Who Is Destroying America?

By Petrus Germanicus
(aka ‘Peter’)


Trump’s anti-Iran bashing and pro-Israel rhetoric is a genuine cause for concern. I am hoping that even with Jews in his family, Trump will begin to recognize that Jewish interests do not coincide with the interests of most Europeans or Euro-Americans. This is because Jews invariably promote policies that are “good for Jews” and bad for everyone else. This has always been the problem.

I hope Trump will come to realize, for example, that his cheerleading for Israel contradicts his policy of “America First”.

Decades ago I saw a book by a German Jewish woman in a bookstore. In those days, before I became desensitized to the anti-German hatred, these things had a greater impact on me. This woman in the book, the female narrator, had married a German who was in the National Socialist party. She’d  had children by him. From browsing through the book, I gathered that her German husband stayed  loyal to her throughout their marriage, even though his wife was Jewish and their children regarded as Jews. The German husband, like most other National Socialists at that time, was of course keenly aware of the so-called “Jewish Question”. And so having a Jewish wife and children must have been a tricky business for him.

In any case, the Jewess writing the book, instead of reciprocating her German husband’s love and loyalty toward her, chose to betray him in print by denouncing him to the world as a “Nazi”. This was what the book was all about: righteous Jewish lady turns and tears her nasty German husband apart for being a “Nazi” — after having being supported by him for several years, treated with exemplary kindness by him, and given children by him.

Instead of gratitude, spouse betrayal. One has to feel sorry for that man. He was probably aware of the profound effect his Jewish wife was having on his children.

If I mention this case here, it’s because we have a parallel situation in Donald Trump. Trump may come to recognize in time the profound effect on his daughter Ivanka of having married a Jew, Jared Kushner, and the psychological effects of being surrounded by Jewish grandchildren.

Will Trump, too, be betrayed by the Jews around him? Will be forced to do what he doesn’t want to do, under Jewish pressure?

—  §  —

As for George Soros, the archetypal Jew, it has been said: “He is trying to create a race war because, all of a sudden in the last 90 days, it’s become possible for the 99 per cent to unite around Donald Trump against the 1 per cent.”

I’m glad a minority noticed that, but it isn’t just Soros and it has been going on for years. 300lb thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, Trayvon Martin in Florida, and other black criminals have been elevated to sainthood, while whites are portrayed as the evil overlords. Thus, Black Lives Matter makes anti-white racist statements; meanwhile, blacks continue their attacks on whites (and Asians) on the streets.

And who is egging the blacks on? Answer: George Soros and his Jews.

What the tens of millions of anti-whites don’t know, amid all the anti-white Jewish propaganda in the media, is that it was American whites who let them into this country in the first place. Whites didn’t have to do that, but they did — under intense Jewish pressure that had been going on for several decades. This was when America passed the fateful Hart-Cellar act in 1965. After 1965, as a result, non-Whites began to pour into America in ever increasing numbers, with American Jews acting as cheerleaders for multiculturalism.

Letting these minorities into the country so recklessly and foolishly, in such ridiculously large numbers, was not a good idea. It was the dumbest thing America ever did. Why? Because these very same minorities have now become a major problem. They have turned against their White hosts who gave them the hospitality of a new life in a new country. These minorities now attack whites as “racists” and increasingly rape White women in “race revenge”.

They have bitten the hand that fed them.

It’s also worth noting that Soros emigrated from Hungary to the US at the exact time his fellow Hungarian Jews were killing and torturing Hungarians, until the Hungarians rose up against the Jews. Could it happen here? Certainly it could happen, though perhaps not yet.

World Jewry wields enormous power, not just in the US, but in most western countries. Right now, Hungary is the only European nation taking stringent measures to limit the number of illegal immigrants pouring into Europe. They have even gone one step further: they are now granting asylum status to other White Europeans, such as Germans and Swedes, who are fleeing from the multicultural hordes who are taking over their countries and making life increasingly impossible for them.

Watch this 6-minute David Irving clip please. It is not without relevance to the subject we have been discussing. It shows what can happen to a country that lets in large numbers of Jews: complete takeover by Jews.

Hungary, 1956 . . . America, 2056?

VIDEO : 5.55 mins

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  1. We thank Peter for giving us the opportunity to publish two separate comments of his and turn them into a single coherent feature article. In accordance with our usual practice, the comments have been edited in the interests of clarity and precision, with little bits and pieces added to the text by Lasha Darkmoon when necessary. It is hoped that these minor editorial interventions meet with the approval of the original author.

    — Editor John Scott Montecristo

    1. It’s an excellent article and it contains my thoughts, but I didn’t actually read the book, so I’m not sure I would have been as descriptive of the couple’s relationship. Of course, even if I had read the book I would still only be hearing her side and not his.

    2. Anybody who doubts the power of the Jewish Lobby should consider that there is now a big media fuss over supposed Russian interference in US elections and politics. No mention is made in the same media that the Jewish Lobby blatantly finances pro-Israel candidates and finances the opponents of any pro-Israel candidate.

      Also AIPAC asks newly elected congressman to declare or sign a pledge to support Israel. If that isn’t foreign interference I don’t know what is.

      How do they get away with ?

  2. would jew media (and all printed material is jew-made, kabbalah printers and typesetters) allow this cover on newsstands if Trump were on their team?

    let’s see some creatively entertaining convolutions, 360 degrees is nowhere near enough, must expand into extra dimensions to impress this poster.

    serve trump right for not having lent a hand in righting those flipped jew headstones in jew nersey with pence.

    1. Lobro –

      “would jew media (and all printed material is jew-made, kabbalah printers and typesetters) allow this cover on newsstands if Trump were on their team?”

      The enemies of man have tried to destroy “The Village” magazine….. they are still at it.

      The Village Magazine is ANTI-ISRAEL….. so they would be very critical of PRO-ISRAEL Trump..!! 🙂

      Vincent Browne was the founder of The Village. (I like this guy):

      Vincent Browne said on an October show that Israel was “the cancer in foreign affairs.”



      Pic is from The Village:

      Why not?

      The ethical and practical calculus says don’t do it
      by Village 3 February, 2017,


      Trump is a fool, he will alienate friends and enrage enemies. He will breach the constitution, illegally enrich himself, fall out with his allies and make evidence-unsupported mistakes.

      He will fall on a metaphorical sword, he does not need one wielded by a third party. Shooting Trump is unnecessary and disproportionate.

      Furthermore in the process of self-destruction he will generate an awareness of the dangers of allowing power to an intolerant narcissist so that institutions will be reformed, progressive policies enshrined and popular opinion inured against ever repeating the Trump mistake.

    2. @Lobro


      If you wanted to foment civil strife in the US (see Soros quote) then you would want to create and control both sides of a fake divide. For example, perhaps we might label what we’re seeing in the US as “The Great Identity Politics Civil War”. Of course it is a chimera because all those US citizens attacking each other have the same enemy; a shared antagonist who just happens to be goading both sides to fight each other (meantime both sides still support Israel; how strange).

      I’m not stating this is the case; I am trying to impress upon you to be alert to manipulation. If the Jew-media broadcasts love or hate, it is still an attempt at mass manipulation. Equally I concede that we still need to wait before passing final judgement on Trump. However a Trump betrayal might be hidden behind a thick layer of false narratives such as a Great Grand Identity Politics Civil War 😛 He might be complicit; a dupe; or a genuine though fallible saviour…savior.

      1. The divide is not between left and right but the top and bottom, the haves and have-nots. The idiot SJWs and corn pone ‘nazis’ play into this.

  3. The quote of George Soros about bringing down the United States by funding Black Hate groups is fake : http://www.snopes.com/george-soros-bring-down-us/

    Of course the man is an evil genius who is behind a lot of global destructive movements, but he is clever enough not to brag openly about his evil intentions. He pretends to be an “idealist” and a lot of people fall for his deceptions, and he wants to keep it that way.

      1. The latest on Snopes: Fake News Hoaxers Snopes Caught Perpetrating Yet Another Hoax

        Found this article from 2015:

        The arresting officer caught Williston slipping some papers under a Persian rug, which prompted the police to remove the rug and examine the documents underneath it. One of them turned out to be a handwritten ledger, containing names of well-known individuals and organizations who have been paying Snopes.com to debunk stories that cast them in a bad light, while validating damaging half-truths and rumors about their political opponents. — The People’s Blog

    1. Soros, McCain, Kissinger, Brzezinski, & Greenspan (to name just few evil old men over 80), are perfect examples of Billy Joel’s famous song “Only the Good Die Young.” When each finally dies, it will be a day to rejoice.

    2. Yes, the Jews always present themselves as doing good, helping poor people, advancing humanity so that all the different peoples of the world can grow together to love each other. This narrative falls flat on its face when it is shown how duplicitous and two faced the Jews are. All their supposed concern for others is phony and the motives of their actions are to protect themselves, while destroying others. That is why they promote sending millions of middle easterners and Africans to Europe, while Israel borders Syria and takes in no “refugees”. And still, the European leaders say nothing while the Jews make them look like fools.

      That is also why Trump’s perfectly sensible suggestion to house the “refugees” in safe areas in the vast middle east isn’t discussed in the Jewish press. They want Europe destroyed, so they can live there in safety. But, in addition, Europe’s leaders are eagerly working to kill off their own peoples. Indoctrinated with self hatred for the so called holocaust and colonizing much of the world, they’ve been convinced they must sacrifice their peoples to pay. And while the Jews indoctrinate others with guilt, they cover up their leading roles in the slave trade, owning serfs in Europe and paying leaders like Winston Churchill to commit mass murder.

  4. @Sard

    The Soros quote provides a possible answer to your question of why bother with all the Trump kabuki (if Trump really is just another puppet) — the destruction of the US from within.

    There’s something rotten in the state of Fareinikte Schtatn.

    1. I really enjoyed reading this article by “Petrus Germanicus”, a more arresting name than “Peter” I have to say. Nothing wrong with the name “Peter” of course but ‘Petrus Germanicus” has class and hits you right between the eyes.

      I’m now thinking of changing my own name to “Sardonicus Anglicus” in the hope that I get a bit more respect. 🙂

      BTW, Peter, thanks for including that brilliant David Irving video. I had no idea that Irving could be so entertaining and eloquent at the same time. Also, the revelation that the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 had basically been a revolt against Hungarian Jews — a kind of Jewish pogrom to start with — was an eyeopener to me.

      Well well, we certainly live and learn.

      1. Thanks, Peter. Very interesting. But that video, though moving, can have so many different interpretations. What do you think it is saying? And do you agree with its message?

      2. I interpret it as saying Europe, but particularly Germans and British would be much better off if they hadn’t fought each other. There is no doubt in my mind they would be leading the world and Europeans would not be in such decline, if not for WW II. Great Britain would have its overseas empire, or much of its wealth even if it chose to give its colonies independence and Germany would have its historic lands and be the major power in continental Europe, which would still be the leading power in science and commerce. In my opinion the world would be a better place and over 55 million people wouldn’t have died in the years 1939 – 45.

      3. @ Peter

        I interpret it as saying Europe, but particularly Germans and British would be much better off if they hadn’t fought each other.

        Brilliant! I expected you to say that and it was my own conclusion too: that Germany and Britain would have been infinitely better off if they had combined their energies to build a better world rather than indulge in senseless bloodshed — internecine warfare.

        However, I gave the video a secondary interpretation which I think you must have missed. The clue lay in the use of the word “EUROPA”. The video is not only saying that Britain and Germany would have done well not to shed each other’s blood, it is saying something else also that neither you or I would agree with. It is saying that there would be no possibility of bloodshed if the various warring states — Germany, France, Britain, Italy etc etc — were all united into a SUPERSTATE, the United States of Europe. And it calls this superstate “EUROPA”.

        The video ends by asking the emotive question: “Would you die for Europa?”

        So you see, Peter, this is an ANTI-NATIONALIST video. It is an attempt to promote Jewish internationalism, a European superstate called the United States of Europe (or “Europa”), a superstate without borders under Jewish control. This is a behemoth in which individual European states will have completely lost their sovereignty to Brussels — and this would include your beloved Germany.

        This is not what you or I want, Peter. It’s why we Brits chose Brexit — an attempt to escape from the clutches of the cosmopolitans who run the EU, the prototype for “Europa”, i.e., the United States of Europe.

        If we were to end up with what the cosmopolitan Jews wanted for us — the United States of Europe — we’d also have the sinister Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to contend with — and that’s the last thing we want, isn’t it? For the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, as you know, leads to the mongrelization of European man and eventual White genocide.


      4. @Sard – If you watch some of the other videos on Murdoch Murdoch I don’t think you will come to the same conclusion. They are all produced by Murdoch Murdoch.

      5. Peter,

        In the light of what you say about Murdoch Murdoch, I admit that my “secondary” interpretation could be entirely wrong. I’ll have to watch the video again. My views are not set in stone and are subject to constant revision.

      6. Sardonicus said ;

        ((My views are not set in stone and are subject to constant revision.))

        That was my positions on most issues ,until I met a witch who made me her spiritual slave.

      7. I read A.J.P. Taylor’s “The origins of the second world war” and was shocked into a complete change of mind, not just about the origins of the war, but also about how we had been lied to, and how the media never touched on the truth about Hitler’s 1938-9 pleas for peace with Britain. His main target was the Jewish Bolshevik rulers of Russia, and I now see why.

        These revelations about the 1956 Hungarian uprising are in the same vein, and are also supressed by the media.

  5. Trump and his people mean well enough, and his ex-Goldman Sachs banker C.O.S. talks about developing an “economic nationalism”, which sounds great on paper, but as long as there is an INTERNATIONAL Monetary Fund and a Bank of INTERNATIONAL Settlements there can be no national ANYTHING.

    Herein lies the rub for a dying world

    1. There is talk of Trump taking the US out of the WTO. This could be the way to go if your end goal is to take on the Fed, i.e. isolate it first from the (((globalist))) structures.

      1. Flopot

        Here is my understanding

        Trade org.s and entities like the Fed are mere subsidiaries to the big enchilada central clearinghouse that controls every aspect of financial activity on the planet – the Bank of Int’l Settlements. Sounds innocuous enough, doesn’t it? Like an accountant simply balancing the books of a business, only THIS bizness happens to reflect all the transactions over the whole world!

        And dese books be cooked

        This is why I use such strange terms like “dodecahedron banking”. The entire operation is a multi-faceted labyrinth – like a funhouse mirror, involving a financial manipulation more top secret than anything on the planet. One giant super-computerized numbers racket controlling the economic activity of every nation and virtually every person

        Manned (but not HUmanned) by

        a very elite few
        of esoteric jew

      2. Speaking of swamp potatoes hiding in plain sight for decades and decades (with many eyes wide shut)

        After the interruption caused by Napoleon’s escape from Elba in 1815 and his final defeat at Waterloo, the Congress of Vienna finally ended its deliberations, and in so doing changed the face of Europe in ways you won’t read about in the history books.

        Part of this change resulted in what APPEARED to be Switzerland being freed from the necessity of entering the perilous game of European power politics which proceeded to ratchet up upon the final demise of the “little corporal”. But did the guarantee of perpetual neutrality by the convening powers REALLY remove the Swiss nation from what fully constitutes the “peril”? Not when you consider the true nature of it’s banking establishment.

        The City of London may be a center of the pharisee money power on this planet, but the centered position must include a “pipeline” to Zurich with it’s cover of “neutrality”.

        Those Swiss guards ain’t protecting chocolates and watches

      1. B-Hawk –

        Lies and fraud destroy America. The money hole… NASA… is a huge part of the “materialism” scams.

        SOFIA helps hide and PROVIDE the secrets of the fraud of NASA’s materialistic lies:

        NASA Lies About The Hubble Telescope(HST): Its Really on a Boeing 747

        Graduate student at Stanford’s AI program discovers the secret in an interview:

        How the Hubble Space Telescope’s stunning colour images are created


        Since its launch in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has captured half a million images — in black and white. Zoltan Levay of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, reveals…

        how his team creates the spectacular colour pictures we know.

        He also explains how the finished images are interpreted to unlock the secrets of vast galactic clouds of dust and gas, and tell the story of the birth and death of stars.

        Also from 2003 – CBS ’60 Minutes’:
        “….imparts the information that we’d like to get across”…
        ….. (for more $$$$) 🙂

        The man responsible for putting together those artworks is a NASA imaging specialist, Zoltan Levay. He uses scientific data to apply color to Hubble’s black and white images.

        “We do adjust the color a little bit,” he explains. “Partly just so it looks better, and partly so it also IMPARTS the information that we’d LIKE TO GET ACROSS.”(SALES GIMMICK..!!)

        He says these are not, however, works of fiction. “It’s a representation of reality, just as any photograph is not a literal reality, but a representation of reality.”


      2. In his heart of hearts Hitler probably knew as early as 1919 that the last chance for a human effort to extricate the International jewry money power from the Earth would come from winning a second world war.

        At this point it will probably take an act of God, as was the case when Atlantis was reputed to have sunk 13,000 or so years ago

        Deja vu all over again

      3. @A Clifton

        What is intriguing to me about these verses from Matthew is that ,e.g.; “the harvest is the end of the world” does not necessarily mean the end of the PLANET, wherein “world” would be defined as that which reflects mankind in its fallen state

  6. The elevation of status of knuckle-dragging nigras is due to the profitable business of litigation, e.g.,
    Consider encountering a worthless, black bastard who has just knocked-up a white girl, bragging about it among his peers, then turning to walk across the street – and walks out in front of your car, which terminates his worthless life. After his next-of-kin calls the law firm of Jew, Jew, Jew, & Jew, the worthless black DEAD bastard is suddenly worth a million dollars!
    (Money out of NOTHING)(a slick Jew trick!)

    1. Gilbert Huntly
      From your comments ,I see an angry man who despise anything and everything in this multi cultured , mix raced society.,and believe me ,I don’t blame you..
      I wish ,sometimes, that I lived in another era ,where everything and everyone looked the same.

  7. Now look, all of you who somehow see feasibility in the narrative that Trump is just part of some infinitely beyond our mere goy comprehension Jew mind game.
    I want to impress upon you all just how outlandishly ridiculous and worse, pernicious this notion is, because it cuts the ground from under the feet of someone who may and very probably is, a major ace in the fight against jew – Trump.

    How many of you are willing to entertain the notion that jews actually love Palestinians that Palestinians are secretly in cahoots with jew in order to scam the world in some very obscure and occult head game?
    all these dead and dismembered corpses, kids and so forth are just crisis actors.
    sound plausible? Well, then yes, i see the point of your infinite suspicion about trump, don’t take jew’s well expressed hate seriously, it is just a playful game with their best friends, Palestinians.

    The rest of you, have a look at this article: The Clinton system to discredit Donald Trump
    for those who can’t be bothered to click on the link, a few lines of quote:

    The current campaign is organised in secret by four associations:

    – Media Matters is tasked with picking up on Donald Trump’s mistakes. You read his bulletin every day in your newspapers – the President can’t be trusted, he got this or that point wrong.

    – American Bridge 21st Century has collected more than 2,000 hours of videos showing Donald Trump over the years, and more than 18,000 hours of other videos of the members of his cabinet. It has at its disposition sophisticated technological equipment designed for the Department of Defense – allegedly not in working order – which enables it to look for contradictions between their older declarations and their current positions. It should be extending its work to 1,200 of the new President’s collaborators.

    – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington — CREW is a firm of high level lawyers tasked with tracking anything that could create a scandal in the Trump administration. Most of the lawyers in this association work pro bono, for the cause. These are the people who prepared the case for Bob Ferguson, the Chief Prosecutor of the state of Washington, against the immigration decree (Executive Order 13769).

    – Shareblue is an electronic army which has already connected with 162 million internauts in the USA. It’s job is to spread pre-ordained themes, for example:

    • Trump is authoritarian and a thief.
    • Trump is under the influence of Vladimir Putin.
    • Trump is a weak and quick-tempered personality, he’s a manic-depressive.
    • Trump was not elected by the majority of US citizens, and is therefore illegitimate.
    • His Vice-President, Mike Pence, is a fascist.
    • Trump is a billionaire who will constantly be faced with conflicts of interest between his personal affairs and those of state.
    • Trump is a puppet of the Koch brothers, who are famous for sponsoring the extreme right.
    • Trump is a white supremacist and a threat to minorities.
    • Anti-Trump opposition just keeps growing outside Washington.
    • To save democracy, let’s support the democrataic parliamentarians who are attacking Trump, and let’s demolish those who are co-operating with him.
    • Overthrowing Trump will take time, so don’t let’s weaken in our resolve.

    [how many of these talking points do you see endlessly parroted right here in this JEW-WISE (lol) forum?]

    This association will produce the newsletters and 30-second videos. It will base itself on two other groups – a company which makes documentary videos, The American Independent, and a statistical unit, Benchmark Politics.

    The whole of this system – which was set up during the transitional period, that is to say before Donald Trump’s arrival at the White House – already employed more than 300 specialists to which should be added numerous volunteer workers. Its annual budget, initially calculated at 35 million dollars, was increased to the level of about 100 million dollars.

    Destroying the image – and thus the authority – of the President of the United States, before he has had the time to do anything at all, can have serious consequences. By eliminating Saddam Hussein and Mouamar Kadhafi, the CIA plunged their two countries into a long period of chaos, and the «land of Liberty» itself may suffer severe damage from such an operation. This type of mass manipulation technique has never before been levelled at a head of state in the Western world.

    For the moment, the plan is working – no political leader in the world has dared to celebrate the election of Donald Trump, with the exception of Vladimir Putin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    at times i feel remote and detached from everyone, like inside a spacesuit cut loose out beyond the orbit, because of the – to me – outlandishly bizarre thought and reasoning patterns so many people exhibit in this regard, resolutely unwilling to accept the euclidean notion that through every two points there is only one (STRAIGHT) line that joins them.

    Yes Gloria, Soros is Trump’s best friend and having put him into the White House, is spending $100 million a month to impeach or assassinate him because this is how Jew’s mind works, he is so above and beyond our goy comprehension, aren’t you overwhelmed by his cosmic genius? Don’t you wish we could be as smart as Jew?
    Well, maybe in the next life if we just keep our nose to the grindstone and don’t look too closely into the workings of g-ds

    1. Lobro –

      I knew you were not VERY WELL grounded… 🙂

      The cure for your space sickness is for YOU stop quoting Hillary and Soros….
      ….. and start quoting Trump and Pence…. Like I do….

      AND…My feet are firmly on the ground… not in space with yours..!! 🙂

      There are enough quotes to keep you busy for years… on Earth… not in space.

      But there will be thousands more after Trump grovels to Israel tonight..!!


      Mike Pence told the audience at CPAC that Israel is America’s #1 Ally..!!
      Pence also vowed the United States stood with “our most cherished ally”: Israel.


      “Israel’s fight is our fight,” he declared. “Her cause is our cause. Her values are our values.
      “America will stand with Israel.”


      “The president has made clear that Israel has not gotten the respect it deserves.”

      Speaking at a press conference just one day before Trump’s inauguration, Spicer told reporters to “stay tuned” for an announcement on the embassy.

      “There will be a further announcement on that,” Spicer said. “The president has made clear that Israel has not gotten the respect it deserves.”

      Trump’s press secretary tells reporters announcement on President-elect’s intentions regarding moving US embassy to Jerusalem coming soon.


      Brother Natty had this to say:

      I was too distracted thinking how the wormy little Jew Kushner will be sitting in on all the intelligence briefings and scheming away to make Israel greater than ever before.

      Well, I took a deep breath and said to meeself, “get over it, Trump is speaking, listen to what he’s saying.”
      Try as I might, I couldn’t listen, I was too fixed on how jewed-up Kushner is going to make the White House.
      With Melania staying at Trump Tower looks like Ivanka will be ‘first lady.’

      We also got Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer—a real scum ball—David Friedman, as ambassador to IsraHell, who supports the illegal settlers in the occupied West Bank. (What do you expect from a Jewish lawyer…to oppose something illegal?)

      Add Kushner to the mix, his assistant Avrahm Berkowitz, speech writer Stephen Miller, and a ’special adviser’ for “surrogate operations,” Boris Epshteyn, ALL Jews, and you got a recipe for matzah ball soup with gefilte fish in your face.


      As Bob Barker said… “COME ON DOWN..!!!” 🙂

    2. Lobro,

      That was a brilliant comment. Hats off to you! Nil desperandum, as they say in Tel Aviv. (Sorry, I meant Ancient Rome). We’ll all come round to your viewpoint soon. I already have, to a certain extent, rejected this most implausible “kabuki theater” idea which sees Trump as a clever con artist playing an elaborate game.

      If Trump was secretly in cahoots with Soros and Hillary, why the hell would Soros spend $100 million trying to bring him down?

      Make no sense at all.

      The next thing they’ll be telling us is that WW1 and WW2 were just kabuki theater games and that all the millions who died in those major conflicts were just crisis actors!

      Pull the other one.

      1. I differ with Lobro only on one small point.

        I don’t believe in his theory that negativity about Trump is a kind of psychic poison that is polluting the atmosphere and will in itself bring down Trump. This theory, if implemented, can only lead to censorship of all Trump criticism. It imposes upon all of us the moral obligation to indulge in non-stop Trump adoration.

        I don’t think that’s advisable.

      2. @Sard

        Viewing many publicised events as possible examples of mass manipulation doesn’t make ’em any less real. People will die for fake causes; people will be reported as dead in entirely faked events. There is a spectrum of deceit. Thus, I think both World Wars were indeed engineered, their purported reasons sheer kabuki.

        That doesn’t make ’em any less deadly.

        There is the danger here of engaging in strawman argumentation on this matter. For example, Lobro here ridicules the notion that Trump is a mastermind. Who stated this? I suggested (fear) that he might be a dupe and a puppet. There is nothing ludicrous in suspecting that Trump is the same old story of a controlled opposition. In fact, I start to dig in whether the notion is dismissed with more disarming sarcasm.

        To engage another of Lobro’s arguments: where is it written that we think the JWO is built upon Jewish innate intelligence? I would suggest that it might be built upon 500 trillion of illicitly gained wealth. JWO power it based on hammering us with lies and bribes and death. Not cleverness.

        The JWO works by creating conflicts and managing both sides; I think the Protocols even state this.

      3. Thanks, Flopot. I’ve only just see that comment of yours and have answered it on the relevant thread. I had no reason to disagree with you. Most of the points you made seemed to me perfectly valid.

      4. Sard

        read my comment in reply to lobro and tell me if it’s starting to make sense.

        The upper echelon play one off the other off the other off the other AD INFINITUM (or seemingly) to maintain the confusion


        just when you think you’ve got a handle on them…..you don’t

      5. “If Trump was secretly in cahoots with Soros and Hillary, why the hell would Soros spend $100 million trying to bring him down? “

        “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Ulyanov

        What is $100 million to George Schwartz when he’s the frontman for the (((bankers))) who simply print as much as they want of it out of thin air?

    3. @Lobro

      “at times i feel remote and detached from everyone”

      That’s the way I feel if I think posters are under-estimating Jewish ways and means.

    4. @ Lobro

      “Now look, all of you who somehow see feasibility in the narrative that Trump is just part of some infinitely beyond our mere goy comprehension Jew mind game.”

      But he’s dishonest. He misrepresented himself on foreign policy related issues that were of primary importance to many of his supporters such as myself. And honest people generally don’t participate in Jew mind games, whereas dishonest people generally do.

      “I want to impress upon you all just how outlandishly ridiculous and worse, pernicious this notion is, because it cuts the ground from under the feet of someone who may and very probably is, a major ace in the fight against jew – Trump.”

      But you seem to be ignoring everything that doesn’t comport with the view from your rose-colored glasses. The emergent confrontational foreign policy is the hallmark of Jewish control. Trumpster seems to be doubling-down on PNAC, and that should be seriously troubling for anyone paying attention.

      “How many of you are willing to entertain the notion that jews actually love Palestinians that Palestinians are secretly in cahoots with jew in order to scam the world in some very obscure and occult head game?
      all these dead and dismembered corpses, kids and so forth are just crisis actors.
      sound plausible? Well, then yes, i see the point of your infinite suspicion about trump, don’t take jew’s well expressed hate seriously, it is just a playful game with their best friends, Palestinians.”

      Actually I don’t see how that’s any more ridiculous than the notion that Trump’s foolish and dangerously confrontational foreign policy is something he’s doing – not for his Jewish handlers – but for the benefit of Joe and Jill Sixpack from Anytown USA.

      1. I agree the words used about Israel and Iran are cause for concern, but only when that translates into action can we be sure of the mind and heart of the speaker.

        Thus, let us see what Trump does on ISIS. Under the guise of destroying ISIS, will he give Syria the Neocon treatment – destroying that state of Syria, installing various tribes in regions of Syria, or will he act respecting the nation of Syria, respecting the main actor in that theatre currently: Russia, respecting his electoral promises not to get involved in useless foreign wars (this time with Russia, Iran, China).

        Trump has not slavishly agreed with Israel about settlements and two-state solution.

      2. “I agree the words used about Israel and Iran are cause for concern, but only when that translates into action can we be sure of the mind and heart of the speaker.”

        True. I’m expecting another Zionist war; doubling down on existing Zionist wars; and attempts to partition Syria (e.g. “freedom and democracy” for the Syrian Kurds).

        Btw, the so-called war on ISIS is pure theatre especially considering that ISIS is a US construct. Seems strange to threaten your own mercenary army unless of course it is more lies and manipulation 😀 ISIS was always a cover for the Zionist satrapies (yes, I mean the US and the West) to continue the destruction of the Middle East.

      3. @ Flan

        “I agree the words used about Israel and Iran are cause for concern, but only when that translates into action can we be sure of the mind and heart of the speaker.”

        Although he hasn’t actually attacked any country yet, the fact that Trumpster wants to significantly increase military spending and to achieve global nuclear supremacy must be setting off alarms in Moscow, Bejing and Tehran (and in the mind of any thoughtful person anywhere).

        Trump speaks as if he were the president of some country other than the U.S., which is faced with hostile forces massing on its borders. From my perspective, Trumpster is looking more and more like Obama on steroids. If we are now seeing the real Trump, we’re in big trouble, IMO.

      4. Flopot

        “unless of course it its more lies and manipulation”

        Yes, and U.S. presidents and other national leaders throughout history are among those being lied to and manipulated through the duplicity of their Intelligence services.

        The same thing that happened to Hitler is now happening to Trump

    5. Lobro

      If you consider that Soros is being played as well, then given the premise, your logic would have to be flawed

      All these PLAYERS get PLAYED off each other.

      C’mon, man, you KNOW that this is “Jew-wise 101”

      1. lobro, et al

        my apologies for not explaining this better.

        Soros has been used to foment his own particular brand of undermining which has served his masters well. Now, the purpose for wanting to use Trump takes precedence, and whatever POSITIVE things he may accomplish would represent an obstacle to what SOROS has been doing, and be incidental to those on top calling the shots.

        the question remains: Why Trump?

        My best guess has to do with his announcement for the greatest single military expenditure in history. Hilary couldn’t do this, given the present state of the democrat party. LBJ could do it 50 years ago after the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, but a democrat Commander-in-Chief couldn’t do that today.

        Trump’s turn to put a signature on the Middle East

  8. I many times disagree with Pat but I respect him because Pat is always looking out for the best interests of his dear ole granma in Texas and there’s something enduringly endearing about a boy watching out for his sweet ole granma, 🙂 .

    1. I’ve noticed this for a long time but I guess I always got sidetracked and never got around to mentioning it : I do happen to notice, and I’ve noticed it for a very long time, Darkmoon ADMIN ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS CENSORS my ANTI-BUSH-FAMILY posts. Why is that?

      ADMIN: Could it be because most of your posts are completely OFF-TOPIC and also of INTERMINABLE LENGTH? Or could it because this site is mad about the Bush family and cannot bear to hear the Bush family criticized? Take your pick.

  9. “WHO is destroying America?”

    The RAND Corporation is one..!!

    Here is the Delphi Technique used in Virginia (Consensus):


    The Delphi Technique: Let’s Stop Being Manipulated!
    By Albert V. Burns

    More and more, we are seeing citizens being invited to “participate” in various forms of meetings, councils, or boards to “help determine” public policy in one field or another. They are supposedly being included to get ”input” from the public to help officials make final decisions on taxes, education, community growth or whatever the particular subject matter might be.

    Sounds great, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, surface appearances are often deceiving.

    You, Mr. or Mrs. Citizen, decide to take part in one of these meetings.

    Generally, you will find that there is already someone designated to lead or “facilitate” the meeting. Supposedly, the job of the facilitator is to be a neutral, non-directing helper to see that the meeting flows smoothly.

    Actually, he or she is there for exactly the opposite reason: to see that the conclusions reached during the meeting are in accord with a plan already decided upon by those who called the meeting.

    The process used to “facilitate” the meeting is called the Delphi Technique.

    This Delphi Technique was developed by the RAND Corporation for the U.S. Department of Defense back in the 1950s. It was originally intended for use as a psychological weapon during the cold war.
    However, it was soon recognized that the steps of Delphi could be very valuable in manipulating ANY meeting toward a predetermined end.

    How does the process take place? The techniques are well developed and well defined.

    First, the person who will be leading the meeting, the facilitator or Change Agent must be a likable person with whom those participating in the meeting can agree or sympathize.

    It is, therefore, the job of the facilitator to find a way to cause a split in the audience, to establish one or a few of the people as “bad guys” while the facilitator is perceived as the “good guy.”

    Facilitators are trained to recognize potential opponents and how to make such people appear aggressive, foolish, extremist, etc. Once this is done, the facilitator establishes himself or herself as the “friend” of the rest of the audience.

    The stage is now set for the rest of the agenda to take place.

    At this point, the audience is generally broken up into “discussion—or ‘breakout’—groups” of seven or eight people each. Each of these groups is to be led by a subordinate facilitator.

    Within each group, discussion takes place of issues, already decided upon by the leadership of the meeting. Here, too, the facilitator manipulates the discussion in the desired direction, isolating and demeaning opposing viewpoints.

    Generally, participants are asked to write down their ideas and disagreements with the papers to be turned in and “compiled” for general discussion after the general meeting is reconvened.

    This is the weak link in the chain, which you are not supposed to recognize. Who compiles the various notes into the final agenda for discussion?

    Ahhhh! Well, it is those who are running the meeting…!!

    How do you know that the ideas on your notes were included in the final result? You Don’t!

    You may realize that your idea was not included and come to the conclusion that you were probably in the minority. Recognize that every other citizen member of this meeting has written his or her likes or dislikes on a similar sheet of paper and they, too, have no idea whether their ideas were “compiled” into the final result! You don’t even know if anyone’s ideas are part of the final “conclusions” presented to the reassembled group as the “consensus” of public opinion.

    Rarely does anyone challenge the process, since each concludes that he or she was in the minority and different from all the others.

    So, now, those who organized the meeting in the first place are able to tell the participants and the rest of the community that the conclusions, reached at the meeting, are the result of public participation.

    Actually, the desired conclusions had been established, in the back room, long before the meeting ever took place. There are variations in the technique to fit special situations but, in general, the procedure outlined above takes place.

    The natural question to ask here is: If the outcome was preordained before the meeting took place, why have the meeting?

    Herein lies the genius of this Delphi Technique.
    It is imperative that the general public believe that this program is theirs! They thought it up! They took part in its development! Their input was recognized!
    If people believe that the program is theirs, they will support it.

    If they get the slightest hint that the program is being imposed upon them, they will resist.
    This very effective technique is being used, over and over and over, to change our form of government from the representative republic, intended by the Founding Fathers, into a “participatory democracy.”

    Now, citizens chosen at large are manipulated into accepting preset outcomes while they believe that the input they provided produced the outcomes which are now theirs! The reality is that the final outcome was already determined long before any public meetings took place, determined by individuals unknown to the public. Can you say “Conspiracy?”

    These “Change Agents” or “Facilitators” can be beaten! They may be beaten using their own methods against them.

    See how at the link above.

    1. @Pat

      What manipulation? 😉

      “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.

      Edward Bernays, 1928

      1. Yep, FP –

        I was a part of the manipulated in 2010. It is amazing to watch it unfold. It followed the script just as I wrote above.

        It was in a County Planning Commission meeting to approve EPA and US Corps of Engineers and Agenda-21’s Sustainable Development manipulations into building codes.

        Promises to get back to MY selected unanswered POINTED questions in another subsequent meeting…. never happened.

        The county got more money to tighten the nooses. All were paid-off lackeys for the local banks. BIG contractors ere big winners. Bruce Babbit’s resultant bunch were in on it.

        Hidden in plain sight.

        Planning for the “Blue Ribbon Resilient Communities: Envisioning The Future of Americat” project has been provided through the generous support of Chevron, Shell, Blue Moon Fund and the Walton Family Foundation.

      2. To be more precise…. it affect all of the Gulf Coast:

        Houston, TX
        The third Blue Ribbon Resilient Community Forum was held in Houston, TX on June 28, 2011.


        BUT… This affects the world:

        Together with our partners, we’re working to mitigate climate change and the strain it places on biodiversity, people, and economies. We seek solutions that place human well-being at their center and have the potential for long-term sustainability. Our commitment to creating lasting change means we’re willing to take calculated risks and operate outside the bounds of traditional philanthropic methods.

    2. Lao Tzu quote: “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the result from the beginning.” 🙂

      1. Wig –

        That was a good one… 🙂

        The “Old Master” also Tweeted soon after:

        Lao Tzu Verified [email protected] 🙂

        on 12 Water 565 BCE

        “The more that laws and regulations are given prominence, the more thieves and robbers there will be.”
        — Laozi, Tao Te Ching

    3. Pat,

      Great link. I recently reposted the article by Albert V. Burns on my website, too. I would only add that the so-called “polls” are FAKE and very much part of this Delphi Method or Technique developed by Rothschild’s RAND Corporation.

      BTW, I’m surprised no one at Darkmoon has outed Trump as a Jew yet. I have a reliable source who confirms that Trump is a Jew and that Ivana, his first wife, is also a Jew, which makes Ivanka a Jewess by birth. Her wedding to the Ultra Orthodox Jared Kushner and MOSSAD MOLE was redundant.

      Disclaimer: I am neither pro nor anti-Trump. Like most Darkmooners, I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

      1. Andy –


        And we THINK we KNOW..???? We KNOW nothing..!! 🙂 🙂

        You did a great job on this one at your site:

        And you provided a link to RAND which shows how far they have come now.

        Some subjects covered there… from LAW to HEALTHCARE to URBAN UNREST:

        The Potential of Blind Collaborative Justice: Testing the Impact of Expert Blinding and Consensus Building on the Validity of Forensic Testimony
        RAND researchers investigated two potential contributors to biased testimony within adversarial litigation involving forensic evidence: experts’ knowledge of which side they were testifying for, and lack of input from relevant scientific communities.

        A Conceptual Framework and Protocol for Defining Clinical Decision Support Objectives Applicable to Medical Specialties
        This article describes a conceptual framework and protocol that combines evidence review with expert opinion, using a modified Delphi expert panel process, to elicit clinically meaningful objectives for clinical decision support directly from specialists.

        SEaRCH™ Expert Panel Process: Streamlining the Link Between Evidence and Practice
        In this paper we describe expert panels and ways to adapt those models to form part of Samueli Institute’s Scientific Evaluation and Research of Claims in Health Care (SEaRCH™) program.

        Identifying Urban Flashpoints: A Delphi-Derived Model for Scoring Cities’ Vulnerability to Large-Scale Unrest
        This article presents a method for the assessment of cities’ vulnerability to large-scale urban unrest. Based on expert elicitation through an iterative Delphi exercise, the explicitly methodological discussion describes both the process and the resulting assessment framework.

        Acceptability of an Online Modified Delphi Panel Approach for Developing Health Services Performance Measures: Results from 3 Panels on Arthritis Research
        An online Delphi-based process to select criteria for defining health care quality was rated as acceptable by three groups of participants, indicating it could be used to engage stakeholders in developing performance measures.

  10. Last night while reading The way of the Sufi, I came across this interesting reference: “Ghulam Haidar gave orders that, on any pretext the following were to be collected and brought before him: One Jew, one Christian, one Zoroastrian, one Hindu priest, one Sikh, one Buddhist one Farangi (Frank or Christian), one Shiah, one Sunni, one pagan and several others.”

    Farangi? My mind immediately drew a reference to the Star Trek characters called the Ferengi as phonetically, the pronunciation is virtually identical. The Star Trek Frenegi are short ugly dwarfs; clever liars and thieves always trying to cheat others by the manipulation of words and deeds. Yet they are portrayed in the series as relatively harmless traders, chust goot fellas doink their usual underhanded bizness. In short the Ferengi character portrays the very essence of the Jew. Yet the term “Ferengi” hearkens back to the Christian term, “Farangi.” In this one finds another example of clever Jewish wordsmithing.

    My mind, being what it is, began thinking how often this is the case. The slavers in the Spielberg movie Amistad are portrayed as Christian, although history shows the American slave trade was primarily administered by Jews.

    Later, Jewish communists took their Soviet atrocities and projected them upon the Germans to create the mythical hallowedhoax. Notably the Jewish communist lie about the Soviet’s Katyn forest massacre was projected upon the Germans. That lie, despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, stood for over half a century. Jews have also long projected their murder of Jesus onto the Romans.

    Susan Sontag, née Susan Rosenblatt, had the chutzpah to write in the 1967 issue of The Partisan Review: “The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone—its ideologies and inventions—which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.”

    As early as 1967, Sontag outlines the emerging basis for the future global warming agenda. According to her, the white race is responsible for climate change as opposed to British Petroleum that polluted the Atlantic ocean to the point of changing the gulf current patterns. And who are the primary owners of BP? Why not take a look at the BP stock prospectus to find out?

    Who are the cancerous parasites that have invaded advanced cultures all the way back to Babylon and Egypt to foment their destruction? What race has created religious traditions based on the slaughter of other people? What other race revels in criminality, lying, thieving, murder, mayhem, vice and bloodshed, churning out endless movies about these twisted, psychopathic subjects?

    What race is presently committing genocide against the Palestinians? No doubt those people, like indigenous Russians and Poles, have a very different view who the cancer is destroying not only their nation, but their people. Again and again one finds the Jews projecting their inner most criminality upon others, while maintaining the highest moral ground in their own mind. How is this profound mental dichotomy preserved in the Jewish mind?

    Once again I returned to the Torah to find an answer in the concept of the “scapegoat.” “A goat upon whose head are symbolically placed the sins of the people after which he is sent into the wilderness in the biblical ceremony for Yom Kippur.” Scapegoating is a “practice wherein an undeserving party is singled out for unmerited negative treatment, generally by someone or something more powerful than themselves.” Notably this description ends with “See also: projection.”

    It was the Aryan goyim mind that prevented my full and critical understanding of this phenomena. To the non-Jewish mind scapegoating is a rational act made with full consciousness of what one is doing. When non-Jews scapegoat others, they do it with full understanding of their own duplicitous actions.

    Herein lies the fundamental difference between the Jewish mind and the goyim mind. When Jews scapegoat others, they do so to a mental depth that fully cleanses them of their “sins.” In other words, their act of scapegoating fully releases them from any culpability for committing those terrible atrocities they project on others to a point, in their mind they never committed the act.

    Thus, to the Jewish mind, the act of scapegoating is not asking for forgiveness for sins they have committed, but a full exoneration and erasure of the action. The Kol Nidre is another example of this queer mindset. This prayer expurgates Jews from criminal actions they will commit in the coming year.

    Another example of the odd, mental mindset of the Jew can be seen in their method of Herem, the “shunning” or ostracizing of community members. “Herem is the highest ecclesiastical censure in the Jewish community. It is the total exclusion of a person from the Jewish community.”

    Descriptions of this bizarre practice are that of a literal nonexistence within the Jewish community. Those who have suffered Herem have written about how they are completely ignored within the community, how people will not even acknowledge their existence. As one individual wrote, “It was like being a ghost.”

    When one hears the description of a Jew gnashing their teeth, rending his garments while exclaiming, “I have no son!” Few outside the Jewish community understand the full and immense impact of this statement. While to a goyim this might seem metaphorical, to the offended Jew, this is a literal description.

    As Don Juan once said, “they have given us their mind.” Today the goyim masses, especially Christians, have taken on the Jews’ bizarre ability to fully disconnect the mind from known reality and twist it into a form that meets the mental need to justify unjustifiable actions.

    Here is a glaring example of the modern Judaeo-Christian mindset, quoted from another of my comments. The subject was a comparison of the story of Sodom in Genesis 19 versus the story of Bethlehemjudah in Judges 19.

    Like a latter day Torquemada, this is the question I put to the Christian: “Why have Sodomites become synonymous with, in fact the very definition of, homosexuality when the very same story is replayed in Judges 19 without similar comment?

    He replied ‘the murder in Judges was fully justified as the concubine had sinned!’

    I replied, ‘We’re not talking about the murder in Judges, we’re talking about the same queer relationships as narrated in the two stories.’

    To this question he offered no reply, instead switching the topic to the second King story of Elisha and the two bears. To wit: ‘Then he went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up by the way, young lads came out from the city and mocked him and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead; go up, you baldhead!” When he looked behind him and saw them, he cursed them in the name of the LORD. Then two female bears came out of the woods and tore up forty-two lads of their number.’

    Don’t you love these Jewish stories about their god’s loving, compassionate character?

    In any event, the Christian went on to elaborate how at first glance this might seem an unjust act. Yet if one considers the truly sinful nature of these young ruffians’, it becomes instantly obvious why Elisha is fully justified in bringing god’s wrath upon them to be torn apart by bears. Oh Yeah, a bunch of kids taunting “Go up, you baldhead” is obvious reason to murder forty two children. Here is the source of the Christian’s mental disconnect.

    Is it any wonder starry-eyed Christians march lockstep without question to this kind of Jewish thinking? After all the Jew’s god COMMANDS it! This is the essence of the bizarre Christian thought process that easily justifies massacre and mayhem because of the belief in the infallibility of a hateful, judgmental, murderous god. This is the essential Jewish mindset they have imparted upon western man.

    Think about the horror the Judaic religion and its two ugly daughters have wrought upon this world since the day an ancient Jewish priest began concocting stories about his personal god. Nothing will change until the light of philosophical thought replaces the darkness of Judaic religious beliefs and that won’t happen as long as Jews and their adjunctive religious believers walk this earth.

    I cannot stress enough, in fact I cannot even provide an adequate description of the profound differences between the Jewish and non-Jewish mind. Jews are a race of highly unstable, insanely murderous psychopaths that defy comprehension by the sane, non-Jewish mind. Perhaps it would be instructive to note how (((Jews))) feel about such differences.

    Rabbi Kook wrote: “The difference between the Jewish soul, in all its independence, inner desires, longings, character and standing, and the soul of all the Gentiles, on all of their levels, is greater and deeper than the difference between the soul of a man and the soul of an animal, for the difference in the latter case is one of quantity, while the difference in the first case is one of essential quality.” — Orot Yisrael chapter 5, article 10 (page 156) (Kook? Was it god that willed Jews to have poetic names describing their nature?)

    This is the foundation of western man’s most fundamental problem. He is incapable of understanding the enemy’s thought process. We think we understand the Jew, but in fact we cannot. In turn, the Jew capitalizes on this natural profound inability for the goyim to assess his deeply inbred, destructive nature because that requires the Jew’s unique ability to totally disconnect one’s mind from reality – not that goyim do not make the attempt.

    Come now, can one honestly believe Jewish shit doesn’t stink?

    1. “Come now, can one honestly believe Jewish shit doesn’t stink?”

      No, but it can be held from the clean end! 😄

  11. Oops! FAKE NEWS …

    Source: http://www.snopes.com/george-soros-bring-down-us/

    In August 2016, a graphic featuring a picture of billionaire George Soros next to a quote ostensibly uttered by him about his goal to “bring down the United States by funding Black Hate groups” began circulating via social media.

    (See Graphic above in the article.)

    Although this image indicated that the business magnate and political activist made this comment during the course of an interview with the Germany newspaper Bild in September 2014, we found no evidence that any such interview took place. The putative statement from Soros about his funding “Black Hate groups” does not appear in the newspaper’s archives for September 2014 (or any other month), nor did we find reference to it in any other credible publication.

  12. Did anyone else comment about the next to last paragraph of Peter’s first excellent essay? To quote: “Trump may come to recognize in time the profound effect on his daughter Ivanka of having married a Jew … and the psychological effects of being surrounded by Jewish grandchildren.” Well said! I find this psychological effect to be very sad for the grandchildren, especially her two circumcised boys. In reality children are not of any particular religion until they are old enough to decide for themselves. But the mark of the beast brands baby boys for life, no matter if they go on to despise the religion of their birth.

    When it involves the involuntary mutilation of the flesh, as does Judaism, then that religion is Satanic. Mr. Trump was born at a time when 85% of all baby boys were cut, so odds are that he was too, even though he’s not a Jew. So, like most men, he may be in denial that any harm came to him. But, with social media and the Internet today, intelligent teenage boys are often learning the truth and questioning what was done to them in the name of some voodoo religion. If Ivanka’s boys grow up to hate her and Kushner for what was done to them, they will deserve it.

    Nonetheless, given Ivanka’s decision, and their close relationship, Trump cannot say anything bad about Israel. He’s hamstrung because of her conversion to Judaism. In reality, she is, at least for now, the defacto first lady, unless and until Melania decides to vacate the NYC penthouse.

    1. Folly –

      I noticed… But Trump knows more about Pharisee-Jew bastards than most of America. No need to comment, until you asked.


      President Trump appeared to suggest that the wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the U.S. could be coming from within the Jewish community itself, according to a Pennsylvania state lawmaker present for the comments.


      Trump’s father knew as well…

      During the 1980s, Fred Trump Sr became friends with future-Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was then working for the United Nations in Manhattan.


      So did his brother…. Fred Jr….

      Trump’s Brother Rebelled Against Their Authoritarian Father By Joining a Jewish Frat

      Fred Trump Jr. died from alcoholism at the age of 43, and his story is often cited as the reason why Donald Trump does not drink.

      When Trump’s father died in 1999, the will, which Donald had helped draft, disowned the deceased Trump Jr. and his children.

      Trump Jr.’s children sued, claiming Donald Trump was to blame.

      According to The New York Times, just a week later, Trump withdrew the medical benefits he had been providing for his brother’s son, Fred Trump III, who has cerebral palsy.

      “I was angry because they sued,” he said.


  13. keep your eye on the bouncing ball, i keep saying, i am ignored by big majority.
    let me try another tack.

    when propaganda is spun, just as any other lie designed to cut a beeline to some undeserved goal, it is constructed like the theatrical props, looks fine at distance, in macroscopic view but the illusion falls apart up close or when paying attention to small, seemingly irrelevant events that are not scripted because they are not worth the bother, considering that the giant lump of bovinity is mesmerized by jew vaudeville razzle dazzle.
    Thus the lie has achieved its purpose and who cares about couple of widely ignored low level sleuths crawling around with a magnifying glass.

    So … when Trump Says When Asked About Anti-Semitic Attacks: “Sometimes It’s The Reverse”, how many goys give a shit, let alone two? (Darkmoon’s sworn judaic nemesis, Buzzfeed thinks it is ominous indeed but then, Juden have finely attuned senses, can hear many frequencies that the plywood eared goy cannot)

    WASHINGTON — Asked about the recent wave of anti-Semitic attacks and threats across the nation, President Trump on Tuesday told a group of state attorneys general that “sometimes it’s the reverse,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said of Trump’s comments in his and other officials’ meeting with the president.

    “He just said, ‘Sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people — or to make others — look bad,‘ and he used the word ‘reverse’ I would say two to three times in his comments,”

    Shapiro said.

    The meaning is clear: oftentimes, it’s the Jew who is the responsible party in order to curry the retarded race’s sympathy and cash in on the guilt (this way to holohoax ATM, swipe your fake tattoo across the barcode reader).
    And Trump sees it.
    But those who endlessly pore over jew press in order to catch anything negative about Trump do not, do they.

    nb: Soros poured heavy millions into a number of critical prosecutorial elections to make sure all his Shapiros are lined up and ready for talmudic duty.

    denizens of kabukistan – wake up, the time is running out, as much as fantasizing is fun.

    1. Lobro –

      You commented on what I put up:

      “President Trump appeared to suggest that the wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers across the U.S. could be coming from within the Jewish community itself, according to a Pennsylvania state lawmaker present for the comments.”

      I put that quote in there to help stop the constant naive writings by some here that Trump is not wise to the Pharisee-Jew tricks and treachery and false flags. Reversals.

      I wrote: “Trump knows more about Pharisee-Jew bastards than most of America.”

      I wrote in very simple words…. and short sentences… and proper capitalization.

      If you “pore” over it and spin something else out of it….. I cannot control that. But please don’t claim I don’t understand what I wrote there.

      I like MY SPIN better than YOURS..!! 🙂

    2. wrong target, collateral damage Pat.
      i wasn’t commenting on that – didn’t even see it.

      my comment had more to do with the dragnet effort worthy of NSA that netted over 2,000 hrs of Trump videos plus specialized software (delta) that pores over legacy statements by trump going back decades in order to match possible inconsistencies and contradictions … and lots more besides, a well funded and professionally run smear effort not unlike military campaign.

      look it up, i quoted all of that somewhere.
      Plus going through jew sources (i mean specifically for jew readership) with a fine tooth comb, looking for anything that even if it doesn’t incriminate Trump, paints him in bad light, ie, some sort of psychotic disorder, ie, ye olde jew projection onto innocent victim.
      If jew had anything real heavy on him, don’t you think they would have pulled the trigger by now, eg, strange sexual peccadilloes, etc.
      They don’t so they dredge up inconsequential stuff, hearsay and so on and dress it up like for Nuremberg.

      mengele yesterday, trump today, the jew midway doesn’t rest while we dance cluelessly to its tune.

      1. Lobro –

        Fair enough. No harm done anyway. You know that.

        We were commenting on the same report from different sources.

        I used it to show Trump was wise to Pharisee-Jews, being surrounded by them in New York City all of his life….
        ….where Jesse Jackson had to apologize publicly…..
        …… for calling it, “HYMIE-TOWN..!!
        It is the funniest thing “Catfish-Face’ ever said.. 🙂

        Jesse Jackson’s ‘Hymietown’ Remark:

        Rev. Jesse Jackson referred to Jews as “Hymies” and to New York City as “Hymietown” in January 1984 during a conversation with a black Washington Post reporter.

  14. Trump knows the enemy: Trump Accuses Obama Of Being Behind Protests, Leaks

    Trump did not offer any evidence for his claim in the clip released by Fox Monday night. CNN reported that it has reached out to Obama’s office for comment. A broad coalition of groups including
    Organizing For Action, the SEIU, MoveOn.org and the Center for American Progress [each one directly under Soros, the American Pussy Riot, same methods, same principles, same goals of regime change as in Russia and elsewhere]
    have been working to help with grassroots organizing around GOP town halls.

    Organizing for Action, the group formed from Obama’s campaign organization, has 14 professional organizers, for example, who are involved in teaching local activists skills to effectively vocalize opposition to the GOP’s top agenda items.

    Earlier this month, Trump told Fox News that reports of his calls with the leaders of Mexico and Australia were caused by leaks from “Obama people.”

    Trump’s administration has been plagued by leaks within his administration to the media, and he has continually railed against those doing the leaking and the media since taking office, even slamming the FBI for being unable to root out the leakers. He has said the leaks are damaging to national security.

    * * *

    And speaking of the leaks, Trump said that he would’ve handled the crackdown on government leaks differently than Sean Spicer, having “one-on-one sessions with a few people,” instead of the way White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer did it: in an “emergency meeting” for White House communications staffers where he asked them to dump their phones on the table for a “phone check” to prove they had nothing to hide.

    1. Lobro –

      “Trump did not offer any evidence for his claim in the clip released by Fox Monday night.”

      Trump only HELPS all the news media sell more ads and make bigger profits with statements like that… without any evidence. Hearsay. Circumstantial.

      People are itching to see what he will claim next…. right or not.

      He is a “bigly” – MADE FOR MEDIA – salesman..!! 🙂

      Pharisee-Jew Media Oligarchs luvvitt..!! He helps them from the Oval Office….

      …. the biggest stage in the world..!!

  15. Another “WHO” destroying the ‘old’ America is the same one Ike mentioned on his way out the door… the military industry. The same one Trump HAS TO promote….. to the record $610 BILLION..!!

    Last night President Trump delivered a good speech, as far a rhetoric goes.

    It was surprisingly short on policy specifics.

    He began his speech by pandering… about Black History Month and Civil Rights… and the attacks on Pharisee-Jew community centers and cemeteries..

    He showed me he will follow in the footsteps of “Dubya’ Bush with continued fighting around the world… by using these three words: “Radical Islamic terrorism.” That’s a good battle cry to increase the military spending to well over $610 Billion. Almost as good a “Axis Of Evil” used by ‘Dubya.’

    He said, “We will work with our allies, including our friends and allies in the Muslim world, to extinguish this vile enemy from our planet.” Both sides gave THAT one of the biggest applause lines of the night. Both sides depend on Military Spending for their jobs…. and bribes by those pro-Military lobbyists.

    The rest was mostly more pandering to businesses…. And to families who were directly and horribly affected by the US Government’s insane actions of inventing ISIS and fighting ISIS. WHEW..!!

    It looks to me like there is more “Groundhog Day” coming…. without Bill Murray’s character, but ‘TV made’ actor ‘Trump.

  16. Thanks for the interesting article.

    First of all, I think the Jews have for all practical purposes taken over the U.S., but it reached its peak in the 1990s. I live in a jewish suburb and as strange as it might seem, Jewish high school students were walking though the halls of the local high school screaming “Jews rule, Jews rule.” The critical mass of control had been achieved. Now, of course, the same scene would never happen, and so obviously something has changed. Jews still rule, but the hand is weaker, older, and more visible. That doesn’t mean Trump doesn’t have a huge problem on his hands being in the grip of Jewish rule within the Trump household. Apparently Jared’s business owes a lot to George Soros who funded it—I read that on the internet so who knows, but it’s probably true. jewish capital probably funded so much of Jewish rule and the capital probably came from a few sources. I also suspect, although I can not know this, that so much CIA money went into inventing drugs and technology during the Cold War years, and then those drugs and technologies (and their patents) ended up in the public sector with some people making billions on them. So that could have been another source of Jewish wealth.

    Also, I have read that the billions of dollars now being made are coming from countries still rich in unexploited resources. These undeveloped countries are being developed by the same group of thieves and thugs who probably have gold faucets in the bathrooms. The money is not going to the people of those countries as it should. Is this the cause of the disruption in Africa?

    The Trump presidency will probably be a mixed bag. Everyone is not going to get exactly what they want. I do think, though, that if he actually “drains the swamp” then the gig of Jewish rule might be exposed. The current conspiracy is that Jeffrey Epstein is an Israeli agent, and that the blackmail is the finger of the Mossad in our government. Hmmmm Unfortunately for us the underground so often never sees the light of day. So… if Trump can half drain the swamp and get rid of the fraud in the CDC. And, for God’s sake, get the EPA off the band wagon of climate change and into saving the bees…. So… Mr. President. At least bring the autism epidemic to a screeching halt and save the bees and you’ll be a better president than we have seen in a very long time.

  17. your savior is the swamp ,and he is fake presidente
    his agenda is conning America ,and Make it weak .racist ,bigoted ,and hateful ,maybe hobo will be happy living in la la land ,is it a coincident that the movie la la land won many Oscars.
    welcome to trump-land aka la la land ,where everything is alternative ,even trump himself is alternative presidente

    “”a plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants from the US. this will be the world’s largest forced migration program since the Nazis forced millions of Jews and other “undesirables” into ghettos and concentration camps. In terms of its sheer scale, the Trump administration’s plan overshadows even the most shameful events in American history, including the Cherokee Trail of Tears, the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act, Japanese internment and the Palmer raids.””
    “” an administration whose xenophobia, nationalism and barbarity express the social outlook of a ruling class that has amassed its wealth through decades of financial parasitism, international corporate exploitation and imperialist wars.The US financial aristocracy has laid waste to the societies from which working class immigrants escape and then slanders them as “rapists” and “criminals.””


    1. Here is the one truth in The Opaque’s post…

      “a ruling class that has amassed its wealth through decades centuries of financial parasitism, international corporate exploitation and imperialist wars”

      You just described the Jewish World Order, dude 😀

      Whether President Trump is a shabby goy or not, we have yet to see; yes there are probabilities and plausibilities but your post is ball of lies with a little cognitive dissonance bell jingling inside. I am not sure what point you’re trying to make but it smells kosher, and I am not using that word in an MSM context. “You understand me? Catching my drift?… Or am I being obtuse? Give him another month to think about it” 😉

    2. To the Observer,

      First of all I don’t buy into the idea that “my savior is the swamp.” D.C. is rank with the foul odor of criminality. The CDC, for example, bases its vaccine schedule on fraudulent science. William Thompson, a whistleblower, said that when those in control in the CDC discovered that a study showed a link between autism and the MMR the data was dumped in a garbage can. So much for the “trail of tears and the Nazi forcing Jews into ghettos.” Right now every day thousands of children are being maimed and their lives being destroyed by criminal bureaucrats. That’s just one example of the swamp. In the discovered e-mails both in wikileaks ( yes, you probably think that is a Russian attempt to subvert Hillary) and in Anthony Weiner (less hard to explain away); there is evidence that points to pedophilia in the highest echelons of the government and government lobbyists. John Podesta and Jeffrey Epstein could be involved in blackmailing members of Congress… I’m not sure there will ever be criminal trials but it stinks to high heavens.

      In terms of the clearing house article about the border, I can only say that it’s nearly all speculation, or should I say “fear porn.” Nothing has happened yet. I live in Southern California and I agree that in California the border economy is symbiotic with northern Mexico. What is the solution. Maybe Southern California should become part of Mexico. How about this for a solution: Southern California joins Mexico as a new Mexican province, El Norte. Central California and the Eastern slope of the Sierras stay in the U.S. The Bay Area becomes an outpost of China like a Hong Kong. Everything east of the the Bay areas like Napa Valley stay in the U.S. That would be a solution without having to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. The Globalists want a north American Union so they want to get rid of the border to undermine the Constitution–get rid of the first and second amendment. That is not wild speculation. Plus they want to have a wide open border to make it easier to traffic in guns, body parts, and child sex slavery.

      I don’t think that the whole of the U.S. should have to suffer destruction over Southern California. So…. give us back to Mexico, only don’t punish all of California. Actually Mexico has a stronger borders than the U.S. We would become true more like TiaJuana, oh well. At least the CIA couldn’t just dump people into our infrastructure whenever they want—like 600,000 Iranians who came overnight after the fall of the Shah… a million from El Salvador, etc. etc.

  18. Who is destroying America??

    The list includes the Dept of Justice hooked in series with the Pharisee-Jew Bankers in America. Especially CITI and BOA…. which give $$$BILLIONS… VOLUNTARILY..!!

    No more misdirection and deflection to ONLY George Soros…. who gets the heat….. and banks get a pass.

    The BIGGER problem is in Banks and Government:

    A sample of the left-leaning organizations benefiting from the largesse include:

    National Council of La Raza

    National Community Reinvestment Coalition

    National Urban League.


    GOP wants to eliminate shadowy DOJ slush fund bankrolling leftist groups

    “Using enforcement authority to go after corporate defendants, DOJ bureaucrats are taking billions away from taxpayers to fund their pet projects overriding congressional preferences.”

    When big banks are sued by the government for discrimination or mortgage abuse, they can settle the cases by donating to third-party non-victims. The settlements do not specify how these third-party groups could use the windfall.

    So far, investigators have accounted for $3 billion paid to “non-victim entities.”

    The Obama administration funneled billions of dollars to activist organizations through a Department of Justice slush fund scheme, according to congressional investigators.

    “Advocates for big government and progressive power are using the Justice Department to extort money from corporations,” Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton told Fox News. “It’s a shakedown. It’s corrupt, pure and simple.”

    “The underlying problem with the slush funds is we don’t know exactly where the money is going,” Ted Frank, director of The Competitive Enterprise Institute Center for Class Action Fairness, told Fox News.

    “Using enforcement authority to go after corporate defendants, DOJ bureaucrats are taking billions away from taxpayers to fund their pet projects overriding congressional preferences.”

    For example, in the FY16 Enacted Congressional Appropriation, Congress allotted $47 million for the HUD Housing Counseling, but the Citi and Bank of America settlements shipped in an additional $30 million in funding. The Legal Services Corporation was allocated $385 million from Congress but is getting an additional $412 million in taxpayer dollars from the third-party settlement practice.

    A sample of the left-leaning organizations benefiting from the largesse include the National Council of La Raza, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition and the National Urban League.

    The Justice Department has argued that money is allowed to bypass Treasury because the banks’ donations to the groups are… VOLUNTARY..!!!

    Both the Government Accountability Office and Congressional Research Service have concluded that the settlement agreements do not violate Congress’ power of the purse.

    Much more evidence:

    1. a good one, Pat
      also from your link

      A Senate majority staff report, from the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, released last spring notes the NCRC’s “checkered history” of promoting “illegal immigration and advocating for benefits and driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.”

      The group voiced strong opposition to the confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The NCRC has photos of a Sessions protest on its homepage.

      this tells me that they are very afraid of what Trump (Sessions) may do to their comfort zone.

      1. Lobro –
        B-Hawk –

        There are untold thousands of schemes like these…
        ….in the potatoes piles….

        IN THE SWAMP..!! 🙂

      2. Lobro –

        Pelosi is calling for Sessions to go..!! 🙂

        Democrats seek Sessions resignation after report of Russia contact….
        A Justice Department official confirmed Sessions’ contacts in July and September.

        Allegations over contacts between Trump aides and Russia before his inauguration, and the charge of Russian meddling, have swirled around the early days of Trump’s presidency. Trump has accused former officials in the administration of former President Barack Obama of trying to discredit him.

        Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House of Representatives, called for Sessions to resign and for an independent, bipartisan investigation into Trump’s possible ties to Russians.

        “Sessions is not fit to serve as the top law enforcement officer of our country and must resign,” she said in a statement late on Wednesday.


      3. so, the fact that pelosi is demanding Sessions’ termination is just part of very elaborate kabuki?
        what is achieved?
        anyway, Sessions office had this to say

        In July, Sessions attended a Heritage Foundation event at Republican National Convention that was attended by some 50 ambassadors. A small group of ambassadors, including Kislyak, approached Sessions and talked to him informally, the Justice Department official told the Washington Post.

        Flores said Sessions spoke to Kislyak in his capacity as a member of the Armed Services Committee, not as a Trump surrogate, and was not trying to mislead fellow senators when he said during his confirmation hearing that he had not had contacts with Moscow.

        jew is going for the throat and there is an excellent reason for that, the reason that so many insist on ignoring, preferring to see it as some tv soap opera – i guess that’s the side effect of having grown up with one’s head up the boob tube.

      4. Lobro –

        You had it correct at the end…

        Jew is running the soap-opera..!! 🙂

        More distractions = MORE VIEWERS = $$$$$$$$$$$

        Pharisee-Jew Banks, Wall St and MSM oligarchs ALL gained with Trump..!!

      5. Remember the lesson on Jewish Magick? Distraction and manipulation; whilst one hand is gesticulating the other one is…um…well take your pick: making a rude gesture; picking your pockets; pushing a fellow conspirator out of your line of sight; raising a weapon to strike you; paying off your shabby goy friend who just betrayed you. Elaborate. Kabuki. 200 years of it, methinks.

        I hope Trump is genuine; I will make up my mind in time.

    1. The jury is still out on Trump. His support for Israel is the main sticking point. He can’t be for both the USA Israel. Hiring seven Jews for the cabinet and his zionist son as Consiglieri is all bad news.

      1. @ John Kirby

        The “jury” may not be able to make up its mind until the missiles rain down, but I’ve already come to a conclusion: Trumpster’s whole campaign was a well-planned bait-and-switch fraud.
        Trumpster’s just another mendacious, narcissistic, Godless fool and consummate Jew puppet, and I predict that he will provoke the world war that the Jews demand.

  19. Hi Harold,
    The great danger is war, and it looks more likely every day. Russia/Putin has turned against the Jewish Oligarchs who looted Russia in the 1990s. So now we are told Russia is the enemy. Iran has no nukes (yet) and Israel has hundreds, so we are told that Iran is the enemy.

    Do I see a pattern here? America could go down in flames……for Israel.

    1. John –

      Trump’s words and deeds indicate building a bigger war machine. He likes and wants a big US Military presence in the world. He never served.

      On Wednesday (March 1, 2017), The Wall Street Journal reported this telling news:
      “White House Options on North Korea include Use of Military Force.”

      Yesterday (Thursday, March 2, 2017) Trump dedicate a new multi-billion dollar naval aircraft carrier , and promised more. He must have a need to prepare for warfare in the 21st century.

      During his talk, Trump praised past military engagements such as Midway saying something to the effect like “That was some day..!!”

      The turning point in our war with the Japanese, Midway, lasted five days, not one. So, that was actually the week that was.

      Just yesterday (Thursday, March 2, 2017) Russian jets came within a few yards of buzzing the deck of the American aircraft carrier USS Porter is patrolling in the Black Sea.

      It’s only a matter of time before such an incident turns ugly in some fashion.

      The first member of President Trump’s cabinet to be confirmed was James Mattis as Secretary of Defense. He is a hawkish warrior with no diplomatic skills

      During the Iraq war, the generals radio code name was “Chaos.” World leaders know what to expect after Mattis remarked:

      “The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot. There are hunters and there are victims. By your discipline, you will decide if you are a hunter or a victim.”

      The US and GLOBAL Military Industry has their team…. The Dynamic Defense Duo of DC. They will continue to fill the wallets and Pharisee-Jew Banks around the world….. while increasing debt for the Rothschild IMF systems to maintain control.

    2. @ John Kirby

      I think the rest of the world – especially Russia – was hoping and praying that by way of the 2016 presidential election, we could vote ourselves out from underneath the Satanic Jewish boot, and thereby save the world from WW3.

      Alas we find that we cannot. We tried and failed. Trump was our last hope, but he’s just another Jew-controlled, demon-possessed warmonger, and I think time is running out.

      What I find truly amazing is the number of people who still can’t see that we’ve been betrayed. So many people are just euphoric over the political ascendancy of Trumpster the con man.

      Apparently we’re witnessing the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy:

      “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

      1. (adapted from Mark 15:32)

        Let Trump the President of United States descend now from the cross, that we may see and believe.
        And they that were crucified with him reviled him.

  20. The initial euphoria aroused with Trump Presidential campaign is waning. It had to as Trump’s first moves are disproving his alleged patriotism. As I read somewhere under this thread, Trump surrounded himself with seven Jewish “cooks” + 1 Jewish Chef (with super ties to Trump). With such a crew in Trump’s kitchen the soup to be served to American people cannot be other than kosher.
    In fact, with Evanka and Kushner as ex-officio in-bedded spies to Israel, the American people were dealt a forced deck from the beginning. Pizza-gate and the emigrant crisis were mere diversions.

    1. Sean –

      Good points.

      I never understood the support by some here for a Pharisee-Jew lover like Trump, who loves Netanyahu… when prior to that anyone who ever smiled at a Pharisee-Jew was a suspect of being a Mossad infiltrator. A troll.. 🙂

      The narrative is now…”Wait and see” from those who told us what has been happening from Protocols for over a hundred years. And what the anti-human chants of kol nidre have done for centuries.

      The Clintons and Trumps ALL need extreme criticism. They are dangerous..!!
      NO passes..!!


      That’s how they got there… with LIES..!! 🙂

  21. “WHO…??”

    Looks like Trumps and Rothschilds..!!

    Trumps KNEW JEW..!! Even Rothschild..!! 🙂

    Now… ROTHSCHILD wants in US Commerce Department:

    Wilbur Ross, who once bailed out Trump in Atlantic City and is now his pick for Commerce secretary

    “Ross, then an investment banker working for Rothschild Inc., helped bondholders negotiate with Trump, whose finances were unraveling. The final deal reduced Trump’s ownership stake in the Taj but left him in charge, and bondholders were unhappy when Ross presented the plan.”


    Wide Awake Gentile has done his homework on Trump:

    The Trump family has the largest number of Jews in the first family All three married children of Donald Trump being married to Jews



    Fred Trump who donated land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center discusses the impressive future with the assemblage.

    Both of Donald Trumps parents Fred and Mary Anne died in the Long Island Jewish Medical Centre in New Hyde Park.

    Fred’s rise in New York real estate was intimately tied to the success of Abraham “Bunny” Lindenbaum, his longtime counsel and his son Sandy, and Abe Beame, the first Jewish mayor of New York.Both Lindenbaum and Beame were intimately tied with the New York politics of Tammany Hall


    As Donald took over from Fred, Roy Cohn and Louise Sunshine gradually replaced the Lindenbaums and Rubinstein as young Trump’s primary resources and agents.The Manhattan hard sell has supplanted the friendly, shrewd, understated style of the old Brooklyn days.

    Cohn (Cohen) besides being a gay pedophile was one of those major Jewish figures with his fingers in multiple pies.Cohn also had a fetish for Green Frogs Cohn became famous during Senator Joseph McCarthy‘s investigations into Communist activity in the United States during the Second Red Scare.Cohn was McCarthy’s chief counsel and gained special prominence during the Army–McCarthy hearings.

    After leaving McCarthy, Cohn had a 30-year career as an attorney in New York City.Cohn’s clients included Donald Trump, Mafia figures Tony Salerno, Carmine Galante, and John Gotti, Studio 54 owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, Texas financier and philanthropist Shearn Moody, Jr.,and the New York Yankees baseball club. Studio 54 was linked to Mayer Lansky.

    Cohn was known for his active social life, charitable giving, and combative personality. In the early 1960s he became a member of the John Birch Society and a principal figure in the Western Goals Foundation. He maintained close ties in conservative political circles, serving as an informal advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

    More of Donald Trump’s Jewish associates include Jason Greenblatt.

    Greenblatt has worked as a real-estate lawyer for Trump for 19 years,is an Orthodox Jew and Yeshiva University graduate, Greenblatt studied at a West Bank yeshiva in the mid-1980s and even did armed guard duty there. David Friedman, 57, son of a Conservative rabbi is the Trump’s longtime attorney Friedman lives in Woodmere, New York, and owns a house in Jerusalem’s Talbiyeh neighborhood.

    Another important event in Trumps business career was the mess in Atlantic City that nearly destroyed Trumps career Trump was at one time owned a quarter of Atlantic City’s casino market. But Trump was heavily in debt, and he started missing bond payments on his — and Atlantic City’s — largest casino, the Taj Mahal, in 1990.

    Rothschild bailed him out…!!


  22. Interesting comment from the SyrianPerspective site…

    Jeff Sessions is under attack in the USA as Trump fights back showing the Democrats’ links with Russia.

    Sessions devastated the KKK [Flopot: isn’t the KKK another Jewish psyop?] in the deep south and is now going after the paedophile networks in the USA.

    McCain’s campaign manager has been arrested for paedophile charges.


    With Trump what we are arguably seeing is a revolution.

    An American revolution against paedophile Luciferian elites.

    It’s civil war in the US folks, between majority Americans (pro-religion, conservative values, family values) and leftists unknowingly supporting the Globalist/Luciferian agenda.

    “Thierry” has said that the dollar is going to be in severe trouble in around 3 years time, so the path to that possible outcome will not be good for the US or the world.

    Stay safe folks and support the forces of peace and humanity.

  23. “Who..??” The VERY VERY boring… Pharisee-Jew Bankers in London….

    But the distractions…. THEY are juicy…!! 🙂

    Here is one:

    A former CIA agent has warned that the deep state is working overtime to oust Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the White House because he is refusing to back down in his campaign to break up the sex trafficking and pedophile networks that control Washington D.C.

    According to Robert David Steele, Jeff Sessions is being set up as another “Russian fall guy“, just like General Flynn, to taint the Trump administration and push the president closer to impeachment.

    But most importantly, Steele warns, the deep state is determined to remove the most determined anti-pedophile and -corruption enforcer the office of Attorney General has seen in decades.

    The former CIA agent says that the Democrats push to remove Sessions from office, led by House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, has “every chance of succeeding” because AG Sessions has made it clear he “will not back down” under any circumstances.


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