Trump’s Long Game Is To Drain The Swamp

LD:  The following pro-Trump article has been sent to me by Lobro, the Darkmoon site’s most ardent Trump supporter. I am given to understand that it represents Lobro’s viewpoint exactly — in “total sync with Lobro’s Theory“, to use Lobro’s own words. I’ve added a powerful 15-minute video at the end. This reinforces the viewpoint that Trump and his intentions may have been hopelessly misunderstood by a public that has been kept in the dark about many sinister things emanating from the Clinton camp. So let’s give the article and the accompanying video a respectful hearing. Feel free to comment as you please, either for or against the material presented here.

President Donald Trump is highly intelligent and extremely calculated. That sentence alone will ‘trigger’ some people enough to stop reading this article because they have been conditioned to refute it. Underestimating his intelligence is just one of the many major mistakes his opponents make that will ultimately lead to their downfall.

Leading people to believe that you are simple minded is a troll in itself but Trump is one of the greatest trolls of all time. Trump likes to play the long game as he masterfully keeps people off their game while inciting responses and reactions that steer a particular narrative until the final revelation is revealed.

This is just a theory so don’t get all excited and bent out of shape like it’s some kind of Fake News.

Donald Trump came ‘Prepared’ to Drain the Swamp

Do you think ‘Make America Great Again’ is something that Trump just hatched up as he was gliding down the escalator?

Most people don’t know this but Donald Trump actually came up with his MAGA slogan the day after Mitt Romney lost the election to Obama on November 7th 2012. So at least we know from that moment and more than likely sooner, he had been seriously preparing for his presidential run.

Do you think Donald Trump prepared to run for President by printing off bumper stickers or meeting with high level Military Intelligence officers like Mike Flynn?

Regardless of what you think you know about Mike Flynn, he was the Assistant Director of National Intelligence, the Director of Defense Intelligence, Commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and the Chair of the Military Intelligence Board under President Obama. These aren’t just fancy titles. Military Intelligence (MI) is literally the Pentagon’s version of the CIA.

When Obama fired Mike Flynn for actually wanting to defeat ISIS, that made him one of the most dangerous men in America for the Obamas and the Clintons. Mike knows all of their secrets, including the details behind Uranium One among other things.

Donald Trump was briefed on every single detail about the Uranium One deal, including the bribery, well before he officially announced he was running for President.

There were several patriots who knew about it but couldn’t do anything about because it involved so many high level people and agencies. Someone from Military Intelligence, similar to Mike Flynn, sat Trump down and laid out which agencies were compromised, who was involved, how much money they got and how deep the rabbit hole went.

Now imagine that you are Donald Trump and you’re running against one of the most corrupt candidates from one of the most corrupt administrations in history. You know that several high level officials in the Obama administration personally made millions of dollars from bribes when they sold off 20% of America’s uranium to Russia and then covered it up. What do you do? How do you expose what the Government has become and Make America Great Again? How do you get them to hang themselves and Drain the Swamp?

Phase One: The Long Game

Donald Trump and his team of advisers came up with the perfect plan, similar to an intelligence operation.

It may be hard for some of you to remember but this was way before anyone was ever accusing anyone ‘Russian Collusion’ even though this was precisely what Trump wanted in the end.

The first phase began with Trump planting seeds like ‘I think it’s a good thing if we have great relationships with Russia’. Trump often went out of his way to basically say, under his administration we would get along with Russia.

Why did Trump continuously brag about these ‘great deals’ he was going to make with Putin? None of them greater than that Uranium deal I’m sure.

Trump was trolling all of the people who took millions in Russian bribes to sell out our national security and then got them to attack him for it.

Hillary, Obama, Holder and Lynch all commented on Trump’s remarks saying things like ‘Russia is not our Ally’.

Trump was attacked for hypothetically making deals and having a better relationship with Russia by the same people who literally sold a permanent 20% of our Uranium. Not just what we had on hand at the moment but 20% of the actual mining capacity for Uranium while lining their pockets with millions of dollars.

Everything you’ve seen about Uranium One in the news Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions has known about this entire time. Part of the intelligence operation that Trump and his team are conducting includes keeping your enemy in the dark about what you know.

You can’t just show up on day one and announce that you are investigating Uranium One and risk tipping everyone off about what’s going on. They needed time to do a deep dive into Uranium One without anyone knowing.

The investigation is far enough along now that there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop it. The domino has been tipped and the force behind this chain reaction is too great.

They pretend like they are just becoming aware of things as they are revealed because investigating something of this magnitude requires tact and as you can see a great deal has gone into the planning of this event.

Phase Two: The Russia Investigation

Now that the ball is rolling President Trump needed to convince everyone that he and his team are the ones being investigated.

So Trump created a controversy and asks Comey to back off of Mike Flynn and then fires Comey, who then leaks memos to the New York Times and then demands the appointment of a Special Counsel.

Since President Trump bragged so much about these ‘Russian Deals’ he was going to make with Putin and one of his advisers talked to a Russian ambassador, everybody agrees to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate “Russian Interference” in our election.

AG Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the Russia Investigation even though he already knows exactly what is going on.

Deputy AG Rosenstein then appoints Bob Mueller to investigate Russian Interference in the 2016 election.

Rosenstein & Mueller both know that Trump & Session know every detail about Uranium One. Nobody is in the dark about what is going on and they all knew about it from the beginning.

The only people in the dark here are the traitors who participated in the Uranium One scandal, the DNC, the Media and the Democrats who think Trump is about to be taken down.

The reality is, Mueller and his team have been investigating Uranium One, Fusion GPS and the Russian Dossier this entire time.

Phase Three: Law and Order

Mueller and his team have found Russian Interference in the 2016 election:

  He found a Russian bribery scheme that involves one of the candidates that compromised National Security.

  He also found that this same candidate illegally funded the solicitation of information (Russian Dossier) from the Russian Government.

  Then this candidate illegally tried to hide the evidence of the funding using a law firm.

When all of the indictments are unsealed everyone is going to witness something they’ve always thought was impossible. Dozens of arrests will be made and most of the names you will know.

The Media didn’t have a chance to spin the narrative because they were looking the wrong direction.

Once the dust settles Sessions recusal will be over and Justice will be swift.


VIDEO  :  15 minutes

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97 thoughts on “Trump’s Long Game Is To Drain The Swamp

  1. Hillary Clinton is an icon of “liberal” corruption. As the day of the liberal draws to a close, a target icon is needed to be hung out to dry to demonstrate the accelerating “conservative” trend and there could be no better target than sewer scum like the Clintons. The statement being made here is Hillery’s political casket will lead the funeral procession to the liberal’s graveyard.

    Just goes to show how smiling Jew “friends” will drive a knife into your back the minute they need a corpse. We came, we voted, she died Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Jews are also doing a nize job smearing America’s cousin Billy at the box office. Couldn’t happen to a nicer couple. Too bad they stopped burning people at the stake, so Bill and Hillary could get a taste of what the Davidians felt at Waco. Of course Trump could always revive that old custom. Maybe we could vote on it.

    1. Hmm, the elections in VA and NJ yesterday put politically correct candidates into office. In Virginia, the first openly transgender candidate was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates, and in New Jersey, a GoldinSacks alumni with a plan to declare NJ a sanctuary state is now Governor.

      And then there’s this from another “fellow white person”. If conservatives want to take the nation back, it starts at the local and state levels. The “fellow white people” anti-white narrative is another top priority.

      (links are JPGs, not articles)

      1. Carny,
        Nothing has changed since the election of the Donald. Those who voted for Trump, still, for the most part still support Trump. NY, VA and NJ didn’t vote for Trump in the first place so nothing has changed in the redoubts of the Libtards who fantasize that this election was defeat for the Donald.

      2. ADL is now on the job claiming “It’s OK to be White” is “racist” and “White Supremacist” using the kind of sophistry one would expect from the ADL: According to the ADL “It’s OK…” is being interpreted by PoC to mean it’s not OK to be anything but white. Wouldn’t Black Lives Matter carry similar connotations? But of course ONLY white people can be racists, according to our “fellow white people” at the ADL.


        Yes, the MSM is enjoying their moment of “victory” despite the fact they were all blue states anyway.

  2. Let’s hope you’re right Lobro.
    Now explain away Trumps apparent submission to Zionism.
    Thank you.


    1. Your theory Mr. Lobro is delusion on grand scale ,it has no basic facts. your man simply said is all talk ,a parrot of one liner slogans ,no intellectual abilities or first class intelligence ,bullying and thuggery ,divisiveness ,bigotry ,racism are signs of mental weakness and character faults.

      BTW driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is the same as living under the illusion of the lying clown ,both are hazards to your insanity.

      I pray that God cure your mind from the clown’s illusion.

  3. I’d be much more comfortable if he started by draining Nikki Haley, Robert Mueller, Jeff Sessions, Freedman what’s his name (ultra neo con ambassador to Israel) and sent Jason Kushner to research Climate Change somewhere in the South Pacific – Ivanka would love it, nice sandy beaches, beautiful vistas, oportunities for tourism investments…

    1. @Winston,
      Some random thoughts.
      Indeed, Trump’s appointment of Israel-first witch Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador is bizarre, unfathomable. It does bring into serious question whether Trump meant what he said about Russia. Can’t see how that fits into Lobro’s long game theory.

      From everything I’ve read about Grand Inquisitor Mueller, it would be counterproductive of Trump to fire him at this point, and would bring on impeachment hearings. As Mueller knew about this Uranium One deal when he was FBI director (and may have profited?), he could still be trapped in Trump’s long game net. Come on in said the spider to the fly.

      I fail to understand why Sessions recused himself when he had the chance to stand up for his boss. What, for talking to the Russian ambassador when he was a sitting Senator? Oh, the horror! It made the new AG look weak and guilty off the bat. If Sessions had stood his ground, Jew Rosenstein doesn’t make the appointment (or does he?), and do we still get Mueller?

      Kushner, the quiet odd man who shuns public speaking and constantly whispers into his father-in-law’s ear, is another puzzle. Perhaps he is a Mossad spy (is he a duel citizen?), playing the long game – for Netanyahu and against Trump? In any case I’ve always been perplexed how such a pasty-faced Jew wound up landing a fine looking shiksa like Ivanka. And then she converted to Orthodox Judaism, just for him. Did he put some kind of Talmudic spell on her?

      So many questions…

      1. Folly, I think the bizarre and unfathomable answer is India. Nikki was raised a Sikh.
        India is a giant if under emphasized player soon to emerge as an obvious keystone.
        Asia due East, Islam due West, and due North .. yeah.

      2. @ Folly of War

        Good insights. Kushner is very close to Arabian ruler Mohammed bin Salman, and it was just after a recent visit that Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri took to Arabia that he announced his resignation – from Arabia. There’s no puzzle, it’s heading to all out war possibly starting with Lebanon, though Israel has voiced further designs on stealing more Syrian territory. Bin Salman recently arrested a number of family members (one died, allegedly during the shootout between his security guards and Bin Salman’s forces) and is confiscating their wealth, resulting in a net of approximately 33 Billion dollars – so far. Once arrested, Arabian dissidents usually disappear, under highly unpleasant circumstances. Kushner and Bin Salman (‘Al Shulman/Saud’) want war with Iran and all Shia forces.

        It is interesting that Indian PM Modi has finally negotiated an agreement for commercial use of an Iranian Port to send humanitarian aid and conduct trade with Afghanistan, something that long time enemy Pakistan has blocked India from doing through it’s territory. Iran and India and Iran and Pakistan for that matter share many mutual interests. There are a great deal of other skilled American Sikh candidates who have less servile relationships with AIPAC for the post of UN ambassador. Haley’s appointment was one of the first indications that yet another sell out of the American people and our interests was well under way.

        As I I mentioned, I would be more comfortable if he also drained Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray, Gary Cohn…

      3. Er, that’s supposed to read “As I mentioned, I Would be more comfortable if he also drained…” There is only one of me ( not two “I”s ). Usually.

      4. Bahrain too has done the same with its citizens in Lebanon. If the Jews try to bolt from NY (like Odigo workers on 9/11) before any “Operation Gotham False Flag” or somewhere else, we should encourage them to keep going, preferably to Madagascar. Then we might find ourselves in a new war with outraged Madagascar – my apologies to same and no offense, just a manner of speaking…

      5. @ Pat

        Rothschild Safaris – sounds great! Why wait for the false flag?


        Rothschild Safari with Evening Dancing – what could be better?

      6. it seems so ,that he put some cabala spell on her and her family.
        she is a real beautiful woman ,A real piece of honey,every time i look at her pictures the more i see ,the more i drool .her hubby is one lucky dude.
        the chosonites are one lucky people..

      7. @Winston

        Pictures from a 1972 Masked Ball at one of the many Rothschild mansions.
        Hiding a corpse among that lot would be no problem. 🙂
        Or perhaps just set it on a table as one of the centerpieces… Who would know?
        Yep, a Rothschild Safari “Dancing with the Dead” Masked Ball in Madagascar sounds like just the ticket! 😂

  4. The “Russian mafia” could have both uranium directly from the Queen, who was involved in Chernobyl anyway.
    ‘The Queen owns mines in America, Canada and Africa… With tens-of-billions in Swiss Trusts invested in uranium mines, and tens-of-billions in American Trusts invested in uranium weapons production, BAE Systems Martin Lockheed ect., and tens-of-billions invested in foreign “nuclear new build” companies, Areva, Westinghouse, Halliburton-Bechtel and the like the Queen puts her obscene profits first, second, third and last.’

  5. @ Lobro

    Don’t be put off by the negative comments. Much food for thought here. The jury is still out on Trump, it seems. He could be playing a long game. We’ll have to wait and see.

    However, Trump has had it as far as I’m concerned if a major war breaks out on his watch, i.e., a war with Iran on Israel’s behalf leading to a confrontation with Russia that could end in a nuclear showdown.

    Your whole argument hinges on the so far unproven assumption that Trump is “buying time” and that no serious war is likely to occur while Trump is in the White House.

    Let’s hope you’re right.

    1. But if war breaks out, you’re wrong. And your entire thesis will be in tatters.

      Please don’t shift the goal posts then by claiming, “Oh, it wasn’t Trump’s fault war broke out! He did his best to stop it, but things got out of control. The evil Zionists got the better of him in the end.”

      That would be a dishonest argument, contradicting your previous position that all Trump was doing was “buying time” and doing no serious damage to anyone. (Apart from the huge drone warfare casualties under Trump to which you turn a complacent blind eye).
      So please don’t move the goal posts by suddenly claiming that Trump is still a great guy, a national hero, IN SPITE OF WAR BREAKING OUT ON HIS WATCH.

      If war breaks out on Trump’s watch, he’s a baddie for certain. An evil bastard working for the Israel lobby. A Zionist puppet pure and simple.

      By their fruits ye shall know them!

      1. Unfortunately, Sard, your criteria mandates that a President DO NOTHING against any foreign aggression. As Commander, he may, possibly, be COMPELLED to disappoint your qualifications (such as would be the case if “Rocket Man” made good on his threats). A “do nothing” president is just about as undesirable as one who constantly renders unwise decisions… (The position in which many of you place Mr. Trump is untenable.)

      2. “But if war breaks out, you’re wrong. And your entire thesis will be in tatters.”

        Even this is undeservingly generous to Trump, IMO, because the lack of a “[major] war” doesn’t mean that Trump didn’t try his best to start one.

        For example his cruise missile attack on the Syrian airbase or his shoot-down of a Syrian SU-22 could’ve potentially escalated into a bigger confrontation, and the fact that it didn’t reflects the restraint of the other parties involved, IMO, not Trump’s moral compunction or geopolitical savvy.

    2. Trump can’t even focus on anything for more than 10 seconds. Saying that Trump is “intelligent” truly does beggar belief. Really, I actually laughed out loud when I read the first sentence (that doesn’t happen very often). He is a failed businessman, narcissist, misogynist, and complete imbecile … but yeah, he’s playing the long game, and this is all just a façade. Wake up people. (the bs never ceases to amaze, and terrify me …) Trump is destroying your nation, and some of you just couldn’t give a toss. Very sad (exclamation mark/point).

  6. I want to see Hillary arrested and tossed in prison. Billy should be there also.

    The video to arrest Hillary is part of the FAKE NEWS… and will not help accomplish that..!!

    BUT… she IS a “BIGGLY” LOUD New Yorker. 🙂

    There was too much, “should, could, ought to and need to” in the clip.

    This MISLEADING title is part of the faking:

    Jeanine Pirro has not been a judge for over 20 years. She was a lowly County Judge as well. However… she was a District Attorney from the state of New York. She know how to indict criminals.

    Pirro was the first female judge on the Westchester County Court bench before being elected the first female DISTRICT ATTORNEY of Westchester County, serving for 12 years…. 1996-2008.

    **She contributes and appears on the FAKE NEWS – NBC TODAY SHOW – and she hosts FAKE NEWS – Fox News Channel’s – television program Justice with Judge Jeanine. She is PAID BY FAKE NEWS AGENCIES..!!

    THUS…. SHE – PIRRO – knows how to file a lawsuit, herself, and could easily do so, if she has so much proof. She know how to indict criminals. She should do it. Even if just “ex-rel”. She knows the DA. There is jurisdiction. Hillary is a NY resident.

    1. Did you catch the part of the video where the judge declares that Iran is a threat to the US?

      She works hard for the shekels, so hard for the shekels.

    2. In case anyone is wondering what I meant about about former judge, Jeanine Pirro, KNOWING HOW TO bringing an ‘ex-rel’ suit:

      Anyone can be a RELATOR – PROSECUTOR – INFORMER… especially a former Dist Attorney.

      Ex Rel.
      Abbreviation for Latin ex relatione, meaning “upon being related” or, more loosely, “on behalf of.”

      The phrase is typically used in the title of a legal proceeding filed by the government, to indicate the name of an INTERESTED PRIVATE PARTY….. who pushed for the instigation of the suit.

      For example, a case caption might read:
      The State of New York ex rel. Jeanine Pirro v. Clinton Foundation.

      Such suits usually happen when the PRIVATE PARTY’S interests happen to coincide with those of the government OR THE PUBLIC.

      YOU GO, GIRL..!!! 🙂

  7. “President Donald Trump is highly intelligent…”


    “…and extremely calculated.”

    Calculated in a negative way, IMO.

    “Do you think ‘Make America Great Again’ is something that Trump just hatched up as he was gliding down the escalator?”

    No; I think his jew handlers came up with it. In fact his whole political persona is a jewish creation, IMO.

    “Most people don’t know this but Donald Trump actually came up with his MAGA slogan the day after Mitt Romney lost the election to Obama on November 7th 2012. So at least we know from that moment and more than likely sooner, he had been seriously preparing for his presidential run.”

    An alternate theory (which is more likely, IMO) is one that I have mentioned here before: Trump is a “deep cover” or “sleeper” agent that’s been “waiting in the wings”, having been groomed for the job in the event that Obama would fail to bring the remainder of the independent world sufficiently under jewish control.

    “Now imagine that you are Donald Trump and you’re running against one of the most corrupt candidates from one of the most corrupt administrations in history. […] What do you do? How do you expose what the Government has become and Make America Great Again? How do you get them to hang themselves and Drain the Swamp?”

    Let’s back up for a moment. Why would Trump as a wealthy 70 year old want to take the risk of “[draining] the swamp” rather than plunge into it and reap the benefits thereof? (This cuts to the core issue of Trump’s character, which is a critically important point in this “debate” IMO).

    And why only now? Most of us realized a long time ago that the swamp needed draining. Most of us realize the deadly seriousness of the situation long before we reach our late 60s (but most of us are not multimillionaires with global name recognition thus we lack the means to do much about it).

    1. Plunging in and increasing the amount of swamp wherever he has the ability to has been Trumps raison d’etre all his flaming life. Why on earth do people think that he will drain it when he is part of it, and tries to increase its size whenever he has the time, and ability? Because he’s a racist buffoon? Because he is a misogynistic guy who isn’t “Crooked Hillary” (he’s probably got it right there, but he, unfortunately is 10 times more crooked than her, and she’s just your fairly ordinary, everyday politician psychopath)? Hells teeth … we live in insane times, we really do.

      ps he has no plan. He has no idea what he is doing from one minute to the next. He is an immature, temperamental child-man who should be nowhere near the reigns of power. It is incredible how broken the US election system is to allow such a piece of garbage like him to get to the position he is in. Hopefully, in the next few months, he may find his chickens coming home to roost. (and the really strange thing about all this is that the “good guys” are all dodgy as hell too … but the US has to get rid of this chump, and his cronies otherwise we could be going down in flames in a bigly way very soon.)
      pps shame on you if you voted for him. Shame on you even more if you think he is still great after the past year of crap we’ve had to deal with from him, and his mates.

      1. The Swamp doesnt exist. What does exist is a bunch of stupid Americans. Try and drain it.
        Nothing will change. Wish you luck.

      2. Don –

        You wrote:
        “The Swamp doesnt exist.”

        That is a good point..!!

        Using the term ‘swamp’ actually lets the individual criminals off the hook.

        The ‘swamp cannot be charged with a crime. Individuals can. And that’s a start.


  8. Wow, Sardonicus, that’s a lot to put on poor old Lobro! No wonder he has been quiet lately. There are many who feel as Lobro does, including some who think Trump is an “incompetent buffoon” with basically good intentions. The linked article may be a little long for those with things to do, but the gist of Robert Parry’s argument are in two brief sections with the headings “A Manchurian Candidate?” and “Israeli Influence”.

    A short sample:

    Right now, the neocons are openly lusting for a “regime change” in Moscow despite the obvious risks that such turmoil in a nuclear-armed country might create, including the possibility that Putin would be succeeded not by some compliant Western client like the late Boris Yeltsin but by an extreme nationalist who might consider launching a nuclear strike to protect the honor of Mother Russia.

    The Democrats, the liberals and even many progressives justify their collusion with the neocons by the need to remove Trump by any means necessary and “stop fascism.” But their contempt for Trump and their exaggeration of the “Hitler” threat that this incompetent buffoon supposedly poses have blinded them to the extraordinary risks attendant to their course of action and how they are playing into the hands of the war-hungry neocons.

    For all Trump’s faults, real or perceived, I would contend that the bloodthirsty, warmongering, deeply corrupt, psychopath HRC would have been far worse.

    1. “There are many who feel as Lobro does, including some who think Trump is an ‘incompetent buffoon’ with basically good intentions.”

      But Trump’s been giving us some serious hints that this is not the case, IMO. His seizure of the Russian consulate in San Francisco is an example. Here Trump went out of his way to insult Russia. He didn’t just plunge the knife in, but he twisted it. He gave Russian personnel just two days vacate their own illegally-seized building. Sorry but this is not the act of a “incompetent buffoon with basically good intentions”, IMO.

      1. I did not claim to be one of the many who believe Trump has basically good intentions, but that view does have a lot of support in some places. I was surprised, but relieved, to see Trump elected because for all his faults, and they are considerable, he is not HRC. She announced before the elections that if elected she WOULD attack Iran, and take the US relationship with Israel “to the next level.” I shudder to think what that might have meant!

        I agree the Russian consulate affair was a disgraceful business, “Hellish Clownery” in the words of a Russian spokeswoman.

      2. @Harold,
        You didn’t answer the last sentence in Carnaptious’ prior comment, and I’ve not read if you’ve ever addressed it. Do you think that Hillary would have been worse than Trump or not?

      3. “Do you think that Hillary would have been worse than Trump or not?”

        This is very debatable, IMO.

        Let’s say she had won the election. Being that her reputation as a “bad” person was already widely known and appreciated, I believe that Russia and China for example would have been on the defensive immediately. I believe that Trump’s dishonesty caught everybody off guard, and because of this, Trump was able to quickly deploy military assets in Syria before Russia realized what the new game was.

        Also, there is the psychology of fooling people at work here, IMO.
        Paul Craig Roberts used to call Obama the “White House fool” or something like that. The Russians also seriously despised Obama (for good reason of course) and I believe it was Maria Zakharova who said: “Obama will go down in history as one of the most evil Presidents” or something like that.

        Likewise, everyone knew that Clinton was a reprobate, but it seems Trump fooled almost everybody, including me of course. The advantage the jews get from that, IMO, is that many people seem to have a hard time admitting that they were fooled. And I believe this explains why Paul Craig Roberts, Justin Raimondo and many other people (including some influential Russians), are far less critical of Trump than they would’ve been if it was Obama or Clinton committing the same crimes.

        Finally – and this is very speculative – although I see both Clinton and Trump as being evil, I would be surprised if Clinton was anywhere near as impulsive and reckless as Trump is, and I also believe that Clinton is more intelligent than Trump.

        When I made the decision to vote for Trump, I had some doubt, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. However, I concluded at the time that if we’re wrong and Trump turns out to be something different than what he pretends to be, WE ARE REALLY, REALLY SCREWED.

        So to answer the question: I believe that Trump is actually worse than Clinton would’ve been. I believe nuclear war is more likely with Trump in the White House than if it was Clinton.

      4. We all know where a road paved with the PERCEPTION of good intentions leads as the players continue to get played. Even in a best case scenario of lobro’s theory, the re-paving of the existing pavement would in all probability only get postponed, where during the postponement the inevitable damage control would commence and the jew’s “necessary corpse” of HRC and her ilk are sacrificed to the gaping maw of Mordor.

  9. Most of the FAKE NEWS – Mainstream Media – making “YUGE” headlines about Russia, China, N Korea…etc, are PAID to keep the real THEFTS and CRIMINALS in the US hidden in the ‘DC Swamp’.

    Military spending drives the worst ‘Swamp Thugs’.

    Healthcare’s ‘Swamp Criminals’ are up there as well, which take real USDs from individuals.. every month.

    Healthcare insurance premiums in 2018 will jump as much as 60% for many… to nearly $3,000 a month.!! And.. insurers cite Trump’s uncertainty 🙂 about health policy in the ‘Washington SWAMP’, especially regarding federal payments to insurers, in raising its premiums to those “YUGE” levels like that.

    USD $$$$ GAMES WIN OUT..!! STILL..!!

    1. I was unaware that the do nothing US Congress of 2017-18 had passed legislation that superseded Obamacare. If not, then “Obamacare” is still in effect, and blame or credit for premium increases should be laid squarely at the feet of Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the do-damn-near-nothing US Congress of 2009-10. The Affordable Care Act 😂 (pardon me while I ROFLMAO) 😂, was written by insurance corporations and their lobbyists, and for that crew of price gouging scum to attribute their outrageous premium increases onto “uncertainty about health policy in the Washington swamp” is, to say the least, disingenuous.

      Now I happen to benefit from Obamacare. The costs of chemotherapy and radiation treatments last year would have bankrupted me several times over if I had had to pay them. However, I recognize that the astonishing price increases insurers have planned for the upcoming year are likely to bankrupt more than a few families who will then join me in the pay nothing pool, which just means even higher prices for those still able to pay premiums in 2019. That assumes Congress continues to do nothing in 2018-19. But I am at a loss to see how Trump bears responsibility for this, unless he is to blame for the do nothing Congress refusing to pass healthcare reforms in 2017. I, personally, would like to see Trump enter Congress with a suitably large scourge, and whip those CongressClowns into action. Alas, that job falls to the Republican Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, who may have had good reasons (he was shot by a Democrat), for failing to do his job.

      I did not vote for Trump. I think he, like all politicians, is a liar, a cheat, and probably a thief. Before the end of his term, if not already, it’s likely he’ll add mass murderer and war criminal to the list. But he is not responsible for the failures of Congress or Obamacare.

      1. Please excuse missing and misplaced commas, for which I have no excuse. 20 properly punctuated School Lines for me 😁

      2. Carn –

        “uncertainty about health policy in the Washington swamp” is, to say the least, disingenuous.”

        Yes. Trump’s Blue Cross SWAMP LIARS claimed that one.

        “But he is not responsible for the failures of Congress or Obamacare.”

        He IS “BIGGLY” responsible for the distractions keeping it out of the headlines… as puppets are paid to do. He IS responsible for that.

        Shakespeare told us as much centuries ago:
        “Busy giddy minds with foreign wars, and you can get away with anything at home.”

      3. I’ll concede that point. His often belligerent speeches and Tweeting at all hours do keep Congressional failures out of the limelight, although he shares credit / blame with the MSM on that one.

      4. Carn –

        “..he shares credit / blame with the MSM on that one.”

        He has kept ALL MEDIA afloat…. especially the ones struggling before he burst onto the stage.

        More than that… He even bragged that his style has put $$$millions — hundreds of them – into the wallets of the Mainstream Media… and even the Alternative Media.

        Trump has helped make money for the fake news media he so abhors. The New York Times isn’t failing, because Trump’s antics are helping their increased circulation.

        The media has played into Trump’s hands. He is impossible to ignore.

        Remember that newspapers and cable television are businesses that like all businesses need to make money, and coverage of this outrageous president and his continuous outrageous behavior makes good copy.

        Trump “BIGGLY” SAVED the MEDIA..!! He gets a “YUGE” 99% “share” of that blame from me.. 🙂

  10. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain

    Politics is sophisticated theater so says Joseph Atwill, author of ‘Caesar’s Messiah’. Widespread gullibility can be sourced in religion, once you been convinced god died for you, well your ego latches on and never lets go.

    Likewise with religion, people get invested in the political charade. They are caught by their egos in being right, no one wants to admit they’ve been fooled, not Lobro, not David Duke. Trump is a big doofus being played, the narcissistic playboy hand picked for the job of president pretender. He is not a master player, just a dumb egoist who has been placed into a position of power because he is so easily handled.

    Is Trump draining the swamp in some long term plan or is he the big snake in the swamp? Is Trump playing 5d chess or is he a simpleton, a buffoon in a suit reading his lines? What did Trump just say off the cuff? Trump just said this in Japan: “I never knew there were so many countries”. LOL The orange clown, founder of the now defunct Atlantic City Taj Mahal, admits he knows about as much geography as GW Bush. I’d estimate that Genius el Trumpo, operator of New Jersey’s finest resort hotel, is playing 1d chess. He’s being maneuvered into WW3 by those in the deep state who will ignite nuclear war just to keep from being prosecuted.

    Trump IS the Swamp?! – Trump’s Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis!

    While we argue about Trump’s real intentions, what are the real intentions of our controllers, the Zionists who have had enough of their disobedient whore vassal state of Amerika? The Pimp Netanyahu is going to punish the whore for failing to topple Assad, he’s had enough of us, what did he say about the enemies of Israel?

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do. America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    – Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

    (Benjamin Netanyahu was in a meeting at Finks bar in Jerusalem, a well-known Mossad watering-hole. Here is what he said as taken directly from the transcript of the recording, which was witnessed and which has been 100% fully authenticated.)

  11. the question for us in the middle east is….. the wise steps THAT SHOULD BE taken by the american leadership in order to immediately stop armageddon from happening.
    just remember people of the west:
    the enemies of palestine are the enemies of islam
    the enemies of islam are the enemies of humanity
    she quit after the scandal
    the zionists (which is the same as jew, only better) are on it.
    there is now a secret agreement or cooperation for the MASTER deceitful PLAN (Collusion) to materialize. This will happen when the Greater Israel project join forces with the Saudi-American Project and the Kurdistan Project to destroy Fundamental Islam (the Califate Project) and its archienemy to the east : The Shia Crescent Project who is firing missiles at the Saudis from Yemen..
    boy! this is gonna make ww2 look like a trip to eisner´s land..
    oil prices have gone up 20 dollars a barrel already
    SHIT IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN IN THE MIDDLE EAST Thats why trump is trying to get north korea to quite down so that he has all the time of the world to concentrate on the Middle East and the getting rid of all dissidence i.e. the Sunni rebelions all over the place and the Shia maneuvers!!


  12. If anyone has not only figured it out but also been in on it from the git-go, it’s Putin (and Xi).
    For more reasons than our own knowledge and imaginations might conceive to be reasonable, sane, or even possible.
    The whole thing reeks of the uber-natural..

  13. Let’s say I come up with a complicated plan to rob a bank. I’ve been studying the bank and its operations, and I know that on a certain day it generally has a lot of cash on hand. I even know when the security guard makes his regular morning bathroom visit.

    As I’m driving down to the bank one morning to carry out my brilliant, complicated plan to rob the bank…as fate would have it, I find I’m right behind the armored car that’s delivering the cash to the bank…the cash that I want to steal.

    As fate would further have it, the armored car then hits a pothole in the road, the rear door swings open, and unbeknownst to the driver and passenger, several bags of cash fall out onto the road right in front of me; and there’s nobody else around.

    So what do I do at that point? Do I: (1) take advantage of the situation and scoop up the cash as fast as I can and get out of there? Or (2) do I “notify the authorities” of what happened and perhaps carry out my plan on another day?

    Obviously, if the object of all my planning was to get the cash, I would scoop it up and leave. Problem solved; I got the money and that’s what it was all about. But what if I don’t take advantage of the gift of fate? What if I “notify the authorities” about what happened and leave empty handed? Obviously if I do that, that means getting my hands on the money was never really my goal, right?

    As I see it, this is exactly the situation that Trump is in. If “draining the swamp” really is his objective, the Building 7 “collapse” study by Hulsey et al., is the gift of fate that presents itself just like the cash falling out of the armored car in my hypothetical example.

    Trump supporters will argue that Trump can’t take advantage of this “gift” to order a new investigation into 9/11 because he’ll be immediately impeached, assassinated or whatever. I vehemently disagree with that view for several reasons, but let’s say for the sake of argument that it has some merit.

    Trump, the brilliant and I mean BRILLIANT strategist that he is supposed to be should be able to figure out some way to use this study to advantage, without putting himself very much at risk. After all, he only acts like a clueless buffoon to fool the jews, right?

    I’m not half the genius Trump supposedly is, but even I can think of some other possibilities: Why can’t Trump call up Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, or better yet meet with them in person, and say something like this:

    “As you may be aware, an important study has been conducted by a very respected structural engineer in the U.S. that examines the “collapse” of WTC7 which happened on 09/11/2001.

    The study, which has been completed but not yet formally published, proves beyond a doubt that the collapse of WTC7 was not due to “fire”, as the U.S. government has officially concluded.

    As you are likely aware, there are some powerful forces in U.S. political circles that are pushing for confrontation and war. I am trying to resist these forces and improve relations with your countries, but there is only so much I can do because in a sense they have tied my hands.

    As it turns out, many of the people pushing for confrontation and war do not want a new investigation into 9/11, as they may have some things to hide.

    Even though the result of this study would seem to be a solid basis for a new investigation into 9/11, and even though such an investigation may seriously weaken or destroy the malignant political forces pushing for confrontation and war, because of the climate in the U.S., there are serious political and even physical risks, if I were to directly go that route.

    So here’s what I propose: Let’s say you were to make it known to the U.S. government through various channels of communication, that you are aware of this study and the its implications, and you intend to publicly confront the U.S. government over it. You intend to demand an international investigation at the UN, and you intend to push the issue in the media. And if the U.S. government refuses to appropriately address the issue, at the least you are going to assume that 9/11 was an “inside job” and you are going to officially designate “America” as a terrorist state, and that would be reflected in your foreign policies, accordingly.

    But you would be willing to forego such a presentment if the U.S. government will back off and de-escalate in Eastern Europe, the Mideast and the Korean Peninsula. This way, I cannot be blamed for making meaningful changes in foreign policy, as you are forcing the issue, and I get to fulfill my election mandate with greatly reduced risk.” Or something like that.

  14. I completely understand why Lobro sent this article from MAGA PILL:

    I completely understand that it represents Lobro’s viewpoint exactly — in “total sync with Lobro’s Theory“.

    So… What is MAGA PILL, anyway.??

    MAGAPILL is here to ensure that President Trump’s Legacy is properly documented.

    It’s been recently reported that 95% of the News Media’s coverage of Trump is Negative, while only 5% is positive.

    This is the definition of an unfair bias and one of the main reasons why everyday American’s confidence in the “Main Stream” media is at an all time low.

    MAGAPILL was created to capture that 5% of positive Trump news coverage that gets blown off the headlines by the bias news coverage.

    In that 5% of news that the media is forced to cover for documentation purposes contains what we voted for.

    For some reason, nobody in the Media, Congress or the Republican party seem to want to portray an image of President Trump actually succeeding.

    MAGAPILL was created as a beacon of light, a monument and a testament to all that President Trump has achieved toward the agenda we voted for.

    The American people are watching and they see that President Trump is keeping his promises. He is doing as much as he can to move our agenda forward despite ‘the swamp‘ fighting us every step of the way and in the end we will prevail. Donald Trump is the fire that reignited the passion in a lot of people who had thought the America was lost forever.

    Regardless of how much Trump gets accomplished he is paving the way toward a new direction for America. A direction of prosperity and the American dream.

    The Trump movement or those who believe in Trumpism will keep electing candidates who will continue our movement and pass our agenda.

    The establishment media and the swamp believe that when Trump’s no longer in office, we will all go away. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

    President Donald Trump is only the beginning. [ ?? 🙂 🙂 ]

    The religion began c. 2016…!! 🙂

    It is….

  15. “…President Donald Trump is highly intelligent and extremely calculated. That sentence alone will ‘trigger’ some people enough to stop reading this article because they have been conditioned to refute it…”

    There are indeed people who have a different opinion on Trump’s intelligence. His former professor at Wharton School of Business and Finance, University of Pennsylvania where Trump was a student had this to say :

    Professor Kelley told me 100 times over three decades that “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had.” I remember his emphasis and inflection — it went like this: “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddamn student I ever had.” Kelley told me this after Trump had become a celebrity, but long before he was considered a political figure. Kelley often referred to Trump’s arrogance when he told the story that Trump came to Wharton thinking he already knew everything.…/former-wharton-professor-trump-was-dumbest-gddam-student-i-...

    Another voice has this to say :

    President Donald Trump does not read — except in small doses and when his own name appears prominently. Prior to the presidency, his only activities were work and golf. He does not mingle with intellectuals, cultural trendsetters or artists. It should come as no surprise — and it has not — that he is sorely lacking in sophistication, knowledge of the world, understanding of government and a rudimentary grasp of economics.

    Sitting atop arguably the great resource on the planet — the body of knowledge retained by American government experts on everything from economics to medicine to military history — he remains blissfully ignorant on a range of subjects. He surrounds himself with dim yes-men who know little more than he and, in any event, tremble at the prospect of correcting their “Dear Leader.” But sometimes you wonder whether Trump is just, well, dumb.…/ct-donald-trump-stupid-president-20170531-story.html

    And we are supposed to believe that this man is engaged in some super intelligent scheme ?


    Support IRAN, and watch as the Zionist is Removed, then live happily ever after.
    There’s a reason the Zionist is getting upset at the US lack off military action against IRAN / Hezbollah, ( the Resistance ) they ( the Zionist ) knows that without direct US military intervention, the Resistance shall cause unequivocal and irreversible damage to the Zionist plot, it is coming,
    don’t wait and then look back and claim a part in the victory, act now , support The Resistance, and smile with pride when Zionism is Removed.

  17. If it waddles like a duck … quacks like a duck … it is a duck! … Shoot it for Christmas dinner!
    Wayne Alleyn Root: “Trust me, Trump is as close as you can come to being our first Jewish President.”
    Trump swims with all the other ducks in the festering swamp. He grabs at p#663y like Weinstein and co.
    His huge fortune was made with Jewish money.
    His campaign was run and funded by Jews.
    At the fake, other side of the dialectic is the Obummer, who continues to spout his Jewish orchestrated lines.
    Journalist, Pauline Dubkin, reported in the Chicago Jewish News that “a long time Jewish observer of the political scene, said: “jews made Obama. Wherever you look there is a Jewish presence. He is the first Jewish President.”
    Nothing has changed. You are children playing with pawns. You are simply part of the the Jews’ expected dialogue. You have been drawn into the game. You are all part of the game.
    Business, as usual, will continue under Trump …. One step back and 2 quick steps forward.
    All to advance the greater Jewish cause.
    Continue to scribble sweet nothings! Argue incessantly among yourselves. Give me more laughs at the American children.
    “God save the Queen.”
    I love you my royal highness!
    “Don’t worry my dear relative. Your Jews have it all under control in the American colony. Advance Britannia and your best colony, Australia. Give Mr Trump a knighthood. He is your best yet!” Watch his hands though!”

  18. Finally, get behind your Queen and her Jews! They work at a much higher level than any of you can imagine.
    It is a dog eat dog world. The best dog or Daffy Duck wins the game.
    Yeah, bring in a few nasty migrants from afar. Let them create dissension, whilst quietly improving your breeding stock. The Persian women I partner are beautiful beyond compare. WHAT MOTHERS THEY ARE!
    THE Persian men are fully haired, strong jawed, real men – much stronger than the p*^**y-whipped, weak chinned good ‘ol boys of America. What’s more they are eastern Caucasians. The colonies will benefit from them, in the long run. Weight lifting gold medals galore and handsome men and women, minus burqas.
    ‘Tis all long term planning in the service of your Queen. Even Prince Willie, like his dad, is calling for world population reduction. Most of us humans are ill-bred crap, anyway. Sit in Maccas for a few hours and observe. Obese, tattooed, ugly sheilas. Skinny, pale, little men with goatees.
    Let the cream rise to the surface. Use the best of all worlds. The planet is not what you think it is.
    I’m with the Queen, as she sorts out your respective merits. Don’t worry children, the weak lemmings amongst us are destined to jump over cliffs.
    Many of you are dead men and women, walking.

  19. Trump is a loud mouth blowhard who would be selling used cars if it wasn’t for his father , in addition Trump is Netanyahus and the neocons bitch.

    In addition he is a draft dodger having received 5 deferments during the Vietnam war and loves to parade around with the military like a third world dictator and by the way , he reminds me of Mussolini in the way he struts and the way he postures, a true phony.

  20. I, too, am an ardent Trump associate and follower. He is a brilliant man and has a heart as big as the “Great Southwest…including Texas”. I agree with Lobro…… But, no one truly knows what Trump has up his sleeve. But, DO know that he loves and adores this country with every fiber of his being and is dedicated to making it great again. I could add all kinds of poetic phrases into this little comment….but I won’t. Just know that he has very serious goals that, when manifested, will help America and the people of this country go through a transformation. Combine Obama, Hillary and all the GOP candidates he ran against and the sum of all of them can not measure up to Trump’s strength and intellect……AND wisdom.

    If you doubt this just sit back and quietly watch the immense amount of hatred, evil and fear being used to try and bring him down. Folks, THAT IS evil on display….

    I think it will be very infromative if give him the benefit of the doubt and cut him some slack. Winners of the political version of “Chutes & Ladders” are best played by patient people.

    So, sit back and watch and don’t jump on every sentence and paragraph of news. As John Kaminski’s recent brilliant essays about the power of words depicts….too much jibber-jabber spoils the cognac. And, Lord knows, if we were to somehow capture and re-claim the energy used and needed to produce the never-ending yakker-dust being created by the chitter-chatterers on this planet, we could power the earth for thousands of years.

    If I am wrong, when it is all said and done, I will send everyone a sack of a dozen White Castle sliders!


  21. Trump v HRC , for me it was ( and still is ) a choice between , the Devil I don’t know, and the Devil I hate, but to be honest, my hope for Trump is miniscule.

    PS, can anyone advise on why my comments go directly to spam?.

    1. Your comments go directly to Spam because you’re an asshole and at least 99% of your comments are comments only an asshole would say, shit-for-brains asshole. That’s why.

      1. @ TROJ

        Isn’t that why YOU are permanently in Spam? Cause you too are an ASSHOLE? Not only an asshole but a mentally sick sex maniac who attacks Admin constantly and talks about nothing but “dildos” being shoved up women’s “pussies”.

        Disgusting Tel Aviv perv, if anyone belongs in Spamblinka —
        IT’S YOU!!!

      2. TROJ,
        I was quietly and peacefully downing my nightly bottle of tequila and puffing on my Cuban cigarro. The vulgarity of your “nigger dildo ” post caught me by surprise and I dropped a shot on the floor. Your candy-ass deserves a spanking. Where are you Toby? Please step up to the plate.

    2. @Harry,

      If “go directly to spam” means that you have to verify you aren’t a robot on every post, then I may have a solution. My PC had that problem not long ago, and I cured it by clearing everything: histories, cache, cookies, passwords, active logins, site preferences… everything. When logging back into Darkmoon, I made sure I had the Name and email info correct, submitted one post – that required one last verification I wasn’t a robot – and the problem was gone. The cause, I think, was that I fat fingered the keyboard when typing in the dark, and failed to notice that I changed my Name to ” (a quotation mark). I corrected my Name, but still had to verify every post until I cleared everything, and re-entered the info.

      It’s easy to clear everything with Firefox – go to the top menu bar -> select History -> Clear Recent History -> select everything when the Clear All History window appears.
      If you are using a Microsoft or Google browser… DON’T. 🙂 I haven’t used MS / Google products in years, and couldn’t tell you how to do this process in those browsers. Maybe, install Firefox?

      1. It’s alot of work to go thru, Carnaptious, just to communicate with the two-faced dissimulating piles of chameleon snake lizard and crocodile shit in ADMIN. I, for one, can not be bothered to work so hard just to communicate with ((( them ))).

      2. @ Harry

        It’s not gonna work, Harry. Carnaptious’s advice may have applied to his own case, but it’s unlikely to apply in your case. You’re in Spam for an entirely different reason, believe me.

        I’ll get back to you later and explain why I think you’re in Spam — and what you need to do to get out.

  22. A funny cartoon of Trump:×464.png
    The Clintons didn’t sell uranium to Russia on their own; obviously, the MIC, the CIA, the Queen, the Rothschilds, the Chabad mafia etc. were involved. Trump himself has lucrative shares in weapon industry, and dirty business deals with the wealthy Manhattan elite. Still, Trump, the Clintons etc. are the lower echelon of power. We all live in a hidden dictatorship of the Rothschild family and the Black Nobility. As professor Richard Werner in ‘Princes of the Yen – Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy’ says ‘…only power that is hidden is power that endures.’ They are all together in it, and just choose and train the ones in the lower levels of power they decide would be best to do the job of fleecing and controlling us more.


    The MSM and the controlled media prepare us for the chosen presidents or PMs, while intelligence and surveillance agencies gather all sorts of data about our responses [e.g. psycho-graphic data], while well-paid groups of psychologists, linguists, sociologists etc. prepare “election” promises for the future presidents to say. Alexander Nix, Chief Executive of Cambridge Analytica, said in 2016, ‘Today in the United States we have somewhere close to four or five data points on every individual of some 230 million people… So we model the personality of every adult across the United States…’ ‘Society is Being Programmed by a Black Box’, by the Truthstream Media
    Members of government administration do nothing on their own. They are all in it with the Rothschilds and the Black Nobility who never leave traces behind their covert operations. No one can interfere in non-existing elections! It’s hard to say who the last really elected and legitimate president was.
    ‘The U.S. Presidential election was rigged even before the first ballot was cast. Everybody knows Hillary Clinton is the establishment’s candidate of choice, backed by the Rothschilds and the New World Order. What is less well known is that Donald Trump is also a Rothschild creation and actor, playing a part in the great sham… Trump’s tilt for the presidency has been 30 years in the making. This makes more sense than they realise. 30 years ago members of the Rothschild family saved Trump from bankruptcy and took him under their wing.’

    Even if people could imprison or replace any politician, it would just cut off the hydra’s finger or hand that easily regrows. Israel is also one of its hands. The head needs to be removed.

    1. Here is another plan that has been a long time in the making. At one time, this plan was spoken of only among like minded people, but now this kind of thing is fairly standard fare in the MSM, at colleges and universities, and among SJWs, PoC, and liberal “intellectuals”.

  23. Lobro,
    I’m impressed by everything you know, and I’m hoping and praying you are right. I see Trump as a much simpler guy. I do think he is flawed. Apparently the demonic George Soros bailed him out of a New York building gone wrong. But…gulp… we don’t have much choice but go with Trump because our country is on the brink of becoming a “banana republic” On one hand there are the billionaires who keep getting richer off the national resources, and banking schemes, and then there are the shanty towns and homeless people who live like trolls underneath freeway tunnels and other uninhabited places that become tent cities over night. So many people are falling through the cracks. With the vaccine injured now almost at 1 out of every 20 we might have armies of beggars like the Middle Ages by 2020.

    So… my philosophy is we can’t get too picky. Trump isn’t perfect but he is all we have. No golden boy like Rand Paul is going to be able to make it through the mafia style set up of D.C. And Trump is borderline mafia style… except he manages to never get caught. It’s like in my old home town when the juvenile delinquents (as we called them way back then) became the police officers. It takes one to know one.

    Those indictments coming down could be the whole clinton cartel but they could also be Jarred and the crew…who knows maybe one of Trump’s 8 grandchildren colluded with the Russians. For sure, it could be Jarred but then there goes the Middle East/Jewish connection. Jarred comes from a family of dirty landlords, lots of bad stuff there to prosecute.

    Anyway, thanks, Lobro. I guess today we’ll see if it plays out like you say it will…

    1. well, thanks to you, Kapoore, not just for keeping faith but refusal to follow a dogma and willingness to retain an open mind – THIS IS WHAT THE GENTILES NEED IN ORDER TO WIN THIS FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL.

      after searching for the simplest schematics of my “theory” (not sure the term applies, more like a perception, “i calls ’em as i sees ’em“), let’s try this pairing of the opposites (JEW vs TRUMP):

      • both lie but for opposite reasons

      JEW talks nice, does nasty deeds,
      • TRUMP talks nasty, does good deeds (including NOT doing nasty deeds that he is pressured into as per JEW’s expectations and demands, e.g., bombing Iran)

      for example, JEW talks human rights, diversity, tolerance, disarmament (only of the goy), democracy (the stalking horse of genocide), equality (all goyim to be equal 🙂 ), freedom, etc., doublespeak of love while they dump pure hate on us, and we all know what JEW does, no need for tedious listing of his age old atrocities of all kinds and many still unrecognized.

      meanwhile TRUMP talks of non-stop war and aggression, calling all of standard enemies of JEW also his (US) enemies, threatens their annihilation – and what happens?
      Nothing happens.

      The sworn and dyed-in-wool Trump haters keep pointing to that miserable joke of 59 wasted tomahawks as the greatest war crime ever perpetrated since the birth of mankind and i have no doubt that they will continue to repeat this mantra 7 years from now – because that’s all they got in their ammo belt, fire dud after dud after dud.

      But i have given up on trying to open the eyes of these 95% of goyim who while imagining they stand in JEW’s path, that they in some sense implement effective resistance are eager to attack tooth and nail JEW’s enemies, to throw kitchen sink at Trump, that they are actually greasing JEW’s campaign of utter dominance and destruction of the gentiles.

      Because, in the abject proof of the authenticity of the Protocols, read this brilliant insight into goy’s mind.
      I direct your attention to the Protocol 15, para 6

      This psychology of theirs materially facilitates for us the task of setting them in the required direction. These tigers in appearance have the souls of sheep and the wind blows freely through their heads.

      And this is why they got us where we are today, just like Dostoevsky predicted in Bros Karamazov essay-within-novel, when the (((Grand Inquisitor))) guaranteed to the newly-arisen Christ that at his first signal, the crowd of the goyim will strap Jesus to the stake and rush foward with lighted torches to cremate him.

      To me, this as priceless realization as it is tragic: the greatest enemy of the goyim are not the Jews but the goyim, mindlessly, blindly devoted to their pissing contests.
      If there were no Jews, they’d have to be invented.

      1. Lobro: The sworn and dyed-in-wool Trump haters keep pointing to that miserable joke of 59 wasted tomahawks as the greatest war crime ever perpetrated since the birth of mankind and i have no doubt that they will continue to repeat this mantra 7 years from now – because that’s all they got in their ammo belt, fire dud after dud after dud.

        How soon Trump detractors, especially the anti-war ones forget: Hillery Clinton promised a “No fly zone” in Syria (i.e. shoot down Russian jet fighters and WW3 ASAP) if she was elected.

        Arguably, Trump has averted WW3 — with Russia, at any rate — by letting (((ISIS))) get routed. But typical of the filthy lying Jews, they never let a crisis and false flag go to waste:

        ISIS’s defeat in Iraq and Syria makes attacks like New York inevitable by Vox, November 1, 2017

        I am neither pro-Trump nor anti-Trump, but I am definitely pro-peace and anti-war. I am your faithful and peaceful witness. 🙂

      2. Lobro –

        The more I consider what you write, the more I realize you’re RIGHT! 😀
        Sorry I ever doubted you.

      3. The Commonwealth of Virginia is now held hostage by the Demorat libtards in Northern Virginia, who are swamp critters sucking their livelihoods off Uncle Sam’s tit in Washington DC. Their parasitic masters have groomed them well! They’ve elected a slack-jawed libtard governor, and even a transgender faggot to the House of Delegates. The mud thickens, and the stench worsens! 😣

  24. When it comes to draining the swamp, it’s often hard to know where to begin. A few years back, in 2013, Darkmoon featured an article titled “THE SEXUAL DECADENCE OF WEIMAR GERMANY” The article was first published at Veterans Today, where it got a fairly large number of comments, but the article generated a far more lively discussion here at Darkmoon.

    The decadence and depravity of that era was no accident.

    Whilst large sections of the German nation were struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews filled the streets of Germany with our vociferations. We supplied the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter and administered to its religious beliefs in the manner we considered suitable. We ridiculed the highest ideals of the German nation and profaned the matters which it holds sacred.” — Dr Manfred Reifer, in the German Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung, September 1933

    Now, in Germany, a TV series “set during the chaotic, vibrant democracy that preceded the Nazi years” is rapidly becoming an “international hit.” IMDB, the internet site which is a database of movies, TV shows, and the people who make them, shows “Babylon Berlin” has already reached #347 on IMDB’s rankings, and it’s heading up. The description of the first episode alone will keep porn addicts glued to their chairs screens.

    Beneath the decadence of 1929 Berlin, lies an underworld city of sin. Police investigator Gereon Rath has been transferred from Cologne to solve a criminal case – a porn ring run by the Berlin Mafia. He uncovers a dangerous web of shadows.

    Yep, sounds like a vibrant democrazy to me… More can’t miss watch TV from the same people who brought the world Weimar Germany. Read the Darkmoon article linked above to learn more if you missed it the first time around.

    So much swamp, so little time. 😠

  25. Some good news. Priti Patel, the UK Minister who made 12-14 secret trips to Israel for reasons not yet apparent, has resigned. “Downing Street has confirmed that even after she was caught, Priti Patel was far from frank in her meeting with the Prime Minister yesterday about her secret meetings and discussions with members of a foreign government.” Now Patel has resigned, it’s unlikely the UK public will find out just what the heck those meetings were about.

    But here is some more good news, from Andrew Joyce on Twitter.

    The scandal “will have a devastating impact on British Jewry.”

  26. The sworn and dyed-in-wool Charles Manson haters keep pointing to that miserable joke of the Tate-LaBianca murders as the greatest crime ever perpetrated since the birth of mankind and i have no doubt that they will continue to repeat this mantra 7 years from now – because that’s all they got in their ammo belt, fire dud after dud after dud.

    It’s been almost 50 years, yet they still won’t let poor Charlie out on parole. Supposedly he’s still deemed a “danger to society”. What a joke. I say let him out and put him in charge of the U.S. armed forces. Give the poor guy another chance. Give him a coterie of jew handlers and the nuclear launch codes. What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Washington (Trump) orders RT America to register as foreign agent by Monday:

      Make no mistake, Russia’s retaliation will be swift and sweet, making the situation for US worse than it was before the move. On the other hand, not making this stupid move means losing the information war by US.

      In chess’ parlance, this is a typical zugzwang situation: a situation in which the obligation to make a move in one’s turn is a serious, often decisive, disadvantage.

      The escalation of stand-off with the fucked up Empire must go on unabated!

      So, it seems that Trump is coopering – for whatever reason – with Putin in bringing down the Anglo-American Empire which begs the question: Is Trump an American Gorbachev?

      If so, you shall be happy with Orange Clown, Harold. You don’t like this evil empire, do you?

      1. “Make no mistake, Russia’s retaliation will be swift and sweet, making the situation for US worse than it was before the move.”

        Indeed; “evil” usually brings itself down, and as I see it, the evil empire is now hopelessly caught up in the vicious cycle of self-destruction.

        “So, it seems that Trump is coopering – for whatever reason – with Putin in bringing down the Anglo-American Empire which begs the question: Is Trump an American Gorbachev?”

        When Trump launched the cruise missile attack on the Syrian airbase, the world got a candid glimpse of “the real Donald Trump”, and it is not a pretty picture. Ignorance, arrogance, lawlessness, recklessness, shameless dishonesty and betrayal of supporters, consummate immorality, etc., it was all on display. There was even a small but finite chance that Trump’s war crime(s) in Syria could’ve escalated into a world ending nuclear war with Russia. But that’s not enough to deter Teflon Don. Thus I believe that one act, by itself, is enough to make any reasonable person conclude that Trump is not fit for the office he holds.

        Anyway, if I understand correctly, I agree with you that Trump is the instrument that will directly or indirectly bring about the destruction of the “Anglo-Zionist empire of evil.

      2. Anyway, if I understand correctly, I agree with you that Trump is the instrument that will directly or indirectly bring about the destruction of the “Anglo-Zionist empire of evil.

        I am glad that your position and mine are slowly but surely converging. Let’s just hope that America can be salvaged after the destruction of the “Anglo-Zionist empire of evil”.

        I know that ordinary Americans are no more evil than any other peoples. They just became too soft and indifferent under unnatural conditions of undeserved comfort they have lived in for too long.

      3. Don’t fool yerself, Circ. ALL the big players are virtual Gorbachevs in terms of being on the world govt. treadmill, even your boy Vlady.

        Glasnost we R-US-sia!

        The difference will prove to be Russia remaining relatively intact after the dust settles to lead the way in an overhauled world

        As we head in that direction, it’s all a matter of rollin’ with the punches

      4. @Brownhawk

        Don’t fool yerself, Circ. ALL the big players are virtual Gorbachevs in terms of being on the world govt. treadmill, even your boy Vlady.

        Well, I have no objection you, and all Americans for that matter, exercising the kind of attitude you are pushing: all is lost and there is nothing we can do about it. In fact, I would encourage it.

        Today, Americans to us, the Russians, are what the Germans were to us in 1941-1943, i.e. an occupying force.

        This is what people do not understand… even by many in Russia. The occupiers will be kicked out as soon as this dawns on the majority of our stupefied people, and the borders of the USSR will be restored in accord with the international law established in 1945.

        And that day is approaching rapidly.

  27. The “Long Game” for all US Presidents is to invade lesser nations. with military or corporate raiders, so that they can be bought for cheap by their handlers, partners and buddies..!!

    The International Institute for Strategic Studies ranked Iraq’s conflict the third-deadliest in the world in 2017…. behind only Syria’s civil war and Mexico’s drug wars. But… because of it….
    all of Iraq is dirt cheap and a “YUGE” deal right now.!!

  28. Oh gawd! — that Hillary is Pure Evil Incarnate, plus nuttier than a s***house rat, is beyond question, but this groveling worship of Trump is every bit as disgusting.

    It’s desperation borne of cowardice: desperation to believe the big snake oil show called “democracy” will come through for us (just this once), because if it doesn’t then it becomes that much clearer how absolutely f***ed we truly are, and hardcore Trump sycophants don’t have the GUTS to face this. In classic American fashion, they’re also too VAIN and SHALLOW to admit they got suckered by this, ah, REALITY TV CON ARTIST.

    Look, ***holes, this guy is just another stage stooge for the goddamn JEWS. He conclusively proved it the day he bombed Assad.

  29. Another play in Trump’s “Long Game” is to get $$$ Billions any way he can. Even from Saudi royals:

    by James Corbett
    November 12, 2017

    Saudi Arabia, May 2017. A private yacht sails into the port at Jeddah under heavy guard. The yacht’s identity is hidden even from the port authorities. Only a handful of people are allowed near it. They deliver several boxes on board and the yacht sails away.

    The boxes contained cash. $1 billion cash. A “gift” from the inner circle of Saudi Clown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS).

    An incredible story, to be sure. Phenomenal, even.

    Trump bribed by the Saudi Crown Prince to the tune of $1 billion?
    The beloved POTUS selling out his country in return for some cold hard cash?
    It could be the scandal of the century, and it seems to explain so much.

    After all, Trump’s genuflections toward the Saudi royals (literal as well as figurative) and his profusions of “great confidence” in those same royals even as they commit a chaotic and bloody purge stand in stark contrast to the rhetoric of candidate Trump. Lest we forget, it was just over one year ago that Trump was railing against Clinton for accepting money from those gay-killing, women-enslaving Saudi fiends and openly ruminating about Saudi connections to 9/11.

    …But is it true?

    Was there really a private yacht in Jeddah Port?
    A team of shadowy men from MBS’ inner circle?
    The billion dollars in cash?
    Who knows!

    The story comes from @mujtahidd, an anonymous Twitter user who has two million followers and claims to have sources close to the royal palace. And, true or not, it’s being reported on by “reputable” outlets. And why not? It’s salacious. It’s tantalizing. And it makes just enough sense to be not entirely implausible.

    In a sense, the yacht story is a good window into the chaotic “anti-corruption” purge taking place in Saudi Arabia right now, which has so far netted 201 people (and, not incidentally, 1700 bank accounts and other assets totaling a cool $800 billion). There’s so much uncertainty from so many quarters that even the most outlandish stories are being taken seriously.

    Did a Saudi prince die in a shootout while being swept up in the Kingdom’s recent purge, as many outlets reported, or is it all a hoax, as Saudi officials claim?
    Was the dramatic downing of a helicopter during the purge a deliberate act?
    Heck, was the Vegas shooting actually an attempt to assassinate MBS?
    Who knows!

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