When we start to sing, we start to win!

By Alison Chabloz


LD: Alison Chabloz, British patriot and political activist, is facing a possible jail sentence in Britain for composing and singing satirical songs which she uploaded to the Internet. These songs gave no offense to most people I know; they did, however, ruffle the feathers of a particular Jew who allegedly represents the entire Jewish community in Britain, namely, one Gideon Falter (pictured here).

Gideon Falter is Chairman of Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), a Jewish organization dedicated to hunting down antisemites and getting them punished for their alleged crimes.

Alison’s crime? She is the composer of three satirical songs which have angered Gideon Falter, especially the song entitled (((Survivors))) which anyone is free to watch on YouTube but which Gideon Falter thinks should be banned. He also thinks Alison should be severely punished and sent to prison for composing the song, singing it, and circulating it on the internet.

(((Survivors))) is about the Jewish Holocaust, certain aspects of which border on the ridiculous, and which would therefore seem ideal subject matter for a satirist. For more on Alison Chabloz, see the article published on this site in July this year: Blood Libel: The Ritual Persecution of Alison Chabloz. If you scroll down to the bottom of the above-mentioned article, you can there watch Alison’s controversial video. This will give some idea of what the fuss is all about.

I will now let Alison describe the latest developments in this Jews vs Alison Chabloz saga. [LD]

ALISON CHABLOZ, 14 December.  As far as I am aware, I am the only artist in modern British history to have been jailed for the heinous crime of composing and singing satirical songs which I uploaded to the Internet.

In four weeks time, my trial will take place in London and the three songs concerned will be screened in court. Two clips will show songs from my appearance at The London Forum in September 2016 in front of an audience of roughly 100 people who, considering the standing ovation I received at the end, clearly enjoyed my performance. The third clip is of a song which contains the word SATIRE in the title, which leads me to the point of this blog post.

I presume that one of the reasons I was charged under the Communications Act 2003 rather than under the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 is because of an amendment attached to the latter exempting satire – passed by one vote in the House of Lords. In recent blog posts and videos, I expose the double standards of my accusers who esteem that Ricky Gervais’ jokes about Schindler’s List 2 are incomparable to my brand of satire, despite another of my songs also making reference to the famous Hollyhoax film.

So what exactly is satire and how long has it been around? According to Wikipedia, the genre has its origins in Ancient Greece with Aristophanes’ Old Comedy:

Gods, artists, politicians and ordinary citizens were legitimate targets, comedy was a kind of licensed buffoonery, and there was no legal redress for anyone who was slandered in a play. There were certain limits to the scope of the satire, but they are not easily defined. Impiety could be punished in 5th century Athens, but the absurdities implicit in the traditional religion were open to ridicule.

Wikipedia’s main page on satire states:

The state of political satire in a given society reflects the tolerance or intolerance that characterizes it, and the state of civil liberties and human rights. Under totalitarian regimes any criticism of a political system, and especially satire, is suppressed. A typical example is the Soviet Union where the dissidents, such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov were under strong pressure from the government. While satire of everyday life in the USSR was allowed, the most prominent satirist being Arkady Raikin, political satire existed in the form of anecdotes that made fun of Soviet political leaders, especially Brezhnev, famous for his narrow-mindedness and love for awards and decorations

In light of my prosecution, it would appear that the UK today is no better than the former Soviet Union when it comes to the censorship of artists. Strange. At school, I was taught that preservation of basic freedoms was the main reason for the ultimate sacrifice made by all those who fought and gave their lives in two world wars.

Also from Wikipedia, the legal status concerning satire in various countries is described as follows:

For its nature and social role, satire has enjoyed in many societies a special freedom license to mock prominent individuals and institutions. In Germany, and Italy satire is protected by the constitution.

Since satire belongs to the realm of art and artistic expression, it benefits from broader lawfulness limits than mere freedom of information of journalistic kind. In some countries a specific “right to satire” is recognized and its limits go beyond the “right to report” of journalism and even the “right to criticize.” Satire benefits not only of the protection to freedom of speech, but also to that to culture, and that to scientific and artistic production.

Somewhere on the Internet there is a German translation of the lyrics to (((Survivors))). Would the protection offered by the German constitution cover my song if I performed it over there? If I am acquitted next month, a test run might be in order…

Over the past week, YouTube have sandboxed and banned in an ever-growing list of countries several more of my videos. Here is something slightly different – not satire, although certainly political. Inspired primarily by my love of folk music, it’s a reworked version of a song I composed four years ago entitled Hear The Folk Sing! The last verse has been altered to pay tribute to German dissident Manfred Roeder who passed away in 2014 and who, I am told, always prophesied that We Win By Singing. With a little satire added to the mix, our victory shall be one that resounds for centuries to come, God willing.

VIDEO  :  5.53 mins

116 thoughts to “When we start to sing, we start to win!”

  1. I find this a strange case an invented case
    with the intention to forbid even the use of satire as a means of expression. I have my doubts about Allison Chablotz, sounds not anglosaxon or british to me, more jewish.
    What is the background of this jewish woman and why does she writes/sings these songs? My conclusion for now: a jewish psyop in which Chablotz (Chabot) works together with the CAA to undermine still more the freedom of speech.

    1. @ (((Lisa)))

      I’m putting your name in three brackets. Hope you don’t mind?

      Because we know less about you, dear Lisa, than we know about Alison Chabloz. You have absolutely no grounds for regarding Alison as a “Jew”, and it’s clear that you know absolutely nothing about Alison Chabloz and her background as a British patriot and freedom fighter.

      You may continue to post your brilliant comments here, Lisa, but you are now under suspicion of being a mischievous Zionist troll.

      — Admin Toby

      1. @ Toby, thanks for speaking your mind. You are totally incorrect. I have my experiences with the jews so I know how they act and think. I remain with my assumption that she is jewish, for now on the reasons I have given. Don’t underestimate the jews with their tricks, disguises, U-constructions etc. Why is she called a patriot by the press, who is this woman? She is too good to be true, background is hard to find on the internet, a spook? Cui bono, the jews, aim limitation of freedom of speech!!!

      2. @ Lisa

        Well, I think you’re wrong about Alison. Totally wrong. You’re a bit apt to call almost EVERYONE a Jew who posts on this site! I’m surprised you haven’t called Lasha a Jew yet, but that will come! 🙂

      3. Lisa has a habit of accusing almost everybody of being a Jew or “working for the Jews”.

        She has accused Erdogan :

        “…I remember having read that Erdogan the ‘ muslim’ has jewish roots which he hides for the real Turkish people. A turkish journalist/dissident wrote about this and is still in a turkish prison. Erdogan works for the jews..!”

        Comment of Dec. 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm on Zionist Puppet’s Decision to Relocate US Embassy to Jerusalem Creates Mass Hysteria.

        When Sardonicus doesn’t buy her suspicion, she becomes suspicious of Sardonicus himself :

        “…Sardonicus, i consider your reaction strange. Did you read the book? Did you
        Investigate the turkish writer? What’s your interest for considering Erdogan not jewish? Erdogan is just talk, traded oil with Isis, has many trade interests with israhell etc…”

        Comment of Dec. 11, 2017 at 5:28 pm, ibidem.

        She has accused me :

        “…@ franklin, the jewish chameleon, I received your childish and vindictive comment (jewish atavistic behaviour), just more proof that you must be a jew even if you pretend to be on this site being “factual, reasonable, bla, bla bla “. Greetings to Tel Aviv or maybe jerusalem, the stolen city…”

        Comment of Dec. 11, 2017 at 8:19 pm, ibidem.

        My rebuttal could not change her opinion on me :

        “…All beautiful words, ‘ indipendent thinker’, but for me you are just a hidden jewish chameleon just confusing/meddling the situation with ‘ facts and being reasonable, bla, bla, bla’. That ‘s my opinion about FR and it renains that way…”

        Comment of Dec. 12, 2017 at 8:13 am, ibidem.

        She has accused David Duke and Mark Glenn (of all people !) :

        “…Both David Duke and Mark Glenn are wrong about the 6 D chess play of Drumpf. Maybe they have changed side and work for the jews. It’s not impossible…”

        Comment of Dec. 13, 2017 at 7:06 am. ibidem.

        She has accused Putin :

        “…Every now and then the jews must scream: ‘ antismeitism’. That’s the reason this so called ‘ investigiation is done’. Always for the benefit of the jews and Putin the jew plays his part as ‘ protector of ‘ christianity’ in the east. Jew scam…”

        Comment of Dec. 14, 2017 at 3:12 pm on The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s early Soviet Regime.

        “…Keep on dreaming Russia is ruled by jews over the poor Russiam Goyim which are brainwashed by the fake formal blanket ‘ Christianity’ of Jew Putin. It’s a jewish scam and The jew putin is just a rebel jew who doesb’t want to integrate/listen with/to his fellow jews of the west which rule over the Goyim in the west with this invented ‘ ‘ zionist christianity’. The Goyim have been screwed in the west and the east. both ‘ christianity’ in the west and east is ruled by the jews…”

        Comment on Dec. 14, 2017 at 11:03 am, ibidem.

        “… it could be worse if the jew Putin a rebel jew leading a jewish faction in the east against the jew west would submit to the jew faction of the west. Then it will be all over for the Goyim…”

        Comment on Dec. 14, 2017 at 7:40 pm, ibidem.

        And now she accuses Alison Chabloz*) of being Jewish and staging a PSY-OP for the Jews.

        Is this a case of hyper-paranoia or do we have to suspect Lisa of being part of this :

        *)The name Chabloz does not occur on the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index of Avotaynu : http://www.avotaynu.com/ But MyHeritage informs us that of the 660 persons known with this name, 57% come from Switzerland, 24% from France, 14% from Italy and 5% from Brazil. https://lastnames.myheritage.com/last-name/Chabloz I think we can safely assume that Chabloz is a non-Jewish name, originating from French-speaking Switzerland.

      4. @ Franklin Ryckaert

        A most scholarly comment, Franklin, cutting the ground away from under the beautiful Lisa’s feet, proving that she’s either a Zionist troll or is just a bit wacketywoo. Maybe a coconut fell on her head when she went on holiday and she’s never been the same again. 🙂

        Whether the name “Chabloz” is a Jewish name or not is in any case totally irrelevant. Alison acquired the name “Chabloz” only after marrying a Mr Chabloz! It was not her maiden name.

    2. [[[ LISA ]]]…I agree with your opinion,I do think you could be right…..what does [[[ ]]] mean?…..you are aware that the only victims, ever,ever,ever,since the Dawn of Time are the global,wandering….”you know who”…?

    3. @Lisa You could be right nevertheless I choose to support Allison. War by deception however is a jewish trademark. I judge the people on their merits. Don’t get paranoia.

  2. Oppressive regimes are notoriously humorless. Since we all in the West live under an oppressive JEWISH regime, such humorlessness is to be expected. One has only to think of what happened in Canada to Arthur Topham because of his satirical rendering of the Jew Theodore Kaufman’s Germany Must Perish*) into Israel Must Perish to expect no mercy for Alison Chabloz’ satire in the UK.

    Making fun of the Holocaust story, even its most ridiculous parts, is verboten. Holocaustianity is an intolerant religion, complete with unassailable dogmas, heresy hunting and “Holy Inquisition”.
    I wish the best for Alison Chabloz but don’t expect much.
    *)Germany Must Perish was a 104 p. book self-published by the American Jew Theodor Kaufman in 1941. In it he proposed the mass sterilization of Germans and the dismemberment of their country “to achieve world peace”. The book got a praising review in Time and was never publicly condemned.

    “…the Time essay recognized that Kaufman’s work was not satirical; it described the book as the “enshrinement of a single sensational idea“. “Since Germans are the perennial disturbers of the world’s peace, says the book, they must be dealt with like any homicidal criminals. But it is unnecessary to put the whole German nation to the sword. It is more humane to sterilize them…”

    Source : Wikipedia, Germany Must Perish !

    1. Satire has always been the way we could protest against the powers that be, but now even that privelige is being threatened by the Jewish Lobby.

      George Orwell saw it all coming, but I don’t think he saw the Jews as Big Brother.

    2. Exactly right, Franklin. The Tribe continually wail about and rail against anti-Semitism, yet anti-Semitism is a glue that holds the Tribe together, the “chosen” few versus the multitudes of goyim who are, according to a few of the “chosen”, genetically predisposed to anti-Semitism. The one thing people who take themselves so seriously cannot and will not tolerate is ridicule.

      “I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it.” – Voltaire

      “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.” – Edmund Burke

      “Satire’s nature is to be one-sided, contemptuous of ambiguity, and so unfairly selective as to find in the purity of ridicule an inarguable moral truth.” – E.L. Doctorow

  3. What I resent are the double satndards and selective history used by Jews. They portray themselves as victims and innocents, yet Jews have done more harm than any other group. The Bolshevik Russian Revolution of 1917 was in fact a Jewish coup d’etat, which set about murdering Russian people on a massive scale. Now we never hear the media mention this, because the media are controlled by Jews.

    Investigation of the holocaust is forbidden, even criminalized in some countries; yet there are too many holes in the official story. My first doubts about it, in the 1990s, after a lifetime of believing, arose when I read that Ann Frank had died of thyphus at Belsen. She had spent time in the hospital at Auschwitz: A hospital in a death camp? There were no signs on aerial photographs of the trainloads of coke that would have been required to incinerate 4 million bodies at Auschwitz. I could go on. So many things that just don’t fit the official story. Yet we risk imprionment for even discussing it.

    My personal experinces with Jews has been mainly good. With a few exceptions they have always been decent people. The trouble arises when groups like the American Neocons have used their influence to cause America to inflict war on Israel’s enemies. It is scarcely surprising that Israel does have enemies. If you steal a country you can expect people to fight back. Double standards again; if Jews were being subjugated there would be hell to pay.

    At the age of 80 I don’t worry too much aout my future as there is probably not too much of it; but age does make one tell the truth.

    1. John Kirby
      December 15, 2017 at 10:56 am
      “It is scarcely surprising that Israel does have enemies. If you steal a country you can expect people to fight back.”

      There’s a monument somewhere in Israel at a place known as “Tel Hai” which commemorates the life of Joseph Trumpeldor, a Russian Jew and a veteran of the Russo-Japanese war. Trumpeldor allegedly fought against the invading Arab armies back in 1948 on “Yom Ha’atzmaut” or Israeli Independence Day. The only problem with the story is that Trumpeldor could have been an aggressor against goyim rather than a defender of the Jewish settlement at Tel Hai or Tel Chai. Given the unmitigated mendacity and the downright “chutzpah” that emanates from official Jewish sources, it’s hard to place even a small iota of confidence in their version of history. The official party line has it that Israel was attacked simultaneously by three or four different Arab armies in 1948 soon after it was recognized as an independent nation by the United Nations. Is this really true ?? If someone could supply a few good references about this particular subject, it would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Hi SAVE THE GOYIM,
        Here’s a more plausible version:

        Tel Hai was first settled as an agricultural courtyard for six workers from a northern colony Metulla in 1907. The land for the outpost was purchased by Haim Kalvarisky, a clerk of the Jewish Colonization Association. Later, it was a border outpost in 1918, following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. The area was subsequently subject to intermittent border adjustments among the British and French colonial powers.

        In 1919, the British relinquished the northern section of Upper Galilee containing Tel Hai, Metulla, Hamrah, and Kfar Giladi to French jurisdiction. The Zionist movement was greatly displeased with this, since it would have left the sources of the Jordan River outside the borders of British Mandatory Palestine, where the Zionist state envisaged in the Balfour Declaration was to be established.

        Arabs in this area at the time were not primarily involved in activities against the early Jewish militias, but rather in strongly opposing the imposition of the French Mandate of Syria, which they regarded as betrayal of the McMahon–Hussein Correspondence made during the Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule.

        In a letter dated the 24th of October, 1915, Sir Henry McMahon, then His Majesty’s High Commissioner in Egypt, promises the Sharif of Mecca, Husayn ibn Ali, to “recognize and support the independence of the Arabs within the territories proposed by him (Sharif of Mecca).” These territories included the Arabian peninsula, Syria (including Lebanon, Palestine, and Transjordan), and Iraq as “purely Arab” areas and part of a future Arab state or states in the region.

        The Zionist militias in Tel Hai, headed by the Russian-born Jewish commander Joseph Trumpeldor wanted the area to be restored to British control which they hoped would eventually lead to its becoming part of a future Jewish state. However, as newcomers to the area recently arrived from Europe, they were suspected of being pro-French, which ultimately led to armed clashes.

        In one notable exchange, on March 1, 1920, Shiite Arabs from Jabal Amil in southern Lebanon sought to search Tel Hai, however the Jews called for reinforcements from the kibbutz Kfar Giladi. Joseph Trumpeldor and ten men attempted to drive the Shi’ites militias away.

        At the end of a verbal dispute, an armed confrontation did break out, in which six of the Tel Hai Jews were killed and the remaining Jews retreated, whereupon the place was burned. The total number of killed was 13 (5 Muslims and 8 Jews).

        The British and the French, at the behest of the Zionists, ultimately agreed this area of Upper Galilee was to be included in Mandatory Palestine. It was thus possible for Tel Hai to be resettled in 1921, though it did not become a viable independent community and in 1926 it was absorbed into the kibbutz of Kfar Giladi.

        Full Article:

      2. This Palestinian even learn something new today through SEEP’s post. In fact the area he was talking about is where my family came from. I never seen it because I was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon and was not allowed to return. Even several people I know who hold US citizenship and or other European nations citizenship were denied entry into Palestine due to their political activities and their critic of the Israeli policies towards Palestinians. Here are three name that comes to mind: 1) Susan Abuelhawa/ an author and prominent Palestinian American, 2) Hanan Chehata/a UK lawyer and writer of Egyptian origin, and 3 ) Mahmoud El Dhoukhi a Palestinian activist and a Swedish citizen.

    2. @ John Kirby

      Splendid comment! Thank God this site has got some intelligent oldsters like you around, guys who know the score and are not impressed by all the garbage that is thrown at us by the media. Trouble is, the young are the most gullible and brainwashed people it is possible to find, and yet they think they know everything.

      When I want to know the truth, I ask the young what they think.
      And whatever they tell me, I believe the opposite. It’s one easy way of getting at the truth. 🙂

  4. All good satire is no more than truthful hyperbole. There should be many examples to cite. The only “crime”, here, is calling Alison’s songs a “crime”. (What an inconvenience for her!)

  5. John Kirby, despite your 80 years, your form of holocaust denial would land you in gaol in Germany and now it appears in Gt Britain.
    If a holocaust (lower case “h”) is to be construed as the mass murder of a particular ethnic group, or ethnic cleansing, then holocausts have occurred regularly over the last 150 years. For example, some 7 million kulaks were starved to death in the Ukraine, etc.
    Unless you want to be a martyr in this Jewified world of ours, people of the resistance have to be a lot smarter when dealing with the whole subject of Jews. I would avoid any mention of the so-called WWII holocaust of Jewish persons (which the Red Cross said involved the deaths of some 156,000 Jews) and get onto what are still legitimate, reverse PC matters: Again, why in our “full access and success”, equal opportunity, affirmative action world are 2 million people of one ethnic group so over-proportionally represented in the USA govt and other major institutions? If asked who represents this ethnic group you would answer the truth, “Jewish persons, as per this comprehensive list I can give you.” I.e. The factual truth is undeniable.
    Then, because you are such a good person, you explain that you believe in proportional representation of ethnic groups as per our admirable multicultural society.
    But then AGAIN, reading the levels where insanity has reached, the filthy Jews would probably gaol you anyway because you even mentioned the terminology “ethnic group.”
    And I guess I’m still hung up on Anglo Saxon forms of justice, enshrined in Common Law tenets, when the truth is that the rule of law has totally broken down in Western nations. If Hillary can’t be gaoled, none of the elite can be gaoled. Gaol is for them of the unwashed masses!
    Let’s face it. More than any time in history SATAN rules. All truth is denied. Criminals have to be protected from their victims. And Hillary was protected, yet again, by the murder of another person who could testify against her. What is the Hillary death toll now? 117 murders?
    Where is the Resistance? Oh, it’s not ready yet?
    Maybe when 1000’s of Alison Chabloz’s are in gaol, or people start to get executed, A RESISTANCE WILL START TO SHAPE UP.
    BUT I don’t think so, because my neighbour’s children just had barcodes put under their skin and tell their Google Home Mini how nasty their parents are.
    As the crypto Jew, Bob Dillon, sang in his $million smash hit: “Get out of the old world into the new world, if you can, for the times are a-changin’ …. Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command.”
    Now that was a protest song! It helped bring on the Jews’ Bolshevik Revolution, which John Lennon happily sang about.

    1. @Max Bilney,

      Just to correct the record, I think you meant Bob ‘Dylan.’

      In any case, the only thing keeping us in the US slightly more free (speech wise) than our Euro counterparts is our First Amendment. Britain has a history of free speech but nothing like our First Amendment to back it up. I’ll bet President Trump wishes he had the power to shut down vile late night comic Stephen Colbert, or the CNN fake news. I’m still wondering what the repeal of Net Neutrality will have on Internet (and YouTube) freedom. Google, with its own left-of-center agenda, is more dangerous to free speech than our government. Tucker Carlson has called them the most powerful corporation in history. DailyStormer was shut down, so who will be next?

  6. New Internet censorship is about to hit us. Given what I know, Darkmoon might last a couple more months and then there will be silence. Then all freedom will be finally gone. Then CHAOS will reign supreme and those in charge of the comunications and military systems will be untouchable.
    Then you won’t really notice your neighbours disappearing. You will hear MUCH gnashing of teeth, much crying and smashing of doors AT NIGHT. Girls will be dragged off to the docks as in Odessa.
    You will then be executed after considerable torture.
    Our indifference and activity has brought this on.
    Me, I will be in England with my relatives and attend gala balls with the all conquering royals and their Jewish henchmen.

    1. @ Max Bilney

      New Internet censorship is about to hit us. Given what I know, Darkmoon might last a couple more months and then there will be silence.

      Quite true. The sword of Damocles hangs above our heads, ready to fall at any moment. We’re living on borrowed time.

      1. If Darkmoon is shut down how would we proceed? How could we state the truth in the public arena. Big Brother really is closing in. Free Speech is not free. In the USA they have the first amendment, but it looks as though that may not be enough.

        I see that the .me domain is Montenegro. Would the UK-US authorities be able to close DM?

      2. @ Admin Toby

        I don’t think us prisoners in Spamblinka are going to notice any difference between how the n00sphere is now and after they “hit us” with “New Internet censorship”. Uhhh, those of us imprisoned in this prison camp for “thought criminals” , what the hell difference does it make for us? Answer : NO difference. We have been CENSORED here in Spamblinka for a very long time.

      3. @ TROJ

        You forget that 99% of our posters are NOT in Spamblinka and are free to say anything they want. Many of our best commenters have never had a single comment deleted. As for you, even though you are in Spamblinka, guess how many of your comments we have actually published? No one would believe it. You have now had 2,856 comments published on our site.

        Not a bad score for a Spamblinka troll constantly whining about “censorship”! 🙂

  7. ADMIN,
    Is there anyway you could register DM in a non-western country? South Korea has the fastest internet speeds in the world. China leads the world in internet users. Their version of facebook, tencent has more users than facebook. They lead the world in super computing and quantum computing.
    Probably best would be Malaysia. They banned the film Schindler’s List because it incited hate of the Germans and for promoting falsehoods. Indonesia is another possibility, even Thailand is a possibility.

    1. Thanks for your concern, Felix. But it’s not as simple as all that. I believe Lobro knows better than most people here why our site is under constant threat of closure, but he’s not saying.

      It has nothing to do with “evil Jews” or the (((internet censors))) shutting us down. We would be suffering from delusions of grandeur if we actually believed we were so important as to merit internet assassination!

      The gentle Lasha, my beloved niece, is a smiling pussycat who wouldn’t harm a fly. All she is interested in is reading poetry, listening to music, going for walks by the sea and getting through each day intact. Anyone who thought Lasha was “important” enough to be destroyed is totally up the creek. My niece comes straight out of the pages of Dostoevsky. She is a “Holy Fool”. She is a character straight out of Dostoevsky’s “The Possessed”… not quite sane, but by no means mad either.

      We are all, to a certain degree, on a knife edge between sanity and insanity.

      1. Good for you, Wiggins, for spotting that allusion to Diogenes the Cynic! You must be a highly educated man. I read that anecdote about Diogenes over 50 years ago when I was studying Latin at a prep school and it has always stuck in my memory.

  8. ADMIN TOBY: This commenter is a Zionist troll who has been infesting our site for the last year, posting under a multitude of different names and constantly changing his email address and IP numbers. We know it’s the same person only by his unique literary style and idiosyncratic punctuation. He professes to be an admirer of Lobro in order to deceive us, but pay no attention to his dangerous ravings.

    Chaboz is a yiddish name,she looks kosher.
    therefore Lisa is right.
    Toby ,you are one mentally disturbed animal
    I suspect you to be an israeli agent ,you pos
    know this sob ,read it and know that many many white people feel the same as i do about you and this shitty deceiving website ,no need to post it mother fucker.
    we can’t wait until they pull the plug on the fake news websites and this one which its an israeli propaganda hasbara troll site
    Friends of Lobro

  9. It’z almost Christmas, so naturally it’z time for a bit of Jewish humor. Say, why aren’t you laughing?

    Remember all those hilarious sixties folk songs by Jew musicians and comedians like Robert Zimmerman, Phil Ochs, Allen Sherman and Stan Freiberg? Kinda funny – but not really. Strange, I never heard anyone proposing a ban on Stan.

    Funny how the laugh track is turned up to highest setting when it’z Jews taking vicious swipes at Christianity and the white male, then it’z all chust goot fun! To be sure (((they))) will be the first to say (((they))) really didn’t mean any harm.

    As sure as there’s an “X” in Christmas, when Jews have the stage, nothing is sacred. Gorsh, one might think that, like petulant, schoolyard bullies, Jews are sacrosanct and cannot take a razzing, unless of course it’z another tribal member making inside jokes about their “Jewishness”.

    Why is it these (((people))) of “love”, “tolerance” and “Tikkun Olam” are so unloving and intolerant when it comes to certain subject matters? Does anyone see the arrogant, chutzpahtic, Janus faced, Jewpocrisy in this?

    As far as Darkmoon’s days being numbered, with Jews running the show, I dare say all our days are numbered. Jews are obviously haulin’ their oats with their new “Hitler” in the white house. However, this time as the goyim slaves reap their final harvest by bringin’ in the Jew’s bitter sheaves, there will be no rejoicing over a doublecross.

    Trump is a “team player” born and bred. Remember those words Jews put in dimwit dubya’s mouth? (cue reverb) “You’re either for us or again’ us!” For Jews that’s what it’z all about, you’re either on (((their))) team – or you’re dead, just ask (((their))) god (((YHVH))).

    Does anyone remember this? Funny how that word has all but disappeared. Mebbe it’z that Palestinian thing.

    Happy Hollowdaze!

  10. Here is a song to sing loudly….

    If the internet censorship comes the way we believe it to be looming….blame Donald Trump for appointing the man his handlers ordered him to appoint to head the FCC. Ajit Pai has given evidence enough that his handlers are uninterested in consumer concerns. They follow the “YUGE” $$$$$!!!

    The scrapping of the Net Neutrality rules is likely to set up “YUGE” court battles and could “BIGGLY” change the digital landscape. Internet service providers WILL REVISE how Americans, and all people globally, view online content. The providers WILL use NEW authority to limit or slow many websites or offer “fast lanes” for certain content.

    This is the message I have been writing here for years.

    DARPA started the internet. Rothschild’s Google controls it today. The strict qualification layers and high prices, not affordable for the public, are coming…. aka CENSORSHIP..!!

    That means….
    NO EMP is needed to shut off the internet.!! NO NUKES(sic) are needed to shut off the internet.!! NO ARMIES are needed to shut off the internet.!!

    All that is needed is flipping switches and changing servers overseen by Google.

    Also KNOW… ALL Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and other relatives…. work TOTALLY by using APPS – computer APP-lications. Take away the APPS… controlled by Google…the phone is just dead metal and plastic.

    1. I recommend adjusting one’s life to do WITHOUT the Internet! I am only on here because I like lingering over coffee in the morning – or dessert in the evening (and I get lazy, often!). Anyhow, I steer clear of ordering things online, hate cumbersome I-Phones, and don’t pursue cyber currencies (like shitcoin, et.al.). Fortunately for me, I can practically live without it – and make it a point to do so. If Internet bans sites like Darkmoon, there will be no need for me to keep and pay a damn Internet server. In essence, I recommend adjusting one’s lifestyle to being able to DO WITHOUT (like watching TV). (No more “online banking”, either!)
      The highways are getting congested with delivery trucks jamming to make deliveries for Amazon and others who’re getting rich off our laziness!) 😶

      1. Gil –

        You wrote:
        “(No more “online banking”, either!)”

        That’s a real hoot. 🙂 Don’t torture yourself…

        To keep ANY PORTION of the connections, such as ANY BANK ACCOUNT, or license to drive or ANY insurances or titles filed for a vehicle or land is just as bad as keeping ALL of them.

        There are very few who would give up Rothschilds’ electricity, city water and sewage and ALL phone lines and cell phones and TV.

        Most would not give up Rothschilds’ AMA sanctioned prescriptions and emergency room visits or bear their children at home.

        Few are the parents who keep their children out of public schools and colleges.

        Not many will give up or not file for Social Security or relief when needed.

        Purchases made online and cryptocurrency purchases and other such easy GAMES… are way down the list of necessities that Rothschilds KNOW people want and WILL keep… or die.

        AND people are still driving and flying while telling me they are, somehow, free to do as they please…!! Go figger.

        We’re ALL hooked on convenience and faux safety. “Come on..MAN.!!” 🙂

  11. Off topic, so brief.

    I am sorry indeed to hear that the future of Darkmoon looks dim. I first arrived at this site from an article or a reference at Veterans Today, around 2012. One of the things I noticed was that a fellow named Lobro made a lot of comments, many of them cryptically witty, and many of them displaying the kind of wisdom that takes years to accumulate. Lobro and other members of the commentariat were sometimes at odds, but more often conducted the kind of exchanges of information that made – and make – Darkmoon such a unique site. Those exchanges continued until fairly recently, when Lobro’s support for Trump seemed to me to spur not only attacks on his posted thoughts, but against him personally.

    I’m not entirely sure what article at VT led me to Darkmoon, but I believe it was this one about IQ scores around the world. Among the many comments on that article, at a time when Lasha and site administrators were not uncommonly among those who made comments, was this one.

    I hope Lobro returns. He has been missed.

    1. Carn –

      You wrote:
      “I hope Lobro returns. He has been missed.”


      I really miss his ‘waffles’ NOW… especially since I stocked up on PURE maple syrup.. the good stuff.. 🙂

      You weren’t here to read that he wrote he was wrong when right and right when wrong. 🙂

      1. @ Pat

        (Concerning Lobro) :

        I really miss his ‘waffles’ now… especially since I stocked up on PURE maple syrup.. the good stuff.. 🙂

        Tut tut, that’s not a very nice thing to say.

      2. ADMIN :

        Tell Pat to STOP dragging my name into disgreements he has with Sardonicus. This happens quite often here at Darkmoon. Two commentators will have issues with one another, start arguing, then next thing you know they drag my name into the middle of their arguments. Yet, I don’t have anything to do with Pat and Sardonicus not getting along, nor do I have anything to do with any commentators not getting along with one another. I do NOT, I have NEVER, I have NEVER started an argument between two commentators, NEVER. I resent having my name dragged thru the mud in arguments between commentators I have NOTHING to do with. With arguments I did NOT start, never took sides, never said a word about the arguments one way or another, with arguments I have NOTHING to do with. Commentators don’t get along with one another, have an argument, many times very long running arguments [ and always over inane bullshit ] , act like babies, want alot of attention, go way way OFF-TOPIC they’re so full of themselves, and they drag my name into it and call me “crazy”. But adults, supposedly “adults”, adults acting like spoiled little babies demanding alot of attention or they’ll have a temper tantrum, having absurd arguments over nothing, really, over childish bullshit, that’s being “sane”, not “crazy” like TROJ. Really?

    2. okay, okay … i lurked behind the dropped curtain to gauge the reaction, where they standing up for ovation or to beat the crowd to the exits.

      deeply moved by positive comments, especially circassian rubbing hands in glee, banking on the promised bonus if he gets rid of me, spend it quick before they put a stop payment on it.
      And this one by sard had me scratching head for deeper meaning 🙂

      Genius of the Watery Waste

      If i didn’t know that sard got the soul of a grievously injured poet, i’d be wondering about the circumstances of the “watery waste”, like nurses discussion at an HIV hospice or leper colony.
      Whatever the circumstances, my stomach doesn’t get queazy-easy, i will eventually navigate those wastes to some beachhead, alight and light up my stogie ahem, puro: Cohiba Siglo VI (good name when a cuban finally becomes the pope).

      well Folks™ oops, can’t use that one, trademarked by Circassian when he is sweating it for the popularity points but at any rate, back to business.
      I asked some of these questions on several fronts and got no cogent answer.
      given the panic that went off as trump declared jerusalem to be the capital of israel and the promised, then indefinitely delayed embassy move (says tillerson, the good cop: it may take decades, you know, drywall shortage and all that stuff), the planetary squawking about the revelations come true, Jesus weepeth and lasheth his knotted rope all about him in the moneychangers HQ …
      • trump quite pointedly did not mention “unified” jerusalem, something that jews picked up on right away, zeev elkin, the handsome poster boy of Judea whinged about, here is a picture (AFTER rhinoplasty)
      • all the touchy feely bromances between the takfiris and jews instantly put on hold, zippers pulled up in hurry as the arab street went berserk, all the saud salafi donmeh marranos cursing trump for ruining their gameplan
      • palestinians finally waking up to another,long overdue intifada,
      • oic (organization of islamic countries) rebukes the embassy declaration by recognizing east jerusalem as capital of palestine, even Maduro of Venezuela invited as an honorary guest at the pan-islamic cobference,
      China insisting that the only valid negotiating platform is based on pre-1967 boundaries,
      • Turkey definitely saying goodby west, nato, israel – hello eurasian axis,
      • Iran giant winner, recognized as the steadfast defender of Islam and Palestinians, Saudi+UAE cryptos exposed,
      • Europe forced to condemn the declaration and also publicly recognize the plight of palestine
      • et cetera

      How many of you would prefer at this point for the reset to the status of Obama, Clinton, Bush, all the way to carter and before, the sickening hypocrisy of Oslo accords and so forth, world hanging its global head low while jew rained white phosphorus down on the goyim of gaza while making unctious noises about “both sides need to restrain themselves in this evenly matched conflict“.
      THAT was the time for Jesus to start swinging the cat-o-nine-tails.

      Does anyone honestly think that JEW is counting itself ahead as the result of trump’s (intentionally) empty blather?

      Which is why i say, mahmoud, you are a nice man, good soldier, but a lousy strategist, bless this president rather than curse him, follow the game in progress instead of staring at the cheerleaders on the sidelines.

      it is also true that

      When we start to win, we will start to sing

      c’mon, gimme some likes, i do like them likes, whatshisfacebook zuckerberg promised the full refund on any that i collect.

      1. Lobro –

        Admit it…

        Trump put the screws to anyone wanting to sing like Alison…. by appointing the man responsible for repealing net neutrality. He is doing the bidding of the large networks… which he bragged about helping during his campaign. Hell, he was paid millions by them for his shows… 🙂

        TRUMP will be the instrument used in shutting down sites like Darkmoon..!!

      2. @ Lobro

        It’s good to see you back with a factual list of things that have happened.

        To add to your singing items, a couple of days ago Trump told the new graduating class of CIA agents that he was building a new CIA. Obviously, to build a new CIA, the old CIA has to be flushed.

        Rumor has it that Trump initiated a new private and secret intelligence agency a while back since he could not trust the existing ones. Supposedly, the NSA is working with the new intel group which might explain why there were over 4,000 sealed indictments generated in less than a month starting on 10/31/17. These sealed indictments also gives credibility to Sessions having a special secret group in the DOJ to work with Trump as some have said.

        Yesterday, the info flow from the CIA to UK intelligence was stopped per the Financial Times. Something new is definitely afloat. The Five Eyes of the West, key to jewish global surveillance and control, now has a problem. The CIA is the hub.

        It could be that the song that could be sung should include the word “storm” that Trump hinted about a few weeks ago during a group photo shoot.

        Again, it’s good to see you back.

      3. addendum(s),
        • sard, hope your comment wasn’t deleted due to any misunderstandings related to me, i thought we understood our misunderstandings – in future, always insert as a likely option that anything i say that could possibly be promoted to the level of misunderstanding is in fact a harmless play of words.
        And before elevating it to the next level of irritation, ask me outright, like all truthful people, I don’t lie.
        Then, and only then, would you have a justifiable cause to invoke the dread level of “misunderstanding”.
        Of course, i understood that when a noble character like yourself refers to Watery Waste, the picture evoked is of sea, as in “Poseidon and Nereids surfing the raging wastes“, doesn’t get more heroic or romantic, does it.

        • i saw that comment by Carlyle, before the originator got yanked back into the bushes – a few curious details but the one about me collecting disciples had me in stitches.
        Who would ever want such disciples?
        The world’s most undisciplined disciples: “Pat, how many times must I tell you that Trump is on OUR side?
        Though they wouldn’t be the first disciples asleep on the job, Jesus also complained about his.
        Jesus and i must be content with what we got, only jews can afford quality disciples.

        • regarding Trump, my conciliatory statement:
        •• ok, for the purpose of smoothing things, i will agree that trump is not the most endearing character, that he is a crude boor, that unlike me and my disciples, he occasionally fantasizes about groping women, that unlike me and harold and homer, he eats dead animals, that – he, i get very serious now, extremely so – he lets his morally defective son, donald junior, certified POS, hunt such precious beings as elephants – may the donald junior be boiled in a cauldron of watery waste, that the donald senior has hots for jews, forced ivanka to marry the most degenerate of them all (a tall order in a species that made degeneracy the dominant evolutionary trait), that he is entirely beholden to JEW, doesn’t harbor a single kind thought for us goys, okay, okay, all of that … so here comes BUT (my end of the deal)
        •• Trump makes the history’s loveliest mistakes, a veritable virtuoso of errors, the more catastrophic for the JEW, the better for us, every mistake he has made and he’s poured out a torrent of them, was like another dagger into the reeking heart of Judea, ides of March, Ides of June, …, Ides of November, can’t wait for the next Ides of Christmas, naturally, all of them entirely unintended, Inspector Cluseau giving Sheldon Adelson violent facial tics.
        If i was a voter, i would take a Jew-loving president with such talent for mistakes over a kind, decent candidate that prays for world peace and love, any day, any time of any day.

        Just so you understand where i am coming from on this.

        By the way, in the next article, a bit of focus … where trump extols the virtues of torture and says Absolutely, I feel it works!, if you follow the link, the full sentence is this

        “When Isis is doing things that nobody has ever heard of since Medieval times, would I feel strongly about waterboarding…?”

        Hmm … would i, lobro, feel strongly about waterboarding ISIS or their Mossad masters?
        I’ll let you guess … maybe Trump made another Unintended Mistake when he said that.

      Good comment and links.
      ” a fellow named Lobro made a lot of comments, many of them cryptically witty, and many of them displaying the kind of wisdom that takes years to accumulate.” …in a nut shell

  12. @ Toby why are we in the mess we are because there are more jews in the world then they want you to know!!! They call themselves, atheist, communist, christian, hugenote, protestant, etc but they never admit that they are jewish unless they are working for a public jewish questiont/ organisation.Even when they have been unmasked they deny. They are organised and behave like an army and I get the impression that many Darkmooners are way too naive. That’s why they have the power. When dealing with jews think the unthinkable.

    1. Lisa,

      How come you know so much? I thought it was generally accepted that most women were pretty stupid. Smaller brains. Fewer brain cells. Not enough neurons to do the job. Synapses in poor working order. Pre-frontal lobes defective. Cerebral cortlx in need of radical revision and renovation.

      Yet here you are, a rare exception to the rule of female hyper-stupidity.

      How did you do it, Lisa? Were you born gifted, or did you achieve your stellar intelligence by hard work and study?

  13. I came across the following earlier today. Synchronicity?

    The confession made on the 15th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1348, in the Castle of Chillon, by the Jews arrested in Neustadt, on the charge of Poisoning the Wells, Springs and other places, also Food &c., with the Design of destroying and extirpating all Christians.

    The said Manssiono, Jew of Neustadt, was put upon the rack on the fifteenth day of the same month, but refused to admit the above charge, protesting his entire ignorance of the whole matter, but the day following, he, voluntarily and without any torture, confessed in the presence of many persons, that he came from Mancheolo one day in last Whitsun week, in company with a Jew named Provenzal, and, on reaching the well of Chabloz Criiez between Vyona and Mura, the latter said,

    “You must put some of the poison which I will give you into that well, or woe betide you!”

    He therefore took a portion of the powder about the bigness of a nut, and did as he was directed. He believed that the Jews in the neighbourhood of Evian had convened a council among themselves relative to this plot, before Whitsuntide.

    Well, well, well!

    14th century Jews confess to poisoning the Chabloz Criiez well.

    Somehow, I can’t see many of their 21st century descendants having the same courage when it comes to any confession concerning this Chabloz:)

    Many thanks to Lasha for publishing my article.

      (for a change!)

      Splendid article, Alison! And excellent video song. And yes, that’s a weird synchronicity you relate. Totally weird! One in a zillion chance of occurrence…

      I’ll take this opportunity to wish you good luck when you face these brutes in court. Let’s hope you get an honest jury. I can’t see how that’s possible, with every judge and barrister in the land in the Jews’ pockets. And with juries stacked with Jews and brainwashed gentiles whose values and assumptions all come from the Jew-controlled media.

      1. Well said, Madame!

        Alison has as little chance of receiving justice from a British court as the average prostitute in the Whitechapel area in 1890 had of receiving “justice” from the hands of Jack the Ripper.

      2. She would fare no better in the USA, where the judiciary, the bar, and the juries are similarly “stacked with Jews and brainwashed gentiles”.

      3. I must admit I’d never heard of Alison before today. How could anyone say that the lovely song Alison shared with us was offensive? Was it the reference to the “white race?” If there is any justice in the mother country, which maybe there is not, it will be laughed out of court.
        In any case we Americans are joining you Brits in the Jewish shithole. Quite recently our esteemed House voted 402-2 in favor of the “Combatting Anti-Semitism Act of 2017” – a major ‘advancement’ in hate and thought crime legislation. The “Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council” praised the bill’s passage. Only libertarians Justin Amash and Thomas Massie (both Republicans) had the courage to stand up to the mob of AIPAC-owned prostitutes.

    2. “…The said Manssiono, Jew of Neustadt, was put upon the rack on the fifteenth day of the same month, but refused to admit the above charge, protesting his entire ignorance of the whole matter, but the day following, he, voluntarily and without any torture, confessed in the presence of many persons…”

      Excuse me but this doesn’t hold water. This Jew’s “confession” doesn’t prove anything. First he was tortured. Because he was really innocent, he denied the charge. The next day he realized that if he would continue to deny the charge he would continue to be tortured perhaps until he would die. THEREFORE he confessed “voluntarily and without any toture” out of sheer fear of more torture of course ! This is very human and the reason why you never can ascertain the truth by torture. People will “confess” anything to get the torture be stopped.

      I will give you an example from modern times. During Pol Pot’s Reign of Terror in Cambodia the Khmer Rouge was after “CIA agents”. Ordinary villagers were captured and accused of being such “agents”. Under severe torture they were led to confess that they were indeed “CIA agents”. After this confession they were asked if they knew other such “agents”. Of course they didn’t know any, but under further torture they gave names of other people they knew, merely to have the torture to be stopped. After having given their “useful information” the poor villages were then killed. The people whose names they had given under torture were then arrested in their turn, accused of being “CIA agents”, forced under torture to confess and also to give names of others who were “agents” too, who were then also arrested, tortured… and so on and so on. Thus the Khmer Rouge succeeded in eliminating countless “CIA agents” with their torture program, all imaginary of course.

      Confessions under torture or fear of torture are meaningless. If we would want to prove that Jews were behind the Black Death by poisoning the wells, we would need proofs more solid than could be produced by Medieval superstition and cruelty.

    3. @ Alison I find your reaction on this site very convenient. When something is too good to be true….Could you be so kind to give a reaction regarding my doubts about you.

    4. @Alison Chabloz

      I like your music. I’ve listened to all of your YouTube videos.

      Courts of law are just that, not courts of justice Man’s law and justice have nothing in common. It should be no wonder that the statues of justice displayed around courts are blindfolded. Consequently, assuming that you believe in Jesus, pray out loud in private to the Heavenly Father, “I am acquitted.” Be thankful for being acquitted and end your prayer with “For so it is,” NOT Amen. Do not doubt the outcome.

      If it’s any consolation, the days of dominate jewish control are coming to an end in the near future. There is a grand awakening in progress around the world. You have done your part and it is appreciated.

      1. “Courts of law are just that, not courts of justice Man’s law and justice have nothing in common.”

        Yes, indeed. The “Truth is no defense” argument made by Canada’s Supreme Court:

        “Truthful statements can be presented in a manner that would meet the definition of hate speech, and not all truthful statements must be free from restriction.
        More here: http://blog.freedomsite.org/2013/03/supreme-court-fossils-rule-that-truth.html

        I do not think Alison Chabloz will go to jail, but I would not be surprised if the court limits her rights to speak / sing in the future by putting her on probation.

  14. With Gideon Falter and his evil brood of oppressors helping to select the jury, fat chance of “justice” for Alison!

    As for the noble Judge, he knows damn well that unless he produces a “Guilty” verdict for Alison Chabloz, it will be the end of his lucrative career! He needs a “Guilty” verdict in order to avoid being branded an “anti-Semite” by the Jew-controlled media.

    It happened to David Irving. It will happen, I believe, to Alison. If she is acquitted or gets off lightly, it will be a triumph for British justice. It will prove that the blood of Shakespeare and Milton still moves through the veins of the noble Brits. We are not all brainwashed bastards, after all.
    There are still a few of us left behind who belong to the old school and are willing to die for our country.

    Unless something is soon done about these evil parasites who have fastened on the moribund body of their host, and who are feasting there like vampires, there will be blood in the streets!


        Into the night I have slipped—
        Hand me the sharpened stake!
        Show me the way to the crypt—
        It’s time my revenge to take!

        Under the moon so bright
        Where the wailing banshees go
        Soon I will find my delight,
        Making fountains of blood to flow!

        Let’s end the vampires’ day—
        Death to the blood-bloated crew!
        It’s time for vengeance, I say,
        For the likes of me and you! 🙂

        — John Sardonicus,
        Unpublished Doggerel

      2. Great poem, Sardonicus! Helpful suggestion: change “wailing banshees” to “lovely witches”. That’s much better.

      1. I have used Startpage.com for years… I like it a lot. But, they all have Google components to a degree. Startpage allows proxy – anonymous(sic) – viewing.

        Example: search james traficant (a very good guy)

        -James Traficant – Wikipedia
        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Traficant Proxy Highlight

        James Anthony Traficant Jr. (May 8, 1941 – September 27, 2014) was a Democratic, and later independent, politician and member of the United States House of Representatives from Ohio. He represented the 17th Congressional District, which centered on his hometown of Youngstown and included parts of three counties …

        -James Traficant dies at 73 – POLITICO
        https://www.politico.com/story/2014/09/james-trafican… Proxy Highlight

        Sep 27, 2014 … Former Rep. James Traficant, whose signature line during House floor speeches was “Beam me up!” and who was expelled from Congress in 2002 following his conviction on federal corruption charges, died after being injured in a farm accident. The Associated Press reported Traficant’s death Saturday.

        -James Traficant Fast Facts – CNN – CNN.com
        http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/25/us/james-traficant-fast-facts/ Proxy Highlight

        Apr 30, 2017 … Read CNN’s Fast Facts about the late James Traficant and learn more about the former Ohio congressman.

    We are checking to see why this entered our spam folder)

    Almost everyone on this blog is pessimistic about Alison Chabloz’s chances of acquittal by the court. I think this is born of anxiety rather than of a grasp of the facts of the case. For one thing, there is no ‘holocaust denial’ law in any British jurisdiction. And there is, as Alison mentioned above, a law that licenses satire. And s127 of the Communications Act 2003, under which Alison is charged, makes a crime only of sending a message that creates fear or apprehension in those to whom it is communicated, and in others.

    In Alison’s case, the District Judge will have to appeal to the ‘reasonable man’ principle as the basis on which he decides whether Falter and mates, or Jews generally, have been put into a state of fear and apprehension by Alison’s endearingly funny satirical songs. (The ‘reasonable man’ is needed here because there are no objective correlatives with which to decide that ‘fear or apprehension’ has been created in one party by another.) In effect, the judge would have to opine that Alison’s three satirical songs fail as satire and are instead messages sent to Falter et al. that frightened them – and that ‘the reasonable man’ would have been frightened by them. That would leave his decision so open to appeal that he would make a thorough git of himself. And it is worth remembering that Alison’s judge is a mere district judge in a magistrates’ court (the lowest-level court in every British jurisdiction). He still has a career to build. Foolish judgments put paid to that. And he knows this.

    There is also an excessive fear of the Jews in the comments of many people here. That the Jews would destroy Alison’s professional life if they could is undeniable. But can they influence a judge to do their bidding? Well, when those Jews are nothing-people like Gideon Falter and his chums, that is very unlikely.

    My hunch: There was a pretty obscene political push, led by the PM, to ‘adopt’ the definition of ‘holocaust denial’ composed by the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA). That definition, which condemns as antisemitism everything Jews don’t like, was widely mistaken for law. Fortunately, Hugh Tomlinson QC published his opinion


    that, the adoption of it by the PM and other parliamentarians notwithstanding, the IHRA definition has not become law. What is more, the terms of that definition put it in contravention of Article 10(2) of the ECHR, so any organisation that adopts the IHRA definition risks legal action against it.

    The other obscene rush, this time by Gideon Falter, was to have Alison and Jez Turner prosecuted, despite the refusal of the DPP to do that for more than two years. The DPP colluded with Falter and his fake charity Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) by agreeing to prosecute Jez Taylor. The details are not fully known, and it would take too long to outline what is known. And Alison’s case came to court as a private prosecution by Falter and the CAA. But at the time, Falter and the other ghouls thought they would have a ‘holocaust denial’ law (the adopted IHRA definition of antisemitism) to rely on. They must know by now that they do not. And I rather think that they are wishing they had not jumped the gun by forcing these two prosecutions.

    Alison, how truly extraordinary that you came upon a medieval Chabloz whose well was poisoned by Jews! Your forebear must have been outraged by the accusation that he is a Jew, and sent you the exonerating literature … or something like that. 😊

    1. Thanks for that information, Sophie. I, for one, was under the impression that the IHRA definition of antisemitism had become law in the UK. When large majorities of most political parties in the UK, US, and Europe are “Friends of Israel” it’s difficult not to get discouraged, sometimes.🙂

      1. ‘… it’s difficult not to get discouraged …’. It is indeed, Carnaptious. In desperation, I console myself that opting for membership of Friends of Israel is no more that a PM’s pragmatic career move.

  16. According to the great satirist in the sky we are all Jews, the progeny of the Adam and Eve fairy tell. The satirist most high chose a very special branch of this progeny to be the satire and satirists of the whole human race. The humorist and jokester in Heaven and ultimate creator of Jewish humor, looks with jaded eye on those who make fun of his chosen and their Hebraic rituals that are indeed a satirical joke on us of the lessor breed. These jokesters and their jokes played on mankind, scripted by the great satirist in heaven, do not take too kindly when the tables are turned. For only (((they themselves))) are allowed to satirize and make fun of (((themselves))) for the shekels paid out by the goyim. (It looks now that even Dustin Hoffman is getting caught with his pants down in this latest rage of satirical sexual license, true or not, that only a lover of the Old Testament can truly appreciate.)

  17. Well now…I wish Lasha Darkmoon and all the people who visit this website, a very Happy Christmas and New Year…..if anyone is upset by my wish….go home and tell your Chief rabbi,NSA,CIA,FBI,mossad,GCHQ,MI5 and MI6…….lol…..I am sorry to add,the Internet will be taken over,like the Media is now.

    1. As I said above, then the New Dark Age of SILENCE will commence in earnest.
      More please on the Malaysian search engine, Internet system.
      But maybe it won’t matter any more as the roundups and mass executions will commence.
      For the feint hearted this is a good time to become a satanist and love ya Jews.
      You can have endless good times, plenty of sex, get properly into debt and enjoy your corporate products.
      If there is no god, as atheists believe, what does it matter anyway?
      Thankyou Lasha and associates for the chance to occupy my coffee breaks and I wish alll of you a happy Xmas and hope and life into the future.
      I’m about to end my celibacy and start spending my money on fun things.
      Like Gilby, about time I gave the computer away, anyways.

      1. “Fun things” are always a good option, Max. 😋 Incessant worrying over what the Tribe is up to SUX. Before I began spending too much time on Internet, I was happily ignorant about Jews and their wicked ambitions. I had read some books, yes; and heard some family elders voice their prejudices – but I went on with life not being overly suspicious of attractive Jewesses or other Jew acquaintances. Really, I still doubt that every-day, ordinary Jews give it much thought, either, and must wonder what all the fuss is about…
        I was informed, today, that the state legislature in California had voted to begin requiring registration of rifle, shotgun, and handgun ammunition. Another step toward totalitarian communism in America. Is that a “Jew thing” – or just an act of stupidity?? (Of course, now, I’d probably hesitate to shoot some sonofabitch who suggested it – but I feel like it’d be the right thing to do! 😎)

    2. @Gilbert Huntly

      Knowing who your enemy is, is crucial to survival. As an example, about 70-million dead Russians would attest to that if they could.

      “Really, I still doubt that every-day, ordinary Jews give it much thought, either, and must wonder what all the fuss is about…”

      Here is the simple way of knowing that there are no good jews. Ask them if they believe that Jesus is the Son of God. If they say yes, they are not jews, just misinformed who they really are. If they say no, Jesus said that to deny him is to deny The Father which puts them in the camp of the devil. Hence, what Jesus said to the jews (see verse 31) in John 8:44 – “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

  18. As any action in the High Court is very costly, Jews are again harming the tax payers. The GCHQ is behind Jez Turner, so it might be the case with many others like him. Also, there is a campaign for de-registering the fake charity CAA. The problem is that Zio-Masonry has infiltrated the justice system and the police. Jez Turner’s pre-trial hearing was on 27th November, and trial in March 2018. There will probably be some protests.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6msU2Ay1P4E – Jez Turner appears at a central London Magistrates Court
    Jez Turner is charged with “Stirring up of Religious Hatred.”
    ‘Jewish supremacy group tyranny! There are a lot of political prisoners in Britain today, ignored by the Amnesty International. To paraphrase one ancient Greek writer: ‘We must free the world from Jewish control!’ I am going to a show trial, and then I’m going to the gulag.’
    [comments deleted & closed, as could be expected!]

  19. Thanks to everyone for their comments.

    Regards my trial, this will take place at Central London Magistrates Court on January 10. No jury. The ruling will be made by a single magistrate, nowadays referred to as ‘District Judge’, in this case DJ Zani (name of Italian origin see here).

    To clarify, my (married) name is Swiss French, definitely not kosher.

    1. Good luck to you Alison!
      I like your song, I like you and now it’s up to you to get Judge DJ Zani to like you too! A big smile might be in order, and maybe a couple of small ones too.
      Merry Christmas to you!

  20. Life is starting to look all the more like a Monty Python sketch. Although with the humor part completely taken out. The jewish inquisition contrary to the spanish one, can always be expected. And there will be no soft cushions or comfy chairs. Rather we can expect baseball bats and electric chairs. We will all soon be dead parrots.

    1. I think Israel and the zionist Jews are in trouble. Mr Trump’s support is counter-productive and there is widespread dislike (hatred?) of Israel.

      Jews control the economy and if the people turn against them they can cause a crash that would make the 1920s look like a picnic.

      I have always thought that the crash of 1929 and the slump of the 1930s allowed anybody with money to snap up assets for cents on the dollar. Now who would that have been?

  21. Lisa has The Correct View in everything she says about jews and about Chabloz and she’s smarter than all of you Darkmooners put together. It’s all very contrived and planned and scripted and Chabloz is playing her role in the jew vaudeville act. Though of course you Darkmooners know Lisa is Correct, you Darkmooners, like Chabloz, play your roles in a jew vaudeville act. [ and lobro and Pat are not good at acting, they both suck as actors, though I’m sure they both think they’re excellent at acting, they are NOT even anywhere close to being good actors, “good” here means “believable”. NOTHING believable about them. All you other cast of characters here at DM are real lousy at acting also, saying ] THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!! Videre Licet.


      Are you perhaps working to acquire the literary art of irony, TheRealOriginalJoe? But then, you are doing so poorly that I have dismissed my own question, and put you down as a primitive troll.

      ADMIN: Joe is a recognized primitive: half clown, half troll.

      1. Thank you, ADMIN! 🙂

        Your Spam folder! I wonder if it contains also the longish piece I tried to post yesterday? I got as far as your ‘waiting for approval’ stage. (Of course, you might not have thought it worth publishing. I promise I trust your judgment without chagrin. Seriously.)

      2. @ Sophie

        I’m just going to do a thorough check in our Spam and Trash folders (these two are not the same) and see what’s going on there. The good news is that I’ve just seen a long comment from you in our Spam folder and I’m going to release it right now. How your comment got in there I haven’t the foggiest idea. Something strange going on here . . .

        Just want to let you know that you are NOT persona non grata at this site, nor are we monitoring you carefully for suspicious Orwellian thought crimes (!!!) or anything like that. We’d be crazy if we did this to an impeccable commenter like you! 🙂

        BTW, if this happens again, you’ll know it’s not us. It’s either a computer glitch or some outside agency (GCHQ?) that is targeting you. I think it’s far more likely to be a computer anomaly of some kind.

      3. Sister Monika! So you are ADMIN! I should have recognised your delightfully naughty sense of fun! Thank you for your help… again. And I want to assure you that I do not feel monitored by you ‘for suspicious Orwellian thought crimes (!!!) or anything like that.’ I know it’s all to do with the rotten little gremlin that stalks me on the Internet … or with my technological idiocy. Still, I’m delighted that you got my long comment through. It remains my hope that the peculiar circumstances of Alison’s and Jez’s prosecution will gain the attention of a well informed lawyer, and extract some useful comments from him/her.
        Lots of love,

      4. I’d never dream of “censoring” you, dear Sophie, not in a million years! You are the ideal Englishwoman of my dreams, straight out of an Edwardian novel : inoffensive, tolerant, tactful, well-bred, highly educated, and possibly with an incredibly posh accent you do your best to tone down lest you ignite anger in the breasts of the honest proles! 🙂

        And yes, you are that rare bird who actually teaches grammar, the Lynne Truss of the internet!

        BTW, I’m the sub-monitor here. The top monitor is Toby, Lasha’s elderly uncle. He helps to keep me in line, sometimes deleting my comments, a humiliation that makes me go “Grrrrr!” as politely as possible! 🙂

        It’s a funny world. A few years ago I was cooling my heels in a nunnery, my eyes set on becoming Mother Superior. And here I am now, monitoring a dodgy website. What a come down!

  22. While the following comment would appear to be off-topic, it deals with an important historical question and is therefore extremely relevant in a forum such as Darkmoon.

    Save The Goyim wrote (please scroll up to view my previous comment) :

    “The official party line has it that Israel was attacked simultaneously by three or four different Arab armies in 1948 soon after it was recognized as an independent nation by the United Nations. Is this really true ?? If someone could supply a few good references about this particular subject, it would be greatly appreciated.”

    I am flawed at the impressive level of knowledge that shines like a beacon here in the DM comments section.

    Does anyone have any input on this ??

    1. As one might expect, most of the (English language) published histories paint the 1948 war as “Poor Little Israel vs The Evil Arabs”. A book that some claim considers the perspectives of both sides is reviewed here: http://origins.osu.edu/review/battle-1948 The bibliography of that book would help to find other sources. However, it should be noted that the best sources of more or less neutral (not pro-Israel) information about the 1948 conflict may not exist as English translations. Most paths to the truth are long and arduous.

    2. To : save the goyim,

      Yeah, I got input “on this”. Darkmooners “shine like beacons” because Darkmooners are Light Being Workers from Ur-anus. “Ur-anus” is from the ancient Sumerian language. In English “Ur-anus” means “your asshole” and can also be translated to mean “you’re an asshole”, you asswipe for ADMIN.

      A very good book on the subject: “Publish it Not: The Middle East Cover-Up” by Christopher Mayhew and Michael Adams.

      For me, it’s a must read.
      This was a half-censored book when I was at University, a while back now; it used to be listed under “Controversial Material” and could not be taken from the University.

      Thankfully, it is easy to find on the internet now, not too long ago it was not so…not sure if that’s a good sign or not.

      1. @ SEEB

        Concerning “Publish it Not: The Middle East Cover-Up” by Christopher Mayhew and Michael Adams.

        This was the first book I ever read about the Arab-Israeli problem when I was in my early twenties and knew absolutely nothing about the subject. I had little interest in politics at that time. But I was so impressed with this book that I stayed up all night reading it and took detailed notes on it. Reading it was like a religious conversion. I cannot recommend this book too highly.

        P.S. The book was later removed or stolen from the library where I’d seen it. It was too sincere, well-written, and inflammatory for the library to allow its circulation any longer. It was almost guaranteed to make anyone who read it into a passionate anti-Zionist, if not an anti-Semite. After reading it, I never felt the same way again about the Jews.

  23. When you remove all doubt, what is left is dogma.
    Who is to blame for many dogmas:
    by TNO Staff | December 2, 2017
    ‘Newly-declassified files from Britain’s MI5 have revealed new details of the communist connections of the Jew Zionist terrorists who tried to bomb London and kill 21 Members of Parliament…
    The MI5 files—newly made available by the UK’s National Archives in downloadable format here and here—show that the Zionist Stern Gang, dispatched cells of Jews to Europe to carry out bombings and assassinations in Britain… The reports mention the previously revealed April 1947 attempt by two Stern Gang Jews, a male and a female, who attempted to blow up the Colonial Office in Whitehall in the center of London…
    12 December 1946: Reported to have been seen in Sussex, England with Menachem Begin and Sholomo Jacobi
    12 March 1947 Reported to be in Salonika and in contact with Burtzev and Karmanov, Russian agents, and an American rabbi…
    In addition, the MI5 memo urged agents to not “forget the recent increase in our interest in the use for Communist purposes of the “Union des Juifs pour la Resistance et l’Entre-aide” in Paris.” (The “Jewish Union for Resistance and Inter-Aid.”)
    * The Stern Gang was later elevated to the status of national heroes in Israel. A state decoration was created for veterans, a postage stamp was issued depicting that organization’s leader, and, of course, one of its leading members, Begin, became Prime Minister of the Jewish ethnostate.’

  24. Snez,
    Just a minor correction, Menachem Begin was in the Irgun Zvai Leumi not Lehi, more commonly known as the Stern Gang after its founder. Yitzhak Shamir was a prominent member of the Stern Gang.
    One of my bosses, when I was a cop, served in the Palestine Police and told me all about those evil bastards. Palestine despite Jewish denials to the contrary was recognized as a state by the League of Nations in 1922 when the mandate to administer Palestine as a protectorate was given to Britain. The Brits even issued a Passport with Palestine on it. Another factor indicating the nonsense of the Jews saying Palestine was never a country was the infamous telegram sent by that masonic monkey FDR to Hitler and Mussolini in April, 1938. Of course being a brainless spastic FDR made this public before it reached the two addressees, Hitler and Mussolini. This afforded Hitler the opportunity to make a public reply in the Reichstag on April 28th, 1939. It was a masterful speech and you can watch it on youtube. It’s in 13 parts and has English subtitles, if you don’t understand German, “Hitler answers Roosevelt Apr 28, 1939.
    The gist of the telegram was that Hitler refrain from attacking a long list of countries, including Palestine, which is an indication that the US regarded Palestine as a country in 1939. Anyway watch the speech and you’ll see a genius demolish a moron.

    1. Thanks. That “genius” also killed a lot of people, but didn’t lie about it, and didn’t pretend that it was about democratization, liberation or defense. He wasn’t a hypocrite about invading other countries.

      1. Snez,
        As did the moron FDR and the morphine addict and alcoholic, Winston Churchill. The causes of WW2 are bit more nuanced than the simplistic view that Hitler started it. May I suggest you read the book by Patrick J. Buchanan, “Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War”. It’s an unfortunate trait nowadays, that as the population at large, becomes less educated, “Machistory” has replaced real history.

      2. Beside the creation of Israel and few other things, the unnecessary war was about the slave camps, aka concentration camps [no better than the gulags] for the interests of Robber Barons and industrialists. After that, lesser slavery was more acceptable for the people. Statesmen and politicians had been serving big interests long before the unnecessary war, and have been doing so in all the unnecessary wars after it.

      3. Snez,
        “aka concentration camps”
        I hope you include FDR’s concentration camps for US citizens of Japanese descent in your list. One reason for my advice to US and Canadian citizens of Chinese descent to leave North America ASAP. As the Anglo-Saxon races continue their helter skelter race back to the trees I foresee them lashing out at their Chinese citizens in envious rage. Give it another generation or two and they’ll be swinging from branch to branch.

      1. Taras Bulba,
        No, he was P. J. O’Byrne
        After the Brits left Palestine about 500 of them transferred to the Malayan Police to fight in the Emergency, the remainder transferred to colonial police forces in Kenya, Tanganyika, Fiji, Northern Rhodesia, the BSAP in Southern Rhodesia, Hong Kong, Bechuanaland and so on. When the British left their African colonies many gravitated to South Africa and Rhodesia. In fact, although he never served in Palestine, Superintendent Ian Henderson of the Kenyan Police, the man who hunted down Dedan Kimathi, one of the most brutal and savage of the Mau Mau leaders ended up as an adviser to Ian Smith in Rhodesia. He wrote a very interesting book called “The Hunt for Kimathi”, it was standard reading for police COIN units in South Africa and Rhodesia in the 60’s and 70’s.

    2. Thank you for this super lot of information, Felix! It’s amazing that vital information like ‘Palestine despite Jewish denials to the contrary was recognized as a state by the League of Nations in 1922’ can have been hidden from us for so long.

  25. Let’s review some events this week in DC…. and how it affects the brave and talented Alison and other like her…. GLOBALLY…

    Both of these might be correct:
    “When we start to sing, we will start to win.”
    “When we start to win, we will start to sing.”

    But THAT type of singing will not be displayed on the internet.

    President TRUMP made it so…. just this past Thursday.!!!

    FCC Repeal Net Neutrality – But it gets Worse…Exposing the Corruption & Truth of Net Neutrality

    Ajit Pai is a Verizon stooge. He makes $455,000 per year as FCC head…. and $$Millions to do the bidding of Trump’s handlers.

    THIS WEEK… Disney bought out Fox and Wall Street Journal.!!

    More consolidation = ALL hooked together at the TOP.!! 🙂


  26. President Jefferson said that the people should rise up against bad governments. Now US policy is dictated by Israel an electoral revolution is required; no need for violence.

    Mr Trump has betrayed the American people with his subservience to Israel; and the American people will have to suffer and pay for it

  27. Off topic, funny stuff from Snippits and Snappits.

    If Jesus was born today (or in another 8 days):

    Christmas Report 1

    ADMIN: Sorry Carnaptious, I had to delete your second and third links, even though they were embedded. The first link is OK, but the 2nd and 3rd are defective and damage the site formatting.

  28. Here at “Catholic inspired” Darkmoon, on this Ember day in Catholic Advent season , we sing in sorrow for our sins. The Rorate Caeli from The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith ;


    As we await to celebrate The Birth of Our Redeemer we also sing “Unto you I lifted up my soul” , the Ad Te Levavi,


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