White Blindness


When mixed with black rage, White blindness will trigger the apocalypse. Whites have failed to live up to the moral code they pretend to obey.



If the white race is such a bunch of Godlike figures, why is the rest of the world coming after us with an overwhelming sense of glee in their eyes for what whites have done wrong to them over the many centuries? I mean this will be ‘Lord of the Flies’ for adults! (1) Or perhaps another French Revolution, when neighbor killed neighbor.

Why is all this happening, you ask?

The simple answer? Because the Jews want to happen! Jews have urged the darker races to steal what they want from whites, because that’s what Jews do.

Jews want all other countries to look like Iraq does today because they’re so much easier to control in a devastated condition.

White supremacists surely have never confronted the conundrum that they are responsible for their own fate, that the way they have treated the world is responsible for their own destruction. They took the bribe and committed the crime. Now they must pay for their destructive decisions, and disappear from existence. Or so the other races say.

The way whites have treated the world has come back to bite them. The Jews helped whites conquer the world, and now whites are being cast aside in favor of the new beta male, the Coudenhove-Kalergi version of humanity in which everyone looks like Barack Obama (2) and no one can think for themselves.

The Muslim rapefest of Europe is accomplishing this Jewish goal as we speak. It forecasts the kind of putrid conditions the future will bring us.

Whites boast of all their so-called cultural achievements and insist they are the perfect human specimens, but never, no never, do they address the ruined lives and piles of innocent corpses they have left behind in service to their poisonous get-rich-quick schemes, which have turned much of the Third World into rubble. Think Iraq, or Syria, or any dozens of countries ravaged by well-dressed corporate monsters.

Whites failed the morality test when they accepted the Jews’ money to plunder the world. It first happened in England in the 1640s. And a little later it allowed the Rothschilds to take over the whole planet and call it Greater Israel.

Whites’ claim to superior status falls flat on its face when you consider that state to which they have fallen as hired hitmen always doing the Jews’ dirty work, or “wet work”, as the case may be and usually is.

The pretty lies the powers that be have told the world have allowed them — us! — to murder untold millions of innocent women and children and call it heroic bravery, even though all these wars and invasions were created from behind the scenes by bankers who cared nothing for either the allies or the enemy. Wars generating colossal amounts of cash make American affluence possible. This is a proven fact that far too many Americans refuse to address.

Hence, Americans are mass murderers of the worst type. They kill without recognizing they kill, and without admitting it. Driven by the Jews, what Americans have done to the rest of the world is unforgivable

In their thoughts and actions, Americans are vassals to the Jews. Both are both pests and parasites. The recipe for a pest that reflexively continues its lethal practices is extermination, and I fear the rest of the world is slowly figuring this out. Maybe that should be . . .  I hope the rest of the world  . . .

This is where ordinary Americans don’t want to hear any more, and turn away. The debate becomes too heavy for them, because they are unable to confront their own guilt. Their lives are simply too comfortable to address such an unpleasant and politically incorrect subject.

American patriotism — what a joke! How can anybody cheer mass murder being committed, not to protect ourselves, but to hammer defenseless countries into submission so the rich can get richer and the poor can continue to suck their Jewish exhaust pipes.

What kind of moral blindness does it take to believe the lies propagated by Jewish media that Americans are heroes. As Smedley Butler, the famous general, put it: “I was a bagman for the mob.”

Our reward for such willing ignorance is to eat Glyphosate infected food that is killing us, and to go to doctors who poison us with their boobytrapped prescriptions.

The primary white blindness belongs to England, which, like Judas, first allowed the Jews back into England for a few coins. This is how the white race failed humanity. They accepted the bribe that flattered their egos and were willing to kill to protect their ill-gotten gain.

Now England is overrun by Africans who have been declared equals with all Britishers. This is your reward for collaborating with the Jews: the metamorphosis of America into Africa. This chaos virus has spread all over Europe, especially in Sweden and France, which have large sections of their countries into which the police dare not go.

Just the way the Jews want it.

A population in the dark

While watching former President George W. Bush (the younger, and more insane) speak, I often fantasized he was predicting what the enemy would do with uncanny accuracy because he was describing what his insane Defense Department had already planned what the “enemy” would be doing. Subsequent actions have proven me undeniably correct (pat pat).

When Bush was describing what the terrorists were doing to the world, he was really describing the criminal behavior of U.S. troops.

But thanks to Jewish media, the general public remains clueless. We still have media calling ISIS our enemy to be bombed, yet the funding for this evil force comes from U.S. and Saudi allies. Just like the U.S. creation of al-Qaeda, more war means more profits for the Jewish killers.

The sad part about the blacks is that they have been given these very flawed so-called heroes to idolize. Very few of these media creations have succeeded in lifting black culture morally, but thanks to Jewish media, blacks have been deceived into destructive actions that cannot help but reflect the ancient denigrating adjectives that are justifiably attached to all of them.

The only really acceptable behavior for blacks is to act white. Otherwise they only bring African voodoo insanity into a white world that would like to be civilized. The Jews like it that blacks are trying to turn America into Africa, which will make it easier to control and exploit.

People who are beneath you on the “how do you treat them” spectrum are people you should help up; to people above you, you should not fail to ask for help because if they are above you they should and are usually pleased to help. If they don’t help, they’re probably not above you.

Moral failure of whites

Whites have failed to live up to the moral code they profess to endorse. As a result the entire world is in chaos. There is no more insincere person in the world than one who behaves like this. Most Americans behave like this. They simply do not have the courage of their professed convictions.

Which is why Americans have never really kept any treaty they ever made.

Whites have communicated this hypocrisy to the darker races it has exploited, and now the behavior is coming home to roost.We have taught the world that our religion is really only a cover story for our crimes.

In the case of the Jews, the situation is much worse. They have sworn before the world that they may rape, rob, imprison and murder anyone they choose to, and are not to be held to account for any crime. This is the way America operates. The Jews have the money to buy everyone many times over. America has become a totally Jewish country, friend to no one, exploiter of all, including itself.

If whites are so smart, why haven’t they solved this problem and gotten everybody to love them instead of now when everybody hates them.

Of course, this entire process has been exacerbated by the Jew. I once said Jews have never had anything that they didn’t steal from someone else. What they have stolen from the white race is its integrity, its valor and courage, its devotion to what is best for all of humankind.

This has been stolen by profiteers who lure level headed people into believing and supporting the idea they can all get rich by screwing other people, which in the long run always turns into bribery, blackmail and murder, the ever present hallmarks of the Jewish chokehold on humankind.

It has been replaced by the Jewish trademark sins of avarice and gluttony, where they are known to sacrifice their own children for a reasonable profit.

And this is what our children have been taught, every hour of every day this constant drumbeat drives them toward insanity. Combined with toxic vaccinations and year after year of repetitive propaganda, they will become perfect soldiers of the New World Order who can kill children and then joke about it.

And now “Common Core” :  the trick, they say, lies in subverting the thought processes of preschoolers before they even reach the curricula of first grade, so that their critical thinking skills will remain damaged throughout their academic careers. (3)

White supremacists have at least opened the door to seeing the Jewish master plan for the takeover of reality, promoting Jewish interests to the exclusion of the host nation’s, like when they dumped American history from the New York City school curriculum but kept Holocaust education.

And then they wonder why their world is falling apart.

They ignore Plato: One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors:

“ . . . the chief penalty is to be governed by someone worse if a man will not himself hold office and rule.” (4)

So whites’ claim to being the superior branch of the human species echoes in the empty silence of human stupidity as would the ravings of a man in a straitjacket reverberate down the halls of an insane asylum.

We are as others see us. Fatuous whites proclaim they are the saviors of civilization; all the other races claim we are their enslavers.

As we shrivel toward extinction, this is a deadly dichotomy that we whites would do well to further explore.

As they did so long ago in Haiti (5), when blacks gain control of a country they massacre all the whites. This is playing out for real in South Africa today, and in a more devious manner all across Europe. It is soon to be the main topic of conversation in America.

We owe all the other races an ironclad guarantee that they will never do that to us, but in the anemic and compromised condition of the white race today, we neither have the desire nor the ability to back up that threat.

As a result, a tsunami of senseless, preplanned savagery is about to roll over us as America turns into Africa.




Note 1: “Lord of the Flies” (1954) was author William Golding’s first book and the one that won him the Nobel Prize. It is a story about boys stranded on a desert island who, without adult supervision, start killing each other.
Note 2:  The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan — The Genocide of the Peoples of Europe
Note 3: Common Core “has children memorizing whole words in kindergarten, long before they are introduced to phonics in elementary school. By then, with the whole-word reflex in place, much of the damage to the brain is done, at least for most kids.”
Note 4: Plato, Republic, 347a.  “Then,” said I, “you don’t understand the wages of the best men, for they are not covetous of honor. So there must be imposed some compulsion and penalty to constrain them to rule if they are to consent to hold office. That is perhaps why to seek office oneself and not await compulsion is thought disgraceful. But the chief penalty is to be governed by someone worse if a man will not himself hold office and rule. It is from fear of this, as it appears to me, that the better sort hold office when they do, and then they go to it not in the expectation of enjoyment nor as to a good thing, but as to a necessary evil and because they are unable to turn it over to better men than themselves.”
Note 5: 1804 Haiti massacre.
See also: A rabid flock of lying killers (2003)
John Kaminski — email him here [email protected] — is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.
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61 thoughts to “White Blindness”

  1. Fine observing article in many respects. Being a good observer makes much better reporting, doesn’t it? It’s interesting Mr. Gates has recently suggested the EU back off from the wholesale uncontrolled importation of hordes of animal-like non Europeans, though convincing an idiot-to-the-death like Mrs. Merkel and the snake nests of rabbis and jewish social programmers won’t get very far. The Austrians have called on the military to close the Brenner Pass, Italy is taking it’s fatally sweet time to shut down the Soros NGO’s bringing shiploads of penniless Africans in, well over 10,000 in a two day period recently. Europeans are watching their countries die because they don’t want to called “racists”, but Israel as usual is exempt from the disaster it viciously and corruptly brings on everyone else.

    Elsewhere in the NWO failing agenda – Chase bank electronic banking failed (without a Carrington event or EMP attack) recently in and around Cleveland, spreading chaos, disruption of all levels of economic function, the government as usual too busy to notice as begging for more taxpayer money for their private enrichment in the revolving door via Israel is their full time occupation, more or less. In India, it’s worse, much worse…cash is returning , but too late. Do have a look at: “Cash is Back, but the Crisis has Deepened” by Jayant Bhandari at http://www.blacklistednews.com to see the utter failure of the subhuman jewish NWO and it’s engineered chaos in a sub continent of over a billion people.

    The future is with Russia, Hungary, and Iceland. The fence sitters should get moving before the bloodbaths start which is rather more than imminent in India. Worse could be done than immediately addressing the jewish “NGO” social engineer racketeers such as Mr. Soros and Barbara Lerner Specter, extensively revealed in previous articles, news, and discussions, as they are decidedly more of a problem than Mrs. Merkel (a sitting PM) without a doubt the undisputed source of most of the problem.

    My father used to say: “They never learn until they put them in ovens” – truly the voice of experience.

    1. For the latest on jewish culpability in the destruction of European civilization see the recent attempt of Hungarian Jews (jewish Hungarians might be more accurate) to throw the doors open to mass murder, rape, bankruptcy (except for guess who) and chaos. http.www.fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/hungary-jewish-group-asks-orban-to-halt-anti-soros-campaign (category/news) by Sunfire. As Mr. Orban accurately notes: “It’s good business for Mr. Soros”.

      1. The jewish group is not some small alternative faction, but The Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities. After voicing the usual habitual lies of racism and ‘anti-semitism’, the response from the chief of staff for the Prime Minister was: “This matter is not about George Soros’ ancestry or identity but about what he does”. With the exception of Russia, the rest of Europe is apparently incapable of making that distinction.

  2. Mr. Kaminski a hero should be the president of the jewsa.
    As always spot on and he is right.

  3. The idea that the destruction of white countries by mass non-white immigration is simply karma for historic bad behavior of Whites toward non-Whites seems plausible on the face of it. However, on closer inspection it seems not to hold water. Not all white countries have engaged in slavery or colonialism, yet they all are targeted for destruction. Parts of Europe itself were colonized by Muslims : Spain for more than 7 centuries, the Balkans for more than 4 centuries (Constantinople is still occupied). Muslims kidnapped a million Europeans for slavery. If the US needs to be destroyed for misbehavior, then why does Canada need to be similarly destroyed for crimes it did not commit ? And what about Jewish rogue state Israel ? When will “karma” hit that country ?

    1. FR
      “When will Karma hit that country”
      I know it’s no comfort to us living now. But there is a rift valley running from the Golan Heights through the Jordan Valley all the way to Northern Mozambique. In 50,000 years as the tectonic plates move apart there will be ocean there and that flyblown, shitty little piece of real estate will have long sunk under the sea drowning the bastards.
      However, there is a more immediate karmic punishment in store for the JUSA. Yellowstone National Park sits on the largest volcanic caldera on earth. It erupts every 600,000 years or so. Last eruption 640,000 years ago. So it’s a little overdue and recently there has been a swarm of earthquakes, indicating a possible eruption is coming soon. It’s not a question of if, but when it’s going to blow. The USA will have the guts ripped out of it, while the rest of the world will suffer volcanic winter, sharply reducing the population of homo baboonicus.
      The last time a large caldera erupted was Toba in Sumatra, about 90,000 years ago. It wiped out most of humanity, leaving only an estimated 10,000 people, hence the genetic bottleneck in humanity.
      The sixth extinction event is coming and one cannot say it is undeserved. We have only ourselves to blame. The earth can only tolerate so much degradation, moral and spiritual, before ridding itself of the defilement.

      1. “However, there is a more immediate karmic punishment in store for the JUSA. Yellowstone National Park sits on the largest volcanic caldera on earth. It erupts every 600,000 years or so. Last eruption 640,000 years ago. So it’s a little overdue …”

        From yesterday’s new:

        Natural Disaster: 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Montana, Raising Supervolcano Concerns

        Yellowstone National Park, which covers parts of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, lies on top of a supervolcano that could effectively wipe out the United States if it were to explode. The last time it did, 640,000 years ago, it expelled 240 cubic miles (think about that) of rocky debris into the sky.

        The whole article here:


      2. “However, there is a more immediate karmic punishment in store for the JUSA. Yellowstone National Park sits on the largest volcanic caldera on earth. It erupts every 600,000 years or so. Last eruption 640,000 years ago. So it’s a little overdue …”

        I am not so sure about karma but I feel strongly that the NWO gang definitely know that the world is entering an ice age. The solar winds that shield the earth also acts as an attenuator to deflect intergalactic cosmic rays back into space. Since the solar wind pressure has been in steady decline and the sun has entered a significant sun spots decline, the result is at the very least a mini ice age scenario.

        There is a theory that when the electromagnetic shield is strong above the earth, the Earth acts like a capacitor and when the shield is weak the capacitor leaks and hence always in ice ages are enormous volcanic and earthquake activity. I believe the NWO gang spent enormous time, money and energy to push the Global Warming PROGRAMMING hoax…sure to make money (Gore and co.) but behind it lies the main sinister objective: To cripple the White Nations.
        Food is going to be a YUGE issue. The Russians, thanks to a more honest and open government (with regards to scientific inquiry anyway) have experimented and can produce food even in very cold climate.
        One of the main expert on this side of the pond is John L. Casey. I read a couple of scientific papers by Dr. Abdussummatov since 2008, I believe. He was predicting 2015 to be the beginning; John Casey says now.
        There has been an increase of volcanic and plate activity since 2015. Last year in the US, I believe wheat production was down by approx. 30%.

    2. I don’t buy the claim of “bad behavior of Whites toward non-Whites”. Whites have behaved much worse toward fellow whites (look at WW I and WW II), but all peoples misbehave. European violence is just known about and taught because Europe has played the most important role in the world. Europe has done more to raise the standard of living of the world, certainly over the last 500 years, than any other people or group of peoples. Europe built beautiful cities in Africa and on the whole, I suspect they helped Africa much more than they hurt it.

      Now that South Africa has abolished apartheid, the president of South Africa is calling for the countries whites to be killed off, but because Jews run our media, that is covered up. And now that advances in medicine and other areas of science (largely by Europeans) have been brought to Africa that continent is reproducing like rabbits, while Europe has few children. If something isn’t done fast, a disaster is just ahead. Either Europe takes millions of Africans in and completely destroys themselves or they force the boats to turn around and Africa will destroy itself with disease, hunger and war.

    3. Franklin – You are correct about the “Karma” scapegoat, which though popular, is both intellectually arrogant and highly irrational, at best a poor attempt to explain by guessing “that’s why it happened” or “that’s why it’s happening”. Not that I disagree with the doctrine of Karma – nearly all spiritual systems have it in some form or another, but for informed and definitive explanations I find one must look to individuals who have spent years in the Smashan (burning grounds) or are prodigies as the result of grace received from good actions previously. We mortals are on much safer and saner grounds by careful examination of history as you have done for any possible rational understanding.

      Having agreed with Mr. Kaminski’s main point about overwhelmingly predominant jewish culpability for many though not all of the major ills we see today, his point would be better served with historical support as you have given. Stating “American Patriotism – what a joke” then a little later observing “dumping American History from NYC school curriculum but kept holocaust education” illustrates this without the unnecessary and universal slur on American patriotism. Naming the jew and accurately illustrating where they are going very, very wrong is the priority work of American patriotism, before they put them in ovens, though what may yet occur according to the observation of Felix would be an act of divinity…

  4. Kaminski writes “Whites have failed to live up to the moral code they profess to endorse.”. Painfully true! To witness a hard copy of that circumstance, just observe the demoralized white trash clamoring for destruction of Confederate monuments throughout southern America – or venture to a shopping mall somewhere, and watch the tattooed white trash bitches strut around with their niglet offspring sired by some black buck on the street. To further promote that soiled herd of humanity is ridiculous – and laughable.

    1. G.H.,
      Havent you heard? Its the fashion here in U.S. White girls with cheap, satanistic tatoos having “niglets.” Shaking hands? No. Its the ebony “fist -on-fist.” No belts to keep pants up….let the jeans reveal half the ass. Ive even seen white , male, teenagers with dreds like Bob Marley. Its cool man. No more “How are you?” Its “Whattup dawg?”. White sheeple are their own worst enemies.

  5. John Kaminski has written a fine article. I’m glad to see him back after a long absence. He has the two most important qualities of a good writer: clarity of exposition and sincerity. In other words, you knowing exactly what Kaminski is saying because he says it simply and without wasting words, and you can also be certain that he means what he says and is not dissembling. His passionate sincerity is all too obvious. I wish him good luck as he struggles to construct his new website.

  6. It will be a sad day when there are no more of our beautiful European women.

    I speak as a closet heterosexual.

  7. John Kaminski is really good. His professional writing experience for decades is evident.

    He wrote:
    “Jews want all other countries to look like Iraq does today because they’re so much easier to control in a devastated condition.”

    For my version… I’ll add: UNTIL.. until they construct Google’s electronic financial ‘geo-fences’ as they have in Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi , New York, London, Berlin and Moscow….
    ….and in ALL the other commercial PRISONS we call modern cities.

    This ain’t granddaddy’s’ war game and control paradigm no more..!!

    The massive devastation is occurring , with the help of more than a dozen other PAID countries, so that the destroyed countries can be rebuilt. Then they each will have a 21st century physical infrastructure and a slave-like society of Sustainable Development… UN Agenda-21.

    Stock Markets and Banks will ALL be included….. as a packaged deal. Drones to be used where needed.

    Whites are NOT needed or wanted. Out of the picture.

  8. The deliberate destruction of the white race in Europe and America is part of the Zionist plan for a NWO and the Zionists are succeeding.

    1. “The deliberate destruction of the white race in Europe and America is part of the Zionist plan for a NWO and the Zionists are succeeding.”

      Besides complaining about it, what are concerned Whites doing to thwart it?

      I’m tired of hearing people talking and complaining about it, damn it! I want solutions!

      That’s where the Jews are superior to us. Soon as they identify ANYTHING hostile or contrary to Jewish interests, they take action, e.g., form organizations, pressure politicians, bitch, moan, kick, scream, etc., ’til it’s resolved.

      Let’s come up with ideas for solutions, people! Enough talking, complaining, and writing articles about it.

      We know what the problems are. Let’s f*cking fix it, for crying out loud!

    1. @Jimbo,
      I’ve been a fan of pretty Lauren Southern for a while now. However, like Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneaux, and Black Pigeon, she does not dare get to the ugly underlying heart of the matter. They all need to read this essay by John Kaminski to learn that, ultimately, the Zionists Supremacists, following the Kalergi Plan, are the puppet masters of the ongoing white genocide.

  9. The western world was educated with the Bible, but unfortunately, the old testament received much more importance than the New Testament. In the vision of many Royal houses they were the new Jews, the descendants of the chosen people of God, so they could treat the rest of the world in the very same way as the Jews did. Without noticing the western world was doing the job for the Jewish masters, who, behind the scenes, with their masonic lodges shaped the republic and the Democratic system displacing the Royal Families and breaking the western world into this chaos. During centuries we accepted the supposed preeminence of the Old Testament, the governments controlled by masonic lodges’ and the special place for the Jews in the western societies…and here is the price

    1. Many royal houses are closet jews, the black nobility. In public they profess
      to be christians…

      1. “Many royal houses are closet jews, the black nobility.”

        Half them Lords are crypto-Jews or have some Jewish ancestry. Like someone (I forget who) once asked during the build-up to WW2:

        “Just how ‘British’ are the British?”

    2. We SHOULD care about the Bible, Old and New Testaments, as Classics scholar (and prophet) the wise Enoch Powell did!

      The whole Bible (excluding Esther but including Josephus, the JUDEAN–NOT a Jew) is actually the History, Law, hand-book, and Destiny of the ARYAN, NOT Jewish People, although Jews are mentioned—as Edomites/Canaanites (=merchants), Herodians, Judas-Iskarioth, Sadducees, bad Pharisees, Fake High-Priests (Infiltrate-Subvert-Impersonate), certain Scribes, the MONEY-CHANGERS.

      Don’t fall for the biggest ever Jewish lie. which has been deceiving and confusing Christians since c. 500BC. See christogenea and other Christian (true-Israel) Identity teachings.

  10. If not for the two disastrous World Wars, when whites killed each other by the millions, would we be in the sorry state we’re in today? The best of the white Euro gene pool was killed in battle, leaving the beta men of today with Holocaust guilt drummed down their throats since kindergarten. It’s easier to be homosexual than try to have a relationship with the bitchy, man hating third wave feminists of today. Thus birth rates for Euro whites are well below replacement rate. And how do you get young white Euros to start having babies when their children will be facing genocide?

    1. It’s not just wars, though true, for centuries Ashkenazi have been absorbing White women and since security is something everyone looks for, these days the guys with the $ get the cream. This is part of the camouflage by design. In the old days there was stigma and social pressure and other cultural factors that limited this; these days you get the money, the lifestyle, heck even fame…..It may be the biggest danger for Whites is the absorption into Ashkenazi Jews over time.

    2. The World Wars should be renamed Wars for the World.

      They were wars fought so the jews could rule the world.

      Officially. And they do.

  11. I like some of John Kaminski’s writings – but this article shows he has been sleeping with sleeping with Frank Gaffney, the paranoid anti-Islam pro-Israel White racist hag.

    If one study White European history from some object source, he will find out that it were the European White criminals who invaded and slaved non-White people such as Americana, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India and Middle East to loot foreign natural resources and impose Pauline Christianity.

    The White race is being out-numbered because majority of it don’t want to raise a family and rather prefer to be LGBT and get into same sex marriages. Furthermore, study shows that a significant numbers of White American women are not happy socially in Western society.


    1. @Rehmat

      ” If one study (sic) White European history from some object (sic) source, he (sic) will find out that it were the European White criminals who invaded and slaved non-White people such as Americana (sic) , Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India and Middle East to loot foreign natural resources and impose Pauline Christianity.”

      And when will Rehmat study from some “object” source Islamic history and come to the conclusion that Muslims did the same if not worse ?

      1. @Rehmat

        That was not out of any “tolerance”, that was out of greed. If the native inhabitants converted to Islam then the Muslim rulers would lose their income from the jizya tax for unbelievers. Therefore they rather liked the natives not to convert.

        Since you condone Muslim imperialism, you have no moral right to condemn European imperialism. Either both were good or both were bad.

      2. Rehmat –

        My physician is Muslim. He’s very good, and I am now laid-up under his care. We (he and I) get a lot of laughs out of the news. He recently went over to Lebanon, and remarked to me he’d be back, soon, “if Trump let’s me come back!”. I told him to just not wear the rag on his head, and it’d be a piece-of-cake! 🙂
        We’re good friends, even though I’m pretty much under his knife. I trust him.

    2. To make this point here one last time:

      Now that “Pauline Christianity” silliness rears its head. Paul is the good guy, folks. I am no fan of Judeo-Christianity and neither was St. Paul. To use his name in a way that would place responsibility on his shoulders is just plain ridiculous. James and Peter, and many thousands of others, judaized Christianity. They won the day, in the sense that they confused things pretty good, but they did it over Paul’s dead body.

      Heaven turned to Saul of Tarsus when it became clear the Twelve (11 after the suicide of Judas) were going to judaize Christ’s message, and Saul, the one true Apostle, spread the true Gospel most admirably. Here’s the main line of transmission: Our heavenly father (who is not Jehovah, I hasten to add), our Nazarene Redeemer (who redeemed us from Jehovah, I hasten to add), Saul of Tarsus, and then Bishop Marcion of Sinope. Marcion passed away in the late 2nd century and, by the 4th, the Gospel was good and adulterated. These adulterations were achieved by thousands of Judaizers, and probably orchestrated by the Sanhedrin. This despite Jesus. despite Paul, despite Marcion, despite our Heavenly Father. Or did you really think they would just let it drop after the Ascension? That they would never fabricate false writings nor invert Jesus’ teachings?

      You don’t need to nor should you take my word for it. Do a little research on radical 2nd century Pauline Christianity, something that can be done right at home with Google. Read Marcion. Cogitate on the Lord’s Prayer, explore Gnosticism for some added context.

      Here’s something of an outline: A puffed up, angry, jealous, judgemental, petty demiurge gave us Laws and mucho punishments, perhaps even a fiery lake. An alien God, a higher God of mercy and light, intruded into his Creation, took pity on the plights of his serfs and, together with Jesus, abolished the laws, redeemed us from the curses, and instituted a new regimen of love and forgiveness. The old guard did not go quietly but judaized the Gospel. And here we are: free but unaware of that freedom.

      1. Thanks Pelican, I’ll look into that. I’m not a Christian but I strongly resent the Judeo-Christian label being foisted on our national religion. Where as far as I’m aware, it’s been known simply as Christianity for the past 1500 years. I despise so called Christians who use the term, seemingly without realising the provenance.

      2. Pelican –

        You wrote:
        “Cogitate on the Lord’s Prayer..”

        I did that more than 5 decades ago. When I did…. I left religions behind. The Christians were teaching the opposite of what was instructed.

        I learned that what came before that prayer was a set of very important and pertinent instructions…. EXPLICIT instructions…. to NOT pray in public or in the presence of others. And NOT in a gathering house either… known as synagogues back then.

        See Matt. 6:6…..
        The Lord’s Prayer

        5And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. Truly I tell you, they already have their reward.

        6But when you pray, go into your inner room, shut your door, and pray to your Father, who is unseen. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

        7And when you pray, do not babble on like pagans, for they think that by their many words they will be heard.

        8Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.…


  12. Fully agree with Mr. Kaminsky, but “it” goes further back than he may be aware:

    The Normans, having located some generations in France totally overtook the mentality
    of the Roman Empire and forced it after “Hastings” on the Anglosaxons who still lived
    under old Germanic rules.
    Eventually the “money maker” mentality very successfully overwhelming America
    after WW2 has been introduced to Continental Europe.

    1. The “money maker” mentality was introduced in England by William the Conqueror who invited Jews into his new kingdom. The Jews of course were engaged in tax collecting and usury.

  13. ADMIN. Comment held up again because of TWO typos in your email address! Please correct.

    Toejamicus and Mrs. Jamicus watched this years 4th of July parade in a small 90% White college town here in the homeland. Watching those participating in the parade and those on the sidelines watching, brings home the blubbery physical condition of the American people. Even though many of the kids are still trim, many of them were way over weight. Very sad. An adulterated diet is much to blame for this sad physical condition of much of the American population.
    But more than just being fat, Dr. Elmer Pendell in the his ground breaking book “Why Civilizations Self-Destruct” (1977) shows that all civilizations self-destruct for the same basic reasons: Those who create and build the culture and civilization have fewer and fewer children while those on the lower levels of the IQ scale have the most, thereby over time lowering the average IQ level of the total population. This is exactly what is taking place right now in Europe and North America. This iron clad rule of reproduction has been and is being exacerbated by the inclusion within the borders of the disappearing non reproducing cultural bearers, races that by their very nature neither understand nor can maintain the culture they are destined to inherit.
    As John intimates all races and cultures have fallen short and when weighed in the balance are found wanting.
    However, that is still no excuse, and a very poor one, to allow or even celebrate, as will (((they))), the extinction of the White race.
    Besides Dr. Pendell’s book, among many other books, Toejamicus recommends “White Man Think Again” By Englishman Anthony Jacob who writes about Southern Africa and what happens when the Whites give over control to the Blacks. Written some time in the late 1980’s or early ’90s Jacob has proved a prophet with the near future extermination of the remaining 3.9 million whites left in South Africa at the hands of the Blacks. A predictable replay of 18th century Haiti and the future of 21st century Europe and North America as events continue apace.
    The next recommended book is “White World Awake! Stopping the Planned Extermination of Our Folk” (2016) by world class revisionist scholar Jurgen Graf, published by The Barnes Review.
    Finally there are the 5 NW Novels by Harold C. Covington that describes, if the White Race is to survive, that there must be complete and utter separation. with the shedding of much blood, from all other breeds of mankind on a piece of land where they raise their White Children in peace and safety as they see fit without the corrupting influence of the Jew and all his works This piece of land, is all that is ask for, is the Pacific NW of the United States called the NW Republic that is still 90% White. Even though 99 percent of White America know nothing of this plan to carve out a White Republic, more and more White Nationalists are coming around that the Pacific NW Republic plan and purpose as the only plan and place for the survival of the White Race on the North American land mass. http://northwestfront.org/
    One more thing to cogitate. If the White Race expects to survive, Whites must get it through their thick skinned skulls, that they must work together and not become the tools of the oh so cleaver (((parasite))).
    Kevin MacDonald has written about the historical problem of the (((parasite))) in this four seminal book studies. Harold Covington has pointed out a possible future solution to the “problem” with his magisterial 5 NW Novels.

  14. to all goyims-gentiles: dont get entangled by the gigantic jewish web of deceit. get the the roots of evil.

    ” The evils of Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of these people.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
    ” The Jews are the problem, the Jews are the cause of all the problems in the world.” – Lt Gen Jerry Boykin
    ” And the big Jew has rotted every nation he has wormed into.” – Ezra Pound
    ” F***king Jews…the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” – Mel Gibson
    ” Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion.” – John Lennon (smoloko.com/?p=17295)
    ” The Jews are masters at manipulating public opinion, which they dominate thru their
    network of news agencies and press concerns that reaches throughout the world.” – Joseph Goebbels

  15. I would prefer to be a poor black in a white country than a disenfranchised white person in a country such as South Africa or Zimbabwe.
    Whites are sinners, true. But at least they generally know when they sin.

  16. “Hence, Americans are mass murderers of the worst type. They kill without recognizing they kill, and without admitting it. Driven by the Jews, what Americans have done to the rest of the world is unforgivable.”

    Excellent article, John. One of your all-time best and that’s saying a lot.

    I love my country but hate with a passion those whores in government who wage wars for Jewry and other selfish reasons.

      1. Maybe you should start caring a little bit for The English Language, Limbaugh. The expression is “I couldn’t care less about…..” NOT “I could care less about …. “. There is a difference in meaning between the two different expressions. I’m not going to tell you what the difference is. Let’s see if you can figure the difference on your own, you’re so smart.

      2. TROJ –

        Correct. I agree… for once… or maybe, twice…

        That very common mistake irritates me also..

        No ‘Grammer Feigned’ anymore…

        But you got the position covered..!! 🙂

  17. apologies if this was addressed elsewhere/by others – but I thought this site was down because for many weeks, on my phone, I got a ‘server not responding’ message.

    But then for the heck of it I got a vpn app – and magically the site shows up again.

    Has this happened to others? Does this mean my phone carrier is ‘shadow banning’ (or whatever) the site?

    Maybe there’s some in innocent technical reason but I feel confident International Organized Jewry is going to keep chipping away at internet freedom…

    1. @ Mike K

      It’s good to know you have managed to lick this computer problem. I suspect that quite a few other people have been denied access to the site in the same way. Maybe hundreds, if not thousands of people. (I hope not).

      Lasha has a friendly correspondent called “Alan” who has been experiencing identical problems as you and would love to be able to access the site and place comments. Would it be okay with you if Lasha gave Alan your email address? Because maybe you would then be able to offer Alan useful advice to sort out his computer problems and regain access to the site.

      Alan is a nice guy, a regular commenter on the Occidental Observer, and I’m sure he would appreciate your help.

    2. Mike –

      “I feel confident International Organized Jewry is going to keep chipping away at internet freedom…”

      The internet is a cage. We are loosely free to pace back and forth….. under the control of the watchers…. who step in with “YUGE” barricades and cracking whips quite often…
      …. while we pay the fees…!! 🙂

  18. ” The Jews helped whites conquer the world, and now whites are being cast aside…”

    – You’ve got that backwards; Whites helped Jews conquer the world and in fact, made the world safe for Jews. Now they no longer need us and want to get rid of us.

    1. Bingo.

      Absolutely correct.

      Its very annoying how often people who are supposedly against the jews get this wrong so often.

      Happens too often from Kaminsky.

  19. @Rehmat & Franklin
    It is CERTAIN that both religions were used as imperialist tools in the past and even the present; I would say especially the present – at least in the case of pseudo-Islam.
    This ought not to diminish the virtues and merits of either. It would do us well to get past unproductive rhetoric back and forth. We are all BROTHERS in the struggle to be free men.

    1. “…It is CERTAIN that both religions were used as imperialist tools in the past and even the present; I would say especially the present – at least in the case of pseudo-Islam…”

      In that case the prophet Muhammad and the first four Caliphs practised “pseudo Islam”, since they all were great imperialists.

  20. G.H.,
    My surgeon is Jewish. Hes very good and I am laid up under his care. (I suspect Im somehow missing a kidney after my last operation) We, he and I, get a lot of laughs out of the news. He recently went over to Israel and remarked to me hed be back soon, “Trump will let me back! We Jews own America.” I told him just to wear his kippah and it would be a piece of cake. Were good friends even though Im pretty much under his knife and my health is deteriorating. I trust him….my amigo….

  21. Your people have raped, pillaged, enslaved and ruined countless indigenous continents through your colonial crusades, now the chickens have come home to roost, you’re suddenly developed a victim complex, You want immigrants to stay in their territories when YOU have economically, culturally and Spiritually bankrupted them? LOL sorry if you feeble cries fall on deaf ears. You deserve every single ounce of what’s coming to you.

  22. Sweden intensifies crackdown on illegal immigrants

    Up to 50,000 undocumented immigrants already work in hotels, transport, construction and restaurants, the agency said last year.

    Sweden has intensified its crackdown on illegal immigrants after a failed asylum-seeker killed five people in Stockholm, but the move has raised concerns that more migrants will be driven underground to join a shadowy underclass.

    In the past months, police have staged wider sweeps on workplaces to check papers, netting undocumented workers, sending a warning to employers and sparking heated debate in a nation that has been traditionally tolerant to migrants.


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