Why Do Jewish Organizations Want Anti-Israel Refugees?

By Kevin MacDonald

Sourced from The Occidental Observer
Previously posted at VDARE.

LD :  Why have the Jews been the driving force behind multiculturalism and the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe and America, given that these same Muslims, as soon as they arrive en masse in the West, become the main source of fear and insecurity to the Jews because of the virulent anti-Semitism they bring with them? In short, why are the Jews importing their own worst enemies? This baffling conundrum is the subject of Kevin MacDonald’s important article. [LD]

 January 18, 2017.  The Main Stream Media predicts Donald J. Trump will appeal for “national unity” in his Inaugural Address this Friday, but they’ve been mistaken before. One way he could wrong-foot the Narrative: by announcing an immediate pause in “refugee” admissions, currently surging, to be followed by a zero quota for the next fiscal year—something that, by a legal quirk, he has absolute authority to do. There would be hysteria, in which the major Jewish organizations would, almost certainly, join. My question, why would they do that? 

The major Jewish organizations have certainly been in the forefront welcoming Syrian refugees [For Jewish Groups, Syrian Refugees are a Reminder, Not a Threat By Ron Kampeas, JTA.org, November 24, 2015; As Anti-Refugee Sentiment Builds, Jewish Agencies Push for Settlement, Greg Salisbury, JewishExponent.com, November 25, 2015]. This seems bizarre, given the well-known anti-Jewish, anti-Israel sentiments common among Muslims.

The Jewish leaders’ own rationales—which we should take seriously—generally derive from how they view the past. And it’s the fact that Jews were sometimes denied the ability to flee Hitler’s Germany.

Why are 1000 rabbis so eager to import refugees,
despite the fact that many of the Muslim refugees
are likely to be carriers of anti-Semitism?  

In privileging their own perceived interests, the Jewish organizations obviously are not taking into account the legitimate concerns of Americans about refugee resettlement’s impact on terrorism, social cohesion, unemployment, crime, and welfare costs—not to mention the ethnic genetic interests of whites. The entire issue is seen through the lens of Jewish memories. There is no attempt to make a case that admitting “refugees” will actually benefit America— the vast majority are uneducated and cannot be expected to contribute to a First World economy. [An ill windThe Economist,January 23, 2016,]

Moreover, even granting that denying refuge to Jews in the 1930s was indefensible (and I don’t agree) there are solutions to the refugee problem that would not mean more unassimilable, non-White immigrants. Thus Trump has already proposed providing a Mid-East safe zone.

But why are Jewish organizations so sanguine about immigrants who harbor anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli attitudes?

Given that Jewish organizations do not promote anti-Jewish immigration to Israel—or, indeed, any non-Jewish immigration to Israel—we can rule out high humanitarian principles.

Rather we must seek an answer in terms of Jewish perceptions of their self-interest.

But for an evolutionary psychologist, this immediately presents a problem. There are several mechanisms implicated in the evolved psychological basis of ethnic conflict, But the most relevant: people have negative stereotypes of outgroups, and to discriminate against them. So why would Jews promote admitting people into Western countries even though they (like everyone else) are inclined to see the migrants negatively?

For Jews living in Western societies, however, the migrants aren’t the only outgroup. Western peoples and cultures themselves are an outgroup — see my book Separation and Its Discontents. Hence one would expect Jewish negative attitudes toward both immigrants and the host white culture.

So Jewish attitudes could be analyzed as simply whichever outgroup summons up the greater hostility. And Jewish attitudes are primarily determined by their hostility towards whites.

Still, humans have rational thought processesthat process culturally-available information and can suppress negative attitudes toward outgroups, while inducing empathy and guilt. In my view, these processes are central to understanding why so many Europeans wholeheartedly welcome refugees—after reading empathy-inducing accounts of suffering women and children in the Main Stream Media, and after being exposed to guilt-inducingeducation.

(And, of course, the anti-White revolution is nothing if not massively incentivized.)

But what rational calculations might lead Jewish organizations to promote the refugee invasion of Europe?

As reflected in their statements, first and foremost is the perception that racially-conscious, racially-homogeneous Germany turned against Jews during the National Socialist period; and that other European and European-derived countries (such as the U.S.) failed eagerly to accept Jewish refugees.

Lack of racial/ethnic homogeneity in diaspora countries is therefore seen as making Jews safer (see, e.g., here, p. 246).

Moreover, Jewish intellectual movements—prototypically, the Frankfurt School—have successfully portrayed ethnocentrism among Europeans as pathological—hence talk about the “virus” of anti-Semitism. Fear and loathing of White, Christian America runs deep. It is seen as a far greater threat than importing a substantial but relatively small community of Muslims, even if they are prone to terrorism and anti-Jewish attitudes.

Terrorism, after all is a strategy pursued by non-elite groups. An elite group like American Jews pursue their interests in the MSM, the legislative process, and the judicial system—top-down influence that is far more compatible with oligarchy than democracy. (An oligarchic model fits U.S. politics much better than a democratic model—see Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page in Perspectives on Politics, September 2014, Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens).

Muslim immigrants, given their proneness to street crime and low academic achievement, are no threat to the elite status of Jews. Nor are they a threat to the current oligarchical power structure of Western societies, an unholy alliance between large donors, politicians, and MSM and academia elites.

Moreover, the idea of any limitation on immigration to the West by a particular racial/ethnic or religious group is completely at odds with the ideology of multiculturalism and diversity, the “we’re all the same” mantra, and the ideology that Western countries are “proposition nations” committed only to abstract ideas like “freedom” and “democracy,” with no ethnic or religious content. And this ideology has been promoted by Jewish intellectual movementsat least since World War II—a theme of The Culture of Critique. It has been internalized across the elite spectrum—by Republicans and Democrats, Jews and non-Jews alike

Commitment to immigration and multiculturalism is thus a central aspect of Jewish self-identity. It would be something like getting the Jewish community to turn its back on Zionism if it became politically costly as a result of pro-Palestinian activism. Not going to happen.

The late Lawrence Auster, a Jewish convert to Christianity, framed Jewish attitudes in terms of a “slippery slope” argument:

Now when Jews put together the idea that “any social prejudice or exclusion directed against Jews leads potentially to Auschwitz” with the idea that “all bigotry is indivisible,” they must reach the conclusion that any exclusion of any group, no matter how alien it may be to the host society, is a potential Auschwitz.

So there it is. We have identified the core Jewish conviction that makes Jews keep pushing relentlessly for mass immigration, even the mass immigration of their deadliest enemies. In the thought-process of Jews, to keep Jew-hating Muslims out of America would feed exclusionary attitudes among America’s white Gentile majority that could result in another Jewish HolocaustWhy Jews welcome Muslims The View from the Right, December 9, 2002.

Moreover, Jewish organizations have combined advocating high levels of immigration with simultaneously advocating intensification of police-state-type controls to ensure Jewish security. For example, in Germany even before the refugee influx, synagogues, Jewish schools and other organizations have been under constant police protection. [Migrant Influx In Germany Raises Fears Of Anti-Semitism, By Alison Smale, NYT, January 26, 2016]

Thus, for Jewish organizations, an obvious upside of refugee crime is that it provide a rationale for policies that have long been advocated by many in the Jewish community—especially curbs on free speech, and in particular speech related to ethnicity and immigration. It is no accident that, for example, in Germany, the migrant crisis has led to a campaign to shut down Facebook criticism of the invasion—with the full cooperation of fanatical immigration enthusiast Mark Zuckerberg.

As a result, the consensus view among Jews seems to be that the transformation of the West is manageable. And if some non-elite Jews, like the upward of 9,000 who left France in 2015 [French immigration to Israel surges in summer of 2015, YNet News, June 17, 2015], emigrate to Israel because of Muslim street-level hostility, this will not impact the Jewish elites.

The only real cloud on the horizon: the possibility that Leftist political parties, powered by non-Whites and White Social Justice Warriors, will become hostile toward Israel. Thus Muslims in the UK typically end up making alliances with White Leftists critical of Israel. The Labour Party is now dependent on MSM power, Muslim votes and Jewish donors—but Jewish money has been deserting as Labour takes an ever more critical view of Israel.

The same process is brewing in the US but will take a while longer. An important harbinger: President Obama’s abstention for the UN Security Council resolution condemning the West Bank settlements. Another: the fact that Rep. Keith Ellison, who has called Israel an “apartheid state,” is a candidate for chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Anti-Israel attitudes are quite common in the Democratic Party—a recent Pew poll of Democrats found a near even split, 33% favoring Israel, 31% favoring the Palestinians. This has led to considerable angst among pro-Israel pundits like James Kirchick. [A Warning to Jewish Democrats: The Time to Fight for Your Party Is Nowby James Kirkchick, The Tablet,January 9, 2017]

If the UK is any indication, the Jewish donor base that is so critical for the Democrats will bail if the Democrats adopt anti-Israel positions. One can even imagine that in the future Jews will be far more likely to vote Republican.

In fact, one might speculate that Trump’s strongly pro-Israel stance is an attempt recruit Jewish support for his other policies, such as a ban on immigration of Muslims—much like Geert Wilders, who, like Trump, has called for restrictions on Muslim immigration while also being very pro-Israel.

I doubt this will succeed, but the logic is certainly there.

Notice that such a shift in Jewish attitudes on immigration would not be the result of low-level street crime and occasional acts of terrorism, but because of a possible loss of political control—because Muslim votes are having an effect on nationwide policy that affects Jewish interests.

To the Jewish Establishment, that is indeed very worrying.

Kevin MacDonald [email him] is emeritus professor of psychology at California State University–Long Beach. His research has focused on developing evolutionary perspectives in developmental psychology, personality theory, Western culture, and ethnic relations (group evolutionary strategies). He edits and is a frequent contributor to The Occidental Observer and The Occidental Quarterly. For his website, click here.


25 thoughts to “Why Do Jewish Organizations Want Anti-Israel Refugees?”

  1. “The Jewish donor base that is so critical for the Democrats will bail if the Democrats adopt anti-Israel positions.” The Democratic party is definitely not anti-Israel, but it is now more likely to do something “anti-Israel”. Under President Obama (a Democrat), Israel continued to be the number one recipient of US foreign aid every year during his presidency and when he was first elected the Jews proclaimed him “the first Jewish President”. However, the Democratic party is more likely to do something the Jews don’t like, or “anti-Israel”, than the Republican Party. Clearly, our goal is set out for us. We have to work on the Republican Party and make it more likely to do something “anti-Israel”. That just means it would be a normal party not under Jewish domination and it serves America’s interests.

    In the early 1970’s we had a Republican President and the leading religious figure in the US that both recognized Jews as hostile to American interests.

    President Nixon and Reverend Billy Graham speaking about the Jews in 1972:


    “Nixon had a tribal and a genetic view of politics”. Those are the views the Jews have and the only way to compete with such people is to have that view also. Very few Jews belonged to the Republican Party in the 1970’s and earlier. The Republican Party used to be the party of Conservatives and until the 1990’s, Conservatism meant identifying with other Christians and white Europeans and Jews were an out group. It should be the goal for people to have that view again. Love your own people first.

  2. discovered this site run by people at the scene.
    here is a documentary example of russian military police in allepo.
    Contrast the calm professionalism with free-shooting psychosis of blackwater goons randomly spraying fallujah civilians with machine gun fire twelve years ago.
    see how people on sidewalk are not diving for cover as they pass along.
    the cops seem like chechens or some other muslim nationality within russia, eg, commander numakhadiev Ruslan Mukhashevich.
    way to go.

    1. Lobro –

      “the cops seem like chechens or some other muslim nationality within russia”…
      …..so sweet and gentle. 🙂

      Russian Military Police in Aleppo, Syria | January 2017:


      To me they “seem like Russians” who got their specialized training in the US over the last decade or so.

      Russians get their best training in US. Best food and facilities and baseball games. 🙂

      The joint training maneuvers are the results of a U.S.-Russian agreement signed in 2009 and every year since then.

      The long-standing partnership is now an integral part of the U.S.-Russian Binational Commission established in 2009.

      The objectives are to create a basic relationship between the two nations’ militaries and to build an understanding about how each other’s military works, including communications

      At Ft Carson Colorado….. Russians are staying in a military hotel on Fort Carson but otherwise spend their on-duty and off-duty time with their American counterparts. They’ll also take in a baseball game, watching the Colorado Springs Sky Sox, a minor-league affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.

      A highlight is:
      “Developing protocols to better coordinate response operations in a third country.”

      Syria is a “third country” as mentioned.

      Continuing plans to HELP PUTIN with his problems…. the FEMA team also visited EMERCOM’s new National Crisis Management Center in the suburbs of Moscow.


    2. This article merely digs up old bones and reveals them wieder mal. From an inductive point of view, i.e., evidence, observation, and fact, another motivation appears that is more mission critical for survival of Israel.

      Israel realizes that its long term security is tenuous and unsustainable with a hostile, fanatical, brain-dead enemy that surrounds them 360 degrees, and whose adherents are easier to program than a nuclear tipped warhead.

      Thus, the Israeli, Wold Jewry, elite has come up with 2 solutions. One, try and sell some Arab despots technology to annotate their “Muslim Brothers” and to spy and monitor their own people. This they have done with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and especially the Arab Emirates. Two, the Jews promise to deliver The Entire West to the Arabs in exchange for a non-aggression, detente pact. The Muslims know that the Jews already control the Dumb Goy completely, and they work tirelessly to destroy all vestiges of Western culture, tradition, memory, morality, AND FERTILITY. Watching the TV series BONES will prove this. Every tenet of Cultural and Social Marxism, feminism, collectivism, and anti-White fertility, perversion is constantly inserted. I lose track of the sheer number, many time more than fingers on two hands.

      For the Arabs, this is a good deal. Sacrifice a small slice of Palestine for the entire lands of the West, with their future indentured dhimmi population, natural riches, and so on. Such a deal! Part of the deal will be written in that Jews will have permanent places of high influence. You may own it, but we will manage it for you, for a fee, says the Hebe, the World’s Most Successful Luciferian and Parasite.

      Hillary and Bill, Warren Buffet Table, Bill Gates, are all virtual Jews. More than the money is the greatest elixir and aphrodisiac, POWAH! Absolute power, like Saddam Hussein had, or Sulieman The Magnificent, or a Medieval Pope. Demonic possession? Of course.

      That’s the Jews Big Game: trade in the Dumb Goy and make them slaves, sell them in bondage for their own survival in the World’s toughest, most murderous, and irrational neighbor, dominated by sub-humans.

      I’m surprised this isn’t in the public domain, being talked about by Caucasians who would like to preserve freedom and avoid their children being impressed in a modern Jannessary Corp.

  3. This fine article explains a lot about Jewish behavior I have witnessed over the years! 🙂

  4. How about it reducing it to the simplest explanation:
    -Jews are psychotic demons.

    Does anything make sense unless you admit this?

  5. Last paragraph:
    “Notice that such a shift in Jewish attitudes on immigration would not be the result of low-level street crime and occasional acts of terrorism, but because of a possible loss of political control—because Muslim votes are having an effect on nationwide policy that affects Jewish interests.”

    This writing must mean that the author believes that somewhere in the West, or anywhere. there are actually correct vote counts. No election fraud.

    To me, that is unbelievably sad..!!

  6. As I posted under the original article, there is no mystery in this. It’s really quite simple, Jews consider themselves intellectually superior, just look at the Einstein myth. They have a penchant for acquiring degrees, honors, awards and accolades that paint them as intellectual paragons. This focus results in the Jew’s use of intellect as their primary, threat-structuring guideline.

    Using this guideline, who represents the most dangerous enemy? Obviously the race with the highest intellectual capacity. This would be the race that has brought forth the highest level of technological development. The guys that brought the world the automobile, radio, computer, the jet airplane, intercontinental missile and nuclear submarine – the white man.

    Lesser intellects are lesser threats to be dealt with once the primary threat has been neutralized. After all, what challenge is there in dealing with the mindless, wilding Negro who never developed the wheel, from a race that has pushed their hosts’ development of nuclear weaponry and genetic engineering?

    For Jews, once the real threat, the white man, has been eliminated, lesser intellects, like those of African and third world Arab populations, represent little more than a nasty mop up operation. Most certainly, once the white question has been resolved to the Jew’s satisfaction, the velvet gloves now used for handling these minorities will come off and it will be a Palestinatial Holodomor all over again.

    The endless debate and assessment over how and why Jews are doing this has reached the point of diminishing returns. After thirty years of the internet, those who know, know. Those who don’t know, don’t want to know.

    The fact is Jews have always been a deadly cancer to their host cultures. The only solution is the one Jews have long fantasized about to the point of creating myths about the “final solution” to their presence. Jews know it’s either them or the host. It is they, not the host, who insist the two cannot exist in the same environment.

    Jews have laid out the rules of the game; now it’s time for the kickoff, before western civilization throws the game from a no show.

  7. Which is to be believed? Elite Tribal elders are fixated on the Holohoax? or are they fixated on the Protocols (of Zion) that have brought them unsurpassed wealth and influence?

    The article is an elaborate psycho-babble argument. The Protocols dictate the policy.

    Off topic- Some ACTIONS of Trump, that we’ve been speculating about for so long.
    The author is a world class physics string theorist from Czechia.

    1. Flan –

      The ONLY ACTUAL change I saw accomplished so far:

      “On Twitter, Barack Obama had to rename his account to @POTUS44.”

    2. Unless I’ve misread this article, which I take to be representative of his magnum opus, Kevin MacDonald’s theories about Jews is based on the premise that the Holocaust actually happened.

      Is Kevin MacDonald NUTS?

      1. He won’t allow comments that say the holocaust didn’t happen on his website. I’ve had several comments deleted. He has enough on his hands being a white advocacy website that is critical of Jews. He was treated as a pariah by many at his university before he retired. He did provide testimony for David Irving’s trial (written testimony) in 2000, but saying the holocaust didn’t happen would have made his life that much more difficult.

  8. Israeli Game Theory, ‘Long Term Strategists’. decided twenty years ago to replicate Israel and its “Problems” worldwide. The method was simple and logical. Have all their agencies world wide insist on high levels of up take of ‘Anti-Israel Refugees’ by any and ALL countries, either willing or fool enough to take them.
    Unsurprisingly they obeyed the directives of their Intellectual and Psychological Superiors!
    To save me doing the explaining, study this insightful article by Dan Sanchez;-

    Conundrum Solved?

    1. “Dore Gold, director general of the Israeli foreign ministry, expressed optimism that the refugee influx will shift Europe to the right, making it more sympathetic to Israel’s ‘security’ justification for its ongoing colonization of Palestine.” – A well there you go. I’d never have worked that one out, and by jove Europe is turning to the Right. What cunning little devils….Hegelian Dialectic at work.

    ‘Long Term Strategists’. decided twenty years ago to replicate Israel and its “Problems” worldwide. ”

    A long Term Strategy indeed, but I’d rather think things are arranged this way: The conflicts in the Islamic word are fomented by Jews ( B.H.Levy toured many Arab countries before unrest started) through several steps and for multiple purposes:

    1) They spot the religious but uneducated youngsters , indoctrinate them and set them against the ruling elite. They depict the ruling elite as nonbelievers and traitors to the Umma (Islamic nation).Note that they can gather much evidence about it as it is a fact.
    2) They provide them with arms other logistic and most importantly with training and supervisory staff, you name it, Mossad agents.
    3) By opening the recruitment to volunteers all over the world they attract all extremists -potential ennemies of Israel- to their infamous “wasp nest”: controlling a nefarious hostile force and focusing it on the enemy- the ruling elite in the targeted state.
    4) The conflict causes panic among the vast majority who distrust either part and resent to join any of them. A third option is waiting for them: the transfert to Europe. This operation alone meets several purposes:
    a) It weekens further the targeted regime by depriving it of a potential working and/or military force.
    b) It deports a potential harming force far from Israel.
    c) It serves to délute the western Culture/Civilization and their genetic pool- an agenda dear to the Jew.
    d) It serves as a scapegoat for all kind of false flag operations meant to destabilize Western countries, all along with gaining more sympathy and support for Israel against its Arab neighbors.

    Thus, it appears that there is no contradiction in Jewish community endeavor to massive import of “Muslims” into Europe . I purposefully put the word “Muslim” between quotations because Muslims are not advised to seek refuge in countries where their religion wouldn’t be safe.On the contrary, migration from a non-Muslim country to a Muslim country is a duty for any Muslim who fears for his religion.

    “Emigration” (Al-Hijra ) in the Islamic Jurisprudence means: The relocation from a country of disbelief to a Muslim country. It is a religious duty for any Muslim who fears for his religion.

    The current waves of migration to Western countries are in total conflict with the Islamic Teachings but in total accordance with the Jewish agenda.

  10. Fine article and comments. At this point, I would call for a sober reassessment of zionist plans for Eretz Israel, the focus of evil in our time. The refugee influx in the EU and North America is a prelude to further massive amounts of stateless, desperate refugees. The rabbinical support identified above is a component of the effort masquerading as wonderful humanitarian efforts. Does anyone seriously think that the zionists and their lackeys like John McCain (who is the subject of a most revealing photograph depicting a sit down meet with Mr. “Baghdadi” and his associates before the aggressive internal and later external attempt on Syria really escalated) are going to cease and desist from Turkey, Arabia, and Iran? Weaker nations such as Jordan, the Gulf emirates, and others can be mopped up later – just look at what’s happened in Palestine, the map speaks volumes for itself. Mr. Trump today stated at CIA his original opposition to the Iraq aggression, but horrendously also said having gone in “we should have kept the oil”. Then, a careless and irresponsible suggestion in a jocular manner to the effect, maybe we’ll go back and get the oil. Mr. Trump is at his worst when attempting a NY night club style appeal. It should be made clear to Mr. Trump and others that patriotism and populist support ends completely and permanently with foreign aggression, but costs will rise for a long, long time. Just look at “W” and more recently, Mr. Jeb Bush, tainted from the same unlovely and vicious Internationalist (“Globalist”) agenda. Defending borders, however, will win you re-election – and very probably a great deal more with minimal risk.

    1. Someone should have a discussion with Mr. Trump about gravitas and the dignity of the office of USA President. He’s at his best when seriously addressing critical issues, like his Jacksonian Inaugural speech. He’s at his worst when trying a NY night club entertainer appeal. It doesn’t go well with the office, and is an expression of inability to communicate coherently when overly prolonged. A touch of appeal to the common humanity is fine, but hard won respect is squandered by not rising to the level of office.

      1. @ Winston

        “A touch of appeal to the common humanity is fine, but hard won respect is squandered by not rising to the level of office.”

        Obviously, Trump’s untraditional appear to the common man got him to the Presidency. If it is not broken, do not fix it. The establishment is going to have to adapt to a new standard or get left behind/eliminated. Trump did not run to impress the establishment. Trump ran to change the establishment as any populist, which he is, would naturally do given the chance. As a populist, Trump has the chance, the desire, and the intellect to get it done.

        Just to name a few, Trump has laid waste to the mainstream media, the Democrat Party, and the Republican Party before being elected. On his first day as President, he basically laid waste to ObamaCare with one executive order signed between the end of the inaugural parade and the first ball appearance.

        Trump has already demonstrated that he is above the establishment level of the office of the President. Based on the number of female protesters against Trump around the world today, apparently Trump is now considered to be the President of the world by many women. 🙂

      2. Correction: the hard won respect is squandered by LOWERING to the level of the office.
        Just looking at the last 8 years alone, where ebonics was the official language, with endless streams of hiphop “artists”, media and entertainment hookers, seinfeld, degeneres, streep, morons whose dna genome is based on tic-tac-toe diagram, worms and traitors, all of them doing their worst to pollute and infect the now Off-White House – a normal person can only lower himself into it by rappelling in from the outside world.

        Based on the number of female protesters against Trump around the world today, apparently Trump is now considered to be the President of the world by many women.

        Brings to mind that BlackPigeon thesis on how women are civilization destroyers due to innate inclination towards betrayal of the community for selfish gene promotion and how jew has made it the core of his drive to erase the white race.

        here you have a proof as graphic as can possibly be, countless legions of professional amazon berserkers, naggers and shamers swinging the axe of political correctness in defense of the judean dream.

        i generalize of course, present company most definitely excepted – but this disease will be ramped up and maximally utilized by jew for the duration of trump presidency.

      3. Ungenius –

        “Obviously, Trump’s untraditional appear to the common man got him to the Presidency.”

        It is interesting that since Trump was PLACED in office you believe the votes were counted as cast.

        Computer voting is not bought anymore. Computer chips are secure.

        No more vote FRAUD..!!

        ALL Diebold and their purchasers…. ES&S and others….
        …… are ALL out of business NOW..!! 🙂

        Please correct me if I made a mistake in my interpretation of your comment.

  11. The answer to why jews do what they do is simple. Their God is the devil and they do what he wants according to Jesus. Evil is destructive, so jews are destructive. Jews take advantage of destruction which is why they promote it. The jews are driven by their desire to rule the world based on the lies of their cult God, the devil.

  12. @Ungenius, I concede your point about where his style has gotten him, and add that his business achievements are worth aspiring to. However, as President, you will be dealing with “uncommon” men as well as the masses. You should leave them (World leaders – potential enemies) with no doubt you know how to comport yourself – and Mr. Trump has this ability as well. It’s not that it it’s unbroken and doesn’t need fixing – the Campaign is over, very serious work is ahead, it’s a new level. What kind of President jokes publicly about stealing the oil wealth of another nation? I support Mr. Trump, which is why I seek the best possible – his enemies are mine.

  13. – Sean
    ‘Long Term Strategists’. Decided twenty years ago to replicate Israel and its “Problems” worldwide. ”

    Good point, the ‘By Way of Deception’ group recruits, trains and implants certain elements in the Muslim countries/population to bring about the desired outcome. The goal is to make the rest of the world ‘feel’ what Israel supposedly ‘feels’ everyday….. to bring about complete, personal emotional investment. Next act: the drums of war….already committed to by the new President.

    -Arch Stanton
    Most certainly, once the white question has been resolved to the Jew’s satisfaction, the velvet gloves now used for handling these minorities will come off and it will be a Palestinatial Holodomor all over again.

    Agreed but not yet. The white nations, especially America, still have a lot more killing to do for the Master. It is what it has been for a long time and still is. I think all of this should be borne in mind with the words that Albert Pike wrote to Mazzini:
    “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

    Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion… We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil.

    Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view.

    This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”

    Oops…my mistake another forgery/fake!

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