5 thoughts to “TS Eliot’s ‘The Hollow Men’, read by Marlon Brando (6-minute video)”

  1. Sorry to have to be the first comment on this, but I always click-into Darkmoon, after Drudge and Breitbart in the mornings at coffee.
    This amazing recital by Brando was a perfect venue for this thought-of-a-poem. A disturbing direction of our destiny as mankind in our current situations! Lasha never fails to make a good display of things for which we’d not otherwise have bothered to contemplate…
    (Throughout the day, now, I will think about the “hollowness” which might occupy my own life!)

    1. No need to apologize, Gilbert, for making the first comment! I could have make the first comment myself, but I decided to leave it to someone else better equipped to do. And you were the ideal person: a poet yourself, one of the few on this site who thinks and feels like a poet. Who better to comment on Brando’s brilliant rendition?

      The last words, “The horror . . . the horror!” are not TS Eliot’s words of course. Nor Brando’s. They occur in the original book written by Joseph Conrad. The Heart of Darkness.

      1. Yes, I know, Sardonicus. I read that book a long time ago – even before Hollywood and Marlon Brando made it famous. The movie “Apocalypse Now” did not follow the story exactly, but one can discern how the scriptwriter was influenced by it. (After watching that movie, I smoked my first cigarette, because my college buddy thought we needed one! 🙂 )

        The creative imagination certainly conjures-up some outrageous and frightful scenarios, doesn’t it?? 🙂

  2. Damn those poet/philosophers are a suffering bunch!
    Wallowing in their special heightened pain they ever and always devour their own hearts, even as they know it’s not enough, nor will it ever be enough..

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