Who Is Paying Protesters To Disrupt Trump’s Inauguration?

One way to stage a coup “legally” is to rent a protest mob. This was done in Ancient Rome. It’s not new. Who has the resources to pay unemployed yahoos a salary of $2500 a month (plus $50 an hour thereafter) for shouting and screaming and waving mass-produced banners? — in order to bring down a democratically leader who is seen as a threat to the (((New World Order)))?   

By Paul Craig Roberts
January 18, 2017  


Unless this website is an Internet hoax, big money is organizing a Maidan-like protest against Trump’s inauguration. Where would all this money come from? George Soros? the National Endowment for Democracy? the CIA?

This report from Sputnik and Global Research shows large sums are being offered for protesters who will disrupt Trump’s inauguration. If these ads are not hoaxes, clearly large sums of money are at work doing the military/security complex’s dirty work.

“Job advertisements running in 20 cities across the US are offering $2,500 a month for ‘operatives’ willing to protest the upcoming inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump.

“San Francisco-based Demand Protest posted ads on Backpage.com, seeking applicants who would like to ‘Get paid fighting against Trump!’ Along with the monthly $2,500 retainer, the company offers a ‘standard per-event pay of $50/hr, as long as you participate in at least 6 events a year,’ and full-time operatives are eligible for vision, dental and health insurance.

“ © BACKPAGE.COM Demand Protest Backpage Ad, Tulsa. Demand Protest describes itself as the ‘largest private grassroots support organization in the United States,’ and the ads entice potential applicants to ‘Get paid fighting against Trump!’ It explains, ‘We pay people already politically motivated to fight for the things they believe. You were going to take action anyways, why not do so with us!…

We are currently seeking operatives to help send a strong message at upcoming inauguration protests,’ according to the Washington Times.

The ads appear as over 100 organizations have mobilized nationwide to demonstrate during the upcoming inauguration. Targeted cities include New York, Chicago,  Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Detroit and Denver. 

“© AFP 2016/ KENA BETANCUR Young Activists Protest Democrats in NYC, Call for Opposition to Trump Policies “



Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.

24 thoughts to “Who Is Paying Protesters To Disrupt Trump’s Inauguration?”

  1. There’s a simple way of dealing with Soros-paid rent-a-mobs. Remember Hitler’s Brownshirts? If Trump is willing to take a leaf out of Hitler’s book, he won’t have a problem with rented hooligans paid for by his enemies. He will have his own cadre of loyal strongmen, analogous to Hitler’s Brownshirts, who will go into action and beat the shit out of the Jewish rent-a-mobs.

    If the Jews can rent unemployed hooligans to make life tough for a democratically elected leader, why shouldn’t that leader have his own counter-mobto crack a few heads with batons and stomp all over their bones in iron-shod boots?

    That’s what Trump needs: his own loyal guard or standing army to beat the shit out of Soros’s rent-a-mob. If the state police refuse to do their duty and maintain public order, Trump will have no option by to hire his own private police.

    1. Rubber bullets, in the 5.56 and .45 calibers, selective fire (semi or full auto). After warning of what’s to come, let ‘er rip. Tear gas is a symbolic deterrent only. Rubber bullets were used during the Thatcher days against IRA and Protestant violent protesters. Rubber bullets rarely kill, but they hurt like hell. They are like getting whacked with a pipe. They can break bones. Nobody has the right to impede my progress, whether I’m driving or walking for pleasure or business. Nobody has the right to destroy private property. Nobody has the right-without SUFFERING the consequences-to break the law or cause bodily harm to the police.

      A government that does not protect its innocent citizens and private property is an illegitimate government. The Social Contract is voided.

    2. Brownshirts. eh?

      I read from time to time that Trump is quite popular among bikers. Not the outlaw types, but guys who like to ride motorcycles. The ones that I know are honest, educated, soft-spoken, but they also have a low threshold of tolerance for B.S. These guys may be the informal equivalent of a loyal guard.

      1. @ Jan Kozyra

        Yep. No Brown Shirts needed.

        “Bikers For Trump” are calling their operation at the inauguration the “Wall of Meat” since they intend to stand between Trump and the protesters. Just their appearance should be enough to melt a Soros “snowflake.” Maybe not for a CIA operative causing havoc.

        I have seen where the protesters are forecasting 750,000 to 1-million participants. That would take about 12,000 or more buses. I’m not sure you could park that many buses in D.C. Consequently, I suspect the turnout will be far less than their forecast.

        Since Trump is known for being unpredictable, I would not be surprised to see additional military defense assets appear on the scene at 12:01 PM. They could hide on the House floor since no one normally goes there.

        I do not eat popcorn, so I have stocked up on Glenlivet for the show. 🙂

  2. I doubt the snowflakes will be at the vanguard; more likely Wee Georgie Sorrow’s paid agent provocateurs kicking up a s__t storm…

  3. I don’t think they will go for the JFK solution. A lot more people today are awaken to conspiracies than 50 years ago. I think they rather will try to induce a heartattack, like they did with german journalist Udo Ulfkotte last week. Already many people are raising an eyebrow to that. He was just 56 and didn’t have a history of illness. So it is absolutely suspicious. Especially since he was a whistleblower.

  4. Hi guys. I read this site quite a bit but today I’ll comment. I went to the demandprotest.com. Wow is all I can say. Part of the background even shows a protester in a Guy Fawkes mask. What pathetic horse****. If people really care about something, they’ll show up for free.
    But we all know that.
    It’s sad someone would waste time making that site.

    The commentary here is always interesting.

    1. Skye –

      Glad you stopped by and commented.

      I’m sure you know… paid protesters will do what they are paid to do. They are scripted players. They don’t care about the issues or personalities they protest for or against.

      The US Govt and NGOs have paid actors for jurors on the petit juries and grand juries all around the country.

      Trump said the system is rigged. He knows it well.

      Come again. 🙂

  5. Haley reassured Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire) that she would try to persuade the president about the importance of the UN and change his mind on issues such as NATO, “an alliance that matters.” She agreed with Sen. Todd Young (R-Indiana) that Russia was complicit in the “genocide” taking place in Syria, for which the Republican senator blamed President Bashar Assad.


    For goodness sake, will it ever end. I hope this doesn’t mean more moronic displays at the UN. Samantha Powers Redux.

    1. @ Flopot

      The word “try” is a term of non-commitment and, when used as she did, means that she is subservient to Trump. Simply put, Haley really did not say anything of substance on the matter.

      Since all of the Senate Republicans are dedicated to doing whatever Israel and the jews want, to differ with them at this point about Russia would only guarantee that the appointee is not approved.

      We will have to wait until appointments are approved by the Senate to see if the tune changes.

  6. Awhile backI was reading those Soros want ads for protestors. Get hired and you are paid $2500 a month with a $50 for a mandatory 6 protests a year to employed by whoever. They offer insurance programmes and promise the more you act up, are injured, etc, the more they pay. Yeah “bird dogging” as they call it became a huge Democratic industry during the Trump gatherings. Bird doggers include little old ladies who catch the media eye after making sure they are injured in front of the cameras….

    I just know, back in the days of Vietnam protests, we made our own signs and showed up with passion that we felt from the core of our anger fueled by righteous justice. We risked arrest and paid the price. We were NOT paid to stand up for what we believed in. But then ~ alas ~ these are different times.

    Personally, all I care about are Melania and Ivanka’s gowns…. Nothing else really matters. I mean, the new First Lady’s is already guaranteed a spot in the Smithsonian! Now THAT is history in the making.

  7. Dang this Apple PC is a challenge. Somehow I closed myself out here. Anyhow as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself …

    What is the difference between the scummy interfering actions of Soros today and Schiff and Warfield before WW1? In both eras, what they agitate for is Bolshevik power (aka Zionism) , the implementation of communism, under their so called revolutions. Is there much difference between the armed scum imported from the lowest parts of Europe and NYC to Russia and the current agitators we see rising up against Trump?

    Just throwing that one out there.

  8. The paid protest flunkies will hopefully find better employment under a Trump administration. When the guilt ridden communist Soros FINALLY dies it appears one of his idiot children, Alexander, who’s grown up with nothing but the best gained often at the expense of the many, is ready to step into Daddy Megabucks program for The ‘new’ International. Float the word around that someone has gained some some inside knowledge which they plan to disseminate details of at these pieces of zion theater about some especially egregious activities when young Georgi Schwartz was in the employ of the Nazi Judenrat , leave leaflets at Universities etc…. The appalling spectacle at last count around 70 “democrats” not attending the Inauguration of a US President in an attempt to delegitimize Mr. Trump calls for official investigation and thorough examination of their ties to filthy Mr. Soros. Start at the top. If the MSM calls it a new “witch hunt”, put qualified and talented candidates in the Intelligence agencies, then there won’t be any more BS MSM poison. Looking forward to heads rolling in DC and elsewhere, aren’t you?

  9. Trump’s Pharisee-Jew dominated organization and REPUBLICANS would GAIN from paying for the protests and fake news about the protests. When paying for the protesters the signs will read what ‘boss’ pays for. The protest can be controlled by that method.

    The signs would elicit ‘talking points’ with answers already SCRIPTED…. coordinated..!! 🙂

    …………. and controlling the protest..!!

    Russia’s Sputnik reports that the ads and reports of them are ALL part of FAKE NEWS.

    There are some who believe that the rhetoric on the Demand Protest site indicates that the entire operation is a hoax, but they claim to have provided nearly 2,000 operatives in 48 cities, without offering further detail, also featuring vaguely-worded testimonies from unnamed satisfied clients.

    Fact-checking website PolitiFact debunked [Paul]HORNER’S claims, pointing out that he has posted numerous fabricated news stories, making them seem legitimate by creating news sites that appear to be trustworthy sources.

    **HORNER later admitted he concocted the story, telling the Washington Post that,

    “(Trump’s) followers don’t fact-check anything — they’ll post everything, believe anything,” adding that then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, “posted my story about a protester getting paid $3,500 as fact. Like, I made that up. I posted a fake ad on Craigslist.”


    Fraudulent ads on Craigslist

    Fox News reported on a Craiglist advertisement that claimed to pay people $15 per hour, for up to four hours, if they took part in protests against Trump.The fact checking website, PolitiFact.com, rated a separate story titled “Donald Trump Protester Speaks Out: ‘I Was Paid $3,500 To Protest Trump’s Rally'” as “100 percent fabricated, as its author acknowledges.”

    PAUL HORNER, a writer for a fake news website, took credit for the article, and said he posted the hoax ad himself.

    PAUL HORNER is a contributor to fake news websites.

    HORNER was lead writer of the fake-news website NATIONAL REPORT.NET since the site’s launch. One of his widest-spread fake stories was a piece claiming that artist Banksy had been arrested and his identity revealed as Paul Horner, which Horner posted in 2013 and was re-circulated in 2014.



    Republicans in on the SCAM:


    Slogan: “America’s #1 Independent News Source”

    CRUZ and PALIN pics:

    In February 2013, National Report was registered as a site. PAUL HORNER was the publication’s lead writer; his employment began shortly after National Report went online. He said that he left National Report in 2014.

    Jestin Coler has written for the site under the pseudonym “Allen Montgomery”.

    In 2014, a Facebook interface experiment included the site on a list of those whose stories were flagged as “satire” when appearing on the social network. Writing at the time, CRAIG SILVERMAN of emergent.info saw National Report as one of several websites which were “not driven by trying to do comedy or satire, but by what kind of fake stuff can we spin up to get shares that earn us money”, with particularly widely spread hoax stories capable of earning thousands of dollars per day from on-site advertising.


  10. Muslim immigration into the United States needs to come to an end. If not stopped, then greatly greatly reduced. Though I do think the newly arrived Muslims should be treated fairly. They did not invade the United States. They were invited to immigrate to the United States ; And not just by Obama, but by the whole Establishment of America.

    Inviting people into your home to live and then after they move-in, you turn around and get violent with them, is NOT THE SOLUTION. It’s certainly not ethical or moral to invite people into your home to live and then after they move-in you turn around and act as if they don’t belong in your home and get violent with them as if they invaded your home, even though you’re the one who invited them into your home to live in the very first place. So the Muslims here now need to be treated with fairness and not treated as if they invaded the USA, for they did not invade the USA, our own fellow Americans invited the Muslims to immigrate into the United States. But the Muslim immigration agenda does need to come to an end, Yes, definitely.

  11. Paid protesters really got noticed in 1999 in Seattle. Big start for them.

    The 1999 Seattle WTO protests, sometimes referred to as the Battle of Seattle or the Battle in Seattle, were a series of protests surrounding the WTO Ministerial Conference of 1999, when members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) convened at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington on November 30, 1999. The Conference was to be the launch of a new millennial round of trade negotiations.


    Planning for the demonstrations began months in advance and included local, national, and international organizations.

    Among the most notable participants were national and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as Global Exchange (especially those concerned with labor issues, the environment, and consumer protection), labor unions (including the AFL-CIO), student groups, religion-based groups (Jubilee 2000), and anarchists (some of whom formed a Black bloc).

    The coalition was loose, with some opponent groups focused on opposition to WTO policies (especially those related to free trade), with others motivated by prolabor, anticapitalist, or environmental agendas.

    Many of the NGOs represented at the protests came with credentials to participate in the official meetings, while also planning various educational and press events.

    The AFL-CIO, with cooperation from its member unions, organized a large permitted rally and march from Seattle Center to downtown.

    The “turtles”: protestors in sea turtle costumes

    However, others were more interested in taking direct action, including both civil disobedience and acts of vandalism and property destruction to disrupt the meeting.

    Several groups were loosely organized together under the Direct Action Network (DAN), with a plan to disrupt the meetings by blocking streets and intersections downtown to prevent delegates from reaching the convention center, where the meeting was to be held. The black bloc was not affiliated with DAN, but was responding to the original call for autonomous resistance actions on November 30 issued by People’s Global Action.

    Of the different coalitions that aligned in protest were the “teamsters and turtles” – a blue-green alliance consisting of the teamsters (trade unions) and environmentalists.

  12. If Soros is putting up the money to pay the protesters, than who exactly IS he, given the premise that the power behind the presidential throne wanted Trump in the first place? (for reasons I’ve stated)

    I’ll suggest that he’s simply one of the players playin’ both sides against the middle in maintaining a general ruse….while the machinations behind the obfuscating veil continue apace

  13. Why Trump?

    Maybe they WANTED Hilary, but they became convinced that she wouldn’t be able to hold it together, and would be just too ill to act effectively as their front.

    Now what would THAT say in the name of this one getting away from them?

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