Trump takes up again the fight against the US establishment


LD: This pro-Trump article was in my inbox this morning in a round robin email. It came to me from Felix and Lobro.  Lobro writes: “Read this a couple of days ago and Meyssen, one of the precious few analysts who I take seriously, is in complete agreement with my view. But no point mentioning it to cryogenically bricked minds … evidence contrary to personal myths just enraged them.” Anyway, here is the article. With any luck, it will help those with “cyrogenically bricked minds” to view Donald Trump more favorably. [LD]

Donald Trump dreamt of entering politics in reaction to the events of 9/11, the official version of which he challenged. It is only after his meeting with Steve Bannon that he decided to stand for US President. He made Steve his campaign director and once elected, his special adviser. Forced by members of Congress to sack him, he supports him on the sly to take control of the Republic Party. The two men intend to make the United States a Republic again.

Since the end of July, the US President has created the impression that he’s a blusterer, endangering world peace with his ill-considered declarations. In this article, Thierry Meyssan demonstrates that behind these sweeping interventions, Donald Trump has stuck to his foreign policy without making a song and dance of it. This is quite an achievement as almost every member of Congress opposes him. According to Meyssan, what you have here is what is known today as a “communication strategy” (previously known as “double-dealing”). It boils down the President trying to let his friends take control of the Republican Party. This would allow him to rationalize his communication and roll-out his anti-imperialist policy more swiftly.


During the last three months, the crisis that pits Donald Trump against the US ruling class has not stopped getting tougher. The Republican Party has no qualms about betraying the President, who was one of their own. Thus it has allied itself with Trump’s adversary, the Democratic Party, against the White House. On 27 and 28 July, the two parties had Congress adopt Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. What this Act does, is to divest the President of his foreign policy prerogatives [1]: no more, no less.

Our aim here is not to take positions in this conflict. Rather we seek to analyze it to understand the permanent contradictions between words and actions as well as the incoherencies in US foreign policy.

Barack Obama has been supported by his administration. So he would use his communications to let his decisions be adopted by his people and the world. Thus he developed a nuclear arsenal by claiming that he was going to dismantle it. He made the enlarged Middle East a bloody battlefield by announcing a new beginning with the Muslim world. Donald Trump is trying to do quite the opposite. He is trying to take back his country’s institutions from the ruling class and make them serve his people once again. Thus he communicates thus by changing his mind like his shirt, by sowing trouble and confusion. He fills his opponents’ minds with his disorderly gesticulations yet when he is out of their sight, he patiently follows through with his policy.

It has already been stamped out of our minds but as soon as he arrived in the White House, Donald Trump had taken positions that contradicted some of the speeches he made in his electoral campaign. He had been accused of systematically distancing himself from his predecessor’s policy and adopting a practice that was too nice to North Korea, Iran, Russia and Venezuela.

Commentators had accused him of being unable to use force and, on final analysis, being an isolationist on account of his weakness. Of course they abandoned this on 7 April, when he bombed the Shayrat base (Syria) with 59 Tomahawk missiles. Yet soon after, they returned to this charge. The same commentators once again charged him with being weak, but this time they highlighted his moral relativism, which prevented him seeing how dangerousness the enemies of the United States really were.

During an almost unanimous vote of the Congress against him, the President seemed to have been defeated. He separated himself brutally from his special advisor Steve Bannon and, seeming to reconcile himself with the Establishment, he engaged himself against North Korea, Venezuela, Russia and Iran one at a time.

On 8 August, he launched a diatribe against Pyongyang, announcing that its “threats” would be met with “fire, wrath and force such that the world had never witnessed before”. A verbal escalade on both sides followed, allowing us to think that a nuclear war was imminent, while the Japanese descended to their anti-atomic shelters and the inhabitants of Guam left the island.

On 11 August President Trump declared that faced with the dictatorship of the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the “military option” was back on the table. Caracas responded with a full page advert in the New York Times accusing President Trump of preparing a regime-change (cut from the same mould as the coup d’État rolled out against Salvador Allende) and calling upon US citizens to help [2].

On 31 August, the State Department opened a diplomatic crisis with Russia by ordering a number of Russian diplomatic premises to close down and personnel in the USA to be reduced. To reciprocate, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs made the US close its diplomatic premises and expelled a fair number of diplomats.

On 13 October, Donald Trump delivered a speech accusing Iran of being the global sponsor of terrorism and challenging the nuclear deal negotiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama. This speech had been preceded by the same sort of accusations that the State Department levelled against Hezbollah [3].

Commentators think that finally, Donald Trump is on the right path, but that he is too late and it is going badly for him. Some consider that he has a disease of the mind; yet others hope that he reproduces the “mad dog” strategy that Richard Nixon implemented before him: to make the enemy fear him, thinking that he is capable of everything.

However, on the facts, nothing has changed. Nothing with respect to North Korea. Nothing with respect to Venezuela. Nothing with respect to Russia. And now, nothing against Iran. Quite to the contrary: Trump continues to take a firm position against the creation of Jihadist states to the extent he is able to. The Gulf countries have not stopped supporting Daesh which has now been defeated at Mossul and Raqqa. Jihadism is in the process of descending once again to the sub-state level. All is happening as if the President had simply played a comedy and bought time.



The Summit of Values Voter took place from 13 -15 October at Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington. This annual conference is organized by a consortium of Christian family associations that the mainstream press qualified as either racist or homophobic. A number of speakers followed on from the US President and spoke before an anti-establishment audience. On President Trump’s request, Steve Bannon was on the programme, despite protests made by some organizers who were in fact homophobic. In actual fact, Bannon has made the Conference organizer, Milo Yiannopoulos, very popular. The latter is a young homosexual who is fighting against gays being made use of by the Democrats.

Taking the floor, the White House’s former special advisor delivered an attack, assaulting the interests of globalized billionaires. We know that while Bannon is described as alt-right by the mainstream press, he is fighting to tax the income of the super-rich at the rate of 44%.

Bannon drew up an indictment against the elites both “corrupted and incompetent”, who have taken Hillary Clinton as their muse; people that according to him, have derived a personal interest in the destruction of US jobs and their delocalization to China. He accused them of trying to destroy President Trump, his family and friends. Bannon challenged Senator Bob Corker for mocking the Commander-in-Chief, by claiming that Trump is incapable of running the country without triggering a Third World War and the leader of the Senatorial majority, Mitch McConnell, for organizing this sabotage. He recalled his vision of economic nationalism that would serve the US Republic: fair-handed, taking no account of your race, religion and sexual orientation. He concluded that since the Republic Party had declared war on the US people, he was going to deliver it over to them.

Bannon’s friends immediately registered against the Republican Party Leaders to obtain the investiture of the party in their place at all local elections. This situation which has never presented itself until now and noone knows if they are going to manage it. But obviously Bannon’s success during this conference is a positive omen for them.

The White House’s double-dealing

During a cabinet meeting, President Trump declared that he understood the frustration of his former adviser because while Congress is dominated by the Republicans, “Congress is not doing its job”. Then he went to parade about Senator McConnell and assured him that he would calm Bannon down … on certain points.

The President continues with his extravagant declarations to satisfy Congress while weaponizing the hand of his former advisor to get rid of the leaders of the Republican Party.

So here before us is a combat that is no longer political but cultural. It opposes puritanical thinking and that of the Republic (that is, the Common Good) [4].

From an outsider’s perspective, we observe that behind his sweeping declarations, Donald Trump is discretely continuing with his action against Daesh. He has squeezed the Islamic State dry and has recovered its capital. He has transformed Nato so that this organization too is anti-jihadist. For the moment, we don’t know whether, once Daesh has been destroyed, President Trump will continue to fight against other jihadi groups. Nor either do we know how he will react to initiatives taken by the Pentagon to obliterate state structures of the North West of Latin America and South East Asia. He still has a long path to tread to make the decadent Empire a Republic again.

Thierry Meyssan

Anoosha Boralessa

Sourced from

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66 thoughts on “Trump takes up again the fight against the US establishment

      1. I like Meyssan although i found him too optimistic about Trump and USA but what do i Know since he is in Syrie from Day one. He has a bad rep in France since he Wrote That pentagone 9/11 Was complete bs on 9/12/2001. Strange thing since being gay is always a plus for journalist but iran
        Lebanon and syria don’t mind 😉.

  1. I little bit too much concern for the view of the LBGT for my liking, if someone’s ” sexual orientation ” is not a big deal, why prattle on about it.
    regards Meyssan, me thinks the lady (sic) doth protest too much.

  2. The article basically echoes many of the pro-Trump views made by on this site by Lobro. The article, after all, is highly recommended by Lobro who says in the introduction to the article by LD: “Read this a couple of days ago and Meyssan, one of the precious few analysts who I take seriously, is in complete agreement with my view.”

    Unfortunately, compared to the exceptionally well-written anti-Trump articles published on this site, this pro-Trump artlcle is a bit weak and insipid in the way it is written. If it’s a defense of Trump, it can only be described as a feeble defense. The editor of Voltaire Net has made no attempt to correct the numerous spelling mistakes and typos of the translator. What is an editor for if he can’t even be bothered to edit the article and make it presentable?

    Still, having objected only to the packaging of the article ( i.e. its poor style), I have to say that the central thesis of the article could be correct. And it could vindicate Lobro’s views in the end. Trump is shown here as playing a deep role, a double game, with Steve Bannon. Trump’s bluster and his threats are seen as a put-on act. What matters is what he actually does, not what he says.

    According to Meyssan (and Lobro), Trump hasn’t actually done anything particularly alarming. All he has done has been to make alarming statements so as to give the impression (like Nixon) that he could be a Mad Dog. But according to Meyssan and Lobro, Trump is not an irresponsible loony but a very smart cookie who is trying to rescue America from the neoconservative establishment into whose hands it has fallen.

    Let’s hope Meyssan and Lobro are right.

    1. A very fair comment, Jon. Lobro will be pleased. I’m so glad LD published this as a corrective to all the anti-Trump rhetoric we have had so far.

      I do hope Lobro will return to this site to defend his own thesis, though I think he is wrong to suggest that anyone who holds a contrary opinion to him has a “cyrogenically bricked mind”. It’s a wee bit harsh and over-the-top, I think, for Lobro to suggest that anyone who disagrees with him is little better than a moron! 🙂

      I will make a deal with Lobro if he decides to post here again, so as to make things easier for him. I will make a gentleman’s agreement with Lobro, as he has made with Circassian, never again to refer to his posts again in a negative way. If I disagree with Lobro in future, I will in future remain silent. My lips will be sealed. That I promise on my word of honor. If Lobro makes a good point, however, I will offer him some compliment and maybe expand on the good point he has made.

      What say you, Lobro? Is that a deal? I am trying my best to be kind and conciliatory and to wipe out any traces of resentment you may have toward me for speaking my mind too freely in recent posts, without tact and discretion. That was very wrong of me. My Abbot has ticked me off severely and ordered me to make amends. So that’s what I’m doing. Sincere apologies for any offense given. It will not happen again.

      Zen Monastery,
      Osaka, Japan

      1. @Sardonicus

        I am trying my best to be kind and conciliatory and to wipe out any traces of resentment you may have toward me for speaking my mind too freely in recent posts, without tact and discretion. That was very wrong of me. My Abbot has ticked me off severely and ordered me to make amends. So that’s what I’m doing. Sincere apologies for any offense given.

        Agreed with Ruth – this is a feat of no small proportions. I am not quite sure whether I could have done it. Yes, you do have a courage and wisdom.

      2. Sard,

        No need for self-immolation, all is well.
        I only ask for a simple rule to be followed, beneficial to all, especially to the Darkmoon site:

        attack the message, spare the messenger.

        I ask for no special treatment and it bothers me to think that I demand special treatment as Lasha’s pet monkey hanging onto her skirts – that was most unfair, an image, once planted, festers in the mass consciousness.

        No serious reader comes here to hear a bunch of faceless avatars and IP addresses vomit all over one another, keep it up and the site tanks into oblivion in short time, having lost its way and mission, which is why it is the favorite ploy of yeshiva trolls and why I endlessly rail against it, to the point of happily walking away if it helps rescue the site from this disaster.
        Besides, I have zero interest in such self-debasing trivia, there are better ways to waste time.

        So, when I speak well of Trump or Stalin, go on, take up the challenge without ad hominem, which only exposes your weak hand, like violently sweeping away the chess board when in losing position – it doesn’t turn you into a winner, does it.
        In fact, it makes you a double loser.
        Impugning the motives of a writer is “sort of” ok, if there are ample precedents of his bias or conflict of interest, like I did for Apelbaum, Service or Sandbrook – though I admit, it is not the first rate critique, only the general question of credibility.
        If I link to official census figures, this is a much stronger argument, which anyone is free to doubt – RATIONALLY.
        Meaning, there is evidence that counters the figures, such as other epidemiological data and analyses or forensic reports on mass graves with positive identification of (at least some of the) human remains.

        I DO NOT know how many Jews perished in Third Reich camps but do know that there is a mass of irreconcilable contradictions in Talmudic mythmaking, also well founded claims and figures from impeccable, neutral sources like the Red Cross that strongly refute the Jew story and literally hundreds of other types of evidence against it.

        No one can deny me or anyone else the right of free speech, of search for the truth on any subject whatsoever – and that includes this Holodomor and the almost sacrosanct “66 million murdered Christians”, especially when the evidence is still hidden from view, apart from anecdotal eye-witness accounts.
        Because if we accept it unquestioningly and violently deny the right of skepticism then it should be only fair to accord the JEW the same religious respect.

        Which is exactly what he wants and you will never catch me in this bind.
        Truth shall set you free, won’t it.

        I do not doubt for a minute that infernal atrocities happened, but by whom, where, when, at what scale – these are very much open questions and it is our task and challenge to squeeze down the error margins on claims, counterclaims and estimates.
        Without shooting the postman bearing unwelcome mail.

        Circassian: you behaved honorably, I also thank TROJ for brave, lone support and also, shame on me for having misidentified Circassian with Tomas.

        If in future, near or far, I seem to have gone AWOL, it is not because the primadonna is in pouting sulk but simply because I got nothing much to say and maybe am otherwise busy.

      3. @ Lobro

        Hey, welcome back buddy, we missed ya! 🙂

        What we need here, after all, is diversity of opinion.

        The site would be awfully boring if we all sang from the same hymn sheet.


    2. I think all the dominoes would have to fall into place for this convoluted strategy, if that’s what it is, to work. Trump’s own party is chock full of bought and paid for Israel-first neoconservatives, probably most of whom secretly wish that Hillary had won. How Trump hopes to get the Republicans to fall in line behind him while chastising them all the time is a mystery. But if indeed Trump remains at heart an America-first anti-interventionist, he should take the old sage advice that if you are in a hole and want to get out – stop digging. By decertifying the Iran deal and possibly goading Kim Jong Un into striking first, he seems to be digging with a steam shovel.

  3. Some remarks :

    1) “…Donald Trump dreamt of entering politics in reaction to the events of 9/11, the official version of which he challenged…”.

    Trump will never challenge the official version of 9/11. Some of the most central players of that conspiracy are his best friends : Benjamin Netanyahu, Larry Silverstein, Rudi Giuliani…

    2) If Trump really wants to change things then he should have withstood pressure to fire his adviser Bannon. That was only a minor thing and he already caved in.

    3) As president, Trump has real power if he has the courage to use it. He doesn’t need to play a “double game” if he really wants to.

    4) His opponents are clever enough to see through a game of “words-but-no-actions”. Trump’s erratic statements are not part of an ingenious ruse, they are the genuine expression of an unhinged mind.

    5) Whatever Trump’s original intentions, he was unprepared for his job in terms of intelligence, knowledge and character.

    6) I think that Trump’s IQ is not higher than 115. He “communicates” in Tweets so much because talking in one-liners is the highest he can achieve intellectually, which is only confirmed by his public speaking where he does the same. His former professor at the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania where he studied has told that Trump was the “dumbest student ever”.

    7) I don’t think Trump has ever read a serious book on foreign policy and I don’t think he ever visits alternative media on the Internet. His world view seems to be entirely formed by the mainstream media (which he accuses of lying, but only if it is about himself) and by his (Jewish) “friends”.

    8) Qua character Trump is primarily a narcissist, full of (over) self-confidence. He is impulsive and he has no consistent plan. Thus he has become a tool of his (Jewish) environment and instead of “draining the swamp”, he is drowning in it.

    9) To see in this buffoon a genius with a super master-strategy is an illusion, but I am glad for Lobro that he has found a fellow in Thierry Meyssan and thus escaped his isolation.

    1. @Franklin,

      depending on the company, isolation can be a blessing.

      Meanwhile, you can count your blessings, since this obviously isn’t MY company.
      Not sure if anything is lost in translation but if so, don’t bother with wasted effort since these are all in a very high IQ category (116+) and us pro-Trumpers would never be able to follow the plot.

      I lerv the smell of isolation in the morning.

    2. @ Franklin Ryckaert

      “2) If Trump really wants to change things then he should have withstood pressure to fire his adviser Bannon. That was only a minor thing and he already caved in.”

      Sometime recently, Bannon made the comment that he had influence while in the Whitehouse, but now that he is back a Breitbart, he has power. He also said, that from that position, he would destroy the Republican establishment. Assuming that Bannon is telling the truth, his resignation was a strategy move. Already, Republican Senators Flake and Coker have said that they will not be running again with some saying the reason is that they would lose their primary challenges. It does appear that the Republican establishment is getting nervous. Time will tell for sure.

      1. Correct, Ung.
        W/H jobs are primarily of administrative variety, communicating between power nodes outside and the Oval Office occupant.
        Since there is precious little communication linking those supremely hostile power nodes with the ISOLATED 😉 president, a lot of those jobs are quite meaningless, the exception being the military – if Trump can clean up the military to an appreciable extent, winning the existential struggle against JEW is a realistic possibility.
        But for a visionary ideologue like Bannon, he must have felt like the proverbial 5th wheel in all those interminable office sessions, the nodding heads, NPR wonks, etc.
        I would have felt the same because I am cut from the similar cloth.

        So, Bannon and Trump did the right thing and moreover played the victim card to stick it to their opposition.
        And Bannon has been quite effective since, butchering the GOP to excise the tainted shabbos out.

        One more thing worth noting: of all the people forced out of W/H by concerted action by Judea, practically none turned hostile on Trump.
        Contrast that with James Comey, the Obama-Hillary plant.

      2. @Ungenious,
        Senator Flake (interesting surname) is not the problem. It’s his fellow Arizonian – the octogenarian with brain cancer who never met a war he didn’t love. The one who consistently votes against Trump, not on the merits, but just because he has a vendetta against the President. I don’t wish death on anyone, but let’s say it is well that McCain’s time left on this planet is short. Otherwise, I don’t doubt that he would be gunning to beat Strom Thurmond’s record, who died while still in the Senate at age 100.

  4. Gaius Octavian, later Caesar Augustus, is said to have wanted to restore the Roman republic, but instead became the first Roman emperor. One way or another, Augustus did bring a measure of peace to Rome, if not to the provinces and barbarian lands.

    I’m also hoping Meyssan and Lobro are right, and that Augustus doesn’t prove to be a role model!

    1. @ Carnaptious

      For Trump to pull an Augustus move, he would have to have a battalion of troops descend on Wall Street and arrest all of the jews that currently hold the position of Augustus. Maybe that’s not a bad idea since only force is going to make (((them))) cease their demonic financial activities.

      Off Topic: A few articles back when you were talking about headaches, I posted a solution that I use to eliminate them, but the post must have dropped into the back hole of the digital world. For many years I have used a heaping tablespoon per day of Brewer’s Yeast sprinkled over food. I have not had a headache since I started doing it. Contrary to what some people might think, use does not result in yeast infections or a craving for beer. 🙂

      1. A lot of times, headaches are caused by “cognizant dissonance”!

        Like trying to circle this square Trumpster!

        Sometimes headaches are caused by problems with the liver, i.e., not enough water in the body, a too toxic liver full of stones, etc.

        Essiac tea and the Liver-Gallbladder flush using Phosfood liquid are two of the best, natural ways to clean and heal the liver. See Chapter 5 in my book:!.pdf (copy and paste with the .pdf ending)

      2. Might take more than a battalion; there are a lot of critters in that swamp. It would also take an Agrippa to lead the troops. What I know of that history (not much), suggests Octavian would probably have died on a battlefield without Agrippa leading his legions.

        Your comment on Brewer’s Yeast to avoid headaches did appear in that previous thread. Thanks for the suggestion. On a somewhat different topic, I live in an area that has a lot of small batch breweries, one of which was offering a beer made with yeast “combed from the beard” of some old hippie. Or so it was advertised. Not many takers for that, I’d imagine.

  5. The Jews have already completed the hispanicization and negrification of the American populace, thereby permanently dividing the people three ways.
    -whites can’t side with blacks or hispanics
    -blacks can’t side with whites or hispanics
    -hispanics can’t side with whites or blacks

    Brilliant. So there will be no pan white/black/hispanic coalition to take on the Jews. What Trump is doing is to play his only card which is to go after the hispanics, but good luck with that. That will still leave you with the black question, and good luck trying to get them to do the real work of millions of hispanics.

    1. You do realise that the white man was an emigrant to a country full of Native Americans, and other populations. Huh … and I’m not even American. Strange little thing about history they don’t tell you about unless you read books, watch documentaries, and more than the general knowledge of a dead goldfish. Right wing people man. Here to save the white race … whoopdee dooo!

  6. “Some consider that he has a disease of the mind; yet others hope that he reproduces the “mad dog” strategy that Richard Nixon implemented before him: to make the enemy fear him, thinking that he is capable of everything.”

    The problem is, once the Russian and/or Chinese missiles are flying, the point is moot because by then it’s too late to call them up on the phone and say, “hey it was all just shtick, please recall your missiles”.

    “However, on the facts, nothing has changed. Nothing with respect to North Korea. Nothing with respect to Venezuela. Nothing with respect to Russia. And now, nothing against Iran.”

    I disagree. Trump has seriously worsened relations with these countries. Trump has made war much more likely. But let’s say for the sake of argument that “nothing has changed”, for better or worse. Then that means Obama was a “good guy” too, doesn’t it?

    To the extent nothing has actually “changed”, a more likely explanation, IMO, is that Libya was the last of the “low-hanging fruit”, which was plucked by Obama. And team Trump is now facing the same hard reality: any further U.S. aggression is likely to meet serious resistance, resulting in catastrophic consequences.
    While Trump may be too much of a bumbling fool to understand/appreciate the potential consequences of his “actions”, I’m getting the impression that some of the people around him may now realize that we are perhaps one unhinged “impulse” away from TEOTWAWKI.


    While we waste precious time trying to understand Trump’s 2d chess moves, soon to be President Pence (super pro-Zionist waiting in the wings for Trump’s upcoming unfortunate accident) rallies the flying wing at Minot AFB. Pence makes the exact same speech that Cheney did and even says “America always seeks peace but…” lol

    The war party is ramping up the next war and they are carefully preparing the troops and propaganda campaign.

    worth a listen and you see how slick Pence is (especially when he talks about how we are destroying ISIS)

  8. Bullshit. If Trump wanted to take on the ‘Establishment,’ all he had to do was release ALL of those CIA secrets docs on the JFK murder, but he chickened out, claiming it was a National Security issue.

    If you go to page 64 of those ones released, and read that one paragraph, you’ll see whose National Security he’s really worried about and it sure as Hell ain’t the USA’s.

    As for Syria, the Kurds own greed and stupidity might be queering that steal, but there’s still USAF, Pentagon and Special Forces bases in eastern Syria and they ain’t there planting daisies.

    MAGA? Bullshit, keep the rich and the predatory corporations great. His tax bill is more of the tinkle-down rip-off that takes from the poor and middle class-what’s left of it–and gives it to the 1%. Which has been going on since Ronald Raygun and look how well that’s benefited Americans.

    Trump has made a statement that he likes war, in a way, typical idiotic nonsense from a four time draft dodger. He has no concept of the misery, death and destruction of war, yet he likes it?
    He’s got the Russians and the Chinese worried that he’s going to start a nuclear WW III, but Russia ain’t going to let that happen. If he gets too nutty, they’ll launch a preemptive strike and then we’ll see how piss-poor those multi-billion dollars anti-missile systems are when all those Russian and Chinese nukes evade them and toast our ass.

    He’s a con artist, always has been and that hasn’t changed, Instead of uniting the nation, he’s waging a Twitter war against the NFL, BFD, cause most American don’t care about overpaid football players groping each others asses, but Trump knows its a good distraction while his buddies keep looting our pockets.

    1. “Bullshit. If Trump wanted to take on the ‘Establishment,’ all he had to do was release ALL of those CIA secrets docs on the JFK murder, but he chickened out, claiming it was a National Security issue.”

      Yep. He could also take on the “establishment” by investigating 9/11. And as I’ve mentioned here several times before, “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” and Dr. J Leroy Hulsey will be soon publishing a peer reviewed paper which will contradict NIST’s BS white paper on the collapse of WTC7, and this would be a PERFECT opportunity for Trump to demand an investigation. But Trump is a Judas goat who puts Israel and the jewish agenda first, and America last, so we know he’ll do nothing of the kind.

      Once this paper is published and Teflon Don betrays us, I hope Russia and China will demand an international investigation and make Teflon Don look like the traitorous scumbag that he is in front of the whole world.

    2. I think Trump wanted/wants to release ALL the files. The CIA “requested” he not release all the files. The CIA wants the more “sensitive” files to remain OFF LIMITS to the public. You know, there’s very high chance the Jewish Mafia/Deep State threatened Trump with some real heavy duty threats, not necessarily against him and his life, but against the United States. The Jewish Mafia/Deep State can do some real damage to the country.

      It’s NOT as easy as many make it out to be for a president who wants to do The Right Thing to actually do it. There are Cabals and there are Mafias and they have alot of power, just as much power as the president, if not more power. The Jewish Mafia/Deep State can very easily throw wrenches into the plans of any president who wants to do The Right Thing.

      Yes, the president can over ride the CIA but that doesn’t mean the CIA/Jewish Mafia/Deep State can’t take revenge on Trump for over riding the CIA and not listening to them, and taking revenge means many Americans can be harmed in all kinds of ways. The revenge doesn’t have to be against Trump necessarily, it can be against the American people and the damage the Jewish Mafia/Deep State can do when it gets revenge — it will be done in such a way that it looks to the whole world that the damage is because of Trump , as if its Trump doing the damage to the country , as if Trump is the one harming Americans — the MSM will tell that to the American people — and many many people would believe it. There’s many ways to stop a president in his tracks, not just assassination.

      It’s simplistic to think a president can just do The Right Thing — especially when the WHOLE Establishment is against him. The WHOLE Establishment [ which of course includes the CIA/ the Jewish Mafia/The Deep State ] as a collective has MORE power than a president. A president has to take the threats of The Establishment very seriously, and not just for his well-being but for the well-being of all Americans.

      1. He should have known that in advance and surround himself with reliable people. Instead all his collaborators are members of that same establishment he should fight against.

    3. Trump is establishment. Has been all his life. Why his base thinks that he will save them, the “white race”, and those with very little money, health care etc will be one of those questions philosophers will be writing books about for donkeys years from now. People are stupid, greedy, and selfish. Trump is all these things and he played his MAGA base like a master violinist. And now he’s dismantling the country bit by bit, his mates are acting like the oligarchs they’re mates with (and yes, there is a Russian thing … way too much smoke for there not to be).

      1. @H Price

        Trump is establishment. Has been all his life. Why his base thinks that he will save them, the “white race”, and those with very little money, health care etc will be one of those questions philosophers will be writing books about for donkeys years from now.

        Good point.

        People are stupid, greedy, and selfish. Trump is all these things and he played his MAGA base like a master violinist.

        I would like to offer two demonstrations that H Price is stupid. One is a mathematical proof based on pure Aristotelian deduction. The other is a proof by induction.

        Proof by Deduction: “People are stupid” says H Price. This statement is either true or false. If it is false, then the guy who asserted it is not a very bright person. Now, assume that this statement is true. Then if follows that H Price is stupid for “H Price” is a subset of the set “people”, quod erat demonstrandum.

        Proof by Induction: H Price makes the following assertions: (1) Trump is stupid; (2) Trump played his MAGA base like a master violinist.

        These assertions are contradictory: a stupid person cannot play “his MAGA base like a master violinist”. Therefore H Price is not a very bright person, Q.E.D.

        BTW, since Pat asserts that H Price is 100% correct, the demonstrations cover Pat as well 🙂

        (and yes, there is a Russian thing … way too much smoke for there not to be).

        Could you elaborate on this, please? What is exactly this “Russian thing” in your opinion?

      2. Circassian,

        This is just to let you know that we have received several complaints about you from our regular readers, accusing you of being an obvious troll and enemy of this website. They recommend that you be banned immediately, as you were once before, and one of them says you are engaged in “vendetta castration” on this website. Your above comment is indeed a striking example of “vendetta castration”. You deploy this technique in at least 95% of your comments. It consists of picking on some individual and telling him he is a stupid piece of trash. In your above post you pick on H. Price, a new poster, and Pat, an old poster, to tell them how stupid they are.

        Can you tell me what purpose is served by these constant ad hominem attacks on particular posters?

        You began your assault on this website by conducting a prolonged “vendetta castration” op against Lobro, driving him to near distraction by your constant nitpicking and demonstration of Lobro’s (allegedly) total ignorance of all matters under the sun, including mathematics and quantum physics. Driven to desperation, Lobro threatened to leave the site unless we banned you. Lobro was 100% in the right to demand your removal because you were clearly up to no good. You were obviously conducting a deliberate campaign of character assassination and demoralization against Lobro. This has now been given a name: “vendetta castration“.

        Do you think Admin is so stupid not to notice that your sole raison d’etre for being on this site is to piss everyone off and deplete our site of its best posters? This is a classic troll technique, Circassian. Your first victim of “vendetta castration” happened to be a woman: Lasha Darkmoon. Among other thnigs, you referred to our site as a “shithouse” and Lasha as “Queen of the Shithouse”. In spite of all these insults, we allowed you to go on posting on our site. Why? Because Lasha told us to let you go on posting here, more amused than offended by your insults. Lasha’s patience and tolerance are almost supernatural.

        Has Pat become the new target of your “vendetta castration”? Or is it Franklin Ryckaert? Or is it Sardonicus once again? This is just to let you know we can pull the plug on you at any momemt if we receive any more complaints about you. The intelligent troll conceals his technique of trollery so that no one is even aware of the mischief and mayhem he is up to. The unintelligent troll makes his technique only too obvious, revealing himself in the process as a troll. As you did here long ago, Circassian, when you made it only too obvious how much you hated the Darkmoon site and all it stood for:

        CIRCASSIAN, NOVEMBER 15, 2014 AT 11.34 PM

        Look, Sardonicus. I can see you are really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

        I have tried to explain to you earlier that this [darkmoon site] is a shit house, and you are one of the biggest shitters in this latrine. I am one of the few who is cleaning the shit after you, bastard, but you have no appreciation for that.

        (“Vendetta castration”, yes or no? Trying to infuriate Admin and Sardonicus at the same time, were you?)


        _CIRCASSIAN, NOVEMBER 16, 2014 AT 7.17 PM

        I had very little doubt from the very start that Masha Sunshine was nothing but a Jewish project. All the signs are there screaming for every perceptive mind to see: the hypocrisy, logical acrobatics, sophistries, outright lies, lowbrow attempts at emotional manipulation….

        Masha Sunshine, you are really the Queen of the Shit House! Have I told you lately that you disgust me more than Flyingsocks, Pat, SPQR, and Sardonicus combined? These poor souls are for the most part sapheads, but you know exactly what you are doing, don’t you.

        (How obvious can a troll get!)


        _CIRCASSIAN, NOVEMBR 17, 2014 AT 12.5 PM

        .. . there should be doubt about that in anyone’s mind, Masha Sunshine will be there again sticking in our faces pornographic pictures of some unknown artists proving how the Russian Army raped innocent Ukrainian women, men, and children in millions.

        That’s why I am disgusted with this bitch. She couldn’t care less about some alleged rapes that supposedly happened some 70 years ago, but noooo, there she is with her crocodile tears. Absolutely disgusting!

        No further comment needed, Circassian. Be aware that you have broken every single rule in the book. And yet we tolerate your existence in exactly the same way that God tolerates the existence of Satan — for mysterious reasons of his own.

        You are here only because Lasha Darkmoon, for inscrutable reasons of her own allows you to post here — she whom you have called “Queen of the Shithouse”.

      3. Admin –
        Circ is a very confused Russian, if even Russian at all. He must occupy a cubicle in Haifa’s internet disruption ‘boiler room’ operations. 🙂

        Here he proves that he is willing to support me, and even throw ‘Put-On’ in the trash, to run off very good posters like Annie. Which he accomplished by writing THIS:

        September 4, 2017 at 11:34 am

        “Even Pat knows, for God’s sake, that Russia is not a sovereign state. A “semi-occupied” (that is how Putin describes Russia’s status today) cannot be considered as a sovereign country, Annie”

  9. Dolph,
    “The Jews have already completed the His(panic)ization of America.” Whats exactly an Hispanic? Many people dont properly understand true US history. What is now U.S. territory was explored and colonized by Spain centuries before the Anglos arrived. Thats why the names of many town all over are in Spanish. Many indígenas communities have spoken Spanish since the time of the conquistidors. They are just as much a part of the political landscape as any Anglo without any help from Jew. You simplistically catergorize the U.S. into 4 races….all hostile to one another. The reality isnt really that way. Most people, regardless of origin, only want to prosper.

  10. I don’t see Trump fighting his “YUGE” Mafia buddies in the US or around the world. Adelson would not allow that to happen.

    THE Jewish Mafia has become a major parasite eating up America from the inside out and how recent Presidents are part of this group.

    The “Deep State” is not some nebulous, undefinable entity within the intelligence or banking communities. The Deep State is the Jewish Mafia and it is now reaching for WORLD-WIDE control. And… Hillary  Rodham Clinton’s father (real name Rodomsky)…. was the Chicago boss of that nefarious group.

    This one is from investment watch which ranks in influence on the alternate financial news network at the level of Zerohedge.

    1. A list of the top 10 donors to political campaigns.

      All perfectly legal thanks to Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission 558 U.S. 310 (2010). I just lerv this part “The majority [of the Supreme Court] also criticized Austin’s reasoning that the “distorting effect” of large corporate expenditures constituted a risk of corruption or the appearance of corruption.”

      “I’m shocked, shocked to find that corruption is going on in here” said the CongressClown as he pocketed another fat envelope from the AIPAC lobbyist…

  11. Now illegal aliens working in America will not be banished behind Trump’s ‘Great Southern Wall’ to be built.

    Trump’s Administration seeks to deport English-speaking DACA-Dreamer Program taxpaying individuals (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) while making an exception for illegal alien tax-avoiding Spanish speaking hombres on America’s dairy farms.!!

    Many millions of DACA kids have grown up to become American doctors, lawyers, teachers and members of our armed services. Some do not even speak the language of those nations to which they’ll be deported. Illegal aliens on dairy farms often are abused and paid below-minimum wages while shoveling manure into our waterways.

    On October 25, 2017, the House Judiciary Committee – Republicans – passed an amended “Agricultural Guest Worker Act” (called the Ag Act) which is a program overseen by the USDA under Sonny (Mr. Fertilizer-head) Perdue.

    The vote was 17-16 and included all of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee voting “nay.”

    The Ag Act enables 450,000 previously unauthorized illegal aliens to remain working on dairy farms by reducing regulations and giving them guest visas.

    The “YUGE” difference between those who tend to cows for a living and those DACA children who grew up knowing only the United States as a home is the millions of dairy industry dollars used to BRIBE members of Congress(by lobbyists) into enacting laws to preserve their occupancy and Make us Great Again.

  12. PAT :

    It’s Friday, early evening, why don’t you take the weekend off and give it a rest. You work TOO hard, take a break, take it easy, that’s what weekends are for, sayin’. We already know you’re a concerned citizen and a very good upstanding pillar-of-the-community citizen, so you can relax now, *grin*.

    1. Trump will NEVER question the heliocentric theory nor DEFUND NASA , so thankfully 🙂 he’s not that bad of a president, right uncle?

  13. I have said it many times before, I need to repeat myself, Trump(R) and Clinton(D), are not opposites, they are symptoms(products) of a corrupt system. The problem is the collective irrational mindset, the corrupt world system.

    There can be no compromise between ‘for’ and ‘against’, ‘bad’ and ‘good’, between ‘hate’ and ‘love’, ‘HATE’ is ‘LOVE’(Orwell), whether a person believes it or not. Trum is not fighting the establishment, he is a bisiness man.There is no escape from reality, the truth will prevail, 1984 was the writing on the wall, take heed.

  14. This article lays out how Israel is calling the shots in the Trump WH and how we got that nutcase Haley as UN Amb.

    Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu Is Leading US President Trump to War with Iran

    6. Israel demanded that the US appoint Zionist fanatic real estate attorney, Jason Greenblatt and real estate speculator, Jared Kushner as Middle East peace negotiators. Trump appointed South Carolina businesswoman Nikki Haley as US Ambassador to the United Nations. Israel pushed for Ms. Haley, the first US governor to criminalize support for the peaceful BDS movement.

    Think Herr Trump will veto any of these pro-Israel, pro-war bills?

    Israel-dominated U.S. Congress passes four more anti-Iran bills

    If one is going to ‘drain the Swamp,’ you don’t surround yourself with Swamp creatures from Goldmine Sachs and the local synagogue.

      …the channeling of human lifeblood into the maw of a New Jerusalem to be built atop the charnel ground of western civilization – will be the work of the new “oil magnates” who sit atop the pyramid of economic power… not at all different from the work of the previous ones, who built their international oil empires from by using wars around the world to both create markets for the products – and sequester the resources to supply them! Wars of all descriptions – civil wars, international wars, low grade wars, and hot wars – all tailor made to achieve economic ends to the advantage of those behind scenes… in a failing state set up for destruction and suicide… so-called “western civilization in bolstering the system of debt-usury interest from a simple, violence-enforced racket of millennia’s duration, into a complete ideology and political tool of state terror such as rules our world today.
      Exxon recently signed deals for oil exploration in Iraq, in defiance of the Iraqi government. Turkey is a part of this deal. Iraqi oil has been exported to Israel… ExxonMobil has close ties to Israel. Israeli collaboration with Exxon. “Exxon Mobil (XOM) could stand to gain enormous revenues and profits from a major Middle East conflict, such as the one percolating with Iran and Israel.”
      The major players in this conflict would initially be Iran, Israel, and the USA (read this). Once the first strike begins, Iran has stated repeatedly that they will shut down oil supplies while “not harming Europe” very much (read this report). Of course, the rhetoric is ridiculous because the sanctions that are and will be imposed by a unilateral coalition (read this breaking news) will engage every nation that has anything to do with Iranian oil, much of which is imported by Europe. Israel, in its own right, understands how this would cripple Iran, and also fully understands the global impact a first strike would have… Exxon Mobil is the largest corporation on the globe. They are able to do virtually anything they want or need to. They have cash, they have brilliant people, they have facilities around the globe, and they are involved in the bloodstream of every life on the planet.

      1. @Snez

        Do the recommendations to (read this), (read this report), and (read this breaking news) apply to the seekingalpha article, or were those intended to be embedded links?

        You provide a lot of amusing, interesting or educational links. Thanks!

      2. SNEZ

        The Bloomberg link leads to a page with this notice: “To continue reading this article you must be a Bloomberg Professional Service Subscriber.”

        US sanctions on Iran… thanks to Israel… have cost US businesses billions in lost opportunities. Stupid. Maybe US business owners should be suing Israel for reparations.

    2. Under a title of “Rejoice! Netanyahu Is Finished” longtime peace activist – and teenage member of Irgun – Uri Avnery thinks the multiple scandals and investigations of Netanyahu may lead to… something different and perhaps better. NuttyYahoo is threatening to call for new elections in Israel if the investigations continue. He also denounced the “vast left wing conspiracy” trying to unseat him. To avoid the consequences of his serial corruptions, Nutty is pressing to enact a “French Law” that would put Israel’s Prime Minister beyond the reach of any investigation or prosecution during the PM’s term(s) in office. As Avnery points out, the law enacted in France applies to a President who has a two term limit. Israel has no limits on the number of terms a PM can serve, and Nutty is already in his 4th. Interesting article.

  15. “When you are up to your ass in alligators it’s easy to forget you came to drain the swamp”. With seven zionist neocon Jews in his cabinet he even HIRED alligators, and Jewish Power is the swamp, so not much hope there.

    I still hope he can go against the Zionist War Lobby, but if he moves against Iran to please the Zionists…disaster.

  16. Trump cannot fight the establishment $$$$ of even one state like Pennsylvania…. much less the US $$$ powers..!!!

    Pennsylvania CAFR for year ended June 2016:

    On page 90 you will see $25,801,887,000 invested ($25.8 Billion) in various programs….. gambling with the good folks’ money..!!

    On page 104 there is $4,906,485,000 ($4.9 Billion) gambled – waged – just in foreign currency based investments alone.

    The title is your FIRST clue…



    Just imagine what is NOT admitted.!!

    Tax increase needed(not)…. 🙂

  17. A few slightly optimistic things.
    [1] JFK. I recommend people to read Miles Mathis on Kennedy. His view is Kennedy wasn’t even murdered; thing was faked – e.g. Jack Ruby [Rubinstein] is related to Kennedy; that sort of thing. Set-up photos etc. — that paper is already nearly ten years old.
    [2] Nukes. The nuclear issue (as eg trumpeted by Pence) is probably just a way to get yet more paper money.
    See eg Lords of the Nukes
    or both about 5 years old. Both pretty much uncontested. For people who haven’t heard the no nukes idea.
    [3] There are some good websites out there. Let’s not get too downhearted.

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