing this agenda. She says, “Can you image over 1,200 Rabbis to agree on one thing? But, agree they did! And what they agreed on was to ask our elected officials not to halt, or even limit, the United States Refugee Admissions Program.”

  6. Well it should be clear by now, that Trump, is a fraud. All the huff and bluster while he was campaigning has turned into lackey ass kissing, of the Anglo Elite Establishment (read, White Supremacist, Ashkenazi Jews, and their lackeys). As bad as Trump is, and he is very bad, there is a plus side to all this, at least for the Muslim.

    Trump, is ignorant and sheltered. He has never lived or worked with the regular person, and has never earned a single cent of his wealth. He claims he is a businessman, but he is not. He is no different than what Khoshoggi, Stoffel, Cummings or Soghanalian (aka The Merchant of Death) where, middle men between devils. Trump has no power, other than his arrogant self-imposing image. And that is exactly what is going to be his downfall; for, arrogance is always blinded by its own magnificence. And Trump believes himself to be truly magnificent.

    Trump will only push Syria and Russia closer together. And since Trump has now fully endorsed Israel and the Kurds, you will eventually see Turkey leave NATO, and join the Syria, Russia, Iran, alliance. As for Iraq? Iraq is not even a country anymore, and I dare say, Iran will eventually umbrella all the Shia in Eastern Iraq, right up to the Tigris, and the rest of Iraq will will be carved up between the Kurds, and Syrians. Iraq is finished. Trump will have this around his neck to drag to his grave. The Trump name will become synonymous will foolishness, selfishness, and total blind ignorance.

    There is no way for Iraq to survive; the end of another Anglo creation.

    As for Saudi Arabia? Considering the uprising that was quashed recently (ever so brutally, MSN again missed it), Saudi is on its last legs. Once the House of Saud falls, there will be a BIG reorganization in the Middle East. Iran knows this is coming, in fact, every non-Anglo does, the signs are clear, the House of Saud is doomed. And then what! Without the Saudis, not even the might of the USA, is going to save Israel. The clock is ticking, and the Jews know it. That’s why they are building more and more settlements and quickly, because they want more and more Jews, to populate their military! All those Jews going to Israel, thinking they are going to have a wonderful new life, with new home, and all the modern conveniences, when in fact, they are being brought to Israel to become fodder for the next war, the war that will end Israel forever. The irony of it all!

    I truly believe we are entering the last stages (they may go on for a few decades though, but the writing is on the wall) of the latest Middle East saga. As for the outcome? There is only one conceivable outcome for Israel. Annihilation.

    Israel, will be totally destroyed, and the USA will be dealt a very bloody nose, worst than Vietnam. Millions of Jews will flee for the USA, and that’s when will see the USA’s real color. They will turn them away, and once again, Jew will spread to all parts of the world, as is their historical lot. And Israel? Everything, that is Jewish, will be razed to the ground. Everything. Israel, will become Palestine. Palestine, will become a holy ground for the Muslims, so much so, it will be decreed that no non-Muslim will every be allowed to step on Palestinian territory, for perpetuity.

    Forces are in motion, beyond, America’s control. Every member of the House of Saud will be massacred (except for those with a Lear Jet on the driveway), and Israel will become once again, footnote in history, as it has pretty much always been. The Jews will once again suffer, and once again, they will whine, as they always do. But this time around, with the Internet, nobody will care much, not even the Americans, will take them in. And a new Muslim renaissance will begin, like that of the one a thousand years ago.

    Trump, Netanyahu and Saud, will go down in history, as the last major key players that destroyed, an Earthy Imperialistic Empire, the possible return of a Heavenly Divine Empire, and destruction of the Most Affluent Autocracy in history!

    Trump always liked doing things big!

    1. I appreciated that post. Trump is spineless and ignorant. The meat in pre-election speeches must have come from his campaign manager Steve Banon.

      Just one query:
      “Without the Saudis, not even the might of the USA, is going to save Israel. ”

      In what way do/could the Saudis assist Israel? Saudis are paying for terrorists in the kill-Shia/Expand Israel plot, but militarily they can’t lick a few Yemeni Bedouins armed with rifles. Any new middle eastern war will be missile based. I have read, and it is reasonable to assume it is true, that collectively opponents could destroy that small country with a concerted missile attack, hitting the two nuclear installations rendering it polluted for the foreseeable future. Saudi’s could only assist if they have the technological means to shield Israel from the missiles. Given they can’t even organize tours to Mecca without killing thousands I believe this is out of the question.

      Unfortunately, not content with destroying Europe, Merkel is set on destroying the whole world by enabling Israel to fire off nuclear weapons of spite at nations they accuse of not supporting them enough (Samson Option):

      Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German-Built Submarines

      1. Perhaps Germans believe that several generations of Holohoax traumatized Germans and the sale of Samson Option Submarines will spare Germany from attack?

      2. @FLAN
        On Steve Banon: Yes Banon not only wrote the words but came up with the ideas. But that’s Trump! I don’t know if this is true or not, but the word on the ground is (if you talk to the right people-don’t ask, I won’t say), that Trump paid his way through school, in fact, he is a quite a dolt. Including University, everything was paid-off. Trump is well known for being a math-idiot, so how on Earth he got through business school is beyond me. But then again, in America, morons get Ph.Ds.

        On your question: In what way do/could the Saudis assist Israel?
        Saudi Arabia’s existence has always primarily been to be a buffer for Israel. Yes, yes, I know Jordan, is there, but that’s why the Jordanian Kingdom and Saudi Kingdom where created by the British, as domains that would foster an acceptable outcome for an aspiring Israel (for it was already a problem) and growing Jewish population. In short, the Hashemite and Saudi families bargained for control of Jordan and Arabia, and with accepting an eventual “Israel”. Specifically, during the 1910s, Britain was planning invasion of the Ottoman Empire. In 1915, Britain secretly corresponded with the Emir of Mecca, and promised support for Arab independence in the Middle East, Israel was no doubt also included. Arising later, the Balfour Declaration, promising Zionists support for the establishment of “a national home for the Jewish people”, then called Palestine, but soon to be Israel.

        So you see, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are tied together. If one falls the others will too. And Saudi Arab is soon to fall.

        Missiles you say! Well they have been using missiles, drones, MOABs and all manner of tech. and the Americans are still losing the war. No, once Saudi Arab falls, the Turks will drop NATO and ally with the Russians and Syrians, the Kurds will become America’s new Saudi Arabia, but the Kurds are hated, by everyone, Turkey, Russia, Iran, and even Armenians. Missiles never win wars, soldiers do. And America is too cowardly to fight a fair fight. And it will never go nuclear, for if it did, you’d be radiating all the Middle East, including all the Jewish places!

        Israel is finished. What you are seeing now, is panic. Watch in the coming years, how many more settlements will be built! What people will do for a nice new home. Let’s see how much they will fight for that free home they are given, when they haven’t put one bead of sweat into earning it! Now you will see what a Jewish homeland is really worth!

        On your Jewish submarine note: I think the only problem here is that those Muslim fish have something to worry about.

        When countries start doing outrageous panicky moves like settlements, you know things are coming to a close. Everybody knows Saudi Arabia is only years, not decades, years, away from collapse. When that happens…Israel is toast, literally and figuratively!

        1. Excellent comment, Dorian! Keep it up.I can’t disagree with anything you say here.

      3. @DORIAN
        Very informative and hopeful. Thank you.
        In general I agree about missiles, but in this case the target is small and the missiles large in number (250 000).

        I have seen the scars on the bodies of people from SA’s eastern province, inflicted by repression by the Saudi family. But this type of physical challenge has been going on for decades. Financially I suppose collapse could come through inability to “pay for peace” – not enough money in the coffers to pay for trickle down corruption? Is that what you mean by coming collapse?

  7. Trump’s failure can be ascribed to following factors :

    1) He has not done his homework, studying how the world really works. He never has studied alternative history, in stead he believes all the myths and lies Jews have concocted for us.

    2) He doesn’t have a clear plan with a clear endgame, both for his foreign and domestic policies. If you don’t think for yourself, then others will think for you. In the US that means: Jews.

    2) He didn’t understand that in order to succeed, he should not appoint members of the ruling elite. Those would of course try to sabotage all his attempts at change.

    3) He didn’t understand that you can’t trust Jews, even if they are your “friends” or even your son-in-law.

    4) He didn’t understand that in order to succeed, he should first dismantle the “deep state”, which would be possible since most of its members can be prosecuted for corruption or pedophilia.

    What we will see now is Trump implementing more and more of the Jewish agenda without him becoming popular with the Jews.

    He barely will make it to one term, after which – God forbid ! – Hillary.

    At the end of the day America will not be “made great again”.

    1. Tragic situation all round. America down the tube. It seems to me there are three schools of thought regarding Trump on this site:

      1. Trump is a good guy, extremely sharp, and he’s playing the Jews at their own game. Just give him time and he’ll nail them wicked Jews good and proper.

      (I think my friend Lobro holds to this view, believing Trump is Putin in an American context).

      2. Trump is a bad guy, working for the Jews, and he never had any good intentions to start with. He was always a devious sonofabitch and a willing tool for the Jews.

      (I think Harold Smith and Pat are (or were) the main proponents of this view).

      3. Trump honestly had some good intentions in the beginning, but he is a weak man and has had to give in to the Jews. He is now bending over backwards to conciliate the neocon Jews and the Deep State in an effort to survive and escape impeachment, but he’s pretty much a dead duck in the water.

      As usual, I can’t make up my mind on this but am willing to treat everyone else’s viewpoint with respect. And that includes the rather bizarre viewpoint of my friend Lobro who remains very much a loner in thinking Trump could be the new Putin or Napoleon or whatever. Dear old Lobro, he is the only guy I know who could convince me that Jack the Ripper had some good qualities! 🙂

      1. Loboro may be an AI, rooting out deeply plausible intellectual plots that surprise us all. In a similar manner to Google’s Alphago that surprised the world’s best human Go player. It recently won all 3 matches in a tournament.

      2. Sard –

        “2. Trump is a bad guy, working for the Jews, and he never had any good intentions to start with. He was always a devious sonofabitch and a willing tool for the Jews.
        (I think Harold Smith and Pat are (or were) the main proponents of this view).”


        I see the ‘Buffoon in DC’ as more like ‘Baby Huey’ in N Korea…. rather than like ‘Put-On’ the ‘Paper Bear’ of the Kremlin.

        Both are “YUGE” bags of bluster… “BIGGLY”..!! 🙂

    2. I couldn’t resist, on your five points about Trump:
      1) [Trump] has not done his homework; Trump has never done homework, he has paid his way through his entire life (including education), just listen to all his speeches, there is absolutely nothing of historical significance, relevance, or veracity. Its all “pop” phrases that are to excite and enthrall.
      2) [Trump] doesn’t have a clear plan with a clear endgame; how do you expect a chronic bankruptee (Trump has taken companies to bankruptcy six times), to have a plan? Read up on his bankruptcies, they are all littered with angry people stating how Trump never had a plan to do anything, he always used his “connections”, “network”, and his ability to make the “big deal”, that will save the day, but it never did. Trump has never planned anything in his life, don’t expect him to start now, after all he is 70!
      3) [Trump] didn’t understand … to succeed, … appoint members of the ruling elite; it doesn’t matter, using the ruling elite or not, it will not change things. It has nothing to do with the elites or non elites. America’s problem is the AMERICAN PEOPLE. The American People will always vote for anyone that will give a good story and a few bucks. Americans don’t vote for moral or ethical reasons, Americans vote with their wallets. Trump knows this and he uses his bullshitting skills marketing skills to full extent to get the vote, and when that doesn’t work, like as for the elites because they are already rich, he does what every con-artist does when the con doesn’t work anymore, he joins the better con-artist’s team!
      4) [Trump] didn’t understand that you can’t trust Jews; yes jews are over represented in Congress, but like I said earlier, they aren’t the problem, the American People are, they are just too selfish and greedy, and are easily bought, and that works right in Jewish hands, as they always knew it would (Americans are very predictable, like a donkey, put a carrot in front him, he will walk).
      5) [Trump] didn’t understand that in order to succeed, … dismantle the “deep state”; Deep State, No State, Whatever State, when you have Americans who are so gullible as they are, the State doesn’t have to be very deep, to fool a country full of morons that can vote. And Americans, by and large, are pretty gullible and stupid.

      In short, Franklin Ryckaert, Trump is only President because of the ignorance, gullibility and selfishness of the American people. Government is actually a representative microcosm of society, and so, what you are seeing in the US Congress, is really a sad representation of what the entire USA is today. You can point all the fingers you like to people like Trump, but people like Trump don’t get where they are on their own, or just with the help of their “friends.” Trump is there, like the rest of Congress, because there are a lot of rotten Americans in America, and they all want the same thing, and they all speak the same selfish language.

      The USA is rotten, not because of Trump, but because the USA is rotten.

      1. “Trump is only President because of the ignorance, gullibility and selfishness of the American people.”

        From what I’ve read in recent years about education and culture in the US, the ” ignorance and gullibility of the American people.” is high. But the rest of the assertion is shaky. I ask myself would an admirable leader such as Duterte in the Phillipines get elected in the US? Of course not, the candidates are highly selected, not least by financial capacity. Are Americans selfish? Xenophobes guides would suggest that an American sitting next to you on a plane would recount their divorce and even loan you money, but next day they would fail to notice you in the corridor.
        Xenophobes guides characterizes Americans as perpetual adolescents.

        In conclusion I am, believe it or not, pleading that the US cultural environment (desert) is the problem and that US people will never more have the means to change it because it is strictly and hierarchically controlled.

      2. Dorian, yours truly is an American and proud to be such. I think the American people may be starting to wake up, and I think there is hope that they may expose the Jews (for 9-11) and take back their country. I think the Trump election win is a sign of the hope I have just mentioned. When was the last time television failed to deliver a vote?

      3. “In short, Franklin Ryckaert, Trump is only President because of the ignorance, gullibility and selfishness of the American people.”

        That’s true only in a general, indirect sense, IMO. (IOW I don’t think you can blame someone for giving Trump the benefit of the doubt under the circumstances, vis-a-vis Clinton).

        I blame “the people” for allowing the situation in the U.S. to deteriorate over the years to the point where Jewish-supremacist madmen are fully in control, the constitution means nothing, the “president” has power way beyond what he was ever intended to have (by the Founders and Framers), and all we can do now is try to elect the candidate least likely to end life as we know it on planet Earth.

    3. Was Anerica ever great? Enmigrantes from Europe commited genocide (measles in blankets sold to Native Americans). Later they stole half of México. They have been murdering and overthrowing democraticaly elected governments for decades. Is this “greatness”. América has never won a single war in which they were engaged. They couldnt even defeat rice farmers in Vietnam and retreated with their tails between their legs. Is this greatness? What a joke.

    4. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      Good points. In summary of your points, I would add the old saying, “You cannot soar with eagles if you roost with (((buzzards))). 🙂

  8. Off Topic: No problems accessing the site, and no warnings, however I don’t use anything from Microsoft or Google – and go out of my way to avoid using their crap. I also have an older laptop, built mostly before backdoors were put into hardware. I’d advise others to try switching to any open source OS, and a non-MS/Google browser. I’ve run Ubuntu / Firefox for five years now, and haven’t seen a blue screen of death since making the change.

    On topic: The Saker article largely conforms to my own analysis, so I think it’s great!

  9. OFF TOPIC :

    It’s funny, I just think it’s a HOOT!, Every time, EVERY TIME, EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL, EVERY TIME “The Titianic” is mentioned here at Darkmoon, just like Cunard’s R.M.S Carpathia, “Carnaptious” shows up on the scene of the disaster to “rescue” the survivors [ to rescue the survivors of Darkmoon, I guess, lol ] , to do what he can to help and assist. I think that’s very cute, it’s very endearing to know he’s always there for us out in the distance over the horizon every time WE hit an iceberg and are going down into the deep cold murky deep to go swim with the fishes, Carnaptious like the Carpathia comes at full speed MAX knots to come to rescue the survivors on the life boats bobbling and blobbering all over the place blubbering in shock. Carnaptious picks up the surviors and gives them comfort solace and hot chocolate, Very cute, very endearing, very warm and secure feeling to know The Carnaptious always comes to Our rescue.

    I noticed a long time Carnaptious ONLY shows up here when The Titanic is mentioned, not at any other times, ONLY when The Titanic is mentioned. Then just like The Carpathia The Carnaptious shows up on the scene of where The Titanic was mentioned. I guess I got side-tracked and forgot to mention I notice it , and have noticed it , for a long time. I just wanted to mention it, because I think it’s sweet The Carnaptious wants to rescue whatever Darkmoon survivors there may be left who didn’t go down with the ship into the deep dark murky depths of the sea for Eternity 🙂 Videre Licet 🙂

  10. saudi arabia has helped our cause very much indeed. we thank saudi arabia for their endless support. we also welcome mr trump and we will soon have a new street after his name.

    let them dance, so what? it isn’t them slaughtering our children in syria, iraq, lebanon and yemen. you know who it is, yet you pour holy water on them.

    we say … to hell with iran

    1. The Avatar,
      Cover your hair . Cover your body . Cover everything. Cover your heart and soul? Only you can answer. Can you drive? Leave home without an escourt? Do you really love the Saudis who value you only as a piece of cheap pussy? Honor them. Go ahead. You are nothing but property. Feel proud? Oh well.

      1. Iran….by the way, isnt going anywhere. At least 5000 years of recorded history. The Zionist entity will never realize this wet-dream. Theyll have to keep fantazing.

      2. Donaldo,
        Avatar is an online rabbi, virtuoso of deception, Unit 8200 assigned him to Darkmoon, uses narratives extracted through torture of Palestinians to configure his script here.

        Loves: ISIS, Saudi salafis, holocaust,
        Hates: Iran, Hezbollah, Putin, Trump, Assad, white people

        That should tell you everything you need to know.

  11. Fine article by the Saker. I appreciate the reference to Chris Hedges “Empire of Illusions” it sounds like a timely and important work. The military overview of the Saudi and Israeli regimes is good, and the comparison of the brutalization of Palestine with Yemen is not inaccurate. I would add my view that the Israeli strategy (and a deluded one if so) is to bleed the Syrian state economically and militarily as desirable if outright conquest is not achievable. Now refer to CIA Robert Baer’s work “The Devil We Know”. Baer examines the results of a similar destabilization in Lebanon, and the manifest failure of Israel to achieve much more than murdering four UN workers in a fit of spite, losing and covering up over 70 Israeli army persons to one brave young man’s attack (Baer met with his family) and ultimately withdrawing. I would add, the final “achievement” of the less than impressive theft of several tons of Lebanese topsoil before returning to occupied Palestine with their tails between their legs. Not exactly a glorious or memorable chapter for the annals of military history, is it? Baer’s primary point is that the Shia, having been brutalized for centuries, have learned how to impose order on chaotic situations like Lebanon (remember what Beirut looked like in the 80’s). So who do you think will ultimately emerge victorious in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria? Do note the Shia generally are far more tolerant of Sunnis and even jews, look at the jewish community in Iran. With limits of course. We could use some of those limits right now in the USA – start with the neo cons.

  12. Following his fantastically stupid decision to attack the Syrian military with cruise missiles

    My regard for his analytical acumen just popped down a bunch of rungs, back to the goy average.
    Jew (Jalopnik) of course sees it clearly:

    When you want to do nothing, but look like you are doing something, send a Tomahawk—or 59.

    Endless whining over some napalmed cowshit, a few fossilized biplane fuselage, no comprehension at all of the game changing damage to ISIS academy in Afghanistan … how is it that goyim are simply unable to ever follow anything but empty clatter, as meaningful as the corpses jaws hilariously yapping when the vulture dug into the underside of the chin?
    Here is a typical example:

    Trump says, wants Ruth Bader Ginsburg out, off the Supreme court because she is getting senile, losing it.
    Oh yeah, really? This is why he wants her off?

    Jew says, no way, she is an excellent judge, fighting against Big Money, for the small guy (GOY).
    Oh yeah, really? This is why he wants her on?

    And goy bobbleheads bounce up, down, left, right in rapt attention:
    did you hear that President Trump believes that Supreme Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should retire because her faculties are slowing down?

    Second goy aerosol nozzle:
    that would be a great pity because she is a tireless fighter for the rights of the common man.

    Way over their heads, blind “spectators” would have a better idea of a pingpong game by following the clicking sound of of the ball.

    Sometimes I think that only my sense of black humor keeps me from sliding into clinical depression.

    1. So what is so ingenius to sell 100 BILLION $ worth weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is an enemy of Iran and Syria and a (secret) ally of Israel and ISIS ? Explain to us simple minded Goyim how that is going to thwart the Jewish agenda in the Middle East.
      He wants to get rid of Jewish supreme judge Ginsburg, but at the same time considers to make the Jew Lieberman head of the FBI. 4D chess again ?

      1. FR,
        you can give degenerate saudi catamites 5 trillion worth of Darth vader hardware and they will get their candy-floss asses handed to them by a bunch of rock throwing yemeni goatherds.

        don’t believe me? it is happening.
        it is just a way of greasing palms, third rate military junk shipped to sixth-rate fighters, like the world trade center steel to rebuild new girders in Dubai, dream on.

        it is just dollar signs franklin, don’t get too stoned on them and fail to see reality, saudis could attack their cockroach infestation with all these weapons and i would bet on cockroaches.
        even the upgraded version of saudis, slightly less inbred, known as jews, with the FIRST rate american weaponry went home crying to mutti after 5 days of facing hezbolla, och mein poor menachem, come bury your hooknäse in mutti’s big jugs, so what do you think saudis can possibly do other than repatriate $100 billion to the United states?

        You tell me for a change, i think i am even simpler minded, don’t overrate me.

      2. @ Franklin

        I think I’m starting to see Chumpster’s ingenious 10 dimensional plan to foil the Jews. Once America is a pile of nuclear ash (a very GREAT pile, mind you), what good will it be to the Jews at that point? And then, from somewhere in the upper atmosphere, we’ll hear: “How do you like them apples, Jew boy?”

    2. “When you want to do nothing, but look like you are doing something, send a Tomahawk—or 59.”

      Apparently the Russians didn’t see it as “nothing”. According to Russian Prime Minister Medvedev:

      “Nobody is overestimating the value of pre-election promises but there must be limits of decency. Beyond that is absolute mistrust. Which is really sad for our now completely ruined relations. And which is good news for terrorists.”

      How do you know that the attack wasn’t done at the behest of the Jews, with the point being to trash any chance of improving relations with Russia and to demonstrate loyalty to the Jews?

      1. Look at the expressions on Trump, Lavrov and tillerson’s faces at their meeting couple of weeks ago.
        MORTAL ENEMIES, right?
        Does it take a grand genius with esoteric occult powers to decipher the meaning of this picture?

        Have you seen Obama, Hillary, Nuland or Netanyahu in this mood with Putin or Lavrov?

        I don’t know why you guys think I am indulging into some black art ouija board analysis, all i ask is to keep your eyes open, is it too tall a request?

        Looks to me like they are running circles around jews and you all refuse to believe your lyin’ eyes.

        Btw, medvedev is a NOBODY … jew nobody

      2. “Look at the expressions on Trump, Lavrov and tillerson’s faces at their meeting couple of weeks ago.
        MORTAL ENEMIES, right?
        Does it take a grand genius with esoteric occult powers to decipher the meaning of this picture?”

        Not at all. I can tell at a glance that Mr. Lavrov is laughing at Chumpster, not with him.

        “Have you seen Obama, Hillary, Nuland or Netanyahu in this mood with Putin or Lavrov?”

        No, but I believe that little boy Chumpster, with his various personality disorders, and his finger on the trigger of a vast war machine, is a special case. In fact Chumpster reminds me of six year old “Anthony Fremont” from the Twilight Zone episode, “It’s a Good Life”, and Mr. Lavrov, knowing that sometimes “life imitates art”, and knowing that the fate of humanity may depend on his child psychology skills, may be forced to “think happy thoughts” when he’s around Chumpster…

        “I don’t know why you guys think I am indulging into some black art ouija board analysis, all i ask is to keep your eyes open, is it too tall a request?”

        Unfortunately yes, because looking at Chumpster and his nonsense hurts my eyes.

        “Looks to me like they are running circles around jews and you all refuse to believe your lyin’ eyes.”

        I agree; they are running in circles.

        “Btw, medvedev is a NOBODY … jew nobody”

        Is he any more of a “Jew nobody” that the Jew nobody you quoted (with whom he would apparently disagree)?

        Regardless, 2 + 2 = 4 even if a “nobody” says it.

      3. Yup — Medvedev is a scheming, kowtowing toe-rag.

        Now I’ll drop into a bit of TROJan speak — but Medvedev is still there; the toe-rag is still there; if you look there you will see Medvedev still there and there he is…Medvedev still there and not anywhere else but there. Still. Why? WHY? 😉

        I hope he vanishes along with that kosher constitutional clause that shackles the Russian Central Bank to the shekels. BUT THEY ARE STILL THERE!

        Thankfully, Syria is still there (barely, I’ll admit) thanks to the Russian Federation. So it is not all bad news. And those s300s are still THERE in Iran, delivered as promised. Eventually. So not all doom and gloom.

    3. Ginsburg….what a beauty…..I sure would like to get some of it. A few bottles of tequila might help the proceso. ….salud!

  13. Using the following simple Search Term will access more information about Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is a religion of the NWO :

    “Tibetan Buddhism Satanic”

    One can access Henry Makow’s articles about Tibetan Buddhism with Search Term , in addition to many other websites/articles about the satanic nature of Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhism is NOT that wonderful, Darkmoon. If you don’t like Makow because he’s a Jew, there’s alot of other websites that discuss the satanic nature of Tibetan Buddhism. The Jew Makow is NOT the only one who says Tibetan Buddhism is satanic. Lots of NON-jews can see clearly the satanic nature of Tibetan Buddhism. Learn more about the satanic nature of Tibetan Buddhism and it being a “religion” of the satanic NWO. The Search Term above is a good Search Term to use to start learning more about the VERY DARK side of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism in general is NOT that wonderful, Darkmoon.

    1. Thanks, Joe. I’ve just put this phrase into my Google search engine: “DOMESTIC CATS ARE SATANIC.” Try it! You will get 1,970,000 results in 0.81 seconds.

      “Banana skins + satanic” will give you 766,000 results 0.74 seconds. 🙂

    2. Joe, it’s not rocket science. Otherwise how could you and me even dream of such things?!

      “The Lord has many names, and chanting
      [beads, singing, praying] the holy name of Allah [Jesus, Buddha, Etc.] is non-different from chanting the holy name of Krsna.”

      Lord Buddha

  14. I’ve just seen a relatively recent interview of Ann Coulter. She was an enthusiastic supporter of Trump to start with and still refuses to say anything damning about him but she is honestly trying, I think, to be realistic.

    The points she makes are these and they are worth considering:

    (1) The only reason Trump was elected was that he made certain promises.

    (2) Trump’s failure to keep ANY of his promises, especially to start building on the wall which he promised and which his supporters expect him to build, has caused widespread disillusionment; his support base has therefore drastically diminished.

    (3) The more Trump shows signs of weakness by appeasing the Jews — she doesn’t use the J-word but implies it — the more he is going to slip in popularity with the millions who voted for him and who are getting increasingly pissed off by his failure to keep any of his promises. Bombing Syria and Afghanistan and making threatening noises again Iran, all this sabre-rattling doesn’t impress them one little bit and that’s not why they voted for him. The didn’t vote for Trump because they wanted a belligerent president. They voted for him because they wanted domestic improvements — which he is NOT giving them.

    (4) Coulter says quite clearly, though I can’t remember her exact words: “Trump had better keep his promises or else he’s a goner.” She explains that if he doesn’t he keep his promises, he will be lucky to survive his full term and he will certainly not be voted in again. She makes it quite clear: no American, herself included, is so stupid as to vote a second time for a promise breaker who betrayed them.

    (5) Her final point: Trump’s defeat in the next election will be inevitable if he doesn’t keep his promises. This will lead to a victory for the Democrats who loathe Trump and everything he stands for, and this is especially true of the Jewish neocon Democrats.

    (6) As soon as the Democrats get elected in four years, they will impeach Trump. Such is their loathing for him, they will literally tear him apart. He won’t get off like Bill Clinton. He will go to jail and suffer total ignominy.

    (7) So he’d better keep his promises. His very survival depends on him keeping his promises.

    I don’t know what you guys think of this analysis, but it makes sense to me. Frankly, a man who makes a lot of promises and breaks every single one of them doesn’t deserve to survive. I think even Lobro will agree that a man who breaks all his promises can hardly be regarded as a hero.

    1. Sard –

      I have written for years that a man with two divorces and four “YUGE” bankruptcies cannot be trusted.
      He should not be president. Disqualified. Proven to be a liar from the beginning..!!

    2. Keeping promises doesn’t mean anything. Obama didn’t keep any of his promises, including ObamaCare, which was/is a disaster. When did Bush (either of them!) keep their promises? Clinton was great at promising and promising, and then not delivering. Reagan? Wow, that one is a doozy…he did deliver on Supply Side economics, but at what cost! Reagan, is the start of the spend crazy like a madman cycle, causing the debt to start sky rocketing. Nah, promises have never meant anything in American politics. Trump in four years will start promising again, and even bigger stuff, and then Americans will lap it up, they always do. What Americans don’t like is a weak President, like Carter, the Iranians chewed him up and spat him out, and so out went Carter.
      Besides its still too early on Trump. We need to wait a few more years.
      Personally, I think there are bigger concerns. As I wrote earlier (read above), the clock is ticking on the Saudis. There are reports coming out that other cities are starting to rebel, and the Saudi government are scrambling to contain the uprising contagion. For all Trump’s promises, it will pale into comparison if Saudi Arabia collapses under his watch.
      Then we are going to see Trump completely disintegrate, Trump is well known for not facing difficult problems, he delegates to others to rescue him. But if Saudi Arabia collapses, this is when the Leader of the Free World, needs to take charge…and Trump can’t do that, never has. He’s great when all the hard work has been done, and collecting the accolades, but as for REAL LEADERSHIP, Trump couldn’t lead a group of girl guides on a cookie sale. Did you ever see Trump on The Apprentice ever lead by example! He never, showed how it was done, he only sat in judgment, AFTER THE FACT! That’s Trump’s M.O.!

      Coulter has been writing for years about the political establishment, and I can’t remember the last time she got anything right. Especially Obama! Oh how she had she miss-read his success.

      Watch, the Middle East. I’m willing to bet, that the Middle East is going go really sideways, very soon. And Trump is going to be nowhere to be seen, he can’t handle pressure, that’s why SIX companies under his management went bankrupt. The man can’t deal with pressure, he ALWAYS walks away.

      Trump is a walker when the heat really gets on. You watch Putin, he will now start slowly raising the temperature in Syria on the Americans, and Trump will start blustering even louder. Putin will keep the pressure on, and Trump will keep blustering even louder. Then something will happen, and you will see what Trump has always done….go quiet, lay low, and wait, like he did when he went bankrupt, just laid low. But this time, the Russians, Syrians, and the Ghost of the Middle East, will take Trump to task. And that will be Trumps downfall, like Jimmy Carter.

      N.B. Ghost of the Middle East (GME), is what I call the mingling machinations of Middle East of politics and social chaos, and that “other thing” that seems to glide, hang, drift aimlessly around, with no apparent intent other than to spook and harrow anything and anyone that enters its domain, and doesn’t respect her domain. If you have ever gone to the Middle East you would know what I mean. Look into the eyes of the Bedouin, and you will see a ghostly stare, walk into the desert, and you feel you are not alone (even if you think you are), walk along the edge of the Dead Sea, and you feel the ghosts of past thousands of years whispering incomprehensibly and drawing you in. Yes the Middle East is not like another place on Earth, it lives but not with sand, sun or dry heat. it lives with the sufferings of many over thousands of years. Every step you take no matter where you are, Masada, Galilee, Petra(Jordan), Behistun (Iran), Luxor (Egypt), no matter where you go, the Ghost of the Middle East pulls at you.
      Whether you believe in God of the Books (Torah, Old Testament, Koran), or God(s) of the Cuneiform Tablets (where the world Elohim comes from, for Elohim means Gods, not God as scholars of Ancient Hebrew state), you will learn very quickly, the Middle East has much more to reveal, it wants us to know! But the Ghost of the Middle East is frustrated at our foolish ways. And so it torments, and harrows us, for as long as we don’t heed what the Middle East is truly, not just the cradle of civilization, but with the answers of who we really are. All that enter and don’t respect Her, will pay the price, and the Ghost will deliver that price.

      1. Very poetic and enjoyable Dorian but I don’t believe there is anything exceptional in the Middle East, apart from oil spurting out of the ground and money-for-nothing.

        Natural environments are inspiring wherever they are found:jungle,desert,arctic.

        The same goes for historical inspiration and awe, wherever it is found, example.

        “Göbekli Tepe Temple in Turkey Predates the Pyramids of Giza”

        “Indonesia holds Key to a 20,000 year old lost Civilization”

        Then of course there is the Indus valley which had the equivalent of 17th century (pre-electrification) European municipal amenities and planning 7000 years ago.

        Why are people fixated on the Middle East? Good marketing I would say in those books you mentioned.

        As far as I can tell the Middle East in this modern day is exceptional for brutality and repression of the human spirit.

      2. “Keeping promises doesn’t mean anything.”

        That depends on the promise; I think it does when the survival of life on Earth hangs in the balance.

        Many of us realize that the Jew agenda for world domination and control at any cost means nuclear war at some point is a distinct possibility, and we voted for Chumpster because he presented himself as an alternative to war. He promised “diplomacy” and “cooperation” with Russia.

        If he reneges on that promise (which was an election mandate IMO), then none of the other promises even mean anything.

      3. Dorian –

        The practice of NOT keeping promises is a Pharisee-Jew tradition…. It is encouraged by them.

        You would do well to disallow that treachery taught in the TALMUD.

        All contracts are worthless:


        To the average Christian the word “Talmud” is just another word associated by them with the form of religious worship practiced in their synagogues by so-called or self-styled “Jews”.

        Many Christians have never heard of the Talmud. Very few Christians are informed on the contents of the Talmud. Some may believe the Talmud to be an integral part of the religious worship known to them as “Judaism”. It suggests a sort of bible or religious text book. It is classed as a spiritual manual. But otherwise few if any Christians have an understanding of the contents of the Talmud and what it means in the daily lives of so-called or self-styled “Jews”.

        As an illustration, my dear Dr. Goldstein, how many Christians have any conception of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer recited in synagogues on the Day of Atonement?

        In Volume VIII of the Jewish Encyclopedia on page 539 found in the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and libraries of all leading cities, will be found the official translation into English of the prayer known as the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer. It is the prologue of the Day of Atonement services in the synagogues.

        IT is recited three times by the standing congregation in concert with chanting rabbis at the alter. After the recital of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer the Day of Atonement religious ceremonies follow immediately. The Day of Atonement religious observances are the highest holy days of the so-called or self-styled “Jews” and are celebrated as such throughout the world.

        The official translation into English of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer follows:

        The implications, inferences and innuendoes of the “Kol Nidre” (All Vows) prayer are referred to in the TALMUD in the Book of Nedarim, 23a-23b as follows:


        This important study is contained in Professor Reik’s “The Ritual, Psycho-Analytical Studies”. In the chapter on the Talmud, on page 168, Professor Reik states:


        KOL NIDRE deceit ‘Made Easy’ by internet…
        Do you chant KOL NIDRE every year to release yourself from oaths and promises..??
        If so… why?
        If not.. why not?

        You can even pay by credit card to do it online..!!

        “SILENT Kol Nidre if YOU PAY”
        This is the time of year for the entire membership to participate in a special voluntary donation to the Synagogue in the spirit of Kol Nidre, also known as the
        “Silent” Kol Nidre Appeal.

    3. @ Sardonicus

      “She makes it quite clear: no American, herself included, is so stupid as to vote a second time for a promise breaker who betrayed them.”

      Coulter is simply wrong about this. Americans have a strong tendency to re-elect the incumbent presidents regardless of promises broken as their track record proves. One term Presidents are not the norm and they all break campaign promises. The (((establishment))) normally puts force a candidate against a compliant incumbent that is so lackluster that they could not possibly win an election for dogcatcher so no one questions the outcome. Since Killery was supposed to win, the (((establishment))) has to be questioning their time tested methods for getting their desired results in 2020.

      OFF TOPIC: I have never had the problems Lasha addressed. I do not use a PC and avoid anything Google or Microsoft.

    4. I think even Lobro will agree that a man who breaks all his promises can hardly be regarded as a hero

      On the contrary, Sard, it is our only shot, someone who breaks promises to Jews.
      To paraphrase Cheney, he is a liar but he is OUR liar.
      Unfortunately, we simply don’t count, we have next to zero power, therefore lying to us is inconsequential, goy masses count (somewhat) on election night, Jew counts EVERY DAY.
      If we had a single national outlet willing to speak the full truth with ability to survive, we would count a bit.
      But we don’t, face it.
      Therefore the next best thing is to lie to the Jew – don’t you see this?

      Speaking the truth is an outright death sentence since 33 anno domini.
      Read Arnold Leese’s account of his libel trial between ww1 and ww2 in London.
      He literally quoted Jew historians – i mean, verbatim, in his defense and the judge repeatedly told him that the TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE.

      Do you understand what this means?

      Let me spell it out: Jew, as His Majesty’s favourite subject is made uncomfortable by a goy quoting another Jew, a professional published historian and for this he is found guilty of libel as charged.

      So once again, tell me what do you realistically expect from Trump that he COULD pull off with tangible effect.

      C’mon goyim bros, show some subtlety in your thinking!!!

      It is just so fucking frustrating … i despair of our chances in this war.
      Goy means bovine, right? “Goyishe kop”
      Are you determined to prove the Jew right?!?

      1. Hope you’re right, Lobro, and Trump helps to “make America great again” and keep all his promises to his baseline supporters.
        I will leave it to Harold Smith and Pat who actually live in America — unlike us two foreigners — to figure out the chances of Trump making America great again and keeping his promises to the millions who voted for him.

      2. In a sense, Lobro, I see this is an argument you cannot possibly lose. Because if, in four years’ time, America is still a mess and Trump is given the boot, you will be able to claim that four years wasn’t enough. “Ah, if only he’d been given four more years!” I can hear you say.

        And if things get really bad and America goes to the dogs, with Trump either impeached or assassinated, you need never admit to being wrong. For then you will be able to say: “Ah, what a tragic hero! If only they’d given him a chance, he might have done great things!”

        This is an argument you cannot possibly lose.

        1. Be nice to lobro, please, for in spite of his many many faults which irk us, lobro always manages to provide BALANCE around here when BALANCE is sorely need. We kindly and patiently with long-standing suffering put up with lobro’s many many faults which irk us because he does, ultimately, come around to provide much needed BALANCE when BALANCE is the thing most needed.

          We all have some faults and lobro has the most faults of all of us, yet he does have that One Saving Grace, he provides BALANCE when BALANCE is what the Cosmos is crying out for. That One Saving Grace serves as Yin to his yang providing a counter weight to his many many faults and ultimately bringing about PERFECT HARMONIOUS BALANCE.

          The Buddhists place a lot of faith in BALANCE. So be nice to lobro, please, we’re Buddhists and BALANCE is very important to us Buddhists.

          Peace to Everyone, living and dead and the ones in in-between in limbo land. 🙂

  15. Let me say some more on this subject, take it or – as has been the time honored tradition – leave it.
    Trump, adept in jew’s ways, is using jew’s “trump card”, lying against them rather masterfully.
    In the past, it was, Hitler is a monster, Germans are beasts – destroy them!
    Saddam is butchering own people, we jews are soo concerned, light unto nations, the most moral army in the world, he did 911 and is preparing to nuke amurrkah, destroy him!

    And it worked like a charm, cui bono – juif bono, 100%!

    So now, it is, Assad is evil monster, zykloning poor syrians, destroy him!

    But, in a slight twist 😉 Trump goes, damn right, we’ll make him pay dearly for chemical genocide, here, Assad, i am tossing this 5 ounce beach ball at you, take that!
    Assad: ouch, that is terrible, it hurts, ouch, ouch, pleez no mas!
    Russians complaining while faces stretched into huge smiles … and what can jew do but pretend to applaud while gritting teeth, how can he say, hey trump, you didn’t kill enough syrians, the 6 reported dead were probably our own ISIS jihadis captured by syrians and strapped to prearranged targets.

    I am sure there are proper terms in martial arts for this, aikido … steven segal would know.

    Yes, trump is breaking promises … ask the jew.

    1. Tbh, it is a relief that Trump has not started any new Zionist Wars, nor “surged” into any existing Zionist conflicts. The United States IS a Zionist Satrapy and so we should consider ourselves lucky that things have not escalated thus far.

      Look what happened under Obama? The Libyan state was destroyed; the Syrian people were slaughtered; and the Al-Cryptos of Saud, those in-bred Zombies, were unleashed on Yemen. Unleashed is the wrong choice of word — the Zombie-Zionist satrapy of Zaud was unchained and allowed to gnaw on the flesh of a naked, unconscious victim.

      So I’m relieved that a man I believed to be a crypto has not opened any new fronts in the ongoing Zionist war against humanity. I must admit that is a pathetically low threshold from which to judge, but the US is a Zionist Ship of State: Trump is now at the helm of that stinking infested hulk and so, crypto or no, his choices of action are severely curtailed.

    2. Let’s look at this logically. What was the Jew agenda in the Mideast? Apparently the plan was to use terrorist mercenaries to destroy Syria (and of course overthrow the Assad government), and then do the same thing to Iran.

      But the Jew agenda got bogged down, mainly because of Russian intervention in Syria.

      If you’ll recall, Obama brought the U.S. to the brink of war with Russia. The Russians threatened to shoot down any U.S. planes threatening Syrian government forces, and the world held its breath waiting for war…but then what happened? OBAMA BACKED DOWN.

      By your reasoning, we would have to say that because of this, Obama is not a Jew puppet either. He apparently screwed the Jews over by not starting a war with Russia, therefore he must be playing some kind of “n” dimensional chess and he is really working for “us”. And we know that’s not true, don’t we?

      The Jews and their Shabbos goy helpers apparently sit around all day in their “think tanks” trying to come up with new tactics to advance their agenda. They seem to be stalled in Syria, so perhaps they are planning to start something between Iran and Saudi Arabia, or possibly even with North Korea.

      It could also be that they are deliberately trying to murder as many civilians as they can in Syria with their indiscriminate bombing raids so as to provoke somebody to take a shot at one of their aircraft.

      If I know how Jews operate, they have a dozen irons in the fire at any one time and they are just waiting for an opening somewhere. If the pretext doesn’t come in the form of drawing fire in Syria, they’ll start something with Iran. If they can’t provoke a war with Iran they may stage another 9/11 scale false-flag attack. They’re calculating, demon-possessed (i.e. criminally insane) madmen who are capable of ANYTHING and they NEVER STOP.

      1. They’re calculating, demon-possessed (i.e. criminally insane)

        No need for the qualifier — the demon truth suffices.

      2. I have to emphasize that I don’t believe Chumpster and his Jewish supremacist handlers have actually given up on the possibility of a direct military attack against the Syrian government.

        So far, Chumpster has directly attacked both the Syrian military and Hezbollah (perhaps hoping to draw return fire); he continues to illegally occupy Syrian territory; and he continues to mass murder civilians in Syria in his illegal bombing raids.

        So while I believe the Jews have many irons in the fire, unless the mass-murdering war criminal Chumpster fraudster de-escalates in Syria (which he apparently won’t because he takes orders from Jews), WW3 could still start in Syria at any time IMO.

      3. Well, if we place Trump to one side for the moment, there is no way short of a World War that the Zionists will ever get their hands on Syria. All the major actors in the region, including Turkey, are now wise to the Zionist-Kurdish phenomenon and their dreams of Israel 2.0.

        The SAA is clearing the Zionist proxy armies from the Syrian desert and the Iraqi militias are now at the Syrian border. Syria held onto the Deir ez-Zor bridge-head, despite being under siege by the Zionist proxy armies and the cynically duplicitous USAF.

        Deir ez-Zor is the gateway to taking back North East Syria and also acts as a bulwark against the much vaunted SDF anabasis down the Euphrates (the SDF being yet another fake cover for yet another collection of Zionist mercenaries, including the nefarious Zio-Kurds).

        I look forward to the Zio-Kurd katabasis 😉

      4. I keep asking myself: What exactly is Orange Clown trying to do in Syria? He knows that Russia cannot back down, and he knows that the whole world understands he’s not there to do anything good.

        Somebody needs to sue Orange Clown in federal court over the illegal and unconstitutional invasion and occupation of Syria.

        Speaking from personal experience, I can say that normally, if a private person tried to do that, the court would claim that the Plaintiff lacked standing to bring the suit and dismiss it, but with nuclear armed Russia in the conflict and tensions high, they might not be able to use that excuse so readily.

        Probably in the end it would get nowhere, but with all of Orange Clown’s campaign rhetoric and his tweets from a few years ago warning Obama against going in to Syria illegally, etc., it would be nice to put the Orange Clown administration on the spot.

        Where’s Jill Stein et al. now, now that there’s a good reason to take legal action against Orange Clown?

        Anyway, while on the subject, if there really was an effort underway to impeach the Orange Clown, or even some serious consideration of it, the illegal invasion and occupation of Syria – which obviously risks war with Russia – would seem to be the perfect basis for it. The fact that nothing appears to be happening – either in congress or in the courts – tells me that Orange Clown has no serious opposition.

      5. If the Jews can’t destroy Syria and install a puppet government (in the short term at least), it seems their plan B is to take control of the borders.

        Orange Clown is now seriously threatening Syrian government forces. I think we’re getting close to where Orange Clown is going to attack them directly and start the next phase of the war. I hope I’m wrong, but I believe that Orange Clown will start WW3.

  16. TRUMP v COMEY + CLINTON is a good show to add to the one on deck of Titanic.

    The Clinton’s controlled Comey for decades.

    Just 20 years ago James Comey was an attorney on the Senate Whitewater Investigation looking into the conduct of President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton. The investigation was to determine whether Bill Clinton used his political position as governor of Arkansas (in the 1980’s) to push through an illegal loan to benefit Bill and Hillary’s business partner in Whitewater.

    Several people involved in Whitewater went to jail, but no criminal prosecution was in the cards for Bill and Hillary. Remember James Comey was the Deputy Special Counsel for the Whitewater investigation.

    In Christopher Anderson’s book, “American Evita: Hillary Clinton’s Rise to Power”, Anderson gives details of the New Square offenders pardon by Bill Clinton t(they had been convicted of bilking the government of $30 million dollars). Christopher Anderson relates that at Hillary’s urging Bill gave clemency to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists who took the lives of 16 Americans and wounded many others.

    Anderson tells us that Hillary admired the Marxist Carl Oglesby and Saul Alinsky. It is from her admiration for Saul Alinsky that she formed her belief that “the only way to make a real difference is to acquire power.”

    The pardon of billionaire Marc Rich (who traded illegally with America’s enemies including Iran) by President Bill Clinton was something that everyone knew reeked of impropriety after learning that Rich’s wife donated $450,000 to the Clinton Library.

    Again, James Comey oversaw investigations of the pardon matters as well. Unbelievably, James Comey did not recommend charging the Clinton’s in any of these matters.

    The Clinton’s controlled Comey for decades.

    Politics as usual… 🙂

  17. Any speculation as to why the foreign policy of President Trump is so completely different than those of Candidate Trump? I don’t agree with those who say his hand is somehow being forced. He seems a willing participant.

    1. You are, I do believe, correct in your assertion about Trump, Robert What. Read my posts above, and you will understand why. What you are seeing is natural Trump, he has always been duplicitous. This is trademark Trump, he conned investors in so many schemes, Casinos, Golf Courses, Hotels, and they all either go bankrupt, with investors getting fleeced, but he ends up with billions. That is the TRUMP MO, exaggerate to the point of out right lying, boast, brag, showcase but in the end, only deliver to himself. Donald Trump is classic, spin and retrieve! Spin a good yarn, retrieve the dollars, and then run away. Trump is a con man, one of the best. When you hear Trump starting to brag and boast, that’s when you should run away, for the next thing he will do is reel you in, including every penny you’ve got.
      Candidate Trump is the real Trump…all show, all fake. What you are seeing now is real too…Trump only loves “hanging out” with money. You will never see Trump at a homeless shelter, or a soup kitchen for the poor! You will never see Trump visiting a children’s hospital of very sick children, whether they are children who’ve suffered at the hands of his bombing campaigns or are truly just sick children suffering from incurable diseases; for Trump hates being around the wretched poor, and the incurably sick. Trump needs to be about beautiful things, that’s why he dropped his wifes, they were getting too old, too fast, too ugly, so Trump had to have something newer, prettier, more elegant.
      Trump is the classical rich, an extreme sufferer of miso-penianthropia (hatred for the poor) and nosemaphobia (fears of being with the sick). So, Robert What, you can see that there is nothing strange about Trump, at all. Trump is doing exactly what has come natural for him for 70 years now, he is a class elitist, and he will always move with the other class elitists, even if those class elitists are butchers and sexual deviants of children and slave owners, like the Saudi family, or just plain crooks like most the US Congress.
      As I stated, earlier, Trump is like a donkey, put a carrot in front of the donkey he will move, for Trump the carrot is $$$$$$$$. Trump will whore his principles, ethics and morality to the highest bidder. Trump is the classical image prostitute, he will do anything that will enhance his image (and his bank balance too, but he is addicted to his image, the man is incredibly vain), not among the poor and sick mind you, but among those people he covets most, the asset rich!
      Watch and see when Melania starts losing it. You can see it is starting to show, that is, old age! Even though Trump is 70 years old, he will drop Melania like a hot potato, once she is no longer pretty enough to look at. Trump can’t stand ugly, especially his wife. Those kids of Trump better pray that papa goes soon, for they are starting to age too, consider Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, never pretty to begin with, are going to find it really hard when they start souring in the looks department.
      Trump loves pretty things, pretty people, pretty women, and just plain pretty everything. If you are ugly, poor, sick and a loser, you are the reason, at least in Trump’s eyes, why something is wrong!
      Trump loves pretty, if it ain’t pretty, then it is that that is at fault. That’s Trump’s solution on everything, work with the pretty, create the pretty, and kill off anything that is ugly, poor, and sick.

      1. Just an after thought, which explains much! That’s why Trump wants a wall with Mexico. It isn’t to block immigrants, its to hide the ugly, poor Mexicans, which he can’t bare looking at. He wants the USA to be pretty, you can’t have pretty, when you have all those stinking, ugly poor Chicos spoiling the view now, can you! This is all alla Trump!
        I bet you if Trump does build that wall, it will be one that you can’t see through it, that is, solid concrete or metal. Trump will not stand for anything let’s you see the ugly Mexican side. He will no doubt have some sort of beautification plan that will go along the US side of the wall, that he will take personal charge of, like he does on his golf courses!
        Note, to any Mexicans reading this, I apologize for using derogatory terms upon characterizing Mexicans, and that I personally do not harbor any ill feelings like that towards you. But I do have a problem with your food though! Way too hot!

      2. The problems between the US and Mexico are the problems of a First World country directly bordering on a Third World country. Usually there is a gradual change from the First World to the Third World. The US bordering on Mexico is like Sweden bordering on Morocco, or Japan bordering on the Philippines. A wall between such different worlds is justified.

      3. Dorian –

        The situation is much more than “YUGE” boasting and ranting “BIGGLY” about a ‘wall’ of some sort…. just to get votes..!!

        There is much more to the complicated trade issues between US and Mexico which are never mentioned.

        Most people, in their rush to demonize Mexican immigrants and deride the relationship between the two countries, never realize that Mexico is….
        **our second largest – EXPORT – market and our third largest trading partner.

        The U.S. and Mexico no longer simply sell finished products to one another, the report documented. Instead, a regional system of manufacturing supply chains crisscross the U.S.-Mexico border. This allows the two countries to effectively combine their individual comparative advantages into an ultra-competitive regional system.

        The scale of cross-border trade is significant. In 2011 (the most recent data), Mexican industries consumed $140 billion in U.S. goods, and U.S. industries consumed $111 billion worth of Mexican inputs.

        The animal agriculture industry, in particular, has seen definitive benefits from the rules that freed up trade among the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

      4. “Just an after thought, which explains much! That’s why Trump wants a wall with Mexico. It isn’t to block immigrants, its to hide the ugly, poor Mexicans, which he can’t bare looking at. He wants the USA to be pretty, you can’t have pretty, when you have all those stinking, ugly poor Chicos spoiling the view now, can you!”

        If he is willing to risk a nuclear war with Russia over the issue of who rules Syria, for example, which he apparently is, then I think it’s safe to say he doesn’t actually give a damn about the USA.
        His disingenuous campaign rhetoric, e.g., about “the wall”, was nothing but carefully calculated BS intended to push the buttons he needed to push to get himself elected.


    @PAT, I just noticed your reply to my post:

    I am quite aware of everything you stated about the Talmud, and of course also The Jewish Encyclopedia (TJE). If you really think that this bad, try chasing up the very first versions of the TJE, it will make the Hanbali Fiqh look like a work of saintly virtue!
    But alas, no matter how much you think this is important, it is only food for the masses. In the upper echelons of power, the Talmud like the Koran, is treated like a comic book. I am not exaggerating, nobody, least of all, Netanyahu, gives a damn about the Talmud. Neither for that matter, do the Saud family give two hoots about the Koran, or their Hanbali Fiqh. Religion to these elitists is just a tool to control the masses, THAT’S ALL!
    What is important and relevant, is what I have already stated; THE DEAL!
    THE DEAL has been and has always has been, that the Hashemite Kingdom and House of Saud will never oppose Israel, and that for British support for Jordan and the country of Saudi Arabia, these two countries MUST support the existence of Israel. That is why Israel’s, Jordan’s, and Saudi Arabia’s existence are inextricably tied together, for perpetuity.
    DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE, that many do, that Saudi Arabia is paying for terrorist actions against Israel, like many in the West believe. They are not! The House of Saud are COMPLETELY COMMITTED TO ISRAEL. What is at work that is undermining this, is that there has been a growing rebellion in Saudi Arabia, that is against this complacency against Israeli, that is why the House of Saud is under threat. The Saud Family can even through the back door fund terrorists, but you will never see OUTRIGHT hostility towards Israel, that is, military action. THE DEAL prevents it. Otherwise, Britain and the US, will no longer support the House of Saud, and that means no more weapon sales. This is why Britain and their cousins the USA, support Saudi Arabia so strongly. Yes there is the oil, but you’ve seen how the US and Britain, are prepared to invade iraq, Kuwait, and Syria, when THEIR resources are at risk. Saudi Arabia is/was weaker than Saddam’s Iraq, and would pose no problem to the US or Britain. Saudi Arabia would be conquered in 24 hrs, by US force. Saudis are chicken-shit cowards when it comes to real fighting, besides, most people in Arabia would welcome them. But the USA, can’t do this, because Britain, is the one that holds the strings here, that is, THE DEAL.
    That is why, it all hinges on Saudi Arabia. When Saudi Arabia falls, Jordan, will collapse almost instantly. And soon afterwards the new force in Saudi Arab, will move with all the other forces in the Middle East, and over run, Israel. It will be a tsunami of Muslims, and Israeli, will fall in less than a week. They will be fighting (Jews that is) only to try and give as much time as they can to give everyone time to get out. It will be fast, it will be brutal, it will be a fate accompli.
    Britain, and the US, will not know what hit them. They will try but it will be too late, in fact, they will be racing against time to save their assets and bases in the Middle East. Turkey seeing all this, will kick out the Americans from Turkey, and leave NATO. The Turks will not be caught on the wrong side of history again. In either case, Erdogan (yes he’ll still be there, he will see himself as the next Kalif of the Muslim Empire, but I suspect he will be assassinated, in fact, I still think Trump will be also), will not go against this Muslim Tsunami.

    Franklyn, keep in mind, everything you read here and most “fringe” sides are talking up stories that have been around for centuries, but they never play out. Those in power, don’t follow these “old” stories and hatreds. People in power, are the ones that CREATE these stories, for you and I, and the masses. There are deals and forces at play here, that most people pay little attention to, or even know about, but the leaders and elites are very big on these deals and agreements. So it is with THE DEAL, that was made by the British, with the Hashemite Kingdom and Saudi Family. That is why there is NO democracy in these countries. How could there be! THE DEAL couldn’t stay alive, if it was based solely on two families. That is why these families are in power in Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and MUST stay in power, TO HONOR THE DEAL. And that is why Britain, will always back Saudi Arabia, and so will the USA.

  19. One last point on my last point about THE DEAL.
    This DEAL was made during the First World War, BEFORE, the finding of any oil reserves in Arabia. Thus keep in mind, this arrangement between Britain, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, has nothing to do with oil! This is very important. We are literally talking about a deal, that is now 100 years old. No part can afford to break it, EVEN, Britain, because they fully understand what will happen….that is, they will be brought back 100 years into the past, and be responsible for ALL OF ISRAEL/PALESTINE!

    Everybody here, Britain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the USA, understand the significance, if THE DEAL breaks down. Not to mention, Britain, will come out of this looking like the petty selfish Neanderthals they are. No one in the world will ever trust Britain for anything ever again. So you see, even British survivability is also at play, given BREXIT and all that. I am sure if Saudi collapses, and Israel is annihilated. You will see Northern Ireland return to the Republic of Ireland, Scotland get its independence, and the Welsh wouldn’t want anything to do with the English every again, and also independent. And all those immigrants that come to England over the years, will leave in disgust. England too is facing economic and political annihilation.

    1. Damn, Dorian! 🙂 You are a PERCEPTIVE one! (It is, mostly, a PLEASURE to read your comments!)

      1. @Gilbert:
        Thank you, but, its not perceptiveness on my part. Read the history, we all know now that there was secret negotiations at Mecca during 1915, between the British and Saudi Family. We all know it had to do with creating a Saudi Arabia. But how? The Saud Family back then, where nomads, knew nothing other than camels, tents and sand. Of course, Britain, offered support. But they also had a major problem brewing in Palestine. This is why the Hashemite Kingdom was brought into THE DEAL, if you read the reports back then you can see the thinking that went into all this. There is enough commentary and newspaper reporting to illustrate what went on. There is no doubt, not perceptiveness, but shear evidence to show that this deal is what transpired, and is still alive today, in fact, a deal is well know but to this day it is still largely secret, WHY? So, with obviousness it is clear Israel what was promised, along with Jordan (Trans-Jordan then), and a Saudi Arabia. Further, and this part is perceptiveness, it was underwritten by Britain, this is also known at that time back then, that THE DEAL will promise that Israel will respect Jordan’s borders, and vice-versa, same with Jordan and Arabia. That is why Israel NEVER sought to transgress on Jordan territory, but always looked North (Lebanon) and South (the Sinai and Egypt). That is why Israel to this day DOES NOT CONSIDER JORDAN A THREAT, even though there are millions of Palestinians in Jordan, all because Jordan, knows it must keep THE DEAL secure. That is why Israel has forces in the Golan Heights which is Syrian territory, and why Israel tried to invade Lebanon, in 1985. But Israel sees Jordan as a friend.
        In short, the proof and facts are all there. It is just that Western historians, especially British elitist academics, don’t write about this, because, initially in the early years, they couldn’t, because the British Government would have banned it, but in recent years, because, well, all universities today are just basically bad, its more about writing for snow-flakes and fools, than doing honest historical research. Gilbert, I’m not perceptive, I just read a lot, and see things coldly and unpassionately, as you should. Yes at times you will read vitriol from me, but only because, I HATE RACISTS, having I and my family suffered at the hands of this scum and how the British and Americans, also seem to decide for us non-Anglos what is best for us! But I always base my arguments on facts, even though I don’t always write them down because this is after all a comment. In a formal article (meaning a historical paper or book, not a newspaper article!), I would cite everything.

        As Fox Mulder would say, “The truth is out there.” And so it is, it just requires you to seek it out.
        No I’m not perceptive. Angry, hurt, and sad, yes. All I want is the world to see is the truth, and not the propaganda. Know that all these lies you read and hear, hurt a lot of people; the people who have lost everything, families, futures, land and home, all because of the Anglo racists.

        And one last important point: you can not trust anything in historical book written by British academics, especially, stuff published by Cambridge and Oxford Presses, for they never tell the whole truth, only the stuff that is acceptable.

    2. Dorian –

      I believe this is part of the “DEAL” you mentioned:
      “So you see, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are tied together. If one falls the others will too. And Saudi Arab is soon to fall.”

      I do not see Saudi Arabia falling in the next few centuries.

      US, China, UK and Russia have too many oil contracts there for that to happen… or to be necessary.

      Russia uses Saudi oil brokers for sales internationally.

      1. ‘Put-On’ spoke….

        “I would like to confirm that in Russia, the Islamic world will always find a reliable ally, prepared to cooperate in resolving pressing problems,” Putin said. “We support the position of Muslim countries to strengthen values such as justice and the rule of law in international relations.”

        Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed that his country will always be a “reliable ally” to the “Islamic world” at a discussion event on the topic of Islam and Russia, state news agency RIA Novosti reported:

        KAZAN, May 27(2016) – RIA Novosti. The Islamic world can be confident that, in Russia, it will find a reliable ally ready to help solve pressing problems, the message of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the participants of the meeting of the group of the strategic vision “Russia-Islamic World” says.

        КАЗАНЬ, 27 мая — РИА Новости. Исламский мир может быть уверен в том, что в лице России он найдёт надёжного союзника, готового помочь в решении насущных проблем, говорится в послании президента РФ Владимира Путина участникам заседания группы стратегического видения “Россия — исламский мир”.

      2. Russians and Saudis agree on nothing… EXCEPT on oil.

        Riyadh, in particular, sees crude policy as a tool to influence Russian diplomacy in the Middle East, where the Saudis and the Russians are supporting opposing sides in the wars raging in Syria and Yemen. In a show of cooperation, Putin and Prince Mohammed held a face-to-face meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 in September in China.

        Prince Mohammed told the Washington Post last month that the collaboration ultimately came down to Moscow’s camaraderie with Iran, a Saudi foe. “The main objective is not to have Russia place all its cards in the region behind Iran,” the 31-year-old said in that interview.

        Moscow, meanwhile, is seeking a role in tumultuous Middle East for the first time since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, often clashing with the U.S.

        For oil traders, the alliance has altered the playing field.

        After spending years hanging on every word of Middle Eastern oil officials on the sidelines of OPEC meetings in Viennese hotels, they’re now keeping closer watch of late-night comments out of the Kremlin.

        The U-turn in relations comes after a decade of antagonism over energy policy, with Russia notably refusing to work with the Saudis to stabilize prices in 2008, when the price of a barrel of crude slid by more than $100 in five months.

      3. @PAT
        Time will only truly tell. But there are real signs that things are very bad in Saudi Arabia. The Government is very weak, what you are seeing now by the Saudis is panic reactions. Notwithstanding Yemen, how the Saudis are attacking their own people, is causing a lot of talk around Saudi Arabia. As they say, the natives are very restless! The Saudi family are now in Louis XVI final years mode. Seriously, once King Salman dies, all that is left are monkeys, baboons and gorillas (there are one or two of the Saudi Family that would make Saddam Hussein’s monstrous behaving son, Uday, look like an angel). I have never heard of a country run by a monkey or baboon for very long.

        We are talking about people who have absolutely no sense of reality: we are talking about psychopaths, sociopaths and complete morons (these sons, and grandsons, LITERALLY don’t know how to turn on an oven, to feed themselves.)

        PAT, mark my words, SAUDI ARABIA, IS FINISHED, and if you don’t have one foot in the grave now, you will live to see its fall…..and the hell to come soon afterwards.

        AND NO!!! TO THE REST OF YOU END TIMES LOONIES….it will not be the end of the world, and no He aint coming back again, or for the first time! But it will be 85″ 4K panel stuff to watch!!!!

  20. Hello Dorian
    Two points:-

    1) Oil and gas are no longer essential for energy. Photovoltaic cells, on rooftops and as massive desert arrays, are increasing at a rate I never thought possible. Just a few days ago, for the first time Britain used over 50% renewable energy. That was a combination of wind, water and (mainly) solar. Morocco produces nearly all its energy as solar. Battery technology has improved dramatically and newer technologies are improving every day, such that mass energy storage is now possible. It is an energy revolutuion.

    Apart from solar and wind energy there is the possibility of success with nuclear fusion. The European Tokamak now being built in France will be switched on in 2025 and that could lead to even more clean cheap energy.

    2) Regarding the Balfour Declaration on which Ithe foundation of Israel was based. It was a letter, not an official document, and was never approved or even seen by the House of Commons. It was a classic example of Jewish Power. It was a disgrace, but it was not British official policy.

    I am old enough to remember the Jewish terrorist groups, Irgun and the Stern Gang executing British soldiers and blowing up a hotel full of British soldiers’ families. Israel was never liked by the ordinary British people, and is still disliked by a majority.

    The people and their government are not the same thing, and I am sure you know that in other countries. That is why war is such an awful mistake.

    1. Hello back to you John:

      I’m not talking about the Balfour Declaration (note I said Declaration, not Treaty, or Agreement, so I know the difference). I am talking about the SECRET DEAL, THE DEAL, made between Britain, the Hashemite Kingdom, and Saudi Family, what was started in 1915! There is a DEAL! That is definite, and admitted to! But the full contents of the deal is still closed to secrecy laws. Note, how else can you put together THREE countries that HATE EACH OTHER. Don’t forget the Hashemites and Saudi’s ARE LONG TIME ENEMIES, they have been competing with one another for centuries for control of the Middle East. I don’t really want to get into it, anymore, for I could literally write volumes on this stuff. Oh and don’t bring up oil, oil has nothing to do this. As I said, earlier oil wasn’t discovered for another decade in that part of the world. This all politics, not business.

      As for your thoughts on solar power etc. For gods sake, please don’t get me started. I am a physicist, and can tell you solar power, is for the morons who don’t understand anything about energy. For the record, THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING, THERE IS NO GLOBAL COOLING! And we will not know what is going on with our climate for another 1,000 years, so that we can look back and see what has happened. There is no way to predict our climate, computer models, are no more accurate than an digital crystal ball. Don’t waste your time on this stupid stuff. If you want read more about my thoughts, go search clime depot, ice age now for Dorian, and you learn why it is all a FRAUD.

      On your last point, “The people and their government are not the same thing, and I am sure you know that in other countries. That is why war is such an awful mistake”, you sound like an apologist, I hate apologists. They are the reason why we have wars! Everyone is an apologist after the fact. Excuse me John, but lets be frank;
      – What are the British people doing about stopping the British Government kill children and women around the world? Nothing.
      – What are the British people doing about returning everything they have stolen from India, South Africa, China, and everywhere else, namely, nearly everything in your museums, and vaults like where the crown jewels are? Nothing.
      – Why is it that British think it is good, to stop immigration, when those immigrants they want to stop, are the very people the British and Americans have destroyed their homes, and ability to feed themselves? Cause the British are callous, selfish, thieving and heartless racists.

      Do you get where I am going? Do I need to go on.

      John, for the first time in your life, start looking at the world from the perspective of the person who has suffered at the hands your British and American fellow racists. I say fellow racists, for if you can’t see what your bombs and foreign policy is doing, and how it is hurting the innocent, then you are a racist!! Like it or not.

      1. Hi Dorian,
        I agree, the man-made-global-warming-theory is a big mistake.

        Don’t dismiss photovoltaic solar power. It is here and growing fast. The days of dependence on oil are coming to an end.

      2. “As for your thoughts on solar power etc. For gods sake, please don’t get me started. I am a physicist, and can tell you solar power, is for the morons who don’t understand anything about energy”. (Dorian)

        When I was a student we used to say:-


        I studied Engineering.

      3. @Dorian
        Strong and inspiring indignation! Thanks for the truth.

        I hope you are right about Saudi Arabia but my fear is that technocracy will ensure resistors will only be those prepared to risk everything. As in so called “democracies” where blogging about immigration will lead to police knocking on your door, Saudi Arabia has advanced population surveillance technology. If they can pay for order followers to threaten and imprison then surely the Sauds can stay in power? I recall perhaps inaccurately, that only a third of the natives their are poor. Why would
        the rest risk everything? Is food, water and shelter in short supply?

        @John Kirby
        “for the first time Britain used over 50% renewable energy. ”
        This is wrong. The article(s) you refer to show renewables were a mere handful of percent on that day. The main source of “clean” energy was nuclear fission.
        Out to 2300 renewables will remain a minor source of energy:

  21. Dorian –

    You toss the word “racist” out to everyone except yourself…. especially when you call Arabs “monkeys and gorillas.”

    “MARK MY WORDS…” You are a racist..!! 🙂

    Dorian –

    You wrote:
    “Know that all these lies you read and hear, hurt a lot of people; the people who have lost everything, families, futures, land and home, all because of the Anglo racists.”

    You claim to not be racist, but blame whites – “Anglo racists” – for the world’s problems.

    That stance is absolutely “BIGGLY” ridiculous hypocrisy on your part.


    The Castilians of Spain were named as such because they sought refuge in their northern CASTLES from the ‘non-Anglo’ Moors.

    The Moors, who ruled Spain for 800 years, were murdering rapist ‘non-Anglo’ Arab musselmen ‘darkies’ from Africa.

    The Spanish occupation by the Moors began in 711 AD when an African army, under their leader Tariq ibn-Ziyad, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar from northern Africa and invaded the Iberian peninsula ‘Andalus’ (Spain under the Visigoths).

    A European scholar sympathetic to the Spaniards remembered the conquest in this way:
    “The reins of the Moors’ horses were as fire, their faces black as pitch, their eyes shone like burning candles, their horses were swift as leopards and the riders fiercer than a wolf in a sheepfold at night . . . The noble Goths [the German rulers of Spain to whom Roderick belonged] were broken in an hour, quicker than tongue can tell. Oh luckless Spain!”

    The Moorish rulers lived in sumptuous palaces, while the monarchs of Germany, France, and England dwelt in big barns, with no windows and no chimneys, and with only a hole in the roof for the exit of smoke. One such Moorish palace ‘Alhambra’ (literally “the red one”) in Granada is one of Spain’s architectural masterpieces. Alhambra was the seat of Muslim rulers from the 13th century to the end of the 15th century. The Alhambra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    The Great Mosque of Córdoba (La Mezquita) is still one of the architectural wonders of the world in spite of later Spanish disfigurements. Its low scarlet and gold roof, supported by 1,000 columns of marble, jasper and and porphyry, was lit by thousands of brass and silver lamps which burned perfumed oil.

    The Moors introduced Arabic numerals, which replaced the clumsy Roman system.

    The Moors ruled and occupied Lisbon (named “Lashbuna” by the Moors) and the rest of the country until well into the twelfth century. They were finally defeated and driven out by the forces of King Alfonso Henriques. The scene of this battle was the Castelo de Sao Jorge or the ‘Castle of St. George.’

    Yes, Dorian, “the truth is out there.” You just might swerve into some of it one day. 🙂

    1. Of course Pat would leave out the most intriguing part of the story, i.e. (((who))) might have invited and welcomed-in the Moorish invaders 😉

      1. Flo –

        Thanks for validating and supporting the part I did not leave out….

        …the part that shows musselmen have invaded Europe long before the last couple of years. They conquered famers and families and orchards for centuries and then lost to whitey’s troops.

        You know how it goes….. The big lies…

        …………… Only whites invade…. Not musselmen..!!

        I did not want to be too “arrogant” for ‘ya. So…

        You can fill in the Pharisee-Jew history of it for us.. 🙂

    2. My, my, my, more of topic historical irrelevance. If you have ever bothered read my posts, I have said racism is everywhere. But that doesn’t exclude the fact that the policies that the Anglos are subjecting the rest of the world isn’t racist based. For it is. If you can bomb only non-Anglo countries, and that NO ANGLO country has ever bombed another Anglo country, then excuse me if YOU can’t see the obvious. As I have said, when the Anglos start treating children in other countries like they do their own, I will take my words back. But as long as the likes of Diva Grande, who I might add is giving a benefit concert for the those spoiled 22 dead brats, and can’t be bothered to give 2 cents to all the thousands of children that been BOMBED to kingdom come, in Syria, and Iraq, then yeah, I think am not only justified calling Anglos racists, but damned CORRECT! All you Anglos here are offended by what I write, but how many of you voted for the scum in the Anglo governments that send bombs and missiles to the Middle East and else where? Spewing indignant stupid thoughts like you have above about passed crimes is irrelevant. Focus on the crimes we have today! There are children dying every single day in the Middle East by bombs and weapons, with MADE IN UK, and MADE IN USA! Hell, even the terrorist themselves, like ISIS, are using USA and BRITISH weapons, and bombs! And what do you Anglos do about it? I tell you what you are going to….
      You are going to vote for Theresa May…
      You are going to vote for Trump or some idiot Democrat that will continue the bombing in 4 years time…
      You people think with your pensions, while people die. Yes that means you are racist, when $$$ are more important that 100,000s of lives, that’s what you are RACISTS! Live with it! FOR ITS THE TRUTH!
      When you lower other races to a state that is lower than your concern for your pensions and a decadent lifestyle, it means your race is more important than the races of other colors who have to die for your petty indulgences. WE ARE NOT ANIMALS! STOP TREATING US AS ANIMALS! STOP KILLING AND STEALING FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD!!

      1. @To John Kirby:
        RE: Don’t dismiss photovoltaic solar power. It is here and growing fast. The days of dependence on oil are coming to an end.

        Solar power the facts: If you want the world to run on solar, you will need to cover every square centimeter of usable land on Earth. We will all die, from starvation. The future is about using more POWER, not about conserving it. Do you want to go to the Moon? You ain’t going to do it with with solar. Do you want better technology, like holographic entertainment center at home, or for the whole house, like for instance, you walk into the kitchen, and you call up your virtual chef, and presto, he is there in your kitchen as a hologram, showing you how to do that perfect soufflé. You are going to need a lot more energy. You want that flying car, more energy. You want your own personal vehicle that will fly you to the moon for the weekend, a hell of a lot more energy.
        Solar power, is for those who want to live like the cave man; namely, greenies, snow-flakes, morons and everyone who got a university degree and wasted it, about 90% of those graduating today. Do the numbers John, do the numbers, they don’t work, never have, never will. And neither will Hydrogen, something a know a lot about, the fuel cell has been around since 1830!!!, and still they can’t make it viable.
        Nope, solar, wind, tidal, and biomass etc, are just nice frauds perpetuated by the scientists who can’t get a real job, and so scam the government. I hate to say people, but the future is NUCLEAR. Maybe not Uranium or Plutonium but Thorium (very little to worry there with radiation). And then after nuclear, which includes fusion (a very dubious prospect), there is Anti-Matter. Wow! If you think Nuclear is something to worry about, antimatter will take chunks out of the planet if it blows up like Chernobyl.
        Sorry guys, but the future is about more energy not less, and the only way we are going to learn to handle more dangerous energy, is to use it!

        I can assure you, nobody is going to ride a bike to the Moon! We need BIG ENERGY! We are not going back into the Stone Age to use solar power, we are going into the future and future is about energy usage, where your energy storage system at home, will have enough power, destroy the entire city! So get used to it!

      2. More succinctly to John Kirby:

        “for the first time Britain used over 50% renewable energy. ”
        This is wrong. The article(s) you refer to show renewables were a mere handful of percent on that day. The main source of “clean” energy was nuclear fission.
        Out to 2300 renewables will remain a minor source of energy:

      3. Hi Flan,
        Thanks for the correction. I read it in a newspaper, so maybe they said “\Renewable” instead of “clean”. I must say I was surprised when I read it. PV Solar is being installed at a phenomenal rate, mainly because the price of PVs have dropped by 90% recently. Also battery technology has greatly improved.

        My comments to Dorian were to correct his statement that we would have to cover the planet in PVs to cover demand. His response was not the point, and full of bluster.

      4. (Your comment went for monitoring because you misspelled your name; please correct)

        Hi Flan,

        This report says britain ran on renewables;-

        “For the first time ever over half the UK’s electricity has come from low-carbon sources, a new study has found.
        Research from energy company Drax found that electricity from low-emission sources peaked at around 50.2 per cent between July and September this year.
        This was part of a new quarterly report, which was launched in collaboration with Imperial College on UK energy market trends, The Independent reports.
        The report showed that in the last quarter more than half of the UK’s electricity was generated through low-carbon sources, such as hydro, wind and solar power”.

  22. Why are the Saudis and Israel just about the only US “allies” in the Middle East? What’s the connection between those two “allies” and the US.? If one were to accuse the Jews of being a race, they would counter, no, no we are a religion. If you then were to call them a religion, again they would say, no, no, we are a race with direct blood line from Abraham. Well, truth be told they are neither a “race” nor a religion. What passes for their so-called religion is a Satanic based sex cult, and what passes as their so-called “race” is a composite of ethnics composed of 90% mongrelized Khazars and the other 10% made up of “Jews” from Palestine and North African Berbers.
    The Saudi “royal” family are crypto-Jews from Iraq related to their Israeli cousins via their Judaic and Islamic sex cults that are pawned off on the world as some sort of “religion”. So, what happened to the Israelites of old? Well, some migrated into Europe and mixed with the native Nordics, Alpines and other Whites and became Christians. Others from the blood line of the Israelites of old simply stayed put after 70AD and became Christian and Islamic and became known during modern times as the Palestinians.
    Bottom line here is the (((Saudi))) Royals and the Jews of Israel are kindred along with (((those))) who control the United States via their Satanic Sex cults. Jesus had some very pithy things to say about these cults and their “traditions”. Same goes for Mohammed who came along 500 years later with a stew of mistreatment of children, females and virgins (male and female) awaiting the cultists in paradise and conversion via the sword.
    Does not Mister Trump have an inkling, the slightest idea, what these cults are all about when he an his entourage joined in the dance of the swords with the Saudi monsters. Does he not know that when he and other presidents pose at the Wailing Wall with the Rabbis pounding their heads against the stones that the Rabbis are having mystical sex with one or more of their male and/or female deities.
    Then Trump hopes on over to Vatican to kiss the hind end of the pontiff whose underlings have a taste for underage children, which makes it just another Satanic sex cult. Where is Jesus to protect the little children under his wing? Just how bad does it have to get? In the mean time lets hope that Trump (clueless?) and AG Sessions can continue to do a thorough house cleaning from top to bottom of these monsters that have infected this nation with their unholy sickness. And if they don’t? When the common decent people of all strips and beliefs finally wake as to what (((they))) are doing do their children, in the schools, out of unholy Hollywood and in government at all levels, it will be Katy bar the door. Either the house cleaning is done through courts of law with honest judges or it will be done by the people and the gibbet!

    1. @Toejamicus:

      I really, really, like what you said in your opening lines about how duplicitous the Jews are, that they say one thing when it convenience’s them, and then the opposite when it satisfies their purposes. So very very true. You know who else are like that? Bankers. I wonder if there is a link there. Note, I ask it rhetorically (i.e. no question mark) 😉

  23. The one thing that I find is consistent is the role of Jewish Power in the USA. Wherever I look I see “Is it good for the Jews” as the guiding principle of the US government.

    I think it is the most important thing we have to face, and to resist.

    1. @John:
      [I wrote a reply to your solar, it got lost up above, i have no idea how it got there, so seek it out].

      If you want to fix a problem like the over representation of Jews in Congress, and Companies, I think you have bigger problems than that. Look at your school books, like history books, full of lies and fake stories. The real problem in America, is that Americans are poorly educated and lied to. Then there is the Anti-Trust laws, which have been decimated by Clinton, Bush and Obama. With Trump now trying very hard to get rid of the last shreds of Anti-Trust laws. Face it John, the American system is designed to output idiots, and nobody is going to fix it when the elites benefit from it. And here is the really sad thing, during the late 18th century Britain truly had a wonderful education system (all be it thanks the all the money brought in the by the East India Company), look how far it has fallen in 100 years! And yet, the Anglo universities are rated the top in the world! BWHAHAHAHA! I didn’t know the laws of physics worked better in the UK and USA than elsewhere!

      John, the Jews are the least of your problems. We have a lot, A LOT, of problems, and they are all over the world. But right now, the biggest problem on this Earth is we are killing too many innocent people, callously! That must stop. Do we respect Human Rights? YES OR NO? If YES, then stop supporting the war criminals, Theresa May being one of them!
      UK election in a few days, now we will see how much you Brits, really give a damn about your murdering ways!
      I say, Theresa May, in a landslide…..she’ll celebrate by bombing more kids in Syria and Iraq.

    2. Excellent synopsis of the situation, John. We are living at a time when the vast expanse of America’s foreign and domestic policies can be summed up in just six words: Is it good for the Jews?

    3. John –

      “I think it is the most important thing we have to face, and to resist.”


      The Pharisee-Jews still have everyone believing they are a “race of people” entitled to a ‘homeland’…. and not the WANDERING religious cult composed of many tribes of people around the globe..!! They are more like gypsies…!! 🙂

  24. Hi Dorian,
    You need to do a bit of engineering arithmetic if you think it would be necessary to cover the planet with photovoltaic cells to meet demand:-

    Total world electrical demand is about 5 Terawatts, or 5,000 Gigawatts
    Tropical sunlight is 1 Kwatt per sq meter, or 1 Gigawatt per sq Km (1 million sq M)
    PV solar cells, 25% eeficiency, give 0.25Kwatts/sqM, so 4 square km per Gigawatt
    Equivalent is 4×5,000 or 20,000 sqKm, or a 141×141 Km square,

    or about a 88×88 miles square, which is tiny spot on the planet.

    1. WARNING!!!

      There is something wrong with Dorian. If he was a physics graduate he would not have made this massive error.

    2. Oh boy, OH BOY! Are you in trouble here. If I have the time, I will give you a full brake down, you are assuming so much, and boy are you so off target. But its very late right now, 4am for me, and time to go to bed. There is so much to say! So much… another day. Besides, this is forum about the Middle East, if we have an article on Solar Power one day, I will try and give you some real numbers to think about.
      [Couple of things to add, factor in the average usable sunlight per day, it is only for about 4 hours a day, mean peak average; furthermore, record solar efficiency is about 40% but, the stuff they put on your homes is about 10%; also solar power is not completely “clean energy”, it oscillates, and most of that oscillation has to be factored into the grid, and NO grid yet can support large solar arrays with oscillations, see Germany and the problems they had, and South Australia the morons there are really in a bind. Then there is the life span of solar panels, they don’t last long, and how about the cost of disposal, you know Solar Panels use ARSENIC! Toxicity of solar is very high, never let your kids be near a broken solar panel, seriously, it is dangerous. Oh John, I have taught this, and yelled and screamed about it all over the world: SOLAR IS BULLSHIT]

  25. Trump or, should I say, the people who make decisions for him, probably realized that it was “game over” for any US policy in the Middle-East so they did the only thing that they could do: they ran towards those few who were actually happy with this aggression against Syria: the Saudis and the Israelis. Needless to say, with these two “allies,” what currently passes for some type of “US foreign policy” in the Middle-East will only go from bad to worse.”

    Well, well, the mask is finally dropping away to expose the ugly truth facing the goyim. Of course the gullible goyim are too stupid to recognize even the salient ramifications of such events. When the Jews finally drop the mask, one can bet their last golden shekel they are getting really close to the end of their game. From this point on, “bad to worse” will accelerate very quickly.

    For all their very real faults and problems, at least the Americans do have a number of truly combat capable units, such as the Marines and some Army units, which are experienced and capable of giving the Takfiris a run for their money. But the Europeans? Forget it!

    The Marine’s much vaunted military capability was due to their iron discipline. As a fellow instructor (Navy) once put it: “I love working with Marines! You tell them to do something and they just do it! They never question, they just follow orders.” The Marines however implemented the “time out card” decades ago. Today, if a boot’s feelings are hurt, they call home to mommy. From what I have gathered from current Marines, all that’s left of the Corps’ reputation is just that – reputation. But then members of the “old corps” felt my generation was soft because the First Shirt no longer had the authority to take a sawed-off baseball bat to a recalcitrant Marine.

    “President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, openly says that the Americans are clueless:”

    Big “Duh!” One does not have to be president of a country to realize the ignorance and stupidity of the American goyim. I must admit, out of all the traits I saw in Trump, the only one that has truly surprised me is his dimwittedness. I never considered Trump might be nearly as stupid as he appears to be, after all Cousin Billy’s bucktoothed, low-level intellect was evident even before he came barreling out of the political slurry chute. But like other Whitehouse dimwits of the past, Trump was, after all, the Jew’s pick.

    There are many ways in which Saudi Arabia and Israel are truly unique: they are both prime sponsors of terrorism, they are both nations deeply steeped in ideologies which can only be described as uncivilized (Wahabism and Jewish supremacism) and they both are armed to the teeth.

    Now why would that be? Why would Israel allow a neighboring “Arab” country to be “armed to the teeth”? Why would America gift so much of its high tech weaponry to Saudi Arabia? Note that Jews scream for the unilateral destruction of Iran because these uber evil sodomites might, ~ I repeat might, develop A, ein, one, uno, ichi nuclear weapon? In the meantime, Jew America’s “administrative” rulers have arranged the transfer of multiple nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia, There’s a big, fat, in-your-face clue as to what’s going on behind the bedroom curtain.

    It took me a while to figure out why Saudi Arabia was Teflon coated, why the American media never accused the Saudi’s of anything outside of having too many camels, why the so-called terrorists implicated in the trade tower attack were Saudi Arabian Muslims, yet that fact barely received dis-honorable mention by the Jewed media. Of all the countries in the Near East, Saudi Arabia is the only one that never suffered the Jew’s wrath, the only one Jews and their western proxies never attacked. While the rest of the region goes up in flames, Saudi Arabia escapes the flames every time. Why? Because Arabia’s House of Saud is in reality chock full of Jews.

    What Trump’s words actually mean: “No Jewed nation can accuse other nations of massacring innocents with chemical weapons unless the Jews command it, then it becomes a fait accompli. While arming Saudi Arabia with nuclear weapons, the Zionist American Government, of which I am but a mere figurehead, is firmly committed to keeping Iran from developing them. This will supposedly halt their support of terrorists and militias that lying Jews allege are the cause of so much suffering and chaos throughout the Middle East”.

    So why is the Trump administration plowing ahead with this nonsense?

    Why? Because the administration is comprised of crazed, arrogant, psychopathic murderers that have caught the whiff of blood and have become consumed with insane bloodlust. After all, these are the ghouls serving up murdered children in their pizza parlors!

    Then Trump even tried floating the idea of having Joe Lieberman for FBI director.

    To this his Jew “administrators” replied: “Stupid goyim, you are as dumb as a rock! The FBI has been used as one of our staged opposition ploys since the Hoover days. Idiot! We don’t put a Jew’s name in front of organizations we use as staged opposition. Is it not obvious to your denseness that this might reflect badly on Jews? Mr. Prezident you need to sit down, shut up and wait for us to tell you who to pick for that post.”

    It is pretty clear by now that Trump does not have what it takes in terms of allies or even personal courage to tackle the swamp he promised to drain.

    What is abundantly clear is that there is no swamp. Instead there is a Jewish cesspool filled to overflowing with Jewish shit of the kind in which the “Children of Israel” take refuge.

    Alas, just look at what the Saudis are doing to Yemen, what the Israelis did to Gaza or Lebanon or what the US did to Iraq and you will immediately get a sense of what the formation of this nefarious alliance will mean for the people of Syria and the rest of the region.

    Syria and the rest of the region? What about the rest of the planet!? What it means is WWIII! Let me spell that out
    WORLD (that means global) WAR THREE. Note, the first two global war powers had a much better deal than twenty minutes for a nuclear response. Still, they did manage to slaughter a lot of people.

    You are living in the so-called “end times.” But don’t worry, you will not be exempted, you will not be left behind. Yea even many among the heathen will ascend into heaven in clouds of smoke beside their Christian brethren, but it won’t be because Jesus came back to gather up his flock. No siree Bob! In fact he won’t even notice when you have been vaporized by the Jew’s hate weapon. Jesus gave it his best shot, but man, being what he is, did nothing more than return to the old ways of the Jew’s corrupt second temple. They founded their “new” Christian “church,” using their new god Jesus as the controlling entity for their old/new religion. If you think Jesus was pissed at the corrupt money-changers, you can imagine his feelings towards the corrupt Jews and gullible goyim supporting the resurrection of the very same corrupt system he gave his life to counter and destroy.

    As a result what we are seeing now looks like a repeat of the last couple of years of the Obama administration:

    Big mystery it’z! Let’s see now, this would be like Obama’s repeat of Bush’s policies and Bush’s repeat of Clinton’s policies and Clinton’s repeat of Bush senior’s policies, et cetera. When are idiots finally going to realize, or admit, all these polices have been implemented by the very same group of criminal psychopaths since the beginning of the twentieth century. This explains the “repeat after, repeat, after repeat.” Real political opposition is JFKed and Huey Longed. This is why the agenda is seamless, why it continues unabated, no matter what clown prince is crowned in front of the gullible goyim.

    What had to happen did, of course happen: all the sabre-rattling with three aircraft carriers strike groups ended up being a gigantic flop as neither the North Koreans nor the Chinese were very impressed.

    Outside Americans, no one was much impressed by the “Great White Fleet” one hundred years ago. In the final historical analysis, gunboat diplomacy has never been very impressive or threatening, just irritating. As for the obsolete aircraft carrier, I would not be surprised to see them all tied to the dock like sitting ducks in some foreign port, like say Hawaii ~ er ~ Oman, when a yet-to-be-named enemy makes an outrageous surprise attack that destroys much of the fleet, solidifying American public support for WWIII. Hey, it worked before, why screw with success?

    As for Trump, he made a short speech before NATO leaders today. He spoke about the “threats from Russia and on NATO’s eastern and southern borders”.

    WWIII looms large, can you smell its stink yet? That’s the sickeningly sweet smell of death wafting up around Israel and it’s American golem.

    I urge everyone to find a copy of the BBC movie Threads for a realistic look at the dark ages insane Jews are about to bring upon the planet; dark ages that will make it’s medieval progenitor look like a summer day at Malibu, 1960.

    1. Arch –

      “Trump was, after all, the Jew’s pick.”

      Yep..!! That’ a “YUGE” ’10-4′ there, buddy..!! 🙂

      ALL national leaders ARE (S)elected.. Even in Russia, France and UK..!!

    2. Another fantastic post ARCH STANTON.

      What should be made of Pat and Justice for Chinese assertion that nukes and therefore nuclear power are a hoax?

      I’ve already chewed through Holohoax, CAGW, Vaccines, Landing on the Moon … do I really need to check fake nukes as well? 🙂

      If not, no need to watch Threads.

      E=Mc^2 was originally derived from the work by Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell (not Tribe appropriated Einstein) and all of modern electromagnetic progress stems from there.

      Just what is in doubt guys? The reputation of Darkmoon may be at stake!! Are those 15 000 missiles and 500 nuclear power plants worldwide really a hoax? Surely there would be something more containable and less expensive to frighten the goyim?

      1. Flan –

        I have NEVER claimed NUCLEAR POWER is a hoax… Please do not repeat that guess about me.

        I have operated three different nuclear power plants for the US Navy… spanning over 7 years.

        What I DO claim is… missiles with nuclear warheads are a HOAX..!! 🙂

        E=Mc^2 is nothing more than a derivative of F=kma…. where ‘a’ is acceleration.

      2. PAT

        The reason I made the assumption about nuclear power is that if E=M x 10^17 is the basis of nuclear power, then why couldn’t this extraordinary power be packaged in a missile?

        I apologize for my assumption.

        Please say why the missiles do not exist? There seems no technical obstruction. Does the reaction fizzle out in air? I did look on supposedly the leading site pushing this concept but it was full of videos, an indicator of stupidity, so I went no further.

      3. Flan –

        There is no way to tell you in a few words…. or even in a few reams of papers…… what it took me years to learn.

        There are dozens of reasons. I’ll mention just a few.

        Besides weight and space limitations for multiple engines and telemetry and navigation equipment demanded on each RV of a MIRV warhead… nuclear material buckling is A major problem also.

        The nuclear material is in constant decay…. and would change the ‘critical shape’ (buckling) needed for the PRECISE event…. the nuclear reaction.

        SOME have been around for 50 years…. or more. Lots of decay.
        AND….. in the detonator explosion… shape matters also….

        If you wish to detonate a nuclear weapon…. it requires a large amount of chemical high explosive – HE.

        When used in nuclear weapons, this explosive must perform to higher than normal specifications. It is not enough for it to simply detonate, as it might be in a ‘conventional’ weapon. In the ‘conventional’ case, the user just cares that an energetic enough explosion to cause some minimum level of damage is produced.

        In the case of the nuclear weapon, the timing and power of these high explosive pieces must both meet very stringent requirements – not just minimums, but particular values.

        If one piece of HE detonates faster than others, or produces a detonation which differs in power in either direction outside its tolerances, the nuclear detonation can be severely compromised or even prevented.
        High explosives are mixtures of chemicals. There are the primary explosives, perhaps oxidizers as well. Most also incorporate inert additives called binders which are used to produce a substance of a particular mechanical characteristic.

        All of these compounds are subject to possible physical and chemical changes over time. They may also separate physically as well, causing problems.

        So, they must be replaced..!!

        In the nuclear weapon case, this is not feasible. Although very stable explosives can be made, if the weapon does not have provisions for removal and potential replacement of the explosives components its reliability will decrease over time.

        Even if it does provide for this maintenance, care must be taken to produce exact duplicates of the explosive components, *both in shape and composition – as the physics of the detonation will be affected by both, and any change from the weapon design spec will likely make such a detonation smaller or prevent it entirely…!!

        Untrained folks don’t know that nuclear radiation decay in proximity to any delicate electronic firing mechanism is a HUGE problem by itself. That nuclear bombardment results in a short shelf-life… AGAIN..!!

        Here are a few inherent problems with all old nuke stuff:
        To detonate a nuclear weapon requires some amount – measured in kilograms – of chemical high explosive. When used in nuclear weapons, this explosive must perform to higher than normal specifications. It is not enough for it to simply detonate, as it might be in a ‘conventional’ weapon. In the latter case, the user just cares that an energetic enough explosion to cause some minimum level of damage is produced. In the case of the nuclear weapon, the timing and power of these high explosive pieces must both meet very stringent requirements – not just minimums, but particular values. If one piece of High Explosives(HE) detonates faster than others, or produces a detonation which differs in power in either direction outside its tolerances, the nuclear detonation can be severely compromised or even prevented.

        –High explosives are mixtures of chemicals. There are the primary explosives, perhaps oxidizers as well (although usually high explosives do not require a separate oxidizer). Most also incorporate inert additives called binders which are used to produce a substance of a particular mechanical characteristic. All of these compounds are subject to possible physical and chemical changes over time. They may also separate physically as well, causing problems.

        Testing high explosives is easy and a mature science with reams of available data, and can be done without any connection to a nuclear program. Furthermore, industry worldwide has a great deal of experience building high explosive based weapons which require long shelf lives. However, most conventional weapons deal with high explosive aging by simply requiring disposal and replacement. In the nuclear weapon case, this is not typically feasible. Although very stable explosives can be made, if the weapon does not have provisions for removal and potential replacement of the explosives components its reliability will decrease over time. Even if it does provide for this maintenance, care must be taken to produce exact duplicates of the explosive components, both in shape and composition – as the physics of the detonation will be affected by both, and any change from the weapon design spec will likely make such a detonation smaller or prevent it entirely.

        –The Physics Package….. In US nuclear weapons, the actual component which produces the atomic detonation is called the ‘physics package.’ This includes the fissile materials, the initiator if present, and may include the high explosives as well depending on how the weapon is constructed. The explosives we have dealt with. The other components, the fissile materials and the initiator, present separate problems.

        In our notional fission weapon, the fissile core (sometimes called the ‘pit’, a fruit reference) is in all likelihood built of one of two elements – Highly-Enriched Uranium (HEU) or plutonium. In either case, there are considerations for maintenance.

        Both of these materials, if pure, will suffer from oxidation which will change their chemical makeup and, in turn, their physical shape – which will affect the detonation physics. In addition, unless isolated, they may react with substances in the high explosives or whatever brackets or forms they are held in, with the same potential problems.

        In the case of plutonium, if there is any water moisture in the surrounding air (even if there is no oxygen) the metal will form plutonium oxide (PuO2) on its surface, which is a powder. This is worse than it sounds; when this oxide is present, the plutonium is pyrophoric – which means it is subject to spontaneous ignition (oxidation burning, not fissile) when exposed to air. This means that the usual means of mitigating oxidation, namely keeping it in an inert gas such as argon, must be done carefully – even those inert gases must be kept dehumidified.

        One means of minimizing this is to ensure that the weapon core is maintained in a vacuum – but that produces a whole new set of engineering challenges, especially if the weapon must be maintained for a long period or if it requires periodic maintenance or checks.

        The fissile core itself will produce heat from normal radioactive decay. A plutonium core, made of Pu-239 (the most common fissile isotope used in weapons) will produce around 1.9 Watts per kilogram of material just from regular decay. While this isn’t much, if the core is sealed inside a weapon casing, this heat will build up over time. Temperatures inside the core therefore cannot be counted upon to remain at STP even before considering the storage environment of the weapon itself.

        –The Electronics…. In order to detonate, the weapon will require fusing, arming and detonation signal. Generally, most of these requirements are provided for these days by electronic components, not counting any physical safeties the weapon design may contain. For example, the weapon may have provisions for inserting physical separators between the detonators and the high explosives, or (in the case of gun-type weapons) in between the two subcritical core masses themselves.

        Any electronics in the weapon must be hardened to resist (or at least tested for resistance to) neutron flux, as the weapon core will be putting out constant low-level radiation. Consumer electronics will likely be insufficient. Industrially-shielded electronics will be a better bet, but even then, these components will require testing in a simulated weapon in order to determine their likely reliability.

        These are just a few of the problems with designing and maintaining nuclear weapons.

        There is a start for your search for facts on NUKE WEAPONS. Have fun for years.. 🙂

        NO NUKES… NO WORRIES..!!

    3. Arch

      All of what is happening is simply an aggregation of everything that has come down the pike for 2,000 years and is now coming to a head. In the “end” It was always gonna play out in some degree* of corruption of what is ESSENE-tially a spiritual realm

      Christ’s “best shot” is yet to come

      *ranging from a “soft landing” to the planet engulfed in a total inferno

      An illusion that will blow to smithereens

    1. John –

      You wrote:


      “There is something wrong with Dorian. If he was a physics graduate he would not have made this massive error.”

      Yes. There is something “BIGGLY” wrong with Dorian.

      1. Pat –

        Dorian is a logical thinker. “Racist” as I am, I nonetheless see a great mind behind his keystrokes. It’s after 11PM, here, and I’ve just checked back in, and am disappointed all of you won’t keep up the dialogue for awhile, now. (I don’t sleep much, and like to read in bed…)
        If Dorian would get over his Planet of The Apes fantasy about nigra scientists in ancient Africa, he’d be delightful company! 🙂

  26. Whats good for the Jews? They dont even know. Dr. William Pierce once gave an illustration. On one side of a stream were a frog and a scorpion. The scorpion asked the frog for a ride on his back to the other side. The frog said no. “Im afraid. Youre a scorpion and will sting me. The scorpion answered, “Why would I do that? I would drown. Afterwards, the frog thought a moment and agreed. “Alright. Lets go. The scorpion hopped on the frog back who proceeded to swim. Half way across, the scorpion suddenly stung the frog who shrieked, “Why did you do that? Now we are both going to die!” The scorpion smiled and said, “Because Im a scorpion. Its in my nature to sting.” Both dying creatures slowly sank to the bottom.

  27. To All Concerned:

    I believe may be my comment about Hanfstaengl, caused certain elements of our society to bury the truth about Hanfstaengl, and especially the truth about Churchill insulting Hitler for supporting a Zionist nation, called Israel.
    To whomever has stolen that new blog listing and accompanying comments, know this, I can write them again, and I am prepared to do so. They are factual, and you know it! They are stated in many papers, and documents that are verifiable. Like it or not!

    1. Dorian –

      “I believe may be my comment about Hanfstaengl, caused certain elements of our society to bury the truth about Hanfstaengl”

      Shirley you jest..!! 🙂 🙂

      “YUGE” need for self-importance = narcissism..!!

  28. Dancing with wolves on the deck of the titanic; due to the great lies that are accepted now. Religion, the holocaust, global warming, banks creating money as debt and political correctness.

    We are slowly being undermined and controlled by a combination of these factors. We are accused of criminal behaviour for telling the truth. Our freedom, and that of our descendents depends on us, to resist. No violence, it is wrong and is also counter-productive. This battle is about freedom

  29. “And then, suddenly, a deafening crash as titanic shakes and keels over, its hull punctured by a huge iceberg”, but wait! according to the (((global swarming))) theory, there are no icebergs left, except the jews with that surname.
    The Irish savant has some kind words for Der Trumpf: Trump’s finest hour

    The most important thing to know about global warming – whoops, I mean climate change – is that it’s a racket from start to finish. That’s the aspect to focus on if you’re trying to justify Trump’s glorious decision to give the Paris meeting a large middle finger. The ‘science’ purporting to support the anthropomorphic link has degenerated into a fraudulent and intolerant religious cultism while the experts’ have ricocheted from forecasting an imminent ice age forty years ago to telling us the polar ice cap would have melted by now. Most important of all it’s a giant fraud to extract $100 billion a year from White taxpayers and transfer it to crooks in the Third World. Carbon trading is so open to corruption it’s as if the system were designed by crooks. Oh wait – it was!

    I keep telling youse … the day will come when you will just have to fold the “Not my President” signs and save them for another day, another prez.

    1. Lobro –

      “…the day will come when you will just have to fold the “Not my President” signs and save them for another day, another prez.”

      No time soon. PCR finally fessed up.. 🙂

      Is Trump really withdrawing from the Paris Accord?

      According to Paul Craig Roberts he’s playing politics with his real controllers since the ” Paris Accord withdrawal doesn’t fully take effect for 3 years…” and he is not actually pulling out of it.

      Just as men in dark suits and dark ties carrying briefcases explained to Trump that it was not Washington’s policy to normalize relations with Russia, they explained to him that it was not Washington’s policy to exit the Paris Accord.

      Trump said something like this: Look, you guys, you have already required me to abandon my peace initiative with Russia and my intent to pull out of Syria. Now you are forcing me off my “America First” pledge.

      **If people realize that I am not really the president, who are you going to rule through? What about a compromise?**

      Here is the deal, as Trump made perfectly clear in his speech. He is temporarily pulling the US out of the Paris Accord while he immediately opens negotiations to rejoin the Paris Accord on terms less burdensome to Americans. In other words, the “pull out” is a face-saving gesture that will result in a small reduction in America’s share of the cost. We will have a “Trump victory” and no damage to the Paris Accord.

    2. maybe so, pat … still, little victories beat big defeats that we’ve been steadily eating ever since nixon – obama was probably the worst, you can tell by how much jew press adores him, Saint Obama, the trotskyist agent.

      it continues to look like trump is running out the clock on jews while russia rearms full speed, lots of pointy hardware coming on stream, most of it able to directly target the jew clusters.

      1. Trump is his own worst enemy. He respects no one but himself.

        He is losing his grip. He Tweets to his detriment. He even Tweeted “Travel Ban” several times yesterday…. to be used as fuel in SCOTUS… AGAINST himself..!!

        Now he is even madder at Jeff Sessions for doing the correct thing by recusing himself.

        There will be resignations galore in his administration in 6 months.

        All of his legislation is on hold. No healthcare reform. No tax reform. NADA..!!

        He does shove people out of chow line.. 🙂

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