Why is Trump picking a quarrel with Iran?

Is it to make the world safe for Israel?

The Guardian, August 28, 2017

US intelligence officials are under pressure from the White House to produce a justification to declare Iran in violation of a 2015 nuclear agreement, in an echo of the politicisation of intelligence that led up to the Iraq invasion, according to former officials and analysts.

The collapse of the 2015 deal between Tehran, the US and five other countries – by which Iran has significantly curbed its nuclear programme in return for sanctions relief – would trigger a new crisis over nuclear proliferation at a time when the US is in a tense standoff with North Korea.

Intelligence analysts, chastened by the experience of the 2003 Iraq war, launched by the Bush administration on the basis of phoney evidence of weapons of mass destruction, are said to be resisting the pressure to come up with evidence of Iranian violations.

“Anecdotally, I have heard this from members of the intelligence community – that they feel like they have come under pressure,” said Ned Price, a former CIAanalyst who also served as a national security council spokesman and special assistant to Barack Obama. “They told me there was a sense of revulsion. There was a sense of déjà vu. There was a sense of ‘we’ve seen this movie before’.”

However, Donald Trump has said he expects to declare Iran non-compliant by mid-October, the next time he is required by Congress to sign a three-monthly certification of the nuclear deal (known as the Joint Comprehensive Programme of Action, or JCPOA). And the administration is pursuing another avenue that could trigger the collapse of the deal.

David Cohen, a former deputy director of the CIA, said it was “disconcerting” that Trump appeared to have come to a conclusion about Iran before finding the intelligence to back it up.

“It stands the intelligence process on its head,” Cohen told CNN. “If our intelligence is degraded because it is politicised in the way that it looks like the president wants to do here, that undermines the utility of that intelligence all across the board.”

In another move reminiscent of the Iraq debacle, the US administration is putting pressure on the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to be more aggressive in its demands to investigate military sites in Iran, just as George W Bush’s team pushed for ever more intrusive inspections of Saddam Hussein’s military bases and palaces.

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, visited IAEA headquarters in Vienna to press the agency to demand visits to Iran’s military sites. Haley described IAEA inspectors as “professionals and true experts in their field”.

“Having said that, as good as the IAEA is, it can only be as good as what they are permitted to see,” Haley told reporters on her return to New York. “Iran has publicly declared that it will not allow access to military sites but the JCPOA makes no distinction between military and non-military sites. There are also numerous undeclared sites that have not been inspected yet. That’s a problem.”

Unlike the case of Iraq and the Bush administration, where there were deep divisions in the US intelligence community over the evidence for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, there is now a general consensus among US intelligence and foreign intelligence agencies, the state department, the IAEA and the other five countries that signed the JCPOA, as well as the European Union, that there is no significant evidence that Iran has violated its obligations under the deal. Tehran scaled down its nuclear infrastructure and its nuclear fuel stockpiles soon after the deal was signed in Vienna.

However, Trump, who denigrated the agreement throughout his election campaign, has appeared determined to torpedo it.

On 17 July, the latest deadline for presidential certification of the JCPOA deal required by Congress, the announcement was postponed for several hours, while Trump’s senior national security officials dissuaded the president from a last-minute threat not to sign.

“If it was up to me, I would have had them noncompliant 180 days ago,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal on 25 July. He hinted it was his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, who had persuaded him to certify the agreement.

“Look, I have a lot of respect for Rex and his people, good relationship. It’s easier to say they comply. It’s a lot easier. But it’s the wrong thing. They don’t comply,” the president said. “And so we’ll see what happens … But, yeah, I would be surprised if they were in compliance.”

Trump said his administration was doing “major” and “detailed” studies on the issues.

Richard Nephew, who was principal duty coordinator for sanctions policy in the Obama administration state department and a member of the team that negotiated the JCPOA said government agencies were producing such studies all the time. He said the difference under the Trump administration was that they were being told the conclusions should be.

“Behind the scenes, there is a huge machine that is pumping up reports and updates and status checks for the administration and Congress,” Nephew, now at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, said. “You have intelligence officers and analysts in a bunch of agencies who spend literally every day scrubbing every single report they have got of what is going on inside Iran trying to find instances of non-compliance.

“What I suspect is happening now is that those intel officers have been asked to go to the cutting room floor, [and are being asked:] ‘What have you forgotten? What have you discounted? What have you said doesn’t really fit and not really relevant?’

“I actually think that’s healthy if it’s an honest question,” Nephew said, but he added: “It seems there is a faction within the administration that is trying to lay the basis for getting out [of the agreement] on the basis of cooked books.”

He predicted that intelligence analysts would resign if they were pushed too hard.

“The intelligence community learned the lessons of Iraq hard,” Nephew said. “And the analysts I know who are attached to this effort I am quite convinced would resign and resign loudly before they would allow … their words to be twisted and turned the way it happened with Iraq.”

Iran chides US over ‘worn out’ accusations about nuclear deal

Robert Malley, who was a senior US negotiator at the nuclear talks with Iran, said that the Trump administration was discounting the information it was getting from its agencies because it viewed them as the “deep state” or “Obama holdovers”. But Malley predicted it would be harder for Trump to ignore the reservations of US intelligence and US allies and drive towards confrontation with Iran than it was for George Bush to go to war in Iraq.

“The main difference is that Iraq has already happened, which means that both the American public and the international community have seen a similar movie before, and therefore might well react differently than the way they reacted the last time around,” he said.

The other principal avenue of attack on the JCPOA being pursued by the Trump administration has focused on the question of inspections of Iranian military sites. Under the agreement, the IAEA can present evidence of suspect activity at any site to Iran and ask for an explanation. If the explanation is not accepted by the IAEA, Tehran would have two weeks to negotiate terms of access for the agency inspectors. If the Iranian government refuses, a joint commission of JCPOA signatories could vote to force access, and Iran would have three days to comply.

“There is a mechanism, a very detailed one and one of the issues we spent the most time on in negotiation,” Malley said. But he added: “There are people on the outskirts of the administration, and who are pushing hard on the Iran file, saying they should be allowed to ask for inspection at any sensitive site for no reason whatsoever, in order to test the boundaries of the agreement.”

During her visit to Vienna, Haley suggested that Iran’s past practice of using military sites for covert nuclear development work was grounds for suspicion. But Laura Rockwood, a former legal counsel in the IAEA’s safeguards department (which carries out inspections), said the US or any other member state would have to provide solid and contemporaneous evidence to trigger an inspection.

“If the US has actionable intelligence that is useful for the IAEA to take into account, and I mean actual and honest intelligence, not fake intel that they tried to use in 2003, then I think the agency will respond to it,” Rockwood, who is now executive director of the Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, said. “But if they try to create evidence or if they try to pressure the agency into simply requesting access because they can, I think it will backfire.”

Any Iranian objections to new inspections could be cited by Trump if he carries out his threat to withhold certification of the JCPOA in October. It would then be up to the US Congress whether to respond with new sanctions, and then Trump would have to sign them into law, in potential violation of the agreement.

The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, said this week that the nuclear programme could be restarted “within hours” if that happened.

Ultimately, Tehran and the other five national signatories to the agreement would have to decide whether to try to keep the deal alive without US participation – an issue that would split Europe from the US, likely leaving the UK perched uneasily in the middle.

“As a practical matter, you’re not going to have the rest of the international community, you’re not going to have our allies in Europe, you’re certainly not going to have the Russians and the Chinese coming along with us to reimpose real pressure on the Iranians,” Cohen said. “So you’ll have this fissure between the United States and essentially the rest of the world in trying to reinstate pressure on Iran.”

Sourced from The Guardian

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  1. By now, per our Overlord’s orders to its Congressional minions and their willing slaves, Obama and Hillary, Syria should of been totally destroyed and Assad given a bayonet enema, freeing up the Pentagon to attack Iran.

    But Putin stepped in and upset the Great Game. So our Occupier–Israel–will find another way to turn its private merc Army–The Pentagon–loose on Iran.

    Does ‘Lucky Larry’ Silverstein own any more asbestos laced skyscrapers?

  2. Let Iran get its nuclear weapons and let it face up to the nuclear armed (courtesy of the USA) Israel; and then let them blow the shizum out of each other. Make sure it is when dual citizen members of Congress are in Tel Aviv. Israel has now refused to recognize over 56 UN resolutions against the Jews continuing genocide of the Arab peoples. It is time Christian armies entered Israel and arrested the Israeli Knesset for war crimes. Of course this won’t happen because American Christians are paying for Israel’s illegal nuclear arms and funding the lervly Messianic Settlers who do not believe Jesus is the Messiah. The Jewish Messiah will arrive in Elvis’s pink cadillac, accompanied by Kate Perry and the Obumma. If Jesus tries to ride in with no fanfare on an ass, he will be nuked.

  3. I heard this at our McDonald’s old folks’ group one morning…. Over waffles and coffee… many years ago..!! 🙂

    General Wesley Clark: “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years…”

    That just more Pharisee-Jew trained bragging with lies and hyperbole mixed in.

    Clark, a Pharisee-Jew, said it was told to him in 2001… 16 YEARS AGO..!!!! They amy have missed the mark..!! 🙂


    General Wesley Clark:
    Because I had been through the Pentagon right after 9/11. About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me, and one of the generals called me in. He said, “Sir, you’ve got to come in and talk to me a second.” I said, “Well, you’re too busy.” He said, “No, no.” He says, “We’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq.” This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, “We’re going to war with Iraq? Why?” He said, “I don’t know.” He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do.” So I said, “Well, did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?” He said, “No, no.” He says, “There’s nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” He said, “I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.” And he said, “I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.”

    So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”


    Wesley Clark comes from ‘a long line of rabbis’
    Thursday, September 18, 2003

    by Ron Kampeas, JTA


    Raised a Southern Baptist who later converted to Roman Catholicism, Gen. Wesley Clark knew just what to say when he strode into a Brooklyn yeshiva in 1999, ostensibly to discuss his leadership of NATO’s victory in Yugoslavia.

    “I feel a tremendous amount in common with you,” the uniformed four-star general told the stunned roomful of students.

    “I am the oldest son, of the oldest son, of the oldest son — at least five generations, and they were all rabbis.”

    The incident could be a signal of how Clark, who became the 10th contender in the Democratic run for the presidency on Wednesday, relates to the Jews and the issues dear to them.

    Apparently Clark, 58, revels in his Jewish roots.

    He told The Jewish Week in New York, which first reported the yeshiva comment in 1999, that his ancestors were not just Jews, but members of the priestly caste of Kohens.

    Clark’s Jewish father, Benjamin Kanne, died when he was 4, but he has kept in touch with his father’s family since his 20s, when he rediscovered his Jewish roots. He is close to a first cousin, Barry Kanne, who heads a pager company in Georgia.

    Clark shares more than sentimental memories with Jews.

    He couples liberal domestic views that appeal to much of the Jewish electorate with a soldier’s sympathy for Israel’s struggle against terror.

    Appearing in June on “Meet the Press” on CBS, Clarke said he agreed with President Bush’s assessment that Israel should show more restraint, a reference to the policy of targeting terrorist leaders for assassination.

    “But the problem is,” Clark continued, “when you have hard intelligence that you’re about to be struck, it’s the responsibility of a government to take action against that intelligence and prevent the loss of lives. It’s what any society would expect of its leadership. So there’s a limit to how much restraint can be shown.”

    Speaking to the New Democrat Network this year, Clark said that dismantling Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat’s Ramallah headquarters was “a legitimate military objective from their perspective.

    “For the Israelis, this is a struggle really for the existence of Israel,” Clark said in remarks quoted on a support group’s Web site.

    Clark is also tough on neighboring Arab states, expecting more from them in nudging the Palestinians toward peace.

    He has said he would like to see Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in a “contact group” similar to the alliance that Serb-friendly Russia joined to force the Serbs to back down in Kosovo. He blames Saudi Arabia for allowing extremist strains of Islam to spread.

    The former NATO leader also opposes any active international role in policing the West Bank until the political situation is settled, a view that Israelis — nervous at relinquishing control to foreign troops on their borders — would appreciate.

    Domestically, Clark favors many of the liberal views popular with many Jews. He is pro-choice, and is strongly in favor of separating church from state.

    “In order to have freedom of religion, you’ve got to protect the state from the church,” he is quoted saying on his supporters’ Web site.

    One of the leaders of the Draft Clark campaign said Clark’s strength on foreign policy would neutralize an advantage President Bush now has with Jews, and would bring the debate back to domestic issues, where the Bush administration is weaker with Jews.

    “It makes him credible and allows him to focus on domestic policy,’ Brent Blackaby said in a telephone interview from Clark’s campaign headquarters in Little Rock, Ark.

    Two of Clark’s top advisers are Jews who had prominent roles in the Clinton and Gore campaigns. Eli Segal was a top adviser to President Clinton in his first term; Ron Klain helped run Vice President Al Gore’s 2000 campaign.


    NO hurry… Check back in 15 to 20 years or so…!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Screw Wesley,
      He revels in his Jewish roots. I despise mine. Being human is more important than being a reptile. Let Wesleys be Wesleys. Let Zuckerbergs be Suckerbergs. These “Jews” dont care about justice. Theyre only concerned with getting their palms greased. If Hinduism would do that for them, how quickly they would convert to Hinduism.

  4. Are there any (non-fully-jew-controlled) countries with which Mr. Diplomacy (Orange Clown) isn’t “picking a quarrel” of some kind?

    1. Yep, the elite nation of “Plunderstan” AKA Wall Street, gleefully looting every shekel they didn’t steal during the Savings and Loan looting and the MBS thievery.
      This time, they’ve got their Antifa tools to pry away the kitchen sink.

  5. To make the world safe for Israel? To make the world “safe” for the Agenda-21 program would be more like it. If that means Israel biting the dust, then bite they will…hoisted on their own petard

    1. As usual, Patrick, spot on. The International Bank of Settlements is important, an anchor, to one-world dominance.

      1. The Rothschild House owns both the BIS and the World Bank. Evelyn Rothschild probably hopes to get promoted from the Jewish king to the global pharaoh in his lifetime. Speculations, loans and usury – a phantasy Goyim are still buying with their hard work, except for few Goyim puppets involved.

  6. Well, anyone who followed Trump’s campaign should have known that, while he said he wanted better relations with Russia, he was crazed about Iran. He said that Obama’s nuclear with Iran was the worst deal the US ever entered into, when I’ll bet he didn’t even know what was in it (and likely still doesn’t). Remember that Michael Flynn, in his short-lived tenure, put Iran “On Notice.” Flynn, however, did share his boss’s stated desire for better relations with Russia, which cannot be said of anyone advising Trump now.

    I don’t understand how anyone who followed it couldn’t clearly see that a pro-Russia but anti-Iran policy was unworkable and would come back to bite Trump. This whole mess, from Israel-owned Nikki Haley at the UN, to the three generals telling Trump what to do, to Trump’s sell-out on Afghanistan, to his reversal on Russia, and to his insanely bellicose rhetoric on the DPRK makes me wonder if Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected after all. Why even bother to vote?

  7. Considering the fact the Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and the submarine delivery system enabling them to target any country in the world, why has no such scrutiny ever been put on the single nation in the Near East that has long been a global nuclear threat?

    Could this be why?

    Or are we to believe the country that has threatened the “Samson option” is actually not a threat? Note what happened to JFK shortly after he called for UN inspection of Israel’s nuclear R&D facility at Dimona in 1963. Can anyone see the eight hundred pound “mad dog” shitting in the middle of their living room yet?

    Allow me to reiterate what I said six months before the election:

    Arch Stanton – June 25, 2016 at 3:43 am

    First Trump, now Brexit. the Jew’s iron grip on the world is loosening at last? Something stinks worse than last week’s gefelte fish left out in the Tel Aviv sun. It’s all much too good to be true. Is Brexit simply a short term scam to again serve massive Jewish profit plundering of the markets? As Nathan Rotschild said over his manipulation of the Battle Of Waterloo: “It was the best bizness I ever did”. Is Trump the Trojan Horse America will ride into WWIII by snubbing the huge foreign interests Jews have put in place since WWII?

    Arch Stanton – December 9, 2016 at 9:01 pm
    For more than twenty years I have been saying there will be a war with China. Recently I wrote “Trump will be put in office to lead America into WWIII.” My next prediction is Trump will ramp up the war scenario very quickly after taking the oath, at least in part, to cover up this Pizza Gate story.

    Iran is the real target for today. All the rest is simply diversion to keep the ignorant goyim’s eyes off the Jew’s sleight of hand.

    1. “Could this be why?”

      Yes, Arch –

      The orders and rehearsals are done at Camp David.

      Conference calls with all the players chime in from all around the world.

      It is a set up. Staged. EVERY MOVE.. is planned.. SCRIPTED..!!

      All the $$$ handed out.. like ‘Rent-a-mob’ actors…!!

    2. It seems to me that the days of easy pickin’s are over for the jews. So I don’t quite understand what jew-puppet Orange Clown is trying to do with this aggressive posturing towards Iran (and every other threatened country for that matter).

      Surely the jews realize that the whole world now sees the “war on terror” for the fraud it is; and that the whole world is getting seriously sick and tired of U.S. “government” aggression and threats of aggression.

      Surely the jews understand that Iran is not only an ally of Russia and China, but that it has some significant ability to fight back (and to inflict serious damage) if it’s attacked.

      Let’s say Orange Clown attacks Iran (or North Korea, Venezuela, etc.). Is the world just going to sit back and do nothing while the Satanic U.S. “government” starts another war (merely because the victims refuse to worship the beast)?

      So what is all this foreplay leading up to? Is Orange Clown actually planning to invade (and then trying to conquer) Iran; or does he plan to just attack it from the air? None of this makes any strategic sense to me.

      I believe the jewish agenda is stalled and the jews are in a desperate situation accordingly. And desperate “people” are known to take increasingly desperate action.

      Is it possible that Orange Clown is trying to get Iran to quit the nuke treaty so as to set the stage for a nuclear false-flag attack on a U.S. city, whereupon Orange Clown will attack Iran with nukes in “retaliation”?

      Maybe we’ve arrived at the self-destructive end-stage of demonic jewish evil, for which there is no satisfactory worldly explanation.

      1. @Harold Smith

        So what is all this foreplay leading up to? Is Orange Clown actually planning to invade (and then trying to conquer) Iran; or does he plan to just attack it from the air? None of this makes any strategic sense to me.

        Politicians can blabber on and on to get elected, but they never act like driveling fools once elected. Driveling fools will never be able to get to power, having gone through numerous hurdles, and lead the state. If the actions of some politicians seem idiotic to you, it means that you do not understand their ultimate goals.


        I believe the jewish agenda is stalled and the jews are in a desperate situation accordingly. And desperate “people” are known to take increasingly desperate action.

        “Either that or just a case of” your fundamental hypothesis about the Jews controlling the Universe being ridiculously childish.

        Maybe we’ve arrived at the self-destructive end-stage of demonic jewish evil, for which there is no satisfactory worldly explanation.

        “Either that or just a case of” … 🙂

        Well, then we have no other choice but to fall back to your satisfactory unworldly explanation inspired by reading the Bible: The Jews apparently are not humans – they are out-of-this-world creatures, so it would be stupid to search for a satisfactory worldly explanation for their behavior.

        Am I right, Harold?

      2. “‘Either that or just a case of’ your fundamental hypothesis about the Jews controlling the Universe being ridiculously childish.”

        Either that or you’re just making childish, contrary bare assertions that go against common sense, the obvious reality of the world around you, the opinion of other Jews, and Biblical spiritual axioms.

        That evil generally “rises to the top” is a generally accepted fact of life, no? Evil rises to the top because evil people play by different rules. If I teach my kids to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated, and you teach your kids to ruthlessly do whatever they have to do to get ahead, then your kids will generally come out on top (especially in a generally morally incompetent society), right? Why should that common sense reasoning be so hard to accept?

        And this is what the Bible tells us:

        “(6) And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. (7) If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine.” (Luke 4:6,7).

        So what does it mean to “worship Satan”? It means to “give worth to evil” for the sake of worldly gain. It means knowingly, willingly and calculatingly doing evil as a means of getting ahead.

        If jews put tribal loyalty ahead of everything else and if the tribe can corrupt goy society, i.e., render the society morally incompetent, then the tribe can rise to the top in that society; jews worship the devil, and the goy masses worship the (jewish) beast.

        “There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it” (Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935).

        “…the Zionists and their co-religionists have complete control of our government. For many reasons too many and too complex to go into here at this — time I’ll be glad to answer questions, however, to support that statement — the Zionists and their co-religionists rule this United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country” (Benjamin Freedman speech at Willard hotel, 1961).

        I hope this clears things up for you a little bit.

      3. @Harold Smith
        Let me start by giving the credit you deserve – you regained the composure and that commands a respect.

        Either that or you’re just making childish, contrary bare assertions that go against common sense, the obvious reality of the world around you, the opinion of other Jews, and Biblical spiritual axioms.

        It may come as a surprise to you but just eight years ago I thought – just like you do today – that “the obvious reality of the world around” me was that the Jews are in complete control of the Anglo-American Empire. Check it out, Harold, by following my comments in the VNN Forum (thread: “Who’ll financially support Glenn Miller For US Senate??” and many other threads in that forum).

        Here are a couple of them (Ivan = Circassian): Good points, Glenn ;
        Pathetic .

        The difference between you now and me back in 2009 is that I was acting on my belief, putting my money where my mouth was, while you are here just to vent your frustration and despair, like many others here and elsewhere. You are not acting, Harold, and it is a tragi-comical illusion that you are conveying nuggets of useful information.

        I hope this clears things up for you a little bit.

        You “clearing things up for me” would mean going back in time “a little bit”, Harold. One can travel back and forth in space but not in time.

    3. No, Arch, there will not be a war with China anytime in the near future, or, perhaps, ever. Going heads-up with China means also going heads-up with Russia at the same time, fighting a war against two nuclear opponents, on two fronts. That will require reallocating assets away from areas necessary to protect “friends”. In 15-seconds after a war with China starts, N Korea will attack S Korea, millions of S Koreans will die. And most likely, N Korea will also attack Japan. Starting a couple years ago, Japan began the political process of arming itself with nukes. Understandably, this s a huge hurdle for Japan to get across. The US has nukes in Japan, in Okinawa. Japan has been anticipating an attack from N Korea. Japan, with no official standing army, has been ramping up an appropriate ‘offensive’ for several years. Iran will be on Israel via Syria. Israel will respond ‘nuclear’. That will light-up every Arab country against Israel. The other four of the “five-eyes”, Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand, will be pulled into a conflict they did not want. How much help will that be? It would also mean the loss of several major cities in the US, including NY, and in the “five eyes”. That means 100’s of thousands of Jews are vaporized. Nope! That will not be allowed. Stan, there will not be a war with China anytime in the near future. However, an assault on China’s currency and banking system is another story. As a refresher, this is how the Soviet Union was brought down. Think it through.

      1. I recognize that plans change. This is made obvious by the fact that Jews went from saying Hitler would be their new “Messiah” to decrying him as a demonic double-crosser in just a few short years. When I first began talking abut a war with China, Russia, North Korea and Iran were not on the radar screen, although the Khomeini debacle had already occurred. The Chinese did not have near the market share in the US they have today. However, even then the incongruity of such a war was apparent.

        Yet who might have thought our “gallant ally,” the Soviet Union would become America’s arch enemy an eye blink after WWII? There is a huge difference between the Jew’s staged events and those occurring unscripted. Think 1984 when considering how countries become enemies. As with their movies, anything is possible when Jew’s are scripting the events as they are today with the script being written as their horror play progresses.

        One must always remember, when dealing with the Jew’s schemes, one is dealing with a race of totally insane psychopaths whose minds operate in a very different manner than a normal mind. Jews do things of which the goyim cannot even conceive, like taking the end of their victim’s intestines and nailing it to a tree and then goading the victim to run around the tree, unraveling their own intestines, or using a rat to gnaw through the belly of a victim. What normal mind could conceive of torturing a small child to death, crucifying them upside down and then drinking their blood?

        Watch any Hollywood horror movie and ask what normal mind could not only conceive such horror, but constantly dwell upon it. Look at the post nuclear apocalypse scenarios Jews have used as a focus in their horror movies and video games. Consider the nuclear war scenario in the movies has been going on since the 1950’s. With Jew’s the very worst horror or terror you can imagine is possible, even nuclear war. Thus it is not so difficult to consider the very real possibility of a total war with China, Russia or both.

      2. Arch –

        “Yet who might have thought our “gallant ally,” the Soviet Union would become America’s arch enemy an eye blink after WWII?”

        George Patton was one. He knew the script. He was privy to the plans. He had to be killed.

  8. Why NOT?!?

    The Trumpster is keeping ALL his options of the WW3 table. If North Korea doesn’t take the false flag bait, then he has Iran as a backup. I’d that doesn’t work, then there is Ukraine, Taiwan, India, etc.

    Got to keep the wheels of WW3 spinning until he has completed his assignment from his Jew masters: WW3 or WW3!

    1. “The religious leader of Iran is crazy, I mean pathologically ill; he is mad with hatred. His bomb does not only threaten Israel, but the entire world.” – Jew Elie Wiesel on TV about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, May 6, 2006

      “Well, Jewish intellectuals have never been shy about offending others, and writing their “psychoanalyses of the anti-Semites” that call their opponents “paranoid,” “pathological and “crazy,” with opinions that are “repulsive”… Now there is some projection for you! Yes, you understood it right — all those who oppose the plans of Jewry are “crazy,” and Iran threatens the world, not Israel, so we have a duty to fight their enemies. So should we now go to war in Syria or Iran?” – Herv Ryssen, 2016

      “Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III.” – Donald Trump, August 31, 2013

      “I never liked Trump’s support of Israel. Two of his children converted to Judaism so what can you expect. I was always more interested in the anger of the average Trump voter than in the candidate. The Good News is that the anger in the land is escalating day by day.” – WW3 Zionism, 2016

  9. In my humble opinion
    i think all countries of the world should have or be allowed to have nuclear weapons in a way that the samson option would be turned into a joke or a laughing matter.
    I believe so because we live in trump times and trump plays poker and buffles in such a great way that reminds me of the days when i lived in sin city and ate hot dogs for a whole year for playing poker with asians and cowboys, i had to literally scape to the next state over , nevada, where beer is only three percent alcohol. Yes it was i run like running into heaven and hell by dio..

    after all, the five permanent members are the only ones who have them (wmd) aside from the jews -who call themselves “israel” and whom 95 percent (and thats where we are screwed) of white christians call them shit like “the chosen people of God”, ” those who will -only them- enter paradise” and “they are ugly, skinny, pale skinned, sick, greedy and crafty but who cares God has bad taste and he chose them so says my pastor” while tears roll down their cheecks.. and pakistan whose goverment is a puppet ..
    i love mr trump simply because the same bastards who called my people “terrorists” for 50 years call him a nazy lover, i know
    both are lies.
    they called us terrorists for fifty years until the internet came out …
    in other news hizbollah, iran, assad and isis made and kissed up after killing almost a million people -half of them children hiding in schools and hospitals..
    they beat the hutus and the tutsis, and the bosnians serbs and croatians at killing their own
    the americans helped the shia goverment of iraq (who is an iranian asset) bomb tal afar wich is a sunni asset but they too help (alledgedly) the sunni groups fighting the regime in syria (who is also an iranian asset)
    something smells like pussy-fish up there

    1. @ The Avatar

      after all, the five permanent members are the only ones who have them (wmd) aside from the jews…

      Wrong. Four other countries have nuclear weapons apart from the six you mention above. Altogether, there are nine nuclear armed states:

      North Korea

  10. A member of the Jewish club, Noel Ignatiev proposes destruction of the white club in any way possible. The “barbarian” Tesla didn’t struggle with white, black, yellow or red skin clubs, but with the Jewish club, which shows who has been the boss for a very long time.

    I hope that the transfer to unlimited energy won’t cost us an overall war.

    1. Franklin I hope that the stormer link is a joke..Andrew Anglin is just another manipulator for the jews because that staged bagel event in Virginia was just that control both sides for their entertainment.

      1. SHEESH! Another feminist with hurt feelings. sniff, sniff

        That link doesn’t work too well / or at all. Seems Tor has a problem with White activism. The dark net, the deep net, who allows murderers, rapists, drug dealers, thieves, human traffickers, pedophiles, child pornographers and all sorts of other assorted scum to communicate is censoring Andrew Anglin for a goddamn post about a fat antifa slut that was too fat and slow to avoid a Chrysler product.

        Try this for more immediate “jew manipulations”…..


  11. That’ll be the day . . .


    Pelosi Statement Condemning Antifa Violence in Berkeley
    San Francisco — Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement denouncing the violent protests carried out this weekend in Berkeley, California:

    “Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts. The violent actions of people calling themselves antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted.

    “In California, as across all of our great nation, we have deep reverence for the Constitutional right to peaceful dissent and free speech. Non-violence is fundamental to that right. Let us use this sad event to reaffirm that we must never fight hate with hate, and to remember the values of peace, openness and justice that represent the best of America.”


    As I said, the day of the liberal is rapidly drawing to a close.

    1. Dave –

      You are really confused… with your futile attempts to discredit me here. You made a ‘stand alone’ comment… not a direct reply to me.

      You would have done quite a bit better if you had replied to a comment of mine…. but NO comment of mine, of that ridiculous nature, exists. You invented it.

      I have known Iran is a partner of Russia for decades. Who hasn’t known that….???

      Stop inventing my comments for me… and telling me what I know and like…!!

      I would think there are better things for you to do in Patagonia..!! 🙂 🙂


    After murdering millions and millions of helpless woman and children all around the world, the Jewish controlled United States is overconfident and ready for a big fall. The selected Presidents are getting dumber and dumber and do I dare say Mr. Trump is dumber than GW Bush? Going into North Korea or Iran will be a huge catastrophe, a disaster that could collapse the empire.

    Both NK and Iran have suffered needlessly because of USA policies, both have lost millions of their peoples needlessly, and both are no longer helpless and 100% committed to defending themselves. NK is like a new Sparta, a nation committed to war with Amerika.

    The situation is well illustrated by a movie scene in the 1970 classic Little Big Man when Custer asks his Indian Scout for advice just before the march into the coulee. Trump is a fool narcissist just like General George Custer. His giant ego could get us all killed. The applicable quote by Mule Skinner (Jack Crabb/Dustin Hoffman) is:

    Jack Crabb: General, you go down there.

    General Custer: You’re advising me to go into the Coulee?

    Jack Crabb: Yes sir.

    General Custer: There are no Indians there, I suppose.

    Jack Crabb: I didn’t say that. There are thousands of Indians down there. And when they get done with you, there won’t be nothing left but a greasy spot. This ain’t the Washite River, General, and them ain’t helpless women and children waiting for you. They’re Cheyenne brave, and Sioux. You go down there, General, if you’ve got the nerve.

    General Custer: Still trying to outsmart me, aren’t you, mule-skinner. You want me to think that you don’t want me to go down there, but the subtle truth is you really *don’t* want me to go down there! ”

    Little Big Man – “You Go Down There”

  13. Why is Trump picking a quarrel with Iran?

    One more of many reasons….

    Trump is bad-mouthing Iran to increase DEBT.. for the Fed Res..!!

    To hell with Sharia banking rules in 21st century…!! Iran needs reserve currency… USD…!!!

    The best way to get USD is funneling the funds through Russia… with US saber-rattling..!!

    Russia can send pallets full of cash in their planes and trucks made by US factories there – to help Iran…. become awash with green-backs…

    Gear UP..!!

    “…the financing will be a long and gradual process…”


    Tehran Marks Upturn in Energy Investments
    Jan 2017


    The nuclear accord has not only paved the way for attracting foreign investment, but also facilitated the export of technical and engineering services and equipment

    Iran has sealed more than $15 billion in contracts in its energy sector since the historic nuclear agreement between Tehran and the six world powers in July 2015 as the resurgent energy market prepares for major foreign and domestic investments.

    “New sources of funding, access to cutting-edge technology and finalizing projects to improve efficiency and reduce consumption in the water and electricity sectors have been facilitated thanks to the nuclear deal,” said Alireza Daemi, the deputy energy minister for planning and economic affairs said, IRNA reported.

    “The ministry has ratified €15 billion ($15.9 billion) worth of water and power deals over the past 18 months … We have the potential to attract another $50 billion in foreign investment in the water and power sectors, though **the financing will be a long and gradual process,” he said.

    Iran and the six world powers (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany) reached a landmark deal in July 2015 to place curbs on Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for lifting an array of financial and economic sanctions. The deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), came into force in January last year…

    allowing Iran to open up its cash-strapped economy to foreign investors.

    “Over the past year many foreign investors expressed interest in financing renewable and clean energy projects in Iran and several projects were approved, most notably the deal between MAPNA Group and Germany’s Siemens,” Daemi said.

    Iran’s top engineering and energy enterprise MAPNA signed a deal last year to acquire the knowhow to manufacture Siemens gas turbines in Iran and buy more than 20 gas turbines and associated generators from the German industrial giant over the next decade.

    Siemens delivered the first F-Class turbine to Iran in September which is to be used in a power plant in the southern city of Bandar Abbas.

  14. One more reason for Iran distraction..!!! 🙂

    Trump Associate Boasted That Moscow Business Deal ‘Will Get Donald Elected’

    (Donald J. Trump with Felix H. Sater, right, and Tevfik Arif at the official unveiling of Trump SoHo in September 2007.)

    WASHINGTON — A business associate of President Trump promised in 2015 to engineer a real estate deal with the aid of the president of Russia, Vladimir V. Putin, that he said would help Mr. Trump win the presidency.

    The associate, Felix Sater, wrote a series of emails to Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, in which he boasted about his ties to Mr. Putin. He predicted that building a Trump Tower in Moscow would highlight Mr. Trump’s savvy negotiating skills and be a political boon to his candidacy.

    “Our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it,” Mr. Sater wrote in an email. “I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will manage this process.”


    Trump’s business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president

    While Donald Trump was running for president in late 2015 and early 2016, his company was pursuing a plan to develop a massive Trump Tower in Moscow, according to several people familiar with the proposal and new records reviewed by Trump Organization lawyers.

    As part of the discussions, a Russian-born real estate developer urged Trump to come to Moscow to tout the proposal and suggested that he could get President Vladimir Putin to say “great things” about Trump, according to several people who have been briefed on his correspondence.

    The developer, Felix Sater, predicted in a November 2015 email that he and Trump Organization leaders would soon be celebrating — both one of the biggest residential projects in real estate history and Donald Trump’s election as president, according to two of the people with knowledge of the exchange.


    “We Can Engineer It”: Trump Associate Bragged About Using Deal with Putin to Help Win Election

    E-mails between Felix Sater and Trump’s personal lawyer reveal efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

    Throughout his campaign for president, Donald Trump repeatedly denied having anything to do with Russia. “I have nothing to do with Russia, nothing to do, I never met Putin, I have nothing to do with Russia whatsoever,” he said during an interview in July 2016. He was even more emphatic on Twitter: “For the record, I have ZERO investments in Russia.” It was obvious, relatively early on, that this wasn’t, strictly speaking, true. The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., bragged in 2008 that “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” And if the Trump Organization didn’t have actual investments inside Russia, it’s not because they didn’t try.

    As The Washington Post reported on Sunday, the Trump Organization was actively pursuing real-estate opportunities in Russia in late 2015 and early 2016 to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The project was spearheaded by Russian-born developer and longtime Trump associate Felix Sater (who helped build Trump SoHo) and Michael Cohen, an executive vice president at the Trump Organization and the president’s longtime personal attorney. The deal never came to fruition. But, as the Post reports, citing newly surfaced records reviewed by Trump Organization lawyers and several people familiar with the proposal, negotiations were ongoing throughout much of Trump’s presidential campaign:


  15. It’s very painful to watch Trump get stuck in the Jewish hatred of Iran, the jewish hatred of Palestinians. But would the world be any different under Hillary Clinton? No… Well, it would in the sense that for most people it would all be obfuscated and hidden from us, except those of us who can’t stop paying attention. When she invaded Libya that really disturbed me, but it didn’t disturb anyone else, or so it seems. This week the Alex Jones show was interviewing protesters against Trump, and he wanted to know why they thought Trump should be impeached. No one could say exactly why. Then he asked one pretty girl what she thought of Clinton as secretary of State. She was demure and sweetly said that she really didn’t know anything about Hillary’s foreign policy. Obviously if people had really understood Clinton’s foreign policy they wouldn’t have voted for her. So I have to endure watching the swarm of mischief makers try to control Trump. I can say this, though…if you go back and watch the propaganda leading up to the election about how qualified Clinton was, etc. etc. that wouldn’t fly today. Too much has come out. I think Trump might actually survive all this, build a wall, and expose the swamp, if not clean it up. Then we also have Melania and she is anti-big pharm… as Jewish Nobel Bob Dylan wrote, “Someday, everything is gonna be smooth like a rhapsody/ When I paint my masterpiece.”

    1. @ Shelley

      I congratulate you on the brevity of your comments.

      “Sigh…” is one of your best.

      “True” is almost equally as good. For brevity, I mean.

      For brevity and emotional impact, however, your best comment so far is “WOW”. 🙂

      Keep up the good work! Love to hear more from you!

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