Trump’s Attack on Syria: Two Different Viewpoints

LD : We publish below two different articles, slightly abridged, from the mainstream media on Donald Trump’s recent attack on Syria. The first article is written by Sir Christopher Meyer, former British ambassador to Washington, who happens to be Jewish. You won’t like this article and will question its factual accuracy and its glib assumptions. The second article you will like a bit more. This is written by Peter Hitchens, a non-Jew, and it presents a diametrically opposite viewpoint. Oddly enough, both articles come from the same edition of the same newspaper, The Mail on Sunday.

“Donald Trump should be congratulated for taking swift military action
in response to President Assad’s use of chemical weapons”
— (((Sir Christopher Meyer)))

Now prove you still have the art of the deal, Donald

By Sir Christopher Meyer 
for The Mail on Sunday, April 9

Say what you like about Donald Trump’s rocky start as leader of the free world, but he should be congratulated for taking swift military action in response to President Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

By sending Tomahawk missiles to obliterate the al-Shayrat air base – from which Syrian air force jets launched their sickening Sarin gas attack last week – Trump succeeded at a stroke in doing what Barack Obama had so abjectly failed to do: enforce his own ill-advised ‘red line’ warning of 2012 over the use of chemical weapons.

To the astonishment of the world’s nations – and none more than Russia – Trump jettisoned the narrow, nationalist ‘America first’ rhetoric of his campaign and did what any US president, including Hillary Clinton, would have done – strike fast and hard against a regime that thinks it can commit war crimes and break international law with impunity.

LD: Unlike the law-abiding US of course, which never commits war crimes or breaks international law! The recent attack on Syria was itself a breach of international law, since the US attacked a sovereign country without permission of the UN Security Council. It also did this on the false pretext that Syria had used chemical weapons against its own people. The US had committed the same war crime in 2003, on a much larger scale, when it attacked Iraq on the false claim that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, a lie fed to the US by its dangerous Israeli ally.

This was one of the greatest foreign policy U-turns of all time from a president who once told the American people ‘we should stay the hell out of Syria’.

Trump’s strike against Assad for using Sarin was, I believe, entirely the right thing to do. No regime should be allowed to violate the Chemical Weapons Convention – to which Syria and Russia are signatories – without consequences. It is one of the pillars of international arms control.

But did Trump do the right thing for the wrong reasons? Did he hit Syria because he was emotionally carried away by the sight of choking babies? Or did he want to look a resolute and decisive Commander-in-Chief in contrast to what he considers Obama’s dithering?

Or was he trying to divert attention from the charge that he and his advisers are beholden to the Russians, an accusation that might yet force him from office and is being investigated by the intelligence agencies and Congressional committees?

Possibly it was a combination of all three. In short, the jury is still out on whether the Syrian raid was an impetuous flash-in-the-pan or the beginnings of a new Trump approach to world affairs.

LD : Sir Christopher Meyer, like the warmonger Jews in Washington, is not happy with the idea that the attack on Syria should be a one-off — ‘a flash-in-the pan’ to use his words. He would like to see a more belligerent Trump, ready to go on fighting Israel’s wars for it — “a new Trump approach to world affairs.”

Certain things are clear. Not only has Trump put Assad and President Putin on notice that further use of chemical weapons could invite similar massive retaliation. He has also seized back the strategic initiative in the Middle East from Russia.

We must not forget that to much preening and self-congratulation, Russia brokered a deal with Assad in 2013 to remove Syria’s chemical weapons. We were told all stocks had been removed. It was something of a diplomatic triumph for Putin, who was seen as the grand master of the geopolitical chess board.

But with authorship of that agreement came responsibility for its integrity and full implementation.

No wonder Moscow has been spitting with rage. It has either been played for a fool by Assad or been caught red-handed, colluding with him in his use of hidden stockpiles of Sarin. Putin’s Syria strategy is in utter ruins.

His reputation is tarnished, his prestige damaged. He has had to sit on the sidelines and watch the US Navy fire cruise missiles in a number and concentration of which he can only dream.

Russia’s humiliation only adds to the delicacy of the diplomatic task that now confronts Trump. However deserved a punitive strike it may be, it is no more than a short-term fix unless harnessed to a long-term political goal.

In Syria that goal is, as it has always been, a ceasefire followed by an internationally guaranteed peace agreement involving a transition of power in Damascus that removes Assad from the scene (after the latest Sarin attack there is no way the international community can accept him as the legitimate ruler of Syria).

LD : “A transition of power” = regime change. What Israel wants is a weak and divided Syria into which it can expand its territories, adding to its 1967 theft of the Golan Heights. A stronger Syria, after all, might lead to the restoration of the Golan Heights to Syria — something Israel refuses to contemplate.

And all this needs to be negotiated without detriment to the campaign against the Isis caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

What is new in this situation of almost incalculable complexity is that Trump now has far more leverage than Obama ever enjoyed or even wanted. We wait to see if he can use this in the interests of peace in Syria; whether an international statesman can emerge from the chrysalis of chaos that has beset his administration since his inauguration in January.

It is a tall order against a background of White House infighting, the shambolic collapse of healthcare legislation and the growing disenchantment with Trump inside the Republican Party, including the Senate and House of Representatives.

The faith of Trump’s true believers has been shaken by the Syrian intervention and by the dawning awareness that he favours tax cuts that will overwhelmingly favour the rich.

LD : What Meyer would obviously like to see is a “responsible” Trump administration in which Trump is prepared to become a proxy for Hillary Clinton: more foreign wars on behalf of Israel, more money for the rich, and a kick in the teeth for Trump’s alt.right white supporters. The more Trump betrays his baseline white supporters, the more pleased Meyer and American Jewry is going to be.

It is hard to see how international relations can be quarantined from this disorder. Much depends on the skills of the three ‘grown-ups’ who deal with abroad – Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defence Secretary James Mattis and National Security Adviser Lieut Gen HR McMaster – and whether Trump will let them get on with building a coherent foreign and security policy strategy – a Trump doctrine if you like.

LD : Note how not a word is breathed about Trump’s Svengali, his sinister son-in-law Jared Kushner — the man who is definitely being groomed right now to become America’s first Jewish president. Kissinger and Netanyahu give advice to Kushner, Kushner passes on his “concerns” to Ivanka, and Ivanka then tells her daddy what to do. The recent attack on Syria is said to be partly Ivanka’s doing. (See here)

—  §  —

Our ‘noble’ cause? Dropping bombs on behalf of Al Qaeda

By Peter Hitchens
for The Mail on Sunday, April 9, 2017 

Now we have definitely moved from being a post-war world to being a pre-war world. Madness and folly are loose again.

Consider first that early on Friday morning the United States Navy launched 59 cruise missiles on behalf of Al Qaeda.

If this is not bad enough for you, note that the President of the United States did not even bother to pretend that he was seeking United Nations cover for what he did.

Note next that in the same week our Prime Minister, Theresa May, made a duty visit to pay homage to the medieval despots of Saudi Arabia, who kindly buy our warplanes and bombs, and are currently using them to savage effect in Yemen.

And President Trump was playing host at the White House to the head of Egypt’s military junta, General el-Sisi, whose security forces undoubtedly massacred at least 600 protesters (probably many more) in the streets of Cairo in August 2013.

And then mark that the pretext for this bizarre rocket attack was an unproven claim that President Assad of Syria had used poison gas. Yes, unproven. The brutality of Sisi and the Saudis is beyond doubt. They didn’t use gas, but our leaders’ outrage at Assad’s alleged gas attack looks a little contrived if they keep such company.

Also what happened to the rules of evidence? Many people have written, spoken – and now acted – as if the charge was proven. Why the hurry?

Now, Assad is  is not insane. He knows that the use of poison gas is the one thing that will make the USA intervene against him. They have said so. He is currently winning his war against Islamist fanatics, with conventional weapons. 

He had even finally got the USA to stop demanding his dismissal. Five days before the alleged attack – five days! – America’s UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, announced: ‘Our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out.’

The President of the United States did not even bother to pretend that he was seeking United Nations cover for what he did.

So why would he do such a thing, and throw away all his victories in a few minutes? It makes no sense of any kind.

As you ponder this, can I explain something about the place where the gas attack is said to have happened?

No independent Western journalist could go there. He or she would be killed or kidnapped within hours. Any report which comes from that region is filtered through people who you never see in the film that does get out. I have met men like them on my travels. I would not want to offend them. These are the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, alias the Al-Nusra Front, alias Al Qaeda, the Syrian ‘opposition’ which we in the West have been supporting for several years.

We drop bombs on behalf of Al-Nusra/Al Qaeda. I’ve noted here before how these people have publicly kidnapped, killed and even sunk their teeth into the entrails of dead enemies.

But in this case, another small detail may make you wonder about what you are being told. In some reports of the alleged atrocity, a supposed ‘British doctor’, Shajul Islam, was quoted or shown on the spot, described as a ‘volunteer treating victims in hospital’.

Actually, he shouldn’t really be called a British doctor. He was struck off the British medical register for ‘misconduct’ in March 2016. The General Medical Council won’t say why.

And in 2012 Shajul Islam was charged with terror offences in a British court. He was accused of imprisoning John Cantlie, a British photographer, and a Dutchman, Jeroen Oerlemans.

Both men were held by a militant group in Syria and both were wounded when they tried to escape. Shajul Islam, it was alleged, was among their captors. Shajul Islam’s trial collapsed in 2013, when it was revealed that Mr Cantlie had been abducted once again, and could not give evidence.

Mr Oerlemans refused to give evidence for fear that it would further endanger Mr Cantlie. Mr Oerlemans has since been killed in Libya.

So the supposedly benevolent medical man at the scene of the alleged atrocity turns out to be a struck-off doctor who was once put on trial for kidnapping.

Does this change your view at all?

The once-wealthy and powerful West is falling to bits.

It is bankrupt and increasingly at the mercy of people who have begun to demand something in return for their trade and their loans.

It is all very sordid, and bodes ill for the future, but I would mind it less if we admitted what we were doing, rather than pretending these wretched events were some sort of noble act.


48 thoughts to “Trump’s Attack on Syria: Two Different Viewpoints”

  1. Don’t believe what Tillerson–he’s lying, again–is saying about Syria, he’s just setting the stage for another ‘al CIA Duh’ attack on Syria, forcing Trump to kill thousands to ‘liberate’ them from something, like life.

    The next False Flag against Syria is already being filmed, al Jazeera crews on the ground, it will be White Phosphorous blamed on Assad this time.

    Now we can lay to rest all that speculation about what the first Trump attack was about, he was just laying the ground work for the Big One, mostly likely a massive attack, busting up what’s left of Syria. And mos tlikley, President KUSHNER was in Iraq recently to work out the details of these False Flags in person, so he wouldn’t have to use a phone, which could of been recorded.

    America will keep fighting these Wars for Wall Street and Israel until we implode from financial, moral and physical ruin, then Israel will depart for its next host.

  2. What a mess!
    “The once-wealthy and powerful West is falling to bits.
    It is bankrupt and increasingly at the mercy of people who have begun to demand something in return for their trade and their loans.”

    The following may be a bit “off piste” in current light of the recent events, and it has been very interesting reading all the differing opinions and insights from many of the contributors and commenter’s on this site, but, one thing I think we are all in agreement with is that jew has had us all by the short and curlys for long enough.
    I only discovered this site in Oct ’16 and wonder if it has ever discussed any alternatives to the status quo? Are there many who are familiar with the concept of “Social Credit”, or have memory of its successful implementation [for a short time before it was shut down by the usury culprits – somewhere I read that the Bank of England put up over £6,000,000 to discredit the writings and theories of C.H. Douglas’s Social Credit in the 1930s as they felt so threatened that this just might catch on and spread worldwide] – in places such as Alberta, Australia, and New Zealand? Anyway, for those who are interested, here are some links. It would be great if this site would consider doing a piece on this one day, because I believe if it were to be re-implemented it would go a long way towards solving many of our social and economic problems we’re all experiencing today…
    … and this gives a very simple introduction of how it works: –

    1. The inevitable corruption of banking was wisely interrupted by “The Year of Jubilee”. The Laws of Moses took into account the need to have a “correction” of debt, because money is the great civilizer which allows us to purchase necessities if our crops don’t grow – and our children (of which the all-male Islanders had none) are hungry. Without money, there is no civilization. Without avoidance of debt, there is no discipline. Our fallacy is that we have come to look at money more as a luxury than as a tool. Glitz ‘n glitter have corrupted us – NOT money.

    2. Thanks for the links.
      1. Money not based on debt – good
      2. National financial stimulus to all citizens not banksters – good
      3. Money supply based on ability to produce, not based on the whim of banksters – good

      Not much in this for banksters. 🙂 They will howl “free market” on 1. and “communism/central control” on 2. and 3.

      Nonetheless now I have the links I will spread the word.

      1. Money “ain’t for nuthin'”, and there’s nothing “free”. If money were based on ability to produce, I’d be a helluva lot richer than most of you! You wouldn’t like it, and couldn’t sit on your asses all day and philosophize about ‘fairness’. The number of ‘crypto’ currencies now existent is evidentiary of mankind’s quest for ‘money-from-nothing’. How, exactly, does that make the rest of you any different from the bankers you deplore??

      2. Gil –

        “How, exactly, does that make the rest of you any different from the bankers you deplore??”

        “exactly”….. is…
        … like gold and silver…. being ‘mined’…
        …..Crypto-Currencies are NOT burdened with USURY..!! 🙂

        Differences were enumerated 1, 2, 3.
        I did not mention fairness.

        Seems like your response was a reflex.

      4. Your #3 will not be to the liking of the non-productive, “useless eaters” in your glorified system, Flan. Only Christian (or other benevolent) charity, given by more fortunate producers, protects their welfare – and that is most handily and easily rendered by the $$ contributions of the more fortunate. (I am surprised this “Catholic” proposition bears said stamp!) 🙂

      5. Gil –

        The Catholic Churches have been taking Bitcoin for 4 years..!! 🙂

        St. John’s is ‘world’s first Catholic church to accept bitcoin’
        Published on October 17, 2013

        Father Adaly Rosado Jr. from the Church of St. John the Evangelist in Goshen, NY decided to put a virtual currencies donation button on the parish’s website.

        Father Rosado believes that St. John’s the Evangelist is the first Catholic Church to accept bitcoins and he thinks virtual currency donations can be much more useful than those in fiat currencies.

        “In theory, in the future, you could exchange bitcoins for any currency. It would be faster to move money around,” said Father Rosado.

        He explained that traditional methods have failed him in the past – for example a check he sent to a youth group in the Dominican Republic was lost in the mail so he had to cancel the check and use a service similar to Western Union in order to send the money. All of this took time – time that could have been saved if bitcoin was used.

        A year ago…
        1 April 2016 – Vatican City may be the first sovereign Nation to deploy a decentralized cryptocurrency, ahead of China, Japan, Ecuador and the UK, according to talk at the Bitcoin Generation Roma Meetup. Pope Francis is widely regarded as a progressive religious leader. He’s made several moves to “bring Catholicism into the 21st century”

      6. Yeah! That’s it! Give every wino a new computer and an internet connection, and he can USE his goddam ‘bitcoin’! Brilliant!
        Without cash or coin, we’d be at the mercy of cyberspace for our commercial transactions, as well as at the mercy of whomever controlled the connections. Brilliant plan!
        (Somehow, I’m not surprised at a papist endorsement, either…)

  3. The trick of the jews, giving different views so that the reader gets paralyzed by cognitive dissonance, also included with a sauce of fallacies. Voila, the milton erickson- method, Kurt Lewin method, the methods of the Procolls etc.

  4. As usual and often… Lasha’s input makes more sense than either of the two pundits. She asked the important unanswered questions.

    I don’t believe for a minute that, “The once-wealthy and powerful West is falling to bits.” The West is being merged with Russia as so many wrote in the 50s and 60s and 70s….. but have been mainly silenced since then.

    My train of thought I traced below, with Mark’s suggested reading, may help many to continue the research.

    We KNOW…. Trump’s roots are firmly planted in “Moscow on the Hudson”… and the Zionist power over the US Government in Washington, DC stems from the Zionist/Bolsheviks centered in New York City.

    The New York Branch of the Federal Reserve holds the power of the purse in the US. The UN Building is there also..!!

    We also KNOW…. Netanyahu and Putin – VERY HAPPILY – meet in person several times a year….. and greet each other like long lost relatives at a family reunion. 🙂

    This quote from 1985 rings more loudly each and every year, and offers one explanation of Putin’s inaction:

    “….the aim of the Soviet Union(RUSSIA) and Zionist/Marxist Israel to prevent peace between the Arab countries and Israel until all the Arab countries are forced to adopt socialism under Soviet(RUSSIAN) leadership.”

    ”What is important is the fact that there is a close tie between the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in New York City and the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in Moscow, and extending to include the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews who dominate Israel’s government.”

    —–The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel (1985 – Jack Bernstein)


    New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle

    At this point, you may be confused, Israel and the Soviets are ideological allies—both follow the ideas of Karl Marx, so both are communist/socialist. Yet, the Soviets supplied military equipment to the Arabs—Israel’s enemies; and at the same time, the Soviet Union’s enemy, the United States, was arming Israel.

    To understand the treachery which Zionist/Bolshevik Jews are capable and to understand the treachery which took place before and during the 1973 War, I must explain the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle. To do so, it is necessary to go back a few years in history.

    A heavy migration of Jews from Russia to America started in 1831. Most of these were communist Jews. So many of these communist/Bolshevik Jews settled in New York City that New York has been referred to as ‘Moscow on the Hudson’.

    It has been pointed out, and with good reason, that decisions regarding communist policies come not from Moscow, but from New York City. Whether this is a fact or not is immaterial. What is important is the fact that there is a close tie between the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in New York City and the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews in Moscow, and extending to include the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews who dominate Israel’s government.

    The Zionist power over the US Government in Washington, DC stems from the Zionist/Bolsheviks centered in New York City. It is from New York that orders go out to the vast Zionist network all over the US—a network that influences the economic and political affairs of not only our federal government, but nearly all, if not all, state governments, and to a great extent the governments of the larger and even medium sized cities. This power of the Zionist/Bolshevik Jews over the US makes the New York leg of the New York/Moscow/Tel Aviv Triangle a tremendous influence over communist policies.

    Representing Israel, Ambassador Golda Meir, a Bolshevik Jewess, met with two representatives of the Soviet Union: Kaganovich, a Bolshevik Jew and Stalin who had married a Bolshevik Jewess. They made a secret agreement—a pact.


    1. The Soviets would institute a pro-Arab policy solely as a camouflage for its true intention, which was to furnish aid to the Arabs, but never enough to enable the Arabs to destroy Israel.
    2. The Soviets would open the gates of Soviet satellite countries to Jewish immigration to Israel. Should this be insufficient, Soviet Russia then would open its own gates to immigration.
    3. The Soviets would absolutely guarantee the security of Israel.

    ** Both the Soviet Union and Israel would exchange intelligence reports.


    1. Israel would not allow any Western country, especially the US to build military bases on Israeli territory.
    2. Israel would allow an official communist party to function freely in Israel.
    3. Israel would not make any agreement to solve the Palestinian problem.
    4. Israel would influence world Jewry, especially in the US to have Western Powers adopt a policy of favoring Israel over the Arabs.
    5. Israel was to continue its Marxist economic policies and prevent any free-enterprise tendencies.

    From the terms of this pact, you can see it was, and still is, the aim of the Soviet Union and Zionist/Marxist Israel to prevent peace between the Arab countries and Israel until all the Arab countries are forced to adopt socialism under Soviet leadership.

    1. It is easy for Moscow to work with Assad and with Washington, Russian president Vladimir Putin said while speaking about the Syria crisis settlement.

      “Speaking about Syrian crisis I can say that it is easy for us to work with president Assad and with the US. I’ve spoken about it earlier with president Obama and with our friends from Saudi Arabia, and from other Arab states,” Putin said in an interview for the Vladimir Solovyov’s documetary “World Order” which will be broadcast on the Rossiya-1 TV channel.

      1. Yep….. Soviet Union exists NOW even in America. 🙂

        FBI Director James Comey Warning: “No more ‘right to privacy’ in America”

        *** “Even our memories are not private anymore.”

        Comey warned that Americans should not have expectations of “absolute privacy,” adding that he planned to finish his term leading the FBI under Trump.

  5. Multiple choice question:

    Bush 1 was a Jew puppet.
    Clinton was a Jew puppet worse than Bush 1.
    Bush 2 was a Jew puppet, worse than Clinton.
    Obama was a Jew puppet, worse than Bush 2.

    Is Trump: (a) a Jew puppet worse than Obama; or (b) a patriotic “America first” “outsider”, who’s going to throw the Jews under the bus, “drain the swamp”, cooperate with Russia, establish a non-interventionist foreign policy, etc., and ultimately “make America great (again?)?”

    1. Multiple choice question :

      Trump will :

      1) make America great again.

      2) make Israel great again.

      3) make the NWO great again.

      From the winners of this quiz 5 persons will be selected for a paid vacation in Tel Aviv during its Gay Pride Week. Cis-gender, heterosexual, Christian, White males need not apply.

      1. Make America Britain great again!

        The British were no strangers to the use of chemical weapons. During the third battle of Gaza in 1917, General Edmund Allenby had fired 10,000 cans of asphyxiating gas at enemy positions, to limited effect. But in the final months of the first world war, scientists at the governmental laboratories at Porton in Wiltshire developed a far more devastating weapon: the top secret “M Device”, an exploding shell containing a highly toxic gas called diphenylaminechloroarsine. The man in charge of developing it, Major General Charles Foulkes, called it “the most effective chemical weapon ever devised”.

        Trials at Porton suggested that it was indeed a terrible new weapon. Uncontrollable vomiting, coughing up blood and instant, crippling fatigue were the most common reactions. The overall head of chemical warfare production, Sir Keith Price, was convinced its use would lead to the rapid collapse of the Bolshevik regime. “If you got home only once with the gas you would find no more Bolshies this side of Vologda.”

        The cabinet was hostile to the use of such weapons, much to Churchill’s irritation. He also wanted to use M Devices against the rebellious tribes of northern India. “I am strongly in favour of using poisoned gas against uncivilised tribes,” he declared in one secret memorandum. He criticised his colleagues for their “squeamishness”, declaring that “the objections of the India Office to the use of gas against natives are unreasonable. Gas is a more merciful weapon than [the] high explosive shell, and compels an enemy to accept a decision with less loss of life than any other agency of war.”

        He ended his memo on a note of ill-placed black humour: “Why is it not fair for a British artilleryman to fire a shell which makes the said native sneeze?” he asked. “It is really too silly.”

        A staggering 50,000 M Devices were shipped to Russia: British aerial attacks using them began on 27 August 1919, targeting the village of Emtsa, 120 miles south of Archangel. Bolshevik soldiers were seen fleeing in panic as the green chemical gas drifted towards them. Those caught in the cloud vomited blood, then collapsed unconscious.

        Source: Giles Milton, “Winston Churchill’s shocking use of chemical weapons” Sunday, September 1, 2013, The Guardian Newspaper

  6. Ever heard of ‘Magal’? It’s an Israeli firm that provides security at US nuclear power stations, sea and airports. There’s page after page after page of critical sites, both here and in Europe, that Magal oversees.
    Magal also provides security at over 40 USAF sites, many of which hold nuclear bombs.

    Who needs to smuggle in drugs, weapons or WMD’s in a diplomatic pouch–which can be as large as a 40′ shipping container–when you control security at US sea and airports?

    America, better WTFU before it’s too late or maybe you enjoy being slaves to Zionist Tyranny?

  7. Another opinion by a man I consider a lot more acute than either Daily Mail writer, Imran Hosein.

    He is primarily an eschatologist but where he interprets Koran to state that the transition from Pax Americana to Pax Judaica requires an apocalyptic war, before the Jew and his shadowy messiah assume total power and proclaim Jerusalem the capital of the world, his reading dovetails precisely with the Protocols.

    He says that Trump’s essential weakness and refusal to stand up and face the Judeo-Christian beast is sign that the Revelations must proceed unstoppably and he takes the opportunity to excommunicate all the Muslims aligned with that diabolical cluster, the Saudis, ISIS, etc.

    Even if you don’t believe any of it, it is fun listening.
    And he is certainly no enemy of common sense, not another shark jumping athlete.

    1. Lobro
      Does not the “Judeo-Christian beast” exist only in the USA? I’ve read that only the USA uses that term. Notice that Judeo, the far smaller sect, comes first. Does that not mean something? Further, why are whites so under the thumb of these two perverted warlike Middle East religions? Why don’t we have a religion for whites that originated in Europe?

    2. FoF,
      judeo-xians are also in canada and stephen harper was one of them, when the canadian foreign policy took an abrupt pro-lubavitch turn, the government was riddled with them.
      justin trudeau is just a momma’s boy and doesn’t have the guts of his father to reverse the calamity.
      i don’t know about the uk, australia and nz but suspect that they’ve been run by horribly compromised Shabbos and cryptos (e.g., cameron is a pure Jew).
      Any notion of british sovereignty went downtube with judas cromwell.

      Basically, anyone calling himself a Christian while doing jew’s bidding has excommunicated himself and will face the truth come judgment day, just like the old man hosein said for renegade muslims.

  8. “…The second article you will like a bit more. This is written by Peter Hitchens, a non-Jew…”

    Actually the Hitchens (Peter and his late brother Christopher) are Jews. Their maternal grandmother Dorothy Hickman (née Levin) was Jewish according to Jewish law, but “racially” only for 1/8 Jewish. Christopher Hitchens was “pleased to be pleased” when at 38 he learned about his Jewish background, which his mother had hidden from him.

    See : Forward : A ‘Non-Jewish Jew’, Hitchens Welcomed Finding He Was Jewish – But Not Zionism.

    Most of Christopher’s friends were Jews, and he himself considered Marx, Freud, and Einstein as the greatest minds of human history. So though “racially” only for 1/32 Jewish, he was mentally very Jewish.

    His brother Peter Hitchens changed from atheistic Trotskyism to conservative Christianity and he became a member of the Church of England, but he is married to a Jewish woman, Eve Ross. Peter Hitchens ideas are mostly sound.

    1. At least Christopher was hugely against the abomination of routine infant male circumcision. Even on this site, I think few are aware of how the non-Jews in the US, who still mutilate (circumcise) their boys in great numbers (well over 50%) for false medical reasons, will never be released from Jewish domination until they understand that circumcision is used by the Jews to control the cattle.

  9. i like the white/jew man article more than the white/non jew man article because:
    and that doesnt mean that i dont hate the u.s. israel and england
    its just that those are the ones to hate at this time…because of the dissapointment i -like many others- feel at those who were supposed to replace the “bad guys”,
    it has been almost eighty years since hitler murdering campaign and he has kept his “murderer number one” status..
    but who is number two since hitler?
    bush killed a million in iraq but half of those iraquis killed were murdered execution style by al mahdi and al sader militias, two shia groups created by iran to get rid of any sunni opposition in iraq.
    that takes away half a million from bush.
    assad has now beaten george w bush out of second place because it is estimated that long necked bashar has killed over a million, not 400.000!
    assad is number two after hitler

  10. Donald Duck went from Reagan 2.0 to Bush League rather quick didn’t he? There must be some BAD ECONOMIC NEWS about to break. He may be an amateur, but this jump to War is definitely a SIGN OF DESPERATION.
    I figure the Retail Apocalypse and the Bankruptcy of the Federal Government due to unpayable debts is probably why Donald Duck went Bush League Pussy so fast.
    They know revolution is already brewing. I imagine they must want some opposition to DIE IN THE ME to relieve pressure on their Parliament of Whores. Will it work? Nah. They don’t even work themselves.

    1. Yeah, I’m seeing more and more posts these days at White Nationalist and “neo-Nazi” sites calling for the mass gassing of you know who.

      I first noticed this trend about a year ago and coined the term “Oventime Window” — a play on “Overton Window” which is good at describing the shift to the political right but is simply not adequate at describing the rage and disgust of an increasing number of normal but Jew-aware people who don’t fit the stereotypical “Nazi” or “anti-Semite” caricature.

      Oventime Window, of course, refers to the window on the door of the gas chamber. This is the final stage or final solution to the Jewish Problem. 🙂

      Disclaimer: I do not advocate or believe it necessary to gas all the Jews — so many Jews and so little gas (supply and demand problem) — but if you don’t go after the King of Jews, it ain’t a real revolution.


      The Overton window, also known as the window of discourse, is the range of ideas the public will accept. It is used by media pundits.[1][2] The term is derived from its originator, Joseph P. Overton (1960–2003),[3] a former vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy,[4] who in his description of his window claimed that an idea’s political viability depends mainly on whether it falls within the window, rather than on politicians’ individual preferences.[5] According to Overton’s description, his window includes a range of policies considered politically acceptable in the current climate of public opinion, which a politician can recommend without being considered too extreme to gain or keep public office.

      1. Correction:
        “Window”; not “widow”, on the door of the gas chamber, though non-Jewish women who married the devils will be made widows in the final days of the filthy rats.

  11. Now that Trump’s Press Secretary had a slip-of-the-tongue and said that Trump’s goal is “to destabiilize Syria” , very same agenda/goal as the rest of ZOG, then yeah, sure, Trump is going to have Obama and Hillary and John McCain arrested for their connection to ISIS and their destabilizing of Syria, yeah right. And Trump is going to declare Netanyahu persona non grata for Netanyahu’s role in destabilizing Syria.

    What’s your take on John McCain visiting Croatia/Serbia, lobro? Serbia/Croatia is your neck of the woods, so you must have an opinion on McCain’s trip to the area of the world you know the best.

    1. TROJ, my guess is as good as yours, mccain is the mechanized dispenser of death operated remotely from petah tikva without will of its own, his true treasonous soul already in hell … zyklon shower head in reverse.

      whatever he is up to in croatia (government thoroughly sold out to Jew) and serbia (government undecided whether to take soros’ money or stick true with russia), can’t be any good.

      my advice, if in fluorida, run to the everglades and hide from judaic mediated destruction, it will be safer, cleaner and friendlier.

  12. Prophetically foreshadowing the current crisis (and apparent action plan), leaked CIA documents from the reign of Bashar al-Assad’s father in the 1980s show a Washington Deep State plan coalescing to “bring real muscle to bear against Syria,” toppling its leader (in favor of one amenable to US demands), severing ties with Russia (its primary arms dealer), and paving the way for an oil and gas pipeline of Washington’s choosing.

    ….while even the connections between the plans to destroy Syria and the Bush administration are generally unknown, what is even less well-known….

    is the fact that there existed a plan to destroy Syria as far back as 1983.

    Documents contained in the U.S. National Archives and drawn up by the CIA reveal a plan to destroy the Syrian government going back decades. One such document entitled, “Bringing Real Muscle To Bear In Syria,” written by CIA officer Graham Fuller, is particularly illuminating:

  13. Good contrast LD and fine observations. There has been quite a number of journalists murdered in recent years, hasn’t there? The links to Douglas “Social Credit”, “Magal”, and the empire service of ‘CIA’ Graham Fuller are all very interesting. I think the Jacksonian efforts in early America were much aligned with Douglas’s thought; Alexander Hamilton was the chief proponent of a Central bank, and is being feted like a golden calf by the worshippers of evil on Broadway, broadcast tv, and of course, his portrait gets to stay on US currency. Magal is one of a number of cyber security, surveillance, and border “managers” from zion (you’d think some of the countries would look at 7/7, Malaysian Airways one way flights to the Seychelles and Diego Garcia and come to the basic conclusion that they are far better off managing their own affairs, perhaps with a little help from vetted truly independent contractors at first). What’s contemptible about Fuller and so many like him is their bland assumption that they know who and what they are working for. Claude (‘Majoribanks”!) Dansey came to grief when he saw all his and others life work from Africa, the USA, Switzerland and elsewhere for the “British Empire” vanish like a jew ceo who got caught embezzling or not paying tax. “Everything we worked for…” he said shortly after WW2 as it all dissolved and dieing of heart failure not too very long afterwords. MI-6 senior officer Dansey ( who with Churchill deliberately primed and sacrificed Officer Francis Suttill and his Prosper network in occupied France) at least was a little better on being cautious about hireing communists, though Churchill and others more than made up for it. The pipeline through Syria is at the root of all this evil; it was funny watching “Dateline London” years ago and watching a discussion being utterly violated by an Arabic speaking member of the panel who stated simply that in the ME you have to follow the ‘oil’ and pipelines – “I thought we weren’t supposed to discuss this” blurted out the BBC moderator in an unusual moment of honesty – well, at least candor. I hope Tillerson and his goddamned friends find themselves with another Afghanistan, or something close to it.

    1. So, Mr. Fuller (and others) we can have false flag events in Europe, Asia, North America, and elsewhere – but a ‘false flag’ in running your own agency is impossible, right?

  14. No one has scripted a easy or painless procession of the eternal battle. Ever.
    Trump has damn sure called the Big Wigs’ hands here. He has everyone at DEFCON 2, wide awake and on their toes (aka) right where he wants them. People management.
    Neither the best, the brightest nor most evil are immune.
    Of course people dying isn’t funny, and neither is politics or being wrong, but how many really died at this horror attack as opposed to bombing a hospital or a (gulp!)
    Smerch attack?

    It seems to me Trump is going for the ME throat. He knows there’s a need to settle the situation there, finally. One way or another. He has personal power, powerful tools and some best at their business people who are smart and experienced enough to try!
    The People are waaay less stressful, angry, violent and hateful when they are busy, have relatively decent jobs, support their families, eat well, drink well, sex and the usual entertainment as opposed to at each other’s throats hustling. Tis human nature.
    The best we might hope for in this particular here and now is an economic boom heard round the world. One which will forestall the inevitable Mother of All wars..

    1. Trump is definitely pushin the envelope, hp. The hope is that he listens to the right people and the rightness in what he would say to himself

  15. The following comments were made by “Skywalker” on an article posted at “” – and I thought they were very good:

    “I opposed the foreign policies of every American president since Kennedy. But Trump is uniquely dangerous. While Trump’s predecessors were imperialist interventionists, we could generally rely on our presidents resist any temptation to launch a nuclear first strike. But unlike his predecessors, Trump is delusional. Tony Schwartz who wrote Art of the Deal for Trump calls him a sociopath. Schwartz says that Trump doesn’t lie because Trump actually believes anything he says is true because by saying it Trump makes it true in his own mind. If anyone doubts Trump he throws a tantrum and gets his way. All his life Trump has been surrounded by sycophants who survive by catering to his whims and pretending to believe his fantasies. Unlike normal adults Trump never learned that mistakes have consequences. His father raised him like he was a demigod and he was mentored by Roy Cohn who taught him to never back down, never admit a mistake and always counter attack. Trump even agreed with Schwartz and many of his former retainers that he has no attention span. He makes snap judgments based on gut feelings and then blames his subordinates if something goes wrong.
    So the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world is now under the command of a delusional psychopath. If things don’t go his way Trump is capable of anything, even launching a nuclear first strike without thinking about the consequences.”

    “Trump is a simple con-man who is playing way out of his league. He thought it was a slick move to set Xi up in Mar-a-Lago where Xi would be helpless and incommunicado while Trump played God with Syria. This is how Trump did business. First win the confidence of your mark. Then set him up for the hustler’s play. Then make your big move. Finally, get the mark’s money and walk away laughing. The mark learns too late because you never have to deal with the sucker again. No consequences.
    Unfortunately that doesn’t work with sovereign states. Especially super powers. Diplomacy is not a real estate deal. You can’t fake out Xi or Putin and walk away without consequences like you can in a business deal. As JFK said “fool me once, your fault. Fool me twice, that’s my fault.” Trump will have to deal with the consequences of his attempt to embarrass Xi an (sic) Putin every day of his presidency. But we, the people, may be dealing with those consequences much, much longer.”

    1. @ Harold Smith: Fine points Mr. Smith. Years ago the Wall Street Journal wrote an interesting piece on how Mr. Trump’s Casino in Atlantic City literally swindled an Asian high roller along the lines you and Skywalker mention – he was forbidden to leave until he lost a good deal of money, the orders coming from the top. That’s his weakness isn’t it? He’s more of a punk who thinks he’s a Don, even Fred couldn’t bail him out where he’s currently headed.

    2. @Harold Smith
      I think you’re spot on about Trump. Now, the question is if his military advisors are loyal to Trump – his own Pretorian army – or to the Constitution? They should remember that their oath is to the Constitution, not some amateur president who achieved office through a campaign of lies. Trump can’t just push a button and start WWIII on his own. I think there are still some checks and balances in place. There are men in high places, the Deep State if you will, who will prevent one delusional man from blowing up the world. As a former Trump supporter from the anti-war Right, I don’t think that Trump is delusional – he is just not a deep enough thinker to know the consequences of his hasty, poorly thought out actions. And some, like UN Ambassador and never Trumper Nikki Haley, are daily working to undermine him. As you said, he’s out of his league. His top advisors suck. With Bannon gone from the Security Council, they’re all globalists. Small wars are great for the bottom line of the military industrial complex, but thermonuclear war is bad for business – and the business of America is business.

  16. Most people think that crimes against humanity or genocide must be the ultimate crime under international law. They are wrong. The ultimate crime is aggression. This is the conclusion of the Nuremberg Trial on this topic…So, following the long and prestigious list of other US Presidents before him, Donald Trump is now a war criminal. In fact, he is a “supreme war criminal”. It only took him 77 days to achieve this status, probably some kind of a record.

    Same old, same old
    Same schmidt , different day
    Evil ain’t banal
    You get used to it getting its way

  17. We drop bombs on behalf of Al-Nusra/Al Qaeda. I’ve noted here before how these people have publicly kidnapped, killed and even sunk their teeth into the entrails of dead enemies.

    Jewish lies depend on goyim dementia; short and long term memory loss preventing them from remembering what they had for dinner yesterday, never mind last year.

    1. “I am afraid that the next four years (or less!) will turn into a never ending Purim celebration…” Saker…

  18. Trump is an actor. He has been brought up so since 1985 when he appeared on one of “The Jeffersons” sitcom episodes. Since then, he appeared on several cameos…until he starred in the 2016 presidential campaign. Now he is doing nothing more than running the script his Dear (orthodox) rector passed on to him.
    The show has just begun and it’s already going bad. The problem is: we cannot stop it, neither bear it, nor can we ask for a refund 😏.

  19. His brother Christopher Hitchens was Jewish – or claimed to be so. Peter Hitchens ain’t a (((rat)))?

    1. Hitchens was an avowed atheist, even until his dying days from cancer. I’d never heard of him claiming to be a Jew. In fact, he disliked Jews because he hated circumcision. I doubt if you have a source for your accusation, Salman.


    NON JEW Peter Hitchens!?
    The following Denial of the Holohoax quotation was made by Peter Hitchens (a self confessed jew)
    “Great film, Rachel… shame about the slip up
    Here comes that rare thing – an intelligent and entertaining film. It’s called Denial and it is about the London libel trial that destroyed the reputation of the ghastly David Irving, who claims that Hitler did not industrially mass-murder Europe’s Jews. The best thing about it is that the decisive courtroom scenes are word-for-word true.”

    Until the day that I became jew wise (the very last day of December 2011), I had possessed great admiration for P Hitchens. But since I became jew wise, I now see him as being nothing but a more intellectual British version of Alex Jones. In other words, he speaks lots of truth about the problems facing the world but will never ever name the cause of the problem which any intelligent man like him must surely know by now even if he wasn’t jewish.

    And by the way, according to him, his father was a high ranking sailor during WW2 whose job it was to ship armaments to jew commie Russia.

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