US vs Russia: Who Would Win If They Went To War?

Originally published on the Unz Review

America had better not start a major new war with Russia, the Saker advises, or it could end up seriously damaged: “The USA definitely has the quantitative advantage, but in terms of quality and training, Russia is way ahead.” 

Why bother having nuclear weapons if you are afraid to use them?
— Donald Trump

November 3, 2017.  “Do you think his assessment is accurate?” was the subject line of an email I got from a good friend recently.  The email referred to the article by Paul Craig Roberts “One Day Tomorrow Won’t Arrive” which claimed that “the US military is now second class compared to the Russian military“.  The article then went on to list a number of Russian weapons systems which were clearly superior to their US counterparts (when those even existed).  My reply was short: “Basically yes. The USA definitely has the quantitative advantage, but in terms of quality and training, Russia is way ahead. It all depends on on specific scenarios, but yes, PCR is basically spot on.” 

This email exchange took place after an interesting meeting I had with a very well informed American friend who, in total contrast to PCR, insisted that the USA had total military supremacy over any other country and that the only thing keeping the USA from using this overwhelming military might was that US leaders did not believe in the “brutal, unconstrained, use of force”.  So what is going on here?  Why do otherwise very well informed people have such totally contradictory views?

First, a disclaimer.  To speak with any authority on this topic I would have to have access to a lot of classified data both on the US armed forces and on the Russian ones.  Alas, I don’t.  So what follows is entirely based on open/public sources, conversations with some personal contacts mixed in with some, shall we say, educated guesswork. Still, I am confident that what follows is factually correct and logically analyzed.

To sum up the current state of affairs, I would say that the fact that the US armed forces are in a grave state of decay is not as amazing by itself as is the fact that this almost impossible to hide fact is almost universally ignored.  So let’s separate the two into “what happened” and “why nobody seems to be aware of it”.

What happened

Let’s begin at the beginning: the US armed forces were never the invincible military force the US propaganda (including Hollywood) would have you believe they have been.

I looked into the topic of the role of the western Allies in my “Letter to my American friend” and I won’t repeat it all here.  Let’s just say that the biggest advantage the USA had over everybody else during WWII is a completely untouched industrial base which made it possible to produce fantastic numbers of weapon systems and equipment in close to ideal conditions.  Some, shall we kindly say, “patriotic” US Americans have interpreted that as a sign of the “vigor” and “superiority” of the Capitalist economic organization while, in reality, this simply was a direct result of the fact that the USA was protected by two huge oceans (the Soviets, in contrast, had to move their entire industrial base to the Urals and beyond, as for the Germans, they had to produce under a relentless bombing campaign).  The bottom line was this: US forces were better equipped (quantitatively and, sometimes, even qualitatively) than the others and they could muster firepower in amounts difficult to achieve for their enemies.  And, yes, this did give a strong advantage to US forces, but hardly made them in any way “better” by themselves.

After WWII the USA was the only major industrialized country on the planet whose industry had not been blown to smithereens and for the next couple of decades the USA enjoyed a situation to quasi total monopoly.  That, again, hugely benefited the US armed forces but it soon became clear that in Korea and Vietnam that advantage, while real, did not necessarily result in any US victory.

Following Vietnam, US politicians basically limited their aggression to much smaller countries who had no chance at all to meaningfully resist, nevermind prevail.  If we look at the list of US military aggressions after Vietnam (see here or here) we can clearly see that the US military specialized in attacking defenseless countries.

Then came the collapse of the Soviet Union, the first Gulf War and the Global War on Terror when US politicians clearly believed in their own propaganda about being the “sole superpower” or a “hyperpower” and they engaged in potentially much more complex military attacks including the full-scale invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.  These wars will go down in history as case studies of what happens when politicians believe their own propaganda.

While Dubya declared victory as soon as the invasion was completed, it soon became clear to everybody that this war was a disaster from which the USA has proved completely unable to extricate themselves (even the Soviets connected the dots and withdrew from Afghanistan faster than the US Americans!).  So what does all this tell us about the US armed forces?

In no special order:

  1. They are big, way bigger than any other
  2. They have unmatched (worldwide) power projection (mobility) capabilities
  3. They are high-tech heavy which gives them a big advantage in some type of conflicts
  4. They have the means (nukes) to wipe-off any country off the face of the earth
  5. They control the oceans and strategic chokepoints

Is that enough to win a war?

Actually, no, it is not.  All it takes to nullify these advantages is an enemy who is aware of them and who refuses to fight what I call the “American type of war” (on this concept, see here).  The recent wars in Lebanon, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq have clearly shown that well-adapted tactics mostly deny the US armed forces the advantages listed above or, at the very least, make them irrelevant.

If we accept Clausewitz’s thesis that “war is the continuation of politics by other means” then it becomes clear that the US has not won a real war in a long long time and that the list of countries willing to openly defy Uncle Sam is steadily growing (and now includes not only Iran and North Korea, but also Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Venezuela and even Russia and China).  This means that there is an emerging consensus amongst the countries which the USA tries to threaten and bully into submission that for all the threats and propaganda the USA is not nearly as formidable enemy as some would have you believe.

Why nobody seems to be aware of it

The paradoxical thing is that while this is clearly well understood in the countries which the USA is currently trying to threaten and bully into submission, this is also completely ignored and overlooked inside the United States themselves.  Most Americans, including very well informed ones, sincerely believe that their armed forces are “second to none” and that the USA could crush any enemy which would dare disobey or otherwise defy the AngloZionist Empire.  Typically, when presented with evidence that the USAF, USN and NATO could not even defeat the Serbian Army Corps in Kosovo or that in Afghanistan the US military performance is very substantially inferior to what the 40th Soviet Army achieved (with mostly conscripts!), my interlocutors always reply the same thing: “Yeah, maybe, but if we wanted we could nuke them!”  This is both true and false.  Potential nuclear target countries for the USA can be subdivided into three categories:

  1. Countries who, if nuked themselves, could wipe the USA off the face of the earth completely (Russia) or, at least, inflict immense damage upon the USA (China).
  2. Those countries which the USA could nuke without fearing retaliation in kind, but which still could inflict huge conventional and asymmetric damage on the USA and its allies (Iran, North Korea).
  3. Those countries which the USA could nuke with relative impunity but which the USA could also crush with conventional forces making the use of nukes pointless (Venezuela, Cuba).

And, of course, in all these cases the first use of nukes by the USA would result in a fantastic political backlash with completely unpredictable and potentially catastrophic consequences.  For example, I personally believe that using nukes on Iran would mark the end of NATO in Europe as such an action would irreparably damage EU-US relations.  Likewise, using nukes on North Korea would result in a huge crisis in Asia with, potentially, the closure of US bases in Korea and Japan.  Others would, no doubt, disagree.

The bottom line: US nukes are only useful as a deterrent against other nuclear powers; for all other roles they are basically useless. And since neither Russia or China would ever contemplate a first-strike against the USA, you could say that they are almost totally useless (I say almost, because in the real world the USA cannot simply rely on the mental sanity and goodwill of other nations; so, in reality, the US nuclear arsenal is truly a vital component of US national security).

Which leaves the Navy and the Army.  The USN still controls the high seas and strategic choke points, but this is becoming increasingly irrelevant, especially in the context of local wars.  Besides, the US Navy is still stubbornly carrier-centric, which just goes to show that strategic vision comes a distant second behind bureaucratic and institutional inertia. As for the US Army, it has long become a kind of support force for Special Operations and Marines, something which makes sense in tiny wars (Panama, maybe Venezuela) but which is completely inadequate for medium to large wars.

What about the fact that the USA spends more on “defense” (read “wars of aggression”) than the rest of the planet combined?  Surely that counts for something?

Actually, no, it does not.  First, because most of that money is spent on greasing the pockets of an entire class of MIC-parasites which make billions of dollars in the free for all “bonanza” provided by that ridiculously bloated “defense” budget. The never mentioned reality is that compared to the USA, even the Ukrainian military establishment looks as only “moderately corrupt”!

[Sidebar: you think I am exaggerating?  Ask yourself a simple question: why does the USA need 17 intelligence agencies while the rest of the world usually need from 2 to 5?  Do you really, sincerely, believe that this has anything to do with national security?  If you do, please email me, I’ve got a few bridges to sell to you at great prices!  Seriously, just the fact that the USA has about 5 times more “intelligence” agencies than the rest of the planet is a clear symptom of the truly astronomical level of corruption of the US “national security state”]

In weapons system after weapons system, we see cases in which the overriding number one priority is to spend as much money as possible as opposed to deliver a weapon system soldiers could actually fight with.  When these systems are engaged, they are typically engaged against adversaries which are two to three generations behind the USA, and that makes the US look formidable.  Not only that, but in each case the US has a huge numerical advantage (hence the choice of small countries to attack).  But I assure you that for real military specialists the case for the superiority of US weapons systems in a joke. For example, French systems (such as the Rafale or the Leclerc MBT) are often both better and cheaper than their US equivalents, hence the need for major bribes and major “offset agreements.”

The Russian military budget is tiny, at least compared to the US one.  But, as William EngdalDmitrii Orlov and others have observed, the Russians get a much bigger bang for their buck.  Not only are Russian weapon systems designed by soldiers for soldiers (as opposed to by engineers for bureaucrats), but the Russian military is far less corrupt than the US one, at least when mega-bucks sums are concerned (for petty sums of money the Russians are still much worse than the Americans).  At the end of the day, you get the kind of F-35 vs SU-35/T-50 or, even more relevantly, the kind of mean time between failure or man-hours to flight hour ratios we have seen from the US and Russian forces over Syria recently.  Suffice to say that the Americans could not even begin to contemplate to execute the number of sorties the tiny Russian Aerospace task force in Syria achieved.  Still,  the fact remains that if the US Americans wanted it they could keep hundreds of aircraft in the skies above Syria whereas the tiny Russian Russian Aerospace task never had more than 35 combat aircraft at any one time: the current state of the Russian military industry simply does not allow for the production of the number of systems Russia would need (but things are slowly getting better).

So here we have it: the Americans are hands down the leaders in quantitative terms; but in qualitative terms they are already behind the Russians and falling back faster and faster with each passing day.

Do the US military commanders know that?

Of course they do.

But remember what happened to Trump when he mentioned serious problems in the US military?  The Clinton propaganda machine instantly attacked him for being non-patriotic, for “not supporting the troops”, for not repeating the politically obligatory mantra about “we’re number one, second to none” and all the infantile nonsense the US propaganda machine feeds those who still own a TV at home.  To bluntly and honestly speak about the very real problems of the US armed forces is much more likely to be a career-ending exercise than a way to reform a hopelessly corrupt system.

There is one more thing.  Not to further dwell on my thesis that most US Americans are not educated enough to understand basic Marxist theory, but the fact is that most of them know nothing about Hegelian dialectics.  They, therefore view things in a static way, not as processes.  For example, when they compliment themselves on having “the most powerful and capable military in the history of mankind” (they love that kind of language), they don’t even realize that this alleged superiority will inevitably generate its own contradiction and that this strength would therefore also produce its own weakness. Well-read US American officers, and there are plenty of those, do understand that, but their influence is almost negligible when compared to the multi-billion dollar and massively corrupt superstructure they are immersed in.

I am absolutely convinced that this state of affairs is unsustainable and that sooner or later there will appear a military or political leader who will have the courage to address these problems frontally and try to reform a currently petrified system.  But the prerequisite for that will probably have to be a massive and immensely embarrassing military defeat for the USA. 

I can easily imagine that happening in case of a US attack on Iran or North Korea.  I can guarantee it if the US leadership grows delusional enough to try to strike at Russia or China.

But for the time being it’s all gonna be “red, white and blue” and Paul Craig Roberts will remain a lone voice crying in the desert—”One day tomorrow won’t arrive.” He will be ignored, yes.  But that does not change the fact that he is right.

The Saker

PS: As for myself, I want to dedicate this song by Vladimir Vysotskii to Paul Craig Roberts and to all the other “Cassandras” who have the ability to see the future and the courage to warn us about it.  They usually end up paying a high price for their honesty and courage.


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  1. Well argued points by the Saker. He is spot on about corruption. That’s what lost the US Vietnam and the host of all these other little wars going on around the world at the moment. Let’s have a quick tally of the Western power’s “score” for guerrilla wars in mainland Asia, since the end of WW2. USA a big round zero for Vietnam, currently unable to achieve any form of military success in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan. They seem to be, when not funding pseudo-gang terrorists, playing silly buggers, military dilletantes. Lebanon, they fled in ignominy from a couple of car bombs. Yes, they were successful against the Huks in the Philippines, but that war was not waged by the military, but by special operatives from the Intelligence services. So except for an intelligence operation in the Philippines, the USA one big Zero. It’s no wonder they don’t frighten any one, with a modicum of intelligence, any more.
    France, one big fat, massive ZERO, Indo-China, a right royal kick up the arse. Cost them over 90,000 dead. A good light read on the subject is “Street without Joy”, by a French Jew, Bernard B. Fall.
    Now we come to the British, the only Western country to win a guerrilla war in Asia. I refer, of course to the “Emergency”, in Malaya between 1948 and 1960. It was called with usual British understatement the Emergency for Insurance purposes. The Boxwallahs must have their insurance. That “war” was fought mostly by the Malayan Police, as they accounted for 70% of CT (Communist Terrorist) casualties. The army played an auxiliary role. A light read on the subject is Noel Barber’s , “War Of The Running Dogs”
    Of course, there were a couple of other British successes. Confrontation with Indonesia in the mid 60’s, when “Bung” Sukarno didn’t like the formation of Malaysia. Another success was by the SAS in Yemen.
    So the only way JUSA is going to win in Asia is by using nukes and this suits the murderous intent of the Jews perfectly. The Jewish conspiracy against humanity goes back at least three millennia. First expounded in the Torah, then the Talmud, then the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. If these protocols were forged, why did possession incur the Death Penalty? The Jewish conspiracy was further expounded by the organisms that authored and signed the PNAC in the late 90’s. That part of the plan first came to fruition on 9/11, the “Pearl Harbor” event guaranteed to motivate the American people to go and kill the “Ay-rab sand niggers” all at the behest of the Jews!

  2. Only Pat Arch Stanton and Maxie are allowed to send in long comments, Felix, you should know that by now. Lasha’s pets ruff, ruff ruff ruff, ruff ruff, their long long long posts NEVER disappear ruff ruff ruff precious pet comments always APPEAR on the commentary threads ruff, ruff ruff, ruff ruff ruff ruff, ruff ruff, ruff…..

  3. @ Felix

    Looks like the long comment I posted disappeared. Sorry I can’t be bothered to rewrite it.

    Excellent comment, Felix! I’m glad to see that Admin managed to spot it in their ‘Spam’ folder — where it was bound to end up because of a technicality — and approved it for publication as soon as they saw it.

    What technicality? I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.

    The clue lies in a single word you used in your long post that was perfectly permissible in its context but which the computer refused to recognize as legitimate. 🙂

      1. @ Lobro

        C’mon Lobro, stop sulking and return to the battle front where your presence is desired as well as essential! 🙂

        I for one would welcome hearing from you again if only for this reason: the truth is often complex and is only arrived at after some previously accepted paradigm is questioned. You are doing the paradigm questioning here, especially in regard to Donald Trump, and ultimately that is a good thing because such questioning allows us to arrive at a new synthesis.

        Hegelian dialectics: THESIS —> ANTITHESIS —> SYNTHESIS.

        The “thesis” on this website is that Trump is “BAD”. The “antithesis” (which you are providing) is that Trump is “GOOD”. The “synthesis” will be an attempt to reconcile these two opposites. Mabye the final synthesis will be something like:

        (1) Trump is both good and bad. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. (Like Jekyll and Hyde).


        (2) Trump is just putting on an act of being “bad”. Actually he’s “good” … and time will tell.


        (3) Trump is being cruelly maligned by his enemies, i.e., he’s a good guy being defamed by the bad guys who are in control of the media.

        Any of these three alternative viewpoints is possible.

    1. Yes, Sardonicus. Lesson learned. Thank you! Regarding Lobro, I think he is in transit at the moment. He may have time to post during airport stops. But he’ll be fully operational by next week.

      1. @Sardonicus,

        I’ll let Lobro speak for himself. He’s much more eloquent than I. But, as the Saker dedicated his excellent piece to Paul Craig Roberts, I’ll quote one paragraph of PCR’s latest, which I just read on ICH.

        “The presstitute media told the lies they were supposed to tell. The consequence of this plot has been to waste the first year of Trump’s presidency and to prevent President Trump from reducing the dangerously high tensions with nuclear power Russia. This is a disservice not only to President Trump but also to the American people and the planet itself.”

        You can believe PCR or not. You can believe the Saker or not. You can believe Trump was sincere in his campaign promises concerning Russia or not. None of us is privy to what is/was in Trump’s heart. But what is not in dispute is that the Jewish owned/controlled MSM and its democrat lackeys were not about to give Trump a chance, attacking his credibility the moment he was declared the victor over the Wicked Witch. How anyone can say that the mainstream media (FOX being the exception) actually wanted Trump to win is beyond me.

        Regarding your three options, Trump is probably all of the above. The man is nothing if not a mass of contradictions who thrives on the chaos he creates.

      2. @ FollyOfWar

        Regarding your three options, Trump is probably all of the above. The man is nothing if not a mass of contradictions who thrives on the chaos he creates.

        I’m in full agreement with your astute comment, FOW. And I look forward to Lobro’s return after he’s settled down a bit in his new location. Apparently he’s in transit right now, flitting between airports and so on.

        Lobro is very much the Wandering Non-Jew! 🙂

  4. Yes, it’s just as well you don’t bother, Felix…. We can already guess the anti-American gist of your lost comment.
    What strikes me as obvious about The Saker’s article is his well-thought-out assumptions. They seem to be fairly correct – although, as he states, he hasn’t any access to classified information. One thing I do know is that the U.S. Navy realized they were too “carrier-centric” a few years ago, and that has been vigorously addressed (fyi, Mr. Saker). Of course, whether war was brought to American soil, or to Russian soil, would have much to do with the outcome. Nikita Kruschev stated many years ago that it was “infeasible” to attempt an occupation of America because “there’d be a sniper behind every tree”. (However, as we have become softer and more conciliatory to our potential enemies, such may no longer be the case.)
    In any event, a conventional war would require unmanageable logistics of supply for the aggressors, either way. American Navy destroyers and subs would assure trans-oceanic difficulty (especially for troop transport) of any Russian aggression, as well as an interruption of their tenuous economic power. Russia is, still, in a constant posture of paranoia, which is to America’s advantage in preparing for unpleasantries.

    1. It will soon be, if not now, China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and the rest of the planet against the USA, England and Israel. Minnow countries like Australia do not matter; and, besides we in Oz are moving towards China.

      Lots of us Oz blokes are marrying good looking Chinese sheilas, as the Chinese love us Aussies, but hate Americans.

      I personally know that China is miltarily a lot stronger than the Jewish-Yankies believe. Its blue water fleet is increasing rapidly and the Chinese invented rockets. China’s new island fortresses are spreading out and can easily take out American Pacific installations.

      And the American military is now full of sheilas, negros, half breeds, homosexuals etc. The Chinese, Russians, etc won’ t play PC games with your queers and misfits. And the Jews will desert you like rats and take their ransackings elsewhere.

      The USA is Rome revisited, or is it Nero’s dacha revisited. You are morally and culturally bankrupt. You are a joke – a nearly dead Jewland.
      Soon you will regain colony status and all the clever money will be in London, Shanghai, Brussels and Moscow.

      The Russian and Chinese scientists are light years ahead of your Jewish-educated home products and are nearly ready to take out the American sons of Babylon.
      You Americanos make up 5% of the planet’s population, yet you use up 50% of its energy. You must be brought to heel for the sake of humanity.

      1. Come on Max.
        Your insensitivity is apalling. Probably quite a few flaming homos serving in the U.S. military, after reading your post, are now crying ruining their make-up as tears trickle down their cheeks. They deserve compassion and understanding, Max. You owe them a heart-felt apology and a hug you Aussie-man-beast. 🙂

    2. Felix –

      Well, I see your comment made the post. Congratulations! (Of course, your use of the N-word inhibited the sensitive monitors of this site.) (I, myself, find no fault with you on that score, btw.)
      I believe you are failing to recognize a frantic realization among American officers of their recent shortcomings of strategic preparedness. All those lessons have been – and are being – carefully studied in military academies, and by current brass, as well. We, too, have become paranoid of our own failures! 😂

    3. Gilbert,
      Thus it will go nuclear. That’s the intent of the Jews, get the Americans and Russians to kill each other. You must realise of course that your masters e.g. the Bushes amongst others have prepared boltholes in Paraguay. And if I may say so, Gilbert, you have copied the Jews in dismissing any criticism of the US by saying you’re just anti-American. They screech anti-Semitism, you cry anti-Americanism. As I pointed out previously Gilbert, America has, and is still murdering innocent men, women and children around the world. Well, I’m sorry Gilbert but I see no reason to desist from criticising America, because she has become a proxy for the Jews to murder most of humanity and enslave the remainder. Why should I like a race that does that? Is this why you are in a state of denial regarding nukes? I put it to you that you cannot contemplate the monstrosity of the crime your country is going to carry out against humanity and thus you deny they exist. Read “Doctor at Nagasaki” by Masao Shiotsuki, that may open your eyes.

      1. I wholeheartedly agree with you on that score, Felix. My hope is that enough of my countrymen will rebel against the intentions of our Jewish overseers, and adjust the plantation to a more fruitful harvest. The more we are criticised and suffer for our stupidities, the more likely we are to finally demand a reckoning! It pisses me off – as well as it bothers many other Americans – that we suffer the lefties a peaceful platform for their bitching. Enough will soon be “Enough!”, and, hopefully, we’ll begin a Day of The Rope for the misfits. (Can’t happen soon enough to suit me!)

      2. @ Felix

        You can like or hate whatever or whomever you choose, but Americans are not a race of people. Quite the contrary, in fact. Race refers to skin color white, black, brown, yellow. An American is either one who was born in the nation and acquired citizenship or people who migrated to America and through legalities became citizens regardless of their color.

        Racism will not unite Americans, but will only cause more violence. A single cause that would turn the people to face Jesus and seek His Way would minimize the power of jews, atheists, satanists and all non-believers in Christ Jesus by demonstrating His Holy Power. The Power of Jesus is beyond human comprehension and nothing like taught in churches.

        BTW, the tragic shooting that occurred in Texas this week, showed a church sign of that church celebrating “fall fest” and it was held on Halloween 31 October. Is that christian? No way do I justify the horrific shooting, but the marquee is telling about how evil works.

        The Way Home or face The Fire –

      3. @ New Song
        “Race refers to skin color, white, black, brown, yellow.”
        That is one sense of the meaning. May I suggest you peruse the Oxford or Cambridge Dictionaries. You will find there are many senses of meaning to race, including the sense I used to describe America. Churchill in his comments on the US victory at Midway concluded that, “it exemplified the finest virtues of the AMERICAN RACE.”
        I once had an argument with a Berkley academic on this very topic. I had to literally rub his nose in the pages of my Collins Dictionary. BTW, Berkley, if I’m not mistaken, is where PC, Political Correctness, began. Just who do they think they are? They have absolutely no right to tell the entire English speaking world how to speak their language.
        Another no no of the PC crowd is their outraged horror when one mimics the various accents from around the world. The Indian is one of my favourite accents to mimic. I love doing it in Indian restaurants. It’s fun outraging the PC crowd. Another is the Southern accent of the US. I love that accent; “Naw Leans, Y’all!”

      4. Toby,
        Love it! Thanks. Reminds me when I asked an old indian gentleman how it was from the post office, he told me, “Oh yes, it is 3 furlongs down the road!” Only in India, a delightful people, Oh yes! Acha hey!

    4. “Russia is, still, in a constant posture of paranoia, which is to America’s advantage in preparing for unpleasantries.”

      Seriously? In 1962, the U.S. “government” was ready to start a nuclear war over the issue of Russian missiles in Cuba. As I type this, that “same” U.S. “government” now has Russia surrounded with hostile puppet governments, military bases and troops, missile launchers, etc.

      If Russia was so “paranoid” the U.S. would already be a radioactive wasteland. On the contrary, considering all that’s happened, Russia has shown remarkable restraint.

  5. The idea of Russia and the U.S. warring against each other DIRECTLY is specious. The inevitable intensity of such a conflict would be far too disruptive in terms of implementing the long term agenda that has played both sides against the “eyes on the prize” middle in a long drawn out “phony war” to ACHIEVE it

    An elaborate feint
    that calls for restraint
    by hidden tribes
    that jutes* and jives

    *correct spelling – taken from the ancient Jutes, or say, “jewts”

    1. The thing is, the Russian government has a duty to protect Russia and defend Russian interests, even if it is “disruptive” to jew plans.

      Also, with tensions high and forces at the ready, direct conflict between the U.S. and Russia can happen by “accident”, by false-flag attack, or when a belligerent fool like Orange Clown does something stupid and reckless. With demon-possessed madmen in high places, the possibility is very real, IMO.

    2. hmmmm….

      I wonder as I wander through the maze of synaptic mysteries

      Could it be that the rottenness referred to by Hamlet has a correlation to the ancient Jutes who migrated to England about 1,500 years ago?

      If we were to trace the lineage of one Oliver Cromwell, what might we find there?

      Murder most foul, as in the best it is;
      But the most foul, strange, and unnatural

      There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio
      Then are dreamt of in your philosophy

      1. hp

        Like with darkmoon, I lerv reading the comment section oftentimes more than the article being commented ON. Not to mention the music of Wagner, and a good mystery

        as we keep delving away…..(:>)

  6. Alot of Darkmooners hassled lobro to no end of the hassling, giving lobro such a hard time, now that they managed to turn lobro off to Darkmoon because of all of their unwarranted attacks on lobro, now they want lobro back. ¿What? do you all want lobro to come back for, you all did everything you could to push and shove lobro off of the dark m00n and get rid of him. Sometimes I agreed with lobro, sometimes not, but I never made any unwarranted attacks upon lobro. My attacks on lobro were ALWAYS warranted and justified, 🙂 .

  7. Saker wrote a disqualifier… right off the bat:
    “First, a disclaimer. To speak with any authority on this topic I would have to have access to a lot of classified data both on the US armed forces and on the Russian ones. Alas, I don’t. So what follows is entirely based on open/public sources, conversations with some personal contacts mixed in with some, shall we say, educated guesswork. Still, I am confident that what follows is factually correct and logically analyzed.”

    “..shall we say, educated guesswork.”
    “..shall we say, educated guesswork.”

    I would be using “guesswork” also to attempt to refute such “GUESSES.”

    Saker must not believe his own “GUESSES”…
    He would be engulfed in the battle… mushroom clouds galore..
    ……since he lives on Florida’s coast…!! Cuba would be a willing and logical launch point for Russian troops and missiles..!! (been there done that ‘crisis’ already)

    Since he cannot write freely anywhere except in America, a cave in Tennessee would be ‘safer for Saker’… if he actually believed what he wrote..

    Maybe he just made it all up to catch eyeballs… 🙂

      1. Thanks, Sard –

        It will take more than green tea 🙂 to calm me down about the phony nuclear weapons pushed by the FAKE NEWS Mainstream Media and their followers…. like Saker. Especially misleading are the concepts of MIRVs.

        There has never been a test of 12 or 16 nuclear(sic) warheads being deployed and detonated, all at one time, from the same ICBM, at ANY time in history..!! At best they are guessing it might work without first testing it..!! That’s ‘bad rice’ to use untested weapons in an emergency… but, especially in WAR.

        Ask Costello if he knows when that happened. 🙂

  8. @ PAT

    Is he on the East Coast of Florida [ the Atlantic side ] or the West Coast [ Gulf of Mexico ] of Florida, Pat? There’s TWO coasts here in Florida , Pat, not one but TWO. Learn Geography, Pat. We expect Our Geo-Politics experts to know at least a little bit of Geography.

    And on what side of the Swanee River is your Chattahootchee mental ayslum located, Pat, on the East side of The Swanee or the West side of The Swanee? Can you see Mamie out there on the green green lawn thru your mental hospital window waiting for you to be released some day and singing Negro Gospel hymns to give you some ¡HOPE! for some kind of future?

    1. TROJ –

      It really doesn’t matter which coast Saker is closest to. It is only 150 miles from coast-to-coast in central Florida.
      I’ll bet near Orlando – (Disney World)… aka “Mouse House” to truckers. “East-Central,” he wrote, a while back.

      One good mushroom cloud from even the MOAB will totally obliterate the whole ‘penile-shaped’ state..!!

      You’re safe in the hills at Chattahoochee State Mental Hospital..

      You might get the attendant to bring you a football helmet.. 🙂

      However, Saker wrote…

      “PPS: to those interested in meeting me personally.  Now that my anonymity is gone, please drop me an email if you are anywhere near East-Central Florida, I will gladly meet with you.  Let’s make something good from something ugly :-)”

  9. One thing “The Saker” didn’t mention was the advantage of the moral high ground which Russia would have. That is, Russia would be defending its legitimate interests while the U.S. military would be doing jew dirty work.
    It’s one thing when the U.S. military attacks/invades a country that doesn’t have much ability to resist, but what about the case where “the enemy” has some ability to disable/destroy your satellites; spoof/jam your radar; jam your communications; detect your “stealth” planes; blow your AWACS out of the sky; shoot down your cruise missiles; confront you with jet fighters comparable to or even better than your own; sink your ships with volleys of supersonic/hypersonic cruise missiles, etc.?
    Are the zionist crusaders going to be willing to die en masse for the sake of the Satanic (and utterly hopeless) jew agenda?

  10. I think Russia and America are pretty evenly matched, they are both capable of destroying most of the hard won human progress and good civilization in about half an hour or so. As noted, that is what restrains the neocons a little. That time frame is what is presented to incoming US presidents. Russia, however, has two serious advantages in a one on one.

    First, it’s huge, 11 time zones. Then the Russian people, who despite years of Jewish/Marxist mass murder and degradation of human spirit emerged from the nightmare far stronger. They refuse to let Jewish social engineers like Barbara Lerner Specter undermine their reborn and vitally growing civilization with the “Europe is too White CRAP” (but not Israel). Over 70 years teaches you something. Zionist efforts to whip up trouble in Chechnya and Southern border states have been steamrolled, and now a forward strategy is producing significant results in Syria. ‘You need more ‘democracy’ G. W. Bush style” with Rothschild predatory efforts in the former Yukos Oil and elsewhere have been flattened. So the Russian government has met the challenge of Khazar hatred, who seem to think that everything and everyone is supposed to belong to them. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the USA. Just look at LA under G. H.W. Bush, and you can get an idea of what survivors would have to deal with, but far, far worse. Vitally necessary and urgent efforts to repair are the subject of well earned Worldwide contempt – the G.damned US “Justice” Dept. and Congress can’t even indict a career criminal like HRC, who publicly flouts the laws and is easily answerable for 14 major criminal offenses. Then there’s all the strangely dead witnesses…

    There is a lot of talk about technology. As I’ve tried to point out, the F-117-A took it’s first flight in 1977 according to Janes. It is not the most advanced, and the B-1, F-22, and F-35 certainly aren’t either. Read what President Reagan wrote about it in the Presidential diary – back then. Recovered exotic technologies have been acquired (Germany) or back engineered. The worldwide system of bases makes it easy to grab drones, probes, and ‘manned’ craft. You better do what a lot of forward looking minds try to do – read “The Disclosure Project” and the testimony of NASA and military personnel. There is really a great deal in this literature today – I’d suggest Paul Stonehill’s works for the Russian experience, again with plenty of testimony from Cosmonauts and Military (particularly Aviation) experts. There is a huge amount of rock solid information, though the field is also a minefield of disinformation and phonies. After you do the reading to the level approaching as close as you can to Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling (Marvelous UFO collection, now part of a University Library) or billionaire NASA contractor Robert Bigelow (Even better Library and growing) to name only two, then we might have a better informed though mostly speculative (but certainly not all speculative) discussion regarding technical developments. How can we realistically discuss this when one party hasn’t done the work?

    That’s a huge part of the problem. The Zionists and neocons feel emboldened beyond limits being near this truly amazing phenomena. Worse, the deep state seems to have lost touch with the rest of humanity and the ongoing National destruction in the USA by liberal/Marxist and Zionist/neocon creatures.

    In the end, people are the Country – not tech. Russia has the advantage currently by far, and the American Indians will get back their lands, Israel obliterated along with a great deal else, despite the infamous genetic efforts to bioengineer a Russian/Slavic dedicated disease from Khazar Hell. The last article written about a needed purge was written by someone who “Knew what he didn’t like, but wasn’t sure what he wanted”. Unspoiled people know without being told the perfect is the enemy of the good. It needs protection like anything else.

    1. True enough, Winston, we don’t know what we don’t know. DARPA exists to work on technology that is far ahead of anything seen or acknowledged “officially”. And, it would be surprising if there weren’t even more secretive versions of DARPA. A few years back, there was a YouTube video of a man in a camouflage suit that could only be detected because of a slight shimmering of the background, much like the aliens in “Predator”. The suit was turned off when he jumped up onto an armored vehicle. Many comments claimed it was CGI. I can’t prove it wasn’t. But I will say, to the doubters and disbelievers, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” In 1980, I had knowledge about aircraft remote control systems capable of takeoffs, landings, and all the flying in between, long before 9/11 when people were still claiming they didn’t, and couldn’t, exist.

      1. I put this in a separate comment because it may cause DM formatting problems. I’ve seen numerous versions of this on Twitter, but copied this version – with added graphics – from “Goon Squad”. Thanks.

        A very small sample of what our “fellow White people” are saying on Twitter.

      2. Carn –

        Correct about RC military planes.

        I have told this story for decades… way before 9/11:

        Joe Kennedy was killed in remote control plane operation ‘Aphrodite’ in 1944.

        Aphrodite and Anvil were the World War II code names of United States Army Air Forces and United States Navy operations to use B-17 and PB4Y bombers as precision-guided munitions against bunkers and other hardened/reinforced enemy facilities such as those targeted during Operation Crossbow.

        The plan called for B-17 aircraft which had been taken out of operational service – various nicknames existed such as “robot”, “baby”, “drone” or “weary Willy”– to be loaded to capacity with explosives, and flown by radio control into bomb-resistant fortifications such as German U-boat pens and V-weapon sites.

        ALSO… March 9, 1962: Proposed ‘Operation Northwoods’: US Military Would Conduct Terrorist Attacks, Then Blame Them on Cuba to Build Support for War Against Cuba … In March 1962, Lyman L. Lemnitzer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, submitted a plan to create a remote-controlled drone aircraft to be destroyed by’MIG type planes. JFK rejected the plans.

        Later…. The RQ-4 Global Hawk is a high-altitude, long-endurance program was developed for the United States Air Force (USAF) by Northrop Grumman in the 1990s.

        Remote control planes and drones have been around since WWII.

        Tesla made small RC military boats – water drones – in 1898.

        See it:

      3. @Pat,

        (Thought I’d submitted this, maybe not. Sorry if it’s a repeat)

        In 1980, I was an air traffic controller. We were allowed to fly in the cockpit on familiarization flights. On a commercial 747 flight from SFO to LAX, the pilot and I got into a discussion about the airline corporations’ plan to remove engineers from the cockpit (later accomplished). The pilot revealed that, in fact, none of the flight crew were needed because the aircraft could be operated from the gate in SFO to the gate at LAX by a combination of remote controls and autopilot. The discussion ended when the co-pilot gave the pilot a stern look, and the pilot asked me to keep the discussion to myself.

        I’ve read about the WW2 era R/C aircraft, but the Tesla R/C boats in 1898 were news to me. Thanks. 🙂

      4. CARNAPTIOUS, I remember decades ago watching an old WWII science docu-film taken from inside a Henschel bomber which launched a camera equipped missile guided by a joystick and TV screen from inside the aircraft.
        I believe this was in 1943.

      5. @Carnaptious

        Yes, then there is the incredible accuracy of the 9/11 planes allegedly flown by barely qualified non jet pilots and the ‘missing’ Malaysian airliner. But it goes well beyond this as you probably know – the late Ben Rich of Lockheed mentioned something like ‘anything you can imagine, we already have’ in a discussion.

        The ‘predator’ suit has been adapted to jet aircraft (as witnessed by viewers looking at maneuvers over Dugway proving grounds). Even National Geographic magazine did a brief sanitized write up on this new tech. The Japanese had a cloak years ago ( ) featuring the work of Susumu Tachi. Scientists led by Dr. Vera Smolyaninova at the University of Maryland and published in New Journal of Physics back in 2012 worked on an elementary form slowed down light to the point where it stopped. Gang Chen at MIT suggested cloaking electrons October 2, 2012. Metascreen ultra-thin invisibilty cloak produced transparency and invisibility aroun 3-D objects from all angles of observation, in a study co-authored by Professor Andrea Alu – this one only micrometres thick. Researchers at US Dept. of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of CA, Berkeley used microscopic gold in ultra thin 80 nano meters for rendering objects invisible by light scattering according to director Xiang Zhang of Berkeley Lab’s Material Sciences Division. There is a Canadian company called Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.

        The Deep State is well beyond this.

      6. Thanks, Winston –

        All of the information about advanced technology and researchers were in US companies and colleges.

        There were no Russians mentioned. They would not win.

        It would follow that the US researchers give the new technology to their own companies in Russia, using cheap labor. So no need for the redundancy. ‘Put-On’ will get his portion soon enough. 🙂

      7. Yes, thanks for those links, Winston. So the Predator suit probably wasn’t CGI, and this tech has been around for more than a decade. Skeptics often demand video/photo proof, but how does one obtain proof of invisibility camouflage? It would be safe to assume, if one believes in aliens, they, too, would have such tech. Hope the alien question gets answered before I shed this meat suit and join the energetic universe.

        On a very different topic, the digital currency platform Ethereum has suffered a major loss, reported today.

        $300m in cryptocurrency’ accidentally lost forever due to bug

        User mistakenly takes control of hundreds of wallets containing cryptocurrency Ether, destroying them in a panic while trying to give them back
        Hmm, maybe cryptocurrencies aren’t such a great idea.

      8. Carn –

        ETH was $15 in March and is $314 today.
        BTC was under $1000 then and is $7200 today.

        Maybe cryptocurrencies are not such a great idea.. for YOU.. 🙂

        I bought in well below $1000 and have taken my original out… and still have mining shares paid daily. Clockwork gains.

        I cannot lose anything now.

        I bought ETH early enough to be ok there also.

        ALL of life is a gamble… not promised a tomorrow.. Enjoy the casino. 🙂

        Like pioneers and pirates.. NO FEAR..!!

      9. One of the people reported to have lost money on ETH – to the tune of $90 mil – was the developer who created it. I’m guessing he’s not feeling too happy right now. But I am glad your investment(s) paid off, Pat. 🙂

        My investments in casinos, the stock market, and two ex-wives have left me with little but a small pension and a 31 year old car. Could have bought Bitcoin at one or two dollars… Didn’t. Oh well… On the upside, I love that old car, and at least I don’t have to worry about some three letter agency hi-jacking it and heading it into a tree at 100 MPH! My pension gets paid regularly, and for all my health issues, I’m still mostly upright. We have to find our pleasures and triumphs where we can because none of us makes it out of here alive. 😜

      10. Huffington Post, an article titled “Towards a Concept of White Wounding”, by a “fellow white person”. I am speechless. 😡 Is this really the future we want?

        My question is, will the war with Russia / China / Iran / ? occur before or after the next US civil war, because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see how that will be avoided if our “fellow white people” have their way.

      11. @Carnaptious
        @Interested Persons

        My pleasure. Some of those links (there’s more) are showing work in Academia. That used to be cutting edge, with the Military further developing the tech from the cradle of learning, so to speak. Today, rarely so. Bechtel, Mitre, and others are there way BEFORE Academia. When something has been compromised or superseded by new developments, then it’s disseminated in Academia to help future minds keep current, though occasionally Academia really shines.

        Take Tachyons, which if we believe Wikipedia are interesting imaginary but “impossible” theoretical postulated particles that travel faster than light, Tachyon (from the Greek ‘Tachus’ meaning swift) the term said to originate with Gerald Feinberg of Columbia University in 1966, first proposed by physicist Arnold Sommerfeld. Most insist like Wikipedia that Tachyons violate the laws of Physics and parrot the Wikipedia line. Yet Intercept founder Lee Elders and expert in electronic communications protection Tom Welch after working and solving a large financial corporation’s security problem in London (they were referred by Honeywell Corp.) went on to Switzerland to meet the late Col. Wendelle Stevens, and found tachyons being suggested as propulsion system back in 1978 (Stevens had seen this in written notes alone on a solo visit in 1977). The original notes were recorded by a one armed blue collar Swiss farmer who’s education didn’t reach junior high school level back in February 1975. Elders and co. found 9 different countries Intelligence services watching this individual. After further research, Welch, Elders, and Stevens found that specialists connected with NASA or General Dynamics had been quietly working on Tachyon propulsion for some time.

        The field is utterly fascinating, though scary for some in some aspects and truth be told, rightfully so.

    2. @Carnaptious

      Here’s another. First, let’s note that Tachyon propulsion can’t be used any where near planetary or stellar masses or you could have a sizeable problem. But speaking of tech, to describe it in popular terminology they (formerly we) are well along in ‘tractor beams’ as seen in the popular sci-fi series Star Trek. NASA started “officially” funding this in 2011 using specially honed crossed lasers, a variation of the optical tweezers method first demonstrated by Arthur Ashkin (who worked at Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies) back in 1986. There are many studies of manipulation of nanoparticles using fiber optic Laser tweezers, including Takayuki Numata, Atsuo Takaynagi, Yukitoshi Otani and Norihiro Umeda published January 10, 2006.

      A second method uses solenoid beams, intense lasers that create an elecromagnetic effect to pull in an object. This method, unlike optical tweezers, works in the vacuum of space.

      A third method is based on a Bessel beam, a laser that creates ripples much like a rock thrown into a pond.

      The field of space exploration and defense applications really is endlessly fascinating, but you have get around the official keep “the herd in darkness” attitude.

      1. @Winston

        The discoveries of cutting edge science and technology are, indeed, endlessly fascinating. At least they are for most of us who would rather read a book than watch sports or reality shows on the idiot box. So it’s a great shame there is still an emphasis on “keeping the herd in darkness”. It’s also a great shame that discoveries with potentially positive results or outcomes for humanity end up classified at levels that keep the information more or less permanently restricted to the development of military applications. This means that academics are generally “out”, while profit driven corporations are “in”. Of course, nothing stops well qualified academics from making the switch to corporate work for the “merchants of death”, but when they do that their lips are typically sealed shut with non-disclosure agreements, and threats both covert and overt. I could cite the example of a distant relative who made the switch, but if I did that I think he – or some three letter agency – would be obliged to kill me.

        I continue to hope, along with many millions of others, that the long promised “disclosure” happens soon. Thanks for those very interesting comments.


    It would make WW1’s killing fields look like a picnic. One hydrogen bomb on Los Amgeles or London could kill 10 million people in an instant.

    Any leader who even thinks of it should be locked up.

    1. Quite right, John Kirby. But as others have observed, (((they’ll))) play brinkmanship – currently directed at Lebanon.

  12. There would be no winner, both the U.S. and Russia would be destroyed and quite possibly the world.

    1. The elite jews think they can make it if they just get to their underground bunkers in time. They probably have water and rations to last for years. But what kind of world will they eventually come out to? One where the ozon shield has been destroyed. Which means in turn what they will meet is a dead world when they finally come out. It has all been burned to death after the shield is gone. Only their evil god will have the last laugh.

  13. Vietnam is the country where both US and Russia have military bases… so it is a convenient place for ‘Put-On’ and Trump to get their faked news stories – lies – straight. AND plan more casinos for Crimea and in Vladivostok on Pacific:

    Vietnam is also a good country to use as a platform, a portal, for the US to keep sending Russia more sophisticated technology to use in Russia’s military. That is necessary for the US to jump-start Russia’s military presence in the Pacific.

    We know…. ALL national leaders are liars… and ALL hooked together at the top… BUT….

    The US paid stooges in the Kremlin won’t be accused of “guessing” or “lying” here:

    Kremlin says Putin and Trump likely to meet in Vietnam

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump have a full agenda for their likely encounter on the sidelines of a Pacific nations’ summit this week, the Kremlin said Wednesday.

    Putin’s foreign affairs adviser, Yuri Ushakov, said the Russian leader will meet Trump during sessions of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ meeting that opens Friday in Danang, Vietnam.

    Ushakov said the U.S. and Russian leaders may also have an “extensive” one-on-one meeting, although a specific time has not been set.

    So much for annihilation of US or Russia.

    Saker needs to catch up with the casino oligarchs. 🙂

  14. you think I am exaggerating? Ask yourself a simple question: why does the USA need 17 intelligence agencies while the rest of the world usually need from 2 to 5?

    This is the result of Jewish paranoia. Cowards that they are, Jews fear everyone, so they continually gather as much information as possible about all the goyim in order to offset the possibility of retaliation by them. The most obvious example of this was the Soviet Union, a country that, up to its demise, demonstrated unparalleled intelligence gathering resources Jew’s deployed against friend and foe alike. This is why, like that other lowlife scum, the Mafia “godfather”, Jews elevated another of the lowest form of scum on the planet, the spy, to preeminent position as the coolest of cool government slime, to wit – James Bond.

    Jews have used this type of intelligence gathering since Biblical times as related in the story of Jericho, where Jewish spies slip into town with the help of a prostitute (naturally) to gather intelligence on Jericho’s fortifications. Using this intelligence, they detect the wall’s most vulnerable locations and then use sappers to undermine the wall as they sing, drum, shout and stamp about to cover their tunneling operations.

    Jews know the goyim have long viewed their race as criminal, they know their actions against us are predatory. Historically, whites have “risen to smite them” when they awaken to this ugly fact. That is why they have debilitated the white race to the point where they no longer present such a threat, while at the same time leveling other Jewish enemies, e.g. the Negro and Muslim, against the white goyim, keeping them preoccupied with the rampant murders and other dangers occurring on their streets.

    Well-read US American officers, and there are plenty of those, do understand that, but their influence is almost negligible when compared to the multi-billion dollar and massively corrupt superstructure they are immersed in.

    This is the very reason Jews are hellbent on the development of AI and other remote technologies. They feel pressing need to eliminate the problematical aspect of awakened goyim manning critical positions over their weapons deployment. Jews seek to personally control every weapon system. In fact, American drones can presently be controlled from any place on the planet, including Israel. They tested this rapidly advancing technology by having their golden negro use it on innocent, defenseless populations, where a single, low level operator controlled multiple drones from extremely distant locations.

    One can only imagine the horrors awaiting the world once insane, psychopathic Jews have eliminated the “unreliable” goyim cog from their American host’s weapons platforms. But of course, Jews have already shown us our future in their movie “Terminator”. Only there won’t be any “Skynet” computer matrix running the show, it will be something much, much worse – crazed, murderous Jews with (((their))) fingers on all the buttons.

    1. That is why I think they have been involved in the gaming industry from the start. From Pac-Man to whatever is the newest game released to the open market. The people who play constantly gets desanitized to extreme violence. But they also get very skilled. Skilled at shooting and flying planes and drones. That is probaly why they have convents like Dreamhack so they can recruit the best of them. I know they are involved in the business because just like movies and tv shows, the games today are also loaded with PC bullcrap. Like race-mixing propaganda and gay couples. There are hardly even any white characters anymore except maybe as leading villains. Just like with Hollywood they often have a golden negro as hero.

  15. Recently, Military dot com posted a public version of a report on the causes of the ramming of the USS John S. McCain. The McCain is one of the many Arleigh Burke class destroyers, that “provide multi-mission offensive and defensive capabilities.” (see Wikipedia) It was a serious ship, with a Krew of Klowns on the bridge if the accident report is even partially true. There were many comments – now deleted – that attributed the accident to a lack of training on ships’ systems, in favor of training in Diversity, Sensitivity, Race and Gender Relations, and other politically correct mush.

    The recent collisions in the Western Pacific, provide examples of the quality of ships and crews in the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet. Of course, those ships do require a complement of officers, many of whom are now mired in yet another corruption scandal. One gets the feeling that, if the US does go to war with China, the slogan won’t be “God With Us”, but “God Help Us!”

    1. When a couple dozen Yakhont, CX-1 or KLUB missiles come screaming in at mach 3, twenty feet off the deck,
      it’s going to be lights out. Perfectly executed defensive computer simulations and rigged tests, notwithstanding.

  16. Felix

    Which faction of jews are intending this?

    Who is getting this? That there are TWO primary factions of jews engaged in an ancient internecine rivalry? And we can only guess at what the intentions are of either, not to mention sorting through what the truth may be regarding the alliances of various nationalities of whose inhabitants are their human pawns

    The only thing we can be sure of is that the common aim of BOTH is for the subjugation of mankind as a whole, with the human spoils to be divvied up between them….at least in the beginning of said would-be subjugation.

    But jews won’t stop there, which is what characterizes “internecine”….no honor among thieves doncha know

    1. Exactly right, Brownhawk. Soros, Adelson and their ilk are mutual “controlled opposition” with a common goal, a neo-feudal NJWO. If they get it, and a 90%-95% reduction of the world’s population, they will soon begin internecine war using private armies. Boundless, insatiable greed, by definition, has no bounds and is insatiable. A 1,000 year Jewish Reich is a fantasy.

      1. The fantasy from the scriptures goes like this: every Jew will own 2800 Goyim slaves, and the rest of Goyim will be killed.

    2. Brownhawk,

      If the “ancient internecine rivalry” is real, what exactly are they fighting about? Petro-dollars versus Petro-roubles?

      Not sure how “ancient” this war could be (Petro-rouble deals only came into effect this year) but currency wars, as all Darkmooners should know, are as old and ancient as Mount Sinai.

      Iran Signs Oil For Goods Deal With Russia: Breaks Free Of Petrodollar

      The above article by ZeroHedge is dated May 29, 2017. On November 1, 2017, just over 1 week ago, Russian President Putin and Iranian Leader Hassan Rouhani signed 30 billion dollar energy agreements, according to the Financial Times, though no mention of the fact that Rothschild’s Petro-dollar had been snubbed. How curious but revealing nevertheless that this antisemitic snub and casus belli was left out of FT article?

      Russia and Iran sign $30bn energy agreements

      1. JFC –

        The facts cannot come out. People would ask questions.

        There was no need to mention that the bartered goods will come from the 500+ US companies producing products in – and for – ‘Put-On’ and his Russian-US partnered companies… made with cheap Russian labor.

        From the article:
        “Iran signed an agreement with Russia under which it has broken free from the petrodollar, and will “sell”, or rather BARTER crude oil to Russia in EXCHANGE for PRODUCTS….”

        US companies are making “YUGE” profits…. stocks up “BIGGLY” with ‘Put-On’ in charge over there..!! 🙂

      2. Pat,

        Are you sayin’ this is another fake and phony Cold War? But why?

        Some initial points and observations of mine that should have you scratching your head, too:

        1). The first Cold War was directed at Russia, but never at both Russia and China at the same time, like it is today. Add Iran, North Korea and Venezuela into the mix for a truly baffling (((Axis of Evil))). The narrative for the first Cold War (i.e. to stop Communism) at least made some sense and was believable. Now nothing makes any sense. The US even has troops in Niger! WTF are US troops doing in Niger? To spread democracy and LGBTQ rights?

        2). During the first Cold War, the US was the preeminent industrial and manufacturing power; but not so today, much of its industry has been off-shored to China and the 3rd World. Today the major US exports are GMO corn and Jew porn. In other words, the US has been materially and morally degraded beyond any hope of claiming first world status ever again, IMO. For this reason, I don’t think there will be a WW3, but more proxy wars and more sanctions, which are Clausewitz’s “continuation of politics by other means.”

        Carl von Clausewitz would have been better understood if he had simply said, “War is war.” Sanctions are the continuation politics by other means, and politics is always about Jewish usury and debt. If you read the full paragraph and context of Clausewitz’s text, he does use the words “political commerce”. To wit: War is a continuation of economic policy.

        We see, therefore, that War is not merely a political act, but also a real political instrument, a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means. All beyond this which is strictly peculiar to War relates merely to the peculiar nature of the means which it uses. That the tendencies and views of policy shall not be incompatible with these means, the Art of War in general and the Commander in each particular case may demand, and this claim is truly not a trifling one. But however powerfully this may react on political views in particular cases, still it must always be regarded as only a modification of them; for the political view is the object, War is the means, and the means must always include the object in our conception. — Carl von Clausewitz

        3). During the first Cold War, Whites in America were the overwhelming majority and enjoyed great economic privileges and social prestige; but not so today, when (((Black Lives Matter))) more than Whites and to imply otherwise or even say something as innocuous as ‘It’s OK to be White’ is condemned as racist. Moreover, according to Pew Research, 40% of the active men and women in the US military (2015) are non-Whites, which begs the question: Would any of these non-Whites fight for Trump the racist?

        4). Why has the Jewish MSM demonized Trump as a Racist and White Supremacist, if, as some Darkmooners have claimed, Trump will give the Jews their much awaited and World War 3? Would the 70% brainwashed Whites in the military fight for Trump the racist? How about the 40+ percent of the non-Whites in the US military? Would they fight for Trump the racist? Nothing makes any sense. I cannot think of any POTUS who has been so horribly demonized for so long and for matters of no significance whatsoever (like the latest fake news about him improperly feeding Koi fish in Japan). Can you name a US President who has been demonized as much as Trump?

        In short, are we witnessing well-orchestrated Jewish Chaos or just Jewish Chaos?

      3. JFC –

        “Can you name a US President who has been demonized as much as Trump?”

        Increased communication increases criticisms. It is not a level field for comparison.
        Jefferson did not have a Twitter account. There were no cell phone cameras to contend with. 🙂

        The list is too long. You should know that. Almost all of them, especially those who were assassinated and shot at or stabbed or beaten while in office plus Hoover for sure. More recently, Nixon comes to mind, but you may not remember the outcries about him. He was drummed out.!!

      4. J4C, just adding two quotes to Clausewitz and the Jew created whites vs. non-whites dialectical conflict:

        ‘Today we are again witnessing the emergence of transnational elites, but now they are composed of international businessmen, scholars, professional men, and public officials. The ties of these new elites cut across national boundaries, their perspectives are not confined by national traditions, and their interests are more functional than national. These global communities are gaining in strength and as was true in the Middle Ages, it is likely that before long the social elites of most of the more advanced countries will be highly internationalist or globalist in spirit and outlook. The creation of the global information grid, facilitating almost continuous intellectual interaction and the pooling of knowledge, will further enhance the present trend toward international professional elites and toward the emergence of a common scientific language (in effect, the functional equivalent of Latin). This, however, could create a dangerous gap between them and the politically activated masses, whose “nativism” – exploited by more nationalist political leaders-could work against the “cosmopolitan” elites.’ – Zbigniew Brzezinski, BETWEEN TWO AGES – America’s Role in the Technetronic Era

        ‘Corporate oligarchy (Corporatocracy) is a form of power, governmental or operational, where such power effectively rests with a small, elite group of inside individuals, sometimes from a small group of educational institutions, or influential economic entities or devices, such as banks, commercial entities that act in complicity with, or at the whim of the oligarchy, often with little or no regard for constitutionally protected prerogative.’ – The Life and Mind of no one Special

      5. ‘Almost all of them, especially those who were assassinated and shot at or stabbed or beaten while in office…’
        Those were the presidents who didn’t strive for the world dominance, but wished co-operation with other nations. They didn’t need a Twitter account to understand that the world dominance is a short-lasting nonsense.

      6. JFC

        What I’m referring to is something so well hidden that even Rothschild isn’t certain of it’s complete identity, as evidenced by the table setting left for Satan his bad self at the Rothschild manse, but who has yet to make an appearance.

        Like I’ve said many times before, this involves non-humans who use ALL humans as pawns, whereas Rothschild and his ilk are hybrids – 1/2 human, half non-human doing the dirty work of their unseen masters

        For this info I rely heavily on those of my ancestors

      7. I’m presently working on a series that draws on my interpretations of native legends which explains the origin of humans on this planet, and how it’s movement through time intertwines with this internecine rivalry in representing a concurrent theme of devo-, and evo-, lution

        Stay tuned…….

      8. @ Brownhawk

        Looking forward to more native wisdom.

        A contemporary event (among others) of possible interest: On October 27 I was food shopping with a friend at a Supermarket. It was early evening, close to 8PM. We went to different parts of the store to get different things. When returning to my friends section, I passed an unusual individual, tall, about or close to 6ft. exceptionally thin, wearing a long black cloak (not a thick woolen one) with a hooded cowl which covered ears, hair, head shape. I glanced at their face and saw it was disfigured; features uneven, skin relatively tight, though not appearing as from fire or accident but by birth malfunction. I felt sympathy for their circumstance (there but for the grace of God…) and looked away so as not to be rude. I did notice there was intelligence in the eyes, and a certain restrained vengeful look , though it didn’t seem to be directed at me personally or the world as a whole, rather more like an intent to “even the score with someone(s?) specific”. The face was essentially Caucasian. I interpreted a female – but I don’t really know. They had no shopping cart or basket. Reaching my equally tired friend we went to the checkout and headed for the door.

        Just before reaching the door, that same individual who I presumed initially was some kind of egomaniac (NY isn’t so different from CA, we get all kinds) cult member (my original thought was someone on their way to an early Halloween Party until I saw their face) took a few rapid steps and walked directly in front of us and our shopping cart, about 3 feet or so, with no groceries or purchases. After exiting the store, they turned to the right in front of us and we continued straight to our car directly in front of the supermarket entrance parked about 100 feet away. When we arrived there was no car parked next to us. Now, parked next to us on the side further away from the supermarket was an immaculate late model black SUV (possibly Tahoe, NY license plates definitely) with two extremely well dressed Black (Negro) gentlemen who were looking directly at us as we approached our car. My friend and I had the same reaction – she said “Rataban” which is the Thai word for “Government”. As soon as she said that, the gentlemen had a look of slight panic accompanied by a look that seemed to say “Hey, we’re on the same side” but started their car and re-parked in the empty space across the lane directly in front of the previous one, only two car lengths away. Strange, I thought. Initially I had a simultaneous response with my friend though mine was a paranoid reaction that “they” (the well dressed black gentlemen) might be out to ‘get’ me because of differing political views, and was worried they messed with my car – but they parked nearby so close. What did it mean?

        After thinking it over, I’m about 99.9+% sure it had nothing to do with myself or Thai friend, who’s father was a policeman. I’ve seen her pick out Thai undercover agents in the most ingenius disguise and character acting at Hualompong train station in Bangkok – they weren’t too pleased about it, but we didn’t compromise them and it was between us alone, besides which they looked like they were on a practice run getting ready for the real thing or trying a new role out. The Thais call them “Scotland Yard” generically in Thailand, “Rataban” in America. Thailand is an extremely well covered country in terms of surveillance, though most never know it. A lot like London, even (especially) before all the cameras.

        My current assessment is those gentlemen were surveying that strange individual, the individual was well aware of it, and possibly (or probably) knew by observation or by some other means that we were parked next to them and they’d get freaked out when we approached them. I know American Indians have watched this land for centuries and there are a lot more strange things around than most people ever realize. My guess is “Hybrid”.

        It had to be one of the neatest counter surveillance moves I’ve ever seen.

  17. First, whoever has experienced a war knows one simple fact: the more advanced the weapons, the more fragile and sensitive to a speck of dust they are.
    Second, the case of armies fighting in a battlefield is not possible any more on a large scale, and not intended by the decision makers, who now have other, more profitable, means for depopulation.
    Third, the more fear and hatred are created in the population, the more easily it is to control and subjugate it. One part of windfall has been juggled around for this purpose since money was stripped of its backing. In case of the US-Russia relation, the Russian royals were the richest family in the world for centuries, and when they were assassinated, their gold, silver and other valuables were transferred to the US and the UK, and a lot of tycoons and industry were created on it; in turn, the Soviet Union was a burden on the US shoulders for its entire existence. This strategy has been used globally over long periods of time, and the Jewry plays the main part in it to achieve a chosenoidian type of globalism.

  18. uncle :

    I have no idea why my first post I sent in this morning is being CENSORED. I didn’t break any of DM’s rules for commentating, the post is ON TOPIC. Care to tell me why you’re CENSORING it, uncle? Don’t rush to answer, take your time.

    ETC……… ETC………

    1. @ TROJ

      We haven’t had time to READ your post Joe, let alone “censor” it. We monitors are not chained to our computers 24/7. As I’ve already told you umpteen times:

      (1) Checking the Spam box is NOT a top priority with us! The Spam only gets a look-in once the regular comments are checked over. Understand?

      (2) I’ve already told you repeatedly to IDENTIFY any important posts by giving the FIRST FEW WORDS of the post. Why do you never do this? Is it to force me to trawl through our spam folder among HUNDREDS of other comments in an attempt to FIGURE OUT which post you mean?

      Please IDENTIFY the post you think is being “censored” and it will be posted as soon as I hear from you. Okay? 🙂

      1. @ ADMIN TOBY

        I’m sorry, I was neglectful most likely out of sheer laziness, “sloth” , as the biblical types would say and didn’t IDENTIFY my post in question. My post in question starts off by me telling you “Go into your mommy’s bedroom and find where she hides her mandingo nigger dildos and stuff the f*ckin’ nigger plastic dicks so YUGE and BIGGLY in your big mouth and shut the fuck up. mommy’s in the office now and will be in her office all day so today is THE PERFECT TIME to get yourself your very own nigger mandingo dildo action , why should your mommy have all the ¡FUN! Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving so feed yourself some Ummmmmmmm delicious black plastic nigger dildos” is how the post starts off.

        The post ends by me telling you “when you finally finish with ’em make sure to put said nigger dildos back EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY the way they were when you found them, if not, mommy may see they’re not EXACTLY the way she had them organized, she’ll see someone was messing around with her dildo collection. mommy may suspect you of being a nigger lervin’ sissy queer mommy’s boy.”

        The middle of the post , the meat of the post so to speak, goes like this, “TOO bad you have to resort to plastic nigger dildos because even the niggers can’t be bothered with you and you can’t even get real niggger meat”.

        THERE, I IDENTIFIED the post in question. NOW GO FIND IT, 🙂 .

      2. @ TheRealOriginalJoe

        On your way, you pervy piece of dogshit!

        All you’re fit for is f***ing your own grandmother’s dog.

      3. @ Admin

        Re TheRealOriginalJoe

        Ban this sicko at once. He contributes nothing to your website. Zilch, zero, nada. I have no idea why you bother to feature his stupid and sexually perverted comments.

        Big mistake.

    2. I was feeling down and depressed over the thought and the prospect of an imminent major middle eastern war which could start anytime now ,we have 3 irresponsible ,deranged mad dogs ,the true axis of clownish evil ,misfits and delusional psychos ,the first one is the clown of Babylon ,the second one is the crazy bullshitter of Judea and the third one is the maniac of the desert.
      yes i was depressed ,until i read TROJ comment/reply .the more i read ,the harder i laughed .people around me ,thought i am losing my mind .
      Thank you TROJ.

  19. (ADMIN: Comment found in Spam and approved for publication)

    Well, boys, I reckon this is it, nookular combat, toe-to-toe with the Rooskies.

    El Trumpo’s speech last night in South Korea is really disturbing, what kind of crazed psychopathic yellow haired ape would say “time for excuses is over”? The shameless Jewish shabbos goy ‘trumpet of gawd’ El Presidente. Trumpo the Maleficent showed us his true colors, he is war monger of the highest order, and we are all in trouble if the world doesn’t stop this mad man.

    Amerika kills’ and kills, and kills and now they got their snake oil salesman to say exactly what they want – talkin’ up another war which leads to more death and more destruction all for the greater glory of fiat money power – the Jewish control simulacrum that we all suffer. Praise Yahweh, the savior of the Jews has arrived.

    Candidate Trump ran as anti-war president. Now Trump is the warmongering deluded pathological liar par excellente, this is what he said last night that is patently untrue:

    “The United States is going through something of a miracle itself. Our stock market is at an all-time high. Unemployment is at a 17-year low. We are defeating ISIS.”

    LOL! The stock market is at an all time high because of of the post 2009 crash zero interest policies – the banksters are plowing trillions in the stock market – which has created the world’s biggest ‘everything bubble’. Trump thinks we are defeating ISIS. The fact that the United States helped create and fund ISIS doesn’t seem to register in Trump’s narcissistic reptilian brain stem. The Israeli secret proxy army, that has slaughtered thousands of innocent non-combat people by the most horrific means, including crucifixion and beheading with small knives, is a 100% USA financed and trained and armed production.×686.jpg

    “North Korea is a country ruled as a cult. At the center of this military cult is a deranged belief in the leader’s destiny to rule as parent-protector over a conquered Korean Peninsula and an enslaved Korean people.”

    Does Trump think Amerika isn’t a statist cult based on lies? Does Trump think Americans are not enslaved? Trump must know that 911 was and engineered demolition to start the Middle East wars, and being the supreme leader, why doesn’t open up a real 911 investigation and prosecute the real perps. Because a real investigation of 911 would end the reason for the wars.

    “This is a very different administration than the United States has had in the past. Today I hope I speak not only for our countries, but for all civilized nations when I say to the North: Do not underestimate us. And do not try us.”

    Actually, the Trump administration is the same war party as in the past, the Jewish Neocons are now back in the driver’s seat and they want to get another war on. Does Trump think Amerika is civilized? The nation has killed at least 20-50 million people since the end of WW2. “Do not try us” sayeth the bully who is hell bent on war.

    “America’s men and women in uniform have given their lives in the fight against Nazism, imperialism, communism and terrorism. America does not seek conflict or confrontation.”

    What? Amerika fights against imperialism? It is an imperial power. Amerika doesn’t seek conflict or confrontation? What exactly is Trump doing with this speech but confronting NK so as to start a conflict? Have you noticed that every time Amerika goes to war, the president says we don’t want/seek/start wars? So when you hear Trump plead that peaceful Americans don’t want a war, well, know that the war is about to start.

    “We will not permit America or our allies to be blackmailed or attacked.” … “That is why I come here to the heart of a free and flourishing Korea with a message for the peace-loving nations of the world: The time for excuses is over. Now is the time for strength. ” … “The world cannot tolerate the menace of a rogue regime that threatens with nuclear devastation.”

    Does Trump think Amerika is not a menacing nuclear armed rogue regime? Is not the United States doing the bidding of Israel and murdering it’s way all across the Middle East? Does Trump think Amerika is peace loving? What the hell is this guy talking about? Have we not been using every type if bomb, including nukes, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria? Oh yeah, we are not supposed to know what depleted uranium weapons we really use on a regular basis.

    “I also have come here to this peninsula to deliver a message directly to the leader of the North Korean dictatorship. The weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. They are putting your regime in grave danger. Every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. It is a hell that no person deserves.”

    The White House press release says Trump went to Asia to promote peace and trade, blah, blah, blah. El Trumpo went to Asia to start his big war ’cause he’s a big man. The world is in grave danger because of Amerika’s belligerence, yet Trump puts it off on NK. The dark path and perils we face is Trump’s agenda. The hell that no person deserves is government ruled by Jews, so for Trump to accuse NK dictatorship and having a bad totalitarian government seeking nuclear weapons is total hypocrisy.

    Just remember what the USofA is capable of: Dresden, Hiroshima, Fukushima, Waco, 911, Iraq war, Homeland Security, Patriot Act, total surveillance state, etc.

    “Yet despite every crime you have committed against God and man, you are ready to offer — and we will do that — we will offer a path to a much better future. It begins with an end to the aggression of your regime, a stop to your development of ballistic missiles, and complete, verifiable and total denuclearization.”

    Trump should be careful talking about crimes against God and man. There is no greater hell state on the planet but the current USA – the Israeli controlled totalitarian states of Amerika which hath committed the greatest of crimes against God and man. The total destruction of the Middle East is just one of our crimes, yet Trump has the gall to accuse NK of blackmail when the US uses every coercive tool all the time.

    “I thought about the core tools we EHMs used in my day: false economics that included distorted financial analyses, inflated projections, and rigged accounting books; secrecy, deception, threats, bribes, and extortion; false promises that we never intended to honor; and enslavement through debt and fear. These same tools are used today. Now, as then, many elements are present in each “hit,” although that likely is evident only to someone willing to delve deeply into the story behind the story. Now, as then, the glue that holds all of this together is the belief that any means are justified to achieve the desired ends. ”

    “This empire, unlike any other in the history of the world, has been built primarily through economic manipulation, through cheating, through fraud, through seducing people into our way of life, through the economic hit men. I was very much a part of that.”
    ― John Perkins, The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

    At the end of the speech Trump tells us why he went on his Asia tour – to deliver his threats and tells us that the Jewish supremacists will not allow ballistic missiles or nukes for any nation they don’t control. Better future? With Trump there is no future for anyone in the Northern Hemisphere. It is clear that NK and Iran are in the target sites.

    Will Xi and Putin stop Trump from making the ultimate mistake? We’ll see, get the popcorn and beer ready. El Trumpo, the Zio-puppet hit man, is about to make his big move that could end the United States as a world power. Just one nuke on any American city will forever end what we know, the world is so interconnected that just one nuclear explosion will so devastate the supply chain our lives will be irreversibly altered as to make life the next day forever changed. For the President of the United States to be risking nuclear confrontation is really, really crazy.

    1. “Well, boys, I reckon this is it, nookular combat, toe-to-toe with the Rooskies.” 😂😂
      Slim Pickens was the perfect actor for that role…

      I was still laughing about that when I tried to read your comment, Yukon Jack, but what I could see through the tears of mirth looked pretty darn serious. Kim Jong-un could prove he really is a madman by giving up the ballistic missiles and “nooks” – assuming he has them. Then he’ll get Gaddafi’d in no time flat, and North Korea can be turned into the latest sweat-shop, hell-hole, mega-profit center for multi-national corporations. Profits before People – Always – it’s the Zio-American way!

    2. Considering Yukon Jack’s long-winded post, I will ask “How does he think an American president SHOULD respond to threats from a rogue regime to “vaporize” U.S. grounds and affiliates???!” I’d think his response is as emphatic as it should be – maybe even too mild!

      1. How do you expect North Korea to act under the circumstances? After all, they’re not over here, the jew-controlled U.S. “government” is over there.
        They remember the genocidal bombing of their country by the jew-controlled U.S. “government”. They saw what the jew-controlled U.S. “government” did to Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. They saw how the jew-controlled U.S. “government” sabotaged South Korean president Kim Dae-jung’s peace initiative. They see that laws and treaties mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the jew-controlled U.S. “government”. They understand perfectly well that the only language the jew-controlled U.S. “government” understands is force and/or the credible threat of force. They therefore realize that if they disarm they could very well be the next victim.
        The “American president” speaks as if he does not preside over MK-41 missile launchers in Romania and Poland (which present more of a threat to Russia than North Korea’s small arsenal does to the U.S.) The “American president” should stop being such a boorish hypocrite and should instead start leading the world by way of good example.

  20. Gilbert Huntly Quote “Considering Yukon Jack’s long-winded post, I will ask “How does he think an American president SHOULD respond to threats from a rogue regime to “vaporize” U.S. grounds and affiliates???!” ”

    Why is any nuclear armed state a threat, because some crooked US politician says so? Here is the deal, all states have the absolute right to develop nuclear power and weapons if they choose. North Korea has the right to develop nuclear weapons for self defense. All of their bellicose statements are in that light, they only threaten us because we are waging war on them and have a president who is taunting them with B-1 flights etc. Sanctions, by the way, are acts of war.

    The world is full of nukes, Israel has nukes, but it is not a threat? Israel threatens us (and the west) with the Samson Option, they did 911, they tried to sink the USS Liberty, they spy on us, they control our state. So why isn’t a nuclear armed Israel a threat yet North Korea is? Israel is the real threat but is Trump threatening to flatten the Jewish only state? No, he doesn’t threaten Israel, he protects it and it is a nuclear rogue nation that is using nukes (in Syria – according to Veterans Today).

    According to Mark Glenn, there is a good possibility that Israel has pre-planted nukes in America using containers as diplomatic pouches. What chance is there that Amerika is being nuclear black mailed by Israel? > 90%

    So why is Trump making a threatening speech against NK? He is threatening to “totally destroy” NK because they will get nukes in the near future and be able to resist our domination/invasion/threats/bombing campaigns. North Korea is not under the thumb of Wrathschild, it supports the Palestinians, it condemns Israeli settlements, etc. NK is not towing the globalist party line so therefore they must be destroyed.

    Trump is a MONSTER and most people can’t see it because the propaganda is so slick. Trump was elected because he said he was antiwar, he said he wanted relations with Russia, he made allusions to 911 controlled demolition. So people trusted him and not slick willies dike wife. Did you know Trump has already killed (in his first 9 months) 4,500 people(mostly women and children) with drones? How many people has NK killed with drones? Zero. How many nations has NK invaded and bombed? Zero – unless you count South Korea – but they view it as their homeland.

    1. @ Yukon Jack

      Trump is a MONSTER and most people can’t see it because the propaganda is so slick. Trump was elected because he said he was antiwar, he said he wanted relations with Russia, he made allusions to 911 controlled demolition. So people trusted him and not slick willies dike wife. Did you know Trump has already killed (in his first 9 months) 4,500 people(mostly women and children) with drones? How many people has NK killed with drones? Zero. How many nations has NK invaded and bombed? Zero – unless you count South Korea – but they view it as their homeland.

      Good point, YJ. So why don’t the Trump admirers answer these questions? Because they can’t, that’s why.

      How can they justify the enormous number of innocent women and children killed ON TRUMP’S ORDERS in the last 9 months? They don’t bother. They just pretend it’s not happening.

      They are never here to answer awkward questions, are they?

    2. Yuk –
      Brad –

      TRUMP ELECTED..?????

      NO WAY..!!!

      London’s Pharisee-Jew Bankers do not allow the games of chance with – real open ballots – to decide their hand-picked puppets….
      ……….who control the destinations of $$$Quadrillions..!! 🙂 🙂

      They use secret ballots and electronic voting machines for that fraud..

    3. @Yukon Jack,

      I took an anti-nausea pill and watched Trump’s entire mendacious speech to the South Korean National Assembly. There was scattered unenthusiastic applause, but it sure seemed forced, as if they were responding to an APPLAUSE light – and there was no standing ovation at the end. It seemed obvious that the Koreans are too well-mannered to say what they really think.

      But, they must be thinking, who is this JERK, pushing us toward war? The South Koreans are the ones who will suffer millions of casualties if Trump goads the DPRK into striking first, which is what he wants. I don’t think that Kim with the ugly haircut wants to kill his fellow Koreans, but he will have no choice if the US starts dropping bombs and levelling his country for the second time. I was hoping that at least one of the South Korean delegation would have had the nerve to jump up and tell that obnoxious American imperialist to GET THE HELL OUT! Let us solve our own problems! And I think they would – without bloodshed.

      1. I’d have to take a whole bottle of “anti-nausea” pills in order to watch that scumbag give a speech.

        A few weeks ago I inadvertently caught a few seconds of Orange Clown’s UN speech, but in those few horrific seconds, I saw someone seriously enjoying himself. Nobody’s forcing Orange Clown to do this, he’s truly in his element.

      2. “If he doesn’t play by their rules, the chosenoids will backstab, poison, assassinate or ruin him, or murder his children, and then laugh about it:”

        If you’re going to argue that, I’m going to argue that if Trump was sincere, they would’ve done that to him during the campaign. How could they afford to take the chance that as president he might investigate 9/11; or appoint the wrong person to some position; or say the wrong thing at the wrong time; or actually become friends with Putin; etc.? They can’t afford to take a risk like that. Therefore, Trump was never sincere in the first place.

      3. I agree, Harold. Presidential fakery has gone through the roof. The more we see through them, the more they fake to cover up their criminal puppeteers. Putin too.

    4. “Trump is a MONSTER and most people can’t see it…”

      You can say that again…and again and again and again…

      I don’t understand it at all. I realize that some outspoken Trump supporters are just propagandists working for the other side, but how can Paul Craig Roberts and Justin Raimondo (as two noteworthy examples), not see Trump for what he is?

      1. @Harold Smith,
        Irrespective of my comments about Trump’s speech, my thoughts concerning him remain nuanced. No one is either all-good or all-bad. I re-read Raimondo’s Monday essay defending Trump, for which Justin received a ton of flack, yet he is clearly not an “outspoken Trump supporter.” Neither is Paul Craig Roberts. They both agree, however, that the powers-that-be, the Deep State, the Jewish oligarchs, or whatever name you wish to call them, never gave Trump a chance. Certainly they never gave Trump a chance to make friends with Putin, a relationship which may have lead to a more peaceful world in general. Can’t have that now, can we? At least Trump is shaking things up in Swamp Land, and calling out the Fake News, and that is all for the good, isn’t it? And he is stemming the tide of the Third World takeover of America, a victory for the white majority. At the end of the day, if Trump doesn’t start any new wars (and he hasn’t yet), he at least saved the world from the Wicked Witch, the woman who is truly a MONSTER, the woman who called Putin another Hitler. No other Republican could have beaten her. And for that, despite all my other reservations, I’m still willing to give him thanks.

      2. Follyofwar, like few other people here, I would entertain the idea that all those who appear on TV are friends behind the scene. 🙂

      3. “No one is either all-good or all-bad.”

        I bet if Trump murdered your family with a senseless drone strike you wouldn’t be so generous.
        Anyone who can order bombings and missile attacks and drone strikes – in the context of jew-inspired illegal wars of aggression – thereby killing and maiming many people completely unjustifiably, is a monster. Period. The end.

        “I re-read Raimondo’s Monday essay defending Trump, for which Justin received a ton of flack, yet he is clearly not an ‘outspoken Trump supporter’ Neither is Paul Craig Roberts.”

        Well of course they’re “outspoken Trump supporters”.

        “They both agree, however, that the powers-that-be, the Deep State, the Jewish oligarchs, or whatever name you wish to call them, never gave Trump a chance.”

        A chance to do what, control his own mouth and hands? Obviously, they’re wrong and you’re wrong.
        Just like you, they hold Trump essentially blameless for his own actions as if he were an impressionable teenager who just got mixed up with the wrong crowd.

        Trump didn’t have to attack the Syrian airbase with cruise missiles. Nobody forced him to do it; rather, he did it himself. It was his personal decision.

        Trump didn’t have to seize the Russian consulate in San Francisco. Nor did he have to give the Russian personnel a mere two days to vacate the illegally seized property. Trump’s spokesperson made it very clear that the decision to do this was made by Trump himself. Trump publicly took full personal responsibility for it, yet you hold him blameless.

        Trump didn’t have to stand up in front of the whole world at the UN and make an @ss out of himself. Trump didn’t have to use a platform intended to promote peace and stability in the world and instead use it to make threats. Trump did this himself; there was nobody standing there holding a gun to his head, it was his willful choice.

        “Certainly they never gave Trump a chance to make friends with Putin, a relationship which may have lead to a more peaceful world in general. Can’t have that now, can we?”

        You’re not making much sense. At a time when war seemed imminent, candidate Trump ran on a platform of better relations with Russia. As soon as he was inaugurated, he reversed himself yet you blame others?

        I suppose I’m not going to waste any more time arguing absurdities with you.

      4. Harold, my family were victims of US drone strikes, I am not a Trump supporter, Trump is doing NOTHING on his own, and you have no facts to prove that those who appear on TV behave the same way when the cameras are off. It’s not even a reality show – it’s totally fake!

      5. “Trump is doing NOTHING on his own…”

        Yes he is and he was. He hired himself out to the jews. Nobody made that decision for him; he did it himself. He stood up in front of the world, as a candidate, and proclaimed that he was going to stop nation building, stop pointless wars, get along with Russia, etc.

        HE DID IT. HE KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY, CALCULATINGLY, DELIBERATELY, MALICIOUSLY SCREWED US ALL OVER FOR THE SAKE OF THE JEWISH AGENDA. How can so many people not understand/accept this painfully obvious truth?

  21. who would win?
    it is a good question, really,
    i still remember that when i was a kid this question was always asked (i always rooted for the russians) but things have changed so much, that now the question should be
    actually no one would win because they both have nukes and they would smoke each other AND WE DONT REALLY NEED THAT but as i grow older (i am now twenty seven and five days) and i LOOK AT what countries that followed the soviet line have done to their people
    i compare it to what countries that followed the american/european line HAVE done to their people
    i am gonna have to say i wish the u.s. wins…
    regardless of all the shit that the u.s. gave us and their blind, almost stupid support to israel (i am a palestinian falsely accused of being a jew because i mispelled a word, go figger!) and all the destruction the uk, france and the us inflicted on us, arabs.
    OF COURSE, i would want us to be free and completely independent from these colonizing powers but if there was no other option
    i would pick the u.s.
    russia sucks,
    the regimes that follow russia (iraq and the baathists, syria and the baathists, cuba and castro and venezuela and what’s left of chavez’s legacy, iran and its self destructive shia crescent project)
    all those i just mentioned suck really hard they suck like someone THE OTHER DAY
    they suck
    and finally for THE 5 pesos winning quiz
    See? told ya!
    they suck
    (i am the avatar, i am in medellin for a bit, if you need anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, just give me a holla))

    1. ‘I like Americans more than Russians!’ or ‘I like Russians more than Americans!’ is what Jews [particularly Chabad Jews] are feeding on.

  22. The big nuclear bang won’t happen and does not have to happen because we are already at war – MIND war!
    A rich Israeli friend of mine said that they have manufactured all sides of the argument so successfully that reading your complaints on such as Darkmoon is like a comedy pageant. You have all simply joined the expected and much anticipated script.
    He explained that the Jewish POWER is the best thing for humanity, but especially so if you live in an English speaking nation.
    He pointed to Australia. Oz’s stock indexes are on an everlasting high, even if they are simple computer blips fantasised by the global, Jewish controllers. Oz citizens are making money hand over fist, buying new cars like nobodies’ business and can afford all the restaurants and fast food they like. I looked at my creature comforts and I can have or have everything. Many Americans have got it just the same.
    So what, he said, that the top Jews are rich beyond compare! He said they deserve wealth for helping many of us out and making us so comfortable.
    He also entered the moral dimension when he said our hormonally, birds and bees-charged kids have got what all adolescents have ever dreamt of – sex and ribaldry on a plate.
    Defence-military wise, he said that the whole Jewish aim is to advance the cause of the Queen of England’s own people, as well as her colony people.
    He said that happy people don’t sit furtively over computers, but rather get out and have fun of whatever type turns you on.
    As for the “immigrants”, he said they are not a problem as their kids watch American sitcoms and will soon be converted. In western Sydney the ex Muslim kids are straight out of Need For Speed. The hijabs are gone and the brunette chicks are beautifully tarty.
    As for the 40% or so of “losers” – addicts, spendthrifts, perverts and the poor – he said they are simply useless failures and not worth the trouble.
    He gave me a very positive view on the fun of living, but I just can’t really accept that life is all about fun, self protection and greed. That’s why i went home and recited the Lord’s Prayer very slowly, but left out the bit about forgiving those who trespass against us.
    And then I put on my white coat and went out to speak to the other patients, one of whom talks like that TROJ fellow. He is so funny! He has his hand on his gear stick at all times and can, infrequently, be quite brilliant. Sometimes my own mind goes into strange flutters, but I have learnt to not chat up the chick nurses.

    1. Re above. The other day, Thereas May, GB’s PM, happily celebrated the centenary of the “magnificent” Balfour Declaration with Bibi Netanyahu. Those fawning officials around her toasted Israel and a British “victory for humanity.”
      I was at a nearby function in the Great Hall, wearing my most dapper dinner jacket. Then glasses were raised to Great Britain and Israel. I managed to throw my toast into a nearby palm tree.
      Jews and Britains were everywhere and ever so garrulous. Topics of conversation were noted and most talked about more acquisitions in the Middle East.
      Then the Jewish and Goyim whores started entering, as well as pretty boys and some parentless children. It looked like fun was in order.
      I slipped out a side door with my new girlfriend.

  23. I meant “Theresa”, as in Mother Theresa.
    Balfour, today’s British hero, was an hermaphrodite who espoused a most positive view of the world and American politics: “Nothing really matters and nothing really matters at all.”
    Let the skyrockets come and return the planet to Hitler’s predicted “void.”
    Most humans have proven not fit to live amongst plant and beast.
    Great civilizations of 40,000 years ago self-corrupted and became void. Most were destroyed by priesthoods.
    We will do the same and then green shoots will appear. Only trouble is plastic bags could be still blowing around in 10,000 years or so scientists have theorised.
    Your nuclear snuffing will not hurt one iota.

  24. Note this is “off topic” in regards to the Trumpster, but it is about Jews and that subject always belongs on topic.

    During the process of writing the final chapter of my novel, The Conspiracy of Man I have been researching various reference sources concerning the religious and cultural aspects of first century Judea. Take a moment to scan through this article to see the laws governing the Jew’s ritual celebration called “Passover.”

    Take a look at the mind-boggling legal complexity herein and consider for a moment this is but one ~ ONE ~ ancient Jewish religious celebration. Next, consider their current religious legal document, the Talmud, is twenty volumes with some 3.5 million words.

    Jews have had tremendous influence on writing America’s laws and administering its legal system. Is it any wonder America’s legal system is totally fucked, with literally millions of laws of minutiae dictating every aspect of our lives? Jews are control freaks from hell – literally. Just look at the hell Jews and their demonic minions have created on this planet.


    A Sufi story – Delights of a visit to Hell

    A man once thought: How I wish I could be master of the option to be dead or alive, so that I might know what it is like to be dead! This idea so dominated his mind that he finally sought out a dervish and enrolled himself as his pupil.

    When after many months, he judged the moment suitable, he said to his teacher, “Reverend Sir, I have for years desired one thing, to be able to be dead or alive, as I wished. This is because I find it difficult to visualize what it would be like to be in that condition. Would you make it possible for me to achieve this?”

    The dervish replied, “It would not help you at all.”

    “I am sure that all experience is useful” said the man, and he continued to plague the dervish until he agreed.

    “Very well” said the dervish “adopt these special exercises and you will be able to enter the domain of death and return at your own desire.”

    The man performed his exercises until he had perfected them, and feeling ready, he threw himself into the condition which is generally considered to be death.

    He found himself disembodied and waiting at the exit door of life, where a suitable form in the shape of a man came up to him and asked, “what is your desire?”

    “As I am now dead, said the man, I would like to see Heaven and Hell so I may understand the advantages and disadvantages of each”.

    “‘Certainly”, said the angel, “and which would you like to visit first?”

    “Heaven” said the man.

    The angel took him to a place where people were walking about, surrounded by every luxury and dressed in beautiful garments, eating precious fruits. They were all undoubtedly beings of the greatest purity and honesty, but the visitor felt there was not enough variety in this afterlife for him, so he said to his guide, “please may I now see Hell?”

    “By all means”, answered the angel, and took him to another place.

    Here the man saw people reveling and romping, laughing and crying , making and breaking friendships, building houses and destroying them, and generally having a remarkably similar life to the one which we all know here on earth. But Hell seemed to have distinct advantages. It was more interesting than Heaven, and there were more opportunities for personal gain evident to the visitor, who had not been observed by the inhabitants, which far exceeded those open to people on earth.

    Turning to his guide, the man said, “As I am master of the option of living or dying, I think I will settle down in Hell, can you arrange it for me?”

    “Nothing easier”, said the angel, “providing you will permanently change your visitor status to that of a resident”.

    The man affirmed the he indeed wished to remain in Hell for all time.

    The angel then knocked on a door and two massive demons of frightful aspect appeared.

    “Take him away” said the angel, “for he has decided to join you”.

    The demons seized the man, and crushing him in gigantic talons, began bearing him off towards a blazing furnace.

    “Stop!” cried the man and appealing to the angel, he asked, “If this is Hell, what was that place which you showed me saying that it was Hell when it was not?”

    “That” said the angel, “is not the Hell for permanent residents. It is merely the one shown to visitors.”

    1. This reminds me of an old joke, with much the same set-up, except that in Hell the visitor sees everyone knee deep in excrement, sipping on cups of coffee. The visitor selects Hell, only to hear the Angel declare “Coffee break’s over! Back on your heads!” 😬

    1. Carn –

      The only GOOD NEWS on nukes for me…. would be if they admitted to the phony MIRV ICBM systems.. which claim as many as 16 Independently Targeted warheads in ONE nosecone.. each with more power than those supposedly used in Japan..!! 🙂

      1. Carn –

        I understand… I have watched it for a loong time.

        Tighten up on the “WE” please…

        People gravitate toward FEAR..!! They LIKE scary movies..!! 🙂

        That’s why it is SO easy for the LYING MSM to sell NUKE FEAR PORN..!!

        Everyone knows THEY lie…. about everything…
        ………………….but – JUST – NOT about NUKES..!! 🙂

  25. More good news from the swamplands? Baltimore schools have achieved something truly remarkable. Thirteen of the city’s high schools produced not a single student (0) who was proficient in mathematics. In fact, that big Zero is a concept that students in 13 Baltimore high schools probably don’t understand. In fairness, it could be that their reading skills are also deficient, and they can’t understand written instructions. But that doesn’t explain why teachers couldn’t simply talk the students through the instructions. One might imagine that at least one or two students from the 13 schools would have had sufficient interest to learn the material on their own. Apparently not.

    One might also wonder WTF the students were doing when they should have been learning math. That is more easily explained. They were learning that ‘Mathematics Itself Operates as Whiteness’. They were learning that American grammar and spelling have been declared ‘a racist, unjust language structure’ by anti-racist SJWs at the College Writing Center. They were learning that reason itself is a ‘white male construct’.

    A Baltimore Schools spokesperson said “There is no simple answer that will close the achievement gap for Baltimore’s students. Though we all want to see results quickly, the work is hard and will take time.” And money, no doubt. Lots and lots of money.

    Maybe I’m just an old, white, male traditionalist, but I remember a time when most students, regardless of gender or color, were able to pass high school proficiency exams. If math, reading, and reason itself are all off limits because they are ‘white male constructs’, ‘racist and unjust’, or ‘operate as whiteness’, I think it will take a very long time indeed to see any non-zero results.

    While the US military wants to build more technologically advanced and complicated weapons systems, requiring those in the military services to be able to read, write, do simple math in their heads, etc, US schools are turning out gibbering half-wits who would have trouble spelling their own names. Not exactly a war winning combination. As Wellington – another dead white male – once said of his soldiers, “I don’t know if they frighten the enemy, but they scare the hell out of me.”

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