Trump to be Impeached For Treason? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’

“Will Donald Trump Survive the Storms Ahead? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’”EDITOR J.S. MONTECRISTO: This interview with ‘The Saker’ never took place. But as Lasha Darkmoon explains, every word spoken by the Saker here is an exact quote from the Saker’s own writings. 

“The Trump dream is probably over.
It was beautiful while it lasted.” — The Saker

LASHA DARKMOON: I’ll begin by revealing that I’ve never actually met ‘The Saker’ or even corresponded with him, so obviously this is an imaginary interview. Having said that, however, I wish to assure you that everything said by the Saker in this interview is an exact quotation taken from two recently published articles by the Saker which you can read in their entirety on The Unz Review (bulk of article) and on Information Clearing House (recent update). I’ve invented nothing.

The reason I’m doing it this way is because the Saker’s original articles are unrelated and somewhat long and diffuse in their totality. I want to cut to the chase and keep it short, with no words wasted. I also wish to add my own views to the mix, giving the impression of a lively and authentic dialogue but in no way falsifying the Saker’s original narrative.

For some time now I’ve been wondering if the majority of those who voted for Trump did so because they were his enthusiastic fans or simply because they perceived him as the lesser of two evils. What d’you think, Mr Saker?

THE SAKER: Trump was and still is the lesser evil. Please always keep in mind what the alternative was: Hillary Clinton. One of my favorite Russian commentators, Rusian Ostashko, brilliantly put it when he said: “If Clinton was now sitting in the White House, we Russians would not be discussing the issue of the recognition of Crimea or the future of US sanctions. We would be trying to guess when nuclear war would start, we would be studying our bomb shelter maps.” He is absolutely right, of course.

DARKMOON: So what’s been happening lately that’s got you all excited?

THE SAKER: Something big: the Three Letter Agencies pulled off a de facto coup against Donald Trump by forcing him to fire his most important foreign policy advisor — the man who had dared to declare that he wanted to reform the bloated and largely ineffective US intelligence community.

DARKMOON: You’re referring of course to General Flynn’s sudden “resignation” or sacking. Are you concerned about this little setback?

THE SAKER: There is no way of putting a brave face on what happened. Not only because it showed that Trump is not loyal to those who are loyal to him, but because this episode pretty much killed what I would call the “Trump dream”.

DARKMOON: I guess, by the “Trump dream”, you mean all the controversial projects and promises Trump set out in his original electoral package, i.e., the big changes his baseline supporters were hoping Trump would introduce “to make America great again”? Like what exactly?

THE SAKER: Draining the swamp. Kicking the Neocons down to the basement they crawled out of 24 years ago. Reforming the US intelligence community. Possibly even dissolving the CIA. Or, at the very least, subordinating it to the President.

DARKMOON: What else?

THE SAKER:  Making peace with Russia. Negotiating a “grand bargain” which would clearly spell out how the USA and Russia would act towards each other and jointly against common threats. At the very least, this would imply an agreement on the Ukraine and Syria.

DARKMOON: Trump’s enemies are obviously not too keen on his foreign policy. He appears to want peace with Russia. In the eyes of his enemies, I guess this makes him a “Russian agent” and a “high security risk.” What does Trump need to do to keep his domestic supporters happy?

THE SAKER:  Stop pouring billions of dollars into the Empire and redirect the immense resources currently wasted on war, aggression and subversion back into the United States and their decaying infrastructure, medical care, education, small business. Until now, the main profitable sectors of the US economy were either the military-industrial complex or finance. The hope was that Trump would kick-start the “real” economy: the production of goods and services.

Law and order would be restored to the USA and the uncontrolled flow of immigrants would finally be regulated. Last, but most definitely not least, Trump would not act on this stupid, counter-productive and self-defeating Iran-bashing and China-bashing rhetoric.

DARKMOON: You believe that none of these noble aims are now likely to see fruition? In other words, the people who voted for Trump are not going to get what they wanted? Is that what you’re saying?

THE SAKER:  For the most part, this dream is now over.

DARKMOON:  So America is . . .

THE SAKER: On life support.

DARKMOON: Okay, so what would you regard here as the main issue? In your opinion, what is the top priority? What does Trump need to do more than anything else?

THE SAKER:  The key, of course, is point one: draining the swamp. In other words, wrestling the power away from the Neocons and the US ‘deep state’ and putting it back where it belongs: in the hands of a President with a mandate of a majority of the American people.

That is, alas, the biggest loss we all suffered last week: the man who was supposed to drain the swamp [General Flynn] got a humiliating smack-down by a deep state drunk on its own infinite chutzpah. The biggest deal is not that Flynn was sacked, although that is a big deal, but the fact that the deep state forced Trump into publicly betraying Flynn and sacking him instead of those who were involved in this palace coup — including Pence himself.

DARKMOON: What you appear to be saying is deeply disturbing. Few will wish to admit it: namely, that the man selected as President by the American people, after a democratic election, has no power whatsoever to carry out the will of the people. He is no more than a figurehead for more powerful interests. These are the real rulers, and Trump is expected to be their puppet. Unless he agrees meekly to become a proxy for Hillary Clinton, he’ll be out of a job soon, right?     

THE SAKER: What the deep state demonstrated this week is that everybody in the Executive Branch serves not at the pleasure of the President, but at the pleasure of the deep state, including probably Donald Trump himself.

DARKMOON: You confirm my worst suspicions. Trump must consent to be a lackey for the deep state or else he’s a goner. By the “deep state” you are obviously referring to elite Jews like the Rothschilds and the tightly knit Jewish groups who control the City of London and set the gold price. Hence your frequent allusions to the “anglo-Zionist empire” which you pinpoint as Enemy Number One.  Your negative references to “neocons” also indicate that you have organized Jewry in mind. The Jewish neocons and their gentile vassals are the main threat to America in your opinion, am I right?

THE SAKER:  I am personally convinced that unless Donald Trump finds in himself the courage to mount a major counter-attack, the neocons will find a way of kicking him out of the White House before his term ends.

DARKMOON: And we all know that “neocons” is a code word for elite Jews and their gentile standard bearers like Hillary Clinton. That’s one thing we know for certain. (Pause) So the beautiful dream is over?

THE SAKER:  Yeah, this is bad. And barring a miracle, the dream is really over.

DARKMOON: I gather you supported Trump initially, and still do, though only as an alternative to the infinitely horrible Hillary. You were never a “Trump dreamer”, were you, like his White Nationalist supporters?

THE SAKER: I never was a “Trump dreamer”. I was merely a Trump *hoper* meaning that I had hopes that Trump would not only be better than Hillary, but that he might deliver on, at least, some of his “dream” message.

But if the choice is the Neocons humiliating Trump or thermonuclear war – then I pick the former, with gratitude.

DARKMOON: Small consolation, Mr Saker, if the Anglo-Zionist “parasites” are feeding on the host—and if WE are the host!

THE SAKER:  It is an undeniable fact that the United States are currently the host upon which the Anglo-Zionist parasite feeds—which this parasite uses to try to subjugate the entire planet.

DARKMOON:  I hope you don’t mind me pointing out that your coded language—in which you refer to “Anglo-Zionist parasites” and an attempt “to subjugate the entire planet”—is straight out of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If I’m not mistaken, you are basically referring here to world domination by Jews.

THE SAKER: What is happening now is that the Neocons and the deep state have succeeded in re-taking control of their host, but only at the cost of a major weakening of that host. The ongoing color revolution against Trump is gutting the power of the American host and, thus, of the Anglo-Zionist parasite.

DARKMOON: A remarkably astute analysis. It takes audacity to say such a thing. Poor America! The blood’s being  sucked out of it by the parasite that feeds on it! Where next, America?

THE SAKER: In political terms, the “indispensable nation” and “the city upon the hill” are now the laughingstock of the planet. God only knows where this process might lead us next.

DARKMOON:  A civil war?

THE SAKER:  I, for one, would absolutely not exclude the possibility of civil war in the USA. At this point in time, I am not predicting a civil war in the USA, but I am saying that it has become a real possibility. Civil war or not, all the Neocons and the deep state are doing is accelerating the inevitable collapse of the USA as a world hegemon.

DARKMOON: Can you expand a bit on your view that the problem we are facing is essentially a clash of interests between what Trump wants for America and what the neoconservative elite, the parasites feeding on the host, want for themselves?

THE SAKER:  The big story for the foreseeable future will be the infighting inside the US deep state. Why infighting? Because Trump is also part of the deep state. He did not just suddenly pop out of nowhere, ex nihilo. He had, and still has, powerful backers. That’s the good news.

DARKMOON: And the bad news?

THE SAKER: The bad news is that the faction of the deep state which is backing Trump appears to be the weaker one.

DARKMOON: How much weaker?

THE SAKER: The anti-Trump forces inside the deep state are 70% and the Trump supporters are therefore 30%.  The infighting between the 70% and the 30% will leave very little energy for either party to deal with Russia, China or Iran. It is a sweet irony that the big proponents of divide et impera [‘divide and rule’] did just that to themselves, is it not?

DARKMOON:  How sad. So it’s Good-bye, beautiful dream, is it?

THE SAKER: Yes, the “Trump dream” is probably over. It was beautiful as long as it lasted. What happened is really simple. With the election of Trump, the Neocons suffered a crushing defeat and it took them less than a month to regroup and castrate Trump. This is bad and the “Trump dream” is over.

DARKMOON: Are there any parallels here with the Ukraine situation, do you think? Just as they managed to stage a coup against Yanukovich, the democratically elected leader in Ukraine, installing a Jewish puppet in his place, are they trying to do the same to President Trump? Is Trump to be the new Yanukovich?

THE SAKER: Right now, Trump looks like Yanukovich, true. But I think that he is also a far smarter and much more honorable person than Yanukovich. Call me naïve, but my gut feeling is that Trump cares for the USA and that he wants to do the right thing.

DARKMOON: It’s good to hear you say that. I pointed out something very similar in a recent article of my own: “Trump is in deep trouble, it’s touch and go whether he’s going to survive. In other words, he’s a good guy drowning.”

THE SAKER: I might be wrong about Trump, of course. But at least so far I do not see the clear signs of the total rot and corruption which Yanukovich had all over his face. Furthermore, Trump appears to be learning. That is very important. In his latest press conference,Trump finally showed some real guts and counter-attacked the media. Very effectively I would say. Trump might be a fast learner. And if that is really the case, then he might learn some most useful lessons from the entire Flynn debacle.

DARKMOON: So there are grounds for hope?

THE SAKER:  Hopes are still permitted! Not expectations. Hopes. If the Neocons don’t succeed in impeaching him, Trump might still end up kicking some ass. And if they do impeach him, they will further weaken the Empire.


DARKMOON (a few days later) : Events have moved on rapidly since I last spoke with you. It seems you are now far less hopeful than you were. You’ve done a sudden U-turn. Passing from cautious optimism to bleak pessimism. You now expect Trump to be impeached for treason any time soon. How come?

THE SAKER:  This is an excerpt from an RT program entitled “Watching the Hawks”. In this excerpt, a “former” Mossad officer, Juval Aviv, predicts that Donald Trump will be impeached for treason in the next few months.

DARKMOON: A shocking development, but why should we heed this prediction?

THE SAKER: My experience and gut feeling tells me that this is far from innocent. What I see happening is a preparation for a Trump impeachment on grounds of treason. Here I fully agree with Aviv.

DARKMOON:  So you feel Trump is a goner?

THE SAKER: Whether Trump realizes it or not, he is now fighting for his life. Politically and, probably, literally.

DARKMOON:  Literally? You mean he risks assassination?

THE SAKER: He has only days, maybe weeks, to take very strong action. If he continues to take hit after hit after hit and think that good speeches are going to save him, he is absolutely wrong!

DARKMOON: You’re suggesting that a coup is imminent, right? But can’t he get his appointees in the administration to spring to his defense? Pompeo, Mattis, Jeff Sessions, can’t they rally round him and help to mount a counter-coup?

THE SAKER: Alas, with Flynn Trump really blew it. Flynn, for all his idiosyncrasies and failings, was the kind of man who could have stood by Trump and directed a desperately needed crackdown against the Neocons and their part of the ‘deep state’. Now he’s  left with the very non-political McMaster. Pompeo and Mattis are, at best, useless too. And I am really not impressed by Jeff Sessions who does not strike me as the kind of man who could support, never mind lead, a counter-coup.

As for the notion that Trump is now leaning on Netanyahu for support – I see that as a death sentence for Trump.

DARKMOON:  So it’s all over for Trump?

THE SAKER: I am afraid that the Trump Presidency is on life support.

DARKMOON:  A sad day for democracy if the 62,979,636 Americans who opted for Trump are to be cheated out of the president they voted for — and if a Hillary Clinton proxy, which is what the ‘deep state’ wants, is foisted upon them. There will be rioting and blood in the streets.

Allow me to conclude this piece by stating categorically that if the President is impeached and replaced by his Vice President, Mike Pence, which will be the obvious outcome of Trump’s eviction from the White House, it will be a major catastrophe.

Why? Because Pence, like Hillary Clinton, appears to be perfect  blackmail material for the ‘deep state’, with as many skeletons in the cupboard as Hillary Clinton — if not more. A black shadow hangs over the reputation of Mike Pence, with allegations that Pence is a multiple child rapist and murderer. If there’s even a whiff of truth in these bizarre allegations, what hope for America? I’ll leave you to mull over this final quotation:

Vice President Mike Pence has been implicated in the pedophile scandal that has the establishment in a panic. According to former CIA analyst Robert David Steele, General Michael Flynn was not dismissed for talking to the Russian ambassador and lying about it. He was fired because he had information on a close friend of Pence who is a pedophile. This is consistent with the fact that Flynn’s son was also fired during the campaign for tweeting about pizzagate.

More concerning is that Tory Smith has a series of youtubes accusing Mike Pence of being a multiple child rapist and murderer. Smith, who claimed to be a victim of satanic ritual abuse himself, makes a series of frankly crazy assertions. However, he predicted that Indiana State Police would kill him, and indeed, as of July 2016, he is dead.

He is dead. How convenient. This does not bode well. If Trump is impeached, only to be replaced by a puppet of the ‘deep state’ who happens to be a child raping serial killer, all hell will break loose. So let’s hope Trump will not be impeached.


VIDEO : 2.24 mins

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

116 thoughts to “Trump to be Impeached For Treason? — An Interview with ‘The Saker’”

  1. A stunning interview! How Darkmoon has managed to make it sound like a lively, authentic dialogue is pretty amazing. I’ve done a close check and I can confirm that Darkmoon has not put a single word into the Saker’s mouth that the Saker himself didn’t say. Not even an “and” or a “but”.

    1. The only thing I’m wondering about is the last bit. I think it’s a bit weird to suggest that Pence could be “a multiple child rapist and murderer”.

      I think this is nonsense, if not “fake news” invented by someone with a grudge against Mike Pence. Still, I’m not an authority on these matters. I could be wrong.

      This whole pedophilia — satanic ritual — Pizzagate thing seems to be wildly implausible to me. Something out of a horror fiction movie. I’m not buying it.

      But like I said, I could be wrong.

      1. @Jim Stone: I agree with you. Seems to me that the Deep State, after Trump, would want stability above all else. They like the status quo, so that they can continue with their war profits, and Trump upended it. If a Pence child rape scandal takes the place of a Trump impeachment for treason, I can’t see how serious blood in the streets can be avoided. It would mean the total victory of the totalitarian Left and the end of America as we know it.

        Btw, I am getting very concerned that Trump loyalists have not yet “taken it to the streets” in large numbers to counter the idiocy of the Left. The Tea Party grew quickly after Obama’s election to oppose his welfare state agenda. It helped lead to the Democrats getting murdered at the polls in 2010. But the stakes were not nearly as high then as now. If the Trump voters do not get loud and mobilize soon they will lose by forfeit without ever taking the field.

    2. russia…proof it…i read this article and i am shocked with what it said….you talk about russia…proof it…saker you showed no proof that trump is involved with russia…it’s all words only…on your part saker….more fake news here….

      1. YEP
        I didn’t know anything about the saker until I read the article you linked above. Thank you.
        You may not believe it, but it made like the guy.

  2. What a depressing read after this article about Munich NATO conference with Mike Pence à la baguette for the Euro Zombies.
    Horrified by the opinions of Donald Trump, according to whom NATO is «obsolete», they were reassured by the declarations of his ministers, who in essence, told them the same thing – NATO no longer needs to exist in its current format – it needs to be transformed into a defensive alliance, and if you want to be part of it, you will have to dedicate 2% of your Defence budget.
    Theresa May said the exact same thing to the Republicans.

    A more optimistic perspective with Shamir, especially if you dislike Michael Moore.
    Best headline, Sean Spicer says he wished Anne Frank Centre had praised Trump. It’s a code word, he is out.

    I hope you don’t mind me pointing out that your coded language—in which you refer to “Anglo-Zionist parasites” and an attempt “to subjugate the entire planet”—is straight out of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If I’m not mistaken, you are basically referring here to world domination by Jews. 🙂

    This process is a bit disloyal, is Saker higher than Darkmoon in Alexa ranking hierarchy?

    1. @ Phil

      (Quoting Lasha Darkmoon)

      I hope you don’t mind me pointing out that your coded language—in which you refer to “Anglo-Zionist parasites” and an attempt “to subjugate the entire planet”—is straight out of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. If I’m not mistaken, you are basically referring here to world domination by Jews.

      I don’t think your suggestion that this quote is “disloyal” to the Saker, or that Lasha Darkmoon is trying to make the Saker look bad by comparing some of his comments to The Protocols of Zion, has any validity whatever. if Lasha felt this negative way about the Saker, she would hardly publicize the Saker’s writings and publish so many of his pieces on this website.

      Anyone who reads the Saker’s own words cannot fail to get echoes of the Protocols here:

      THE SAKER: It is an undeniable fact that the United States are currently the host upon which the Anglo-Zionist parasite feeds—which this parasite uses to try to subjugate the entire planet.

      When I hear words like “host” and “parasite” and “subjugate the entire planet” I am at once reminded of the Protocols. And what else do you think the Saker could be referring to except JEWS (!) when he keeps using phrases like “Neocons” and “Anglo-Zionist empire”?

  3. i can’t see trump as a pedophile. and i can’t believe pence could be a pedophile and trump not know it. but of the two the latter is the more believable.
    but then, jfk, as intelligent as he was, must have had no idea lbj was a jew and a plotter against his very life.
    that’s pretty far in the dark about what’s going on right beside you.
    you do get the feeling now that this pedophile thing is super huge, floating just under the surface; that half the big wheels in washington dc and elsewhere throughout the country are into it. they’re all totally blackmailed.
    it puts you in mind of the ‘eyes wide shut’ movie. what a world.
    the deep state needs the pedophile ring for cover.
    no doubt about it – trump is in a very tenuous position.
    the jews set the events. they just ratcheted up their victim rhetoric with this false-flag vandalism of the jewish cemetery, forcing pence and trump to kowtow to the holohoax dictum. and they both did it, disgusting as it was.
    they were tested, maybe to see which was the bigger sycophant. i think trump lost that contest.
    anybody remember the fake film of the person aboard the mercy ship to palestine clubbing the israeli swat thug? pure theater for the oh so incredibly gullible masses.
    i hear from acquaintances in santa cruz there’s a major immigrant round-up going on, swat helicopters grabbing illegal mexicans off the streets and flying them away..
    trump”s best shot is to double down on his schedule and come completely clean with the public.
    i don’t think anybody here can say exactly what happened with flynn. but i see no need to run with the opposition. which is what the story above kinda does.

    1. @ barkingdeer

      i can’t see trump as a pedophile. and i can’t believe pence could be a pedophile and trump not know it. but of the two the latter is the more believable.

      At no point did the article suggest that Trump was a pedophile. It simply gave a detailed quote suggesting that Pence was a pedophile and child raping murderer.

    2. barkingdeer,

      Good comment, but I wish you could supply some reliable link for this statement:

      i hear from acquaintances in santa cruz there’s a major immigrant round-up going on, swat helicopters grabbing illegal mexicans off the streets and flying them away..

      Is this actually going on?

    3. On the other hand, Trump could well be playing his hand superbly, under the circumstances, of course. Unless he’s a total fool, which he is not, he knows when he strikes out against the jew empire, all hell breaks loose and he must have all his ducks, and loyalists, on one page for the initial assault. It is no new secret that many people, myself included, realize that the last battle on earth will be us versus the jews. No doubt whatsoever. Sure, the neocons bleat and blather about Iran, China, Russia, etc, BUT make no mistake about it. We are going to fight the jews, winners take all. It’s inevitable. We can no longer tolerate having this smothering, smouldering nightmare blocking off our windpipes. We are going to confront this and win, or we will end up on the jew’s compost heap. All the distractions about the Middle East, blah blah blah, are but mere diversions. We are going to have to do some spring pruning very soon and guess who has to be trimmed? Nice article, Lasha. May or may not be reality. I personally have many doubts about the Saker. Just like I have many doubts about one Jim Stone. Hell to be a doubting Thomas……

      1. Gil,

        I don’t think the “Jim Stone” posting here is the guy you probably have in mind, the well-known writer with his own website. This is almost certainly another Jim Stone. There must be hundreds (if not thousands) of “Jim Stones” … it’s such a common name.

      2. a balanced view, all around.
        i have no problem with trump doubters as long as they make sense (by and large they don’t, more like “dark night of the soul” stuff).

        each time i read/hear what he is up to, my respect for the wiles and subtleties of the donald increases.
        he has done nothing but win against the jew world order that is more than 85% complete in the global takeover, every time beating the odds and yet people keep attributing it to his dumb, moronic luck, just like they did (and some amazingly, still do) to putin.
        they simply have no concept what it takes to beat the jew at his own game.

        of course, when the going gets tough, jew goes pitiful, The Emergence of the Just Jew, by Yoav Litvin, a Doctor of Psychology/ Behavioral Neuroscience, so you know it’s gonna be good in addition to just.

        putting the cart before the horse (antisemitism precedes jews, a sort of moral vacuum opens up in say, borneo, people become evil racists and unfortunate jews are sucked into the vacuum and voila! pogroms in borneo)

        As members of a second-class minority community, Jews served as scapegoats for centuries and were abused by people of different religions, ethnicities and nationalities. History is riddled with examples of Jewish persecution, which often culminated in practices of genocide and ethnic cleansing against Jews, most notably during the crusades, Spanish inquisition and the Nazi Holocaust.

        but … but … i don’t get it, hitler was such a sensitive man

        typical 2nd class billionaire oligarch, all he wants is to be like everyone else:

        The “ghetto Jew” is a stereotypical image of European Jews that formed as a result of trauma and fear conditioning. Ghetto Jews are members of self-sustained Jewish communities, tend to associate mostly with other members, keep their head down, ride the political mainstream, and in general refrain from calling attention to themselves.

        “self-sustained Jewish communities” … totally independent on the goyums, don’t need them but somehow the goyums always end up being in the same place, all over the world, kind of creeps me out that the goyums follow jews wherever they go.
        peaceful, kind, just, self-sufficient jew heads to some neck of the woods, say, limpopo and goyums follow like bad smell and then kick poor jew out.

        but there is no escape from holoshmolocaust, stomp, stomp, here come Trumpf!

        Donald Trump and his administration have been showing strong signs of fascism and anti-Semitism and have a strong following of white supremacists. When directly asked about the growing incidents of anti-Semitism in the U.S., Trump evaded the question and snapped at the reporter.

        now here things get quite interesting, see if you spot the same track of a slithering reptile heading for the high ground to escape “the rising tide of antisemitism” 😀

        The apparent failure of Zionism to live up to its promise of protecting all Jews underscores the necessity of a new and further evolved form of Jew, one who adopts those qualities that have worked and sheds those that have not, a Jew primarily focused on equality and justice: a “just Jew”.

        A just Jew returns to the roots of Judaism, which promote a persistent quest for justice (“justice, justice shall you pursue”; Deuteronomy 16:20).
        [full quote that JUSTJEW avoids for some reason: Let true justice prevail, so you may live and occupy the land that the LORD your God is giving you.]

        how about the reverse numbering of deutoronomy (20:16)?

        16 However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.
        17 Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you. [Amorites lived in today’s southern iraq near Kuwait]
        18 Otherwise, they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshiping their gods, and you will sin against the Lord your God.

        and here we come to the main course

        A just Jew is unwedded to nation state and utilizes a collective knowledge and history of survival, trauma and oppression as both victim and victimizer to unite with other Jews, and join Muslim, immigrant, Palestinian, Black and Brown, LGBTQ, indigenous and other minority communities in the battle to oppose fascism, ethno-supremacy, apartheid, crony capitalism and bigotry of all kinds, including anti-Semitism and Zionism. The just Jew is part of a global community of resistance, which promotes a sustainable and egalitarian future for all humanity.

        How timely! unite with takeover low IQ brethren to destroy WHITE TRUMP (notice the absence of white race in that list of allies) and reap the jew messiah promise (every jew a king, every goy a slave – and – every child a sex toy).
        bottom line: israel doesn’t work, must wage gyne-color revolutions on white man’s turf, while crying antisemitism and persecution.
        In other words, a JUST JEW = JUST A JEW.

        okay, let’s all gang up on Trump and get it over with, might score some brownie points or an extra matzo at the end of the 16 hr shift in the cotton fields.

      3. Lol. Classic Lobro sarcasm that hits many marks (the Borneo paragraph alone is genius) but again you forget that key pillar of Jewish power, i.e. controlling the opposition. By my reckoning, Trump should be suspect by default given the system that has vaulted him to the top of the greasy pole.

        Let me put it another way — if the Jewish MSM praised Trump, you’d be sceptical; if the Jewish MSM attacks Trump…you still need to be sceptical. They are always pushing their agenda. If Trump was a real threat they would’ve ignored him.

      4. A just Jew is unwedded to nation state and utilizes a collective knowledge and history of survival, trauma and oppression as both victim and victimizer

        Yoav Litvin gives the game away with that quote because it outlines the nature of a global supremacist cult.

        Great post Lobro; LD should stick it up as an article. I’m still laughing.

      5. @Gil and SM
        Just seen your posts. Hmmm I thought this confusion might arise. Yes there appears to be more than one ‘Jim Stone’ commenting on DM. I’m the lurker JS who seldom comments. I’ve mentioned ‘ariadnatheo and Poupon Marx’ and sign off with ‘Jim S’. I’m happy to change my nik if that helps – maybe to Jimbo? Some changes in the DM login settings maybe necessary. Check my email for compatibility. Cheers
        Jimbo 🙂

      6. @ Lobro

        Chapeau, Lobro! You never fail to amaze me with your Jew wise comments. I see you are a fervent admirer of Trump, but I would ask you to cut us “Trump agnostics” some slack.

        You see, it’s not just Trump admirers and Trump haters here. There’s also the Trump “neutrals” like the Saker who voted for Trump as “the lesser of two evils”.

        This is my own attitude and the attitude of several others on this website:

        THE SAKER: I never was a “Trump dreamer”. I was merely a Trump *hoper* meaning that I had hopes that Trump would not only be better than Hillary, but that he might deliver on, at least, some of his “dream” message.

        I would regard you as a “Trump dreamer” (nothing wrong with dreams!), whereas I would put myself among the “Trump hopers” (nothing wrong with hopes!).

      7. Dear mam’selle, put your dreams away in this time of war.

        angels can and can afford to dance on the head of a pin in their timeless world but we cannot forever sit on the fence.
        lookit this way, what does it take for you to definitely make up your mind and either add your support to legio trumpica or figure that the world is better off with whatever likely alternative takes the center stage after the trump overthrow?
        not much time for dithering, like i mentioned, boneyards are full of those who can’t make up their mind and are just useless, putrefying meat.

        may i suggest one way of benchmarking Trump.
        consider the forces that he is up against and maybe multiply that by some factor of at least two on a reasonable assumption that we are seeing the mere tip of the iceberg of their horror, pedogate the latest glimpse of what has been going on ever since ww2 if not earlier … yes, earlier.

        Next, try to imagine a realistic scenario whereby a single, talented outsider, with likely sympathies of Russia and other outside powers must battle these unholy forces, given their stranglehold on all the western chokepoints, legislative, executive, financial, information and disinformation flow, academia, pharmaceutical, tremendous brainpower dedicated to manufacturing and shaping the ways of enslavement, intimidation, degradation of spirit and intellect.
        Do you for a non-hallucinatory moment imagine that such an individual, surrounded as he is by traitors and potential traitors in addition to open antagonists, can solve issues at a stroke of a pen?

        Well, this seems to be the common thread here, why doesn’t he abolish Fed, why doesn’t he round up anti-american traitors, jews and shabbos, why doesn’t he trash israel, why doesn’t he make friends with iran and russia, why doesn’t he reopen 9/11 case, why doesn’t he allow open denial of holofable, why doesn’t he jail the lying press for racketeering … and on and on, how come he hasn’t already done all of these things, he is the mighty potus, isn’t he.
        is this your thinking? Hm?

        you say i am a dreamer.
        i say i am a realist of the optimistic kind.
        pessimists don’t go to war.

      8. Well, this seems to be the common thread here, why doesn’t he abolish Fed, why doesn’t he round up anti-american traitors, jews and shabbos, why doesn’t he trash israel, why doesn’t he make friends with iran and russia, why doesn’t he reopen 9/11 case, why doesn’t he allow open denial of holofable, why doesn’t he jail the lying press for racketeering … and on and on, how come he hasn’t already done all of these things, he is the mighty potus, isn’t he.
        is this your thinking? Hm?

        Tis not much to ask…and I wouldn’t mind a united Ireland thrown in aswell. 😉

        Point taken but he needs to get a move on to at least “clear the swamp” at home. His words not ours.

        PS Jewish bankers in the Netherlands funded Cromwell; so no matter where you look, they just might be literally responsible for all the atrocities of modern history!?! A quick glance at the history of slavery in the West or the Opium crimes in the East reveals Jewish bankers and merchants at the helm. Throw in every single frickin’ revolution since the 1600s and centuries of intellectual corruption and they really do stand out you know.

        Flopot out.

      9. Just testing the ‘Jimbo’ nik change as mentioned above. Hope this helps clear the confusion moderator. Same email and IP

  4. “and if a Hillary Clinton proxy, which is what the ‘deep state’ wants, is foisted upon them. There will be rioting and blood in the streets.”

    But there’s the rub — any violent revolution will probably be a Jewish controlled one and guess what? Lots of (ex) Christians will end up getting slaughtered by Jewish led armies and propaganda wurlitzers. Just like every other revolution in modern times.

    If the revolution is about “democrats” vs “republican” then that is a fake revolution. And I would not hesitate to point the finger at Trump as being either a dupe or complicit in any such violent outcome.

    “Clearing the swamp” would’ve been a REAL revolution as this brilliant mock-interview by LD makes clear. I also enjoyed her gentle mocking of the Saker’s euphemistic use of “AngloZionism”. I loved that label when I first read it at the Saker site but it is misdirection — the so-called Anglos have been controlled by the Jewish bankers for at least 200 years.

    1. “Anglo-Zionism” really is a useless term that should be dumped. Ariadna attacked it a while back. I was reluctant because I liked hiding behind it, but it is a nonsense-phrase. For me, Zionism means “Jewish Global Supremacism” but in propaganda discourse it just means “benign Jewish Supremacism in the Levant” 😉 Thus most readers would probably think that the “Zionism” part of “Anglo-Zionism” is just referring to a bunch of Israeli-Firsters, which misdirects from the Jewish Global Supremacist aspect which means control of world culture and finance.

      The “Anglo” part is just as useless because we all know that the West is controlled by international Jewry (oops another mealy-mouthed phrase 😛 ). There is no escaping this fact. So we have a phrase that raises up the influence of the Goy (Anglos) and plays down the dominance of the Jews (Zionist). Time to dump the Anglo-Zionist moniker. It might seem to be a useful meme in capturing the truth but it misleads.

      1. Well said, Flopot! I agree with you that we should dump such dishonest euphemisms as “anglo-Zionist empire”. It sends out an entirely wrong signal: that elite Jews and elite goyim are EQUAL PARTNERS in carving up the world between them. But as you say, and as this article makes clear, it’s the Jews who rule the roost, whereas the mercenary goys who serve them (in LD’s own words) are their “gentile vassals”.

      2. @ Flopot
        @ Sardonicus

        I understand what you’re saying about the term “Anglo-Zionism”. But on the other hand, I ask myself things like: Where do the Jews, who are relatively small in number and generally cowardly, get all the cannon fodder to send to Eastern Europe? Where do they get the thousands of people to fill an aircraft carrier to send to the South China sea to try to provoke China? Where do they get all the murderous drone operators? Where do they get all the people working on the assembly lines at places like Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, General Atomics, etc., that are making the missiles and bombs that the Jew-controlled U.S. puppet government uses to murder people all over the world?

        Can’t these masses of people by now see what’s going on here?

        I’ve come to the realization that if TS ever HTF in the U.S., it won’t be Jews shooting us down in the streets, it’ll be our corrupt goy neighbors.

        The robust historical record seems to show that for every Ed Snowden or Chelsea Manning, there are tens of thousands of mentally and morally defective goyim who will gladly and unquestioningly do Jew dirty work even if it means TEOTWAWKI.

        Just as Satan got Eve to destroy herself, the SATANIC Jew always get the goyim to destroy themselves.
        Eve gave Satan an audience and he used the opportunity to “attack” her with his lying mouth. I think this is what vampire mythology is trying to teach us about. You invite the vampire into your house and the evil creature attacks you with his mouth. Having been “beguiled” (Genesis 3:13), Eve did the dirty work for Satan; all he actually did was to whisper in her ear. Likewise, once “bitten” the vampire’s victims start attacking others; that is, they do the evil creature’s dirty work.

        Jew controlled America is like a vicious, rabid dog, IMO. The rabies virus is ultimately responsible for the dog’s behavior, but it’s the dog itself that presents the immediate threat to others.

      3. @ Flopot

        “Anglo-Zionism” really is a useless term that should be dumped. Ariadna attacked it a while back. I was reluctant because I liked hiding behind it, but it is a nonsense-phrase. For me, Zionism means “Jewish Global Supremacism” ….


        You have mistaken me for Ariadna. It was MOI, who attacked the ridiculous term “Anglo-Zionism”; not Ariadna. She actually defended it. Fortunately, our little row (that’s British for “spat”) was polite and remained only a little row. I never let rows, big or small, with women bother me much or for long. I guess I’m old school.

        Unfortunately, I am not able to find the thread in question. It used to be quite easy to find one of my threads on Google, but that was before Lasha’s site was blacklisted by the filthy skypes. I’ve searched for the past 5 minutes and came up empty. 🙁

      4. @JFC

        Ah sorry about that. I do recall someone lambasting the term and Ariad’s involvement but obviously I am not clear on the details. Well said anyhow.

    2. But they are ignoring him, Flopot. The MSM ignores The Good Things he does. That’s a type of ignoring. Trump is The President of The United States, Trump’s enemies can NOT totally ignore him, so they ignore The Good Things he does by NEVER mentioning the Good Things he does in their MSM media. And that definitely is a type of Ignoring.

      1. That is a fair point. I think that is called “framing” or “false balance perspective” but both are indeed a type of ignoring and that cannot be ignored.

  5. Fakenews can be invented but Impeachment cannot be pulled out out of a hat. Even adversarial judges would need incontrovertible evidence. Bribery? Billionaire already. Sexual misdemeanours? This was already attempted and failed. Future sexual misdemeanours? I think Trump will be careful to avoid that. Pizzagate and Epstein’s island – even if true, raising that would bring down the house of cards worldwide.

    The above is over elaborate speculation based on a single resignation, that Trump explained reasonably in his latest press conference. If Trump executes only half of his electoral promises he will go down in history for being upstanding.

    1. Great comment Flan but just to be devil’s advocate…

      Judges (both kosher and shabby) will always find the evidence they need.

      I would look more closely at the foundations of Trump’s billions before suggesting he is free from control.

      The (((MSM))) can easily create a filter ‘n focus bubble around Trump; so much so that many Americans could easily be convinced that Trump and Russia are the source of all the abuse allegations…in the universe, “Oh my gad!” 😉

      To some, Flynn’s resignation is a body blow; to others, tis a mere flesh wound. Who to believe.

      I also hope Trump does not execute some of his plans but it sure looks like he wants to ramp up the war in Syria against Assad; ramp up tensions against Iran; and ramp up the persecution of the Palestinians. I’d rather see a ramp up akin to the one used at Masada 😉

      Frankly the truth is right before our eyes — we have Jews against Trump (exemplified by the whining MSM, politicians, corporations, brain-fugged “liberals”); and we have Jews for Trump, in his family and in the Levant World Enterprises club. I would suggest it is the same old MO — controlling both sides.

      I’m leaning towards the theory that Trump’s job is to start a “revolution” within the United States — time for another (ex) Christian Empire to be violently destroyed.

      1. Trump as Jewish bait, patsy, foil, dupe, man-on-the-spot?

        My greatest concern leading up to the 2016 election was that Trump would be allowed to win because he represents the perfect scapegoat for an economic crisis that central banks have been brewing for years. Whether or not Trump is aware of this plan cannot yet be proven, but as I have mentioned in the past, his cabinet of Goldman Sachs alumni and neo-con veterans hardly gives me confidence. In the best case scenario, Trump is surrounded by enemies; in the worst case scenario, he is surrounded by friends.

        Controlling all the sides of a conflict is the hallmark of Jewish power. I don’t recall Lobro listing that on his great overview of Jewish methods…I could be mistaken. If you don’t understand that aspect of Jewish power by now (and Gilad Atzmon has tried his best to explain) then you will always be caught in Jewish traps.

        Even now I am hoping that Trump is the real deal (just like Putin) and yet I see the contrary evidence before my eyes — Trump has Jewish support on his own side. And no, such support does not represent a “desperate bid” by Jews to try and control Trump. These Jews are at the core of his team and have been with him all the way through the campaign.

        He has to be controlled opposition. And yet now I sense the same old nagging doubts, “Wait and see; wait and see”. Is hope just another word for doubt? Damn the Masters of Discourse; damn them to hell.

      2. The following comment made by the site’s owner is a neat summary of how he sees a Civil War being stoked by You Know Who (although he is even more circumspect than the Saker when it comes to (((naming and shaming)))) 😉


        I think you are on target. I’m sticking by my position that the Fed will continue to raise rates throughout this year, and I do believe they will raise again in March. In my view they are establishing a narrative of conflict between the Fed and Trump. As you said, Trump needs lower rates in order to finance his infrastructure program. The Fed won’t give this to him.

        Consider also that the lefties will likely cheer the Fed because they will assume that higher rates will prevent Trump from funding the border wall. The elites seem to be staging an “alliance” between the left and the Fed, as I noted in this article.

        All of this appears to be building towards what I predicted before and after the election – the spark that finally sets off conservatives and compels them towards unconstitutional action. All evidence suggests that the elites will obstruct every single Trump program in a bid to piss us off and make us behave in a totalitarian manner.

        If the Americans do take up arms, you have to hope they march on Wall Street and not on each other. I hope…

      3. flopot,
        you know what a telltale is in sailing jargon, right.
        here is a couple of sneaky ones that might explain what goes on behind the scenes:
        · consider all the hard military men that trump surrounded himself with, mattis, kelly, mcmaster and so on – why?
        · consider that at the congressional hearings, he was urged over and over again by the panelists to select civilian overseers of these military jobs, pentagon, national security, dhs – why?
        · consider that in every press conference where they couldn’t edit the content, he made a point of saying that he is speaking directly to american people, the fifth estate is irrelevant,
        · consider that on each of those occasions he reiterated that he intends to keep every single promise he made to the american voter,
        · consider that as an ironclad rule, once a politician is elected, he pointedly ignores and evades any mention of the promises made, they were just “electioneering devices”.

        But then, he never tires of stating that he is a not a politician.
        keep faith, flopot, now is the time to discover our backbones.

      4. Lobro,

        I get and understand all these positive subtleties and thank you for taking the time to outline ’em (I did wonder about the solid military personnel) but such things should always be counterbalanced by an acknowledgement of the paradox of Jewish power. You have to face that paradox — in any system they dominate, they always control the opposition.

        That is the healthier attitude to adopt rather than sheer hope. Such scepticism would allow you to see the dangers in Trump’s Jewish connections and support; and, yes, even in the dangers of the military men that surround him. What do they all have in common? They are enemies of the Jewish enemy, Iran.

        [In before Pat shows all the connections between Iran and Israel :P]

        Of course, the presence of Goldman Sachs in his cabinet is the biggest red flag because the real engines of Jewish power everywhere are the Central Banking scams, with the Fed being the biggest. These are also telltale signs of a Zionist Ship of State.

      5. flopot, i do agree about mnuchin, it is in fact even worse because he used to work for soros.
        mnuchin did get onto the trump bandwagon and raised a shitload of dough for the campaign.
        secondly, the fed is very much an insider game and a )))normal((( , ie, not-jew person is completely out to lunch when it comes to it.
        sort of like demolishing the silverstein towers, you or i taking a sledgehammer to it wouldn’t be the best and the most efficient way about it.
        mnuchin would have a pretty good idea where the shear and buckling spots are.
        yellen is about to fire a broadside at trump in couple of weeks, so says the buzz, i guess the fed is anticipating the action that trump brings and wants to preempt it.
        you and i, though well-meaning, would be out to lunch how to deal with this serious matter designed to destroy the petro-buck, bring the US economy to its knees and lay the blame on Trump while promising (Protocols, Protocols, Protocols) salvation at the triumphal arch of jerusalem (psalm 137:5, If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my … foreskin grow back).
        so yes, trump could have selected jesse ventura for the job but what good would that have done, no money, no funny, no nomination.

        dunno flopot, some things i just do not know, i shall pray for a vision.
        or a bag of tasty doritos as a consolation prize.

        i said to someone today by way of email:
        let 2017 be a Jubilee year, repudiate all debts.
        that should add another twist to the already crooked nose.

      6. @ Flopot

        Is hope just another word for doubt?

        Yes. If you hope God exists, you doubt his existence. No?

      7. @Lobro

        If there is no way to avoid the myriad Jewish traps, then perhaps the forces unleashed might be unexpectedly harnessed and redirected against the evil power. For example, a violent revolution that actually surprises the Jewish handlers as it reverses course and engulfs ’em! I am thinking in particular of the institutions of Wall Street.

        If only the people are smart enough to discern the real enemy; but we’re talking about a country with 80 Christian Zionists and gad knows how many “liberals”. I hear you; it is going to take a mass awakening or a second coming, literally an insider who re-cleanses the temple.

      8. @ Flopot

        Remember all the “experts” saying that the Fed would raise rates this past January and they did not? When they did not raise rates, no one spent much time trying to figure out why they did not especially since the market was going nuts on the high side. There is more to it than opposing Trump. It’s global now and there has been a financial war going on with China for about 25 years and another financial war going on with Russia not long after Putin came to power. The stakes for the Fed are much greater than just Trump.

        The Fed also knows that Trump could arrange for an audit without much difficulty. Pissing off Trump at this point might not be in the Fed’s best interest, no pun intended.

        Trump has already said that most of the infrastructure restoration could be done with private section financing. Japan has already agreed to $50-billion along with the Japanese retirement fund, world’s largest, indicating that they wanted to invest in American infrastructure.

  6. In upholding the MD “assault weapons ban”, the US Appeals Court for the 4th Circuit just stood the second amendment on its head:

    “‘We conclude – contrary to the now vacated decision of our prior panel – that the banned assault weapons and large-capacity magazines are not protected by the Second Amendment,’ the appeals court wrote in Tuesday’s decision. ‘That is, we are convinced that the banned assault weapons and large-capacity magazines are among those arms that are ‘like’ ‘M-16 rifles’ – ‘weapons that are most useful in military service’ – which the Heller Court singled out as being beyond the Second Amendment’s reach.”

    So the second amendment, i.e., the “militia” is really all about “sporting” purposes? The words don’t actually mean what they say?

    What the communists couldn’t do by way of federal legislation, they are successfully doing by piecemeal attack at the state level with support from corrupt federal judges.

    Where’s Trump on this cartoonishly absurd outrage?

  7. Lobro –
    Flan –

    Your comments are far more common sensical than the others. Don’t bother with Flopot (my name for him is “Pisspot”), because he is just a ‘what if’ type of inevitable doubter/pessimist, scribbling whatever exception comes-to-mind…
    Lasha did an admirable job arranging this ‘interview’, but The Saker loses all his serious admonitory vent with me when he refers to the pervasive fear of ‘thermonuclear war’. It ain’t never gonna happen, so trying to motivate attitudes by reciting that fear marks arguments as weak, to me. (If anything, the instillation of that fear is a ‘jew tactic’ used to amplify and emphasize.)
    Donald Trump isn’t going anywhere. God is with him. Our own job is to strengthen our faith and obedience to God, pray daily, and forge ahead!

    1. @ Gilbert Huntly

      I wish you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself, Farmer Huntly, by attacking Flopot. He is easily one of the best commenters on this site. He is capable of having an intelligent conversation with Lobro, Sardonicus, Pat and several others here without once losing his cool.

      Unlike you, Farmer Huntly, who flies off the handle at the slightest criticism of Trump.

      Flopot is not a cheap Trump basher. He hates Hillary even more. Anyone can see that Flopot is a highly educated Doubting Thomas who is above all seeking the Truth. If Trump turned out to be the heroic Savior of the Nation you and Lobro so desperately want him to be, Flopot would be the first to admit that he’d been wrong about Trump.

      BTW, I’m glad to see Flopot posting here again after I thought he’d left.

      1. @Bradley

        Thanks for the defenc(s)e. Much appreciated. I try to play Devil’s Advocate with both the hopers and the cynics but it is obvious I’m more of a cynic…I mean sceptic!

        I don’t have the voice or intelligence of those posters you name but just interacting with Darkmooners is always a pleasure for the mind and spirit. And I hope it helps own my own voice and thinking…which is why I keep breaking my own self-imposed exile.

        Gilbert *untly denies Jewish power and doesn’t mind if the Palestinians are wiped from the Levant (which is cognitive dissonance when you think about it because who has the power to do that using US dollars?).

    2. @Gilbert

      If we’re being honest (and rude) then I can say without reservation that I know you as a Jew-denier. If I am too bleak about the Jewish World Order then you are always on hand to dismiss Jewish power.

      I’d rather be in the better-safe-than sorry camp. You’re pissing all over yourself as far as I can see.

      1. @Gilbert

        Considering that we’ve both descended into the cesspit of name-calling, let me be the first to help you out (so long as you don’t leave me down here).

        Our only difference regarding Trump is that I expect him to be a Zionist controlled puppet; but I hope he aint. Thus I am always searching for weaknesses in the arguments of those who trust Trump. If I found myself bouncing off an impregnable force, then I’d bow to the believers and accept Trump as “for real”.

        Perhaps I have set my threshold of hope far too high. But when I do see a beam of hope breaking from the Trump cloud I do post it. See my link to an article that suggests Trump is play-acting with Bibi.

        PS Lobro was the only one to comment on that article. I thought it a real eye-opener but it gained “no traction” and so everyone moved on.

  8. When Trump declared war on the media he effectively and in fact, declared war on the Jews.
    Of the four hundred & thirty four (434) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations along with Hollywood, Music, Radio, Television, Newspapers, News Magazines & Social Media Three hundred & twenty six (326) are Jews or or have Jewish spouses. The over representation by Jews as the CEO’s & senior executives in all these associations averages 3700% including the trade unions, talent agencies, production companies, broadcast networks, station owners, advertising corporations and trade associations. This is a numerical representation of 75%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population. Therefore Jews and spouses of Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the aforementioned media corporations by a factor of 37 times (3,700 percent). Even the wife of Alex Jones is a Jew.

    1. @ Jack Harper

      “When Trump declared war on the media he effectively and in fact, declared war on the Jews.”

      Thanks for pointing out the obvious which is often overlooked by most because of jewish programing.

    2. Jack –

      Trump’s phony rant at the staged press conference has more than doubled viewership at all the major media outlets.

      The Pharisee-Jews knew it and told him they needed more revenues…!! “Hit us even harder..!!”

      Trump has boosted the media.

      They luv him for the phony attacks.. !! 🙂

  9. Last night Ann Coulter was on Tucker Carlson’s show (the only political show I watch). She was a Trump supporter back in 2015, when everyone else with a large pen was mocking him. Her main, just about only, issue is immigration (both legal and illegal). She gave Trump an A+ thus far, but cautioned that he’s all alone. If so, I can’t see how being all alone is possibly sustainable. Coulter, IMO, is right on immigration and loves the way, as do I, that Trump dumps all over the Fake News media. But where is Ann on Russia? I just scanned her website, which lists all of her articles for the past few years, and did not see even a mention of Russia. Is Coulter just another Christian Zionist neocon? If she’s unwilling to back up her alpha male hero on Russia, which the US Deep State has deliberately turned into an existential crisis, then I’m afraid that she must be. Silence is acceptance. Stopping illegal immigration is important, but nothing is more important than stopping nuclear holocaust.

    1. While it is good politics to be friendly with Russia, spare yourself the fear of ‘nuclear holocaust’ arising from mismanagement. The management of critical mass required for detonation of a ‘nuclear bomb’ cannot be achieved – nor can the capacity of a missile capable of hurling such a device across the Pole or the big ponds. It is all a fantasy nightmare used to scare the chilluns to behave (like Uncle Remus used to do). 🙂

    2. We have a pundit on the Radio in the UK and Ireland who calls himself “Charlie Wolf”. He is always defending Israel and pushing the Neoconservative agenda. And yet he is also a staunch defender of Trump. I actually like him when he defends Trump which is screwed up because I know the guy is really called Stephen Linskey and he’s a rabid Zionist (is there any other kind?). So Trump and his supporters in the MSM are confusing the radar, know what I mean?

      Nuclear holocaust is fearmongering — who would want to rule over an irradiated earth? Nevermind the conspiracy theory that there are no nukes Oo

      1. @ Flopot

        “Nuclear holocaust is fearmongering — who would want to rule over an irradiated earth?”

        I think is the nature of the Jews to destroy. I believe that rather than slip off the tiger they’re riding (and be mauled to death), they would rather ride the tiger off of a cliff.

        “[…] Worlds I would destroy for ever,
        Since I can create no world,
        Since my call they notice never […]”
        (Karl Marx; “Feelings”)

        “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. NOTHING that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy, because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.” (Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles” p.155)

      2. Meet (((J. Robert Oppenheimer))) the “father of the atomic bomb”.

        Here, in this famous clip, he makes his ironic if not iconic apologia for inventing “nukes”, and quotes from, of all things, the Hindu Bhagavad Gita, — how queer and obscure a quote that would have been for a 1950s White Christian American television audience — while shedding a tear for dramatic effect.

        Who says Jews can’t act?

  10. Lasha –

    This mock interview was a great idea. I like it a lot..!!!

    I also like your assumptions. The Saker did not address them specifically.

    Saker actually told the facts here:
    “THE SAKER: I might be wrong about Trump, of course.”

    Lasha, you get an A++…!! 🙂
    Saker gets a C… as just an average Russian blog-guy… At least he admitted he is guessing with the rest of us.

    1. Pat

      I think the Saker’s guesses are weak. He puts WAY too much emphasis, for example, on the Flynn “resignation”. No big deal. Flynn had to go because it had become a PERCEPTION problem. Essentially nothing more, nothing less. Talk about overthinking things. Combine that with a tidal wave of fake news and my head starts to explode!

      “Fake news” has to be one of the more laughable terms to come down the pike in a long time. How much fake news has been foisted on humanity since the Magna Carta and going all the way back through known history?

      That this term has popped up tells me that controlling the opposition is becoming more and more of a difficult task. The intent being to suspend belief about EVERYTHING. But think of how this can backfire on them. More people may actually start to question things like, oh say, the HOLOCAUST?!

      donkeys be braying
      horses dey neighing
      angels are praying
      jew fibers fraying

      1. B-Hawk –

        I agree.

        Another recent term used to keep from naming people is “DEEP STATE.”

        I hate that term…!!!!!! It lets the Pharisee-Jew bastards off the hook…!!

        Chris Wallace luvs it. He is the ‘sheeny’ son of Mike Wallace..!! 🙂

        DEEP STATE
        February 19, 2017
        Chris Wallace learns a new term, “deep state”… and he’s loving it.

        On today’s “Fox News Sunday,” first Chris Wallace was talking to Rush Limbaugh:
        WALLACE:  You also use a phrase which I have to say that I only heard for the first time in the last couple of weeks, “the deep state”.  And that’s the notion that there’s an Obama shadow government embedded in the bureaucracy that is working against this new president.  I think that some folks are going to think that’s right on and some folks will think it’s awfully conspiratorial. 

        LIMBAUGH:  Well, I would love to claim credit for that, but actually, I think a reporter by the name of Glenn Greenwald at “The Intercept” who has got a relationship with — what’s his name?  Assange.  I think [Greenwald] actually coined the term.*  And I think it works.  I don’t think — who is driving this business that the Russians hacked the election?  It’s the Democrat Party.  It’s Hillary.  It’s Obama.  It’s all those people who just can’t accept…

        And then later Wallace had WaPo’s Charles Lane on a panel discussion:

        WALLACE: [The Obama administration in 2009] didn’t get the resistance from the news media. Some would say that — that it was very compliant and — and you certainly didn’t get resistance from the —
        –the deep state, I’m now loving the expression —

  11. “Kicking the Neocons down to the basement they crawled out of 24 years ago.”

    Well over 40 years ago Sen. Scoop Jackson (D-Wash) sponsored the surge of kikejew neocons into the mainstream U.S. government. Even with that, President Carter almost cleared the DC swamp via his CIA director Stansfield Turner, whose initial firing of over 800 CIA “cowboys” led to traitor Reagan’s own “October Surprise”.

    That story is included here: Featured is E.Michael Jones:

    Whatever else people think of Carter, if it weren’t for kikejewed infiltrators, CIA assets, patriotards, and outright traitors, the DC swamp would have been largely cleared back then.

    Russian analysts now posit that domestic conflict is being created in America as a flanking action against its aggressive foreign policy. Kikejew factions are indeed warring, and strange as it may seem, Soros may be controlled opposition in this — working for the most powerful kikejew entity which has just bitch-slapped its own loose cannons.

    The worst thing may be an America-Russia rapprochement through friendly relations between Trump and Putin. Their separation means that kikejew factions have not developed a workable total control plan — and there is even the slight possibility that one of the two may really be fronting for a powerful anti-kikejew entity.

    RESIST !!!

  12. “THE SAKER: For the most part, this dream is now over.”
    “DARKMOON: So America is . . .”
    “THE SAKER: On life support”

    This has clearly been the case since the end of the Vietnam war. In fact America’s rapidly deteriorating condition of the late seventies is what led to my search for what happened to the promise of the “American dream.”

    What I cannot comprehend is all this wringing of hands, rending of garments and gnashing of teeth. It’s like that scorpion story; did America not know what was going on before Trump was elected to ride on its back? Apparently not.

    Observe. The Rothschilds consolidated their European holdings of wealth and power by the late 1700’s. By the turn of that century, they virtually owned, and most certainly controlled Britain, the sole “superpower” of the day, a global power on whose colonial holdings the “sun never set.”

    They also exercised considerable influence over the outcome of the Napoleonic wars that served to strangle the rise of another potential superpower. Rothschild financial power had originally been based in France, but when Napoleon turned on their economic plans for his country, Rothschild money turned Britain against their French foe, ending Napoleon’s reign at the battle of Waterloo.

    From that point, the Rothschilds played a critical part in fomenting and influencing the American revolution, the war of 1812, the Mexican/American war of 1837 and then the American “Civil War” of 1860.

    By this time, the Rothschilds had begun expanding their parasitical power base to the “new world.” These wars reflected their emerging interest in America and their gradual abandonment of Britain as their center of power. With Jews it has always been about war, war, war and more war. Since the day Jews fabricated their Torah, it’s always been about bloody war.

    By the end of the 19th century, the Rothschilds had begun consolidating their control over America. Around the same time, a small portion of their global plan was unveiled by the discovery of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A scant twelve years after the new century began, the Rothschild’s full economic control over America was finally accomplished with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act. Within two years of that act, the world was at war, with America joining in the bloodshed three years after that. The Federal Reserve act was the very same br’er rabbit scheme replayed with Trump’s election.

    Jewish economic influence then fomented two of the most murderous wars in history, first one in 1914 and then a second in 1939, a scant quarter of a century after the first major killing campaign. From the very beginning of the century, brush wars raged throughout the century in places like the Philippines and South America.

    Just after the midpoint of the century’s global wars came the sixties “revolution.” This was a thinly disguised, Jewish, cultural Marxist revolution that served to destroy American culture, reducing it to one of ignorant, stupid, rutting beasts that have now taken over the country to willingly march lock step behind the Jews’ unanimous cry for more warring bloodshed around the planet.

    So there should not be the slightest surprise in finding the world in its present uproar, with war once again on the horizon. Thanks to the Jews’ destabilizing wars and revolutions, most all the near east has been destabilized and destroyed. The secondary effect of this destruction has been the unrestricted flooding of Europe with immigrants, thereby destabilizing and destroying most of Europe and its different cultures.

    Thanks to Jewish economic control that enabled them to eviscerate American manufacturing and industry, (with a tidy profit to Jewish middle-men) America is now fully dependent on global trade for its survival. America can no longer survive without a constant infusion of foreign trade that is completely controlled by Jewish economic policy; and one man is supposed to reverse all this?

    How can anyone be so naive to believe that any one person, or even a small group, could ever reverse this continuous parade of long standing historical trends that began with the Rothschild’s accumulation of a major portion of the world’s wealth? This should be especially obvious considering Jews have all the wealth to fund their agenda while the goyim are left with scant more than angry words. Could this glaring fact be lost on Jews? I think not.

    So why the worry? Why the wonder of it all, when it is quite obvious the world is running straight, narrow and true on rails paid for by Rothschild money? What I see in all this brouhaha is exactly what was to be expected i.e. another Jewish dog and pony show intended to occupy the public while other, far more critical, events pass unnoticed. This is exactly the way Jews have been playing the deception game since the days of the Old Testament when they marched around Jericho singing, shouting and blowing horns to disguise their sappers undermining Jericho’s fortifying walls.

    Jews pride themselves in their magical acumen. Magicians base their act on deception; look at what this hand is doing so you do not notice what the other hand is doing. This is what is being witnessed in the Trump upset, n’est-ce pas? So what matter the outcome to Trump and his administration?

    From the beginning of their rise to a global, economic power, the Rothschilds and their Jewish henchmen have been calling the shots like the global criminal mafia they have always been. Whether the world recognizes this and takes action to excise this virulent, diseased parasite or they suffer the terminal consequences of watching the big game on Talmudvision while the world goes up in flames, remains to be seen. However if past performance is an indication of future outcome, then the world is due for a nuclear war. So far, Jews have a better performance record at creating war then a Warren Buffet fund has at creating wealth. Can you say “one hundred percent” boys and girls?

    It’s that simple, so why confuse the issue, making it any more difficult to understand than what is obviously indicated by the simple facts right before our eyes?

  13. I read half the article and will later finish it.

    I can only say that I am more than a “hoper” in Trump; I am a believer in him. I think he had and has the right instincts. I don’t think that Trump will be able to completely get rid of the neocons or the deep state. How could he go up against a trillion dollar, nihilistic machine. He can’t. But he can bring relief to us. So, I really hope he just keeps going. Maybe the Flynn firing was a bad sign…probably. I think that the VP is OK. He is better than Biden but he obviously belongs to the corrupted Republican hierarchy that apparently is rife with blackmailed politicians. Pence is clogging up the efforts to drain the swamp because it might implicate some of his favorite people. Pence has that dogmatic Christian goody two shoe quality that is not like free wheeling Trump who is a risk taker in every sense. Trump instinctively speaks truth to power and he is uneven for sure, probably wreck less. He says the right thing and then he doesn’t anticipate the resistance he is facing. He is weak when it comes to the hyper critical media that is 100% Frankfurt School mind controlled. He doesn’t get it. Unfortunately, he is stupid about Israel. So, no, he won’t probably be able to take down the deep state. But if he can just clean up the bureaucracy like the CDC, the FDA, and take some of the power out of the lobby controlled Congress…loosen the noose around its neck. I really hope and pray that he can expose some of the hideous pedophilia and corruption, and free the slaves. It may, though, cost him his life.

  14. sardo — i know the article didn’t say trump was a pedophile.
    i’m saying – non-pedophiles will have absolutely nothing to do with child molesters, other than to haul them to the hoosegow.
    therefore, if pence is a pedophile it would have to mean trump doesn’t know it.
    is that possible?
    is the president even the one who picks the vice president?
    pence does play the evangelical religious bit up quite a bit, which does make him look suspicious.
    and he does lickspittle for the tribe, which does too.
    besides that, he’s got the sandusky hairtone.
    madame – thank you. i’ll know more about the swat airlift this weekend. nothing on the news out here about it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. the commercial media are shit.
    people who live in santa cruz and similar cities are terrified of mexicans. there are gangs of vicious thugs about committing every crime you can imagine with near impunity. if someone burglarizes your house you’re lucky to get a police report. lots of bodies being dumped. nobody looks right or left at stoplights. regular patrol cops avoid the issue wherever that can. the media won’t talk about it. the mexicans are here to take over.
    but, if we had as many muslims as we do mexicans it would be all over for us by now. they’re even worse.
    kapoore — do you really think trump is actually ‘stupid’ about israel?
    he doesn’t strike me as stupid at all.
    i don’t like his rhetoric but the action is what really counts.
    as he says ‘we’ll see what happens’…

  15. Impeach..?? Treason..?? NO WAY..!! He has Israel and Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London behind him..!! 🙂

    Trump is the MAN who never saw a mortgage he didn’t love.. and then…
    …. go bankrupt on it for sale for cheap…!! 🙂

    More debts for Pharisee-Jew Bankers as Trump brags about it TODAY:

    Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrump
    2:53 PM – 23 Feb 2017

    ‘S&P 500 Edges Higher After Trump Renews Jobs Pledge’

    Trump Wants a Pro-Business SEC…. SO Wall Street has more stocks to sell and more derivatives to bundle..!!

    Trump is eager for SEC to promote U.S. stock listings.

    When Donald Trump interviewed Jay Clayton to be his chief securities regulator in December, the then-president elect was fixated on the steep decline in U.S. initial public offerings(IPOs)… STOCKS..!!

    During the meeting at the Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, Trump even cited statistics on the drop, which started two decades ago, said people familiar with their discussion. He was particularly concerned that more companies were choosing to sell their shares overseas, rather than on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Market.

    Trump has made clear he sympathizes with corporate complaints. As he noted last month after picking Clayton, the SEC chief will “play an important role in unleashing the job-creating power of our economy by encouraging investment in American companies.”

    The tone is troubling to investor advocates who credit an aggressive SEC for stemming a long tide of corporate wrongdoing.

    Over the past 15 years, the agency has imposed numerous regulations required by two major laws, Dodd-Frank and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which Congress passed in 2002 after investors lost trillions of dollars in the wake of the Enron and WorldCom failures.

    Trump signed a directive in early February ordering the Treasury secretary to review financial regulations, with an eye toward identifying policies that hurt U.S. competitiveness. While his administration framed the order as an attack on Dodd-Frank, the look back is likely to go deeper and touch on Sarbanes-Oxley as well.

    1. As Pat every once in awhile reminds us of The Importance of keeping your friends close but keep your enemy CLOSER, and considering Pat always keep Gilbert REAL CLOSE, Gilbert is always the CLOSEST one to Pat, does that mean that Pat sees Gilbert as his enemy? Is Gilbert naive about what’s going on or does Gilbert also share Pat’s M.O. of keeping your friends close but keep your enemy CLOSER, in which case Gilbert sees Pat as his enemy, as Gilbert always keeps Pat the closest to him at all times, and thus the TWO are really enemies to one another? Help! I always have difficulty with this “keep your friends close but keep your enemy closer” type thinking. Then again, I’m not a joo. Hear that everybody? I’m NOT a joo, do I get the Apology Darkmoon owes me?

      1. TROJ –

        “As Pat every once in awhile reminds us of The Importance of keeping your friends close but keep your enemy CLOSER,”

        I have never written that on this site. Lobro has. Flopot has. 1138 has.

        Not me…. It is a stupid cliche…. for Marlon Brando’s bunch to put into practice. And he had to apologize… actually, grovel… to Hollywood’s Pharisee-Jew bastards….. keeping them TOO CLOSE..!!

        So… call the orderly and… take your meds..!! 🙂

  16. We know Trump is stupid because he outsmarted both the Democrats and the leading Republicans in his Party who wanted him out of The Race throughout the whole campaign and he went on to WIN the Election and become President, that’s how stupid Trump is. Though if one wants to make the case one has to be stupid to want to be the president, then Yes, Trump is stupid. But then so is everyone who ever ran for the presidency, BOTH the losers and the winners.

    1. I never cared for The Saker. I don’t like the name “Vineyard of The Saker”, it has negative connotations. But I’m not surprised Lasha is attracted to The Saker, for The Saker is a Falcon and the ancient Egyptian Horus with the One Eye of Horus has The Head of a Falcon, and Lasha has the One Eye of Horus who has the head of a Falcon and “Saker” means “Falcon” and “the vineyard” of a bird of prey has negative connotations, don’t you think so? Especially as I think us, the readers, is the prey The Falcon-Sakers are after and want to hunt-down and devour. We are but rodents to them, the Sakers, the Falcons, the birds of prey with such keen eyesight they see us, even in the darkest blackest nights with a Darkmoon that is totally black and dark, they see us, their prey. Birds of prey have very good eyesight, and so does the ancient Egyptian “God” Horus, even though he only has One Eye. Lasha has The One Eye of the Falcon head of ancient Egypt. The Saker is a Falcon. It all leaves one feeling like something not very above-board and not very honest is going on, don’t you think so? Well, Lasha probably doesn’t think so, as Lasha has the head of a Falcon , having the One Eye of Horus and Horus has the head of a Saker, or head of a Falcon, same thing “Saker” and “Falcon”. And it all alludes to ancient Egypt TOO much to place TOO much trust in any of it, as all the CLUES being dropped point to ancient Egypt and to what ancient Egypt symbolizes, ancient Egypt symbolizes Spiritual Bondage. Learn your Catholicism, Oh “Catholic” Sisters, Lasha and Lucy and Monica.

  17. The piece by ARCH STANTON is outstanding. Yes, the situation appears to be hopeless, but better to go down as a fighter.

    Trump as president is exceptional because he is:

    – Not a politician
    – Already replete with achievements
    – Self confident and in his element
    – In his 70th year but not jaded
    – Deeply touched by his fellow man on the campaign trail
    – Anti establishment
    – Not compromised and thus is Independent of zionists, neocons, New World Order and satanists.

    This means Trump IS there for the people. He has the position, authority, the spine, the balls, the intelligence and belief to go it alone, come what may, knowingly risking his life. This is how all leaders should be. Unfortunately of the many hundreds of national leaders I can only think of two others in this category: Duterte and Putin. Having attained the summit, they have the self confidence and independence to let rip. It is pathetic that most national leaders are insipid, dumb and weak puppets.

    People go on analysing the political tea leaves but ignore the aura and personality of the man as projected in his appearances. Yes he may make some mistakes, eg. Iran, but one of his promises was stopping the foreign wars to no discernible benefit to America. Therefore we can assume that Iran will not mean WWIII whilst Trump is president.

    1. QED, Flan.
      on a brief Iran note, i file that into the mythical “embassy in Jerusalem” drawer, the back of which opens into the garbage chute.
      it serves a brief diversionary purpose and chucked afterwards – “oh sorry, just realized it can’t be done”.
      if trump is so smart, and yes he is, how is he unable to see that iran is russia’s tightest partner, iranians fighting and dying against jew caliphate in iraq and syria and have never fought a war of conquest?
      No, this ruse surely has to deal with temporarily placating jew and saudi, which is jew again.

      Note that Putin organized a n all-islamic conference of religious leaders from all sects and factions, sunni, shia, alawite, etc, and they all agreed and issued a common statement that
      WAHHABI IS NOT ISLAM (once again, jew in sheep’s clothing but talented Mr Putin got his eye on the bouncing ball)

      does anyone think that Trump is unaware of this as he prepares to jointly with russians fumigate the viper’s nest?
      … read somewhere that Israel announced that ISIS is not bad at all, ISIS is good … of course.

  18. We can still be hopeful about djt.
    Looks like he’s getting going on the bad, very bad border problem.
    By the way, all this much stupid media ado and official denial about ever using the military to round up the illegals is quite moot. The American police have already been militarized. Their conduct is fitting marshal law. Very hard to prosecute them, especially for murder.
    bad, very bad.
    If no more Zion settlements built in palestine we will have our indication. If the settlements continue right along then djt must be just another jumping jack.
    How about the billions in gift money to Israel every year, plenty being funnel ed right back to our warmongers? What’s the Donald’s business judgement on that?
    And the pipeline?
    Donald – the world doesn’t need another oil pipeline. Move forward.
    is his case against the e p a all just gas and smoke or can we have some specifics on where it’s gone wrong?
    So far trump’s rhetoric on Iran could be written by the war profiteers themselves, those who gave the world y is ray h El in the first place.
    How about some words of wisdom instead?
    crack pizza gate wide open and see your enemies exposed.
    Lots left to see now, but there is no doubt – he is different….

  19. as for the saker (agree with troj that the handle is kind of dumb), i always saw him as a talented analyst but inclined to self-worship, unlike lasha who doesn’t start her day asking herself for an autograph.

    after reading that hit piece on him, i like him better, rabid antisemite, respectful of islam, hey there bro andrei, no hard feelings.

    who TF still thinks that charlie hebdo was work of muslims?
    NIST has a nice report to sell you, on special today, this Black Friday, hurry up while supplies last, we’ll send you a complimentary false flag lapel pin.

  20. Trump will be forced to keep the wars raging to keep jobs in the US.

    He cannot stop wars and increase jobs. They bumped off JFK for trying that.

    He may even poke Putin… NO TREASON THERE..!! 🙂

    The companies that support the military are major employers and tax generators.

    A report prepared by Deloitte and sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) in 2012 assessed the contribution and financial impact of the U.S. aerospace and defense industry. The indirect and induced employment associated with the U.S. aerospace and defense industry is a minimum of 3.5 million jobs.

    The companies providing these jobs generated $324 billion in sales revenue in 2010, with $15.6 billion in net income after tax at an average pre-tax reported operating profit margin of 10.5 percent.

    1. sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)

      and Association of American Gravediggers (AAG).

      and when you factor in the rest of today’s US industry heavy hitters, like tattoo parlors, Harley Davidson fashion accessories, poodle beauty salons, syndicated reality TV shows, you will see that defense accounts for at least 95% american industrial production.
      which is one way of saying there ain’t nuthin else.

      and Trump wants to change that equation that devalues killing people and shifts to weight to supporting people.

      No wonder homicidal species hates him so much, that abundant bloodflow may dry up, “oy vey, woe is us scribes, pharisees, hypocrites!”

      1. Lobro –

        Trump cannot change it. The world economy is dependent on killing people…. wars.

        You are wrong.

      2. Trump visited Boeing and sales jump.

        Boeing Co.’s Super Hornet is poised for a surprising comeback thanks to President Donald Trump’s Twitter broadsides and a strike-fighter shortage caused by delays to Lockheed Martin Corp.’s F-35 program.

        Until recently, Boeing’s combat jet was on life support, with work at its St. Louis factory slowing to a crawl as orders dwindled. But that was before Congress approved a $10.1 billion sale to Kuwait, Canada said it would take 18 of the twin-engine fighter and…

        Trump said the Pentagon is “looking seriously at a big order.”

  21. Ex-Mossad says that Trump will be impeached. Jews are famous for lying, but we are suppose to believe one now. Riiiiight.

    1. @ Ungenius

      “Ex-Mossad says that Trump will be impeached. Jews are famous for lying, but we are suppose to believe one now. Riiiiight.”

      In addition to often being part of a psyop, Jews seem to have a peculiar Satanic affectation to give their victims some kind of a “warning” or “notice” of what’s going to happen, even when it is so subtle or well camouflaged that nobody even notices it before the fact.

      Before 9/11 we got all kinds of “warnings” about an impending massive “terrorist attack”, Wolfowitz even gave a speech at West Point where he hinted about it, and we even had an eerily prescient movie, “Back to the Future”, that predicted it; and then there’s the “warning” note they gave the British before they blew up the King David hotel; and then before the Boston Marathon bombing, they gave us warning apparently by way of an episode of “Family Guy”.

      In light of the historical record and everything that’s presently happening, this “warning” may have to be given some weight.

      1. Harold –


        The forewarning is the Pharisee-Jew way of BRAGGING.

        The WHOLE PLAN and REASONING behind attack of 911 was laid out in the very first minute of the clip below….. aired March 2001..!!

        911 b4 911- The Lone Gunmen – March 2001 Pilot Episode (excuse their pun)

      2. @ Pat

        “The forewarning is the Pharisee-Jew way of BRAGGING.”

        I think that’s part of it. Maybe it’s also a “taunt”, intended to demoralize anyone with their eyes open?

  22. While Trump is still in the dressing room, part of his impatient supporters are already abandoning him. The other part are urging him, pushing on him to inter the boxing ring without minding to show him the slightest sign of enthusiasm or tangible backing. The right thing to do would be to manifest their support to-Trump as well as to a possible after-Trump, NOW, before the horde of LGBTQ…,three-letter Companies, “Oswalds” and other thugs dare to pull the trigger or simulate a heart attack.
    Trump may prematurely have his term ended, not because he would fail his mission but because those who voted for him suffer from “shortness of breath”.
    Deep-Staters breathe deep.

    1. Sean –

      The idea of “Trump” is a concerted effort of assertion rather than a precise ideology. He is a figure who showed us the possibilities that we, the everyday Americans, might not yet be defeated by the NWO or JWO. It has manifested strongly among various state politics, where candidates like the gubernatorial hopeful, Corey Stewart, are gaining momentum – and among other candidate hopefuls, like Marine LePen, in France. Trump represents an “awakening”. He must see the fruition of it every time he gets an opportunity to scrutinize events and hear opinions. If I had to explain ‘why’ I support him, it would be to castigate those who oppose him for their indefinite and unjustifiable reasoning. Yes, there are issues pointed out by Pat and Flopot, in this forum, which are, definitely, points which give me pause – but we should be ever-mindful that God chose not to let KILLARY take the Oval Office, and be thankful. Pray for him.


        Frankly, I think that the “Trump phenomenon” is a happy accident never meant to happen, not even by Trump himself. This “security hole” in the secret agenda should be thoroughly exploited to make the awakening go mainstream, before the breach is plugged again.

        1. I shall boldy and brazenly continue to question, examine, and scrutinize, NASA’s Heliocentric theory ; “Dripping water hollows out stone, not through force but through persistence.” [ quote from Ovid ] See Ryckaert for Latin translation, thank you, TROJ.

      2. Sean –

        “Frankly, I think that the “Trump phenomenon” is a happy accident never meant to happen, not even by Trump himself.”

        He attempted to run for President TOO MANY TIMES before…. to not KNOW HE WAS (S)elected this time..!! 🙂

        He made too many foolish – DUMB – mistakes in previous attempts which legally disqualified him.

        He changed parties more often than he changed wives.. 🙂


        In 1999 Donald Trump ran for the nomination of the Reform Party which exists as a small third party within the United States. He had long talked about running for President and announced in 1999. If he won he announced who would serve in a Trump administration if he had won.
        Vice President: Oprah Winfrey
        Secretary of State: Colin Powell
        Secretary of Defence: John McCain
        Secretary of Treasury: Jack Welch

        While Trumps campaign did capture the attention of the news media at the time, because he was not running for either the Republican or Democratic nomination his campaign was not given the same attention as his 2016 run.

        After he withdrew in 2000 Trump became a DEMOCRAT
        …..and was one from 2001-2009 (the sum total of Bush’s Presidency).

        Trump became INDEPENDENT before he again became a REPUBLICAN again in 2012.


        Donald Trump had to give up his 2012 Presidential campaign or face criminal charges by the FEC for campaign contributions violations in 2011.

        He and his attorney, Michael Cohen, had to remove his website:



        III Conclusion (p. 10)
        Mr. Trump never became a candidate. Therefore, he was never subject to the source and amount restrictions of the Act.

        Therefore, there is no reason to believe the respondents violated 11C.F.R.§100.72(a) or 11C.F.R.§100.131(a

  23. What if Trump is merely a (willing) “vehicle” for Pence? That is, what if Trump is like the first stage of a rocket, whose purpose is “liftoff”, but at some point its fuel is gone and the now useless booster stage is ejected – as was predetermined before liftoff – allowing the rocket and the payload it carries to continue on its flight?

    After what happened to JFK, what sincere “populist” presidential candidate would want a vice president that’s far more appealing to the “deep state” (i.e., the Jews) than he is? Yet that’s what our hero seems to have done. Why didn’t he pick Jesse Ventura or Ron Paul, for example? In fact he’s surrounded himself with Jews and establishment warmongers – the payload – that wouldn’t have been too far out of place in a Clinton presidency.

    So far, our masters have apparently been trying to create the illusion of an embattled “babe-in-the-woods” nice guy, hopelessly outnumbered, fighting for his (and our) survival, in the face of relentless attack by an implacable, omnipresent, omnipotent foe.

    And now we’re hearing things like, “he’s not going to last”; “he’ll be impeached”; “one of his team is already gone, next it’ll be him”; etc.

    What if the Flynn thing was a setup? (After all Trump seemed a little too willing to give up Flynn, in the face of what was really nothing more than an inconsequential legal technicality). What if the whole Trump presidency is a setup, the ultimate “bait and switch” scam?

    The situation reminds me of the pre 9/11 psyop, where we were being conditioned for the event with a constant stream of “warnings”; e.g., “Al Qaeda is planning something big”; “bin Laden is going to strike”; “everything’s flashing red”; “it’s not a matter of if, but when”; etc., so that when it actually happened, many of us accepted the official story blaming Osama bin Laden without the presentation of any actual evidence in support.

    Is Trump going to willingly resign at some point, after a crocodile-teary-eyed speech telling “the people” how he really tried to do what was right, but his “deep state” enemies have made it impossible for him to govern, impossible to deliver on his campaign promises blah-blah-blah?

    Or maybe like Flynn he’ll be “caught” doing something “bad” and be “forced” do a Richard Nixon type resignation? Or maybe he’ll develop a sudden health problem from all the stress of fighting the evil “deep state” and have to resign for “health reasons”?

    Because the Jewish program for world domination and control is at the apparent end stage, where nuclear war is on the table, the Jews need somebody exceptionally evil, i.e., “demon possessed”, to hold the office of president. Trump, while no doubt a mendacious, narcissistic, unprincipled scoundrel (IMO), may not be the person they need, except as a temporary place-holder while they get us conditioned for the next phase.

    1. @Harold Smith – Good points. I could never figure out why Trump picked Pence in the first place. It’s not like he would have lost Indiana without him. And did any of the states like PA that went Red for the first time in years only vote Trump because Pence was on the ticket? Since Pence is a long-time Christian Zionist neocon, if anything he was probably a drag on the ticket. If he had run on his own, he would have been fighting with Lindsay Graham for the 1%. I don’t know about Ventura (although that would have been fascinating), but if Trump had picked Ron Paul (or preferably Rand due to Ron’s advanced age) his electoral college victory would probably have been even bigger.

      1. @ Follyofwar

        I forgot to mention the potential psychological impact (especially on the masses of Trump supporters) if he is “forced” out in “defeat”. Not only would the Jews get someone much more suited to the task at hand, but many people would probably be so demoralized they would just give up and accept the reality of their hopeless enslavement to the Satanic Jewish collective.

    2. why did he “pick” Pence.
      because the successful politics is the art of compromise.
      because he needed to get the Congress, esp senate, as much on his side as possible.
      let’s just go through some plausible scenarios.
      Keep in mind that the senate is at least 99% owned by jew – i think that the single honorable exception is jim webb (dem).
      Now, among various senators and congressmen, you might find a few that are not totally sold out but must dance to the tune in order to stay in office, however, they are not trusted by jew – JEW KNOWS, because the best ones are heavy satanists, pedophiles, sadists, cannibals, you name it, they are in kabbalah coven and can never, ever get out, only the ride on the old sparky can release them from this bondage.

      Now, to my argument:

      If the new potus fails to get quick nominations, he is entirely at the mercy of the staff left behind by the outgoing president, in this case, Obama, a communist CIA asset.
      reports, notifications, urgent agendas, meetings, schedules are arriving by several dozen a minute – what do you do?
      and all the time they are plotting against you, taping your every word, inventing shit like golden showers from which you literally have no defense if alone.
      the military and intel will invent false flags that will be blamed on you.
      the media picks up all of those, jazzes them up to its liking, rent-a-crowds screaming outside, all on live broadcast, CNN raping you all day long with its lies, shrinks on Oprah explaining what a fuckup you are.
      How many hours will you survive, can’t even trust your security detail?

      You need backing, you need a team, you need to make compromises, deal with the Devil.
      if you are smart, you will figure out who is who, how much trust can you put into a given secretary, advisor, aide, and when.
      what you can say in whose presence, knowing that mistakes are deadly.

      this is the hardest job in the world, bar none, Hitler and Putin had it easy by comparison.

      And Trump has been perfect so far, the man is a legitimate genius, even if they get him in the end.
      Which i am very seriously hoping they won’t, even though I am not an American.

      and then i watch proper Americans, fourth of julys, who take a regular shit on him, daily dump-on-Trump.
      it absolutely boggles the mind, don’t need to be a jew comedian to laugh at it.

      1. @ Lobro

        “why did he “pick” Pence.
        because the successful politics is the art of compromise.
        because he needed to get the Congress, esp senate, as much on his side as possible.
        let’s just go through some plausible scenarios.”

        I suppose we’ll just have to disagree.

        First, as I see it, this goes way beyond “politics”. We’re dealing with a Satanic cult that will cut your throat as soon as look at you.
        If JFK had a like-minded person rather than a servile Jew puppet for a vice president, he might not have been assassinated. (BTW IIRC Jews were even calling for Obama’s assassination at one point during his presidency when he was deemed insufficiently servile).

        I would want the enemy to know that if they get rid of me, it wouldn’t do them any good, because my like-minded replacement won’t take orders from them either.

        Second, how do you compromise with “people” that really aren’t even human, IMO? How do you compromise with “people” whose every waking moment is treason against the constitution? I see “people” like Graham, McCain (and perhaps hundreds of others) as “the Zodiac killer in a suit and tie”. These “people” are ruthless mass murderers who will gladly help the Jews end life as we know it on this planet. They’re “demon possessed”, IMO.

        Last, why compromise when “you have them by the ba**s”?
        The president has two very powerful weapons at his disposal: a mandate from the people and the “bully pulpit”. The people don’t want to arm and fund terrorists. The people don’t want to overthrow other peoples’ governments. The people don’t want a nuclear war with Russia over the issue of who rules whateveristan, or a nuclear war with China over the Spratley islands. The people don’t want to squander everything of value, trash the economy and risk nuclear war in the hopeless pursuit of world domination and control.

        Why can’t Trump address the American people e.g. as follows: “My fellow Americans, the Obama administration has deployed a missile system in Romania (with another scheduled to be deployed in Poland) which I believe makes us all much less safe. The Russian government sees this deployment as a serious threat, in very much the same way that we saw the deployment of missiles in Cuba as a threat back in 1962. Because you elected me to restore good relations and a spirit of cooperation with Russia and other world powers, it is my intent to remove this missile system from Europe since it serves no legitimate peaceful purpose, and can only cause trouble, possibly even a war.
        I am addressing you tonight because my efforts to preserve world peace are being opposed by some people in the U.S. senate who do not have our best interests in mind. These people are apparently willing to put you and your families at risk of nuclear war for the sake of world domination and control…blah…blah…blah.”

        Of course I believe Trump will never do anything like this because I believe he’s a fraud.

        I believe this is also the reason why Trump chose a pathetic neocon warmonger for vice president rather than Ron or Rand Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Pat Buchanan, etc.

        As I see it, the Jews have our backs against a wall, and there’s nothing at all to “compromise” about at this point. If Trump is actually for real (which of course I doubt) and he tries to out-Jew the Jews rather than stand on principle, he will fail spectacularly, IMO.

      2. Lobro –

        The candidates ‘pick’ running mates because the states and the PRIVATE political parties – all PRIVATE CORPORATIONS – decided arbitrarily to disregard the US Constitution in the election process.

        The lawful election system has been badly broken for well over 160 years.
        The whole process is fraudulent….!! 🙂

        The practice of running candidates for president and vice president together evolved in the nineteenth century. Originally, electors cast two ballots for president and whoever took second place in the tabulation became vice president.

        Starting in 1804, the president and vice president were elected on separate ballots as specified in the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution which was adopted in that year.

        As more and more states subsequently began to choose their electors by popular election instead of appointment (South Carolina being the last state to change, in 1860), candidates began to realize they could run together as a team for president and vice president instead of running completely separately for each office.

        The practice of a presidential candidate having a running mate was solidified during the American Civil War. In 1864, in the interest of fostering national unity, Abraham Lincoln from the Republican Party (popular in the North) and Andrew Johnson of the Democratic Party (popular in the South), were co-endorsed and run together for President and Vice-President as candidates of the National Union Party.

        After that… the STATES BEGAN to place candidates for President and Vice-President together on the same ballot ticket – thus making it impossible to vote for a presidential candidate from one party and a vice-presidential candidate from another party, as had previously been possible.

      3. @ Lobro

        “this is the hardest job in the world, bar none, Hitler and Putin had it easy by comparison.
        And Trump has been perfect so far, the man is a legitimate genius, even if they get him in the end.”

        Very well said and true.

      4. Lobro –

        Political parties are Private Corporations… and tax-free… (can launder a lot of money) not IRC 501, but falling under IRC 527:

        IRC 527 provides that “political organizations” are subject to tax only to the extent provided for in that section.

        For all other purposes under federal law, they are treated as tax exempt organizations.

  24. PAT,
    You’re a treasure when it comes to facts & Info. To tell the truth, I am new to American politics. I only got acquainted with it at darkmoon, not so long ago. Therefore, I didn’t know Trump was that volatile and eager to run for office on whatever avail. Thank you.

    1. Sean –

      Glad to help. I became acquainted with politics due to family participation in the 50s. I joined the fray for a stint in the 70s. I found making the sausage was ugly and could be VERY deadly if the recipes were spoken. Not for me anymore.

      Most folks my age already know they can’t change it…. so, they get very depressed or violently angry at the subject…. and vegetate in front of TV.

      I have fun….. helps my memory … revealing the games… 🙂

      1. PAT
        I know you are hard-skinned but i wish to apologize for a previous comment on a previous thread where I addressed you with a Koranic verse😩 . In fact I did insert a smiley😉 to temper things but it didn’t make it so the said comment might have looked so rude. ( I used to copy and paste from the smileys available on the thread) 😕.
        Sincere apologies.

      2. Sean:
        “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
        Are full of passionate intensity.” – WB Yeats “The Second Coming”

        It is no wonder why few men (and women) of real talent want any part of the Beltway cesspool.

  25. The Deep State is a Hoot!

    The DEEP STATE, for the longest time, at least from the 1960s, has done everything the DEEP STATE could do to foster/inculcate and bring about a culture where there’s a total lack of respect for Authority, including total lack of respect for religious authority, especially lack of respect for Catholic Religious-Spiritual Authority.

    1. Yesterday a ¡Miracle! occurred
      my head is spinning ,
      Rays of Light and Streams of Mercy
      Poured Down from The Clouds
      from Mother Superior’s Throne
      in Her Palace High Up In Heaven,
      In Xanadu did Sister decree
      THREE of my posts should be set Free!
      from annihilation and subsequent oblivion!
      “Let Us not be obscurantists
      Let THREE see the Light of Day!”
      Finally Finally Finally!!!
      entered into by Uncle and Me
      for one brief day, one Shining Moment!
      Darkmoon ADMIN Finally Finally Finally keeps its Word,
      and that’s certainly a ¡Miracle! of Cosmic Scope
      and simply Amazing, don’t you think?, *grin*

  26. I don’t think the “Saker” is or ever was true, blue deplorable. He was always on the sidelines looking on, he never cared deeply enough to put any blood on the street.

    The true deplorables will never give up the dream because they can’t afford to. They are the mothers with a vaccine injured child who will continue to fight no matter how many doctors and specialists tell her to accept her fate. Or the mother that lost her child when a corrupt CPS decided she was unfit because she was homeschooling or because she wouldn’t administer this or that medicine. It’s strange how the fakery of Hillary Clinton making “HER” the center of the campaign mimics the real rise of the feminine. Many may laugh at me but I see Donald Trump as a kind of knight of chivalry that rises up to fight the forces of darkness, and yet always he is fighting for the Lady, not just the beautiful Lady of his heart’s desire but the Our Lady, the compassionate and loving side of God. Hillary pretended to care about children but she never saw the tragedy of a mother losing her child, and Donald Trump did. So, the dreams and hopes of the sick and injured are on Donald Trump and if he fails us then we will still not give up. But I don’t think he will fail us. The rise of the fake feminine, the feminists, will fail; but the rise of the true feminine will replace it and succeed. All those people shoved under the rug are not like snowflakes, we will not melt and go away so easily.

  27. Trump cannot change the stereotype of America… set in the 60s and 70s…!!

    In 1971 We Knew…
    “American Woman” = ’Statue of Liberty’

    American woman, said get away
    American woman, listen what I say
    Don’t come a hangin’ around my door
    Don’t want to see your face no more

    I don’t need your war machines
    I don’t need your ghetto scenes

    Colored lights can hypnotize
    Sparkle someone else’s eyes
    Now woman, get away from me
    American woman, mama let me be


    NOW…. That’s…. “B-B-B-B-B-B-Baad…!!!” 🙂

  28. Very nice, Pat! I don’t think, though, that the mother instinct can be extinguished by pop culture. As is said, and often repeated, before there were doctors there were mothers. Mothers have assured the survival of the species for hundreds of thousands of years. Pieces of the child’s DNA remain in the mother and so in a biological as well as a psychological sense the mother is attached to her child. It’s the same in monkeys of course. But in humans we call it the divine feminine and it has nothing to do with the the masonic tourist attraction, I mean the statue of liberty, Mothers never stop praying for their children. I can see you like the raunchy archetype, and I guess we all do, but the archetypal mother is far more fierce like a mother bear and her cub–don’t ever get between every hiker knows… The neoliberal in their ignorance of the natural are about to get clawed.

    1. Kapoore:
      The mama bear instinct to protect her cubs has been programmed out of the majority of the women of the USA. How else to explain why the majority of US gentile women willingly give their day old male children to an uncaring nurse so that the poor kid can have his little penis brutally mutilated in a satanic Jewish ritual? We should not stop by just questioning the efficacy of vaccines, but also include the everlasting psychological trauma of male genital mutilation. In my opinion, the Jews have pulled a fast one on we stupid gentiles by claiming that non-consenting male genital mutilation has health benefits. Perhaps the circumcised have no problem with the Jews because they have made us one of them.

      1. “Follyofwar” You are right that mothers in the hospital are too trusting of the hospital system that brutalizes babies. Mothers, shouldn’t let their babies out of their sight!! The problem is that women don’t trust their instincts and give in to the authoritarian hospital staff and doctors who do not often have their best interests in mind. This is an example of how ugly modern America has become that we have so little respect for mothers that we take advantage while giving birth.

        Woman are encouraged to break through the glass ceiling, but what women really need is someone to break up the medical dictatorship that breaks women’s hearts by destroying their children. The glass ceiling means nothing really. Very few women would trade a high executive position for the life and health of their child. That’s why all these high paid women quit their jobs when their kids become chronically ill and autistic.

  29. Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London and US and Mexico are happy with Trump. No impeachment, but encouragement with applause..!!

    Trump will support laws to give more money to illegal drug dealers in Mexico and US..!!
    The profits from illegal drug business is second only to the oil business. Business is booming.

    The money will be laundered through the banks.

    WASHINGTON – The White House said Thursday it expects law enforcement agents to enforce federal marijuana laws when they come into conflict with states where recreational use of the drug is permitted.

    “I do believe you will see greater enforcement of it,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer said regarding federal drug laws, which still list marijuana as an illegal substance.

  30. More sadness.
    Look y’all, I love Trump in that he talks a mighty good talk, and his opponents are asses. I enjoy seeing their discomfort. especially that of Michael Moore, that caricature of a man.
    But Good Lord, Trump’s appointments!

    We have to open our eyes and evaluate Trump as we would any system hack. A blind hope is just in vain.


    “The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.” – WB Yeats “The Second Coming”

    True. It explains why the world is heading towards devastation.
    Evil never naps.

  32. Freemasonry is huge in America it controls everything, Trump isn’t going anywhere. He was probably groomed from an early age for this today. Shocking as it is some may even think of him as some long awaited American savior. Check it out the strange goings on ?

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