Why I Don’t Trust Wikipedia


How would you feel if you came across a biography of yourself in Wikipedia and found the article was not only full of inaccuracies but also full of malicious lies?  

lPictured: Tom Utley, distinguished Daily Mail columnist

One of my sons, Wikipedia informed me — and I leave the language and spelling exactly as it appeared: ‘is a proper belta at smokin tac.’ Another son was ‘currently havin an affair with Myleene “sideboob” funbags Klass…’ (pictured here

Anyone reading my Wikipedia entry a few months after I joined this newspaper would have learned some interesting things about me—or, rather, about my offspring.

‘Tom Utley,’ it said, ‘is a British journalist who currently writes a witty weekly column for the Daily Mail.’ (I confess I liked the adjective ‘witty’, though I realise readers may question its truth in this context). It went on: ‘He is the son of the distinguished journalist T. E. Utley.’

So far, so good.

But then it became more controversial. ‘He is the proud father of four sons,’ it said — and I wondered about that word ‘proud’. Yes, my wife and I love our four sons dearly and I’ve often been proud of them. But like many fathers, I suspect, I’ve also experienced moments when my progeny have made me feel less so.

Such a moment came as I read on. One of my boys, Wikipedia informed me — and I leave the language and spelling as it appeared: ‘is a proper belta at smokin tac.’

Another was ‘currently havin an affair with Myleene “sideboob” funbags Klass.’ A third was described as ‘MDMAzin’. As for the fourth: ‘There are rumours he was caught fornicating with a dead brown bear that was actually black. Funny that.’

Call me a po-faced curmudgeon, but I didn’t find it funny at all — especially when I looked up the word ‘tac’ and found it was North-East slang for cannabis resin, while MDMA is the active ingredient in ecstasy.

Now, I was as sure as it’s possible to be that our sons didn’t take illegal drugs, while I knew for a fact that none had met Myleene Klass—let alone had an affair with her.

As I hope should go without saying, I also knew that our youngest, then aged 14, had not the slightest romantic interest in dead bears, whatever their colour.

No, this was what would nowadays be called ‘fake news’—one of those silly teenage pranks with which Wikipedia was riddled, then as now—and I had a shrewd idea that its author was very close to home.

I cross-examined the four boys. Sure enough, one confessed his guilt and then deleted the offending material. In the event, as Wikipedia devotees were quick to point out when I mentioned this incident many years ago, the lad’s puerile nonsense survived only 12 days.

But God knows how long it would have remained on my page if I hadn’t stumbled across it while Googling myself (a dreadful habit, I know).

Anyway, I thought no more about it until a month ago when I read to my astonishment that this massive depository of fabrication has banned The Daily Mail as a source of information for its compilers.

I read to my astonishment that this massive depository of fabrication has banned the Daily Mail as a source of information for its compilers. But there it was, in black and white in the Guardian, on whose board happens to sit Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, whose wife was Tony Blair’s diary secretary.

True, the ban had been approved by only five ‘administrators’ and 53 of the site’s 30 million ‘editors’ — or only 0.00018 per cent of them.

But here was the allegedly politically neutral Wikipedia, which publishes any old rubbish with impunity, impugning a highly popular mainstream newspaper—a paper fully answerable to the courts and the toughest Press regulatory regime in the free world, for every word and fact it prints.

Was there ever a more blatant example of hurling stones from a glass house? The sheer cheek of it knocked me sideways.

Yet unbelievably (in every sense), Wikipedia has become the first and often the only port of call for billions of people looking for facts, with 269 million visits every day.

Could Sir Tim Berners-Lee ever have imagined, I wondered, that one of the effects of his invention of the internet would be that such a purveyor of dodgy assertions and outright falsehoods would become the world’s number one source of information?

Indeed, the question has set me thinking about some of the other, perhaps unforeseen consequences of the marvels of the electronic age.

I’m not such a fool that I can’t see the plus side of online shopping, sat nav, email, Skype, Kindle, mobile phones, translation apps and the rest. But as the years go by, we learn more and more of the downsides, and the profound effects of such wonders on human conduct for better or worse.

True, the ban had been approved by only five Wikipedia ‘administrators’ and 53 of the site’s 30 million ‘editors’ — or only 0.00018 per cent of them

Take the sharp decline in teenage pregnancies, which has been attributed at least in part to the young’s preference for virtual sex over the real thing.

They’re forever sexting each other, exchanging photos of their private parts. But apparently it’s increasingly rare for them to get close enough to make a baby.

More predictable, I suppose, has been the pressure on my own industry from unregulated websites, which not only spread vile pornography, terrorist training videos and fake news, but draw advertising away from the Press.

First to suffer, of course, have been financially insecure local newspapers — too many of which have been driven to the wall.

Did Sir Tim foresee that his invention would mean local court cases and council decisions going increasingly unreported?

And who could have predicted the rise of the cyberbully and the internet troll, who compete behind the shield of anonymity to post the nastiest remarks they can imagine—causing an epidemic of depression, particularly among young girls and, even more annoying, thick-skinned, old hacks like me? It’s been a shock to realise human nature can be so twisted.

Indeed, as I wade through the vitriol often directed at my columns, I almost welcome my old friend ‘Phil of Maidstone’, who likes to post the one-word critique: ‘Yawn’. I imagine him as a 15- year-old, so exhausted by self-abuse that he can just about manage to read the headline before leaving his magisterial four-letter comment and falling back into a comatose slumber.

Meanwhile, easily available, dehumanising internet porn has put temptation in the way of many who would never pluck up the courage to walk into a newsagent and ask for a dirty mag. No wonder we’ve seen a boom in sex crime — particularly since networks such as Facebook, as the BBC revealed this week, refuse to delete pages explicitly aimed at paedophiles.

As for other phenomena, attributable in whole or part to the electronic age, well, here are just a few: the Arab Spring and similar bloody uprisings, co-ordinated through social media; the slow death of the High Street, killed off by online retailers; the threat to the traditional cab trade from app-oriented firms such as Uber.

Also, the wildfire spread of cyberfraud; the loss of skills such as spelling and map-reading, rendered redundant by auto-correct and sat nav; the mobile’s role in facilitating adultery — and the electronic trail that makes sinners easier to detect; the rise of the Twitterstorm, giving spurious weight to phoney grievances; the fragmentation of society, as people retreat into separate filter bubbles, where their prejudices are never challenged … And so it goes on.

I happen to be reading the brilliant Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind by the Hebrew University lecturer Yuval Noah Harari. In it, he argues that the rot set in for the human race about 10,000 years ago, when our hunter-gatherer ancestors turned to farming.

This meant a longer and more arduous working day, a less varied and, therefore, less healthy diet—and more disease and violence, as settlements became larger and for the first time had permanent territories to attack and defend.

I’m not enough of an expert to judge if he’s right—and I won’t be checking on Wikipedia. But if his point is that scientific progress isn’t necessarily for the better, I’m with him every inch of the way.

22 thoughts to “Why I Don’t Trust Wikipedia”

  1. Insofar as Wikipedia and The Daily Mail are both KOSHER, this is a rather disingenuous piece. Sounds a lot like the good cop/honest jew versus bad cop/crooked jew routine or kikebuki.

    Here’s the give away kosher clue if not the true point and true purpose of this (((piece))):

    Tom Utley: “I happen to be reading the brilliant Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind by the Hebrew University lecturer Yuval Noah Harari.”

    1. I disagree. The hostility between the Daily Mail and Wikipedia is genuine. The Daily Mail has been in the forefront of promoting Brexit to the British people. Brexit means turning one’s back on the Jew-controlled European Union. Brexit also means a complete rejection of mass immigration and multiculturalism — which are are dear to the hearts of all Jews and of Jewish Wikipedia.

      It’s for this reason, out of pure spite and anger at the Daily Mail for OPPOSING JEWISH INTERESTS, that Wikipedia decided to “pay back” the Daily Mail for its perceived ANTI-SEMITISM. This it did by removing the Daily Mail from its list of reliable sources.

      Hence the glowing reference to the Hebrew University lecturer Yuval Noah Harari in the Utley article. What you mistakenly regard as a “kosher clue” is in fact an attempt by the Daily Mail to “cover its ass” and not be accused of anti-Semitism.

      The Daily Mail may be a mainstream newspaper, but this doesn’t mean everyone writing for it is a philosemite as you seem to believe. Several articles it has published recently have gotten on Jewish nerves. The Tom Utley quote you give is just The Daily Mail saying, “Hey, don’t slam us for anti-Semitism! See what a nice thing our columnist Tom Utley has just said about an Israeli Jewish lecturer!”

      I commend the site for publishing this article. It is 100 per cent sincere. Wikipedia sucks, and this article explains WHY it sucks: because it doesn’t get its facts right. It deliberately engages in malicious lies and does nothing to monitor the work of its SIXTY MILLION “editors”. 🙂

      Tom Utley is a brilliant writer, by the way. One of the best writing for this paper.

      1. Alas and alack, if only Tom Utley had even a tiny fraction, say, 0.000006%, of the integrity and honesty you, my dear Sardonicus, have… what a wonderful Jew-free and free-speech world this could be. 🙂

        Lest we forget: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― (((Vladimir Ilyich Lenin)))

        Here’s the more wordy version from The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (Protocol number 12, articles 12 — 14)

        12. All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions— aristocratic, republican, revolutionary, even anarchical—for so long, of course, as the constitution exists …. Like the Indian idol “Vishnu” they will have a hundred hands, and every one of them will have a finger on any one of the public opinions as required. When a pulse quickens these hands will lead opinion in the direction of our aims, for an excited patient loses all power of judgment and easily yields to suggestion. Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us. In the vain belief that they are following the organ of their party they will, in fact, follow the flag which we hang out for them.

        13. In order to direct our newspaper militia in this sense we must take special and minute care in organizing this matter. Under the title of central department of the press we shall institute literary gatherings at which our agents will without attracting attention issue the orders and watchwords of the day. By discussing and controverting, but always superficially, without touching the essence of the matter, our organs will carry on a sham fight fusillade with the official newspapers solely for the purpose of giving occasion for us to express ourselves more fully than could well be done from the outset in official announcements, whenever, of course, that is to our advantage.


        Shalom to Tom and the staff at The Daily Mail!

      2. @ JFC

        Your comments are second to none for their penetrating acumen. And your quotes from the Protocols are a useful reminder of what has been going on now for centuries, though I doubt if the talented Tom Utley will be able to accept the authenticity of the Protocols. Even respected commenters on the Occidental Observer have admitted that the Protocols is a “forgery”, though admittedly a unique one that needs to be taken seriously.

        Let’s just keep our eye on the ball and understand that this article is about Wikipedia. This is about a website that has 60 million “editors”. It cannot possibly be accurate in all the details it gives, given that probably 95% of these intellectual busybodies are rank amateurs with no academic qualifications.

        I understand from Lasha Darkmoon herself that she has been mentioned in one Wikipedia article and that what has been said about her is a “TOTAL LIE”. (Her words). She has made no attempt to correct the lie that has remained in place for well over a year now, if not longer.

        So much for Wikipedia.

        As Tom Utley correctly points out: it is a “repository of fabrications.”

      3. Is daily mail owned by Murdoch?
        that would explain a number of things that puzzled me recently, related to daily mail .

      4. well, well, well … i feel like an online pearl diver or a hound hot on the scent at times.
        and my nose hasn’t let me down.

        lately, i’ve been hearing voices in the wind or maybe in my head, telling me that there is an undercurrent of silent war beneath the surface, the remnants of the old establishment elites fighting for survival against the aggression of Lucifer’s Jew, out to disembowel, bury and dominate them completely.

        This is the subtext to Trump’s kind-of-unexpected ascension to the Oval office and had it not been for the massive support that Fox news threw behind him, he would have been impeached by january 22 at the latest.

        So when i saw this daily mail headline by piers morgan, Obama deported millions, killed thousands and now he’s out to slyly depose his successor, so why does everyone think he’s President Perfect?, i figured that Murdoch may well be the owner.

        not so, as it turns out but maybe even better: the owner of the Daily Mail And General Trust is jonathan harmsworth, 4th viscount rothermere.
        And the family history is decidedly interesting, wikipedia is not too fond of them, calls them nazi sympathizers and what not, can Hoax denial be far behind?

        In the 1930s Rothermere used his newspapers to try to influence British politics, particularly reflecting his strong support of the appeasement of Nazi Germany, and his were the only major newspapers to advocate an alliance with Germany.
        For a time in 1934, the Rothermere papers championed the British Union of Fascists (BUF), and were again the only major papers to do so. On 15 January 1934 the Daily Mail published a Rothermere-written editorial entitled “Hurrah for the Blackshirts”, praising Oswald Mosley for his “sound, commonsense, Conservative doctrine”.[7]

        Rothermere visited and corresponded with Hitler.[8] On 1 October 1938, Rothermere sent Hitler a telegram in support of Germany’s invasion of the Sudetenland, and expressing the hope that ‘Adolf the Great’ would become a popular figure in Britain.

        Read Daily Mail daily.

        And more to the point, learn who our allies might be, potentially, lest we cut down the Royal Oak that might protect us someday.
        Alas, this type of thinking has been bred out of us, another Jew triumph that he toasts in privacy.

        bottom line: the voices are real, pay attention.

      5. @ Lobro

        lately, i’ve been hearing voices in the wind or maybe in my head, telling me that there is an undercurrent of silent war beneath the surface, the remnants of the old establishment elites fighting for survival against the aggression of Lucifer’s Jew, out to disembowel, bury and dominate them completely.

        Precisely. I believe your instincts are 100% correct. The same “excuses” (valid ones) you are making for Trump — that he needs to play his cards very carefully because of the (((enemies))) that surround him, can be applied to the Daily Mail. The Rothemere family that owns the paper is ultra-conservative and backs the old Anglo-Saxon order that opposes the New World Order of the (((Frankfurt School))). Forget Rupert Murdoch! He has nothing to do with the Daily Mail.

        The Daily Mail backs traditional Christian values but has to bend over backwards to appease the Jews who hate these values. The paper is associated above all with its editor-in-chief Paul Dacre (Lord Dacre) who is the highest paid editor in Britain and has tried to stamp his mark on the paper for years, i.e., with conservative Christian values such as you are getting in Russia right now. In 2012 Dacre said: “The family is the greatest institution on God’s green earth.”


        As you know, this is not the kind of comment that pleases the Cultural Marxist Jews, for whom the Family is the main enemy — and who spend all their time undermining traditional family values.

        The paper is pro-Brexit and anti-multiculturalism and anti-mass immigration and, as such, has angered the Jews.

        Now you know why (((Wikipedia))) has banned it as a reliable source! That’s one good reason for liking the paper.

        LD is well aware that this is a “mainstream” newspaper, but I’m told she reads it with avid interest every day and publishes quite a few articles from it on this website. She has her reasons.

        Knocking the Daily Mail just because it is “mainstream” is ill-advised. That’s a bit like knocking Trump just because he says nice things about Israel and is surrounded by Jews. You have to do these things to survive, Lobro. It’s a kind of kabuki.

        What the lips have to say the heart does not necessarily have to feel. 🙂

        So your instincts are sound, very sound: there is a struggle going on UNDER THE SURFACE between the Old Order (Christian) and the New Order (Jew/Satanic). And the Daily Mail, I believe, is on the right side.

      6. thanks wigg, just glanced at the reed thing and will return to it.

        Sard, this makes me feel vindicated: truth is precious and one cannot expect to have it served on a plate, “100% truth, lifetime guarantee”, i guess both you and Lasha know this well.
        Each of us must work hard for it, and individual trust aside, the final decision is ours.
        Otherwise, there would be a truth shop, go and pay with credit card, in fact this is exactly what the perfidious jew has convinced the majority of, 10 million lies repeated ad nauseam, add up to the special jew truth, New york times, the paper of RECORD.

        i am kind of evolving a religious idea that our whole purpose of existence is to dig out, recognize and deliver the truth, “I am the way, the truth and life” bears this out perfectly and i am starting to see its meaning.
        Truth is that which exists, the reality of the world, that which IS.
        Truth is life and it figures that the devil, the lord of death, of emptiness, of non-existence is the lord of lies and strives for the annihilation of truth, so to Jew, lying is not just part of the art of scamming, a swindle and a way to get ahead as a parasitical freeloader but it is the end in itself, because this is what the Master of Kol Nidre dictates, the betrayal of life and Logos itself.
        And naturally that the media is an important ingredient in Satan’s underground workshop of malignancies, curses and pulsa di nura of Kabbalah, the information-disinformation flow, so that Rothschild lord Reuters got into it in a big, typically jewish monopolistic way toward the end of 19th century and this trend is reflected in jew’s near chokehold on the world’s media.

        let’s look again here:

        Rothermere used his newspapers to TRY TO INFLUENCE BRITISH POLITICS, particularly reflecting his strong support of the appeasement of Nazi Germany, and his were THE ONLY major newspapers to advocate an alliance with Germany.

        what does this wikipedia statement tell us, looking through the prism of jew’s degenerate mind?
        • that Jew was already in firm control of the British politics in 1930s and Rothermere’s attempts to reassert British interests (Make Britain Great Again!) were doomed to failure, ie, the “noble” war hyenas were not to be denied their eagerly anticipated bloodbaths, and
        • among all the papers in Britain at the time, the Daily Mail and offshoots under rothermere were the singular exceptions, powerless to turn the tide of talmud.

        and we are seeing its repeat today, the frenzied attacks on trump are born of the exact same fear that their rapturously desired wars may be delayed or even cancelled.
        But i am curious to see that the leftover old guard is digging in its heels again and that rupert murdoch is among them because Fox News is a strong, steadfast backer of Trump, hannity, Carlson and others shining the spotlight on the squirming maggots and their traitorous lies.

        I urge all and sundry to recognize the need for accurate assessment of enemy and allied forces, because the collateral damage may often exceed damage to the enemy, like chemotherapy that kills the cancer by killing the patient.

  2. It’s been a shock to realize human nature can be so twisted.

    It’s not human nature- it’z Jewish nature. Don’t you see, Jews have given us their minds and in doing so, the goyim have become the same sick, twisted, morally depraved, murderous psychopaths as they.

    Jews cannot stand to have the goyim living in opposition to the mental illness from which they suffer. Therefore, they program the goyim to make them as mentally ill in the same manner as they filled our cities with the lowest form of vermin, while basking in their success.

    Jews are not comfortable unless they are immersed in filth. To increase their comfort level, Jews immerse western culture in their eastern filth, which brings me to a personal note about Judaeo-Christianity.

    Of late I have been entertaining a number of discussions with various Christians. There is one young man in particular who is a notable example of modern Christianity. He came by last evening to visit. This young man is a Bible believin’ Christian, yet his beliefs beggar belief.

    He believes that the King James Bible is the only true Bible and that it was written not by man, but by god; thus the KJV is the inerrant word of god. He believes that Jesus, as god, wrote the entire Bible, therefore Jesus wrote the Torah’s Old Testament laws to later return and “fulfill” them.

    However its gets worse, much worse. He firmly believes the sun revolves around the earth because of the Biblical story of how the sun “stood still” at the request of Joshua. He talks constantly about the dragons mentioned in the bible because the prophets blather on about these mythical creatures.

    Yet dragons of the Bible are not mythical because fossilized dinosaur remains prove they existed. Of course these creatures, must have coexisted with humans for the six thousand years of his existence. It’s like those giant humans of the Bible whose existence is proven by large structures like the pyramids, that could only have been built by such monsters.

    For this young man, every word in the Bible is literal truth. In fact, his mind can no longer operate outside such absurd religious beliefs. No matter the subject, he will frame them from a religious perspective as for him, no truth can stand outside his dogmatic beliefs.

    I have never heard other Christians refer to the vast majority of beliefs held by this young man. When I asked him how he came to form and hold his beliefs, he adamantly insists that they came directly through the Bible, as if he had never previously heard of the book until it dropped on his head one day. Everything he believes comes straight form the holy word of Jesus-as-God.

    Interestingly, he often refers to this guy as an authority on the Bible. While waiting for the video to load, without any prompting, he threw in an unusual disclaimer, to wit: “He’s not a Jew. People have accused him of being a Jew, but he denies it.” From my point of view, the only thing lacking is a yarmulke and yid locks, but watch the videos and draw your own conclusion.

    Christians writhe with the most the most spectacular contortions to defend their indefensible beliefs. When one points out various facts that question or refute their beliefs, Christians will invariably duck and cover. Thus, one can never pin down the questionable narration and concepts put forth in the Bible.

    Now the upshot to all this is that this young man never finished high school. He was labeled with the various nasty labels educators so often put on young white males so they do not have to provide the same attention lavishly applied to violent, low IQ Negroes.

    At thirty years of age this young man has no job other than begging on the street and mowing lawns. Since the city outlawed begging on the street, he suffered a substantial reduction in income.

    Fortunately, he is not yet living on the street as his employed, younger brother maintains an apartment which he shares. While, his brother sleeps in a bed in the apartment bedroom, he sleeps on the living room floor. He often frets about his future should anything happen to his brother.

    At the age of thirty, this young man has never held a traditional job, often relying on craft skills to supplement his lawn mowing income. He has never possessed a drivers license, instead using a skateboard as his primary means of transportation. He laments, rightly so, how he will never find a wife without an automobile and the ability to drive.

    Yet, despite his impoverished state, he owns three massive Bibles that have to date cost him almost two thousand dollars. His reason for this is that these bibles will be needed to pass on to his children. This is the Christian version of putting the cart before the horse. In short this young man stands out as one of the most grievous examples I have ever met of what has long been aptly described as a “lost soul.”

    As readers might suspect, we have heated arguments over Jesus, the Bible and his beliefs. Despite our mutual, emotional bellowing over these matters, we hold no enmity towards each other, so we head each other off at the usual impasse.

    Despite my telling him how I became a born again Christian many years ago by getting down on my knees and asking Jesus into my heart, it makes no difference. I never received salvation because I lacked real conviction backing my conversion.

    Of course his judgement of my spiritual condition totally ignores the traditional Christian concept that once one has sincerely asked Jesus into their heart, accepting him as their savior, complete salvation is achieved for evermore.

    So while his “back sliding” has been personally forgiven by Jesus, there can be no salvation for mine. Christian schadenfreude is truly amazing. They will gravely tell you how you are doomed to hell just before gleefully pointing out how other heathens are doomed to the very same fate. Evidently nothing is more rewarding for a Christian than to point out how they got theirs while you did not, and isn’t this the very thing Jesus speaks of in his teachings?

    The fact that I have devoted more than a third of my life, almost as long as he has been alive, to researching and writing about Jesus means nothing to this young man. In his eyes, I am no different than any other atheist apostate. It made no difference when I told him the direct result of asking Jesus into my heart was that he gave me his story to write.

    Just prior to parting last evening, with tears in his eyes he began lamenting the tragedy of my lack of salvation, how I was doomed to hell for all eternity along with everyone I had ever influenced. My work is obviously the work of the devil. Judging from the reactions to my literary efforts in bringing the story of Jesus to light, the devil is neither very bright nor efficient in converting the pious to his evil ways.

    Of course he has had far better success with his Jewish minions who have shown tremendous talent and success in administering Satan’s methods. Unsurprisingly, the young man says we must love the Jews as they are “God’s chosen people.”

    My further refutation to the young man’s beliefs, led to an amazing response. He broke down, saying “I have his promise! It’s all I have.” I was dumbstruck, these words stopped me cold. How right he was, a promise is all that has been left for him.

    While Jews have raped our culture, and like their demented progenitor Jacob, have stolen both the birthright and inheritance of our race they have left young white males with naught but the “promise” of salvation. Such a deal for you my friend.

  3. “I happen to be reading the brilliant Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind by the Hebrew University lecturer Yuval Noah Harari. In it, he argues that the rot set in for the human race about 10,000 years ago, when our hunter-gatherer ancestors turned to farming.”

    What the author should have said is that the rot started in 622 BC when the jews created the fantasy called the Old Testament which has formed the basis for most every significant human ill since then.

  4. “No, this was what would nowadays be called ‘fake news’’.
    Lots of Wikipedia articles are not just fake news; worse, they are open sources that convey fake knowledge, meant to be saved and further used as genuine and accurate data.
    Social Science articles take the lion share of Wikipedia bias.

  5. The best bit of non puerile nonsense from pornographer James Wales Wikipedia site, with all it’s deliberate lies and cover ups for… guess who…much like Amazon, was the short lived but spot on description of Richard Bruce (“Dick”) Cheney. It read “the architect of 9/11″…

  6. Wikipedia is a good tool. It has “YUGE” 🙂 value to me..!!

    I do NOT use their narratives often. I use the proven facts.

    I usually START my research at Wikipedia to find the entities and businesses and… their WEBSITES involved in my inquiry.
    Then, I search the entities – companies – along with the criminals named in the search engine.
    Wherever they are connected will usually show up.
    The company websites have search bars also. Soooo.. I put the criminals’ name in there also… BOOM..!!! There it is..!!

    This is akin to “Shepardizing”…. researching lawsuits…. using Shepard’s® Citations Service.

    It is fun..!!

    This is the method I used to help Lobro… below. I stopped after just a couple articles I found. Much more is available.

    Murdoch uses his son’s company to keep somewhat hidden.


    Lobro –

    Your suspicions are valid.

    Dacre is probably second only to Rupert Murdoch as British print journalism’s most influential figure.

    As for “moneyed”, Dacre is Britain’s highest-paid journalist by a very large margin, with estates in Sussex and the Scottish highlands aside from his London house. Murdoch’s wealth is, of course, far greater still. These men are the epitome of the “moneyed elite”.

    Murdoch helped Dacre out of heavy debt. They are hooked in series at the top and behind the curtains. The monies are always fungible…. In the MEDIA baskets at DMGT.. for radio, TV, online or print. 🙂

    DMG Media is a leading multi-channel consumer media company which is home to some of the UK’s most popular brands, including the Daily Mail, MailOnline, the Mail on Sunday, Metro, Wowcher, Jobsite and Jobrapido.

    Part of DMGT, DMG Media’s portfolio of national newspapers, websites and mobile and tablet applications regularly reach 55%*of the GB adult population.

    Lachlan Murdoch, son of News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch, now controls the venture.

    “Our partnership with Illyria over three years has been a success,” said Martin Morgan, chief executive of DMGT.***

    Illyria, Murdoch’s private investment vehicle, has taken control of the venture after buying a 50% stake in 2009 for A$112m (£63m) in CASH.

    Later this year DMGT will also receive a payment equivalent to 50% of the final dividend the joint venture pays out in the year to the end of September. This is expected to amount to £1m-£2m for DMGT.

    DMGT said it will use the proceeds of the sale to pay down debt.



    A call in early August 2016 by Patience Wheatcroft, a former Daily Mail journalist, for a second referendum intended to reject the Brexit vote “led to her being monstered as a ‘cheerleader for the moneyed Metropolitan elite'” by the newspaper, Alastair Campbell wrote. “One of the triumphs of the campaign was for Murdoch and Dacre, two of the wealthiest people journalism has ever produced, to portray anyone in favour of Remain as part of this Metropolitan elite”.

    Similarly, Wheatcroft was heavily criticised by the Sun, which is owned by another Eurosceptic, Rupert Murdoch. The coverage enables us to de-code the distinctive rightwing ideology of both papers along with the remarkable resemblance of the populist journalistic approach adopted by Dacre and Murdoch.


    Bottom line:

    ***Anyone NOT USING Wikipedia against the Pharisee-Jew assholes is MISSING THE MARK..!!!
    “BIGLY”…!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. @ Pat

      ***Anyone NOT USING Wikipedia against the Pharisee-Jew assholes is MISSING THE MARK..!!!
      “BIGLY”…!!! 🙂 🙂

      Yeah sure . . . but I am not suggesting that Wikipedia is totally useless!

      It provides a lot of invaluable info on all sorts of topics. If I want to find out about Plato or Chinese ceramics, there’s no reason to suspect Wikipedia of lying about these subjects. They have no motive for lying about Plato or Chinese vases.

      But would you trust them on the Holocaust, 9/11, Zionism, or the Israel/Palestine problem? I don’t think so!

      (They have also told a TOTAL LIE about Lasha Darkmoon which I have no time to explain about here).

      The only point I wanted to make is that Wikipedia and the Daily Mail are at loggerheads and that this conflict is a REAL conflict, not a PRETEND conflict. Wikipedia would hardly have boycotted the Daily Mail as a reliable source of information if the Daily Mail had not got on its nerves.

      1. Sard –

        You might have missed whaI wrote:

        “I do NOT use their narratives often. I use the proven facts.”

    1. I tried. I searched “holocaust revisionism” and got redirected to “holocaust denial” which is a 100% copy of the Wikipedia article of the same name. Must be the usual suspects again !

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