Trump has sold out America to the Jews

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When an abusive government fails to protect its own people, revolution is inevitable

“Donald Trump has handed over America to the Lubavitchers, the most violently deranged among all the twisted Jewish denominations. Like all of his immediate predecessors in the White House, Trump has sold out America to the Jews.” — John Kaminski

We, the ordinary citizens of the United States, have no connection to the government that insists it speaks in our name. The only way we can get its attention is with large amounts of cash, all of which gets stuffed into the pockets of the elected extortionists, and none of which goes to the original purpose of whatever request we have chosen to make.

We ordinary citizens also do not get valid information from our news media, which are corruptly connected to the government they are supposed to be covering objectively. Journalism has always been afflicted by ulterior motives hiding behind a plausible veneer, but never moreso than now, when the world’s news gathering organizations are all controlled by a handful of Jews, and our disintegrating reality is being shaped by their subhuman compulsions. CNN is made in Israel, and so are all the other networks and newspapers.

On both on NBC and NPR, I heard the news readers mention the 6 million lie again as if it was established fact. It is not. The quantification of the Jew scam can be measured by the difference between 6 million and the 271,000-plus the Associated Press reported in 1947. The AP is now owned by the Rothschilds, and you can’t find that information anywhere.

Today, first among the inconvenient stories corporate media ignore is the tragedy of the Bundys and their friends, who stood up for Constitutional justice and have been destroyed by the government and ignored by the public. Truth tellers take note of your probable fate.

The Constitution supposedly guarantees that except in cases of murder, no one can be denied bail. Yet the Bundy entourage, which only tried to spotlight the illegal federal takeover of Western ranchlands, has mostly been held in solitary confinement for more than a year. When four were found innocent despite a rigged trial, the government tased their lawyer and filed new charges to keep them in jail.

And Ammon Bundy, after 13 hours naked in a cramped shower, got two dislocated shoulders. His supporters believe the government is trying to kill him, just like it murdered Lavoy Finicum, an exemplary human being whose truth terrified our criminal government.

Today the drama continues as government deceptions appear to be aimed at dragging out the legal process indefinitely for those patriots still kept in solitary confinement. For Cliven Bundy at 72, incarceration amounts to torture.

And of course for Lavoy Finicum, as honorable an American who has ever lived who was murdered by the FBI, there is no bringing him back to life even as his killers go unpunished.

The thing I had wished happened initially was that during Donald Trump’s long campaign harangue of Hillary Clinton he would have mentioned that it was the $450,000 the Clinton Foundation received for brokering a deal to sell the uranium on the Hammonds’ ranch in Oregon that actually put the Hammond men, father and son, in jail on a trumped up charge from a kangaroo court (aren’t they all?!).

A contract they were forced to sign stipulated that when they sell their ranch, it would have to be to the Bureau of Land Management, which is at the center of all this persecution of patriots merely trying to defend their rights as citizens.

But this is typical American justice. And you never hear about it on TV. Much of the real news, especially news embarrassing to the government, never makes it to the evening broadcasts.

So too with Donald Trump, who has handed over America to the Lubavitchers, the most violently deranged among all the twisted Jewish denominations. Like all of his immediate predecessors in the White House, Trump has sold out America to the Jews.

And therein lies a tale of America’s quadrennial insanity. What winning presidential candidate has ever remembered his campaign promises? None. So now Hillary is a nice person instead of one of the great criminals in political history, blamed by scholars for the murders of Vince Foster and Muammar Qaddafi.

Trump won the election because the electorate was convinced Hillary was going to start World War 3 with Russia. And how long did it take for the Deep State to totally disrupt Trump’s plans for peace with Russia? This John McCain-Lindsey Graham insanity has ruled the U.S. since the Gerald Ford administration, Cheney and Rumsfeld, even back then, quintessential employees of the Deep State that rules America and the world.

It took less than 100 days for the Deep State to totally denature Trump’s apparent plans for peace with Russia. Either Trump knew it would happen or he is not as smart as we thought. When he bombed Syria for no valid reason except his Lubavitcher daughter’s crocodile tears, he lost all those voters who voted for him because they thought he WAS smart.

Really, all Trump ever was was a really good real estate salesman who had his Rothschild godfathers erasing every mistake he ever made.

Anytime McCain and Graham are happy, humanity has lost another round.

And America is now run by a Lubavitcher couple — the Kushners — heavily in debt to the mob and wholly owned by the worldwide Jewish murder machine.



Welcome to your worst nightmare —
America, gone bad!

We have a government intent on putting us in jail, and we can’t trust anything our government tells us. From the Food and Drag Administration to the Centers for Disease Control — we can’t trust a thing they say.

This is the real Jewish contribution to America — you can’t believe a thing most people say.

When abusive government no longer protects its people, revolution is inevitable.

If only Americans could be roused from their cognitive slumber . . . ah, but no, there are simply too many people on one kind of government assistance or another, too many preachers with tax-exempt status to protect, and too many high priced executives pulling down big checks for government jobs that shouldn’t really even exist.

Because the USA has lied, cheated and massacred the whole world during the last two centuries, it should have come as no surprise that it would eventually lie, cheat and massacre its own citizens, which it is now doing, especially to those critics who point out all the crimes our government, controlled by a foreign power, continues to commit.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

98 thoughts to “Trump has sold out America to the Jews”

  1. If Trump appoints Joe Lieberman to head of the FBI, then his “sell out” of America to the Jews is complete.

    His cabinet is already riddled with Jews, some even with a Goldman & Sachs background.

    A man who has made himself an hostage of the Jews to such an extent cannot liberate us from them.

    1. Agreed! If Trump appoints the worst Jew, the most evil Zionist homosexual Jew to head the FBI then Amerika is finished and those that have the means should flee for lives and get as far as possible from Jew whore Amerika.

      Notice that pathological liar Joseph Lieberman has no law enforcement experience whatsover, so why is he the first choice? Because he will carry out the final Bolshevik crackdown because he is a loyal Zionist who hates American freedoms and guns.

      Anti-gun Lieberman is exactly what they want because no one believes the MSM any longer, they’ve lost control of the narrative, and must crack the whip to keep us inline. If Lieberman is appointed then the revolution becomes inevitable.

      1. The FBI is one of the major parts of the “deep state”. If you let a Jew control that then how on earth can you fight the “deep state” ? Lieberman will show no loyalty to his boss whatsoever. The US will become like the Soviet Union. The Gulags have already been built (the FEMA camps).

      2. As I see it, Russia cannot afford to give up Syria to the “beast”, because Iran is next in line for aggression and destruction, and then Russia. If Russia backs down now, it will be not only an unacceptable loss of face, but Russia will be toast.

        IMO, the ultimate expression of subservience to Jews and the Jewish cause, is to offer up all of humanity – actually all sentient creatures on the Earth – as a blood sacrifice to Satan, the god of the Jews, which is exactly what Chumpster fraudster is doing by his relentless pursuit of the Jewish agenda in Syria.

        While the appointment of LIEberman would be an outrageous atrocity against America, the Jew dirty work that Chumpster fraudster is doing in Syria threatens TEOTWAWKI for the Jews.

  2. Yesterday we published a pro-Trump article which probably came as a disappointment to our anti-Trump readers. Today, in order to restore the balance, we publish an anti-Trump article. Our own views on Trump have been in a state of constant flux, swinging one way and then back the other way like a yo-yo. Personally, I am undecided on Trump. People who wish to bash him on this site are perfectly welcome to do so. And people who wish to praise him are equally welcome.

    [LATER] I received this from a friend in the Far East a few minutes ago. It gives Putin’s perspective on the recent events in America.


    1. Why do the jews want Trump impeached if he sold out America to them? I never heard of jews wanting to impeach a president that gives them what they want. Have you?

      1. @ All Trump haters

        Stop f*ckin’ complaining the jews want to impeach Trump if all you can do is constantly incessantly bad mouth Trump.

        If he’s so bad and so lousy, then it’s a good thing the joos are trying hard to impeach him. Go support the jews trying to impeach Trump if Trump is so terrible a president. If you think Trump is such a horrible president then the jews trying to impeach Trump are doing you all a favor so why don’t you all shut the fuck up. The jews are going to try real hard to get rid of this Trump you all dislike so much. The jews are doing you all a favor.

        Sure, on one hand do nothing but complain about how horrible a president Trump is, then on the other hand cry and complain because the “perfidious” jews want to impeach this president you say is so horrible and you’re so anxious to want to see Trump forced out of office. Makes sense, if you’re a chameleon snake, go fuck yourselves in your snake shit snake hole.

      2. if you’re chameleon snake, go fuck yourselves in your snake shit snake hole.

        Mind your language, you vulgar little man.

        If you’re a typical Trump supporter, I can understand why people are turning against Trump.

        A man is judged by his supporters.

        You need to read the Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion. It explains how they think and operate from beginning to the end. The Motto of the Israeli Mossad is By deception we shall make war.

      4. Perhaps you have heard of controlled opposition. When one controls both sides of the argument, then one controls the outcome of the argument. It’s all a giant Punch and Judy show to convince the gullible goyim the illusion they have created is reality.

        Was it not obvious that Trump was a plant when Jews were running around screaming how Trump was a new Hitler? Yet this was the only direct action taken by Jews. Compare that with what criminal Jews, in the best mafia tradition, actually did, not only to Hitler, but his extended Germanic family.

        Compare the Jew’s actions regarding Trump with their murder of JFK to silence a president over questions about Dimona and the Federal Reserve. Remember Saddam Hussein was “another Hitler”? Boom dead! Remember Muammar al-Qaddafi was also “another Hitler?” Boom dead! Unlike America, these leader’s countries were not under Jewish domination and control. This is what happens when Jews scream, “Oy Vey! Another Hitler he is.”

        The Jews have consolidated immense global wealth and power they now wield with impunity. Israel openly violates international law forcefully imposed on other countries. They posses an arsenal of nuclear weapons denied other countries. Yet Americans are to believe Jews were powerless to stop Trump’s election? How gullible can the goyim be?

        And now – Trump’s theme song as sung by a Jew.

      5. Why did the Jews call for Obama’s assassination when he was doing their dirty work?

        How do you know the Jews *actually* want Trump impeached? And how do you know what he’s giving them or plans to give them vs. what they demand?

        If you understood how Jews operate, you’d realize that when Jews are involved there are usually multiple layers of deception, reverse psychology, etc., and NOTHING is as it seems.

      6. “If you think Trump is such a horrible president then the jews trying to impeach Trump are doing you all a favor so why don’t you all shut the fuck up.”

        Every time Chumpster takes a shot at the Syrian government (and/or allied forces) and kills some people and breaks some things, illegally and immorally, he risks a military confrontation with Russia.

        Do I need to explain to you the danger that a direct military conflict with Russia poses for every living thing on this planet? Your hero Chumpster fraudster is putting the whole world at risk for the sake of Jew dirty work. It doesn’t get any more “horrible” than that, Shlomo.

      7. OriginalJoe,
        The battle for America is between two Jewish cabals: The Globalist Jewish Mafia of Soros et al, who want empire NWO and Nationalist Jews who want the Greater Israel Project of Oded Yinon with US sovereignty retained e.g. Nuts Netanyahu. The Soros mafia wants the UN as world government but Nuts hates the UN with a passion.

    2. If you were down 50% due to him selling out to the Zionists, you would not be switching back and forth. Trump lied to get elected. Many are deeply in the stock market, far on the correct side of fair value for this masked economic depression. The upward manipulation of the stock market since 2009 is killing America as it causes a wider wealth divide, not to mention diligent investors are unjustly forced to lose. Based on the promises made by Trump, relief seemed possible but by the actions on election night, it was seen something went wrong. Stock futures fell more than 4% upon Trump being elected (this was the good part). I was concerned the market would be manipulated up yet again as happened so often (look back at Feb 11, 2016 and right after the Brexit vote for example). And sure enough the market did get manipulated up, but for what reason? Had the market actually reacted to Trump being in and following through with his actions against the Federal Reserve, the market action down was justified. Upon solid analysis the stock market was around 3X overpriced at the night of the election to now around 4X overpriced. Once you note how Trump never says a bad word about the Federal Reserve now, and no longer speaks of the big fat stock market bubble but instead brags about it being 25% or so higher (illogical). Trump now speaks of the jobs reports as being true when before was accurately referred to as phony. Trump called the economy phony while campaigning but no longer now. Trump said Goldman Sachs was the enemy of the people and look who he put in his cabinet. Goldman Sachs is the revolving door with the Federal Reserve. Well, I could go on with some more, but to any thinking person, it’s clear Trump did sell out. America is losing fast. I demonstrate the real GDP growth rate when properly accounting for deficit spending and using a non-contrived inflation rate has been deeply negative 9 years running. Going long requires being extremely ignorant of the actual economy, of valuations, and possibly also selling one’s soul to the central banks beast 666 as there’s absolutely no fundamental reason for the stock market to be so high.

  3. What Trump doesn’t seem to understand is that no matter what he does, he cannot appease them and will never be one of them (Jews). It doesn’t matter that his daughter is married to a Jew and that he has half-Jewish grandchildren. It doesn’t matter that he has filled his government with them and it doesn’t matter that he kisses Netanyahu’s derriere. In the mind of the Jewish elite, he STOLE the White House from Hillary. IOW; they were THAT close to total victory and a political outsider took that victory away from them.

    He will be impeached and replaced with Pence just to make a point; to rub it into the faces of the White goyim who dared to put their will ahead of the desires of their “betters”. Perhaps he believed that it was possible for him to run the government as he did his business and did not understand that the President of the U.S.A. is largely a figurehead- that the Deep State actually runs the country at the behest of the Oligarchy that hides itself from view (except for Soros- and notice that the media does not cover Soros’ activities). But he is finding out that the “witch hunt” that he is subject to will not end until he is replaced by someone else.

    1. Well, if Trump is impeached it will be crunch time for his millions of supporters to either put up or shut up. If they take it lying down then we may as well pack it in and just worry about number 1. But, with summer quickly approaching, I still have a feeling that his supporters will take to the streets. If they don’t, Antifa wins and the USA is finished. It’s actually finished regardless.

      BTW, I was unable to access this site for the past few days. Anyone else have that problem? You can never tell what the psychos running the deep state are up to, but no doubt they’d like to shut it down.

      1. @ Folly

        As of late May 2017, what exactly is a “Trump supporter”?

        He’s reneged on so many things, what is there to support? For example he’s already lost millions of supporters who thought he was going to change course in Syria and present an alternative to war with Russia.

        At this point many “Trump supporters” may only be “Trump supporters” because they are captives of Jew reverse psychology tactics, i.e., “he must be doing something right because ‘the Jews’ want him impeached blah…blah…blah.”

    2. Astute observations, Donald, and I concur with your prediction that Trump will ultimately be impeached, thereby installing the ultra-Zionist Pence as POTUS. Throughout the millennia the Jews have unceasingly and tirelessly fulfilled the wishes of their father, the devil, and I do not see how their plan to enslave every living being on the planet can be diverted or mitigated (barring divine intervention).

      1. “….and I do not see how their plan to enslave every living being on the planet can be diverted or mitigated (barring divine intervention).”

        Their plan has been a success insofar as the destruction of Western Civilization is concerned however, there are several serious impediments to their enslaving every living being on the planet. Russia is foremost among these along with China and Iran all of which do not want to be enslaved to the US global hegemony.
        Additionally, the US military is overextended (800 or so bases world wide) and there is also the effeminized nature of our current military to consider, replete with corrupt military leaders and contractors whose wealth depends on ever expanding wars. Being overextended can lead to a very big problem if there is serious trouble requiring military intervention on the home front (which is why they have militarized the police). Meanwhile the Oligarchy is dependent on the US military to enforce compliance with its will. Also, the US economy is a hollow shell as you know, and dependent on the petrodollar to feed its engine while the country strains under a debt load in the trillions of dollars. That petrodollar is in trouble, by the way.
        Juxtapose this with Russia whose military is led by professional soldiers (the top brass are not self-serving politicians) and whose interest is in defending Russia and its culture as opposed to the US industrial complex which is loyal to nothing but profit and the Oligarchy that pulls its strings. They have control of the Western World, but do not have control over the globe. Though the elite Jews have higher than average intellect, their hubris will be their downfall. Though I am saddened by the impending demise of the civilization that our people built, I have confidence in the overreaching nature of the Jew, and I do not discount divine intervention on behalf of the world.

      2. USAF Jag Vet,
        The answer is simple. No divine intervención. Simplemente human activity. Live your life wholesome and truthfully. The serpiente (diablo ) cant touch you. The diabólico plan of Satan and the Jew will fail. 4000 years of mischief and we are still here. The mind of “Satans Children ” is twisted and out of touch with realidad. There plan will fail.

      3. Eleanor Rigby,
        Youre a classy gal. I like that. …..wink…..take care fine lady.

    3. Donald –

      I agree mostly.

      I also believe the Pence plan was alive all along…. which is why the BUFFOON was (S)elected.

      The election of their team and the actions of the LIAR-In-Chief indicate it was planned … orchestrated …. for over a decade.

      Pence running for President and WINNING… would be even MORE obvious of rigging than when Billy Clinton won in ’92. 🙂

      1. Pat

        Or, maybe Pence was an insurance policy in the unlikely event of Trump being elected

    4. Impeached? Are you not aware of the Jew’s murderous theatrics? Jews kill to get what they want. Impeachment takes far too long, a bullet to the brain a la JFK is more likely. I imagine a “Muslim terrorist” will be the assassin.

      Let’s see now, an Iranian Muslim would do the trick nicely, getting rid of Trump and providing the necessary moral imperative to destroy Iran. Yeah, that’s the ticket, an Iranian assassin, two birds with one stone. The gullible goyim are plenty stupid enough to swallow that Trumped up lie.

      As a fly on the wall, I can hear the conversation now:

      “Maury, call up the agency and see what’s available in drug-crazed, psychotic killers groomed for presidential assassination.

      “Don’t be stupid Maury! He doesn’t have to actually be Iranian, we’ll insert that angle into the story as it emerges. Yes, yes, get on it right away! We want Trump dead before the end of the week and wouldn’t It be a nize touch to have the networks film the Iranian’s head being brought to the white-house on a silver platter as his just reward?

      “Of course, of course, maybe you are right. Perhaps we should leave the head-chopping to the Muslims. After all, we don’t want the stupid goyim thinking (((we))) do things like that.

      “Hmmm platter, platter – Oh Natalie, bring in a platter of bagels and lox would you please?”

  4. Lasha, Sister Monica, Uncle Toby, et al.,
    Thank you, thank you, for once again publishing Mr. Kaminski’s editorials. They should be required reading for all students in high school and above. Nobody quite says it like Mr. Kaminski – except for our esteemed Ms. Darkmoon, of course.

    1. @ USAF Jag Vet

      Re John Kaminski

      We hope to publish selected new articles by John Kaminski but only on an occasional basis. That is, in exactly the same way as we publish the occasional new piece by Paul Craig Roberts or the Saker. All these writers tend to be extremely prolific, sometimes turning out 2-3 new articles a week. We simply can’t keep up with them by publishing everything they write. Totally impossible! If they wrote less, no problem. But it is simply beyond our capacity to publish several new articles a month by the same writer.

      — Editor-in-Chief (JSM)

      1. Thank you for your note, Mr. Montecristo. I certainly understand your position. Best regards.

      2. JSM, I forgot to ask: Are you aware of a website that publishes all of Mr. Kaminski’s articles?

        1. I think all Mr K’s articles are regularly published on but this site appears to be experiencing temporary difficulties. Many of his articles will also be found on and a number of other sites.

          I’m sorry I can’t tell you any more than this.

          — JSM

    2. Few contemporary authors paint the true darkness of the Jewish psyche like Mr. Kaminski. He views this Jewish horror show from behind the camera. His insights are quite valuable to the awakening masses.

  5. Just one non-voter’s opinion of how the near future (10 years) unfolds. Please don’t shoot or sophisize the messenger.

    1) President Trump, exactly as advertised and exactly as he personally promised, will get white Christians the best possible ‘deal’ they can possibly get, and then some.
    2) ‘Things’ will stay the same. Crap. Don’t need a weatherman, and all that jazz..
    3) No war with Russia! *Heap Biggly cipherable Economics Trumps War. *Record heap Biggly! (ask A.I.)
    4) Coming up! In lieu of US-NATO troop deaths by the tens of thousands at the hands of Russia, it will instead be, right on schedule – Islam War # (to be decided).
    5) What are fairly-normal human beings supposed to do? The (some say) accursed desert Abrahamaniacs are kinda hard to, well, evade. Aren’t they? All of them!
    I recommend a heavy duty hobby..

    OK, besides wishing John and Pat good health, I also hope this comment isn’t too flippant, off topic, ill humored, inane and/or so pathetic an attempt at humor as to cause people grief..

    1. HP –

      “sophisize”..?? …. “sophisize”..??

      You’re not supposed to use that language in public..!! 🙂

      BTW – You wrote over a couple of years ago that you would vote for me for prezzy.

      So… I’ll select you for VP.. We can vote for each other.. 🙂

    2. ADMIN :

      Can you tell me why my “Better The Devil You Know Than The Devil You Don’t Know” post is being intentionally held-up in Spam and not on the commentary board where it rightfully belongs and deserves to have its place alongside everyone else’s posts, as my post is just as worthy, if not more so, than everyone else’s posts. Or, do I make TOO many GOOD points for the post to be considered a “desirable” post for your Darkmoon commentary board?

      1. @ TROJ

        There in no comment in spam today entitled:
        “Better The Devil You Know Than The Devil You Don’t Know”.
        We can’t post what we haven’t seen.

        1. Trump didn’t sell-out America to the jews, Woodrow Wilosn did in 1913. All presidents since then have had to work within a certain framework. It’s been that way for awhile. Trump inherited a system of government started in 1913. If Trump is impeached and kicked out of Office, the one who replaces him will be even more in the pockets of the Establishment, even more in the pockets of The Cabal, even more in the pockets of the Jews, and even more beholden to the Establshment, the Cabal, the Jews. It’s not Trump’s fault that framework is there, is not his fault he has to work within certain guidelines, it’s not his fault the whole Establishment, The Cabal, and so many Jews are opposed to him. They’re opposed to him for his virtues and his good points, he is not hated in Washington for his weak points. He is not hated in Washington because of the things we here at Darkmoon rail against.

          Better to give Trump support. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know. If the Establsihment, the Cabal, the Jews, succeed in impeaching Trump and kicking him out of Office, they will feel very very emboldened with their Victory and in the flush of Victory will impose an even more overbearing and even more tyrannical government, they will be emboldened to go all the way to totally manifest their totalitarian dreams. All the things everyone here is railing against, all the things We are opposed to, all the things We are opposed to will be even more intensely inflicted on us and the whole population if they succeed in impeaching Trump and kicking him out of Washington. Hillary and Obama will be welcomed back to Washington BIG TIME and they will once again have alot of say and influence.

          Though Hillary won’t replace an impeached Trump, she will back BIG TIME and have as much influence if not alot more influence, in Washington than she did before the campaign. Obama will be back BIG TIME also. Alot of monsters we don’t know will appear on the scene also and they will have alot of influence and alot of power, if Trump is impeached. If Trump is impeached, a devil will appear and will take over and that devil will be alot alot alot alot more full of faults and alot alot alot more horrible than Trump, if you think Trump is horrible. If they succeed in impeaching him, just wait and see what takes his place. This is a case where better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know makes the most sense.

    3. Not the same. The unlawful upward manipulation of the stock market even more egregious now. It’s hurting both society and the economy, no matter the lies of an improving economy. I exposed the lies numerous times and Trump is now fully engaged in the lies now, contrary to his stance while campaigning.

  6. Trump is Woodrow Wilson echo. Wilson was blackmailed by
    Untermeyer among others. His faux-bluestocking self-image ego made
    him a perfect blackmail target. The purpose of WW1 was the creation of Israel.
    Ditto WW2 – RIP Huey Long who tried to preempt the re-election of FDR.

    And the U.S. MSM Wurlitzer beat the war-drums vehemently prior to
    WW1 – with Bryce plinking inflammatory crapples in the UK.

    The function of WW3 is the creation of Nile-Tigris Greater Israel and
    Iran is in the way.

    So, why is the MSM Wurlitzer so focused on ousting Trump? The idea is
    that Trump will do ANYTHING to prevent ouster. So, if WW3 ensues,
    the Jews can ridicule the idea that they are somehow to blame by insisting:
    “We tried to oust this jerk. We tried to SAVE you, dummies!!! And Greater
    Israel then follows WW3. Hence the tempest in the MSM piss-pot.

    1. Trebor –

      You asked:
      “So, why is the MSM Wurlitzer so focused on ousting Trump?”

      It is “YUGE” biznezz.

      Chaos and controversy in politics sell more…. and more ads by increased ‘likes’ and circulation..
      So do campaigns….

      And Trump is a salesman… fueling the fires…”BIGGLY?? !!”… for $$$$ Billions.

    2. Excellent analysis. Jews set ’em up and Jews knock em down. In the end Jews will dance around screaming, “See! See! Ve told you he was another demonic Hitler, but you wouldn’t listen. You can’t blame us for any of this, we told you so! It’s all your fault for not listening to our sagely advice!”

      Perhaps the Jews greatest cunning lies in their ability to create disasters and then blame others while exempting themselves from any culpability. No doubt Jews will present the gullible goyim with high theater for this world changing event. Like Waco, the Trade Towers were just a test to see how stupid the goyim really are and the vast majority passed the Jew’s stupid test with high marks. So now its on to WWIII.

  7. Glad to see that Mr. Kaminski is once again in favor with Darkmoon. Lasha displays his writing so well!
    Sometimes, I think it would be best to have a shake-up, here, in terms of universal societal upheaval. A bloodbath may be necessary fertilizer for the Tree of Liberty (as Mr. Jefferson once said). Certainly, John Lee Malvo demonstrated a few years ago how effective ONE determined sniper could be in disrupting business-as-usual…
    The sheeple need a shearing! 🙂

  8. explain this:

    The White House on Friday published a map of Israel at the pre-1967 lines in the latest in a series of mishaps that has marred US President Donald Trump’s first visit to Israel.
    The 54 second video called “Photos Abroad” promotes Trump’s five stop trip in eight day. A red line set to upbeat music shows how Trump will travel from Washington to Saudi Arabia and on to Israel.
    But the white map, set against a blue background excludes east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, which are part of sovereign Israel.
    It also does not include the West Bank, including Area C, where all the Israeli settlements are
    On the flip side the map does not offer an illustration solely for the Palestinian territories nor does it refer to Palestine as a state.
    Trump’s visit to the Palestinian territories is listed under Israel, where the video explained Trump will be meeting with the “President of the Palestinian Authority.”
    Right-wing Israelis welcomed Trump’s election, hopeful that he would support their vision of broader Israel. This includes a united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, retaining the Golan Heights and understanding that Area C of the West Bank would be within Israel’s final borders.
    But a number of incidents in the run up to the trip, have clarified that Trump’s White House is hesitant to make those policy statements. This includes the White House’s inability to state that the Western Wall is part of Israel when quizzed by reporters at a press briefing in the White House.
    To underscore the point the <b.White House will not allow any Israeli officials to accompany Trump when he visited the Western Wall.

    sorry but claiming that Obama got the same treatment from jews as trump as disingenuous to put it mildly.
    Some left field rabbi may have called for Obama shooting and i do know that someone claimed his AIPAC speech was antisemitic because he didn’t bend over deep enough and sure, that is pure jew kabuki.

    But what they are doing to Trump is another league altogether, quite on par with neville Chamberlain, Adolph hitler, saddam hussein, muamar Gaddafi, Ahmedinejad and Putin – beaming serious talmud hate.

    1. At most these are stealth signals of rebellion against his Jewish masters. When push comes to shove Trump will give in and apologize. Remember on Holocaust Remembrance Day he didn’t mention the Jews ? After much protests he apologized and on the next occasion he slavishly did refer to the Jews and their Holy Holocaust. Trump is a dog on a short leash who sometimes tries to escape but ultimately is reined in.

      1. Maybe so, Franklin. But then he lets out the reins again. It ain’t easy trying to maneuver between rocks and hard places,

        And just to reiterate, let’s not get too enamored by the Protocols in terms of everything going so swimmingly for its agenda, as lobro and I allude to

    2. “explain this:…”

      You’re going to imply that the embarrassingly ignorant, shallow, child-like Orange Clown actually has his own independent ideas about what should be Israel’s geographical extent? After a careful, morally-legally-and-historically-informed geopolitical analysis, master statesman Chumpster fraudster arrived at a decision sympathetic to Arab sensibilities (screw Israel and the Jews)?

      Somehow I think not.

      OTOH, I’ve noticed a long-standing trend among U.S. Jew-puppet presidents: they seem to have the peculiar affectation whereby they always do some “get tough with Israel/do something good for the Palestinians” kind of disingenuous posturing…just before starting another war for the Jews.

      “See, look, boys and girls, I’ve just snubbed Netanyahoo and drawn some inappropriate boundary lines on a map. Thus when I invade Syria and risk TEOTWAWKI, you can be sure I’m doing it for the benefit of Joe and Jill Sixpack from Oshkosh, not for Shlomo Sh*tstein et al. from New York. And if that’s not enough to convince you, just look at how those nasty Jews are trying to impeach me; surely that means I’m working for Joe and Jill, right?”

  9. Listen to Greg Hunter’s this Friday’s weekend rap up as he eviscerates the media. As you all may know Hunter was an experienced news reporter for some major news outfits. He’s beside himself reporting on just how low the government controlled media can stoop.

  10. Pat:
    You did not get my drift – and it was all my fault. I should
    have answered the question even before posing it. Mea maxima culpa.
    Woodrow Wilson was played like a Stradivarius and U.S. involvement in WW1 followed like
    an evil charm. The MSM Wurlitzer is boom-boxing at the threshold of pain
    to get an attack on Iran going – not to rake in the proverbial shekels.
    Which means Trump is the current designated Stradivarius. Sorry about my sub-
    optimal original comment.

    Chinese proverb: ” Second man to dive into muddy pool – more foolish
    than first.”

    Corollary: “Third man to dive into same muddy pool, undeniably postcocious.”

  11. ADMIN

    The problem with the Jews is in their incremental working mode: when they initiate an action, either it is a screen-smoke to hide another action much more important/dangerous or it is an unsuspected step to still unsuspected wilder project. So, never catch for the first impression.
    Let’s for example examine their most deceptive tool: the mass media. While newspapers, magazines and news channels pose as informative tools, they actually perform a day-to-day propaganda, dis-information and sequential indoctrination program. To read or watch them we have to buy them; but if we were smart enough to disregard them, (((they))) would provide them free, since they serve their own purposes in the first place. The same goes for TV shows/series and movies. Seemingly, they are meant to entertain us, but in reality, they are a more dangerous tool of subtle subliminal mind control programming.
    As I said before, never fall for the first impression with (((them))). It is often meant to distract from another more important plot (I think Pizza-gate distracted from Evanka/Kushner close link to Israel) or to use as a stepping-stone to a crucial, completely different course of action: For instance, “The Arab spring” started with the well-intended intention of overthrowing decades-long dictatorships. Nevertheless, as soon as the Governments in place were destabilized, chaos generalized and armed conflicts began to shatter the remaining organized structures as if by magic (1). Tunisia, the least traumatized country, ended with a regime molded after the former one and a President (Beji Kaid Essebsi, 90) drawn from the Tunisian political archives. Egypt ended with a military coup/regime and a Jewish President, after serious Human Rights violations. Libya, Yemen and Syria are still muddling in their ethnic, religious or/and political conflicting interests and ambitions.

    To come back to Trump:
    “Why do the jews want Trump impeached if he sold out America to them? I never heard of jews wanting to impeach a president that gives them what they want. Have you?”

    Well, what have become of Pizza gate? It was a snap shot of the corrupted elite, held up high to distract the goyim attention just the time other dirty tricks were being done underneath. So might be the call to impeach Trump. It might be just a trick to strip him off the remaining popular support. When he is totally at their mercy, (((they))) would drop the matter.

    In short, (((they))) stage favorable situations, exploit them then discard them when no longer necessary.
    Bernard Henry Levy
    (1) “Known for his multiple trips and travel, Levy went to all the countries in conflict, Afghanistan, Sudan, Darfur, Kurdistan, Iraq, in Tel Aviv, and finally to eastern Libya, where he dropped the green flag of the Libyan regime, hoisted by the Libyan authorities in sign of opposition to the Camp David agreements in 1977.”


    1. PS
      Sorry, there was a major fault in my “analysis” regarding the undergoing threat to impeach Trump. It was past midnight and I failed to revise my comment. So, (to correct it) Jews must have noticed a surge in Trump criticizing regarding his commitment to the Jewish agenda, hence their current campaign to ”deny” his allegiance to (((them))) and to acquit him of this “allegation”.

  12. @FollyOfWar BTW, I was unable to access this site for the past few days. Anyone else have that problem? You can never tell what the psychos running the deep state are up to, but no doubt they’d like to shut it down.
    I can say I have had that problem for several months, now. The odd time, I get access. It would be helpful for Admin et al. to learn that more than I — I who have brought this issue up by direct e-mail — have also experienced this blockage. Yes, I think it is censorship. Jim Stone has been on this for some years.

  13. I am glad to see that Kaminski’s articles have returned to these pages. The demise of _The Rebel_ left him with no public outlet. Kaminski is very Jew-wise and _we_ need for his writing to have a public outlet.

    1. Kendra Blewitt
      first time i see your name in here
      i just want to ask you one question ,what is Jew-wise mean to you.
      Jews never ever , i repeat never ever been your enemies ,never acted against your well being as white nations
      and you and people like you have been engaging in an unholy crusade to demonize Jews and blame every ills ,every failures and every shortcomings you ever have had on the Jews.

      1. Nomad Rebel –

        “Jew wise” is merely an indicator of awareness of nefarious intent associated with the tribe. However, I believe it is an injustice to accuse all Jews of criminal Talmudic behavior because of their nativity. Having worked for some very fine Jews in my past, I am reluctant to announce myself “Jew wise”, but can certainly understand the application of the description, e.g., I had never correlated mandates of the Talmud with behavior set forth in The Protocols of Zion until some “Jew wise” scholars pointed them out. A young Jew must encounter the same experience – but may be urged to embrace the conduct. I don’t know…but I AM curious. As you might imagine, it isn’t a topic for interreligious discussion. That being said, I know that NONE – neither Jew nor non-jew – are innocent of evil intent.

      2. Dear Nomad Rebel, the term “Jew-wise” was coined by Arnold Leese. Leese was a writer and a political activist. He was an English fascist during the years leading up to WW2. He wrote a book about Jewish ritual murder (which can be obtained online as a free PDF at As for yours truly, I believe that there is a bad element that lives among the Jews which wants to rule the world, and which believes that non-Jews are less than fully human and were created by God to be the servants of the Jews. Most Jews are not of this bad type, however there does exist a collective responsibility for the bad things done by this bad type, I think. 9-11 was one of these bad things done by these bad Jews, in my opinion, and there exists amazingly strong evidence for this. Please go to and read The Thermite Argument (second from the bottom) to see an article I wrote.

  14. If President Trump appoints Joe Lieberman as head of the FBI we can be certain a Jewish coup d’etat has been perpetrated. We can also then predict certain events:-

    1) Darkmoon and similar sites will be closed down and followers will be investigated.

    2) Bolshevik-style laws against anti-semitic speech, writing and even reading will be passed.

    3) Israel’s enemies will become the target of the US military. Open war against Iran is likely.

    4) Any resistance by the American people will be futile/crushed and pro-Israeli brainwashing will become the routine in the MSM.

    5) An economic crash due to withdrawal of credit will be induced to make assets avilable at cents on the dollar for those with money.

    I am still living in hope that President Trump will come to his senses and rise to the task of the Presidency.

    George Orwell, where are you now we need you? America, the world’s last great hope , is being hijacked, looted and debauched.

    1. I still think President Trump originally and genuinely wanted a peaceful and friendly relationship with Russia. It looks as though that hope has been at the heart of the tide of filth that seems to have swept thru the White House.

      It is never, NEVER too late to take action to put things right. It would require courage and willpower on the part of the President. Firing all the dual American-Israeli citizens would be a start. No dual citizen should be allowed in the Federal government.

      1. “I still think President Trump originally and genuinely wanted a peaceful and friendly relationship with Russia. It looks as though that hope has been at the heart of the tide of filth that seems to have swept thru the White House.”

        It seems to me that most people (in the U.S. at least) who want “a peaceful and friendly relationship with Russia” feel that way because they realize that: (1) Russia is not an enemy to the U.S.; and (2) a war with Russia could easily become a nuclear war, which could destroy America. That is, there is nothing to gain and everything to lose by making the U.S. an enemy of Russia.

        In light of this, I don’t see how a sincere, reasonable person could have such a profound change of viewpoint – with regard to Russia – as Chumpster has apparently had, in such a short period of time, especially since Russia has done nothing to the U.S. but try to make friends. I could be wrong, but this is one reason (and there are others) why I believe that Chumpster was never sincere about trying to cooperate with Russia.

      2. Hi Harold,
        It is difficult to understand what has been going on for the past three months. I still don’t think Mr Trump is a traitor. It looks as though he has been influenced to turn against Russia, if indeed he has.

        Yes, a nuclear war would destroy much of Americ and Europe. Only Zionists are for it. The trouble is they hold sway in the White House.

      3. Hello John,

        I think I didn’t make my point very well.

        I can see a reasonable person being talked out of “building a wall” for example. At first glance it may seem like a practical approach to curbing illegal immigration, but after more careful consideration, the advantage isn’t so clear; e.g., it’s very expensive to build and maintain; it will only stop a fraction of illegal immigration; there will be legal challenges; etc. IOW, it’s something that reasonable people could disagree about.

        OTOH, the continuing pursuit of the evil Jewish agenda in the Mideast, at the risk of war with Russia, is an act of pure self-destructive extremism, IMO. It’s the equivalent of strapping explosives onto your torso and then going out looking for targets to suicide-bomb. The only difference is that Chumpster fraudster is willing to sacrifice “America” for the Satanic Jewish cause.

        How can a sincere, reasonable person be somehow “influenced” to become a suicide bomber for a hopeless, evil cause? I believe that he can’t. Thus I have to take the position that Chumpster fraudster is a fanatical Zionist (and of course a shameless liar), because only a fanatical Zionist would take the risks that he is taking.

      4. Hi Harold,
        Point taken. I am an old-fashioned optimist at heart and I don’t believe President Trump is a traitor. I think he still hopes to do well for ordinary Americans, and also “Drain the swamp”, which to me means dislodging the fat cats in Washington DC, and also in Wall St, Academia, Town Halls and big companies. All those arrogant bastards who keep everything for themselves and allow nothing for the common people.

        And I am a Conservative!

      5. @John Kirby

        Here is a “fat cat” Trump urgently needs to dislodge : Gary Cohn.

        Gary Cohn was born to an Eastern European Jewish family, the son of Victor and Ellen Cohn; and was raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio. His father was an electrician who later became a real estate developer.

        Gary D. Cohn (born August 27, 1960) is an American investment banker and political figure. He is the chief economic advisor to President Donald Trump and Director of the National Economic Council. He was formerly the president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs from 2006 to 2017.

        Cohn was recruited by Goldman Sachs in 1990. In 1996, he was named head of the commodities department and in 2002, he was named the head of the entire Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities Division (FICC) division. In 2003, he was named co-head of Equities and in January 2004, Cohn was named the co-head of global securities businesses . He became President and Co-Chief Operating Officer and director in June 2006.

        Cohn’s salary at Goldman Sachs was US$22 million in 2014. He received $21 million in 2015.
        He received a severance package worth around $285 million – mostly in stock – from Goldman Sachs upon leaving to join the administration of Donald Trump.

        Source : Wikipedia, Gary Cohn.

        Still optimist ?

    2. This analysis is exactly right and probably still accurate even if Uncle Joe Lieberman is not the pick. The new Bolshevik crackdown is coming and all those who were brave enough to use their real names need to prepare for this potentiality and insulate themselves from the upcoming purge of anyone disloyal to Jewish power.

      Additionally all concerned patriots need prepare for nuclear war. Robert Steele has unveiled this weekend that Jared Kushner has brokered a deal to transfer 6 American nukes to Saudi Arabia for a war with Iran.

      google/youtube this: The Deep State is coming, the Deep State is coming! Interview with EX Cia Robert Steele

      1. Don’t sweat it. To Jews, the most vehement anti-semite is no different than any other goyim. The awakened masses are statistically insignificant to the overall numbers of idiots created by Jews thorough their programming efforts. For every awakened white man or woman, millions of idiots remain to fill out the Jew’s ranks of drone proles, zombies that refuse to even glance at evidence that might alter their precious, programmed beliefs in the sacred Jew.

        Note that the number one target for Soviet communist Jews were orthodox Christians. They’re just keeping the lid on the awakened ones until beginning their final bloody purge of all goyim. Then, outside of a few shiksa sex slaves and high tech mavens, there won’t be any safe place left on the planet for the white race. After that, it will be a thorough cleansing of the useless mud races, as those tools of destruction will have outlived their usefulness.

        With their bloody, sacrificial Temple finally finished, Jews will be able to sit back and belch with pride over their murderous handy work, arrogantly gloating over the destruction wrought upon mankind:

        “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that they have no place in the world… They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like effendi and eat until we bloat up like the fat, slimy, criminal, pigs we truly are. That is why gentiles were created.”

        Remember: Some pigs are more equal than others.

      2. Robert Steele has unveiled this weekend that Jared Kushner has brokered a deal to transfer 6 American nukes to Saudi Arabia for a war with Iran.

        Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and they are next door to Saudi Arabia, another country in the Jewish Brit milah family structure. So who do Jews use to supply their fellow Jews with nuclear weapons?

        Goddamned stupid goyim! Hand me the barf bag, I think I’m going to puke.

  15. Mr. Kaminski’s article is good, but his author profile “constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves” really invites response. Catherine Austin Fitts served in Bush #1 as Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner at HUD. She has a high level career background Including Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of Wall Street’s Dillon, Read & Co. (where the late Secretary of Defense James Forrestal used to work) and was the President and Founder of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc. (her website: To quote an interview she gave with Project Camelot ( ) she got “into conflict with the government over developing software to show federal government spending transparency”. For example: “if you asked for a list of foreclosed properties in a …congressional district, you might get a list of ten properties in a place, but when you physically go there, it’s a vacant lot”. It gets worse… much worse. I suggest reading this interview, it will help explain a lot. She tried to understand the “relationship between mortgage fraud and narcotics trafficking and narcotics trafficking by the intelligence agencies” note, she said agencies, plural – most are aware, at least here and places like this, of one agency’s involvement. What she found was the Black Budget is “such…they cannot let ‘one neighborhood’ get transparent because then all neighborhoods could get transparent”. So Congress look like perpetual buffoons “because they can’t touch the Black Budget”. Now we are talking about the true “Deep State”, not the silly theater on advocate nightly “journalism”. The money is staggering, beyond my pay scale to be sure. Because of certain genuine threats you might discover if you seriously research this (I’ve studied off and on for decades) you might conclude that there are very good reasons for some certain responses, ruthless but necessary. My view is that threats need a response, but because the mechanisms of real decision making are taking place at a very different conceptual level than what most of us naively believe in, there has been a tendency to callous egotism and rampant criminality on the parts of some of the known individuals involved. I would argue that pursuing a populist agenda as presented in the recent US political theater would in no way impinge on Black Budgets or the defense agenda (we are not talking about oil pipelines, territorial economics and so forth here, though they do comprise revenue streams). In fact, essentially upholding the law, including prosecution of persons with SAP (possibly USAP) programs on home computers in closed, secure prosecutions as well as fixing that which can be fixed might confer immense advantage. The appearance alone would restore a fair amount of credibility, without violating any forbidden areas.

    1. Winston –

      “Because of certain genuine threats you might discover if you seriously research this (I’ve studied off and on for decades) you might conclude that there are very good reasons for some certain responses, ruthless but necessary.”

      Thanks for the info. I have followed Fitts….. and dozens of others of good repeaters.

      I have been studying the US financial systems ever since I first read “Billions For The Bankers” by Sheldon Emry in the early 60s. I was on his mailing list. I handed out hundreds of his little booklets over the years. We bought them by the cases….. our private group of well to do professionals and businessmen and WWI and WWII veterans and their families. The group was mostly American Legion members and American Legion Auxiliary Women and their families.

      We all believed the Federal Reserve was a criminal endeavor. I still believe that.

      With that in mind…. I came to the conclusion a couple decades ago that the US has conveniences ONLY available through the fiat system in place today.

      Precious metals used as a base for currency is not the total answer either:

      1. ADMIN: Comment went for “automatic” monitoring. (No idea why). Hence delay in posting.

        Hi Pat,
        A speech by a brave man, Senator McFadden, 1932:-

        “Mr. McFadden. Mr Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever know. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board, a Government board, has cheated the Government of the United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt.
        The depredations and the iniquities of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks acting together have cost this country enough money to pay the national debt several times over.
        This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of the United States; has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Federal Reserve Board, and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.

  16. I don’t give a fuck if you publish this or not but hear this mfs
    you and your lasha are perverts obsessed with porn like your master the devil
    you are representatives of the lucifer temple masquerading as Christians
    fuck you and fuck your lasha the resident whore

    1. Hmmm…”THE WATCHERS”…that smacks of voyeurism. So you like to “watch”, Junior?

    Youre inteligencia doesnt even reach the level of “Hans”……my German shepherd. He would run circles around you in any debate. Questions?

      In addition to intelligence, I’d bet your beloved Hans has a far superior disposition and bloodline than that of (((THE WATCHERS))), not to mention better hygiene. Best regards.

      1. USAF Jag Vet,
        Thank you. I dont live in Tel Aviv nor work out of a SPLC cubicle. I balance my time between my business in México and driving 18-wheelers in the U.S. Im now sitting at a truckstop in Virginia waiting for my next load. Did you check out Texe Marrs? Its interesting reading. Take care amigo. “Dios le bendiga “. God bless.

      I believe it’s an acronym for “The End Of The World As We Know It.”

  18. OK. I have finally found an indisputable advantage for having Trump as President.

    The other day I went into a government office and gone was the photo of the presidential bonobo, replaced by a very serious president Trump in a blue suit with a red power tie.

    Musing upon the picture, I had but one thought: Thank god I am not looking at that ugly, wild eyed, washed up, psychopathic, political hag, (heavily photoshopped of course to make her look normal.)

    The only place I would even consider wanting to see that whore hanging is from is a lamp post on Pennsylvania avenue.

    Give me the downside of that! Try and deny me colonel – just try.

    1. I will dispute. Diligent investors in the now 4X overpriced market are being unjustly forced to lose. Being far on the correct side of fair value has a fundamental basis therefore is not exactly gambling but making a very informed stance and investment whereas the gamblers are the ones going long while the actual real GDP growth upon proper accounting is deeply negative and will remain this way for a long time. Stock valuations are 4X too high as a result, putting into perspective historical data. Sad so many align with the Federal Reserve to make yet another destructive asset bubble and hurt this country in doing so and are clueless to the result of their actions. America is losing big time from the extreme upward market manipulation.

  19. Sorry for the off-topic post, but this seems like a good place to ask:

    I’m wondering, is anyone else having their youtube comments censored in any way?

    For at least the last month (and probably longer than that), I’ve not been able to make an original comment on almost any popular politically oriented channel; e.g., The Alex Jones Channel, The X22 Report, The Next News Network, RT (Russia Today), etc.

    At first I thought certain channels such as “The Next News Network” had “ghost banned” me, because I generally vehemently disagree with their Jew-friendly BS. But then I realized that my original comments were not even showing up on other channels such as the “Russia Today” channel, and I don’t think I ever gave them any reason to ban me.

    Interestingly, although I cannot make original comments, it seems that I can still respond to someone else’s comment.

    The only conclusion I can come to is that youtube is escalating the crackdown on politically incorrect thought, and my comments have been targeted.

    1. Just the other day I was allowed to reply to one comment (the subject of the video was Bible prophecy), but I could not respond after that. I tried to make further comments by way of another account, but it didn’t work, so my IP must be banned.

      The way I’m being censored on youtube is interesting. At first I was only prevented from making original comments, but now it seems like the comments I’m allowed to make (in response to other comments) are being monitored, and if the conversation starts going the “wrong” way, I’m cut off; or perhaps I’m only allowed to make one or two replies in any particular thread.

      It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if I’m assigned to a particular “agent” whose job is to prevent me from promulgating my views of Biblical prophecy and other politically incorrect things.

      If someone else had told me a few years ago that this kind of thing was happening to them, I probably would not have believed them…



    1. Get this:

      Trump will be the first sitting US president to visit the western wall, the holiest site in Judaism – CNN

      Either the CNN people are complete idiots or they are feeding the gullible goyim more bullshit! (Apply Occams razor here) Note Jews have dropped the term “wailing wall.” No doubt it paints too accurate a picture of whining, kvetching Jews. Besides, those days are over now that Jews have achieved total control.

      Does this

      Look like this?

      Or this this?

      Or this this?

      Better still:

      Trump is currently scheduled to visit the site (wailing wall) without Israeli officials by his side”

      What does this say stupid goyim – nothing! What succinct statement does this make to Jews? Quite obviously it says: Trump has no need for our control, he is one of us! He is our boy, he has no need of external control to insure compliance, he will carry out our agenda in the same manner as the most devout Rebbe.

      “Sell-out” fails miserably in describing Trump.

  21. RT: Trump becomes the 1st POTUS to pray at Western Wall in Jerusalem

    US President Donald Trump has landed in Israel, being welcomed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the entire cabinet after the Israeli leader made it mandatory for all ministers to attend the reception, having learned that some planned to skip the ceremony.

    1. He looks to me like a broken man who just says hmm, hmm, yes, yes to everything. He lack the dynamism he once had during the election campaign. He also looks like he is aging very fast, as if under a big strain. His appearance at that Wall and speech does not sound convincing to me, but more like a defeated person who is confronted by a situation he has no answer for. Like someone who plays the game along, until and when a viable solution is found. These are my subjective impressions, based on a lifetimes experience of working with people.

  22. An IT Company Working for Hillary Clinton Was The Sole Source for Allegations of Trump – Russia Collusion

    Michael Scheuer is a former CIA intelligence officer who currently is a professor at Georgetown University. Scheuer says that the allegation of Trump’s collusion with Russia is based entirely on the word of CrowdStrike, a private IT company that was used by Hillary Clinton during her campaign against Trump.


    1. Pat

      I’ll direct this to you, knowing that you’ll provide us with some pertinent info regarding the bottom paragraph

      Now that Trump is showing himself to be in the corrupted bag like every POTUS for the last 100 years, JFK being the only exception, Wolfowicz, Cheney, Kissinger, etc. can breathe a sigh of relief and continue apace with Iran coming ever closer into the crosshairs

      Meanwhile, the Chinese and the Iranians are doing a brisk business with those oil pipelines connecting them through Pakistan. And there the focus will turn.

      1. B-Hawk –

        America is controlled politically by the UN…. Jfk supported that. He was a globalist and I worked against him. You would not have supported his left-wing ideas including race-mixing and busing school kids.

        G. Edward Griffin Upsets the Apple Cart with the Truth About JFK and His Support for Global Collectivism

        G. Edward Griffin challenges the theory that bankers were behind the JFK assassination.

        The theory is that JFK was trying to end the Fed by creating debt-free, silver-backed money through Executive Order 11110, but it is not supported by the facts.

        The JFK / Fed Myth BUSTED: G. Edward Griffin on The Corbett Report

        Published on May 17, 2017

        “If you follow the alt media you’ve probably heard the theory that the bankers were behind the JFK assassination. The theory holds that JFK was trying to end the Fed by creating debt-free, silver-backed money through Executive Order 11110, and the bankers saw this as a threat to their monopoly over the money supply. But this theory is not just wrong, it is completely opposite to reality. Joining us today to set the record straight once and for all is G. Edward Griffin, editor of and author of the seminal book on the Federal Reserve, The Creature From Jekyll Island.”

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