13 thoughts to “Why I Support White Nationalism”

  1. i support wn too
    i do because you have the right to be proud, protect your families, parks, animals and enviroment for future generations

    please stop bombings us, muslims
    you have been doing so for about a hundred years
    just last week mr trump bombed a mosque killing about 50 innocent civilians
    bomb assad instead

    1. “just last week mr trump bombed a mosque killing about 50 innocent civilians”

      Those were Trump’s ‘nice’ bombs he got from Putin’s stock…
      ……ordered from Israeli Bomb Builders Inc(IBBI)… 🙂

    2. Palestinian: “please stop bombing us, muslims.”
      Me: Agreed, 100%.
      You: “bomb assad instead.”
      Me: Didn’t you just contradict yourself?

      1. @ follyofwar
        @ Peter

        FYI, “Palestinian” is the same poster as “Avatar”, a poster previously banned from this site. He has been outed as a Jewish troll pretending to be a patriotic Palestinian. (He couldn’t even spell “Deir Yassin” correctly and spelled it “Der Yasin”) All his previous posts have been virulently anti-Assad, as you might expect from a Jewish troll. Don’t let yourself be taken in.

    3. @Palestinian – You are right. We should not be bombing Muslims, but that includes Assad. I’m not sure why you want him bombed. It’s nice to hear a Muslim acknowledge whites rights to live and thrive. I would hope to see more white nationalists support Palestinians and other Arabs rights to live and thrive.

      I also hope the distorted narrative that exists in the west is overturned. The people that are behind that bombing and openly support killing Muslims and other Arabs (Jews, neo-cons, “liberals” and so called “conservatives”) are somehow considered pro-Muslim because while killing Muslims, they also bizarrely support their right to immigrate to the west in vast numbers.

      I prefer Putin and Trump, both of whom are against attacking innocent Muslim countries and also are opposed to mass immigration of Muslims into the west. But somehow, the murderers in the west are considered fighting for Muslims rights.

      1. @Peter

        I take issue with a few of your statements although I agree with most of it. I definitely think those of us on the Right (perhaps Alt-Right), should be supporting the Palestinians and rejecting the Jewish supremacists. Those who oppose Muslims, and will do anything that Israel wants, are not real conservatives but “cuckservatives.” As for our new president being “against attacking innocent Muslim countries,” he sure hasn’t shown me yet. He should do what he said during the campaign and join forces with Putin and support President Assad in Syria. Muslims should not be killed indiscriminately, as Trump has done thus far in, for example, Yemen. All that does is make them more eager to get revenge and kill more of us. Putin has only killed the radical Islamists in support of Assad. Unless and until Assad invites the US in, what Trump is doing is illegal. We didn’t vote for Obama 2.0.

  2. I personally find nothing enjoyable about the extinction of the White Race. Eventually Whites will fight back when the backs are really against the wall. However, by that time there may be so few whites remaining that they will be overwhelmed by the hoards to third world savages.

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