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  1. I don’t believe that the Jews not only control the US, but also Russia and China and that all three leaders of these nations plot to destroy the world. Trump may be insane, neither Putin nor Xi make that impression. If destruction of the world is the plan, then why not simply push the button ? Why invent all kinds of false flags ? Then there is the “small matter” of the question whether the elite and their families don’t want to survive themselves. This video is an example of paranoia run mad.

    1. Yes, Franklin –

      I agree that Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London control US, Russia and China…

      ….. AND downplay events as needed to HIDE that fact. In doing so THEY CONTROL ALL OF US..!!

      Here’s how:

      Trump has his really “YUGE” problems. Putin only has his “ITTY-BITTY” problems…!! 🙂

      Pharisee-Jew Media bias….. “BIGGLY” favor downplaying the PROBLEMS of President ‘Put-On’ in Kremlin…!!

      Musselmen terrorists killed MORE in Russia’s SUBWAY…. than the Buffoon did with missiles in Syria…. and NO MENTION in MAINSTREAM media..!!!

      Just this past week, a terrorist bomb exploded in a Russian subway killing MORE THAN 14 and MAIMING DOZENS of innocent travelers…!!

      Mostly…. Silence.. around the globe..!!

      How nice and peaceful in Russia lead by President ‘Put-On’..!! 🙂

      April 11, 2017
      Eight terrorist cell members from Central Asia have been arrested in St. Petersburg metro bombing case, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) chief Alexander Bortnikov said at a National Antiterrorism Committee session Tuesday.

      Bortnikov elaborated that six of the arrestees were detained in Moscow and two in St. Peterburg. The terrorists had a large amount of weapons and munitions with them, all of which were seized by security officers.

      The explosion resulted in at least 14 deaths.

      Following the incident, Russia’s Investigative Committee has launched a criminal case over a terrorist act but the investigators are also looking into other versions. [????]


      1. What’s worse…. is that President ‘Put-On’ was IN St Petersburg … WHEN it occurred…!!!

        Great security..!!! NOT..!!!

        “Hello… so GREAT KGB..!! Where are you..??” 🙂

      2. That was probably a false flag done by the US (ultimately : Israel) as a “warning” to Putin. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that Putin and Xi are in cahoots with Trump to start WW 3 in order to destroy the world, as the video says.

      3. Franklin –

        “probably” is a guess. We all guess.. unless we did it.. 🙂

        Since I first posted here I have written there will be NO WWIII which will wipe everyone off the face of the earth.

        The guy in the video said the same (at 5:54) as I have written:


        BTW – no guess – The immigrant/refugee invasion is as devastating and enslaving and controlling as a “Word War” anywhere.

        HSBC Banks will abound around the globe..!! 🙂

      4. I agree wiith your post. The chance for war is present. I believe it will be a contained small war even nuclear,, planned by the usual suspects in agreement with Putin and Drumpf, such as like in 1984 book of Orwell, a certain paralell I see.

    2. @ Franklin

      I agree that the Jews DON’T control Russia and China.

      And speaking of China, I believe that Trumpenstein et al. are trying to isolate China, and that’s one possible reason for the assault on North Korea. If they can get China to abandon – and perhaps actually turn on North Korea – which they already may have accomplished, they can show China to be a “weak” and “unreliable” ally. As I see it, China has already damaged its image as a world power by not opposing Trumpenstein more forcefully.

      Anyway, it’s hard to say for sure what their immediate plans are because their delusions are so intricate, demonic and reality averse.

      But before trying to analyze the situation any further, I think we have to make a distinction between Chumpster himself and the “people” that are apparently telling him what to do.

      I don’t think Chumpster himself is very bright. I don’t know what his IQ is but I would guess it’s not much more than average. The man seems ignorant, incurious and glib. He’s childishly petulant, shallow, spiritually dead, of course completely morally bankrupt, and he seems to display multiple personality disorders; “antisocial” and “narcissistic” at the least.

      He’s a monster alright, but not smart enough to have much of a role in planning the schemes he’s carrying out, IMO.

      Back to the missile attack on Syria and associated events. As I see it, having Xi as a captive audience during Trumpenstein’s missile attack on Syria was definitely a high level Jew scheme which probably came right from Jewish gamesmen in Tel-Aviv, as the psychology involved there was way beyond the ability of imbecile Trumpenstein. And it seems that they’ve adopted Nixon’s “madman theory”; a role for which Trumpenstein, the monster that he is, would seem to be a natural.


      But I don’t see how our Jewish gamesmen can predict what North Korea will do. Do they actually want a war with North Korea with all the unpredictable consequences? Or do they want and expect North Korea to back down while making China look weak and unreliable, and making Trumpenstein look like John Wayne?

      1. Harold

        N. Korea and its pudgy divine one Phineas T. Bluster are non-starters in the big game. Trump is just puffing out his chest with this show of might and Xi knows that all it amounts to

        I wouldn’t overthink it {

    3. Franklin, to not understand that the Jews control China and Russia is akin to thinking that Trump is now the hero who is going to save the US and the world. You are blinded by your naive optimism. The Jews slaughtered and tortured actually 166 million Christian Russians between 1917 and and 1992. (Yuri Lina presents detail in his books) White Russians continue to be oppressed and marginalized today, in manner similar to what is underway in Europe and North America (excellent material in recent posts on zionistreport.com). Putin is wholly a Chabad puppet, (even Makow presents detail about this) just as China is totally under control of Jewish Masonic satanists. Mao slaughtered somewhere between 40 and 100 million citizens beginning in 1949. To think countries which have had their intelligent and aware resistance massacred wholesale for decades, leaving a dumbed down, subservient population cowed by such hideous oppression, is somehow going to now stand as heroes on the world stage and counter the very force which destroyed their nations a few generations ago…and continues to be in control today…sadly reveals how humanity is able to be duped again and again throughout human history, right to today. I could provide numerous links to back up my comments…but having been attempting to waken people to the scope of WTF is actually underway for 45 years…I give up. You may comment in reply,” Prove it! Show me! This can’t be!” I have, for endless years! “Hope springs eternal”, is a lovely human sentiment. Just as “Love is Blind”. Yes…blinded by wishes, by projections, which prevent seeing and acknowledging what is Actually taking place. Humanity continues to look for a superhero and refuses to acknowledge how horrific our captors and our situation truly is.

      Lasha, Montecristo, Sister Monica, I have a document I’d like to send you which I anticipate you would find worthwhile. It is far too large to place in your contact window via copy/paste, and the window won’t accept an attachment. Let me know how I can send this to you. I understand you have my email address.

      1. @ David Thatcher

        “[T]o not understand that the Jews control China and Russia is akin to thinking that Trump is now the hero who is going to save the US and the world.”

        No it’s not.

        “You are blinded by your naive optimism.”

        It’s not a matter of “optimism”, It’s a matter of observation and reasoning.

      2. You are correct David –

        Here’s how they fool us today:

        President ‘Put-On’ is a UN Mafia ‘made man’…. Striving for ‘Don’… Godfather.

        If he only had more US Dollars..!! 🙂 🙂

        President ‘Put-On’ confirmed that Russia came to Syria not to destroy ISIS, but to uphold its geopolitical interests in the ongoing confrontation with other superpowers.

        President ‘Put-On’ is striving to shift attention away from domestic issues and problems on Russia’s borders to flaws in the global order and relations between superpowers.

        When comparing American and Russian foreign policies, ‘Put-On’ claimed that Russia was acting more cautiously and carefully in accordance with the U.N. Charter….!! As usual..!! 🙂

        President ‘Put-On’ did not say anything as to why Russia’s foreign policy in 2014-2015 started to look more and more like its American counterpart, with the same unpredictable, spontaneous decisions, double standards with regards to international law, and military operations abroad.

        Another contradiction surfaced when ‘Put-On’ started talking about the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Greater Syria (ISIS). Contrary to the officially proclaimed goals of the Russian military operation in Syria, the president stated that…

        “the fight against ISIS is not the end point that everything is going to revolve around. The development of relations in this geopolitical battle has critical implications for the future.”

        In other words, ‘Put-On’ confirmed that Russia came to Syria not to destroy ISIS, but to uphold its geopolitical interests in the ongoing confrontation with other superpowers.

        As for President ‘Put-On’… he would not be fazed by sanctions or hold a grudge. He is always open for cooperation. He plays ball with the West and Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London.


      3. @ David Thatcher

        (eleventh commandment)

        166 million victims of Soviet Communism is an absurd exaggeration.

        The Black Book of Communism gives following numbers :

        65 million in the People’s Republic of China
        20 million in the Soviet Union
        2 million in Cambodia
        2 million in North Korea
        1.7 million in Ethiopia
        1.5 million in Afghanistan
        1 million in the Eastern Bloc
        1 million in Vietnam
        150,000 in Latin America
        10,000 deaths “resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power.”[4]:4

        The population of the Soviet Union actually kept growing :

        “The Russian Empire lost territories with about 30 million inhabitants after the Russian Revolution (Poland 18 million; Finland 3 million; Romania 3 million; the Baltic states 5 million and Kars to Turkey 400 thousand). World War II losses were estimated between 8-10 million, including an increase in infant mortality of 1.3 million. Total war losses include territories annexed by Soviet Union in 1939-45.

        “Although the population growth rate decreased over time, it remained positive throughout the history of the Soviet Union in all republics, and the population grew each year by more than 2 million except during periods of wartime, collectivisation, and famine.

        Date Population
        January 1897 (Russian Empire): 125,640,000
        1911 (Russian Empire): 167,003,000
        January 1920 (Russian SFSR): 137,727,000*
        January 1926 : 148,656,000[3]
        January 1937: 162,500,000[3]
        January 1939: 168,524,000[3]
        June 1941: 196,716,000[3]
        January 1946: 170,548,000[3]
        January 1951: 182,321,000[3]
        January 1959: 209,035,000[3]
        January 1970: 241,720,000[4]
        1977: 257,700,000
        July 1982: 270,000,000
        July 1985: 277,700,000
        July 1990: 290,938,469
        July 1991: 293,047,571

        Source : Demographics of the Soviet Union, Wikipedia

        One should not be carried away by feelings of indignation and accept widely exaggerated numbers of victims. The Communist regime of Russia was indeed murderous, but never made 166 million victims. If that were true few Russians would be left.

        Because a certain group ruled a country in the past and committed crimes, that does not mean that THEREFORE it still rules now.

        As for Putin being a “Chabad puppet”, that is an impression caused by a photo-op. The Chabad people have the habit to let themselves be photographed with heads of state, by whom they have been granted a short audience. You can find photos of Chabad people with any head of state :



      4. Agreed Franklin

        Putin’s no puppet of Chabad. I suspect they amuse him more than anything. Although he certainly knows the influence these whack jobs wield, especially in the West

      5. @ David Thatcher

        If you wish, you may post this material to LD as an ordinary email, not as an attachment.(LD’s address: [email protected]). We can’t promise to make use of any of this material, however, because we don’t have the time to read and edit unsolicited submissions with a view to publication.

        See our Website Policy Statement here, especially #2:


        We don’t mind receiving material if it’s just sent to us in a friendly way, as something to read and enjoy, but not if it’s sent to us with a view to publication.


        I wish to provide Franklin with some detail re. the 165 million Russian citizens slaughtered…from Juri Lina’s work…but there is no reply button on his comment accusing me of exaggeration. So I’ll post it here….but my comment disappears rather than showing it has gone where sent with opportunity for edit. I also will say that Wikipaedia is owned by Satan’s Chosen…and is a worse than useless source for accurate information. I also will add that my every keystroke is being interfered with as I try again to post this comment. I’ve beenn targetted for years…gosh…wonder why. In what follows is indication of detail provided in Lina’s remarkable work. “Trotsky, a Jew, born Lev Davidovich Bronstein in the Ukraine, described what he planned for the Russian population, to impose Communism which Marx based on the Babylonian Talmud, by slaughtering 60,000,000, Sixty Million Russian citizens. (143,000,000 for the period 1917-1992, according to English researcher Phillip van der Est. – Juri Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, pg. 196, Referent Publishing, Stockholm, 2002.)
        “We should turn Her [Russia] into a desert populated with white Niggers. We will impose upon them such a tyranny that was never dreamt by the most hideous despots of the East. The peculiar trait of that tyranny is that it will be enacted from the left rather than the right and it will be red rather than white in colour.
        Its colour will be red literally because we would spill such torrents of blood that they will pale all human losses of the capitalist wars and make the survivors shudder.”

        “By way of terror and blood baths we will bring the Russian intelligentsia into a state of total stupor, to idiocy, to the animal state of being. So far our young men dressed in leather – the sons of watch repair men from Odessa and Orsha, Gomel and Vinnitza – oh, how beautifully, how brilliantly do they master hatred of everything Russian! With what a great delight do they physically destroy the Russian intelligentsia – officers, engineers, teachers, priests, generals, agronomists, academicians, writers!” – Secret Forces in History of Russia. U.K. Begunov 1995, pg. 148.
        The heinous Cheka carried out the torture and slaughter of actually 165 million human beings in Soviet Russia. “Lists of those shot and otherwise executed were published in the Cheka’s weekly newspaper. In this way it can be proved 1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19. A river of blood flowed through Russia. The Cheka had to employ body counters. According to official Soviet reports from April 1922, 1,695,904 people were executed from January 1921 to April 1922. Among the victims were bishops, professors, doctors, officers, policemen, gendarmes, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, writers, artists, nurses, workers and farmers. Their crime was “anti-social thinking”. – Juri Lina, Under the Sign of the Scorpion, pg. 110, 111, Referent Publishing, Stockholm, 2002.

        …the Cheka was under the control of Jews … 50% of the Cheka consisted of Jews with Jewish names, 25% were Jews who had taken Russian names. All the chiefs were Jews.” – ibid, pg. 111.

        …the Chekists were especially interested in handsome boys and pretty girls. These were the first to be killed.” – ibid. pg. 111.

        “Several sources tell how the Chekists … placed the victims in a row and nailed their hands to a table, cut around their wrists with a knife, poured boiling water over their hands and pulled the skin off. This was called ‘pulling off the glove’.” [The following gruesome method of torture is recorded as a Jewish procedure dating back at least to ancient Rome. I have seen a woodcut print depicting this horror from the middle ages, and a photograph of a negro being tortured this way during the Civil War in the United States]. “Chekists … used to cut open the stomachs of their victims, following which they pulled out a length of the small intestine and nailed it to a telegraph pole [or tree] and, with a whip, forced the unlucky victim to run circles around the pole until the whole intestine had been unravelled and the victim died.” – ibid, pg. 112 .

        Lavrenti Beria, [head of the notorious NKVD] … forced women who took his fancy to sleep with him. Police cars were used to kidnap pretty girls who were brought to Beria. He raped them, following which they were shot and buried in the garden of his little private palace. Skeletons of young women were found in this garden in March, 1993.” – ibid, pg. 308 .

        In so doing Beria was being a dutiful Jew, following the Talmudic instruction, “If a Jew has coitus [sexual intercourse] with a Gentile woman, whether she be a child of three or an adult, whether married or unmarried, and even if she is a minor aged only 9 years and one day- because he had willful coitus with her, she must be killed, as is the case with a beast, because through her a Jew got into trouble.” – The Talmudic Encyclopaedia, Shahak.

        “Lenin … demanded all homeless people be executed on the spot.” – ibid, pg. 126.

        “Not one single synagogue was destroyed or converted into a public toilet or storehouse, as happened to the churches. Not a single rabbi was crucified. Many churches in Moscow were torn down in 1922 and instead, a synagogue with space for 2,000 people was built. A total of 60,000 churches were destroyed.” – ibid, pg. 237.

        “In 1922 … of all 545 civil servants within the government administration, 477 of them were Jews and only 30 were Russians (5.5%).” – ibid, pg. 237.

        “Towards the end of 1922 there were virtually no intelligent people left in Russia, and the few left did not have any possibility of publishing or otherwise giving vent to their ideas.” – ibid, pg. 112.

        “In December, 1918, out of 388 members of the revolutionary government, only 16 happened to be real Russians; all the rest were Jews with the exception of one U.S. Negro. Two hundred and sixty-five of the Jews come from the Lower East Side of New York.” – Rev. George Simons, before the U.S. Senate, 12th February, 1919.

        Van der Est claimed there were 143 million killed in the time frame he researched. My research, which included reading Juri Lina’s books and keeping tally as I read brought the total as best I could ascertain, to 165 million.

      7. @David Thatcher

        The mass killings didn’t continue all the way to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992. At most they lasted to the death of Stalin in 1953. After that Khrushchev started his destalinization campaign and a more humane regime. So that leaves a time frame of 36 years (1917-1953). Even if we assume that the mass killings in those 36 years continued on the same scale as in the worst period you mentioned (1,695,904 from january 1921 – april 1922), then that would mean “only” 48,841,920 people were killed. That is a lot less than Phillip van der Est’s estimation of 143 million, or your own estimation of 165 million. But I don’t think the whole period of 36 years was as bad as the worst years of 1921 – 1922. If we estimate that it was only half as bad, then an estimation of 24 million comes very close to the number of 20 million given in the Black Book of Communism.
        The intensity of the cruelties committed, does not prove their greater quantity.
        Oh and by the way, Beria was not a Jew, but like Stalin a Georgian.

        Remember the eleventh commandment :

        1. @ Franklin Ryckaert

          Yes, this comment by Franklin Ryckaert makes a lot of sense to me. Far too many people keep repeating the internet-generated lie that Stalin and Beria were Jews. They were NOT Jews. They were both fellow Georgians who sympathized 100 per cent with the Jews all around them. They can truly be described as “spiritual Jews”, fanatically Marxist/Communist in their ideology.

          In regard to the number of Russian Christians killed by Stalin and his gang of Jews, the “conservative” figure acceptable to the mainstream is 20 millions. This is the figure given by major Stalin authorities such as Robert Conquest (very anti-Stalin) and Robert Service: 20 million between 1917 and 1953. The carnage definitely eased off after 1953 when Stalin died. In the Soviet Union, anyway.

          It has to be remembered, however, that Solzhenitsyn suggested a far higher figure: 66 millions. It is my own feeling that the 20 million figure is a huge underestimate.

          A good summary of the number of deaths in the Soviet Union during Stalin’s reign of terror is given in this footnote to an article written by Mark Weber:

          Russian professor Igor Bestuzhev-Lada, writing in a 1988 issue of the Moscow weekly Nedelya, suggested that during the Stalin era alone (1935-1953), as many as 50 million people were killed, condemned to camps from which they never emerged, or lost their lives as a direct result of the brutal “dekulakization” campaign against the peasantry. “Soviets admit Stalin killed 50 million,” The Sunday Times, London, April 17, 1988.;

          R. J. Rummel, a professor of political science at the University of Hawaii, has recently calculated that 61.9 million people were systematically killed by the Soviet Communist regime from 1917 to 1987. R. J. Rummel, Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917 (Transaction, 1990).

          Footnote 35.

      8. Here is the quote from Under the Sign of the Scorpion, by Juri Lina, pg 196. “Hans Villius never mentioned the Bolshevik’s cold-blooded mass-murders, which amounted to 66 million in the beginning, and later reached a total of 143 million according to the English researcher Phillip van der Est….Hans Villius did everything in his power to twist the truth and thereby uphold the myths.” I’ve corresponded with Juri, who was born in Estonia in 1949 and has researched what occurred in Russia, The Soviet Union, and has dug deeply into documentation unavailable until the collapse of the USSR .

    4. For Franklin: Russia Not For Russians. Why Vladimir Putin Is Not A Nationalist

      Posted onApril 11, 2017AuthorZionistReport1 Comment
      Did the Soviet Union ever cease to exist? Or did it simply morph into a disguised ‘democracy’? If this magnificent essay does not make you see reality, NOTHING EVER WILL. With the internet and the unlimited possibilities it provides to communicate with those who live there and can tell us the truth, there is no justification for people to remain ignorant of the horrific threat that Putin and ‘his so-called comrades’ are to humanity. The same threat is in those who praise this soviet criminal in the media whatever the source may be and our politicians who are all traitors playing the game to enslave us all under Communism. Open your eyes wide and don’t let the LIES deceive you! COMPLETE ARTICLE AT https://zionistreport.com/2017/04/commentary-russia-not-for-russians-why-vladimir-putin-is-not-a-nationalist/

      1. Also for Franklin https://zionistreport.com/2017/03/commentary-trump-and-putin-agents-of-chabad-lubavitch/ Beginning in the 1990s, Leviev avoided being directly involved with the Yeltsin family, and nurtured ties with Vladimir Putin… He received the blessings for success in business and personal support of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson for his philanthropic activities, which include “an army of some 10,000 Jewish functionaries from Ukraine to Azerbaijan, including 300 rabbis. Most of the 300 rabbis are Chabadniks” – adherents of the Brooklyn-based Chabad Hasidic group…

        Leviev is a major supporter of Jewish philanthropic causes and president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (FJC), an umbrella body representing Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union. <<<

        And what is the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS?… Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (FJC) is a Jewish organisation dedicated to restoring Jewish life, culture and religion in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the former Soviet Union. The FJC was founded on August 1, 1997.

        Current heads of the organization are:

        Lev Leviev, President of FJC of the CIS
        Rabbi Berel Lazar, chief rabbi of Russia, head of Union of Rabbis of CIS

        Its headquarters is in Moscow, Russia, and it has an office in New York City in the United States. <<<

        So Lev Leviev runs the FJC along with Putin’s personal Chabad handler, Berel Lazar…

        And how did the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS come into being? I wrote about it in Chabad-Lubavitch, Vladimir Putin and the globalist End Times script…It’s also important to note that when Putin came to power, he brought Chabad-Lubavitch into power with him. Together with the Cabalist oligarchs, they pushed aside the existing Jewish community so Chabad could reign supreme in Russia. Here is an account of how that happened from The Piratization of Russia: Russian Reform Goes Awry, by Marshall L. Goldman…article at https://zionistreport.com/2017/03/commentary-trump-and-putin-agents-of-chabad-lubavitch/

      2. I’m not an expert on the USSR, but I think Stalin saw what the Jews were up to. The Jews wanted to use the USSR as a platform to spread their Satanic communism throughout the world, and Stalin’s view was “socialism in one country.”

        Weren’t many Jews “purged” from power by Stalin in the mid to late 30s? Didn’t he have all the Jews on the Politburo executed?

        And then when Israel was created, many of the remaining Jews (who weren’t purged earlier) became ideologically conflicted, whereupon Stalin saw them as traitors, and he was quoted saying things like “every Jew is an American agent” or something like that.

        At this point the USSR dropped its earlier support for Israel and started supporting Arab governments.

      3. Re comments of Beria not being a Jew I submit the following.
        Lavrentiy Beria

        Holodomor Avatar“Let our enemies know that anyone who attempts to raise a hand against the will of our people, against the will of the party of Lenin.. will be mercilessly crushed and destroyed”

        Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria (29 March 1899 – 23 December 1953) was a Jewish Bolshevik politician, state security administrator, chief of the Jewish NKVD between 1939-45 and Deputy Premier from 1946–53. Beria was born in Merkheuli, in the Sukhumi district of Kutaisi Governorate then part of the Russian Empire out of wedlock yet his mother was reputed to be a ‘deeply religious church going woman’. Although his mother apparently later married the ‘father’ Pavel Khulaevich Beria doubt is still cast on Beria’s lineage. Jewish sites would have it that no mystery surrounds Beria’s heritage yet consider the fact that these same Jewish groups did the same with Lenin. His Jewish blood was not confirmed till the 1990’s, This comes from a longer article about Beria at https://holodomorinfo.com/glossery/jewish-bolshevik-murderers/lavrentiy-beria/

    5. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      I agree.

      Although a lot of what he says is true, the video dude fails to mention the fact that jews are behind the mess. He also offers no solutions. He is just another hopeless one.

  2. Those Too Big To Fail Wall Street casinos are close to imploding again. Last time, they had 700 TRILLION in toxic derivative bets on their books. Now they have 1.2 QUADRILLION of the same floating to the top of the Wall Street toilet bowl, and when they finally blow…
    So Jew Inc has to speed up the pace of the ME destruction before the US economy blows up, to make sure Syria is destroyed for the Chosen Ones. Or maybe the crazies are just tired of waiting for their version of the Messiah, and I’m not talking about the Handel one.

    Kushners Belong to Jewish Supremacist Doomsday Cult


  3. The Trump episode of the political play will be used to transition the power structure to a more centralized government. Fear and Greed are the catalysts – but, especially Fear. (It is a playbook page straight out of The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion!)

  4. The Russian genocide, Armenian genocide, Ukranian genocide, Polish genocide, German genocide are all from the US and UK, Rothschild puppet states. Israel is the creation of Rothschild, Israel ™ is as evil as it gets. The genocides, which also include the Jacobin French “revolution” are managed terror. Freemasonry is not just Kabbalist, but wildly Talmudic, mass murder, human sacrifice, pedophiilia, it never ends, it’s all there. If you want to clean up this mess, the it’s time to clean our own house. There are videos on all of the genocides, Masonic Revolutions: Slaugherhouse of Osiris, is of the US masonry destroying Russia. These wars were planned just as the ones now are a total farce.

    Watch this and understand where the face of evil lies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBVU0ohT-sM . Also see Masonic Revolutions: The slaughterhouse of Osiris https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYbmkBOH0OE&t=315s . Katyn Forest, Armenian Genocide, Ukrainian Genocide, Eisenhower Rhine Meadows Death Camps, Hellstorm German Genocide are all available to see. The US founders and funders are not what you think they are, extremely evil – Albert Pike: Lucifer is God. Get a hold of and/or read the books of the Kabbala and the Babylonian Talmud. Trump’s father was a Talmudist. Lucifer is God is what our money hints at without stating it outright. The masonic statue of Liberty is that of Semiramis, Wife of Nimrod, Whore of Babylon. Research masonry. Putin has the 33rd degree masonic imagery with wings up and sword pulled on his latest interview 4/13.17. It looks as we will go into Marshal Law (REX84) and continuity of government. This is all by design, just as the Bolshevik Revolution and the last two World Wars were performed. Defense plan Orange to take control of the Pacific over Japan was asymetrical warfare planned in 1897. This is the state of the Zionist plan for total domination. See Benjamin Freedman’s speech at the Willard Hotel and JFK’s speech to the newspaper writers in 1961. Yes, IT IS A CONSPIRACY just as they said.

    Yes, the Donald published a book in 2000 that said the towers would come down and Osama Bin Laden is the perp. See the video Impeach Trump in which the people at MSNBC in morning Joe learn of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOaYZy47fcw

    Global Warming Hoax because of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PY1iXH_SHA Idiots drain one of the Van Allen Belts. See Geoengineeringwatch.org for what is happening to out world because of HAARP (the world’s ionic heating system – yes they wanted to own the weather), and the twits running government, military and science. Seed vaults, knowledge vaults and DNA vaults are being made. What is this but the new NOAH’s ARC project?

    US masonic fraternal organizations at http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/masonicmuseum/fraternalism/jewish_orders.htm is just one of several at http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/masonicmuseum/fraternalism/

    Samuel Johnson made this famous pronouncement that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel on the evening of April 7, 1775

    1. Jim –

      “The Russian genocide, Armenian genocide, Ukranian genocide, Polish genocide, German genocide are all from the US and UK, Rothschild puppet states.”

      YESSSS..!!!! 100%..!!

      I don’t know why ALL here do not see it.

      They are setting up Syria for banks and stock markets to come…. HSBC galore..!!

      1. There were some good points brought up. The parts where he states that it doesn’t matter what we want. But at the very beginning, when he talked about picking your boogeyman behind it all was pretty weak.

  5. Can’t wait for Donald Trumps Autobiography to come out explaining his flip flops, 180s and bare faced lies. A good title for it would be ‘Mein Trumpf’. What a neocon wanker !.

  6. The Trump administration has improved communications.

    The US military now receive their instructions directly from Tel Aviv.

  7. “Trump is pushing us into a pre-planned World War III (6-minute video)”

    Thanks for that great video… the very best yet.. WOW..!! 🙂

    That man in the video was NOT ME… I promise..!! And I did NOT write his script..!!

    You can tell. He did not say “Buffoon” or “Paper Bear”….

    ……. NOT even once..!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Who is that guy in the video??

      He IS… Jeff Berwick… a Canadian entrepreneur, libertarian and anarcho-capitalist activist.

      He is anti-zionist. He is against usury banking,

      Berwick is the author of the book Shemitah Trends:The Plot to Enslave Humanity and How to Find Freedom which details….
      …. the financial elite’s use of biblical timelines that coincide with major financial market calamities.

      Berwick founded Stockhouse, a penny stock promotion and marketing site, which he later sold.

      He later was an investor in bitcoin, appearing publicly on Fox News and other mainstream press outlets to discuss the digital currency.

      In 2009, he founded The Dollar Vigilante, an anarcho-capitalist blog focusing on gold, silver, mining stocks, Bitcoin and offshore banking.

      In 2015, Berwick started Anarchapulco, the world’s first and largest international anarcho-capitalist conference held in Acapulco, Mexico.

      The 2017 conference is set to be held at the Hotel Princess Mundo Imperial

  8. Change can only come from without… not within. Yes, Hitler was “appointed” chancellor in 1933 and then set about dismantling the parliamentary scam system in Weimar Germany, but he had an entire army of men at his beck and call to fall back on should anything go awry. Similarly, if we are to affect change, it will not be done with ballots… only bullets. No system willingly allows itself to be deconstructed. (Insane altruistic whites are the only proven exception to this natural law – allowing their lands to be overrun by third world aliens.)

  9. All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. – Arthur Schopenhauer

    Jews are the scum of the earth, but they are also great masters in lying. – Arthur Schopenhauer

    If you know the Jew, then you know your future. – Arch Stanton

  10. Thierry Meyssan makes some points backing up the war thesis:

    In less than two weeks, the Trump administration has defended 7 different positions concerning the Syrian Arab Republic.
    It seems that the White House has folded under pressure from the British, who are determined to preserve at any cost the jihadist system that they have created.

    President Donald Trump finalised his about-face by receiving at the White House the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg. During a shared Press conference, he indicated that he no longer considered the Alliance as obselete, thanked it for its support against Syria, and was prepared to work in close collaboration with his allies.

    In response, Russie announced that it has up-dated 60 % of its nuclear arsenal, and is ready for war [9].


    The pussie parasite controllers of humanity hiding in the shadows in London need to be informed by Russia that London gets blasted first, followed by Patagonia where these creeps and accomplices have setup havens. Dr John Coleman of “The Committee Of 300” fame and a US academic researcher on the Council on Foreign Relations, whose name eludes me, place the top of the hierarchy in London.

    1. Might be Cleon Skousen who did the expose on Tragedy and Hope… in the 70s. Naked Capitalist.

      A review and commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley’s book, Tragedy and Hope, privately published in 1970; 144 pages; more than 1,000,000 copies sold. The Naked Capitalist was read by….
      President Ronald Reagan who wrote privately to Dr. Skousen, “Sad but true.”

    2. @ Flan

      As I’ve often said – and I think it’s more appropriate now than ever – Russia should hold a public targeting ceremony.

      Vladimir Putin should give a speech to the world where he makes one last plea for mutual respect, cooperation, diplomacy, adherence to the rule of law, inviolability of national sovereignty, etc., followed by a public ceremony where nuclear warheads are programmed for specific targets.

      As I imagine it, each of Chumpster’s properties should get their own warhead. And of course the same would go for Pence, McMaster, Tillerson, Kushner, McCain, Graham, Soros, etc.

      1. Better Patagonia. They’ve already discounted their usual homes as collateral damage.

        Russia or China could throw Kim Jong a nuclear punch to evaporate the US naval battle fleet heading his way. A demonstration to the insouciant under 65’s of what is coming their way if they carry on with their semi-detached lifestyles.

  11. Anyone who has experienced war or combat understands very little goes exactly as planned. Sun Tzu stated in his classic the greatest general accomplishes the best desired result with the least amount of force. This elementary observation is as profoundly true today – does anyone want to live in a situation where literally hundreds of Fukushima or Chernobyl types of endless radiation completely destroy the profit motive? I think what irritates Mr. Putin is the willingness of the zionist West to push war fear porn irresponsibly and dangerously, and to shamelessly murder civilian Christians to make way for eretz israel. It’s understood among statesmen and even bureaucrats (who won’t be dignified by me as “Statesmen”) that the control of the masses requires fear, the threat and occasional use of force, but only incompetents take it to the level the zionists have. An example of what should be in our gunsights is why Jared Kushner, with utterly no academic experience of merit in Security related study or any first hand distinguished service in National Security let alone military service has become without any doubt, the most splendid example of a zionist mental ‘self abuser’ fantasist who is in the process as the silliest self appointed expert to delegate authority to himself at the highest level of the NSC. His only qualifications are 1) He’s jewish and has inherited money 2) He’s close to Netanyahu 3) He married Trump’s daughter. This outrage in The USA alone should bring any dimwit out in the streets bearing fire and any sober minded individual the pressing need for a major American ‘re-adjustment’ to the political process, and oh yes, much else. Don’t worry or jawbone endlessly terrified about Nuclear War (none bother mentioning biological warfare, a far greater possibility as pointed out by the Earl of Sterling years ago). The fact that the US military has had a zionist carrot shoved up it’s collective posterior with all kinds of weapons deals, perks, and fat bonuses for incompetence should give any rational person to consider quite carefully Michael Scheurer’s suggestion that a competent government would have a hard look at the US General Officer corps as a good starting point to rebuild some degree of professional standards. The proof of this is staring us all in the face – zionist MSM has nothing to say about Kushner, but endless loud screeches about N. Korea, Syria and so on. Let’s have more dialogue on the vital subjects they won’t dare touch and not join the Amen chorus on proliferating nuclear fear and allowing THEM to control the narrative while Kushner and others steal whatever is left.

    1. Nice post, but it is not fear porn. Any cornered nuclear nation will resort to nukes. The US will resort to nukes if defeated in conventional battle. Then as you say, all predictions are off. Conventional logic would dictate, once the nuclear threshold has been breached, to let fly with the whole arsenal.

      1. @Mr. O’Brien: The USA left Vietnam a defeated nation (domestically mostly) and has largely withdrawn from both Iraq and Afghanistan with no strategic victory but plenty of casualties and expense, and there was no nuclear usage. The mark of a desperate loser was to drop the largest (known) non nuclear bomb on the caves in Afghanistan recently because our military is unable to do what Commander Massoud achieved with far less. People with little or no experience jawbone about nukes and ignore Bio, far more commonly available in the arsenals of today’s nations and with far greater chance of being used by some maniac on the losing side. War talk is fashionable among terrorized people, and is used by zionists to hide and justify their agenda. Meanwhile, please tell me what else qualifies Jason Kushner to head NSC that I may have missed in the above. I’m more worried about him than nukes at the moment. The nuclear threshold has been breached most likely by Israel in recent times when they destroyed Syria’s nascent nuclear program not too long ago. The most likely place in the view of many with experience as current candidates to have a nuclear exchange is still Pakistan and India, with North Korea a more likely possibility for the scenario you propose. Before we aspire to nuclear talk, it pays to read “Janes” and inform ourselves how much money these SOB’s are making with arms sales driven by the greed and fear of many nations, stimulated by the high tension environment of MSM “Nuclear War is Imminent!”

      2. Yes, I wrote “Jason” for Jared in my reply, my apologies. I wonder if there is something going on with the Jason Society, the elite group of Scientists started during Eisenhower’s time,that my subconscious is calling attention to… If you have any good source material on that group, THAT would indeed be a good post!

      3. @ Winston

        The US was not in Vietnam for Vietnam. The combat in Vietnam was just a deadly distraction that enhanced the MIC. The US was in Vietnam to quell the opium production in Laos that was negatively affecting the CIA drug trade in Thailand. The US won the war by making Laos the most heavily bombed country in the world. Lots of B-52’s and cluster bombs. It still holds the title and suffers from it still today. As much as the people of Laos try to train their children to avoid unexploded cluster munitions, tremendous numbers of children die or lose body parts today. The problem does not get much attention from the rest of the world most likely because, if it did, the truth might get out. US vets might even get pissed and get over the illusion of what they do.

        There were reports of a low yield nuke being used by the US at the Baghdad airport in 2003. Saddam’s troops were putting up too much resistance. After using it, they scraped 6 inches of soil from the entire area to cut down radiation. I never heard where they put the removed dirt.

      4. @PAT
        I knew that excellent song.
        The US did not have first use policy back then, but they do now. Anyhow, imagine the ignominy of launching nuclear weapons at people virtually armed with only sticks and stones.

        About Iraq and Afghanistan, I don’t think strategic victory was the object, just the access to resources (Oil/Opium).

        You are right about arms sales but that does not discount a nuclear war being sparked, especially now spineless Trump is provoking three nuclear nations at once. (Russia, China, North Korea). 100% behind you on Kushner.

  12. The CIA* was set up primarily for it’s “deeper state” to act as the “rudder” for the protocolian “steering committee”. The Chabad-Lubinovich rabbinical sect are in essence “protocolian philosophers” . The protocols’ AUTHORS however, scoff at this pseudo-philosophy whose entire basis is in the fulfillment of the Book of Revelations, a Biblical canon wherein the works of a genuine man of Christ we know as John are riddled with obfuscation and downright lies.

    The protocol administration have no use for the reflections of true philosophy, when as the trustees of evil their only goal is in orchestrating methods to subjugate humanity and prevent an ascension of man’s spiritual truth. These delusional Chabad rabbis are simply among their more useful of idiots.

    *in certain esoteric circles it is understood that the CIA is the 6th point of the Star of David, as an extension of the U.S. Pentagon

    1. Soon I will tell readers an interesting story that will help explain how ol’ Brownhawk appears to have such temerity by having an air of certitude in writing about matters the way I do.

      Stay tuned


  13. I’ve been trying three times to post my reply to Franklin accusing me of exaggeration….but my post doesn’t appear which clearly substantiates my assertion. I too am being harassed keystroke by keystroke….so….two possibilities re. my comment not appearing on your site. Did I get dumped to spam? The rest is beyond your or my control BTW I sent my ebook to the address you provided. Hope it arrived your end.

    1. Admin…looks like this 4th attempt arrived. Did you receive my ebook? If not I’ll try again. And Franklin…you actually trust material found on Wikipedia. Surely you know Satan’s Own Disinfo. Specialists own and operate this source of spun rubbish.

    2. @ David Thatcher

      Your comment went into our spam folder for some reason. It’s just been published. Don’t worry about this. It happens from time to time.

  14. Oy Vey!

    Rabbis Urge President Trump To “Act Decisively” In Syria


    This latest load of chutzpah turns balanced individuals into raging antisemites 😉

    I can’t help it. I never was before, but I am now antisemetic, and to hell with the Jews. I don’t like — I’m appalled by it — but I can’t deny the feelings or reaction that arise within me, from the years of such abuse by them. It’s not that I would do anything to them, or that I don’t know that there are not many fine people who are Jewish, but I’m at the point that if a Jew tried to engage me or tell me anything I would just walk away, telling him I didn’t want to hear it. About the same thing as when an evangelist tries to tell me about his primitive conception of religion: take it somewhere else — I don’t have time for that.

    It is recorded by the Zionists themselves that they thrive on antisemitism — they bask in the hate. So spare a thought for the lonely theory that perhaps this latest act of brazen hypocrisy is precisely designed to trigger rage and indignation.

    1. PS I am not saying do not hate; I am not saying do not be angry, indignant. Just don’t be hasty or you might spring a trap!

    2. @ Flopot

      Anti-semitism is definitely on the rise.

      I visit the PizzaGate forms on a regular basis to see what is going on with the citizen investigators as they dig and connect dots on the Satanic pedophiles. For months now, I have been wondering how long it would be before it dawned on the citizen investigators that there is an unusually high number of jews showing up on their radar. Shortly after the PizzaGate rally/protest on Match 25, 2017 in D.C., they started noticing the jews. Now, it is brought up all the time. Since PizzaGate is global in nature now, the jews are getting free negative exposure of their Satanic cult everywhere around the globe in the most negative fashion, pedophilia. I sincerely doubt that the jews are going to be thriving on this type of anti-Semitism.

  15. The “YUGE” Buffoon in White House is…..

    Leaning ‘LEFT’ “BIGGLY” and opposing his campaign positions on:

    Ex-Im Bank
    China currency manipulation
    Janet Yellen

  16. “Trump is pushing us into a pre-planned World War III”

    those planners lost back in nov ’16

    trump has different plans

    hang in there

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