Trump’s Dangerous Enemies are out to get him


in response to anti-Trump comments on the Darkmoon site

Trump isn’t Superman. He’s a man of destiny tasked with cleaning up America and making the world a safer place. Cut him some slack and give him a chance to prove himself.



Harold: We agree on the main structural issues. This is what you said in one of your comments:

“I believe that the Jewish agenda for world domination and control is non-negotiable, and that it is completely incompatible with a powerful, independent, Christian Russia.

Jews hate Russia and want to destroy it, apparently for the same reason that Cain hated and ultimately murdered Abel: i.e. evil cannot stand an example of ‘good’, because ‘good’ is what makes evil look  ‘bad’.

Therefore, our Satanic Jewish collective MUST confront Russia. And Russia must either back down and accept Jewish rule, or Russia must fight to defend itself.

Not a word out of place, Harold. I could have said exactly the same thing. Where we differ is on Trump.

Who is Trump really?

You and a number of others seem to lean in favor of the idea that Trump is a faithful foot soldier of the demonic hydra-headed Jews. I beg to differ. I could be wrong, and you could be right. Some think even god is not omniscient. I certainly am not. I do lay claim to some skill at political analysis, however, based on many years experience in the trenches. I know how decisions get made. I am aware of realpolitik: its pragmatism, its compromises and concessions.

We need to take a long, hard look at this situation.

Okay, so here is Trump: he is giving mixed signals. Some good, some not so good. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

THE CONS: He is surrounded by Jews all his life, his children are mostly enamoured of jews, he claims eternal love and loyalty to Jews.

THE PROS: He KNOWS Jews inside out, being an unusually sharp and perceptive dude. He understands their game and thus they can’t blindside him so easily. He knows how to play deceit moves, head fakes, the works.

He understands the extent of Jewish power, which is enormous and spans the entire world, a power deeply rooted in blackmail.

He knows that no career politician of any note in the West can escape their scrutiny.

Every high ranking diplomat, military official, judge, association president, media owner, editor and senior writer is under their close surveillance. No movie director, whether Jewish or non-Jewish,  can slip past their ever watchful network. Most of these public figures appear to have lots of skeletons in the cupboard: nefarious secrets they would like to keep hidden, including unspeakable acts of sexual perversion involving children.

How easy it is to blackmail such people.

Mossad has the goods on them all. Soros, who has equal access to such sensitive information, knows how to turn the screw. This is how the Jews manage to control the world: by intimidation and blackmail. They make use of the carrot, too, of course, but they prefer to make use of the stick. The Big Stick. Like in the Soviet Union under the Bolsheviks (1917-1953).

And yet, one thing can be said about Trump: he is not a politician and his record is unusually clean for someone in his prominent position. If the Jews know something about him he would rather they didn’t know, it can’t be all that serious. Because if it was, they would have brought him down by now.

So what do they have on Trump? Some sexist stuff, some embarrassing locker room talk. Not enough to bring a president down, given the far more serious stuff Kennedy and Clinton got up to in the hanky-panky department. Trump is certainly no sexual pervert. No evidence for that. None at all.

Yes, he’s got a string of financial swindles and scams behind him that are de rigueur in today’s vibrantly capitalistic America, with its emphasis on success at all costs. That doesn’t bother me one little bit. Or most other people for that matter. You don’t become a billionaire nowadays by hard work: by rolling up your sleeves and spitting on your hands like Henry Ford did. Those days are gone. To get ahead nowadays, you need to cheat a little. Not much, just a teeny little bit. To oil the springs, so to speak, and cut corners and get the job done in the interests of efficiency. That’s par for the course.

Trump remains a Christian — his values are Christian, conservative and traditional — and he knows how to connect with the white working class. He certainly doesn’t need this incredible stress and danger in his old age when he could just as well be riding his golf cart loaded with naked bunga-bunga starlets into the golden sunset.

I would probably do just the same in his place, and be just like him, warts and all.

So, something motivates him. What could it be?  You say:  his bizarre love and devotion to Talmud and the Rothschild matrix. Really? Even though he doesn’t need money, he just really loves and needs money-making Jews?  He’s all for judaica and devil, is he?  No need for signing contracts like everyone else does? No money, no funny? I say all that doesn’t just make any sense. People sell their immortal souls, sure, but they don’t give their souls away for nothing!

But OK, let’s entertain that possibility.

Let’s look at Trump’s whipmasters. What is their motivation here? We all agree they want to extinguish the last spark of humanity from the world. To dehumanize the human race and even depopuate it drastically. To score the top score in the Great Game of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Satan wins, God loses. Jew smirks with triumph, goy groans in defeat.

Sad situation.

Who’s  winning?

So, the omnipotent, omniscient ones with the funny noses look at their cards and say:

“We need an apocalyptic war in order to get rid of Russia! The Russians stand in our way, in accordance with Our Lady of Fatima’s prophecy! But hey, Russia is getting stronger by the day! And so is China and Iran!  

Our slaves are faltering. We were so successful in degenerating them into subhuman machines that they now obey our every whim and pleasure. Without even realizing it, the punks have become our slaves. They no longer have what it takes to win the Game of Life.  

However — and this is really important! ‒ WE MUST HURRY!  The technological advantages at our disposal right now need to be converted into victory real fast!  Before those advantages evaporate!


Obama was a partial failure. We need someone more responsive, more ready to press whichever red buttons we direct him (or her) to press. Okay, we made sure Hillary won over our own boy, Rabbi Sanders, because she managed to prove her supremacy in psychopathy several times over … she will order a full front war on Russia, China and Iran on Jan 22, 2017, exactly like we tell her to do. Soros used to send daily instructions by email to Hillary when she was Secretary of State — and she obeyed instantly!

But … we really want Trump, who will take his time, who promises one thing but will do another, who will dither and snarl up Congress, and who will tweet hostile messages to the American people and embarrass the hell out of us! That’s what we want, right?  We are almost in April, and so far there’s been no major bloodshed! Heck, what’s going wrong? Even though the US army is run by our handpicked traitors, our bought-up media, and with EU screaming for the Big One, the world is still relatively at peace. Not nice! World War Three taking too long to arrive! … What the hell’s going on?   

Yeah, sure! It really serves our purpose wonderfully to have Trump instead of Hillary, doesn’t t?  Who are you kidding, friend?

I can’t for the life of me get around that strange and twisted logic, can you? The anti-Trump line gets progressively more bizarre and paradoxical.

Which is why I say:

Trump is not on their team. He’s not batting for the Jews. Since they are clearly against him, plotting and screaming at him in the Jew  media day after day after day, virulently against him tooth and nail, how the hell can he be FOR them? Can you answer that? 

What you need to understand is that Jews throughout the world, en masse, genuinely believe that Trump’s America is bad, very bad for the Jews!

So the hostility between Trump and the Jews is a real hostility, and there is NO WAY that Trump and the Jews are in cahoots. Anyone who seriously believes that Trump is secretly working for the Jews is therefore dead wrong, hopelessly misinformed, and up the creek without a paddle —  GIVEN THAT  JEWS ALMOST UNIVERSALLY BELIEVE THAT TRUMP IS BAD FOR THEM.

I think the Jews miscalculated quite badly. They’re not as sharp as they used to be. Or as we thought they were. They could even  be losing it big time. Sclerotic old men making analytical errors:  Rothschild, Soros, Kissinger too (though arguably the sharpest of the bunch), the rest of the sanhedrin cabal too, Perez, Rockefeller now dead, the rest like Henri-Levy and Netanyahu — pure retards, all of them! Not half as bright as they were cracked up to be.

My bottom line: all this is real. It’s not kabuki, or make believe, or theater. It’s a real struggle.

Trump is hugely hampered and shackled by the very real Jewish power that blocks his every move. Adam Schiff is after all a grandson of all those Schiffs that started the Bolshevik slaughterhouse, the carnage of WW1 and 2, can’t mess with him. Look at that occult stare he goes into when channeling the dreams of Lucifer, the message is loud and clear and HOW he hates Trump, Putin, Khamenei, Nasrallah, Assad, Gowdy, Jesus and us!

Trump must pretend that he is carrying out their wishes under duress, but then stall at the last minute, pull some unexpected stunt, he’s been doing that all along.

TPP deal was low hanging fruit, so he killed it right away, now the going is much tougher.

He would love to get together with Putin, but that would mean an instant military coup at home. They’d arrest him for grand treason. They’d nuremberg him. They’d clap him in irons. They’d put him in a dungeon and torture him to death.

They are capable of anything.

No atrocity is beyond them.

The stakes are high and they mean to win. If they don’t, it’s Israel up in smoke. Six million, twelve million Jews dead worldwide! Oy veh!

Why you guys out there are finding it so hard to understand these basic principles is beyond me.

You want the Donald to be instant Cap’n America, Kent Clark and Spiderman rolled into one? You want him to arrest all the Jews at once? To kill the Fed tomorrow? To clean up the military racket next week? And then, in short order, you expect Trump the Superman to get hold of Congress by the jugular and execute the 500 traitors? to free the internet? to dissolve Hollywood and the media? to set the world free from the Jew’s iron shackles? to repatriate the stolen gold? to deliver justice for the Twin Towers, USS Liberty, truth about JFK? to wipe out Israel real fast? You want all this served up on a silver platter in five minutes flat?

Gimme a break!

Yeah, sure! That would be real easy, wouldn’t it? Get real, friends! This ain’t a Comic Book Universe. This is the real world in which everything has its time and its place.

You. Just. Have. To. Wait. For. It.

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93 thoughts on “Trump’s Dangerous Enemies are out to get him

  1. Lobro, just how long will you. wait. for. it?
    Let’s get our heads out of our asses, shall we? As a first step towards safety for one who has taken a wrong turn it’s highly recommended. And not to be delayed.
    You write “Anyone who seriously believes that Trump is secretly working for the Jews is therefore dead wrong, hopelessly misinformed, and up the creek without a paddle…”
    which is just a lame straw-man argument on your part.
    When those of us who voted for Trump despair at his recent very real actions we are NOT saying ‘Trump is a secret tool’ of anyone.
    It is to acknowledge that something is now amiss, very much like the smell indicating an incipient rot in the freezer.
    Yes Lobro, time will indeed tell and the only question is how long until it’s obvious to all that the Trump and the smell are one. ‘Same ol’ boss, fooled us again’.
    Perhaps Trump is just an unwitting old fool, or his pride binds him to the Presidency. His ‘big chance’ so to speak and his overbearing hubris will not accept defeat, even to the point of doing a 180 on most of his ‘promises’ to a now unneeded constituency.
    Lobro, I don’t have all the answers. But I see what’s going down, and it doesn’t look good.
    It gets worse each day, what with Trump cozying up to the mil-industrial sector, his neo-con advisors, the mad-dog Generals he seems so impressed with, the bombings for Israel, the war-mongering talk.
    I dislike the antiTrump ‘social warriors’ and their masters, I certainly do.
    And it is hard to dislike Trump as a human being. But that is not to lose sight that increasingly it appears the ‘fight’ seems to be between factions of a corrupt and oligarchical ruling class. I have no dog in that fight.

    1. SW, let me try and answer in a comprehensive and comprehensible way, not easy.
      Much of what you say, I agree with, especially this

      It gets worse each day, what with Trump cozying up to the mil-industrial sector, his neo-con advisors, the mad-dog Generals he seems so impressed with, the bombings for Israel, the war-mongering talk.

      Well, you seem to agree that Trump does not work for the Talmud World Order like Hillary so obviously does.
      So where does it leave us?
      why would Trump, knowing that the entire Judea Declares War On Trump, JWOT, bother acceeding to their wishes? This is the big mystery, since they don’t trust him, they hate him and they so obviously want him out of the way, preferably dead.
      I have my explanation and until you or someone shows me a better one, i must go with it even while holding my nose.
      Trump is a QB in the big, brutal, take-no-prisoners game, where the opposing bunch (Jews) want to either destroy him directly so that they can field their own WW3 offense under Hillary or someone even worse (I see Adam Schiff as a fast rising star, being a Schiff must count for some truly esoterically evil genes) or failing to take Trump out directly, to hobble him by eliminating the quality team members, Bannon, Tillerson, Spicer and Conway … even Kushner is under attack now. And replace them with their own assassins, snakes in the grass, which I am starting to see Mattis quite clearly as one, along with Pence, both have the look of Judas about them.
      Do you have a point of disagreement with the aforegoing?

      If not, let me continue.
      Trump’s freedom of maneuvering is rapidly disappearing, Obama did a wonderful job of boxing him in with hysterically ratcheted up hatred of Russia, which obviously started with Rothschild (Schiff/Schumer/Feinstein), Soros, Nuland, Hillary and Mccain, plus a reeking legion of other corpse eaters, all the deeply compromised intel agencies in on the game.
      If Trump so much as winks at Putin, that’s it, the data are shot directly to all the jew media and the diseased congress, he is instantly proclaimed a Communist agent and the firewood stacked under the stake – why both you and Harold don’t see this is kind of a mystery to me.
      Trump is a POW, albeit a tricky and powerful ones, he hasn’t played all his cards yet and there is no way he will show his hand before he is good and ready.
      IMO, his salvation and by extension ours, lies the Russia way and not only because Mother Mary decreed it so, but because Russians are skillful, perceptive and powerful players and the accusations against Trump may yet prove to be a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby he will connive with Russians against our home psychos swarming all over the rapidly cooling cadaver that used to be America.
      Our last chance – PEOPLE AGAINST SATAN.

      i used to hope that the US military may harbor allies but after seeing this very credible video of an army wife’s revelations where she says that EVERYONE from the rank of colonel upwards is totally compromised by a filmed male rape session and the natural homos are fast tracked to promotions and all under the evil spell of israelis, i can no longer entertain that hope.
      All the good ones have been cashiered out, the catamites are running the show.
      the reverse of the medal of honor is the fact that the leadership is completely mindless and incapable of prosecuting a battle rationally, thus the crazy bloodshed of Mosul, the only thing they know how to do – incinerate civilians.
      It shouldn’t give nightmares to Russians, which is another reason for Trump to link up with them.

      This is what I see.
      Otherwise, the only other scenario that makes remote sense is Pat’s, namely, the game is over and has been since long ago, they are all in cahoots for fun and entertainment, Putin, Xi Jinping and all, roleplaying on the devil’s kabuki stage.
      But on reflection, mine makes more sense to me … wouldn’t bother otherwise.


      2. JPB –

        Putin likes “YUGE” fame and fortune…..
        ……as “BIGGLY” as Trump does. 🙂

        Vladimir Putin grants Russian citizenship to Steven Seagal

        If Seagal were to accept Russian citizenship, he wouldn’t be hurting for expatriate company:
        French actor Gérard Depardieu went into TAX EXILE there in 2013 and American boxer Roy Jones Jr. (NEGRO) made a personal request to Putin for dual citizenship in 2015 in order to ease his frequent business trips there — and got it.

        Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Seagal “has been insistent for a long time in asking to be granted Russian citizenship,” adding that “he is known for his warm feelings to our country. He never made a secret of it, and he’s also a well-known actor, which gave grounds to make him a Russian citizen.”

        Seagal, who tweeted last month that he was spending most of October there, has yet to comment on his social media accounts and his representatives did not immediately respond to USA TODAY about whether he plans to accept or —- if he’ll claim dual Russian-American citizenship —- which could force him to pay taxes to both countries.

      3. Pat, C’mon man! That’s a feather in BadVlad’s ushanka!
        Three more famous Russians!
        Three tough guys. Men.
        Three big spenders.
        What’s not to lerv?

    2. btw, forgot to mention that trump skipped the annual AIPAC maggot swarm, sent trash like Pence and Haley to do the naked boa constrictor bellydance.

      when did this last happen – if ever.

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful and cultured cleanup job as well as discreet but important improvements and additions, Lasha.
    Harold did reply, I replied to his reply and it is an ongoing game of NOT-Comet ping pong, I suspect the score won’t be clear for a while.

    The US cavalry massacre of the innocents at Mosul is a terrible black eye, comparable to the Wounded Knee but it follows the exact same policy of genociding the defenseless that “won the West”.
    However, to blame Trump for the heartless evil of the morally illiterate military is wrong and premature until we see that it is on his direct orders and detailed directives: “kill, kill, kill”.

    At the same time, there is a hope of him making the long awaited meeting with Putin a reality, provided he can sufficiently shore up defenses to ensure he’s got a secure place to return to afterwards.
    Right now, this is doubtful.

    “Pole, pole” was the cry of some porters on one of the mountain treks I did, Himalayas or Kilimanjaro, can’t remember – “slowly, slowly” – because pulmonary edema of the attitude sickness kills.
    And I witnessed that too, a US special ops super tough lesbian who wanted to prove to her adoring girlfriends that she can RUN up the slope of Kilimanjaro … didn’t make it even to the lower highlands of Shira plateau, they were calling in a helicopter ambulance to save her life in a decompression chamber.

  3. Trump was the best on offer at the time. We can’t say he did not make clear his support fo Israel. We really needed a candidate who would openly say that Jewish/Israeli Power controls the west and was prepared to resist it.

    The Jewish Lobby itself is causing the rising anti-semitism it complains about. If they think that the common people can’t see what is going on they are seriously in error. True anti-semites must be delighted every time AIPAC opens its mouth.

  4. This is a dangerous article written by a dangerous man. With sexed-up additions made to it by an exceptionally dangerous woman who hides behind the cloak of anonymity. Beware of being sucked into the Devil’s Whirlpool or being drawn into Satan’s net. You have been warned.

    1. Seymour –

      It has occured to me that many of you Jews dislike Trump simply because you cannot understand how to deal with a man without guile. Furthermore, Lobro’s sound reasoning frightens you!

    2. Yes, the truth is very dangerous to Jews and Jewish power. That is why Jews around the world are using there considerable power and friends in government and industry to have free speech shut down and outspoken individuals that offend Jews fined or thrown in jail. Enough people are fed up with the outsized power Jews have and their exercising that power every day that Jews have noticed. They are attacking anyone that writes anything they don’t like. When someone makes a comment about WW II that Jews don’t like, historian or novice, the Jews threaten him and bring him up on charges. No other group wields this kind of power.

      Enough people have awoken to what is going on that the Jews have noticed. I can only hope this is the beginning and it won’t end soon, because most people are still completely in the dark in regards to Jews. The west needs to take back their countries back from the Jews. There needs to be an ethnic solidarity among the different peoples in each country to wrestle politics, industry and academia back from the Jews.

      In their thousands of years long history the Jews have repeatedly made enemies of nations that let them settle there. Now it appears another challenge is on the horizon for Jews. Will they be able to solve things peacefully? In my opinion, not if they continue to persecute people for merely saying things they don’t like. It’s very interesting that the opposition to Jews is occurring now, after more than seventy years of non stop hatred directed at Germans and others in order to portray Jews as powerless victims. And now many people look at the Jews as colossal bullies.

      In my opinion, this is very similar to the 1930’s, as Jews have said. But those Jews have not said the reasons why it’s similar. The Jews had taken over the most populous European country (the USSR) and had enormous power in countries throughout Europe and abroad and they used that power to advance their interests and often to the extreme disadvantage of others. Now people see Jews behaving the same way and they can read historians books that say the Jews behaved the same way before WW II and before that too.

      Things have become interesting and they may become a lot more interesting.

  5. Lobro, I like your reasoning. 🙂
    However, I might offer that you might be missing that Mr. Trump, in his long associations with New York and its Jews, does not consider them a monolithic force to be reckoned with. He takes each as he comes – at face value – and has no particular prejudices of ethnicity arising from the histories thereof. (He hasn’t been enlightened, yet, by the Darkmoons and Eustace Mullins of the world.)
    I believe he is a fair-minded president – and we need be thankful for THAT, at least! 🙂

  6. The article is all the more dangerous in that it feeds the flames of antisemitism by repeating several old anti-Jewish canards: above all, the false claim of Jewish world domination as presented to such devastating effect in that vicious antisemitic forgery known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    The underlying assumption of this dangerous article by the brilliant Russian agent Lobro, Satan’s secret servitor, is that American foreign policy is determined by “what is good for the Jews”, and that America is being led by the nose by sinister Jewish puppet masters to fight Israel’s wars for it. Wrong! The Jews have no real power. The real power lies with the WASP establishment and the Vatican, with the Jesuits pulling the strings. Christianity is not only the inveterate enemy of the Jewish people, it is the enemy of the entire world and needs to be stamped out of existence.

    The revival of Christianity in Russia is therefore to be deplored. The attempt to impose this dangerous religion, intent on word domination, on the rest of the word is to be resisted strenuously. Hence Vladimir Putin can be seen as the devil’s agent — like Lobro himself. The crackdown in Russia on the liberating lifestyle of the gay community is to be deplored. So is the negative attitude to feminism, a movement that rightly seeks to empower women and let them take over the reins of government from the lethally incompetent male sex — of which, alas, I happen to be a most reluctant member.

    The dangerously brilliant author of this inflammatory article is right about one thing: Jews hate Trump and fear him mightily. The idea that Trump is in cahoots with the Jews to secretly promote Jewish interests by the back door is manifestly absurd. It is absurd because, if this is what Trump is up to — secretly serving Jewish interests — the Jews would be all for him. They would be celebrating in the streets and lionizing Trump as the new Jewish Messiah.

    Instead, we Jews have universally ganged up against Trump. We know he is bad for the Jews, that’s why! How else would you explain this headline, one of many anti-Trump headlines:

    1. The jew Supremacist Seymour Zak had nothing to say about the jew terrorist kid who threatened jews all over the world with threats of death, “feeding the flames of anti-semitism” — that’s okay [ silence equals consent, silence has always equaled consent, silence will always equal consent ] but this article about Trump is anti-jewish and may cause White Americans to go NAZI or something. Wanting to see Trump succeed in implementing some common sense and somewhat patriotic policies for the United States “feeds the flame of anti-semitism” but the jew terrorist kid threatening jews all the world with death 😉 isn’t feeding the flames of anti-semitism. I’m so glad and so grateful I’m not a jew.

    2. The revival of Christianity in Russia is therefore to be deplored.

      Why Zeymour? Don’t you have any love for your fellow human being from Russia?
      No more debt, employment is up with life expectancy and natality while alcoholism is down with infant mortality rate and corruption while in Greece it’s the exact opposite with skyrocketing rates of suicide, infant mortality and murders. And those democratic reforms in Russia don’t you like democracy?
      Why don’t you like Putin? He said Jews are forgiven for the Bolshevik revolution, that they were led by a false ideology. Don’t you like Dostoyevsky? He blamed Ivan and not Smerdyakov for the murder and still the Jews are leaving Russia, only 200000 left on the 1.5 million of the eighties. Why? Is it because private banking is ending with usury or the renewal of Russian Christianity? You know that for a Christian guilt is not hereditary don’t you? Lobro is no Russian agent, he hates too much, that’s not Russia’s strategy.
      The Jews should stop blaming Russia for everything or they will go public with the archive of Auschwitz.

      And Trump, he is not Cromwell enough for you like Bush, Obama, Hillary, and all the other Calvinist fanatics who think they should bring back all the Jews to Palestine after the global dispersion for a grand finale to bring back the messiah. Are you in Israel yet for the firework?

      1. Lobro is no Russian agent, he hates too much

        how much is too much? so i can try to be just below the threshold … Raskolnikov trying to sneak the axe past the TSA checkpoint.

      2. Raskolnikov is way too rational and reptilian, using the sacrifice of his sister to commit a murder.
        How much is too much?
        Let me see, according to your toothless interview in Spanish, 6 000 000/245 000 = 24,5. You should hate the Jews 24.5 times less, it should be easy for a KGB spy from the totalitarian regime of M.Putin.

      3. Math is right, conclusion wrong, I should hate the Jew 24.5 times more because of the 24.5-fold lie that exaggerated the phantom count.
        By sticking to my present level, I show magnanimity of spirit incomprehensible to Jew.

        NB: that toothless grin is due to lost milk teeth, I was 4 years old there, still in Mexico before my parents swam and crawled across Sonora into New Mex … let them build a wall now, what do I care.

    3. Well Zak, that’s straight from the horse’s mouth.

      It seems from your comment that the Protocols was not so much a plan as a prediction, and a fairly accurate prediction at that.

    4. I think it’s safe to assume Zak (and many other Jews) hate President Putin for pointing out the Jews carried out the Russian Revolution and dominated the Soviet gov’t that murdered tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians in the following decades.

      Putin – 80 to 85% of the Soviet Union’s government was Jewish

      Perhaps the Protocols were genuine and not fraudulent.

      Here’s a famous historian making a speech about WW II. Unlike Putin, the Jews have been able to jail this man and shut down his flourishing career as a historian of numerous bestsellers that were translated into many languages.

      Here is David Irving making a speech on how Jews Bernard Waley Cohen (from a powerful Jewish family and head of the Board of Deputies of British Jews), Eugen Spier and Sir Henry Strakosch paid Winston Churchill to make war on Germany, putting Jews at the very center of those that pushed the world into WW II.

      The Jews are at the center of everything big that happens and people are getting tired of it – again.

    5. @ Seymour Zak

      Since you seem determined to become Seyless Zak, here is a most appropriate message.

      Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

      You jews hate Jesus so much that you are tortured with the fact that you cannot beat him. Jews are so mentally retarded that they missed a humongous clue when your cult members attempted to kill him and he would not stay dead. Your cult members tried the same thing with the Russian Orthodox Church with the same result, it wouldn’t stay dead.

      Get smart Zak. Learn from history. Give up the cult of death and try the source of life. If Brother Nathanael can do it, you can to.

      1. I don’t think, that Seymour Zak ,is a Jew .
        Maybe he or she is, sock-puppet for, some entity .
        psycho analysis profiling ,shows discrepancies in, Seymour’s comments ,according to my friends observations
        who are professionals , I’m just a peasant .
        BTW… friends laughed so much ,i thought they lost it , when the drama queen,madame,(Emily G) ,claimed that ,she is only 25.

      2. @ The Who

        Most of our readers think that Seymour Zak is a real Jew, based on his strongly worded pro-Jewish and pro-Israel comments in the past. However, Seymour also has a highly developed sense of humor and writes beautiful English and some of our readers suspect him of being a satirical spoof artist. We have an open mind about him.

        As for Madame Butterfly, we have had to delete many of her crazy comments and ban her from this site at least three times. She has a problem with alcohol, and so we have allowed her to post again only because she appears to be quite a nice person when she is sober. She claims to be a rich English aristocrat who visits the Himalayan mountain range every year in order to study rare butterflies and add them to her collection — hence her name ‘Madame Butterfly’.

  7. @ Admin

    I seriously suggest that you consider banning this Zionist troll Seymour Zak from your website. Here you have just published a brilliant article by Lobro and you are letting this Zak creature undermine Lobro’s position and defame him as a “Russian agent”. How can you let someone come on this respectable family site and abuse your feature writer as “Satan’s secret servitor”?

    Seriously Admin, it’s time you gave thought to banning this Zak entity.

    1. @ Ian Mounce

      We’re not going to ban Seymour Zak just because he upsets you. Butt out and stop lecturing Admin on how we should run our website! It’s up to Lobro to complain if he thinks he has been seriously “undermined” by Zak.

      If you ask me, Zak has actually done the opposite. He has done Lobro a backhanded favor without knowing it. Especially by pointing out the unassailable fact that the Jews almost universally hate Trump and think he is bad for them.

      Why is this proven fact completely ignored by the Trump haters?

    2. it’s alright Ian, I don’t count Zak’s outrage as negative publicity, on the contrary.
      I’d be worried if he praised the article 😀

      1. @Lobro

        I very much enjoyed reading your article. I don’t agree with everything, but why quibble over the small stuff. Personally, I wanted Trump to say damn the torpedoes and visit Putin in Moscow within his first 30 days in office, but perhaps that was naïve of me. I believe that the American political system has grown so dysfunctional that, if nothing major is achieved within the first 100 days, then nothing major can or will be achieved. These demoncrat traitorous beltway bandits are already talking about taking back Congress in the 2018 mid-terms. The GOP (the ‘stupid party’) is just as bad. Look at Paul Ryan’s not so subtle efforts to undermine Trump in favor of his neocon good buddy Pence. This country is crazed with far too many elections and the campaigns last far too long. At minimum, the mid-terms should be abolished to stop these endless campaigns and give new presidents a chance.

        @Ian Mounce

        I believe that censorship is never the answer, and agree totally with Admin. Just last week an article was written condemning Amazon for knuckling under to Jewish pressure and banning books that scare the Supremacist Jews, who do not want the public to know the truth. Their crying ‘anti-semitic’ at every turn, like the boy who cried wolf, is catching up with them. So, for this site to ban idiots like Seymour while it denounces Amazon sounds hypocritical. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Besides, Seymour’s missive was so ridiculous that I thought it might be satire. For all I know, maybe it was.

    3. Some of us readers think BOTH Seymour Zak AND Madame Butterfly are really real JEWS. We really do.

  8. “Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them.” — Justice Joseph Story :
    (1779-1845) US Supreme Court Justice 1833
    “The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference”
    : Bess Myerson
    “Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone.”:
    – John Quincy Adams – (1767-1848) 6th US President
    “‘Elect a Clown ,Expect a Circus”‘ Author Unknown.
    Trump’s War on Terror Has Quickly Become as Barbaric and Savage as He Promised .
    Donald Trump Escalated the Devastating War and Hunger in Yemen.
    Trump Is Killing Record Amounts of Civilians In The Middle East.
    It turns out Trump’s first disastrous raid in Yemen — an exercise in boosting his strongman image by green lighting a raid that Obama wasn’t “kickass” enough to authorize for reasons that are now deadly apparent — was only the start of a bloody campaign that looks a hell of a like the start of war with Iran.
    Donald Trump has already demonstrated that he’ll yank meals away from senior citizens if it’ll buy a few more bullets. “Sorry, Grandpa, we’ve got brown people to kill. Have you tried eating a shoe?”…………..

  9. Lobro –

    This is a really well written article. You did good.

    You asked in the article:
    “Who is Trump really?”

    Short answer = LIAR.

    First, and foremost, Trump IS A LIAR..!! He is as bad as, or worse than, any Pharisee-Jew around.

    All of his time he spent with Pharisee-Jews with his dad, and doing business with them all of his life, in Jew-York City, Hymie-Town, has turned him into a ‘jew-deal-maker’ in the same fashion as a pawnshop owner.

    He failed at running for President several times before… so, he relied on MSM and his TV Pharisee-Jew big-shot buddies to make him a household name on REALITY TV.

    ALL national leaders ARE LIARS… But Trump is in a “YUGE” class ALL by himself.

    HIS WORD IS NO GOOD..!! He makes Billy Clinton look like a mere choir boy.. 🙂

    He LIES when the truth would be better. He lies strategically. He lies pointlessly. He lies about important things and meaningless things. Above all, he lies frequently.

    Trump LIED “BIGGLY” to his wives and contractors and workers….
    ……“…and EVERBODY KNOWS IT..!!” 🙂

    He LIED to his first wife. Divorced her.
    He LIED to his second wife. Divorced her.
    He LIED to contractors and workers. He filed bankruptcy.
    He LIED to more contractors and workers. He filed bankruptcy.
    He LIED to even more contractors and workers. He filed bankruptcy.
    He LIED to even more and more contractors and workers. He filed bankruptcy.

    Since he began his campaign… Trump has subjected the American people to a daily attack and barrage of LIES. Repeatedly.

    Including rallies, press releases and interviews and Tweets…. he sometimes LIED over 20 times a day..!!

    Here is a VERY short list of his LIES close to the election:

    “I don’t mind releasing my tax returns. I’m under a routine audit. And it’ll be released. And as soon as the audit’s finished, it will be released.”

    “I was honored. Five years ago, Man of the Year in Michigan. That was a great honor for me.”
    “Russia has taken over the Middle East.”

    “I don’t know if you’ve been watching, but the poll numbers with African-Americans are going like a rocket ship.”

    “All the agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement have endorsed us.”

    “I was just endorsed by ICE. They’ve never endorsed anybody before on immigration. I was just endorsed by ICE.”

    “Hillary Clinton created ISIS.”

    “Saudi Arabia and Qatar are people that push gays off buildings.”

    “NATO had not focused on terror before I urged it to do so.”

    He told this “YUGE” LIE/LIES dozens of times:

    “We’re already the highest-taxed nation in the world.”
    “We’re the highest-taxed nation in the world.”
    “We’re actually the highest-taxed major country anywhere in the world, by far.”

    **Here he LIED to protect HIS Pharisee-Jew Banker BUDDIES at the Federal Reserve:

    “The interest rates are so low because the Fed is controlled by the politicians. Never happened before.”

    “Interest rates have been kept low because Obama wants them that way. It’s horrible that he’s been able to get away with this.”

    This statement, alone, “BIGGLY” accounts for a LIE… repeated over a thousand times. Every day since he started campaigning, he claimed “The first thing I am going to do is get rid of Obama-Care. Obama-Care will be no more..!!” (Ooops..!!)

    Then, just a few days ago – instead of “draining the swamp” like he promised – LIED – he signed off on giving MORE MONEY $$$ to the CIA’s NASA..!!

    WHEW..!! He needs to STOP moving his LIPS.. NOW..!! 🙂

    1. Pat –

      He’s a damn (corporate) president – not a DICTATOR! (thankfully)
      His biggest problems with draining the swamp are manifested by drain plugs like Paul Ryan and Reince Preibus, upon whom he has been fool-enough to rely. However, as presidents go, he seemed the best candidate among our sad choices – so we who understand that circumstance feel more comfortable overlooking tax returns and business decisions based on what is available in our screwed-up labyrinth of statutes and rules. (Jews may be uneasy because they fear having competition navigating the labyrinth.)
      Bankruptcies are strategies available to every person engaged in our commercial networks, and all those who enter into paid arrangement need beware! Technically, our own country is “bankrupt”. Trump is now president of a bankrupt country. I’m thankful we have a man who knows how to navigate it through, perhaps. (Maybe “The Jews” are pissed because foreclosure on assets will become more of a problem! 🙂 )

      1. Gil –

        “…upon whom he has been fool-enough to rely.”

        I am glad to know you consider him a fool. “…and everybody knowz it..!!”

        Buffoon works better for me. 🙂

        All anyone has to do to be qualified to file bankruptcy 4 or 5 times… IS…
        …… LIE “BIGGLY”..!! Be a “YUGE” LIAR..!!

        “…and everybody knowz it..!!”

        I am tired of hearing and reading that Trump is a better CRIMINAL than the Clinton CRIMINAL.

      2. I sometimes wonder if Pat is working for the Jews. He helps them. If Pat had been a German in the 1930’s he would have denounced Hitler and Goebbels as working for the Jews. Hitler for arranging the Haavara agreement in which Jews were allowed to leave Germany without forfeiting what they owned and Goebbels for having Jewish friends and a Jewish girlfriend before the Jews began attacking him.

      3. Peter –

        I sometimes wonder if you are working for the jews. You help them “BIGGLY” by supporting Trump who supports Pharisee-Jew Bankers and the Federal Reserve.

        Trump is doing the “YUGE” bombing in the ME for them also…..

        “…and everybody knowz it..!!” 🙂

        BTW – You told us ALL that you never read my comments… You are mimicking Trump there…!! Oooops..!! 🙂

      4. Peter –

        You wrote… “I don’t read your comments anyway. They are full of nonsense.”… about a month ago.

        I forgive you, son… 🙂

      5. I don’t know the where the Independent leans, but the mainstream media as a whole was horrified that Trump vowed to support the Assad regime and oppose ISIS and other terrorists. This of course, is against Israel’s interests, which despises Assad and quietly supports the terrorists. So it wouldn’t be surprising in the least that the media (which the Jews have such a large say in) would play up Arab casualties, which of course they actually don’t give a damn about.

        I hope the US continues to fight the terrorists in Syria and support President Assad. I think the Syrian people want that too. And the Jewish media will do its best to have the US either pull out and let the terrorists complete their destruction of Syria or maybe try to change Trump’s mind and have him attack Assad’s forces. Then you won’t read about any civilian casualties anymore.

        I’ll make one “but” to my above statement. President Assad never invited the US to help. He did invite Russia, which thank God for them, Putin helped to change the course of the war. Maybe you opposed that and support the terrorists. I don’t. If President Assad specifically asks the US to pull out, then I’ll be with you and say the US should pull out of Syria. I don’t think Assad will do that. I believe the same is going on in Iraq. Trump inherited the mess the Jews and Bush created when they destroyed Iraq. Now Trump is trying to destroy the terrorists they created.

        President Assad celebrating Christmas with Syrian Christians:

      6. Peter –

        I’m glad you want Trump bombing Syria. It shows me you want to help the Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

        You wrote “I think” and “I believe” numerous times.

        It is my turn to write the same…

        “I believe”… Assad, Putin and Trump…. and ALL of NATO want the old buildings in Syria demolished to establish a 21st century infrastructure… to become Pharisee-Jew Banker friendly. London orders it… “So mot it be..!!” 🙂

        Pretty simple. Military demolition…. and Damascus and other cities will have big bank buildings there soon.

        Putin has stated many times he is looking forward to those contracts. “Can’t WAIT..!!!”

        Putin is planning for…$$$$… and has a lot to gain from……

        ….“contracts for investment projects in Syria.”

        “Russia is preparing for the rebuilding of the Syrian economy” to bring it into the 21st century world of Pharisee-Jew Banking and technology to control the people, once the demolition rubble is removed.

        Russia Plans to Rebuild Syria From Ashes

        Russia has a long-term plan to rebuild Syria after the terrorists there are defeated, which requires the involvement of other regional powers to ensure that the threat of terrorism is extinguished.

        Russia’s long-term plans ARE to help rebuild Syria after the end of the war there, including renewed contracts for investment projects and a roadmap for a political resolution.

        Picture of rubble from bombing in Syria:

        Internet connections and banks coming soon…!!!

        In an interview Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin gave the news channel Rossiya 24, the minister said that the rebuilding of Syria’s economy will begin as soon as the Syrian army, with the assistance of the Russian air force, has liberated large tracts of land from the terrorists.

        According to the executive director of the Russian Union of Gas and Oil Industrialists, Russian oil and gas companies may revive CONTRACTS worth a total of $1.6 BILLION with Syria if investment risks are eliminated and the country becomes stable.

      7. Pat –

        No, I want him bombing the terrorists, which is what they’re doing. Your belief that Assad wants his own country destroyed shows how off the wall you are. As I said in another post, if it was my website I would censor you. Some people might actually believe your crazy posts.

        I have no doubt Russia would like to have contracts to re-build Syria and since they were the first country to come to Syria’s aid and fight the terrorists, while the US was allied with the terrorists and bombing Syria, they deserve any contracts President Assad offers them.

      8. The key which has been lost amid all the misleading propagandizing by the press is when a country attacks another country (as the US did when it attacked Syria’s army under Obama) that is illegal and an act of war and it’s against international law. The only reason the US gets away with it is because it’s a nuclear power. When Russia was asked to help aid the Syrian army to fight terrorists, that is not an act of war. It’s very simple. As the head of state, Assad has the right to make those decisions. For you to discredit Assad by suggesting he’s a nut that wants what the US and the Jews have done to his country, Iraq, Libya and others when President Bush created the middle east disaster with the attack on Iraq in 2003 works right into the Jews hands.

      9. Trump has only been president for a little over two months, two and a half months. Not a long time. Except for FDR who did alot his first 100 days in office, the other presidents do hardly anything the first months of their presidencies, it takes them a while to figure-out their way around Washington and how everything runs, and the other presidents were career politicians for the most part and it still took them time to figure out how Washington truly operates , seeing/knowing Washington from the Oval Office is different than seeing/knowing Washington from seeing/knowing Washington as a Senator or Representative or any other kind of career politician. It took them time to figure out how they fit in as presidents and how they should proceed as presidents, and not much gets done the first months of any presidency. Again, FDR is an exception, an anamoly. [ FDR also had alot more support from The Establishment than Trump has, so it was relatively easy for FDR to get alot accomplised the first 100 days ].

        Trump has actually done alot in his first two and half months in office, considering what he’s up against. He’s deeply opposed by many cabals and many interest groups, who are very deeply opposed to what he wants to do, the forces arrayed against Trump are very intense. The forces arrayed against Trump may have many differing opinions about many issues, but when it comes to Trump, they are UNITED against him. Very intense. He faces very deep opposition from the Democrat Party AND by his own Republican Party. Many judges and many Big City mayors are deeply opposed to Trump, the whole MSM, all of Hollywood, all of academia, the whole Bush Cabal, ALL the Leftists and Communists, ALL the Globalists. And even with all this very intense opposition, even with being new in Washington, not being a career politician, Trump has done alot in two and half months. He has Moxy, and he has a Spine, he has common sense, and he has some patriotism in his heart. That’s ALOT more than one say for alot of other presidents.

        I see him trying to keep his campaign promises. And I see how The Establishment is throwing every obstacle in his path so he won’t be able to implement and fulfill his campaign promises. That’s not Trump’s fault the whole Establishment is using every dirty trick in the book to try to make him fail as a president. Protecting himself from all the dirty tricks takes alot of time and alot of energy, and even with having to spend alot of time and energy protecting himself from all the dirty tricks of The Establishment, and being new to politics, and being president for only two and half months, Trump is doing very well and actually winning victories here and there and getting things accomplished.

        Lobro has The Correct View.

      10. Peter –

        Articles are written about leaders. I criticize all leaders. Trump even PAID… PAID.. HUNDREDS of $$$$ MILLIONS to get criticized. So… I oblige…. OFTEN…

        Then, because I criticize the leaders… folks like you call me names. Call me a troll. Call me a jew. Call for me to be banned. ALL because I don’t agree with you…!!! 🙂

        That is very illogical. I don’t get it. It happens all the time, though…. and has for years.

        It amuses me that you have to act like that. 🙂

        It seems so easy….
        Just show me where I am wrong… and stop the silliness…!!

      11. It’s illogical to say President Assad wants his own country destroyed unless the Jews are paying you to say that. Was that one of Assad’s campaign promises? Has he ever said that? When you say that, you give the Jews, the US and the rest of the west a pass on what they did. They only did what their leader wanted anyway, according to you.

      12. Peter –

        You are concerned about what I write….

        ….WAAAAY too much.

        Trump in charge of things that affect you… Be critical of him..
        ….. not me… !! 🙂

        An ‘alarming’ U.S. trend against free speech with Trump

        Nineteen U.S. states have introduced bills that would curb freedom of expression and the right to protest since Donald Trump’s election as president, an “alarming and undemocratic” trend, U.N. human rights investigators said on Thursday.

        **A designated area for protesters is seen outside an event for U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Savannah Center in Cincinnati, Ohio March 13, 2016.

      13. Uh huh. Some people consider this a serious website. I don’t know how many people read it and might have their opinions shaped by it, but someone did it the favor of listing it among the top “fake” websites on the internet. Who might that be? It’s top target? Yes, it’s important what is written here. I don’t know how important, but it has some importance.

        It is believed by many that people on the internet with pseudonyms like “Ricky Vaugn” got Trump elected. So yes, it’s important what is said on here.

      14. Peter –

        You got the memo wrong…

        You are concerned about what I write….

        ….WAAAAY too much.

        Trump is in charge of things that affect you… Be critical of him..
        ….. not me… !! 🙂

        Tell Trump he is “BIGGLY” wrong about stopping Mexico from taking jobs…

        American Jobs Are Headed to Mexico Once Again

        Twitter blasts can’t reverse the pull of global competition..!!

        The pace of jobs to Mexico is picking back up.

        Illinois Tool Works Inc. will close an auto-parts plant in Mazon, Illinois, this month and head to Ciudad Juarez. 

        Triumph Group Inc. is reducing the Spokane, Washington, workforce that makes fiber-composite parts for Boeing Co. aircraft and moving production to Zacatecas and Baja California.

        TE Connectivity Ltd. is shuttering a pressure-sensor plant in Pennsauken, New Jersey, in favor of a facility in Hermosillo.

        The renewed exodus shows how difficult it will be for Trump to turn the macroeconomic tide just by jawboning alone…!!

        This week, he trumpeted a Ford investment in Michigan plants with a cap-lock fanfare: “JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!” The $1.2 billion will create or retain ONLY 130 POSITIONS…!! 🙂

        While Ford canceled plans in November for a new $1.6 billion facility in Mexico, winning Trump’s praise, it EMPLOYS MORE THAN 7,000 workers in that country…!! 🙂

        Baldwin has seen the evidence: After business ground to a halt back in November, he’s now juggling two Mexico-bound clients. San Diego-based Tacna helps manage 4,500 workers in Mexico, where factory wages are about a fifth of those in the U.S. That may explain why Mexican manufacturing jobs rose 3.2 percent in January from a year ago as they dropped 0.3 percent in the U.S.

    2. Pat, let’s assume that the whole list is good and accurate, why not, you did your homework.
      what, if on the contrary, none of it was true, what are the odds of him slipping past the Jew pretorian guard in the primaries?
      he would have been dirt poor and dirt honest and the Jew would have bled him into the passovah cookies long ago.
      and then, somebody like McCain would have got in instead, Lindsey Graham the first lady, would that have been better?

      This way, trump beat the catch-22 that Jew has in place that guards the gate of the WeiszHaus.

      1. Lobro –

        “what if” “maybe” “might” “shudda-cudda” are nothing but false assumptions and guesses.

        With that many “YUGE” assumptions and myths you would be able to support anyone, such as Hillary or McCain or Graham or even Charles Manson. “…and everybody KNOWZ it..!!” 🙂

        You can easily WIN any debate using YOUR own hypothetical questions, and giving YOUR own hypothetical answers. You can win… “BIGGLY”… EVERYTIME…!!

        The REAL-LIFE results matter more. Like THIS:

        Civilian deaths from US-led airstrikes hit record high under Donald Trump

        ‘These reported casualty levels are comparable with some of the worst periods of Russian activity in Syria,’ says

        “Almost 1,000 civilian non-combatant deaths have already been alleged from coalition actions across Iraq and Syria in March – a record claim,” the statement said. “These reported casualty levels are comparable with some of the worst periods of Russian activity in Syria.”

        Trump is acting like ‘Governor MOONBEAM’ – Jerry Brown – now that he is in office.

        Not even Obama did this for the CIA:

        Trump signs NASA bill FUNDING aimed at sending people to Mars

        President Trump just signed a bill authorizing $19.5 billion in funding for NASA — the first such authorization bill for the space agency in seven years.

        Trump made clear Tuesday that he thinks NASA should be focused on deep space, NOT – NOT – Earth..!!!

      2. Why assume anything? Many of the articles he cites come from the mainstream media which hates Trump and are trying to destroy him. That’s why Trump refers to them as “Fake News”. And then he uses some facts with faulty logic to blame Trump, like blaming Putin and Trump for civilian deaths in Syria and Iraq.

        Obama inherited the mess left by Bush and the Jews in the middle east. What did the Nobel Prize winning idiot do? He supported the terrorists trying to topple Syria’s gov’t in order to create a bigger disaster. Putin wisely stepped in and said no and Trump said I’m with Putin. He said we should work together to put down the terrorists once and for all to end the bloodshed in Syria. What does Pat do? He cites a mainstream article decrying supposed civilian casualties which were a result of trying to kill the terrorists causing all the bloodshed.

        The Jewish media has successfully portrayed President Assad and the Syrian government as they have portrayed every enemy Arab government since Israel was created; as murderers, tyrants, despots and anything else negative you can think of. That way when Obama helps the terrorists or “moderate rebels” (as the media calls them) trying to overthrow the Syrian government, that’s good and when Putin and Trump try to help the Syrian government they get no credit for actually trying to end the bloodshed.

        Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (an Iraq war veteran) went to Syria to see the disaster there. She met with the people there who told her “there are no moderate rebels” and asked her why the US is supporting their murderers. Then Representative Gabbard met with President Assad. Meanwhile as Ms. Gabbard is demolishing the reasoning behind US policy in Syria. the Jew conducting the interview, Jake Tapper, uses media claims to call Assad a mass murderer. Miss Gabbard holds her ground and wins the bout. The US should be helping Assad.

        Lobro said of Pat “you did your homework”. Really? Like when he claims Assad wants his own country destroyed with zero evidence to back up such a bizarre claim.

        Meanwhile, President Trump’s support is soaring among the USA’s manufacturing industries.

        “Your survey shows that 93 percent of manufacturers now have a positive outlook on the future of their business in this country,” POTUS stated. “93 percent, and it was, just a few months ago, 56 percent.”

        “That’s a slight difference,” he added, drawing laughter and applause from the room.

    3. Hi Pat,
      Regarding taxes, in the USA they are about average for personal taxes, but they are very high for companies. US corporation tax is 35% whereas the international average is about 20%. In some states, eg New York and California, the state corporation tax of 5% or more is added on, so a company based in California is paying 40%. In Ireland, and I think also in Russia the highest corporation tax is 15%. So companies avoid taxes and kill US jobs.

      It seems that 19% will yield the maximum for the government. If it goes higher or lower the government gets less from taxes. It is known as the “Laffer Curve” after a great guy, an American economist, Arthur Laffer.

      1. Thanks, John –

        I was aware US is at 35 percent.

        United Arab Emirates has a rate of 55 percent.

        Trump…. still… LIED… “BIGGLY”..!!

        “….and everybody knowz it..!!” 🙂

        In US…. corporations don’t pay ANY taxes… consumers do…. by purchasing products..and services…!!

      2. John Kirby,
        IMO, Trump would be wise to ditch his planned tax overhaul, along with its massive tax cuts for the investment class. With our 20 trillion federal debt, plus his proposed large increase in our obscene military budget, I can’t think of anything more irresponsible. Maybe they paid for themselves under JFK’s cut, or possibly Reagan’s, but they sure as hell didn’t under W and they wouldn’t today. Since the bottom 50% do not pay any federal taxes they have no skin in the game. And the middle class will be lucky to keep enough extra income to buy a cup of copy once a week. Overhaul it and simplify it, but any tax shift should not give the Jewish plutocrats even more. That would be a total loser for Trump. Why doesn’t he propose that work and investment income be taxed at the same rate? I can think of nothing that would raise his popularity more – and stick it to Paul Ryan. BTW, if any US company is actually paying 35% in federal tax they must have lousy accountants.

      3. Hi Pat and Follyofwar,
        Agreed, Trump is a mystery, a dilemma, but at least he has set out to do what he promised during the election campaign. I am still a Trumpeter, mainly because the elites scorn him. I think the vote FOR Trump was largely a vote AGAINST the elites, the elites who pandered to all their elite friends and associates, and to hell with middle-America. He supports Israel and that is a big problem. If America is dragged into more wars-for-Israel things could get very bad.

        I am an optimist. I think an energy revolution is underway, with photovoltaic cells providing a widely distributed generating system. We should not be building ANY big heat engine power stations. The Second Law of Thermodynamics will always win. 60% of the energy is ditched at most stations. It will take 10 or 20 years but really cheap energy, electric vehicles, and even the hated wind turbines will transform society.

        Mr Trump is about to inherit a booming economy

    4. I agree wirh you Pat. Trump is a jew-fraud, with too much jews around him. you can’t succeed at that level if you are not compromised. To come where Trump is,
      You must know secrets of the jews and the jews must know your secrets. You must be one of the tribe or else they don’t let you near them. Trump is a jew, an ashkenazi-jew. He should get rid of all jews and hire goyim in his staff. There are enough goyim who are competent and willing.. That will be the moment that the jews have reason to get really worried, not now, it’ s just a fight between trump-jews, zio-jews and globalistic- jews who are against him.

  10. Please allow me to digress for a minute.

    I remember in the past arguing with Jewish/state agents on several different forums regarding the 9/11 false-flag attack, the anthrax attacks, the Sandy Hook shooting hoax, the Boston Marathon bombing hoax, etc.
    And no matter what evidence I cited; no matter how impeccable my reasoning; no matter how many times they contradicted themselves; etc. They would NEVER relent; EVER.

    I remember for example the case of Adam Lanza’s hat; that is, the hat that alleged Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was allegedly wearing when he allegedly shot himself in the head, allegedly with a 10mm pistol.

    The “bullet hole” was clearly visible in the top of the hat, indicating that he must have put the pistol under his chin and pulled the trigger.

    Now, a 10mm pistol is a relatively powerful handgun, the associated ammo generally producing much more muzzle energy than that of a 9mm pistol, for example. Yet the hat (and the floor around it) was spotlessly clean. There wasn’t a drop of blood, or any kind of gross biological “ejecta”, to be seen anywhere in the vicinity that would be expected.

    So here we had a situation where according to the “state” and its agents, a head shot with a powerful 10mm handgun, at point blank range, left a completely clean scene. Of course the whole “official story” was collectively preposterous, but the clean hat was the absurd icing on the cake.

    I eventually realized that it wouldn’t have made a difference to these people even if somebody produced an authentic video showing Dick Cheney personally carrying explosives into the North Tower, or if Gene Rosen made a tearful public confession that Sandy Hook was a fraud, etc. There was ABSOLUTELY nothing I could present in any of those “discussions” with any of those agents, that would cause them to cede even the most insignificant point to me.

    And I’m now at that same point of total frustration in this discussion with Lobro regarding the Trumpster fraudster. It’s pointless to continue, because absolutely nothing the “Trump” administration says, does, or fails to do, seems to matter in the slightest.

    I’m left only with one question for Lobro. I say Trump is a monster, at least as bad as Obama and probably worse, whose whole campaign was a fraud, and who’s risking nuclear war with Russia and/or China for the sake of the Jewish agenda of world domination and control. You disagree. So here’s my question: Can you give some examples of what it would take to get you to change your mind?

    You can say things like, “well, maybe if Trump started throwing babies out of Air Fore One”; or “maybe if he launched a nuclear first strike on Russia”, etc.

    1. Can you give some examples of what it would take to get you to change your mind?

      I already did: Trump orders attack on iran.
      Trump sends a missile shield to Ukraine (or any other previous Soviet turf) and other up to date lethal hardware.
      Trump blockades China over the Spratly islands.

      So there, I am committed to my position, hold my feet to the fire on these.

      Now how about you paying attention for change:

      So here’s my question: can you explain why the Jew preferred Trump to Hillary?

      1. “I already did: Trump orders attack on iran.
        Trump sends a missile shield to Ukraine (or any other previous Soviet turf) and other up to date lethal hardware.
        Trump blockades China over the Spratly islands.

        So there, I am committed to my position, hold my feet to the fire on these.”

        Okay let’s consider your examples:

        (1) “Trump orders attack on iran.”

        What if Trumpster provokes Iran into taking the first overt military action (or if he merely says they did, à la the “Gulf of Tonkin incident”)? Or what if Trumpster attacks Syria, i.e., Syrian military forces, e.g., either by “accident” or by way of false-flag “justification”? Or what if he somehow causes Syria to attack the U.S. forces that are illegally on Syrian soil? Since AFAIK Iran and Syria have a mutual defense pact, an attack on Syria would draw in Iran, right?

        In light of what’s presently going on, and without any further qualification, this example of yours seems rather arbitrary to me.

        (2) “Trump sends a missile shield to Ukraine (or any other previous Soviet turf) and other up to date lethal hardware.”

        Well there’s already an Aegis Ashore “missile shield” in Romania, and there’s another system scheduled to become operational in Poland in 2018 (apparently coinciding with the expected delivery of the improved SM-3 IIA missiles).

        And when the improved missiles are installed, those installations (in conjunction with some ship-deployed systems) will theoretically cover all of Europe, and will seriously undermine Russia’s nuclear deterrent, according to Mr Putin.

        Moreover, because the Mk-41 vertical launch system (part of Aegis) can also launch offensive nuclear tipped cruise missiles (in addition to the SM-3 interceptor missiles), the Russians see this evolving system as an unacceptable threat.

        So unless Trump takes action soon to reverse course on this deployment (collectively known as the “European Phased Adaptive Approach”) – and it seems like he has no intention of doing so – I would say that this criterion has already been met.

        “Now how about you paying attention for change:

        That’s pure speculation (and it’s irrelevant, IMO).

        “So here’s my question: can you explain why the Jew preferred Trump to Hillary?”

        Sure. Because Hillary wore her treasonous treachery on her sleeve, vis-a-vis Trump, who came across as a populist/nationalist/America first guy and who was at least somewhat believable, and supportable (at least deserving the benefit of the doubt). Look at you for example; you still support him even after he’s betrayed us all.

        Would you be here making excuses for Obama or Hillary while they put all of humanity at risk like Trump is doing? I would guess that you wouldn’t.

      2. I said:


        You said:

        That’s pure speculation (and it’s irrelevant, IMO)

        Speculation can be wholly spurious, ie, non-sensical and it can contain elements of high probability – which is it in this case, knowing what Hillary said and did (or do we ask Gadaffi for his opinion).
        It may be irrelevant to you but not to me and maybe not to some others, who likewise wonder whether the Talmudic World Order blew that one and what would have been the likely outcome had everything gone according to the plan (that considered rabbi sanders as inadequately messianic and knocked him out of the primaries to make room for Hillary … whom you in the end declared unsuitable to Rothschild taste, Trump better, here it is, your very words:

        Sure. Because Hillary wore her treasonous treachery on her sleeve, vis-a-vis Trump, who came across as a populist/nationalist/America first guy and who was at least somewhat believable, and supportable (at least deserving the benefit of the doubt)

        How much sense does it make, given all those identity politics groups, women, blacks, libtards who would have happily supported her all the way into a nuclear firestorm?
        Everyone says (ask Pat) that trump won by the skin of his teeth and lost the majority vote anyway, so your contention doesn’t make any sense, sorry.

        Further on, you wonder speculate

        Or what if Trumpster attacks Syria, i.e., Syrian military forces, e.g., either by “accident” or by way of false-flag “justification”?

        Does this address that worry? Tillerson says ‘Syrian people to decide’ Assad’s fate
        his exact words:

        I think the … longer term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people

        More on how Russians see the developing story: 5 ways Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson have changed US foreign policy
        So why aren’t they freaking out over “Trump’s betrayal”?

        Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once said that a week is a long time in politics. After months of Donald Trump’s foreign policy being something of a mystery, Secretary of State Rex Tilleron’s glob-trotting journey has made things a lot clearer.

        The language of American foreign policy has changed significantly under Trump and Tillerson via-a-vis Obama/Clinton and Kerry. Ideology is and a kind of heavy handed but at times, surprisingly cordial pragmatism is in.

        So tell me once more how deluded I and the Russians are

        Would you be here making excuses for Obama or Hillary while they put all of humanity at risk like Trump is doing?

        In your view, Obama and Hillary put all of humanity at risk like Trump is doing.
        In my view, this is not the case at all, and neither do Kremlin, FSB and all their analysis and think tanks.
        Someone shares my stupidity, thank God I am not alone in the basket weaving class.

        oh, and while blaming Trump for Romania’s Aegis Ashore, take note that president trump put it into effect in May, 2016, just don’t blame Obama and Hillary – pure speculation, right?

      3. “Speculation can be wholly spurious, ie, non-sensical and it can contain elements of high probability – which is it in this case, knowing what Hillary said and did (or do we ask Gadaffi for his opinion).”

        (Didn’t you once lecture me about the limits of what one person could do, or something like that?)
        Anyway, you have to make a distinction between what you think Hillary would or could do; what she says she would like to do; what she may perhaps actually like to do vs. what she says; what she could practically do under any particular set of circumstances; and what her Jewish handlers would actually allow her to do, in any given situation.

        Hillary’s only one person. In order to preside over an illegitimate and dangerous military build up, then provoke/start and prosecute a major war with Syria, Iran, Russia, etc., she has to have the support of a lot of people, all the way down to the soldier in the field, who is being asked to sacrifice himself for a great cause, right?

        It’s lots easier for an unpopular person/entity in a position of power/influence to obstruct an agenda, especially an unpopular agenda, e.g., a pre-existing war agenda, than it is for that person/entity to take the lead in advancing an unpopular agenda, right?

        If for example “the military” already hates the openly treasonous Obama/Soros/Clinton axis, how effective could Hillary, with all her “baggage” have been at getting the military (and the whole country for that matter) to destroy itself for the cause?

        “It may be irrelevant to you but not to me and maybe not to some others, who likewise wonder whether the Talmudic World Order blew that one and what would have been the likely outcome…blah…blah…blah”

        Since the issue under discussion is whether or not Trump is a fraud, Hillary Clinton is a generally irrelevant “strawman”.

        “How much sense does it make, given all those identity politics groups, women, blacks, libtards who would have happily supported her all the way into a nuclear firestorm?
        Everyone says (ask Pat) that trump won by the skin of his teeth and lost the majority vote anyway, so your contention doesn’t make any sense, sorry.”

        It seems you’ve already lost the argument about Trump, so now, desperate to prove me wrong about something/anything, you’re going to focus on your Hillary strawman.

        First of all, nobody here (including you and I) knows exactly what went on in Jew world with regard to the election. Was the election a serious contest between two Jewish factions in serious disagreement, or was it all theater? All we have is speculation, and there are plausible arguments on each side.

        Let’s assume for the sake of argument that there were two Jewish factions; the “Soros faction” and the “Netanyahu faction”. Most people would put Obama and Hillary Clinton in Soros’ camp, right? And most people would agree that puppet Obama took his orders from Soros (and associated Jews), right? And most people would agree that if Hillary was president, she too would be taking orders from the Soros’ chain of command, just like Obama. Do you agree with me so far?

        In Sept 2016, Obama attacked Syrian Army positions at Deir al-Zor, killing 60+ Syrian troops, and opening the way for a coordinated ISIS offensive. Russia then responded with a cruise missile attack on a U.S./terrorist command post somewhere in Aleppo province.

        Tensions quickly escalated, and Russia subsequently announced that any planes threatening the Syrian army, including U.S. planes, would be shot down. The ball was then in Obama’s court, and it was made known that Obama was considering all out war at that point. What happened next? Obama backed down. Which means that Soros backed down. Which means that Hillary Clinton, if she were in charge, would’ve also backed down.

        Let’s go over that again since it’s important. On the verge of war with Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, team Soros backed down. This isn’t “speculation”, this is a fact.

        Hillary Clinton, as repulsive as she is personally, just like Obama, is nothing more than a puppet. Thus you don’t know what Hillary could’ve or would’ve done, and you can’t say that she would’ve been any worse (or better) than Trump with regard to what’s going on in the Mideast or Eastern Europe or anywhere else for that matter.

        “Further on, you [wonder] speculate:

        ‘Or what if Trumpster attacks Syria, i.e., Syrian military forces, e.g., either by “accident” or by way of false-flag “justification”?’

        “Does this address that worry? Tillerson says ‘Syrian people to decide’ Assad’s fate
        his exact words:

        ‘I think the … longer term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people'”

        Actually no, it doesn’t, because experience has taught me to not take the statements of liars, murderers and thieves, at face value. Considering the source, I would at least have to ask: What “Syrian people” is he talking about? (Since our masters apparently see their “moderate” terrorist mercenary forces as having some “legitimacy”).

        “oh, and while blaming Trump for Romania’s Aegis Ashore, take note that president trump put it into effect in May, 2016, just don’t blame Obama and Hillary – pure speculation, right?”

        No; merely ignorance or intellectual dishonesty on your part. As I’ve previously endeavored to point out, the EPAA (European Phased Adaptive Approach) of which the land based “Aegis Ashore” system is an important part, is an evolving system, which by Vladimir Putin’s own words, will at some point – during the “Trump” presidency – become an unacceptable threat to Russia.

        Of course Trump didn’t start it, but Trump has the opportunity to prevent a nuclear war over it. Anyone paying attention knows that the Russians have been trying to get the U.S. government to sit down and have a serious talk about EPAA, and where it’s leading the world, but Jew-controlled Trump, just like his predecessor Jew-controlled Obama, refuses.

  11. Darkness departs when Light shines. Thank you, Harold and Lobro, for illuminating exchanges, a word of appreciation accompanied by a gratitudinous salute to for hosting. Suggestion: (1) Arrange a truly “formal debate” between Lobro and Harold — and|or their “seconds” or “thirds”; (2) have the structure and rules laid out, including a panel of “judges”; and (3) devise some reasonably verifiable way to have the “audience” (for instance, myself) vote as to which side prevailed. One source I quickly and conveniently found may provide a decent starting point (or not):

    Of course, the advantage of a “formal debate” lies in more easily discerned strengths and weaknesses of arguments for and against the “resolution” of the propostion by proposer and opposer. We can have the proposition — here regarding the question (NOT the proposition) “Who is Trump Really? — stated in the negative or the positive. Given the frequent, high-quality “give and take” on this wonderful, precious site, having the facility to host a “formal debate” could add considerable value.

    I for one look forward to the “formal debate” between Lobro and Harold , should one ever take place.

  12. “Dangerous Enemies” behind every tree…!!

    ‘Dubya’ did this also… Republicans must be “scaredy-cats”….
    …. Scared of Democrats..!! 🙂

    An ‘alarming’ U.S. trend against free speech with Trump

    Nineteen U.S. states have introduced bills that would curb freedom of expression and the right to protest since Donald Trump’s election as president, an “alarming and undemocratic” trend, U.N. human rights investigators said on Thursday.

    A designated area for protesters is seen outside an event for U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Savannah Center in Cincinnati, Ohio March 13, 2016.

    Concerns for free speech in the United States have risen in part because of the Republican Trump’s antagonistic relations with prominent U.S. media, which he has branded “the enemy of the American people” as it has reported on policy missteps and dysfunction in his administration.

    The push for stricter laws on expression has come as Trump’s liberal foes have pursued public protest against his policies on issues ranging from immigration to abortion and climate change.

    NO “YUGE” protests allowed..!!! Trump is scared “BIGGLY”…!!!

    “…and everybody knowz it..!!” 🙂

    1. When it comes to defending freedom of speech, Reuters is your shield, armor and sword.

      Maina Kiai and David Kaye, independent U.N. experts on freedom of peaceful assembly and expression respectively, said in a statement that the state bills were incompatible with international human rights law.

      Good choice of experts, i must say, I was worried for a moment that they may choose some low rent gentile to formulate a freedom policy.
      Look, each has an area of high specialization in the freedom field, it is a very wide field, no one can claim it all.
      (((Maina Kiai))), independent U.N. expert on freedom of peaceful assembly … give her a standing ovation.
      (((David Kaye))), independent U.N. expert on freedom of expression … three hoorays for him too, right Pat?

      Our indomitable champions, see them in action.
      With warriors like that arrayed in battle lines against him, Trump doesn’t stand a chance, so don’t worry Pat, everything will turn out just fine.
      On this holy day of Shabbat, let us all kneel and thank Lord Reuters for his legacy of freedom of speech.
      are you there Art Topham, or must you serve the jail sentence on the weekends too?

      1. Don’t you get suspicious Pat, that when those who invented hate speech laws, lengthy prison terms for questioning the Holohoax, all of the sudden start crying about freedom of speech, even at the UN level, that something fishy is going on and you shouldn’t rush to join their march waving egalite, fraternite , liberte sign?
        I know I wouldn’t and to me, it just confirms that I am on the right track (opposite the jew, ALWAYS)

      2. Lobro –

        You can use your 100% Pharisee-Jew owned Haaretz subscription for featured articles here.

        I can use Rothschild’s Reuters for a measly obscure comment.

        You and I are, both…. posting on the internet owned and controlled by London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers.

        It is allowed so far.. 🙂

  13. Could it be that the American college snowflakes, the marching vaginas, the sexually confused and all the others of the Looney Tunes left of the American dystopia were and are against President Trump for all the wrong reasons?
    The irony is breathtaking.

  14. “Trump’s Dangerous Enemies”…. NOW include… General Flynn..!!!

    Last September…. re Democrats:
    (“Lock her up..!!”)

    Trump said, “Anyone who needs immunity to testify is GUILTY..!!”
    Flynn said, “Anyone who needs immunity to testify is GUILTY..!!”

    Yesterday…. re Republicans:
    (“Help him out..!!”)

    Flynn said, “I need immunity to testify..!!”
    Trump said, “Flynn needs immunity to testify..!!”

    What goes around… comes around..!! It’s a Butt-Biter..!! 🙂

  15. Lobro –

    “He would love to get together with Putin,”… but that would be dangerous for any Russians at the table. They don’t live long after the meal.. 🙂

    Former FBI Agent – Follow the money and the trail of ‘dead Russians’
    March 30, 2017

    The Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday into Russian efforts to influence the November elections has been a long history lesson, tracing Moscow’s decades-long efforts to use misinformation to undermine democracies.

    Clinton Watts, of the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University, provided a roadmap to better understanding the Kremlin’s efforts. He urged senators and the U.S. government to follow the money to figure out how misinformation websites and social media outlets are being funded.

    While the Russians conducted their hacking in the Internet’s shadows, their efforts to influence the election was hardly a secret, he said.  

    “You can hack stuff and be covert, but you can’t influence and be covert,” he said. “You have to ultimately show your hand. And that’s why we have been able to discover it online.”

    The second way to trace Russian influence was more ominous: “Follow the trail of dead Russians,” he said.

    “There have been more dead Russians in the past three months that are tied to this investigation,” he added. “They are dropping dead, even in Western countries.”

  16. ” Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. ”
    -George Orwell, author of the book “1984”
    “I know of no country in which there is so little independence of mind and real freedom of discussion as in America. ” – Alexis de Tocqueville, 1805 – 1859, French political thinker and author of Democracy in America
    ” When everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking.”
    – John Wooden
    Trump Declares War on The Planet in Real-Life Remake of The Purge

  17. The actions of Trump or lack of promised action described in many posts above, plus the major attempted attack on his voter base described below, would indicate that Trump IS a fraud.

    The Ryan health care plan punishes the very people Trump and Bannon had vowed to help. It would raise premiums by as much as 25 percent on people between 50 and 64, one core of the Trump voter base. It would completely hammer working-class voters whose incomes put them just above the Medicaid threshold. The Trump health care and budget plans will be harsh on the poor, which we expected. But they’ll also be harsh on the working class, which we didn’t.” – See more at:

    This is not foreign policy. This is not a major anti-globalist or anti-Zionist policy issue. This is plain old domestic policy. It seems like fraud to me.

    1. @ Flan O”Brien

      In political terms, RyanCare was a straw man. Everyone knew it would not be passed and, guess what, it didn’t, but now everyone’s position is known for when ObamaCare implodes on 5/22/2017 when Trump does not bailout the insurance companies.

      Isn’t it interesting that Tax Reform is next on the agenda and that ObamaCare has already been approved by the Supreme Court because it was a tax.

      Timing is important when trying to dismantle a Mount Everest of crap when the jewish controlled establishment opposes any dismantling.

      1. @ UNGENIOUS
        So you are saying Trump conceived a harsh bill knowing it would fail, alienating his electors at the same time?

        But if the contents of the bill WERE harsh then those who voted against have a perfectly reasonable explanation on 5/22/2017

        Secondly, Trumps own election was a surprise. Surely therefore when Trump was directing the content of this bill he could not count on the bill failing. It might have passed.

    2. Flan –

      “…Trump IS a fraud.”

      Correct. He takes orders from his Pharisee-Jew cabal which surrounds him.

      Trump is not a real Republican, not a conservative, and a complete outsider to the GOP and its related institutions. His business network is not the business network typical of the oligarchs of the Republican party.

      Trump’s is far more typical of the business networks of the Pharisee-Jew Democratic party’s Oligarchs.

      “My previous article, Reality TV, simply pointed out a number of well know facts about Donald Trump, his career, and his connections. The main takeaways are these: Donald Trump is a shady figure from New York City who is more of a TV actor than a construction magnate. The Trump Organization and the Trump campaign – in fact, the Trump family itself – is intimately tied to not only the Jewish oligarchs of America and the Israel lobby (including it’s core organization, AIPAC) but directly to the Likud party of Israel.”

      1. Pat

        So who ISN’T a so-called “fraud” to BEGIN with, having become a POTUS?

        It’s a matter of facing the stark reality of their situation soon, make that VERY soon after entering that treacherous office, where the best litmus test was JFK, who got his head blown off for his trouble, thanks for comin’.

      2. B-Hawk –

        “So who ISN’T a so-called “fraud” to BEGIN with, having become a POTUS?”


        That has been MY “YUGE” POINT all along.


        “…and everybody KNOWZ it.. “BIGGLY”..!!” 🙂

      3. Sigh

        I KNOW the point YOU’RE makin’, brutha. MY point is in trying to emphasize the intricate subtleties in everything

        Maybe I should have chosen my words more carefully. When I put quotation marks around “fraud” what I’m TRYING to say is that in varying degrees involving this, that and the other thing, we are ALL DUPED. In Trump’s case, the fraudulence is reflected in HIS particular position of being duped as the POTUS.

        It LOOKS fraudulent, but is it really?

      4. Pat, the list! The list! You remember the list.
        The list (half a matchbook cover) with all the names of ‘never told a lie’ on it.
        You, me and George Washington excluded, of course. (;>)

  18. @ Lobro

    A good article full of very decent logic. No wonder you could not include lots of jewish media links to back it up.

    I would point out that Trump has only gotten a full cabinet in just the past couple of weeks which is a record delay. You would think that the jewish controlled establishment that love Trump so much would have been quicker since Trump is doing everything that the jews wants. 🙂

  19. lobro

    Based on my understanding that the original protocols of 1492 were revised upon the last-minute inclusion of a Bill of Rights at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, I’m kicking myself for not realizing that what prompted a revision THEN has happened again with the election of DJT. Only this time it’s WAY too late for another revision – that ship has sailed.

    Where you and I differ has to do with the potential fate of Israel. As you’ve indicated, the enemy is capable of ANYTHING, which means even sacrificing that hellhole if it’s deemed to best suit their purposes

    But I got a kick outta Putin saying “read my lips, no”* when responding to a question of whether or not Russia meddled in the U.S. election. In my view THEY MOST CERTAINLY DID, and that may have been the clincher in defeating Hellary. More possible proof of the protocols being turned on their ear.


    Whaddya say to that, given the premise of a Trump presidency being infinitely better for the world than one with a satanic witch at the top? What about a national leader lying in THAT scenario?

    1. B-Hawk –

      “Whaddya say…?”

      I cannot “say” anything here. I shall write 🙂 ….
      It is impossible to prove a non-existent and unreal – hypothetical – NEGATIVE.

      1. Pat –

        You’re missing the point, my freeborn friend. It’s the PREMISE I’m referring to, which is perfectly plausible, meaning that if Putin WAS lying, in this context it would be a “GOOD” lie. Beneficial to the World.

        You gotta give me this one, kimosabe.


  20. No public figure dares to go near the subject of the Jewish/Zionist Lobby’s power, but the day must come when it is no longer a taboo subject. What is going on in Trump’s mind and how the Lobby is reacting is a mystery now, but historians will be writing theses on the subject 50 or 100 years from now.

    With his daughter married to a wealthy Zionist Jew and with Jewish grandchildren Mr Trump is obviously not antisemitic. She seems to be a great young lady so we can hope that her husband, Jared Kuschner, is not one of the foaming-at-the-mouth Talmudic Fundamentalists who aim at a biblical Greater Israel stretching from the Mediterranean sea to the Euphrates River in Iraq. In other words we can hope that he does not see Jews as having a God-given domain over us goyim. We should give him the benefit of the doubt; a chance to show himself to be above that Jewish-first mutual affirmative action we have seen too much of. If we start to to see more Jews in the White House Inner Circle it will be a bad omen for America and a good one for Israel. That’s what happened to the GW Bush White House, with over 70 Neocon Jews in prominent positions.

    Maybe, just maybe, Mr Kuschner will allow justifiable doubts and investigations on the Holocaust to reach the public. At present we are subjected to Big-Brother-Orwellian-1984-type censorship, which in many countries has now become a Jewish Inquisition. You can go to Jail in Canada (In Canada for God’s sake) for challenging the official holocaust line.

    So why are these arrogant elite Jewish media/political/academic/financial creeps so hostile to President Trump? I can’t figure it out, but I hope somebody, some day will find out what has been going on over the past few months. I also hope that President Trump does not get America involved in any more wars-for-Israel. America needs peace, and peace brings prosperity.

    One last point; Russia is NOT a threat, but the Jewish elite hate Russia, and maybe that is what is behind all this confusion.

  21. Trump is “BIGGLY” making “YUGE” enemies… and fast. Especially people who are health conscious…

    “….and everybody knowz it..!!” 🙂

    Trump Administration Promoting GMO School Meals

    “We cannot negotiate with people who say what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is negotiable.”
    –John F. Kennedy (July 25, 1961; Berlin Wall construction)

    * * * *

    In an unusual move, two members of the Trump cabinet are
    working together to promote the consumption of inexpensive
    genetically engineered fruits for our nation’s subsidized
    school lunch program. More evidence of Donald being the
    master of the “Art of The Deal.”

    U.S.D.A. secretary Sonny Perdue is solving an unforeseen
    biotechnology Agricultural problem. Monsanto-Agriculture
    Division Foods Of Orleans, Louisiana have been unable
    to generate retail customer interest for their GMO grapes.

    Unfortunately, the price of these grapes have fallen to less
    than ten cents per pound, which represents an enormous
    savings to American taxpayers when compared to prior
    administration subsidies.

    America’s new secretary of Agriculture has convinced
    Secretary of Education Betsy Devos to provide children
    GMO grapes as part of their subsidized school lunch
    feeding program. Devos is married to Dick “Devious”
    Devos, President of Amway. Her brother is an ex-Navy
    Seal and founder of America’s most covert organization,
    “Blackwater.” Learn why America is so loved by other
    nations, and how the Donald will soon be a ruler to
    be respected:

    Mike Flynn could become a memory before he gets
    to testify against a snake in the swamp higher up
    on the Washington food chain than he is, and this
    comment is not a part of today’s April Fools joke.

    Sonny Perdue is not related to Chicken magnate
    Frank Perdue. His ag expertise is appropriate
    for a Trump cabinet member. Perdue once earned
    his fortune as founder of a fertilizer business.
    Rumor has it that no American knows shit better
    than this ex-governor of Georgia. This part of
    today’s column is true too, although it may stink.

    There will be a joint USDA/Department of Education
    press conference today at noon, E.S.T. Questions
    will be limited to the New York Post and Fox
    Television Network. Ivanka Trump who once ran
    a Rupert-Murdoch trust fund of $300 million for
    the Murdoch children (also true) will sponsor the
    press conference. (She can sell her Trump products too.)

    We must applaud Donald Trump for making
    America grape again.

    Monsanto-Ag Division Foods Of Orleans, Louisiana
    is considering altering its acronym name to anything
    other than MADFOOL by which it is known.

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