Trump Shoots the US in the Foot Over Iran

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“Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have
more influence on Capitol Hill than President Trump.”
— Eric Margolis, below

President Donald Trump has put the United States on the course for war with Iran.  That was clearly his objective last Friday when he refused to certify the international nuclear accord with Iran and proclaimed heavy sanctions against Tehran’s powerful paramilitary Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Trump’s move was also a clever ploy to deflect blame for abrogating the key 2015 Iran nuclear treaty that the US signed with Iran, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union.

Accusing Iran of ‘terrorism’ and ‘violating the spirit of the accord,’ Trump threw the Iran issue into the hands of the Republican-dominated US Congress.  He had to.  All of Trump’s senior national security officials and those from the treaty partners and UN reported that Iran had kept its end of the deal.

So Trump trotted out the old song and dance about terrorism – which means anything Uncle Sam does not like.  The same United States that supports the murderous Islamic State and its allies in Syria and Iraq.

There won’t be much doubt about how Congress handles this hot potato.  The leading senators and congressmen who will deal with the issue, like Bob Corker, Tom Cotton, and Marco Rubio, are all firmly in the pocket of pro-Israel lobbies.

The US vociferous ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, is almost a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Las Vegas gambling mogul and uber Zionist billionaire, Sheldon Adelson – who is also a key financial backer of Trump and Netanyahu.

In fact, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have more influence on Capitol Hill than President Trump. He used to show it off by humiliating former president Barack Obama.

¶  “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2010
¶  “WE, THE JEWISH PEOPLE, CONTROL AMERICA. AND THE AMERICANS KNOW IT.” —  Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 2001

—  §  —

Israel has just scored a major triumph by using Trump to sabotage the Iran nuclear pact.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long been adamant in insisting that the pact be scrapped. 

Having pushed the US to destroy its old foes, Iraq and Syria, Israel now has its big guns trained on Iran, the last regional power that can challenge Israel’s domination of the Mideast.  Iran, we should remember, is also the only important Mideast power backing the Palestinians and calling for a Palestinian state.

Trump is surrounded by a coterie of ardently pro-Israel advisors and cronies aligned to that nation’s far right wing.  So far to the right, in fact, that their Israeli opponents often call them ‘fascists.’  Trump, with this Mussolini complex, fits right into this mind-set.

In addition, Trump’s virulent hatred of Islam and his deep support from America’s evangelicals fuels his antipathy to Iran.  The Israeli lobby and so-called Christian Zionists that make up his electoral base are beating the war drums against Iran.

If the Iran nuclear deal is abrogated, America will have shot itself in the foot and shown the world it has fallen under the control of special interests for whom America’s national interests do not come first.  Europe, already disgusted by the Trump carnival in Washington and its religious supporters, will pull further away from the US and closer to Russia and China.  Who would trust America’s word after deal-break Trump?

Europe has lately signed billions in new trade accords with Iran, most notably and $18 billion deal with Airbus for the sale of commercial aircraft.  Boeing wants to sell 80 aircraft to Iran worth $16 billion. Thus Trump’s jihad against Iran will likely deny high-paid jobs to tens of thousands of American workers.   This from the president who was going to create jobs, jobs, jobs.

Iran handed over ten tons of medium-enriched uranium as part of the nuclear deal.  Will Tehran get this trove back if Congress scuppers the Iran deal?  Doubtful.  Iran destroyed many of its uranium centrifuges as part of the deal.  Can it sue Washington for breach of contract?

Meanwhile, the US heads towards some sort of military conflict with Iran at a time when it may go to war any day with North Korea.  Trump, who evaded the draft during the Vietnam War due to a trivial foot problem, is now clearly thrilled by all his new military toys.  Many of Trump’s close advisors fear Trump will trigger a nuclear war.  It may be time for his top officials to step in and take away the president’s nuclear launch codes.

Israel is determined to destroy Iran so that it can never pose a military or political challenge to the Jewish state. Call it Iraq II.  This means turning Iran’s nuclear industry and its civilian economy to ruins.  And maybe even breaking up Iran – as was done with Iraq – into Iranian, Azeri and Kurdish mini-states.

Rome’s famous statesman Cato the Elder used to end every speech with the words  DELENDA  EST  CARTHAGO! — “Carthage must be destroyed!”

Now, it’s Iran’s turn.



“Who the fuck does he think he is?
Who’s the fucking superpower here?” 
— US President Bill Clinton in 1996,
after being lectured by Netanyahu on the Middle East 

53 thoughts to “Trump Shoots the US in the Foot Over Iran”

  1. Somebody said “America’s enemies are those countries Israel doesn’t like”. It looks as though America is going to wage war on Iran; more American boys’ lives to be wasted on behalf of Israel; more death and destruction in Iran.

    What insanity.

    1. Yes, and despite all this you still don’t want to see them wiped out of existence. At least, i’ve read that in one of your comments. It’s time for the inevitable showdown betweem planet Earth’s stakeholders and deliver a hellstorm to the vermin state also known as israel

      1. 1138

        Be careful what you wish for. Did you read my last comment on the “Is Trump a Psychopath?” thread?

      2. Hi 1138,
        No need for cruelty and violence. It is morally wrong and in fact is counter-productive. As the truth is exposed in the new media there is growing contempt for the Jewish Lobby and the pack of lies (hidden truths) we have been subjected to. They are being shamed, and that is sufficient.

    2. The good news may be that while the USG is currently trying to build up military forces they are having a tough time doing it according to this article at Military dot com. Potential US recruits have spent too much time watching TV, playing video games, getting visible tattoos, doing drugs and eating junk food to be physically prepared for training, let alone actual combat. Even in the healthiest state in the union, Colorado, 70% of potential recruits are found ineligible. Hard to fight a war without troops, and it’s a fairly safe bet the IDF won’t be sending any of theirs to fight against battle hardened and armed opponents that can and will shoot back.

      1. Good to know, Carnaptious,
        And the powers-that-be cannot afford to put the draft back in. The American middle and upper classes don’t really give a s**t as long as their sons are not being drafted. Put the draft back in and it’s Vietnam 2.0 in the streets. Wouldn’t that be great?

      2. Yes, in a way I’d like to see a renewed draft because it would wake a lot of people up in a hurry, and bring them out onto the streets in protest. OTOH, conscription is essentially a form of slavery, albeit temporary, so I’d really hate to see it happen. Time will tell, and we will see….

    3. Iran will never be broken up into mini states. Persians of various ethnicities are very proud of their ancient Persian heritage. Ive personally known Iranian Jews who considered themselves first and foremost Persian and, only secondly, Jews. Balkanization in Iran wont happen.

  2. If “America’s enemies are those countries that [Israhell] doesn’t like”; then that includes the rest of the planet save one. Trumpstein is a megalomaniacal egotist of the first order. “Make Israel Great Again”.

    Hail Ceasar for tomorrow we die!!

  3. Eric Margolis wrote:
    “President Donald Trump has put the United States on the course for war with Iran. That was clearly(???) his objective last Friday when he refused to certify the international nuclear accord with Iran and proclaimed heavy sanctions against Tehran’s powerful paramilitary Revolutionary Guards Corps.”


    Rothschild clears it up much ‘more better’ for us…

    “…to weaken domestic rivals who are open to the West..”

    The BOYZ must keep the kerfuffle going forward so as not to emphasize and expose the REAL $$$$ sources for Iran: “…lifting of tough oil and banking sanctions”….. so Iran can buy goods from US and abroad. 🙂 🙂

    Rothschild’s proxy writes:
    Iranians quickly closed ranks against a hawkish new U.S. approach to Tehran, but Iran’s powerful hardliners are set to exploit the latest dispute with Washington to weaken domestic rivals who are open to the West, analysts and insiders say.

    Under Iran’s unique dual system of clerical and republican rule, the elected president is subordinate to the unelected Khamenei, who has in the past reasserted control when infighting threatened the existence of the Islamic Republic.

    Trump’s policy will play into the hands of hardliners eventually, said an ally of Khamenei. “What matters is the Islamic Republic and its interests.”

    For Rouhani the stakes are high: His rapprochement with the world won him enhanced popularity at home and prestige abroad, dealing a setback to Khamenei’s hardline allies, who oppose both detente with the West and domestic liberalization.

    Now the tables may be turning.

    “Hardliners will use Trump’s threat as a Sword of Damocles over Rouhani’s head … While enjoying the economic benefits of the deal,” said Tehran-based political analyst Saeed Leylaz, referring to the lifting of tough oil and banking sanctions.

    “Rouhani and his detente policy with the world will be weakened if the deal does not survive,” another senior Iranian official said.


    1. “Clearly??????”

      Yes; very clearly.

      What’s also clear is that Orange Clown is a jew-controlled, demon-possessed, “sleeper agent” that’s been foisted on us. Orange Clown doesn’t give a damn about “America”; what matters is the Adelson/Satanyahu Satanic bucket list.

    2. Pat

      Can we say, “deja vu all over again” regarding what was done to Japan in the 30’s and 40’s? (:>)

    3. Pat

      If Rothschild wants to weaken those Iranian domestic rivals who are open to the west, then couldn’t it very well imply his desire to box Iran into a corner like a trapped rat left with no choice but to lash out militarily? If so, then this ties in with my parallel to Japan of 75-80 years ago

    4. Pat, just adding:
      My bank operates accounts for individuals living in Iran. OFAC has told us that these accounts cannot be operated. Does this mean that the accounts are blocked?
      No, the accounts are restricted. The Iranian sanctions prohibit the export of goods or services to Iran. By operating an account for an individual or company in Iran, the bank would be exporting services to that person or entity in violation of the Iranian Transactions Regulations. The accounts, however, are not blocked. The account holder can close the account and have the funds transferred to his or her account outside the United States. [09-10-02]
      … (Iranian and Syrian human rights abuses via information technology)

      [a long list of sanctions – not a fly can get in/out of Iran:]

      1. Snez –

        You wrote:
        “[a long list of sanctions – not a fly can get in/out of Iran:]”

        I can believe that about the nasty “flies”…. although pallets of $$$ CASH “flies” into Tehran very easily..!! 🙂

        Just last year…
        The US paid $1.3 billion in interest to Iran in January to resolve a decades-old dispute over an undelivered military sale, two days after allowing $400 MILLION in CASH to “fly” to Tehran. 🙂

        ALL national leaders are hooked together at the TOP..!!

      2. Snez –

        I would have thought your search techniques would work as well as mine.!! 🙂

        Pick from these…. or search for more…

        –$1.7-billion payment to Iran was all in cash due to effectiveness of …

        Sep 7, 2016 … An initial $400 million of euros, Swiss francs and other foreign currency … 17, the same day Tehran agreed to release four American prisoners. … previously declined to say if the interest was delivered to Iran in physical cash, …

        –5 Things You Need to Know About the $400 Million America Sent to …

        Aug 5, 2016 … 5 Things You Need to Know About the $400 Million America Sent to Iran … U.S. delivered $400 million in cash to Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport.

        –U.S. Sent Another $1.3 Billion to Iran After Hostages Were Released

        Sep 7, 2016 … The $400 million payment that the U.S. sent to Iran in January, was only the … sent two more planeloads of cash, totaling $1.3 billion, to Tehran, …

        –US sent plane with $400 million in cash to Iran – CNNPolitics…

        Aug 4, 2016 … US sent plane packed with $400 million in cash to Iran. … terrorism because the nuclear agreement enables Tehran to re-enter the international …

        –U.S. Sent Cash to Iran as Americans Were Freed – WSJ…

        Aug 3, 2016 … The U.S. secretly organized an airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran … Tehran has also detained dual-nationals from France, Canada and …

        –US sent $400 million in cash to Iran as prisoners were freed, WSJ ……

        Aug 2, 2016 … The U.S. airlifted $400 million of cash to Iran that coincided with the January release of four Americans held in Tehran, the WSJ reported, citing …

        –U.S. Concedes $400 Million Payment to Iran Was Delayed as ……

        Aug 18, 2016 … U.S. Concedes $400 Million Payment to Iran Was Delayed as Prisoner ‘Leverage’ … the payment as a ransom — which fits Tehran’s narrative that it has … of cash sent to Iran that day was timed to ensure that the American …

        –Report: U.S. sent $400M cash to Iran as American detainees freed ……

        Aug 3, 2016 … Report: U.S. sent $400M cash to Iran as American detainees freed … Street Journal, currency worth $400 million was flown into Tehran on a cargo plane … ” The administration airlifted $400 million in cash to Iran,” Republican …

        –$400 Million: Why the U.S. Owed Iran in the First Place |

        Aug 5, 2016 … The $400 million that arrived in Tehran by the pallet in January was part of a hostage … Answer: The actual hostage deal that in fact accounts for the cash … The currency shipped to Iran in the dead of night drew attention from …

        –‘Wall Street Journal’ Reveals U.S. Paid $400 Million In Cash To Iran ……

        Aug 3, 2016 … ‘Wall Street Journal’ Reveals U.S. Paid $400 Million In Cash To Iran … reports that the first installment, $400 million, was sent in cash. … And now we’re learning that the U.S. put $400 million in cash on a plane to Tehran.


        ALL national leaders are hooked together at the TOP…. as members of numerous groups and organizations and banks… and Google clouds and cell phones… Pretty simple..!! 🙂

      3. So, if banks and corporations are already in operation, then Washington and Tehran may kill a lot of people for the purpose of depopulation, enrichment of the MIC, scaring the globe and pleasing the chosenoids. Do you see any other reason?

      4. Snez –

        You wrote:
        “Didn’t know that you just copied and pasted.”

        I do that quite a bit… to be accurate… and less subjective.

        All of the articles like this one we are commenting about… are copied and pasted.

        Copy and paste = URL link… Same diff.


        You also wrote:
        “Do you see any other reason?”

        Not really.
        MIC(Military Industrial Complex) $$$ and drug $$$ are neck and neck #1… Oil and gas $$$ are tied for #2.

        UN Agenda-21 and 2030 tie them all together for controlled outcomes…. in EVERY country.!!

        Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London… WIN-WIN-WIN..!!!

    5. Pat

      “Trump on Friday defied both U.S.allies and adversaries by refusing to formally certify that Tehran is complying with the accord even though international inspectors say it is.”

      Deja vu all over again regarding the alleged WMDs in Iraq which served as a pretext for invading that country soon after 9/11. In interviews after leaving office, George “shrub” Bush HIMSELF admitted that he suspected that there was never any WMDs, while of course covering his bases by attributing it all to “intelligence snafus”

      You got any swamp land in Fla. you wanna sell? Plenty of P.T. Barnum buyers out there, as usual


      sometimes If it talks like a duck, and walks like a duck, IT’S A DUCK!

  4. Antiwar dot com has a brief news item today about yet another Israeli attack on Syria. There have been dozens of attacks on Syria since 2011 according to Israeli officials, but this time the Syrians fired back, without bringing down any Israeli aircraft according to the report. Outraged by Syria’s attempt to defend their nation, Israel sent more jets to take out Syrian missile defenses. An “obsolete” Syrian S-200 system was destroyed.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted such attacks are “not acceptable,” and that Israel will continue to strike Syria whenever it sees fit.

    The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you, and demands you stop defending yourself while he strikes you again!

  5. “Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have more influence on Capitol Hill than President Trump.”

    Key words being ‘appears to have’ (aka) guessing, albeit a learned and well earned guessing because Eric Margolis is definitely one of the few, the proud, the journalist who has actually been there and done that..

      1. I won’t have any problems with that. Actually the ancient romans wiped out entire families and clans. Just so that no one, possibly a child at the time, would grow up with hatred in his heart and take revenge. Too bad they allowed themselves to be corrupted by the same jews.

      2. You got him! 🙂 Evelyn is 86, and Jacob 81. The next head may wish to seek some psychiatric help 😉

  6. Orange Clown’s been “[shooting] the US in the foot” since Jan 20.

    I wonder what the Russians and Chinese are thinking about this latest act of madness.

    Perhaps they’re thinking: There’s no reasoning with Orange Clown; a “person” to whom agreements mean nothing; laws mean nothing; honor means nothing; morality means nothing; common sense means nothing; facts mean nothing; consequences mean nothing; America means nothing; human and animal life means nothing; etc.

    How do you deal with a “person” like that? How do you deal with a “person” like that who occupies the highest – and perhaps most unaccountable – political office, who has his finger on the trigger of the U.S. war machine?

    What we’ve got here is basically a hostage situation: There’s a madman inside the White House armed with nuclear weapons holding the whole world hostage unless the insatiable demands of the jewish collective are met.

    1. It’s pretty amazing that in the whole Muslim world only the Muslim country of Iran is backing the Palestinians and the only Muslim country willing to stand up for the Palestinian people. Assad is probably on the side of the Palestinians also but he has his hands full trying to save Syria from ZOG.

      JEW ZOG started all the wars in the Middle East, JEW ZOG owns and controls the Islamic Jihadist groups, but the Iranians are the terrorists, and Hezbollah who are trying to save Lebanon from JEW takeover are the terrorists, not the jews of course, even though its the jews who tried to invade Lebanon and take the country over. Hezbollah are terrorists for defending Lebanon from JEW take-over. Try to protect yourself from JEW takeover, you’re a “terrorist” as per the JEWS of JEW ZOG and as per all the asswipe shabbos shabby goy smirky lying bastards for JEW ZOG.

    2. @Harold Smith,
      It appears to be just about put up or shut up time for the rest of the “civilized” world, especially Russia, China, and Europe. Do they not think that their existential moment may be at hand? The world looked away while the Zionists running the US of I took out Iraq, Libya, and Syria (almost). Syria would also be a failed state without President Putin answering the call to save al Assad. Now the crazed bully Netanyahoo, with Kushner running interference, demands that Trump take out Iran, which is ten times as powerful. Will Trump be foolish enough to try it? Will the brain dead idiots in Congress support him? Will his military even go along if ordered to attack? But, most importantly, will the Russians and Chinese finally answer the bell and stop these megalomaniacs? So many questions. So few answers.

      In his few private moments, I wonder if Trump agrees with what Bill Clinton said about the Tel Aviv Bully in 1996 (end of the article)? And, if he does agree, isn’t it past time for Trump to MAN UP!

      1. “It appears to be just about put up or shut up time for the rest of the “civilized” world, especially Russia, China, and Europe. Do they not think that their existential moment may be at hand?”

        Exactly. Surely they can see that it makes no “sense” for Trump to be doing what he’s doing (e.g., relentlessly escalating tensions with Iran and North Korea), unless military conflict is the goal.

        Sometimes I wonder: Are Russia and China in a state of denial? Do they truly not see or understand the implacable evil that confronts them? Or are they biding their time until they feel the right moment has arrived to strike first, perhaps when the Russian S-500 air defense system is deployed?

      2. Folly –
        Harold –

        Trump is doing what he is doing so no one will notice he is keeping ObamaCare..!! 🙂

        President Donald Trump urged Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander to seek out an Obamacare deal with Democrats — encouragement that might help sway Republicans who are skeptical of a bipartisan agreement.

        Alexander said Trump told him by phone Oct. 14 he’d like to see a bill that funds the Obamacare cost-sharing subsidies that he abruptly cut off last week.
        (BACKING DOWN!!)

        In return, he wants to see “meaningful flexibility for the states in providing more choices,” Alexander (R-Tenn.) said.





    We all know that Trump is just the latest JEW WHORE ZOG CLOWN who takes orders from Satanyahu. Amerika is a police state run by Jews and being used by Israel for it’s interests. Trump is a dangerously naive narcissistic self absorbed nutjob who is doing the bidding of a foreign state which eventually wants to see Amerika destroyed. God help us all. Trump could get us all killed.

    I keep thinking that the Orange Clown might start the attack on NK this Thursday/Friday under the darkness of the new moon, just as GHW Bush did on Operation Desert Storm, when he sent in the F117A’s to lead the attack under the cover of complete darkness. I hope he does, because I am tired of waiting for the US military empire to be brought to its knees when Russia and China step in and thwart the initial bomb runs.

    All it takes is for one nation to stand up the Jew tyrants and the whole system will come tumbling down. Amerika is not all powerful like everyone thinks, it is a bully nation, an immoral nation that does the bidding of Jewish extremists.

    1. As I see it, Orange Clown is like a child who was given a book of matches to play with (by the jews) and was sent into a room full of highly flammable material (also by the jews). Sooner or later, with the jews constantly egging him on, he’s going to burn the house down.

      I think he is EXACTLY the type of monster the jews need at this now-or-never moment, to either make Russia and China back down, or to bring about TEOTWAWKI.

    2. Yukon –
      You wrote:
      “All it takes is for one nation to stand up the Jew tyrants and the whole system will come tumbling down.”

      Libya tried that. It did not work.

      BRICS tried it. Failed.

      Russia is a satellite system of US companies. ‘Put-On’ needs USD $$$.

      China also needs USD $$$:

      The Chinese yuan’s international reach has in fact fallen in the past two years. It has regained its ranking as the world’s fifth most active for international payments, after slipping to sixth in 2016. But its share of this market has slipped from 2.8% in August 2015 to 1.9% now.

      Use of the yuan in global bond markets over this period has fallen by half, as companies have instead raised funds within China. In Hong Kong, the largest offshore market, yuan deposits have plunged by 47% from their peak in December 2014.

      Of the foreign-exchange reserves held by the world’s governments, just 1.1% are in yuan, compared with 64% for the US Dollar.

  8. C’mon darkmooners, put yer thinking caps on! I feel like I’m on an island!

    sometimes truthseekers just can’t seem to relax

  9. Here’s the thing, Iran will remove the Zionist from the region, but this removal can be put back should the US do the Zionists biding ,
    Trump has bottled it ( chickened out ) by passing to congress, Here is the opportunity all right thinking Americans have been praying for, organise on a state level , put pressure on your Congress men/ woman expose their links to AIPAC, in short use the same combination of bribery and blackmail that the Zionist has used to great effect on the US political classes,
    Make the US honour it’s part in the deal, make YOUR Congress defy the Zionist,
    Do this and in 10 maybe 15 years from now, the Problem shall be removed.


    Don’t forget what the “allies” did to Germany. Terror bomb the hell out of them; have the people sink into melted asphalt, let old people, women and children get sucked into the firestorm, machine gun all the zoo animals. Then, when you’re finished with that, fly about in Spitfires and Mustangs and shoot anything that moves: farmers in the fields, children on push bikes and if they happen to move, shoot ’em again.

    That was “The Good War” according to Studs Terkel. I wonder what nationality he was? 🙄

    1. Yes, now it’s even worse: 2 continents mesmerised by the chosenoids bullying one relatively small country [80 million people], and it’s a big question what’s in it for China and Russia.

      1. Snez –

        You wrote:
        “…what’s in it for China and Russia.”

        Contracts for construction and for gas and oil…. and the ability for ‘Put-On’ to get MORE US Dollars $$$..!!

        That’s why the oil and banking sanctions were lifted.. 🙂

        ALL national leaders work together at the TOP.

      2. Pat:

        Contracts for construction and for gas and oil…. and the ability for ‘Put-On’ to get MORE US Dollars $$$..!!

        That’s why the oil and banking sanctions were lifted.. 🙂

        Pat, this assertion of yours is contradicted by none other than Rothschild’s mouthpiece The Economist: 2017 July 27th edition, (Unlikely partners: Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin behave like the best of buddies) and I quote:

        For China, economic ties with America, and therefore political ones, are hugely important. By comparison, Russian trade with America is negligible (see chart). In its trade with Russia, China is mostly interested in Russian oil and gas. Last year Russia overtook Angola and Saudi Arabia as the country’s biggest supplier of crude oil. In 2014 Russia and China signed a deal worth an estimated $400bn to pump natural gas to China from two fields in eastern Siberia via a new pipeline. The deliveries are set to start in December 2019. But negotiations over energy supplies are often bitter. Russia would like to divert to China oil and gas that is currently piped to Europe from western Siberia. But the two countries have not agreed on the funding of new pipelines that would be needed. Given the current low price of natural gas, China is reluctant to invest in building them.

        The only other exports from Russia that matter to China are arms. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia has sold China $32bn worth of them, amounting to nearly 80% of all China’s arms imports. It has recently supplied China with advanced S-400 surface-to-air missile systems, and state-of-the-art Sukhoi SU-35 fighter jets. The Kremlin used to worry about China’s efforts to reverse-engineer them. But Alexander Gabuev of the Carnegie Moscow Centre says that Russia now recognises that China’s technological advance is unstoppable. Russia might as well make money from selling arms to China while China still has an interest in buying them from abroad rather than making them itself. Russia’s interests are mercenary rather than strategic: it also sells arms to China’s rivals, India and Vietnam.

        The allure of silk

        With Russia’s access to international capital markets now severed as a result of sanctions, China has become Russia’s main source of funds. Friends of Mr Putin, shunned by the West, are the main beneficiaries. One of them is Gennady Timchenko (“our man in China”, as Mr Putin describes him). Along with a son-in-law of Mr Putin, Mr Timchenko is a co-owner of Sibur, a petrochemical firm. In December 2015, Sibur sold 10% of its shares to Sinopec, China’s largest state-owned oil refinery, for $1.3bn. Last year Sibur sold another 10% of its shares to China’s state-backed Silk Road Fund, which invests in infrastructure.

        Of course, I read The Economist with caution and always look for the kosher subtext between the lines, but I believe it is basically telling the truth with regards to Russia’s pivot to China and the Renminbi.

        China and Russia have been making quite a few mega deals in their own currencies of late, thus bypassing the Yankee petrodollar, I should add.

        To get back to SNEZ’s original question: What’s in it for China and Russia?

        The answer is:
        Nothing in the short term, but, in the the long term, everything.

      3. Thanks, Andy –

        Now you believe them… but other times NOT..!! 🙂

        TODAY… short-term,…

        The Economist takes all sides all the time… twisting in the wind… writing what strikes their fancies:

        The Internationalisation Of China’s Currency Has Stalled

        Print edition | Finance and economics

        Oct 14th 2017

        And the forthcoming Communist Party congress is unlikely to kick-start it

        ON OCTOBER 18TH, President Xi Jinping will preside in Beijing over the most important political event in five years. At the Communist Party’s 19th congress much will be made of the triumphs achieved in nearly four decades of reform and opening up. So expect a glossing over of one part of that process where progress has largely stalled: the “internationalisation” of China’s currency, the yuan.

        This seems odd. Just a year ago, the yuan became the fifth currency in the basket that forms the IMF’s Special Drawing Right (SDR). This marked, in the words of Zhou Xiaochuan, China’s central-bank governor, in a recent interview with Caijing, a financial magazine, “historic progress”. Symbolically, China’s monetary system had been awarded the IMF’s seal of approval. A further boost to prestige was the announcement in June this year that some Chinese shares would be included in two stockmarket benchmarks from MSCI.

        Yet the yuan’s international reach has in fact fallen in the past two years. It has regained its ranking as the world’s fifth most active for international payments, after slipping to sixth in 2016. But its share of this market has slipped from 2.8% in August 2015 to 1.9% now (see chart). Use of the yuan in global bond markets over this period has fallen by half, as companies have instead raised funds within China. In Hong Kong, the largest offshore market, yuan deposits have plunged by 47% from their peak in December 2014.

        Of the foreign-exchange reserves held by the world’s governments, just 1.1% are in yuan, compared with 64% for the dollar.

        So the currency’s international advance is unlikely to resume soon. More likely is a gradual opening of yuan markets.

        One avenue is to standardise systems such as the China International Payment System, which processes cross-border payments. Another is to expand the Bond Connect and Stock Connect programmes that link Chinese markets to Hong Kong. A third involves China’s intense diplomatic drive to push its “Belt and Road Initiative”, involving massive investments in infrastructure to boost transport, trade and investment links between China and Central Asia, Europe and Africa.


        With yuan failing… Russia needs $$$ USD “BIGGLY” NOW..!!

        ALL national leaders and Economist’s agents are LIARS..!! 🙂

  11. And therefore, I do not think that it is too much for the people’s of USA to expect, that wealthy Israel plunge it’s grubby little hand in its own pocket, to come up with some of the BILLIONS that it will cost to bring Iran to it’s knees.
    It is called “put your money where your mouth is buddy.”
    On a daily basis, Israel is confiscation land from the Palestinian people to re-develop, this is wealth creation, Israel is good for the money.
    When we talk settlements – we are talking about the acquisition of free land to re-develop & utilize as security for the borrowing of Trillions of dollars.
    It is time Israel stopped freeloading off the USA & payed it’s way on planet earth &

    1. I comment a lot on Crazz Files
      I want you to know that I am just as fierce about the political cow dung that is is hashed out with continuous zeal in Australia.

    2. In a recent article on Palestinians’ “right to return” the Israeli author / activist Uri Avnery recommended that this right should be recognized by Israel as part of a plan for peace, with the understanding that such recognition is mostly symbolic. He further recommends that instead of actually returning to the lands and homes they were driven from by Israeli terrorists, most of the Palestinians should be satisfied with symbolic recognition of their “right to return” along with some kind of financial compensation. And just where would the money come from to pay that compensation? Well, some of it, probably a symbolic amount although Avnery doesn’t say as much, would be paid by Israel, with the balance to be paid by the “international community” – i.e. mostly US taxpayers and other gentiles. The extended Rothschild family alone is said to hold half the wealth ever produced on the planet, about $500 Trillion, and some 35-40% of billionaires around the globe are Jewish, many of them Zionists. Yet Avnery, a one time Irgun terrorist turned peace activist, thinks the international community should pay for Israel’s dispossession of the Palestinians. The article can be read here:

  12. A better photo for the article:×467.jpg

    Nikki and Nutty’s verbal diarrhoea:
    National Iranian American Council, 18 September, 2017
    ‘During the George W. Bush administration, he repeatedly warned that “It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany”…
    Netanyahu’s argument that Iran was on the verge of being able to destroy Israel served to achieve several objectives. First, an existential threat combined with the claim that the Iranians were irrational and suicidal could ensure that preemptive military action needed to be taken. After all, an irrational, suicidal entity cannot be negotiated with it…
    In her by now infamous presentation at AEI ― riddled with falsehoods and lies ― Ambassador Nikki Haley argued that the nuclear deal was “designed to be too big to fail” and that an artificial line was drawn “between the Iranian regime’s nuclear development and the rest of its lawless behavior.” The push to keep the deal, Haley argued, was put above all other concerns about Iran’s policies. As such, the deal is constraining America’s ability to act aggressively against Iran, much to the chagrin of hawks such as Haley and her neoconservative allies at AEI.’

  13. the reverse of the coin: TUT Broadcast Oct 18, 2017
    This got my attention (because i had expressed the same hunch a while ago):

    And finally, Harvey Weinstein–his meteoric takedown and the likelihood that it was not as much the doing of Judea, Inc as much as it was of Trump, Inc.
    As usual, not for the faint of heart or hopelessly closed-minded.

    do the usual Cui Bono bit and it is the #1 thing on the list of reasonable guesses, especially given Trump’s access to normally protected data and time for a payback to Hollywood scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites.

    What does Meryl (“The Creep”) Streep have to say on that?

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