Trump faces order to release ‘secret tapes’ of FBI boss (includes video)

By Caroline Graham In Los Angeles
For The Mail On Sunday


Donald Trump could be forced to release ‘secret tapes’ of his conversations with ousted FBI boss James Comey as early as this week. A letter demanding the tapes – if they exist – was sent to White House lawyers late on Friday by representatives of the Senate intelligence committee probing the US President’s alleged ties to Russia.

Last week Mr Comey made international headlines when he testified before the committee about three face-to-face meetings with Mr Trump, in which the President allegedly demanded a ‘pledge of loyalty’ and asked the FBI to end its Russia probe.

Mr Comey made notes of the meetings in January and February, which he leaked after he was fired last month.

Mr Trump then hinted he had recorded the private meetings in a tweet, saying: “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”

On Friday, the President declared he was “100 per cent” willing to testify under oath that Mr Comey was lying about their conversations, but refused to confirm the existence of the tapes.

He told reporters: “I’ll tell you about that maybe sometime in the near future,” adding cryptically: “You’re going to be very disappointed when you hear the answer, don’t worry.”

Mr Comey, who claims he was fired because he refused to back down in the Russian probe, said: “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.” He claims he wrote down details of the meetings “immediately after they happened” because he felt “uncomfortable”. He later leaked details of the notes to the media via a friend.

Mr Comey has already agreed to turn over his notes.

A White House source said:

“At the moment this is a case of ‘he said, he said’.  The tapes, if they exist, are key. If Trump has them he must hand them over immediately. The committee members have vowed to make them public immediately. The sooner this is resolved, the sooner we can move on. Those tapes are at the heart of this conflict. If they exist they could vindicate Trump – or brand him a liar.”

Mr Trump – who denies asking Mr Comey for loyalty – attacked the former FBI head’s testimony as “lies” in a tweet on Friday: “Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication.”

He also seized on Mr Comey’s revelations that he had leaked memos of their conversations to the press, tweeting: “WOW, Comey is a leaker!”



Comey told Trump he loved his work and intended to serve out his 10-year term. Because the situation made Comey uncomfortable, he added that he was not “reliable” in the way politicians use the word but that Trump could always count on him to tell the truth.

“A few moments later, the president said, ‘I need loyalty, I expect loyalty,’” Comey said in the statement. “I didn’t move, speak, or change my facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed. We simply looked at each other in silence.”

Comey wrote that he tried to explain the importance of a Department of Justice and a FBI that were independent of the White House. But near the end of the dinner, Trump repeated, “I need loyalty.”

“You will always get honesty from me,” Comey replied, according to his statement. “That’s what I want, honest loyalty,” Trump responded after a pause. “You will get that from me,” Comey said, explaining in the statement that he wouldn’t push the matter further and that the term—“honest loyalty”—had helped end a very awkward conversation.


VIDEO : 6.48 mins

42 thoughts to “Trump faces order to release ‘secret tapes’ of FBI boss (includes video)”

  1. The hypocritical anti-Trumpists are making a mountain out of a molehill. So what if Trump talked to Russians? All Presidential candidates talk to foreign governments. It would be remiss of them not to do so.
    Don’t members of congress have anything better to do? For example addressing the dire state of the US economy with retail stores closing, declining living standards, crumbling infrastructure, a third world health care system, the largest prison population in the world, and of course a stock market and derivatives bubble just waiting to go pop! Of course the poor suckers in the US will do nothing. They’ll just roll over and accept it, like they did in 2008! IMHO, it’s time for civic minded Americans to do a spot of tarring and feathering in Washington and Wall Street!

    1. Well said, Felix! America is in dire straits and the reason is that we have a tug-of-war situation here. Presidents who don’t do exactly what (((they))) say can expect trouble. The most popular US presidents, lionized by the media, are obviously puppet presidents who do exactly what they are told to further (((elite interests))).

      1. Apart from that, we have a tricky situation here with Trump and Comey. This boils down to a simple question: Who is lying? Trump or Comey?

        This question, whose answer is unknown right now, can be answered with the application of pure logic. As thus:

        1. Trump says Comey is lying and Trump has the tapes to prove it.

        2. Trump is telling the truth IF he can produce the tapes, so he needs to produce the tapes.

        3. If Trump cannot or will not produce the tapes, he is lying — because his failure to produce the tapes will show that the tapes either DO NOT EXIST or that the tapes are a vindication of Comey.

        4. In other words, failure to produce the tapes that allegedly vindicate Trump and incriminate Comey will prove beyond all doubt that Trump is lying. After all, if you have the perfect alibi that proves your innocence, why not produce the alibi?

        5. I’m not saying Trump is guilty, I’m saying he needs to produce those tapes. Otherwise he is guilty.

      2. A strong indication that Trump is lying is Comey’s statement, “Lordy me, I wish there ARE some tapes!”

        So Comey is challenging Trump to produce the tapes.

        If Trump cannot or will not produce the tapes, he has to be lying.


      3. I am Righteous Rachel, Trump supporter, unflinching in my loyalty. I would die for my hero, Donald Trump. I am never wrong, I am always right. And I am righteous, too.

        The true Trump supporter will support Trump even if Trump is caught lying, because he or she will make an excuse for such lying.

        Just as a serial killer’s mom will support her killer son at all costs, no matter how many murders he has committed, the true Trump supporter will support Trump even if he screws his own daughter Ivanka and blows up the whole world. That’s what true “loyalty” means.

        Supporting your killer dog even after the beast has killed the baby in the pram, now that is loyalty. And this was the “loyalty” Trump was demanding from Comey. “Support me, right or wrong!”

        That sad bitch Comey, he couldn’t do that. All he could offer Trump was his “honest loyalty”. Not good enough! Honest loyalty is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

        To be truly loyal, you need to cover up for the criminal you love and adore. You’ve got to back him all the way in his catalogue of crimes! Nothing else will suffice!

        Righteous Rachel,
        Trump Supporter

      4. Quite correct, Sardonicus! (((They))) are going to have Trump impeached, or at the very least politically neutered, continually under attack, and rendered unable to achieve any of his goals. However in the event he is impeached we’ll have Pence. Not a rosy prospect. Ditto the UK, after the hung election. (((Soros))) and his (((infernal master))) are out to bring the Anglo-Saxon races totally to heel.

      5. Felix,

        They may not be able to impeach Trump if he knows too much.

        Think of all the dirty washing that could come out in a trial if Trump has been smart enough to collect a damning dossier on all the Big Guns, including Netanyahu and the Clintons.

        Anyone who has access to all the secret info collected by the NSA, FBI and Homeland Security could bring down the whole house of cards.

      6. Knowing things about your enemy that your enemy doesn’t know you know — his skeletons in the cupboard — gives you the upper hand in any situation. They’re not going to impeach you if your knowledge is dynamite.

    2. Feliz,
      Ok for “American” presidents to visit the Wailing Wall and kiss Jew arse. Simply talk to the Russians? Not exceptible. So sad.

  2. While the padded cells are being hosed down,
    the maniacs are at large, cackling in the corridors.

      1. Donaldo,

        Quite the fake Spanish. You ain’t no Americanized Mexican, you’re a Brit who has acquired a smattering of Spanish.

        I figured that out by studying your vocabulary. You used a word in one of your posts which no American would use, let alone a Mexican who learned his English in America.

        What word? You try and figure it out! Only a Brit would use that particular word and spelling.

      2. Ah, what a fine day it is here! I am sitting on my balconia with my pretty little sombrero shading my face and a taza of coffee on my knee!

        ‘Tis such beautiful tiempo! Later I will take the tren into town to do some turismo, as I find myself on vacacacion right now.

        Damn, I have just spilled my coffee on the alfombra! Never mind, I will console myself by opening a botello of vino. And I intend to complete my breakfasto with a naranja! 🙂

      3. MB –

        The use of ‘ou’ clued me to the Donald faker…. a while back.

        You could use the sinkencia and washclotharias in the bathroomo for cleaning the spiltada cafe upissimo. 🙂

      4. Yes, the word “Chiou” would have alerted anyone that Donaldo was a fake Mexican, but it would not have allowed you to conclude that he was a Brit. So I am one up on you for having identified his exact nationality. 🙂

        The word that identified Donaldo as a Brit was the word “ARSE”. This is what he wrote:


        Ok for “American” presidents to visit the Wailing Wall and kiss Jew arse.

        No Mexican American would use the word “ARSE”. They would say “kiss ASS”, not “kiss ARSE”. Even in Britain many younger people say “ASS” nowadays in preference to ARSE. The spelling “arse” is still used by the older generation of Brits who prefer saying “Hello!” rather than “Hi!” and “Arse” instead of “ass”.

        Conclusion: Donaldo is an older generation Brit called “Donald”.

        P.S. I once worked for Sherlock Holmes and make use of the same deductive logic deployed by Holmes when he would like astonishing his assistant Watson with the famous phrase: “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

      5. Madame Butterfly’s knowledge of English usage astonishes me.
        I am impressed by her linguistic prowess and logical acumen!
        And yet I must point out that Donaldo (or Donald) need not be British, though the likelihood that he is British is very high.

        You see, the form “ARSE” is also used by Australians, New Zealanders, and the Irish. It’s even used in India by English-speaking Indians in preference to the American word “ASS”.

        Madame Butterfly needs to bear this in mind and not get too big for her boots as an infallible authority on English usage. 🙂

  3. “Da TAPES, boss… Da TAPES..” 🙂

    Comey is a friend to Hillary. Trump claimed as much in a Tweet:

    Donald J. Trump

    FBI Director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that he gave her a free pass for many bad deeds! The phony…
    9:51 PM – 2 May 2017

    Trump: Comey the ‘best thing’ to happen to Hillary Clinton!!

    Comey is a friend to Trump also….

    NOW… with the “TAPE-GATE” debacle… Trump is not having to answer why he does not arrest Hillary as he claimed he would.

    Trump and Clintons scratch each others’ backs.

    1. In the meantime, the liberal loonies will continue to pursue this Russian collusion nonsense as they lust over their Watergate wet dream

      And like I said in another post, there could be an irony in that the Russians may well have interfered with the election and put Trump over the top because they preferred him over Clinton. But that would never be proven

  4. The daily “news” is like a soap opera. Too bad the interests of the USA are held in suspense by such trash. One of the reasons I voted for Trump (besides my awful fear of a Killary win) was his seeming desire to cultivate a good relationship with Russia. Both the American people and the Russian people might experience what is the equivalent of ‘lifting a dark cloud’ from our daily politics. I suppose that is too much to ask (((them))) for!

  5. Why are the enemies of Trump not trying to impeach him for having had contact with Israelis ? Oh wait unlike “enemy ” Russia, Israel is America’s “best friend and ally”, as the incident with the Liberty so clearly proves. Besides, many Israeli dual citizens occupy high functions in the US government. Such a relief ! But talking to Russian diplomats is High Treason.

    1. Well said, Franklin! You point out the only too obvious. They should impeach any president who has contact with Israelis. Come to think of it, if Israeli dual citizens are allowed to hold top positions in the US government, why not a few Russian dual citizens?

    2. F.R.
      With “friends” like Isreal, who needs enemies? The recent 50th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty passed completely unnoticed in U.S. But if an Israeli girl falls and skins her knee, it makes internazionale headlines.

      1. I bet Uncle is tired today and needs some rest. I bet Sister Moaner made Uncle do THREE loads of her dirty laundry yesterday, then forced Uncle to iron the THREE loads of her laundry, in celebration of Darkmoon’s “holy trinity” Sunday yesterday. I hope Uncle did a good job yesterday with the “holy trinity” of dirty laundry, maybe Moaner will cut Uncle some slack today and let Uncle rest a little bit , 🙂 .

          1. Yes, Uncle, it’s the best I can do, at least right now. Let’s see you sit in a Spamblinka solitary confinement prison cell for years and let’s see how brilliant and genius your comments would be.

            1. I’m going to ask you a serious question. Please try and answer it seriously.

              You are placed in Spamblinka permanently. You are extremely prolific, posting dozens of comments daily, including poems. Almost none of this stuff is publishable and gets deleted at the end of the day.

              Question: What keeps you posting comments all day long if you know nobody is going to read them? Even Admin has no time to read your comments. We are far too busy to waste time reading unpublishable spam comments, many of them abusive and obscene and 99% of them off-topic. So why do you keep on posting unpublishable comments? Can’t you find a better way to spend your time? Can’t you go for a walk, exercise, read a good book, take up fishing, or find something else to occupy your time rather than filling up our Spam folder?

              A frank answer to this question would be appreciated.

              Best wishes,


              1. Mind you, there are quite a few loonies like yourself out there. The last time I checked my dashboard and looked under “Top Searches”, there were 38 visits for the name “TheRealOriginalJoe.”

                Amazing! No other poster on our site is mentioned even once, you have 38 HITS!

                It’s a mad world for sure.

  6. “Comey told Trump he loved his work and intended to serve out his 10-year term. Because the situation made Comey uncomfortable, he added that he was not “reliable” in the way politicians use the word but that Trump could always count on him to tell the truth…Comey wrote that he tried to explain the importance of a Department of Justice and a FBI that were independent of the White House…”

    Seriously? If Comey is such a paragon of reason and virtue as he is apparently being characterized, why didn’t he avail himself of his courage and apparent fearlessness of “political correctness” and do something meaningful, like investigate the “collapse” of the WTC towers, the “anthrax attacks”, or anything else of actual importance to the people of the U.S.?

    Perhaps because the whole thing just another distraction? After all, as long as this wasteful Punch and Judy is going on, you can’t expect any investigation into 9/11 (or into anything meaningful for that matter).

    And on another level there’s the subtext: Being that Trump is a secret “ally” of Russia (or even a Russian “agent”), then despite what our eyes and ears are communicating to us, he must actually be working with the Russians against the “globalist” agenda in the Mideast. Yessir, the “globalists” are out to “get” Trump because he works for the other side (of course all of this while he’s doing just the opposite and setting the stage for a large war in the Mideast, but the Jew-induced cognitive dissonance blinds the masses to it).

  7. Comey and Brennan sitting in a tree, (c-o-n-n-n-i-v-e).
    Susan and Valerie sitting in a tree, (s-p-y-i-n-g).

  8. Truly pointless and toothless kabuki, nothing comes from nothing, just circus+games for the rabble, cheap thrills for the proles, jews know that they are not in a position to hurt trump without possibly inciting a military coup with unforeseen outcomes and they sure like to control all the outcomes, so they won’t risk it, just like their fake Samson Option.

    No, the big game is the geopolitical one where a bipolar world is rapidly forming as the unipolar one, jew World Order dissolves before their eyes and they must regroup and revamp their long term strategy and for all the occult mumbo jumbo, they are very sober and realistic when it comes to the actual battlefield.

    What does one see happening right now, with Qatar implosion of the Yinon Plan?
    The thoroughly mindless saudis have to some extent slipped the israel leash with this latest debacle and pissed off Turkey, the military big honcho in that neighborhood, having lost them from the lineup.
    Mistake compounded by pakistan bolting the barn, siding with Qatar as well, so now there seems to be an axis forming: Pakistan, Iran, Turkey (Sunni-shia alliance, of all things, to Saudis’ consternation) and this alliance is “sort of” friendly to Syria, not to mention Iraq and has land-based contiguity, thus hard to encircle with bases of terrorist infiltration and chop up.
    Mistake further compounded by vindictively, idiotically proclaiming sympathy with Kurds (who do seem to like Israel), just to get back at Turkey but in fact alienating it further, driving it into Putin’s bear hug, imagine, a NATO member, maybe the most important one after UK and Germany, if not more so, aligning with Russia!
    Yinon, anyone? 😉 seems to me the exact opposite, a geopolitical nightmare for the Judean entity.

    What Trump did in Riyadh is so spectacularly stupid that i wonder whether it wasn’t on purpose, a patented “stupidity” that demolishes Jew’s game plan at every turn – oops, pardon my bull in your china shop, he is otherwise well behaved – the true reason for the giant apoplexy back (((home))).

    Pay attention to the 3-card Monty, the ball is not where they want you to think it is, in Comey comedy.

    1. @ Lobro

      The Qatar situation can be summed up in two words, natural gas. Qatar is sitting on lots of it and the war with Syria to oust Assad was about getting a natural gas pipeline to Europe to undercut the Russian dominance in supplying natural gas to Europe. Somehow, Putin was able to separate Qatar from the USA plantation. With Qatar under Russian influence, the source for the natural gas pipeline dries up and the war in Syria immediately becomes useless to JewSA. Putin and Assad win. Certainly, time will tell if my perspective is correct.

  9. Before a person becomes presidente of U.S. he must first sleep with the Zionist harlot who infects him with the virus herpes. Afterwards he is infected for life. All the scrubbing with soap and water, or sea-salt baths, wont cure him. He must endure “media ” outbreaks for the rest of his life….staring down at his member in anguish. The Zionist harlot will always be with him. His decisiones wont be his. They will be hers. Chiou.

    1. THANK YOU, Arch..!!

      From the article:
      “What Bernie Sanders is doing is imposing his own test, a reverse religious test — that people have no religious convictions.”

      His true Judaic atheism is showing.

      Everyone who would have Bernie in charge of DC should watch that video.

  10. Whether tapes exist or not does matter. Trump can claim executive privilege whether he has the tapes or not. The game can go on for months/years. In politics, timing is everything so Trump can distract as long as he wants to while other things go unnoticed. Comey was one of Killery’s primary protectors as the head of the FBI. Expect things to develop that will cause “tape or no tape” and the Russian ruse to become back burner or totally off the radar.

    As for who is lying, there is no way I would believe “Howdy Doody” Comey. A person that has sex with boys dressed up as Howdy Doody has no credibility. According to T. L. Williams back on March 14, 2017, the FBI has those video tapes. Here is the link to Williams’ 12-minute video. explaining why Comey will never allow an investigation of the Clintons or Obama.
    Williams also mentions Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, and Prince William. Williams also said that he has viewed the video of Comey pounding Prince Charles that was acquired from his FBI source.

    1. et williams is a scream to listen to, black version of alex jones.
      ““Shocking News” James Comey Is A Child Molester! Jeffery Epstein, Bill Clinton, Andrew In Sex Trade” (+dirty harry reid 🙂 )
      it all stacks up, even though no evidence is shown.

      what is not mentioned is that epstein is a mossad employee from day 1, they set him up with agency billions to pretend as a genius investor to scoop in venal shabbos and then sort them out according to their perverions on that caribbean island of blood, sweat and tears of perdition.
      It was all conceived, planned, carried out by jews from the early days.

      That’s the real story – Lucifer and his Judas catamites.

      1. Evidence? What evidence? With Jews you doan need no steenkin’ evidence! Just follow the simple Jew rule of guilt by association. If an accused criminal is anywhere in the proximity of Jews, especially during the commission of a sex or financial crime, then the accused is guilty! Guilt! GUILTY! And no amount of evidence will prove otherwise.

        In fact, if an individual is an elected or appointed government employee, then they are guilty by their very position in the Zionist American Government (ZAG) in the same manner as janitors working at Auschwitz were guilty of war crimes, as are all Germans – no matter the evidence.

        As for who is lying, there is no way I would believe “Howdy Doody” Comey. A person that has sex with boys dressed up as Howdy Doody has no credibility.

        Why not? Would it help the credibility issue if the person was having sex with Howdy Doody?

        From my point of view the Howdy Doody thing sounds so over the top as to smack of Judaic disinformation 101. Comey was born in 1960, the Howdy Doody show was cancelled in 1960, the year Comey was born. What is the likelihood Comey would develop a sexual fixation on a TV dummy to whom he was never exposed? (Good puns seem to be more difficult these days)

        Remember basic Zionist political emergency procedures:

        If any lifeboat on the ship of state begins listing dangerously to starboard, then immediately begin flooding it with a sufficient amount of lies until it either sinks or becomes upright again amid the sea of confusion.

  11. for anyone studying venomous insects, here is a good selection, their faces awash with pure insect soul juice, wiggling and glistening in their sacs of slime, impervious to human senses.
    Just think of how these diseased aspens are turning because they are connected at the root, how many genealogies tie the nefarious activities directed against the very same victim, e.g., Russia or Christ …
    jacob Schiff (1880-1930’s), Adam Schiff now,
    lazar kaganovich, kagan spawn (pictured), victoria nuland (nudelman),
    the kristols … it is as if there is a traditionalist guild of weavers, masons, saddlemakers – vampires, father to son to daughter, all returning to the scene of ancient crime to persecute and martyr anew the kulak villages of desperate peons, just like in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
    And the suffering Russia and Ukraine, always … 3 holodomors not enough for the kagans, no, they must have more, so Nuland returns bearing kosher sandwiches at Maidan … and look at the ongoing holodomor right now, jews squatting their bloated asses over them, pumping, dumping, … and if that’s not evil enough, the Schiffs are operating on an even bigger scale because Russia is bigger and has risen higher in her resurrection.

    because this is what the persecution of fake “Trump-Russia collusion” is all about, Schiff-Rothschild-Warburg axis aiming to bring the wrath of yahwa back down onto russia’s christianity, the blood of 66 million consumed and the devil’s throat parched and thirsting for more … because in truth, the devil doesn’t care for money, it is his excrement eagerly gobbled up by the infected and lost, he wants the blood, the souls, the sons of ancient vampires swooping down on the sons of ancient victims.

  12. Most people go from cradle to grave and never discover who they really are.

  13. M.B.,
    I actually speak 3 languages….Spanish, a little English and fluent Thai. You appear to be inconsistente in your responses. In some posts you admire me. In some, you condemn me. All this time, Im the same individuo. Oh well, lets focus on the issues…shall we? Im not a Brit. You people are very alien to me. I dont have the words. Chiou.

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