Trump in the cross-hairs: What is to be done?


Trump in the cross-hairs

The question in the title — ‘What is to be done?’ — is V.I. Lenin’s question. His answer was to create a revolutionary “vanguard” to spread revolutionary ideas among the workers, the economic class that Karl Marx had declared to be the class rising to the ascendency of political power. Finally, democracy, frustrated by upper class interests in its earlier manifestations, would become reality. The workers would rule.

Given the presence of evil and human failing, it did not work out in that way. But Lenin’s question remains a valid one. Americans whose economic life and prospects for their children have been destroyed by the offshoring of American manufacturing and tradable professional skills jobs, such as software engineering, answered the question by electing Donald Trump.

The Americans, dispossessed by the offshoring corporations, elected Trump, because Trump was the only American running for a political office who called attention to the problem and declared his intention to fix it.

By standing up for Americans, Trump alienated the global corporations, their executives and shareholders, all of whom benefit from stealing the economic life of Americans and producing abroad where labor and regulatory costs are lower. Neoliberal junk economists describe this labor arbitrage, which reduces the real incomes of the American labor force, as the beneficial working of free trade.

These offshoring firms not only have destroyed the economic prospects of millions of Americans, but also have destroyed the payroll tax base of Social Security and Medicare, and the tax base of local and state governments, with the consequence that numerous pension systems are on the verge of failure. The New York Teamsters Road Carriers Local 707 Pension Fund has just failed. This failure, experts predict, is the beginning of a tsunami that will spread into municipal and state pension systems.

When you add up the external costs of jobs offshoring that are imposed on Americans, the costs far exceed the value of the profits that flow to the One Percent. Clearly, this is an intolerable situation.

Dispossessed Americans rose up. They ignored the presstitute media, or perhaps were driven to support Trump by the hostility of the media. Trump was elected by dispossessed America, by the working class.

The working class is out of favor with the elite liberal/progressive/left which abhors the working class as racist, misogynist, homophobic gun nuts who oppose transgendered toilet facilities. Thus, the working class and their chosen representative, Donald Trump, are under full assault by the presstitutes. “Trump Must Go” is their slogan.

And well he might.

Trump, in a fit of stupidity, dismissed his National Security Advisor, Gen. Flynn, because Flynn did what he should have done and spoke with the Russian ambassador in order to avoid a Russian response to Obama’s provocation of expelling Russian diplomats at Christmas.

Russians have been demonized and ascribed demonic powers. If you speak to a Russian, you fall under suspicion and become a traitor to your country. This is the story according to the CIA, the Democratic Party, the military/security complex, and the presstitute media.

Once Trump put Flynn’s blood in the water, he set the situation for the sacrifice of other of his appointees, ending with himself. At the present time, “the Russian connection” black mark is operating against Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. If Sessions falls, Trump is next.

Let’s be clear. As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sessions met with the Russian ambassador, just as he met with a number of other countries’ ambassadors. There is nothing unusual or surprising about a US senator meeting with foreign diplomatic representatives.

Those who accuse Sessions of lying are misrepresenting the facts. Session met with ambassadors in his capacity as a US Senator, not in his capacity as a Trump representative. As a former US Senate staffer, I can attest that it is perfectly normal for US Senators to meet with diplomats. John McCain and Lindsey Graham even fly to the Middle East to meet with terrorists.

Despite the facts, the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and all the rest of the CIA’s media whores are consciously and intentionally misrepresenting the facts. Americans do not need any more evidence that the entirety of the American media is totally devoid of integrity and respect for truth. The American media is a collection of whores who lie for a living. The presstitutes are despicable, the scum of the earth.

—  §  —

The real question is how has contact with Russian government officials become criminalized, grounds for removing a National Security Adviser, an Attorney General, and impeaching a President himself. President John F. Kennedy had ongoing contact with Khrushchev, the head of the Soviet government, in order to resolve the Cuban/Turkish missile crisis without nuclear war. President Nixon had ongoing contact with the Russians in order to achieve SALT I and the anti-ballistic missile treaty. President Carter had ongoing contact with Russians in order to achieve SALT II. President Reagan worked with the Russian leader in order to end the Cold War. I know. I was there.

But if President Trump wants to defuse the extremely dangerous tensions that the reckless Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes have resurrected with a powerful thermo-nuclear state that only wants peace with the US, President Trump and any of his appointees who spoke to a Russian are unfit for office! This madness is the position of the idiot liberal/progressive/left, the CIA, the Democratic Party, the right-wing morons of the Republican Party such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and the two-bit whores that comprise the Western media.

Dear reader, ask yourself, how did communications with Russians in the interest of peace and the reduction of tensions become a criminal act? Have laws been passed that it is forbidden for US officials to speak with Russian officials? Are you so utterly stupid that a presstitute media that has never in your entire life told you anything that was truthful can convince you that those who seek to avoid a conflict between thermo-nuclear powers are “Russian agents”?

I have no doubt that the vast bulk of Western populations are insouciant. But if there is no intelligence and awareness left anywhere in the population, and most certainly there is none whatsoever in the governments of the West or in the Western media or the Identity Politics of the liberal/progressive/left, then don’t expect to be alive much longer.

The entirely of the world has been put on the knife edge of existence by the arrogance, stupidity, and hubris of the neoconservative pursuit of American world hegemony. The neoconservative ideology is perfect cover for the material interest of the military/security Deep State that is driving the world to destruction.


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  1. i am afraid i must break ranks with pcr here.
    he is unused to leaders as subtle as trump, i guess courtesy of his being very bright by nature, having grown up in jew infested waters of new york city, learning how to keep his cards close to the vest, disguise one’s opinions and intentions, stay outside those gun sights, all the while playing a dumb buffoon, sort of like the stuttering cripple that became emperor claudius.

    look at how the bolshevik elite imploded through the mad-cow maddow’s frenzied efforts to go for trump’s jugular: Hannity Nukes Maddow And NBC After Trump Tax Flop – Calls Them “Deep State Obama Propaganda” On A “Corporate Jihad”.

    so the bright lights figured, aha, now we got him, after someone popped trump’s 2005 tax return into one of the rodents’ mail box and she jumped on the chance.
    weeeell … zerohedge places a shot square between the eyes

    Trump 2005 tax rate: 25%
    Romney 2011 tax rate: 14.1%
    Sanders 2014 tax rate: 13.5%

    says newt gingrich:
    “Dear Rachel Maddow,

    Thank you.”

    i have no doubt that trump himself had planted that tax return on the trotskyist basket weavers.

    what is to be done? nothing, watch trump outsmart and outmaneuver them every time.
    btw, i think that mcMaster is better than Flynn, who was quite abrasive and dead set against iran.

    1. @Lobro – I don’t know anything about this McMaster guy, but I think you’re right on Flynn. I’ve read from other sources that Flynn, though he was pro-Russia, was unstable, and his paranoia was quite evident regarding Iran. Even Trump was convinced he had to go, or I think he would have stood by him. When Flynn barged in to the briefing room and testily put Iran “On Notice” over conducting a legal missile test, my blood ran cold.
      BTW, I so dearly hope that you are right about Trump. If only he had picked an anti-war VP (like Rand Paul) and better advisors. Sigh!

  2. “Dear reader, ask yourself, how did communications with Russians in the interest of peace and the reduction of tensions become a criminal act?

    …”the interest of peace and the reduction of tensions” are the key words. They can be further reduced into one word: Peace. Evil can’t thrive in a peaceful environment, nor can it proceed in broad daylight or under close scrutiny, hence the eternal sought-for chaos.

    How it becomes a criminal act?
    It has to do with lexical Semantics: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” George Orwell.
    It all depends on the allocation of the first and the second term. The first is apparently dedicated to the goy when the second is the share of the evil ones.

  3. I never agree with PCR.

    I claim, “SHALLOW STATE is safe..!!” 🙂

    Trump was (S)elected.. by “DEEP STATE” oligarchs’ agents…!!

    AND – If “Trump the Bump” is SO – very bright by nature, having grown up in Pharisee-Jew infested waters of New York City, learning how to keep his cards close to the vest, disguise one’s opinions and intentions…. and the rest of his “SHALLOW STATE” appointees are SO WISE and adept at knowing all and fooling all… then…
    …..they are intentionally allowing this:

    (RT is hailed as the most trustworthy in the history of mankind 🙂 )

    CIA hackers work under the cover of the State Department and are issued with diplomatic “black” passports.

    According to the leaked documents, the US consulate, located on Giessener Strasse opposite the Frankfurt cemetery, is the home of the Center for Cyber Intelligence Europe, or CCIE, which carries out hacking operations across the continent as well as the Middle East and Africa.

    U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt is a covert CIA hacker base:


    Here is one method of (S)election:

    (and every country where their machines are used)

    Vote Fraud – Diebold Whistleblower, Chris Hood, Speaks Out

    Main points:
    1-Malicious co-workers can insert unauthorized software into voting machines.

    2-Thousands of votes were lost when tabulation cards were ‘erased’ and never recovered.

    3-Problems with machines are kept away from press.

    4-People with no experience are temporarily hired as technicians for election day.

    5-Diebold workers took the jobs that state workers should have done.


    Diebold was sold to ES&S in 2009:

    (SOURCE: Diebold, Incorporated Press Release)
    Diebold Sells U.S. Elections Systems Business to ES&S

    03 September 2009
    NORTH CANTON, Ohio, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) announced today that it has sold its U.S. election systems business, primarily consisting of its Allen, Texas-based subsidiary, Premier Election Solutions, Inc., to Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S), a leading company in the election systems industry.


    Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws

    See Princeton’s Reports:

    1. I wrote, “I never agree with PCR.”

      Here is the main reason for my constant disagreement with PCR.

      After dishing out another shovelful of ” a conflict between thermo-nuclear powers” to scare everyone… into the “mushroom-cloud” narrative of Condoleezza Rice…..
      ……..PCR – BOLDLY – claimed:

      “But if there is no intelligence and awareness left anywhere in the population, and most certainly there is none whatsoever in the governments of the West or in the Western media or the Identity Politics of the liberal/progressive/left, then don’t expect to be alive much longer.”

      “…don’t expect to be alive much longer.”
      “…don’t expect to be alive much longer.”

      I’m not sure of the definition of the amount of time in the words “much longer” he references…. JUST to scare us..!!

      Both, PCR and I, have more time behind us than ahead of us… no big deal.
      And that will suit more than just a few, I’m sure… 🙂

  4. I don’t get why the elites hate Russia so much. I can only speculate that it might have something to do with the obfuscated history of the near genocide of Russians under the Jewish Bolsheviks (that is what they call the Soviet Regime in Russia).. If the Jewish elite who are the most powerfully rich group of people right now in the world want to shut down something they pretty much can do it. And maybe they want to shut down the very thought that it was Jews who committed one of the worst mass killings in history of one of the most uniquely talented groups of people in history–that is, the Russians. I’ve been to Russia, and Russia is profoundly soulful, Russia is filled with people who strive for excellence in art, and so many other fields–Russian novels, Russian music, Russian mysticism, Russian dance… If you are a Russian then you set out in life to be perfect, to be superb. It is this drive that is unimaginable in the current American landscape where sloth and mediocrity are the norm.

    So… jealousy.. the green eyed monster. I have given up in despair over the Trump hope for any kind of a solution to the foreign policy mess. Why the heck… are we working with the Saudis to resolve Syria with troops on the ground.. The only ray of hope in that might be that Trump is probably clueless about the hidden agendas within hidden agendas like nested Russian dolls. But we need Trump here at home to clean up the bureaucratic mess because with the new jump in autism rates of now 1 out of every 25 kids and 1 out of 15 boys we won’t have a country in 20 years. We won’t have an economy. We won’t have an army. Anyone will be able to walk in an take us over without even a whimper. We’ll be done. Go Trump.

    1. @ Kapoore

      “I don’t get why the elites hate Russia so much.”

      They hate Russia for basically the same reason that vampires hate sunlight.

      They hate Russia because they are driven by the spiritual force of evil. Russia was able to throw off Jewish (Satanic) control, and Russia is experiencing a Christian revival that is like body armor to defeat Jewish tactics.

      Russia is becoming a “great” nation again because of its relative “goodness” while the Satanic Jew-controlled “West” shows the world how evil always destroys itself.

    2. @ Kapoore

      “I don’t get why the elites hate Russia so much.”

      I will attempt to make this as brief as possible and still be coherent.

      The reason is religious along with the fact that jews never forgive and never forget.

      The jews hate Jesus more than anything else since what he taught almost totally negated the jewish cult. Next in line of most hated by the jews are the followers of Jesus, the Christian Church, which kept the jewish cult from developing their desired control over humanity. For that reason, the Protocols clearly state that destruction of “the Church” was a primary objective. Most think the “the Church” referred to in the Protocols is the Roman Catholic Church, but it is the Orthodox Catholic Church that they wish to destroy. A little history makes it clear.

      During the reign of Emperor Justinian, the 7th century, of the Christian theocracy known as the Byzantine Empire which included the Roman Catholic Church, laws completely suppressing jewish influence and power along with punishing usury with death were introduced and enforced. Jews never forgive and never forget.

      About 950 AD, the Roman Catholic Church began to develop their own doctrine contrary to the Orthodox Catholic Church which included the Bishop of Rome being the top Bishop over all others in the entire Orthodox Catholic Church. The typical jewish divide and conquer tactic was introduced. It cumulated in the Great Schism of 1049 AD when the first reformation occurred by the Roman Catholic Church separating itself from the Orthodox Catholic Church. Jewish divide and conquer had been accomplished and the Roman Catholic Church could be controlled by influencing just one person, the Pope. Jewish usury became acceptable as long as they wore identifying clothing. The stage was set for jewish Popes which were numerous. The Pope even claimed possession of all people on the planet, the jewish cult dream. The Pope was the first globalist before they knew the earth was round. Half of Christendom had been defeated which left the Orthodox Christian Church theocracy still known as the Byzantine Empire, centered in Constantinople (now Istanbul), left to be conquered by the jews. Jews never forgive and never forget.

      One of the cities sacked by the Roman Catholic Church crusaders (mercenaries) was Constantinople which was not part of the Holy Land they were supposedly to take for the Pope. The jews never forgive and never forget.

      It becomes obvious why jews do not hate Italy the way they hate Russia.

      In 1453 AD, the Ottomans conquered Constantinople, the center of the Orthodox Catholic Church, after conquering the rest of Turkey. After the fall of Constantinople, the Ottomans continued their conquering into the Balkans which were part of the Orthodox Catholic Church under the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire ceased to exist after 1,200 years and the center of the Orthodox Catholic Church migrated north to Russia. Based on how the Ottomans treated the Christians contrary to Mohammed’s instruction, many speculate that the heads of the Ottomans were actually cryto-jews. For sure, the Ottomans accomplished what the jews desired. Jews never forgive and never forget.

      Russia existed as the heart of the Orthodox Catholic Church up until 1917 when the jewish communist revolution took place. The Orthodox Catholic Church was banned and the jews commenced killing Orthodox Christians until they had eliminated 70-million people. Unknown to the jews, the Russian Orthodox Catholic Church did not cease to exist. It moved underground out of official sight. The jews thought that they had accomplished their Protocol goal of eliminating “the Church.” Jews never forgive and never forget.

      Since the jews assumed that the Russian Orthodox Church was destroyed after 70 years of attack, oppression, and mass murder, the jews eliminated the USSR and turned the operation of Russia over to their jewish mafia more commonly known as Russian oligarchs in 1991. The Russian Orthodox Church emerged from underground and began to refurbish and rebuild the churches. Then in 1998, a crypto-Russian Orthodox Christian, Valdimir Putin became President of Russia and began to support the Russian Orthodox Church and threaten the jewish mafia oligarchs. Russia returned to be the center of the Orthodox Catholic Church dashing the 2,000 year old jewish dream of destroying “the Church.”

      Since jews never forgive and never forget, Russia is now the number one bad guy of the jewish elite.

      Will the jews ever really accomplish their dream of destroying all Christians and realizing their dream of world tyranny? No. Here is why they won’t.

      Jesus said in Matthew 24:35 – “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”

    3. OK, Kapoore, you brought up Autism. Most who despair over its rise claim that all these vaccines are causing it and leave it at that. But ask yourself why so many more boys in the US are autistic than girls. What almost always goes unmentioned is the terribly destructive effect that circumcision has on boys. A Danish study claimed that circumcised boys are 4.5 times more likely to become Autistic than intact ones. White Europe and White Russia, btw, don’t mutilate their boys. But you’ll never read that in any mainstream US publications. Most are owned by Jews and they do not want their satanic secret to become common knowledge.


        First of all, apologies to the ladies.

        ” What almost always goes unmentioned is the terribly destructive effect that circumcision has on boys. A Danish study…”


        I am a Muslim and I am (of course!) circumcised. Anyway, I wasn’t given the opportunity to take issue against it as I was a boy of four or five in the early fifties. Poor me, I had to endure both the rudeness of the old man who told me when I cried: “Shut up or I’ll have to toss you on the (prickly pear) cactus!” 😱 and the swift operation done without anesthetic, nor sterilized instruments! Instruments 😁? It was a mere barber knife!
        Anyway, I survived it since I am speaking about it 🙌
        I agree that circumcision is highly questionable. Though it is common among Muslims, it is rather a Jewish ritual par excellence. It is also said that Abraham was circumcised at the age of eighty! (Unless someone explains why he waited until this age, I regard it as a tale invented to “legalize” circumcision among the three monotheistic religions). However, the reason I regard it as highly questionable is that it opposes several clear and explicit verses in the Qur’an. God said:
        ”96:4 we have certainly created man in the best of stature”1818 *
        87:1.”Exalt the name of your Lord, the Most High,2.Who created and proportioned”
        82:6 O mankind,what has deceived you concerning your Lord, the Generous,7.Who created you, proportioned you, and balanced you?
        *Footnote 1818 i.e. upright, symmetrical, and balanced in form and nature

        If God created man in the best of stature, how come the object of creation- man himself- doubts the wisdom of his creator and dare “fix” an alleged defect in his body? I deem it not only ridiculous but blasphemous as well.
        This is a natural, genetic feature in mammal, not a congenital defect to be fixed.
        As an aside, I don’t feel/never felt traumatized beyond the moment I “endured” it, never did this experience jeopardize my … abilities. Even still today, my wife can still attest to the fact.

    4. another stellar post, Kapoore.
      and the follow on comments are good too.

      (…) it was Jews who committed one of the worst mass killings in history of one of the most uniquely talented groups of people in history–that is, the Russians. I’ve been to Russia, and Russia is profoundly soulful, Russia is filled with people who strive for excellence in art, and so many other fields–Russian novels, Russian music, Russian mysticism, Russian dance… If you are a Russian then you set out in life to be perfect, to be superb. It is this drive that is unimaginable in the current American landscape where sloth and mediocrity are the norm.

      i can’t help but suspect before the contagion of satanic jew infected european nations to the core, all of Europe was like what you describe, yes Russia is proud, talented and moral but so was europe, all of it on the common backbone of the religion of Christ, which Luciferian hordes set out to infest, corrupt and destroy from within.
      It seems that the Eastern Christianity escaped that fate – why?
      In the ultimate irony, it was Jew who saved Eastern christianity through sheer brutality once he had absolute power, by the wholesale slaughter of her clergy, razing her places of worship, thinking to have obliterated all the traces, he did not bother to violate it from within with his unclean touch.
      I say that Russia is now morally and spiritually stronger than any of the previous european societies with the exception of the Third Reich, because they are immunized against the Jew.
      Those that can no longer be fooled by his wiles and subversion can also face his threat head on, Iran and Russia and quite possibly, the ruling classes of China and India, where there is a lot of educated, thinking people.
      This new Russia is completely outside the Protocols, it was never envisioned, just like the rise of internet.

      let the Antichrist sweat on the horns of satanic dilemma.

  5. “The entirety of the world has been put on the knife edge of existence by the arrogance, stupidity, and hubris of the neoconservative pursuit of American world hegemony. The neoconservative ideology is perfect cover for the material interest of the military/security Deep State that is driving the world to destruction.”

    I think “PCR” = “Politically Correct Roberts”. His inability (or refusal) to look beyond the “military/security” complex for answers seriously marginalizes his essays. You do not risk suicide and TEOTWAWKI for some “material interest”. The fundamental problem isn’t “arrogance, stupidity and hubris” but *EVIL*; Satanic Jewish evil.

    1. PCR is a gatekeeper, replete with the usual mix of doom, gloom and willfull distraction.
      Nothing to see there look over there goyim !.
      Webster Tarpley is cut from the same cloth.
      There’s a lot of em, all vaguely hysterical, coralling the curious and pied pipering them elsewhere.
      Usually there is a good helping of truth and a serious tone, gleaned from contacts etc from when they had (((government jobs))) or were edjewcaters.
      Generally blame finance and shadow governments, rogue alphabet security agencies, wall street etc etc blah blah.

  6. The deeper state figured they could successfully manipulate Hitler and Germany, and they were right. Now they figure the same with Trump, and that remains to be seen.

    Putin is the key. How instructive could he become in getting Trump to see just how far down the Russian doll house goes, and what the last doll has to say?

    That, or do we have to wait for the Sphinx to finally speak?

    1. @ Brownhawk

      “Putin is the key. How instructive could he become in getting Trump to see…”

      You don’t really believe that Trump is doing anything in good faith – particularly when it comes to “foreign policy” – do you?

      1. @HS

        I don’t doubt that Trump was (s)elected by the “deeper” state with U.S. foreign policy firmly in mind in using him to further their agenda as fueled by the great ruse of “Islamic Terrorism”. He is duped as are many into believing that factions within Islamic nation-states ALONE are responsible for I.S.I.S., and rejects the notion of that acronym standing for “Israel Secret Intelligence Service” and what the implications of that would be.

        Putin on the other hand knows it full well, He knows where all the bodies have been buried for the last 100 years since the synchronicity of Balfour and the start of the Bolshevik slaughter in 1917. He has a ph.d in “jewology”, whereas Trump has only a masters degree. But because he DOES, this tells me that he would be open enough to learn what Putin knows and find it credible

        The premise of this is tantalizing, the reality of its realization problematic to say the least.

  7. Now Trump is kissing up to the Saudis. Trump escalates the war on Yemen. Trump surrounds himself with neo-con advisors and continues to demonize Iran.
    Trump is sending more US soldiers to Syria in a severe violation of international law.
    Oh, he’s subtle all right.

    1. @ S.W.

      I think the collaboration with Saudi Arabia and the escalating violence against Yemen is part of a plan to ramp up the tension with Iran, hopefully to get a war started, which is what Trumpster and his Jew handlers obviously want.

    2. Every year during their Purim Jews celebrate the massacre of 75,000 Persians that happened, believe it or not, in 4th Century BCE!

      If you didn’t already know, Persians today are known and called Iranians. In other words, the Jews have had a genocidal hatred of Iran and Iranians for well over 2,400 years!

      Given this historical if not hysterical Jewish fear and loathing of Iranians, is it any wonder that Iran has been continuously and completely demonized for the past 30 years or more in our (((MSM))).

      Nothing short of nuking Iran and starting World War III with her 2 major allies Russia and China would make the damn Jews happy today.

      1. @ Justice For Chinese

        Jews never forgive and never forget even if it involves a fictions story of their past that they accept as willingly as they accept their other cult beliefs.

  8. Trump fooled all of you ,he played the old used car salesman trick of bait and switch on you all. he has been using the magicians trick ,now you see it ,now you don’t.he is a classic conman ,pure and simple , he was hired as a reality show president welcome to the puppets theater ,staring the deep state agent and his actors cast.

    ADMIN: How many times have I asked you to STOP using SOCK PUPPETS? Are you incapable of posting under ONE user name? Or is the use of multiple user names and IP numbers and false email addresses common practice among you trolls?

  9. Perhaps an important part of Trump’s idea of the presidency is being overlooked. When he ran he said that, as he had done in business, he would delegate authority to his VP and cabinet. His VP would be his top day-to-day guy, not some flunky like Biden. Trump would be the big picture man, the CEO, and not be caught up in the minutia of day-to-day decisions. That’s no doubt why he rejected having daily briefings from the CIA – which he does not trust and should not trust. Perhaps, unlike LBJ during Vietnam and Obama for his entire 8 years, he’s not involved much in who to bomb and when.

    Hopefully, though, as CEO of the USA, he will do for real what he did for fun and profit on ‘The Apprentice’ – tell those who are not being loyal and carrying out his program that they’re fired. He’s currently purging all the Obama holdovers – hundreds still in place because the Senate dumbocrats are slow-walking his second-tier cabinet nominees with every procedural trick available. When are they even going to hold hearings for his Supreme Court nominee? They, like the media, will do anything, legal or not, to bring his presidency down. So, no, I’m not giving up on Trump yet. But CEO’s, to be successful, must pick good people and let them do their jobs without interference from the boss. Trump’s biggest problem is that a lot of the wrong people were picked For that I blame DC insider Pence, whom he naively put in charge of vetting his cabinet. Pence, I think, has his own agenda. Too bad he’s the one guy that Trump cannot fire.

  10. So… recently the plot has been thickening. Andrew MacCabe who works for the FBI, and managed to stop the investigation of the Clinton e-mails, is now in hot water for a tirade against Trump–fuck Flynn he is reported to have said and fuck Trump. Like Paul Craig Roberts said, Trump should not have fired Flynn. This is a “deep state” take down of Trump. Then there is the second apparent attempt on Mr. Roger Stone’s life, first of all he was poisoned and then his car was smashed with a hit and run. None of this complete venom makes much sense to me on the surface–are they afraid their monstrous hidden activities like pedophilia will surface, or are they just terrified of not being in control. These Hillary “brown coats” look like small fries to me. But then when I really think about it I guess this is typical Clinton activity–people get murdered or there is attempted murder. And underneath it all there are the drug smugglers, the sex slave ring leaders, the racketeering, people having a lot of fun at weird parties, lots of celebrities, lots of limousine liberals, and those that are born into the Democratic party like a birthright.

    1. yes kapoore and the plot thickens some more.
      looks like syrian s-200 took down an israeli warplane that as per usual claimed ownership of syrian airspace.
      but i am blocked from seeing the entire al masdar article, only the intriguing blurb

      BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:30 P.M.) – The Syrian Ministry of Defense confirmed on Friday that their air defense forces shot down an Israeli warplane flying toward the Lebanese border from Palmyra.

      But i can at least access the russian outlet with the sarcastic headline: Israeli Media Blames Putin For Syria’s Decision to Defend Itself Against Israeli Airstrikes

      But Haaretz saves the best pouting for last:

      Presumably the Syrian anti-aircraft salvo was a signal to Israel that the regime’s policy of restraint in the face of the airstrikes will not remain as it was. President Bashar Assad’s recent successes – first and foremost the conquest of Aleppo – have seemingly increased the dictator’s confidence. Israel will have to decide whether the operational need – to thwart advanced weapons shipments to Hezbollah – also justifies the possible risk of the downing of an Israeli fighter jet and a broader conflict developing with Syria.
      There is an interesting question as to whether the aircraft detection radar system was deployed by Israel’s new great friend, Russia, precisely one week after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned from Moscow after yet another successful visit to see President Vladimir Putin.
      One can imagine that the intelligence community will also be interested to learn whether the Syrian decision to fire back was coordinated with Assad’s collaborators and partners: Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

      a few not so much talking but thinking points:
      · jewjets go down to 3rd rate s-200 missiles, imagine what the s-400s can do back home and the new ones, s-500 are on the way,
      · iran should feel pretty good about these results,
      · of course that putin gave the go-ahead for this (waiting for putin’s online assassins to figure this one out),
      · moreover, trump probably gave a tacit go-ahead as well, pretended to look the other way although on true UN kabuki stage, nikki haley will make triple digit decibel racket – to fool the public, jews are not fooled,
      · i think the ultimate message may be directed at the head of the serpent, the rothschilds.

      GAME ON.

      NB: yet another site from which i am blocked, except for the headline
      Syria fires three missiles at Israeli jets,Israeli Defense Minister Threaten To Wipe Russia Out Of The Map In Retaliation

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