Trump Pardons Racist, Criminal Jewish Fanatic

By Henry Makow, PhD
Sourced from via the Truthseeker 

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon


LD : Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin (b. 1959 in Russia), a leader of the Chabad crime syndicate, was pardoned a few days ago by President Donald Trump for his long list of truly heinous crimes. These include child labor violations, illegal drug manufacturing in secret laboratories, the rape and sexual abuse of workers at his meat processing plant in Iowa, and, finally, unprecedented levels of animal cruelty carried out by Rubaskin’s kosher slaughtermen. By pardoning this vicious Jewish psychopath, Trump not only shows where his true loyalties lie but reveals his own psychopathology. [LD]

A few days ago we posted Michael Berg’s article, Ex-Chabad Member Exposes Trump Family Cult. This demonstrated that Trump’s family (the Kushners) belongs to Chabad, a racist, criminal Jewish supremacist doomsday cult. The very next day, Trump commuted the 27-year prison sentence of Chabad kosher butcher, Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin, 57, a GOP donor. He had served only eight years of his sentence.

Rubashkin, as manager of the family owned Agriprocessors meat plant ($300 million annual revenue) in Postville, Iowa, was convicted in 2009 of financial fraud for submitting fake invoices to the plant’s bank that made the company’s finances appear healthier than they were so that it could borrow more. The bankruptcy revealed a $26 million scheme of fraud.

In addition, in one of the nation’s largest illegal worker busts, federal authorities raided the plant and detained 389 illegal immigrants in 2008. ICE determined that at the time of their  raid, two-thirds of the plant’s workers were undocumented. It turned out the company itself was cranking out false social security cards.

There were also 9,311 counts of child labor violations in the indictments, as well as horrific safety violations. Authorities also found a Meth lab.

Plant supervisors in this hell-on-earth were involved in rape and sexual abuse of workers. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) also documented and filmed what they called the worst animal abuses and extreme cruelty they had ever seen.

The Rubashkin criminal exploits and methods were documented in the CNBC series “American Greed – The Slaughterhouse”. The video has now been scrubbed from CNBC’s site. It has been mirrored elsewhere, but this may not be online long.”


The White House statement cited letters of support for review of Rubashkin’s case from more than 30 members of Congress of both parties, including House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and veteran Republican Senator Orrin Hatch.

Trump also pointed to bipartisan expressions of support for review of the case from over (((100 former high-ranking U.S. Justice Department officials, prosecutors, judges and legal scholars.)))

For Trump’s very first criminal commutation, I reprise my 2008 article Jews Must Face Dark Side of Judaism. Journalism professor Stephen Bloom was a typical American Jewish liberal who wanted to explore his Jewish roots by joining the Chabad colony in Postville IA.  He found that for its most ardent followers, Judaism is about hatred and exploitation of non-Jews. He learns that Jews are unwittingly connected to a satanic conspiracy against God and man, and this is the real cause of anti-semitism. Think Communism.

“They wanted nothing to do with their Christian neighbors. They were there to make money and the non-Jews (goyim) were barely distinct from the cattle on their assembly line.”

Jews Must Face “Dark Side” of Judaism

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(revised and updated)

Stephen Bloom (pictured here) has a love of fairness and justice typical of many liberal American Jews. A journalism professor, he saw the opening of a Kosher meat packer by Hasidic Jews in Postville Iowa in 1987 as an opportunity to study the Jewish-gentile dynamic in microcosm.

He discovered more about Judaism and the causes of anti-Semitism than he wanted to know. Here is his conclusion from “Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America” published in 2000:

“Initially I had gone to Postville to learn from the Hasidim [Orthodox Jews], to share with them a sense of identity and belonging. Instead, what the Postville Hasidim ultimately offered me was a glimpse of the dark side of my own faith, a look at Jewish extremists whose behavior not only made the Postville locals wince, but made me wince, too.

“I didn’t want to partake in Hasidim’s vision that called on Jews to unite against the goyim and assimilation. The world, even in Iowa, was too bountiful to base my likes and dislikes solely on religion. The word Hasid literally means ‘the pious one,’ but the Postville Hasidim were anything but pious. You couldn’t become casual friends with them. They required total submission to their schema of right and wrong, Jew vs. Christian — or you were the enemy.”

In other words, if you’re a Jew but don’t buy their insane hatred, then you’re no better than the goyim. Unfortunately, their attitude typifies organized Jewry as a whole.

The influx of hundreds of Orthodox Jewish families into a tiny (pop. 1465) Christian farming community in northeast Iowa was rocky from the start. Yes the Jews had a seemingly wholesome family life and pious appearance. But they wanted nothing to do with their Christian neighbors. They were there to make money and the non-Jews, whether Postville merchants or migrant workers, were barely distinct from the cattle on their assembly line.

(Jared Kushner is a Chabad kingpin and doubtless exerted his influence on his father-in law, Donald Trump, to get him to offer a free pardon to the Chabad criminal Rabbi Rubashkin).

Finally the meatpacking plant, Agriprocessors, filed for bankruptcy in Oct. 2008 after the owner Sholom Rubashkin was arrested for defrauding a bank regarding a $35 million loan.

This came after the State of Iowa levied $10 million in fines for 9000 violations involving illegal wage deductions and child labor. Then, in June, the company was accused of forging documents for illegal aliens. Four hundred hapless laborers from Guatemala to Palau were arrested and jailed.

When the plant closed, hundreds of workers were left destitute while turkeys languished unfed in trailers outside the plant gates. The town struggled to regain its footing, probably relieved to be rid of this mixed blessing.

In August, a delegation of distinguished rabbis and communal functionaries spent three hours touring the plant, met briefly with local Christian clergy and social activists, and gave the operation a clean bill of health. They found no evidence to suggest that “someone should not buy things from Agriprocessors.”

“A three-hour tour could not uncover the extensive, “egregious” child labor violations that the Iowa state labor commissioner reported… just five days after the rabbis left town. The labor commissioner said he had “never seen anything like it” in his 30 years in the field…” the Jewish Daily Forward wrote in an Editorial August 7.

“Three hours wouldn’t turn up the voluminous evidence of abuse gathered by the Forward when we first broke the Agriprocessors story two years ago. We found compelling indications of sexual harassment, shorted wages, favoritism and bribery in work assignments, inadequate safety training and horrific work accidents in the place we called a ‘Kosher Jungle.'”

Note:  The Canadian billionaire Hershey Friedman, of Montreal, purchased the kosher meatpacking plant in 2009 and rebranded it as Agri Star Meat and Poultry. Agri Star now employs the vast majority of Postville’s remaining Jews, with most of them serving as Jewish ritual slaughterers or shochtim.

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“Don’t smile, Sholom, I’m doing this for the Jews.”

LD : Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin was issued a free pardon by Donald Trump three days ago on Wednesday, 20 December, after serving eight years of his original 27-year sentence. His crimes could not have been more heinous and shocking, including extreme levels of animal cruelty.

Rubashkin’s long-time attorney Guy Cook gave a ringing endorsement of his client and sang the praises of Donald Trump for his generous pardon of the criminal rabbi.

“The sentence previously imposed was unfair and unjust,” the rabbi’s lawyer proclaimed in an email. “President Trump has done what is right and just. The unrelenting efforts on Rubashkin’s behalf have finally paid off.”

No doubt Trump’s all too predictable generosity toward the Jews will be greeted with cries of rapture from his usual camp followers. They will find some ingenious justification for it. It beggars belief that anyone could be so lacking in moral decency as to support a president who pardons a Jewish psychopath found guilty of these flagrant crimes involving  cruelty to animals.  [LD]

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  1. Thanks for great exposing, the sordid details appear not to have been considered newsworthy elsewhere.

    Makes me glad to be a vegetarian.

    My grandfather, whom I’ve briefly discussed here was not a “mafioso” but a businessman. Being a Northern Italian who stayed on the East coast where most southerners settled he inevitably met many in the Italian American community. Most Northern Italians of course, went to the West coast where they started wineries. The most important rule of business my grandfather gave to his family was:
    1. Never do business with dishonest people.

    BDS can be extended in virtually all domestic areas as well. We reciprocate the “not wishing to have anything to do with certain neighbors” and have done so for decades. If others joined us, maybe they would “dry up and blow away” to quote Mr. Netanyahu’s vision for America in reverse.

    1. “Rabbi ” Rubashkin has absolutly nothing in common with my grandfather, also a Jew. While I disagreed with my grandfather on lots of issues, after being discharged from the military after WWII, he became a millionaire honestly through hard work and intelligence. This piece of shit “Rebe” doesnt even deserve to call himself a decent Jew. Hes simply a criminal being pardoned by another criminal. My grandfather was a good, but difficult, man. But at least, he didnt lie. I would like for all posters at “Darkmoon ,” to at least know the difference.

      1. Donaldo,

        Based on your description I’d say you should be proud of your grandfather. I for one would never include him in the same category as Rubashkin, or any one else with a criminal career. The fact that he was difficult was very common for those times, life was much harder in many respects. The three mass migrations of Jews, Irish, and Italians occurred simultaneously at the turn of the century in America and those without means, which was the vast majority found themselves shut out of a lot of places.

        Money as always greases the wheels. The going price back then after prohibition for a liquor license in the state of NY was $10,000 to a judge, a lot of money in those days. This was virtually standard procedure. Today the President can be ‘swayed’ by a visit from Alan Dershowitz, and the American dream is being deliberately sent down the toilet.

      2. Presidents were not above certain behavior in the past either, but there were certain clearly defined limits. Someone like Rubashkin would have probably fallen into that category, public outrage was a serious matter.

        My grandfather once had some business with a friend on the West Coast by the name of A. P. Giannini, who broadened the scope of services offered by the Bank of America, founded by Orra E. Monnette in 1923, at a time when it was very difficult for “little” people to get loans. Mr. Giannini was unusually disturbed that day, and explained why to my grandfather. “I just had that little son of a b*tch Jimmy Roosevelt thrown out of my office” he explained. Jimmy Roosevelt had attempted to get another bribe from Mr. Giannini, who had already made a contribution to the “campaign fund”. Jimmy Roosevelt was well known as FDR’s bag man, and doing business could be difficult if the wheels weren’t greased. But Mr. Giannini was no pushover.

    2. Hi Winston,
      I owed you a response to the question you asked regarding the Qatar boycott. Sorry for the delay.

      As I see it all the major players are, willingly or unwillingly, in the right hand / left hand play of our (((friends))). From the US, to Russia and China… They control so much of the world economy, finance, media, technology and of course weapons, via their henchmen countries. Can you imagine if Iran was to attack Israel? Can you imagine the response of the US, Britain, France, all of Europe???

      They would sacrifice all their sons and daughters, in a heartbeat so that not a scratch comes to their sacred child Israel. Even if a country wanted to resist, the system is already set and most countries have the noose of massive debt stealthily slipped through their nostrils so they can be steered by the lady in red. If you don’t comply, she can always sic the beast after them. The beast has been doing BIGGLY work for her for a long time.

      What I see, is they are setting the pieces to manufacture the scenario depicted in Ezekiel 38 and 39. This scenario is core to Zionist Christians.Jews. They work themselves up in orgasmic frenzy just talking about it. They literally can’t wait, so they make it happen. They will do everything in their power to show Israel, the apple of God’s eye, surrounded by invading multitudes, all to be annihilated by a jealous God who will make it known to the heathen world that His Israel is His beloved.

      The majority of nations have already committed fornication with the lady in red. They have drunk from her cup and as far as their kings are concerned, that power is intoxicatingly addictive and financially sweet. Just have a look at how much business she is doing in the Emirates, and I mean on sensitive issues, like surveillance, all information going back to head office in Israel.

      As for Qatar, I don’t trust them one bit, I have my suspicions. Since that time SA has become the second spender in arms annually and Qatar has ordered warships and weapons from the beast. Of course the spaces on the board seemingly pushes them in cahoots with Iran and Turkey. We know for a fact, Qatar and SA were supplying arms to ISIS on behalf of the lady, hence the reason for the largest US base there. We know the lady’s aim is Iran. Iran is no fool and how can anyone trust them while having the largest US base in the ME?

      Of course the lady will not stop and she will form her Muslim opposition arrayed with the great kingdom of the North (Russia) or China or both. She is making sure the beast pushes the great kingdom in that direction. There are some who say we are just sitting and waiting for things to unfold and not doing anything to change it with our hands. That is not the case at all, you have to understand how the enemy thinks and with the level of control she has over the board. For those people who think that way, let’s see what you’ve done.

      There are many good people here and we know if we don’t ‘kiss’ the right people in the right place then it will keep going and the noose will tighten for all of us who desire and demand some basic measure of liberty. That’s exactly what the Zionist did throughout Europe until they were able to have their way.

      There are some who feel Israel is being setup for destruction as per the alleged Pike letter or similar scenario, that it will be the trade-off for the one world govt. That’s a possibility, however keep in mind they play the right hand and the left.

      For example, they feed and push the American hegemony project with full gusto…all the while benefitting BIGGLY and if the world is pussy enough to let it happen, so be it. Many misguided patriots will even endorse it. At the same time they will counter with the multi polar world and the need for all nations to be one……if the world is strong to resist American hegemony then they reel in the other. Under the right hand and the left hand, they get their world gov’t, you are only given the allusion that it was your choice.

      I just don’t see them sacrificing Israel at all. I see it going the other way. I believe Israel will be destroyed but we may not be there yet. In the meantime the plight of the Yemeni people is truly heart breaking. I heard from someone that the Christian Zionists are busy trading food for conversion, I have not verified it myself.

      1. Seeb –

        You wrote:
        “I believe Israel will be destroyed but we may not be there yet.”

        Israel will not be destroyed until the UN – the founder and guardian – is destroyed.

      2. Hi Seeb,

        Thank you. I find that watching Iran’s responses tells me more than the many statements of many countries alleged position. Bin Salman acts without discipline or restraint and has hugely immoderate appetites, and reckless behavior in foreign policy as well as domestic historically is unwise for any country.

        I am interested in the al-Shulman allegations concerning the house of ‘Saud’.

        Did you see the article by Yoichi Shimatsu on about the Israeli plane that left Atlanta illegally during the recent blackout?

        Your points about the red “lady” are excellent.

      3. Hi Winston,
        Sorry, in my comment above it should be ‘illusion’ instead of ‘allusion’, I’m sure you picked up on it.
        I tried finding that article on rense – this was my first time going there – it’s simply a toxic place for a Muslim, the hate and rage got me within the first minute, couldn’t breathe anymore.

        Couldn’t believe it, he’s got a recent article by some Canadian Jewish woman talking about how much Muslims preach Jihad all the time… and hatred of Jews! Anyway, I would like to read the article, if you could send a direct link to it I would appreciate it.

        Hi Pat,
        “Israel will not be destroyed until the UN – the founder and guardian – is destroyed.”

        Yes, I agree with you or they could be concurrent and I don’t see anything in the cards right now that indicates the time is imminent but it may be not all that far ahead.
        If I have to make a guess it would be based on Islamic eschatology.

        From transmitted material, the Prophet indicated that the army of the Antichrist will also be in Arabia and at one point it will surround the Prophet’s city, Madinah. We can see the ground work is already prepared. He also indicated that the Antichrist(Jew King) will make his appearance in Khorassan and he will be supported by 70,000 Jews from Isfahan.

        This would indicate that Iran may be compromised from within, a coup by the Jews from Iran perhaps. It also shows the right hand / left hand play of the Jews i.e. they are currently pushing, the seemingly only true Muslim resistance is in the camp of Iran all the while the trap is being set.
        So in my understanding, if and when Iran falls or makes a pact with Israel it will symbolize the last open national resistance to the New Jew order in the area. However the fighting will continue. Hopefully, there will no longer be anything like Sunni or Shia. In the midst of this may also be a situation where Christians and Muslims fight together against the Jews. At the critical hour however, it will take a miraculous event to place this world back on the course towards God.

  2. This is how it happened : From Forward, Dec 22, 2017 :

    “…At the end of a meeting with President Donald Trump this fall about the Middle East peace process, attorney Alan Dershowitz turned the conversation to a matter closer to home: The prison sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, the Kosher meatpacking executive then serving a 27-year prison sentence for bank fraud.

    Dershowitz is among Rubashkin’s most prominent supporters — and was probably the first to bring the matter to Trump’s attention. He questions the appropriateness of Rubashkin’s prison sentence, a federal judge’s handling of the case, the conduct of the prosecutors, and the “whiff of anti-Semitism”that he says he suffuses the matter.

    Dershowitz argued to Trump that prosecutors had unfairly manipulated Rubashkin’s sentence by driving down the company’s sale price, which increased the losses suffered by the banks that Rubashkin was found guilty of defrauding and therefore boosting his sentence. The federal judge who oversaw the case had rejected that argument in a ruling in January, but Trump was intrigued.

    “When I explained that to the president, he understood that from a business point of view,” Dershowitz said.

    A few months later, on December 20, Trump commuted the remainder of Rubashkin’s sentence, freeing him from the Otisville, New York prison where he has spent the past eight years and sending Brooklyn’s Orthodox community into ecstasy.

    “In the whole jail nobody could be believe that I walked out,” Rubashkin said in a gleeful late-night celebration outside his Brooklyn home on Wednesday night. “They wanted to bury the guy for who knows how many years and he walked out.”

    Rubashkin did not receive a pardon, still owes $26 million in restitution and will be under supervised release for five years. But his liberty represents the successful culmination of an intensive, years-long effort by attorneys, Orthodox leaders and members of Rubashkin’s own Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic sect to set him free.

    “They relentlessly pushed this issue,” said Michael Fragin, an Orthodox political analyst, of Chabad. “This was a real cause.”

    Dershowitz’ conversation was the culmination of a years-long effort to build support for a pardon, and the beginning of a last dash to bring the president to a decision.

    After the meeting, a set of letters from a range of public figures backing Rubashkin were shown to Trump, Dershowitz said. “It was Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, prosecutor, defense attorney,” Dershowitz said. “It made a very, very compelling case for mercy. For commutation.”

    Rubashkin seems to have been at the front of Trump’s mind in recent weeks. New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted Thursday that at a recent meeting, Trump polled people in attendance about whether he should free the meatpacking executives.

    According to a person with direct knowledge of the encounter, Chabad’s chief representative in Washington, D.C., Rabbi Levi Shemtov, was seen speaking one-on-one with the president during the White House Hanukkah party in early December.

    Since his conviction, Rubashkin’s allies have mobilized aggressively on his behalf. Nat Lewin, a Washington, D.C.-based constitutional lawyer who has represented Rubashkin, recruited a number high-profile former officials to sign letters asking for intercession on Rubashkin’s behalf.

    “It is finally time that what was the most outrageous prosecution I have seen in fifty years of practice of criminal law and constitutional law, the most outrageous prosecution from beginning to end, to have it finally terminated,” Lewin said.

    Included in a 50-page packet of pro-Rubashkin letters issued by the White House are appeals from former U.S. Attorney Generals Michael Mukasey, John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzales, and Edwin Meese III; former FBI director Louis Freeh; Senator Orinn Hatch; and many others.

    “It almost becomes a no-brainer at some point,” Shemtov told the Forward.

    In videos posted online on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, giddy members of the Brooklyn Orthodox community welcomed Rubashkin home. Rubashkin thanked Trump during an address at 770 Eastern Parkway, the headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

    Dershowitz said that he spoke with Rubashkin on Thursday morning. “He was very happy and he gave me a blessing,” Dershowitz said. “He was very thankful. I told him it was a team effort.”

    Read more:

    Watch this video about Rubashkin’s joyous welcome party at home. It will increase your love for Jews !

    1. The Jews say jump ,and Trump jumps higher . Super Jew Kushner is a devote of this super Jew sect . Dersowitz is the International Jews public legal advocate . He pushes there interests ,and pleades their case when trouble brews . Note ,how the Left / Right Matrix falls into step when a Jew is involved ! When will people break this phoney Talmudic dualism created by the Jews ? Trump’s deadliest ” Liberal ” or “Deep State ” enemies unite with him when Jewry calls . The Jews despise animals and consider them nothing but creatures to be used . They consumption
      consider Gentiles barely better . Their exclusive tribal God Yahweh deems this so. Right wing ” Patriots ” ,who “adore Jews ” ,will cheer their tin horn hero Trump more …as he is ” fighting for Gaaaad and Israel ” . ” The poor Rabbi victim of deep state Fascism is now free from the inner 4 th Reich ” , ( Please tell me were that place is ,so my friends and I can move there ? ) kosher conspiracy theory pushers will brag . The slimy residue of the Koch Brothers now stale 2010 tea party will sleep better tonight knowing a ” wronged Jew harrased by big government is free ! “. Trump by design,and desperation is the most dangerous International Jew agent in the White House since Wilson, FDR , Bush 2.

      1. “The Jews despise animals and consider them nothing but creatures to be used.”

        IMO Jews and the governments they control seem to have a special hatred for animals. I’ve always thought it might be because animals are one gateway to human spiritual awakening.

    2. @ Franklin,
      I find it interesting that Dershowitz, a lifelong liberal democrat and Hillary supporter, has provided his considerable legal talents in defense of Trump versus Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion probe. He claims to be speaking out against the Russia investigation(s) based on his civil libertarian principles, which I applaud. But could there also be a little Quid Pro Quo at work?

      1. Dersowitz is revealing the Jews Left / Right matrix . The Dialectic . Thesis / Antithesis/ Synthesis.

      2. Dershowitz at Chabad
        —Questions and Answers with Alan Dershowitz—
        Professor Alan Dershowitz fields questions on diverse topics ranging from his relationship with the Lubavitcher Rebbe to whether or not international law would permit a preemptive strike against Iran. This Q&A session was filmed at the Chabad House in Miami Beach.(sayanim house)

        Israel, Terrorism, Chabad House
        Dershowitz has a unique perspective on Herzl and Zionism at 2:30:

  3. Count the ways.

    Once again… Trump sent his signal to the world. He supports Israel and the enemies of Palestinians.

    Adelson guides him.

    1. The same Adelson who publicly stated that he regretted not joining the IDF instead of serving in the US armed forces. Your can’t be more ungrateful American than that. That is like spitting into the plate after your finished eating from. It is interesting to know that his wife Mariam and one of his daughter have served in the ISISraeli military.

  4. Trump is a zionist trojan horse and jared kushner is in the mossad and belongs to an extreme zionist cult know as the chabad, we goyim are cattle to these bastards. The zionists are satanists and are driving for a satanist controlled new world order.

  5. This send a clear message, that you can break the law with impunity as long as you are Jewish?

    Please don’t tell me I am anti-Semitic! I am 100% Semite. No one should be above the law.
    A Muslim friend of mine who live in another state have hired two illegal immigrants at his restaurant ten years ago. After he get busted, he end paying $ 20, 000 in fine. That was 10 grants for each of the violation. Given the fact this man have hired 400 unregistered immigrants, he should have paid at least $ 4 millions in fine. Looks like, in America, money talks talks!

  6. This is a prime example of Trump’s swamp-draining and scaling back the influence of lobbyists.

  7. Wiggins

    ISIS is sucks! ISIS is neither state nor Islamic. Its name in Arabic is “Daesh”. Those cannibals have threatened to cut the tongue of anyone who refer to them as Daesh. For the sake of not repeating myself, I wrote this about Daesh few years ago, and I may have posted here before. Here goes:

  8. Thanks for all the video links featuring the dancing hive welcoming back to the hive their hero
    Rubashkin. It seems that Kosher females are not allowed to partake of the ritualized jumping up and down hive. Can there be any doubt, that on the Kosherized Orwellian American animal farm some of the animals are more equal that some of the others.

  9. “Judaism is about hatred and exploitation of non-Jews. ….. Think Communism.”

    By aiding this kosher persona…. Trump is fostering Communism.

  10. “No doubt Trump’s all too predictable generosity toward the Jews will be greeted with cries of rapture from his usual camp followers. They will find some ingenious justification for it. It beggars belief that anyone could be so lacking in moral decency as to support a president who pardons a Jewish psychopath found guilty of these flagrant crimes involving cruelty to animals.”

    Speaking of “camp followers”, some of them seem to be running out of excuses. That could be why Paul Craig Roberts hasn’t mentioned the Jerusalem embassy affair in any of his recent articles (as far as I know).

    After a brief email exchange with PCR in which I apparently failed to convince him that we’ve been deceived by a con man, he is now referring to Teflon-Don-The-Murderous-Orange-Clown as “the weakest president in American history”.

    Anyway, if Teflon-Don-The-Murderous-Orange-Clown doesn’t start WW3, there will never be a WW3, IMO. I can’t imagine a greater evil in a greater position of unopposed, unaccountable power.

  11. Trump pardoning this jew criminal is definitely an injustice. Darkmooners rightfully rail against the injustice of this pardon. What I’m wondering is : why aren’t any Darkmooners upset about the injustice of uncle shipping me to Spamblinka for being HONEST, for ALWAYS sharing FACT-BASED, TRUTHFUL information, for debating in a FAIR-MINDED manner? Seems to me that Darkmooners are VERY SELECTIVE about what injustices they rail against and what injustices they fully support. With uncle’s injustice towards me, Darkmooners are like “Keep him in prison!” “He belongs in Spamblinka!” ” He deserves to be locked up, keep him locked-up!”. Darkmooners also never rail against uncle’s injustice against Mel either. Mel doesn’t deserve Spamblinka either. Darkmooners couldn’t give a sh*t about uncle’s injustice towards me and Mel. Darkmooners are VERY selective about what injustices they rail against and what injustices Darkmooners wholeheartedly support and actually LERV.

    1. @ TROJ

      Sorry about the “censorship”, Joe. I’ll do my best to be a bit more tolerant and laid-back next year. I’m not sure which posts of yours should get top priority — the long, off-topic ones about the Flat Earth theory or the equally long, off-topic ones involving kinky sexual intercourse between women and horses late at night in the dark stables. Not an easy choice to make, I guess. 🙂

      1. To : Uncle and to all Darkmooners :

        For Christmas, and for the New Year, Merry Christmas, may all Darkmooners have a happy and healthy New Year. Peace to all Darkmooners. May The Light of Christ guide us all and bless us with His Videre Licet. In His Light We are allowed To See. In a restless and tumultous world, in the viccisitudes of life, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is a stalwart and loyal and indomitable friend, our Rock of Ages. In His Love and Mercy and Grace He offers us The Bread of Life, Panis Angelicus. Peace and best wishes for the New Year to all Darkmooners of all faiths.

        A song for Christmas Eve, Mille Cherubino in Coro :

        About His Gift of Redemption and Salvation, about His Panis Angelicus, from the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith, the only faith Blessed with The Music of The Angels, for The Angels of Heaven adore ONLY The One True and Real GOD ; And tomorrow, Christmas day, we celebrate His Birth into the world and His Light so Brilliant and Pure and The Music of all the angels of Heaven so sublime adoring The One True and Real GOD of this world and The Catholic Faith of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ GOD and His Gift of Panis Angelicus, The Bread of Life, The Blessed Sacrament :

  12. Pat, you have just said what I’ve been SAYING to deaf and dumb audiences for decades: Zionism is Communism. If you like, Judaism creates Communism.
    All mainstream academia is Communism. So is the msm.
    As Pravda announced years ago: “The USA is a token 2 party Communist/Marxist state.”
    Henry Makow similarly draws the same conclusion: The satanism that blights us is Communism.
    As Doris Lessing concluded: “Most people ARE Marxists, but they do not know it.”
    As Solzhenitsyn concluded: “The USA seems destined to repeat the Soviet model.”
    Yes, no one heeded any of the warnings that started with Jesus.
    Communism is completely a Jewish creation. Revolutionary terror is a Jewish creation.
    Can you rhetorical egg heads and nerds finally get the point!
    You are all drowning in the Communist swamp.
    You Yankees have been brainwashed with years of learning via THE AGENCY of Jewish scholarship, or should I call it brainwashing.
    That is why I detest Yankees and most Aussies see you as a lot of bubba, weak chinned jokesters.
    It is you idiots who have created your new Jewnited States of Communism.
    The Jews hand you enough pocket money in order for you to scrape out a living.
    Okay, I am very wealthy, but I did not make my money via COMMUNISM. My English ancestors employed negro slaves to work the fields in the Carribbean and accumulated riches beyond imagining.
    I work hard in investing their fortune in developing countries and giving back to mankind. I retain just enough to live a life befitting a man of means. I may be a rich man, but New Song, I will be able to pass through the eye of a needle.

    1. ‘Zionism is Communism.’
      And “Free”masonry too. Just tell anything negative to a “Free”mason about Zionism, and they will bite your head off. Their initiations revolve around building Solomon’s temple, and they are the most ardent advocates for doing it in Jerusalem. Trump is a “Free”mason too.
      [What really happened is hard to say, as only the Jewish account is accepted as the official version.]

    2. Max –
      “Pat, you have just said what I’ve been SAYING to deaf and dumb audiences for decades: Zionism is Communism. If you like, Judaism creates Communism.”

      I am just parroting what Elizabeth Dilling told me in our Lutheran church in 1953.

      Here is just one of her many writings:

      Elizabeth Dilling – The Roosevelt Red Record and Its Background – 1936

  13. Rubaskin is one vile item. Sexual and religious pervert, swindler, crook and cruel to animals. I abhor the kosher ritual killing of animals. Arthur C. Clarke in his book “The Deep Range” poses this question. If in the future we encounter a superior, more advanced species than ourselves, they may very well judge us on how we treat animals? I wonder how our “kosher nostra” will be able to explain their barbaric rituals.

  14. It’s difficult to say with the Jews. Sometimes they fight relentlessly for one of their own, sometimes they feed their own to the lions. There might be things going on behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of.

    Certainly, Jews seem to lack that bond, that camraderie, that comes naturally to people of other race or people who have interests other than merely makng money.

    As for Trump, he’s a stooge for the Jews and the rich, as is being proven. But you can always count on the working class white Americans to keep on supporting people like him, as they have done for 30, 40 years. Nothing will be done about the blacks or mexicans, trust me. The Republicans need these populations as a wedge against working class whites, to get the white vote so they can get in and slash taxes for their corporate cronies. As American as apple pie.

    I’ve been saying for a long time, Americans will never act against the Jews, and will never act against the rich.

  15. I guess the only way to “Make America Great Again” is to release jew criminals from prison. It’s disgusting. Congress, who gave Netanyahu unending standing ovations , and Congress fully well does know israel attacked the USA on 9/11. I’m sure Congress is in full approval of the pardon.

    How did it come about that US presidents can legally pardon criminals? Is it in The Constitution? How did it start, U.S. presidents having the legal power to pardon criminals? It’s so TOTALLY wrong that a president can pardon a criminal.

    1. TROJ –

      You wrote:
      “How did it come about that US presidents can legally pardon criminals?”

      A GREAT question… needs a GREAT answer….

      The occupying commander can do what he wishes under Martial Law Proper…. which is the controlling authority in the US today….. BUTT… no one tells us THAT.!! 🙂

      Sammy Chase wrote:
      MARTIAL LAW PROPER is called into action by Congress, or temporarily, when the action of Congress cannot be invited, and, in the case of justifying or excusing peril, by the President in times of insurrection or invasion or of civil or foreign war, within districts or localities where ordinary law no longer adequately secures public safety and private rights.
      *ORDINARY law is common law.

      *PRIVATE rights includes rights of corporations.
      In strict dictionary terms, martial law is the suspension of civil authority and the imposition of military authority.
      When we say a region or country is “under martial law,” we mean to say that the military is in control of the area, that it acts as the police, as the courts, as the legislature.
      The degree of control might vary – a nation may have a civilian legislature but have the courts administered by the military.
      **Or the legislature and courts may operate under civilian control with a military ruler.

      In each case, martial law is in effect, even if it is not called “martial law.”

      See what Sammy Chase did as Chief Justice of SCOTUS:

  16. Was this a pardon or a commutation? The word pardon is used in the article’s title, yet Makow later refers to it as a “criminal commutation.” If the article that Franklin from the “Forward” is accurate, it is a commutation.

    To wit: “Rubashkin did not receive a pardon, still owes $26 million in restitution, and will be under supervised release for five years.” However, in her addendum to Makow’s article, LD refers to it as a “free pardon.”

    Per the US Dept of Justice: “A commutation reduces a sentence…but does not change the fact of conviction, imply innocence, or remove civil disabilities.” OTOH, “A pardon is an expression of the President’s forgiveness…It does not signify innocence. It does, however, remove all civil disabilities.” So, as this a’hole still owes millions and remains under supervised release, this is clearly a commutation. For the record, Chelsea Manning did not receive a presidential pardon from Obama, but a commutation.

    So, there is a huge difference between the two. I think it is important to get our terms right.

    1. @ Follyofwar

      I think we could be quibbling with words here. In this case, a “commutation” means a kind of “pardon” or mitigation of the original sentence. Rubashkin is being let off the hook lightly. Isn’t that a kind of “pardon”?

      By being let out of prison after serving only EIGHT years of his original 27-year sentence, he is being pardoned the rest of his sentence. A commutation of this kind is described as a “first pardon”.

      The words “first pardon” have actually been used by the prestigious Times newspaper:

      “Trump uses first pardon to free meat baron Sholom Rubashkin.”

  17. Rubashkin gets a pardon, while opponents of Rubashkin and his ilk wind up dead under “suspicious circumstances”. A Palestinian journalist – investigative reporter made the mistake of announcing he was about to expose some heavy hitters. They hit first.

    People who announce they are about to break a big story do not seem to learn that doing so invites assassination.

    Michael Hastings told a friend he was about to break a story on the CIA, and soon after making that disclosure crashed into a tree at 100+ MPH.

    Serena Shim announced she had dirt on Turkish support of ISIS. Her car was smashed by a concrete mixing truck.

    Monica Petersen told people she had made important discoveries about the Clintons and sex trafficking in Haiti. She was found dead under “suspicious circumstances”.

    And it’s not just journalists. A Haitian official “who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice” was found dead:

    Announcing that a disclosure about the crimes and corruptions of powerful people is forthcoming is tantamount to putting a target on one’s forehead and inviting the assassination squads over for a party.

    Why do these “suspicious circumstances” never seem to involve people such as Rubashkin? That’s a rhetorical question. I’m fairly sure most DM readers are able to put 2 + 2 together.

  18. –Judas Watch: Documenting anti-Western traitors, agitators and subversives.

    Donald J. Trump

    Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is the 45th and current President of the United States. Before entering politics he was a businessman and television personality.

    Personal Website

    Government Website


    Illegal aliens who crossed the border as children don’t have to worry about being sent home, President Donald Trump told the Associated Press in a Friday interview. Illegals enrolled in the President Barack Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” DACA program can “rest easy,” Trump said, because “this is a case of heart.” Federal enforcement agencies are “not [going] after the ‘dreamers,’ we are after the criminals,” he said, using the Democrats’ ‘dreamer’ euphemism for young illegal immigrants. “That is our policy,” he added.

    Trump personally supports “traditional marriage” but considers the nationwide legality of same-sex marriage a “settled” issue.

    President Trump is keeping in place a special international LGBT “envoy” established by Obama who is charged with promoting the acceptance of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism abroad in the name of U.S. foreign policy.

    An executive order protecting federal employees from anti-LGBTQ discrimination that was first signed in 2014 by President Barack Obama will continue under President Donald Trump, the White House said Tuesday. “President Donald J. Trump is determined to protect the rights of all Americans, including the LGBTQ community,” the White House said in a statement. “The executive order signed in 2014, which protects employees from anti-LGBTQ workplace discrimination while working for federal contractors, will remain intact.”

    US President Donald Trump on Wednesday commuted the prison sentence of an Iowa kosher meatpacking executive who received 27 years behind bars for money laundering – the first time Trump has used the presidential power after nearly a year in office. […] Rubashkin was convicted in 2009 of financial fraud for submitting fake invoices to the plant’s bank that made the company’s finances appear healthier than they were so that it could borrow more. His prosecution came after federal authorities raided the plant and arrested 389 immigrants in the country illegally in 2008.


    Ivanka Trump (Personal)

    Randy W. Berry (Politics)

    Jared Kushner (Politics)

    Nikki Haley (Politics)

    Gary Cohn (Politics)

    Sheldon Adelson (Business)

    Network Beta:

    Donald J. Trump
    Ivanka Trump
    Randy W. Berry
    Barack Obama
    Cornel West
    Joe Biden
    Elena Kagan
    Bob Creamer
    John Podesta
    Nancy Pettit
    James Comey
    Planned Parenthood
    Michael Signer
    Harvey Weinstein
    Jared Kushner
    George Soros
    Joschka Fischer
    Pope Francis
    Open Society Foundations
    Madeleine Albright
    Hillary Clinton
    Media Matters for America
    Sidney Blumenthal
    Central European University
    Robert Daniel Soros
    Jonathan Tivadar Soros
    Alexander Soros
    Andrea Soros Colombel
    European Network Against Racism
    UNITED for Intercultural Action
    Associazione Lesbica e Gay
    European Democracy Lab
    Open Society Policy Center
    Center for American Progress
    Catholics United
    Catholics in Alliance for the…
    Martina Anderson
    Gina Miller
    Council on Foreign Relations…
    Open Estonia Foundation
    Paul Ryan
    Bill Clinton
    John McCain
    Stan Greenberg
    Goldman Sachs
    Peter Sutherland
    Bennett Grau
    Jose Manuel Barroso
    Cliff Asness
    Rahm Emanuel
    Lloyd Blankfein
    Nikki Haley
    Gary Cohn
    Sheldon Adelson
    Bill Gates
    World Council of Credit Unions
    Blavatnik School of Government
    Warren Buffett
    Republican Jewish Coalition
    David Frum
    Adam Milstein
    Haim Saban
    Benjamin Netanyahu
    Jonathan Pollard

  19. Orange Clown opponents may be having apoplexy today if they happen to read the news reports at Antiwar dot com. Here’s a sample of titles, and a few links, to some of the latest outrages.

    US, Israel Sign Secret Deal to Cooperate Against Iran – (brief)

    War Without a Rationale – (long-ish)

    ‘Absurd’ War in Yemen Escalates; Saudi Airstrikes Kill 68 Civilians in One Day (brief)

    Suicide Attackers Kill Scores of Shi’ites in Afghan Capital (brief)

    Palestinian teenager (Ahed Tamimi) who slapped Israeli soldier to face charges –

    How Cheney and His Allies Created the North Korea Nuclear Missile Crisis – Not very long, and well worth reading to understand how we came to be at the edge of war with N. Korea.

    Birds of a feather – Trump / Rubashkin – flock together.

  20. An attempt to sow discord among Iranian’s has been launched, starting Thursday last several ” spontaneous ” protests have taken place in different city’s across the country, numbers so far have been small, and the authorities have played it softly, In what is the latest CIA, mossad, MI6 plot , is worth watching now it plays out.

  21. Fire And Fury.
    Bannon claims Adelson is running US foreign policy, this book is a gift to Darkmoon and Darkmooners, and the fact that Trump is trying to ban it is, dare I say it, yes, Manna.

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